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D (Cuddle Me)

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Yuu woke up, alone in her bed. She swore that she had slept next to her wife last night. Maybe, she had slept a little later than usual. She checked the time, finding it was 7:30. That was the usual time the couple had gotten up.

"She probably just got up earlier," Yuu mumbled, still feeling tired. She felt lazy today. Yuu yawned and got out of bed, putting on her slippers.

She walked out of the room, seeing her lover sitting at their desk. She was typing away.

"Good morning," Yuu said to her lover. Touko stopped typing and looked over at Yuu, "Good morning." She returned to typing, Yuu pouting.

"Did you have breakfast already?" Yuu asked, looking over Touko's shoulder to see what she was doing. She only got a hum in response.

She sighed and went to make herself two pieces of toast. She put two pieces of bread in the toaster and waited for them to pop out. Once they did, she put them on a plate and buttered them. She smiled at her two pieces of toast before making her way to the lounge. She usually ate at the table with Touko but said girl had already eaten and Yuu still wanted to spend time with her.

She sat down on the couch, watching Touko type away. She ate a piece of toast and said, "What are you working on?" "A report for the company," Touko answers.

At least she didn't ignore Yuu.

"How long will it take?" "I've done a lot so far, so, my estimate is a few more hours." "Remember to take a break!" Yuu said, finishing her first piece of toast. She started eating the other now.

Touko chuckled, turning the chair to look at Yuu who had her mouth stuffed full of toast. "I'll remember," She said and turned to face her computer, typing again.

Yuu looked down at her empty plate and sighed, taking it to the kitchen. She didn't know what to do now and decided to get Touko to cuddle with her. She pulled out her phone as she sat down on the couch.

She fake giggled, looking at her blank phone screen. Touko didn't ask and she fake giggled again but it was louder this time.

Touko sighed with a small smile, "Yes, Yuu?" Yuu smirked in satisfaction.

"See, my friend says that she predicts that you'll cuddle with me." She smiled cutely, lightly blushing. Touko humming.

Did she not get it? Yuu thought and pouted again. What should I do now? Yuu looked around the room, seeing a book. She went to pick it up and sat back down. She opened it up on a random page.

"Touko Senpai, in this book it says 'Touko wanted to cuddle her'!" Yuu said, Touko turning around and raising her eyebrow.

"Why would it say that in a travel guide?" Yuu looked down at the book and giggled nervously. "This travel guide includes little stories that should become true," Yuu explained.

"So, it was so important you had to disturb me?" Yuu bit her lip, eyes not meeting Toukos. "Well, um, I just w- wanted to cuddle." She put the travel guide down. "Cuddle?" "Yes. Can you take a little break now?" Yuu asked, face red.

Touko pursed her lips and smiled. She stood up, going over to Yuu and holding her hand. "It can wait. Here, I'll cuddle you until you fall asleep. I'll probably be done with the report by the time you wake up," Touko smiled as she leads Yuu into the bedroom.

They both got under the duvet, Yuu putting her legs over Toukos. Touko wrapped her arm around Yuu and held her close, the two feeling comfort in each others warmth. They smiled at each other lazily.

"I love you," "I love you too."