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Heavy Petting

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The collar stands out on the bed, black and silver against the mellow purple sheets. It demands attention, and Hoseok’s eyes are immediately drawn to it.

Taehyung can be messy, but he doesn’t leave things like this out by accident. Whenever he leaves his collar out, there’s a reason for it; he wants Hoseok to put it on him, but he’s too shy to ask for it. It’s better when they make it out like it’s Hoseok’s decision, anyway, like he’s the one who decides when they play.

Hoseok picks the collar up, running his fingers over the smooth leather.

Shoving the collar in his pocket, Hoseok follows the scent of sauteed onions and garlic into the kitchen where Taehyung is stir frying some vegetables. “Smells good in here,” he comments, wrapping his arms around Taehyung’s waist and resting his chin on his shoulder.

He makes small talk for a while, feigning obliviousness. Taehyung seems a little tense, eyes darting to Hoseok's face more often than usual as he asks him to retrieve some seasonings that he had forgotten to get out beforehand.

It's when Taehyung seems to come to the conclusion that Hoseok hasn't found the collar yet, relaxing somewhat, that Hoseok makes a move. He stands directly behind Taehyung, who is innocently adding the noodles to the cooked vegetables, and whispers in his ear, "Don't you think that your neck looks a little bare, sweetheart?"

Taehyung immediately stiffens, back straightening. His hand pauses in the act of stirring. "Yes," he murmurs back, breath audibly catching in his throat.

"You should show me some respect."

Taehyung swallows loudly enough for Hoseok to hear it. "Yes, hyung,” he responds weakly.

Hoseok lightly strokes the back of Taehyung's neck, trailing kisses along his collarbone before wrapping the collar around his throat and securing it in place. "Better," he breathes against the cold metal as Taehyung shivers. "So pretty, Taetae. Pretty for me."

He pulls Taehyung out of the way of the stove and takes over.

"I can finish it," Taehyung says indignantly beside him.

Hoseok laughs patronisingly. "What on earth are you talking about? Little puppies can't cook." Without sparing Taehyung a look, he points to the bedroom. "Take off your clothes and wait on the bed for hyung."

Though he doesn't look to check, he can tell that Taehyung hasn't moved. Hoseok ignores his presence for a while, busying himself by adding the last few ingredients to the wok. "Taehyung," he says calmly. "I told you to take off your clothes and wait on the bed for hyung."

"I can cook on my own," Taehyung says stubbornly.

With exaggerated impatience, Hoseok finally turns his head to meet Taehyung’s eyes. "I didn't ask for your opinion." He grasps Taehyung's jaw firmly in his hand. "Do as you're told. You know what happens to bad puppies."

They stare each other down, and Hoseok watches the defiance fizzle away behind Taehyung’s eyes. When Hoseok lets go of his face, Taehyung slumps away sulkily, dragging his feet all the way to the bedroom.

Hoseok smiles. They’ve done this enough time before for him to know that he hasn't done anything that Taehyung was genuinely annoyed or offended by. He just likes to act like a brat- at the beginning, anyway. He always loses the will to complain soon enough, once the need for Hoseok's touch and attention overrides the desire to fight back.

Hoseok takes his time putting the japchae away- it's looking like they won't be eating for a while- and filling a glass with water before he returns to the bedroom.

As instructed, Taehyung is waiting dutifully on the bed wearing nothing but the collar, golden skin highlighted by the last of the day’s sun streaming through the window. His legs are crossed, hands curled into little fists in his lap, back ramrod straight. He looks a whole lot less peeved than he did a few minutes ago; evidently, he isn't in the mood to talk back anymore.

"Hello, my pretty puppy," Hoseok greets him cheerfully, putting the glass of water on the bedside table. Taehyung smiles bashfully. "Hyung's here."

He beckons Taehyung with one finger to crawl closer to him. He doesn't sit down next to him, as much as he would like to, because being stood up while Taehyung sits makes him feel taller, fully in control. It’s the same reason why he never fully strips during scenes like this, while he makes Taehyung remove all of their clothes before they even start. Puppies don’t wear clothes, anyway.

Hoseok bends down to press a kiss onto Taehyung's forehead. "How are you feeling, puppy? Feeling good?" Taehyung nods vigorously. "Good. Hyung's glad."

Taehyung's expression is attentive, eyes wide and sparkly. It’s Hoseok’s favourite expression on him.

There's something about those eyes. Something about the fact that no matter what Hoseok does to him or makes him do, Taehyung will always look up at him with those wide, adoring eyes. Even when he talks back or pretends that he doesn't want to do something, there's always that look in his eyes, that look that tells Hoseok that he would do anything for him.

Sometimes, Hoseok finds that he can't look Taehyung in the eyes for too long during a scene. The sight fills him with so much love, too much, and it makes him break character.

He looks at Taehyung's mouth, instead. Slack, lips parted, needing to be filled.

Taehyung's lips immediately part further as Hoseok slides two fingers past them and presses lightly down on his tongue. With his other hand, Hoseok runs his hand through Taehyung’s hair. "Good puppy," he murmurs. "Keep your mouth open for me."

Taehyung doesn't nod or make any other indication that he heard the command, just keeps staring up at Hoseok with those glassy eyes. After a few seconds, his mouth closes around Hoseok's fingers and he starts to suckle on them. Hoseok’s heart flutters at the sudden warmth and suction. It wasn’t what he had instructed, though.

"No," he reprimands, withdrawing his fingers. Taehyung whines quietly from the loss. "I told you to keep your mouth open." This time, when he puts his fingers on Taehyung's tongue, Taehyung holds still.

They stay like that for a while, Hoseok watching with amusement as Taehyung grows restless, wiggling his hips and clenching his thighs together. His mouth fills with saliva, thin ropes of drool dripping from the corners of his lips. His cock is slowly swelling, but he knows that he isn’t allowed to touch it yet. He looks so pathetic and desperate like this, an insatiable puppy.

Taehyung doesn't say anything because he can't, but he communicates his impatience with little whines and his eyes, silently begging for Hoseok to do something, anything.

Hoseok strokes Taehyung's tongue slowly, watching in fascination as Taehyung gags slightly when he pushes his fingers far enough back. Even while gagging, Taehyung doesn't stop staring up at him, eyes watering as they gradually gain a far away quality to them. He’s slowly slipping away just from some fingers in his mouth.

"Does my puppy want something else in his mouth?" Hoseok teases, grinning at how Taehyung nods quickly, panting around his fingers. "My fingers aren't enough, hm? What would you like?"

For the first time, Taehyung breaks eye contact, only to look pointedly at the bulge in Hoseok's pants. Arousal swoops low in Hoseok’s stomach.

"You want my cock?"

Taehyung whines, tongue quivering under Hoseok's fingers.

Hoseok pretends to think for a moment. "Okay, I'll let you have my cock as long as you ask nicely."

To his credit, Taehyung does a good job at articulating what he wants with a dripping mouth full of Hoseok's fingers. "Want your cock," he slurs, "pleathe."

"So polite," Hoseok coos, running his hands through Taehyung's hair again. Taehyung closes his eyes, leaning into the touch.

Hoseok withdraws his fingers for the second time and wipes them messily on Taehyung's left cheek. He undoes his belt and shuffles his pants and underwear down just enough to free his cock, nearly fully hard already. He gives himself a few strokes to relieve the tension. Taehyung's eyes are wide and focused directly on Hoseok's cock, leaning in so slowly that Hoseok isn’t sure if he’s doing it intentionally or not.

With one hand on the back of Taehyung's head, Hoseok feeds his cock into Taehyung's warm, wet mouth, exhaling slowly through his teeth as it envelopes him. Overly eager, Taehyung forces as much into his mouth as he can and immediately gags, spluttering as Hoseok pulls him back up for air. He always forgets about his sensitive gag reflex.

“Slow down, puppy,” Hoseok says soothingly, smoothing Taehyung’s hair away from his face. “No need to rush.”

Taehyung swallows his length more slowly this time, tongue constantly moving in an attempt to lick and suck at the same time. Once he has eased himself properly into it, he starts to bob his head up and down, collar jingling with every move. The heavy suction creates delicious friction on Hoseok’s dick with every movement as Taehyung goes harder, the pressure tighter the further down his throat he goes.

It's so wet and filthy, strings of spit dripping down onto Hoseok's balls and seeping into his pants, although he doesn't care about that very much right now. Fisting the hair at the back of Taehyung's head, Hoseok starts gently thrusting into the wet heat, chasing the sensation with every roll of his hips.

He's so helpless, so desperate for Hoseok's cock that he doesn't care about anything else. Hoseok could invite the rest of their friends in to watch and Taehyung wouldn't even notice, too busy with the weight of cock in his mouth. Hoseok likes the thought of that, the thought of everyone seeing how Taehyung worships him, how he's just a little puppy who needs to be told what to do and given a cock to suck on.

Taehyung isn't very good at deepthroating Hoseok yet, but that doesn't stop him from trying. He keeps bringing his lips as close to Hoseok's crotch as he can, keeping it there with the help of Hoseok's hand on the back of his head, until his instincts kick in and he splutters as he comes back up for air. He always goes back down as far as he can, a little further every time, throat clenching around Hoseok’s length.

"Such a good puppy," Hoseok says soothingly when Taehyung's chin is slick with spit and precome after gagging on his length so many times. "Always working so hard for hyung. So good for hyung. Hyung loves you." It's a little sentimental for a scene like this, but Taehyung doesn't seem to mind, closing his eyes and slurping harder on Hoseok's cock. "Would you like a treat now, Taetae?"

Taehyung suckles on the head of Hoseok's dick, gazing up at him imploringly. His mouth falls open and spit slides down Hoseok's dick, then he licks it all back up because good puppies always clean up after themselves.

Hoseok pulls away, knowing that if he lets Taehyung keep at it then he’ll be coming far sooner than he would like. Taehyung stares at his cock longingly, tongue darting out as if it could reach it if he tried hard enough.

Hoseok pushes Taehyung back onto the bed, legs bent in the air and hips wiggling. Taehyung's cock, leaking and untouched, slaps against his stomach. Hoseok closes his eyes for a brief moment, exhaling deeply through his nose and gathering the willpower to not ravish him right there and then. Taehyung is so radiant, even in the dwindling sunlight, and his submission only makes the sight of him more tempting.

He strokes Taehyung's tummy playfully and tickles his sides, making him yelp and squirm. "Careful," Hoseok chides as he narrowly avoids being kicked in the face. He receives an apology in the form of another whine.

He doesn't go straight for the cock, as much as he knows Taehyung wants him to. Instead, he bends down to trail kisses up his inner thighs, caressing them tenderly and stopping just before he gets to where Taehyung wants his touch the most. Every time he pulls away, Taehyung whines loudly, wiggling his hips with impatience.

"Stay still," Hoseok reprimands, slapping Taehyung's thigh lightly. Taehyung stills, though not without a petulant furrow of his brows.

He spends some more time teasing Taehyung, trailing his fingers over his stomach and his hip bones until Taehyung's shaking like a bomb that's about to explode. Only then does Hoseok grasp the head of Taehyung's erection, smiling to himself at the sound of Taehyung's sharp intake of breath.

"You've been so good and patient for me," Hoseok praises soothingly as he squeezes his fist in the way that he knows Taehyung likes.

Taehyung's mouth is still hanging open, pretty pink tongue resting on his lower lip. Hoseok wonders if that's because he never gave him permission to close it, or if he just can’t remember how to. His eyes are open but glazed over and unfocused. Poor thing seems to be overwhelmed.

"This is so much better than when you're a bad puppy, isn't it?" Hoseok gathers a bead of precome on his finger and moves over to wipe it on Taehyung's tongue. Taehyung’s licks eagerly at Hoseok’s finger, leaning forward to take it down to the knuckle and swirling his tongue around it. "Good puppies get treats. Bad puppies don't."

Taehyung nods, bobbing his head up and down on Hoseok's finger just like he did with his dick a few minutes ago. "Good puppies… treats," he repeats faintly, Hoseok's finger still in his mouth.

Hoseok can't but laugh at him a little. "You want something in your mouth so badly?" Taehyung nods again. "Don't you want hyung to touch your cock?" Taehyung pauses, then nods once again. "Which do you want more, sweetheart? You need to choose."

It looks like it takes great effort for Taehyung to decide, but after some seconds in which he looks incredibly confused he shyly grabs Hoseok's hand and pulls it towards his cock. As soon as Hoseok grabs hold of it again, Taehyung's body curls forward into his touch.

"You can close your mouth now," Hoseok says. Taehyung doesn't. "Close your mouth, puppy. Hyung wants to kiss you and he doesn't want you licking all over his face."

Taehyung slowly closes his mouth, lips forming a wet pout, but the pout is quickly replaced with a giggle as Hoseok's face nears and he presses their mouths together.

They kiss softly, as they often do, no matter what kind of scene they're in the middle of. They could kiss more roughly, with more power behind their movement, but Hoseok likes how their mouths gently touch in the same way that they do when they're kissing each other goodbye before work. It feels grounding to know that he loves Taehyung right now in the same way that he always loves Taehyung, the same way that he always will.

Hoseok kisses Taehyung like he's a delicate flower, pretty and fragile under his touch. His little flower happens to be very wet and slobbery, but he's his flower and he'd never trade him for anything else.

It gets even wetter as their mouths part, tongues moving languidly together in time to Taehyung's little thrusts against Hoseok's hand. Little breathy noises come from Taehyung's throat and Hoseok drinks them in, revelling in the sounds of Taehyung's arousal. He's always been loud during sex, constantly whimpering or panting or whining, and Hoseok loves that about him. He loves being able to hear how his puppy is feeling.

Just as Taehyung stops kissing in favour of licking desperately into Hoseok’s mouth, Hoseok pulls back, smiling teasingly at him. "My puppy's getting all worked up, isn't he? Look," he gestures to his hand on Taehyung's cock. "I'm not even doing anything to you anymore, you're just rutting against my hand. Hyung was going to treat you, but you decided to treat yourself instead, hm?"

Taehyung stares up at him apologetically, but he doesn't stop the rhythmic grinding against Hoseok's hand.

“So insatiable,” Hoseok tuts, “little puppy can’t control himself, can he?”

Taehyung shakes his head, lips getting pouty again.

“You’re lucky I’m in a good mood,” Hoseok says, as if he’s ever not in a good mood when he’s with Taehyung. He sits on Taehyung’s legs so that he can’t move, pinning his chest down with one hand and gathering some drool from Taehyung’s face to use as lube with his other hand.

He pumps Taehyung’s cock expertly, familiar enough with his body by now to know exactly when to speed up, when to slow down, and which parts to teasingly rub his thumb over. He keeps going until the whimpers and pants increase in volume and Taehyung's face starts to contort in that beautiful way that it does when he's on the edge.

When Hoseok pulls back, Taehyung moans in frustration. He flinches as Hoseok presses a light kiss to the tip of his dick.

"Not yet, puppy doesn't need to come yet." Hoseok says as he picks up the glass of water from the bedside table and retrieves the lube. It's strawberry flavoured, because Taehyung insists that they always get lube that tastes like strawberries even if they rarely use it for oral sex. He’s cute like that.

Hoseok gestures for Taehyung to sit up, and when he does he tilts the glass of water to his lips. Taehyung laps it up, keeping eye contact the whole time. When he has had enough, he brings a hand up to push the glass away and Hoseok puts it back on the bedside table before joining him on the bed.

"What would you like to do?" Hoseok asks, and he's being mean because he knows very well that Taehyung will be nonverbal by now. He always finds it difficult to speak once he gets deep enough in puppyspace. “Want to take hyung’s cock? Or do you want to put your own to some use?”

Taehyung makes a little yipping noise as his hand slides down Hoseok's back and cups his ass roughly. Hoseok winces slightly as he feels fingernails digging into the sensitive skin.

"Want to fuck hyung?" Hoseok asks, gently peeling Taehyung's fingers away from him so that he isn't left with nail-shaped indents in his ass for the rest of the week. Taehyung nods eagerly, the metal of his collar ringing and mouth falling open again. Hoseok leans down to kiss along the line of his jaw. "Going to fuck your hyung good, yeah? Going to split your hyung open on your cock?"

It seems to be getting too much for Taehyung already as he squeals loudly and wriggles hard enough to shake Hoseok off of him. He can never keep still, especially during scenes like this. He scrambles to remove Hoseok's pants and underwear all the way, then excitedly picks up the lube.

Hoseok takes the lube from him and leans back on the bed, spreading his legs wide so that Taehyung can see his tight hole. "You can't prep me, sweetheart. You always get too eager, don't you remember?" Taehyung bows his head in shame. "It's okay, puppy, don't worry your pretty little head about it. Hyung will prep himself and then you can fuck him." Hoseok squeezes some of the shiny pink liquid onto his hand, gesturing for Taehyung to sit.

He starts by rubbing slow circles around his rim, not as much for his own benefit as it is to tease Taehyung, sitting in front of him with his legs crossed and hands in his lap. He exhales as the first finger slowly breaches his slick entrance, refamiliarising himself with the dull burn of the stretch. He takes his sweet time, gradually pushing deeper inside himself until he feels like he can take more. It’s at the second finger that the pleasant feeling of fullness comes, his eyes instinctively fluttering shut.

He scissors his fingers, humming quietly in pleasure at the sensation of his fingers shifting inside himself. He feels so tight inside, knows that he’s going to feel so good for his puppy. He opens his eyes again to see Taehyung intently watching every move that he makes with heavy eyelids and a slack jaw.

He's so pretty like this, too far gone to do anything except obey orders. There's nothing behind his eyes, brain locked away for the time being. Hoseok would love to take pictures of him while he's in puppyspace so that he can keep the image with him forever, but he's never been good at taking pictures. Taehyung's a much better photographer, but there’s no way that he could take pictures of himself in this state.

Hoseok makes up for it by watching him as much as he can, drinking in the vision of his boyfriend in such a primal, vulnerable state. Even as he preps himself, he barely keeps his eyes off of Taehyung. Taehyung doesn't seem to notice, though, far too distracted by the sight of Hoseok's fingers sliding in and out of his hole.

It's not that he doesn't like fingering himself, because he does, but Hoseok sees it as more of a means to an end, something to get over and done with as quickly as he can. He prefers when Taehyung does it, long fingers reaching depths that Hoseok can’t get to on his own. Taehyung isn’t allowed to prep him today, though.

He drags it out a little, just to watch as Taehyung gets more and more restless, struggling more and more to restrain himself from reaching out to touch. He’s especially eager today. Hoseok can see in his eyes just how much he wants to tear him apart, and it sends a flutter of excitement to his stomach.

After he’s stretched well enough to easily accommodate three fingers and his craving for Taehyung is impossible to ignore, he slides his fingers out and pulls his cheeks apart to expose his hole, fluttering and clenching around nothing. "It's all yours, puppy," he says sweetly.

The air is knocked out of his lungs as Taehyung immediately pushes him down on his back, erection pressing hard against him. Taehyung rubs his cock back and forth over his hole, and Hoseok isn't sure if he's teasing or if he's so excited that he’s struggling to get it in, but he's leaning towards the latter. When the head finally breaches his entrance, Hoseok's breath catches in his throat at the burn and his hands instinctively fly to Taehyung's waist.

Three fingers made him feel full, but they could never compare to how well Taehyung fills him up. He’s been trained well enough to know to go slowly at this part, but even so, the pressure of his cock against Hoseok’s walls is so intense that Hoseok hears himself let out a whimper of his own, hands gripping bruisingly hard on Taehyung’s waist. Taehyung bottoms out and they hold still for a moment, both breathing hard and staring into each other’s eyes.

It doesn’t take very long for Hoseok to get used to the stretch, but he keeps still for a while longer because he likes to make Taehyung wait. He can see clearly on his face how much he wants to move, but he always waits for his hyung to give him permission before he does anything.

Hoseok pulls away slightly before pushing himself and sliding back down around his dick, and that's all the indication Taehyung needs that he’s allowed to start moving. He gives a few experimental thrusts before immediately picking up speed and slamming his cock hard into Hoseok’s heat, panting giddily in Hoseok’s ear.

Usually, Taehyung is a gentle lover. When he tops, he moves carefully and gently to make sure that Hoseok feels as good as possible and doesn't get hurt. It's different like this, though, when he's in puppyspace and the only thoughts going through his sweet little head are about how he's finally allowed to fuck his hyung, finally allowed to get off.

Hoseok likes it both ways. Soft and slow sex is lovely, but the way that Taehyung fucks harshly into him like he's just a warm, wet hole to stick his cock into makes him see stars behind his eyelids.

He especially loves the fact that even though he's bottoming, even though he's the one lying there and taking it with little “ah, ah, ah”s, he's still the one in charge. If he told Taehyung to stop then he'd pull out immediately, albeit not without a whine of indignation.

Currently, he absolutely does not want Taehyung to stop, dick pounding relentlessly into Hoseok's ass to the point that it hurts. He likes the way that it hurts, though, likes knowing that he's going to be feeling this for days. He’ll remember this pounding tomorrow at work.

"Ah," he exhales, "just like that- y-yeah- good puppy- so good for hyung-"

Taehyung growls, spurred on even further by Hoseok's words. There's no particular rhythm to his thrusts, hips working as hard and fast as they physically can. His breath is hot and heavy against Hoseok's face and Hoseok can see the level of concentration in his expression, the sweat sliding down his tense neck despite how cold the room is.

Hoseok's eyes greedily follow the trails of sweat down Taehyung's neck, and the sight of it gives him an idea that he can’t shake off. He rests one hand around Taehyung's throat, just above the collar, and immediately the familiar sense of power rushes through him. Taehyung gasps sharply, eyes fluttering shut.

They have tried out choking during sex a few times, but never during a scene like this; it was always in a much more controlled situation. As much as he wants to apply pressure, really wants to choke his little puppy while he fucks him, he needs to know that it will be safe. It doesn’t feel like it would be safe right now, moving too hard and fast and unpredictably.

“Sit,” Hoseok instructs. “Sit, my puppy.”

Taehyung’s movements slow down, confusion and disappointment on his face. With a low, sad sound, he pulls out and sits across from Hoseok.

Getting his breath back, Hoseok sits in his lap. “You’re too rough, puppy,” he says in an overly sweet voice, because telling him that he’s just changing position to make it safer when he chokes him isn’t any fun. "Hyung's going to have to show you how to fuck him."

He lowers himself gracefully onto Taehyungs' cock, taking it slow even though he doesn’t need it to be anymore with how thoroughly he’s been fucked open. Taehyung whimpers beneath him, gripping weakly at his hips and occasionally bucking jerkily into Hoseok as if he can't stop himself.

"Stay still," Hoseok hisses with a slap on the thigh. Taehyung freezes, body stiff and eyes big. “Good boy.”

As much as he loves being railed within an inch of his life, Hoseok loves this part, too. He loves fucking himself on Taehyung's cock at his own pace, raising and lowering himself torturously slowly just to listen to his poor puppy cry for more. He sinks all the way down and then lifts himself up so that only the head is left inside him, in one fluid motion. He’s good with his hips, and while he can make the most of it while he’s topping, it also makes him pretty damn good at riding people.

"You don't know how to be gentle, do you?" He tuts, moving so slowly that it's even getting himself frustrated. He wants to slam himself down hard, wants to gasp for air, but first he’s got some plans. "Always thinking with your cock, never your pretty little head. You can fuck your hyung hard, but you can't fuck him properly." He sighs with faux disappointment.

His hand returns to Taehyung’s neck, feeling much more stable this time. For a few seconds he puts just the slightest bit of pressure, and Taehyung’s mouth falls open again in the way that it always does when he’s being choked, the corners of his lips twitching upwards.

Ideally, they would use their safeword for this (which is Yoongi, because they like to piss off their friend Yoongi by telling him that his name is their safeword) but Taehyung isn't able to talk right now.

"Can you pinch me, sweetheart?" Hoseok asks, "Could you do that for hyung?"

Taehyung clumsily pinches Hoseok's thigh, hard enough for Hoseok to wince.

At least it’s hard enough that he’ll definitely notice it. "Good boy.” He scratches behind Taehyung’s ear, as he would if he were petting a real dog. “Pinch me if you want me to stop, okay?"

Hoseok squeezes lightly at the sides of Taehyung's neck, and Taehyung's eyes fly open and he's grinning, wide and boxy with his teeth showing. The smile reassures Hoseok that he's enjoying himself, even if it falters quickly as he's distracted again by the rhythmic clenching of Hoseok's ass around him.

After letting go for a few seconds, he presses harder this time, the way that he usually likes it. Taehyung's breaths come harder, rougher, eyes smouldering. His face, already flushed, grows pinker.

“So good,” Hoseok praises. “So good for hyung. My puppy likes when hyung chokes him, doesn’t he?” He trails his fingers over the leather collar. “I bet you wish that you could walk around with hyung’s hand around your throat so that everyone knows who you belong to. Hyung would like that, too.” He gives one last squeeze as Taehyung lets out a cut off squeal. “My puppy.”

Hoseok's hand drops from Taehyung’s neck as he leans down to kiss him, and it's more like breathing heavily into each other's mouths than real kissing, but it scratches Hoseok's itch for more intimacy. They mouth desperately at each other as Hoseok finally picks up speed.

He angles his hips so that Taehyung’s cock aims directly at his prostate, sending soul-sizzling pleasure through his body, bouncing so hard that his throbbing dick slaps obscenely against his stomach. His legs start to feel weak, wobbling with each shock of bliss through his body, but he can’t stop. Taehyung is the puppy here but he’s feeling pretty animalistic himself, taking and taking and taking what he needs. Needs it hard, needs it deep, needs it now.

“Have you learned?” He rasps, barely gathering enough breath to get the words out. “How to- to fuck hyung properly? Think you can- ah- do it now?”

Beneath him, Taehyung nods so aggressively, so eagerly, that Hoseok would laugh in any other situation. His eyes are wide, sparkly, silently begging. Nobody could possibly refuse those eyes, especially not Hoseok.

He lifts himself up from Taehyung’s lap and gets on his hands and knees; doggy style for his puppy just makes sense. “Show hyung, then. Show hyung what you learned.”

Taehyung scrambles into position and fumbles with pushing his cock back into Hoseok, yipping excitedly. He eagerly slams back in and Hoseok's legs shake as Taehyung's cock directly hits his prostate again.

Hoseok leans forward to support himself as Taehyung fucks him, each thrust pushing his face further into the bed. His back is arched so much that his entire front is flat against the bed, giving himself to his puppy to claim. This angle is so much better, Taehyung’s cock ramming straight onto his prostate over and over, sending warm shocks through his gut. His mouth automatically falls open and he feels a wet patch forming where his lips meet the bedsheets.

He feels weak, the energy sapped out of his limbs. Taehyung is demolishing his poor hole, mercilessly snapping his hips against him so hard that Hoseok can feel the impact in his spine. It hurts so good, he feels like he can’t possibly survive another second and yet constantly craves more.

From behind, Taehyung nuzzles his face into Hoseok’s shoulder, trailing sloppy kisses full of tongue all over his skin. Once he nears Hoseok’s neck, he bites down, nearly piercing the skin but not quite. Hoseok gasps and he isn’t sure if it’s because of the pain or the pleasure.

Taehyung begins to suck and nibble on Hoseok's sensitive skin, no doubt leaving bruises to bloom in his wake. He leaves marks all over the sides of Hoseok's neck, making the skin raw, tender and aching.

Involuntary sounds are spilling out of Hoseok's mouth, forced out of him by Taehyung's attack on his prostate. Even with his cock being untouched for the last twenty minutes, he feels like he's close, and he would bet that Taehyung is too by the way that his thrusts, barely more rhythmic than the first round, become increasingly jerky and unpredictable.

"Does my puppy want to- ah- come?" Hoseok rasps, words muffled by the bedsheets. Behind his ear, he hears Taehyung whine desperately. "Feels so- ah- good inside hyung?" He clenches hard, putting more pressure on Taehyung's length as it slides in and out of him.

Taehyung is whining loudly, urgently against Hoseok’s ear in a way that sounds almost like crying. Pleading for permission.

Hoseok could tell him that he isn’t allowed- he’s done that a few times- but he doesn’t have the energy to be mean anymore. Not when Taehyung’s been so good. “Go ahead, puppy. You’ve been so- ah- good today. Come inside hyung.”

Taehyung makes a broken sound, sinking his teeth into Hoseok's shoulder once again as he makes one, two, three more deep thrusts before coming inside, cock pulsing. His arms wrap tightly around Hoseok’s body, keeping them both in place as he fills Hoseok up with a long, high pitched whine. As his climax finishes he still doesn’t move, reluctant to take his cock out of Hoseok's ass even as it’s halfway deflated and beginning to slip out on its own.

Muscles aching from exertion, Hoseok gently removes himself from his puppy’s grasp and shuffles around so that he's in the position that he was in when he prepped himself- on his back with his hole on display. He circles a finger around the puffy, stretched out rim, shivering at how sensitive it is now after being so brutally fucked. Taehyung watches, eyes glassy but deeply fixated, as Hoseok scoops up the come that drips out of him and pushes it back in, hole slick and squelching lewdly.

With Hoseok's front now facing him, Taehung dives back onto his neck, decorating Hoseok with a pretty necklace of bruises, a collar of his own. Proof that he belongs to Taehyung just as much as Taehyung belongs to him.

"I think that puppy should clean up his mess," Hoseok says.

Taehyung draws back from Hoseok's neck, looking at him in a way that would seem like questioning if it weren't for his unfocused eyes and slack jaw.

Hoseok tilts Taehyung’s head down, redirecting his eyes to his leaking asshole. "See, it's dripping out even though I tried to keep it in. My puppy came too much," he tuts. "Clean up after yourself."

Obediently, Taehyung lowers his face to Hoseok's ass and licks a fat stripe over his sensitive rim. Hoseok grunts as he quickly strokes his own dick with one hand, thumbing over his nipples with the other. Beneath him, he can hear Taehyung slurping his own come out of Hoseok's hole, sucking hard and breaching the stretched rim with his tongue. It’s like a tickling sensation, if tickling made his breath stutter and toes curl.

“Does it taste like strawberries?” Hoseok asks weakly, knowing fully well that there’s no way that Taehyung would respond.

Even when there couldn’t possibly be any come left, Taehyung keeps lapping hungrily at Hoseok like his ass is his favourite meal (maybe it does taste like strawberries after all- they never taste tested the lube). He alternates between stiffening his tongue and fucking Hoseok shallowly with it, and dancing across his rim and perineum with a gentler touch. The feel of Taehyung’s warm breath against his hole makes Hoseok tremble beneath him, the slightest of stimulation feeling intense on his tender flesh.

Taehyung’s mouth starts to wander, trailing up Hoseok’s perineum and suckling on one of his balls. He brings his sticky hand up to play with the other, massaging gently. Puppies love to play with balls, Hoseok thinks, as he thinks every time Taehyung plays with his balls because he doesn’t have any original jokes. Taehyung’s lucky that he’s too breathless to say it out loud this time.

When he feels himself nearing his release, Hoseok removes his hand from his nipples to grasp firmly at Taehyung's hair, pulling him up to his cock. Taehyung's mouth falls open, tongue out and lightly grazing Hoseok’s cockhead.

A quick swipe of Taehyung’s tongue is what pushes Hoseok over the edge, his entire body lighting up with euphoria. Pleasure explodes in his gut and crackles through his veins like electricity, his legs spasming from the sheer force of it. His whole body tenses hard and then relaxes, every ache replaced with blissful floatiness.

He forces his eyes to stay open through his orgasm so that he can watch as Taehyung's sweet face is painted with strings of white. Come glistens thickly on his tongue before he swallows, opening his mouth again for more.

Hoseok lazily rubs Taehyung's face with his cock, smearing his come all over and guiding some into his mouth. Taehyung's tongue darts out to lick off what he can reach, flicking at Hoseok's oversensitive cock before it's pulled away from him.

Hoseok pulls Taehyung up so that they're face to face, and before he can lean in for a kiss, Taehyung gives him a big lick from his chin to his nose. "So messy, puppy," he comments, more with love than with disgust. They make out, wet and sticky and salty, tongues roaming. He tugs on Taehyung's lower lip with his teeth and the rewarding groan makes him smile against his mouth.

Usually, Hoseok hates being messy. Getting spit and come all over his face would usually make him want to scrub himself clean immediately, but the thing about Taehyung being able to let go like this is that it allows him to let go, too. His head is tingly and his body is heavy and being messy feels good. He wants to keep kissing his Taehyung, kiss and kiss and kiss until their lips are so red and raw that they can’t anymore.

He knows that his future self would resent him for that, so he doesn’t. They part, and he offers Taehyung the rest of the water. Once Taehyung has drunk his fill, he downs the rest of it in one gulp, the buzz in his head starting to clear up.

Bathing together is almost always what they do after fucking like this, but nevertheless Taehyung clings poutily to Hoseok’s legs as he tries to escape to run the bath. It takes a whole minute of going back and forth before Taehyung finally allows him out of his sight for a moment.

Hoseok makes the bath just how Taehyung likes, with too many bubbles and bath bombs that fill the water with pretty colours and pretty scents. He gathers some towels- the fluffiest ones that they have- and puts all of their fancy bath products within reach.

He’s feeling particularly gentlemanly, so he tries to carry Taehyung bridal style to the bathroom. Unfortunately, in doing this, he forgets that he’s not the strongest of guys and Taehyung is fucking huge.

The first attempt lasts about three seconds, during which he manages to successfully pick Taehyung up but then immediately topples forward, dropping him unceremoniously back on the bed. “Shit- sorry-”

Taehyung hasn’t got his words back yet, but by the way that he’s looking at him, Hoseok can guess that he’s thinking something along the lines of ’don’t try to pick me up if you know that I’m too heavy for you’.

Hoseok doesn’t like to admit defeat, especially when he’s trying to take care of his puppy by sparing him from having to walk the five steps to the bathroom, so he gathers all the strength that he has, scoops Taehyung up in his arms, and runs as fast as he can to his destination before his arms give up on him.

He dumps him unceremoniously into the bathtub, which isn’t really romantic or gentlemanly, but it makes them both laugh so hard that it doesn’t seem to matter.

Hoseok leans over to gently unclip the collar from Taehyung’s neck, throwing it haphazardly in the general direction of the open door, and then finally removes his shirt. That shirt is going to need a thorough washing, along with the bedsheets.

When Taehyung looks comfortable enough, he slides into the tub with him. "Need help cleaning up, puppy?" Taehyung nods, still all smiley. Hoseok scoots over, wincing slightly at the throbbing sensation in his ass and thighs, and starts washing Taehyung's face for him. "Did so well today,” he coos. “Made your hyung feel so good. Such a good puppy. Hyung loves you so much."

As much as Hoseok does this so that Taehyung doesn’t have to concentrate too hard on anything while he’s returning to a normal headspace, he likes to clean his boyfriend up. He likes cleaning in general and he likes relaxing, methodical things like covering Taehyung with soap suds and then washing them all away.

“All clean now,” he says brightly after a few minutes, lightly pinching Taehyung’s wet cheek.

Even though they’re both clean, they stay in the tub and splash around in the water for a while as Taehyung's eyes slowly become clearer.

"Love you," is the first thing that he says when he feels like he can speak again, kissing lightly over the bruises that he had left behind on Hoseok's throat. "Hungry," is the next thing that he says.

Hoseok hums sleepily. "Me too. Want me to reheat the japchae?”


“If you’re hungry then you need to eat, sweetheart.”

Taehyung flicks some water at Hoseok, more lukewarm than hot at this point. “Don’t want to. Water’s nice.”

Hoseok stands up, rivulets of water dripping from him. “Japchae is nice. Come on, sweetheart.” He holds out a hand, which Taehyung does not grab. “I’ll carry you out if I have to.”

Taehyung snorts at him. “Sure, because carrying me went so well last time.”

“I got you in the tub, didn’t I? Come on,” he grabs onto Taehyung’s arm and pulls him up, resulting in a loud groan of displeasure from his boyfriend. “Up, little puppy!”

“Ah, shut up,” Taehyung shoves him lightly, grinning. They both step out of the tub and grab the towels. “You’re lucky that I love you.”

“I am,” Hoseok agrees. He feels like the luckiest person in the world.