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religion's in your lips, the altar is my hips

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Daisy wasn't made for galas or events in general. Talking to people, explaining her job, was boring. She liked the action of her job. She liked fighting villains.

But regaining the government trust was essential to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D.
So, she dressed nicely, organized and hosted a gala, and put up with it.

She has never been used to wear dresses - especially after becoming Quake and getting used to wearing jeans or her suit - so she chose just a simple velvet black dress with a slit through her tight.
And the looks she deciphers from her boyfriend across the room told her it was indeed a good choice. 

He wanted to stay with her, but talking to every guest meant they had to separate, especially because - as the Director's right-hand - he had to follow Mack during his rounds.
Which meant he spent the night following her with his - appreciative - gaze everywhere she went.

After a few rounds, talking to people about everything and nothing, she finally had the time to approach him. Alone.
"I've noticed you staring at me all night, from across the ballroom, you know," she said, looking at him sitting on one of the few chairs left at the bar.
"It's not my fault my girlfriend looked so good with her tight little dress," he said, looking at her, up and down.
"Just good?"
"Well, good, beautiful, gorgeous...ravishing. Very very ravishing," he whispered, getting close to her for the first time that evening.
She shivered a little, at that, trying to hide it.
“I can say the same thing for you. This suit?" she gestured at him "It looks a lot like your 1955 suit. Which was very hot, by the way."
"You never said anything," he said, chuckling.
"Did I have to? I thought my looks were enough. Especially at your cute ass."
He blushed at that.
"Oh, now you're blushing?" she said, smirking, trying to keep her game up. Seeing him blushing was satisfying. Especially when he was the one trying to get her to bed, this time.

At that, he got up from the chair and got even closer to her, almost touching her chest, not caring about the people around them.
"I wonder who will be the one blushing when we get back to our room and I strip you of that piece of fabric," he said, smirking while keeping his hand tight on her hip.
"Last time I checked, Chief Sousa wouldn't accept this kind of behavior from one of his agents," she said, getting close to him, focusing her gaze on his lips "Especially in public."
"Wouldn't he? I don't know," he said, looking away for a moment, pretending to think back at his old times, and then back at her.
"Such a square," she said, caressing his chest, trying to provoke him more.
"Maybe not in every...department..." he said, still caressing her hip and looking at her.
"What if we get out of here and test that, Chief Sousa?" she said, composing herself, trying not the get any attention.
"Good idea, Agent Johnson," he said, taking her hand to lead her across the room.

They spent some time saying goodbye to everyone, always together. Getting some weird looks from time to time, especially for May - she clearly knew - and Mack.
They tried to hide their eagerness in their walk between the ballroom and the elevator, which was difficult, seeing Daniel couldn't keep his hand off her for a second. But they managed.

The ride on the elevator was another story.
He grabbed her from behind as soon as the door closed, sinking one hand on her hip and one on her tight, just above the end of her gown's slit. He didn't move those hands as she wanted. It was his way of teasing her, again.
Or maybe he didn't want to get busted by someone.

He started leaving sweet innocent kisses on her collarbone. Nothing messy, everything strictly studied and stoic, as he was all the time. So discreet it couldn't be noticed, in case someone decided to take the elevator. So like Sousa.
And the only thing she was able to do, at this point, was trying not to moan at every little kiss.

"Act cool. Don't want to get busted if someone comes in, don't you?" he whispered to her ear.
"Sousa...I swear to God."
"I can't wait to see how wet you are, sweetheart." he suddenly said, nipping at her ear.

So much for cool. 

At that, she snapped and turned around, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and kissed him. Hard. As he held on to her with hands tight on her hips - and pulled her even close, just to make her feel how bad he wanted her. How bad she affected him.
"I can't believe you're already that hard," she said, kissing his jaw.
"I've been hard all night, I thought it was clear," he said, trying not to moan for her kisses and her attempt to grind against him. She chuckled at that.

The elevator arrived soon at their floor, and she dragged him through their room in no time, their impatience made them struggle even with opening their room door.
As soon as they managed to enter their room, he pushed against the door, capturing her lips, kissing her jaw, her neck, her collarbone. Kissing, nipping, licking every single point that made her moan under his ministrations.
"Sousa, wait," she said, managing to get his attention for a second.
"We're still dressed, and I really want you to fuck me tonight so," she said, trying to take off his jacket - and noticing some interesting choice of accessories - "Suspenders...I see. Interesting choice. We could make good use of those."
She started caressing his chest, trying to unbutton his shirt.

"Getting kinky, aren't you?"
"Sometimes. But if you could tie me up to that bed, you know."
"Are you sure you want to give me control?" he said, a soft look on his face. He knew she wasn't used to not being in control.
She just nodded, watching him with a look that said “I trust you completely.”
And he kissed her this time, pulling her close, letting her feel again how hard he was for her. How much he wanted her. He started unzipping her dress, kissing her collarbone from time to time, and letting the thin fabric on the ground, just to find her without a bra.

He looked at her face, then her breasts. So beautiful, so perfect.

"Oh, didn't I say I wasn't wearing any bra?" she asked him. Obviously knowing she hadn't said anything, on purpose.
He didn't respond to her question, he just lowered his head and lightly licked her right nipple, without touching the other. That made her gasp with surprise. He pushed her against the door again, still sucking on her right nipple, harder now, while teasing the other one with one hand. 

"Sousa, fuck. I-"
He let go of both of her nipples and he just stared at her. Like he did in 1955 when he first saw her.
"Sit on the bed, Agent."
She did follow his orders. She walked towards the bed, sit on it, with her shoulders resting on the headboard, waiting for him to do something.

And he did, slowly, taking his time. He took one of his suspenders and jumped on the bed, fully dressed.
"Hands up, Agent."
She just obliged, already loving this game. Especially because he reminded her how bad she wanted to fuck him on his desk two seconds after meeting him in 1955.
He carefully and gently tied her hands at her wrists. Then at the headboard.

"I hope it's okay, Dais," he said, looking at her, standing close next to her but without touching her, and shifting out of character for a second.
"It is. Don't worry." she said, smiling for his concern, and then realized something "Why am I the only one naked, Daniel?" she teased.
"It's Chief Sousa, to you," he said, looking at her, now from across the bed, starting to take off his shirt, and then his pants.

Slowly. Making her wish she wasn't tied, so she could reach out and touch him. His jaw, his chest, his shoulders, his cock. 

Instead, she sat there, watching him and squirming. He looked so good, the defining muscles on his chest were more evident after he started training again. His chest hair, still so visible even under the dim light. Damn. He looked so fucking hot but still unreachable, and that made her even hornier.

With only his briefs on, he climbed up to the bed, silently thanking his prosthetic to not let him fall. And he approached her, careful at not touching her too much. Just looking at her, seeing her dilatated pupils, waiting for him to do something.
And he did.
He started leaving wet kisses to her jaw, her neck, breasts, nipples. Sucking again, biting her again. And making her twitch under him, as she tried to arch her back to feel his cock against her now-too-tight panties. 

"Patience, sweetheart." that was all he said, while getting more and more close to the edge of her panties. Kissing the skin just above it, and then taking the fabric with his teeth and dragging it down. Hitting just the right spot above her clit, with his nose, but not enough to make her feel what she wanted. And she watched all of that, trying to speak, wanting to beg him to go faster but also not wanting to give him the satisfaction. So, she stayed silent, moaning and groaning when he got too close to her clit.

A whispered "Dan--" escaped her lips at some point, and she wished she hadn't said it. Because he stopped at that.
She was so screwed. Literally.
"Not Dan, sweetheart. And that's gonna make me go even slower. Who am I?"
"Chief Sousa", she murmured.
"Good girl. Now, open your legs for me, won't you? Let's see how wet you are."

And she did. She felt so exposed but she trusted him with her life, and she asked him to do this. She wanted it— She groaned as he lowered himself to her level, getting close to her pussy, just watching her reaction to his position "So fucking soaked. Have you been this soaked all night, while I was watching you, my love?” he looked up at her face. She was a mess, and he loved it.
"What if I say yes?" she responded, smirking, and twisting her hips up again, just to get him closer.

He grunted at that, and got close to her "You smell so good. So good."
She didn't even have time to take in his words, that he licked her folds. First gently. Then he put her legs on his shoulders, just to bring her closer, open her folds a bit more, and he licked her more, hard, sucking every bit of skin he could find. Without touching her clit yet.

(He took the definition of "eating out" very seriously.)

And she lost it - like she wasn't a mess before.
It felt so good, the way he was licking and sucking her. The way he worshipped her.
"So fucking good. Yes ple-" was the only thing she managed to say between moans.
"You taste so good, Dais," he said, as he thrust two fingers inside her, starting to fuck her, and finally - FINALLY - giving attention to her clit, licking it in circled motions. "I want you to taste yourself too," he said, removing his fingers from inside her, and bringing them closer to her mouth. And she did, she licked and sucked his fingers, savoring her own taste, watching him while doing that, and showing him he wanted to suck his cock instead. 

He moaned, realizing they shared the same thought, and got close to her just to cup her cheeks and kiss her. Gently, sweetly, this time.

"What do you want Daisy?" he asked, still caressing her cheeks.

And he wanted her too, so bad. He craved her, as he craved her touch. He wanted to feel her.
He aligned himself to her entrance and sunk into her with a slow but steady thrust, making her moan at the way he stretched her so perfectly. She didn't dare to look at him, it was all too much. Every touch, every breath felt like burning.

But he didn't move. He stayed there, watching her savoring that feeling. At that, her eyes snapped open, expecting some movement. Something.
But he didn't move, she did move her ass up a little, just to gain that little friction she expected to just feel something.
"I want to feel you, Daisy, all of you. So I'm untying you now, if you let me.”
She didn't say anything in response, just nodded, already plotting what to do next.

He didn't even have the time to throw away the suspender, that she rolled them over with one quake. Rolling them over placed her on top, feeling even more than before, and he filled her so perfectly, touching the right spot.
"Dear God-- you feel so fucking perfect, Daniel." she said, looking at him, with her hands on his chest, feeling his curls under her knuckles. That made her shiver.
"Then ride me, please."
And she did. She rolled her hips, slowly at first, then more erratic once it all became too much, and she felt his cock pulse inside her.
"I want more, Daniel. I want to hear you." 

He started saying sweet nothings to her, in-between kissing her neck, teasing her, leaving marks where no one could see them.
It was all too much.

"Do you like riding my cock, sweetheart?" he said. Because he knew that what she wanted to hear.
"More," she said, as she kept rolling her hips, just moaning at every thrust and every dirty thing he whispered in her ear.
"Harder, Daisy. Ooh—just fuck me" and he began pushing too, to meet her halfway, and that made her feel like she was getting closer and closer.
"So close, Dan--"
"Me too. So incredible, oh-" he said, then remember something "the reason why I chose these suspenders? They reminded me of that time I really wanted to take you in my office in Area 51. Like this. On. my. fucking. desk.” he said, spelling his last sentence slowly and carefully.
It was the truth, he wanted from the first time he laid eyes on her. He wanted her so bad that day.

"Oh fuck, that worked-- yes, I'm coming--yesssss" she said, in between moans, thrusting her hips one final time before coming.
"Good girl, come for me, yes-- so gorgeous, I--," he murmured, as he thrust one more time, taking her left nipple on his mouth and sucking it to make her last more until he came right inside her.

They both fell on the mattress, panting. Her head on his chest, feeling his steady heartbeat.
"That was amazing, Dan.” she said, still trying to regain her breath.
He chuckled.
"It was incredible. We should do it more often," he said, looking at her, smiling like a fool.
"Keep those suspenders, I like them." she said, kissing his neck "And also, I wanted to fuck you too in 1955." she added, before snuggling on his side, subtly asking for cuddles.

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Daniel was having one of those days. The bad ones.

First, the lady pretending to be Carter, then the man pretending to be god-knows-who.

He just wanted to relax, just sit for a moment in his office and think, while drinking scotch. Yes, at 10 am. In the morning. 

But that's when he opened the door of his office that he noticed a blonde woman, sitting at his desk, poking through his restricted files like she owned the place.

And she was gorgeous.


"Who the hell are you?" he said, in a rather upset tone.

"Who I am is on a need-to-know basis," she said, with the most careless tone she could put on.

"I need to know," he said, trying to get her attention to his name on the door. He was getting nervous. This day was only getting worse and he needed that fucking drink.

"Ah, no, you don't. Because I don't exist and we never met. Now, can you shut the door, please?" She said, talking like that office was hers. And she looked good. Powerful, even. And that made in even more nervous.

"Not to be rude, but it's been one of those days, so produce some credentials or I'm gonna put you in handcuffs." He said, walking closer to her.

"Here." She said, standing up from the chair, "I should inform you that's not my real name. My initials are "C", "I", and "A". Catch my drift?" 

She was good. Even better than him, he could say.

"Subtle, but yeah, I get it. I'm also gonna call your bosses in Foggy Bottom and confirm it," he said, challenging her. Trying to prove to her who was in charge here. His base, his office.

"Oh, please do. I'm sure they would love to learn how two moles walked into this base on your watch. Let me guess. They rolled in with flawless ID cards, made a beeline for the scientists... for some routine questioning?" she said, handing him the phone, getting closer to him, shrugging like it was nothing. 


"How'd you know that?" he said, trying to not let her know she was right.

"CIA. We know all." she shrugged again, smiling and kept talking, looking at him, "Even about you, Mr. Sousa. How you were a scout for the 28th infantry till you took shrapnel at Bastogne, worked at Isodyne Energy, took down Hugh Jones and the Council of Nine. And those are just the investigations that I am cleared to talk about." 

Damn. He didn't even know her real name, while she knew everything about his life. Every single detail she could find. He was impressed.

"Why are you really here?" He asked, ultimately "sitting at my desk, poking through my files, Miss?" 

"Agent. And my real name is Daisy."

"Are you gonna give me more information  Agent , or do I really have to put you in handcuffs and find out on my own? Because I don't really believe in the CIA stunt you pulled" he said, getting closer to her, challenging her.

"Just first-names bases, for now. And please, put me in handcuffs for as long as you want" she said, trying to repress a smile at the way his neck reddened.

"I-" that was the only thing he was able to say to her, after closing his eyes and pretending he hadn't heard that last part, about handcuffs "Anyway, want some scotch?" he said, walking towards a tiny table with a bottle and four glasses on top.

"You literally threatened me for 10 minutes and now you're asking me if I want scotch?" she said, looking at him in disbelief while trying to sit on his desk. She really hated those chairs. Or chairs in general.

"I'm tired to ask, I suppose you're here as a distraction from the moles who infiltrated my base. And yes, I'm confirming it, just so you know" he said, nonchalantly - still distracted with the glasses.

"I'm here to save your ass in case someone's trying to kill you, and believe me, they'll try. But...distraction? I don't know if I should be offended or-"

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to offend you in any way,'re beautiful, and seeing you there, at my desk, sitting like  that ...damn," he said, turning around and walking closer to her, and handing her a glass.

She felt a spark when she took the glass and their fingers touched and she could see he felt it too, considering the way he was looking at her. He said nothing, just looked at her, sitting  on  his desk, this time.

"Let's say I'll take it as a very...very weird compliment," she said, smirking at him.

"Mmh, it is," he said, looking at her with the most intense gaze while sipping from his glass.

They were getting closer and closer, and they both know it wasn't the alcohol. She was still there, sitting on his desk, and he was getting closer to the edge of his desk, right  where  she wanted him.

They didn't say anything for a while, just staring at each other, knowing what they wanted to do to one another without actually saying it.

They didn't realize who made the first move, but a little drop of scotch stayed there, on his lips, after he drank the last sip. And she  really  wanted to lick it off. First thing she knew, she brought her thumb to his lips, took the little drop, and brought it back to her mouth to savor it, staring at him. That also brought a groan out of him, and that she didn't miss.

"What do you say we find a way to  actually  distract ourselves?" she said, looking at his lips.

"What do you have in mind?" he said, tightening his grip on her hips, pulling her even closer to him. Their chest barely touching but sharing the  heat.

She wanted him. She wanted him so bad. So cupped his face and she kissed him, slowly, savoring the scotch still left on his tongue. He tasted so fucking good.

He didn't miss the way her hips moved against his crotch. It was too much, for now. He wanted to focus on something else. Her.

So he stepped away from her.

"I- Did I misunderstood this? Oh god- I -" she said, feeling a little ashamed for taking a step like that after years, with a stranger nonetheless. A legend, but still a stranger.

"No, I want it too - I just -" he said, getting closer again, trying to not let her jump off his desk just yet. He didn't know how to explain himself, the women he'd been with weren't...used to this, it felt different, but he really wanted to ask. "May I...taste you?" he murmured, looking at her with the sweetest stare, barely touching her tight, almost ashamed of asking a question like this to a lady he barely knew.

Like the heat pooling in her belly wasn't enough already. Like his stare wasn't making her wet. He wanted to eat her out and he asked her like he was asking to get some fucking pizza. 

He would be the death of her, she was certain of it.

"Yes. But...sit on that chair."

"Wh- Why?" he asked, with the most innocent stare on his face. Goddamn.

"I want you to be comfortable-" she said, feeling the soft tone in her voice, "and besides, I want to have a nice view" she added, smirking at him. Trying to hide how  soft  she felt for him. This was a good fuck, and they would never see each other again.

He noticed that look-- there wasn't pity in her eyes, just pure and utter concern. His heart skipped, but he ignored it.

He sat on the chair, facing her, while she was trying to fumble with her dress-skirt and her tights.

"I'm sorry- I still have to get used to these '50s dresses," she said, laughing.

"Here, let me help," he said, smiling at her while moving up her skirt.

She groaned when his calloused fingers touched her inner thigh to pull her skirt up. 

He looked up at her again, asking for her consent. She simply nodded, unable to say anything more.

And so, he kissed and licked her left thigh, up to her-

"I don't know where you come from...Daisy, but this is a very interesting piece of clothing," he said, staring at her underwear,  breathing  where she wanted him. And she could feel him through the thin lace. Damn.

" Oh - I-  it's a thong," she managed to say, chuckling.

"Interesting," he murmured, before lifting her ass a bit to pull her thong down and leaving it somewhere on the other chair.

He kept looking at her, while spreading her legs again, to give her a proper look. And she liked it, feeling that vulnerable - yet safe - under his gaze. For the first time in a while, she liked it.  She craved that feeling.

He looked at her, naked, legs spread on his desk. Like he wanted to impress this image in his brain.

"Taking a good look, Mr. Sousa?" she said, smirking but waiting for him to make a move.

"I don't want to forget this," he said, his mouth getting closer to her core again. And he kissed gently, right under her clit, without giving her any sort of friction. Nothing. "You're so fucking wet," he said, before starting to lick her clit and nip every bit of skin he could find, making her moan "so fucking better than scotch."

He kept talking while licking her, and while watching her reaction.

The more she moaned, the more he intensified his touch, his kisses, the way he sucked her on her clit,  his dirty words.  It was intoxicating. It was too much.

"Look at me," he said.

She wasn't sure she heard him right, so she kept her eyes closed, focusing on the pleasure. She couldn't look at him. She couldn't.

"Look at me, Daisy," he repeated. 

Now she was sure she heard it, so she tried to open her eyes, to find his messy black curls between her legs. It was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

"Please- I want--"

"What do you want?" he said.

"Your fingers-- inside- me" she tried to say, while he was still giving gentler licks to her clit, making her difficult for her to even think about what to say.

"Lick them for me, will you?" he said, holding up two of his fingers, looking at her with dilatated pupils.

And she did, she licked - sucked - his fingers, while holding his gaze, seeing the way he suppressed a groan.

He got up, this time, finally touching her still-covered-breasts again, slowly pushing his two fingers inside her, starting to move them in a steadier rhythm, while kissing - no,  sucking  - a pulse point on her neck.

He kept moving, again and again, touching her clit with his thumb from time to time, bringing her even closer to orgasm. The way his fingers curled inside her, hitting  that spot.  It was too good, too fucking good.

"Yes, right ther-- I'm almost there- I-" she said, pulling his hair, trying to bring back his attention to her face.

He tried to go faster, maybe even messier, but it was enough for her. It was too much for her. 

"Come for me," he said in a rough tone while giving her more, circling her clit "come on my fingers, just like that."

" Oh  -- yes, fucking--god." So she came, harder than she thought. 


She really needed a few moments to catch her breath. So they stayed entangled, her on the desk with her chin on his shoulders, and him with his fingers still inside her, trying to have a moment to collect his thoughts.

Until he gently pulled his fingers out of her, brought them to his mouth, and licked them clean.

The bastard didn't even think to use a napkin. He had to make her horny again. 

He pulled away from her, trying to readjust in his pants. A move, and a bulge, she  clearly  didn't miss.

"Where do you think you're going? And with that.. nonetheless?" she said, smirking and staring at his pants.

"I thought-" he started to say, unimpressed, pretending he was the most innocent person in the room.

"You thought I was satisfied? Believe me, I am, but I want more," she said, reaching for his arm and pulling him close again.

She started unbuckling his belt, occasionally teasing him with her hand but careful not to touch him too much. 

"I've never done... this," he said

"What? Spending quality time with a girl you just met or fucking her on your desk?"

"Let's say both" he chuckled.

"Then this will be your first time" she smiled "Are you comfortable standing up? I don't want to be disrespectful but I don't want you to feel weird, or in pain or uncom-" she added before he stopped her ranting with a hungry kiss.

"I'm okay. And thank you...for your concern. It means a lot," he said, smiling at her fondly "wait-- what about protections?" he asked, ashamed he almost forgot it. 

"I haven't slept with someone for...years, but besides that, I'm covered" she smiled shyly.

"I-- it's my first time in a while either, and I get tested every month for everything..because of missions, you know." he fumbled.

"Yeah, I get it. Me too" she smiled fondly at him. Realizing he was her first time after years, and she felt - strangely - comfortable with it. Even... happier ?

She started fumbling with his pants - trying to forget  that  feeling - until she was finally able to push them down, revealing his briefs. His prosthetic barely visible, but she looked at him to make sure he felt comfortable with this. He responded to it with just a nod, so she pulled his briefs down. Finally -  finally -  releasing his cock. 

He was hard.  For her, only for her.

She tentatively touched the base, then started to slide her hand up and down his length, making him moan with just one touch. 

Until he stopped her "I don't need this-- I need you" he whispered, touching her arm to stop her. She understood and let go of his cock, putting his hands on her waist just to help her settle on the desk.

He aligned himself to her entrance and sunk into her, slowly, because he wanted to feel her. All of her. He touched one breast through her dress, teasing her right nipple through the rough fabric while kissing, and licking her neck again. A muffled moan escaped her mouth, as he kept sliding in and out of her in frantic motions, hitting the perfect spot.

"So good, so incredible," he said, between kisses. 

He managed to pull one of her legs up on the desk, to give her balance while he fucked her. That changed the angle for her, hitting a deeper spot, making her toes curl in her heels.

"Look at us," she said, watching between her legs, seeing how their bodies were joining. It was too much for him too. 

He was fucking a woman on his desk for the first time and he was watching himself doing it. 

"Daisy, I'm-" he said, in between moans, thrusting into her, faster and faster,

She was almost there, too. He could feel it by the way her walls clenched around him. She was so tight. 

"I'm almost there-- too--OH FUCK" she said, watching the way he was fucking her.

He kept pushing and pushing and she was losing it. She managed to roll her hips, just to meet him halfway, and that worked.

"Yes, fuck me too--such a good girl," he said, in between moans.

Their moans and groans and muffled screams filled the room. And the way he was calling her a good girl brought her closer and closer --  Too much.

"Oh my--fucking GOD" she screamed, feeling her walls clenching around him for the last time.

He came inside her with one last thrust, while trying to kiss her mouth to muffle his moans. 

"Fuckkk-yess- good boy" she chuckled against his neck. They stood there for god-knows-how-many-minutes, just catching their breaths and chuckling from time to time.

He helped her get up from the desk, before sitting on the chair again, pulling her on his lap. 

"I must say, that was a nice distraction" she was the first to speak, smiling like a fool.

"It really was. So gorgeous," he said before he cupped her cheeks and kissed her sweetly.



Okay, being in a future-healing pod wasn't like sleeping. So, it couldn't be a dream, it was supposed to be the meds, or the trauma, or whatever. 

That's what Daisy thought when she woke up inside the healing pod. Panting. And with that-kind-of-heat between her legs she couldn't take her of right at the moment, because:

1) they were trapped in the middle of a time-storm, which made her question exactly how she had the time to dream about this,and

2) the man she dreamed of was unreachable. Especially now.


She liked him. She really did. And she was so screwed.


He was gonna be the death of her by the time this time-storm stopped, she was certain of it.

Chapter Text

Seeing each other in-between missions was difficult, mostly because being on the same team as Commander and Second in command meant alternating shifts. 

When they moved in together, they made a pact: if they were both in town, Friday night was  their night. No mission, no SHIELD.  Just dinner, alone, in their house or a random restaurant enjoying each other company. Ending up in their bed, eventually, at the end of the night.

And the best part was spending the next day together, whether it was in bed all day or chilling at home. 
After a very  intense  Friday at work, they decided to stay home, watch a movie, eat pizza and fries, cuddle. Of course, the cuddles led to sex, which led to a long,  intense,  night.

(Technically, he was 102 years old but definitely,  definitely , tireless.)

Daisy woke up earlier than him that morning, god knows why, and decided to take a shower to clear her head, seeing she was still tired from her last mission (and the previous night).

She decided to go to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water before hitting up the shower. She put his white t-shirt on - which covered her legs a bit, seeing how tiny she was in comparison to him - and carefully made her way through the pile of clothes on the floor, trying not to fall and wake him up.

She poured herself a glass of water while leaning on the kitchen sink, thinking about what to do that day. 

She really needed that shower, but she really wanted him again, she couldn't get enough of him, his kisses, his touches, the way he worshipped her. And then it hit her. It was 7:30 am, which meant he would wake up at any moment now - again,  tireless. 

So, why not get them  both ?
She would be the death of him, and she knew he would make her pay for that... but was it really that bad? 


(He didn't want a bathtub, he always felt uncomfortable using it, and it was easier to have a quick shower in the morning, with or without the prosthetic- so they decided to buy a shower, at one condition: he had to let her put a bench in it, so he could at least sit when he didn't feel like standing up. He agreed with that, so she decided to make people build that, directly attached to the marbled wall, with the same color pattern as the shower.)


She climbed up the stairs again, went to their bathroom, and turned up the shower just to get the water to warm up, then she came back to their bedroom just to leave him a note, careful not to wake him up. 

" In the shower 


(with a little drawing of daisy as her signature.)


She placed it on her pillow and sneaked into the bathroom again, knowing he would follow her soon.

Once she stepped into the bathroom, she took off her panties and left them on the floor to let him  catch her drift , but she decided to keep the t-shirt on because she  really  wanted to be seen –  watched
So she stepped in the shower, the warm water instantly hitting her from above, soaking her ( his ) shirt. She closed the door, sat on the bench waiting for him. Doing nothing, just letting the water hit her slightly –– but then realized that, if she wanted him to  watch her , she had to put on a good show, and she was good at that. And he knew that very well.

She opened up her legs a little, putting her feet up to the bench and letting her right hand fall between her legs. She slid a finger through her folds, teasing herself.  
First, she started to touch herself slightly, just to get some friction while waiting for him, but she soon kept up a peace, stroking her clit, thinking about him and what would happen soon.

Knowing he would see her (and crave her.)
And he did, he arrived soon after, confused about what was actually happening.
As soon as he found her panties on the floor, he understood. At least he thought he had ( he didn't. )

So, he took off his briefs, but not his prosthetic, knowing what would have happened in a moment. And thanking Simmons for the waterproof leg.  He opened the shower door –– and he found something he didn't expect to find.

She was sitting on his bench, with his soaked shirt on and her nipples visible through it, with open legs, touching herself.

He bit his lip trying not to moan at the show she was putting on.  He was so screwed.

"Daniel-" she barely moaned.

He knew she was thinking about him while circling her clit. Dear God.

"Slow down-" he whispered.


She opened up her eyes, clearly  not  surprised by his presence, standing by the closed shower door now.

She wanted that. She fucking wanted him to watch her. She didn't say anything, though, just slowed down her motions, while watching him in the eyes and barely hiding a smirk.

She was bursting, and she really wanted to come and the only thing he would say was "slow down"?


She decided to change strategy, so she stopped circling her clit and moved her fingers to her folds, barely touching herself at this point. 

Even with the water vibrations filling up her power's senses, she could feel his heartbeat getting faster. So she pushed two fingers inside her and started fucking herself while  watching him.


His throat was dry. He didn't even have the strength to gulp at this point. But he  had  to say something.

"Think of it as if it was me. Stretching you out so well, so deep," he managed to say, with a rough tone. 

She moaned, louder this time, and she kept a faster pace, watching him watching her. She felt so close.  So. fucking. close. 

And he kept saying things.  Dirty things.  Just to get her closer and closer.

"Just like that  babe,  I know you're close, fuck yourself," he whispered again.



Babe  was one of the many words she hated before but felt so filthy in so many ways when he said it. Which made her burst.

She moaned again, still fucking herself, harder now. Looking between him and his cock, and the way both his face and his cock twitched at her motions. 

It felt amazing. She came with a final, deep, thrust, riding her fingers and moaning his name again and again and again.

She let her sore legs fall off the bench, panting, looking at him.


He was wrecked. He couldn't take it anymore.


"Would you look at that..." he said, trying to regain some...composure and stepping closer to the bench.

"What?" she said, with a fake innocent tone, still sitting on the bench.

"You, wearing my shirt. Like that," he said, pointing at her "and touching yourself, like that. You little minx."

"Nice show?" she smirked.

"Very...entertaining," he said, smiling down at her like a fool, bringing his right hand to her lips, caressing her bottom lip with his thumb. 

He was smiling, pretending he could handle it ( her ) but she knew he was bursting. 

"I can see that," she said, kissing his thumb on her lips while looking at his throbbing cock, already licking her lips.

"Ah–– no. I have other ideas in mind" he said, chuckling, stopping her from even touching him.

"What?" she said, a little disappointed.

"Get up, sweetheart," he said, pretending to be calm.  

He wasn't.

So she did, and he took that opportunity to grab her hips and pull her closer, to make her  feel  how addicting she was. Letting his cock brush her thigh, close to her clit enough to make her wet again but not enough to let her gain some friction.

Two people could play this game, and he wasn't up for losing. 

So he teased her, running his tongue across her bottom lip, while moving her even closer - if it was possible - feeling her nipples against his chest, through his shirt. She parted her lips and kissed him this time, hard, lightly pulling his – now wet – curls at the back of his neck, making him moan.

He pulled back from the kiss to look at her, really look at her. Her blonde wet messy curls, her dilated pupils, her swollen wet lips.


God, she was beautiful. A goddess.


He stepped back, taking a good look at her –– "Loose that, please" he said, pointing at his shirt.

She did. She slowly took his shirt off, looking at him and the way he was gazing at her breasts. He stepped closer to her again and aligned himself to her right nipple and sucked it in his mouth.

"Oh –– fuck" she groaned.

At that, he sucked harder, while looking at her and cupping the other breast in his hand, pinching the other nipple too. 

He released her breasts after a good amount of teasing and moans just to look at her again –– she was losing it, and he loved it. 

"Turn around," he said, keeping his hands on her hip.

"What are we doing exactly?" she said, turning around.

He pushed her gently, flushing his chest on her back and nipping her shoulder, trying to make her walk towards the bench.

His curls felt so good against her back, and that was more than enough to make her feel a heat between her legs again.

"Up, up," he said, gently slapping her left butt cheek to make her lift her knee up on the bench.

"Did you just-?" she asked, chuckling.

"I did. Too much?"

"I kinda liked it," she said, thinking about it. 

When the hell did she get so turned on by this kind of stuff? She'll never know.

She moved her left leg up to the bench, giving a nice show of her ass again, which he didn't mind.  At all.

"Now, my idea was–" he started saying, getting closer to her and sliding his hand up and down her ass and then through her folds.

"Oh–– I already like whatever you're proposing" she interrupted him.

"Good" he whispered to her ear, pushing one finger inside her, starting to tease her "Fuck, you're soaked, Dais–"

"Must be the water," she whispered, trying not to moan.

"Definitely  not  the water," he said, biting her earlobe, pulling his finger out of her and then into his mouth, tasting her, "and you always taste so good." He loved it. And he knew she loved it too, so he turned her face back to him to kiss her, and let her taste herself on his tongue while he aligned himself to her entrance, teasing her again.

She didn't even give her the time to complain about the tease, that he sunk into her with one hard thrust, making her moan, as he started to slide in and out of her, keeping his pace while hitting a spot that made her see  stars.

"Harder––" she moaned again. 

Hearing that, he had an idea and stopped moving.

He brought a hand to her chin to make her turn to him – she was mad "I said harder, I didn't say you had to stop. Fuck – Sousa–" she said, looking at him.

"Now I'm gonna stand still and I want you to ride my cock. Find your pace and ride me, will you?" he whispered, kissing her shoulder.

At that, she kissed him first, showing him that  yes, she would definitely do that.  Without any complaints.

So she moved her right leg up to the bench, thankful she even decided to build it in the first place – and very thankful because he was keeping her up with a tight grip on her hips.

She put both hands on the wall, one gripping on the shower storage, to try to get some balance, and she started rolling her hips, feeling him thrust into her. He gently pushed her back to him so that his chest was fully flushed on her back. Changing the angle allowed him to hit another – deeper – spot. 

"You okay there, babe?" he whispered to her ear.

"Fuck– that's so goo––good," she said, almost moaning, still moving. 

Taking him in, deeper and deeper. The water falling from above, hitting her nipples and teasing her. So. fucking. good.

"That's what you wanted, wasn't it? Leaving your panties on the floor, touching yourself with my shirt wanted me to fuck you, didn't you?" he said, in a gruff tone, knowing his words affected her even better than his cock.

"Yeah–– yesss –– that's wha–– yes" she said, in-between moans, moving one hand to his neck now, pulling him closer, moving her hips even harder now.

"Look at you, my pretty flower, riding my cock so fucking well," he said, while he started pushing too, to give her even  more,  and   trying to find a way to touch her clit somehow. He did manage to touch her, pushing his thumb on her swollen nub, sending shivers down her spine.

He was everywhere. His mouth on her shoulder, licking, kissing, biting, his hand on her hips keeping her steady, his thumb on her clit, his cock inside her, stretching her perfectly, hitting a point she never thought was there.

She was losing it. She was so close––

"Babe, I'm––" he moaned, thrusting into her, feeling her walls clenching, making him come inside her with one thrust.



Fuck him and his pet names.

"Shit––me too––I'm–– So fucking good–– Daniel" she almost screamed, feeling her walls clenching around him before coming.

They were left both panting, the water still flowing over them, his cock still inside her, his mouth kissing and sucking her neck, leaving a mark.


"You're so incredible, Dais––" he whispered in her ear, slapping her butt once again.

"I am, but I'm pretty sure you did most of the work this time."

"Mmhm, I have a muse," he said kissing her neck again, sliding out of her, making her whimper at the loss.

"Is she pretty?" she said, while he helped her stand up and turn around to him again.

"Like a flower," he said, hugging her, nuzzling her neck.


Chapter Text

"Maybe we should experiment more, have sex differently, try new things," she said, laying on Daniel's chest and looking at him after having a chill night at home that ended with having fun on their bed, as always.

"Where is this coming from? You seemed okay 2 minutes ago when you––" he said, looking down to her with a frown, blushing a little.

"I was, I am, and I love every moment of it, Daniel, but maybe we can spice things up. I saw the way you were looking at me in the Quake suit. You're not so innocent either," she said, smirking.

"I didn't–" he said, as she shot him a look "Okay, maybe I did think about...dirty things. But the mission ––" he muttered, blushing.

"You're adorable," she said, kissing his jaw.

"I know I am." he said, smiling and watching her roll her eyes at that statement, "Let me think about it."


And there he was, the night after, sitting at a table - with complete strangers – at a stupid “Coulson Academy” event – with her hand on his leg, stroking his tight.

It had to be a joke.

So much for spicy. She was driving him mad. 

"So, Chief Sousa, how are you finding the teaching career so far?" one of the old ladies asked him.

"Yes, Chief Sousa, how is it?" Daisy said, remarking on his title, smiling at him like she wasn't doing anything wrong.

"It's–– it's a challenge. Kids, these days are so...eager," he said, biting back a moan and trying not to give away what was happening while shooting a look at her. She remained unbothered and kept touching him, closer to his crotch now. He couldn't handle it –– "Pardon me, I need to talk to my girlfriend for a moment. Daisy?" he said, standing up from his chair and extending a hand to her. 

She took his hand and excused herself to the guests, following her boyfriend outside the gala room to one of the supply closets on the hallway, with Daniel keeping a tight grip on her hip. 

She knew she was getting what she wanted.

Once they closed the closet's door, he gently pushed her against the nearest wall. "What do you think you're doing?" she asked him, already knowing the answer.

"I should ask you the same question," he whispered, almost touching her lips with his. 

"I'm not doing anything, Chief," she said innocently, unbuttoning the first button of his white shirt.

"Aren't you? So you didn't tease me under the table for half an hour, knowing I would probably draw you here and fuck you against this wall?" he breathed, pulling her blue dress higher and drawing his hands up her leg to touch her butt.

"That's not very square, Chief." she mocked him.

"You know, I don't have to be a square all the time, especially with you half-naked in my arms," he teased. 

"Before you get where you're going, you should know I'm not wearing any panties," she whispered.

At that, he groaned and started to tease her, running the tip of his tongue on her bottom lip or sucking itmoving his hands up and down her butt, pulling her closer, making her feel how hard he was for her. How much he wanted to take her right there.

"Fuck––" she breathed, resting her head against the wall.

"That's what you wanted, didn't you? Spicing things up? I like the idea, especially when you say 'fuck' like that," he whispered against her lips.

"Take me home, Daniel," she said, grinding against his crotch, trying to get some friction.

"Of course, babe," he said, releasing her, and helping her stand. 

Shit, that pet name again. 

She hated it. But she loved it so much, especially when he used it while he was fucking her.

They went back to their table, with a little difficulty, "Sorry to keep you waiting, but my boyfriend doesn't feel so well... we should probably go home," she said to the people at their table, patting on his chest while he held her close. Like he did in that bar in the '70s. Thinking about sent shivers down her spine. 

They made their way out of the building in less than ten minutes, after saying their goodbyes.

The ride home was a challenge. He drove while holding her hand and sweetly kissing her knuckles from time to time. While she was practically squirming beside him, and silently praying he would go faster. 


They barely made it to their apartment still dressed – she unbuttoned his shirt as he worked on her zip on the elevator, not caring about someone busting them.

He gently pushed her from behind towards their front door, hoping she would have the keys to open it, as he was too focused on nipping her shoulder to think about where he put it.

As they managed to get into their apartment, he started sucking on a pulse point on her neck, pushing her from behind towards their bedroom, letting her arch her back to tease herself with his still-clothed crotch. 

He unzipped her dress, letting it fall on the ground, leaving her completely naked in the middle of their bedroom.

"I'm naked, and you are, still, dressed...this doesn't work," she grunted while arching her back again, to feel him against her back, while he was leaving a nasty hickey on her neck. She felt like she was exploding, she was already wet, and he hadn't even touched her properly yet –– "I need–"

"What you need is patience, sweetheart," he said, now gently kissing the red mark.

"Fuck patient, you know what I want–" she blurted out, turning around to face him and quaking the buttons of his white shirt open "I'll re-attach them, I promise."

"What's with you using your powers for stuff like this?" he whispered, getting closer to her, gripping her hip with one hand, touching her bottom lip with his thumb.

"Oh, shut up, you love it when I use them like this," she groaned.

"I really do," he said before crashing his lips against hers, letting his free hand dancing between her legs.

"Sousa, please –" she moaned, in-between kisses, trying to move her hips to reach his hand. 

"Sit on the bed, Daisy."

She unwillingly distanced herself from him and sat on the edge of the bed, watching him removing his shoes and the rest of his suit while getting closer to her until he was standing in front of her, only in his briefs. 

She took a chance to dig her fingers into his hips, pulling him close, kissing his V line, and then the strap of skin above his briefs line sensing his heartbeat getting higher and his breath getting heavier, knowing he would fall for it. (He didn't.)

"Ah, nope. Not tonight. Tonight is all about you," he said, gently pulling her hair to lock eyes with her.

"That," she said, touching him through his underwear, "is all about me too, you know." 

"Not tonight," he said, roughly, biting back a moan. He really wanted her, but not tonight and not like that. "Come here," he said, taking her hand guiding her where he wanted. 

They sat on the bed, with his back against the headboard, holding her hips tight and her straddling him. "That's all?" she chuckled while digging her fingers into his chest and moving her hips to find the right angle without him noticing.

"As I said, a little patience?" he groaned as he felt her grinding against his cock, trying to touch her clit "Daisy...stop," he grunted, gently slapping her butt to get her attention.

"Fuck–– that was...nice?" she moaned.

"I'll remember that." he chuckled, "Come closer, arch your back and open your legs for me. I wanna see you, sweetheart."

She moved her hips on his hipbone and planted her hands on the mattress to gain some balance while he was holding her steady.

"What are you––?" she whispered.

"I want you to quake your clit for me, babe," he said, gripping stronger on her hips, 

"Seriously?" she whispered, watching him carefully, to see if he was joking or not. He wasn't.

"Only if you want to," he continued, "I know you do it from time to time. I'd like to watch you if you let me," he whispered, smirking.

"Oh–– fuck" she groaned, bringing two fingers to her clit, quaking gently.

It was so good. 

She loved to do it when she was alone in the shower, but with him watching her, knowing that he knew about it this whole time? 

It sent shivers down her spine as she started moaning his name incoherently, focusing on the way he was watching her and on the vibrations on her clit. Sensing she was getting closer and closer, as he watched her getting off, leaving her wetness down his chest.

It was fucking glorious.

"Stop touching your clit,” he blurted out.

"What? Fuck–– I'm almost there," she cried out, intensifying the quakes.

"Wait, slow down, stop," he grunted, letting one of his hands falling to her butt and gently slapping her again, to get her attention.

"What the fuck, Sousa?" she retorted, not for the slap but the interruption, digging her nails into his chest.

"Just doing my job," he chuckled, getting away from the headboard and bringing his chest closer to her, grabbing her butt again to bring her closer, "What's with you and not following orders?" he asked, nipping her earlobe while she was leaving marks on his back.

"I outrank you," she moaned as he slipped one hand between her legs and through her folds.

"Not tonight, no. Such a bad girl you are..." he said, before licking the hickey he left on her neck, testing her patience.

"Are you gonna do anything about it?" she teased, trying to get him to do what she wanted.

"Have you ever put two fingers inside you and quaked?" he whispered to her ear, still teasing her folds.

"Yes, one time––fuck" she moaned, as she felt his hand where she wanted it.

"How was it?"

"I–– so–– amazing."

"Yeah? Why don't you do it for me, babe?" he teased, releasing her so she could return to her position.

She didn't say anything as she slowly got on her knees, straddling him again, opening her legs so he could see the way she touched herself. She brought two fingers to his mouth, silently asking him to get them wet for her. 

He did; he licked them and sucked them, watching her swear under her breath and making her understand he couldn't wait to do it again, in another way. 

She slowly brought them to her abdomen again, letting them fall between her folds and thrusting them inside, while holding on to his chest again with one hand, and started quaking, slightly at first.

"Fuck–– it's so good," she cried out, as she increased the vibrations.

"You look so beautiful like this –– gorgeous," he whispered as he watched her, "now move them for me, fuck yourself, ride those fingers––just like that," he repeated over and over again, tightening his grip on her hips.

"Oh–– oh my god, Sousa –– I need ––" she choked. 

He didn't even ask her what she needed. He just got closer to her and started sucking hard on her right nipple while circling her clit with his thumb, making her shake under his touch. 

"You're touching that spot, aren't you? The one that makes you beg?" he chuckled, leaving her nipple with a soft 'pop' but keeping a pace on her clit.

"I don't fucking beg –– Dan ––" she moaned, too distracted by her pleasure.

"Sure you don't. Now hit that spot like you were riding my cock, baby, and quake it" he whispered, watching her, letting his other hand wander on her butt, opening her up to make her reach a deeper spot and to brush his finger against her sensitive hole, making her cry out again.

She couldn't take it. 

He was everywhere. 

She could feel him everywhere. 

It was too good, too fucking good, "I'm so close–– oh, yes, fuck" she moaned, rocking her hips erratically, increasing the vibrations again, feeling herself going tense and her walls pulsing against her fingers.

He cupped her cheeks, forcing her to look at him, his eyes dark and filled with want, "Oh fuck, just like that, come for me, Daisy –– just like this. Such a good good girl, my gorgeous flower," he repeated roughly over and over again, touching her until he felt her coming.

After she stopped shaking, he looked at her. 

She was blushing.

A sheen of sweat coated her body. Her fingers still inside her.

She was a beautiful mess.

"That was –– uh, fuck, I didn't expect it to be that hot," she said, smirking but still blushing a little.

"Are you too tired? We can stop if you want," he asked her, caressing her cheek, brushing their lips together.

"No, I want you."

"That's not what I had in mind."

She gave him a questioning look. She had no idea what was coming for her.

He brought her closer, still keeping his hand on her butt, brushing their lips together, "I want you to take your fingers out and then brush them against your neck, your chest, your nipples, and then bring them back to your mouth and taste yourself for me," he said, biting back a moan.

And she did, without asking any questions. She let her fingers wander on her body while she started grinding against his cock, wanting to feel him against her folds.

"That's so fucking hot––" he groaned, "you taste good, don't you Daisy?" he asked her, leaning to lick her wetness off her neck "keep moving like that until you get nice and wet again."

"Oh –– my fucking ––" she choked, feeling heat pooling between her legs again as she moved her clit against his cock.

His mouth was already on her collarbone again, sucking and licking. Then on her nipple, tasting her wetness mixed with the salty taste of sweat.

Too. fucking. much.

"Up, now," he said, slapping her harder this time, interrupting her play on his cock, making her yelp.

"You're seriously enjoying this slapping thing, Sousa––" she said, looking at him, slightly amused.

"I admit it –– I am, a little bit," he whispered, smirking at her while moving under to lay on his back and place his head on the pillow, "Come here, I want you," he said, moving her legs up and guiding her towards his face.

Knowing she was already close, he didn't lose any time. As soon as she sat on his face, he started flicking his tongue through her folds, keeping her from moving with one hand and touching her clit with the other "you taste so good, baby, so good" he moaned, watching her from between her legs, "Pinch your nipples. Hard" he said, still fucking her with his tongue.

She looked so wrecked and perfect. 

He was technically dead and this was his heaven for sure.

She brought her hands to her breasts and did what he asked, as she felt closer again, she started rocking her hips, fucking herself on his tongue. He changed his pace, thrusting two fingers inside her, making her whimper, and moving his tongue against her clit. 

He stretched her so fucking well. 

It was unbelievable. 

She felt so close "I'm almost there –– I can't ––" 

At that, he sped up his pace inside her, hitting her roughly, making her moan even louder, "Fu–fuck yes, I'm coming, fuck fuck fuck fuck –– oh god," she moaned, pulling his curls, locking eyes with him while rocking against his tongue until her vision went black, and she felt her walls clench around his fingers again.

She collapsed against the headboard, tired after all of the...activity.

He let her go after gently licking all her wetness, leaving her to whimper every time he touched a sensitive spot. 


She climbed off him to finally lay on his chest, relaxing against him, "I'm so glad I asked you to do something different, you are…kinky? To say the least,” she said, curling up on his side, "but I didn't do anything for you," she pouted.

"You did plenty...and I have other “kinky” ideas, as you call them. But now you have to sleep, sweetheart," he whispered, kissing her forehead.

Chapter Text

Teaching at Coulson Academy was becoming his full-time job, at this point. He loved it. So much.

Especially because he got a chance to talk about people HE met in the past, with HIS perspective, giving him a chance to become the cool teacher who had the best takes on literally everyone in the history books. 

Covid slowed everything down, especially for training. No recruits for the year and no face-to-face lessons – a decision made by May, who authorized face-to-face class only for combat training, nothing more –, which was fine, for his History class. He didn't need to see everyone in person.

And the best thing about that was that he could spend the rest of the day with Daisy - who was assigned to hacker jobs or a very few combat training classes so, he had her all for himself.

It wasn't easy at the beginning. They were used to be together 24/7, thanks to their missions in space, but now? It was different. They had to adapt to a different routine (which they did, eventually).

They woke up together, had breakfast, work in their respective offices, spend their break keeping each other company (even in very fun ways.) The best part of the day was the afternoon, every time they got off classes and one of them - the first to finish - brought tea to the other, before spending a good amount of time cuddling. Without saying anything, enjoying the peace and silence after a day of hearing kids screaming and talking. 

That day she was different, though. She came into his office sneaking around like she was hiding something (he wasn't sure what). He saw her waiting near his office door, with two cups of tea in her hands and the look of a woman who was plotting something. 

"Alright, kids, I think we've done enough for the day... don't forget to study for next week. I'll ask questions, and it won't be pleasant," he said as he logged off his account before closing his laptop for the day.

"Always so bossy," she said, smirking and getting closer to his desk to hand him his cup of tea.

"I'm never bossy. And oh, I've missed you," he said, grabbing the cup of tea and Daisy's hand to get her to sit on his lap, "Are you wearing – my shirt?" he said, with a questioning look on his face.

"It's mine. And you are bossy, and I like it, in certain contexts," she said, trying to sit properly on his lap, straddling him, while holding her cup of tea trying not to spill it. 

"What contexts? I don't recall," he innocently said, taking a sip of his tea and then taking her cup to place it on a shelf with his.

"You know..." she murmured, sliding one hand on his chest.

"I don't," he said, again, moving his hips up a little to tease her.

"You definitely do. And you're a professor, right? So, you could teach me something," she said, kissing his jaw.

"Like what?" he asked, caressing her tight.

"How to properly fuck my boyfriend. He's always so tired and tense, poor thing," she said, sucking at a pulse point in his neck, making him moan.

"He is, isn't he?"

"Do you think he would like it if I do this?" she asked, unbuttoning her (his) shirt.

"Keep going," he said surprisingly calmly, looking at her.

She kept slowly unbuttoning her shirt, staring at him, and randomly grinding against his bulge.

"Stop. I want you to keep that on," he murmured, bringing her closer, focusing his gaze on her breasts. He started moving his shirt aside, revealing her beautiful naked form.

God, he loved her. 

He gently kissed her breast, lightly caressing her nipple with his lips, making her arch her back for him. He didn't react, he didn't kiss her, he didn't suck her nipple as she wanted. Instead, he started moving his hand up her tight, still looking at her, admiring her facial expressions, savoring her little moans and the way she kept grinding against him. 

"How long have you thought about it?" he asked her, sliding one finger under the hem of her panties, avoiding her clit.

"All afternoon," she moaned at his touch, gently tugging his curls.

"And did you get wet?" he asked, moving her panties to the side.

"Yes–– I–– god."

"How much?" he asked, lightly kissing her nipple, making her groan. "Nevermind, I'll see for myself," he said, moving a finger through her folds.

She braced herself on his chair's armrest, shuddering at the touch.

"Fuck–– always so ready for me. What should I do with you now?" he said, sucking a pulse point on her neck.

"I really wanna fuck you right now," she murmured, opening her shirt just a little to give him access.

He threw a hand around her neck, to bring her closer, and he crashed his lips against hers as he started teasing her, nibbling her bottom lip while moving his hips up to give her fraction and still teasing her folds with his fingers. 

He moaned as she untied his sweatpants and touched him, careless about everything else. She just wanted him. Craved him. Needed him.

As he craved her.

As she freed him from his briefs, she touched the base of his cock, making him groan, then started to slide her hand up and down his length, making him moan with just one touch. 

"Daisy–" he said in-between moans.

He didn't even bother to slide her panties down. He grabbed her hips, aligned himself to her entrance, and sunk into her with one hard thrust, making her cry out.

She soon started to catch a pace, riding him hard, hitting that spot she loved so much over and over again.

Until he decided it wasn't enough and stopped her, "Stay still," he said, keeping his hands on her tights.

"Please–– I––" she moaned, feeling her walls clenching around him, the tip of his cock teasing her so well. She wanted to scream.

"Now, you move slow. Nice and slow, babe," he murmured, sucking one nipple and pinching the other.

She started moving slowly, making tiny movements that hit that spot but not enough to bring her closer to her climax.

"Fuck–– I want it rough, Sousa," she groaned after a few thrusts. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Do you, now?" he asked, raising his eyebrows, seeing her keeping her pace, "Fine," he said, pulling himself out of her, much to her disbelief, "Now, do me a favor, sweetheart. Push down your panties, turn around and bend over, please," he said, looking at her with a rather serious look.

"What are you doing exactly?" she asked, chuckling, as she did what he asked.

"I'm enjoying the view," he said, looking at her, bent over his desk, as he kept his distance to make her want it even more.

The way she squirmed. 

It was  so. fucking. glorious.

"Would you just fuck me already?" 

He didn't say anything. He just bent over, and gently kissed her folds, making her cry out to the unexpected feeling. He started licking her folds over and over again, nibbling and kissing every bit of sensitive skin he could find, bringing her closer to the edge, until he bit one of her buttcheeks and stopped  again .

"Did you just–? Fuck, so hot," she groaned.

He didn't say anything, not even this time. He got up and got closer to her, "Bring this leg up, love," he whispered to her ear while he grabbed her thigh and helped her climb on the desk, "Look at you, you're literally dripping all over my desk. Why don't you touch your nipples for me?"

"I wonder why, Sousa," she snapped, bringing one hand on his and the other on her right nipple.

"Rough, right?" he said, before sinking into her, making her moan. Loudly. 

And he started fucking her, hard. Really fucking her. There were no slow, steady thursts – no like the ones she was used to. It was messy, wild, rough, and the more she moaned his name, the more he pushed. And she loved it so much.

"Is that what you thought about all afternoon? Me fucking you senseless on my desk with my shirt on?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes–– I–– fuck. I wanted you to think about - oh GOD - fucking me every time you used that –– this desk." 

"Dais–– fuck. And you fucked yourself, didn't you? Such a naughty girl you are," he chuckled, suppressing a moan, finally touching her clit, keeping his pace with his thrusts.

"Fuck,  fuck, fuck,  –– your fingers," she moaned.

"Do you like my fingers? On yourself?" he groaned at her reaction.

"YES –– oh god," she moaned.

"In your mouth or inside your cunt?" he asked, leaving her clit to bring his fingers to her mouth, "Lick." And she did, she sucked them clean, tasting herself. 

Fuck. It was so hot, for them both.

"My pretty flower. How does it taste?" he said, looking at her, holding back a moan.

"So good –– please don't –– slow –– I'm almost there," she moaned as he touched her clit again.

And he didn't slow down. He went even faster, making her cry out his name over and over again until he felt her walls clenching around him.

"Baby, you look so gorgeous like this –– oh god, please," he moaned. 

"You feel so good Daniel, just like that –– fuck me, just like that," she groaned, feeling herself getting closer and closer, "YES – I'm coming ––  fuck, fuck, fuck,"  she cried out, as she turned around to look at him.

He was a mess.

"Oh fuck, just like that, come for me, Daniel –– just like this. You feel so good, babe," she repeated over and over again, taking him deeper and deeper until she felt him coming inside her, while he tightened his grip on her hips.


She collapsed on the desk, trying to catch a breath, as he brought her up to him to sweetly kiss her shoulder, her neck, and her lips, "That was so––"

"Amazing," she said, as she managed to turn around to face him and got closer to him, and he brought his hands on her thighs again. 

He felt so good. 

She couldn't get enough of it –– "Such a good boy, my Daniel," she said, as she crashed her lips against his again.

"Right? Well, I guess I won't be able to wear this shirt or use this desk without thinking about you. Naked."

"That was my purpose. And you're a goof."




Chapter Text

Daisy and Daniel have been living together for almost a year now, working at SHIELD, adjusting their missions to try to see each other almost every day, and taking advantage of being first and second in command – which meant taking the weekends off.

Of course, there were times where one of them had to go on solo missions, even for weeks, which meant one of them was left alone (and unsatisfied.) This time it was Daniel's turn to go on a mission with Mack in London, which didn't help with the whole facetime talks turning to distance-sex. She was tired or even sleeping when he was awake and he was on the mission when she was having a break. So, they barely had a chance to talk via text, increasing Daisy's frustration.

After two days of waiting, knowing it was just a 10-days mission, she decided to pull out her sex toys box she stashed in the closet and get done with it. 

Not that the sex with Sousa wasn't great: it was, but she wouldn't wait for a man to get off, so here she was. She soon got used to using her vibrator at least once a day, more than she did before. Not even keeping track of the day he would come back eventually. 

Not that she wanted to hide it from him but...he was old-fashioned and, even after a year, he was still gradually adapting to the modern world, especially for sex. And she didn't want to dump her sex toy box on him when they moved in together, 4 months after dating, and eventually forgot.


He came home a day early than expected, only to find some kind of a mess - knowing he was usually the one cooking, she had been living over take-way for 10 days. She wasn't home and he took advantage of that to unpack, take a shower, clean up the house, and rest after the long and tiring mission.   

After an intense round of cleaning, while resting on their bed, he noticed something out of place on her bedside table. He didn't touch it, he just observed it, trying to point out what it reminded him of. After a good 5 minutes of thinking, he guessed (and blushed.) It wasn't a big deal, not even in the 50s, so he decided to ignore it for a second and go start making dinner knowing she would've been home soon anyway, and they could've  talked .

She came home after half an hour, not expecting anyone home and getting guarded as soon as she heard the tv noise and saw the lights on. She calmed down as soon as she opened the door and smelled a mixture of his cologne and...spices? He was cooking. Thank god.

"You're homeeeeee," she cried as he turned to greet her, crashing her lips on him and hugging him as tight as she could.

"I am, and I'm making dinner for my pretty little lady who clearly lived out of take-away for 10 days when she actually told me she would eat healthily. But I've missed you," he said, after kissing her back, letting her know how much he  wanted  her.

"I didn't wanna burn down the house. And I missed you too," she whispered, looking at him and understanding what he wanted.

"Fair. Anyway, go take a shower. Dinner won't be ready for at least an hour and it's gonna be a  long  night. And we're eating on the couch," he smirked.

"Long night, uh? And breaking the rules? What did I ever do to you to get spoiled like this?" she teased.

"Go, babe," he said, sweetly, looking at her leaving.


She came back to the kitchen after half an hour just when he was serving dinner. She was wearing his blue shirt - or one of the many she wore during those days, and caught his curious look.

"That's mine," he said, pointing to the shirt.

"Ours," she corrected him, while she sat on the couch, waiting for him to finish with the serving.

He came to the living room just a few seconds later, taking a good look at her bare legs and the way his shirt landed over her body and sat next to her. They ate pasta enjoying each other's company, he asked about her week, she asked about his mission, and they ended up sitting on the couch cuddling in silence.

"Just out of curiosity...what's that thing on your bedside?" he blurted out, while she was on top of him, kissing a pulse point on his neck.

"My...what? Oh," she whispered, as she realized her vibrator was still there from the night before, " vibrator," she blushed.

"Interesting," he said, smirking.

"Listen, I get bored while you're away. And I have needs-" she started fumbling.

"Daisy, I'm not complaining, I was just curious to know if it is what I think it is," he said.

" is..." she said, looking bolder now, looking at him straight in the eyes.

"And, again, just out of curiosity...when did you use it for the last time?" he whispered in her ear while caressing her thigh.

"Last night– I–," she mumbled.

"And what did you think about, while you played with yourself?" he whispered.

"You– touching me" she whispered.

"Just touching you?" he asked, bringing his hand up to stroke her clit, letting her know he knew she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Sousa– Fuck–" she moaned, as he kept teasing her.

"You're soaking, so ready for me, can I do it now?" he chuckled, increasing the pressure on her clit, making her moan again.

"Take me to bed, we'll see," she said, before she crashed her lips over his, trying to get control of the situation.

He got up and carried her in his arms, while she kept kissing, nibbling, and licking every strap of skin on his neck, trying to make him moan. Trying to get him hard. And he couldn't take it much longer.

He gently laid her on their bed and took his time to take off his clothes, – making a show of it, knowing she was looking and squirming. "Appreciating the view?" he said, looking at her looking at him as he took off his briefs. She didn't say anything.

He took his prosthetics off last, while he was just inches from her, knowing he didn't need it for what he had in mind for the night.

She tried to move, to undress and reach for him but he stopped him "Could you just lay down and let me do the work here? And please keep my shirt on."

"Ugh, I hate you," she scoffed.

"Sure you do", he chuckled as he covered her with his body, and started to kiss her, gently this time. He then moved to kiss and lick her neck, and her collarbones, making her moan at every touch until he reached the first button of his shirt and pulled it open, kissing the uncovered skin, as he did with the second button when he uncovered her breasts. He gently kissed her right one and started sucking it, hard, while looking at her and cupping the other breast in his hand, pinching the other nipple too. 

"Fuck–– that's so––" she moaned.

He did it again with her left nipple, her abdomen, and her hips. Over and over again. He licked, and kissed, and nibbled and sucked every strap of her skin.

He was gentle, then rough, then gentle again. It was one hell of a ride and she was a fucking mess already.

As he was about to taste her, he stopped, "Can we use that tonight?" he asked, pointing at her vibrator.

"You wanna use my vibrator on me? Like, now?" she whispered, tired of waiting to be fucked already.

"Why not?" he asked, perplexed.

"Are all the men from the '50s this modern about...vibrators?" she asked him, trying not to laugh.

"Please, your generation didn't invent it," he scoffed.

"You naughty boy," she smirked.

"I'm not implying anything. Can we use that?" he smirked.

"Sure," she said before getting up from bed and turning towards the bedside table, making a show of her half-naked form and her ass, to take the vibrator, "do you want the lube? Because you're not using this inside me without the lube."

"Oh please, that's not what I wanna put inside you," he smirked, teasing her.

"You were such a gentleman when I met you. What happened to you?" she scoffed.

"I met a very,  very  bad girl," he smirked as he reached for her and pulled her hips closer to his mouth, kissing just above her clit, making her breath hitch "Lay down again, Daisy."

"Okay but–– this is to turn it on and this is for the speed," she tried to explain, eager for what he had in mind.

"Got it, lay down."

And she did, as she studied his careful moves. He started kissing her inner thighs slowly - too slowly, making her squirm. When he reached her clit he didn't do anything, he just looked at her to see how wrecked she was, and he turned the vibrator on, carefully touching her clit with it.

"That's all you can do?" she teased.

"I'm just getting started," he said, as he licked two fingers and pushed them inside her, hitting that sweet spot she loved so much. He started fucking her, slowly at first, trying to match the tempo with the object.

"That's so – fuckkkk– harder –"

And he did, he upped the vibrator's speed and fucked her hard with his fingers, feeling her getting wetter and tighter and himself getting harder by the second. 

"Come for me, Daisy, just like that," he whispered as he felt her crying out while her walls clenched around his fingers.

"That was –– oh dear –" she managed to say, trying to catch her breath.

"I'm actually not done, but if you're tired we can–" he started saying, as he moved against the headboard, bringing the vibrator with him.

"Oh no, we're not gonna stop–" she said, as she got on her knees, taking the hint to climb on top of him. She started kissing him, hard, nibbling on his bottom lip, testing him. He aligned himself to her entrance, teasing her folds with the tip of his cock, and then pushing her down on him, making her moan in his mouth.

"Fuck- ride me, Daisy" he kept saying, as she started to catch a pace, riding him hard, hitting that spot again and again "Lick it," he said, as he brought the vibrator close to her again. And she did. She licked and sucked on it like it was him, studying his reaction and feeling his heartbeat getting faster. As soon as she was done teasing him, he took it from her, turned it on at a much higher speed than before, and brought it to her clit, "Oh my FUCKING GOD, Dan– I– my god" she cried out as soon as she felt it.

"Keep riding me, babe, just like that," he said, keeping the vibrator on her clit and moving his free hand close to her ass, "Can I touch you here, sweetheart?" he asked, dangerously close to her sensitive hole. 

"Yes – fuck" she moaned, as he started teasing there too.

She was so fucking sensitive, he was everywhere, and she felt so close.

"Ride me harder, Daisy, I'm so–– fuck, you're such a good girl, riding my cock so well," he moaned, feeling he couldn't take it anymore. He started sucking on her nipples again, trying to get her even closer. 

Her clit, her sweet spot, her ass, and now her nipples.  His words.  It was––

" Too much –– oh fuckkkk fuck fuck fuck I can't– it's too much –– I'm coming" she cried out, as she felt her walls clenching.

"Me too babe –– I'm so close –– fuck, you're so gorgeous, I––" he moaned, as she felt him coming inside her, and collapsed on his chest. 

They got their time to catch their breath and cuddle in silence, almost starting to kiss and tease each other again, but then remembering they were too tired to even try another round.

"If that's the gift I get every time you should go away more often," she teased, kissing his chest sweetly.

"And maybe you should wear my shirts more often. Maybe," he chuckled. 

"They're mine."