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religion's in your lips, the altar is my hips

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Daisy wasn't made for galas or events in general. Talking to people, explaining her job, was boring. She liked the action of her job. She liked fighting villains.

But regaining the government trust was essential to rebuild S.H.I.E.L.D.
So, she dressed nicely, organized and hosted a gala, and put up with it.

She has never been used to wear dresses - especially after becoming Quake and getting used to wearing jeans or her suit - so she chose just a simple velvet black dress with a slit through her tight.
And the looks she deciphers from her boyfriend across the room told her it was indeed a good choice. 

He wanted to stay with her, but talking to every guest meant they had to separate, especially because - as the Director's right-hand - he had to follow Mack during his rounds.
Which meant he spent the night following her with his - appreciative - gaze everywhere she went.

After a few rounds, talking to people about everything and nothing, she finally had the time to approach him. Alone.
"I've noticed you staring at me all night, from across the ballroom, you know," she said, looking at him sitting on one of the few chairs left at the bar.
"It's not my fault my girlfriend looked so good with her tight little dress," he said, looking at her, up and down.
"Just good?"
"Well, good, beautiful, gorgeous...ravishing. Very very ravishing," he whispered, getting close to her for the first time that evening.
She shivered a little, at that, trying to hide it.
“I can say the same thing for you. This suit?" she gestured at him "It looks a lot like your 1955 suit. Which was very hot, by the way."
"You never said anything," he said, chuckling.
"Did I have to? I thought my looks were enough. Especially at your cute ass."
He blushed at that.
"Oh, now you're blushing?" she said, smirking, trying to keep her game up. Seeing him blushing was satisfying. Especially when he was the one trying to get her to bed, this time.

At that, he got up from the chair and got even closer to her, almost touching her chest, not caring about the people around them.
"I wonder who will be the one blushing when we get back to our room and I strip you of that piece of fabric," he said, smirking while keeping his hand tight on her hip.
"Last time I checked, Chief Sousa wouldn't accept this kind of behavior from one of his agents," she said, getting close to him, focusing her gaze on his lips "Especially in public."
"Wouldn't he? I don't know," he said, looking away for a moment, pretending to think back at his old times, and then back at her.
"Such a square," she said, caressing his chest, trying to provoke him more.
"Maybe not in every...department..." he said, still caressing her hip and looking at her.
"What if we get out of here and test that, Chief Sousa?" she said, composing herself, trying not the get any attention.
"Good idea, Agent Johnson," he said, taking her hand to lead her across the room.

They spent some time saying goodbye to everyone, always together. Getting some weird looks from time to time, especially for May - she clearly knew - and Mack.
They tried to hide their eagerness in their walk between the ballroom and the elevator, which was difficult, seeing Daniel couldn't keep his hand off her for a second. But they managed.

The ride on the elevator was another story.
He grabbed her from behind as soon as the door closed, sinking one hand on her hip and one on her tight, just above the end of her gown's slit. He didn't move those hands as she wanted. It was his way of teasing her, again.
Or maybe he didn't want to get busted by someone.

He started leaving sweet innocent kisses on her collarbone. Nothing messy, everything strictly studied and stoic, as he was all the time. So discreet it couldn't be noticed, in case someone decided to take the elevator. So like Sousa.
And the only thing she was able to do, at this point, was trying not to moan at every little kiss.

"Act cool. Don't want to get busted if someone comes in, don't you?" he whispered to her ear.
"Sousa...I swear to God."
"I can't wait to see how wet you are, sweetheart." he suddenly said, nipping at her ear.

So much for cool. 

At that, she snapped and turned around, grabbed him by the collar of his shirt, and kissed him. Hard. As he held on to her with hands tight on her hips - and pulled her even close, just to make her feel how bad he wanted her. How bad she affected him.
"I can't believe you're already that hard," she said, kissing his jaw.
"I've been hard all night, I thought it was clear," he said, trying not to moan for her kisses and her attempt to grind against him. She chuckled at that.

The elevator arrived soon at their floor, and she dragged him through their room in no time, their impatience made them struggle even with opening their room door.
As soon as they managed to enter their room, he pushed against the door, capturing her lips, kissing her jaw, her neck, her collarbone. Kissing, nipping, licking every single point that made her moan under his ministrations.
"Sousa, wait," she said, managing to get his attention for a second.
"We're still dressed, and I really want you to fuck me tonight so," she said, trying to take off his jacket - and noticing some interesting choice of accessories - "Suspenders...I see. Interesting choice. We could make good use of those."
She started caressing his chest, trying to unbutton his shirt.

"Getting kinky, aren't you?"
"Sometimes. But if you could tie me up to that bed, you know."
"Are you sure you want to give me control?" he said, a soft look on his face. He knew she wasn't used to not being in control.
She just nodded, watching him with a look that said “I trust you completely.”
And he kissed her this time, pulling her close, letting her feel again how hard he was for her. How much he wanted her. He started unzipping her dress, kissing her collarbone from time to time, and letting the thin fabric on the ground, just to find her without a bra.

He looked at her face, then her breasts. So beautiful, so perfect.

"Oh, didn't I say I wasn't wearing any bra?" she asked him. Obviously knowing she hadn't said anything, on purpose.
He didn't respond to her question, he just lowered his head and lightly licked her right nipple, without touching the other. That made her gasp with surprise. He pushed her against the door again, still sucking on her right nipple, harder now, while teasing the other one with one hand. 

"Sousa, fuck. I-"
He let go of both of her nipples and he just stared at her. Like he did in 1955 when he first saw her.
"Sit on the bed, Agent."
She did follow his orders. She walked towards the bed, sit on it, with her shoulders resting on the headboard, waiting for him to do something.

And he did, slowly, taking his time. He took one of his suspenders and jumped on the bed, fully dressed.
"Hands up, Agent."
She just obliged, already loving this game. Especially because he reminded her how bad she wanted to fuck him on his desk two seconds after meeting him in 1955.
He carefully and gently tied her hands at her wrists. Then at the headboard.

"I hope it's okay, Dais," he said, looking at her, standing close next to her but without touching her, and shifting out of character for a second.
"It is. Don't worry." she said, smiling for his concern, and then realized something "Why am I the only one naked, Daniel?" she teased.
"It's Chief Sousa, to you," he said, looking at her, now from across the bed, starting to take off his shirt, and then his pants.

Slowly. Making her wish she wasn't tied, so she could reach out and touch him. His jaw, his chest, his shoulders, his cock. 

Instead, she sat there, watching him and squirming. He looked so good, the defining muscles on his chest were more evident after he started training again. His chest hair, still so visible even under the dim light. Damn. He looked so fucking hot but still unreachable, and that made her even hornier.

With only his briefs on, he climbed up to the bed, silently thanking his prosthetic to not let him fall. And he approached her, careful at not touching her too much. Just looking at her, seeing her dilatated pupils, waiting for him to do something.
And he did.
He started leaving wet kisses to her jaw, her neck, breasts, nipples. Sucking again, biting her again. And making her twitch under him, as she tried to arch her back to feel his cock against her now-too-tight panties. 

"Patience, sweetheart." that was all he said, while getting more and more close to the edge of her panties. Kissing the skin just above it, and then taking the fabric with his teeth and dragging it down. Hitting just the right spot above her clit, with his nose, but not enough to make her feel what she wanted. And she watched all of that, trying to speak, wanting to beg him to go faster but also not wanting to give him the satisfaction. So, she stayed silent, moaning and groaning when he got too close to her clit.

A whispered "Dan--" escaped her lips at some point, and she wished she hadn't said it. Because he stopped at that.
She was so screwed. Literally.
"Not Dan, sweetheart. And that's gonna make me go even slower. Who am I?"
"Chief Sousa", she murmured.
"Good girl. Now, open your legs for me, won't you? Let's see how wet you are."

And she did. She felt so exposed but she trusted him with her life, and she asked him to do this. She wanted it— She groaned as he lowered himself to her level, getting close to her pussy, just watching her reaction to his position "So fucking soaked. Have you been this soaked all night, while I was watching you, my love?” he looked up at her face. She was a mess, and he loved it.
"What if I say yes?" she responded, smirking, and twisting her hips up again, just to get him closer.

He grunted at that, and got close to her "You smell so good. So good."
She didn't even have time to take in his words, that he licked her folds. First gently. Then he put her legs on his shoulders, just to bring her closer, open her folds a bit more, and he licked her more, hard, sucking every bit of skin he could find. Without touching her clit yet.

(He took the definition of "eating out" very seriously.)

And she lost it - like she wasn't a mess before.
It felt so good, the way he was licking and sucking her. The way he worshipped her.
"So fucking good. Yes ple-" was the only thing she managed to say between moans.
"You taste so good, Dais," he said, as he thrust two fingers inside her, starting to fuck her, and finally - FINALLY - giving attention to her clit, licking it in circled motions. "I want you to taste yourself too," he said, removing his fingers from inside her, and bringing them closer to her mouth. And she did, she licked and sucked his fingers, savoring her own taste, watching him while doing that, and showing him he wanted to suck his cock instead. 

He moaned, realizing they shared the same thought, and got close to her just to cup her cheeks and kiss her. Gently, sweetly, this time.

"What do you want Daisy?" he asked, still caressing her cheeks.

And he wanted her too, so bad. He craved her, as he craved her touch. He wanted to feel her.
He aligned himself to her entrance and sunk into her with a slow but steady thrust, making her moan at the way he stretched her so perfectly. She didn't dare to look at him, it was all too much. Every touch, every breath felt like burning.

But he didn't move. He stayed there, watching her savoring that feeling. At that, her eyes snapped open, expecting some movement. Something.
But he didn't move, she did move her ass up a little, just to gain that little friction she expected to just feel something.
"I want to feel you, Daisy, all of you. So I'm untying you now, if you let me.”
She didn't say anything in response, just nodded, already plotting what to do next.

He didn't even have the time to throw away the suspender, that she rolled them over with one quake. Rolling them over placed her on top, feeling even more than before, and he filled her so perfectly, touching the right spot.
"Dear God-- you feel so fucking perfect, Daniel." she said, looking at him, with her hands on his chest, feeling his curls under her knuckles. That made her shiver.
"Then ride me, please."
And she did. She rolled her hips, slowly at first, then more erratic once it all became too much, and she felt his cock pulse inside her.
"I want more, Daniel. I want to hear you." 

He started saying sweet nothings to her, in-between kissing her neck, teasing her, leaving marks where no one could see them.
It was all too much.

"Do you like riding my cock, sweetheart?" he said. Because he knew that what she wanted to hear.
"More," she said, as she kept rolling her hips, just moaning at every thrust and every dirty thing he whispered in her ear.
"Harder, Daisy. Ooh—just fuck me" and he began pushing too, to meet her halfway, and that made her feel like she was getting closer and closer.
"So close, Dan--"
"Me too. So incredible, oh-" he said, then remember something "the reason why I chose these suspenders? They reminded me of that time I really wanted to take you in my office in Area 51. Like this. On. my. fucking. desk.” he said, spelling his last sentence slowly and carefully.
It was the truth, he wanted from the first time he laid eyes on her. He wanted her so bad that day.

"Oh fuck, that worked-- yes, I'm coming--yesssss" she said, in between moans, thrusting her hips one final time before coming.
"Good girl, come for me, yes-- so gorgeous, I--," he murmured, as he thrust one more time, taking her left nipple on his mouth and sucking it to make her last more until he came right inside her.

They both fell on the mattress, panting. Her head on his chest, feeling his steady heartbeat.
"That was amazing, Dan.” she said, still trying to regain her breath.
He chuckled.
"It was incredible. We should do it more often," he said, looking at her, smiling like a fool.
"Keep those suspenders, I like them." she said, kissing his neck "And also, I wanted to fuck you too in 1955." she added, before snuggling on his side, subtly asking for cuddles.