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This Is Me Trying

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Hi there, 

I'm Sarah. This isn't my first fic but it IS a new and different one. I wanted to include a brief note along with my

*TW throughout for self-harm and suicidal thoughts*

This fic idea absorbed my mind and soul much like Mirrorball and (although I've tried to subdue it) it is demanding to be written down. 

This fic also has a song inspiration, you can listen to it here


I feel like the hardest part of going through trauma is never being able to tell people the full extent of what happened because nobody wants to know the full details-if any.

So you are left with secrets and scars forever and no one truly knows the full extent of how badly you've been hurt.

You don't want to make people upset or angry but you desperately need someone to really understand.


 It's a really lonely place to be. 


This fic is a brutally honest look at healing in the wake of trauma that shakes you to your very core.

We will seek to answer these questions that permeate my mind:


What happens when you can’t catch your breath, or when the memory takes your breath away? 

What can be strong enough to kickstart a life on hold?


Take my hand. Let’s immerse ourselves in the beginning of something new. Before we start, unclench your jaw and breathe in deeply with me.

Let's go.