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Sometimes The Stars Align

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I stood staring down at my left hand, I rolled the small delicate silver band between my forefinger and thumb smiling down at it. 


I couldn’t believe it. I was married to a man who I loved more than life itself. I was a wife and a mother. 


Claire Elizabeth Fraser. I repeated it over and over again in my head. 


I loved how it sounded coming off of my tongue. 


“Christ, I canna believe yer wed!” Gellie exclaimed from behind me pulling me out of my trance. 


“I know, it’s crazy, right?” I sighed and ran my hand along my tightly fitted ivory gown. 


“Aye. Ye look amazing, Claire. I’m verra proud of ye.” 


Was Geillis Mckenzie about to cry?


“Thank you, G. For everything, I couldn’t have done it without you.” I smiled. 


“WE couldna have done without ye, I think my wife meant to say.” Jamie said, coming behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist. He bent his head down and placed his chin on my shoulder. 


“Well, yes.” I chuckled softly. 


“It’s my pleasure. Now, are ye ready to party? I need a drink.” Geillie said with a twinkle in her eye. 


“I could certainly do with a stiff one, couldn’t you, my love?” 


“Oh….there will be nae problem wi’ that, Sassenach.” Jamie teased and lightly pressed his lips to the base of my nape while making “mmhmmmmm” sounds. 


“Jamie!” I laughed and swatted his arm that was around my middle. 


“Aye, well if ye dinna mind, I must say I would like to have a drink wi’ ye both before ye start ravishing one another.” Gellie said, pulling Jamie’s arms from around me and taking my hand to drag me away. 


Jamie groaned in response. 


“Go and find Bree, Jamie. I think she’s playing with Ellen. I don’t want her flower girl dress ruined.” 


Jamie nodded and went off to find our daughter. 


“To Mrs Fraser, I loved ye when I first saw ye, I kent ye were the one for me from the moment I saw ye crying at work. I comforted ye and I kent I would always want to comfort ye for the rest of my life. Ye gave me love, ye brought me out of the hardest time of my life wi’ the accident. Ye gave me a beautiful red headed bundle o’ joy. You are my life, Claire Fraser. I love ye. Please could everybody raise the glasses to my wife.” Jamie picked up his glass and shouted “To Mrs Fraser.” 


Everyone raised their glasses and shouted in unison.


My eyes were bubbling with tears at my husband's speech. Could I love this man any more than I already did? I felt completely whole in my life. I had Jamie, and I had Brianna.

The evening took its course and it was time to take to the dance floor for our first dance. 


Jamie took my hand and led me to the middle of the dance floor, he kissed the back of my hand and took a bow in front of me. 


“Get up you ridiculous human.” I couldn’t help the huge smile all over my face. 


“Would ye have this dance with me, Mo Chridhe?” He whispered. 


“I will.” 


We began to sway back and forth, Jamie’s hand holding mine in the air and his other hand tight on my hip, I rested my arm around his neck and lightly twirled the loose copper at the back of his neck around my finger. 


“Did I tell ye how beautiful ye are?” He pressed his lips to my cheek. 


“You did. But, there’s no harm saying it again.” I teased. 


“Yer dress is beautiful, Sorcha. But I canna wait to get ye out of it.” He almost growled and squeezed my hip in response. 


“Hmm, is that so?” I chuckled. 


“Oh, Aye.” He kissed my lips ever so softly. 


“You know all our guests are watching us, don’t you?” I raised a brow. 


“Let them, I want them to ken exactly how I feel about ye.” He groaned and sharply twirled me around and caught me, my head inches from the floor. 


There was an array of ‘wooo’ coming from the crowded guests. 


He had that teasing look in his eye that sent waves of electricity straight to my very core, lighting a fire inside of me. That had never stopped. The passion between us was forever growing and 3 years down the line we are more in love than ever. He still excites me in every way.


He kissed me again while holding me almost at the floor, a little more tantalising this time with a swipe of his tongue. 


I pulled back and he stood me back up, I felt a little dizzy from the excitement and the heat of the moment. 


“I think it’s nearly time for us to call it a night…” I smirked. 


“Yep.” He said taking my hand and dragging me off the dance floor. 


I found my daughter on her auntie Jenny’s lap at one of the tables stuffing her face with buffet food. 


“Mama.” She smiled up at me. 


“Hello my darling, are you having fun?” I said reaching down to pick my nearly 2 year old up. She nodded at me and continued shoving food in her mouth. 


“Now, you’ll be a good girl for aunt Jen, won’t you?” I raised a brow. 


“Yes mama.” She saw her father approaching and squirmed her way out of my grip. “Da! Da!” She giggled excitedly. 


“Ahh, a leannan.” Jamie cooed to his sweet baby, scooping her up in his massive arms he pressed his lips to her forehead. 


“Ye’ll be with yer auntie Jenny tonight, ye ken?” He said, bouncing her on his hip. 


“I want ye to make all the mess ye ken, be a wee rascal for yer aunt and uncle, aye? 

mo leanabh bòidheach.” He chuckled. 


“Thank you for doing this Jenny.” I smiled ignoring my husband's silly comments to our daughter. 


“Ah, it’s nae bother.” She waved me off. “It’s yer wedding, go and enjoy it. But I dinna want the details.” She laughed, lifting her arms up to take Bree from her father. 


“I’ll get the bairns home to bed.” She smiled. Jamie pressed a kiss to our daughters curly orange hair. And I pressed my lips to her cheek. “Be good.” I cooed. 




Jamie and I made our way to our bridal suite hand in hand, giggling like children. 


“Are ye ready to make another wee bairn?” He smirked. 


“Well...there’s no need to make a bairn, but we can still do the trying..” I titled my head, hoping he’d grasp my meaning. 


“What do ye mean?” He furrowed his brows. 

I stayed silent and looked at him, waiting for the penny to drop. 


It did.


He placed his hand on my abdomen. “Yer pregnant?” He smiled. 


“Yes.” I whispered. 


“Christ. Sassenach. I’m mad wi’ joy.” He grabbed my waist and pulled me to him, crushing his chest against mine. He pulled me into a sloppy kiss. 

He pulled away and spun me around and my back faced him. His hands traced down the back of my neck and down my spine, he found his way to the zipper at the middle of my back and slowly removed my wedding gown. 


His eyes blown wide when he took in the all white laced underwear I was wearing. 


“A Dhia,” he licked his lips and scanned my body with his eyes. “Yer so beautiful, mo ghràdh. How did I get so lucky?” He pressed his lips to my shoulder and slowly pushed the strap of my bra down. 


I grabbed his wrist and spun myself around. 


“You are wearing far too much.” I teased. 


I unbuttoned his white shirt slowly, agonisingly slow. His eyes were dark with lust. “Claire, ye killin’ me.” He sucked in a breath when I latched my lips onto his clavicle. 


“Am I?” I mumbled, trailing my lips down his chest. 


“Ye ken fine well what yer doin’ to me.” He growled. 


“Hmm. Let’s see what we have here then.” I proceeded to remove his kilt. 


He was very much ready, to say the least. 


I wrapped my arms around his neck and crushed my lips onto his. Kissing him hungrily. He bent and lifted me up so my legs were wrapped around his waist and he carried me to the bed. 


His kisses rained on me, from my lips to my neck, the soft spot behind my ear he knew made me wild. My throat and between my breasts, he pulled back the thin layer of fabric covering my breast and latched onto a nipple making my back arch, he used that opportunity to unhook my bra. 


He worked his way to my stomach where his big hands stroked me and he peppered kisses across the light swell of my abdomen, especially where I was lightly marked silver from carrying our previous child, they were more prominent since my stomach was slowly beginning to stretch again. 


“Tha thu breagha.” He mumbled against my skin. 


“Say that again in English.” I panted. 


“You.” He kissed me. “Are.” He kissed me again. “Beautiful.” And he kissed me again. 


I moaned against him, begging him to give me all of him. 


He traced his finger on the inside of my thigh and up to my hip, he then hooked his finger around the thin lacy fabric and pulled them down my thighs before completely removing them. 


He pressed his mouth to my pubic bone and ran a finger across my opening making me shiver. 


“Jamie,” I groaned. 


“Aye, Sorcha, I ken. He whispered against my skin, his breath hot against my inner thigh and I almost begged him to go just a little higher. 


He must have read my mind because his lips attached to me and I almost jolted off the bed in ecstasy when he ran his tongue along me. He licked, bit and sucked on my throbbing nub and teased with his finger at the same time. I found myself nearly ready to orgasm. 


“Jamie, now, please.” I said, through rugged breath. 


He rose up and wrapped his hand around his length, pumping a few times while staring down at me with desire, watching me as my body rose up and down as I panted. 


He ran his hand along my slit again and gathered my wetness on his palm before rubbing himself again and leaning over me, holding himself up with one arm he pressed his tip at my entrance and entered me at a painfully slow rate. Once he was finally filled inside me, I rocked against him and he began to move with me but only very slowly. 


“Jamie you're killing me, please.” I begged. 


He gave a dirty laugh before dramatically upping his speed. Hips crashed as he thrusted and thrusted. 


He stopped suddenly. 


“Why have you stopped? I cried. 


He pulled out of me and kissed me longingly. “Jamie what are you do—“ he cut me off. 


“Shhh...turn over.” He whispered. 




“On yer knees, a nighean.” He smirked and flipped me over, pulling my ass to meet his erection, he entered me at full speed. It took all of 2 minutes for me to find my orgasm and to see stars. 




We lay catching our breath in the midst of our afterglow, tangled in one another. Jamie’s hand stroking my head and my hand stroking his chest. 


“Good night, Mrs Fraser.” 


“Good night, Mr Fraser.”