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religion's in your lips, the altar is my hips

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They were done with the final mission. She was alive. Sore, but still alive. And they were still on Zephyr I, trying to gather some strength. 

After staying inside the healing pod for days, with Sousa watching over her the whole time, she decided to take a shower to relax and clear her thoughts. After the shower, seeing it was over midnight, she decided to get some tea before sleeping. She went to the common area dressed in a random long t-shirt and her panties, thinking no one would be there after midnight. 

That's when she found Sousa, just hanging in the kitchenette, probably trying to find something. (Or having the same idea as her.)

He turned around, as soon as he heard her, to greet her with a smile... which almost turned into a shocked expression as soon as he saw what she was wearing.

Considering he was wearing a white t-shirt and long grey pajama pants, she felt very undressed compared to him.

"Hi...I'm sorry if I'm– I didn't mean to come here dressed like this –– I didn't think someone was here this late," she said, looking a little embarrassed.

"It's fine. I can't sleep, and I was just getting some tea..." he said, trying not to look at her too intensely, "but I can't find where Jemma puts the best ones."

She got close to him then, entering the very-too-small kitchenette, and lowered herself to the ground to open a small drawer, knowing she would find what he was looking for. "She keeps these hidden for her and Fitz, usually, but years ago, he accidentally told me where to find it. She hasn't changed the drawer apparently," she said, getting up and giving him a bright smile. 

They made tea together, trying not to think about how safe it felt...being together, doing a simple thing like making tea. It felt a lot like home. Like a routine, they both would've liked. 

They sat in silence on the tiny couch the common area provided. It was comfortable. It felt warm. Even nice. 

"Penny for your thoughts?" she said, lightly smiling at him.

"Mh?" he turned to her and blushed, "Oh, mh, nothing...I'm just thinking about what it'll be 2020. Dealing with new stuff. Alone," he said, especially thinking about the "alone" part.

"You won't be alone," she bluntly said, touching the thigh of his bad leg to try to comfort him, trying not to give him too much of what she thought. He wouldn't have been alone. She knew she would've ended up by his side. Endlessly. But she couldn't say it, so she changed the subject.

"'re smart. You accepted my powers and our tech in like...10 seconds. I think you can deal with 2020," she smiled. 

He didn't say anything but took her hand and squeezed it. To make her see he cared, even if he wasn't incapable of saying anything, only because he felt  too much.

She squeezed back. 

They stayed there for a while sipping their tea, looking at each other, hand in hand. Until she started yawning, letting him realize time had passed and it was  very  late.

He tried to get up from the couch to go leave his cup on the sink but she squeezed his hand, stopping him, "Where are you going?" she asked. He let her go for a second just to get her cup and leave that too in the sink.

"You're tired... we should go to sleep," he said, helping her get up from the couch. 

"I'm not tired," she protested.

"You are tired," he said, guiding her to her bunk, "and I'm escorting you to your room," he said, smiling.

"What a gentleman," she said as they arrived at her bunk's door. 

"I am a gentleman, yes," he chuckled as they arrived at her room.

She stayed there, leaning against the door. He was too close. They stayed there looking at each other, knowing they wanted each other but no one dared to say it out loud. 

"Daisy, I'm gonna go. See you tom-" 

She took his hand and stopped him, "Don't. Why don't you come in instead?"

He understood the hint. He knew what she wanted, and he wanted it too.

"You're still recovering, and you're tired––" 

She kissed him. She pulled him by his hand and gently kissed him. At first, he didn't even realize what was happening and didn't respond to the kiss. She noticed it and let him go, thinking she saw it all wrong "Sorry. I- I misunderstood-" 

He took her by the hips, pulled her against him, and crashed his lips on hers, savoring the feeling. She tasted so sweet. Her lips were so soft. He felt like he was in paradise.

"You didn't- You surprised me," he said, letting go of her lips. 

She took his hand again, opened the bunk door, and let him in. 

As soon as she closed the door, he kissed her again, harder this time. He pushed her against the door, took her legs, and wrapped them around his body, making her feel how much he wanted her. How hard he was for her.

She moaned as he felt his cock brushing over her covered clit.

"This leg really works wonders," she tried to say.

"It really does," he chuckled before catching her lips again.

"Sousa–" she moaned again as he started kissing her jaw, then her neck, her collarbone – every tiny bit of her exposed skin.

"Dais– I want you," he whispered.

"Take me to bed," she said, as she kissed him again while caressing the back of his neck, making him slightly moan at the touch.

They both were on fire.

He laid her on the bed, scanning her body, taking sight of her beauty.

He covered her body with his, and they started kissing again, more gently now. Taking their time to savor the moment. 

The way his hands brushed under her shirt or on her thighs.

The way she pushed his body over hers with her legs, feeling how much he wanted her.

The way he felt how hot and wet she was for him.

He started kissing her neck again, her collarbone, her breasts, and her lower belly just over her shirt, making her cry softly.

He slowly uncovered her belly and saw all of the bruises she sustained with the blast. He just looked at her body, and gently pressed a kiss on one of it. He was scared to see her reaction but, when he looked at her, he saw her looking at him with tears in her eyes. 

She couldn't believe this kind of delicacy and tenderness existed. And it was all for her. 

"We can stop," he said.

"Please don't. Don't ever stop," she whispered.

At that, his first impulse was to hold her and kiss her. He got back up to her, covered her body with his, took her face between his hands, and kissed her like he craved her more than anything.  (He did.)

He slowly put his hand on one of her breasts, pinching her nipple through the shirt, making her moan in the kiss.

"Can I-?"

"Yes, please," she whispered, smiling.

He pushed the shirt up to her head, leaving her naked before his eyes. 

She was gorgeous.

He lowered his head to her right breast and kissed her nipple. Then he started sucking it gently while pinching the other one with his finger, "Oh god– fuck––" she moaned, arching her back, instantly putting her hand on through his hair.

He chuckled. He liked the way he made her feel.

When he was done with her right breast, he switched to the other, caressing it, kissing it, sucking on her nipple harder than before, making her cry again.

She wasn't used to having sex anymore. It had been years. And with her powers, every feeling was even more intense. 

After he finished playing with her breasts, he looked at her and smirked. She was wrecked, her pupils were dilatated, and her breath was frantic.

He kept kissing every tiny bruise on her belly until he reached the hem of her panties, and he looked at her again to ask for permission to take them off.

"Yes–" she whispered.

He took her panties off, careful not to hit one of the bruises on her legs. Once they were off, he took a good look at her. How gorgeous she was.

"My god–" he said. She chuckled. "You're so beautiful–" he said again, still looking at her.

"Now I'm embarrassed–" she chuckled.

"No– I didn't mean– sorry–" he babbled.

"You wanna stare at me, or do you wanna do something else?" she smirked.

"I really wanna taste you right now," he said, looking at her sudden shocked expression. She didn't expect him to be so...forward.

"Please do," she whispered, trying not to sound as nervous as she was.

He opened her legs a little more, giving himself space to really look at her. He started kissing every bruise on her thighs, up to her folds, aligned himself to her clit, and gently kissed it, making her shiver. He started stroking it with his thumb, cycling it, making her even wetter. 

Then he started licking it, slowly at first. "Oh fuck–" she moaned.

"You're so fucking wet–" he said, in-between licks.

His dirty words didn't help.

He started stroking her folds too, first with his fingers, feeling how tight and wet she was for him. He kept stroking her clit with his thumb while licking her folds even more now, pushing his tongue inside her from time to time.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck – Sousa –" she moaned. She was bursting.

"Come for me, Daisy. Just like that," he said, stroking her clit.

"My god– I'm so– fuck fuck fuck I'm – I'm coming –" she cried.

"Just like that–" he said, still stroking her clit while pinching one of her nipples.

He loved looking at her while she came. She was even more beautiful – if it was possible.

"My god..." she said, trying to catch her breath, "you're good."


"You're too dressed," she said, sitting down on the bed and playing with the hem of his shirt. 

He took his shirt off, leaving her shocked at how good he looked. The blue shirt was good but didn't give him justice.

She got close to him, taking a good look at him.

"Seeing something you like?" he chuckled, seeing she got flustered.

"I'll say it when you take your pants down," she smirked.

"You're unbelievable," he smiled, getting up to pull his pants off, "For the prothesis– I want to pull it off if-" he mumbled.

"It's okay. But do you feel comfortable? With me? It's your decision–" she tried to say.

"I do," he said in an imperative but sweet way.

He sat on the bed again, only on his briefs, to pull his prosthesis off. Once he pulled it off he tried to look at her, still scared to meet a sympathetic look. Instead, she was looking at him in the sweetest way possible.

"Is this okay?" he asked, in doubt.

"It is," she said, "Is this okay?" she said, carefully placing a hand on his scars, scared to look at him. When she decided to look back at him, he had tears in his like, just like her moments before.

They realized that was the night they uncovered each other's scars and that was their first step into their relationship.

He threw a hand around her neck, to bring her closer, and he crashed his lips against hers. 

"It is," he said, as she let go of his leg.

"I have an idea," she said, "You could sit...with your back against the bedpost and I'd be sitting on top of you– If you want–

"I don't have any problem the other way–" he said.

"It's not about that. I'm not ready to give you total control, and I'd like to be on top– but, this way, I'll be more intimate– I–"

"I'd love that, yeah," he simply said, before moving on the bed and placing his back against the bedpost.

He took her hands to guide her on top of him and pressed a kiss on both of her knuckles.

The way her clit was touching his still-covered cock was driving them both insane.

"Don't we need protection?" he asked.

"Yeah– I'm on the pill so there's that. And someone told me you got already tested so I didn't think about it. Sorry–" she chuckled.

"...So, you're asking questions about me," he said, smirking.

"I might have, yeah," she said, frantically looking between his eyes and lips.

"You're such a good agent..." he said, doing the same thing as her while caressing her inner thigh.

"If the Chief says so..." 

"I think he does, yeah," he smirked before taking her by her hips and pulling her closer to him, and kissing her again, letting her taste herself on his lips.

"I think we can get these off too," she said, playing with the hem of his briefs.

"Please do," he whispered, kissing her shoulder while she was taking his briefs off.

As she freed him from his briefs, she touched the base of his cock, making him groan, then started to slide her hand up and down his length, making him moan over and over again "Oh, Daisy–" he moaned as she was playing with the tip of his cock.

"I want you inside me," she whispered.

At that, he grabbed her by her hips and guided her entrance to the tip of his cock. He kept teasing her clit over and over again with his cock. He could feel she was getting even wetter. But she was getting impatient.

"Sousa–" she groaned. 

Knowing she was ready enough, he sunk into her with one slow but steady trust making them both cry out, feeling how every inch of him fit perfectly into her. 

She started riding him, slowly at first, trying to catch a pace. She was holding on to him, his shoulders, his chest. ( She loved both of them. )

"So gorgeous," he whispered in her ear, caressing her back, and bringing her even closer to him. 

He started kissing, nipping, and licking her neck, her collarbone, and her breasts. He started stroking her clit again while sucking on one of her nipples. 

"My gorgeous gorgeous flower," he kept saying, as she was riding him frantically and faster now.

"Fuck– fuck- Sousa I'm so close–" she moaned.

"Keep doing that–– keep riding me Daisy, just like that," he said, still stroking her clit, feeling her walls clenching.

She knew she was close, and she knew she couldn't take it anymore. She was feeling too much, "I'm coming– I'm– fuckkk fuck fuck– Daniel– my god–" she cried out as she felt her walls clenching.

"Daisy, Daisy, Daisy–" he kept saying as he came inside her, feeling her so tight around him.

She collapsed on his chest and started hugging him as tightly as possible – scared he would leave, even if  she was certain he wouldn't.


That was the night they both realized they would never leave each other's side anymore.