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two cooks in the kitchen

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It’s late, when someone knocks on her door. It’s a brisk, friendly roll of the knuckles, a quick rap-tap-tap only noticeable because Xinyan’s hasn’t touched her guitar in several long minutes. She’s been stuck between chords, trying to figure out where to go with this song she’d started on a whim and lost track of hours ago.

It’s deep in the night, now, well past most anyone’s bedtime, and for someone to come knocking at her door at this hour...

For all that Xinyan is a pretty formidable creature herself, she’s still just a girl living on her own - even moreso, now that she’s out of her costume and in nothing but her pajamas. She can’t help that sudden, irrational fear that drops in her gut at the thought of what might be out there - after all, the only things that skulk around in the dead of night are - 

Okay, sure, Xinyan is often one of the things that skulk around in the dead of night, but still! What if it’s an axe murderer? What if someone from the Inazuma Bakufu’s tracked her down to kidnap her and take her Vision? What if - 

Whoever it is knocks again, a little louder this time, and then - 

“Xinya~an, are you home?”

Xiangling. It’s Xiangling! Xinyan can’t help the way her gut goes all swoopy at the thought of - of her girlfriend(!!!) dropping by for a visit, even if it’s a little late for that sort of thing. She can’t open the door quick enough.

“X-Xiangling?” Xinyan manages staring down at the tiny girl before her. “You’re here!”

“I’m here,” Xiangling giggles, making a cute little wave that Xinyan can’t help but return, even if she feels a little silly doing so.

“Um, not that I'm not absolutely stoked that you're here, but - what are you doing here?” Xinyan asks, trying not to look quite so pleased to see her. But, well, she can’t not. There’s just no helping how completely over the moon she is about Xiangling. About Xiangling liking her back.  

“Just got back from my trip with Cap’n Beidou,” Xiangling grins, cheeks flushed with excitement. “And I just - I got really inspired just as I was making my way down the piers, and I just couldn’t wait to walk all the way home. Can I use your kitchen?”

Xinyan blinks, before bursting into a huge laugh, stepping back so Xiangling can bustle her way in. “I haven’t got much in the pantry, but by all means. It’s yours,” she says, gesturing towards her tiny kitchenette. Someday, when she’s a little older, a little more established - someday, maybe she’ll get a place with a nice, big kitchen, one worthy of Xiangling’s bright-burning passion for food.

“Don’t worry! I’ve got all the ingredients on hand,” Xiangling grins, heading towards the stove like she owned the place. And then, as if in afterthought, she turns and asks, “Have you eaten yet?”

“A little bit, but that was hours ago. Besides, you know I always want to eat your cooking,” Xinyan laughs, sidling up behind Xiangling to press a kiss to the crown of her head.

Xiangling makes a cute little sound, inching up on her tippy-toes as if she could kiss Xinyan back with the top of her head, before settling her pouch onto the countertops. “It won't take long. You can go back to what you were doing before,” Xiangling says, as she starts pulling out a few things Xinyan recognizes - lotus root, jueyun chilis, mint - and a few things she very much doesn’t. To be quite honest, for all that Xinyan has a healthy appreciation for everything Xiangling makes, she also knows that sometimes, it’s better not to ask.

She doesn’t want a repeat of the frog dish incident, after all. Even if it had been delicious.

“Can I just watch you a while?” Xinyan blurts out. A fierce heat blooms in her cheeks as she realizes just how weird that probably was, but Xiangling takes it in stride with a laugh.

“Sure. But I doubt it would be very interesting just watching me cook,” Xiangling says, as she pours some oil on the wok and throws in some garlic to fry. “Why don’t you bring out your guitar? Play me a cooking song.”

Xinyan snorts. “I didn’t even know ‘cooking song’ was a genre, sweetheart, but rock on. I’ll bring out my guitar.”

Xiangling laughs. “Well, it’s the traditional folk music of the Wanmin Kitchen. Very distinguished stuff. You’d have to be very worldly to understand its cultural significance,” she says, trying her best to put on a highbrow affectation. Mostly, though, she just looks cute.

It melts through Xinyan like butter. She’s so damn fond of this girl; she has no idea how she’d managed to get so lucky. “Well, I suppose I must thank you, then, for introducing me to such erudite traditions,” Xinyan says with a little flourish, playing along with Xiangling’s silly playacting. It’s worth it, seeing the way Xiangling’s face light up, seeing the way laughter bubbles right up from her chest.

The sight of Xiangling at home and laughing in Xinyan’s kitchen is almost too much to bear, and Xinyan must inevitably retreat to her room, lest she combust on the spot from the sheer, giddy joy welling up in her chest.

She takes a second to recover behind the curtains separating her “bedroom” from the rest of her tiny studio apartment, before grabbing her axe from where she’d left it on her bed and carrying it out.

Already, Xiangling is humming tunelessly along to her own beat, tossing the ingredients in the wok as she goes, and when she reaches over to the counter, where she’s left these beautiful, delicate slices of white meat, she catches sight of Xinyan. “Hey,” she smiles, looking damn near luminous in the dim light of the kitchen.

“Hey. Ready to make some music?” Xinyan asks, returning it with her own smile. “Sing me the song of your people, oh wise one.”

Xiangling laughs, her ears tinting red as she tosses the ingredients in. “I wasn’t being serious, Xinyan. I just like it when you play for me - cooking song or not.”

“Well, why don’t you sing for me anyways? I know you’ve got a voice in there,” Xinyan says, as she settles into one of her stools. “I think it sort of went like this…?” she says, as she strums out an approximation of Xiangling’s little cooking tune.

Xiangling pauses, staring at Xinyan for a long moment, before her eyes curl up in delight. “Xinyan, you’re kind of amazing, aren’t you?”

A flush of pleased embarrassment shocks right through her, and she can’t help but duck her head a little to hide her smile, pretending to focus on her guitar in lieu of a response.

Xiangling doesn’t push it any further, turning back to her work with a cheery hum. As Xinyan picks up the rhythm of a silly little ditty, Xiangling laughs, bouncing on her feet while she sings about a happy ‘churl family and their little friend Slime.




 Dinner is delicious, as it always is. The meat, it turns out, is a cut of geovishap hatchling tail, and Xinyan is kind of amazed Xiangling had taken a look at one of those things and decided to eat it. To be fair, though, there’s not a whole lot about Xiangling that Xinyan doesn’t find amazing, so.

For all that Xinyan doesn’t know a single damn thing about food, Xiangling asks for her feedback and listens intently, rattling off ideas for better flavor combinations in an excited flurry. It’s - incredible, really, and a little overwhelming, but when have either of them been anything but overwhelming?

Aaaahh!!!! All of these sound so good!” Xiangling whines, kicking her feet against the hardwood floor as she laments the fact that she’d used up all the meat already. “I’m going to have to hunt more hatchlings, if I want to try them out!”

After a pause, she glances over at Xinyan, cheeks going pink as she asks, “Do you want to come with me? We can try them out together.”

“Yeah,” Xinyan says, absolutely floored by the sheer adoration she has for this girl. “Anything for you, babe.”

And she means it. She’d give Xiangling the world, if she’d keep smiling like that.

Absently, Xiangling nudges her toes against Xinyan’s ankle, glancing down at what’s left of their meal as she smiles. “Hey Xinyan?”

“Mm?” Xinyan hums, as she nibbles on another morsel of the flaky, white meat.

“Can I stay the night? I... don’t want to go home just yet,” she says quietly, a touch of shyness in her voice.

Xinyan blinks at her and smiles, heart thumping a little faster in her chest at the prospect of - of getting to while away the wee hours of the night with the girl she loves. “Yeah - yeah, of course! I’d love to have you. I know it ain’t much, but you’ve got a standing invitation to my place any time. Your dad’s not going to worry about you too much?”

Xiangling blinks up at Xinyan and smiles one of those big, bright-as-the-sun smiles of hers and says, “Well - I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. He knows I’m not going to do anything too reckless.”

Xinyan laughs. “I dunno. Fighting geovishaps just to eat them is a little…”

Xiangling gently kicks Xinyan’s shin and laughs in turn. “You liked it, didn’t you?”

“I did,” Xinyan grins. “I like everything you make.”

“Except for the frog dish,” Xiangling reminds her, cheeks flush and eyes warm.

“I liked it before I knew it had frogs in it,” Xinyan says in turn, feeling bold enough to hook her ankle around Xiangling’s and keep it there.

Xiangling blinks up at Xinyan, watching her from under the fall of her eyelashes. “Xin’er,” she says, her voice soft and a little coaxing. Coy, maybe, if Xinyan didn’t know better. “Do you think I could use your bath, later? Before we go to bed?”

Xinyan blinks, her heart thumping in a quick one-two cadence. “Yeah. Yeah, of course. Do you want to borrow some of my clothes?”

Xiangling bites her lip and smiles up at Xinyan. “Yes, please.”




This is how Xinyan finds herself sitting in bed, twiddling her thumbs and completely useless for coming up with anything even remotely resembling music. For once in her life, music is not at the forefront of her brain, that space taken up entirely by the fact that behind her dressing screen, her girlfriend is naked and wet and singing under her breath about calla lily soup.

Xinyan can’t really help it, that she has - thoughts. A healthy imagination and a healthy libido to go with it. It’s just that Xiangling is so cute, and so sweet, and she kisses Xinyan so good that it’s hard not to want. It’s not like she’s got any expectations - Xinyan couldn’t bear it if she ended up scaring Xiangling off - but, well. It still doesn’t stop her from letting her mind wander a little.

“Xinyan,” Xiangling calls out from behind the screen, the sound of water stilling. “Do you have another towel? If I don’t put up my hair, I’ll probably drip all over your floor.”

“Oh…” Xinyan says, hopping to her feet. “Oh! Sorry - um. Usually I just - there’s a trick I always do with my Vision; I didn’t realize you’d need - hold on - “

In her fluster, Xinyan practically forgets where she keeps all her damn linens - she’d put them elsewhere after doing laundry the other day, and she’d been so busy preparing for a concert that she’d forgotten to put it away and - 

“Actually, do you think you can show me the trick, too? I’ve never thought about using my vision for something like that… but then again, Guoba isn’t always, y’know - “ Xiangling laughs, peeking out from behind the screen with a towel on her head. Her shoulders are completely bare, which must mean she’s - 

Xinyan swallows hard and says, “Y-yeah, sure. Did you put on the pajamas I left for you?”

“Oh, hehe,” Xiangling laughs, her cheeks flushing pink. “I didn’t want to get them wet. Hold on a little longer!”

“It’s fine, it’s fine! Just put em on - It’ll dry your clothes, too,” Xiyan assures her - mostly so that Xinyan won’t have yet another excuse to be thinking such untoward thoughts. 

“Ah! Xinyan, there’s no underwear,” Xiangling says without a single shred of embarrassment. Xinyan swallows hard, trying to will away the heat pooling in her cheeks, and the thoughts mucking up her brain, to no avail. “Is it still okay if I wear your shorts like this?”

“It’s - It’s fine. Don’t worry about it,” Xinyan chokes out, hoping desperately that Xiangling can’t hear the tremor in her voice. That she can’t hear the hunger growling just underneath her words.

Xiangling steps out from behind the screen, her long, long hair soaking through the thin fabric of the shirt Xinyan had lent her. She’s practically swimming in it, the neck-hole gaping in such a way that if Xiangling were to bend down just a little, Xinyan would be able to see - 

Xinyan bites her lip, willing herself not to think about it as she motions for Xiangling to get closer. “Um - okay, so, um. You know how vaporize works, right?” Xinyan says, turning Xiangling around so she can get at the mass of ink-black hair trailing down Xiangling’s back. As an afterthought, Xinyan steers them both toward her vanity, so that Xiangling can see what she’s doing. “It’s sort of like that, just. Less. So like, look - “

Xinyan focuses her Vision on the lock of Xiangling’s hair in her hand, and in the corner of her room, the trinket on her hand drum glows bright with power. In seconds, steam begins to waft from Xiangling’s hair, leaving it perfectly dry.

Ooh! ” Xiangling breathes, wide-eyed in amazement as she turns to face Xinyan. “That’s so clever!”

“Isn’t it? It’s not great for your hair, but it’s lifesaver in a pinch!” Xinyan laughs, patting Xiangling’s shoulder. “You wanna give it a shot?”

Xiangling looks down at Xinyan’s hand, before letting her gaze trail up to Xinyan’s face. “Can you do it? I’d want to try, but I’ve never really gotten the hang of channeling it the way you do,” she says, softly. “I’d rather not burn your apartment down trying to dry my hair.”

“No biggie. Different strokes, different folks. If I could do half the things you could do with Guoba, my concerts would be unreal,” Xinyan laughs, gathering back the rest of Xiangling’s hair and carefully vaporizing the water out of it.

Xiangling happily basks in the steam, leaning back to stare up at Xinyan once the cloud dissipates. Xinyan stares down at her with an amused little huff - at least until she realizes that, from this angle, she could easily see the divot between Xiangling’s cute little breasts. After that, well - Xinyan can’t help but reflexively tear her gaze away, tilting her head to look up, as well. With a forced laugh as she asks, “Wh-what are you looking at? Is there something on my ceiling?”

“No, silly!” Xiangling laughs, bringing a hand back to cup Xinyan’s cheek. “I was looking at you.”

“Oh,” Xinyan says, her voice a little jittery. “The angle isn’t exactly flattering, haha...”

“Any angle is flattering on you, Xin’er. You’re gorgeous,” Xiangling says, and it’s so earnest Xinyan’s chest squeezes a little.

“Tell that to the kid that pissed his pants the second I came close,” Xinyan laughs, pulling away a little in embarrassment.

“Am I not allowed to compliment my girlfriend?” Xiangling pouts, turning around in Xinyan’s arms and tugging her back in. “The most beautiful, clever, hardworking girl in the world?”

“That’s - by the Seven, stop, ” Xinyan laughs, glancing away, cheeks hot, despite the sweet pleasure blooming in her chest.

“Do I have to?” Xiangling asks, bringing her hands up to properly cup Xinyan’s cheeks, if only to guide her down for a kiss. “I just wanted to brag a little bit about how lucky I am.”

Xiangling! ” Xinyan groans, as Xiangling leans up to press a sweet little kiss to the corner of Xinyan’s mouth. “That’s so - “

“You don't have to be embarrassed,” Xiangling says, her voice gone sweet and coaxing. “By now, you’ve got to know I think the world of you, Xinyan. I like you so much. I’ve always liked you.”

“Yeah, well - I like you, too,” Xinyan says quietly. “More than I know what to do with.”

Xiangling doesn’t say anything - instead, she makes one of those adorable, incandescent sounds of joy that she sometimes makes when she’s found, like, a really rare mushroom or something, and then leans in for another kiss.

Xinyan can’t help but indulge her, leaning down to press their lips together. By most standards, it’s just a chase little peck, the sort you see your parents make when they greet each other at home. It’s so sweet, Xinyan could melt, the sheer domesticity of it making her ache.

But - well, that’s not the only thing the kiss makes her feel. Xinyan likes Xiangling so much. Xiangling is so cute, and Xinyan can’t help the way her heart thumps a little harder at the feel of her all pressed up against her front like that. She really ought to get a hold of herself, but -

Well -

Xiangling makes it hard to.

“Come on, turn around,” Xinyan chokes out, forcing herself to pull away for fear that she might do something stupid. Xiangling had only asked to sleep over; it’s not like that means Xinyan’s got permission to act like a creep. Sure, they’ve - they’ve definitely done stuff together, but that doesn’t mean Xiangling wants to - “I’ll, uh - I’ll brush your hair for you.”

Xiangling makes her eyes do that thing where they get all huge and cute, before she turns around with a giggle and a hop. “I should stay over more often, if you’re going to pamper me like this,” she says, like it’s the easiest thing in the world.

Xinyan just barely manages to keep from blurting out, something stupid, like you could stay forever, if you wanted.

Instead, she makes her way over to the vanity to grab her boar-bristle brush, and then slowly walks Xiangling back, until Xinyan is seated on the bed with Xiangling at the very edge, sitting right between her legs.

“I don’t think I’ve had anyone brush my hair for me since I was little,” Xiangling says, as she kicks her feet, humming a much cuter rendition of Xinyan’s newest single. “It’s kind of nice.”

“Mm,” Xinyan hums, slowly running the brush down sections of Xiangling’s fine, straight hair. “It is. You’ve got pretty hair.”

Xiangling snorts. “Mine’s boring. It’s too straight to hold any sort of style. All I can do is tie it up.”

“Yeah, well. It suits you,” Xinyan says.

“Hm,” Xiangling hums, wiggling a little with all the extra energy in her. She’s careful not to jostle Xinyan too much, which, for a girl like Xiangling, is a lot. Xinyan knows to appreciate it.

They’re quiet for a long time as Xinyan moves the brush through the inky black fall of her hair, and eventually, Xiangling’s frenetic energy begins to fizzle itself out. But of course, when she does that, she finds herself playing with Xinyan’s leg, instead.

Now, Xinyan didn’t really consider her legs to be - well, sensitive - but when Xiangling is slowly running her hand and down her thigh, from her knee to the edge of her shorts, where they’ve ridden up a little - 

Xinyan can’t help the way her breath hitches, the way her insides kind of squeeze in anticipation. She tries not to make a big deal of it, she really does, but she can’t quite get rid of the little buzz of energy under her skin, raising goosebumps anywhere Xiangling touches. If Xiangling notices at all, she doesn’t comment -

Though she does move her hand a little slower, palming the slight give of the muscle hiding just under Xinyan’s soft skin. “You’ve got nice legs,” Xiangling says absently, and Xinyan can’t help but choke on nothing, the movement of the brush faltering.

“I - thank you?” Xinyan manages, after way too long. “Adventuring, y’know. You’ve got a pretty nice set, yourself. If you don’t mind me saying.”

Xiangling laughs, glancing up at Xinyan. “I like that you like my legs.”

There’s a long pause - one that Xiangling spends kneading high up on her thigh, where her thumb rests in the sensitive divot between her legs - and just as Xiangling opens her mouth to say something else, something that Xinyan knows will absolutely devastate her, Xinyan blurts out, “Hey, do you want me to braid your hair for you?”

That seems to startle Xiangling out of that strange, contemplative mood simmering just under her skin. She’s quick to recover, her face splitting into a big grin as she says, “Yeah, of course!”

She tips her head back for Xinyan, sighing contentedly as Xinyan brushes her hair back with her fingertips. While Xinyan works through her hair, Xiangling starts up her humming again, as if that spark of - of tension between them had simply been a figment of Xinyan’s imagination. Xinyan tries to shake off such thoughts as she works, braiding Xiangling’s hair Fontaine-style. She’s not half bad at it, making a loose woven pattern that cascades beautifully down her scalp. It’s satisfying, repetitive work, just difficult enough to keep Xinyan’s mind off of - other things. Things like Xiangling’s hand, resting gently against her knee.

When she gets to Xiangling’s nape, she transitions into a herringbone braid - just as finicky, but nonetheless satisfying. It’s easy to get lost in her work, and when she reaches the end of Xiangling’s hair, she almost feels - off-centered, like she’d been expecting another step on the stairs, only for her feet to hit solid ground.

If Xiangling notices, she doesn’t comment, happy to remind Xinyan that she wants a red ribbon. Xinyan takes a steady, calming breath, endeavoring to reign herself in as she ties it off with a simple bow.

“There we go! Beautiful,” Xinyan grins, smoothing her hand down the heavy rope of Xiangling’s hair, trying to satisfy herself with just how neatly she’d woven the braid.

Xiangling can’t help but reach up, too, patting her head to feel the carefully made ripples in her hair, before twisting around to press a pleased little kiss to Xinyan’s lips. “Thank you,” she murmurs, before turning fully around to face Xinyan. It’s an awkward fit, with Xiangling’s knees squeezed together in the cramped space between Xinyan’s thighs, and before Xinyan scoot back and can make more room, Xiangling huffs and swings her legs over Xinyan’s, bracketing her hips with her knees.

Xinyan had been - she’d been good. She’d been trying really, really hard to be good, but when her girlfriend is practically straddling her, leaning in so close like that, bringing her hand up to cup Xinyan’s cheek - how could she not react?

Xinyan swallows hard, her hands automatically settling at the sweet little dip of Xiangling’s waist. This close, every time Xinyan breathes, she can feel her chest pressing up against Xiangling’s, the soft give of Xiangling’s little breasts squishing against Xinyan’s.

“Hey Xinyan?” Xiangling breathes, finally breaking the silence. Their faces are so close, Xinyan has to glance down, away, anywhere but Xiangling’s eyes to keep from - to keep from demanding more.

“Mm?” Xinyan manages, not quite trusting herself for words.

“I lied,” Xiangling says, her breath fanning over Xinyan’s face. Her voice is so soft - intimate, Xinyan’s traitorous mind supplies. “About coming over because I was - inspired. I just really wanted to see you,” Xiangling murmurs, the hand cupping Xinyan’s cheek sliding a little lower. Low enough that her thumb can gently brush against Xinyan’s bottom lip.

Xinyan’s breath hitches in her chest, even as she laughs quietly, giddily. “Well -” she starts, her mind suddenly blanking under the weight of her wanting. She can’t help it, the way her insides squeeze in anticipation as Xiangling sways a little closer. “I suppose I could forgive you for that. I missed you, too.”

There’s a pause, before Xiangling leans in, the tips of their noses touching as she says, “Xinyan, can I have a kiss?”

Xinyan’s eyes flutter shut as she croaks out, “Y-yeah, sure. Come here.”

Xiangling’s kisses are hungry - lingering and deep even before she starts sucking on Xinyan’s bottom lip, before she makes her gasp. It makes Xinyan feel small, fragile in the best of ways, when Xiangling cups her face, guiding Xinyan where she wants. Teasing her lips open to slip a tongue in, tilting her head back to devour her more completely.

It doesn’t take more than the suggestion of pressure, before Xinyan is leaning back against the bed, Xiangling quick on her heels. She doesn’t miss a beat, easing Xinyan down even as she feels the shape of Xinyan’s mouth with her tongue.

“I’ve wanted to do this all night,” Xiangling breathes when they finally part, squirming in Xinyan’s lap. “I’ve been thinking about you for weeks. Can we - do you want to - “

“Yeah - yeah, anything you want, babe,” Xinyan groans, tipping her head back as Xiangling nips against the hinge of her jaw, as she presses kisses down her neck.

“Can I take this off, then?” Xiangling murmurs, nibbling at her collarbones as she hooks a finger into the V of Xinyan’s nightie. “I’ve - did you know that, that I could see your nipples through this dress? All night. I’ve been wet for you since I stepped inside.”

Gods, sweetheart - ” Xinyan gasps, her hips rolling up against Xiangling’s warm body.

“I didn’t know if you were doing it on purpose,” Xiangling says, moving with her, slipping her hands under Xinyan’s little dress and tugging it up, up over her head until she’s got nothing but a pair of boyshorts on. “You don’t know what you do to me, Xin’er.”

“Oh, oh, ” Xinyan gasps, as Xiangling noses her way down Xinyan’s sternum, burying her face into Xinyan’s chest.

“Can I leave a mark? No one’s going to see, right?” Xiangling asks, a frenetic little desperation in her voice as she kneads one of Xinyan’s breasts.

Anything, babe - you can do whatever you want. I'm yours,” Xinyan gasps, jerking bodily as Xiangling finds a spot just underneath her breast and nips her. “ Fffuck! ” Xinyan gasps, one of her hands coming up behind Xiangling's head to hold her in place as she leaves lingering, sucking kisses against the underside of her breast.

It doesn’t take long before she’s latched onto one of Xinyan’s nipples, gently pinching it between her teeth as she licks and sucks the sensitive nub. The other one, she pinches between her fingers, tugging and rolling it until Xinyan gasps and whimpers. It sends little jolts of sensation right to her pussy, making her clench around nothing. Leaving her hungry for more.

She can’t help it, the way her legs get a little restless, tensing and untensing, spreading apart to make room for Xiangling between them. Before she realizes it, Xiangling’s other hand’s already started sliding down, down, down, until it’s cupping the mound of her pussy, kneading against its softness. “Can I -- “ Xiangling breathes, but Xinyan’s already nodding, frantic and wanting, her legs spreading even further apart.

Xiangling touches her over the damned boyshorts, mapping out the shape of her through the sodden fabric. “Wow, Xinyan, you’re so wet,” she murmurs, rubbing insistently through the cotton. It feels - it’s not enough, it’s not enough! The feel of her fingers is muted through the fabric; the pressure is good, but Xinyan knows it could be better, if only Xiangling would slip off her shorts and touch her properly.

But no, Xiangling is determined to tease, sliding her two fingers just over where Xinyan is empty and aching, pushing in just enough to make Xinyan aware of the hollowness inside of her, to dredge up her wanting and leave it in the sun to dry. 

With something akin to awe, Xiangling has the gall to laugh and say, “I think I can feel it twitching.”

Xinyan sucks in a sharp, whining breath, as she rocks her hips up into the touch. “Please,” she rasps out, eyes squeezing shut as she offers herself up. “Please - “

“Hey, Xinyan, can I try something?” Xiangling asks, continuing to press sweet little kisses to Xinyan’s breasts, her ribs, her stomach even as she rubs idly up and down the wet stain soaking through Xinyan’s shorts. “Can I eat you out?”

“Fuck,” Xinyan whines, feeling like her breath has been punched right out of her. “Yes. Please. Whatever you - anything. I mean it."

Xiangling grins, a triumphant little hehe! on her lips as she eagerly tugs Xinyan’s boyshorts down.

She’s never - she’s never had anyone eat her out before, and for a second, Xinyan’s struck with an irrational anxiety. What if - what if it tastes bad? What if it smells? She’s never been down there herself; there’s no way of knowing. What if Xiangling tries it and ends up not liking it? What if - 

In the end, though, it hardly even matters, because Xiangling makes a shift cooing sound as she thumbs open the wet mess of her pussy, bringing her mouth down to -

To -

Fuck, it's - it’s hot, and wet, and shockingly good, searing her all the way through with a bright, white pleasure. She’s never - she didn’t think it’d feel like this, she didn’t know. Xiangling devours her, her tongue tracing up and down the slick folds of her pussy, lapping up her wetness with a quiet, pleased moan. 

And then - and then, when she noses her way up, sucking indulgently on Xinyan’s clit - 

Xinyan has never been gladder for the fact that she’d moved out of her parent’s place. Granted, the walls here are thin, but if her neighbors haven’t complained of noise yet, hopefully they can overlook it now, because, because -

She’s so loud. She’s never - not when she’s touched herself, at least, but it’s so -

Xiangling hardly has to work at her before Xinyan is gasping and squirming, her hips rocking up into that enormous heat and pressure. It’s good - it feels so fucking good, and Xinyan can’t stop the senseless things falling from her mouth as this beautiful, perfect creature takes her apart.

Mmh, ” Xiangling hums, burying herself further into Xiyan’s cunt. So close, Xinyan could swear Xiangling can feel the way her pussy jerks and spasms, squeezing reflexively around nothing as she coaxes the fire in Xinyan’s belly to life.

“Xiangling - babe - oh, fuck, babe I’m - I think I’ll - I don’t know if I can - “ Xinyan babbles, her thighs tensing against Xiangling’s cheeks, as Xiangling playfully nips her, gently tugging on the delicate skin of her pussy with her lips. It’s only with the barest sliver of control that keeps her from crushing Xiangling’s head between her legs.

“Go on, Xin’er,” Xiangling murmurs, pulling off of Xinyan’s pussy just long enough to draw a sharp whine from Xinyan’s throat. “Let me see you,” she says, sliding her fingers through the slick, wet mess of Xinyan’s pussy, feeling the way her hole squeezes for her. 

“Please,” Xinyan whimpers, thighs spreading, hips bucking up all frantic and desperate at the looming promise of orgasm. “Please, please. I’m so - I’m almost - “

She probably looks ridiculous, probably sounds ridiculous, but she can’t stop herself when she's so close. Xiangling is staring up at her with these dark, hungry eyes, her fingers moving quick against Xinyan’s clit. Xinyan should be embarrassed, how loud it is, how wet she sounds, but the flush is starting to take her, surging up from her core like the wave of heat from a flame, and it isn’t long, before she’s burning, burning.

It feels like the long, senseless seconds after blasting her burst, with nothing but the sound of fire roaring in her ears as she stands, panting and sweating, in the midst of something revolutionary. She’s still panting and sweating, but it’s a smaller sort of revolution blowing through her - sort of like how the earth revolves around the sun, coming back to the same place it had been once before, only to realize it’s somewhere completely new.

“I love you,” Xinyan says, in the senseless, boneless haze. “I’m in love with you.”

Maybe, if Xinyan were a little more coherent, she’d have the sense to be embarrassed. After all they haven't been dating for long - there’s no way that she could already feel so intensely about Xiangling. And yet -

Xiangling comes up to lay her comforting weight against Xinyan’s chest. She hadn’t even bothered to wipe her face yet; her lips are still wet with Xinyan’s slick, and when she leans in for a kiss, Xinyan can’t even be bothered to be weirded out by it all. She can taste herself on Xiangling’s lips, a little tart and maybe a little musky, but it’s all drowned out by the way Xiangling sighs contentedly into her mouth, licking against Xinyan’s tongue until the taste has been washed away.

Its ages of this - this pleasant back and forth of lips and tongue, breath fanning out in sweet little giggles, eyes fluttering shut just to savor the feeling. Xiangling might seem like a slight little thing, a good half a head shorter than Xinyan and wiry from all her exploring, but she’s got a comforting weight to her, an unexpected heft. Like a spear - deceptively light until you’ve got it held in front of you.

It’s good. It feels good. And when Xiangling pulls back from the kiss, there’s a bright, sunny smile as she says, “I love you too. I adore you. I can’t stop thinking about you.”

Xinyan laughs, quiet and pleasure-sweet. “Honestly, if you think about me even a fraction as much as you think about cooking, I’ll consider it a win.”

“Cooking doesn’t count,” Xiangling laughs, nipping the apple of Xinyan’s cheek, where her smile’s gone and rounded it further. “It’s always there. But you - ah, Xin’er, you. You’re the only one that makes me want to look away.”

“I - you - “ Xinyan stammers, something in her chest blooming. “By the Seven, Xiangling, that’s so - warn me before you say stuff like that.” She can’t stop smiling, her cheeks warm with giddy pleasure, knowing that Xiangling’s just as obsessed with her as Xinyan is with Xiangling.

Flush on this knowledge, Xinyan can’t help but grow bold. Bold enough that she can ask -

“Hey,” Xinyan murmurs, nosing against Xiangling’s cheek. “Do you want me to return the favor?”

“Mm,” Xiangling hums, the sound of it vibrating through Xinyan. She considers it for a while, curling contentedly into Xinyan’s space like a cat seeking heat, before finally shaking her head. “Maybe not right now. I like this. Being close to you.”

“Then - “ Xinyan says, trying not to feel too disappointed, “Well, maybe - do you want - “

A little too embarrassed to say it, Xinyan grabs Xiangling by the hips, maneuvering her until she’s settled atop one of Xinyan’s thighs. “Is this okay?”

“Oh!” Xiangling laughs, pressing herself a little more firmly against Xinyan’s leg. Her voice goes a little thready, as she tentatively rocks her hips forward - and then again, a little faster. “Yeah, this is - this is good. Kiss me?”

What is Xinyan to do but obey?

She wraps her arms around Xiangling’s shoulders, opening her mouth up to Xiangling’s eager tongue. She’s so - she’s so cute, making these quiet, hungry sounds against Xinyan’s mouth, her hips setting out a selfish, jerking pace against Xinyan’s leg. Even through her shorts, Xinyan can feel the wet heat of Xiangling’s cunt against her skin, leaving the ghost of a trail on her thigh.

“Wanna take your shorts off?” Xinyan murmurs against Xiangling’s mouth, gently nipping against Xiangling’s bottom lip until she gasps and drops her forehead against Xinyan’s shoulder.

“Feels good, though,” Xiangling whines, nuzzling into the crook of Xinyan’s neck. “I don’t wanna stop.”

Xinyan laughs under her breath, gently smoothing Xiangling’s hair down. “You sure?” she asks, before letting her hands trail down Xiangling’s cheeks, her neck, her shoulder, her chest. One of her hands settles easily on Xiangling’s hip, but the other - growing bold at the sight of Xiangling gone self-indulgent and trembling, Xinyan’s other hand cups around one of Xiangling’s breasts, finding the shape of her nipple through the thin cotton of her shirt and pinching.

Xiangling gasps, her hips jerking hard against Xinyan’s leg, her chest pushing into Xinyan’s touch. Xinyan bites her lip, the impulse to draw that reaction again searing in her veins. “I wanna get my hands on you,” Xinyan breathes, roughly kneading Xiangling’s breast until she gasps and shivers. “You’re so wet you’re - I can feel it through your shorts.”

Ahh, ” Xiangling moans, her hips twitching forward as she digs her forehead into Xinyan’s collarbones. “You should - Maybe you could - I mean the shorts are big enough, that maybe…”

“Ah,” Xinyan breathes, her chest squeezing as she glances down Xiangling’s back. Her shorts really are a little big on Xiangling, bagging and pooling in a way that they never do on Xinyan. “Do you want me to…” she murmurs, letting her fingertips slide just underneath the waistband. It’s loose - if she tugs in any one direction, she could probably get an inch, maybe two, of gaping fabric. Easily enough space to wiggle her hand into.

“Yeah. Yeah, yeah,” Xiangling nods, taking her enterprising hand and pulling it towards her front, until it presses against her abdomen, until Xinyan can feel the short, wiry hair leading down to her pussy. It’s already - it’s so hot and wet there, slicked up with her sweat and her slick. Xinyan can’t help the way her heart beats in doubletime, the lazy flame of desire kicking up again at this clear proof of Xiangling’s ardor.

It isn’t an easy fit, not when Xiangling is determined to slump her entire weight against Xinyan’s chest, mouthing a trail down the valley of her breasts as she ruts against Xinyan’s leg, but she does manage to slip two fingers under, just enough that she can feel the way Xiangling’s cunt has gone all slippery and wet for her. 

As soon as she makes contact, Xiangling gasps, her hips bucking forward, rubbing her clit against the sudden roughness of Xinyan’s fingers. Her sharp little whines pitch up a bit, her pace gone frantic and stuttering now that there’s a new pressure on her clit. 

Her breath comes in hot puffs, shot through with quiet sounds of effort, of anticipation and want. Xinyan can barely move her fingers, can hardly do anything, really, but it’s no matter to Xiangling - she’s got that determined furrow in her brow, using Xinyan’s hand to chase her pleasure.

Even despite the tight confines of fabric, Xiangling’s body makes these slick, tempting sounds, and Xinyan can’t help but swallow around the hot bloom of want in her chest. She wants to make Xiangling feel good. Wants to render her speechless, wants to turn her all boneless and sweet. Wants to see her face when she comes.

It's when Xinyan cups the back of Xiangling’s neck that Xiangling finally glances up, her eyes bright and glossy and wild, like some animal thing’s taken over her, like she hardly has control of herself. She’s pretty like this. She’s always pretty, of course, but there’s just something in the flush of her cheeks, the wet pink of her mouth where it’s dropped open and panting, the hungry, trembling flex of her limbs as she ruts against Xinyan’s fingers that gives Xinyan pause. Xinyan can't bear to look away.

With how roughly Xiangling rocks against her finger, Xinyan’s fingertips occasionally slip far back enough to glance against Xiangling’s fluttering hole. She can’t help but swallow hard, the thought of just how easy it would be to slip her fingers in, to tip Xiangling back and fuck her with her fingers until she screams is -- it’s tempting.

“Are,” Xinya starts, licking her lips. Her lungs are burning, her chest is on fire, her everything gone hot again with just a look. “Are you close?”

Xiangling whines, dropping her face to nose back into the valley of Xinyan’s breasts as she whimpers, “Yes. I’m close. I’m so close, Xin’er.”

“Come on. Come on, babe, let me see you,” Xinyan breathes, hungrily taking in Xiangling’s every breath, her every twitch and moan and squirm. 

Xiangling’s hips jerk forward, once, twice, and then they stutter up, knees falling open as she gasps, “Do you - your fingers, can you put them in? Just a little, just so I can come?”

The angle is terrible, and Xinyan can’t get any leverage with the shorts in the way, but she pulls Xiangling up against her, slipping two fingers into Xiangling’s tight, wet heat.

She’s so hot inside - Xinyan is completely struck by the sheer heat of her, so wet there's almost no resistance at all. Like this, Xinyan can feel the way her insides twitch convulsively around Xinyan’s fingers, quickening rhythmlessly in that way that Xinyan knows means she’s close.

Frantically, Xinyan rocks her fingers in as best she can, feeling for that place in front that turns everything sharp and sweet. She knows when she finds it by the way Xiangling's breath hitches, by the way her moans go desperate and sweet.

It doesn’t take long - for all that it’s cramped and artless and clumsy, Xiangling must've been really close, because she suddenly goes taut against her, her cunt squeezing tight around Xinyan’s fingers in shocked, helpless waves as Xiangling gasps and moans into Xinyan’s chest. Xinyan rubs her through it from the inside as best she can, pressing the butt of her palm against her clit and moving with her as her hips twitch and stutter in mindless little thrusts.

By the Seven, she’s so damn pretty like this, completely struck through with senseless, incandescent pleasure. Her cheeks are flushed, and her hair’s gone all mussed and sex-sweet, and her mouth is dropped open in a quiet, startled moan. 

And then finally, she pulls herself back together, her entire body gone loose and easy with the flood of relief following her orgasm. Xinyan touches her through it, slipping her fingers out of Xiangling’s pussy to rub gently up and down her folds, glancing once or twice against her clit until she shivers with that half-pleasured oversensitivity that comes right after an orgasm like that.

It’s a long moment before finally, Xiangling begins to make these sharp, whining sounds, pulling away as the touch becomes too much. It's with great reluctance that Xinyan finally lets her go, slipping her hand out of Xiangling’s shorts. 

Xiangling flops bodily down on Xinyan with a tired, giddy laugh, nuzzling into Xinyan’s neck as she trembles away the lingering energy buzzing just under her skin. Xinyan can’t help but curl into her in turn, taken by her own fit of giggles.

In the cooling afterglow, Xinyan’s hand feels distractingly sticky, but she can’t bear to move Xiangling off of her. It doesn’t take long before Xiangling notices, though, tugging Xinyan’s hand closer by the wrist instead of dutifully getting off of her.

“Wow,” she marvels, staring at the wet shine of Xinyan's fingers with wide eyes. “You got me really wet, huh?”

Her chest shakes with another quiet giggle, her hips shifting atop Xinyan’s.

Xinyan buries her face in Xiangling’s hair, cheeks burning as she says, “I could say the same to you, babe. I didn’t think I’d ever come that hard, that fast before.”

Xiangling preens, and Xinyan can feel the way she grins against Xinyan’s bare skin. “Well, a chef’s greatest tool is her mouth, after all!”

Xinyan groans. “ Babe.

"Okay, okay, no food talk in bed, I promise,” Xiangling laughs, delight thrumming in her voice. “Though, if you’re not gonna…”

She pointedly eyes Xinyan’s wet hand, until Xinyan snatches it back, scandalized. “ Babe, no!

Xiangling snorts, finally giving it up in favor of nuzzling into the crook Xinyan’s shoulder. Once she’s there, she breathes a long, contented sigh, like a dog that’s gotten comfortably settled, and says, without a hint of shame, “Well… It’s not like I haven’t tasted it before. It’s just been a while.”

“Are you serious?” Xinyan laughs. Gods, she’s so fucking fond of this girl.

“You can’t blame me for being curious! I just want to compare the - the flavor profiles!" Xiangling laughs, nosing her way up Xinyan’s jaw to press a sweet little kiss to her cheek. "I won't though. If it offends your delicate sensibilities that much."

Flavor profiles - gods, Xiangling. I adore you, do you know that?” Xinyan says, so earnestly her chest aches with it. “I love you so much, you goof.”

Xiangling huffs a laugh, pressing a lingering kiss to the corner of Xinyan’s mouth. “I love you too.”

They settle in like that, tangling their legs together, content to doze off in the warm comfort of one another’s arms. And then, suddenly, Xiangling twitches, lifting her head from Xinyan’s shoulder. “I forgot to ask! Were you - were you playing a new song? Earlier, when I came by.”

Xinyan blinks muzzily, the creeping sleep suddenly melting right out of her as she jolts to attention, nearly bucking Xiangling off of her. “The song! I know how to end the song!” she gasps, wide-eyed and buoyant as she clings desperately to the sudden stroke of inspiration. “I need to - my guitar, I - “

Xiangling, bless her soul, scrambles off of Xinyan, pushing her to her feet so she can stumble to the kitchen, where she’d left her axe leaning against the kitchen table. She quite nearly grabs it and settles in right there, naked as the day she was born and sticky all over, before she remembers just how gross her hand is. 

It takes ages to wash her hands, the anxiety of losing that little thread of inspiration hurrying her, until finally, she can grab her guitar and run back into her room. In the time she’s been gone, Xiangling’s shucked off the ruined shorts, laying easily on the far side of the bed as if it wasn’t a big deal that all she had preserving her modesty was an oversized shirt that was liable to slip right off of her at the slightest breeze.

It’s terribly domestic, in a roundabout sort of way, and it absolutely devastates Xinyan with fondness. The casualness with which Xiangling trusts Xinyan with her nudity, the easy way she makes space for Xinyan on the bed, so as not to get in the way of Xinyan’s creative process - somehow, deep in her heart, Xinyan can’t help but think: oh. This is love.

Xiangling smiles sweetly as Xinyan settles in the bed, scooting just close enough that she can set her hand comfortably on Xinyan’s thigh as Xinyan arranges her guitar on her legs.

It comes out slow at first, just a little trickle, a handful of messy chords. But then, it starts coming together, becoming a little more coherent as she tests out the sounds - until finally, Xinyan can grab a hold of the shape of it, seeing the way it fits with the rest of the song.

It takes a second, before Xiangling gets it, her grin pulling against her cheeks as she brightly laughs. “That’s the cooking song, isn’t it? I didn’t know it could sound like that,” she says, settling in closer, close enough that she can rest her cheek against the back of Xinyan’s shoulder. “You liked it that much, Xin’er?”

Xinyan laughs, turning to kiss Xiangling’s cheek. “Of course I did. I like everything you make. I like you.

Xiangling laughs with her, a pleased warmth to her cheeks as she nuzzles closer. “You gonna sing about the little hilichurl family, then? I wouldn’t exactly say it matches your style, but...”

Xinyan snorts. “Maybe as an encore. But actually, I was thinking maybe it would start like this…”