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‘My Yeonwoo!’ A masked boy ran into their PE class just as it was ending. He ran up to the boy Hyunsoo had been introduced to at the start of the day.

‘That’s Go Yoohan.’ Jung Joohaeng nodded over at the boy trying to hug Yeonwoo who was desperately trying to avoid his reach stating ‘no! I’m sweaty!’

‘Let’s take a shower together then.’ Even with the mask Hyunsoo could tell Yoohan had a devious smirk with his suggestion.
Everyone’s lack of reaction apart from the occasional eye roll told Hyunsoo that this happened too many times for anyone to be fazed by it.

‘They’re our resident Probe/Mono couple.’ Kim Minjae contributed.

‘Was that grandpa?’

Minjae smiled and nodded. ‘This boy will misunderstand.’

‘Huh?’ Hyunsoo looked over curiously but Minjae only smiled enigmatically.

Yeonwoo finally made it to his friends side with Yoohan’s arm over his shoulder.

‘Yeonwoo, who’s this?’ Yoohan looked up and down the three bodies, ignoring the faces of all three boys. Hyunsoo frowned, shouldn’t this mono at least acknowledge his probes friends?

Yoohan was definitely a mono, the way he held onto Yeonwoo for dear life, the way he gazed at him. He was clearly a mono obsessed with his probe. Hyunsoo was all too familiar.

‘Minjae, Joohaeng and the last one is a new student.’

‘Baek Hyun Soo.’ Hyunsoo introduced himself.

Yoohan hummed with a nod before completely ignoring them to look to his partner. ‘Yeonwoo what class is next?’


‘Wanna skip? We can go visit the gallery again.’ Yoohan whined.

Hyunsoo frowned again. This mono should let his probe study. Yeonwoo didn’t need to cater to his whims just because he happened to be a probe.
Grabbing Yeonwoo’s hand Hyunsoo pulled him away. ‘Wait can you show me the changing room? I get lost easy.’

Yoohan didn’t give up easy though. He kept a hold on Yeonwoo as his eyes glared out over his mask. ‘Yeonwoo is coming with me. Class president will show you.’

‘Class president is probably busy. Yeonwoo sits next to me it will be fine.’

‘Yoohan we can’t skip you promised your mum you’d study.’ Yeonwoo completely ignored Hyunsoo. ‘Lunch is after and then self study. Why don’t we go then?’ Yeonwoo seemed excited about the prospect.

Yoohan sighed but nodded pulling Yeonwoo’s arm from Hyunsoo. Pulling down his mask Yoohan stared transfixed at Yeonwoo who stiffened before relaxing. After a year of being together Yeonwoo’s colour rush hardly made him dizzy apart from the initial change of scenery.

Yoohan smiled at that gorgeous look in his eyes. His face memorable because of it.

‘So pretty. My Yeonwoo is the prettiest.’ Yoohan bumped his nose with his own as he watched him fondly.

‘Isn’t that too much?’ Hyunsoo cut in between the two again and Yoohan was really getting tired of this boy. At this rate he’d be able to recognise him by the annoyance that followed whenever he opened his mouth.

‘What?’ Joohaeng asked confused. ‘Nah they’re always like this. You should have seen them when they first got together.’

‘The school rooftop needs to be disinfected.’ Minjae mentioned casually.

Joohaeng groaned ‘let’s go.’

He grabbed the two’s arms and started dragging them away.

Hyunsoo couldn’t help but frown at the smug look Yoohan was shooting him while Yeonwoo was looking at something else. Yoohan smirked bringing their clasped hands up to his lips.

Hyunsoo swore he mouthed “mine” at him and his blood pressure dropped.

He remembered the mono, the news stories, Yeonwoo was in danger.

In class Hyunsoo managed to throw a note to Yeonwoo without being caught.

>> is Go Yoohan always like that?<<

Yeonwoo smiled to himself before giving Hyunsoo a subtle nod.

>>aren’t you scared of him?<<

Yeonwoo looked at the next piece of paper in confusion looking up he shook his head slightly.

>>he’s dangerous. Be careful of him. You should stay away from him.<<

‘What are you talking about?’ Yeonwoo whispered harshly glaring at him.

‘He could hurt you. Don’t you know what he’s capable of?’ Hyunsoo whispered back.

‘Teacher!’ Yoohan stuck up his hand interrupting the quiet conversation.

‘What is it Go Yoohan?’ The teacher looked exasperated.

‘My stomach hurts. Can I go to the infirmary for some medicine?’

‘Hurry back. Take someone with you.’

Yoohan nodded walking over and grabbing Yeonwoo’s arm.

‘Leave him alone.’ Yoohan glared at him pulling Yeonwoo up and towards the infirmary.
Hyunsoo glared at the door after them.

Out in the hall Yoohan continued to drag Yeonwoo towards the office.

‘Yoohan do you know him? Uh does his name or voice sound familiar?’

‘No. I think I’d remember someone that rude.’ Yoohan huffed.

‘He kept saying you were dangerous, to stay away from you.’

‘He probably likes you. He wants to steal you for himself.’ Yoohan huffed opening the door to the infirmary.

‘Yeonwoo was feeling sick. Colour rush.’ Yoohan offhandedly explained passing the nurse who didn’t even bother looking up, being to used to these two and their mono/probe problems. Besides the nurse couldn’t afford to upset the kid of several powerful people. Go Yoohan hadn’t been kidding one time when he threatened to shut down the office if she didn’t look after his mono.

Yeonwoo was pushed into bed and suddenly had his probe curled around him before he could so much as blink.

‘I don’t like him. He wants to take away my Yeonwooie.’ Yoohan pouted resting his head on Yeonwoo’s chest.

Yeonwoo sighed patting Yoohan’s arm wrapped around his waist.

‘He thinks your dangerous for some reason. Maybe...’ Yeonwoo trailed off only continuing with Yoohan’s insistent nudge. ‘Maybe he found out I’m a mono and is too scared to tell me to stay away so he’s trying to get you away from me.’

Yoohan sighed ‘Yeonwoo you’re pretty. He wants your pretty face. The pretty face that belongs to me.’ Yoohan was practically growling.

‘But you clearly don’t know him so why is he saying you’re dangerous.’

‘Don’t care,’ Yoohan whined nuzzling his face into Yeonwoo’s neck. ‘He needs to stay away from you. You don’t need him.’

‘I only need you?’

Yoohan looked up with a sly smirk ‘exactly. You only need me and I only need Choi Yeonwoo.’

‘We both need to study. We can’t keep skipping.’

‘Yeonwoo is smart. You can teach me.’

‘We both know we wouldn’t get any studying done.’ Yeonwoo blushed thinking of the last time they had tried which had devolved into just learning more about each others bodies instead of their school subjects.

‘I‘ll do it properly this time!’

Yeonwoo rolled his eyes bringing up a hand to pet Yoohan’s black hair. ‘Sleep. You didn’t get to during class.’

Yeonwoo could feel the smile under Yoohan’s mask pressed into his neck.

‘My Yeonwoo takes such good care of me.’ Yoohan yawned cuddling into Yeonwoo’s side. Yeonwoo smiled simply watching his probe sleep next to him with a sweet smile.

They only woke up after school had ended.

The next day Yoohan kept a death grip on Yeonwoo’s hand. Yoohan had tried to convince him to skip but Yeonwoo had firmly denied that request.

‘Let’s have lunch on the roof top today.’ Yoohan suggested.

‘We can’t avoid him for the rest of the year.’

‘Why not?’ Yeonwoo grumbled.

‘Why don’t we just talk to him?’ Yeonwoo suggested.

‘I said all I needed to. It’s not my fault if the monkey doesn’t understand.’

‘Just saying “mine” isn’t a conversation.’

‘It’s all he needs to know.’ Yoohan huffed.

People whispered and stared at the two as they entered the school. They both looked at each other in confusion.

Everyone knew they were together and most had a clue they were mono and probe even if neither had said it. Others just knew Yeonwoo was Yoohan’s boy and Yoohan’s family could erase someone from existence should they so choose.

The staring and whispering continued until they reached the classroom. There was a stack of papers and several stuck to the whiteboard.

On top of the stack was a note in the same handwriting Yeonwoo had recieved on notes yesterday.

“Mono’s can never be normal people. They’re starving animals in human form. They’ll bite one day and leave nothing left of their probe.”
The sheets of paper were all articles. News reports to be specific with highlighted words such as:
“Killed friends and family.”

Yeonwoo’s hands shook. The word circled again and again in bright red pen.

“Their probe.”

Yoohan grabbed the papers out of his hands and dumped them into the classroom bin, ripping several in fury. He then ran to the board ripping down the articles in a harsh manner ripping them up and joining their companions in the classroom bin.

Looking around he spotted his friends name tag.
‘Take Yeonwoo to the nurses office. Have them call his Aunt. Have them call my sister too.’

‘Your sister, the judge?’ JooHaeng asked in shock.

Minjae folded up his fan ‘he’s not wearing his name tag today. He hasn’t figured it out yet.’

Yoohan nodded knowing exactly what he meant.
Turning he took Yeonwoo’s face in his hands forcing the mono to look at him ‘Yeonwoo-yah. You’re not them. You’re my mono. My boyfriend. You would never hurt me. Don’t you dare think about leaving me for something as stupid as this. I‘ll take care of this. I’m your probe.’ Yoohan hugged Yeonwoo to him who hesitantly returned the hug.

‘I think I need to go home.’ Yeonwoo whispered.

‘I‘ll follow you shortly.’ Yoohan smiled at him beneath his mask. Yeonwoo couldn’t take a colour rush right now or Yoohan would have pulled the mask down to show his sincerity.

‘Don’t do anything to make Yeonwoo worried about you.’ Joohaeng said helping take the shell shocked Mono away.

Yoohan nodded. Turning around he looked at all the classmates who had been watching the spectacle of the normally apathetic boy have a full on freak out in the middle of their classroom.

‘Bring Hyunsoo here.’ He commanded.

Most classmates knew who his family was even if they didn’t know who he was. They avoided him for this reason and now they obeyed him for it too. Four people ran out the door to go find Baek Hyunsoo.

‘Everybody out.’ Yoohan whispered and the remaining students couldn’t jump fast enough to follow his command.
An entire class flooded other rooms already spreading the rumours of the boy who had dared try and bully Yoohan’s boy. Choi Yeonwoo was fairly unremarkable to the school population apart from the fact that their resident star, Go Yoohan had taken him as his own.

Yoohan had never caused trouble but everyone remembered one kid being chased out of school for daring make fun of Yoohan’s inability to remember anyone.

Anyone apart from Yeonwoo.
Cause Yeonwoo was special
Cause Yeonwoo was his.

This bastard had dared hurt what was his.
Sitting on top of the teachers desk he had the bin filled with the boys vile attempts to hurt his Yeonwoo sitting next to him.

‘Hey! What’s going on?’ Hyunsoo demanded as he was shoved unceremoniously into the vacant classroom.

‘Bring him up the front.’

Hyunsoo was shoved into the first desk in front of Yoohan.

‘This is your doing. I should have known. You’re all the same.’

Yoohan raised an eyebrow ‘oh? What am I the same as?’

‘You mono’s, you’re all monsters!’ Hyunsoo hissed.

‘Me?’ Yoohan pointed to himself confused.

‘Of course you are! Yeonwoo’s your probe right? That’s why you’re so obsessed with him. Your display the other day proved it!’

‘Ah.’ Yoohan hopped down from the desk. ‘I see now.’

‘You’re dangerous to Yeonwoo! Stay away from him! Let him live like normal!’ Hyunsoo spat standing up with his fists clenched.

‘You’re one too. A mono.’

Hyunsoo’s face turned red then pale ‘so what?’

‘What happened did your probe hurt you? Say they don’t want anything to do with you? Or did you leave before they had the chance?’

Hyunsoo was quietly shaking with rage as he glared at Yoohan with as much vitriol as he could manage.

‘It doesn’t matter.’

One of the boys who had brought him here shoved Hyunsoo back to sit in his chair.

‘Because you made a few mistakes in your very wrong assumptions about me and my Yeonwooie. And it hurt him.’

‘You’re the one-.’ Hyunsoo tried to argue but was cut off by Yoohan slamming a book down in front of him.

‘This book is green. Lime green to be precise.’ Yoohan picked at the material of his material of his jumper. ‘This is blue. Royal blue and this mask is black.’

Hyunsoo’s eyes widened ‘you!’

‘My skin is pale and white but my eyes have a brown caramel colour. You know before I met Yeonwoo I didn’t even know that. But my mono helped me see how much Colour was important.’

‘You’re a probe?’

‘I’m Yeonwoo’s probe but more importantly Yeonwoo is mine!’ Yoohan growled. ‘And your stupid stunt hurt him.’

‘Why do you care about him? Why do you cling to him so much? Mono’s are dangerous.’ Hyunsoo whispered.

‘Because Yeonwoo is mine. Yeonwoo cares about me beyond probe and mono. Most importantly I can’t live without Choi Yeonwoo. I want to keep him by my side and never let him go. I want to protect him from people like you.’ Yoohan kicked over the bin letting the articles fall onto the floor.
‘Mono’s aren’t all dangerous. Wanting to be important to the one who brings you everything, how’s that wrong?’

‘You’re insane.’ Hyunsoo spat out.

‘Yeonwoo has never and can’t ever hurt me. He’s my mono to take care of. Yeonwoo needs me and I need him.’

Tears formed in Hyunsoo’s eyes. Yoohan sighed at him. ‘Just like you need your probe.’ Yoohan almost felt sorry if the evidence of his misdeed wasn’t scattered on the floor.


‘Your probe probably misses you too. You know probes actually yearn for their monos. My heart speeds up every time I see Yeonwoo’s colour rush. I love it.’

Hyunsoo was fully crying now.

Yoohan sighed leaning on the desk in front of him. ‘Here’s what’s going to happen.’
Yoohan slammed his hand on the desk ‘I’m going to break your hand and then you’re moving schools. Don’t try to contact him again.’

Hyunsoo nodded.

‘And go contact Jiwon. Ask her to talk with a mask on so you can get to know her. Explain yourself and find a way to make it work.’

‘Probes need monos as much as monos need probes.’ Minjae said from the doorway.

‘Is that all you came to say Grandpa?’

‘Don’t break his hand.’


‘Because your mono needs his probe right now.’


‘Trying to stop his aunt barging in here. By the way, your mother is here.’

Yoohan sighed walking past Hyunsoo. Yoohan kicked him hard in the shin.

Hyunsoo yelped reaching down to rub his sore shin ‘it’s less than you deserve but more than Yeonwoo would want. Yeonwoo used to hate being a mono too.’

‘How did he stop?’

‘He found living with me better than dying for me.’ Yoohan exited with Minjae who opened his fan dramatically.

Hyunsoo was left alone in the classroom. The throbbing in his shin telling him the reality of what just happened.

Pulling his phone out of his pocket he dialed the numbers he had burned into his mind.

The phone rang and rang before being picked up ‘Hyunsoo-ah! Where did you go? Don’t do anything dumb now!’

‘Jiwon-ah.’ Hyunsoo felt his entire body relax at her voice. Tears automatically came out of his eyes. ‘Jiwon-ah I want to go home.’

‘Come here then you big idiot. Don’t you dare make me worried like that again.’ Jiwon hiccuped as it sounded like she was crying too.

‘Jiwon. Can you wear a mask when we meet?’

‘A mask?’

‘I I just want to see you I don’t want to faint before I can talk to you.’

‘Ok. Where are you?’

‘Meet me at our old place.’

When Yoohan entered the office he saw his mother and his boyfriends aunt teaming up to yell at the principal who was leaning back away from the ladies wrath. His sister was rubbing Yeonwoo’s back as he looked very embarrassed by this. His family had taken a liking to Yeonwoo especially after they had seen him improve Yoohan’s grades overnight.

‘Yeonwooie.’ Yoohan called hugging his mono ‘I took care of it.’

‘Go Yoohan, you didn’t,’ his mother began preparing to scold him.

‘I talked to him. Turns out he’s a mono too.’ Yoohan sat down next to Yeonwoo though keeping an arm wrapped around him.

‘He was scared I was abusing you.’ Yeonwoo said sadly

‘No he thought I was the mono obssessed with you my probe,’ Yoohan grinned at everyone’s shocked expressions. ‘He wanted to warn you away from me. But now he’s going off to find his own probe.’

‘He knows his probe?’

‘He tried escaping his probe.’ Yoohan nodded solemnly.

‘Not every probe’s obssessed as you are with their mono, Yoohan.’ Yeonwoo’s aunt reminded them.

‘They should be. Mono’s are just like anyone else they just need a little more love and attention.’
Yeonwoo was flaming red as Yoohan stroked Yeonwoo’s jaw saying this.

‘You are too much.’ His sister laughed.

‘Since the students took care of it themselves shall we leave it at that?’ The principal asked nervously.

The women still looked mad but Yeonwoo decided to speak up. ‘It’s fine. I understand why he did it. If he’s seen his mistake let’s just leave it.’

‘I suspect he’ll be moving soon anyway.’ Yoohan commented.

They all looked to Yoohan but he refused to say anymore. ‘Yeonwoo-ah, Yeonwoo, let’s go home.’

‘Let’s have a family dinner then.’ Yoohan’s sister grabbed Yeonwoo’s aunt’s arm in hers leading her towards the office door.

‘You can sleep at my house tonight.’ Yoohan smiled following his sister with Yeonwoo on his arm.

‘Children.’ Yeonwoo’s mother sighed following after them.