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Sometimes The Stars Align

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Sometimes The Stars Align


Chapter 1

It was a cold and wet night in the middle of December, I woke up to the wind howling through my windows. I checked my phone, 3.45am. “Ugh.” I moaned to myself and tossed over to the other side of the bed where my husband lay, fast asleep. I closed my eyes shut and wrapped my arms sleepily around his torso.


“Claire?” I couldn’t figure out if I was awake or asleep. “Claire!!” I felt a hand on my shoulder lightly shaking me. my eyes would not open even when I tried. “What?” I snapped in my sleepy tone. “Darling, it’s 7.30.” Frank’s voice said.

“7.30?” I said in my head. The realisation of the time hit me and I shot up, “SHIT!” I jumped out of bed and saw a very amused Frank stood giggling at me. “Well I’m very glad you are laughing, sir!”
“I’m sorry love, it was just so funny seeing you jump out of bed like that.”
“Yes, well..I’m very late and I’m due to be there by 8.30 to settle in a new starter.”

I stood up and grabbed my wash bag from the dressing table and quickly wrapped my robe around my naked body. Frank followed me to the en-suite bathroom still giggling away at me. I bent down to turn the shower on and started to undress, Frank stood still in the doorway watching me.

“Are you going to stand there gawping at me?”
“Well if I can’t stand back and admire my wife, what can I do?” He joked. “Will you be home for dinner?” Frank enquired. “No I’m sorry darling, I’m on a long day. Like I said I have the new starter today, I finish at 8.30. I will grab pizza on the way home.” I squeezed the last tiny drop of my favourite coconut scented shampoo into my hand. shaking as hard as possible to get out the remainder. “Bastard!” I scoffed. “Please remind me to go grocery shopping tomorrow, Frank.” I lathered the small amount of soap into my hair as I noticed frank hadn’t responded to me. “Frank??” I repeated. Nothing. I turned my head around the shower curtain. He was still stood there, only this time head buried into his phone.

“Frank!” I snapped. “Oh, sorry darling. Yes?” He shook his head and looked at me. Something was bothering him. “What’s wrong?” My brows knitted together in confusion and I turned my back to turn off the shower. “Oh, ah, it’s nothing darling, don’t worry.” I could sense the unease in his voice. How strange, I thought.

“Well there is obviously something up, tell me...” I said now standing in front of him with my towel wrapped around me. “It’s just work, I’ve a lot on at the moment.” He smiled and bent down to kiss me before I could pry any further. “I’m off darling, enjoy your day. I love you.” He walked back through our bedroom and out into the kitchen and grabbed his keys. “I love you..too” I said as the door shut behind him.


I jumped into my car, teeth chattering from the cold icy Scottish morning. God what I wouldn’t give to go back to bed. I started the engine and began on my journey to work.


“Good morning, love.” My best friend flashed me a very happy smile, for that time of the morning. “Morning, Gellie.” I responded less enthusiastic than she. “What’s that face for? Ye ken, ye looked like someone hit ye wi’ a fish??” She laughed. “I’m sorry, I didn’t sleep all to well and I woke up late and rushed in. I haven’t even had a coffee!” I threw my hands up in the air with frustration. “Aye, I can tell. Good job ye best pal here grabbed one for ye on the way.” She handed me a Starbucks coffee cup.

“Gellie, you diamond.”

I wrapped my hands around the warm coffee cup, a little more contented.
“I ken, don’t ye forget it. What’s on the agenda today then?” She smiled up at me from sipping her coffee, I sat down in the chair next to her and flashed my work fob on the keyboard to log into the system. “I think I have a student nurse today. Which, I could really do without.” I sighed and began typing to find my list of things to do for my shift, I checked my assigned patients and their notes.

“Oh aye, I forgot. Ye’ll be taking our Jamie under yer wing today.” Geillis began typing at her own keyboard. “Our Jamie?” I questioned with confusion. “Aye, ye ken Dougal’s nephew?” She sat to face me. “Oh, I don’t remember you mentioning him.” I rolled my eyes at myself. “Well thank ye, shows how much ye listen to me.” She laughed.

Geillis had become my best friend since I moved to Scotland last year. She took me under her wing from my first shift at the hospital and tought me the ropes. She took me out for drinks in the city to help me get used to my whole new world. Geillis was married to Dougal, they had 3 children and had been married 10 years. Myself and Frank had only been married 2 years, we settled in Oxfordshire and then a change of circumstances in Frank’s job brought us to Scotland.


Shortly after I had gotten all my files sorted for the day I checked my watch, 8.55am the student nurse was due to take shift at 9am. I gathered all my things together that I would need to explain the basics to him.
I heard footsteps coming towards me and and a low husky Scottish voice spoke. “Hello, I am the student nurse.” I turned around and nearly lost my balance at the sight I saw. The tallest man with the most beautiful mop of red curls you ever saw, piercing blue eyes that I felt burn a hole in my chest, the purest smile I ever saw. His face changed to confusion and I realised I hadn’t said anything at all. I was just stood starring. oh my god he must think me a freak.

“Oh, hello, yes...sorry I’m not with it just yet.” I laughed, nervously.
“Ah, no name is James, James Fraser.” He held his hand out to shake mine and I froze for a second.

Christ woman get it together.

I politely reached for his hand, shaking it lightly. Jesus mother, his hand swallowed mine it was so big and warm...and, Christ stop it.

“It’s nice to meet you, James. I’m Claire....Randall, Nurse Randall.” I felt the colour rush to my cheeks as he slightly grinned at me and I hadn’t realised I was still holding onto his hand. I pulled away quickly and shifted slightly back. “Nice to meet ye, Nurse Randall.”