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“Where’s nong?” Singto looked around the room for his co-star. The staff shrugged but one assistant pointed Singto to the direction of their dressing room, where he found Plustor just laying on the sofa and fanning himself with the script. Singto closed the door. “I brought you iced coffee.” He shook the cups slightly, ice rattling inside alerted Plustor immediately and he sat up, wiping his forehead. He graciously accepted the cup and sighed. “Thanks P’. It’s so hot.” He fanned himself with the script again before moving his legs from the sofa and allowing Singto to sit down. The older man chuckled. “But the AC is on in all rooms; are you sure you’re alright?” Singto watched as Plustor took a sip of his coffee, his mouth hovering above the straw just a little longer as he hesitated. “Actually…no? I’m not really sure. I mean, I just made out with P’Singto.”

Singto laughed. “I’m aware; I was there. Was it bad?” Plustor shook his head. “No, it was amazing. I know it’s just work but I feel a little guilty towards my boyfriend. You’re a really good kisser for a straight guy.” As he said the last sentence, Plustor noticed the change in his senior’s expression. From laughing it turned into something mischievous and almost seductive. “You as a gay certainly know how to kiss a man so well, but when did I ever say that I’m straight?” He grinned, taking a big sip of his coffee before giving Plustor a quick kiss on the cheek. “Don’t tell anyone, yeah?” The younger man nodded eagerly as his idol stood up. He felt his cheek burning, the peck was really nice. “P’…so you are…?” Singto’s face mellowed into his usual charming smile. “I swing both ways, I just don’t show it to the public. Besides, it’s quite fun letting them wonder. I’m gonna head home now; thanks for today.”

Plustor quickly jumped to his feet and leaned his back against the door to prevent Singto from leaving. “Wait!” He turned the little knob up, locking the door. “Wait. Just a second. I want…” Singto raised an eyebrow. His eyes fell down to Plustor’s shirt which was now holding together only by two buttons, exposing majority of his chest. Just a moment ago he was ripping open those buttons…There was an undeniable chemistry between Plustor and him, and Singto felt it from the day one. He never made a move because Plustor is in a relationship, but maybe… “You want…? What? Do that scene again?” Plustor nodded, feeling the flushing of his cheeks as the older man stepped closer and attacked his lips with a passionate kiss that left them both breathless for the next hour.