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Hypothetical Romance

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One fine day at the DEO...

Supergirl touched down on the DEO’s balcony. She was so glad they moved to this building. It was so much easier to just fly into her ‘second job’ while in downtown National City. It was late afternoon and before coming in Kara took the time to soak up the last of the sun’s rays. It was better than chugging a few cases of Mountain Dew, Red Bull or any other drink that claimed to boost one’s energy and productivity. Alex had always complained about it since she was in med school, jealous of how easily Kara would perk up and stay alert simply just by standing outside in the sunshine.

As usual the DEO was buzzing with activity. Agents in their black fatigues were hard at work, nodding at her in greeting as she passed them by. J’onn and Alex were nowhere in sight, likely stuck in some meeting. Kara was glad she didn’t have to deal with that. She attended enough of those at Catco.

Things haven’t been the same without Winn in the office. Things were still a bit awkward with James sometimes. She really missed Cat Grant. Snapper constantly pushed her buttons. She wouldn’t be surprised if she googled ‘grumpy cat’ and saw his face at the top of the page. It was all she could do not to flick him across the room or toss him out the window. Now it was time for some much needed stress relief. 

Time to rescue people in trouble, she thought. Punch some bad guys who really deserve it.  

It was way better than going to the gym, which in her case was either pounding away at cement blocks or going toe to toe with a human in a room with her favorite green rock. Not! 

Stupid humans with their stupid ideas.

“Hey, Kara,” Winn greeted, looking up from his smart phone as his favorite Kryptonian approached the command center with purpose.

“Hi, Winn! Whatcha got for me?”

“It’s a quiet day in the ‘outdoor office’, sooo, nada for you. ”

“How is that possible? I thought crime never sleeps?”

“It happens. You could take a nap or go watch the sunset or—Ooh!” Winn bounced with excitement on his chair. “You should definitely see this.”

“What is it?” she asked as Winn handed over his phone.

“Supergirl is trending on social media,” he said.

Kara stiffened at the mention of her not-favorite-thing-ever. She wasn’t sure which was worse: getting mobbed in person or all the gossip on social media, for good or for ill. The constant requests for selfies and autographs got tiring sometimes, especially when she had places to go and people to save. But online it was mostly anonymous. Some people were friendly, positive and kind, while others  vomited opinions with no regard for others just because they can. 

She sighed with a frown. “What am I looking at?”

“It’s like your Superfan club formed a shipping sub-unit. Hashtag Supercorp!”

Kara knew she had a fan club, which was almost as embarrassing as having a church that worshipped Supergirl. But this? “Super...corp? What in the world is that?”

“Supergirl plus L-Corp. Basically they’re shipping you with Lena.”

Gaping, she blinked a few times at her friend. “What do you mean they’re ‘shipping’ us?” It wasn’t like she didn’t know the meaning of the word. She just never expected it to be used in the same sentence with her and Lena .

“Like, they’re really into you guys being a couple and stuff.” Winn rubbed his palms together with glee as he leaned back on his chair. He waggled his brows for good measure.

“This is a thing?” Kara paled at Winn’s enthusiastic nod. “You’re kidding me.”

“I kid you not.” Winn pointed to the screen. “See?” 

Twitter alone had post after post of candid shots of Supergirl with Lena. There were gala pictures with the two of them smiling at each other. Supergirl was handing Lena a champagne flute and Lena was leaning over to whisper something in her ear, her hand squeezing the hero’s bicep. There was a shot of their backs as the two of them spoke with the mayor, with the hero’s hand on Lena’s lower back. There were pictures of Supergirl about to fly off or landing on the ground with Lena in her arms, bridal style. Those in particular had a slew of captioned memes. Many of the photos even had made up dialogue. And some of them were rather... intimate. 

She knew she would probably regret it, but she went ahead and read some of the comments:


“Luthor eye hearts, total MOOD!”

“I’ll bet the Girl of Steel took a probing look at what’s under that dress. Wink wink nudge nudge!”

“LOL she doesn’t need heat vision to set Luthor on fire.”

“What I would giiiive to be in her bulging arms like that.”


And then... there was a series of what had to be photoshopped images of them—kissing!

“I... I...” Gawking at all the rather steamy but obviously fake intimacy, Kara could only blow a stream of breath from the corner of her mouth. Words failed her. She felt like grabbing her cape to fan herself, but that would only encourage ribbing. She wished she could blow freeze breath on her own face.

“Very eloquent of you. Now check this out.” Winn took his phone and quickly found what he was looking for. “Behold! I present to you: hashtag KaraLena.”

“What??” Kara snatched the phone.

This time there were candid pictures of her civilian self with Lena in various places and settings: Noonan’s, Big Belly Burger, donut shops, restaurants, cafes or kombucha places. Often they were laughing, smiling at each other, sometimes walking arm-in-arm around downtown, or with a stray hand on the other’s knee under the table in broad daylight! There were pictures of them taking selfies together, where sometimes Kara made faces at the camera. There was a shot that captured Lena wiping the corner of Kara’s mouth with a tablecloth, and another of Kara brushing a stray strand of hair over Lena’s ear. 


“Awww, what a cute couple.”

“Watch out Supergirl. She’s got your girl.”

“That Luthor bitch is two timing Supergirl!”

“Blondie looks really sweet.”

“She’s got nothing on Supergirl. Supercorp forever!” 

Winn peaked at what she was staring at and laughed at the last comment.

“What the hell, Winn!”

“It’s funny! At least we know your so-called ‘disguise’ works.”

Kara crossed her arms. “You’re enjoying this way too much!”

“What’s so funny?” Alex asked as she traipsed in, planting her butt on the nearest chair with a thud. She looked like she had reached her quota of testosterone laden meetings and could probably use a beer or two. Or a bottle of whiskey.

“Your dearest sister is trending on social media.”

“Yeah, so?” Alex groused. “That’s nothing new.”

“She’s getting shipped with Lena.”

“Okayyyy.” Alex massaged the back of her neck, waiting for him to get to the point. 

“As both Supergirl and ace reporter Kara Danvers!” Winn practically shoved his phone at her face. 

“The hell!” Just when Alex was going to whack him, she made the mistake of looking at the phone screen. Her eyes bulged. “Oh, dear God. I did not need to see that!”


Meanwhile at L-Corp...

“Anything else on my docket today, Jess?” 

Lena hoped there was nothing more. She could only take so much whining or ass-kissing from entitled assholes in ridiculously expensive suits who paraded in and out of her office all day. The sun was setting and she wanted to catch it instead of doing more paperwork or answering any more calls or emails. She would rather she watched the sunset from the comfort of her own penthouse, preferably with a glass of pinot noir while in her pajamas.

“Nothing pressing that can’t wait till tomorrow, Miss Luthor,” Jess replied, retrieving the most recently signed documents from the CEO’s desk.

Said CEO let out a deep exhale as she capped her pen, cracking her neck from side to side. “That’s a relief.”


Lena glanced up from her laptop at the pregnant pause. Jess stood there chewing on her pen, which was odd in itself. “What is it?”

“Your publicist will be coming to see you tomorrow at one in the afternoon.”

Lena rolled her eyes. “What is it now?”

“You’ve been... trending quite a bit on social media.”

Lena scoffed. “You know I don’t pay any attention to that drivel.”

“True, but these are... how shall I put it?” Jess tapped her pen on her lips. “They might actually be good for your image.”

“Really?” Lena’s brow arched in equal parts doubt and interest. “How so?”

Jess pressed her lips and tried not to smile as she fished her phone from her pocket and searched, shortly handing it over.

Lena’s eyes widened as she scrolled down the screen. “What on Earth is this?”

“Apparently you’ve become quite popular with the Superfans.”

Lena fixed her with a blank stare. “Superfans?”

“You’re getting shipped with Supergirl as hashtag Supercorp.”

“Excuse me?”

“You and Supergirl are a hot item, as you can see.” Jess smirked, nodding towards her phone in Lena’s hand.

Lena glanced back down at the pictures. She was shocked that strangers would want to ship a Luthor with a Super. Perhaps she was not the persona non grata that she thought she was. Apparently just being around Supergirl was helping to reduce the stigma of her last name, garnering approval in unexpected places.

She had to admit they looked good together. People somehow captured her face smiling, laughing or... making eyes at the hero. Fine, it didn’t hurt that Supergirl was stunning, had muscles for days and her hair somehow stayed perfect despite battling endless foes. Who wouldn’t want to be rescued by a goddess in a cape and spandex? 

She smirked at some of the comments, which were mostly positive. The fandom was certainly... zealous about their pairing.

“There’s another thing,” Jess added while Lena continued to peruse her phone. “You’re also trending as part of hashtag KaraLena.”


“You’re also getting shipped with Miss Danvers. Those have a wider variety, I must say.” This time Jess beamed. “Would you like to see the feed? You know, in case your publicist brings it up, too?”

“I highly doubt that.”

“You never know. Miss Danvers has been gaining quite a reputation for her articles.”

‘Mostly about you’ hung in the air unsaid, but Lena caught on. “I suppose it would be good to be prepared,” she said casually. She handed back the phone to Jess, who quickly returned it showing a new feed.

“Oh... my.” 

It was alarming how many images there were of herself with Kara from lunches or dinners at their usual haunts, to leisurely strolls at the local park or at museums. Often they were laughing or grinning at each other. Sometimes they walked side by side, had their arms looped together, or they were hugging, which honestly felt like sometimes Kara was squeezing the life of her, but she welcomed it because Kara gave the best hugs. Some pictures perfectly captured Kara’s goofiness. She had to admit some of them made her forget her ire about the invasion of privacy as she recalled fond memories of their conversations. 

She smiled at some of the comments. 


“They’re so adorbs!”

“Damn, that girl can eat!”

“How the hell does she stay skinny?”

Indeed. Kara’s appetite was legendary. She couldn’t believe the first time they shared a meal together. Lena sat rendered speechless while she watched Kara pile empty appetizer plates one after another.


“Daayum, blondie has a hawt bod!”

“I wouldn’t mind licking chocolate off of those abs. Meow!”

She could relate. After the first time they went to fitness classes together, Lena wondered why she persisted in subjecting herself to torture, what with Kara in yoga pants and tank tops, or bike shorts with cropped muscle tees that ended just above her belly button, which would ride up just so, enough to tease and remind her each time of what her hands could be feeling up. 


“What does Luthor see in her?”

“dude glasses are sexayyy”

“She’s too frumpy next to a woman who looks like she stepped off a runway.”

Lena took offense to that. Certainly when they first met, Kara’s choice in couture was rather basic, sometimes preppy, sometimes quirky, but in time she developed a comfortable style that suited her and spoke of her personality. She mixed it up with skirts and blazers, dresses, columnist pants and button-down shirts, sometimes with silly little things like donuts in place of polka dots. Occasionally Kara came by in something that hugged her body, hinting of muscles she couldn’t erase from her mind if she tried. It was all she could do to just sit there and not drool because that was unbecoming for a Luthor or, as her stepmother would say, uncouth. Needless to say it was a test of friendship

Okay, so I’m new to having friends, but... it’s okay to lust after your best friend, isn't it? 

She shook her head at that last thought, remembering that Jess was in the room. Belatedly she realized she was biting her lip. When she looked up, Jess looked like she was struggling not to grin yet still rather pleased with herself. 

Lena cleared her throat, regaining her composure. “Is this for real?” 

“Very. I mean, you have a hashtag! Two of them in fact.”

“Do I, ehm, have a Twitter account?” Lena asked casually as she handed back her assistant’s phone. “Just to, ehm, make sure I can stay on top of this nonsense?”

Jess pocketed her phone. “I can set one up for you if you’d like. Not tied to you, of course.”

“Sounds good. Anything else?”

“That should cover it for today.”

“Great. Thank you, Jess.”


The next day...

To say that lunch at Lena’s office was a quiet affair was an understatement. Kara brought a kale salad for Lena and enough Chinese food to feed a dozen of Lena’s lab technicians. Kara hardly said a word, and Lena didn’t really feel like talking about all the imbeciles who wasted her morning whining, as if that would guarantee more project funding. She had better things to do, and those were things she would rather do in her lab. She thought that perhaps Kara was lost in contemplation about an article she was working on. So she decided to break the silence.

“Anything juicy you’re working on these days?” Lena asked, spearing some kale with a fork. She waited while Kara stared at her potstickers as if they held all the answers in the world. “Kara?”

“Oh! Uh... it’s—” Kara frowned into the takeout box. “—Nothing. No juice whatsoever.”


Lena studied the blonde next to her on the couch. Today seemed to call for a change of pace: Kara in monochrome. She wore a black, v-neck, satin tunic with sleeves that reached just above the elbows on top of gray, tapered capri pants, and black, strappy, open toed, leather sandals with two-inch heels. Her hair was coiffed into a stylish updo. Her allure looked effortless and Lena approved of her choice of black. It was a color she often wielded, exuding power and elegance with the right clothes.

Kara should have devoured four cartons worth of food by now. Lena couldn’t help ask, “So why is your forehead all wrinkly?”

The remark did nothing to unwrinkle said forehead. “My coworkers were just egging me on earlier. It’s really stupid.”

Lena gave her that look, that vacant one she used to stare down old men in suits when they finally looked at her face after blatantly eyeballing her chest. Or when they suggested harebrained, half-baked ideas that made her regret letting Jess book fifteen minutes each on her calendar. They were precious minutes she could never take back, for crying out loud!

Kara cleared her throat. “Oh, well, apparently there’s this... thing that’s been trending quite a bit on Twitter and stuff. And I—” Her nostrils flared a bit at her slip. “I-I mean my coworkers suggested I should get your take on it. You know... for a fluff piece. Sort of. Maybe. If you’re open.”

Lena froze, not at all ready for where this conversation might lead.

“Have you heard of Supercorp?” Kara practically squeaked.

Lena got up from the couch and sauntered over to the wet bar, which took a while. As sexy as pencil skirts and stilettos made her feel, it prevented her from taking longer steps, keeping her from the bottle of scotch with her name on it. At the last second she poured some cold water into the glass instead to cool her down.

“I got wind of it yesterday.”

“What did you think of it?”

Lena slowly turned. “Off the record?”

“Of course. I’m no gossip. I’m a hard hitting journalist!”

Lena chuckled, leaning back against the cabinet. She gazed into the glass of water that she held at her eyeline wishing it had scotch instead. She took a sip, draining the glass as slowly as possible. She took a deep breath before responding, “I think it’s flattering. Supergirl is quite attractive. And the most powerful person on the planet.”


“She’s out of my league. Anyone’s league really. I’m surprised that people would—what’s the word? Ah yes, ship us.”

“I see.” Kara drummed her fingers on the takeout box. “So... when you say she’s out of your league, is that hypothetical, as in you’d want to date her if you could?”

“What do you think?” Lena replied. She hoped this topic would go stale and drop soon enough so they could move on to safer topics.

“Um... I...” Kara was glad she didn’t have a collared shirt that day, or she would be loosening it as if it was a noose around her neck. “Well if you, uh, wanted to date her, I—I think you’d make a cute couple?”

“Are you asking me or telling me?”

“I’m not sure?”

Lena laughed. Laughed in that way that spoke of fondness whenever Kara was being a goofball.

“Well, uh, ahem.” Kara frowned as she poked a potsticker with her chopsticks, nearly piercing the container itself. “I think Supergirl would be so lucky to date someone like you. I dare say you’re the one who’s out of her league.”

Lena gasped in surprise. “Really?”

“Yeah, I mean, have you seen yourself?” Kara set her food and chopsticks down on the coffee table, declaring, “You are absolutely gorgeous! And brilliant. And funny. And—”

Lena suddenly felt like she had a fever. She was half tempted to dump cold water over her head, but that would not be very CEO-like. “That’s—that’s very sweet of you to say.” 

“It’s all true.”

Lena decided to pour some scotch into her glass this time, draining it before she turned around. She strolled back to the couch, buying some time as she debated bringing up the other thing. She might as well since they were talking about this. Sitting back down to face Kara, she decided to take a chance. She crossed her legs, which made her black pencil skirt ride up a few inches and was pleased to see how the movement drew Kara’s eyes for a moment, like a hawk spotting prey. 

“Interestingly there’s another thing that’s been trending about me.”

Kara paled. “Y—you don’t say?”

“I don’t really pay attention to these things, but Jess mentioned it yesterday.”


“It’s called hashtag KaraLena,” Lena said, gauging Kara’s reaction, who only blinked like an owl a few times. She smiled coyly. “So apparently Supergirl has competition for my affections, and she’s sitting right in front of me.” 


“We’re a hot item.” Lena smirked. “It’s disturbing how many pictures of our ‘dates’ are out there on the internet.” Lena was dying to know what Kara thought about all this, but Kara’s mouth kept opening and closing like a fish till she finally piped up.

“That is disturbing. The pictures I mean. Jeez, anyone with a phone can be a paparazzi these days. Not that I can blame them for photographing you. ‘Cause you’re stunning. Not to mention super smart. And glamorous. And did I mention gorgeous?”

“Relax, Kara.” Lena chuckled. “I’m flattered you think so. But it’s not just me in those pictures. People actually think there’s something going on between us. Romantically.”

This was not how Kara thought her lunch hour would go. She now regretted bringing up the stupid buzz about them all because she wanted to fish for interest. Only, Lena seemed to be enjoying getting her all riled up. That in itself wasn’t unusual, but this topic certainly was, and she felt like she was in a hot seat with spotlights overhead. Lena looked at her expectantly. 

I guess there’s just no way to escape this.

“Well, I happen to think you’re out of my league,” Kara replied. She might as well admit it. “I mean, hypothetically speaking, I probably wouldn’t even make it on your list of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes worth asking out.”

“Why would you say that?” Lena wondered. Kara’s neck and face flushed, and she looked like steam would blow out of her ears at any moment. Lena took pity on her. She took the reporter’s hands to stop them from wringing and waited till Kara looked at her. Lena told her, “I think you’re absolutely wonderful, Kara. You brighten up any room you walk into like you’re made of sunshine. You’re so thoughtful, considerate and loyal to a fault. You make people laugh and feel good about themselves without really trying. You even managed to get past my walls. You’re beautiful—inside and out. I would be so lucky if I was even on your list.”

“Lena,” Kara whispered, tears welling in her eyes.

The way Kara said her name... it was as if it was the most breathtaking sound Kara had ever heard and she had to try saying it out loud. Lena wanted to explore where this road would take them at the risk of ruining their friendship, to know if Kara felt the way she felt. There was no turning back now. But when Kara just sat there, dumbfounded, Lena tried a different tactic. 

“Of course, if Supergirl was remotely interested in me...” She tapped her lips with her index finger as if considering where to move her knight on the chess board. “Hmmm.”

“What?” Kara croaked.

“I think you’re both attractive, but hypothetically speaking, it might be difficult to choose between you.”

The blonde squawked in indignation, fiddling with her glasses, crossing and uncrossing her arms. 

“I mean you’re both so different after all,” Lena continued before Kara could say anything. “You each have desirable qualities I want in a partner.”

How does one even respond to that? Kara mused, considering her best friend was talking about, well, her! Should she finally tell Lena that she’s Supergirl? Wait a second, she wants to choose either of us—me??  

“So,” Kara began. Where was a fan when she needed one? “Are you saying you would not-hypothetically be interested to go out with me?”

“Can’t you tell?”

Kara gaped at her in surprise. Her mouth slowly shifted into a smile so bright her cheeks hurt. She could hear Lena’s heartbeat thundering despite her calm exterior, and could hear her back muscles and limbs tensing. Kara scooted closer on the couch as if approaching a wild fawn, poised to bolt at the slightest movement. Kara needed this to be real and hoped she wasn’t being punked. She caressed Lena’s hands with her thumbs, savoring the silkiness of her skin. 

“I would definitely go out with you,” Kara said. It’s now or never. Steeling herself, she continued, “I’ve had a crush on you, Lena. For a long time now.”


Lena’s body relaxed and her face softened in that way that Kara loved so much, the one that signaled her force field had deactivated and it was safe to pass through. It made Kara feel so lucky to be allowed to witness and experience this side of her best friend. 

“Really!” Kara beamed. Then another thought occurred to her, making her smile slip just a bit. “But you also want to date Supergirl?”

“Such a conundrum, isn’t it? Hypothetically speaking.”

“Can we just drop all these hypotheticals??”

“Fine. Realistically speaking.” Lena laughed when Kara groaned. “How do you feel about open relationships?”

Kara frowned. “Open relationships?” 

“I mean, if I can’t choose, what if I want to date you both? Would you be okay with that?”

Kara’s brain short circuited, eyes blinking as if telegraphing an S.O.S. To Winn. Maybe. Or Alex. Debatable. Help me, Obiwan!

“Uh, that’s—that’s... I mean...” Kara adjusted her glasses. “I never even considered that.”

“Relax, I’m just kidding.” Lena laughed, squeezing Kara’s forearm. 

Kara huffed. “That’s not very nice.”

“Not about liking you. Of course I don’t need to choose.” Lena pinned her with a knowing look. “Right, Supergirl? 

Kara’s jaw dropped. “You knew?”

Lena scoffed. “You did say I’m brilliant. Of course I knew!” 

“Are you mad?”

“I understand the need for secrecy, but seriously—” Lena crossed her arms. “—Your disguise is a pair of glasses?”

“Hey, it works! And I tie my hair up! And—and there's questionable fashion sense! And being really clumsy. And strange and—”

“I’m just teasing you.” 

“You’re so infuriating!” Kara wanted to stay irritated but for the life of her she just couldn’t. Lena was being silly! In her very office no less where anyone could walk in and see a different side to L-Corp’s normally stoic and formidable commander-in-chief. “How did you figure it out?”

Lena was relieved to finally be able to say her piece on this matter. “Your demeanor, posture and intonation might change but your voice sounds the same. You have the same little dent on your forehead. The same earrings—seriously, Kara, why do you even bother wearing them?”

Kara winced at her blunder. “Noted.”

“Sometimes you slip up and either one of you comes out for a brief moment. As your best friend I see you up close more often than most people, duh!” Kara grimaced at that, but Lena grinned at her to soften the blow. She reached up and touched Kara’s eyeglasses, pausing to ask for permission with a glance. At Kara’s nod, Lena slipped them off. “Oh, these are heavier than I thought.”

“It’s made of lead,” Kara replied, her voice measured, her posture straightening, her jaw set in determination. “It was designed to help me dampen my enhanced vision when I first arrived so I would stop freaking out. Whenever I looked at people I kept seeing their bones and organs.”

Lena nodded absently, gazing into pools of blue as if seeing them for the first time. It amazed her to witness the subtle transformation before her own eyes. She didn’t just remove the glasses. The superhero inside seemed to unfurl from a full-body disguise. Who was she looking  at right now? Was this really Supergirl or Kara Danvers or someone else entirely? She couldn’t wait to find out.

Lena cupped Kara’s jaw and caressed her cheek. “So soft,” she whispered, reaching behind to release the updo, letting it uncoil. She buried her hands into golden tresses, delighting in the silkiness as she finger-combed them around Kara’s shoulders. “You’re magnificent. Regardless of who is out front. I’d like to get to know you better. All of you.

Kara grinned at her, and it looked different than what she’d ever seen before. It wasn’t the way Supergirl would smile nor was it like Kara’s quirky one. Perhaps this was a smile from the real Kara whom she is finally seeing for the first time.

“So does this mean we’ll really give the people something to talk about?”

Lena burst in laughter at the unexpected question. Gone was the nervous ramble, replaced by a confidence and straightforwardness she had only experienced from Supergirl, only this time with a sense of humor and—dare she say—flirtatiousness. She quite enjoyed this new side to the woman before her.

“Come here, you.” Lena pulled at Kara’s shoulders and met her halfway as their lips met. 

Kara’s lips were like pillows made of clouds wrapped in the finest silk, brushing against her own. Lena had kissed others before, and while some were quite good and others merely adequate or forgettable, Kara was on another level. Was kissing another one of her superpowers? It had to be, because she felt like she was floating. Lena felt cherished, and it made her want to press her body into Kara’s until no space was left between them, to feel Kara’s warmth envelop her, anchor her. So she did.

Lena could kiss her for hours and still not get enough.

On second thought, this wasn’t kissing—this was foreplay. 

Kara’s fingernails lightly scraped the back of her neck, making her shiver and hiss in pleasure. She tangled fingers into golden hair and slid the tip of her tongue along the inside of Kara’s lips. And though Kara answered with a flick of her own tongue and a nibble on Lena’s lower lip, she tilted her head and resumed sweeping her lips along Lena’s, stroking lightly. It was a kiss meant to worship only with lips, to entice and to tease. It felt decadent. Sensual. Panty melting. And Lena had no choice but to surrender.

Slowly they pulled back to catch their breath. Lena was glad to see that Kara looked just as dazed as she felt.

“I’ve been dying to do that for a long time,” Kara told her.

“Same.” Lena could only smile, still reeling. “It was better than I imagined.” 

“Yeah?” Kara preened. “You’re a great kisser.”

As they both leaned in for more, suddenly there was a knock on the door, shortly followed by Jess poking her head in. “Miss Luthor, your publicist is he—Oh.”

“Publicist?” Kara chirped, fumbling to put her glasses back on, her voice higher in pitch. Lena gaped at her, awed by how quickly Kara switched back to her reporter persona. 

“I’ve been getting requests to comment on my two-timing habits.” Lena rolled her eyes. “Jess, you were saying?”

The woman in question felt like she had interrupted, judging from her superior’s uncharacteristic blushing and Kara’s characteristic blushing. Not to mention the lipstick smudges on Kara’s face. She could cut the tension with a knife. 

“Should I reschedule or do you want me to show him in?”

Lena turned to Kara. “Can you stay a bit longer? I’d like to continue our... discussion.” 

“Yes! Ahem, I mean, of course. Much to discuss. You betcha.”

Schooling her features so as not to laugh, the CEO turned to Jess, “Go ahead and reschedule.”

“You betcha,” Jess echoed with enthusiasm, and had Lena been looking at Jess she would have seen the fist pump and the smugness that painted her assistant’s face before she disappeared.

“Now where were we?” Lena bit her lower lip. She couldn’t believe how one kiss could get her so hot and bothered. There was a tightness in her chest that felt like it would only go away if Kara kissed her some more. Embraced her. Touched her. She wasn’t sure if she would be able concentrate for the rest of the afternoon at this rate. 

“To answer your question, yes, I’m okay with an open relationship.” Kara smirked. “As long it’s just you, me, Danvers and Supergirl.”

“I get three of you, huh? Lucky me.” Lena took off Kara’s glasses once more and placed it on the coffee table. “What should I call you?” 

“Kara. My birth name is Kara Zor-El.”

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Kara Zor-El.”  

Lena thrilled at the sound of Kara’s voice. Sure, it was the same voice, only deeper, and there was something deliberate behind her words. She drew Lena in as if Kara was the sun and Lena an asteroid inexorably pulled into her orbit. She shouldn’t be surprised. People naturally gravitated to Kara Danvers, who radiated joy, positivity and a zest for life, charming strangers into friends and allies. Supergirl oozed power, bravado and courage, leaving starstruck admirers in her wake to worship the sky she flew on. This Kara possessed an animal magnetism, who knew what she wanted and how to get it. It took Lena's breath away. It made her want to give her anything she asked for.

“Should I be concerned? Do you have any other suitors I should be aware of?” Kara teased.

It was really hard to think now that Kara was leaning in and drawing lazy circles on Lena’s wrist. Her fingertips traced the nerve endings on the underside of Lena’s bare forearm, sending chills racing all over her body. 

“Maybe,” Lena retorted. “Does that bother you?” 

“Not at all. I doubt they would stick around if they knew who they had to contend with.”

Lena’s breath hitched. Her brows shot up towards her hairline. Normally she would be affronted or even outraged at the audacity of such a claim. In this case, however, she felt delighted and... maybe she creamed her panties a little.

“Was that too much?” Kara’s eyes glinted, pleased at Lena’s reaction. Lena’s heartbeat jackhammered and she could smell the pheromones that wafted through the air. Kara tried not to regret hiding her feelings for so long when she could have been flirting with Lena and kissing her long before today. At least now she could make up for lost time. Was she laying it on thick, though? It was hard to tell since Lena was responding wonderfully. Still, she had to ask, “Should I tone it down?”

“No, not at all. It’s—” Exciting. Gratifying. Makes me want to toss my panties at you. “—Refreshing. I quite enjoy this side of you.”

“Noted. I have no plans to reveal my identity to the world. Though I’ll admit I might slip up with either persona when we’re in public.” 

Kara caressed Lena’s jawline... down the side of her neck... to her collarbone. Kara thanked Rao for inspiring Lena to wear a crimson blouse that exposed the collarbones Kara loved so much. She had never considered collarbones to be so delectable until Lena. Many times she fantasized running her tongue along the ridges and grooves and surrounding skin. Today she contented herself with tracing them with her fingertips and the gasps it evoked. 

Kara murmured, “It would be hard to hide my affection for you, enchanting as you are. So I might as well not try too hard to hide any PDA. What do you think?”

Lena tried not to pant, but Kara’s voice, her closeness and the way she was touching her made it difficult. Her mind was once again fogging up. “You know me,” she said in a breathy voice, “I’m a private person, but you’re right. We can’t stop people from photographing us when we’re in public.” She was amazed she could still form sentences. “The pictures do show our mutual attraction even when we don’t realize it’s happening.”

“The press will have a field day,” Kara joked and leaned back, to Lena’s chagrin. “Sadly, my reporter self may not get to interview you anymore. Conflict of interest and all.”

“As long as I have your interest, that’s fine by me.” Lena had had enough of talking. She could no longer resist the craving that had been steadily building in the last hour. She wanted more contact and she wanted it now. “So, I have the rest of the hour free if we’re done closing the deal.” 

“Whatever shall we do?”

“For starters,” Lena murmured as she leaned in, pulling at Kara’s shirt. “Let’s seal it with a kiss.”


A week later...

The following Sunday, Supergirl floated upright—yes, floated—into the DEO. Winn, Alex and surrounding agents stopped what they were doing and stared in fascination at the Kryptonian, who burst in song as she hovered a foot above the ground towards the command center.

“Indescribable feeellliiing,” she sang, hands clasping her cape, which she wrapped around herself. “Soaring, tumbling, freewheeliiing, through an endless diamond skyyyyy!” She plopped down on the floor in front of Winn. Planting her elbows on the table and propping her chin on her fists, she released a long sigh of contentment. She felt like her face would split and her chest would burst from all the happiness she could barely contain.

“Top of the mornin’ to ya!” she chirped.

“Well! Don’t you look radiant, little Miss Sunshine? Had some luck of the Irish in you, did ya?” Winn deadpanned. 

“First of all, gross!” Alex thumped him upside the head. “Second of all, gross!”

“Ow! So violent,” he whined. He grinned at Kara. “You were singing Aladdin!”


“I bet you wanted to flap your cape, huh?”

“No,” Kara scoffed. Her back straightened as she tried to wear a poker face, only to collapse in giggles. “Okay, I did. But, you know, I have superhero creds to uphold.”

“Sure, Super Dork,” Alex groused, frowning into her coffee mug.

“Annnnd we’re ignoring Captain McGrumpy over here. Now shoo, go drink more coffee till you’re a civilized creature.” Winn swiveled his chair back towards Kara, grabbing his phone. “Have you seen the social feeds lately? There’s a new hashtag you might find fascinating.”

Kara groaned. “What nowww?” 

“SuperKaraLena!” Winn chuckled. “Word on the ‘net is either Lena’s cheating on you with—well, you—or you guys are having a three-way.”

“Good God, I’m outta here,” Alex grumbled as she stomped off, clutching her empty mug.

Kara let out a full belly laugh. “I wonder what Lena’s publicist will say?”

“Her publicist?”

“Well yeah. Someone has to handle all the bad press she gets.” Kara lifted one fist, staring at it as she ran her thumb over her fingernails. Raising her chin she said, “With Supergirl on her arm she’ll get better press.”

“More like with her in your arms. And how are you holding up with the media circus?”

“Eh, I can always fly away, but we have to be a bit more sneaky to avoid the press. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to all the staring and cameras flashing.” Kara sighed. “We have more lunches in her office now and more dinners together at our apartments, so I can’t complain about that. I just hope the gossip dies down soon.” Kara pouted, frowning. “Except now I don’t have an excuse to spend hours visiting Lena for interviews.”

“Riiiight. ‘Interviews’,” Winn retorted with air quotes. 

Kara huffed. “I can probably get away with interviewing her nerds for tech articles and then stop by Lena’s throne room before or after.”

“Aren’t you Miss Smarty Pants?”

“Where there’s a will, Winn.”

“There’s a way when you wanna play.”


“Get back to work!” Alex hissed, returning with a fresh batch of coffee.

“I hope you mixed that with vodka and Kahlua. Then maybe you wouldn’t look so constipated.”

Alex simply lifted her mug to her lips, making sure Winn saw the middle finger sticking out from the handle while she glared.

Winn blew a raspberry at her. “You need to get laid, Alex. Guaranteed to lift your mood. See?” His hands gestured at Kara. “Exhibit A.”

“Alright,” Kara interjected before her sister could smite her friend. “So who needs saving?”



Chapter Text


It’s All About Publicity

L-Corp tower , two weeks later 

Jess was nearly panting as she struggled to keep up with the CEO’s pace. “Miss Luthor, would you mind my asking what you plan to tell Paul the Publicist?” 

They were walking—at least that’s what Jess thought they were doing, but her boss seemed determined to log 12,000 steps as quickly as possible—back to The CEO’s Lair (as Jess liked to call it) or Lena’s Throne Room (according to Miss Danvers). Jess should have known the minute her boss walked in with a tailored set of purple pinstriped blazer, vest and trousers that it would be another Boost Your Stamina Day, which included following her up and down the stairs—the stairs!—to meetings with department heads; heads that rolled in said meetings after Miss Luthor reviewed their quarterly reports with so-called accomplishments. She was on a mission to trim the sails to make way for more profitable innovations that actually benefited society.

Lena smiled at the nickname Jess had given the man. She wondered what other nicknames she had for other people, namely Kara and Supergirl. “Quite frankly I haven’t thought past saying my dating life is none of anyone’s business.”

“Oh,” Jess hedged. “I’m sorry if I overstepped.”

“Don’t be ridiculous. I know you're looking out for me. Besides, you’re the catalyst behind... recent developments.” 


“If you hadn’t told me about all that ruckus online, I may not have confronted my own thoughts about those... recent developments.”

“I see.” Why can’t she just say ‘my love life’? 

Jess noticed that her boss seemed to glow these days. She was smoother around the edges and less likely to bite someone’s head off. Even executives who pranced around like they were God’s gift to women (as if her boss should be the one kissing their asses, not the other way around) didn’t ruffle her feathers the way they normally would. But like the champion fencer she was, the CEO would cut them to the quick with cleverness and cunning, moving on to the next assailant on her schedule without so much as batting an eyelash. And then a certain blonde would come in bearing a baggie of Big Belly Burgers and Jess could swear there were eye hearts flashing on Miss Luthor’s face, accepting her portion as if it was a black velvet box. 

Jess once caught her smiling—smiling!—at her laptop screen with a dreamy sigh, which she had closed immediately, blushing when she realized her assistant had entered the room. Jess had also seen her behind her desk staring into space, chin in hand with a far off look and a dopey grin. Then there were meetings where the CEO tried to check her vibrating phone like a ninja, sneaking glances at incoming text messages and masking her reactions. However, Jess could tell from the way her boss would frown and press her lips together that she was feigning attention to whoever was blathering about in the meeting room, what with manicured fingers tapping the tabletop right next to her phone. 

Does Supergirl even carry a phone? Actually, it was probably Miss Danvers. 

“In any case,” Jess told Lena, “since you’re a high-profile figure in National City, shouldn’t Paul the Publicist at least have something official prepared just in case?”

“It’s his job to spin ‘none of your business’ into something more palatable for the masses. Besides, Paul really should be focusing on company related matters, not on rumors about my personal life.”

“Right,” Jess replied, “but you’re the face of the company. News about you can affect L-Corp.” 

Lena huffed. “You seem rather invested in this.”

“N-no, not at all. I’m just curious. People are relentless in their speculation. I’m simply looking out for your best interest.” It was true. Jess was invested in Lena’s happiness, and if that included one or two particular ladies in her life, why not?

“I think it’s safe to say that I’m actively dating. That much is obvious. He can tell them Supergirl, Kara Danvers and I are just friends.”

Just friends?” Jess gaped in disbelief. Woops, she didn’t mean to say that out loud, but her boss merely smiled. She seems to keep doing that lately. Good for her! Her boss deserved to be happy after all, but... Just friends, my ass. 

The frequent lunch dates with Miss Danvers and remnants of lipstick smudges on her face said otherwise. As for the hero, Jess suspected that Supergirl probably took her boss home on nights when Lena didn’t call for her driver, calls which technically Jess made for her. On those nights when Jess would check in before leaving the office, she would find the Lair empty, laptop and purse nowhere in sight, and yet Miss Luthor’s perfume lingered in front of the door to the balcony.

“Let them speculate.” Lena shrugged as they finally reached her office. “People will do so regardless.”


Making Whoopee

It came as a surprise to Lena how quickly they fell into bed. This wasn’t a casual fling after all. Even Jack had to woo her for years. Then again, in Kara’s case they had already forged a friendship before breaching into new territory. Admittedly Lena harbored lust for Kara along the way, as did Kara for her. After dancing around their attraction for so long, it amused her how it took rumors to force them into breaking their stalemate. And after their confessions, the flood gates crumbled and things escalated into a fevered pitch. It was only time—less than a week really—before she finally surrendered to Kara Zor-El’s charms. It was like getting sucked into a level five hurricane, with clothes shredded and flying across the room, furniture crashing, bed frames breaking, till Lena was tossed back out from the whirlwind completely wrecked and sore in the best possible way, with a huge smile on her face. 

Another surprise was the fact that Kara preferred to be in control, which made sense for a super powered being, and while Lena liked to think she herself was an equal opportunity lover, she relished being at Kara’s mercy. Still, she would never admit to being a pillow princess and wanted to devise ways to somehow even out the playing field. 

She knew about the red sun’s effects on Kryptonians thanks to Lex’s attempts to destroy Superman. Kara told her about yellow and red sun grenades. That was the day Lena found out about a clandestine organization called the DEO, which Alex was a part of and which assisted Supergirl in locating renegade aliens. To her ever-increasing delight, Kara was also a fountain of information for advanced sciences and technologies Lena only ever dreamed of. 

“Darling,” Lena said during a break in their bedroom festivities in Kara’s loft, “I would really prefer to surprise you, but if you help me, together we can figure it out sooner.”

Kara was lying on her side next to Lena, leaning on her elbow with her head on an upturned palm. She caressed the expanse of skin before her, glistening with sweat from their exertions. “So basically, you want to develop technology so I can rail you properly without killing you?”

“You’re so romantic.” Lena laughed, throwing an arm over her face, which felt like a furnace. "But essentially, yes.”

“Well I guess. I’m just a lowly reporter. I don’t even know what quantum entanglement means.”  

Lena groaned. “I still can’t believe I bought it when you pretended not to know!”

“You’re more gullible than you think.” Kara smirked as the pillow that struck her face exploded into a cloud of synthetic down feathers. Brushing said feathers off their bodies and blowing the rest off the bed, she continued, “In the meantime I’ll give you as many orgasms as you can handle while you wait.”

“Lucky me.”

“Oh yes, you are definitely getting lucky again soon.” But instead of another full-frontal assault, Kara gently leaned down to press the softest kiss on Lena’s lips. She pulled back to gaze lovingly at her lover. “Believe me when I say I get so turned on, I come from just watching, hearing and feeling you fall apart in my arms. You don’t need to go through all that trouble.”

“I want to make love to you, too. Implosions are nice and all, but I also want full blown explosions.” Lena caressed Kara’s cheek. “And I want you to not worry so much about hurting me. I love that you’re gentle and sweet, but sometimes I just want you to throw me down and have your way with me without furniture splintering.”

“That does sound mighty appealing. Not the having to buy new furniture.”

“But if you insist, mmm.” Lena bit her lip and raked blunt nails on Kara’s shoulders. “I wouldn’t mind if you give me some more of your Lucky Charms.”

“Oh Rao!” Kara guffawed. “And you say I’m bad!”

“I love it when you’re bad.” Winking, Lena pushed down on Kara’s shoulders. “Now get to work.”

“Yes, ma’am!”


Something I Didn’t Know

“Tell me something I don’t know about you,” Kara asked, petting Lena’s hair while they gazed at the stars through Lena’s bedroom window. Lena adjusted her head on Kara’s bare shoulder, nestling their naked bodies closer beneath the sheets.

“Hmm.” Lena pondered, hand burrowing between Kara’s breasts. “I beat Lex at chess when I was four, and have since then.”

“Ha! I bet that drove him nuts.”

“Definitely a sore spot for him.”

“That’s adorable! Wish I could have seen that.”

Lena stuck her fist out, her middle and forefingers in a vee near her eye. “I be smart, yo.” Lena smiled when Kara snickered. “Okay, your turn.”

Kara looked back at her Midvale days with Alex. “I solved calculus equations when I was four.”

Lena’s jaw fell. “What!”

Kara shrugged at her gaping lover. “We had higher curriculum standards in Krypton.”

Lena wondered exactly what those standards were. Kara had mentioned her father was a renowned scientist on their planet after all. “I wish you had shown me this nerdy side of you sooner.”

“I did. Just not in the way you expected I guess.”

“Excuse you,” Lena scoffed, “dork and nerd are not in the same class.”


Lena stuck her tongue out before nestling back on Kara’s shoulder. She felt compelled to step up her game after that. “I designed my own jet. Built it to fly itself and make me fresh coffee. It has military-grade stealth capabilities and even a self-cleaning toilet.”

“Impressive! That must make business travels convenient.”

“And comfortable. It’s a lot safer than most planes.” Lena grinned like a Cheshire cat, convinced that that would be hard to beat. “Your turn.”

“Let’s see.” Kara chewed on her lower lip. “I’ve taken day trips to other planets in my home world.”

Lena pulled back again. “Okay, now you’re just rubbing it in.” 



“What? I arrived here in a space pod built for two people, like riding a car in space. It was very common in our star system.”

“And here we are, primitive humans who can only go to the moon.”

“Slow pokes.”

Lena poked Kara’s nose. “I obviously do not represent the slower masses.” 

“Of course not, but you guys will get there eventually. Maybe in a hundred years or so.”

“Whatever.” Lena wasn’t sure why she felt affronted on behalf of Earth. It’s not like she didn’t have the brains or the means to help humanity in advancing technology. That was her life’s work after all. And now she had access to an actual alien with superior technologies, who may possibly be a closeted genius. “I have many questions about space travel.”

“Another time, Einstein, because we won’t get any sleep if you start now.”

“Hmph.” Lena conceded. Her lover knew her too well. They did need to get up early tomorrow. Still, it excited her that they reached a new level of things to talk about. She couldn’t wait to find out how much Kara knew that she herself knew nothing about, or at the very least to discover common areas that they could geek out on. “I don’t think I can beat space travel.”

Kara chortled. “It’s not a competition.”

“You make it sound like one. Stop bragging.”

“I am not! I just... want you to think I’m super cool.”

“I already think you’re cool.” Lena smirked. “For a dork.”

Kara rolled them over. “I can make you see stars.”

“Can you now?” Lena husked, spreading her thighs as Kara settled in between. She moaned when Kara began to nibble along her neck, hands ghosting along the curves of her body, heating up with the promise of more pleasure. So much for sleep, she thought, but she didn’t mind one bit.

“Mm-hmm,” Kara breathed into her mouth, flicking her tongue on her lower lip. “Let me show you.”


Yes, Dear

Movie or TV nights were still a staple in their relationship. Sometimes the days were too draining for them to do anything more than snuggle on the couch after dinner. Neither minded. Snuggling became a favorite pastime for both. For Lena, that was saying a lot.

“I noticed you like to call me ‘darling’.”

“Hmm?” Lena was so relaxed she almost didn’t hear the comment. “Is that a problem?”

“Oh no, I love it! I just wondered what to call you because ‘babe’ and ‘sweetie’ and all that—they’re just too commonplace. So I did some research.”


“On Irish terms of endearment. How would you like it if I called you mo ghrá?” Kara asked, watching Lena’s mouth fall open in surprise and delight. “Did I say that right, like ‘graw’?”

“Yes.” Lena’s heart thudded. “It means ‘my dear’ or ‘my love’.”

“You are so special to me, mo ghrá.” 

Tears welled in Lena’s eyes. No one since her birth mother had called her something in Irish to show affection. It was such a simple thing to hear yet it meant so much. Kara had a knack for making her melt with the most innocent, random comments. Before, Lena struggled to reign in the way she felt inside so she could sit upright with dignity, but now she felt like her body could openly turn into slush and cascade to the floor.

“Then I shall call you mo chroí.” 

“Mo what?” 

Mo chroí,” Lena spelled it out. “Pronounced ‘kree’. It means ‘my heart’ or ‘my treasure’.”

Kara’s eyes lit up. “I like that.”

“I like you... mo chroí.”

Kara held her gaze for a long moment, lips trembling. She brushed her lips against Lena’s. “And I love you... mo ghrá. More than you could possibly imagine.” 

Lena felt the wind get knocked out of her, and a lone tear slid down her cheek. Her heart felt like it was swelling so much that it might just burst. She opened her mouth but no words came.

“You don’t have to say it back now,” Kara whispered, her thumb tracing along Lena’s lower lip. “I just want you to know how I feel. How I’ve been feeling for so long.”

Regaining her faculties, Lena threw herself around Kara. “I do love you, mo chroí... Sooo much!” 


The Invisible You

It was different now, knowing that her lover was far more than just Kara Danvers and Supergirl combined. Kara Zor-El tended to show certain aspects of her true self depending on the situation and the people she interacted with. The woman who held her, however, showed qualities and facets very few knew about. So far, Lena found that Kara Zor-El was in fact both serious and goofy, commanding and yet allowed herself to bend to people’s whims, or at least to the people she’s closest to. Whereas Alex is Kara’s sister and closest confidant, Lena got to know Kara as only a lover would, and that made her feel unique and truly special. 

“What is it like for you to play different roles in public?” Lena asked while lounging in her spacious bath tub. Kara sat behind her, soaping up every body part within reach in slow motion for the umpteenth time, insisting that Lena’s body required rigorous inspection just to be sure it was 100% clean. And that included kisses along her neck and shoulders, because ‘Kryptonian lips can clean just well as Kryptonian hands’.

“We all do that, don’t we?” Kara replied, her voice echoing slightly along the bathroom walls. “You play the role of CEO, but you’re also a scientist and engineer. You’re a sister, a daughter, a friend, my lover. You have special qualities and talents. You are the sum of all those parts and so much more.”

“True, but I’m not an alien in a human world or a superhero disguised as a reporter.”

“I wish I could just be myself, that I could just walk out as Kara Zor-El and not have to use personas or a cape.” Kara sighed, leaning her head against Lena’s. “Since I arrived on Earth I was told over and over again not to show my powers. I was forced to repress myself, Lena. It was painful and... lonely.” 

“But you had Superman.”

“My cousin was too busy doing his own thing.”

Lena picked up on the resentment behind the words, masked behind sadness and disappointment. It was not a combination one would expect from someone well known for her benevolence and good cheer, but Lena knew the sentiment well. She filed it away for later exploration. 

“Sometimes I really resent pretending to be human. I don’t think I’m very good at it.”

Lena wanted to say that millions of humans weren’t very good at it either, including herself, but she remained silent. 

“I didn’t mean for it to happen, for Danvers to become a caricature of how I thought humans should see me. I found out the hard way how cruel young humans can be. If you’re too smart, didn’t wear the right clothes, or didn’t do what the cool kids do, then you’re not worth noticing. So I made Danvers appear awkward and inferior to others so she could stay under the radar. I just didn’t expect the kind of treatment I would get or how much lonelier I would feel.”

“But you’re so good at being a dork. You mean to say that’s all fake?”

Kara giggled, poking Lena’s side and making her squeak. “Alright, I’ll give you that. Since I’ve had to live as Danvers for a long time, some of that rubbed off on me.”

“I’m just teasing you. I can’t even imagine how isolated you must have felt. An alienated alien... I’m sorry.” She received a gentle squeeze. “The cool kids of every generation have a habit of ostracizing people they deem unworthy. It’s ironic because as much as people don’t want to be confined by societal norms and prejudices, people self-generate those norms and prejudices from a very young age. It doesn’t matter to them how wonderful you are, and the cycle continues into adulthood.”

“Someone’s bitter.”

“Just a tad.”

“That’s why I fight for the downtrodden and the hopeless. Fight the bullies and empower the bullied to fight back. Except now the bullies are bigger and badder and keep finding ways to kill me.”

“Sometimes I wish my bullies are out in the open like yours. My enemies hide behind their wealth and prestige. They scheme, play politics, and pay others to do their dirty work. They can even get away with murder.”

“Good point, which is why you amaze me. You may not have superpowers yet you’re so resourceful and always find a way to come out on top.” Kara felt Lena squeezing her forearms, knowing she wasn't used to receiving compliments, but Kara pressed forward. “When I met you, I was floored by how you seemed to have it all. You’re beautiful and glamorous, you’re wealthy but you don’t flaunt it—”

“Old money doesn’t need to flaunt.”

“—You’re sexy smart, and you’re respected for it—”

“They don’t respect me in other ways.”

“—You’re in charge of a family business, a family you didn’t choose and despite how people try to bring you down, you soldier on to build a legacy for yourself, to make the world a better place.” 

Lena felt her cheeks burn. She felt like splashing some cold water on herself. These were all things she longed to hear, and yet she found them hard to accept, even from the noblest person she knew. “You’ve always believed in me. I don’t know why.”

Kara wrapped her arms around Lena, placing a hand over where her heart pulsed. “Because somehow I just knew you have a really big heart and a beautiful soul. I have a soft spot for people who are intentionally invisible yet want to be seen.”

Lena tilted her head to catch Kara’s eye. “I’m not following.”

“So there’s the person you project that the world sees, right?” Lena nodded. “Then there’s the person you protect from being seen, and therefore invisible on purpose.”


“Yet deep down you actually want to be seen and heard. To be understood. Recognized. Accepted.” Silence. “Behind impenetrable walls, that Lena is pure, except she’s been hurt and doesn’t want to be vulnerable. I badly wanted to meet that Lena, because you’re a kindred spirit. So I kept chipping away at your walls until you let me in.”

Tears welled up in Lena’s eyes. She replied in a small voice, “I’m glad you did.”

“Thank you for letting me see the invisible you. And now you can see the invisible me.” Kara kissed her cheek. “I accept you for you, Lena. Warts and all.”

Lena turned around and huffed. “I do not have warts!” Her entire body softened, eyes shining with unshed tears as she cradled Kara’s smiling face in her hands. “I accept you, too, warts and all.” She leaned forward and kissed Kara’s lips gently. “Thank you, mo chroí, for being my lover and my friend.”

Best friend. With benefits.” 

Lena chuckled when Kara waggled her brows. “Apparently with more benefits than I thought were possible.”

“I love you, mo ghrá.”

Lena didn’t think she could ever get used to hearing Kara say those words. She could never tire of them. “I love you more, mo chroí.”

“I super love you! Like, out of this world love you.”

Lena laughed, booping her lover’s nose. “How about you show me some of those benefits when we’re done here, hmm?”

“Right away!”


The Benefits of Cuddling

Kara floated into her loft past the glass doors, setting Lena gently in front of the couch. She was grateful for nights with low criminal activity. That night she had picked up Lena from her office at 8:00 PM and made sure to feed her. She shouldn’t have to be some sort of aerial Uber, but if that was what it took to get her beloved home, then a superhero must do it to save her poor, starving, stressed out corporate damsel from her own tower. Before she could super speed to change into comfortable clothes and bring out extras, her lover tugged on her cape.

“Wait,” Lena murmured, “I want to cuddle with you for a bit.”

Kara’s eyebrows perked up in interest. “Your wish is my command, Miss Luthor.” 

Smiling, Lena pushed her down on the couch, which was like trying to push a tank. Kara humored her, however, softening as she let herself fall backward. Lena climbed aboard, sat crosswise on her lap, laid her head on her shoulder and embraced her like a lifeline. Kara felt as if she was holding Lena in her arms like when they were flying, only now she was able to hug Lena’s torso while ensconced on the couch. She hummed in contentment, resting her head on top of Lena’s.

Lena closed her eyes and took a deep breath, releasing it slowly till her body deflated. She had never felt safer or more loved than when she was here in Kara’s arms. Because she grew up deprived of physical affection, at some point she became convinced that perhaps it wasn’t something she needed or even deserved. Then Kara came along with a daily dose of affection, increasing in frequency until she experienced withdrawals when Kara was not around. It was a secret craving that started with casual, innocent touches. Then came all the hugs, looping arms when they walked, grabbing hands to get dragged somewhere, and best of all—Kara introduced her to the joys of cuddling. She couldn’t remember ever being cuddled by anyone other than her birth mother, and now she knew for certain that she could not live without it. It was an addiction that Kara happily encouraged. It spoke of tenderness, compassion and acceptance, and with every little touch Lena allowed herself to be vulnerable a little bit more each day, safe in the arms of a goddess who inspired devotion.

“I’ve been looking forward to this since morning,” Lena whispered, burrowing into Kara’s neck. 

“And yet you stayed late at work.”

“You can blame the sexist pigs who dragged me into back-to-back meetings,” Lena grumbled. “All those legal contracts. Slimy lawyers. I barely get any real work done.”

Kara knew ‘real work’ meant working at the lab, where Lena was happiest in her castle. “My poor baby. I don’t know how you put up with those meanies.” Kara squeezed her arms around her love and planted a kiss on her forehead. She suspected there was a pout hidden from this angle. “Who’s been messing with my cuddle bunny?”

“Cuddle bunny?”

“Yeah, you’re my Playboy bunny, only super cuddly.” Kara grinned at Lena, who tilted her head back and simply raised an eyebrow. Kara amended, “My super smart cuddle bunny!” Kara kissed Lena’s nose. “I can beat up your corporate bullies for you if you want.”

Lena snorted. “I’d like to see you do that as sweet and bubbly Kara Danvers.”

“Hmm.” Kara twisted her lips as if thinking. “I can poke them in the eye with a pencil, then slap them with a notepad. For starters.”

Lena shook with laughter. “I didn’t realize the mild-mannered reporter could be so violent.”

“Fine. I can kill them with kindness.”

“They don’t even deserve that.”

“They definitely don’t deserve you.”

Lena melted, knowing without a doubt that Kara meant every word. It warmed her heart, which overflowed with affection. She grasped the back of Kara’s nape and pressed their lips firmly together, hoping it would convey what words could not. When they parted, she murmured, “I don’t deserve you.”

“You deserve all the love in the world, and I am its vessel.”

“You’re so smooth.” Lena smiled, caressing the side of her lover’s face. “I still can’t believe I missed out on this all this time.”

“My bad. I’m making up for it, aren’t I?”

“Mmm, keep at it and you might get lucky.” Lena’s eyes twinkled. Kara didn’t take the bait, but she was okay with that. The night was young. They sat in silence some more, and while Kara hummed and caressed her back, Lena toyed with the cape. She realized it had not been that long since Kara came out to the world as Supergirl. “Was it a relief when you started wearing the cape?” 

“It was liberating to finally use my abilities, to use them for good and to help people. But now I have to hide my identity extra hard. I have to be more vigilant for the people who know my secret. I especially worry for your safety, Miss I-Have-Quarterly-Assassination-Attempts. Especially now with all the speculation about us.”

Lena rolled her eyes. “I told you, I’m used to being a target. I have been since before we met.”  

“Please just be extra careful.” 

“I do take precautions and have security detail. And best of all I have you,” Lena whispered into Kara’s mouth. They traded kisses for a little while, taking their time, simply enjoying each other’s embrace. The kisses slowed to a natural stop, and once again they sat in comfortable silence. 

For some reason Lena’s curiosity about her lover’s superhero persona would not go away, so she couldn’t help ask, “Is there anything you don’t like about being Supergirl?”

“Besides the ‘girl’ in Supergirl that Cat Grant still insists is completely acceptable since she named me?” Kara rolled her eyes. “It feels lonely sometimes. People either hate me or put me on a pedestal. It’s like I’m not even a real person, just someone expected to save the day even though I can’t be everywhere at once.”

“You’re so serious when you put on the cape.” Lena teased, which earned a scoff. 

“Not in the beginning. I was a little bit like day job Kara at first—friendly, a little goofy, but then people didn’t take me seriously. Wolves only respond to the alpha. So, I had to be a lot more commanding and assertive.”

“That’s such a turn on for me.” Lena traced the skin on Kara’s collarbone.

“Oh yeah?” 

“Mm-hmm. I love it when you take charge.” Lena’s gaze smoldered, locking eyes with Kara. She licked her lips.

Taking the hint, Kara nudged Lena closer, who happily leaned in, sighing as their lips met once more. Lena loved the way Kara kissed her, the way she took her time worshipping Lena with lips and tongue. Sure, Lena had had her fair share of make out sessions, but she had never experienced such sensuality that made her body tingle all over like this. She squirmed as Kara’s hand crawled underneath her skirt and caressed her inner thighs, covered by a sheer silk pantyhose. 

When she reached the apex between Lena’s legs, Kara’s breath hitched. “No panties today?”

“You only noticed just now?” Lena licked Kara’s lower lip. “You can tear off my pantyhose if you want.”

“I want.” Kara groaned into her mouth. “You naughty girl. Let’s get you naked first.”

Lena stood up, putting on a show as she slowly unbuttoned her silky red blouse, parting it to reveal a black and red, satin and lace bra, leaving it on for Kara to admire up close. She shimmied out of her black pencil skirt, leaving her red pumps on. She stuck her thumbs into the waistband of her pantyhose, pulling it down an inch, biting her lip with a wink.

“Come here, you tease.’” Kara pulled Lena astride her thighs. “It turns me on so much when you straddle me.”

“I noticed.” 

Lena sighed in pleasure as Kara ran her hands up and down her bare sides and traveled up her back, caressing, squeezing, massaging. Kara loved how in this position, Lena’s breasts were literally in her face. So naturally she dipped her face between them, cupping them and nuzzling her cleavage along the cup edges that curved diagonally across each breast. Kara claimed her lips once again, and Lena could sense the barely leashed passion underneath as Kara leaned her head back and looked deep into Lena’s eyes. 

“You have the sexiest collarbones I’ve ever seen. I used to fantasize about them.” Kara traced the shadows and contours with her lips and tongue. Meanwhile her hands traveled to stroke her satin and lace covered breasts. Her hands switched direction and drifted to Lena’s thighs and then to the fleshy globes of her ass, squeezing them.

Her tongue traced porcelain skin where it met lace like she had all the time in the world. Lena moaned when her teeth dragged down one edge to uncover a nipple, which hardened and ached for attention. Kara wrapped her mouth around it, pulling and suckling gently, then gave the other nipple the same treatment. Lena felt herself sinking into mindless rapture. Though it wasn’t lost on her that a goddess who can tear airplanes apart with her bare hands could be so gentle, able to leash her control just to focus on Lena’s pleasure. It made Lena so wet she was probably oozing through the hosiery down Kara’s lap.

Lena gasped, tugging at Kara’s hair when her bra loosened from their hooks and was tossed to the floor. Her lover commenced showering kisses on both breasts, holding them like they were the most precious of jewels, caressing one while laving the other.

“Kara,” Lena moaned, needing more.

Kara nudged her to get up on her knees. She brushed kisses down towards Lena’s navel. Without preamble, Kara ripped the pantyhose to leave a gaping hole, wide enough to access where Lena glistened. Her mouth watered at the sight.

“Hang on to me,” Kara instructed as she placed her hands on Lena’s ass and lifted until her hips were at eye level. “Legs over my shoulders.”

Lena gasped, eager to comply. Kara’s displays of strength always made her gush like a river between her thighs. She knew she didn’t have to worry about falling, that the hero could easily support her since she weighed next to nothing compared to a submarine. Kara held Lena’s back in her hand and the other under her bottom to steady her, then pulled Lena closer and went to town.

“Ohhh, yes!” Lena shuddered and hung onto Kara’s head. 

“Sooo luscious.” Lick. “Juicyyy.” Suck. “Mmmmph.”

God.” Lena whimpered. Even Kara’s voice sent chills up her spine. “Feels so good!” 

She felt like she was losing her mind as Kara worshipped at her altar. Her tongue—dear God, that tongue—licked her like she was the best ice cream cone Kara had ever tasted, sometimes savoring her with wet kisses, sometimes strumming her like a string. Lena vibrated with pleasure to the tips of her fingers and toes. Sometimes Kara painted random patterns along her folds, swiping in circles or from side to side, then spent long moments sluicing up and down with her tongue flat and wide. Finally Kara’s tongue settled on a pattern and danced in a rhythm that yielded the loudest and longest noises. Then she wrapped her mouth on her clit and suckled.

With a hoarse cry, Lena rocked her hips, riding Kara’s face and smearing it with her juices as she hung on for dear life. Her breath released in staccato bursts, her body flushed all over. 

“God, I’m so close!” 

“Mmmmm,” Kara’s throat rumbled, sending chills rippling all over Lena’s body.

“Yesss. Fuck! I’m—Oh god. Kara!”

It didn’t stop there. Kara continued till Lena screamed into another climax. Before Lena could collapse backwards, Kara stood, supporting Lena till she leaned her against the nearest wall, legs still draped over Kara’s shoulders. The tongue lashing resumed, not that Lena would complain, no sir. She had never had a lover as patient and loving and eager to please. Or who had superior stamina. 

Kara touched her everywhere her hands could reach. They caressed Lena’s thighs and her ass while her mouth labored and savored. Fingers traveled up her sides... roamed to her breasts, squeezing gently, massaging, tweaking the nipples to the rhythm of her tongue, licking away ceaselessly, her appetite for Lena unsated. She was scrumptious, addictive, and Kara wanted more, more of her taste, more moans, more skin, more everything . Lena was everything.

Three more orgasms later, Lena was carried to the kitchen table. Reeling, breathing deeply, she sagged when her butt met the smooth, cold surface. “Time out,” she rasped. “Thirsty.”

Chuckling, Kara wiped her face and fetched a cold glass of water. As Lena drank, Kara grabbed a lidded pitcher of water and sped to the bedroom, placing it on the nightstand. Then she took off her clothes and sped back to the kitchen. She set her arms on the table on either side of Lena, who sat looking dazed but satisfied. Lena wrapped herself around Kara, planting kisses all over her face.

“You’re amazing. Super, even.” She giggled, something she didn’t think she was capable of doing. She felt like floating in a cloud of ecstasy. “I don’t think I’ve had as many orgasms just from oral sex until you.”

Kara preened, proud as a peacock. “There’s more where that came from.”  

“How are you so good at that?”

Kara shrugged. “I just listen to your body, the way you move when I do something you really like. And the sounds you make. Rao. Music to my ears. I could come just from listening to you moan. And the way you taste.” Kara licked her lips. “Like the sweetest nectar. I salivate just thinking about you creaming my face.”

Lena didn’t consider herself as someone who embarrassed easily, but Kara’s words made her entire body blush. “Stop,” she whined, letting the word trail off.

Grinning, Kara leaned in to press a kiss. “Drink some more. The night’s still young.”

“You’re insatiable. Yay me.” Her arms slid around Kara’s shoulders to hold herself up. She felt like purring and rubbing against Kara’s body. So, she did. 

“It’s all your fault,” Kara feigned a complaint. “You’re too sexy for your own good.” Kara expelled her breath, loving the way her lover writhed against her. “Mmm, you’re my catnip and I can’t resist you even if I tried.”

Lena sighed, her face nearly splitting from the compliment. “You’re so good for my ego. You should be my publicist.” 

“You should be proud. You’re getting serviced by the last daughter of Krypton.”

Lena giggled yet again while Kara pulled her ass toward the edge of the table, entering her with two fingers with the grace of a tiger. 

“I love the way you feel against me, pressed against my body,” Kara whispered along her neck, lips ghosting along the skin while her fingers caressed Lena’s walls. “I love the way you feel against my fingers. Tight yet slippery, urging me to tunnel in, to find that sweet spot aching for my touch.” 

Lena moaned, craving more force and speed, still unused to such tenderness. It gave her too much time to feel too vulnerable, even though deep down she knew she was safe in her lover’s arms. Sex had never been like this before, never been this raw. She just had to let go. Yet she was terrified to unbox herself and allow herself to feel. Kara made her feel so much. Feel the way rain would pour down until it soaked through her clothes and clung to her skin, as if seeping through her pores. 

“When you quiver inside, squeezing my fingers like a velvet glove,” Kara continued her sensual serenade, “it’s like you’re hugging me and can’t let go. But see, I won’t let you go.” 

Can you read my mind? Lena wondered deliriously. Kara’s languid movements punctuated her heartfelt promises. Lena hung onto every word like a vice.

“I’ll keep coming back to you. Inside you. So you can keep coming for me. I love watching you come, making you shatter. It’s so beautiful, Lena. You’re so beautiful.” 


“If only you knew what it’s like to hear how your heart races. Like a wild metronome when I get you so worked up.” Kara’s other hand massaged Lena’s breasts, veed fingers trapping puckered nipples one after the other. “I can hear your muscles twitching, like electricity sizzling all over your body. Nerve signals flashing like thunder across the sky. And when you come it’s like a million fireworks exploding in technicolor.”

“Ohhhh!” It was getting hard to breathe. Lena clawed at Kara’s back, her forehead slumping on shoulder muscles that flexed and bunched, all for the sake of giving her pleasure.

“It feels so good, Lena. It’s only this good because I love you so much.” Kara held her, kissed along her jaw, pumping at a steady pace, gradually increasing in intensity. “I would do anything for you.” She kissed her cheek. “Give you anything you want.” Her brow. “Make you come so many times. Do you want that?”

“Oh God. Yes!

“Look at me. Do you want to come for me?”

Lena could barely keep her eyes open. “Yesss. Yes!” 

“I want that, too. I need it.” Her fingers vibrated. “Come for me, my love. Do it.”

And just like that, she was coming. Clenching. Gushing. “Ohhhhh, God!”

“That’s it. So beautiful.”

Lena draped her whole body around Kara, her anchor in a raging tempest. Quaking, shivering, hips pulsing to a beat as old as time. She felt lost in a sea of ecstasy, but Kara was there to keep her afloat. Lena let go. Let herself feel. Let Kara’s warmth envelop her with the purest love and devotion. 

She had no idea how long she screamed. How long her body convulsed. How tightly she clung to the woman she loved like no other. But she knew that she wept and soaked Kara’s shoulders with her tears. Tears that washed away the pain long buried in boxes because she let herself dare to believe that she was deserving. Worthy.

Mo ghrá, are you okay?” Kara swayed them gently from side to side when Lena’s body finally calmed, petting Lena’s hair with her dry hand.

“More than okay.”

Kara pulled back to see for herself and was met with a tearful smile. “You had me worried.”

Lena sniffled. “Tears of joy.” 

“I guess that means I don’t have to ask.”

“Ask what?”

Kara leered. “Was it good for you?”

Lena felt like her bones and internal organs had collapsed and turned into dust, leaving only a husk made of skin and sweat. Suddenly, laughter bubbled and burst, washing away the last of her self-doubt. 

“What?” Kara asked.

Lena beamed at her. “Can’t you tell? Or are you fishing for compliments?”

“Just making sure, because it’s not over yet. Gotta make sure I get consistent high ratings.” Kara carried her, still perched like a koala, and lay her precious cargo on the bed, under the covers. She crawled next to her love. 

“Want some water?” Kara waggled her brows.

Lena could get used to surrendering indeed.


Chapter Text

Review of Irish terms of endearment:

Mo ghrá (‘moh ‘graw’): ‘my love’ or ‘my dear’ - what Kara calls Katie, er, Lena

Mo chroí (‘moh kree’): ‘my heart’ or ‘my treasure’ - what Lena calls Kara



They Say the Women Treat You Fine on Broadway 
~ "On Broadway" by George Benson 

L-Corp tower, morning, a month later

Lena groaned when she took off her high heels. They were such a necessary evil, just another weapon to wield in corporate power plays. In many ways, sex was ultimately about power, and wearing just the right clothes and shoes elevated one’s sex appeal. Granted, she knew a truly powerful woman didn’t need to resort to using her sex appeal to get her way, but it certainly didn’t hurt. If nothing else, feeling sexy enhanced her dominance. 

So, as much as it pained her to wear high heels for hours, she couldn’t deny their effect, especially on Kara. If wearing them ensured her lover’s undivided attention, then the pain was worth it. Kara rarely agonized over heels since most of the time she chose supportive and comfortable shoes for herself. However, Kara was a fan of Lena wearing pumps and stilettos. 

Lena’s mind drifted to a moment from a few nights ago.

“Anything that encourages you to walk like a runway model is a plus in my book,” Kara said while she knelt, nibbling down a bare leg. “Hips swaying like a pendulum, mm-hmm.”

“So, they hypnotize you,” Lena rasped, writhing naked on an armchair, clad only in red Manolo Blahnik stilettos, one leg dangling over Kara’s shoulder. Gasping in pleasure, her back arched. “Duly noted.”

Suddenly thirsty, she padded barefoot to the wet bar to fetch a drink. She smiled at the pitcher of water. I could use some water. The word ‘water’ became their code word for sex, which made for some entertaining public conversations and racy text messages during work hours. She poured some of the cold liquid into a glass. As an afterthought, she took a selfie while holding the glass up, licking her lips in another shot for good measure, then headed back to her desk fully intending to send a selfie to her paramour.

“Miss Luthor,” Jess announced on the intercom just then, “I have Miss Arias on line one. Shall I patch her through?”

“Go right ahead.” Lena picked up after the first ring. “Samantha Arias, as I live and breathe! Such an honor to be graced with your voice.”

“Oh please. I just talked to you a few days ago. Did you miss me?”

“That depends. Got any good news for me?” She heard her friend and colleague grumbling on the other line. “Why so grumpy?”

“Staring at spreadsheets and budget proposals does that. Why are you so chipper? I thought Lillian scrubbed that from your DNA?”

“Can’t a young CEO be happy once in a while?” came Lena’s retort, only to be met with silence. “Sam? Are you still th—” 

“Who are you and what have you done with Lena Luthor?” Lena laughed. “You are definitely an impostor. Lena Luthor does not laugh during work hours. Or ever.”

“I do, too!”

“Since when? And what’s this about you buying a media company? Like, what the fuck, Lena. I thought you were practically getting free press already?”

“Surely you’ve read the acquisition business plan.”

“Yeah, yeah, now spill. What do you really need to buy Catco for?”

If it were anyone else, Lena would never have admitted, albeit with some hesitation, “Morgan Edge wants to buy it.” 

Sam was well aware that Lena’s corporate battles with Edge had come to a head, prompting the CEO to buy Catco before Edge could even reach for his checkbook. Still, she couldn’t resist vexing her friend. “What is this, Monopoly? He wants Boardwalk and you want to beat him to it so you don’t have to pay any ‘luxury taxes’? What am I, the bank?”

“Close enough, oh high and mighty CFO.”

“Give me a 750 million dollar reason why I should raid the coffers and sign off on this buyout.”

Lena chewed on her lip, suddenly feeling small. “Well, Kara Danvers—” 

“Oh my God, Lena!” Sam screeched.

Lena winced, holding the phone away for a moment. “What? I haven’t even said anything.”

“You’re buying this for her!

“I said no such thing. Besides, you don’t even know her.”

“Not yet. Not until you introduce me to your girlfriend. By the way, thanks a lot for not telling me. I had to find out from Ruby.” 


“Social media, dumbass. Supercorp? KaraLena? And what the fuck, SuperKaraLena? Girl, are you really in a three-way?”

“Shhh! Someone might hear you.”

“Aha, I knew it!”

“I didn’t realize you paid attention to the media circus.”

“Oh please. As if you can stop kids from seeing or hearing things even if you ban them from the internet. I didn’t even know what the hell a hashtag was until Ruby edumacated her hip mother. So, is any of it true?”

Lena and Kara had agreed a while back to only share specific truths. Lena and Supergirl could handle the media frenzy, but Kara Danvers needed to remain as close to inconspicuous as she could to keep her secret identity and the people close to her safe.

“It’s true that I’m dating them both.” Lena grinned at the private joke. 

“You slut!”

“Pssh! Don’t shame me for something you’re jealous of.”

“I’m a one lover kinda gal, but that’s just not fair. No wonder you’re obnoxiously happy. You’re getting railed by two hotties. Two! You greedy bitch. Save some for the rest of us.”

“It’s not my fault that they both chose me.”

“And you couldn’t pick just one? I gotta hand it to you, though. A Super with a Luthor! How’d that even happen? Are you sure she’s not a trophy girlfriend or a fake one?”

“Oh, stop. It’s real. She’s incredible.”

“In bed, I’m sure. I want details, stat!” 

Lena scoffed. “That’s none of your business, wench.”

“Hmph. Clearly you have a thing for blonde beefcakes. I saw the gym pics of you and Kara. I never would have guessed what’s under the geeky facade.”

“That’s part of her charm.”

“Tell her to show off her hot bod more. Wear tight eye candy outfits. In fact, just buy them for her and put them in her closet.” 

“Sam!” Lena sighed, her patience thinning by the second. Granted, it was an excellent idea, but she kept that to herself. 

“Fine. Does she have any siblings?”

“Kara has a sister. And a cousin.”

“Ooh. Are they hot?”

“They’re both taken.”

“Bummer. So, when do I get to meet your Significant Others?”

“I will introduce you once you sign off on the buyout.”

Sam drew a sharp breath. “Oh my God. Lena, is that why you’re giving me more responsibility? So you can go play with one of your girlfriends at her wheelhouse?”

“What are you talking about?”

“I know you. You’re going to traipse in and spend a lot of time there, aren’t you?”

“So?” Lena did plan to delegate some of her responsibilities to Sam. She swiveled the chair to face the window in Catco’s direction. “I want to get to know Catco’s inner workings personally.” 

“Uh-huh. So you can be hands-on? With a certain reporter?”

“That’s not what I said.” Lena was glad Sam couldn’t see her face and neck, which felt hot to the touch. The truth was she hoped that she and Kara could get a little handsy in the office indeed. It would be difficult to be in each other’s space without wanting some water.

“Relax, I’m just fucking with you, boss lady. I already signed off.” 

“What the hell, Sam!” The CEO could only hear laughter on the other line. 

“You’re too anal not to know what you’re doing. I just wanted to ruffle your feathers a bit. Get some laughs.”

“And they say I’m the boss bitch.”

“You are. It’s unanimous. And by the way, I haven’t seen or heard Paul the Publicist mention any specifics about your relationships, plural.” 

Lena’s eyes narrowed. “Have you been gossiping with my assistant?” 

“Who, me?” Lena could just picture the look of mock incredulity on her friend’s face. “Goodness, when would I ever find the time?”

“That’s not a denial. What are you trying to say?”

“Before you start storming your new castle, maybe it’s time to publicly confirm that you and Kara Danvers are dating. That way no one can accuse you of seducing an employee when you have already seduced her—or was it the other way around?—before you even bought the place.”

“Too busy yet you found time to check on what Paul did or didn’t say about me, huh?” Lena chuckled. “People have already seen us together. And I’ve already been to Catco a few times. To visit Kara.”

“Visiting. Riiight. Which explains the bill for the truck load of flowers you had delivered to a certain reporter as a thank you, because apparently one bouquet was not good enough.”

Lena frowned. “How did you know about that?”

“As your friendly neighborhood CFO, I have access to anything with dollar signs, duh. I can hear an abacus ticking across the country.” 

“As if you have the time to see a receipt for flowers.”

“It made quite a stir among my minions, so of course I heard about it. Next time use your personal credit card unless you want it to come across as bribery, dipshit.”

Lena huffed. “It’s work related!”

“Uh-huh. Suuure.”

“Why are you so surly? Did you not eat lunch today? Your blood sugar getting low?”

“You work me to the bone. What do you expect? And you should talk. I heard a certain reporter has to deliver lunch so you’d remember to eat.”

“You have been gossiping with Jess! Why am I relocating you here again?”

“Because I’m good with money and you love me. Plus, your tower is closer to the beach and Ruby said I could use more vitamin D.”

Lena shook her head. “I do miss you, you bitch. And sweet Ruby.”

“We miss you, too, slut. Have fun storming the new castle.”


Let Me Be Your Freedom
~ "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera

L-Corp tower, afternoon

Ever since Morgan Edge pinged in her radar, Kara had been griping about him so much that it was leaving a crinkle between her eyes. Lena was worried it might stay permanent one day. Kara was convinced that he was responsible for the submarine attack at the waterfront and was frustrated that they couldn’t find any evidence against him. Lena agreed that the man was a slippery serpent. She glanced at Kara’s lunch, left untouched on her desk while the blonde fumed and gesticulated about his intentions to buy Catco, and before she could launch into a full tirade, Lena decided to break the news.

Kara’s face shifted from irritation to surprise to glee, engulfing the CEO into a bear hug that lifted her off the ground. “I can’t believe you bought Catco!” she said, giving Lena a big kiss on the cheek.

“I can’t just leave you at Morgan’s mercy,” Lena replied, thrilled that her secret was finally out. It had been difficult to keep the news to herself while she waited for all the formalities and paperwork to get finalized. She looped her arms around Kara’s neck when she landed back on the floor, still in Kara’s arms. “Besides, I’ll get to spend more time with you. I plan to get very hands-on,” she said with a wink. “Get to know the business with you by my side.”

“Riiight.” Kara leered. “How am I supposed to get any work done with you there, hmm? You’re very distracting.”

“What do you think it’s like for me when you’re here?”

Kara chuckled. She glanced at the floor-to-ceiling double doors. “At least you have opaque, lockable doors. And an assistant who guards your office like a sentinel.”

“They can’t mess with Jess.”

“Well, on behalf of Catco, I give you my thanks.”

“Oh?” Lena raked her nails lightly on her lover’s nape. “And how exactly do you plan to give it to me?”

“Mmm.” Kara pulled her in so their bodies were flush, making Lena hum with pleasure. “The possibilities are endless.”

“I could think of one in particular.”

“Do tell.”

“I’d like you to come with me—”

“That goes without saying!”

“—to a gala. As Kara Zor-El.” 

Kara forehead wrinkled in confusion. “What do you mean? I’ve only been out as a reporter or as Supergirl.” 

Lena brushed errant strands over Kara’s ear. “You could go as Supergirl. Only, in something elegant and sexy. We can even get your house crest stitched in.”

“Tired of my hero suit?”

“Not at all. It’s just when people see you in it, they’ll assume you’re there on official hero business. For once it would be nice if you could have the night off and relax. And be glamorous while you’re at it.”

“I don’t know about ‘relaxed’ because I can already imagine getting mobbed by bored socialites.” It was different for the general public to surround Supergirl versus the wealthy. Whereas the former was very humbled and grateful for her appearance, the latter tended to treat her as a novelty or worse, like a servant with a job that didn’t require thanks. It’s not that Kara demanded their gratitude, she just didn’t want to be treated like another lackey. “Not being ‘on the job’ means I’ll have no excuse to get away and I’ll have to be polite.”

“Don’t worry, mo chroí. I’ll save you.” Lena pecked her lover on the lips. “I’ll introduce you to people you’ll appreciate speaking with.” 

“Why do I get the feeling there’s more to this?”

“It’s something I’ve fantasized about.” Lena bit her lip, waiting for that to settle in her lover’s mind. Kara loved to indulge Lena’s fantasies. “To go out there with the real you. Show off the woman I love.”

“A fantasy, huh? You should have led with that.” Kara started caressing Lena’s back. “But what do you mean by me coming as Kara Zor-El?”

“I’d like them to see that there’s more to you than just saving the world. To see you as I see you. Charming. Brilliant. Extraordinary.” When Kara eyed her with skepticism, Lena added, “You don’t have to show your true self if you don't want to, but it would really mean a lot to me if you would be my hot date.”


“Besides, it would be fun to make them all jealous and be terribly disappointed when you go home with me.”

Kara laughed. “So basically, you want a trophy girlfriend? Isn’t that what people already think I am?”

“You are the best arm candy.”

“You’re my arm candy. And eye candy.” Kara made a show of looking her up and down. “Very tasty.” She nibbled on her lover’s neck. “Mouthwatering.”

Lena gasped, eyes closing, her head leaning to the side to make room. “Is that a yes?”

“I’ll think about it.” Kara licked the pulse point, sucking lightly. “It’s really hard to think, though.”

Lena moaned, nodding. “It is.”

Kara backed them up till Lena’s butt met with the edge of her desk. “Do you have any more meetings?” she asked, planting kisses where Lena’s neck met her shoulder. “If not, I’d like to show you.” Kiss. “How grateful.” Nibble. “I am right now.” 

Lena felt lightheaded. “What about lunch?” she husked.

Kara licked her lips when she leaned back. “I have better things to eat. Or we can wait till we get home.”

Lena reached back and fumbled for the intercom button. “Jess?”

“Yes, Miss Luthor?

“Clear my schedule for the next h—” Lena’s breath hitched. Oh god. She tried not to moan out loud, but it was hard when Kara was hiking her skirt up to her waist, sliding off her panties and stroking along her sopping slit. “—For the rest of the day. I am not to be disturbed.” Before Jess could confirm, Lena crashed her mouth to Kara’s. Kara hoisted her up and Lena immediately wrapped her legs around her waist. Kara promptly locked the door then walked them over to the couch, and Lena prayed that she could keep quiet as she braced herself for the onslaught.


Black Tears on a Red Rock
~ "Black Tears" by Powderfinger

That weekend, Lena watched as Kara ran across the sand, cartwheeling and somersaulting with wild abandon. Soaking up sunlight for hours tended to make the Kryptonian akin to a toddler on a sugar rush, so Lena was content to sit back and let the blonde burn off some excess energy while she lounged in the shade with a book and spiced basil mojitos. It brought her so much joy to see Kara laughing without a care in the world, a world whose weight she often carried on her shoulders like Atlas reborn. 

Kara managed to talk her into going to the beach for the long weekend. Lena’s delicate skin was not a fan of sun exposure, but she couldn’t stand the pout and the sad puppy eyes that followed her protest. She caved in and proposed they go to her private island in the Caribbean. And though she wasn’t inclined to sit in her private jet for four hours, Kara made it worth her while by turning off her DEO phone and making love for the duration of the flight while the jet was on auto-pilot. By that point the duo had completed their Red Bang Project, as Kara called it, and Lena couldn’t wait to get the red sun lamps installed wherever she could, including her jet. She brought some portable lamps while Kara packed some toys in the name of science. Needless to say, they spent most of their time indoors. For science.

One late afternoon Lena got up from the lounge chair, secured her aviator sunglasses and wide brimmed hat and headed to the shore where Kara appeared to be putting the final touches to a sand castle and was dusting off her hands on her board shorts, sand spraying over her sunglasses and bikini top. Lena took off her sandals and sunk her feet into white sand, padding over next to the blonde. Kara beamed with pride, with her fists-on-hips hero pose, as Lena surveyed the intricacies of the sand castle she had built. They took a selfie next to it, making sure the finger-carved House of El crest on the castle keep was prominent. Kara sent it to Winn, Alex and Eliza, and to Lois for good measure. To their relief, Clark was warming up to the idea of having a Luthor over for family dinners. 

They watched the sun descend on the horizon. Hands clasped, they walked barefoot in companionable silence along the shore. Kara had always loved the sound of waves cresting and breaking, leaving saltwater fizzing and receding back into the sea. Growing up near the coastline, Kara spent time on the beach or on cliffs, which helped her to learn how to control her super hearing when she first arrived on Earth. Lena soaked up new knowledge about her love like a sponge. It meant so much to her to be entrusted with such intimate details, which she reciprocated by sharing her own life experiences.

Lena decided to bring up the upcoming gala to firm up plans of whether to attend or not. She wasn’t too keen on attending if she couldn’t go with her plus one of choice. 

“So will you be my date to the gala, Kara Zor-El?”

“I don’t know,” Kara replied with hesitation. “I wouldn’t mind going with you, I just... I don’t know if I can go out as... me.” 

“You don’t have to.” Lena squeezed her hand in reassurance. “I just thought... We were talking about our invisible selves the other night and—” Lena couldn’t forget Kara’s words: “I wish I could just be myself, that I could just walk out as Kara Zor-El and not have to use personas or a cape.”  She agreed to spend the weekend at the island with that in mind. She wanted to ease Kara into it so she could find the courage to dive into an ocean of uncertainty. “I just wanted to give you the opportunity to make a wish come true.” In public. “I want to make you happy."

“You do make me happy and I love you for it. It’s just—” 

Lena waited patiently, sensing there was something deeper that fueled Kara’s reservation. She almost regretted ever bringing it up, but now she was curious and sought to understand. 

“The last time I did show the glamorous and debonair side of me,” Kara began, “it wasn’t under the best circumstances. Before you came to National City, I was exposed to red kryptonite.”

“Red kryptonite?”

“Maxwell Lord was messing around with green kryptonite and ended up making a synthetic version. It was red and it...” Kara swallowed the lump in her throat. “It altered my brain chemistry. Affected my personality. It... it brought out the very worst in me.”

Lena frowned. “What do you mean?”

“It made me lose my inhibitions and self-restraint. Brought out all the anger and resentment I had buried deep inside. I was—” She hated admitting this next part, hated the memories it came with. “I was arrogant. I hurt people. Did awful things.”

“That’s hard to imagine.”

“I resented how Danvers dressed for work, the way she behaved. So I dressed up the way I wanted—fashionable, stylish. I strutted around like it's a catwalk everywhere I went.”

“That doesn’t sound so bad,” Lena mumbled.

“Not when Danvers needs to be inconspicuous. I was far from it. I drew too much attention. To be honest, it was liberating. Out in the open, I felt powerful even without the cape.”

“I would love to see that.”

“But I was also spiteful. Reckless. Hostile.”

“What happened?”

This part was the worst. With a huge inhalation, Kara started ticking off her fingers for every transgression she committed. “I got someone fired because she annoyed me. I let a bad guy go because he wasn’t challenging enough. I tried to seduce James, threw Cat Grant over the balcony for lecturing me. I made Alex cry, even broke her arm.”

Lena stared off into the distance to process what she just heard. After a moment, she finally said, “You seduced James?”

Kara gaped at her. “That’s what you got out of all that?” The blonde shook her head in amusement when Lena grimaced. “Nothing happened, other than my hurting his feelings. I... said some things. He wouldn’t talk to me for a while after that.”

Lena wanted to kick herself for letting her insecurity show. Of course Kara would find other people attractive, but a primitive part of Lena’s brain wanted her all to herself. After all, Kara was a goddess by human standards—she even had a church of Supergirl worshippers. Sometimes Lena still couldn’t believe that Kara chose her. Lena staked a claim, a reciprocated one, and she felt foolish for allowing herself to feel jealous even for a moment. Jealousy was such a petty and futile sentiment, and she abhorred pointless things. 

“Right,” Lena backpedaled. “Alex and Cat. Very alarming. Continue.”

“Basically, I had no moral compass. I became public enemy number one. Cops and the DEO opened fire on me. I almost used heat vision on Alex, Lena! J’onn stopped me.”

“I’m so sorry that happened.” Lena pulled her into a hug, stroking her back. “That’s not who you are, mo chroí. You were under the influence. It wasn’t your fault.”

Kara held on tight, though not enough to crush. “We’ve had so many destructive aliens and I became one of them. I had to work so hard to rebuild the people’s trust.”

“It’s been, what, a year since? It looks to me like the public already forgave you.” 

“Not everyone. The government and military definitely don’t trust me, especially General Lane. It’s probably why Lillian sees me as a threat.”

Lena pulled back, squeezing Kara’s shoulders in reassurance. “She and Lex are xenophobes. Any alien is a threat to them.” The lengths that her family went to worried her. She should build an anti-kryptonite suit. Lena chided herself for not thinking of it sooner. She shelved that thought for later. Right now, she needed to be a pillar of strength. Clearly, feelings of shame and remorse could bring down even the most powerful being on Earth. Lena cupped her lover’s face and lifted it gently till Kara looked at her. “Don’t you see? People call for you. They trust you to protect them and save them. The truth is you’re not even obligated to do any of that.” 


Lena gently placed a finger on Kara’s lips. “You do it anyway because you want to help and use your powers for good. You’re the kindest, most selfless and compassionate person I know. You’re an inspiration to many. That’s who you really are. And you are so much more.” Kara’s eyes were brimming with tears. Her lips quivered into a thin smile. Lena kissed her softly. “You’re confident. You don’t have to strut around like you’re on a catwalk, although that would be fun to see in public.” Lena winked. That earned a small chuckle, but it didn’t last long.

“If the people saw that confident side of me again, I’m afraid of how they’ll react, that I’ll remind them of that horrible person, that they won’t trust me again.”

“They need to get over it. You’re not that person. And being confident is not a crime. There is a difference between being arrogant and self-assured. And you, mo chroí, are very self-assured. I love that about you. It comes across naturally when you wear the cape.” Lena ran her fingers through golden hair, which always made Kara hum in pleasure. “And just because day job Kara may look meek doesn’t mean that confidence isn’t still there. Do you flaunt your powers when you’re out as Supergirl?”


“See?” Lena massaged Kara’s shoulders. “Arrogance stems from insecurity, like with Lex, but self-assuredness is confidence without the need to flaunt.”

Kara gave a wry smile. “I was definitely flaunting when I dressed in tight clothes at Catco. I felt compelled to show off my physique.”

“Maybe the invisible you just wanted to be seen,” Lena remarked. “You did say you wish you could go out as your true self. What if that is something you could do at the gala? It could even be a one-time thing. Would you like that?” 

“Why is this so important to you?”

“I know what it’s like to feel repressed. I spent my life molding myself into a ‘proper Luthor’. Being CEO gave me wings to fly, to crawl out from under my family’s shadow. I still hide parts of myself, but I also stepped out to show the kind of person I want to be.” Lena leaned forward till they embraced. “I just wanted to give the invisible you the opportunity to be seen. But only if you want it.”

“I appreciate that, mo ghrá.” Kara burrowed her head in Lena’s neck. “You’re so good to me.”


Dive into My Ocean
~ "Ocean of Love" by Raymond J. Lee

That evening, Lena gazed out the open window at the moonlight, which glowed above the ocean, the waves crashing along the shore. Her vision was a little hazy what with Kara panting with exertion behind her. Lena held on tight to the window sill, bent forward as she stood, moaning with abandon as Kara pummeled her with a strapon. 

“Yesss! Just like that. Ohhhh god!”

“You like that?” Kara grunted, arms wrapping around to fondle Lena’s breasts. Her teeth left a mark on a pale shoulder as she surged deeper into Lena’s warm depths.

“God yes!” Lena gasped.

“This was such a brilliant idea,” Kara praised her lover once again. She slowed her movements for a moment, then thrust hard.


Kara drove deeper, faster, sweat dripping down the side of her face as she moaned Lena’s name. 

“Ohhhh, fuck yeah!” Lena squeezed her eyes shut. All other senses amplified the pleasure coursing through her entire body. “Shit! I’m gonna... I’m... ahhh!”

“Are you ready, baby?” Kara was pretty close herself. She held off as long as she could, wanting for them to crash and burn together. “You gonna come for me? Hmm?”

“Yessss!” Lena thrust backward, giving as good as she got, nails nearly carving the wood in front of her. “Nearly there, unnh!”

Kara grabbed dark hair from Lena’s nape and pulled, making Lena cry out. “That’s right. Come with me, baby!”

Lena convulsed, hips riding Kara’s cock hard as she cried to the heavens. Her cunt throbbed and squeezed the toy inside of her, milking every last ounce of pleasure that Kara had to give. Kara groaned behind her, clutching her hips as she plunged in and out, and in and out, offering her entire body, heart and soul, her love echoing as she called out her lover’s name over and over.

Kara slumped on Lena’s back, both of them breathing heavily. “Red Bang was worth the wait.”

“And all the work.” Lena laughed. It was still a ridiculous code name, but it was worth all the orgasms she got.

“Hold on.” Kara gathered Lena into her arms and moved them back to the sofa. Lena collapsed on top of Kara’s chest. Ever prepared, Kara reached for the pitcher of water sitting on an ice bucket on top of the coffee table. She poured them both some water. 

It was almost too much, yet never enough. Even with the red sun lamps, Kara’s stamina proved to be formidable, and Lena reveled in it. They had been making love on every corner, nook and cranny of the villa the entire trip, outdoors and in.

Kara felt delirious as a flood of dopamine and oxytocin coursed through her, making her giggle. “Screw kryptonite. You’ll be the death of me, woman!”

Lena grinned, holding the glass against her forehead. “I won’t be held responsible for Alex’s wrath.”


Needing You More and More
~ "The Closer I Get to You" by Roberta Flack

Back in National City, once all the legal documents were signed, Lena and her executives began holding regular meetings with Catco’s leadership teams to begin the transition, part of which included Catco preserving its identity wherever possible. She let her subordinates handle the turnover and manage who needed to be transferred, managed out, hired or let go. 

Now that Sam started taking the helm at L-Corp and things settled down, Lena began her Catco field trips. While she did her own research and due diligence and received updates from the business and legal fronts, she still wanted to know the goings-on from the trenches. She wanted to understand the typical day-to-day dealings her employees went through and get a big picture of what improvements can be made. After all, Lena was a fan of efficiency and streamlining processes to remove what doesn’t help. She was a firm believer and practitioner of working smarter, not harder. It was what made her L-Corp teams successful and she wanted to bring that to the media front. Also, happy employees meant loyalty, increased productivity and an uplift in morale.

Sam was right. That wasn’t the only reason Lena wanted to be there. She was excited about being in the same building as Kara and working with her. She wanted to see what Kara Zor-El and her reporter persona were like in her ‘wheelhouse’, as Sam had put it. 


One morning at Catco...


Sitting at her desk, Kara perked up at the sound of her lover’s voice like a Golden Retriever sensing a treat being tossed. Lena was nowhere in sight on her floor, but she sounded close.

“Guess what I’m wearing.”

Kara’s head turned to the source of the sound. She lowered her glasses, zoomed in past the walls shielding the elevator, and sure enough, she found Lena in it, rising steadily up the building.


Kara’s eyes widened when she zoomed in. Her palms itched and her mouth watered. Black lace lingerie awaited her, with garters to match. Not only that—the whole ensemble was sheer! Which meant she could see puckered nipples and— 


Her mouth was still hanging open when the elevator doors opened to reveal the woman of the hour. All heads turned as Lena stepped onto the floor, glancing around with a smile. When her gaze landed on Kara, her eyes smoldered, making Kara’s heart palpitate.

“Miss Luthor,” James called, breaking Kara from her haze. “I didn’t know you were coming.” Turning to Kara, he asked, “Did you?”

“Uh, yes!” Reporter Danvers sprung up, speaking with a little more gusto than she probably should have. Not only did she know that Lena was coming today, she also made Lena come several times last night. And this morning she licked her lover into a moaning and quivering wakefulness to make sure she got up in time for her 6:00 AM call with the L-Corp Singapore team. But nobody needed to know any of that. When she glanced at Lena, she had a knowing look on her face that said she knew exactly where Kara’s mind went. “She, uh, she... um, she texted me this morning.” Kara allowed herself to blush, recalling the racy messages Lena sent, including the selfie with the glass of water and a close-up of Lena’s cleavage.

The nerve of this woman!

“I just came from L-Corp,” Lena told James. “I thought I’d come over here and start getting to know more about Catco’s inner workings.”

James prattled on about how grateful he was that Lena bought Catco... something about an office. Lena mentioned roaming the place... businessy stuff... and something-something people. It was really hard to focus when all Kara could think about was what lay underneath Lena’s black, gray and white, patterned blouse and black pencil skirt, hiding her prize. The neckline angled down in a vee to show a hint of cleavage. She was a temptress wrapped in professional business attire. Kara wasn’t sure whether to be amused or appalled that Lena was teasing her at work, surrounded by curious, roaming eyes and rampant gossip. Either way, she really just wanted to unwrap Lena ASAP.

If I sneak off with her for hours, James won’t fire me, right? Oh wait, Lena’s the boss now. Of course, she won’t fire me!

She was snapped out of her reverie when someone crashed into her from behind. She spun and caught Eve before the blonde assistant and coffee cups all landed on the floor.

“Oh my gosh! Kara. Thanks! I didn’t see you there. So sorry!”

“I-it was my fault. I was in the way. So sorry.” Day job Kara handed the tray with coffees back to Eve, adjusting her glasses. “Here you go. A-are you okay? I shouldn’t have been standing there. Such a fire hazard.”

“Thanks!” Eve said, accepting the tray with coffees. “Don’t worry about it. Here, take this one.” She handed a paper cup to Kara. “You like lattes, right?”

“Golly, thanks!”

“I’m just glad I didn’t spill Miss Luthor’s coffee. It’s her first day and all.”

Belatedly, it occurred to Kara that Lena and James were walking toward the boss office and were well on their way inside. 

“I can take that for you if you want? I’m supposed to be over there with her and James.”

“Sure! You’re such a sweetie. The other one’s for Mister Olson.”

Kara smiled as she took back the tray and Eve went to her station. Kara shook her head to clear her mind, jotted something down at her nearby desk, grabbed her little surprise, and scurried off to the boss office. Lena and James faced each other in front of the boss desk. It seemed like a good time to interrupt when James sported a look like he couldn’t believe he just lost a billiard game and his prized camera to Lena. She seemed to be throwing him for a loop.

“Eve got us something,” Kara announced, passing out coffee. “And I got this for you,” she told Lena, handing over a leather-bound planner with a bow on top. “It’s a Danvers family tradition.” In it, she left a sticky note that said, ‘You naughty, NAUGHTY vixen! You will pay for your insolence later!’

“Thank you, Kara.” Lena accepted the gifts as if she just received a bouquet of plumerias. It didn’t matter that she already had a virtual calendar on her mobile devices.

Kara nodded, sipping her latte, lost in a mental movie starring Lena reclining on the boss chair, wearing only her surprise, lifting a stiletto-clad foot and a bare leg over the desk, beckoning with her finger for Kara to— 


The woman in question startled and blinked to attention. Lena’s eyes twinkled, looking at her in expectation. “Do you think you might be able to get me the dossier on the Edge investigation please?”

Kara and James looked at each other, two pairs of eyebrows arching at the request. Kara tried not to roll her eyes. It was such a menial task outside of her job description. She had better things to do. Reporter things. Superhero things. A lightbulb sparked in her mind. Lena wouldn’t just ask her to do something an office assistant would do unless...  

Kara’s brow twitched when James opened his mouth to speak, likely to offer for Eve to fetch it instead, but she chimed in first. “Yeah, I-I can do that. No problem, boss.”

James looked back and forth between the two women, sensing something unspoken. He cleared his throat and turned to leave. “I’ll leave you to it then, Kara. See you later, Miss Luthor.” 

As soon as he left the room, Kara’s posture straightened. She took her time setting down her empty cup on the desk behind Lena. Stepping closer she let her hand rest on the table top, her arm touching Lena’s side. She grabbed the empty cup from Lena’s hand, fingers lingering, resisting the urge to set the cup down on the other side so that Lena would be trapped between her arms. Instead she placed it next to the other cup without breaking their gaze. People were probably staring at them right now, but she couldn’t resist the pull of having Lena right next to her.

Kara knew perfectly well that Lena was toying with her. 

Well, two can play this game.

Kara tilted her head and gazed into eyes that never ceased to captivate her. Although green on paper, one was a little bluer and the other a little greener, both with flecks of gold on the irises. Their hue seemed to change depending on the lighting or on Lena’s mood, sometimes even appearing gray. Kara loved watching the pupils dilate with passion, loved to tease her into a frenzy just to see them darken and grow hazy from pleasure.

“Yes,” Kara murmured in that low timbre Lena liked, “let me give you what you need, Miss Luthor.”

“Perfect. I’ll come with you.” Lena replied, the picture of innocence.

“Uh-huh.” Kara narrowed her gaze, the least bit fooled. Lena’s heartbeat was hammering away and her pupils were indeed dilated. “Very well, right this way.” Kara led them down the hall to the media file cabinet room, her company falling back a few steps. Kara felt as if Lena was burning a hole down her back. She shifted her gait into a swagger, gratified when she heard Lena’s low hum of approval behind her. 

At the media file cabinet room, Lena stepped right next to Kara while the reporter searched for the requested files. From this angle and the way Lena was leaning over, Kara could see the swells of heaving breasts. Kara paused, scenting her perfume. It smelled expensive. Exotic. With layers of rose, iris, patchouli and lily of the valley. It was probably a straight-to-the-glands French concoction derived from an award-winning fuck-me-now formula. 

“Your outfit looks really good on you,” Lena said under her breath. 

She had flown home that morning to shower and change, so neither of them saw each other’s outfits. Kara mentally patted herself on the back for her choice in attire. She was well aware that her maroon, fitted trousers outlined her muscled thighs, and her slim, navy blue, polka dotted button-down shirt hugged her biceps and flat stomach just so. And since Lena was blatantly ogling her with no people around, Kara made sure to flex her arms.

“Here you go.” Kara turned and handed Lena the dossier she wanted, touching her new boss not-so-inappropriately on her waist, thumb brushing just below Lena’s breast. “Will there be anything else, your highness?”

“That will be all. For now,” Lena replied, her voice husky. She bit her lower lip while slowly walking backwards, which made Kara think of last night when her naked lover led her to the king size bed, straddled her lap, and rode her cock while the red sun lamps glowed around them. “Thank you, Miss Danvers.” With a wink Lena turned around and slinked away, hips swaying and heels clacking, leaving Kara to loosen her collar and expel the breath she’d been holding. 


Two hours later, Kara stared at the cursor blinking at the end of the same paragraph on her screen for who knows how long. It was as if there was cotton candy between her ears in place of gray matter. Her neurons were not firing any thoughts that would help in composing her article. Instead, her neurons kept firing images of Lena and what she wanted to do to her. Her brain offered all manner of carnal, risqué, and salacious suggestions. Locations. Positions. Toys. Mood lighting. How could one set of garments and a pair of black Jimmy Choos cause such havoc in her system?

Focus on a sound.

It was something Jeremiah taught her when her super vision bombarded her with too many images. Except having super sensitive ears meant there was too much noise everywhere and from every direction. She even heard sounds from across the globe. But like radio frequencies, she learned to tune in and change the station. Kara closed her eyes, took a deep, cleansing breath, and opened her mind to receive only the sounds around her within a four-foot radius, gradually expanding outwards till her hearing reached the edges of the floor, then one floor up and below, up one more and below, till she could hear sounds across all floors of the building. 

Everywhere phones were ringing, fingers tapped away on keyboards, pens or pencils scratched on paper surfaces, dry-erase markers squeaked across white boards, elevators dinged, shoes scuffed on floors, and copiers shuffled printed paper. Kara focused on the sound of popcorn kernels exploding in a baggie inside a microwave oven five floors down. Pop... pop... p-p-pop... p-pop pop! Three floors above her she heard teeth crunching on toast. She zoomed in on the sound of tiny crumbles that pelted the top of a desk like pellets of hail. Back on her own floor even though TVs were on mute, she heard the sizzle of electricity, muffled by cables, perceived only as a dull hum by human ears who paid them no mind.

When her eyes blinked open, all the talking, laughing, griping and gossiping resumed. She put the sounds on imaginary ‘cables’ so that she perceived the noise as dull humming. Unfortunately, it was difficult to tune out the hushed conversations going on around her. Today with Lena in the building it was too hard to ignore when people sniped at Lena behind her back. It was one thing to experience that during lunch hour at Lena’s Throne Room, but another thing to have to deal with it when they were in Catco for hours. Speculations ran rampant about Lena coupled with Kara in her different personas.

“Do you think Luthor wears the pants in their relationship?”

“She probably wears nothing at all, duh.”

“He means top or bottom, dumbass.”


“They gotta be having threesomes. That’s fucking hot!”

“Supergirl’s definitely a top. I bet Kara is, too.”

“Nah, Luthor probably tops her ass.”


“Who do you think is a better lover? Danvers or Supergirl?”

“I dunno. I’ll bet Kara’s a tiger in bed. She probably spanks Luthor and rims her a—”

Kara choked on air. She sucked water from her squeeze bottle, careful not to squeeze too hard. To her relief, a reprieve came in the form of an incoming call from her DEO phone.

“Hey Winn. What’s up?” 

“Hey there, fly gurrrrl! How goes it at yonder media castle?”

Kara chuckled. “Our new queen arrived today.”

“You don’t say?” Winn teased. “Ooh, that makes you her knight!” 

“I’m everyone’s knight.”

“Yes, but you be specialll.”

She spotted said queen. Kara fidgeted with her glasses for the millionth time. She tried—oh lord, she tried—not to sneak a peek at what awaited her whenever Lena was close by, who met with people around the floor and chatted with them about what they typically did. Surely it was okay to look since Lena meant for her to see the lingerie set—wore it for her to see—repeatedly. Right?

Kara found Lena glancing at her with a glint in her eye. Lena was on a chair, crossing her legs slowly, one black leather pump dangling off her foot. Lena smoothed down her skirt, but then a hand lingered where Kara imagined the garter to be since Lena was plucking on it.

On the one hand, Kara was glad for Winn’s interruption. On the other hand, she just wanted him to get it over with. Then maybe Kara could drag Lena somewhere and spank her indeed for her wicked ways. Suddenly Lena stood up, but before Kara could track her movements, Winn said something else in her ear.

She cleared her throat. “What do you want, Winn?

“There’s a bank robbery—” 

“There’s always a bank robbery.” Whatever else Winn said fell on deaf Kryptonian ears when once more she heard the disembodied voice of the woman she loved. The woman who loved to torment her in the goddamned workplace and was no longer where Kara last saw her.

“Are you enjoying my present?” 

Kara swiveled around in her chair toward the sound. She spotted her target near the staircase. Kara felt like a bull who had been chasing around a cunning matador in sexy black pumps and sinful lingerie for hours. She had enough and was charging head first. “Winn, just send for the cops. I gotta go.” She hung up, lowered her glasses to see through the walls and found the stairwell empty. She got up and walked toward the door to the stairwell, gestured for Lena to follow and went in first. As soon as Lena walked in, Kara closed the door and pinned Lena to the wall, hands on either side of Lena’s head.

“You’re so mean,” Kara opened.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“Yes, you do! You’ve been teasing me.”

Lena’s brow arched in challenge. “You’re one to talk. You left me unfulfilled this morning.”

“You needed to get up for your six o’clock meeting. I helped.”

“That wasn’t helpful at all.” Lena huffed. “You didn’t finish me off!”

“There wasn’t enough time!”

“Thanks to you I couldn’t concentrate.”

“So, what, this is payback?”

“What are you going to do about it?”

Kara’s eyes narrowed. “Did you see the note I left for you in the planner?”

“I did.”

“Then you’ll just have to wait and see.”

“How long do I have to wait?” Lena pressed her body against Kara’s solid frame, grabbing Kara’s belt and pulling her close. “Are you sure you’ll be able to hold out?

“Are you?” Kara leaned in, but instead of kissing Lena she went for her pulse point, and Lena’s breath hitched when she licked and sucked lightly. Kara lifted Lena’s leg, which automatically wrapped around her. Kara’s hand crawled up the skirt, palming a bare thigh till she found the garter. She plucked and let it go, which snapped against Lena’s thigh. 

Lena whimpered, a little light headed. She really needed this. She’d been going crazy all morning. It was her first day with the staff, but she had to fake her way to get through, pretending she had all her wits about her when what she wanted was Kara all around her like this. 

Kara resumed her exploration till she reached the juncture between Lena’s legs. Lena moaned when she cupped the sheer material, fingers tracing the dampness there. Kara wished they had more privacy so she could see it, to please her lover with her tongue, but for now this will have to do. 

“Mmm, you’re already wet for me.” Two fingers slipped into the side of the panties. “Very wet indeed.” Lena turned her head to capture Kara’s lips, but Kara claimed Lena’s earlobe instead, suckling and pulling it gently with her teeth while her fingers probed at Lena’s entrance. 

“Please,” Lena whimpered. “I can’t stand it. Just take me.”

At that exact moment, Kara’s phone rang. It was incessant. She wanted to fling it down the stairs, but she’d already gotten in trouble for the last few DEO phones she broke. “What??” she barked into the phone.

“Hello to you, too,” Alex answered.

“Winn already told me. The cops can handle it. I’m busy.”

“It’s a psychic robber."

“So? J’onn’s a psychic. Have them duke it out.”


“I’m fucking busy, Alex!” Silence. If Kara could spare a moment, she could imagine Alex's jaw unhinged and her eyes bulging, right before scowling into the phone. But before she could let her sister deliver something snarky, she said, “Gotta go.” Kara hung up, stuffing the phone back in her pocket.

“That’s right.” Lena grinned, grabbing Kara’s face. “Get busy and fuck me.” 

Kara lifted Lena’s ass up over her own hips, none too gently. Lena moaned into the blonde’s mouth, her limbs clutching around her lover as Kara entered her with two fingers. Kara groaned in relief, enjoying the squelching sounds and the way Lena’s walls fluttered around her fingers, snug and hungry for her touch. This is where she belonged. Tongues battled for dominance while Kara thrust her fingers deeper. Lena rocked her hips to receive them.

“Is this what you wanted, hmm?” Kara flicked her tongue on Lena’s lips.

Lena nodded. “More. Please!”

Whether she wanted another finger or more thrusting, Kara wasn’t sure, so she gave her both. She stroked her clit with her thumb for good measure, licking and sucking on Lena’s tongue, which Lena felt all the way to her clit, as if Kara was doing just that between her legs. Just then Kara detected footsteps on the stairwell. She halted her movements.

“No, no, no, no!” 

“Shhh, I’m sorry.” Kara kissed her lips softly, murmuring in her ear. “There are people heading up this way. So unless you want pictures of us all over social media, we need to go.” She gave her one last kiss before removing her fingers and lowering Lena gently to the floor. She sucked her fingers while staring into Lena’s eyes. “To be continued.”

Lena groaned in frustration, her head slumping against Kara’s shoulder. “Goddammit, not again.” 

Reluctantly, they straightened their clothes and composed themselves, wiping lipstick smudges off each other and fixing each other’s hair. Although, Kara’s updo probably needed a bit more work, but she reassured Lena that she’ll deal with it herself.

“Ready?” Kara asked. At Lena’s nod, Kara gestured with a flourish. “Boss ladies first.”

Kara stepped aside and opened the door to let her lover through, who stepped in regally as if nothing happened. The blonde blew out her breath from the corner of her mouth as she heard Lena’s heels clacking away. Shortly thereafter she also heard James.

“Hey boss, have you seen Kara?”

“Yes. Earlier.”

“If you see her again, can you—”

Kara pulled down her glasses and looked past the wall to find Lena and James walking to the boss office. When they arrived there, Kara opened the door and casually headed to her own desk. When James spotted her looking his way, he glanced at the television screens then back at her.

“Kara, Winn called,” he said.  “They really need you out there.” 

Kara nodded at him. She knew he said it in a low voice so only she could hear. But Lena had also seen the bank robbery situation on TV, so she nodded at Kara with a smile of encouragement. 

Kara dialed Winn, who picked up immediately. “Hey, what’s going on?”

“J’onn got hurt. He could really use your help.” 

“On my way.” 


Kara made it back by mid-afternoon just in time for a staff meeting where Lena was formally introduced. Lena gave a pep talk and assuaged any worries, letting them know that she was not there to micromanage and wanted to help teams excel, which included finding out first-hand what they needed to be improved to make their jobs easier. Kara's chest puffed out with pride. It was the first time she was seeing Lena lead a meeting, radiating a quiet dignity and warmth that some people probably didn’t expect from a Luthor from the looks of surprise on some people’s faces. 

An hour later the staff dispersed, though a few brownnosers stayed behind. Kara hung around, leaning against the wall near the doorway with her arms crossed, paying her coworkers no mind as they exited and threw knowing looks her way.

“Hi,” Kara greeted when the room finally cleared and Lena stood next to her. “You did great!”

“Thanks, love. How was your ‘meeting’?”

“The bad guy got away,” Kara replied with a sigh of regret. “We’ll catch her soon enough. Bank robbers love robbing banks.”

“I’m sorry I kept you.”

“I’m sorry we didn’t get to finish our one-on-one,” Kara retorted. “What are you up to now?”

“I think I’ll call it a day.”

“Please tell me you had lunch.”

“Why, did you want to grab something to... eat?” Lena bit her lip.

Kara hummed, pursing her lips as if thinking hard. “I suppose I could keep you company. Make sure you’re full and completely satisfied. We can take the bosslevator.”

“The what?”

“It was Cat’s private elevator. No one dares to use it even now. We call it the ‘bosslevator’ and now it’s all yours.”

“Oh really?” A dark brow arched. “How convenient. It’s good to be the queen.”



Chapter Text


Review of Irish terms of endearment:

Mo ghrá (‘moh graw’): ‘my love’ or ‘my dear’ - what Kara calls Katie, er, Lena

Mo chroí (‘moh kree’): ‘my heart’ or ‘my treasure’ - what Lena calls Kara


Flaming Blue Balls  

Lena’s first week at Catco passed by in a blur, though not without a few hiccups. It was a wonder how she and Kara managed to get any real work done. Kara Zor-El’s allure—even when understated while posing as Kara Danvers—had the effect of a tractor beam that pulled Lena in like a wayward spaceship into a hangar bay. She was pleased to have a similar effect on Kara. They were like two galaxies destined to collide and merge at every turn, but they had to draw the line somewhere and not get way too distracted with their ‘merges’. Besides, while it was fun and exciting to sneak around, it was tough to get some nookie beyond feverish stolen kisses in such a wide-open floor plan where people were constantly moving about. Together they drew too much attention. Heads would pop up like meerkats from their cubby holes as if observing the mating habits of a hot billionaire and their fellow reporter in the wild.

Hence, the lovers agreed to behave. (Or at least try. Sort of.) Lena did feel a little guilty when she did indeed deliberately distract Kara when the hero really should be paying attention to real emergencies that needed her attention, when she had articles to write and Snapper’s wrath to contend with. (Lena didn’t like him either, and she was sorely tempted to banish him to The Tribune, or another department.) Lena argued that sometimes she wasn’t even doing anything remotely distracting, whereas Kara insisted that she totally was and it was all her fault. Lena would fire back that Kara really shouldn’t be distracting her either or fanning the flames.

“I’m not entirely to blame here,” Lena huffed while standing at the balcony one afternoon. Fortunately, the adjacent boss office was empty. Lena had closed the double (glass) doors as well as the blinds, which at least hid the side of the balcony, buying them a little privacy. “You’re willfully participating in a self-perpetuating cycle, too.”

“Oh yeah?” Kara asked, stepping closer till Lena’s back pressed against the wall, shielding them from other buildings. Lena looked so tempting with her straightened hair parted in the middle, her patterned, fitted green dress that brought out her eyes, her glittery, sexy-as-hell Stuart Weitzman stilettos and her goddamn perfume that made Kara feel dizzy with want whenever Lena was near. “How exactly am I doing that?”

“Well, let’s see.” Lena glanced down. “Where’s your right hand right now?”

“This hand? It’s in a safe zone.” Kara’s other hand palmed the wall on the other side, next to the CEO’s head.

“On my elbow?”

“A totally innocent, neutral spot.”

“Where your thumb is slyly grazing my boob?” Lena eyed her with equal parts skepticism and amusement. “You know, that’s grounds for sexual harassment of your superior.”

“It’s not my fault it’s in close proximity.” Kara licked her lips, eyes hooded and honed in on Lena’s red, parted lips. “And that doesn’t sound like a genuine complaint.”

Lena chuckled softly before grabbing Kara’s shirt and pulling her in for a sizzling kiss.

Meanwhile, James was on edge around Lena as if she was a predator encroaching on his territory. His hackles would rise, challenging her when she made decisions on what he still considered his purview. At times Kara would ‘casually’ appear to run interference, lightening the mood and putting some distance between them.

Then there was the matter of Supergirl’s more horrendous battles. Now that Lena knew Kara’s secret, it was nerve-wracking to see the hero’s exploits all over the wall of TV screens. She began to understand that, by keeping her identity from Lena, Kara was trying to spare her from the anxiety that Alex experienced daily. At least Alex and the DEO could rush in as backup. Lena cleared some time on her schedule, resolving to start designing new technology for Kara’s protection.

“I’m glad you’re okay,” Lena told her one day inside the bosslevator, filled with a mixture of pride, concern, relief, and a bit of awe when Kara returned in civilian attire. She finger-combed stray hairs and wiped smudges off the hero’s cheek. “Sometimes I forget you’re not completely invincible.”

“I’m fine, mo ghrá. Mostly unscathed, see?” Kara replied and Lena found it hard to stay worried in the face of such adoration. Kara continued, “I just think about coming back to you safe and sound, and then it’s game over for the bad guy.” She winked, wrapping her arms around Lena to kiss her tenderly.


Sex on the Beach

After surviving their first week together at Catco, the pair was more than ready for some downtime. Kara invited Lena to hang out with her friends at Al’s Dive Bar after work that Friday. Lena agreed, saying she would bring a couple of her own friends and meet Kara there. After patrolling the city, Kara landed and changed before heading into the bar. Kara spotted Winn, Maggie and Alex, already at their usual spot near the back entrance. This time they had a round table for eight. Apparently, James was running late and J’onn had to stay behind at the DEO. After she gave the others a big hug, Alex went to buy their first round of drinks, and Kara plopped down on the chair next to Winn.

Kara liked the alien bar, not because she was into booze or the bar scene. It gave her a chance to hang out with her friends who did like booze and the bar scene and, more importantly, because she felt less like an alien. Now and then, her superhearing would pick up a remark from a bar patron who assumed that Kara used an image inducer, which made her giggle privately. She didn’t mind if they talked about her because, for one, it was rare and very brief. Secondly, they weren’t gossiping behind her back like her coworkers, which were sometimes vile and made her want to hurl them over the balcony, especially when it was about Lena. Bar patrons didn’t berate her for dating the gorgeous CEO with a Scarlet Letter ‘L’ as if it was painted on her chest in blood. They didn’t speculate on what Lena saw in her or question her worthiness.

No, Kara Zor-El was simply another alien disguised in regular clothes, just trying to blend in like everyone else, with little care for who she needed to be.

This past week, she struggled at first with keeping her personas in check at Catco. It had become automatic to let her true nature show whenever Lena was in her orbit. Being around Lena Luthor made Kara Zor-El feel very debonair, made her want to dress nicer at work, to bring her flowers or a teddy bear, or to flirt shamelessly in public. Lena made her feel like she could do anything, like she could tell her coworkers (especially Snapper) to go screw themselves and strut around like she co-owned the place. However, she didn’t need others to notice the traits she tended to express through Supergirl, not if she wanted to stay under the radar. Regretfully, she needed to keep playing the part of the bumbling, mild-mannered reporter because she had trained her coworkers to expect just that.

On the other hand, switching to her caped persona felt more satisfying now, allowing the bold and daring side of her to shine. It felt liberating that Lena knew her secret. She didn’t need to give some lame excuse to fly away. The gossip and their questioning glances mattered less when she returned to her favorite person who had a smile so full of love and who held her tight, albeit discreetly.

“Fancy seeing you here for a change,” Winn told Kara once she settled at their table. “I feel like we haven’t seen you in ages. Are you too cool to hang out with us mere mortals now?”

“She’s spending way too much time humping Lena.” Maggie smirked.

“Oh, come on,” Kara retorted, “it was just the one beach trip.”

Maggie turned to Winn. “Notice how she didn’t deny the humping?”

“Right?” Winn replied. “Excuse me, a beach trip is going to the coast with a beach towel and maybe a beach umbrella, a little cooler with brewskis, and then playing in the water. What you did, madame, is lounge on a deserted island, probably sipping fancy cocktails or Dom Perignon. On a big-ass yacht.”

“And getting laid the whole time, I’ll bet.” Maggie added.

“It was Lena’s private island! And hey, I rescued some whale sharks while I was there. And manta rays! I even hauled out all the floating plastic garbage in the area. It was horrible! And—and pirates!”

“Pirates?” Maggie’s brows raised. 

“Like Pirates of the Caribbean?” Winn asked with excitement.

Kara gaped. “Surely you saw it on the news? The cargo ship fiasco?” 

“Oh right,” Maggie replied. She tended to focus more on west coast shenanigans, but she remembered Alex grumbling about it while Kara was away.

“Okay, so more like Captain Phillips kinda pirates,” Winn said. “You know, they also target cruise ships.”

“See? I was still doing heroic work!” 

“Sure.” Maggie scratched her chin. “So much for your romantic weekend getaway.” 

Kara toyed with a napkin on the table, shredding little pieces at the edges. “Lena was taking a nap when I patrolled the high seas and stuff.” Being sun-powered gave Kara a lot of energy to burn. So, she wore the cape while her love was recharging between sweaty romps, which her friends absolutely did not need to know about at this rate. “It was all done by the time she woke up.”

“Cool,” Winn said. “That’s so convenient how you could fly Lena over to a private island just like that.”

Kara swallowed. “Actually, uhhh, we took her jet.”

“Why?” Maggie asked. “Doesn’t it take, what, six hours to get to the Caribbean by plane?”

“Four. It’s fast.”

Winn’s eye twitched like a Westworld host with a glitch. “W-why would you take a plane when—” 

“Because it’s a cool plane!” Kara twisted her hands. She had to distract him fast and nip this in the bud before more teasing could ensue. “It flies itself, Winn. It can go on stealth, military grade! You should ask Lena all about it.”

“Awesome! You bet I will.”

Detective Maggie wasn’t so easily sidetracked. “What were you doing for four hours then?”

Kara blinked and gaped at her friends, who suddenly looked like two Cheshire cats closing in on a mouse ensnared in a trap. “None of your beeswax!”

Alex deposited a bucket of beers on the table and took a seat next to Maggie. “Kara, why are you yelling?”

“Kara joined the mile high club the old fashioned way,” Maggie supplied. “On Lena’s jet.”

Alex’s eyes turned into slits. “I do not need to know this!”

“Why do you get so worked up about sex?” Winn asked, moving behind Maggie just in case. “It’s a natural part of growing up.”

“First of all, you’re talking about my sister. Second of all, nothing is natural about Kara—”


“—And talking about her sex life is just... just... Ew! No. Uh-uh. Not going there.” Alex took a huge gulp of beer. She mumbled, “I’m surrounded by assholes.”

“Grow up.” Maggie smirked, grabbing Alex’s beer and taking a swig. “You gotta admit they’re so cute together.”

“Yeah, and it’s nauseating,” Alex groused, snatching back her beer bottle. “Kara, go get us some fries or something.”



As Kara stood, she saw Lena heading to their table with two women in tow. Kara hummed in approval at the dark brown leather bomber jacket and tight, black jeans, black tee, brown leather belt and black leather booties. Her hair was delightfully loose and wavy. She swaggered as she made a beeline into the blonde’s open arms.

"Mmm, you look like trouble," Kara said in a low voice. She inhaled deeply, letting Lena's perfume permeate her senses and send tingles down her spine. "I may need to take you down later."

Lena giggled into the crook of Kara’s neck as she was engulfed into a bear hug and hoped that no one heard said giggles. Kara kissed her cheek before glancing at her company. One was a tall and tan beauty, willowy, with brown eyes and wavy dark brown hair, streaked with bronze highlights. And the other was— 

“Jess, hi!”

“Good to see you again, Miss Danvers.”

“Oh, come on. I told you to call me Kara.”

“Right. Hi, Kara.”

“That’s better.” She introduced her to Alex, Maggie and Winn. The latter beamed at her.

“Hi,” Winn greeted shyly. “You work with Lena?”

“I’m her executive assistant.”

“And a force to be reckoned with,” Kara added, earning a bashful smile from Jess. 


“I brought this tough cookie,” Miss Tall, Dark and Pretty chimed in, “in case Lena here forgets all about me.”

“You do get tiresome after a while,” Lena retorted. “Everyone, this is Samantha Arias. She’s also L-Corp’s CFO and a longtime friend, though God only knows why.”

“Nice to meet you all. Please call me Sam.” She shook hands with new acquaintances as Lena introduced her to each person around the table. 

“And this is Kara Danvers.”

“Hi there,” Sam offered her hand. “I’ve heard so much about you.”

“Uh, good things, I hope.” Kara side-eyed Lena, who shrugged and scrunched her nose, then shook Sam’s hand as firmly as she could without breaking it. “I heard quite a lot about you, too.”

“I’m sure,” Sam replied. She turned to Alex. “You were at the waterfront. The FBI agent, right?”

Alex nodded. “And you have a daughter who wanted to meet Supergirl.” 

“Yes. Her name’s Ruby.”

Alex smiled, then gestured to Maggie. “She’s a detective at NCPD.”

“Good to know peeps from high places.” Sam smiled, then turned to Winn.

“I’m the resident computer geek,” he said. “I used to work with Kara and then now with Alex. I’ve also worked with Lena on a few tech gadgets.”

“Nice,” Sam replied. “You must be real smart then.”

“Very bright,” Lena confirmed. She turned to a preening  Winn, “I heard you’re partly responsible for Kara and I finally getting together.”

“Oh, heh,” Winn rubbed the back of his neck. “I just showed her some Twitter feeds.”

“Let me guess,” Sam replied, “Supercorp, Karalena and SuperKaraLena?”

“Oh, no.” Alex grimaced. “Not this again,”

“You pay attention to those, too?” Jess asked Winn, who nodded enthusiastically.

“And Jess,” Lena said, “is the other one partly responsible for us getting together.”

“You guys were so damn blind,” Alex had to admit. “It was getting ridiculous.” 

Maggie chuckled. “Who knew it would take media exposure to get them together, huh?”

“Right?” everyone else chimed.

Soon, Winn and Jess fell into a huddle, hands waving animatedly. Occasionally they glanced surreptitiously in Kara and Lena’s direction across the table, only to go back into a feverish exchange, sometimes giggling.

“Looks like Jess is the one who forgot all about you,” Lena told Sam. “I’ll get us some drinks. What would you like?”

“Sex on the Beach and Ménage à Trois for you and Kara,” Sam deadpanned, timing it as Kara sipped water, who coughed at the comment. Lena glared at Sam while she patted Kara’s back. Sam pressed her lips together to hold back a laugh and grabbed a happy hour menu. “Let’s see...”

“Ooh, these look fun,” Jess remarked while perusing the drink menu. “There’s Pure Evil, Sassy Bitch, and 151 Ways to Die.” She looked up, eyes twinkling. 

“Does that last one contain cyanide?” Lena asked, batting her eyelashes at Sam. 

Sam stuck her tongue out at her friend. “I’ll have a Porn Star Martini.” She was met with a blank stare. “No? A Mommy’s Time Out, then.”

Alex chuckled. “I like her.”

“I’ll have a Nuclear Rainbow, Miss L—er, Lena.” 

Lena softened when she looked at Kara. “And what would you like?”

“I’ll have a Red Over Heels,” Kara replied with an air of nonchalance. Lena tried not to smile, at least not with her lips. Kara asked, “What are you getting?”

“A Screaming Orgasm,” Lena purred in Kara’s ear, which earned a sharp intake of breath. “Though I might start with a Panties Unleashed first.” She pulled back to see Kara’s lips pressed together, seeming to suck on her lower lip, eyes darkened behind her glasses. Lena would rather drag her somewhere to unleash more than panties, but they had company, so for now she turned to Sam with a stern face and wagged a finger. “Behave while I’m gone.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t grill her. Much,” Sam retorted, waving her away like a servant. “Go get some food, too.” Lena rolled her eyes at Sam before kissing Kara’s cheek and heading toward the bar. Sam turned to the blonde once Lena was out of earshot. “So. You’re the infamous Kara Danvers.”

“Infamous?” Kara gave her a lopsided grin, which Sam found rather charming. “I don’t remember doing anything nefarious to garner that adjective.”

“But you certainly earned a reputation just for dating The Notorious Lena Fucking Luthor. In an open relationship with a Super, no less.”

“Oh. Oh, that.” Kara suddenly found the ice cubes in her glass quite fascinating.

“Yes, that. How do you do it?”

“Do what?”

“Don’t be coy. I’ve always been monogamous, so I can’t imagine being in your shoes. Don’t you get jealous or territorial?”

“Ah.” Kara looked Sam in the eye, remembering Lena’s warning. Cuts to the chase indeed. She contemplated whether to show her some Awkward Kara Danvers™ or just be as direct, which she would prefer. She did say to Lena that she wanted to show more of her true self and being Lena’s longtime friend should be good for that. “Well, first of all, Lena is not a possession or a toy to fight about. She’s her own person and has enough room for both of us in her life.” More like three, but who’s counting?

“How progressive of you.” Sam’s brow twitched and the corner of her mouth quirked in a way that made Kara think she had given a good, or at least satisfactory, answer. “Aren’t you intimidated, considering your third party?”

This is too weird, Kara thought. It was one thing to be interrogated by her friends, who did so just to rile her up, but it was another thing to be interrogated by a stranger who was ignorant about her personas. Sometimes it was hard to keep them in check when she had to justify her selves.

“Clearly it wouldn’t be fair to compare myself to Supergirl, right? I mean, outside of Superman, who would?” Kara glanced away for a moment, adjusting her glasses on her face as if it went askew, this time out of genuine self-consciousness. “Although, as busy as Supergirl gets, I’m sure she gets lonely sometimes. So, in that sense we’re all the same.”  

“Good point. So how do you make it work?”

“We, uh, have an understanding.” That much was true. “We set boundaries. Honestly there’s a learning curve in trying to balance it all out since we’re all busy. You know, Supergirl chases after bad guys, I chase after stories, and Lena does CEO slave driver stuff.” 

Sam laughed, head tilting back in mirth, while Jess chuckled quietly, just in time for Lena’s return. 

“What’s so funny?” Lena asked. Their drinks were still being worked on, so she returned with a table number stand for a server to spot on top of their table when ready.

“She called you a slave driver.” Sam grinned at Kara. 

“It’s true. Wapish!” Lena replied with a whipping motion, taking a seat next to Kara and winking at her.

“Kara, I know we don’t know each other well yet, but I have a feeling we will,” Sam declared with certainty, “and now that Lena’s here I just have to know—”

“Oh, God,” Lena came close to whining. “Here it comes.”

“—How do you like sharing dear Miz Luthor with Supergirl, hmm?”

“Darling!” Lena patted Kara’s back when she started coughing. “You don’t have to answer that. Sam, I swear—” 

Kara wheezed. “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?” 

“Okay, apparently I was being too subtle.” Sam grinned. “Threesomes, Kara. Is that clear enough for you?”

All conversations ceased around the table as they zoomed in on Sam and Kara. The blonde felt like she was suddenly under a red sun powered spotlight and she could feel drops of sweat start to seep out of her temples. 

“Uh, right. That.” She took a long sip of ice water and glanced around to buy some time. Maggie, Winn and even Jess waited with baited breath, Alex looked constipated, and Lena’s face held a mixture of irritation, curiosity and amusement. Kara looked back at Sam. “Um. Honestly Supergirl’s not my type.”

“Really?” Sam replied with surprise. Apparently, so did Jess, who whispered the same to herself, which was hard for the Kryptonian to miss. “You’re the first I’ve ever heard to say that.”

“Well, she—uh—she.” She didn’t even need to play Awkward Kara Danvers™ this time. “It would be weird because, uh, S-Supergirl kinda reminds me of—of—” She gulped. “My sister.”  

Alex sprayed her beer from her mouth, to poor Winn’s dismay.

“Ugh! This is my favorite cardigan!” Winn whined, which Alex ignored. 

“What?!” Alex squawked in indignation.

“Supergirl’s very no-nonsense like you,” Kara said.

Winn cringed. “I beg to differ. Supergirl is nothing like—”

“Shh!” Alex pointed an upturned forefinger at Winn’s face like a karate chop, stopping right between his eyes, which made him jerk back. “I wanna hear this.” She turned to Kara, batting her eyelashes, voice dripping with honey. “What else?” 

Whether Alex knew it or not, Kara did mold her superhero image partly on her sister’s better nature when she was trying to figure out—and still is—what Supergirl’s persona should be like. Maybe it was time to voice it out, even though they had an audience. Kara smiled. “Even though you don’t have superpowers, you’re still my hero, Alex. So, to me, Supergirl is every bit the hero like you.”

“Awww!” Winn sing-songed.

“So, sleeping with Supergirl would be like sleeping with my sister.”

Alex groaned longer than usual. “You just had to ruin it!” He hands squeezed the sides of her face as if that would erase what she just heard, or at least the guffaws and giggles all around her. “Thanks a lot!” Alex threw a tater tot at her head, but Kara merely caught it in her mouth. 


“I like her,” Sam told Lena, eyes twinkling.


Dark & Stormy

On the way back from the restroom, Kara saw James hunching over the jukebox.  He finished making his selection and straightened to his full height, offering a small smile for his friend. People around them cheered when Bob Marley’s classic reggae ‘No Woman No Cry’ began to play. Kara loved his songs, and she and James even sang a few together on karaoke nights. 

“Hi, James!”

“Hey, Kara.”

She was glad he made it, but not so glad to see James so tense. He was unusually quiet and stiff all evening, sometimes even awkward. Sensing that something was off, Kara asked, “Everything okay?” 

“Y-yeah. Everything’s fine,” James replied quickly. “Just peachy.”

“Riiiight. Totally not buying it.”

“What are you talking about?” James hedged, but Kara only tilted her head and looked at him pointedly. James sighed in resignation. “Why didn’t you tell me you were dating Lena? I only found out this week.”

That’s interesting. Kara thought Winn would have spilled the beans by now. Maybe her friend didn’t have a big mouth after all, at least not about this for some reason. Unfortunately, Kara wasn’t prepared for this conversation with James. What was she supposed to say exactly? 

I guess you didn’t keep up with all the gossip, huh?

Or, Did you seriously buy into the whole ‘we’re just friends’?

Or, Sorry I friendzoned you so we weren’t together long enough to be considered an actual couple, but did you see my hot new girlfriend?

Or maybe, Remember the woman you kept telling me was a Luthor through and through and I just kept proving you wrong? Yeah, she’s my Luthor now. 

Instead, she went with, “You haven’t exactly been her biggest fan from the start, James. And last I checked—” Kara crossed her arms. “—You still don’t trust her.”

“She’s a Luthor.”

“This again?” Kara flung her hands in the air in exasperation, not sure how many more times she had to repeat herself. “She’s. Not. Lex. When are you going to accept that?”

“Look, I’m just trying to protect you. You’re too trusting, and she could be a snake in the grass who will strike at you when you least expect it.” 

“I don’t need your protection,” Kara spat, balling her fists and striding forward till she was a few inches from his face. 

He did his best not to flinch, but he couldn’t stop his jaw from clenching. “Not physically, that’s true, but she can still hurt you.”

“As I’ve said before, she is not her family!” Kara hissed. “She’s her own person and has a good heart. How many more times do I have to prove you wrong before you believe that? Why should I even have to when you could just trust my judgment?” 

James gulped, the back of his neck starting to perspire. He had seen The Girl of Steel like this when taking on adversaries who truly pissed her off, but he never expected to be on the receiving end of her ire. He backed away, palms up in surrender. “I do trust you. It’s her I don’t trust.”

“You don’t know her like I do. If you would just unplug that stick up your ass and get to know her for who really is, maybe you’ll start to see what I see.” 

His forehead wrinkled. Where did sweet Kara Danvers go? She never talked to him like this before. “It’s just... I don’t understand how you can trust her. You even told her who you are.”

“She figured it out on her own. She knew for months and still told no one. And besides, I love her, James. And she loves me. We trust each other.”

Her friend’s lips thinned. “But she doesn’t really know you, and you don’t really know her.”

Kara scoffed, arms crossing once again, hip cocked to one side. “And you think you do?”

“Look, I’m your friend. I’ve known you longer and I think I know you better than she does.” 

Kara’s eyes narrowed, studying him. “I get the feeling there’s more to this than you’re really saying.” When he stayed silent, she ventured, “Are you... jealous?”

“What? No! No, it’s not like that.”

“Oh, really?”

James prided himself in his ability to stay calm under pressure and hold his emotions in check, at least on the outside, but Kara had always been able to smash through his defenses. Something inside him seemed to rupture and he felt like the shield he held out front was made of glass, and he was unable to stop the cracks from spreading. 

“Why couldn’t you make us work?” he asked, feeling a little too vulnerable, but it was out there and it was too late to take it back. “You said being you-know-who made you too busy and left no room for a relationship. Yet here you are, juggling the cape with your personal life just fine. With her.”

Why indeed? Kara wondered. James was good for her, she knew that, and they probably would have been good together. He was kind, caring and compassionate. He was brave and fought for what was right. Alex once said that maybe they were too similar, that he was too good and maybe he didn’t challenge her enough. Or maybe, deep down Kara just didn’t connect with him deeply the way she did with Lena. In any case, it looked like he needed some closure. She perched an arm over the jukebox and exhaled slowly, her stance loosening.  

“It was different back then,” she said with kindness. “I was still adjusting to leading a double life. I was learning how to be a reporter and managing how to be a hero at the same time. I wasn’t in the right headspace for a relationship. Next thing I knew, I was interviewing Lena. We started hanging out. I got to know her better. It was nice having someone who didn’t know about that other side of me. And then, somewhere along the way... we fell in love. Things just happened.” Was it fair to tell him all that? Was it kinder to let him figure it out or just lay out her cards? Then again, she had always been comfortable enough with him to be open and honest.

James swallowed as if there was a huge lump in his throat. “What about your secret?”

“Like I said, she figured it out, and by then I felt safe enough not to deny it. I trust her, James.” He nodded stiffly, glancing back at the jukebox. She touched his forearm gently, “I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us. I guess the timing was off. The dice rolled this way and... here we are.”

After a moment, he nodded, taking a deep breath and releasing it slowly. “Here we are.” He put his hand on top of hers and squeezed. “For what it’s worth, I’m glad to see that you’re happy.” 

“Thanks. That means a lot.” Kara blew her breath in relief. She hated this tension between them. Nor did she like the tension between him and Lena, two of his favorite people. “Just give her a chance, okay? I can see that things are a bit awkward between you two at work.”

He snorted, shaking his head. “That’s putting it mildly.”

“Look, she’s on the defense with you. You clearly don’t trust her and she senses that. She’s very sensitive about being pigeonholed because of Lex, for things she had nothing to do with.” She held his gaze, pleading. “Come on, give her a break. Try to get to know her. It would at least make life easier at Catco, you know?”

Once again, James stared at the jukebox in contemplation, then back at Kara. “I’ll try. And if you can tell her to ease up on me, that would help.” When Kara frowned in question, he sighed. “Look, I’m not completely blind, but I didn’t want to see what’s going on with you two. Though I’ll admit I’ve been too busy being on the defense with her, too. But clearly, she’s soft around you and cold towards me. She makes decisions and calls for meetings without clueing me in, like she’s cutting me out on purpose, and that doesn’t make things easier.”

“Okay, I’ll talk to her, but only if you do, too. Deal?”

James nodded, if a bit grudgingly. Lena appeared at Kara’s side, wrapping an arm around her waist, which drew his gaze. Kara wrapped her own arm around Lena as well, and Lena noticed his jaw clench. 

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting?” Lena asked.

“No, not at all.” He smiled, though it didn’t reach his eyes. 

“I need to steal her for a moment. If you’ll excuse us.” Before he could say or do anything, Lena steered Kara away. “You looked like you needed rescuing,” Lena said, which earned a huff. “What were you guys talking about? It looked tense back there.”

“Eh, just something we needed to sort out. Don’t worry about it.”

“If you say so, mo chroí. Lena smiled, pausing mid-stride when Kara’s frown lifted. She preferred to use the term of endearment in private, but she knew saying it in public would have a guaranteed effect and she was right. It amazed her how two simple words could instantly light up Kara’s face. “There it is.” She fingered Kara’s cheek, making the smile stretch further on her lover’s face. “Much better. I thought that crinkle on your forehead might stay permanent.”

Kara’s head tilted back when she laughed. “No crinkle!”


Exotic Passion

Kara took a seat armed with a mountain of nachos. Maggie and Winn swooped in like vultures the moment she set the huge plate down on the table. Sam, Jess and even James had already left, while Alex and Lena were engaged in a game of pool to determine who was buying the next round. Kara, however, could not wait for the winner to buy more food, so she took the initiative.

“So, how’s it going with the whole fake open relationship?” Maggie asked.

“Our non-fake relationship is fantastic! But the open part is weird. I mean it’s already a lot to pose as two different people, and now we’re ‘dating the same woman’.” Kara finished with air quotes. She grabbed a few nachos, humming as she crunched on the cheesy goodness.

Winn waved a nacho in the air. “And then there’s the media craziness.”

Kara scoffed. “I’ll never get used to them.”

“You know,” Maggie said mid-chew, “when I see you in regular clothes I forget that you’re a celebrity.”

“Uh, thanks?”

Winn asked Kara, “Do you think you can actually have a serious relationship with two people at once?”

“Hypothetically speaking, I don’t know how I would find the time or energy for two people. Lena and I are already so busy on our own. I’m just happy we can make time for each other as it is.”

Winn nodded. “A relationship with just one person is a lot of work.”

“Believe me,” Maggie said, “I’ve tried the whole dating simultaneous people at once—”  

“As in playing the field?” Winn asked. Crunch—crunch—crunch.

“Well, okay, there was that.”

“Or as in swinging?” Crunch—crunch—crunch.

“That, too.”

“Or do you mean polyamory?” Crunch—crunch.

“My point is—” Maggie glowered, daring Winn to interrupt her again, but he simply swallowed hard. “—For any relationship to work, the people involved need to be on the same page, want the same things and are willing to put in the time and energy to make it work.”

“Right,” Kara said. “I suppose some folks out there can manage being in an open relationship with multiple partners, but honestly I can’t really think of being with anyone else. Lena’s who I want. We’re together, we’re happy and that’s all that matters.”

Maggie smiled. “I’ll drink to that.”

“What are we drinking to?” Alex asked, returning with Lena. She set down a tray of drinks on the table, looking a little peeved when she grabbed a Kamikaze. Lena, however, sipped her Irish Slammer with the air of victory.

Kara gazed at Lena proudly, never doubting for a moment that she’d win against Alex. Kara pulled her close with one arm. She held a glass of Mango Booby. “To loving the one we’ve got!”

“Hear hear!” They toasted, glasses clinking.

Lena smiled affectionately, hugging Kara back with one arm and giving her a big kiss on her cheek.


Their friends had spent most of the night teasing the loving couple, setting them up, especially Kara, for embarrassment at every opportunity. By this point only Maggie, Alex, Kara and Lena remained. The latter couple claimed a small table at the other end of the room, as far from the other pair as possible so they didn’t have to hear Alex grumbling about their so-called sappiness. They only had one chair since the bar started getting more patrons, but Kara solved that minor inconvenience by having Lena sit on her lap crosswise. Lena would feed her a sweet potato fry periodically, and Kara would chew them up with relish.

“So, you delegated some stuff to Sam. How’s that going?” Kara asked.

“It’s a huge relief. Sam’s terrific, despite her sass.” Lena offered a pair of fries and watched Kara chew them up. 

“She’s funny.”

“Yeah, well. Since she’s in charge of finances to begin with, people take her extra seriously now.”

“Can’t mess with the one with keys to the money.”

“Uh-huh. Her bullshit detector is even better than mine.” Lena took the fry that Kara offered her. “Honestly, I think she’s more suited to the business side of things. It’s something I can do, of course, but I’d rather not spend all my time on just that.”

“Hmm. So, Miss I Have a Bazillion PhD’s, what would make you happiest?” Kara watched as Lena’s brow arched, her lips twisted and eyes sparkled with mischief. Kara grinned, pinching Lena’s butt, making her yelp. “Besides that.

Lena stuck out her tongue before chewing. “Inventing,” she replied eventually. “Creating. Problem solving.”

“Right.” Kara sort of missed interviewing the CEO. She was suddenly feeling like a reporter. “So, why be the new queen bee of a media empire instead of spending more time doing what you enjoy the most? Like tinkering with toys in your lab?”

“What, already sick of working together?”

“Silly, you know that’s not what I mean.” Kara pinched her butt again, making Lena squirm in her arms. “You’re still one busy woman. Sure, you offloaded some things, and it must be exciting to buy a new company. I just wonder what Catco does for you. Is it really where you want to allocate your time and energy, where you think you can make the most impact?” Lena sat in contemplation. Kara continued, “It’s kind of like... while I had a lot of fun working on Project Red Bang with you—” Kara paused when Lena snorted. “Lenaaa!” The woman in her lap chewed on a fry innocently. “Seriously. When we worked on that, it was like a side project for me. I’m good at math and science, but I’m not passionate about it. You, on the other hand.” Kara smiled at the memory. “You were on fire! I’m not even sure you really needed me.”

“You were extremely helpful!” Lena’s arms looped around Kara’s neck and leaned in to whisper in her ear, knowing the Kryptonian would hear her despite the noise around them. “I really like it when you talk nerdy. Your brain is sooo sexy.”

Kara chuckled, wrapping her arms a little tighter around Lena’s waist. Her mind drifted to when they began their project, during which they drew diagrams and wrote equations on the whiteboard. Kara solved some equations that had stumped the scientist-slash-engineer and even introduced alien mathematical and scientific concepts that left Lena gaping in wonder. Kara simply shrugged, only to find herself suddenly attacked in the most pleasurable way. It was a miracle they made any progress with all the kiss-terruptions.

“Is this how your lab team ups usually go?” Kara had asked between kisses, unzipping Lena’s pants with urgency.

Lena grabbed Kara’s collar and practically ripped her shirt open. It was one of Kara’s favorite button-down shirts, and Kara was glad it was the one with the snap buttons instead of regular buttons that would have scattered all over the floor.

“Only with you,” Lena rasped, shoving Kara’s shirt off her shoulders, while Kara unsnapped Lena’s bra and let her pants fall. No more was said after that when Kara carried her to the nearest desk and put her mouth to better use.

“My point is, you’re extraordinary. You come up with all these brilliant inventions and innovations. It’s different when you’re working on something you’re passionate about. For me, being a reporter lets me expose what’s wrong in society so others can also take action, makes it convenient for me to go out there when I need to save the day. I spend my time and energy righting wrongs and fighting injustice from both fronts, and that’s what I’m passionate about.”

“That’s a good point. I’ll give it some serious thought.” Lena leaned her forehead against Kara’s. “Not right now, though, because I can’t think past wanting to kiss you.”

“You wanna get out of here?” Kara asked, hands itching to latch on to Lena’s ass and other delicious parts. She contented herself with massaging Lena’s back for now.

Lena pulled back to find Kara licking her lips. “What about Maggie and Alex?”

“They’re busy playing pool. I’d rather play with you.” Kara waggled her brows. 

Lena glanced at the other side of the bar. “Shouldn’t we at least say goodbye?”

“Eh, they’ll get over it.”

“You’re so smart. I knew you were good for something.”

Kara slapped some bills on the bar counter and stood. “Come on.” She helped Lena put her leather jacket on and led her to the exit with a leer. “Let me show you what else I’m good at.”


Chapter Text

Reminder:  Mo ghrá (graw) = my love/dear  |  Mo chroí (kree) = my heart/treasure



Oh, why can’t you be good?
~ “Why Can’t You Behave” by Jane Monheit

Since Lena’s beauty preparations tended to take longer, she got a head start by getting her hair and makeup done at the salon, while Kara did God only knows what to make Supergirl’s golden waves flow loosely in all their glory. Lena had considered hiring a stylist for Kara, but it was not worth the risk of exposure for just one night. She and Kara would have liked to see an elaborate Grecian hairstyle on her, but as a rule updos, twists, buns, braids, coiffeurs or the like were reserved for Day Job Kara because apparently it helped her human ‘disguise’. Besides, Supergirl’s signature hair was a thing, so they left it at that. At least Lena trusted the Irish designer she hired to make their gowns.

Kara was still loading up on food in the kitchen when Lena returned to the penthouse. Kara suspected that hors d'oeuvres would be served all night at the gala, and that would not be enough for someone with a bottomless pit of a stomach like hers. Not unless she ate everything in sight. Except, constantly stuffing her face wasn’t exactly classy, no sir. So, she thought it was best to get her fill before heading to the venue. 

“Wow, your hair and makeup look fabulous!” Kara said as she gave Lena a welcome home kiss and hug. 

“Of course, they... do...” Lena’s teasing retort came to a halt and she froze in her tracks when her girlfriend stepped back. Kara was currently dressed in loose drawstring canary yellow joggers and a baby blue, sleeveless, zippered shirt that offered a glimpse of some cleavage and her abs, not to mention those arms of steel, which flexed and bunched. The vixen appeared not to be wearing anything under her shirt, judging from the telltale points on her chest that also greeted Lena upon her arrival. Lena suddenly felt parched.

“You okay?” Kara asked with a slight slant to her lips.

Lena blinked twice. She shook her head to snap out of her stupor. “Ehm. I just... I feel attacked.”

“Yeah?” Kara’s brows shot up in surprise and delight. It wasn’t every day her well-bred girlfriend used slang. I must be rubbing off on her. She smirked. “Care to take me down?”

Lena chuckled. “Tempting. Maybe later.”

“Uh-huh. Wait till you see me in my dress,” Kara replied, cheeky as ever, winking as she toyed with the zipper. 

“Wait till you see me in mine.”

“Oh, I’m sure I’ll feel more than attacked.” Kara gave her another smooch. “Maybe you should eat something before we get started. I’ll just clean up real quick.”

Soon enough, Kara sat on the chair in front of the vanity mirror in Lena’s dressing room, where Lena carefully applied eye shadow on Kara’s eyelids. To say that Lena had a walk-in closet was like saying she had a tool shed. No, Lena Luthor had a dressing room dedicated to fashion, like a mini boutique with floor-to-ceiling closet organizers along the walls and track lights overhead. Shoes were neatly displayed in stacked rows. There were drawers for various folded clothes, jewelry, watches, sunglasses, makeup, and accessories, and more. Kara even had a dedicated space to call her own. Hanging clothes were organized in sections, one for monochrome, with garments arranged from white to gray to black. Another section held hanging clothes for warmer colors and another for cool hues from all colors of the rainbow, arranged in from light to dark by color group. 

Once, when Kara asked why her clothes were organized as such, Lena replied, “Because it’s efficient. I can easily find what I need, even in the dark.”

“Why would you crawl around in the dark to look for a puke-green shirt?”

“If you really think I own any puke-green shirts, I’m breaking up with you.”

Once Kara’s makeup was done, as a finishing touch, Lena fastened a ruby tiara on Kara’s head, and gave her ruby-studded dangling gold earrings and matching bracelet to put on, long with gold leaf armbands that spiraled around her biceps. Lena hummed in approval as she surveyed her work. The overall effect was delicious. 

The gala’s theme was Ancient Greece meets modern times. Lena couldn’t wait to see her beloved in her toga-inspired gown, and she couldn’t wait to blow Kara away with her own outfit. For now, she asked Kara to step out of the dressing room until Lena was ready to show off. Grinning, Lena peeled off her casual clothes so she could step into her gown. When Lena was about to fasten her shoe straps, she called Kara over to help her finish up.

Mo ghrá, have you seen... my...” Whatever it was Kara was looking for was forgotten when Lena looked up.

Lena held back her smile, enjoying Kara's deer-in-headlights moment. "Would you like to help me zip up?" 

"Yes!" Kara's voice cracked. She cleared her throat and tried again. "Absolutely. I, uh, I can help you with those, too." She gestured at the strappy heels.

"Be my guest." Lena didn't hold back her smile this time.

Kara knelt on the ground and gently lifted a dainty foot with reverence. She placed the platinum gold, open-toed, tanzanite-studded Stuart Weitzman heel on her thigh and let Lena's foot settle in. The tanzanites twinkled as she tied the straps around Lena's ankle.

"These are so sexy," Kara mumbled, nibbling on her inner lips as she caressed Lena's calf up and down. "All your shoes are sexy, but this. Rao."

Lena shivered at the touch, loving the effect her heels were having on her lover. After Kara finished tying the other strap, she asked. "Zip me up?" Kara nodded, rising to her feet and offering her hand to her love.

Lena slowly rose from the chair. She wore a flowing blushed gold Grecian evening gown made of gossamer silk chiffon, which shimmered with her every move. The softly pleated v-neckline plunged down from the shoulders to the center of a golden, two-inch, elastic waistband made of embroidered lace. A built-in bra supported her breasts underneath the fabric, pushing them up lightly to give a tasteful peak of cleavage. Sheer, softly pleated, open sleeves were attached to golden lace embroidered rings, which were like halos around bare shoulders. The floor-length sleeves parted like curtains to expose her arms. Below the waistline, voluminous layers of soft pleats and folds cascaded down to the floor. A slit ran up to mid-thigh, showing glimpses of smooth, bare skin. To complete the ensemble, Lena wore a platinum gold, tanzanite studded watch, a tanzanite bracelet and matching earrings that dangled from her ear lobes. 

Kara stood wide-eyed, jaw unhinged, brows practically touching her hairline. Blue eyes roamed everywhere. Her mouth opened and closed a few times until words tumbled out. “Wow... you look... you...” Kara’s breath rushed out from the corner of her mouth in frustration. Lena sometimes called her Thesaurus Head when she spewed words out loud for an article she was working on. But for the life of her, Kara just couldn’t find the words for a proper tribute to the goddess before her.

Lena straightened, basking in her lover’s attention. She congratulated herself for successfully devastating her primary target, the one and only Kara Zor-El of Krypton, who might even faint if she found out how much Lena spent on the entire ensemble. The shoes alone should be locked in a safe when not in use, but her reaction was worth it. “I take it, you approve?”

Kara nodded with enthusiasm. “I don't even... Breathtaking and ravishing aren't enough. Will you do a slow spin for me? I want to make sure I properly appreciate you from every angle.”

Lena did as asked, and when she turned she heard a strangled noise. “No bra,” Kara mumbled. She knew Kara was now seeing her bare back framed by fabric that also plunged in a vee from the shoulders down to the center of the waistband.

“Ethereal! That’s it,” Kara mumbled as she watched Lena complete her 360-degree turn. “Sublime, even. Just... wow...”

In retrospect, Lena was no longer sure that agreeing to get ready with Kara at her penthouse had been the smartest decision. It made sense at first. Since she was going to the gala with Supergirl, picking her up at the loft was out of the question. She wanted them to look their very best in their fancy albeit delicate outfits, with hair and makeup intact. The problem was that Miss Lena Fucking Punctual Kieran Luthor miscalculated the time they should leave for the gala, not because she had abysmal logistics planning skills, oh no, but because as soon as she finished showing off her gown, Kara couldn’t wait to ‘help’ her out of it. 

After picking up her jaw from the floor, Kara stroked the fabric as if searching for something. She mumbled, “Must investigate.”

“What are you doing?” Lena asked when Kara reached for the zipper, but not to zip it closed.

“This gown is a work of art. Obviously I need to properly appreciate the rest of it.”

Lena arched her brow. “By taking it off?”

“Uh-huh. It deserves a thorough and rigorous inspection only The Last Daughter of Krypton can provide.”

Lena rolled her eyes in mirth. “Goodness. How altruistic of you, oh great scion of the House of El.”

“You’re welcome! I’m positive there’s more than meets the eye, so I gotta make sure to appreciate those, too.”

Lena giggled at her lover’s antics. “I see. And how do you plan to do that?”

“Hmm, for starters,” Kara said as her hand raised the gown just enough to slip through the slit on Lena’s thigh. “There’s something silky down here. I need to inspect it up close and get back to you on my findings.”

“Kara, you goof.” Lena tried to wiggle out of Kara’s grasp, to no avail. “We’re going to be late.”

“This will only take a sec.” 

“I highly doubt that.” Lena sucked in a breath when that wicked hand stroked her bare leg, kneaded the inside of her thigh and inched its way towards moist heat.

“Ooh, it feels like satin and lace. Must confirm.”

Mo chroí, we don’t have time for this.”

Under different circumstances, Lena would have given in to her desires and let Kara’s passion wash over her like rain in the desert. However, the thing about being punctual of award-winning caliber was that being late was completely unacceptable. Being late was strictly against being a well-bred Luthor, ingrained and reinforced by punishment since she was four. Lillian had drilled into her brain that good girls did not waste somebody’s time by keeping them waiting. Thus, Lena Fucking Punctual Kieran Luthor grew up firmly believing that being late showed a lack of good manners, courtesy, respect and professionalism. It was only polite not to waste anyone’s time, just like she didn’t like getting her time wasted by someone with the audacity to be late. 

Kara Super Fucking Horny Zor-El, however, had other ideas. Ideas set in motion by naughty hands and amorous lips. Ideas that made Lena question such a core belief, not to mention her sanity, especially when Kara added kisses in the proceedings. Kara’s kisses had a way of making her brain malfunction to the point of system failure. Now, if only Lena’s brain wasn’t getting too muddled to make sense of it all. Except logic seemed so far away from her grasp.

“Kara,” Lena breathed, trembling between kissterruptions, “we’re going to be late.”

“We can be—mmph—fashionably late.” Kara cupped Lena’s face, fully intent on breaking down her defenses with the same tenacity when battling against her foes, using kisses and caresses as her weapons of choice. No cape needed.

“Which is still late.” Lena huffed. “You know I hate being late.”

“And you know I’m anxious about tonight.” Kiss. “Sex will help me relax.” Grope. “And you get to feel really good. Ecstatic.” Kiss. With tongue. “It’s a win-win.”

“Karaaa.” Lena squirmed and moaned in delight, despite her protest, at the wandering hands and mouth that set fire to her skin like licks of flame. 

“Just a quickie then,” Kara said, nibbling along Lena’s neck, careful not to leave any marks. “I can fly us in later.” 

“Wait.” Lena pushed at Kara’s shoulders with great difficulty, and while that didn’t produce the desired(?) effect of moving a Kryptonian back even one millimeter, Kara chose to move back a little, but not her hand because it was already placed at a strategic point of entry down below.

“You don’t want to?” Kara asked, her other hand caressing the ample bosom she desperately wanted to get her mouth on.

“It’s not that,” Lena rasped, gasping when the hand on her breast travelled to her exposed back and down to squeeze her derrière. When Kara leaned in for more kisses, Lena placed her fingers over Kara’s luscious lips to buy herself some time to think. Barely. 

“You know, we could just stay here.” Kara waggled her brows.

“But you’re a guest speaker, and we got these gowns specifically for this themed gala, and—” Lena was horrified to find herself rambling and grasping for straws, “and we put so much effort on getting hair and makeup done. I—I’d hate for it to go to ruin ‘cause—”

“I’ll be careful, mo ghrá. I promise.”

Lena eyed her with skepticism. It didn’t help that Kara was talking to her boobs. “Eyes up here. Are you sure about that?” Kara seemed to be struggling, so Lena lifted Kara’s chin up, which was a mistake because now the hunger in those eyes started burning a hole through Lena’s will like heat-vision. “I—I paid a lot to get this hair like—like this. Unlike you, I don’t just fly around and land with perfect, windblown hair no matter what.” 

“Oh, come onnn.” Alex had grumbled about that, too, but Kara didn’t want to think about her sister. “Pleaaase? I promise it’ll be worth your while. You know it will.”

Lena tried—heavens, she tried—to stay strong, to be firm. To stick to her guns. She channeled Xena Warrior Princess, a tactic she used before entering the boardroom (on time) for another face off, at times reducing grown men in power suits to tears (especially the late ones). 

But then... 

National City’s Beacon of Hope pouted—the kind that would win a gold medal if pouting was an Olympic sport. “No quickie then?” 

I am powerful. I am ruthless. I am punctual! Lena chanted in her mind in the face of such plump, delicious, protruding lips. Then came the shining eyes, the kind that sparked hope in the hearts of the forlorn, when all seemed lost until they heard Supergirl’s voice, cape somehow billowing in all its majesty despite the absence of wind. 

“You don’t even have to do anything,” Kara persisted, tracing a finger along Lena’s collarbone, down to her cleavage. “I’ll take really good care of you. You work sooo hard, my love. You deserve to be taken care of... don’t you?” 

Lena swallowed a whimper. “Y-yes, but—”

“Just think of how you’ll look when they see you in Supergirl’s arms, looking like you’ve just been fucked to queendom come.” Kara crashed their mouths together and plundered Lena’s mouth for a brief moment, only to retreat and whisper in her ear, “People will be so jealous. Because you’re the only one for me. The only one I’ll make love to. The only one I love.” 

“Christ!” Lena groaned. Lena wondered for a delirious moment if all Kryptonians, or at least the ones from the House of El, were just as relentless.

Kara held back a maniacal laugh when Lena squeezed her eyes shut, knowing her lover would call her a supervillain for using the exclusivity card to get her way, even though Kara meant every word. Kara knew that Lena got off on the idea of being 'Supergirl’s Bae', a coveted position among her more... passionate Superfans. It was silly, even a little embarrassing, but Kara was still flattered to be considered a sex symbol. Too bad for them, Lena was the only one she was keen on loving and sexing, especially right at this moment. 

“You can just sit back and let me do allll the work.” Kara sensed the cracks spreading along Lena’s armor. She planted moist kisses along the swells of heaving breasts. “I’ll make you feel sooo good.” She licked along Lena’s collarbone. “Enjoy what I’ll do to you.” And nibbled along her neck. Kara  inhaled deeply. Lena's scent proved too intoxicating, along with everything else about her, spurring Kara's need to conquer and claim. There was no turning back. They were not leaving until Kara had her fill. “Mmm, the things I want to do to you.” Kara pulled back. Her tongue poked out at the corner and slid across her lips, all while eyes the color of stormy seas swept down Lena’s body like a tidal wave.

“Well, if you insist,” Lena said weakly, finally letting out a whimper, her body sagging in surrender. Lena Luthor didn’t like to lose, but in the end, losing this battle wasn't so bad. Not when the one-woman army who laid siege was just so damn good at pillaging and plundering.

Soon, the gown was carefully set aside and Kara knelt before Lena once more, this time worshipping at her altar while Lena perched on the chair, her heeled feet planted on the vanity table. Kara had loosened the drawstring of her own pants and taken her shirt off. Topless, she went to town with the zeal of a woman recovering from a hunger strike. Being a messy eater, she did not mind getting her face, neck and chest juiced up. She was so turned on that she couldn’t help touching herself, knowing there wasn’t enough time to get her own needs met, so she doubled down and focused her energy on driving Lena out of her mind.  

Kara was right. Lena didn’t have to do anything other than sit back and enjoy every precious minute, every stroke of Kara’s lips and tongue. Kara made sure Lena heard as much as felt every hungry lick, every swipe, every pull of Kara’s lips on her labia. Every slurping suction on her clit. Lena gripped Kara’s head and ground her throbbing pussy on her face. Lena moaned with wild abandon, letting Kara work her magic until she couldn’t take it anymore. She screamed with pleasure once. Twice. More, but Lena was too far gone and lost track of how many times she reached the pinnacle, how many times her whole body shuddered. Why she even bothered to resist being ravished was beyond her. Maybe punctuality was overrated. After all, getting several mind and body melting orgasms in a row—in record time—was worth being fashionably late indeed.


Power couple on the rise
~ “Slow Down” by Deadrose and Marcel Xane

The National City Museum reminded Jess of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. If she was the gala event coordinator she would have also chosen it as the perfect venue for the gala. Corinthian columns stood tall and proud, lining the perimeter of the building. The heart of the gala was situated in the open-air atrium, lined with trees and shrubs around the periphery, and connected to a lavish outdoor garden, which was backlit by yellow, red, orange and purple hues from the setting sun. Corinthian columns also surrounded the atrium, which were draped with swaths of crimson cloth.

There was a champagne and hors d'oeuvres reception at one corner, which were replenished round the clock. Numerous meze or small plates of tasty Greek nibbles and sweet and savory delights lined a long and spacious table in neat rows. Next to that was a table with a champagne tower at the center, with wine glasses stacked in a pyramid formation, filled with champagne and flanked by flutes of champagne. Next to that stood a makeshift bar lined with colorful bottles, tended by a mixologist in a toga who served custom drinks. 

Round banquet tables occupied the other half of the atrium near the stage at the far end, where a live band was playing. The singer was accompanied by instruments used during Ancient Greece such as the lyre, pan-pipe flute, aulos, tympanum and harp. Overall the entire set up boasted sophistication and opulence. 

“It's ironic,” Jess told Sam, “that raising money for the less fortunate would cost such a pretty penny just to lure the wealthy and get them in the mood to take out their checkbooks. All this to  support victims of domestic violence and abuse. It feels too... decadent.” She and Sam lingered at the champagne reception.

“It’s fitting for the theme, though. Weren’t wealthy ancient Greeks decadent?” Sam glanced around, champagne flute in hand. “Besides, it’s not like muckety-mucks would just show up to a keg party.” 

“True.” Jess chuckled. She saw L-Corp’s logo proudly displayed everywhere. These swanky events weren’t really her type of scene, but since L-Corp was one of the primary sponsors, they were guaranteed a dozen tickets, which were worth thousands of dollars. Sam gave her one so they could go ‘stag’, as it were.

Jess was a little intimidated by how the socialites in attendance were dressed for the occasion. She felt like a commoner in her dress, a white, one-shoulder, floor-length sleeveless chiffon gown with a draped bodice. The golden waistband was adorned with sparkling sequins and beads. Her hair was braided into a low bun, on top of which rested a decorative golden leaf hair accessory.

While she knew her dress was pretty, it couldn’t possibly rival the quality of the fabrics the rich wore, who probably spent several hundreds, even thousands on their attire. Jess bought the best her money can buy. Well, with Sam’s credit card anyway. It was the only way Sam was able to convince her to tag along, show support for L-Corp and rub elbows with the rich and powerful. People who, as Sam insisted, Jess should meet and add to her network if she wanted to rise to power. People Sam should meet since she did rise to power and she was new to National City.

Next to her, Sam stood in her monochromatic, sleeveless, floor-length Grecian gown. The base layer was a satin, matte black, off-shoulder sheath, which hugged her body, fit yet flowing like a silhouette. A metallic silver chiffon was slung over the shoulder, draped across the front and wrapped around to the back. Soft pleats and folds shimmered with the lights, flaring at the hips and tapering towards the feet. A strappy, open-toed, rhinestone-studded, silver heel peaked from the thigh-high slit. She wore silver, leaf-shaped armbands on her biceps, with matching accessories. Her lustrous, dark chocolate hair was styled in a half-updo, with big curls at the back paired with a fancy braided crown. 

“I’m not saying this to get a raise—though it sure doesn’t hurt—but you look like a runway model in that dress.” Jess sighed. "It’s really unfair." Both her bosses were just too damn good looking for their own good, whatever they wore.

“Thank you, Jess. And no, sadly that wasn’t enough to get a raise. I did let you spend my money.”

“Technically you’re going to charge the expense to the clothing budget.”

“You got me there.” Sam laughed. Lena believed that since they were representing L-Corp for a worthy, charitable cause, they should at least be partially compensated. “You look great. Good choice.”

“If you say so.” Jess glanced around. “I look like a vestal virgin compared to you lot.”

“That’s a good thing, considering some of these folks might not even make it to the pearly gates. Seriously, you look lovely.”

I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose

Fire away, fire way

Ricochet, you take your aim

Jess was delighted that the band with old school instruments was playing contemporary music, currently a lively rendition of "Titanium" by Sia. 

You shoot me down, but I won’t fall

I am titanium.

“Have you heard from Luthor yet?” Sam asked. 

Jess glanced at her text messages. “They’re in a traffic jam.”

“On a Saturday? But isn’t she with—of all the—” Sam sighed in exasperation. She fished out her phone from her clutch and initiated a call. “Hey, boss lady. We’re here. Where are you?”

“We’re in my car,” Lena replied on the other end, referring to her chauffeured Rolls Royce. “Stuck in traffic.”

“Why the hell are you in a car? That’s just lame, considering your date.” 

“There was a car accident. Hold on,” Lena said. Sam heard a slightly muffled exchange. “Darling, you have the night off, remember?” 


“You’ll ruin your dress. Mo chroí, please let somebody else handle it. You don’t have to save everyone all the time.” 

“Lena,” Sam snapped, regaining her friend’s attention, “why don’t you guys just go up, up and away?” To Jess, Sam whispered, “All those PhD’s were wasted on her.”

“I heard that!” Lena chirped. “Besides, I—” There was a slight pause, followed by a flurry of words. “I didn’t want to mess up my hair, alright?”

“Are you fucking kidding me?”

“Do you know how hard it was to get an appointment with Kristoff? The man’s a genius!”

“Oh for crying out loud! If she doesn’t fly that fast then your hair should be fine.” Sam rolled her eyes and shook her head at Lena’s antics. Jess covered her mouth and chuckled softly. When Sam heard grumbling on the other line, she said, “Look, all I’m trying to say is you literally have a goddess with you. How often do you get to make a grand entrance when you’re likely dressed to the nines for an expensive cosplay event?” 

This time Sam heard laughter in the background, likely from Supergirl, then another muffled conversation, which Sam couldn’t catch this time. “Well?”

“Fine,” Lena grumbled. “We’ll be there soon.”

“Alrighty then. See you at the champagne reception.” Sam ended the call and stuffed her phone back in her clutch. The band was now playing “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

I'm a shooting star leaping through the sky

Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity,

I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva

I'm gonna go, go, go,

There's no stopping me.

Jess grinned both at Sam’s trademark bravado and how the music reflected a self-empowerment theme, which was a nice touch. “I can always count on you telling it like it is. I wish I could do that.”

“You should. It’s a time saver. Also, very therapeutic.”

“But she’s my boss.”

“Only because she poached you.” Sam mentored Jess back in Metropolis, grooming her for a bright future. She was sad to see Jess leave for National City, but she knew that working with Lena would be a good stepping stone in the company. Not to mention, Lena gained a loyal and trusted ally who could keep up with her pace. Yet, here they were, coming back full circle. “And technically I’m your boss right now. Tactfulness is a good thing, but you’re free to tell me like it is, got it?”

“Got it.” Jess grinned, clinking her champagne flute with Sam’s.

Suddenly a collective gasp and the buzzing of conversation resounded around them.

“Look. Up in the sky!”

“Oh my God, is that—?” 


“—in a dress!”

“Who’s that with her?”

Sam chuckled. “That was quick.”

“Well, duh.” Jess smirked. 

The crowd parted and gave the new arrivals a wide berth as Supergirl floated gently to the ground with a hooded figure in her arms. Her signature sigil was embroidered in golden thread over the scarlet silk velvet himation, or Grecian cloak, that wrapped around her shoulders and draped around her body. Its edges were embellished with golden lace embroidery. She gently set down her precious cargo on the floor, who wore a two-sided himation: royal blue satin on top and violet crushed velvet on the underside, with platinum gold embroidered lace. It wrapped around the figure’s body and over the head like a veil. Supergirl’s companion’s hands lifted over her head to grasp the edge of the fabric, then peeled it back to reveal—

“It’s Lena Luthor!”

Kara helped Lena unwind the himation from her shoulders, then draped it over each elbow and let the bulk of the fabric fall behind Lena, exposing her bare back. Lena’s hair was parted in the middle, with tendrils of hair framing her face. The bulk of her hair was twisted into a high bun, with a halo of ringlets that cascaded to her nape. A platinum gold, tanzanite-studded vine tiara wrapped around the base of her head to her crown. Her gaze twinkled behind smoky eye makeup and her trademark bright red lipstick shone as she smiled at her lovely companion.

People murmured around them to praise her outfit, marveling at what Kara had salivated over at the penthouse. Lena knew she looked good, as evidenced by Kara’s vehement reaction. She had chosen an outfit meant to knock the socks off of one particular Kryptonian and it worked flawlessly, and that was all that mattered.

She was glad that Kara insisted on making her come so hard repeatedly before leaving the penthouse. She still felt high as a kite, still riding the wave of euphoria all those orgasms produced. Not only did Lena get lucky, she also felt like the luckiest woman here tonight, and she couldn’t wipe the smugness off her face even if she tried. Their envy alone was worth every slur and backstabbing Lena would have to endure.

Kara Zor-el looked resplendent, in Lena’s biased yet accurate opinion, considering all the cooing admirers around them. Kara unwound the scarlet himation from around her own shoulders, slung the ends over her elbows, and let the rest of the fabric drape behind her back. She wore a floor-length, layered, Grecian gown made of silk chiffon. The base layer was a one-shoulder, indigo silk sheath, embellished with beaded lace. A top layer of ombre blue silk chiffon, with shades of blue blending seamlessly, fading from dark to light, fell in dramatic, soft folds that draped over one shoulder to the opposite side waist, and wrapped around Kara’s body. The fabric was so soft that her dress swished gently when she walked. Her feet were adorned in a pair of scarlet, ruby-studded, open-toed, strappy Stuart Weitzman heels.

“Shall we?” Kara smiled at Lena and held out her hand, palm up at shoulder level.

Beaming, Lena placed her own hand on top of Kara’s, feeling like a Greek noblewoman being escorted by the most gallant suitor. Heads turned in their wake as they strolled toward the champagne reception where Sam and Jess waited. Lena basked in the attention and admiration, swelling with pride to be seen with her gorgeous date. 

“Is that really Supergirl?”

“Wow, she looks fabulous in that dress.”

“She should trade in the cape and cheerleader costume.”


“How did Luthor manage to snag Supergirl?”

“I thought she was dating that nerdy reporter. What’s her name?”

“I heard she’s dating both of them.”


“Lena is smokin’ hot!”

“Man, I want a threesome with them.”

“Screw that, I want a foursome!”

Kara soaked up the praises, not that she needed the ego stroking. She knew they made quite an impression. All the same, it felt fantastic. Of course, the snipes never went away. Even Supergirl had critics. Although, some of the remarks had a hint of envy. Kara could care less about what they had to say, choosing to focus on how lucky she felt to have the beautiful genius on her arm. 


Hear the crowd calling your name
~ “Starstruck” by Sterling Knight

Jess stood wide-eyed as she gaped at the approaching couple. The crowd parted like the Red Sea as they strolled to where Jess and Sam stood. Apart from the obvious fact that Supergirl wasn’t in her superhero outfit, there was something different about her that Jess couldn’t quite put her finger on, so she took a moment to ponder.

Supergirl typically crackled with energy, even on television, always on high alert for emergencies and ready for action. Tonight, she looked relaxed, if a bit wary. Jess doubted that Supergirl frequented the gala scene to mingle and rub elbows with socialites. Still, Supergirl was so popular and had countless fans all over, so Jess wouldn’t be surprised if she got mobbed even here, especially with wealthy millennials eager for a chat and a selfie with the hero. 

Supergirl seemed to broadcast an ‘I care but I don’t give a fuck’ kind of vibe. The way she swaggered and held herself tall and proud, she seemed to... smolder with animal magnetism the likes of which Jess had never seen before. It drew people in effortlessly, including herself. Already people were gathering and gawking behind the hero. Self-assured, the Kryptonian looked every bit like a goddess who came to grace the gala with her divine presence. 

Lena also looked radiant in her gown, the most daring one Jess had ever seen her in. She was the embodiment of elegance, something Jess admired about her from the moment they met. Lena was unusually more relaxed in public than Jess had ever witnessed. Her smile could rival the sun and, even more astonishing, she didn’t seem to be holding back the way her face lit up and broadcasted her affection for her date. Not that Jess could blame her.

The two of them side-by-side screamed ‘power couple’ and they sauntered about as if they owned the place. To be fair, Supergirl flew around the National City and protected it as her territory. Besides, considering the obscene amount that L-Corp donated, Lena might as well own the place indeed. 

“Wow!” Jess gushed when they slowed to a stop in front of her and Sam. “You guys look sensational!”

“Thank you, Jess.” Lena preened. “You and Sam look fabulous, of course.” 

Kara smiled. “Yes, you both look gorgeous.”

“You’re too kind.” Jess blushed.

“Likewise.” Sam smiled at Supergirl. She turned to Lena, “I don’t know what you were worried about when you had a shawl over your head.”

“It’s called a himation. Ancient Greeks used it as a cloak,” Lena said, nonplussed at the jibe. “Supergirl, I’d like you to meet Samantha Arias, L-Corp’s CFO.”

“It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Arias.”

“I’m very honored to meet you, Supergirl. Please call me Sam.”

Usually this was the part where people expected Supergirl to reciprocate by sharing her name, and from the look on Sam’s face she hoped for the same. But Kara simply did as she always did—ignore and redirect their attention to something else. This time Lena took the lead.

“Sam’s daughter is a huge fan of yours.”


“We saw you carry the submarine at the waterfront,” Sam enthused. “It was all Ruby could talk about for days! We came to see you at the Supergirl statue dedication. Ruby was really hoping to get an autograph and a selfie, but you know how that day went.”

“I see. Then we’ll have to make up for that.” Kara grinned and Sam couldn’t help but succumb to her charms.

“And you remember Jess?” Lena said.

“Hi, Supergirl.” Jess waved, cheeks blushing. “I love your dress!”

“You flatter me.” Kara smiled. “You can thank Lena for that.”

“Oh, really? ” Sam’s brow raised in interest at her friend, who merely winked. “What happens when you have a superhero emergency? Do you have your cape and suit stashed somewhere nearby?”

“I’m off duty tonight.” Kara shrugged. “I heard you just moved here from Metropolis. How do you like it?”

“We love it here. A lot more variety in cuisines. Also, the local superhero is a lot cuter.”

Kara chuckled. “I’ll be sure to let my cousin know.”

Lena laughed inside, amazed at how poised Sam was. She just hoped she would behave for the rest of the evening and not grill Supergirl the way she grilled her other persona at last week’s happy hour.

“Can I get you ladies another drink?” Kara asked.

“Sure.” Sam nodded. 

“I’m still working on mine,” Jess replied.

“Champagne would be lovely, darling.”

“Here, let me take that.” Kara took Lena’s himation and folded it, folding her own next. “I might as well stop by the coat check-in. I’m sure you could all use some catching up.” Kara lifted Lena’s hand and kissed her knuckles, winking at her and nodding at the other two before she sauntered off while the band played “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys.

Everybody stares as she goes by

Cause they can see the flame that's in her eyes

Watch her as she's lighting up the night.

Three pairs of eyes watched the retreating figure. People flocked around her like seagulls vying for breadcrumbs. Even celebrities were tongue-tied. Lena could relate. She was just as starstruck when she first met the superhero after the helicopter incident. She couldn’t believe they were sharing the same space and breathing the same air, seeing her up close when previously she had only seen her on the news. 

Tonight, her beloved’s confidence was on another level. Lena could tell the clothes and accessories helped, the way they might help an actress step into character. Not that Kara was pretending to be someone else. Quite the opposite in fact. She was wearing something that, to Lena, clearly represented the goddess that Kara truly was: powerful, enchanting, charismatic and benevolent. Not to mention sexy as hell. 

Lena had to admit just watching Kara walking about made her chest tighten and her stomach do somersaults. There was something... dangerous about her lover. Kara was like a jaguar prowling the Amazon jungle, unperturbed by anacondas, black caimans, piranhas or other predators that lurked about. Here in the concrete jungle, adversaries crossed her path at their own peril. Kara also radiated the kind of danger that would have fathers slamming the door and locking the deadbolt to keep their horny daughters safe from her clutches. It thrilled Lena to experience this side of her lover in private, but to witness it in public had her creaming her panties. 

She didn’t need to have super hearing to know that people were fawning over her lover. The men wouldn’t dare to lay a hand, but some of the women were quite brazen with the way they touched or squeezed arms of steel while complimenting Kara’s dress and hair. They plastered themselves against Kara when the gala photographer stopped by to take pictures, but Lena wasn’t worried. She knew Kara only had eyes for her, just as she only had eyes for Kara. Her beloved would smile politely and back away, only to be swallowed up by another crowd. 

Sam noticed Jess watching avidly. “You’re a Superfan, huh?”

“Who isn’t?” Jess replied, cheeks pinking. She asked Lena, “Where did you get your gowns? They’re fantastic.”

“I hired a costume designer from Ireland who works on period movies and television.”

“Fancy,” Sam remarked. “I thought she might show up in her superhero costume. How did you get her to wear a dress?”

“I have my ways.”

“I’m sure.” Sam smirked. 

“How did you manage to get Supergirl to take the night off?” Jess asked.

“It took some convincing, that’s for sure.”

“Not her cup of tea?” Sam asked.

“She’d much rather be doing something useful.”

“She did attend an L-Corp gala a while back,” Jess said. “It was a fundraiser for the children’s hospital. Kara was there, too.”

“Really?” Sam’s brow raised. She asked Lena, “So were the three of you already—”

“Just friends,” Lena supplied.  

Jess coughed once before sipping on her cocktail. Sam caught on, saying, “Something tells me that’s a load of crap.”

“Jess, care to comment?” Lena asked.

“Oh, um...” Jess’ eyes swung back and forth between her two bosses. 

“It’s okay,” Lena added, “I’m simply curious about what you think of all this.”

Sam nodded. “Jess, you saw a lot of what went on from the start, didn’t you?”

Lena scoffed. “As if you don’t already know.”

“Oh, no, Miss Luthor. I would never betray your confidence!” At Lena’s raised brow, Jess added, “I only shared the harmless things.”

“Yeah, I really had to needle some scoop from this one, but all I got was a few boring facts.” 

“You get to keep your job, then.” Lena chuckled at Jess. “You still haven’t answered my question.”

“I didn’t really see Supergirl in your office much, but Kara did drop by quite a bit, sometimes for work, other times just to visit. She’s really nice. She also brings me snacks or coffee.”

“See?” Sam singsonged, “Bo—ring.”

Jess continued, “I just found it amusing—” and downright ridiculous “—how you and Kara insisted that you were ‘just friends’ when it was clear that there was something more, something electric between you.”

“Who were you rooting for?” Sam asked.

Jess pressed her lips together. “They’re both wonderful and make Lena so happy, and that’s all that really matters.” 

“What a cop out.” Sam sighed. “Jess, you’d make a good politician. Lena, you’re one person short of a threesome. Where’s Little Miss Sunshine?”

“She’s been to a few of these with me already, so I thought I’d bring Supergirl for a change.”

“Why not both? Clearly they’ve been to the same gala before.”

“Kara was my plus one and Supergirl was working, so that doesn’t count. Besides, it’s different now. I’m not sure we’re ready for such... scrutiny. I’d really hate for the three of us to be the center of gossip for the night.”

“Too late. You guys are still hot gossip fodder.”

“It’s easier when only one of them is present,” Lena replied. More than you know. “Supergirl and I get hounded by the press all the time. I’d rather keep Kara out of it.”

Jess excused herself, leaving Sam to her own devices, to Lena’s chagrin, knowing what was coming next.

“Daaayum, Luthor.” Sam whistled in disbelief. “It’s one thing to see her on the news, but another thing to see her in person, you know? She’s incredible.” Sam pursed her lips. “And you tap that.”

“Don’t be crude,” Lena scoffed, but inside she was patting herself on the back. 

“Her sex appeal is off the charts! What’s she like in bed?”

“Oh, God.”

“I bet you scream that a lot. In fact, I’ll bet that’s why you’re late. God forbid Lena Luthor’s ever late to anything. You look so freshly well-fucked.” Lena responded with a friendly smack on Sam’s arm, but Sam was unphased. “Seriously, is your penthouse still intact? Do you have to buy new furniture every week?”

“I don’t know what you mean.”

“You know, Jess nearly fainted when she dusted off your desk.” When Lena frowned in confusion at the non-sequitur, Sam added, “I guess you couldn’t hide two hand-shaped dents for too long. Who uses file organizers anymore, two of them even? And in such an odd placement, Miss I Like Order and Symmetry.”


Lena schooled her features to keep her eyes from falling off their sockets. She willed herself to stay calm, but she couldn’t stop the blush from creeping up her neck and spreading to the tips of her ears. She just hoped no carotid arteries would burst nor any blood would spurt from her nose as she remembered in vivid detail how Day Job Kara had surprised her one day with a present in her pants. Apparently, she’d changed in the restroom before stepping into her office and locking the doors. Kara had bent Lena over her desk facing the window. Lena was thankful the windows had a reflective tint on the outside while Kara had her palms on the desk pounding away carefully. But sometimes holding back didn’t mean the furniture was safe. They were lucky that most of her desk stayed intact.

She glared at Sam. “You are such a perv.”

Sam grinned. “I think it’s hot. And the balcony must have been convenient for fly-by delights. I’m just surprised your couch is still standing. How did you even get any work done? Or keep quiet for that matter?”

“Will you just stop?” Lena could feel herself turning redder by the second.

“I bet you regret giving me your office, huh? I’ve seen your digs at Catco. All that wide open space and glass walls.”

 “Sam, quit it. She can hear you.” Lena felt like steam was coming out of her ears. She could really use that champagne Kara was supposed to get. Where the hell is she?!

“Yeah?” Sam glanced around in alarm. She whispered, “What do you think she’ll do?”

What Kara should be doing is returning ASAP, that’s what. “Do you really want to find out?”

Sam harrumphed. “What’s Supergirl’s real name anyway?” 

“Sorry. Top secret.”

“Oh, come on.”

“I just told you she can hear you. Besides, it’s not mine to tell. She didn’t even tell me for at least a year.”

“Fine. Can you at least tell me what she wears in her downtime? Tank tops and daisy dukes? Flannel, skintight jeans and cowboy boots? Ooh, does she ride a horse?”

Lena’s brow simply rose slowly, eyes glinting as she stole Sam’s champagne flute and sipped, biding her time till Sam groaned, muttering, “You’re no fun.” To Lena’s relief, Sam turned away to talk to someone else.


Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway
~ “Girl on Fire” by Alicia Keys

Kara sighed, finally arriving at the coat check-in station. It took some maneuvering to get there. She held out the cloaks to the coat check attendant, who was currently gaping and seemed frozen in place. Kara had to clear her throat to get the poor girl to snap out of it. She just wanted to go back to Lena. She felt too exposed on her own, like a magnet surrounded by paper clips, screws and bolts scattered everywhere. 

“S-sure, Supergirl. Uh, l-let me take that for you,” the girl said, fumbling with her glasses and nearly dropping the cloaks. “If you don’t mind my saying so, you look gorgeous! Er, I mean your dress is just, like, holy crap. I mean, pretty! Is that new? I mean, of course it’s new! Sorry, it’s just—”

“Thank you. I’m flattered that you think so.” Kara smiled gently. Is this what I’m like as Danvers? She took the claim ticket and stuffed it in her dress pocket.

“I do! And um...” The girl wrung her hands. “Do you, uh, mind if—I mean, c-can I, er, get a selfie with you?”

“Sure.” Kara posed for a quick picture next to the girl then went on her merry way to fetch drinks as promised. 

Despite Kara Zor-El’s reservations about being seen as other than her two public personas, Lena was right—deep down, her invisible self wanted to be seen. She didn’t want to be just a Kryptonian posing as a human, or to be an alienated alien. She didn't want to be just a superhero or a symbol. She was more than her race and her abilities. She was a daughter, a sister, a cousin, a friend, a lover. She was someone who liked to paint and take photos and tend gardens, who liked karaoke and pot stickers and game nights. She was proud of her heritage and wanted to help others with her gifts. Someone who loved deeply and was cherished in return.

Being forced to hide her true nature from the moment she landed on Earth had instilled a level of anxiety and fear of rejection that was difficult to shake, especially when cameras flashed and news traveled faster than a speeding bullet. She went from being encouraged by her parents to grow into her fullest potential to striving to appear less than average on Earth. 

She really just wanted to be Kara Zor-El, to be the best version of herself, as a Kryptonian, an honorary Earthling, all those other things and more. She just wanted people to accept her, and also not to kill her or her loved ones. But as Lena said before, she didn't need to share all of herself with the world, just the parts she was willing to share.

“What parts of your invisible self want to be seen, mo chroí?” Lena had asked one evening while holding Kara in her arms in bed and stroking her hair. 

After contemplating, Kara said, “When I was new on Earth, I loved looking through fashion magazines. I wished that I could dress up in stylish clothes instead of the drab outfits Alex made me wear. I hated having to make myself look insignificant and forgettable. That’s not how I grew up.”

"How did you dress in Krypton?”

“We dressed as befits our social status. The House of El is a proud and noble line of renowned, high-ranking scientists. Some were members—or even heads—of the Science Council. Heads of the guild councils were also members of the High Council. ”

“So, you are genetically predisposed to be a nerd.” She giggled when Kara poked her side. Despite her teasing, Lena was in awe. She wondered what it must have been like to be a member of the scientific elite in a technologically advanced society. Kara's knowledge of the universe, even for a thirteen-year-old who landed on a backwards planet, was light years ahead of Earth’s most celebrated scientists. Geeking out with her was more exciting than when Lena met Stephen Hawking in person, and probably even more exhilarating than meeting Marie Curie, Ada Lovelace, or Rosalind Franklin combined. 

“It sounds as if your house was like royalty in the sciences,” Lena wondered out loud.

“I suppose so," Kara said, lightly scratching Lena's hip. "We didn’t have royalty like here on Earth, but if we did, the House of El would probably be members of the aristocracy. Although my family and Kal’s weren’t pretentious snobs, we still maintained a level of sophistication.”

“I can relate to that last part. It’s a staple of high society.”

The truth was, when Kara met Lena, she was dazzled by the way the CEO carried herself, not just because she was gorgeous with impeccable fashion sense. Being around someone so classy made Kara want to keep up somehow. Most of all, Kara wanted Lena to notice her, to see her. Little by little Kara found herself starting to wear nicer outfits, but it was tricky. She still needed to stay under the radar as Danvers. To her delight, dating Lena publicly gave her the excuse to dress nicer because it was expected dating behavior that one should upgrade to not look like a schmuck. She knew people at work prayed that a posh CEO like Lena wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with Kara in her questionable fashion choices.

“Okay.” Lena's problem-solving mode automatically switched on, determined to help. “So, we’ll make sure you look glamorous. That’s easy. What else?” 

“I wish I don’t have to worry about saving the day.” This part was difficult, but Kara still desired it. Donning the cape had taken the whole work-life balancing act to a new level. Sometimes even Supers needed a break. “I guess what I really want is to be out there, superpowers and all, but not be expected to work when I’m there as your date.”

“You could take the night off and let the DEO and the police take care of things without you,” Lena suggested. Dating Supergirl was like dating a doctor on call who had to be prepared for an emergency 24/7. “National City had first responders long before Supergirl came along. They shouldn’t have to rely on you so much when they’re getting paid to do their jobs and you’re working pro bono.”

“Easier said than done when I have super-hearing. Super habits die hard.”

And that was just one reason Lena loved and admired Kara so much. She sincerely wanted to help because she could. “Okay, we’ll have to work on that. Anything else?” Lena asked. Kara gazed at her in silence. “What?”

“I wish I didn’t have to hide how I really feel about you,” Kara whispered, making Lena’s breath hitch. Kara rolled Lena onto her back, making sure to support her weight on her forearms. “How much you mean to me. How much I love you.” Lena’s eyes glistened. Her mouth fell open, but words failed her. “Sometimes when we’re in public,” Kara continued, “I get so overwhelmed with how I feel when I look at you. I get this urge to just kiss you like crazy.”

“I can relate,” Lena whispered back. She grabbed Kara’s face and pulled her down to kiss her with all the love she felt and let her body do all the talking. It took a long while, but she definitely got her point across.

At present, Kara wondered who she was truly seeking acceptance from. She appreciated her Earth family’s and Lena’s, of course. Maybe Lena was right, that perhaps she just needed to give herself permission to just be Kara, to put herself out there, regardless of whether the world accepted her or not. It won't be easy, but she would at least try, even just a little. Baby steps.

"Supergirl is what I do," she once told Lena. "Kara Zor-El is who I am."

Tonight she would explore what that might be like. She didn't need to show the world everything because, as Lena said, sometimes it's good to leave people guessing. She didn't need to be an open book in a high stakes world where not everyone deserved her trust. So, here she was, doing a test run even if the audience was not her usual crowd. She allowed people to call her Supergirl because that was who they thought they were talking to. It was a start.

She couldn't wait to stand by Lena's side. Kara felt proud to be her date. Lena had gifted her with a beautiful gown, shoes and accessories that made her feel like everywhere was her catwalk. Kara listened to Justin Timberlake and got her sexy on. It wasn't hard after Lena floored her in the dressing room, looking like temptation itself. Being with Lena made her feel like Casanova, and she high-fived herself for piercing through Lena's resistance earlier, licking her to a screaming crescendo, one after another. It made Lena even more scrumptious afterward, and Kara was hungry for more. She was by no means done appreciating her lover, but she had to put a little distance between them or else she might give this crowd a show, especially with the smoldering looks that Lena threw her way. She could tell that Lena was getting off on other people checking her out like she was on the menu. Okay, so maybe Kara was a closet exhibitionist, and as long as Lena looked at her the way she did, Kara was okay with that.

Kara smiled when she heard the band playing “Roar” by Katy Perry. It was quite refreshing to hear the sound of pop songs on Grecian instruments.

I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter

Dancing through the fire

'Cause I am a champion, and you're gonna hear me roar

Louder, louder than a lion.

Kara grabbed a few drinks and a meze plate filled with Mediterranean delights to nibble on. Then, she squared her shoulders, held her head up high, took a deep breath, and swaggered back to her beloved as her invisible catwalk required, turning heads along the way.


Stunner number one superstar
~ “Get This Party Started” by P!nk

Lena linked arms with Kara as they mingled. Their connection helped to ground Lena. She’d been steeling herself all evening against the usual anti-Luthor barbs, but as it turned out, she had little to worry about. Even though many approached them, they were far more interested in Supergirl.  

Kara was such a trooper despite constantly getting surrounded. Lena hadn’t realized how truly popular Supergirl was until tonight, that she had fans everywhere, even here, including celebrities. People paid close attention to whatever she did, and they were especially fascinated and enthralled now that she was out of her super suit. Being a private person, Lena was in awe of how Kara managed to tolerate the scrutiny and never-ending questions. She relaxed a little, quite happy to not be the center of attention and play the role of—as Kara had called her time and again—arm and eye candy. 

Or an overdressed pilot.  

Lena made sure to steer them away from unsavory guests, but sometimes they would show up when least expected. At the moment a group of politicians surrounded Supergirl to ask for her opinion.

“Senator ShezNek,” Kara said. She was grateful that Lena told her people’s names in a voice only Kara could hear. She couldn’t remember them all. “To be frank, I don’t like talking about politics.”

“But you are quite a political figure and have been very outspoken about your views. Why stop now?”

“Let me rephrase. I prefer to take action. People can state their opinions all they want, but if all it does is go nowhere, when no action to help others is taken, then it’s a waste of time. I don’t like to waste my time when I can be out there helping others directly.”

Someone scoffed. “Politicians do help.”

“Some do and are sincere about helping, Senator Princy,” Kara said. “Some don’t do enough when they have the power to do more.”

“You are too idealistic, Supergirl,” Senator Princy replied. “The world doesn’t operate as smoothly as you would like. Some changes take time to implement.”

“So you agree that bureaucracy often gets in the way? Those who need help shouldn’t have to wait so long because of it. My so-called ‘idealism’ has saved many lives time and again.”

Senator ShezNek fired back, “Who are you to act like a god and decide over the fates of humans?”

“I never claimed to be one,” Kara replied unfazed. She didn’t choose to have powers, but she could definitely choose not to stoop to their level. “People all over the world call for help every minute of every day. I don’t have to. I don’t get paid to help, but I still do it because I can. So I use my powers to help.”

Lena switched direction and started to lead her away when a younger group stepped in front of them and asked for a group selfie with Supergirl.

Afterwards Kara was eagerly asked, “How do you get your hair to stay perfect, flying and fighting and all?”

“What hair products do you use, Supergirl?”

“Not this again,” Kara told Lena under her breath. Why do people keep asking about my hair?? She tried to smile, hoping it didn’t look too forced. “Nothing special. Maybe it’s a Kryptonian thing?” Kara looked pointedly at Lena, blinking as if sending an S.O.S. to get the hell out of there.

Lena quickly steered them towards a circle she was more familiar with: tech heads. Immediately they swarmed around the couple like bees.

“How fast can you fly, Supergirl?” 

Kara blew out a breath, grateful for the topic change. “Well, once I was clocked at Mach 2 while casually flying.” 

“No way! The speed of sound is Mach 1. And Mach 2 was only casual for you?”

Kara shrugged. “I don’t exactly wear a speedometer.”

“Mlod can make one for you,” someone offered. 

“FlameEGB can do it better.”

Kara had heard of the tech startups but didn’t know much more than that. And she wasn’t about to encourage a pissing contest. “That’s cool, but I’m not sure I really need one. It’s not like I’m racing someone.” Although that might be fun if Barry was around. Besides, even if I were, I can already beat Superman. So, no contest there.” That prompted more chuckles.

“What’s it like to break the sound barrier?”

“It’s a lot of fun!” Kara beamed. “The other day I let some Blackbird fighter jets chase me for fun when they were training at Rainbow Canyon in Death Valley.”

“Whoa, SR-71 Blackbirds can fly at Mach 3.3!”

“Uh-huh.” Kara leaned in and stage-whispered with a wry smile, “I had to slow down sometimes so they could keep up.”

The people around them laughed, utterly charmed. Lena couldn’t resist bragging. “Obviously, she can go faster. She has chased after space shuttles flying at about Mach 25 after all.”

“Oh yeah, that’s right!”

“Hey Lena, we should partner up.” Kara glanced at the name badge, which simply said ‘David12leca’, but Lena seemed to recognize him. “I think we could—”

Kara was thankful for the reprieve. She was glad they engaged Lena for a change and talked shop. Going around and mingling was exhausting. Some of the topics were so mundane, as if they didn’t know what else to say. Sometimes they just asked something they were very curious about. This round was at least entertaining. Nerds and geeks she could handle.

Interestingly, she met a Broadway star with a French last name or other. It was almost like looking at a mirror, only the mirror showed a brunette. She couldn't wait to tell Lena all about her. 


Lena, Kara, Jess and Sam ended up sharing their banquet table with wildlife and environmental activists and supporters. Kara appreciated being around people who believed in helping others and represented various causes they were passionate about. By that point, she and Lena stopped bothering with name badges. There were just too many. 

“Supergirl, if you didn’t have your powers, what would you be doing?”

Kara had been asking herself just that for such a long time now. She replied, “Good question. I’m not sure, but it would definitely be something about helping others.”

“Supergirl, how do you decide who to rescue and help?”

“Sometimes it’s random. I could be passing by and there would be people who need rescuing along the way. Sometimes I look up and there might be a plane in trouble or terrorists in a submarine shooting torpedoes at the waterfront. Sometimes I get called in, like when there’s a forest fire or a bomb explosion.”

“What happens when they’re all happening at once?”

“I have to make a pragmatic, split-second decision, which is always difficult to make. I can’t be everywhere or help everyone all at once.”

“I don’t know what it must be like for you,” someone from the World Wildlife Fund said. “There are a lot of requests to save this tiger or this polar bear or that rhino from all over the world. There aren’t enough resources or space to house all of them and care for them. We can only help so much.”

“That’s right,” Kara replied. “There’s only so much you can do. It’s impossible to rescue them all. I do what I can, whenever and wherever I can. I’m glad there are people like you who also do what you can to help.” 

“I heard you rescued some whale sharks and manta rays in the Caribbean recently,” someone from Oceana mentioned. “It's really wonderful that you also take the time to help our animal allies.”

Kara nodded in acknowledgment. “I couldn’t just let such noble creatures stay tangled up in fishnets and fishing lines. It was cutting into their flesh!”

“Thank you for also hauling out so much plastic waste floating in the sea!”

“It was a horrible sight and so dangerous for the animals and marine life,” Kara said, getting murmurs of assent around her. “I should be thanking you all for doing what you can to raise awareness about such heinous issues.”

“It’s not as direct as what you do.”

Kara replied, “But it’s still a good thing to champion such efforts.”

“Thank you! That means a lot, Supergirl.”

“Supergirl, where do you get the energy to do all that you do?”

“The sun.” Kara smiled.

Lena added, “She’s like a walking, flying solar panel.”

Kara appreciated the people who personally thanked her for things she had done, not because she needed praise but because she was glad to know her efforts did make an impact. She was among people who cared enough to make a difference in the world.

“Hi, I’m from Doctors Without Borders. I just wanted to thank you so much for rescuing our medical supply shipments from those awful pirates in the Caribbean.” Kara pressed her lips together to hold her amusement, imagining Winn giggling. “We’re so grateful that our supplies reached the people they were meant for instead of being sold in the black market.” 

Kara smiled. “You’re welcome.”

Lena asked quietly, “When did you even find the time to battle pirates?”

Kara pressed her lips again, this time to suppress the smugness that bubbled up from within. She took a deep breath and whispered back, “I believe you were resting. You were quite dehydrated at the time.”

“Oh no,” someone said, a Miss Ficaddy. Apparently, they weren’t quiet enough. “I hope you drank plenty of water to replenish your fluids?”

“Indeed,” Lena replied, clearing her throat. “I’m sure we’re all grateful that Supergirl has admirable stamina. Helping not only myself to... recover.” 

Kara glanced at her and the others. “What can I say? It gives me great pleasure to service those in need.” This time Kara couldn’t hold back her grin. When she turned to Lena, she couldn't help her eyes from telegraphing the fire that burned inside. Lena’s lips parted, and though the inhalation wasn’t loud, Kara still heard it as well as Lena’s heartbeat, which sped up. Soon enough Lena reached for the glass in front of her that contained a small amount of iced water.

“Would you like some more water?” Kara tried not to leer.

Lena licked her lips in retaliation. “Maybe later.”

Just then the gala director stopped by. “Supergirl, we can’t thank you enough for coming. It means so much to us to have you here,” he said with sincere gratitude.

“I’m happy to be here for a worthy cause,” Kara asked. “I thought fundraiser galas typically attract a niche group, but it’s wonderful that you’ve got supporters from other types of causes tonight.”

“Your reputation alone was a huge draw for gaining more supporters for our cause.” He smiled.  “Word spread that you were attending and participation skyrocketed.”

“Are you saying some of them came to see me?”

“You’re a celebrity, of course they came to see you.”

“But... I’m not here to parade myself as a celebrity.”

“Think of it this way. They didn’t have to come tonight. These galas do have a cost to attend, and that money goes to charity. Your presence alone is helping to generate funds to support services for victims of domestic violence.”

Lena had said as much. Kara had been skeptical about attending mainly because she didn’t want to feel like she was being used, but since it wasn’t a job and her being there would draw additional support, she decided that maybe just being there was a way to help, so that made all this mingling a little more bearable. But goddammit, she needed a break!

“I’ll stop by again when it’s time for speeches.” The gala director nodded and moved on to another table.

Deciding to take the reins, Kara suddenly asked the woman representing Oceana, “What’s your favorite animal?”

“Oh. Whale sharks actually.”

No wonder she was so happy. Kara smiled. “Coming right up!”

Kara froze some water into a chunk of ice, grabbed a steak knife and speed-sculpted it into a great fish with fins, which even had spots along its body, and a wide gaping mouth. The people around their table erupted in applause. 

“And you, sir?” Kara asked the man from the World Wildlife Fund.


Kara froze some more water and soon enough speed-sculpted an elephant with its big floppy ears, tusks and an upturned trunk. Once again claps and cheers resounded around the table.

“For you, Sam?”

Sam smiled. “How about a soccer ball for my daughter, Ruby? With your sigil if possible. And, uh...”


“Can I record you on video so she knows it’s really you? Or pose for a selfie or something?”

“Sure. Her name’s spelled R-U-B-Y?” At Sam’s nod, Kara went through the motions. Sam’s mouth fell open in awe when the finished product included the telltale pentagons and Ruby’s name below Supergirl’s family crest. Staring at Sam’s phone, Kara said, “Hi Ruby, I hope you like this. It might not be intact anymore since ice melts. The 'S' is my family’s sigil and family motto, ‘El Mayarah’ which means ‘stronger together’.”

Jess murmured, “Ruby is going to flip!”

For Lena, Kara froze some water mixed with red wine and speed-sculpted it into a bouquet of plumerias on a vase, which she placed on a plate in front of her love. People applauded and hooted around them. 

Lena’s heart fluttered, cheeks pinking. “Thank you, mo chroí, Lena whispered in Kara’s ear, “You’re the sweetest person I've ever met. God, I wanna kiss you so bad.” 

Kara suddenly felt shy, but it didn’t last long when she remembered what Lena had replied to her earlier teasing. And while Kara did just give her some water, she planned to make good on her promise later. Till then, she winked at Lena and whispered back, “Maybe later.” 


Do you quickly want to fall in love?
~ "Lust at First Sight" by Viola Hutchinson

After a stunt like that, it was inevitable that the questions that followed would be centered on the loving couple. No matter how many times Kara and Lena sidestepped or even ignored them in the past, curiosity only grew like weeds.

“Supergirl, if you don’t mind my asking, how did you and Miss Luthor meet?” someone at their table asked.

“Was it during the L-Corp renaming ceremony?” another chimed in.

“It was before that.” Kara decided to stick to facts. “I rescued her helicopter from a drone attack.”

“When did you start dating?”

“Fairly recently,” Lena replied, opting for vague answers.

“Was it love at first sight?”

Kara paused in consideration. “I normally don’t like to talk about my personal life.” Kara glanced at Lena. Facts are facts. “But I’ll tell you this much. I’ve always found Lena very beautiful, since the first moment I laid eyes on her.”

“I was thinking the same thing,” Lena added, her cheek forming double dimples. “I mean, who wouldn’t?” People nodded and murmured their assent all around them. 

“Despite what tabloids may say, Lena’s wonderful.” Kara caressed Lena’s hand beneath the table and gazed at her with all the love in her heart and soul. “She truly has a good heart. Beauty, brains and a beautiful soul. I’m lucky I get to see that side of her.” The people around them cooed and some even clapped. As they did, Kara mouthed, “Five stars.”

Lena melted at the public declaration, giggling when Kara flashed all five fingers on one hand. If it weren’t for their audience, she would have grabbed her lover and kissed her senseless. So instead, she squeezed Kara’s free hand and hoped that Kara could feel the waves of love Lena was sending her way. Kara leaned over to whisper in her ear, “Not to mention you've got five stars in bed.”

Lena tried to suppress it, but she felt her cheeks suffuse with heat. She whispered back, “You are getting super lucky later.” But before Kara could fire a flirty remark back— 

“Were you concerned with her family’s reputation?” Another person asked Supergirl, then hurriedly told Lena, who had stiffened, “No offense.”

“Not really. I'm more concerned that she keeps getting into trouble,” Kara replied, gently squeezing Lena’s hand to calm her. People chuckled around them.

Lena scoffed. “It’s not like I asked for assassination attempts or getting framed for things I didn’t do. Trouble finds me.”

“I beg to differ. There was that one gala you asked me to protect. You forgot to mention you were intentionally luring the bank robbers with alien guns, which they used on me for target practice, thank you very much. You used me as a decoy so you could trap them and disable their photon cannons.”

“I knew you could handle it.” Lena smirked. “And I did stop their weapons so you could apprehend them.”

“See what I have to put up with?” Kara told the crowd, who laughed at their antics. “She actually has quite a mean right hook. I’ve seen her deck a sparring partner.”

Lena simpered quietly, knowing exactly which one Kara referred to. She had been sparring with Alex at the DEO for the first time, waiting for the 3D printer to complete. Alex had the audacity to goad Lena to hit her with her best shot. 

Unfortunately for Alex, Lena was incensed that day when she found out that Kara sparred with DEO agents in a room with green kryptonite. It didn’t matter that they emitted lower levels of radiation, but the fact of the matter was that it was still radiation that was toxic to Kryptonians. She didn’t want the exposure to keep building up over time and cause irreparable damage. And since Alex was part of the problem, Lena took out her frustration on her with a wallop. 

"How would you like it if this room was emitting plutonium and you had to spend at least an hour of every day in it, huh?"

After getting a scolding and a shiner, which Alex took in stride, Alex convinced J’onn to bring in Lena to make improvements. So, she redesigned the lighting to include both red and yellow-sun lamps in the training room. She also upgraded the yellow sun lamps in the med bay to ensure Kara would recharge faster.

“I’ve also punched the lights out of a black belt,” Lena said, recalling Beth Breen. It would never be enough to get her arrested for what she did to Jack, but it was still satisfying that Lena was able to personally kick her ass. She looked at Kara. “I’ve survived a bunch of assassination attempts on my own before we met, so obviously I’m not a total wreck.” 

“I know. You’re one tough cookie.” Kara smiled with affection. “But I’ll always have your back.”