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religion's in your lips, the altar is my hips

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Daisy and Daniel have been living together for almost a year now, working at SHIELD, adjusting their missions to try to see each other almost every day, and taking advantage of being first and second in command – which meant taking the weekends off.

Of course, there were times where one of them had to go on solo missions, even for weeks, which meant one of them was left alone (and unsatisfied.) This time it was Daniel's turn to go on a mission with Mack in London, which didn't help with the whole facetime talks turning to distance-sex. She was tired or even sleeping when he was awake and he was on the mission when she was having a break. So, they barely had a chance to talk via text, increasing Daisy's frustration.

After two days of waiting, knowing it was just a 10-days mission, she decided to pull out her sex toys box she stashed in the closet and get done with it. 

Not that the sex with Sousa wasn't great: it was, but she wouldn't wait for a man to get off, so here she was. She soon got used to using her vibrator at least once a day, more than she did before. Not even keeping track of the day he would come back eventually. 

Not that she wanted to hide it from him but...he was old-fashioned and, even after a year, he was still gradually adapting to the modern world, especially for sex. And she didn't want to dump her sex toy box on him when they moved in together, 4 months after dating, and eventually forgot.


He came home a day early than expected, only to find some kind of a mess - knowing he was usually the one cooking, she had been living over take-way for 10 days. She wasn't home and he took advantage of that to unpack, take a shower, clean up the house, and rest after the long and tiring mission.   

After an intense round of cleaning, while resting on their bed, he noticed something out of place on her bedside table. He didn't touch it, he just observed it, trying to point out what it reminded him of. After a good 5 minutes of thinking, he guessed (and blushed.) It wasn't a big deal, not even in the 50s, so he decided to ignore it for a second and go start making dinner knowing she would've been home soon anyway, and they could've  talked .

She came home after half an hour, not expecting anyone home and getting guarded as soon as she heard the tv noise and saw the lights on. She calmed down as soon as she opened the door and smelled a mixture of his cologne and...spices? He was cooking. Thank god.

"You're homeeeeee," she cried as he turned to greet her, crashing her lips on him and hugging him as tight as she could.

"I am, and I'm making dinner for my pretty little lady who clearly lived out of take-away for 10 days when she actually told me she would eat healthily. But I've missed you," he said, after kissing her back, letting her know how much he  wanted  her.

"I didn't wanna burn down the house. And I missed you too," she whispered, looking at him and understanding what he wanted.

"Fair. Anyway, go take a shower. Dinner won't be ready for at least an hour and it's gonna be a  long  night. And we're eating on the couch," he smirked.

"Long night, uh? And breaking the rules? What did I ever do to you to get spoiled like this?" she teased.

"Go, babe," he said, sweetly, looking at her leaving.


She came back to the kitchen after half an hour just when he was serving dinner. She was wearing his blue shirt - or one of the many she wore during those days, and caught his curious look.

"That's mine," he said, pointing to the shirt.

"Ours," she corrected him, while she sat on the couch, waiting for him to finish with the serving.

He came to the living room just a few seconds later, taking a good look at her bare legs and the way his shirt landed over her body and sat next to her. They ate pasta enjoying each other's company, he asked about her week, she asked about his mission, and they ended up sitting on the couch cuddling in silence.

"Just out of curiosity...what's that thing on your bedside?" he blurted out, while she was on top of him, kissing a pulse point on his neck.

"My...what? Oh," she whispered, as she realized her vibrator was still there from the night before, " vibrator," she blushed.

"Interesting," he said, smirking.

"Listen, I get bored while you're away. And I have needs-" she started fumbling.

"Daisy, I'm not complaining, I was just curious to know if it is what I think it is," he said.

" is..." she said, looking bolder now, looking at him straight in the eyes.

"And, again, just out of curiosity...when did you use it for the last time?" he whispered in her ear while caressing her thigh.

"Last night– I–," she mumbled.

"And what did you think about, while you played with yourself?" he whispered.

"You– touching me" she whispered.

"Just touching you?" he asked, bringing his hand up to stroke her clit, letting her know he knew she wasn't wearing any panties.

"Sousa– Fuck–" she moaned, as he kept teasing her.

"You're soaking, so ready for me, can I do it now?" he chuckled, increasing the pressure on her clit, making her moan again.

"Take me to bed, we'll see," she said, before she crashed her lips over his, trying to get control of the situation.

He got up and carried her in his arms, while she kept kissing, nibbling, and licking every strap of skin on his neck, trying to make him moan. Trying to get him hard. And he couldn't take it much longer.

He gently laid her on their bed and took his time to take off his clothes, – making a show of it, knowing she was looking and squirming. "Appreciating the view?" he said, looking at her looking at him as he took off his briefs. She didn't say anything.

He took his prosthetics off last, while he was just inches from her, knowing he didn't need it for what he had in mind for the night.

She tried to move, to undress and reach for him but he stopped him "Could you just lay down and let me do the work here? And please keep my shirt on."

"Ugh, I hate you," she scoffed.

"Sure you do", he chuckled as he covered her with his body, and started to kiss her, gently this time. He then moved to kiss and lick her neck, and her collarbones, making her moan at every touch until he reached the first button of his shirt and pulled it open, kissing the uncovered skin, as he did with the second button when he uncovered her breasts. He gently kissed her right one and started sucking it, hard, while looking at her and cupping the other breast in his hand, pinching the other nipple too. 

"Fuck–– that's so––" she moaned.

He did it again with her left nipple, her abdomen, and her hips. Over and over again. He licked, and kissed, and nibbled and sucked every strap of her skin.

He was gentle, then rough, then gentle again. It was one hell of a ride and she was a fucking mess already.

As he was about to taste her, he stopped, "Can we use that tonight?" he asked, pointing at her vibrator.

"You wanna use my vibrator on me? Like, now?" she whispered, tired of waiting to be fucked already.

"Why not?" he asked, perplexed.

"Are all the men from the '50s this modern about...vibrators?" she asked him, trying not to laugh.

"Please, your generation didn't invent it," he scoffed.

"You naughty boy," she smirked.

"I'm not implying anything. Can we use that?" he smirked.

"Sure," she said before getting up from bed and turning towards the bedside table, making a show of her half-naked form and her ass, to take the vibrator, "do you want the lube? Because you're not using this inside me without the lube."

"Oh please, that's not what I wanna put inside you," he smirked, teasing her.

"You were such a gentleman when I met you. What happened to you?" she scoffed.

"I met a very,  very  bad girl," he smirked as he reached for her and pulled her hips closer to his mouth, kissing just above her clit, making her breath hitch "Lay down again, Daisy."

"Okay but–– this is to turn it on and this is for the speed," she tried to explain, eager for what he had in mind.

"Got it, lay down."

And she did, as she studied his careful moves. He started kissing her inner thighs slowly - too slowly, making her squirm. When he reached her clit he didn't do anything, he just looked at her to see how wrecked she was, and he turned the vibrator on, carefully touching her clit with it.

"That's all you can do?" she teased.

"I'm just getting started," he said, as he licked two fingers and pushed them inside her, hitting that sweet spot she loved so much. He started fucking her, slowly at first, trying to match the tempo with the object.

"That's so – fuckkkk– harder –"

And he did, he upped the vibrator's speed and fucked her hard with his fingers, feeling her getting wetter and tighter and himself getting harder by the second. 

"Come for me, Daisy, just like that," he whispered as he felt her crying out while her walls clenched around his fingers.

"That was –– oh dear –" she managed to say, trying to catch her breath.

"I'm actually not done, but if you're tired we can–" he started saying, as he moved against the headboard, bringing the vibrator with him.

"Oh no, we're not gonna stop–" she said, as she got on her knees, taking the hint to climb on top of him. She started kissing him, hard, nibbling on his bottom lip, testing him. He aligned himself to her entrance, teasing her folds with the tip of his cock, and then pushing her down on him, making her moan in his mouth.

"Fuck- ride me, Daisy" he kept saying, as she started to catch a pace, riding him hard, hitting that spot again and again "Lick it," he said, as he brought the vibrator close to her again. And she did. She licked and sucked on it like it was him, studying his reaction and feeling his heartbeat getting faster. As soon as she was done teasing him, he took it from her, turned it on at a much higher speed than before, and brought it to her clit, "Oh my FUCKING GOD, Dan– I– my god" she cried out as soon as she felt it.

"Keep riding me, babe, just like that," he said, keeping the vibrator on her clit and moving his free hand close to her ass, "Can I touch you here, sweetheart?" he asked, dangerously close to her sensitive hole. 

"Yes – fuck" she moaned, as he started teasing there too.

She was so fucking sensitive, he was everywhere, and she felt so close.

"Ride me harder, Daisy, I'm so–– fuck, you're such a good girl, riding my cock so well," he moaned, feeling he couldn't take it anymore. He started sucking on her nipples again, trying to get her even closer. 

Her clit, her sweet spot, her ass, and now her nipples.  His words.  It was––

" Too much –– oh fuckkkk fuck fuck fuck I can't– it's too much –– I'm coming" she cried out, as she felt her walls clenching.

"Me too babe –– I'm so close –– fuck, you're so gorgeous, I––" he moaned, as she felt him coming inside her, and collapsed on his chest. 

They got their time to catch their breath and cuddle in silence, almost starting to kiss and tease each other again, but then remembering they were too tired to even try another round.

"If that's the gift I get every time you should go away more often," she teased, kissing his chest sweetly.

"And maybe you should wear my shirts more often. Maybe," he chuckled. 

"They're mine."