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all that you are to me

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“So...” Win smirked, raising his eyebrows, “How are you planning to carry me?” 

With a laugh, Team stepped forward to close the small distance between them. His hands started on Win’s hips, slid back over his ass, then down to his thighs. Getting the idea, Win wrapped his arms around Team’s shoulders just before he was hoisted up by strong hands. He wrapped his legs around Team’s waist and quickly realized that he barely had to hold on at all, because Team was more than strong enough to support his weight. He let his hands rest more lightly on Team’s shoulders and looked down into his face from the higher than usual vantage point.

“I’m curious... Have we ever had sex like this?” 

Team laughed again and walked out of the kitchen and towards the stairs. 

“Hey, I’m serious, because I bet it would be hot.” 

The smoldering look Win loved so much appeared in Team’s eyes, “Maybe.”

Win swallowed and squeezed Team’s shoulders, “If we did... I’m going to need it to happen again. Because that is a memory I sure as hell want to have.” 

“You’re incorrigible,” Team said simply, and carried him upstairs. He moved easily, only pausing for a moment to adjust his balance before ascending the stairs. 

Magnanimously, Win waited until they reached the top before he started peppering kisses to Team’s ear. He was rewarded with the tightening grip of Team’s hands, and once they were through the bedroom door, Team turned and pressed Win’s back against the wall. That was when the kissing started in earnest, Team’s lips crushing Win’s as he pinned him there, feet off the ground, totally at Team’s mercy. Win didn’t want it any other way; he moaned as he slid his hands into Team’s hair, holding him there and kissing back. 

With his legs wrapped around Team’s waist, all Team had to do was shift forward a little bit to draw another hot moan from Win’s lips. Feeling the pressure against his cock, Win broke the kiss to drop his head back against the wall, “Team...” 

“Hia,” the word was breathed out against Win’s cheek, followed by several more kisses, trailing over to his ear. Team’s deep, husky voice spoke again, “I want you...”

“I’m right here, baby,” Win gasped out and felt the way his words made Team’s hands grip his body harder. He lifted his head and returned some of those kisses, making his way down Team’s neck. Kisses, soft bites, the grazing of teeth, all teased along Team’s skin, until Win found a sweet spot. Right where neck meets shoulder, Win gently bit down and pulled a moan from Team’s throat. 

One of his hands moved to the small of Win’s back and held tight. Team’s knees trembled slightly and the wall became necessary support for both of them. Win dropped his legs down so he could stand of his own accord, then brought a hand to Team’s hip as he continued his assault on that spot that made Team weak. He kissed and sucked, reveling in the sounds Team was making in response, wanting to hear them all. The other man braced his forearm on the wall just beside Win and leaned heavily against him. 

“Ah, Hia... That’s...” Team gasped, unable to finish his thought.

Win stopped and licked along the spot he had been sucking at, making Team breathe raggedly. He lifted his lips to the man’s ear and nipped gently at it before saying, “Does it feel good, baby?” 

“Yes,” Team sounded wrecked and it lit something up inside of Win.

He turned them around, putting Team’s back to the wall now and resumed his assault on the man’s neck. One hand pinned his shoulder back while the other grabbed Team’s hip, squeezing just hard enough to keep him where he was. Without any struggle whatsoever, Team gave up control entirely to Win, eyes closed, head tipped back and away, and mouth open to release a series of soft whines and moans. 

Win sucked a bruise onto that soft spot that drove Team crazy, then moved, open-mouthed, up his neck. He bit gently at the pulse point of his throat and smiled when Team hummed with pleasure. Bringing his lips to Team’s ear, Win spoke breathily against it, “You like this, huh?”  

Team laughed, a few soft puffs of air, “You always want to mark up my neck...” He had to take a slow, calming breath before he could open his eyes to look at Win. “Normally I tell you not to.” 

“What’s different now?” Win pulled back just enough to see Team’s face properly. His pupils were blown wide, his lips parted, panting softly. 

“Now...” Team glanced away, then met Win’s eyes again, “Now I want to feel you, I don’t care who knows or sees later. I don’t care if I get teased.” 

Win blinked, trying to keep his heart from racing at those words. Team wanted to feel him, wanted to be close to him, wanted him. The hand at Team’s shoulder shifted to hold the back of his neck before Win closed the slight space between them to kiss him hard. Team opened himself up to Win and accepted that kiss and the intruding tongue that came with it. He moaned as Win pressed their hips together, grinding against him. Hands grasped desperately at the back of Win’s shirt, keeping him close, and hitching one leg up just enough so that Win could slot his leg between Team’s. 

With the hand at Team’s hip, Win drew his thumb down over his hip bone, pressing into the tender space beside the bone and elicited another throaty moan from the man. It was muffled by the kiss, which was somehow even hotter to Win. He wanted to draw all the sounds out of Team, take him apart, make him come undone. Every right move he made spurred Win onward. He kissed harder and deeper, wanting to consume Team. Eventually they broke the kiss and gasped into each other’s mouths, trying to catch their breath.

In that same moment, Win ground his thigh against Team’s crotch and made him nearly whimper. Team held the back of Win’s head and leaned in, whining into Win’s ear, “Hia... please...” 

“Tell me what you need, baby,” Win pinned him harder against the wall and kissed anywhere he could reach.

“You...” the single word was desperate.

Win stepped backwards and the pained sound Team made struck right to his heart. He moved fast, pulling Team forward so their bodies weren’t separated for long. Directing them to the bed, Win turned them around and gently pushed Team down to sit on the edge. He ran a hand up from shoulder to neck, then drew his fingertips along his jawline, stopping at Team’s chin. He tipped the younger man’s head up until his eyes were on Win, then smiled down at him.

Both hands grabbed at the hem of his shirt and Win pulled it up and off, exposing his torso for Team’s hungry eyes. His pants were shucked next, but Win left his boxers on for now, just to tantalize his lover. 

“Your turn,” Win said, voice low, before he helped Team out of his own shirt and jeans. Rid of most of their clothing, Team backed up along the bed and Win crawled after him, prowling like a cat stalking his prey. The whole time, Team never took his eyes off Win, and swallowed hard once they were settled by the pillows. Team leaned back on his elbows, holding himself up to keep level with Win, who came to a stop between Team’s legs.

There was a charged moment between them as they held one another’s gaze, waiting to see who would act first. Team’s chest moved up and down, breathing heavily, and Win knew, instinctively, that if he put a hand to the other man’s heart, he’d feel it beating hard. His own was beating rapidly and Win’s world narrowed to the gorgeous man before him. In a quick motion, he wrapped one arm behind Team’s back and pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Team moaned and lowered himself down, bringing both arms around Win to keep him close. One of his hands moved up to lace fingers through Win’s hair. The kiss broke when Win rolled his hips against Team’s and they both moaned at the closer contact, only the thin fabric of their boxers separating them. Win started trailing kisses down his neck and chest, hitting that already bruising skin along the way.

This time the kisses and bites made Team arch his back up off the bed. More soft moans fell from his lips, fingers tightening in Win’s hair, “Hia... yes...” 

“I love to hear that,” Win murmured against Team’s collarbone. Moving further down, he kissed and bit at Team’s nipple, lapping his tongue over it to make Team gasp. He wanted to take care of the other man, in return for the ways Team had taken such good care of him ever since he left the hospital. Every moan, gasp, or soft grunt Team made spurred Win onward.

He showered Team’s toned body in affection, traveling all the way down to his pelvis. Leaning back just a little, Win placed one long hand over Team’s crotch and rubbed his palm over it. Team groaned and bucked his hips upward, chasing that pressure. His eyes closed and his head tilted back into the pillow. Win continued to rub, his fingertips tracing the outline of Team’s cock until the other man moaned. 

“More... please...” Team murmured the words unprompted, making Win think that this was something he had encouraged Team to do in the past: ask for what he wanted.

“Want me to take these off, baby?” Fingers of Win’s free hand tugged lightly at the elastic waistband, pulling it down enough to expose one hip. His lips moved immediately to the exposed skin, leaving light, brief kisses there. 

“Yes,” he nodded, breathing ragged. 

Win carefully pulled the boxers down his hips, Team pushing his shoulders into the bed to lift his hips up for the movement. Legs free, he let them settle on either side of Win, looking down his body at the older man. Win settled his hands on those long legs, just above Team’s knees, and slid his hands slowly upwards, eyes glued to Team’s all the while. 

An intake of breath showed the way those trailing fingers affected him. Win made sure to trace his thumbs along Team’s inner thighs on his way up, and stopped just shy of where Team surely wanted those hands to end up. Team bit his lip as he stared back at Win, holding his breath. It was the last expression Win saw before turning his gaze down to his own hands, bending down to place light kisses along Team’s inner thigh, moving upwards, then over to the other thigh and back down. 

[explicit content starts here]

Team let out a sound half way between pain and pleading. In response, Win opened his mouth to bite at the thick muscle of Team’s thigh. He saw Team’s cock twitch from the corner of his eye and glanced over at the beautiful, flushed erection. It was hard, despite the neglect from Win’s hands and mouth. He figured he should remedy that, even though the little whimpers of need from Team sounded so very nice. 

Win kissed his way further up Team’s thigh, licked at his balls and nuzzled his nose against the base of that thick cock. A sudden gasp from Team was music to his ears.

“Shit, please, hia,” he begged. A hand found its way into Win’s hair once more, gripping hard in an attempt to keep him where he was. Win yielded to that need, because he wanted the same thing. Licking a stripe up Team’s dick, Win took it into his mouth once he reached the top and swallowed down as much of it as he could handle. He held it deep in his throat for as long as he could, before gasping and pulling off. 

After catching his breath, Win held the base of Team’s cock and sucked at just the head, pushing his lips over it to simulate the feeling of penetration. Team moaned his pleasure, but after a few bobs of Win’s head, he slid his hand down from Win’s hair to the back of his neck, urging him upward. Letting himself be directed, Win smiled into the kiss that Team started. It wasn’t as desperate as Win had expected, though, more soft and sweet. 

Pulling back, Win looked down at Team curiously, “What’s wrong?” 

Team chuckled and shook his head, “Nothing, hia... Nothing at all. I just... want something a little different...” 

“Tell me what you want,” Win said, trying to keep the threat of insecurity at bay.

“I want you,” Team said, not for the first time. Win blinked at him. 

“I’m righ--”

Team shook his head, then closed his eyes. Some sort of struggle happened inside of him before he managed to speak again. Lifting himself up, Team hid his face by way of speaking directly into Win’s ear, “I want you to fuck me, hia.” 

“Ohhhh,” Win turned his head so he could see Team’s face, finding the other man blushing darkly. Despite the fact that Team was more forward in private than public, apparently this level of directness still flustered him. 

Suddenly, Team looked very uncertain, “Is that okay?” 

“Yeah,” Win nodded, smiling at Team and pushing him back down onto the bed. “Yeah, baby, that’s okay.” 

Team gazed up at Win and bit his lower lip. He seemed younger now, in some way that Win couldn’t put his finger on. Maybe it was the softness about his expression, or the need for Win to take him and be the aggressive one. Maybe it was just that the weight of everything that had happened over the last few weeks was too much for him. Whatever the case, Win drew his eyes away from Team’s face and down to his chest, where he ran a hand slowly up along the muscles of his torso. Lowering himself down, Win placed kiss after kiss over his pecs, pulling a soft gasp from Team’s lips.

The kisses moved back up to Team’s neck as one of Win’s hands slid down to hold firmly to one hip, pinning Team down to the bed. Win pressed his entire body along the line of Team’s, and little sounds of pleasure from Team were his reward for all the attention. He kissed his way up to Team’s ear, nibbling at the lobe before speaking in a low voice.

“Tell me where we keep the lube, baby,” he grazed his teeth over the shell of Team’s ear and a soft moan was the first answer to his question. He had an assumption where it was, but there were tables on either side of the bed. 

“Bedside table, drawer... your side,” Team managed to pant the words out, but his arms were wrapped around Win, one hand at the back of his head, keeping Win close. 

“Gonna be hard to get it if you don’t let me go...” Win breathed into his ear, then nuzzled into the side of his face.

Team turned his head just enough to see Win, eyes half-lidded and full of desire. If he intended to say anything in response, it didn’t happen, because Team desperately kissed Win’s lips instead. Unable to deny him, Win kissed back and ran his hands over Team’s arms, pinning them down before he abruptly broke the kiss, leaving Team chasing after him. 

“Hold that thought,” Win winked at Team, then pulled away to search the drawer by his side of the bed for the bottle of lube. It was a very large bottle, somehow bigger than Win was expecting, and already a quarter empty. He chuckled slightly as he returned to a hungry looking Team with it. “I take it we make good use of this...” 

Team’s eyes strayed to the bottle in Win’s hand, then back again, the blush still on his cheeks, “We can chat later...” 

Win raised a brow, a slow grin spread across his lips, “Impatient.”

“Weeks, hia...” 

“Ah, yes,” he remembered now that Team said it had been weeks since the two of them had sex; it would have to have been so, considering the time Win spent in the hospital. Granted, they had oral sex just a few days ago, but Team was wanting something else now. Win just hoped he could provide what Team needed as well as he normally would. Win had memories of having sex, of course, but he lost six years worth of experience. And here was Team, desperately eager for him, so Win would have to rely on muscle memory, along with what he knew, and hope for the best.

“Hia,” Team nearly whined the word when he hesitated for just a little too long.

“I’ve got you, baby,” Win said, with more bravado than he actually felt. He quickly removed his boxers, tossing them aside, then settled between Team’s legs again. He kissed his way along the inside of one muscular thigh. Team hummed and lifted the same leg up to rest over Win’s shoulder, so he reached beneath the younger man and began massaging at one round cheek. Win then coated his fingers with lube, worked it over to warm it up, and gently prodded the tip of his middle finger at Team’s entrance. At the same moment, he pressed kisses to the sensitive skin just beside Team’s cock. 

A soft moan sounded before Team took a slow breath, consciously relaxing his body and muscles as Win pushed his finger in. Team stayed mostly still as Win worked him loose with one finger. Win wondered just how long it had been since they were in this particular position. Team was tight, but took Win with the experience of someone who had done this many times before. That alone was enough to make Win’s cock ache with need. He pressed more kisses to Team as he worked him open, trailing them up the side of his cock. 

With hot breath against kiss-damp skin, he said, “You’re doing so well, baby, taking it so good...” Win remembered the way praise had affected him the last time.

Team squirmed and pushed down onto Win’s finger greedily, letting out a low sound, somewhere between a grunt and a moan, “Feels good, hia... more... please?” 

“Anything,” he licked a stripe up Team’s cock and then kissed the head, before looking up at Team with a wicked grin. Team looked back, expression relaxed but tinted with desire. While holding that gaze, Win slowly and carefully added a second finger and watched as Team’s face dissolved into pleasure. He kept his eyes on Win for as long as he could manage, before finally closing them and dropping his head back onto the pillow.

“Yes...” Team gasped out, neck exposed. If Win could reach it, he’d have kissed it, adding more marks to the already purpling ones there. Team let himself relax around the intrusion of the second finger and was fucking himself back on Win’s hand sooner than he had with the one alone. Win quickly began stretching Team, now wanting him even more. 

It had taken him time to change his mindset to thinking of Team as someone less dominant, after everything he had witnessed with the other man. Seeing him spread out, a leg hooked over Win’s shoulder, taking the fingers inside him and begging for more... Win’s perspective changed dramatically. He turned his head to place soft bites against Team’s inner thigh, smiling against the skin when Team whined his pleasure. 

“Hia Win... I need you,” Team’s eyes were still closed, head still tipped back. One hand was gripping the pillow beside his head, the other holding the sheet near his hip. 

Win hummed, delighted by the needy tone of Team’s voice. He moved his hand a little faster, spread his fingers apart wider, added a third with a little less caution than the second. Team moaned his approval and took it easily. “Fuck, you’re hot Team...” 

“It’s good, I’m good, hia please,” he tipped his head down to meet Win’s eyes and the look of wild desperation told Win he needed something more than fingers at this point.

“You’re su--”

“If you don’t fuck me right now--” 

“Yeah, got it!” Win carefully pulled his fingers out after hearing the building frustration in Team’s voice and wasted very little time slicking his dick with lube. Team was panting heavily as he waited, and had lifted himself up on his elbows to watch, eyes directly on Win’s cock, and licked his lips.

Win was shocked by how that expression from Team affected his body, making him burn with desire. Some sort of Pavlovian response, he figured, and then stopped thinking about anything other than the sexy man before him. He lifted Team’s hips and lined up his cock at the slick, spread entrance, then set his eyes on Team’s face as he slowly urged his way in.

Contrary to everything Win was expecting, when Win bottomed out, Team’s expression was awash with a satisfied relief. Something more like alleviation and comfort than the ache of soreness. Win stayed right where he was, deep inside Team, as the other man reached out to pull Win into his arms. They shared a long, slow kiss that felt so antithetical to the frenzied need of a moment ago. 

Team was panting as they pulled apart and blinked his eyes open to look up at Win, “I missed this feeling...” 

Win kissed him again, then brushed his nose against Team’s, “I think there’s this thing called cock warming...” He trailed off when Team suddenly glanced away shyly. Win narrowed his eyes, grinning wide, “Team?” 

“Yeah, we’ve done that,” Team said, then as some form of distraction, he clenched around Win and rocked his hips a little. It had the desired effect and stopped Win from teasing Team in exchange for moving his own hips. He pulled out enough to thrust back in and draw a pleasured grunt from Team. 

He wrapped his legs around Win’s waist and slid his hands into Win’s hair, holding him close as Win pushed into him again and again, each time with building speed. Each thrust made Team grunt or moan, clearly loving the feeling of Win sunk all the way in. Win wanted to get deeper, go further, and he bet that Team wanted the same thing. Snaking one arm around Team’s lower back and the other around his shoulders, he hauled Team up off the bed until he was straddling Win’s lap. 

With a gasp, Team looked down into Win’s face, draping his arms around Win’s shoulders, nails digging into his skin, “Hia...” 

“Hey, baby,” Win bit his lower lip, then tightened the arm around Team’s waist, lifting him up before thrusting back into him, pulling Team down at the same time. Team dropped his head forward and moaned, tightening his arms and grip. He helped lift himself up, flexing his muscles as he did so. It was one hell of a sight: this strong man, clinging with desperation, fucking himself down onto Win, coming undone. 

All manner of sounds were punched out of Team, moans, gasps, grunts, whimpers. The more the tension built up inside him, the tighter he held to Win, and the more he scratched at Win’s back. It was almost as if he couldn’t get enough of Win, wanting not just to be full, but as close as possible. 

Win kissed every inch of skin he could reach, all along his neck and shoulders, biting and sucking, or just panting against him, “Damn, Team... baby... you feel so good.” 

Team moaned into Win’s ear and grabbed at the hair at the back of his head, squeezing hard enough to pull, but not hurt, “Don’t stop, hia, please.” 

“I won’t, baby,” Win panted, thrusting as deep and as hard as he could, filling Team as much as he could. He hooked a hand over Team’s shoulder from behind, using it to pull him down as he thrust upward. 

“Nng, yes, please,” his words became less coherent as the pleasure built up in him, a litany of pleas mostly, between “yes” and “hia.” It seemed like Team was close to orgasm, and Win wanted nothing more than to drive him to completion. He thrust hard and deep, bringing one hand between them to stroke Team’s shaft as he did so. Team panted, his mouth open against Win’s neck, until he came with a shout, spurting all over both of their chests.

His whole body seized up around Win, fingers digging in where they held on, legs and arms holding unimaginably tighter, body clenching around Win’s dick. He practically held his breath. 

“I’ve got you, baby,” Win whispered into Team’s ear, stroking a hand soothingly over his back. “I’ve got you.” 

It punched the air out of Team and stuttered breathing resumed, puffing out little gasps and tiny sounds of pleasure. His hands loosened their grip, and rested almost delicately atop Win’s shoulders, “Hia...” 

“I’m here,” he kissed at Team’s sweaty temple, then carefully started to lift him up a little, to pull out.

“Wait,” Team lifted his head suddenly and met Win’s eyes with a surprising intensity. “Don’t.” 

“But you--” Win started, only to be cut off again.

“Not til you’re done,” Team said matter-of-factly, then cupped Win’s cheek and kissed him, effectively cutting off any kind of protest. To drive the point home, Team began rolling his hips in such a way that immediately made Win moan into the kiss. They stopped kissing, but didn’t pull apart, instead breathing into each other’s mouths as Team rode Win. 

“Team... fuck...” he bit at Team’s lower lip, pulling on it slightly.

Team grinned, kissed him, then did something with his body that Win couldn’t quite figure out, but which felt amazing. At first, all he did was roll and move his hips in slow, but incredibly effective motions, then Team started to lift and lower himself and fuck back onto Win until they built up a good pace. He brought his lips to Win’s ear and whispered to him, “I’m yours, hia, always.” 

Win moaned low and held Team close. Those words struck his heart as much as his dick. He had been so fearful of losing Team, that hearing those words of validation was almost overwhelming.

“Take me, I’m yours, Hia Win,” he continued, nipping at Win’s ear until a strangled noise erupted from Win’s throat. 

Putting Team on his back, he hooked an arm under the knee of one leg and rolled Team up until his shoulders were pressed into the mattress and hips were up off of it. He bent Team in on himself and thrust into him with an almost reckless abandon. It was a little rough and Win might have worried if his actions didn’t pull such pleasured moans from Team. 

Win had braced his free hand on the bed by Team’s shoulder and Team reached his hand up to lace their fingers together. It kept Team’s hand pinned down, something Team seemed to like as well. His head was turned towards their joined hands, mouth open, panting and moaning and gasping out, “yes, yes, yes” over and over.

He kept going until one final, deep thrust into Team brought his climax. Without the use of a condom, he filled Team with his release and gasped as he watched the satisfaction wash over Team’s face. Win marveled at the fact that he caused that look on Team. More shocking still, Team pulled their joint hands over and kissed the back of Win’s, before closing his eyes and relaxing into the bed.

Win slowly and carefully pulled out of Team, the motion slick and wet. He couldn’t remember a time he had sex with someone without a condom, and for the first memory to be this one, Win decided that was, well, a win. Before he had a chance to decide what to do next, Team wound his arm around Win’s back and pulled him down to lay atop Team’s body. 

[explicit content ends here]

“You’re amazing, Team,” he nuzzled into the side of the other man’s face.

Team chuckled breathlessly, “Thank you for this, hia...” 

“For saying you’re amazing?” They were a mess, and Win thought about the fact that they would have to get washed up soon, but for now he just wanted to lay there with his lover, his boyfriend, the apparent love of his life.

“No,” Team laughed, trailing his fingers delicately over Win’s scratched up back. “For ... the... sex.” 

Win lifted himself up enough to see Team’s face, “Shouldn’t I be thanking you?” 

Team blinked, then glanced off thoughtfully. Ultimately, he shrugged and looked back at Win with a rather soft expression, “Maybe, but... I just... I really needed this.”

“Mm, you said it’d been a while, I guess we have a lot of sex--”

“Kinda, but-- it’s not just that,” Team swallowed hard and looked away, focusing instead on their hands. He ran his thumb over Win’s and bit his bottom lip.

“What is it then? Talk to me.” 

Team looked back, his eyes wet with unshed tears, “I needed to feel you. Whole and alive.” 

“Ohh... Team, baby,” Win gathered him up and rolled over, holding Team against his chest, wrapped securely in his arms, “I’m here, I’m alive, I’m not going anywhere.” 

“I love you, Hia Win,” Team whispered the words into Win’s shoulder. 

Win was torn, he knew he had loved Team before the accident, he wanted to say it back, too. He didn’t know if it would sound honest, though, without the memories of all they had together. It felt terrible not to respond with anything, though. What ended up coming out was, “Everything about you is a dream made real.” 

Team smiled, Win could feel his cheek rounding against his chest. Maybe that was actually the perfect thing to say. He began combing fingers through Team’s hair and hummed quietly. Eventually, they would have to get up and wash off, both of them covered in sweat and other substances, but for just a little while, they could be content and lazy, catching their breaths and letting their bodies calm down.

“You’re really amazing in bed, you know?” Win said at length, chuckling. 

Team’s own laughter was muffled by Win’s chest, more a quiet huff and shake of his shoulders, than anything else. 

Win tipped his head down until he could press a cheek against the top of Team’s head. A little insecure voice in the back of his mind needled away at him, though. He couldn’t shake a particular uncertainty and wanted to be brave enough to fight it, “I hope I was good, too.” 

Team lifted himself up, making Win’s trailing hands pause their movement, “Are you kidding?” Win stared back without saying anything. “Hia, didn’t you see me come all over myself? And you?” 

They both looked down at their sticky stomachs, Win cringed a little, but when their eyes met once more, Team’s expression was genuine, if a bit shocked. “Yeah, I just--”

His words were cut off yet again when Team suddenly kissed Win. It was slow, sure, and spoke of promises too big or too fragile for words. When he pulled back, Team pressed their foreheads together, “You’re not capable of being bad at sex, hia.”

Win laughed at the disconnect between the intensity of the kiss and the silliness of the statement, “I’ve always said I’m a born winner...” 

“The best at everything, Phawin Wanichakarnjonkul,” Team said with an air of ceremony.

“The best person for me, Teerayu Siriyothin,” Win said back, voice soft. 

Team drew in a breath, blinked, then kissed Win soundly on the lips. Eventually they would have to get up and wash off, sure, but it could wait just a little bit longer.