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poems i think

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what gift must it be to be a star?
it would be lovely, to exist only at night
if i were apart of the sky, i'd be free
then, it would be enough to exist
then, no longer would i worry of the future
who requires the concept of time as a star?
stars are not bound by such simplistic human ideas
stars are beautiful
i wish i were a star

what right have i to speak of emotion?
do i only know second hand emotion?
why am i empty? why is my heart locked?
where is the key?
the key is lost
will i ever find it? or will my heart be forever shut off?

it hurts, to long this much
i am fortunate, so why am i discontented?
i want to be the wind! the moon!
it seems a simple request
why did i have to be human?
what gift is conscious thought?
i did not ask to be burdened with the after affects of those who came before me
nor the guilt
a rain drop does not worry about where it lands
it simply falls
may i fall? without worrying about where i will land?