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lay ourselves down (again and again)

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"Diluc," Kaeya begins one morning from his spot on the sofa in Diluc's study, "do you remember the time you were so upset about getting second place during the gliding tournament that you wouldn't leave your room for two days?"

An eerie silence follows, but Kaeya waits patiently, maintaining a neutral expression of polite curiosity.

"Do I want to know why you're bringing that up?" says Diluc with a short sigh, tapping his quill against the stack of papers in front of him and sending Kaeya a small frown.

"Ah, it's nothing to be suspicious about," reassures Kaeya, but the way he rises from his seat and steps over to the desk sets all of Diluc's alarm bells off anyway. "It was cute, the way you sulked."

"It wasn't cute, it was a tantrum," Diluc mutters.

Kaeya laughs at that, the sound light and airy but sincere. "And why should that mean it wasn't cute? Do you remember how I got you to leave?"

Diluc's face is beginning to warm up, and Kaeya takes a seat on the desk so he can lean in and properly admire the way the colour highlights Diluc's delicate cheekbones.

"Yes. Watch the ink, please," Diluc adds, and Kaeya dutifully moves the small inkpot a safe distance away from his body. It's only then when Diluc admits, "You told me I was your favourite glider."

"Well, I was telling the truth," says Kaeya, leaning in closer still and noting with delight that the embarrassed flush was beginning to spread across Diluc's nose as well.

"It doesn't mean much coming from the one who beat me."

"I was favoured by Barbatos that day," says Kaeya with a wistful sigh. "And then he never let me win a gliding tournament ever again."

"You have Amber to thank more than Barbatos to blame for all of that," says Diluc, wondering if the bard is listening in to their conversation as they speak. "The year they let her compete, she destroyed you, and she was barely —"

"She was barely big enough to hold her glider without tipping over," finishes Kaeya. "I'm aware, thank you."

It's funny how quickly the tables can turn between them. Diluc still wears a faint red hue on his face from being reminded of the turbulent moods of his younger self, but he's also wearing a fond smile at the memory of a flustered younger Kaeya, indignant at being bested by a child. (Kaeya himself was twelve, and not a child at all, of course.) Kaeya can't find it in him to be upset — not when Diluc's smile makes his heart bloom like a glaze lily in the light of the moon.

Diluc glances back at his work, attention diverted easily from the light-hearted conversation to the more serious matter of the Winery's inventory audit, but Kaeya slides the documents aside and out of view behind him.

"I was looking at those," Diluc says, reaching for them again only for his hand to be scooped up and lifted to Kaeya's mouth.

"And now you're looking at me," says Kaeya, with a kiss to the back of Diluc's hand.

The unimpressed stare he receives for the gesture is predictable, but delights him all the same. He leans in, deliberately lowering his gaze to Diluc's lips to signify his intent, only to be taken by surprise when Diluc slips two fingers beneath his collar and closes the remaining distance himself.

In Kaeya's defense, he'd intended his stolen kiss to be short and playful, but he's always been loathe to deny Diluc anything, never mind a kiss of his own initiative. He hums in contentment as Diluc indulges him, lips warm and sweet, and they carry on long enough for Kaeya to wonder if he should have cleared off the desk entirely first.

But then he feels Diluc's fingers slide out from his collar again, and in the next moment, Kaeya is being gently but firmly pushed back.

"I have work to do," Diluc says pointedly, though the point is conveyed far less effectively when his lips are red and shiny and there's a timbre to his voice that tells Kaeya it had been no easy task to pull away.

Kaeya's laugh is innocent and his smile even more so, which means the intention behind them is anything but. He hops off the desk, sliding the inkpot and papers back to their respective homes, but before he steps away he brings his mouth down to Diluc's ear.

"When you're finished, come to the bedroom." Kaeya's voice drops several notes as he murmurs each word into Diluc's ear like a secret. "I think all of your hard work deserves to be rewarded, don't you?"


The reward turns out to be sex, to no one's surprise.

"I don't see how this is much of a reward, considering it's what we've been doing every night since you've been on leave," says Diluc, making a half-hearted effort to push off his pants with only one hand, given that the other is tangled in Kaeya's hair.

Kaeya lifts his head up from where he'd been mouthing affectionately at Diluc's neck, brows drawn. "You say this as if you've become dissatisfied with my care. Am I boring you, Master Diluc?"

The pure offense in Kaeya's expression is enough to pull an amused huff from Diluc's nose. He stops struggling with his pants, bringing his hand up to cup Kaeya's face instead.

"I've never been bored with you," he murmurs, with so much sincerity in his voice and eyes both that it makes Kaeya's breath catch in his throat.

Their lips are so kiss-bruised by now that they're almost numb, but it doesn't matter — it never does, not when they're so deeply addicted to the way the air they breathe is heavier and sweeter when it's shared. With Kaeya's help, Diluc's pants finally end up coming off, and as they usually do, the rest of his clothes follow shortly thereafter.

The sun is so low in the sky that part of it has disappeared behind the high cliffs in the distance, and the faint glow it casts through the window onto Diluc's bare body as he lies splayed out on the bed is dazzling. Kaeya drinks the sight in, gaze roaming across the countless shades of red and gold and cream that make up the shape of Diluc Ragnvindr. Everything about him is flawless, and Kaeya wants to worship him as much as he wants to ruin him. Fortunately, he can do both.

He discards the remainder of his own clothing and descends on Diluc without further delay, drawing a gasp of surprise when he trails frost-tipped fingers up the lean muscles of Diluc's chest.

"I keep telling you to warn me when you do that," pants Diluc, as though scolding Kaeya has ever been anything but a waste of effort.

"And I keep telling you it's more fun when I don't," says Kaeya, idly working one of Diluc's rosy nipples between his fingers as he takes a moment to decide his next course of action. "Mm, I think I've decided what your reward should be."

"Do you plan on filling me in, or am I expected to wait and find out?" mumbles Diluc, eyes fluttered close and face turned to the side.

"Well, of course I plan on filling you in," says Kaeya, never one to miss an opportunity for a double entendre, and Diluc would be groaning in exasperation if he wasn't already melting below his touch.

He eases up on the frost when he brings two fingers to Diluc's lips, which part easily to grant him access. It's a simple enough action, but the fact that Diluc will open his mouth for Kaeya without even needing to be asked is one that sends a fresh surge of arousal through his body.

"Good boy," he whispers, and he can't resist the smile that tugs at his own lips when Diluc's reaction to that is to suck harder, pulling Kaeya's fingers deeper into his mouth. "You've been trained so well, haven't you?"

Diluc's eyes open partway in something resembling a glare, as though Kaeya's question has crossed the line from sexy to disrespectful, but the way his cock twitches against his stomach is far more telling of his true feelings. It's unbearably cute.

Finally, Kaeya withdraws his fingers, watching the thread of saliva that clings to Diluc's tongue until it breaks. Satisfied, he settles back to part Diluc's thighs, and that's about all the warning he's allowed to have before Kaeya's fingers are pushing inside of him.

Diluc has been fucked so many times in the past week that his hole offers barely any resistance to the intrusion, proving just as welcoming as his mouth had been a moment ago and twice as warm. The thought of throwing his plan aside to bury himself in that lovely heat is tempting, but Kaeya's a man of patience — unlike Diluc, who puts up with about a minute of Kaeya's maddeningly slow teasing before he decides he's had enough.

"Just... put it in already, will you?" grouses Diluc to the ceiling.

"No, I don't think I will," says Kaeya, with an affectionate graze of his other hand against the smooth skin of Diluc's hip.

"Then at least—" Diluc begins, but his voice dies mid-sentence when Kaeya chooses that precise moment to press against his sweet spot.

"You should have more faith in me," Kaeya chastises with no heat, leaning down to kiss one of the fading bite marks on Diluc's thigh as his fingers continue their work. "I always take care of you, don't I?"

Diluc's eyes are closed again, lips parted to give way to shallow, shaky breaths. He doesn't answer the question, but he doesn't need to — his body does all of the talking for him in the way it opens up for Kaeya, pliant and vulnerable and trusting.

"Touch yourself," says Kaeya in a gentle command that Diluc must have been waiting to hear, for he follows it without question or hesitation.

Diluc's lips part wider as his breathing quickens, jerking himself off quickly and efficiently while he fucks himself on Kaeya's fingers. Kaeya's own untouched cock pulses with desire between his legs, but he keeps his focus on the body beneath him, unable to look away from the breathtaking sight of Diluc's self-control falling apart as he chases desperately after his own pleasure.

"You're almost there," says Kaeya soothingly, fixing his attention on Diluc's face. "You've been so good for me, Luc. You deserve to come. Will you come for me?"

A choked moan escapes Diluc's mouth, loud and clear and music to Kaeya's ears as his hips give one final jerk upwards and he comes all over his own hand and stomach. He collapses into the bed, panting harshly, and Kaeya sweeps an admiring gaze over the view.

"Did you enjoy yourself?" he asks, pressing his lips to Diluc's softening cock and gently pulling his fingers out. The response he gets isn't much more than a weak groan, and Kaeya laughs softly. "You did make a mess, but there's hardly any point in cleaning up until we're finished."

Diluc doesn't answer; he seems close to falling asleep, in fact, and that simply won't do. Kaeya draws his fingers across the cooling cum on Diluc's stomach, and then brings them back down between his legs.

"Kaeya," says Diluc in tired protest, "stop, that's too—" Then Kaeya's easing three fingers inside of him, and Diluc's eyes fly open as he hisses in discomfort. "Kaeya."

"Hm? Too much?" Kaeya pushes in deeper, watching Diluc's face intently for a reaction. There's a stray strand of red hair draped across Diluc's nose that flutters as he breathes, and Kaeya reaches up with his free hand to brush it out of the way and run his fingers through Diluc's hair in a pacifying stroke.

"If you want to keep going, at least do it properly," Diluc murmurs alongside a helpless sigh of contentment at the gentle scratches against his scalp.

"Not yet." Kaeya continues petting through his hair, pressing harder against Diluc's prostate with his other fingers. "I want you to come just like this. You can do that for me, can't you?"

As it turns out, he can, but only after several long, agonizing minutes of writhing uselessly against the bed while Kaeya drags a second orgasm out of him with ruthless efficiency. Tears have formed at the corners of Diluc's eyes, and Kaeya kisses them away and rests their cheeks together as he gives him a moment to recover.

Just a moment, and not a second more; as Diluc's heart rate finally begins to slow, he registers Kaeya moving around on the bed, and suddenly his exhausted, boneless body is being pulled into a familiar lap.

"I'm so proud of you," Kaeya says against the flushed skin of Diluc's neck, voice so deep it resonates in the air between them like a cat's purr. "So very proud. But we're not done yet."

He's being opened up again and it's so much — it's too much and Diluc's hips instinctively try to pull away but Kaeya chases him and keeps him firmly grounded in his lap. It's maddening, and Diluc wants to voice his objection, but all that comes out when he opens his mouth is a ragged, hitched sob.

"One more time," Kaeya whispers into his ear, breath cool enough to make Diluc shiver. "Just let go one more time and I'll give you what you want. You can do it, Luc. My sweet, beautiful, darling Luc."

"I hate you," breathes Diluc, squeezing his eyes shut and burying his face against Kaeya's shoulder.

Try as he might, he can't control how much his entire body is trembling now, how every relentless drag of Kaeya's fingers inside him is making his muscles tense and spasm, how raw pleasure is being scraped out of him and his mind is too scrambled to do anything but let it happen. His back arches, his fingers digging so deeply into Kaeya's back that his blunt nails are puncturing the skin, and Diluc's mouth opens against Kaeya's shoulder in a shuddering gasp as another wave of intense pleasure washes over him.

Kaeya's own breath catches at the feeling of Diluc clenching around his fingers, but his voice is steady and calm when he says softly, "I knew you could do it. You're so good for me."

Diluc has possibly never felt this drained in his life, and when Kaeya pulls his fingers out he knows he should feel relieved but instead he just feels bereft — hollow and empty and wrong. He needs to fix that. He needs —

"Need you," Diluc half-pants, half-moans against Kaeya's neck, eyes still squeezed shut. He pushes down into Kaeya's lap, finds the hard length of his dick and grinds down in a way that draws a sharp inhale from the lips at his ear.

"Need me to what?" Kaeya cannot help but tease, which earns him a sharp bite. "All right, all right. No more teasing. You've earned this."

It should be too much, but when Kaeya finally, finally slides into Diluc it's with an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. It's a perfect fit the way his fingers could never be, and Diluc sinks against him until he's buried to the hilt.

"One more time," Diluc mumbles into Kaeya's shoulder, so fucked-out he can barely recognize the sound of his own voice. "Make me come one more time."

Kaeya can't refuse a demand like that; he's a patient man, but even his patience can only hold out for so long. He nudges Diluc's head up and brings their mouths together in a hot, open-mouthed kiss as his hands drop to Diluc's thighs to pull him up and then plunge him back down. Diluc is long past the point of attempting to stifle his desires — his moans come loud and shameless with every thrust, and Kaeya swallows as many of them as he can until it becomes too difficult to keep up with the pace they've set.

Instead, he seeks out one of Diluc's hands, who answers wordlessly and without hesitation by sliding his fingers in the spaces between Kaeya's. It's a grounding hold that carries them all the way to the end, and when Diluc's grip suddenly tightens, Kaeya pushes deep inside him and comes.

The next few seconds are lost to time; they fall motionless except for the heaves of their shoulders as they struggle to catch their breaths. They're still holding hands, and Kaeya gives a squeeze of dazed affection which Diluc easily returns, even while he collapses against Kaeya with his chin tucked over his shoulder.

Kaeya leans against the headboard, still breathing heavily, and brings a hand up to brush Diluc's hair out of his face just enough to see. It smells heavily of sex and sweat and Diluc, and as Kaeya's brain sluggishly reboots, he fails to think of anything he could have wanted more.

"So, want to go again?" asks Kaeya quietly, with a cheeky smile no one can see. Diluc doesn't answer, and Kaeya nuzzles at his ear to get his attention. "Diluc?"

Diluc is still silent, and Kaeya waits another beat before lightly rolling his shoulder and watching in fond amusement as Diluc's head lolls to the side.

"And the very last hint of the sun drops below the distant horizon as Master Diluc drifts off to sleep," he murmurs to Diluc's hair, before he closes his eyes and follows.


It's still dark outside, and Diluc awakens slowly to find he can barely move his neck and that there is a heavy ache that runs along the backs of his thighs and down his legs. It takes him another moment to register the steady rise and fall of the chest pressed against his, accompanied by a warm, comforting scent that soothes his confusion the longer he breathes it in — unmistakably, Kaeya.

Right, Kaeya.

Diluc had finished his work and arrived to the bedroom to find Kaeya wearing only his white fur mantle and tight black pants, and then they'd bickered about something-or-other and eventually ended up in bed, as has been the pattern for the last several days during Kaeya's Acting-Grand-Master-mandated vacation from any and all Knights-related duties. (It was an order Kaeya had found particularly offensive coming from Jean, of all people.)

Of course, Kaeya had attempted to find loopholes in the order, and as a last resort it had somehow been decided — without Diluc's input or prior consent — that Diluc was to keep watch on Kaeya and keep him distracted with relaxing civilian activities. He is very sure that none of the captains involved in the discussion had... these specific activities in mind, particularly when (with Kaeya) they are rarely relaxing and sometimes barely even civil.

Evidently, keeping Kaeya away from his work was a terrible idea, as he had no choice but to then devote his attention and energy to another subject of interest (Diluc). Diluc could have told any member of the Knights of Favonius this, had any of them bothered to ask.

The longer Diluc is awake, the more difficult it becomes to ignore the stickiness between his thighs. With a small grimace, he attempts to slowly extricate himself from Kaeya — a feat that would have been possible were it not for Kaeya's unyielding hold on his left hand. He makes an admirable attempt at wresting his fingers from the vice-like grip, but it proves a fruitless effort, and eventually, he gives up.

Settling back into place and resting his head against Kaeya's shoulder, Diluc keeps his face turned towards the trees surrounding the vineyard, visible just outside the window. He watches idly, thinking of nothing but the warmth that rests against him and the heartbeat beneath, until the beginnings of sunrise have begun their journey across the windswept peaks of Mondstadt.

At last, when the dawn's first light falls on Kaeya's face, he stirs awake.

"Morning already?" he mumbles into Diluc's hair.

Nose pressed against Kaeya's neck, Diluc breathes in deeply and closes his eyes.

Kaeya wraps his arms around him and pulls him close.