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He figures as time went on, things would settle down to a simmer and he’d finally stop getting flustered. That the butterflies rioting in Cairo’s stomach would settle their movements to tiny flutterings, not as chaotic but still giddy. 

But this slow and steady pace they’re taking towards deeper intimacy has the opposite effect. Even with the awkward talk about boundaries, the fumbling and quiet giggles, every lingering touch is a promise, a prelude to something more. So much so that Cairo feels like these days he’s living in ultra high definition technicolor. His senses are heightened and saturated all at once.

Even now his mind is lost to the sensations as his tongue licks at Gavreel’s palate, his hands grasping for purchase at the back of Gavreel’s shirt, urging him to deepen their kiss. Their legs are tangled together, slowly moving and shifting restlessly. There's a hot tug at the pit of his stomach, his pulse is quickening, and he feels warm all over. He arcs up to relieve the want. 

“Baby,” Gavreel breathes against Cairo’s cheek as he eases up a bit then leans back from their kiss.”We should stop now, before things get out of hand,” he says with a knowing smirk. It’s a newfound thrill for Cairo to know that he could make Gavreel so worked up just with their kisses. 

Cairo lets his head fall back on the pillows, as Gavreel shifts to move beside him. They lay side by side on Gavreel’s bed, hands together, as they both look up at the ceiling to catch their breaths. 

Gavreel turns and moves to slowly touch Cairo’s stomach under his shirt. The action has little heat to it, just lazy pleasure at touching the person he cares about. Cairo faces Gavreel with a smile. He wonders if it’s normal to care so intensely for one person. He has been asking himself if this is normal, if they should be feeling all this so soon. They’ve both said “I love you’s” every day, and Cairo wonders if it’s just Gavreel being his usual affectionate self, or if the other boy feels it as keenly as Cairo does. He worries how wrecked he would be if they don’t work out, and yet the prospect of seeing Gavreel hurting again is more than he can bear. 

He looks into Gavreel’s eyes, he sees that  the same intensity is reflected there. It fills his chest with such ferocity, it lends him enough courage to speak: “Baby… I want…” Cairo pauses to summon up a bit more bravery… he chuckles and admits, looking away, “I’m nervous...” 

“Hey, it’s just me,” Gavreel responds. Right. Just Gavreel, who came into his life when Cairo needed him the most, who relentlessly fought for Cairo’s affections, who became his best friend, who gave him that last bit of internal push to choose to live freely. Gavreel, who will now be his lover.  “Right,” Cairo whispers. He takes a deep breath and gulps.

Gavreel pokes him on the side and sidles closer. He wraps his arms around Cai, lips pouting, still swollen from their kisses. (Ugh, he looks so delicious with that pout, Cairo thinks) Then Gavreel says, “The point is, it’s just me, it’s just us. I’ve seen you at your crankiest, at your pettiest. I know you care more than what you let everyone see.I’ve seen you ugly laugh and ugly cry,... ” Cairo lightly slaps Gavreel’s arm at this. 

“Hey!” Gavreel protests and continues, ”aand!!! I watched you be this amazing person I love. So there's nothing to be nervous about, it's only us. ” He shifts ever closer with this sultry look, ”If you want, I’m now going to kiss you and touch you, and make you come.” 

"Gavreel is being considerate of my nervousness," he realizes. So Cairo nods and looks into Gavreel’s eyes in earnest. He meets Gavreel’s lips in silent acquiescence. Gav’s words and touch give him the confidence to arch his own body towards Gav’s. The weight of Gav's body on him gives him a heady rush and want courses through his own. He nibbles at Gavreel's lush lips indulgently, forgetting all about his earlier worries as pleasure takes over, with their hands moving against each other's skin. 

They kiss and touch, slowly building heat, barely pausing for breath. Inhaling and exhaling against each other's skin. Gavreel gives Cairo’s lower lip a light nip before he dips down Cairo’s collarbones, lightly licks at his Adam's apple, and proceeds to suck in earnest, peppering feather-light kisses every now and then. Cairo’s eyes roll back and his hips buck at the sharp jolt of pleasure. He tightens his arms on Gavreel, urging him closer. They shift and move against each other, the rhythm increasing little by little.

Cairo lightly pushes against Gavreel’s chest and straightens up from the bed to start taking off his shirt. In the dim light of early evening, Cairo manages to muster enough courage and decides to fully bare himself to Gav. The other boy’s face lights up as he watches Cairo’s slow strip tease, and proceeds to do the same quickly and haphazardly. They both fumble a bit as they divest themselves of their remaining clothes. It’s a bit comical and the moment serves to ease the tension and lighten the mood. Soft chuckles and bright smiles on their faces, as they move closer towards each other.

Gavreel holds Cairo’s face with both hands and continues his onslaught. It causes a surge of passion in Cairo, and fills him with such surety and need in that moment. That he can just languish in these sultry kisses, while the rest of the world can just fall away. As their kiss deepens, their tongues lapping at each other’s mouths, both shift to lie on the bed again with Gav’s body pressing down on Cai’s. They both look into each other’s eyes, intense and focused, their peripheral vision, soft and hazy. All their exposed skin touching and rubbing against each other’s in delicious frisson.

Gavreel brackets his forearms and starts kissing every bit of skin he can reach, sucking on an earlobe, nipping at a collarbone, enveloping Cairo, making Cairo feel protected and safe. Safe and secure enough to ask for more. Wordlessly, Cairo widens his legs and presses his hands on Gav’s back, pulling him closer, all the while kissing Gav as well. The movement brought their hardness together in delicious pressure, pulling out a groan from Cairo. Gavreel grunts above him and starts repeating the motion, causing another surge of thrill and pleasure across Cai’s body. He’s uncaring of the sounds that he’s making, as he hears Gavreel’s own moans, which further fuels his own passion.

It’s too much and yet too little. Their breaths are labored and beads of sweat start to form at their temples. Cairo moves one hand between them while the other keeps clutching at Gav’s back. He takes them both in his hand, and has he tightens his grip, tingles ignited his every nerve ending. Above him, Gav exclaims, “Fuck, that’s good,” as his own eyes roll back in pleasure. Cairo licks at Gav’s neck and keeps his slow pumping. They both growl as the intensity increases, and capture each other’s mouth in a wet sloppy dance of their tongues. Between muttered curses of “fuck,” “shit that’s good,” and low growls, they kept rutting and undulating against each other, chasing that perfect friction that would bring them over the edge. Finally, they came, one after the other, in jerking, twitching movements, until they’re both spent.

“God, that was a good one,” Gavreel breathes out roughly in a final spasm. “Yeah?” Cairo asks. He had a pretty epic time of it for sure, but wasn’t quite certain it was the same for Gav. Feeling euphoric and spent, he stays close to Gav's side, still unwilling to break their intimate bubble.

"Baby, you don't even have to question it," Gavreel replies as he threads his fingers lovingly through Cairo's hair. Cairo hums in relief as Gav continues, "It's great 'cause it's with you." He sits up getting excited, his curls bouncy and messy, bright eyes wide, "We're only gonna get better at this, I just know it! Cause that? Was fire! Like we're so hot together, Baby! And we're just getting started!" His look turns flirtatious and cheesy, making Cairo burst out a laugh. He feels giddy with affection for this gorgeous dork.

"What? We should start a list!" Gav continues as he gets up and heads to the bathroom to get a towel for their cleanup. Cairo can only stare after him, secure in the knowledge that, though there may be unavoidable apprehensions in the future from both sides, they will always somehow find their way through it, together.

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The air-conditioning hums quietly in the background, and afternoon light slips through the blinds on the windows. It's a quiet afternoon, save for the sounds from Cairo and Gavreel.

“Babyy...” Cairo drawls as his back arches off the bed. Gavreel is seated in between his legs, working his slick fingers inside Cai, slowly and deliberately, as he mouths at Cai’s cock and balls. "Fuck, baby you taste so good..." Gavreel mutters as he licks and laps at Cairo. "Mmm..." "Yeah, like that, baby?" Cai can't help but moan in answer to Gav's touches.

Their breaths are ragged, their bodies glistening with sweat from their exertions. Cairo feels achy and spent. They have been at it for a while now, jerking each other off roughly and hurriedly. He still wants more, but slower this time after having taken the edge off. “Baby...” He tries again… “Wait, Gav, no...” He says and Gav immediately stops. “Something wrong, Baby?” the curly haired boy asks.

“Nothing’s wrong, it’s just it feels too good,” Cairo chuckles, and he tries to let himself up. “I kinda want to slow it down a bit,” he asks sheepishly, rubbing his nape.
Gavreel, ever considerate and generous, asks, “Do you wanna ride me instead?” He shifts on the bed and lies on his back, holding his arms out to Cairo.

Cairo, on his part, still feels a bit awkward in times like this, even though they’ve already been sexually exploring the past few days. He is grateful to have Gavreel as his first lover. The way that Gav has been very considerate of his boundaries has given Cairo the courage to voice out his own curiosities and wants.

He moves on top of Gavreel, his legs bracing the other boy’s hips. Cai lets out a little laugh, feeling unsure as he slowly looks over Gavreel below him. He can’t believe his unexpected luck of finding this gorgeous boyfriend, currently laid out before him, open and willing to do as he wishes. It’s awesome, but also a little bit daunting. Just then, Gavreel smiles up at him, mouthing “I love you...”

Cai reaches out and hugs him, lavishing his neck with kisses, a light nip at his collarbone, sucking a bit at the juncture of his neck and shoulder. Their lips find each other and they begin to kiss again in earnest, lapping at each other’s mouths, sucking on their tongues. Cairo threads his fingers through Gav’s curls, as their hips gyrate together to increase friction. Gav’s hands, on the other hand, snake around Cairo’s back, down to his ass. He squeezes the cheeks, opening Cairo, while pushing their hips closer together.

“UNGGHH...” Cairo groans at the intense feeling, as they continue to move. He grabs the lube and puts some on his palm, then reaches behind him, down to Gav’s cock. “Gav, yesss….ughhh” he groans out as he guides it slowly into his entrance.

Gavreel's body is taut, as if keeping himself from pushing up. His face is a vision of pleasure, eyes heavy lidded and half-closed, bitten lips all red and moist. It takes Cairo's breath away. "You are so beautiful... I love you so much" he whispers softly, as he slowly sinks deeper, trying to get used to the fullness. Gav's eyes widen up at him, the same love reflected there, as he in turn utters, "Baby..."

Once Cairo is seated fully, they undulate in matched rhythm slowly building pace. Cai feels so full, and Gav's answering thrust hits the spot right there. Just right... There!

Repeatedly and relentlessly, the room is filled with slapping skin, random noises of "ngg...ahh... ahhh", moans, and grunts, as they feed off each other's passion and friction.
Cairo reaches for his own cock, and tightens his legs against Gav’s hips as he quickens the pace, feeling his orgasm nearing. He throws his head back as he begins to feel the crest. “Oh god… fuck... Gav!” He cries out, as he spurts all over Gav's chest....and Gav shouts, "Shit... yes, baby..." He feels Gav come inside him soon after and they both try to catch their breaths, slight tremors still racking their bodies.

They clean up together, smiling softly while wiping each other's bodies... still too sated to move too far from the bed.

"I think we need to take another shower," Gav suggests, a few moments later. "Ughh, noo... too tired..." Cai moans, laying on top of Gav to prevent him from moving.

"We made a mess. I don't want to sleep in sheets stained with sweat and dried come!"

Cai remains unresponsive, tightening his hold on Gav.
"I'll change the sheets while you shower first, I'll follow you in a while..." Gav negotiates as he tries to lift Cai off him.

"Nooo..." Cairo says against Gav's chest.

"Baby come on, I feel gross and sticky," Gav whines. Knowing Gav is serious now, Cairo finally yields. He walks off slowly towards the shower; his legs still feel like wobbly jelly. "Better hurry or there'll be no hot water left for you," he calls back as Gav starts stripping the sheets off the bed.

Cai is lathering soap across his chest as his mind stays in that soft dream-like state of satisfaction. It's filled with cotton-candy thoughts of Gav, flitting from one admirable aspect to another. His kindness, his intensity, his passion, his soft curls, his pretty face, his hot body... Cairo sighs happily as he starts shampooing his hair, when he hears a laugh. "What?"

Gav is ogling him openly by the door. "You look so dopey just then," Gav replies with a smirk on his face as he joins in the shower.

"Really, you're the one who's been ogling me right now, not the other way around" Cai answers, fake-mad.

"No, I like it! I like seeing you like that. All happy, all satisfied... All mine," Gav says earnestly. It takes what little power Cairo still has left to not whine like a lovesick fool, from all the kilig Gav's statement brings.

Cairo remembers all those months ago, when they were just starting out, and they took virtual showers together. He feels silly and giddy, thinking of the progress they've made together. There was a fair bit of floundering on both sides, some bouts of insecurity, but never unsure. He feels safe with Gav when it comes to talking about his boundaries and what he wants to explore. Because of it, he has learned to reciprocate and ask Gav’s own wants and boundaries in turn.

"Baby?" he ventures, while rinsing Gav's hair. He loves washing Gav's soft curls and derives secret pleasure in knowing he's the only one who does it. "Hmm?" Gav absently replies. His eyes are closed and his shoulders are relaxed, enjoying the feel of his hair being washed.

"Maybe next time, we can switch up. I think I'm ready to do it..." Cai says tentatively. Gav opens his eyes, grin widening, "Really?! Are you sure?"

"Yeah I think so. I mean! I want to!" Cai reassures him. Gav is still skeptical about it though. "You're not just saying that because of some checklist you think we need to complete, right?"

"No, not at all! I really do want to!" Cai repeats it. They rinse themselves off, while indulgently copping a feel here and there, laughing at each other. By this time, they're toweling themselves dry as they head back to bed with fresh sheets on. Gav makes a fist pump and dances a quick celly. He's such a dork!

They burrow under the covers and move towards each other at the center of the bed. They slot their bodies together in embrace. "Thank you, baby" Cairo whispers as he plays with Gav's curls. He really can't stop himself.

"What for?" Gav murmurs, already showing signs of sleepiness.

"For making me feel safe and loved." Gav giggles at this. He realized just how cheesy it was when said out loud.

“You always get cheesy after sex,” Gav teases good naturedly. Cai slaps his shoulder lightly but says nothing. He tightens his hold on his boyfriend and closes his eyes, as sleep takes over.

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Gavreel leans back against the soft pillows, surrendering, as he is trapped by Cairo’s body over him. Gav's completely blissed out, as Cairo hovers over him, radiating heat and smelling of sweat. Cai's slick fingers have been fucking his hole, slowly and deliberately. Gav's hips move impatiently, rising to meet Cai's fingers as they push in. Cai lets his head fall on Gav's forehead, his tongue slips past Gav's lips, tasting the warmth inside. Low moans escape from Cai, and Gav swallows every sound. It's a heady feeling, to be overwhelmed on all fronts with the sensations from one person. His scent, his touch, the weight of his body. Gav is drunk with it all, drunk with Cai.

Over time, they have been learning and discovering each other's nuances in bed. Which parts to touch to take one over the edge, how and where to caress, in order to leave the other reeling. How one heated look is different from another, signaling whether they want it slow and leisurely, or fast and steady, or rough and unforgiving. The way they have catalogued sure-fire ways to pleasure each other, it's powerful and intimate.

Cai pulls out his wet fingers and sheathes himself with the condom, then rubs lube over it. Gav caresses his chest as he then wraps his legs around Cai, urging him forward. As Cai finally sinks inside Gav, they both groan in relief. Cai fills Gav in a slow smooth thrust, gasping with pleasure as Gav's inner muscles give and grip his cock tightly. He finds Gav's mouth and devours it. He sucks hard on Gav's lips, before plundering with his tongue, as he thrusts deep then pulls back. He alternates between wet open-mouthed kisses and inhaling deeply against Gav's neck as he keeps fucking in slow, deep thrusts.

Gav is wrecked and undone as each push hits so good inside him, and the pull drags out Cai’s cock against his walls, the movement causing acute pleasurable pain. He can feel the pressure build, as Cai’s hands move to grab his curls, and he speeds up their movements. Gav is in sweet agony, unmindful of the rhythmic sound their headboard is making against the wall, as their lovemaking increases in intensity.

Cai’s sounds turn primal as he grunts with each rapid forceful push. It drives Gav wilder, and he locks his feet against Cai's back. "Fuuuccckkk...." he groans out low and rough as he is driven over the edge. He feels his muscle tighten around Cairo, as his body feels bone-deep release in small, jerky tremors. Above him, Cai's body stutters, as he comes inside Gav. It's a pleasurable drawn-out orgasm, from explosive fire that has simmered down to embers.

Their hot breaths mingle as they try to catch some air, staring darkly and deeply into each other's eyes.

A slow smile grows on Cairo's face. "You're so hot," he lets out, still panting and out of breath, as he gently touches Gav's face.

Gav gives back a smirk. "Yeah? You're hot too," he said stupidly, drawing Cai in an embrace. They peck light kisses on each other as they continue to flirt cheesily and shamelessly. They wipe themselves clean, letting the adrenaline slowly subside.

All of a sudden, they hear the doorbell ring. They look at each other in panic, as they realize they're still both buck-naked in bed when they were supposed to be expecting guests soon. They both scramble to get off the bed and pull on clothes strewn about the room.

"Shit, they're here!" Cai gasps as he tries to put on a shirt, not caring who it belongs to.

"Wait, holy crap, we haven't even started cooking for them yet!" Gav realizes as he dresses more slowly. "OR we can just ignore them and pretend we're not here!"

This earned him a withering look from Cai. "What? It saves time and effort and we get to keep doing what we were doing," Gav suggests, raising his eyebrow.

“God, you’re so cheesy! AND a horndog!” “We’re doing this ‘cause we promised,” Cai insists. It’s their turn to host weekend brunch. They had been preparing for it in the kitchen earlier, when their teasing got more heated and they got derailed.

By this time, Cairo is fully dressed and heads toward the main door.

"I don't have to guess why it took you so long to answer. Oooo nasty! It's broad daylight, man!" Wes starts in greeting, a smirk on his face. He’s always insufferably punctual.

Cairo blushes and stutters out an excuse, "What?! No, we were just busy preparing stuff in the kitchen," praying to the gods it's exactly what Gav is doing right now.

"Dude you still have cum on your chin" Wes points out. Cai wipes his chin in panic, but Wes just bursts out laughing, "Gotcha! I'm never gonna let you live this down!" Wes keeps cackling as he heads toward the kitchen.