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Burn Me Slowly

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The situation had taken a turn for the worst, and he felt helpless. Lost. He hadn't wanted any of this. He had not wanted to hurt nor betray the other, and that's all that had been done. 

A mission. That's all it was supposed to have been. An infiltration mission that would answer the pro-heroes burning questions, that's all, and yet... it had become so much more.

Hawks had gone under cover, he had gained the knowledge that was required of him and became successful; but in ways he couldn't explain, he had done so much more than just that. He had bonded with another like he had never done before with anyone in his entire life.

Against his better judgment and common sense, he returned once his mission was over and identity exposed. He returned to his betrayed. 

The situation had escalated quickly, with no explanations or words. Hawks had barely enough time to think or breathe as he was grabbed and slammed aggressively into the nearest wall. His face expressed his pain as he grunted, grabbing ahold of the wrist whose hand was wrapped tightly around his neck. His eyes drifted upward toward the blues that held a vengeance and mixed sea of emotions that flickered from one to the other repeatedly, anger being prominent.

The hand became engulfed with flame, as the other reared back with a dare for the bird-man to utter one wrong word or make one wrong move. It was a promise to hurt him, not a threat. 

The hand that held him moved, pressing against Hawk's left breast, the blue flames starting to burn an imprint. The pain that began was nothing in comparison that burned layers beneath with each thump. He could bear this one. 

"Tell me one thing, before I kill you..." Dabi started, his voice nearly void of any emotion. Hawks dared not look away, leaving his eyes locked with the others.

"What?" His voice was firm, challenging. 

"You got what you had come for, so why the hell did you come back!?" Dabi's voice was becoming angrier with each thought that crossed his mind of the last several months. 

"You" Hawk's eyes saddened, his free hand lifted, grasping onto the opening of the jacket Dabi wore, clutching it for dear life. 

Dabi scoffed, not believing the display being put on in front of him. In his eyes Hawks was a traitor. He lied, betrayed, and used him. He wasn't worth being even a neighbor within the same city at this point. Dabi planned to exact revenge for all that had been done to him, and he was going to get it tonight.

"That may work on your hero idiots, but it sure as hell wont work on me" 

Hawks glared up at him. He knew he couldn't blame Dabi for not trusting or believing him at this point, but it still bothered him that Dabi dismissed it so easily. So willing to hate him.

Hawks grabbed Dabi's collar and yanked him closer. Dabi's eyes widened marginally, having not expected to be nose-to-nose with his new found enemy. 

"If you don't believe me, then fine. I'll prove it" Hawks growled.

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The message had come in before sunrise on a Tuesday. Hawks laid in bed, sprawled out on his stomach; hugging a pillow with his leg bent. His blanket exposing his back to the air. 

His phone upon the nightstand sounded with the alarm he had specifically assigned for professional hero business; It helped him know not to ignore it. 

As the device vibrate against the wood, it echoed the sounds, causing him to groan. His sensitive hearing amplifying the sound. 

'It's still dark out!? What time is it!?' Lifting and turning his head, Keigo squinted his golden orbs at the neon blue '4:45 A.M.' on his alarm clock. 

'Fucking kidding me. What do they want?' He stretched to grab his phone then returned to hugging his pillow. 

Waiting for his eyes to adjust to the brightness of his phone, he swiped to unlock it. Once capable, he went to his messages and read through it. 

'An urgent meeting is scheduled for 6AM sharp for Hawks, at the Nighteye facility. Do not be late!' 

Hawks tossed his phone onto the bed behind him, nuzzling back into the softness of his pillow. Damned hero duties. 

Thirty minutes to his meeting, the alarm sounded. Hawks tossed his blanket aside, sitting up. Swinging his legs over the side of his bed he stretched big as he yawned. 

The floor was cold beneath his bare feet, causing him to walk faster to the bathroom. 

Upon entering, Keigo turned to the heater dials on the wall and turned it up drastically. As it warmed, he walked toward the sink, his feet padding against the white marbled tiles. 

Staring at himself in the mirror, he realized he would need some definite grooming before he ever left the house. His eyes were gunky, hair in every direction, and his breath could scare a skunk away. 

Hawks rubbed his face, turning away from the mirror and heading toward the closet that sat attached to the right side of his shower. He pulled out a soft blue towel before setting the temperature of his water to the degree he favored. 

As he waited for the gauge to sound, indicating the water was ready to start, he prepared the outfit he planned to wear and then stripped out of his dirty clothes. After a few moments a small beep came from the dials. 

Keigo entered the shower, sliding the glass door shut behind him. Once beneath the shower heads he turned the handle to the water. Tilting his head back, he instantly relaxed as the water fell upon him in a waterfall. A few more moments passed before streams came out from the three walls surrounding him, encasing him entirely in water. 

Pressing a button paused the water so he could scrub himself with soap before turning the water back on and rinsing everything off. His hands slid across his well toned abdomen, fingers caressing every indent and groove he had come to make over the years in training. 

His phone beeped loudly, the sound bouncing off the blackened smooth brick of the shower, informing him he was running out of time. 

He finished his shower, dried, dressed in his usual attire, and styled his hair back quickly before leaving the house. Equipped with his headphones and visor, he spread his crimson wings out far behind him and took off toward Nighteyes facility. 

The distance wasn't great between his home and their meeting place, and so the trip was rather quick, much to his displeasure; oh how he loved to fly. 

Once his feet were upon the ground, he pulled his wings in tight against his back and entered the large concrete building. 

The receptionist sat behind her desk, tending to paperwork as he approached. She looked up at him with just her eyes, glaring above her glasses. 

"May I help you, sir?" Her tone gave the impression that she was busy and he shouldn't have been there. 

"I'm here for Nighteye" Hawks stuffed his hands into his pockets, his own expression seeming bored. 

"Do you have an appointment with Sir Nighteye?" She lifted her head this time, giving him her full attention. 

"Yes. I was informed this morning of a meeting." Hawks groaned inwardly, he didnt have time for this. 

"Name?" The woman pulled a clipboard out from beneath a stack of papers.



Hawks stared at her for a moment, reaching into his pocket and pulling out his hero badge. Handing it to her, he wondered when they had become so stingent on proving who every attendee was. Was this new? Did he just not attend enough of these things? He wasn't sure but he couldn't remember doing all of this last time they called for a meeting, which hadn't been for some time; he loathed the business part of being a hero. The formalities, meetings, and having to discuss this or that about the crime within the cities. Bouncing ideas off of each other about what to do or how to handle particularly persistent trouble-makers. Hawks always had the same thoughts on a repeat villain: Kick their ass. 

The woman took his badge, eyeing over both sides carefully before writing on her paper. 

"Okay, thank you. You may enter through the double doors, go down the hall, and it will be the next pair of double doors on the right. Once you enter through these doors, ensure they close. They will lock behind you. Try not to let it startle you." The receptionist gave him the directions as she handed back his identification. 

Hawks eyed her for a moment more, blown away by the extra measures. He was confident now that this was new and unusual.

"Uh... thanks" Hawks headed toward the double doors, pushing them open and passing through. Once the doors closed he could hear the heavy click as they really did lock behind him.

'What the hell?' Hawks shook the questions from his mind as he made his way down the hall. The next pair of double doors came up quickly. They were closed and he couldn't hear a thing through them. 

"Welcome Hawks" Nighteye greeted as Hawks closed the doors behind him. 

"Thanks. What's going on?" He questioned as he made his way toward the tables at Nighteyes gesturing. Only three other people sat around the table. 

"I will explain everything once everyone gets here, don't worry, only five more." 

The answer didn't satisfy him, but at the very least he would eventually receive the information he sought. 

The people within the room were chatting amongst each other as they waited for the last few members to arrive. 

Midnight was the last to enter in behind All Might. Nighteye started his speech as they located their seats. 

"As some of you are aware, we have issued extra precautions and called you all here because of a mission involving the League of Villains. Someone within their ranks has been targetting Endeavor, and with recent events we cannot allow this to continue. If he is to become the new symbol of peace, we need to eradicate this issue completely." Nighteye took a seat at the head of the table, pulling out an overly stuffed tan folder and laying it on the table. He fanned through it until he came to the papers he was searching for. 

"These are the members we are currently aware of, but we have received some Intel that there are a few we have yet to see, and they are currently recruiting." Nighteye handed out the papers to everyone as he explained. 

Looking over the documents and pictures, Hawks tried to get a decent look at each, but the distance-taken photos weren't the clearest. 

"Only three members? They can't have a League of only three. What kind of fear can that put into the public?" Hawks lifted the papers, turning them slightly. Nighteye looked at him. 

"Yes. That is true. Over many hours of discussion, many thoughts and possibilities have been mulled over but we can't know for sure. Either they have secret weapons, very new recruits, or are spread out over towns and don't come together at the times we see. It's safest to assume that the League has members sanctioned all over Japan." Nighteye slid his fingers together as he rested on his elbows. 

Hawks nodded in understanding, placing the papers down on the table. Some muttering came from a few others as they whispered to the people on either side of themselves. 

"So what do we have to do with all this, then?" Someone from the farthest side of the table asked, bringing up the question many were thinking. 

"Each one of you will play a role in this in some fashion. You will all receive your own folder that will have thorough details of what your assignment will be before you leave. If there are any questions, please schedule some time with me to go over it. We cannot risk the League finding any information." Nighteye explained the situation, pushing back his chair as he stood up.

"Everyone is dismissed, find my receptionist outside this door and receive your details. Keep the information entirely and completely confidential, not even a family member can find out." 

"Hawks, I need to speak with you" Nighteye waited until the rest left before walking to the front of the room, picking up a different briefcase than the one he showed to the others in the room. He carried it back to the table and laid it down, putting in the code and unlocking it. 

"You play the biggest part in all of this, Hawks" Nighteye took his seat once again, pulling out papers and placing them in front of the other male. Hawks took them and eyed them over. 

"How?" Hawks was reading the paper over when he asked, not gaining too clear of information from the papers he was handed. 

"Somebody within the League is after Endeavor. With the League gaining bodies and the public so on edge since All Mights retirement, we can't afford someone going after our up-and-coming symbol. As Endeavor navigates this new path laid out in front of him, we need someone in the shadows gaining information. He needs to focus on the public right now, not this." Nighteye leaned back in his seat, pulling his glasses off and pinching the bridge of his nose. 

Hawks absorbed the information Nighteye was giving him. It made sense so far and he was keeping up, but it still hadn't fully explained why he was involved. 

"After a lot of deliberation, you've been chosen to be the infiltration member who will slip into the League of Villains and play as one of them. Gain their trust. Make them completely believe you're one of them and hate the pro heroes. Do whatever is necessary to find out who it is that is targetting Endeavor." Nighteye slipped his glasses back on and looked at Hawks, attempting to gauge his response to all of this. 

"Wow" Hawks took a moment to let it sink in, glancing down at the papers. 

"Why me?" Hawks looked up, turning his chair and looking over at Nighteye. 

"Your credentials. You've got immense speed, intelligence, high likeability, and you have the strongest abilities of anyone within the rankings. With your sight and hearing, you're made for this role." Nighteye watched him, but his solid expressions continued to show nothing indicative of his feelings towards it all. 

Hawks mulled over the idea of becoming a temporary villain. The idea was strange for him, after spending nearly his entire life under the heroes. 

"Whatever is needed of me" Hawks nodded, earning a smile. 

"That's what I like to hear!" Nighteye reached under the table, grabbing a bag and setting it on top of the table as he stood. 

"When you're ready, go to this location" He handed a piece of paper to him. "There will be someone waiting for you there. He will greet you with the saying, 'hey uncle', this will help you know you've found the guy. He knows to expect you. He will lead you to your temporary home while you're out there. Waiting within the home will be a duffel bag of things you will need for your stay. Unfortunately you can't bring anything with you, so as not to be identified." Nighteye slid the bag to Hawks. He peaked within the bag out of curiosity. A pair of clothes. 

"You need a makeover, since the public knows Hawks in your usual attire. Take the bag, this briefcase, and meet the man out back of this building. He will take you from here and drop you off within a block of the meeting zone. Change within the car and place all of your belongings within the briefcase. They will be kept safe under my watch." Nighteye gathered everything up and pushed them toward Hawks. Hawks took a deep breath and slowly exhaled, standing up from his chair. 

"Thank you for this, Hawks" Nighteye gave a small bow with a deep nod, this mission had the risk of being very dangerous if Hawks couldn't keep himself disguised. Hawks smiled walking around him. 

"I best not die" Hawks joked as he gathered the briefcase and bag of clothes and left the building. 

"Sir" A man in casual clothing and  a laid back appearance greeted him at a SUV, opening the door for him. Hawks thanked him and climbed into the car, looking around as he did. 

'This is bizarre' All he could think about was how they had thought of every little detail. 

As the car drove through some seemingly unnecessary backroads, ensuring nobody was following or watching them, Hawks stripped and changed into the outfit given to him. He placed all his items within the briefcase and locked it, slipping it under the seat in front of him. 

The drive was silent as they finally approached the location. 

"This is it, sir" The driver nodded into the rearview mirror. 

"Thank you" Hawks climbed out of the car and headed toward the coordinates he had been shown earlier. A man leaned against the corner of a building, scrolling through his phone as he puffed on a cigarette. As Hawks walked closer, he lifted his eyes and watched him. Flicking the cigarette he walked closer to him. 

"Hey uncle! How was your trip? Hope you're not suffering from jet lag too badly, I know that flight is horrendous and gets you every time!" The man chuckled, giving him a hug. Hawks played along, returning the hug as he chuckled. 

"Eh, nothing a night of drinking wont fix." They both laughed. The other male turned and headed down the sidewalk, taking the next left and then walked into a partial alleyway where he walked up a fire escape to an apartment on the fourth floor. He unlocked the door and let Hawks in. 

"So this is it. It's not much and I apologize for this being what you need to stay in while doing this, but at least it's a roof" The guy chuckled a little, scratching his neck.

"If you need anything, my numbers in the new phone you've been given, just no calling after 8. I have a gang who would ask questions. Take a look at everything and get to know the place while you're here. Everything you'll need should be around. Money's in the jar over there, fridge is stocked. Oh and remember, biggest thing is do not use your hero name under any circumstances. I'll leave you to it. Nice meeting you newbie" He turned and left moments later, leaving Hawks to himself. 

Hawks rubbed the back of his neck as he looked around. What a shack. 

A dusty old couch sat against the wall farthest from the door. A small television was mounted upon the wall across from it, a stained imprint of the t.v. within the wall. 

The carpet was dirty, the walls were dusty, the furniture musty, and a strange odor seemed to penetrate everything. He felt like freaking out. There had to be some form of cleaning items within the small home. 

'Couldn't they have at least wiped things down at all?' Hawks pawed through all of the cabinets before making his way into the bathroom to search. Success. A bottle of bleaching spray. Now all he needed was something to scrub with. Heading back into the kitchen, he managed to find a sponge beneath the sink. 

Hawks spent hours tidying up the place. He wiped down walls, vacuumed the floors, dusted the furniture, cleaned the dishes that had sat for seemingly months, and then cleaned the fixtures within the bathroom.

Satisfied with his work, and rather exhausted, he wandered into the bedroom. Fear of what could possibly be within there consumed him. 

He sighed a breath of relief. The bed seemed brand new, fitted with a crisply clean sheet, pillows, and a matching fluffy blanket. 

'Thank Kami' Hawks slipped into the bed, surprised at the comfort. While it wasn't his memory foam, farthest from it, it would be doable. He could manage to get some rest within it. 
As he laid on his back, he stared up at the ceiling, his mind running through a dozen different ways and ideas on how he could get into the League of Villains.


That night he dreamt of his worst fears; becoming the world's worst villain, and destroying everything. 

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Hawks awoke to a knock at the door. Pushing himself out of bed, he groaned and stretched. His body felt stiff and sore. 

He peeked through the curtains, not trusting to open it blindly. There stood the man from the previous day; His guide through the villains. 

Keigo opened the door, stepping aside to allow the other in. He thanked him, walking a bit into the apartment and looking around. 

"Busy night, eh?" He had noticed the new clean touch. 

"Yeah, I couldn't deal with it." Keigo crossed his arms over his chest. 

"Alright have you had a chance to look through the duffel bag, at your new belongings?" He looked over at him expectantly. 

"I forgot about that" Keigo turned to the small table that was placed a short distance from the couch. Atop it sat a blue duffel bag. 

The man walked over to it and unzipped the main zipper. He rummaged through it until he found what he had been searching for.

"Aha" He pulled out his hand, within it was a cell phone. He handed it over to Keigo after turning it on. 

"Here. There are a few contacts in it other than mine, and they should be able to help you out if you ever need it. You'll meet them later this week." 

Keigo took the phone from the other, looking it over. After a brief search through it, he came to the conclusion that the phone was bare minimum. Only capable of calls and messages.

"Hmm" Keigo looked over at the other, ignoring the phone. 

"What is your name anyways?" 

The other turned to him, his eyebrows furrowing at such a question. Moments later his eyes widened. 

"Wait... you haven't been told yet, have you?" He held his hand up, semi-pointing at Keigo. 

He shook his head, indicating that he had no idea what to call him. 

"I'm Akayame" He chuckled lightly, grinning. 

"What about you? What shall you be going by in your time here?" Akayame crossed his arms over his chest. 

There was a brief pause, as he seemed unsure to give his answer. 


"Has anyone ever called you this before?" Akayame questioned

"... No, nobody living knows me by this name" Keigo took another moment to answer, looking away from the scrutinizing eyes of the other. Akayame wanted to ask what the change was about, but he was clever enough to register emotions from others. He knew when to leave it alone; and when it came to the second pro hero, Hawks, he had been made aware. 


Akayame was a part of this mission in more ways than one. The task he had been given was to ensure Hawks had no bumps in the road, and gained connections. Akayame had been in the industry for seven years, and had built a base within his side of the community. He had connections down low, for everything, and had become a trusting name for the villains. No one batted an eye when it came to him, and no one questioned him. He could come and go as he pleased, he could get help from any person, and most laid their lives on the line without a second thought. 

When the idea for the mission had arose, he was there to help plan it. He had been brought in to help decide who would be best to carry out such a dangerous and tedious task. The mission would take many weeks, months, and perhaps even years depending on whom they deemed worthy. If the person could be charming, clever, and hard working than they would get somewhere quickly. If they chose someone who was particularly bad with other people, was not careful in situations, and were overly cocky than the mission would take longer and/or run the possibility of sheer failure. 

Akayame had spent weeks skimming through heroes, pro heroes, and up-and-coming prodigies that had sheer potential. First he tossed any files of those who were particularly bad with other people for one reason or another. Be it cocky, rude, arrogant, harsh, or too blunt for their own good; Bakugo. Shy, timid, too reserved; Tamaki. For obvious reasons; Endeavor, Best Jeanist, and several other heroes. 

In the beginning they had mulled over the idea of particularly good heroes in training, after all Nobody would know who they were, they had opted against it. They were too young, too easily influenced, and were working hard for their hero lives. They would need someone who wouldn't be ruined by it all. It just wouldn't be fair. 

In the end, he was left with a dozen possible candidates and would need to dig in deeper. More thoroughly. 

He then spent hours over analyzing every last profile, reading every last word. He wrote on white boards, in notebooks, used colored indicators, and wrote pros-and-cons lists. He labeled everything carefully and made lists under each name, making comments and notes he thought could be relevant. The thorough investigation helped him come to conclusions about some. 

His next step was searching on the internet. Any persons who could be found in any articles, videos, or news sites were discarded; Three profiles were then tossed into the shredder. 

Akayame rubbed his face, groaning for a moment as he took a sip from his coffee. He was set up at a conference table in Nighteye's Agency. His laptop on and open to a search engine, ready for the next form of background check. The sun had long since set and the moon shone brightly through the shade-drawn large windows. 

A soft knock at the door interrupted his momentary break. 

"Enter" Akayame spun his chair to face the door, surprised when Nighteye himself entered the room. 

"How is it going? Any closer?" Nighteye walked over to the table, crossing his hands behind his back as he waited for a reply, his stern and cold expression nothing new to the other male. 

"A few possible candidates, but nothing for certain yet" Akayame leaned on the table with his elbows. 

"This one's a camera hog, been all over the news. This one is farthest from intelligent. This one is essentially silent, barely anyone has heard his voice, and this one can't keep to herself to save her life. This is pointless." Akayame picked up a profile for every person he mentioned, holding it up for Nighteye to see, then doing all but slamming it to the left where all the evidence sat that showed why those particular candidates were not acceptable. 

"Hmm. Disappointing. I apologize for your wasted time. You should go ahead and head home, we will pick back up at a later date when I have more possibilities. Tsk. A pity." Nighteye turned from the table, continuing to mumble to himself as he left the room. 

Akayame heaved a sigh, staring at all the papers. Nothing he hated more than wasted time, especially when he was risking even being there. With disappointment filling his being, he decided a good stiff drink would be necessary after all this. Hell, one for every hour this was a bust. Maybe one per minute? 

As he tossed papers into the shredder, he came across a folder within the stack he had never seen. Creasing his 'brow line in confusion, he pulled it out of the papers. After finishing the loose stack, he walked around with no real direction, stretching his legs as he opened it and started viewing. 

This folder was different, even before he opened it. While all others had been blue and white, this was a deep red. 

Unsure, Akayame glanced over the photo that was paper clipped to the left side. Why would this particular one be different than every other one he had been given? Was this a mistake folder? Was it unrelated completely? 

He stared down at the photo that greeted him, a young male with golden hair like the sun, eyes of honey yellow, and large beautifully crimson wings flowing out behind him. A confident grin gracing his features.

As he skimmed through the papers with little to no expectations or hope, he became ever so more surprised the deeper he went. After some time passed and no negative info arising on this candidate, Akayame returned to the very beginning and read every last word on him carefully. He searched the internet through-and-through, but found nothing. 

To his surprise, and hours of research, he had found the one. The absolute perfect role for the part. 

Looking back, he took in the name: Pro-hero ranking #2: Hawks. Name: Unknown. Reason: Retracted.

Hawks was a younger male of twenty three years old. He had a rough start to life, but held his ground as his eyes glued to the sky. He never let his soul be crushed by those who tried to kill him, and he vowed one day to be a hero. He vowed to protect any and all who should need him. He had known the pain of abuse by those you cannot escape, and he wished to save others who experience it as well. 

Hawks had incredible intelligence and quick wit, being able to figure out any situation in mere moments. He could smooth talk his way in or out of anything, and his sheer charm made him a favorite amongst most. He had a heart of gold, an undying loyalty, and believed in the truth above most anything else. He despised cheaters, liars, and had a particularly strong hatred for Villains; anyone who could harm another wasn't someone he wanted in his life. 

He bore the control of stone. He could bare it all out for anyone to see, or clam up and keep a solid expression that nobody could break. He chose what others would get and he controlled himself to the core. As it was on record and rumor, not a soul had seen him have a meltdown. Not a soul had seen him cry. 

By the record on him, it was stated that Hawks had been through numerous things before being inducted into the Heroes Agency at an incredibly young age, without having been to the academy. He was the youngest and only hero to have ever made it in without any backing, to make it in by just sheer talent and proof alone.

His hearing and sight were phenomenally powerful, being able to pinpoint a needle drop in the wind from a quarter mile away, and watch an ant march, through a hurricane. He was simply sculpted by the Gods themselves. He was perfect for this, and there was no doubt about it. Akayame had finally found the person. The one. 

The sigh of relief that his entire night had actually not been in vain relaxed his entire wound up body. 

'Damn you, Nighteye' He groaned as he rubbed his face, heading back over to the table to gather everything and clean up. He ran the rest of the unwanted papers through the shredder, throwing a label onto the outside that read, 'Important!: Highly classified information within, please burn!' 

Stuffing Hawks' file into his bag, he slung it over his shoulder and left the agency. He was the only person within the building.

The next day he barged into Nighteye's personal office and threw down the file in front of him. 

"I found the perfect choice" Akayame stood proud of his efforts, crossing his arms across his chest. 

"Mmm? Oh, have you?" Nighteye perked up a bit, picking the file up and opening it to see who. 

"Ahh, Hawks. Wise decision. He will make a great undercover agent" Nighteye skimmed through the folder before setting it down. 


Thinking back, Akayame could not remember the name even being in his folder. It had been omitted and confidential, stating that as per the Heroes request, no 'real' name be given. So here and now, even he was the first to see the name. Keigo was untraceable.

"Good decision" Akayame smiled to him, attempting to ease whatever was troubling him. 

"Alright. So if we're going to make you a villain, it's going to take a lot more than just changing your name. We need to change your identity completely. Next step is your clothing. I know you wore what Nighteye sent you in, but those were obviously just for being incognito. You're going to be making a name for yourself underground, so your appearance matters. Have you checked out the bags contents?" Akayame turned towards the bag. 

"Ah, that's right, no. There is an outfit that was specifically tailored for you, so it should fit nicely and suit you. Go ahead and try it on, see if you like it. After, we'll take the next step toward villainizing you" Akayame gave a big grin as he shoved the duffel bag toward Keigo with both hands. His emerald eyes sparkling in delight. 

Keigo eyed him before taking the bag. This man sure was a cheery fella. 

He made his way to the bathroom, curious about what could be 'his style' in their eyes. He was a comfort type of guy and never really strived for fancy or top looks. Only thing he had ever truly put any effort or thought into were his gloves.

As Keigo rummaged through the bag, he noticed a running theme: Black. 

Stripping down to completely naked, he decided to start with whatever he pulled out first. Holding up the item, he analyzed it to find they were nearly skin tight black jeans with small lined rips on the tops of the thighs. The next item was a sleeveless black shirt that hugged his body. This particular item wasn't something exactly new for him, but different. He wasn't sure what material it had been made of, but it was incredibly soft against the skin, light and airy. 

Pulling the shirt on, he felt a tad bit strange with the new style, but he would give it a chance, put his faith in those who picked for him.

The last item was a longer black coat that formed to his body. The collar laid back on his shoulders, the bottom reached just below his arse, and the middle pulled in where it buttoned in two places. Random zippers and small designs adorned it here and there across the chest and two straps criss-crossed on the upper part of the rolled-up designed half-sleeves. 

He had seen things like these in gothic magazines and punk rocker stores, but he had never envisioned the items upon his own body. 

Inspecting himself in the mirror, he was rather fond of the overall look. The lack of color, and yet somehow boldness of it, seemed to put focus on his golden eyes and hair; the black details within the corners of his eyes matching with the outfit. Making the already piercing stare he could give that much more eccentric and effective. Only issue was the bulkiness of his wings, causing the attire to be rather uncomfortable, even with them pulled in tight. Removing the shirt and jacket, he decided he would need to discuss the issue with Akayame. 

Leaving the bathroom, Keigo held the two items in one hand while the bag was clutched in his other. He tossed the bag back onto the table before holding the other two items up to the other. 

"These dont work with my wings. All of my personal items have always had slits in them to accommodate the wings. What am I supposed to do?" Keigo watched him, his brows slightly furrowed at the lack of thought that seemed to go into such an obvious detail.  

"Bloody hell, Keigo." Akayame eyed the naked upper half of the other standing in front of him. To say he was impressive was an under statement. 

Noticing the staring, Keigo grunted at him and stared back, for the first time taking in the other males appearance thoroughly. Akayame was a smaller male than himself, thinner and slightly shorter. His shaggy blue hair fell down around his face, the bangs coming to a form of a point on his forehead while the rest seemed to perfectly frame his face and leave space for his eyes to not be covered. Large blue dog-like ears atop his head moved about in reaction to different sounds. His emerald eyes were soft and expressive, while his face seemed to always hold a smile. He had an overall very soft appearance. 

What Keigo didnt know, was that in front of the other people, Akayame was more psychopathic. He kept his smile more cryptic and cynical, while his eyes were set to kill. He had kept a high-profile and lacking expressive gaze to keep the bad guys both respecting and fearing him. He did not need them thinking they could over step him. He had been in the business for a long time now and had faced many obstacles, both good and bad, and had learned many lessons. Taken many notes. He knew who to mess with, who to push buttons, and which ones he was to avoid at any costs. He knew who to set up against who and how to play his hand just right. Nobody suspected a thing.

Akayame broke the silence. 

"Your wings had been discussed. When they spoke of remodeling you for this, the clothing designer and tailor both agreed that your attire would need to cater to your wings. Nighteye and I both agreed that your wings would be too obvious, Hawks, to those who have seen him, is known for the big red wings. That is his quirk. In the end, nobody could come to agreement on what could be done with them. They're a part of you. Some suggestions had been thrown around, however, but it had been decided that you would have the final say. Some said to pin them, find a quirk that could temporarily hide them, or find a way to safely remove them. Do you know if they grow back?" Akayame reached out, running his fingers through the large wings. Keigo felt a shiver run down his spine as the feathers shuttered lightly. The other stared in awe at the light vibrations.  

"Pin them or get rid of them!? What the hell are you talking about?" His face scrunched up, his wings instinctively pulling against his back. The words sounded painful. Akayame pouted when the soft feeling suddenly disappeared.  

"Ugh. Diva boy. What I mean is we need to find a way to get them to seem non-existent. We do not plan to harm your wings in any fashion. Pinning them would just hold them to your body, but that seems awfully painful and cramped for wings of your size. We could find a quirk that could cause your wings to disappear for some time, though." Akayame gave a small eye roll and turned his head, thinking of all the quirks and people he knew. 

"And no, I don't know if they can grow back. I just know the feathers can." Keigo let his wings spread back out. 

"What do I do for a quirk if I cannot have access to my wings?" 

Akayame looked back at him. "Good question." He ruffled within his pockets, digging threw two more before finally finding what he had been searching for. He would have been screwed had he lost it. 

"This" He held his arm out in front of him, and between his thumb and forefinger held a vial of iridescent red and orange liquid flowing within a pill shape within. Keigo's eyebrows creased. 

"Is that blood?" His voice held disgust. 

"Yes. It's Endeavor's. His was the only quirk that seemed beneficial for this project. Now give me your arm" Akayame demanded, motioning with his free hand. Keigo hesitated momentarily but ended up putting his right arm into Akayame's hand. 

"I trust you. It better not kill me." Keigo watched Akayame grin with a chuckle, shaking his head a little. 

"Oh, it should just burn for a while" Akayame laughed at his own bad joke, using his claw to dig a small hole into Keigo's wrist, causing a small hiss from the unexpected pain.


Akayame looked up at him, his sparkling green eyes full of curiosity and a hint of surprise. 

"Oh calm down, you'll be okay" Akayame popped the cap off the vial, pulling out the pill. 

"Ready?" He looked up at him, waiting for his reply. 

"Guess as I'll ever be" Keigo shrugged, watching. Akayame smiled. 

"Sorry about the pain, I'll be here through it." He placed one end of the blood filled pill into the opening of the cut before using his thumb nail to push it deep into Keigo's wrist. 

Keigo flinched slightly, swallowing back the urge to wince and the uncertainty to it all. Akayame moved his thumb over the area and amazed the other when his wrist was back to normal. 

"When does it happen? What do I look for?" Keigo pulled his arm back, looking over his wrist. 

"A burning and just give it time. They made the casing dissolvable, so your body could take it without injection." Akayame slid his hands into his pockets, his ear turning toward the sound of Keigo's sudden heartbeat spike. 

A moment later Keigo could feel the burn start within the center of his wrist, slowly traveling up as it swirled to the top of his arm then to the back. The pattern repeating in a spiral until it reached his shoulder. Then the true hell began. 

Keigo used the best of his will power, placing his fingertips at his chest and grunting with small growls, fighting the urge to not to claw at his own skin. His breathing became erratically labored as his vision blurred at the edges. Shaking his head, he tried to refocus himself on the world around him. If only to not blackout. 

The burning overtook his senses in a matter of seconds. Feeling as if his blood was on fire, Keigo wasn't sure he was going to make it. His body started heating up from the inside out, and his skin showed it. Turning red from his forearms, to his cheeks, down to his legs. His body was fighting the foreign substance that was intruding within him, and his body was fighting hard.

"Keigo...?" Akayame started, unsure. He had been unaware of what to expect going in. While they had seen people share their quirks momentarily through blood sharing, albeit during accidents, the receiving participant was valiant and strong as ever. More often times than not, their bodies handled the brief encounter with a new quirk exceptionally well, with a new adrenaline. 

But this was new ground. Never before had someone shared an overly large amount of blood with another, especially in one shot. Once the casing of the created pill that he had placed within Keigo's body dissolved, he would get a straight shot of another person's quirk. His body would have to endure and learn how to handle such a rush immediately, versus the slow, light introduction when a trickle of blood is met with a wound. 

Akayame felt guilt course through him. 

"Keigo?" He reached out, helplessly watching. There was very little he would be able to do to get the other through this. 

Akayame placed his hands around Keigo's wrist, using his aura quirk to calm Keigo down and weaken the pain that coursed through him. It wouldn't eliminate it, but he hoped it would make it bearable for his body. 

As the others skin heated up beneath his hands, he knew he would have to get him somewhere cooler. It was only a matter of time before the quirk would manifest, and if he kept him here, it wouldn't be good. 

Akayame started pulling on the arm that was within his grasp, feeling it going from limp to tense, limp then tense. The most he could do was throw the other off balance. 

"Keigo! Keigo, come on! We need to get you into the shower. I need to get you soaked before the fire starts! It's our only hope. I cant do this by myself, you're bigger than me! Help me!" Akayame pleaded with the other before he yanked on him again, this time Keigo stepped with him. He was wobbly and horribly off-balance, but he moved. 

"Thank you! Good. Come on, it's this way, not too far" Akayame slipped the arm around his shoulders and used what strength he could muster to keep the other from falling. 

He was thankful in that moment that the apartment was tiny. The trip was tedious, but short. With Keigo being bigger than himself, it made it incredibly difficult for him to get through the distance, even with the help. He was powerful in combat, but he wasn't very physically strong. 

Akayame unceremoniously dropped Keigo into the water-stained tub, apologizing repeatedly as he leaned over and turned the cold water on full. Hoping the other wouldn't go into shock. 

Keigo wasn't sure what was happening to his body. Nothing wanted to work. Nothing wanted to respond to a single demand he made. He felt like a stranger in his own skin, and the sheer lack of control over every single sense brought on a panic he hadn't experienced since childhood. 

That's when he heard the muffled calls. 


The voice was so far away. So quiet. Yet it was there. It was calling to him and pulling him back. 

Only pieces of it made it into his brain. 


Help me

Keigo used every ounce of his being to finally move his legs. Pleading with his body to do just that much. Someone was there with him and needed him to help. With what, he wasn't sure, but he had come to trust the other enough to know he would keep him alive; and so, he would help. He would survive this. 

Something was combating the heat coursing through him. Pushing back against it as it coursed through his veins and moved farther and farther through-out him with every beat of his heart. 

The peak of the invasion was soon arriving, he could feel it. The feeling akin to a balloon just before it bursts, and he was truly unsure whether he would burst, himself. 

Akayame plugged the tub and let it fill to just above Keigi's still bare chest before switching it back to the shower. The water cascading down on him. He hoped this would be enough. 

Moments passed as Akayame watched the visible changes happening to the other male. Just below Keigo's skin, his body started to glow. The sight making Akayame think of magma surrounding a volcano. 

'This can't be good!' His eyes widened. 

The colors shone brighter, moving higher, turning his skin red before he was surrounded with a burst of flames. The water in the tub exploding out, splashing in every direction. Coating Akayame. 

The flames burned for an hour, seemingly not burning Keigo, before simmering to a light flicker, then extinguishing itself all together. 

"Keigo... Are you alright?" Akayame tapped areas of his skin, testing the temperature and strength. He was cooling down and not peeling.

Keigo opened his eyes slowly, staring up at the other with a distant look. He had never felt more exhausted in his entire life. 


Was all he could mutter, moving his arm to try and pull himself out of the cold. Akayame drained the water, grabbing a towel quickly before pulling him out. He dried him off the best he could before laying him in bed. With his eyes closed tightly, he stripped the other out of his soaked clothes and grabbed the blanket, tossing it over the now completely naked body.  

"I'll come back in two days. Sleep well, Keigo. I'm sorry for everything" He had felt horrible for it all. He should have warned the other. He should have informed him that they had never tested it out on anyone before, and so it was risky territory. Even dangerous. But he hadn't. He had let Keigo go in completely blind, and he was responsible for it. 

All he could do now was hope it wasn't in vain. Hope Keigo wouldn't die. 

In the entire process, he failed to notice the crimson ash that littered the bathroom. Floor and tub.

Chapter Text

Keigo slept heavily for three days straight. When his eyes opened, everything hurt. His stomach screamed, his throat was dry, and his skin ached at every inch. 

'I'm alive?' He groaned, pushing himself to a sitting position. Rubbing his head, he wondered how long he had been asleep and what exactly had happened. Was he okay? He may be alive and awake, but did he still have functionality? Was he now brain damaged? 

He had no answers, but what he did know was that all the questions hurt his head. The thinking was too much, and it only furthered his wonder into possible brain damage.  

The door creaked open, and had it not been for him being distracted by the pain, Keigo would have jumped. When his eyes met green, he stared. 

"You're awake!" Akayame jumped, surprise written over his features. 

"Just woke up" 

"Hold on, I'll be right back" Akayame left even quicker than he had come in, gone for a few moments before he came back in with a glass of water and something already prepared to eat. Placing it down on the bed in front of the other. 

"I'm not sure if you're willing to eat yet, but at least drink. You have to be thirsty as hell" Akayame watched him, eyeing him over for any noticeable problems. 

Keigo stared at the contents in front of him before grabbing both in each hand and diving in. Although they were simple, and nearly tasteless, in the moment he felt like the greatest things he had ever had. His body desperate for the things to keep him alive. 

"I'm glad you're alright. Things seemed very rocky there for a bit. I showed up yesterday, and when you still weren't awake I thought we might lose you. Heh." Akayame gave a small sheepish smile, looking away momentarily. 

"I certainly think you tried to kill me" Keigo rubbed his face, leaning his head down on his hand while his elbow rested on his knee. 

A moment passed of silence between the two before Keigo's face scrunched up and he peeked under the blanket. His expression changing. 

"I hope you have a good reason as to why I'm naked" Glancing up at the other and placing the blanket down over himself, he waited expectantly. 

Akayame blushed, laughing shyly.

"You were soaked from the shower, so I stripped you. I swear I closed my eyes." His gaze went anywhere but to the one sitting in front of him. He wasn't sure why he felt awkward in that moment. He had conquered a billion obstacles and then some, but explaining to a formerly comatose person as to why they awoke stark naked was difficult for him. 

"Hn. Alright. I believe you. Now get out so I can change" 

He complied without word nor hesitation, shutting the door behind him. 

Keigo slid the tray aside, moved the blankets, then very slowly moved his legs over the side of the bed. Thankful he wasn't somehow paralyzed from the whole ordeal. Slowly and steadily he stood up, looking around to where his clothes could be. Spotting them folded up on a chair by the door. 

Moving his body was proving to be difficult, but he managed through. Sliding on the pair of black pants from the other day, he noticed the scent radiating off of them, indicating they had been taken care of for him. Akayame was proving to be a decent help, aside from the near-death experience. 

Once dressed, he left the room, meeting up with the other who sat on the edge of the couch.

"How does moving feel?" He looked up, dropping his arms into his lap. Keigo scratched his stomach, shrugging. 

"The more I move the better it gets" 

He noticed the stare he was receiving, furrowing his brows. 


"Your wings" It explained the red ash that he had to clean off the bathroom floor.

"What about them?" He tried to move them to look, but when they didnt respond he realized. Moving as quickly, but cautiously, as he could he made his way toward the bathroom. Once inside he turned and looked at his back. Gawking at the small slits that remained, where large beautifully crimson wings once sat. 

"What did you do to me!?" Keigo was livid, leaning against the wall for support as he yelled at the other. 

"It wasn't me! It must have been when you caught on fire. Your wings were fragile to heat, and so when you burned for forever, they must have not survived. I'm sorry." Akayame stood up, mentioning the events from a few nights ago. 

"What did I get myself into?" Keigo put his face into his hand, sighing. 

"Guess that takes care of that problem. Swear to Kami, for your sake, they better grow back" He made his way to the bedroom, reemerging fully dressed in the previously difficult clothing. 

"So what's the next step in trying to ensure my death?" 

Akayame glared at him, crossing his arms over his chest

"When you're feeling up to it, it will be checking to see if the quirk worked. Optimistically speaking, if it did, then we will work on your control of it" 

"And if it didnt?" Keigo didnt want to think what would happen if it had not. Wishing not to repeat the entire process again. 

"Either we keep looking for a quirk that will, or you try to rely on your charming wit" His tone was light and joking, but deep down, he truly wasn't sure what would happen if the other could not bare someone elses quirk. There was no way he could jump into the world of villains without some form of quirk. Even if he could get them on his side from sheer likeability, they would find him useless after a time when he could not aid them in battle. 

"Well then guess that's not an option, now is it? What do I have to do to see if Endeavor's quirk took or not?" Keigo walked into the center of the room, waiting for the others reply. 

"You were born with your quirk, so your body naturally knew how to handle it and maneuver. You specifically made it and it specifically made you, but Endeavor's quirk was not. It's an intruder into your body. You must learn how to wield it through intensive training. First step is figuring out a way to get it surfaced. They suggested we get you worked up and see if it manifests through emotion." Akayame walked closer to Keigo. 

"Do you feel any different? Can you feel it coursing through you?" Akayame was curious what was going on inside of Keigo's body. 

Keigo glanced down at himself as if to examine, focusing mentally on himself. 

"Not particularly. Everything feels like it did before" Keigo shrugged, turning his hands out in front of him as if there would be some bold symbol to show him what he wanted to see.


Akayame had left Keigo's house with worry filling his gut. He felt guilty to the core and it ached. He had never felt like this before, but then again he had never thrown someone into an experiment before with little to no warning. 

He made his way back to Nighteye's agency, taking back alleys and passageways; ensuring no one was following or could see him. 

"Nighteye!" His voice was laced with irritation, barging into the personal office, slamming the doors open. They bounced off the wall and came back quickly on the receptionist, who happened to be tailing Akayame in attempts to stop him. 

"I'm sorry, sir! He just ran right back." She was mildly out of breath as fear consumed her, she knew had he been anyone else she would be in a world of trouble. 

"It's excused, please, give us a moment." Nighteye's stern expression peered over his glasses at her before pushing them up by the bridge. She nodded, bowing low as she made her way out, closing the door behind her. 

Nighteye leaned back in his swivel chair, resting his elbows on the arm rests as he intertwined his fingers on his belly.

"What brings you here? You put a lot of risk by entering my building" Nighteye watched him as he awaited an answer. 

"Hawks tried your little concoction, and now he's comatose." Akayame placed the floor as he ran a hand through his hair and exhaled sharply. 

"This is expected with a quirk exchange of that magnitude. His body needs time to adjust. Was he breathing and heart beating?" Nighteye's eyebrow rose as he moved the chair side to side by his legs. 

"What? He burst into flames and damn near died, and you act as if its nothing. Is his life worth giving up?" Akayame was getting worked up, and Nighteye could tell his emotions were getting the better of him. Nighteye had seen his fair share of failed experiments, so an almost death was a hell of a lot better than an actual loss. 

"Akayame, calm down. He's a lot tougher than you give him credit for. The process is tedious and unpleasant. A quirk is given at birth, what do you think this process entails if we shove a quirk suddenly into someone elses body in one quick shot?" Nighteye sat up, holding his hands out in question. 

"I'm sorry you had to witness such a scene and that he had to suffer in such a fashion, but we must count our blessings this time. He's made it a lot farther than the few test subjects we managed to scrape up" Nighteye stood up. 

"Will his body accept it? Will he be able to use it?" Akayame was dumbfounded, completely surprised Nighteye seemed to give no cares about it all. 

"That much I have no answers for. There is no way for me to know." 

Akayame stared at him for a moment, leaving the office a lot quieter and nicer than he had arrived, but just as clueless.


For several days the pair trained, inside and outside. They took to the fields, sparred with some who were strangers to Keigo, and even fought each other in attempts to tap into the potential they hoped brewed deep within the bird-man. 

Keigo leaned forward on his hands, holding into his knees for support, panting.

"Fuuuck!" He yelled into the sky, walking aimlessly as he rubbed his eyes. Nothing was working and he felt like he was wasting time. He had come to do a mission, and now he had been there for about a month and had absolutely nothing to show for it other than a near death experience.

"It'll be okay, we'll get there" Akayame crossed his arms over his chest, watching Keigo wander. The other dropped his arms, giving Akayame a 'you cant be serious' expression. 

A man with long black hair appeared suddenly beside Akayame, landing in a squatting position to brace himself. 

"Sir, the league requests aid" 

Akayame's expression changed. He became cold and stern, all emotion draining from him. A cockiness forming within his eyes.

"Very well. Newbie, let's go. We'll see what the league thinks of ya" Akayame turned, heading towards the buildings. The entire way all he could think was 'shit, shit, shit, shit, shit'. 


"Look, I can't help you beyond these doors. Once inside you need to implement all of your training. Gain their trust." Akayame whispered, they stood outside the League of Villains double doors that led to their bar-hangout. They were the first ones there and he had wanted to give the other a warning. He wanted him to know that this was going to be out of his jurisdiction in the villain world, and he had a reputation to uphold. If Keigo did something wrong, Akayame would be incapable of aiding him. 

Keigo nodded, "I understand" he whispered huskily, he clammed up once he heard the commotion coming from the entrance and down the hall toward them.

This was it. It was time. This was what he had been waiting for all this time for. He wasn't going to allow for failure now. 

"I must go, Keigo. I will see you later" Akayame turned from him, he equipped his other personas expression and left the League of Villains quarters before he was discovered within. 

Keigo watched him walk away for a moment before he turned toward the doors, listening to the footsteps approaching. 

A tall man with white hair opened both doors at the same time, looking through all the faces that awaited him. He grinned widely with a cigarette between his teeth. 

"Ahh. The new recruits." Kagero turned away from them, leading them toward the other side of the room. In a large reclining chair sat a strange man. His almost blue hair fell to his shoulders and the most notable feature Keigo felt burned into his memory were the hands placed all over his body; especially the one gripping his face.

"These are all the ones you requested" Kagero spoke in between puffs, taking a seat at the bar that was to his right. Indicating with his hand that he wanted a drink. 

Shigaraki lifted his head, looking at each of the members that stood before him. 

"What can they offer me?" 

"At the least, bodies" Kagero shrugged, sipping his drink. 

Shigaraki demanded each give their worth. What they were capable of. He then declared whether they could be useful for him. 

Some quirks were better than others; A truth speaker at just a touch, a self destruction, hands that could turn into weapons, and so on. They continued on until they landed on Keigo. His sharp eyes drew Shigaraki's attention more than the others had, he crossed his legs and lifted his head up off his hand; very curious. 


He wasn't sure if he was lying or not, hell he hoped he wasn't, but he definitely couldn't say he had flight and feathers, and he couldn't say he had no quirk right now. He was stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

"Then show -" Shigaraki started saying the words Keigo was dreading and hoping he would not have to hear, but to his relief Shigaraki was cut off by a sharp voice. 


Both Shigaraki and Keigo looked at the source. On a small couch on the other side of the room sat a tall lean figure. He was even stranger looking than the first guy. 

"Dabi" Shigaraki warned, receiving a grunt. 

"I'm fire, we don't need another" Dabi took a drink from his cup, laying his elbow and lower arm on the arm of the couch, his hand hanging down with the cup. 

Keigo locked eyes with Dabi, challenging him. He had not gone through everything to be turned away by some patch work guy. 

"Look here, patchy, I'm here to stay" Keigo slipped his hands into his pockets, leaving the ball in Dabi's court. 

Dabi glared as he pushed himself off the couch and made his way straight to Keigo. His hands started to glow blue. 

"Dabi! Enough!" Shigaraki stood up, demanding Dabi to calm down. 

"If we are to take on the heroes we need as many villains as we can get. Now sit down!" Shigaraki knew Dabi well enough to know he was a rebel. He liked to cause scenes and not listen, but this time he would make sure Dabi knew he was not playing around. Hawks could be useful. 

"Fine" Dabi glared before turning, his eyes landing on golden orbs. 

"But I dont like him" 

Hawks gave him a big grin, leaning forward as he passed by and took his cup. 

"Hey, thanks, I needed this. Big day and all." Hawks shrugged, downing the drink in one go. He cringed inwardly but kept a straight face. He had a reputation to build and could not show weakness now. 

"Ooo, I like him. He's cute." Toga giggled wickedly, licking the tip of her finger as she watched the scene unfold. Keigo's eyes drifted toward her, just by her appearance he knew she was trouble.

"How badass" - "Are you an idiot!?" A man in a black suit spoke twice, earning a confused look from Keigo. 

"That's twice" Shigaraki introduced as he sat back down. 

"Welcome to the team"