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religion's in your lips, the altar is my hips

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Teaching at Coulson Academy was becoming his full-time job, at this point. He loved it. So much.

Especially because he got a chance to talk about people HE met in the past, with HIS perspective, giving him a chance to become the cool teacher who had the best takes on literally everyone in the history books. 

Covid slowed everything down, especially for training. No recruits for the year and no face-to-face lessons – a decision made by May, who authorized face-to-face class only for combat training, nothing more –, which was fine, for his History class. He didn't need to see everyone in person.

And the best thing about that was that he could spend the rest of the day with Daisy - who was assigned to hacker jobs or a very few combat training classes so, he had her all for himself.

It wasn't easy at the beginning. They were used to be together 24/7, thanks to their missions in space, but now? It was different. They had to adapt to a different routine (which they did, eventually).

They woke up together, had breakfast, work in their respective offices, spend their break keeping each other company (even in very fun ways.) The best part of the day was the afternoon, every time they got off classes and one of them - the first to finish - brought tea to the other, before spending a good amount of time cuddling. Without saying anything, enjoying the peace and silence after a day of hearing kids screaming and talking. 

That day she was different, though. She came into his office sneaking around like she was hiding something (he wasn't sure what). He saw her waiting near his office door, with two cups of tea in her hands and the look of a woman who was plotting something. 

"Alright, kids, I think we've done enough for the day... don't forget to study for next week. I'll ask questions, and it won't be pleasant," he said as he logged off his account before closing his laptop for the day.

"Always so bossy," she said, smirking and getting closer to his desk to hand him his cup of tea.

"I'm never bossy. And oh, I've missed you," he said, grabbing the cup of tea and Daisy's hand to get her to sit on his lap, "Are you wearing – my shirt?" he said, with a questioning look on his face.

"It's mine. And you are bossy, and I like it, in certain contexts," she said, trying to sit properly on his lap, straddling him, while holding her cup of tea trying not to spill it. 

"What contexts? I don't recall," he innocently said, taking a sip of his tea and then taking her cup to place it on a shelf with his.

"You know..." she murmured, sliding one hand on his chest.

"I don't," he said, again, moving his hips up a little to tease her.

"You definitely do. And you're a professor, right? So, you could teach me something," she said, kissing his jaw.

"Like what?" he asked, caressing her tight.

"How to properly fuck my boyfriend. He's always so tired and tense, poor thing," she said, sucking at a pulse point in his neck, making him moan.

"He is, isn't he?"

"Do you think he would like it if I do this?" she asked, unbuttoning her (his) shirt.

"Keep going," he said surprisingly calmly, looking at her.

She kept slowly unbuttoning her shirt, staring at him, and randomly grinding against his bulge.

"Stop. I want you to keep that on," he murmured, bringing her closer, focusing his gaze on her breasts. He started moving his shirt aside, revealing her beautiful naked form.

God, he loved her. 

He gently kissed her breast, lightly caressing her nipple with his lips, making her arch her back for him. He didn't react, he didn't kiss her, he didn't suck her nipple as she wanted. Instead, he started moving his hand up her tight, still looking at her, admiring her facial expressions, savoring her little moans and the way she kept grinding against him. 

"How long have you thought about it?" he asked her, sliding one finger under the hem of her panties, avoiding her clit.

"All afternoon," she moaned at his touch, gently tugging his curls.

"And did you get wet?" he asked, moving her panties to the side.

"Yes–– I–– god."

"How much?" he asked, lightly kissing her nipple, making her groan. "Nevermind, I'll see for myself," he said, moving a finger through her folds.

She braced herself on his chair's armrest, shuddering at the touch.

"Fuck–– always so ready for me. What should I do with you now?" he said, sucking a pulse point on her neck.

"I really wanna fuck you right now," she murmured, opening her shirt just a little to give him access.

He threw a hand around her neck, to bring her closer, and he crashed his lips against hers as he started teasing her, nibbling her bottom lip while moving his hips up to give her fraction and still teasing her folds with his fingers. 

He moaned as she untied his sweatpants and touched him, careless about everything else. She just wanted him. Craved him. Needed him.

As he craved her.

As she freed him from his briefs, she touched the base of his cock, making him groan, then started to slide her hand up and down his length, making him moan with just one touch. 

"Daisy–" he said in-between moans.

He didn't even bother to slide her panties down. He grabbed her hips, aligned himself to her entrance, and sunk into her with one hard thrust, making her cry out.

She soon started to catch a pace, riding him hard, hitting that spot she loved so much over and over again.

Until he decided it wasn't enough and stopped her, "Stay still," he said, keeping his hands on her tights.

"Please–– I––" she moaned, feeling her walls clenching around him, the tip of his cock teasing her so well. She wanted to scream.

"Now, you move slow. Nice and slow, babe," he murmured, sucking one nipple and pinching the other.

She started moving slowly, making tiny movements that hit that spot but not enough to bring her closer to her climax.

"Fuck–– I want it rough, Sousa," she groaned after a few thrusts. She couldn't take it anymore.

"Do you, now?" he asked, raising his eyebrows, seeing her keeping her pace, "Fine," he said, pulling himself out of her, much to her disbelief, "Now, do me a favor, sweetheart. Push down your panties, turn around and bend over, please," he said, looking at her with a rather serious look.

"What are you doing exactly?" she asked, chuckling, as she did what he asked.

"I'm enjoying the view," he said, looking at her, bent over his desk, as he kept his distance to make her want it even more.

The way she squirmed. 

It was  so. fucking. glorious.

"Would you just fuck me already?" 

He didn't say anything. He just bent over, and gently kissed her folds, making her cry out to the unexpected feeling. He started licking her folds over and over again, nibbling and kissing every bit of sensitive skin he could find, bringing her closer to the edge, until he bit one of her buttcheeks and stopped  again .

"Did you just–? Fuck, so hot," she groaned.

He didn't say anything, not even this time. He got up and got closer to her, "Bring this leg up, love," he whispered to her ear while he grabbed her thigh and helped her climb on the desk, "Look at you, you're literally dripping all over my desk. Why don't you touch your nipples for me?"

"I wonder why, Sousa," she snapped, bringing one hand on his and the other on her right nipple.

"Rough, right?" he said, before sinking into her, making her moan. Loudly. 

And he started fucking her, hard. Really fucking her. There were no slow, steady thursts – no like the ones she was used to. It was messy, wild, rough, and the more she moaned his name, the more he pushed. And she loved it so much.

"Is that what you thought about all afternoon? Me fucking you senseless on my desk with my shirt on?" he asked gruffly.

"Yes–– I–– fuck. I wanted you to think about - oh GOD - fucking me every time you used that –– this desk." 

"Dais–– fuck. And you fucked yourself, didn't you? Such a naughty girl you are," he chuckled, suppressing a moan, finally touching her clit, keeping his pace with his thrusts.

"Fuck,  fuck, fuck,  –– your fingers," she moaned.

"Do you like my fingers? On yourself?" he groaned at her reaction.

"YES –– oh god," she moaned.

"In your mouth or inside your cunt?" he asked, leaving her clit to bring his fingers to her mouth, "Lick." And she did, she sucked them clean, tasting herself. 

Fuck. It was so hot, for them both.

"My pretty flower. How does it taste?" he said, looking at her, holding back a moan.

"So good –– please don't –– slow –– I'm almost there," she moaned as he touched her clit again.

And he didn't slow down. He went even faster, making her cry out his name over and over again until he felt her walls clenching around him.

"Baby, you look so gorgeous like this –– oh god, please," he moaned. 

"You feel so good Daniel, just like that –– fuck me, just like that," she groaned, feeling herself getting closer and closer, "YES – I'm coming ––  fuck, fuck, fuck,"  she cried out, as she turned around to look at him.

He was a mess.

"Oh fuck, just like that, come for me, Daniel –– just like this. You feel so good, babe," she repeated over and over again, taking him deeper and deeper until she felt him coming inside her, while he tightened his grip on her hips.


She collapsed on the desk, trying to catch a breath, as he brought her up to him to sweetly kiss her shoulder, her neck, and her lips, "That was so––"

"Amazing," she said, as she managed to turn around to face him and got closer to him, and he brought his hands on her thighs again. 

He felt so good. 

She couldn't get enough of it –– "Such a good boy, my Daniel," she said, as she crashed her lips against his again.

"Right? Well, I guess I won't be able to wear this shirt or use this desk without thinking about you. Naked."

"That was my purpose. And you're a goof."