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Living For This Feeling

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There’s a moment of awkwardness when they enter Amy’s house, the heat having died down to a somewhat uncomfortable silence over the course of the drive.

“Sooo,” Amy starts, looking sheepishly away and turning to lock the door behind them.

“Sooo,” Jonah echoes softly.

His cool fingertips graze her skin as he tenderly tucks some unruly hair behind her ear and sweeps the length of it back and away.

Amy swallows as he steps in close and brushes his lips over the delicate skin behind her ear before trailing kisses down her neck as far as her jacket will allow.

The deadbolt clunks into place, echoing through the otherwise silent entryway. The moment feels delicate, precious, and Amy clings to it, unzipping her jacket and shaking it to the floor without turning around. Once the jacket is discarded Jonah presses in even closer so their bodies are flush as his lips brush barely there kisses down the newly exposed skin. He’s hard against her ass and he gasps when she intentionally shimmies her hips back against him.

“God Amy,” Jonah breathes damply against her throat, his fingertips digging into her hips, his teeth nipping at her skin, “you have no idea how much I want you.”

It reminds her of his little self deprecating one day you might even like me, and she’s taken aback. How does he not know? She was the one who kissed him during the tornado and again in the warehouse. She was the one who escalated things today in the photolab. She is the one who just committed a handful of traffic violations in her rush to get him somewhere private.

Maybe she’s a little heavy on the teasing and a little light on the sincerity, but he must know by now how she feels. She wants to reassure him but the words get stuck in her throat, can’t quite get over the wall she’s carefully built up between them over the last few years.

“I mean,” Amy turns in his arms and presses her palm over his erection, opting as usual for sarcasm over sincerity. “I might have some idea.”

Jonah’s eyes flutter as she rubs him over his pants. He’s so responsive to her touch, already panting a little, and Amy is about three seconds away from shoving her hand down his pants just to see his reaction when he grabs her face and kisses her fervently.

Her hands wrap in his hair, trying to pull him closer, closer. She’s pressed between his body and the door but it still doesn’t feel close enough. Her hands come down to shove at his jacket, craving his skin, and then he’s shaking it off and somehow they manage to get both of their button-ups off without separating from each other. Jonah eventually has to step back to peel off his t-shirt but then he’s right back in her space, kissing down her jaw and neck again.

His mouth feels impossibly good at the base of her neck, sucking just above the collarbone, and her legs give out a little when his tongue swirls over the tender mark he’s been sucking.

“Are you giving me a hickey? How old are you?”

Jonah just chuckles.

She wants to scold him but it feels so good that she’s dizzy with it, pinned to the wall by his hips and his mouth and his hands.

His hands are all over her and there’s a restlessness to his touch, like he’s trying to touch all of her at once, like he’s trying to commit every inch to memory. His fingers run up and down her bare sides, through her hair, dig into her hips. One hand cups the side of her thigh and hitches it up so he’s pressing right between her legs. It feels like all the oxygen has been sucked out of the room. She can’t fucking breathe, all she can manage is shallow gasps that leave her lungs burning and her head spinning.

Desperate for more she pushes him back and grabs his hand, dragging him over to the couch.

“God, Amy,” Jonah groans appreciatively as she straddles his lap and leans in to kiss him open mouthed and filthy.

His warm hands slide slowly up her back and unclasp her bra, sliding the straps down her arms and tossing it aside while they kiss. One hand returns to her upper back, holding her tightly to his chest while the other hand moves between them, the rough pad of one fingertip teasing around her nipple, just barely touching. Amy lets out a pleased hum, back arching into his touch, wordlessly asking for more. He obliges, rubbing more firmly and ducking his head to get his mouth on the other one. Her head drops back with pleasure as his fingers and his lips and his tongue play with her nipples until she’s panting and squirming in his lap.

Unable to wait any longer, Amy pulls away to stand and hastily takes off her jeans.

“You’re so beautiful,” Jonah whispers, staring at her body silhouetted in the moonlight in front of him.

“Lose your pants,” Amy orders, feeling embarrassed by the breathless reverence in his voice.

“Bossy,” he mumbles under his breath, but obediently reaches for his belt.

He gets his belt open and the button of his pants undone before freezing, his body motionless but for his trembling hands when Amy pulls down her panties. His eyes are wide and his mouth falls open at the sight of her naked body in front of him.

A burst of shyness has Amy fighting the urge to try and cover herself. She’s 14 weeks pregnant and was already softer, curvier, than the women she’s seen him with- Naomi, Kristen, that Stratus reporter lady. Kelly.

Seeming to catch himself, Jonah resumes stripping with renewed vigor. He doesn’t take his eyes off her naked body once as he awkwardly wiggles his pants down and off. His insistent gaze has Amy fighting the desire to suck in, to hide, but the soft moonlight in the otherwise dark room is flattering. Besides, the look in Jonah’s eyes and the erection that springs free when he pulls his boxers down definitely makes it seem like he likes what he sees.

For some reason both of them being naked seems to lessen her urgency. She lets herself look at him for a moment- something there hadn’t been the opportunity to do earlier. He’s not a frail as she first thought him, rather lean with a little more muscle than she expected and a hint of softness around his lower stomach and hips.

He looks good. Not that she’d admit it, but he’s actually pretty hot.

“What?” Jonah asks self consciously as she surveys him.

Amy just shakes her head, still too uncomfortable to compliment him after trying to suppress her attraction to him for so long.

“Nothi- oooh,” she breathes out shakily when Jonah starts stroking himself lazily without taking his eyes off of her.

For some reason it’s ridiculously hot watching him touch himself and it makes her freeze on the spot, torn between too many desires. She wants to watch him get himself off. Wants to slap his hand away and suck him off. Wants to get back in his lap and ride him hard and fast.

He twists his wrist over the head of his dick and moans, eyelids fluttering and toes curling in the carpet and Amy whines and lurches forwards, wanting to get her mouth on him more than anything. She closes the space between them and drops to her knees between his legs.

Jonah makes a strangled sound, his hands flailing to grip the edge of the couch as she takes his dick in her hand and licks slowly, teasingly up the side of him before flicking her tongue over the head.

“This okay?” She asks, glancing up through her lashes at his almost panicked looking face.

“Fuck yes,” he gasps, his eyes comically wide and glassy. “You, you don’t have to though, if you d-don’t- hhnnngh Amy!”

She’d probably laugh if her mouth weren’t otherwise occupied.

Amy works him slow and steady, taking cues from his moans and what makes his stomach and legs quiver. She goes until his knuckles are white where he’s gripping the couch and his breathing becomes irregular. When she looks up at him their eyes meet and she releases his cock from her mouth with a pop and a cheeky grin.

“Fuck!” He hisses through gritted teeth as his hips roll pathetically into the air, desperately chasing the feeling of her mouth on him.

“You wanna fuck me or finish like this?” Amy asks, voice deep and raspy.

Jonah swears again, squeezing his eyes closed for a second and rubbing his hands over his face. She waits patiently, amused by the mess she’s made of him.

“I... the, uh... the f-first one.”

She laughs, catching on to his struggle.

“Oh my God Jonah, is calling it fucking too crude for your delicate sensibilities? If you say something corny like make love, I swear to God.”

“Ay! Yous a beautiful broad,” he exclaims in his terrible Brooklyn accent, eyes twinkling. “I’d like ta schtup ya!”

Amy rolls her eyes and stands up, rolling out her neck and gesturing at him. “Come on, bedroom.”

He switches to his equally terrible Italian accent as he hurries to follow her down the dark hallway.

“Bellissima! Hop on-a my Vespa! I will take-a you to the beach. We will make-a the love all-a the night.”

Exasperated, she asks “why are you like this?”

Her bedroom is almost pitch black so she flicks on the small bedside lamp before laying down on her side. She’s feeling less self conscious now and doesn’t want anyone getting elbowed or kneed in the dark.

“Mmm like what?” He asks, laying down beside her and drawing her into a soft kiss while their legs tangle together. She presses her upper body into his, relishing the feeling of their naked bodies together like this, skin on skin, her hardened nipples rubbing against his chest and sending little waves of pleasure through her body.

It’s weird how not weird it feels to be doing this with him. How natural it feels to press up against him with nothing between them.

“Romantic?” He asks, his hand sliding slowly up her inner thigh. “Irresistible?”

“Annoying,” Amy says over him. “You know, this is exactly how I pictured sex with you going.”

“Ah, so you’ve imagined having sex with me?” He gloats, his fingers tracing the crevice where leg becomes groin, mere inches from where she’s aching for his touch.

He uses his other hand to press between their chests and rub the tip of his pointer finger around her nipple. It makes her shiver and she has to take a few seconds before she trusts herself to speak without her voice cracking.

“No! I mean, not really. Just like oh there’s Jonah I bet he’d be really annoying to have sex with... you’re focusing on the wrong part. The point is you’re annoying.”

His fingers are teasing so softly along the lips of her pussy now, not quite giving her what she needs. She shudders, closing her eyes and struggling to keep her breathing steady. Like everything they do there is a playful competitive edge here, and she’s not going to give in so easily.

“I dunno, Amy, it really sounds like you’ve been fantasizing about me.” His voice, when it’s low like this really does it for her. “I’ve thought about it, God I tried not to but I couldn’t help it. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.”

“Why would I fantasize about being annoyed during sex? Doesn’t that-” She cuts herself off, biting her lip to stop from gasping when his fingers finally move to her clit.

“Sorry, what was that?” He teases, fingers just barely brushing across her clit again and again, too softly but so fucking good regardless.

“Oh my god shut up!” Amy hisses.

Jonah, to his credit, just makes a pleased sound and keeps touching her, spreading her wetness around before going back to her clit, firmer now with two fingers. The way he is watching her makes her feel flushed and itchy, torn between finding it hot and feeling embarrassed.

She pulls him down into a kiss and breathes hard through her nose as he spreads her open and his nimble fingers start to really work her clit. It’s good, it’s unreasonably good, and when he taps his fingers firmly over her she cries out, her whole body arching up off the bed.

“God, Amy,” he breathes, sounding awed. “I have, I’ve wanted to do this for years. You are so beautiful… wanna make you feel good. C-can I... can I go down on you?”

“Please,” she agrees and he instantly starts slithering down her body, mapping her skin with his hands and mouth. She feels a little uneasy when he kisses the softness on her tummy, touches the fullness of her hips and thighs, but then he is kissing up her inner thigh while his hands spread her legs to make room for himself and all she can think about is his mouth. His perfect fucking mouth.

He watches her as he ducks his head and his lips brush ever so softly over her clit in a teasing, closed mouth kiss.

“Jo-naaaah,” she whines, thighs trembling as he does it again. She can feel the warmth and the dampness of his breath on her skin and she’s so over their game and just wants his mouth on her now. “Please Jonah I-”

He’s powerless to her begging. His tongue swirls softly around her a few times before flicking lightly over her clit. Amy gasps, her hips jerking against his mouth and her hands finding their way into his hair.

“Amy,” his voice is strained, low and ragged when he pulls back a fraction of an inch to speak. “Tell me, ok? I’m gonna... just tell me what’s good, ok? Or if something is too much?”

“I will,” she promises, using her grip on his hair to shove his head back down against her. He makes a strangled sound, something between a groan and a laugh that she feels more than hears as he presses his warm, wet mouth to her.

It’s... nice.

It takes a few minutes, minutes where she lays back and tries not to panic about this just being nice, with Jonah rotating patiently through different movements and angles and pressures to find what works for her. And then he hits some wonderful trifecta, the exact right amount of sucking and flicking and pressing and she makes a desperate, frantic noise.

“Ohmygodyes just like that,” she chokes out, heels digging into the bed on either side of him and hands pressing his head right where she wants him.

Her hips jerk up against his mouth and she opens her mouth to apologize but it comes out as a gasping sob when he presses one hand low on her stomach to hold her hips down while he slides two fingers from the other into her without missing a beat with his mouth.

The tension is building already, the jittery pleasure ramping up, spreading from her core through her legs and up into her chest. She clings to him, a grounding force while she loses herself in it- his fingers stretching her, fucking up against her g spot and his mouth, warm and wet and maddening on her clit.

“Fuuuck that’s good,” she breathes, body squirming against the intense pleasure building and threatening to overtake her.

He just keeps going and going, holding her down and giving, stretching her body to its limit like an elastic band about to snap. His lips are soft but his tongue is clever and ruthless, forcing a steady stream of gasps and broken moans from her. She can hear how wet she is around his fingers and it makes her hips grind down on his face. Jonah moans appreciatively at that and the vibrations reverberate throughout her body.

She opens her eyes and looks down at his dark head buried between her legs. His hips are rocking against the mattress and the fact that he’s getting off on this pushes her right to the edge. It’s too much. It’s too fucking good and she can’t take it.

She comes hard, legs trembling, his name loud on her lips as her body seizes before letting go of all tension in one long, delicious release.

He gentles, working her through her orgasm until she’s just a panting puddle of nerves.

“The was amazing,” he groans from between her legs once the aftershocks have subsided . He’s smiling drunkenly up at her, hair everywhere and the whole lower half of his face wet. He looks ridiculous and smug and maybe a little adorable. Though that could be her orgasm talking.

“Isn’t that my line?” She asks weakly, raising her head to peer down at him and petting at his hair, trying to tame the mess her hands made.

“I like getting people off,” he explains, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand and climbing back up to lay beside her. “I, uh, also meant what I said. I have wanted to do that for a long time. So...yeah.”

“How long?” She hears herself asking, totally unbidden.

“I dunno, since, like, day one? You hated me so much and I just wanted to hold you down and make you come on my tongue.” His eyes are wide and serious and her stomach erupts in butterflies.

“Jesus,” Amy breathes out, stunned by his frankness, never having heard him say anything so blatantly sexual.

Jonah winces. “Sorry, was that too much? I didn’t mean, uh, just that umm... You were really—” He’s cut off by Amy’s index finger pressed over his lips.

“Jonah, hey, it’s fine,” she reassures him. “God, you talk so much.”

He nips at the tip of her finger playfully. Without pausing to think Amy traces his lips before sliding her finger into his mouth, over his tongue. He sucks lightly and they both moan.

“Oh,” Amy whispers, stunned.

His eye close, long eyelashes dusting his cheeks when she presses deeper into his mouth and something in her snaps. She pulls out and presses back in with two fingers, sliding them over his tongue while he sucks.

He looks wrecked when he opens his eyes again. She pulls her fingers out of his mouth and moves in to kiss him, moaning into his mouth when she sucks on his tongue and tastes herself.

“Jonah,” she whispers when they break apart to catch their breath. “You should fuck me.”

“Really? We don’t have to if it’s gonna be too much or you’re tired or-” he is cut off by Amy palming his half hard dick.

“Oh I want to,” she says breathily. “You up for it?” She looks down at his cock which is quickly filling back up from her touch and smirks suggestively at him, the tip of her tongue poking out under one of her canine teeth.

“Yeah, yes, for sure. I-I don’t know if I’m going to, uh, last? to get you off again, though.”

His voice cracks as she places one hand on his chest for balance and swings her leg so she’s straddling him. She jerks his cock a few times with her other hand and then guides him to her entrance.

“It’s fine,” she reassures him, just wanting to feel him inside of her again.

She’s still wet and relaxed from her orgasm so he slides into her effortlessly, but she opts to take her time, savoring each inch of his cock as it presses her open thick and hard and so fucking good it should be illegal.

“You feel so good,” she sighs once she’s fully seated. Her head falls back, hair cascading down her back as she rolls her hips slowly, getting the feel for him underneath her.

He rubs his hands up and down her thighs, watching transfixed as she starts rocking her hips slowly.

It goes on like that for some time, the slow pace a delicious tease, just enough for the pleasure to build gradually but not enough for either of them to get off. And then Amy falls forwards, her arms bracketing his head and her breasts brushing his chest. She buries her face in his neck and starts fucking herself on him in earnest.

Jonahs hips thrust up into her and the sensation makes them both swear. She raises her head to look him in the eyes for a second, her hair falling around their faces. She grunts, annoyed, shoving her hair out of the way before kissing him roughly.

It becomes less of a kiss and more the two of them panting in each other’s mouths as the pace of their hips pick up. Jonah wraps his arms around her waist, pulling her impossibly closer and fucking up into her with abandon while she grinds down against him.

“Amy-” he chokes out. She hums in response.

“Ames, uh,” he tries again. “I’m-I’m close... fuuuuuck that’s not helping,” he gasps, grabbing her hips to stop them mid roll.

She pulls back a little to look him in the eyes.

“So come. What’s the problem?” There’s a breathless edge to her voice.

“Do you, umm, c-can you..? Again?”

“Umm I don’t know, maybe.” Seeing how concerned he is about it she sighs and rolls off of him, ignoring his sound of protest and reaching into her bedside table and pulling out her vibrator.

“Here,” she hands it to him. “If you’re really that concerned, use this while you fuck me.”

Jonah turns it over in his hands a few times, turning it on and running through the different settings.

“Ok,” he agrees, grinning excitedly. “Roll over.”

He gets situated between her legs quickly. Amy expects him to start fucking her again, but he surprises her by first going in with the vibrator- pressing it to her clit and watching her closely when he turns it on.

“That good?” He asks roughly, watching as she throws an arm over her face.

“Yeah,” Amy groans. “Here, move it a little…” she reaches down to adjust his wrist position.

“Holy shit,” he gasps when her hips jerk and her eyes roll back in her head. “I could do this all night. Seriously, I could do this to you constantly, you have no fucking idea…”

He uses his free hand to pinch at a nipple as he increases the intensity of the vibrator, making Amy cry out. He’s still talking but she’s barely listening.

“Fuck me. Come on. Need you inside me,” Amy pleads, too far gone to filter herself or be self conscious.

She’s obscenely wet when he obliges and plunges into her.

“Amy, are you close?” He groans after only a minute. “I’m so. Fucking. Close.”

“Yeah, really close. Harder!” She pleads, reaching up to brace herself on the headboard.

He fucks her hard, the hand not controlling the toy yanking her hips into his thrusts while he increases the intensity on the toy again and Amy screams, her body convulsing wildly as she comes and comes and comes on him, her body clenching repeatedly and ripping his orgasm from him.

Jonah tosses the vibrator aside and collapses half on top of her as they catch their breath.

“Wow. I don’t think I have ever come that hard,” Amy giggles weakly once she has regained the ability to think. “I can’t feel my legs.”

“That was… wow,” Jonah agrees, rolling off of her and onto his back.

They lay together in a comfortable, amicable silence for several minutes before Amy yawns.

“God I’m tired.”

“Two incredible orgasms will do that to you,” Jonah says sounding smug.

Amy flings a pillow at him before checking the time on her alarm clock. “Also the fact that it’s 3:30 and I’ve been awake for almost 24 hours will do that.”

“Ugh, I should get going. Not that we have work tomorrow… but still.”

Amy rolls onto her side to look at him. “Your car is at the store still.”

“Yeah, I know. I can just get an Uber…”

“Jonah,” Amy interrupts him, exasperated. “Just stay.”

“I- I don’t want to impose, it’s fine, really, I just need to find my phone.”

Amy grabs his hand as he goes to get up. “Jonah, stop. It’s not an imposition at all. I… I’d like it if you stayed,” she admits quietly.

“Really?” Jonah asks hopefully, laying back down.

“Yeah.” They look at each other tenderly for a second before Amy has to look away. She rolls over to turn out the lamp. “Now go to sleep.”

“Okay… goodnight Amy.”

She’s never been able to go to sleep cuddling, but she wiggles close and presses her leg against his.

“See you in the morning, Jonah.”