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Dean Pharm


Pharm is laying in his boyfriends hug, they’ve been together for 3 years now.. after everything they’ve been through they finally are inside their brand new home inside each other’s hands.


Dean is holding his boyfriends hand inside his and he’s playing with the ring on his finger.

“I really like it when you do that...” Pharm said with a giggle

“What..?” He questioned

“You always play with me ring when we are holding hands or cuddling” Pharm smiled brightly and left a small kiss on Deans cheek

“You shouldn’t have done that..!” The older boy said, a smirk forming on his face

“P’Deeean..!” The small boy whimpered when his boyfriend pushed his lips onto his.


•Ding Dong•



“Aghh..! How is it?” Dean said clearly frustrated

“I’ll get rid of who ever is... and-and I’ll come back to continue..our-our.. “ Pharm got red from shyness

He got off the bed and put his shirt back on walking to the door


“Who is it?” He said once he reached the door but he got no answer so without thinking he opened the door

“P-Phoom?” He was shocked

“What are you doing here? Where’s mum? Come in? No I mean come in!” He got to the side so his younger brother could walk in

“Let me take your bag” Pharm said smiling but still confused

They walked inside the living room and Pharm had the chance to call his boyfriend out with a simple

“P’Dean come here we have a guest”

Dean came out the bedroom with messed up hair and walked to the couch where he saw a young boy looking exactly like his boyfriend

Before he could ask anything Pharm said

“Phoom come here let me introduce you to P’Dean” he showed his boyfriend

“P’Dean this is Phoom” he now showed his brother

“Nice to meet you Phoom. I’m P’Dean your brothers boyfriend.” Dean gave his hand to shake  but he immediately got rejected

“Phoom..! That’s impolite!” Pharm was ready to scold him when

“Phi, I want to talk with your boyfriend, can you please give us a few minutes?” Phoom looked serious

“Uhh.. su-sure yeah, I’ll be in the Kitchen I’ll make us something to eat.. you guys talk” Pharm looked at his boyfriend apologetically and mouthed

“I’m going to call my mum, sorry!” And left straight to the kitchen



“So Phoom.. what do you wanna to talk about” Dean looked at the young boy

“Look I know you, I’ve heard about you, my mum says you are a nice person and you love my brother but I see something different. Every time Phi called us in America he always cried.You! You made him cry and I’m here to see if you are really the one for my brother or if I have to kick you out” Phoom said fully brave

Dean was obviously shocked

“So now tell me, why are you with my brother? What is the real reason?” Phoom finished

“I-..” Dean was stunned







“Mum, why in the world is Phoom here? When did you come back?” Pharm asked his mother in the phone

“Oh this little monster.., we landed yesterday, we were suppose to surprise you today together.., but your brother left saying his was going to play... I’m sorry Pharm I’m coming to get him” his mum said

“Mum it’s- it’s okay really come here so we can have dinner together and you can finally meet Dean” Pharm smiled with the thought

“Oh sure I would love that! But Pharm my son, don’t leave your brother talk to Dean alone, the past couple of days he’s been saying that he wants to have a talk with Dean to see if he is a good boyfriend and stuff like that, don’t let your brother frighten the poor boy Dean.” Pharms mum laughed from the other side of the phone

“Mum I got to go! I’ll wait for you! Bye!” Pharm hang up and run to the living room but he stopped right before entering






“Look I love my brother a lot and I won’t let anyone hurt him! Do you understand that?” Phoom got defensive

“Phoom... really... your brother is everything to me.. I might have hurt him in the past but it wasn’t my will. We made mistakes and we lost a lot of time of being together but...- but if a had to do it all again, all the tears and the pain I would do it if it meant that in the end I would have Pharm in my arms again. I don’t know how to explain it exactly but Pharm is my everything really... I don’t think I would survive without him now that I know how it is to live with him... believe me I love your brother more than anything and If i have to prove it to you and everyone else everyday I will.” Dean stopped and looked at his finger before starting again

“I got this couple ring a year and a half ago... it’s not much but it means a lot to both me and your brother... you are the third to know that after mine and Pharms best friend but look..” Dean took a small red case from under the pillows

“I’m going to propose to him...can I? Do I have your approval to marry you brother” Dean asked finishing his little monologue

“I- yeah you have my approval... sorry for questioning you” Phoom looked really sorry but relieved now that he knows his brother is in good hands...


Pharm slowly and quietly moved back to the kitchen were he spilled his first tears. He picked up some onions and start cutting them so he could blame it there when Dean asked him



•Ding Dong•


“I’ll get that! It my mum!” Pharm yelled from the kitchen running to the door







Everyone had a lovely dinner laughed and Dean didn’t questioned the tears more when Pharms family was there


“Baby...did you hear us?” Dean questioned his boyfriend when they finally laid down on the bed

“No..what should I have heard?” Pharm played dumb but his boyfriend knew him too well

“I’m going to say that I believe you.. when the time comes act surprised tho, everyone is putting so much effort into this..” Dean hugged him tighter

“I love you” Pharm said

“I love you too... I think we left something in the middle before your brother came..” Dean smirked

“Yeah we did...” Pharm agreed

“Should we continue?”

A simple nod was everything Dean wanted and got

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It’s their 3month anniversary and Phupha has booked a hotel for them for the weekend

“Alright doc, if anything happens call me I won’t be far away. Try not to call me tho, I wanna have a nice weekend” Phupha said when he put his bag on the back of the truck.

“Okay okay, be careful and have fun okay!” Doc said with a smirk

“Bye!” Phupha drove off to Tians house



“Are you ready?” Phupha asked his young boyfriend

“Aha! I’m really excited! I haven’t been in a hotel for what seems like ages” Tian smiled and got shy looking at his boyfriend






“Here we are” Phupha said and smiled dropping his bag on the floor

“Do you like it?” He asked again

“It’s so beautiful, thank you, Phi” Tian jumped on his hug and kissed him roughly

“You know we haven’t have any time alone the past weeks... I missed you...” Tian said bravely

“I think we have to fix that, I’ll make sure you don’t miss me anymore” the chief said and dropped Tian on the bed, taking his clothes off and kissing him roughly like before

“Phi... be as rough as you want... I want it...” Tian said making Phupha go crazy


He took their clothes off, leaving kisses on every inch of Tians body,

“Turn around baby” Phupha said seductively and his boyfriend followed the orders he was given, spreading his legs hen he laid on his stomach


Chief squeezed his boyfriends ass and left a kiss on the right side. He spread him open and licked a straight line on his entrance teasing Tian and earning a moan from him

“Aghh..! Phi..!” Tian sighed

Phupha smiled and licked harder this time, pushing the twitching entrance with his finger, before finally entering it with one finger to begin


The boy in his hands was moving around trying to have more friction against his finger and the insides of him

“Stay still!” Phupha ordered

Entering one more finger to satisfy his boyfriend, soon the two fingers became 3 and Tian was moaning loudly...

“Phi please...! More please!!” Tian begged with his dick fully hard

“Tell me what you want baby, I’ll make sure you have it!” Phupha whispered in his ears

“Fuck me phi! Use me...” he whispered... and it was over for Phupha

“Remember you asked for it love!” Phupha jumped from his position and went to his bag to grab the condoms


Phupha was back within a second already lined up behind his boyfriend, ready to feel the closeness he missed so much

The first push was a loud moan from both of them

“Aghh..! Phi!” Tian moaned making his boyfriend thrust harder

“You feel so good Tian..!Fuck!” Phupha groaned grabbing the young men from his stomach to bring him closer pounding even harder in him

“Phi... more... harder...!” Tian managed to say through his whimper

His boyfriend followed his request and pounded harder inside him feeling him up..

“Phi..! Phi..! Right there!” Tian screamed when Phupha found his sweet spot his prostate



Chief Phupha showed Tian his fingers and pushed them inside his mouth, making Tian lick them



Within seconds Tian was shaking inside his boyfriends arms..saying random things that came up to his head...

A few more pushes in and Phupha felt a pressure around his dick which meant Tian was on the verge of finishing

“Phi..! Phi can I cum, please...! Please..!” He cried

“Go ahead baby..! Cum for me!” Phupha gave him the okay and Tian came immediately on himself...


Phupha kept pounding for a few more minutes aunt he came inside his condom too



~5 condoms later~


“More...I want more..!” Tian said still heavy breathing from his last orgasm


The room is full of sweat, cum, condoms, tissues, lube..

Phupha is laying on his back, this time Tian rode him and he finished on Phuphas stomach..

“More phi..! More!” Tian said laying on top of his boyfriend

“I think it’s time to much as I want to... if we keep going, I don’t think you’ll be able to walk tomorrow at all” Phupha said kissing his boyfriends wet hair

“Come on Phi... you don’t know when we are going to have a chance like this again, it might be weeks, even worse months..!” Tina said trying to convince his boyfriend, it didn’t really work so he kept going

“Also... I really like the feeling of you inside me... you know... I like it when you get all worked up cause of me... don’t you like the feeling of being inside me... cause I know I really do and I miss it already” Tian said seductively


Phupha had enough

“Remember that you brought this to yourself” the older guy warned and turned them around... pushing two fingers inside his boyfriend.

“Agh..!” Tian moaned with the feeling

“Shit!” Phupha said in a not so sexy way

“What’s wrong?” Tian worried

“We run out of condoms. I didn’t know we would do it that much, so I didn’t bring the whole pack just some.. sorry Tian” Phupha said getting kinda sad with his action

“Chief..!” Tian said making his boyfriend look at him, he had stopped calling him chief after their first it sounded weird, yet hot Tian thought

“I don’t care about the condom if you don’t care about it too.” He said with a seductive voice making Phuphas dick jump up

“Are you sure..? It’s fine we can jus-“ he got silent by his boyfriends lips

“Stop talking and make me scream like you promised!” Tian got bolder something that made Phupha dick leak precum from now...


The older guy kissed his boyfriend hard and and lined up behind him, slowly pushing himself inside him.

The feeling was new for Tian making overwhelmed feeling his boyfriend so close to him, nothing keeping them apart.

Phupha slowly moved inside Tian making slow and steady moves which cause Tian to moan


He slowly picked up the pace, grabbing his boyfriend dick and playing with the head making Tian scream from pleasure

“Scream baby, saw me how much you like it” Phupha encouraged him, making him lick precut

“Phi...” Tian brought him closer

“I want you to cum inside me” The young men said with tears in his eyes from the pleasure


Phupha kept going harder feeling every inch of Tian around him,

“I don’t think I can hold it anymore!” Phupha said pushing harder inside Tian and cumming hard in him, filling him all inside


“Aghhh...” A loud moan was heard as they came together...Tian on his naked stomach and chest and his boyfriend inside  him filling him all up, a new feeling that Tian confidently would say that he loved


Phupha pulled out slowly and felt some of the cum spill out of his boyfriend, he laid next to him bringing him into his hug.

“Are you okay?” He asked concerned

“Yeah... more than ok.. thank you” after everything they did today Tian got shy now

“Happy anniversary baby.” Phupha said giving him a kiss on his sweaty forehead

“Happy anniversary” Tian answered back


“I don’t think they’ll let us stay here ever again.. you screamed and moaned so loudly” Phupha teased the boy in his hands


“It’s okay baby... I like that I can make you scream like this. You are mine... no one else can see you the way I do.!” Phupha got serious for a sec

“Phi.. I love you” Tian said before closing his eyes

“I love you too Tian” Phupha answered smiling ant the sight next to him

“Phi.. can we try something different the other time...?” Tian asked after a moment of silence

“Sure, what ever you want. What is it?” Phupha asked curious

“It’s- Uhmm... I would-I want you to tie me and blindfold me.” Tian said with courage

“We could try this now if you want to” Phupha moved but Tian was quick to stop him

“I’m really tired... maybe tomorrow... we’ll see..” Tian said and after he closed his eyes again

“Goodnight, baby”

“Mmm..” Tian hummed

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“P’Dean! Here!” Pharm yelled so that his boyfriend would notice him

“Hello love..!” Dean kissed his loved one and grabbed his hand

“Let’s go, we should buy presents before it’s too late” Dean walked toward the shoes store so they can look around for presents for Win and Team



“I said I’ll get you a present and we are not leaving without the shoes you want” Pharm heard a familiar voice and quickly turned around to see


“Oh my god!! P’Dean we have to leave!” Pharm forced his boyfriend to walk out the store without explanation

“What happened Pharm? Why are we leaving?” Dean stopped

“P’Dean!! P’Win is holding Teams hand! OH my he kissed his cheek!” Pharm smiled shocked




~Win Teams POV~


“Hia..! Stop! We are outside” Win smiled and looked at their hands

“Well you are holding my hand” Win said and smiled put harder crossing his hand above Teams shoulders

“Come on baby, you got to choose a pair of shoes..!” Win looked at the shoes in front of him

“I told you, I’ll buy them myself..! You pick for yourself” Team made an angry face

“It’s your Christmas present what am I supposed to get you? You don’t want anything, shoes are a good present” Win said and smiled slightly


Team looked at him with the side of his eyes and whispered

“The blue ones, look nice”

“What did you say I can’t hear you!” Win teased him

“I said I like the blue ones! I want the blue ones! But I’m getting you the black ones, they’ll look good on you” Team said and before Win could argue with him he run to cashier






~2 days later~



“You don’t have to bring anything Team just yourself, we are waiting for you hurry up!” Pharm yelled from the phone

“I’ll be there in 15’ bye” Team hang up and turned to his boyfriend

“I think the wines we bought are fine let’s go!” Win said and wrapped Team with a scarf

“I don’t want you to get cold” he said

“How cheesy” Team answered but he secretly loved it






“How come you came together?” Was the first thing that Pharm said when he opened the door to Win and Team

“Merry Christmas to you too!” Team looked at him weird

“N’Team and I live in the same dorm it’s convenient, for the parking spot” Win explained quickly getting them off the awkward situation

“We brought wine” Team said and walked inside the living room where everyone was there probably waiting for them

“I’m starving” Manow said when everyone was sited on the table

Win next to Team, across them Dean next to Pharm and then next to Team was Manow and Prul and on the other side Del and Phoom

“What took you so long?” Manow asked the boy next to her


Win smiled and caressed Team leg under the table

“I was taking a shower..” he said with low voice remembering what happened

“Do you like the food? I changed it a bit since last Christmas” Pharm got their attention



Teams phone rang with a message


*Hia Win ❤️ *

Did I you enjoy your shower?

Next time I can help with that too

Not only the hard on in your pants 😏



“Team has a lover!” Manow screamed

“What?!” Both Win and Team looked at her surprised

“I just saw your messages! You were with your lover!! That’s why you were late! Ohh my god you got to tell us everything!” Manow smiled overly excited

“Manow, chill I don’t have a boyfriend!! It’s just a friend!” Team tried to cover up

“Well... the truth is... P’Dean and I saw you and P-“ Pharm was cut off by his boyfriends lips

“What are you doing?” Pharm scolded him

“Well... I really wanted to kiss you! You are my boyfriend aren’t I allowed to kiss you?” He got defensive looking once at Pharm and then at Win signing his phone



Win finally got the message and opened his phone




We saw you a few days ago holding hands and kissing on the mall! You either have to tell something to cover it up or admit it, your choice

And Teams ofc



“Team uhm..sorry for interrupting guys but I got a message from the coach of the swim team, Dean you should come too.” He said to cover up everything


“What?!” Team looked ready to cry or throw something at someone

“Look baby, we either tell them now about us or... we can find something to cover it up... I’m okay with everything, you decide” he gave Team time and space


Dean knew about them for the start he was the first one that caught them kissing inside the locker rooms before they even got to the relationship phase.


“I think.... I’m okay with telling them... but not any details.. just that we are together nothing else!” Team pointed out

“Okay... you lead the way” Win encouraged him and Dean patted him on the shoulder



They returned back to the table and sat at their sits, this time Team scooted closer to Win.


“Can I talk to you about something?” Team took the chance to talk, looking at Pharm and the. Manow

“Sure, what is it?” Manow asked next to him, looking kinda worried

“Everything fine with the coach?” Pharm asked and Team was quick to nod

“So I want to tell you something, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet, I know you guys will respect that, so please don’t freak out and don’t make a big deal about it” Team said looking his hands then Manow and next Pharm

“Sure Team, we will just hear you don’t worry, you can tell us anything” Pharm encouraged him

“P’Win and I are dating, we have been dating for a while now...” silence

“Yeah that’s it I don’t have something else to say” Team said

“Well, you owe me 50$” Manow looked at Pharm with a smile

“What?” Win Team and Dean said at once

“I said that Team will tell us now that he is dating P’Win whereas Pharm said he’ll tell us the next days. So I won” she smiled when Pharm placed the money on her hand

“So you knew?” Team looked confused

“Kinda, we were suspecting it, but nothing sure” Manow said

“The important thing is that you look happy and healthier than before. He takes good care of you and it shows. If you are happy we are more than happy” Pharm said with Manow nodding her hard in agreement

“P’Win you better not hurt him cause, I will beat you up!” Manow got serious and everyone around her silenced

“Yeah! Me too! You better not hurt our best friend!” Pharm added

“I- I promise I love him! I won’t hurt him! Please don’t hurt me..!” Win smiled and held Teams hand.

“You guys stop.... I’m never telling you anything!” Team said and everyone laughed








“Are you happy?” Pharm asked Team when he was hugging him before leaving

“I am. Really. I’m truly happy!” Team smiled and he turned around grabbing his boyfriends hand to leave



“Hia...I love you” Team said when they were alone in Wins car

“I love you to baby” Win smiled and kiss him









^Side story^


“Now!” Pharm screamed and Del with Pruk attacked Manow to hold her down

“You thought I was gonna let you leave with my money? Ha now way!” Pharm said and took the money from Manow

“You gonna pay for this! Pruk let’s go!” Manow fixed her clothes and walked out the door


“Tomorrow at 10?” She yelled from the elevator so that Pharm would hear him

“Yeah, You bring the wine!” Pharm answered



Chapter Text

It’s their 5 year anniversary of course Dean was preparing something big, everyone made big efforts for Pharm not to find out

“Ah... love u forgot, tomorrow I have to go out of the city. I have a job” Dean said before turning the bathroom light off

“Oh... are you going to go for the whole day?” Dean turn to look at his boyfriend who was now putting underwear on

“I’m afraid I’ll have to stay the night.” Dean looked back at Pharm

“Oh...okay”The young boy turned around to hide his sadness and put the covers as high as he could, almost covering his face too

“Is everything alright?” Dean asked when he saw him

“Yeah...yeah I’m just tired, today was a really busy day, I think I’ll sleep now... goodnight” Pharm said quickly and closed his eyes

“Oh... okay baby” Dean answered understanding and pulling Pharm in his hug


“Shh... let’s sleep, you said you are tired!” Dean kissed his boyfriend hair and closed his eyes breathing steady





“Love, I’m leaving now, I’ll see you tomorrow! I love you!” Dean kissed his boyfriend forehead and after grabbing his brief case he left leaving Pharm in the house alone



Pharm was still laying on the bed, he was still asleep (supposedly) but when his phi left he was wide awake and with tears in his eyes.

He grabbed his phone to text his friends


^Two gays and a GORGEOUS human being^

(Of course the group name was handled by Manow anyone could tell)



Good morning

Do you want to go to the mall today?



I’m in!

I need to buy shoes

I love shoes 🥵



Yeah sure

I want to buy a present for Hia Win

Is 6.30 okay with you




I can make it earlier...

Do you want to grab dinner with me

I’ll cook your favs





I’ll be at your place at 3

Now I got to go





I’ll come after practice

I have to go too




Pharm closed his phone and got off bed waking into the bathroom, he stared himself in the mirror and smiled

“Phi probably has a lot of things on his mind... it’s okay... I’ll tell him when he comes back. It’s okay!” He encouraged himself


He had nothing else to do so he decided to take a bath


*P’Dean 🥰 *


I got some new stuff from the pharmacy

Shower gel, bath bombs, face masks etc

I put them on the shelf under the mirror

Since you don’t have anything to do today, you can have a nice self care day.

I love ❤️

I have to go now they are calling me

Call me when you wake up


Deans messages came one after the other

Pharm looked at the shelf under the mirror and saw many nice things

He filled the tab with hot water and after putting in salts, shower gel and the bath bomb he stepped in and relaxed

Forget why he was upset for a few minutes










“Thank you for the dinner! You never disappoint us!” Team said smiling at Pharm

“Thank you Pharm! It was delicious!” Manow also said and dug in to the food again

“Your welcome! You know I love cooking, especially for people I love!” Pharm smiled at them, feeling satisfied with his friends faces

“Team, how is P’Win, P’Dean told me he was ill the previous week” Pharm asked his best friend

“Ah, he is fine, he had some fever for a few days and he was upset in general, but now he is fine, he went back to the university today too” Team informed him

“When is he coming back?” Manow asked with her mouth full of food

“Probably next month, they have a break so he’ll come back to visit us...” Team tried to hide his smile

“Why are you smiling like that...? ARE THINKING SOMETHINH DIRTY~~~?!” Manow yelled with a smirk on her lips

“No! Shut up! I was just thinking of visiting him...I want to book tickets to go visit him and surprise him...” Team finally fully smiled

“Ohh... that’s so nice of you Team.! You should definitely go!” Pharm smiled getting excited for his best friend






“Come on Manow... I’m tired....let’s just go home... I can’t walk anymore!” Pharm complained at his best friend that walked to the 5th store with shoes

“Come on its the last one I promise!” She yelled and walked in looking at the shoes



“Manow! Please I’m cold, exhausted, I want to cry, my boyfriend doesn’t remember our five year anniversary and I’m spending it with my best friends and not my boyfriend who is out of the city....” Pharm cried outside the store


Suddenly the lights lowered and the atmosphere became romantic

“Great now everything is closed!” He sighed


Manow walked closer to him and after whipping his tears he turned him around


Pharm closed his eyes and sighed... he really wanted to fall down and cry

“Pharm...!” He heard a familiar voice

“P’Dean?” He looked up quickly

“Hi, baby... I’m sorry you had to spend this day alone but, I really wanted this to be a was so hard to plan everything, but you are worth more than anything in the world.” Dean walked closer to his boyfriend

He was wearing a black suit and his hair was stilled differently than normal

When he reached Pharm he held both of his hands and told him

“5 years ago, I asked you to be my boyfriend... we have our ups and downs like all couples have, but I seriously can’t see myself loving anyone more than I love you. You brought me happiness, you taught me to be patient, cooking and so so many more that I can name if you want but it’ll take for ever to finish” they both laughed


Dean dropped on his on knee and looked at Pharm

“Pharm, do you want to spend the rest of our lifes together?” He asked

“Of-of course!” Pharm cried giving his hand to his boyfriend to put him his ring

“I love you” Dean whisper into Pharms ear when he picked him up

“That’s why you left all day with out saying anything?” He looked him straight in the eye

“Yeah, I’m sorry love I had to make it look good..! Everybody was in this! Thank you guys!” He turned around and thanked Team and Manow


They both smiled and slightly bowed as an

“Your welcome!”

“Team! I have a surprise for you too, actually my and Pharm have a surprise for you” Dean said looking at the young boy

“Oh yeah... I totally forgot about that” Pharm laughed

“Close your eyes” Pharm smiled walking to Team

“Actually, look at my ring first... it looks so beautiful! Thank you guys so much!” He laughed and whipped his tears once again

“It looks really beautiful. If he ever hurts you just call us. We’ll deal with him..!” Team whispered the last sentence

“Thank you... but now the reason why I wanted to come to the mall was this!” He turned Team around and pushed him

“Hia?” He smiled

“I’m back baby!” He laughed and walked to his boyfriend

Team run to him hugging him tightly

“Hi baby! Congratulations guys! I’m so happy for you!” Win said with Team in his hug

“Welcome home Win!”








“I love you” Pharm whispered inside his now fiancé hug

“I love you more! Happy 5 year anniversary!” He smiled at his boy

Chapter Text

~18th century and being a gay couple in love didn’t really match

Win and Team fell in a young age. Team was just a student when they met whereas Win was an adult,looking for a job.

Their meeting was honestly unexpected, they randomly met in a local bar outside the city


“Hi, I’m Win.” The older one had approached him

“I’m Team nice to meet you” he had replay with a smile on his face

After that they pretty much fell in love immediately.


Win found a good job as a banker and Team worked at a bakery.

Both men were orphans, one form a young age and the other never met his parents.

Wins parents had left him a house, a big house outside the city, with a garden and a fireplace.

When they settled down on their jobs Win asked his then boyfriend to live with him and later on his gave him a necklace as a marrying proposal.

“It’s risky to wear a ring so with this no one is going to suspect our relationship.” Win had said with his now husband agreeing~



“I’m leaving love, see you at night” Team left a kiss on his husband forehead and after caressing his cheek he walked out the door



The routine was the same everyday. Wake up at 3 go to the bakery, bake breads, sell, go back home cook dinner, shower and wait for his husband

Team was happy with his life, he liked his everyday life, he loves his husband and he is glad they can  live everyday together and safe.

No one knows about them, they live in a place far away from any civilization.



“Good morning boss!” Team heard as soon as he reached his bakery, his helper was waiting for him

“Good morning, did you wait a lot?” He asked him as soon as they stepped inside the store and put on their apron

“Not really, I just came here. How is P’Win?” He asked placing the flower on the counter

“He is good! You should come for dinner, Win and I love your company, you can bring Leo too.” He smiled at his young worker when he smiled. He knew he was gay too and had a boyfriend for quite some time

“I-okay... I’ll tell Leo...thank you Phi!” He smiled

“Okay, let’s get back to work now, we have to bake a lot today”

Both Team and Fiat got to work and didn’t stop until all of their today’s flower was finished





“Alright! Nice job today Fiat” Tema said and turned the sign on the door to ‘closed’

“You can leave now, I’ll clean up today. Ah, before I forget, this is for you, go grab a nice drink for you and your boyfriend.” Team said and pushed him to leave

“Phi, no I can’t, let m help you at least” he said

“Go! I won’t say it again and tomorrow tell me the date for our dinner” Team shoved him out the bakery and locked the door

He smiled when he saw Fiat on the other side of the road waiting for his boyfriend.


“Okay Team clean up and go home” he told himself and start cleaning






“Hia! I’m home” Team yelled when he stepped inside the house

“Hello! Are you tired?” Win run to his husband still wearing his suit from work

“Why didn’t you change?” Was the first thing that Team asked

“I just got home too. Should we cook I’m hungry” The older one kissed him

“Yeah go get me some potatoes for the chicken” Team gave instructions and Win stoped him

“I’ll cook tonight, go clean yourself up” a peck on the lips and a small push

“Ok...thank you” he said suspiciously and moved to their shared bathroom



He took his clothes off and stepped inside the shower pouring hot water on his body, he felt his muscles relax and after a bit he walked outside and put on some comfy clothes.


“Dinner’s ready, whenever you are done come to the table” Win yelled form the kitchen


“I’m here, let’s eat. It looks delicious! Thank you” he said and sat on the opposite side from his husband

“Let me get the wine” Win got the wine and poured some in their glasses

“Let’s eat!” Win said again and smiled






“That was delicious, you should cook more often...” Team said with a side smile getting kinda shy

“I would love that!” The older answered and grabbed his husbands  hand after cleaning the table

“What are you doing?” He questioned when his husband held him into his hug and then kissed him slowly

“I-I think we haven’t have a real time together in a long time... you know eat something nice, drink some wine, make each other feel good” Win whispered

“Someone’s horny...” Team whispered back

“Let me worship you my love, let me worship your body...!” He whispered while his hands run through Teams body that fit perfectly in his hug

Sometimes he would think that they were truly made for each other

“Hia....” Team moaned when his husband sucked his neck

“Come on love, let’s go to our bed... I’ll make you feel so good..!” Win carried Team into their bedroom and pushed him on the bed, undressing bath of them in no time


“Hia... please... don’t tease” Team said through his moans, Win was playing with him, kissing his hard member slowly and after liking his finger he pushed a finger into him.

“Hia...” Team moaned again

A ginger added and Win pushed Teams members in his mouth

“M-more..” There finger in him and Team was asking for more

“I got you baby... I got you” Win lined behind his boyfriend kissing his thighs


He slowly pushed himself in Team making them both to moan.

“Hia...” Team held his hands up signing Win to go in for a hug.


The older guy grabbed his husbands hands and putting him into his hug

“I love you” Team whispered making Win move after into him every time hitting his prostate


The looked each other in the yes and fell in for a kiss

“I love you more” Win answered and pushed his tongue in Teams mouth



A few thrusts later and Team finished on their stomachs. Win was ready to cum too, when his boyfriend start moving up and down on his cock

“Te-Team..”Win moaned when he came inside Team.


The younger guy fell on top of his husband and breathed heavily

“We haven’t done that in a while...” Team breathed leaving a kiss on his husband chest

“Hm....I missed you around me” Win breathed out and swiped the sweat and hair form Teams face

“Now I have to shower again... couldn’t you tell me that you planned on doing this... all this water went to waste” Team nagged

“Relax... we can take a shower together...!” Win smiled

“Oh shut it!” Team hit him and closed his eyes


Team closed his eyes and was soon asleep, making his husband clean him up, like he always did after this kind of situations.


After cleaning them both Win covered his husband with the blanket and laid next to him holding him in his hug, feeling his naked body touching him.

Chapter Text

It’s a well known thing that Tian is a brat especially when it comes to his boyfriend who would always do whatever he ask him to.Phupha and Tian have been living together for the past 2 years, they decided to buy a house in the city but near the village so that Phupha could continue working as a forester. Tian couldn’t work as a teacher anymore but he visited the kid’s whenever he had time, almost every other day if he was honest



The past few days Phupha has been really busy with work, he had to fill some papers for his superiors, that led to not being home all day and even at night sometimes.


Tian had been bored as hell, sitting alone at home studying, cleaning and eating. The truth is him and Phupha hadn’t had any time for themselves the past days, maybe weeks... he was sexually frustrated... he wanted to have sometime with his boyfriend...was he asking for a lot..


“Hey baby, I’m home.... what do you want to eat?” Phupha left his keys on the table walking to the kitchen where his boyfriend should be

“I don’t care. Eat whatever you want” that was harsh both thought to themselves

“What’s wrong?” Phupha waist no time

“Nothing, go eat, I’m not hungry” Tian answered again and went back to his homework


He was trying really hard to concentrate but having his boyfriend breath next to him was hard, painfully hard...


Phupha made an angry face and turned Tians chair to look at him

“What happened, why are you mad at me? Did I do something wrong?” He asked one question after the other

“It’s nothing, I already told you.” He made a move to turn around but he was stopped

“You are telling me what’s wrong now, I’m not letting you go.” The older guy insisted

“Aghh! Fine! You have been spending all this time for work, giving me no attention. I sound like a brat but I don’t care, I’ve been trying to get your attention the past week but you either sleep or just toss me off. I want sex, no actually I need sex with you!” Tian breathed and after he finished he sentenced got immediately red. His mouth spoke quicker than his mind could think.

“So you are not mad, you are just needy. I’m sorry I didn’t have any time for you the past days, I’m sorry baby....look I’m done with everything now, how about I cook us something and then relax a bit, who knows what’s gonna happened after.” Phupha suggested but his boyfriend disagreed

“No! I don’t want to eat go eat if you want.” Tian looked away from his boyfriend but in no time he was looking at Phuphas butt upside down

“Hey put me down!” He screamed

“You better be quite, last time, the neighbors weren’t happy with our screaming.” Phupha whispered slapping Tians butt and throwing him on the mattress

“What ar-“ Tian began to say but was cut off by Phuphas lips and tongue

“You said you want me, well I want you more! Now be a good boy and listen to my orders” Phupha whispered in Tians ear

“Undress you self and get on your knees.” The olders one words were short and to the point giving no space to Tian to disagree


Although he looked kinda angry Tian loved what was happening, he got naked in no time and fell on his knees in front of Phupha

“Good job, you know what to do and don’t you dare touch your self! Am I understood?” He asked his small boyfriend who was looking at him.

“Yes... Yes daddy..!” He said and saw Phupha smiling


He took Phuphas member out and licked a line form the botttom to the top before he teased the irritated head. After some torturing from his side he put all of Phuphas lengths in his mouth and slightly gaged, he had forgot how big Phupha was


Phupha grabbed him by his hair and pushed him down, showing him the way! When he finally let him Tian breathed out and looked at his boyfriend with teary eyes and saliva all over his mouth

“Get on the bed and show me your ass! I know how you like it!” Phupha gave instructions once again and after ditching his clothes on the side of the bed

He grabbed Tians ass and spread it with his hands

“Spread your legs!” He said and slapped him

Tian didn’t speak just did what he was told.

The older men licked a thick line on his boyfriends entrance wetting it, as good as he could. He kept licking him making him moan like crazy

“Phu-phu-....” he tried to say but got slapped

“I believe that’s not how you should call me!” Phupha said and handled his boyfriends body like it was a feather, making him sit in a doggy position


He purred some lube on his cock and after playing a bit with Tians hole he said

“You are mine” Phupha hissed and slowly entered his boyfriend making them both moan in pleasure


“How does it feel baby?” He asked in an aggressive way always wanted to make sure Tian felt comfortable during their sex plays, safety and pleasure are always first

“I feel so good...I want more daddy” Tian moaned and his fell between his hands. His boyfriend grabbed him by the waist and stuck him onto his chest holding him from the stomach and neck, like he knows Tian likes it.

Phupha grabbed Tians hard member and went to stroke it but was stopped by Tians voice

“Daddy no..., I wanna cum from your cock!” He breathed out, making Phupha smile and suck his neck

“Whatever my baby wants!” He obeys and pounded harder and harder sucking on his boyfriends neck leaving marks wherever he liked

“Phu-Daddy..! Can I cum please?!” He begged when he felt himself being close to finishing

“Go ahead baby so daddy, how well he fucked you!” Phupha whispered and later felt his boyfriend clench around him making it hard for he himself not to cum

Tian came on the bed sheets while his older boyfriend came in him

“Aghh..!” Tian moaned when Phupha pounded in him one last time before slowly exiting...



Phupha laid on the clean side of the bed dragging Tian on top of him to hug him

“I love you” Tian breathed

“Next time you want me, don’t play it hard. Just tell me okay? No matter what I love having you naked around me!” Phupha said and stroked Tian hair

“Let me clean us up, should I order food now, I bet you are hungry” Phupha asked and got a nod from his boyfriend to order



The older boy grabbed the dirty bed sheets, tossed them in the laundry basket and took a clean towel to clean his boyfriend



The after care was important to both men, Tian was extremely tired most of the times... but sometimes Tian would tired Phupha out too...


After the clean up Phupha laid next to his boyfriend hugging him close to him

“I want to do it again, after dinner maybe!” Tian said to his boyfriend

“What?” He looked surprised

“You told me to say it to you whenever I want to do it so, I want to do it again!” Tian ‘ordered’ but Phupha shushed him with a kiss


“Whatever my baby wants”

Chapter Text

They all looked happy on the outside, it was a wedding day after all. Pharm was holding his hand stroking the inside with his thumb.

On the other side was Team who was holding Wins hand under the table, he thought nobody could see them when I fact everyone could see them holding hands.


“P’Dean, are you feeling okay, you seem distracted” Pharm whispered worriedly

“Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just admiring the beautiful bride” he answered quickly looking straight into his eyes and leaving him a smile


Dean was living with a secret for the past 2 years almost....




Team and Win got together the first year they met.

Pharm and Dean got together a few months after

Pruk and Manow a year later.

You could see they were happy at least some of them, well actually all of them except Dean, he, he is in love with his best friends boyfriend. How could he be...


Team.... Team is amazing in every way, his heart, his personality, his body. He is hardworking first in swimming in the entire country. Smart he scored the highest mark on all of his exams. He works out almost everyday...



Dean can still remember the first time he saw him.

Both him and Win were walking to go to the pool when both hearts skipped a bit in the sight of Team. He was lost, loose tie, laughing with his friends, messed up hair but so beautiful.


The truth is he tried to flirt with Team but it was a lost game, the boy was already with his best friend


“Hiaa... someone might see us, stop” The junior complained when Win back hugged him and left a kiss on his neck

His heart was breaking but he smiled and spoke to his friend

“I’m leaving don’t worry, just close the lights before you guys leave too. Take care” Hia heart was broken




“I’m home” he entered his house and kissed Pharms head

“Hello, how was practice? Are you tired” Pharm asked him

“I’m good baby, thanks” He answered

“I’ll take a shower, wanna join me?” He smirked

“Only if you want me too” Pharm smiled and stood up following Dean to the bathroom


He loved Pharm he really did but Team he felt completely different about him


He first got with Pharm only to stay close and have a type of friendship with Team but as time went by he started having feelings for the young boy.







“I love you” Pharm whispered before sleeping

“Me too” Dean answered



“I’m sorry” he added when Pharm was asleep like every night.

“You deserve some one better, but really I can’t let you go now... I’m starting to really love you...” he whispered more like mumbling to himself



“Bit he will always stay in my heart” he added










“Wanna dance?” Pharm asked him giving him his hand

“Sure let’s go” Dean agreed and they walked up to the dance floor where Manow was giving her everything in dancing


“Ahh...! Pharm! P’Deann! I’m so glad you are here, I couldn’t do this without you” Manow shouted

“Congratulations Manow, wish you the best! Pruk is a really good guy, he is lucky to have you and you to have him” Dean answered her good words



When he placed his hands around Pharm and start dancing his heart beat faster starting to get some feeling into his heart

“May I interrupt you, can I still P’Dean for a bit?” Tram was there asking to dance with him

He was ready to risk it all and tell him about his feelings but when the boy started talking he lost it

“Phi... we are all’ve been together with Pharm the past 5-6 years...when are you going to ask him to marry you, I don’t want to get in between you but I swear to his if you don’t I will propose to him for you!” Team finished his sentence with a glare

“I’m- I’m planning on it”.


Dean caresses the boys back with his thumb trying to stay calm, that’s the second time they’ve been to close and not for a long time since Win was approaching them

“Can I steal my fiancé back, from you?” Dean looked shocked

*his what? When did that happened?!* he thought trying not to show

“I asked Team to marry me 2 weeks ago but we kept a secret for a while, still do, it’s Manow big day, we didn’t want to have people ask about us.” Team smiled showing Dean and Pharm who walked close to them the ring

“It’s beautiful, congratulations” Dean smiled and a part of his heart died



*I love you* he talked to himself when Win kissed Team

*But you love someone else*

Chapter Text

King has being feeling down the past days, actually since Saturday that they went out with his boyfriend and friends for drinks


Ram is so beautiful, quiet and mysterious.

Everybody wants to know him and spend some time with him. King is really great full to be his boyfriend but sometimes, times like this...he

doesn’t feel like he deserves to be his boyfriends


~Last Saturday~


A group of girls next to them were looking at Ram like his an ice cream

“Look at him he looks so cute” one of them said

“Yeah but he is also hot, look at him”

“I bet he is also smart, really smart” two other girls commented

“He looks foreign...I bet he is mixed!” A blonde girl added

“Those are the cutest.... I’ll go talk to him” One of them finally said

“Don’t, it looks like his already interested” The first girl spoke again

“You mean him beside him...?oh please, I can make him mine in seconds. Who would prefer him over me. I mean look at me” she smiled and start walking towards them


Panic filled King but he suddenly felt someone really close to him



“P’King!” He heard his boyfriend next to him

“Yeah...! I’m sorry what did you say, I got distracted” Jing was quick to apologize and put a smile on

“I’m bored, can we leave? My favorite movie is playing on Tv”Ram whispered

“Of course let’s go!” King didn’t wait long, he just quickly waved to his friends and yelled a quick

“We are leaving! Have fun!” And just like that they left









*Good boy 🤍 *

Are you okay?

You look weird?


His phone buzzed getting texts from his boyfriend


*it’s time King you have to do it* he thought to himself


“Can I talk to you” he asked and before continuing the tears rushed from his eyes

“What’s wrong?!” King got worried and whispered to his now crying boyfriend

“I just- I feel- I don’t- you- I’m sorry...!” He cried without his words making any sense

“Phi... say it slower I can’t understand you” Ram spoke trying to calm him

“Aghhh....!” He let a loud sigh out and finally after a big inhale he spoke

“Ram... I think we should break up...!”

“What...? Why?” He was so confused now...

“It’s better this way. I- we should be separate.... it’s better believe me” he cried again not being able to breathe


Ram didn’t think a lot and hugged his crying boyfriend, ex boyfriend(?)

“Phi, I don’t want to break up with you and I don’t think you want to break up with me. Can you please tell me what happened and you are asking me to break up?” Ram spoke again showing his maturity once again

“This... this and many more... you are literally so perfect from every aspect... you are gorgeous, kind, you love animals.... you speak many languages.... you are literally a perfect human being.... I don’t deserve you... you deserve someone, better, someone as good as you...” he made a long pause catching his breath and continued

“My mum said if you really live someone you should let him go... and I love you, I want the bet for you so I have to let you gooo...!” He cried again like a child

“Dummy....” Ram laughed

“Do I even have a say in this... I don’t want to break up with you. I don’t deserve someone else, better as you say, cause you are the best for me. You help me come out of my comfort zone, make new friends, I can be my true self around you, I love you and even if you don’t want to stay with me.... well... you are cause you know things about me that no one else knows and I’m not whiling to share to anyone else than you.” Ram smiled and kissed his forehead

“But... I’m not perfect, I barley speak English... I’m messy and annoying most of the times...” King said back

“Look you don’t have to speak English to be my boyfriend, I don’t speak Chinese but you are really good... you are not messy at least not the couple last months... you are not annoying you just show your love like that and people around you can see that” King once again comforted his boyfriend

“So you don’t want to break up with me.... so we are still boyfriend?” He questioned

“I never wanted to break up with you... I just felt like I should... you deserve so much” King said

“Okay...will you buy me ice cream and tea?” Ram changed the subject

“Of course... I’ll buy you anything” King whipped his last tears

“You are the best boyfriend” Ram got the courage to say.... making his boyfriend smile

“I have the best boyfriend” King yelled for everyone to hear

“Shut up!!!” They both laughed

Chapter Text

“Hia I’ll go with my friends to a new club, want to come?” Team asked when he got off the shower

“Hmmm...I don’t know... I was actually hoping to stay in tonight cuddle, eat, have amazing sex with my amazingly sexy boyfriend and then repeat.” He said not looking at Team yet who was about to dress

“I hate you” Team said dropping the towel on the floor

“I love you too” win said and cupped his boyfriend naked butt

“Hia!” Team screamed

“Sorry, couldn’t resist” a kiss on the cheek

“Do you want to stay here, I’ll be glad to ditch Dean and stay with you” Win offered

“You can ditch Phi Dean and come with me to the club..” Team breathed

“Honestly I wish I could stay here with you too but I have been canceling my friend for the past month, maybe more and I promised I’ll go this time” Team said looking at the shirt he picked to wear

“It’s okay baby, we’ll have the whole day for us tomorrow” Win smiled at him and back hugged him

“I’m leaving now, have fun be careful and if you need anything call me okay?” Win whispered in Teams ears and after he sucked a hickey on his neck

“What was that for?” Team questioned his older boyfriend

“I love you bye!” Win walked away ignoring Team question.









“So Team how is life? We haven’t seen you in what seems a year” the boy next to Team spit his words

“Uhmm.. good I guess I study a lot and I’m having fun” Team answered not thinking much, he was in his 4th drink anyways

“Are you gay?” A sudden question came out of nowhere

“What?!” He chocked

“We heard you have a boyfriend or something, that’s disgusting” A girl with long hair and a tone of makeup said

“It’s not disgusting... and why do you care about my love life” Team got protective of himself

“Who is it? Is it this guy Win? Men I told you he is gay, now he turned you a gay too” The oldest of the group said

One of the guys turned to whisper something but failed cause everyone heard him

“I told you they were together, they looked so disgusting, they were holding hands and kissing on the streets... but you fucker didn’t believe me. Now what if he make us gay too....”


Team felt so uncomfortable, he just wanted to vanish, be in his boyfriend hug



Can you pick me up please?

I’m at the new bar near our favorite restaurant



Team typed quickly and got a response even quicker



*Hia ❤️ *

Of course baby

I’ll be there in 10’


Win had written, Team let a breath he didn’t know he was holding out


“I have to go!” Team drunk the last drop of his drink and after leaving money on the table he turned around

“Don’t ever search for me, I’ll probably infect you with my gayness. Dumbfucks!” He turned his back and walk off the bar

Few new words that had heard Win say while playing video games with his friends actually came handy



He sat down waiting for his boyfriend, he felt a bit dizzy so sitting helped a bit. He didn’t realize how long he waited for his boyfriend when he finally heard Wins worried voice

“Team! What happened baby?” Win approached him and took his jacket off to cover Team who was shaking

“Can we please go home... I don’t feel that well” Team breathed leaving all of his weight on Win

“Yeah baby, let’s go” Win guided him to the car and helped him wear his seatbelt











Back at home Team emptied his inside, he drunk a lot for his own taste, he didn’t like to drink that much nor could drink that much

“Are you feeling better?” Win asked when he was whipping after the shower he took

Team nodded staring at no where

“Let’s go to bed, come on” Win suggested when Team was dressed and cleaned up



“Wanna tell me what happened?” Win asked when the settled down on their bed

“My fri-the people I was with...called being gay disgusting” Team said with a sad/angry look on his face

“They asked me if I have a boyfriend I didn’t have the chance to answer but even if I did I know I wouldn’t speak....Hia... I’m not afraid nor embarrassed to tell people we are together, I-I love you and I’m not ashamed of you nor our relationship... but I don’t why I wouldn’t tell them and I feel angry, I feel like a failed you...” he whispered the last sentence

“Look at me baby..., it’s okay! Really it’s okay, not everyone needs to know that we are a couple... we are good with each other and that’s what matters nothing didn’t fail me I’m proud of everything you do and if you don’t want to say to everyone we are together it’s fine cause neither do I. I don’t want everyone to know about not because I’m ashamed of you... but because I don’t date you for showing off I’m dating you cause I like you the you you are when we are alone and you cuddle me like this, the you that kisses me every morning before I brush my teeth, the you that always makes sure I take my vitamins and drink enough water. I can really keep going if you don’t stop me” Win said and kissed Teams forehead

“I love you...” Team left a small kiss in Wins lips

“I love you too baby” Win left another kiss on Team lips

Chapter Text

“Tian!” Chief called his boyfriend when he stepped inside their home.


They had build a house near the village, so they could live together comfortably, close to their jobs and the people they love.


“Phupha..?” Tian woke up from the loud sounds his boyfriend was making.

“Tiaaan… babyyy….ahhh… I missed youuu~~~…”Phupha walked towards his boyfriend that was looking at him weirdly.

“I told you not to drink much! Look at you, you are waisted!” Tian noticed and helped his boyfriend to walk to the bed

“Has anyone told you that you are really really pretty. Cause you are so so so pretty, your legs and your hands, your body and you eyes, your lips and your nose, your ears and your hairr, the way you smell… hmmmm I love the way you smell.” Phupha hugged Tian close to him.

“Chief I think you need to take a shower!” Tian laughed and got up to fill the bathtub with water.



“I’m serious you smell so good” Phupha back hugged his boyfriend and sniffed his neck. Leaving a kiss afterwards

“Tian…” Phupha breathed

“Hmm…” He hummed

“Take a bath with me.” The Chief requested

“You are drunk my love, I don’t think you can even stay awake for more that two minutes in this nice warm water. We’ll have a bath together next time. I promise.” Tian turned around leaving a kiss on his boyfriends lips.


A kiss turned to two and before they knew it they were full on making out in their bathroom. Phupha was now sitting on the toilet with Tian in his laps, pressing him closer to him and stroking his back.

“Phu….” Tian moaned not being able to suppress his feelings

“Tian….” Phupha moaned back in his boyfriends ear.


Phupha placed kisses all over Tians body, starting from his mouth to his neck behind his ears and nipples.

“Phu… do something…” Tian whispered not being able to say it clearly


Phupha took his boyfriend underwear off and after playing with his naked butt for a little bit he grabbed the lube they kept near the sink and poured some on his hand.


Phupha pushed a finger inside his boyfriend without a warning making Tian moan loudly. The good thing of living in a remoted place was that both boys could be as loud as they wanted.

“More, I need more.” Tian moved with Phuphas hand rhythm.

“Should we move to the bedroom?” Phupha kissed his neck

“No! Here now!”Tian moaned demanding


Phupha got three fingers in his boyfriend, he was painfully hard too not being able to control himself for a long time.

“I want you.” Tian moaned

“Please.” He whispered sucking Phuphas neck



The older men took his pants off with his underwear and his hot member flashed out, standing strong ready for Tian.


Tian stared at it for a bit before he grabbed it in his hand and stroked it once or twice mostly to spread the lube on it.


Tian got up moving his boyfriend to sit on the bathroom floor.he turned around his back facing Phupha and sat slowly on Phuphas dick.

Both boys moaned with the closeness and the feeling.

Once Phupha was fully inside Tian, he grabbed him by the hips and gave him rhythm to move.

“Oh yeah.. your are doing it so good.” Phupha moaned slapping his boyfriend ass


That was the first time Phupha did something like that.  The usually had vanilla sex no slapping,choking, ropes etc. Tian like to experiment but he didn’t know how to tell his boyfriend.

“More… more I want more!” Tian moaned and Phupha slapped him again leaving a red spot on his butt.

Tian liked the feeling, he liked how Phupha was when drunk.


To Tians surprise his boyfriend grabbed him by the hair and held him back to his chest. He then grabbed his neck and pressed some pressure there.

“Oh baby, do you like how I make you feel..?” Phupha asked when Tian couldn’t speak from the shock and then overwhelmeness.

“I asked you something, do you want to be punished?” Phupha asked again but before Tian could answer he slapped his ass making him moan even more.

“I love it!” Tian moaned and Phupha brought two fingers in his mouth

“Suck them like the good boy you are” Phupha whispered in his boyfriends ear.



Tians member was standing strong, every move he made Phuphas dick was hitting his prostate, he as moaning loudly while he was drooling with his boyfriends fingers in his mouth and neck.


Some precum was out of Tians member, he was about to cum. He wanted Phupha to cum to

“Aghh..!” He heard Phupha moan and the fingers from his mouth were off.

“Tian, baby, my baby boy… Aghh….! I’m com-coming…”Phupha moaned loosing his words, he gave some extra rhythm by holding his boyfriend hips again and in a few seconds he came inside Tian, feeling him, good.


Tian felt full and as soon as his boyfriend filled him up he came too. Cum shooting to the floor while he fell back on his boyfriend chest.


“Tian…” Phupha whispered

“I think we need to take a bath now.” He said smiling

“I think so too.”

The both laughed and after relaxing a bit more they stepped inside the bathroom.







The next morning Phupha woke up with a terrible headache, not remember what happened yesterday.

His boyfriend was cuddling next to him naked, hw was naked too.


Tians neck was full with hickeys, his chest too.

*what did we- OH MY GOD* he suddenly remembered his fun night



The drinks him coming back home and then… that was probably the best sex hw ever had.

“Good morning…” Tian whispered

“Good morning…” Phupha answered leaving his morning kiss on Tians head

“There’s an aspirin on your side and water, for the headache” Tian smiled


“Tian…. yesterday… I’m- I’m sorry about yesterday… did I hurt you a lot? Do you need anything? Are you in pain?” Phupha looked genuinely terrified

“Phu… I’m good, no need to worry. Yesterday… yesterday was the best sex we have ever had.” Tian got really red suddenly

“What..?” He looked confused

“I like that, I really do, slapping, cursing, pressing, choking…. But I didn’t know how to tell you. It’s okay if you don’t like it, we can always find something that we both like” Tian smiled

“I thought I hurt you. I enjoyed too. So you like me like that…” Phupha smiled and turned Tian over so he could be on top

“How about we…. You remind me what happened yesterday…” Phupha smiled

“Gladly.” Tian answered feeling his member already standing up slowly.

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Chapter Text

Everybody knew that Kit doesn’t show his feelings easily. Only a few people that can be counted on hand have seen him cry.


It’s Saturday and Ming decided to spend the night at his boyfriends place.

“So apparently Yo is drunk and needs me to go pick him up.” Pha was out of town this weekend for his dads birthday so he couldn’t go pick up his boyfriend

“Okay…” Kit frowned, he had planed a really sexy night for him and his boyfriend. They would spend their night together without having to worry about the next day, probably after 2 months, so Kit decided to make it special.


“I’m sorry Kitty….I’ll try to be back as soon as possible. I’ll bring back snacks!” Ming smiled and after getting his jacket and car keys, he looked at his boyfriend and left the condo

“Bye….” Kit whispered


Grabbing his phone he found several messages from his friends



*Pha 🤠 *

Sorry for ruining the night

If I had known Yo was planning to drink his ass of I would tell him not to go

Kit I’m really sorry

I know you’ve been waiting for this a long time

Promise I’ll make it up to you




It’s fine

I’ll text you when your sugar fluf is safe at home.



*Pha 🤠 *

Thanks men




Kit turned his phone off and turned the tv on, searching for something to keep his mind busy.









“Come on Yo, I don’t have all day. Put your pajamas on and go to bed” Ming started to get mad

“Where’s p’pha…? I want my boyfriend…!” Yo cried and let his body fall on the bed

“I swear you own me so big!” Ming took Yos phone and called his beloved sweetheart


“Phi hi! It’s me can you please put your boyfriend to sleep cause I need want to go back to my boyfriend too!?” Ming tried to smile


“Put the phone on the night stand and Yo on the bed, I got it from here, don’t worry! Sorry Nong won’t happen again” Pha smiled looking sorry


“It’s fine just, make sure you are home next time something like this happens, I’m leaving. Bye” he waved at Pha and after placing the phone on the night stand he helped Yo on the bed


Yo grabbed the phone enthusiastic and immediately start talking to his boyfriend











Ming grabbed a few snacks from the convenient store and drove back to his boyfriends house quickly




“KitKat..?” He asked as soon as he stepped inside the apartment

No answer received tho.

“Kitty…?” He asked again this time seeing his boyfriends body laying on the bed



He cursed Yo in his mind and smiled at how cute his boyfriend was.


When he was above his boyfriend he noticed that

Kit was actually asleep. He got undressed soundlessly and laid next to his boyfriend



“Ming…?” A sleepy voice

“Hi… sorry did I wake you up?” Ming pulled the older men in his hug

“It’s fine…. Everything’s fine with little Yo?” He asked struggling to keep his eyes open.

“Hmm… all good, go back to sleep will talk tomorrow” Ming kissed the top of his head.

“Mmkay…” Kit closed his eyes and after snuggling into his boyfriends hug he fell asleep quicker than he thought











“Ming….Ming… don’t go…. No… please don’t do this… Ming…” Kit cried in his sleep waking the young up

“Kit… Kitty….. shhhh… wake up baby…” he stroked his back

“What happened?” He asked when his boyfriends eyes shot open, revealing more tears than before

“What’s wrong!?” Ming asked kissing his forehead

“I-…you-… don’t ever leave me! Don’t go to Yos house, I know he is your best friend but…. Don’t leave me for him! Don’t leave me in general. You can’t leave me, you know me so well that it’s impossible for me to not love you…” Kit cried his heart out holding his boyfriend close to his body


“Shhh…. Kitty breathe…! Im not leaving you. It took me so long to convince you to go out with me and I’ll leave you like that?! No way. You are my Kitty, my KitKat, my baby.” Ming smiled whipping Kits tears

“Promise!” Kit sounded like a stubborn child that wanted to eat ice cream right there and then

“I promise baby! I promise” Ming laughed and pulled Kit back into his hug

“Sleep now. You’ll need energy for tomorrow” Ming smirked

“Why what’s tomorrow?” Kit looked confused

“Oh… nothing,we are just not leaving the house tomorrow. Nor the bed….sweet dreams baby.” Ming kissed the top of Kits head and fell asleep again

Leaving Kit speechless in his arms

Chapter Text



“M-Mix… I think we should stop…” Earth pushed the young boy away from his lap.

“What…why?”  Mix looked confused since Earth was the one who started the whole thing





*half an hour ago*



“You look so beautiful…” Earth whispered in Mixs ear hugging the boys back with one of his hands


Mix felt his cheeks hot and a blush spread through his face

“Thank you…. You look really handsome tonight” It wasn’t everyday that the first guy you like he compliments you.

“Thank you” Earth answers simple and turned his head to speak to a friend of his


It was obvious that both boys were having fun, drinking and dancing.

Mix had promised his best friend that he would speak to Earth about his feelings but when he actually decided to speak, Earth left him saying

“I’ll be back in sec” Winking at him

“Oh okay.” Mix looked down and sipped from his drink


The older man approached him again a minute or two later handing him a drink and once again grabbing his waits only this time he squished his but

“Earth…!” The young boy looked at him angrily although he was enjoying it

“Can you come with him to my car, I want to show you something.” Earth whispered in his ears again

“Okay…sure” Mix just finished his sentence and was dragged by Earth outside of the club they were in.






“What’s wrong..?” Mix asked once they were both sat in the car.

“Earth…. I’m talki-“ Mixs words were cut of when Earth pushed his lips against his, pulling him on his lap at the same time.



Earth bit the youngers boy lip that led him to moan and opening his mouth for Earth to push his tongue into his mouth searching for his..



Once they were really into the kiss and Earth had taken off both his and Mixs shirts and had almost unbuckled their pants when he stoped and pushed Mix off




*end of flashback*








“It’s wrong… we shouldn’t…” Earth didn’t dare to look Mix in the eyes. Afraid to see his hurt or angry eyes


“What do you mean it’s wrong, you dragged me out the bar to make out with me and then just tell me to stop? Earth I- I like you!” Mix blurted out without speaking.


As soon as he realized what he had said he gasped and placed his hands in front of his mouth

*shit* he thought to himself

“You…you like me?” Earth looked so surprised

“I-I think I better leave…”

“No! I don’t want to go back in the club, but come on let’s have a drink on way something at my house…. Please…!” Earth stroked Mixs right cheek

“Ok…” he agreed and got off Earth to let him drive to his house.








Once they were in Earths apartment, Earth gestured at the young boy to get comfortable in the sofa or where else he wanted too.

“I’ll go get you a glass of water” Earth announced and walked to the kitchen leaving a kinda frustrated Mix alone.



“Why am I even here? You obviously said that you didn’t want to continue what we were doing in your car….look it took me a lot of courage to tell you that I like you. I don’t know if it was the best way but it happened and I’m not going to deny it. Earth we’ve been friends for years and the last year we’ve been screen partners too. At first I thought it was just temporary that I was just excited… but who am I lying too… I do like you and I would love to be with you but it’s okay….”Mix finally stopped and a second later tears rushed down his face


“Don’t cry…Mix you are so precious to me too. I-i like you too….how can I not like you…but Mix” he held both of Mix hands in his and whipped his tears

“I don’t think we can be together. Our jobs won’t allow us to be in a relationship. You just started your career I don’t think it would be good to just throw everything away for a relationship…you know how it is. Some fans get really obsessive. They might support you now but as soon as you have another series another partner you are going to have a problem…” Mix kept crying not being able to say anything

“Look….even if that wasn’t the problem… as you said we’ve been friend for the past 5-6 years… wouldn’t it be weird if something bad happened and we broke up… it’ll be awkward after to hang out and be friends again and.. I don’t want to lose the one person that I trust the most.” Earth finally stoped


“What you are doing right now…is so egoistic. I don’t want to loose you from a friend too and I am afraid of loosing my career but if we truly like each other… these won’t happen quickly. We don’t have to tell people about us, a relationship isn’t meant to be shown to everyone, it’s for the people that are in it. I don’t care if people talk about it or fantasize about it. I just want to be able to come to your house or you to mine and the first thing I do is kiss you.” Mix know was whipping his own tears and holding Earths hands

“I- we’ve been friends for years as you said, getting in a relationship doesn’t mean that our friendship is gone. Doesn’t mean that, we have to stop hanging out or talk to each other if we brake up. Sure at first it’ll be awkward buts that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Its in our hands to make this work and since you are telling me that you like me too. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be together….” Mix finally ended his words too and now they were staring in each other’s eyes.









“Okay…I get it… I think I should leave now…” Mix pulled his hands away from Earth and stood up

“Wait!” He heard the older ones voice and his body immediately stoped


“Mix…” he looked him in the eyes and walked fat to him grabbing him by the waist, bringing his face closer and finally kissing him again.



At first Mix tried to push him away but it was unsuccessful so he gave in…he tried to keep himself sane and not give in to everything but minutes later he was inside Earths bedroom with their tops once again off.


Earth pulled the younger one on his lap and fun his hands from his neck to his bottoms.

“Earth…” Mix moaned sending vibrations straight to Earths member that was struggling not to poke his pants…


Mixs little hands in comparison to Earths, unbuckled Earths pants and run his hand above his growing erection,giving it some release.



There weren’t many words spoken, just moans and groans between the two men.


“I want you” Earth breathed and sucked on Mix neck

“I want you too!” Mix moaned Earths name and let his head fall back








Earth was now above the young boy, both bodies naked, hickeys and live bits all over their bodies, both erections standing strong and with each move a loud groan escaped their mouths.


“Earth! Please…, do something!” Mix sounded desperate but he didn’t really care, he wanted to feel good and only with the thought that Earth was right above him his member leaked pre cum


Earth went farther on Mixs body and finally grabbed his hard cock , giving it a little pump.

His fingers slipped behind slowly moving towards  Mixs pink hole.

“Can you turn around for me…”Earth asked more like a demand but he gave Mix the benefit to escape too


Mic turned his body around and his plumb ass moved when he laid again making Earth Squeeze it hard.

Two hot hands on both of Mixs butt cheeks spreading him open for Earth.



Earth slipped his tongue right above it making Mix clench a bit




Soon a finger was inside Mixs warm tunnel, then two scissoring him open and finally a theirs finger was added making Mix move for the pleasure he was seeking. Both boys were super hard ready to burst

“Earth…! I want you now! Now!” Mix almost screamed something that made Earth move and turn both boys around so he could face Mix.


He gave him a quick kiss and then adjusted himself on Mix slowly pushing in…listening to the low moans Mix was making, whispering his name and saying things that just randomly came to his mind .

Earth was fully in him and stopped just for a second letting the younger one adjust to his size, as soon as he felt Mix moving under him he start moving on his own making them both moan in pleasure.



Every time Earth pushed into Mix a new scratch was created in his back and arm by the younger own that was basically screaming full of pleasure.

“Earth…Earth…! Aghh-Aghh…!” Mix moaned while he hit his orgasm with Earth finishing too inside him


Mix could feel Earths cum that filled him inside and only with the thought he could get hard again.



Earth let his body relax on top of Mix, still inside him their cocks twitching a bit more.


“Earth… I can’t breathe..! You are too heavy!” He pushed the olders body off of him and quickly cuddled next to him… Earth wrapping a hand around his naked back and pulling him close after covering them with a light sheet.

“So what changed?” Mix finally asked after taking a few breaths

“Everything you said honestly… and if I don’t try… I’ll never now… maybe we are meant to be… you have to promise me that we’ll stay friends no matter what happens….If we ever break up.”

Earth stroked Mixs red cheek

“You didn’t even ask me to be your boyfriend and you are already taking about our break up?” He joked around

“Mix…” earth breathed making the young man look at him and smile humming lightly

“Would you like to be called my boyfriend from now on…?” Earth asked the question that set a beautiful smile on Mix face

“Of course… who wouldn’t want to be called your boyfriend….” Mix blushed and hid his embarrassed face in Earths neck.



Nuzzling there and after a few kiss Mix fell asleep on his now boyfriend hug.

Chapter Text


“Nong…you’ve got to take care of yourself… do you know how much worried I was. You literally fainted in my hands. Thank god I was there to catch you and nothing worse happened..!” Joongs manager scolded the boy laying on the hospital bed with an IV on his arm.


Joong went to work like everyday but suddenly when he was rehearsing some lines he felt everything around him go black and soon enough he fainted without a notice, his poor manager was next to him so he was able to catch him on time.


“Sorry Phi… I’ll take care of myself… it was just a really stressful week….and I lost control I couldn’t sleep, no apatite, no nothing” Joong tried to save himself from being scolded more


“I know that you have been having problems not only the past week the past months too but… I love you like I love my son and I promised N’nine that I’ll take care of you. Look where we are. That’s the fourth time this month.” His manager sighed

“Sorry nong but I had to call him” Joongs face dropped with the announcement and let out a sigh

“Call him again and tell him that everything’s fine and he doesn’t need to worry about me. He has more important things  to do than worry about me!” Joong could feel the anger rising



“How can you say that?!” Both Joong and his manager look towards the voice that was heard

“How can you even say that..?! After all we’ve been through? I care about you more than anything! You promised me that you would take care of yourself and I come back here to find you in a hospital? What the hell joong?!” Nine walked through the hospital room door.

“Nine…” Joongs whispered trying to understand if he was dreaming or if it was reality

“Joong” Nine answer back walking to the bed that Joong was laying on.



“Phi… can we have sometime alone please..?” Joong looked at his magare and with a wai he left the room with the two boys alone.

“Nine… you look so beautiful….you changed… but you are so beautiful… I missed you… wait… how are you here? Did you leave?!?” Joong seemed to panick a bit but as soon as Nine held his hand he relaxed

“I got permission to be here, we have vacation so I came back to see you and friend family. When I got off the plane I saw your managers call and called him back immediately, when he explained to me what happened I came straight here to the hospital. My luggage’s still outside.” Nine laughed a bit

“I missed you” Joong finally breathed out

“I missed you too…” Nine confessed stroking his boyfriends tired skin on his cheek

“I know things didn’t work for you as you wanted to…but that doesn’t mean you can just leave your life to pass like this…” he talked low when he saw that Joong flinched with his loud voice.

“I’m sorry… life sucks specially the previous weeks, you left and I’m not that close to the guys, I still hang out with them but it’s not the same and then my dad….that literally killed me…!” Joong let out a cry and a few tears escaped his eyes

“I know it’s hard… but you can’t let yourself fall apart… your dad wouldn’t want that, no one wants that for you… and especially me. I can’t live happy knowing that you are suffering here alone.” Nine told him stil stroking his cheek and now his hair too.


“Nine… baby…please sleep with me tonight.” Joong requested making his boyfriend melt with the way he looked at him

“Okay…I will…but after tonight you have to promise me that I won’t see you in a hospital bed ever again!” Nine used his strict voice to scare Joong… something that didn’t work exactly.

“Okay…. I promise..I promise… come here now” Joong pulled Nine to lay next to him




Nine laid next to his boyfriend and cuddled on his side, leaving a small kiss on his cheek

“Nine…” Joong called his boyfriend to look at him just so he could kiss him on the lips after a long long time



“Joong…! Sleep you need to sleep!” Nine got red and closed his eyes


Soon both boys were asleep together in each other’s hug after a long long time











“Joo-oh…” Joongs manager walked in but saw both boys sleeping…he smiled with the view and after taking a picture to send it to joong he closed the lights and made sure to tell the nurses to not let anyone go in the room.

Chapter Text

“P’Kit, I brought you f-“ Ming was cut off by a harsh shh.

“Phi..!” Ming whispered moving closer to where his boyfriend was sitting

“Ming, can’t you see I’m studying?! I have a huge exam coming up and I can’t fail that too.” Kit lost his mind yelling at his boyfriend

“Baby…please..I won’t bother you but you need to eat something, drink some water, have some sleep. You are going to pass out if you continue like that. Please…” Ming walked slowly touching slightly Kits shoulder


“Ming, I can’t fucking fail that too! I fail everything in my life! If I fail that too…no more doctor Kit!” He jerked Mings had off of him and looked back at his studies.



Ming felt tears rushing down his face but was quick to whip them off. He took a few steps backwards and turned around to leave.


“Kit, I’m leaving…i won’t come back until your exams are finished…I-I don’t want to destruct you. Call me if you need anything. Bye.” Ming looked towards his boyfriend figure one last time before leaving, closing the door behind him




His heart was pounding really quickly and tears run from his eyes freely, he opened his phone quickly calling his best friend


“Can I sleep at your place?” He asked before Wayo he could even say hello

“Uhh.. yeah sure…what happened?” Yo asked his best friend already knowing that something was wrong.

Ming understood that Yo was reluctant to late him sleep at his place so he decide to just stay somewhere else


“I don’t want to talk right now. I won’t come at your place, don’t worry. Have fun with p’Pha, give him my greetings.” Ming said unlocking his car

“Hey! Ming! Pha can stay at his place, I’ll wait for you! We’ll have a boys night like when we were little.” Yo was quicker than Ming convincing him

“You better come here or I’m gonna find you and make you regret not coming” Yo said with a sweet hug rather threatening voice

“Okay…make pizza I’ll bring beers” Ming said and took his way to the store.








Ming slept in his best friends place for almost a week, he barely left the place hadn’t spoken to a single person except Pha and Yo that brought him food and clothes to change. He didn’t feel like having fun when his boyfriend was struggling on his own

“Ming, you must leave this place! You are literally killing your self” Pha advised the young laying on his boyfriends bed.





Kit was in a similar position too. He studied and cried most of the day and slept for like 2-3 hours at night. He barely ate and drank a few sips of water.


His exam was coming to an end tomorrow and all he could think of is laying on bed with his boyfriend…

His boyfriend… did he still have a boyfriend after the way he treated him…Kit thought and cried again trying to study at the same time



*Ming ❤️ *

I’m still here if you need me


Good morning

I miss you



These were the last texts Ming had send to Kit two days ago.






“Finally we are done!” Beam yelled jumping around like a kid

The three boys walked out of class moving to Phas car when Kit suddenly stoped.


His head felt heavy and everything looked dark moving around him, he grabbed his head with his hands and looked down massaging his scalp


Before everything went black he heard Pha talk to him.

“Kit are you good you lo-KIT!” Pha yelled and immediately grabbed his friend that has just fainted.

“Bring my car now!” Pha gave instructions to his best friend and held Kit still trying not to hurt him





Less than and hour later Pha, Yo, Forth and Bean were in the hospital outside of a room with close door.

“I’ll go tell, N’Ming…he needs to come here too!” Forth said and walked to his motorcycle.






“N’Ming, you bathe..? Finally..what’s the occasion?” He asked when he saw his junior dressed up with clean clothes and smelling like a garden of roses

“Today was Kits last exam…I can finally be with him again!” Ming smiled and grabbed the flowers from his desk

“Ming…about Kit…uhm there was an…Uhmm… accident I guess… he-“

“What happened?!” Ming stood up his hands shaking

“He fainted, he is safe in the hospital but the doctors are running some test to be sure everything’s fine” Forth explained to his worried junior

“I’ll take you-“ Forths phone rang and he quickly picked up

“Hello- uh okay- yeah yeah-I’m glad-we’ll be there in a bit” Forth hang up and smiled

“So everything’s fine, Kit fainted cause of exhaustion, the doctors will keep him in just for today, so they can give him fluids and other stuff he might need I don’t know about these. Anyways, your lover boy is asking for you crying so we better hurry up” Forth pulled Ming by the hand and placed him in the drivers sit to drive to the hospital








Ming rushed into the hospital room as soon as he reached the correct floor.

“P’Kit!” He yelled and run to the bed his boyfriend was on.

“Ming!” Kit yelled from the bed letting his boyfriend hug him tightly

“What happened?! Why are you here? Why didn’t you call me?!” Ming broke down tears rushing from his eyes to his cheek


“I think we should go now, Ming is here so we are not much help. Call us if you need anything Kit,Ming. Goodnight” Pha said and slowly all of them walked out the room



“I overreacted like I always do… I couldn’t stop myself from studying, I pushed you away, Pha and Beam too, when you were all just trying to help me…I’m sorry…” Kit took a quick breath and whipped Mings tears

“The doctor said Im fine I just need lots of sleep good food and love from my boyfriend. Well not exactly that but you get my point.” Ming was trying to hide his smile while climbing on the bed to lay next to Kit in his arms.

“Sleep baby, I’ll be here when you wake up”Ming caressed his boyfriends head and kissed him


“Next time that you have exam I’m telling u from now, if I have to tie you on the bed to make you sleep and eat. I will do it, so don’t try me” Ming said threatening with a laugh in the end

“I give you the permission to do that” Kit smiled and finally closed his eyes to sleep.









“So what do you want to do now?” Ming asked his boyfriend when they returned home from the hospital

“The doctor said you can do anything, not drink alcohol tho, so that’s off the table. We can do whatever you want except that.” Ming smiled and watched as his boyfriend drank a glass of water

“Can I be honest with you..” Kit asked getting a nod to continue

“I just want to stay home and sleep with you. At least for today, I want to sleep in your hug and smell your perfume and then wake up whenever and order Italian.” Kit confessed hiding his smile with the what he had just said.


“Okay, sleeping and Italian it is. Do you want to take a bath and then sleep, or straight to bed?” Ming asked ready for any answer

“Bed…” Kit answered and walked up to his boyfriend




And that’s what happened Kit slept in his boyfriends hug and late at night when they woke up, Ming had order food earlier just in case everything was closed. They heat the food and enjoyed its others company after a long time.

Chapter Text

“Phi, my friend just texted me…” Ram hesitated

“Okay and..” King looked at him giving his boyfriend his full attention

“She wants me to babysit for her” Ram continued

“Oh okay, i love babies, what’s the problem” King asked squeezing his boyfriend closer to him

“Uhmm, it’s not a baby, it’s a puppy.” Ram explained  and looked at King that froze in his sit

“Look, it’s this adorable small puppy, she has to go for a job an hour ways from here and doesn’t know when she’ll be back, maybe tomorrow or even today but she doesn’t want to let the puppy alone.” Ram explained again and kissed his boyfriends cheek trying to convince him


“Oh okay… Uhmm sure yeah…I can handle a puppy, you won’t leave me alone right?!” King panicked for a second

“Of course not, I’ll be here all the time no matter what.” Ram smiled and answered his friend











“That’s Lucy, isn’t she beautiful..” Ram looked at the puppy with heart eyes.

“Lucy, that’s Phi King, my boyfriend. He’s a bit afraid of dogs but he’ll get used to it.” Ram introduced them to each other and sat next to his boyfriend with the puppy on his lap

“Do you want to hold her?” Ram asked turning to a terrified King

“Uhh I- I could try” King said and while Ram positioned Lucy on his lap, he closed his eyes and tried not to breathe.



“Phi, she looks so comfortable on your lap. Look at her. She closed her eyes. I think she wants to sleep.” Ram smiled at the view in front of him

“She looks…cute…yeah she is cute….” King said and tried his best to feel comfortable with the little dog on his lap




After several hours the puppy was still on Kings lap and his boyfriend was cuddling next to him

“I’m going to the bathroom for a sec.” Ram got up leaving his boyfriend and Lucy alone.


“Oh no…stay calm, good doggy, stay… calm…” King whispered more to himself than the dog.

“Ram! Ram!” He whispered yelled so that his boyfriend could hear him


Lucy woke up suddenly and moved around a lot scaring King pretty easily.

“What happened?!?” Ram run back from the bathroom with his pants down

“She’s moving, I think she is angry, she’s gonna bite me! Raaam take her!” King almost cried keeping his hands up and holding his breath.


Lucy in his lap was still sleeping just tossing around, probably watching a puppy dream.

“Okay okay, I got her, I got her!” Ram rushed and picked the puppy putting it in his hug making sure she’s still sleeping

“I’ll take her to our bedroom and I’ll be right back.” Ram informed and rushed to leave Lucy in the bedroom so he could calm down his boyfriend






“I shouldn’t have let you alone with Lucy, I’m sorry. Are you feeling better?” Ram asked handing a glass of cold water to his boyfriend

“No it’s fine, I freaked out for no reason.” He said and held Rams hand

“My friend will be back sooner, so tomorrow Lucy will be gone don’t worry” Ram informed and King let a breathe out.

“Okay..sorry for ruining this.” King said and let his head fall back

“No it’s okay, we said baby steps and I rushed to bring a puppy home without thinking about it. I’m sorry too” Ram kissed the older boy and laid his head on his shoulder

“Should we continue our movie?” Ram asked holding his boyfriends hand

“Are you sure she won’t wake up?” King asked

“I’ll have my eye on her don’t worry, she won’t come near you” Ram assured him and pushed the play button.


Chapter Text

“Joong, stop biting your nails.” Joongs boyfriend noticed and told him

“Sorry phi. I just can’t wait any longer… when is he gonna tell you?” Joong sighed and let his head fall back


They were FaceTiming waiting for Nines manger to send the message for either approving Nines vacation or declining it.


“Relax, I’m sure next Friday we’ll be together.” Nine assured him and himself at the same time.


*where is he for god sake?!?* Nine thought looking to his bedroom door hoping it would open


“Tell me how was your week until he comes back” nine asked his boyfriend

“Well, I didn’t do much, I met up with a friend from Turkey, he came here for a business trip and we went for dinner together. I went to the gym, studied a lot and know I’m waiting. How about you?” Joong asked looking through his screen


“I-“ he got stoped by his bedroom door opening loudly

“Okay. So I talked with the company and it seems like you are able to go back to Thailand for a week.” Nines manager said smiling waiting for the boys reaction.

“Oh my…! Thank you so so much! It means the world to me! To us!” Nine said and hugged his manager listening Joong thanking him from behind too.


“So I’ll see you in 2 days?” Joong asked

“See you in 2 days. I’m going to go pack.” Nine said excitedly and quickly both boys said their goodbyes.







^Joong 🧡 ^

Cant wait to see you

I’m waiting on the front exit.




We just landed see you in a bit







Nine rushed to take his luggage and find his boyfriend.


The crowd was huge and many people were around him making it hard for Nine to spit his boyfriend

“Phi!” He heard the familiar voice of his boyfriend and turned around to meet his face too.

“Joong!” He yelled and run into Joongs arms.


Legs wrapped around Joongs body, he missed Joongs smell, the way he feels

“We should go, people are starting to gather around us.” Joong noticed and placed a hand over Nines shoulder, guiding the way to his car.








Once at home, Nine took his shoes off and before anything he grabbed his boyfriend face and kissed him

“I missed you” He whispered

“I missed you more” his boyfriend returned

And laughed inside his hug

“I’m starving, let’s eat something and cuddle” Nine said and melt inside Joongs hands

“Yeah let’s go, what do you want to eat?”

“Thai food, from the lady in the corner. I missed her food. Hadn’t had her food in ages.” Nine was already tasting the food before ordering it

“I mean of course if you want too..” He turned back to reality and smiled looking at Joongs face

“I’d love to. Let me order, want to take a shower change clothes or something?” He asked not loving a centimeter away.

“Yeahh, I bath sounds nice.”

“Okay I’ll go buy us food, you shower and let’s eat afterwards.” Joong made a plan and nine nodded agreeing with his suggestion


Joong kissed his boyfriends lips for longer than he thought and after he let him go. A sad moan was heard from both of them

“I’ll try to come back as quick as I can. Go and take a shower quickly cause I’m sure we can stand here for many more hours and that won’t be good. I have things to do tonight. Both me and you have to do things tonight” Joong smiled and let his small boyfriend leave his hug



“Be back in a bit” Joong said and walked to the door

While Nine stepped in the shower.








“I’m back” joong said as soon as he walked inside his apartment

“The house smelled like Nine and Joong couldn’t stop smiling with the thought of sleeping with Nine tonight.


“Sorry I was late, there were many people at the restaurant” Joong apologized while setting the table for them to eat

“It’s okay i just finished bathing too.” He smiled and sat next to his boyfriend to eat.

“The house smells like you….I love that” Joong smiled and pulled Nines chair closer to him.







“I missed you, I missed having you close. In my arms.” Joong pulled nine closer to him.

“I missed this too.” Nine nuzzled close to his boyfriend

“Joong…” Nine whispered

“Kiss me” He said and got on top of Joong.

“Aren’t you tired?” Joong looked confused

“No! Now kiss me!” He said and smiled pressing their lips together






“You should sleep now, I’ll clean us up and be right back.” Joong kissed his boyfriends head and pushed their naked bodies together.

“Okay….” Nine whispered closing his eyes finally drifting off to sleep.








The days pass quickly and the two boys didn’t do much except sleeping, eating and having sex.

Hanging out with their friends happened only once, it’s not like they didn’t want to they just enjoyed each other’s company and wanted to be close for as long as possibly until Nine came back for good.







“I don’t want to let you go.” Joong cried on his boyfriend hug

“I don’t want to go either…. But i have to… don’t cry, please…”Nine soothed his hair.


“I’ll come with you. Please let me come with you. I won’t be able to live without you again. P’nine please…don’t go…” Joong was now crying full on and wouldn’t stop



Nine kissed his lips and whipped his tears.

“How about I leave now and this time you come visit me, you can stay as long as you want.” Nine offered

Joong wouldn’t speak but almost stop crying.


“I have to go, promise me you won’t stay here and that you’ll go home. I’ll call you as soon as I land I promise.”

“I love you” joong whispered into their kiss

“I love you….” Nine said back










Nine walked away in his gate crying, his boyfriend waving his hand until Nine was out of his site.






“N’Joong…it’s time to go home.” Ben held his younger friend that was still standing in front of Nines gate

“P’Ben… what are you doing here…” joong whipped his tears

“Nine called me, he was sure you’ll stay here so I came to pick you up. Come on, let’s go home, the boys are waiting for us. We ordered pizza.” He smiled helping Joong move to his car








Being long distance was hard but they had to manage.

“I love you…” joong whispered when he saw his boyfriend sleeping on the other side of the screen

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Being in a secret relationship wasn’t easy at all, especially when your boyfriend is in the same group friend with you





“I think he looks hot, he has being eyeing you for the last 2 hours go talk to him!” Manaow pushed Team towards a random guy

“Manaow, I’m good! I don’t want to hook up with some weirdo on a club” he looked her with deadly eyes

“Team… maybe you should give him a try, he looks like a cool person, also not a psycho, so maybe….” Pharm seemed to encourage him too

“Guys I’m good, I don’t want anyone. I’m leaving have fun” he told his friends and after picking all of his stuff he walked out the club


Phone in his hand to send a message




Are you out?


*Hia ❤️ *

No, chilling at home




Can you pick me up

I had a few drinks and I don’t want to drive


*Hia ❤️ *

At the usual?

I’ll be there in 5

Don’t move






Team turned his phone off and sat on the bench behind him

He patiently waited for the older one to pick him  and drive him back to the dorms with him



Random men and women kept passing by some drunk some not.

A drunk guy approached him, he sat next to Team and held him by the shoulder

“You are cute. Why are you here alone?” He asked sounding like he was looking for his next victim

“Im waiting for my boyfriend.” Team said sharply

“Ohh… well until he comes, we can have some fun” the men spoke and almost touched Teams private area

“KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!” Team yelled and pushed the guy off of him

“Team?” He heard the familiar voice of his boyfriend that calmed him a bit

“What happened?!” Win checked his body for any injuries

“Can we please go, I’ll tell you when we get back to the dorms.” Team looked exhausted both mentally and physically

“Of course baby, come on let’s go where’s your car?” Win held his hand and Let the boy give him instructions for the way to his car.






The whole car ride back to the dorms, Team held Wins hand on his leg squishing it in his sleep, sometimes.


The blonde boy smiled with his boyfriend but soon frowned when he saw tears escaping from his closed eyes






“Team we are here…” Win spoke softly stroking his boyfriend hair and then his cheek, resting his hand there for team to nuzzle.

“Do you want to go to my house?” Win asked


Win had graduated so he had to move out of the dorms and find a house. He was really lucky that he found an apartment close to Team and his friends. On weekends Team would sleep at his house, they had an unspoken rule to not sleep together on weekdays, cause it was hard for Team to leave and Win to let him leave too.



“I can’t, I have a morning class. Its Monday tomorrow” Team spoke half awake half asleep

“We’ll just sleep, I promise you, you won’t be late” Win offered

“You know that that’s not true, we never just sleep.” Team slowly opened his eyes meeting his boyfriend stare.

“I promise I won’t touch you, I’ll drive you to school and buy breakfast…chips too” Win offered  knowing his boyfriend couldn’t resist chips


After some minutes of silence, Team looked up at his boyfriend and pushed his lips together wanting a kiss

Win got close with a smile and kissed his boyfriend slowly, brushing his lips on Teams lips tasting him.


Team wrapped his hands around his boyfriends neck pulling him closer, his fingers brushing threw his blonde hair making Win shiver…

Win slipped his tongue into Teams mouth making both boys moan for each other.

Win pushed his boyfriend back on the sit and before he could make a move Team pushed him off.


“Hia…that’s all you are getting today. Now drive, I want to sleep” Team pecked him on last time and closed his eyes… honestly he was trying to calm himself too, other than getting some sleep.

“O-okay…I’ll make a quick stop on the convenient store and then I’ll drive straight home” Win informed his boyfriend and turned the car on driving away.







“What did you even buy?” Team questioned once they were inside Wins apartment.

“Uhmm… I bought groceries and stuff for tomorrow’s breakfast, your shampoo cause you finished it last time and condoms and lube. We used the last once yesterday and the lube finished too.” Win explained while putting the stuff away.

“Oh.. okay. Do you mind if I sleep without showering?” Team asked his boyfriend

“Just this one. I know you are really tired but I’ll wake you up earlier than usual tomorrow so you can shower.” Win moved beside his boyfriend and placed some stuff in the bathroom.

“I’ll go take a shower, go to sleep I won’t be late.” Win said and after a peck on the lips Team moved to the bed, undressing himself and climbing to bed.









Win stepped in the shower and let his body relax, he start thinking about his boyfriend and what happened, why was Team sad an crying in his sleep.


He didn’t want to be away from his boyfriend for a long time so he finished quickly and after putting shorts on he walked to the bed to cuddle his boyfriend.


When he laid on the bed he realized that his boyfriend was crying again in his sleep.

“Baby…. Team… baby….” He whispered trying to wake him up

“Hmm…what happened?” He looked confused at Win feeling his cheeks wet from his tears

“Baby, what’s wrong you were crying before in the car and now too… did something happen and you don’t won’t to tell me?” Win questioned him and brushed Teams black hair off of his forehead

“I-… it’s that something happened, I just- I’ve been thinking maybe… it’s time we tell people about our relationship. I mean, we’ve been together for almost 2 years and no one knows except P’Dean. They keep pressuring me every time we go out, to meet someone or to flirt with someone or to make out or to have an one night stand.” Team finally opened up getting closer to his boyfriend to feel his warmth

“You know that, this was your decision, keeping it a secret I mean, the guys know that I’m dating someone but they don’t know who. Honestly, I dint get it why you didn’t want to tell people about us but I respect your decision. If you want to tell them I’ll be there with you. But I want to know if you are 100% that you want to tell them before actually doing it.” Win rested his head above Teams.


“I think I’m ready. Maybe we could just tell them over dinner… or …OH I KNOW!!” Team screamed excited his eyes glowing looking at his boyfriend

“I’m listening” Win smirked and laughed with Team

“We go for lunch all together, you sit next to me as normal and you tell me to pass you something but you call me baby and then kiss me..!” Team said getting a bit red from his idea and how quickly he spoke

“They’re going to have a heart attack…I’m in!” Win laughed and hugged his boyfriend.








The next day the whole friend group went for lunch on the cafeteria after the classes.

“Hey baby.” Win smiled and pecked his boyfriends lips before going to the table

“Hey.” Team said shortly

“What happened?” His boyfriend saw his worry behind his voice


“It’s okay, If you don’t want to say it. It’s not like anyone pressuring you.” Win said and smiled calming his boyfriend

“Okay…I want to do it” Team said sounding sure and walked to the table sitting in his normal place with Win next to him



“Hello, how was class?” Pharm asked his friend that just sat

“Was fine, boring as always. Can you pass me the spoon Hia.” Team looked at his boyfriend


Win got the message quickly and smiled grabbing a spoon from the other side of the table

“Here you go baby.” Win said and gave Team a spoon leaving a kiss on his cheek


“Say what now?” Manaow looked at them dumbfounded

“You guys are…together?” Pharm asked shocked

“I’m happy for you!” Dean smiled to his best friend and his boyfriend

“DEEEEL!!” Manaow screamed and callled her best friend that was walking towards the table

“WHAT?!” She asked scared

“Win and Team. Our ship! Is freaking sailing” she got up and hugged with the other girl and started dancing


“I-“ Team looked at them and smiled to his boyfriend

“I don’t remember why I didn’t want to tell them” Team smiled and Win leaned in and kissed him hugging him from the side

“I love you” he whispered

“Love you” Team said back


Manaow looked at them and smiled

“They love each other” del grinned and opened her phone

“I’ll update the fan page. Take a picture of them” She whispered but everyone heard her.


“Okay, that’s enough. Win take Team off from here, these crazy girls are going to make him mad” Dean stand in front of the boys so that no one could take a picture of them

“On it! See you guys.” Win said and helped Team walk away from the madness



“How are you feeling?” Win asked after they drove off from the school

“Good…I feel lighter. Should we go to the mall, go shopping while holding hands?” Team looked at his boyfriend with a silly smile

“Whatever my baby wants!” Win smiled and drove to the mall

Chapter Text

Leon was sitting in his brothers living room, sipping coffee and staring at the tv

“Leon, why are you here?” His older brother asked him looking concerned

“Cant I visit my brother without a reason, I just missed you.” Leon explained but it was obvious that he was lying


“Leon, it’s 4 in the morning, my daughter is sleeping and my husband is sick, if you don’t tell me why you are here at 4 o clock in the morning I’m kicking you out!” Leo sounded a bit more aggressive than he intended



Leon looked away from his brothers gaze and opened his mouth to speak

“We had a fight, he cried. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes, I know I fucked up. He said he wanted some space so I left. I couldn’t let him leave in the cold night, he doesn’t have anywhere to go. So I left instead and came here.” Leon finally spoke the truth


“What did you this time?” Leo sat next to his brother to listen to him

“You make it sound like I do this all the time! And I don’t do anything…he-….I-…. This girl was hitting on me, she wouldn’t stop bothering me. I told her again and again that I have a fiancé but she kept saying she could make forget him. I swear I didn’t do anything bad. I just wanted her to leave me alone.” Leon hesitated to continue

“So what did you do?” Leo stared at him

“I-“Leon began saying


“Leo..?” They heard a voice and both turned their hands towards the man standing in front of them .

“Hi baby. What happened? Are you not feeling good, you need something?” Leo immediately got up to help his husband

“Why aren’t you sleeping, why is Leon here? I just want some water…” Fiat answered and leaned on his husband

“I’ll get you water love, go back in bed and I’ll be there in a bit.” Leo scouted his husband a bit leaving a kiss on his forehead making sure that the fever has gone down.

“Don’t be late…” Fiat whispered and walked away to their bedroom


“Keep talking!” Leo moved back to his brother

“I swear…I- she asked me to go on a date with her and she promised she would leave me alone. So I- said okay….I didn’t go on the date. I blocked her from everywhere and thankfully she hasn’t  contacted me. P’Pob got really mad and told me….he said that I cheated on him. which I didn’t of course. I got mad and said things that I shouldn’t  have but on my defense he said some really harsh words too.” Leon finally finished

“You know you are wrong. So that’s a good start. He said he wanted some space so you should wait until morning before making any move. You can stay here if you want for the night. Your niece is going to go crazy when she see you in the morning. You will clear things out first thing in the morning.” Leo said and stood up

“Don’t be too loud. Going to sleep.” Leo said and walked away leaving his brother all alone again







I’m sorry for what happened

There’s medicine in the bathroom

You tent to have a fever when you cry…

I love you P’Pob




Leon turned off his phone and turned sides on the guest bed his brother let him sleep


*Pob ❤️ *


I love you too

Are you safe?


Leon quickly grabbed his phone



Yeah don’t worry about me

I’m at my brothers


*Pob ❤️ *







Leon turned his phone off and turned to his side.


*you fucked up.* he kept telling himself until he fell asleep






Early in the morning, he heard his niece waking up and calling for her dads, so he got up just to let Leo and Fiat sleep some more



“Hey princess! Did you wake up?” He asked as he walked inside running to her bed, to hug her

“Uncle Leon!” She smiled and hugged her uncle

“Where’s Uncle Pob? Is he with you?” The little girl asked rubbing her eyes from sleep

“No, he is not here today, but we will come next week with Unlce Pob I promise. Come on let’s go make breakfast but we have to be quite not to wake up your dads!” Leon picked her up and walked to the kitchen




Both Uncle and nice, cooked breakfast not only for themselves but for Leo and Fiat too. They ate together talked about her school and then Leon helped her pick an outfit for her day



“Uncle, will you help me with my homework?” She asked making puppy eyes

“Of course let’s go” Leon was more than happy to help the little one






After a few hours and finished homework Leon played a bit with his niece when suddenly a rushed Leo walked inside


“What happened?” Leon looked at him while having a crown on his head, red lipstick, shadow and sipping tea

“I-I thought she was left all alone the whole morning.” Leo explained and quickly took a picture of his brother and daughter

“Good morning princess, did you have fun with unlce?” He asked approaching them and hugging his daughter

“Yeah! Uncle helped me with my homework and we made breakfast and we played too! Daddy…is papa okay now?” The little one asked

“Yes, princess he is good now. I’m happy you had fun with Uncle Leon.” Leo smiled at his brother thanking him silently


“Princess, I’ll leave now. I have to go back home and finish my work too. I’ll come back soon. I promise” Leon gave her a kiss on the forehead and gave her his pinky to promise

“Uncle Pob too!” She said out loud

“Uncle Pob too…” Leon said back



“Call me, later! I want to know what happened!” Leo said to his brother

“K” he simply said and walked out the door


Still make up on he walked to his car and decided to drop by a flower shop to grab a bouquet for Pob






“Phi…” he unlocked the door to their apartment

“Pob?” He asked again


“Hey..” Pob came in front of the door, Leon’s shirt covering his top and a small part of his legs.


“Hey… these are for you… I’m sorry.” Leon gave him the bouquet and hesitated to walk inside

“Why do you have make up on?” Pob smiled

“My-our niece… she wanted to play with me so I let her put make up on..!” Leon explained finally getting a laugh out of Pob with his story


“Come here..” Pob asked him when he sat on the couch.

“All though I love this look, this make up is for kids which means it’s not good quality and you get really bad allergies…your face is going to be red!” Pob explained while taking Leon’s make up off

“You still love me.” Leon smiled

“I never stopped.” Pob answered and immediately was kissed by Leon




“I missed you, at night” Leon said and hugged Pob tight

“I didn’t sleep all night. It was too cold without you here.” Pob admitted and fell back on Leon’s hug


“Shhh…let’s sleep now.” Leon said and kissed Pobs forehead










“Come one Leon, let’s go!” Pob called his boyfriend from outside the car

“Fine fine!” Leon walked out and held Pobs hand walking to the front door of his brothers house


“Hello! How are you?” Fiat looked so happy.

“Hello, we are good, how about you?” Pob smiled and walked inside the house still holding hands with Leon


“Uncle Pob!” His niece yelled and jumped on his hug

“Hello, beautiful! How are you? Are you ready?”

Pob smiled and kissed her forehead






“We are leaving now! Say bye to your dads beautiful” Leon said and after the little girl hugged both her dad they walked out the door.



“Don’t destroy the house. I’ll call you before coming back!” Leon smiled and finally left the house



“Leooo…..!” Fiat called seductively

“Naked on the bed now!” Leo ordered and his husband run to their bedroom

Chapter Text

“Max…can i ask you something?” Tul asked his boyfriend when he entered the room after taking a shower.

“Yeah.” Max answered and sat on the bed and just a towel around his waist.

“Would you ever consider bottoming for me…?” Tul was kinda hesitating but still wanted to ask

“I-..I don’t know…maybe… I guess if you really wanted me too…I want to know how it is but…I don’t know probably…” Max sounded anxious playing with his hands and poking his finger nails


“Relax…, I didn’t say we have to do it, or do it now… I just asked… out of curiosity.” Tul said leaving a kiss on his boyfriends cheek.







Weeks went by and when finally both boys had free time the went out for dinner and came back home.

A few minutes after entering the door, Max kissed Tul harshly, biting his neck and kissing his lips


“Do you want to try…?” Max whispered when they walked to the bedroom still kissing each other

“What?” Tul looked confused

“I want to bottom…” Max blurted quickly and closed his eyes when they reached the bed


Still standing Tul kissed Max’s lips and Max opened his eyes

“We can try it, only if you want to.” Tul wanted to make sure that Max was truly okay with this

“I want to. I really want to. Is it going to be painful..?” Max asked

“At first a bit..I’m try to make it as painless as I can. I promise” Tul reassured him and helped him lay on the bed



They kissed each other some more, setting the mood to a more wild yet romantic at the same time.


Clothes were thrown on the floor, hickeys placed on both boys bodies. Max was out of breath when Tul finally turned him around.


Spreading his butt cheeks open, he licked a long strip along Max hole making the younger one, moan hardly.


Tul kept licking the place slowly adding his hands into the game, massaging the rim of the hole until he was able to put the first knuckle of his finger inside his boyfriends tight hole.


He kept loving slowly until the first finger was fully in, working him slowly Tul made sure to ask here and there

“Are you oKay, does this hurt?” Just to make sure although he knew Max was probably enjoying  this moment


Slowly a second finger was added making Max groan from both pleasure and pain

“I’ll go slower…” Tul assured him and kept going slower this time






A bit later Tul had 4 of his fingers inside his boyfriends tight hole, Max moaning under him, ready to cum from time to time


“Tul! I’m ready…! I want you!” Max yelled and felt a bit empty when his boyfriend removed his fingers from him



“Let me get the lube.” Tul got up slowly and grabbed the lube from the night stand next to the bed


“Does your…is it…no…why does it look bigger than usual…?” Max looked frightened

“Although I’m flattered it’s always been like this…relax baby… you’ll be fine…” Tul whispered and stroked Max’s hands and body


Tul spread some lube on his hard member and on his boyfriends hole. After that he positioned himself between his boyfriends legs.

“I’ll-“ Tul tried to say

“Wait! No….I don’t think it’s going to fit!” Max said and looked into his boyfriend eyes


“Max, if you don’t want to do this it’s fine, just say it. I want you to be comfortable. Please don’t let me do it if you are going to regret it” Tul said sincerely

“No! I want to…I really do… but I don’t think it’ll fit. It’s ginormous.” Max said and brought Tul closer to him

“Loot let’s start slowly I’ll push little by little by little until the tip is inside…then I’ll push slowly until the whole thing fits.” Tul said and kissed Max’s lips


“It’s not going to fit…I tell you…I don’t think I can fit that inside me… although I really want to…”Max admitted


“Let’s try baby, slowly and if it doesn’t we can stop. I promise.” Tul said and max smiled

“Ok…hold me” Max said like a big baby, something that made Tuls dick almost shoot cum right that moment.



Slowly he pushed inside inserting just his tip, earning a loud moan from Max


Slowly he kept pushing more and more until the whole thing was inside.

He let Max adjust to his size and the new feeling of fullness and when Max opened his eyes and smiled and him he knew it was time to move



Slow yet steady he pushed inside his boyfriend earning loud moans and scratched on his back


“Tu-Tul…!” Max screamed from pleasure, his eyes watering from pleasure

“Tu-ul! Harder…!” He whispered in his boyfriends ear


Making Tul loose his shit


Tul sped up and thrusted inside Max, making the younger one moan, scream his name, kiss his neck and mouth




When Tul found the magic spot Max screamed at the top of his lungs

“AGHHH…! Yeah!! I love you!” Max screamed when Tul kept touching his prostrate!

“More!  More!” He kept whispering and moaning


“I’m coming! I’m coming!” He screamed twice and left his release on his stomach


“Aghhh…!” Max wrapped his legs around Tuls body and moved along with him


“Tul…fill me in!” Max whispered

“I want your cum in me!” Max said driving Tul crazy!


“Tul! Tul! I’m- I’m coming!” Max said again a few minutes after his first orgasm

“I’m coming!” Tul said with him and finally came inside Max, releasing all of his cum in him



Still pounding in Max, Tul drove Max into overstimulation making him shake from pleasure




He slowly left his Boyfriends hole leaving his chest drip outside of Max hole.

“Agh…” they birth groaned when Tul laid next to max

“How was it?” Tul asked

“There’s not a better feeling than being deep into you…but I could do that once in a while.” Max said honeslty

“Glad to hear that..!” Tul agreed and kissed Max on the lips



“Let me clean you up!” Tul said and got up to clean himself and his boyfriend


“You’ll be a bit sore tomorrow so, try taking it easy just for tomorrow.” Tul said and helped Max wear his shirt and pants


“Goodnight.” Max whispered hugging his boyfriend

“Goodnight.” Tul said back


“I love you”

“I love you”








Max was sitting on the couch while Tul was cooking them lunch.


Everything was quite, Tv on the back ground until Tul heard his boyfriend speaking


“My back hurts and my ass hurts and everything hurts…! I need something to make me feel better!” Max fake cried

“What Can I do for you my lord” Tul played his game walking inside the leaving room his with underwear and a cooking apron


“A blowjob from you, could solve all of my problems.” Max said no shame in his voice

“Your wish is my command” Tul answered and fell on his knees in front of Max.


Chapter Text

“Hey, you bitch!” Ming heard behind him


He tried to gather his things and leave but unfortunately they got him

“Were you trying to leave from us? Awww…stupid little dumb bitch!” The older guy grabbed his shirt and pulled his hair tightly

“Did you finally broke up with this whore Kit? Cause I would appreciated you sucking my dick! Bitch” he spat

“Look at him looking like a helpless puppy. You freaking piece of shit! Look at you a man willing to suck other men! Disgusting!” Another one spoke and spat on Ming


The third one kicked him hard

*that’s gonna leave a bruise* Ming thought


Another hit on his stomach this time. More hits coming one after the other making Ming ready to give up and maybe die….




“Help!” He tried to scream but his voice wouldn’t come out!

“What are you doing you bitch, no one’s gonna help you!” The older guy said an before kicking Ming on the face someone stopped



“What do you think you are doing ?!?” Forth screamed and punched the guy holding Ming down


Forty’s friends handled the situation and Forth run to the almost unconscious Ming

“Hey hey! Stay with me I got you!” Forth said and picked up Ming on his legs holding his head steady

“I need an ambulance QUICKLY!” He said and after giving information he called Beam



“Hello?” Beam answered

“Are you with Kit?” He asked quickly a rush in his voice

“Yeah…? What happened?” Beam asked and a moment later his boyfriend dropped his phone down, immediately explaining the situation to the others


“M-Ming…” Kit stuttered and run out of the library.

His feet took him to the place he was supposed to meet his boyfriend half an hour later

“Ming! Ming! Baby….can you hear me? It’s me, Kitty; KitKat…” Kit cried taking over Forths place


“The paramedics will be here in a few minutes”

Forth said while backing up to his boyfriend…he could feel the panic attack coming


“Ming…baby…stay with me…stay with Kitty…you can’t leave me!” Kit cried while whipping the blood and dirt off of his boyfriends head

“I got you baby…Kitty is here” Kit whispered tears in his eyes and all over his face



Behind them but still close enough , was Pha with yo in his hug protecting him from seeing his best friend in this situation.


“The paramedics are here” Forth announced and and had to physically drag Kit away from Ming’s body


“I’ll drive you to the hospital.” Pha said and walked with Yo under his arm and with Kit on the other side.







“I’ll drive us.” Beam offered seeing the state his boyfriend was.


Forth didn’t argue meaning that he was way worse than he looked

“Is he going to be okay?” He simply asked

“He will. The doctors are going to help him.” Beam told him when they sat in the car


“Come here” Beam told him when he saw Forth crying

“He is safe, the doctors are going to take care of him.” He explained to his crying boyfriend

“I should have protected him! I should have been there with him…! He had told me that some kids bothered him and I did nothing!” Forth cried, yelling his words

“You did nothing wrong! Don’t say that! You saved him! Remember what you did a week ago…? You went to the principles office and told him the situation they did nothing. So you stayed with Ming all the time, you warned them once and they still did it. You just left for a few minutes. Don’t blame yourself Nong Ming wouldn’t want that.” Beam said trying to calm his boyfriend


Taking deep breaths both of them finally made it to the hospital where all of their friends were.



“How is he?” Beam asked Pha that was looking at Mings chart secretly

“You scared me! I thought they caught me!” Pha said while looking back at his boyfriend and Kit that where sitting on some chairs near by

“He has internal bleeding, his head had a severe damage and bruises all over his body. A bone fracture and a broken finger. He is-he is out of danger…. For now…. But we have to wait. Don’t tell Kit anything, he will collapse.” Pha said and finally looked back to see Kit crying on his knees


“P’Kit…” Yo called him

“Yeah?” Kit looked up

“Can I hug you?” Yo asked and Kit fell back on his knees crying… Yo hugged him and whispered  “he is going to be okay. He is going to be okay” Yo comforted his best friends boyfriend


“N’Pha can I talk to you for a bit?” A doctor came out of Ming’s room calling for Pha


“He needs blood for surgery, does anyone have the same blood type with him?” The doctor asked


“Beam, Forth, come here” He called Quickly and explained


“Let me talk to him.” Beam said when his boyfriend insisted on donating blood


“Baby…, listen to me, you had a surgery a few months ago. The doctor said it isn’t safe for you to donate blood for the next year. I also have the same blood type with Nong Ming I’ll donate blood. Don’t worry.” Beam explained


“Love…you are deathly afraid of needles. It’s not going to be just five seconds. Like when we have blood test.. are you sure?” Forth asked him

“I’ll be fine. We will ask the doctor if you can come with me.” Beam smiled and got up followed by his boyfriend to the doctor



“I’ll do it. Just, can Forth come with me? If- If it’s possible.” The doctor nodded positively and showed them the way.


“What did he say?” Kit whispered

“I’ll tell you in a bit. Get up, I’ll take him off of you.” Pha said pulling his sleeping boyfriend lightly


He knew how weird Kit would be when they touched him, people he didn’t want to be touched by.

“I got you.” Pha said to his best friend that now looked more comfortable

“I know you don’t want to leave from here, but I have a suitcase in my track, there’s old clothes that I was planning to donate. Take 2 shirts from there, get some fresh air and come back. Forth needs a shirt too.” Pha told Kit and without a word the boy got up, reached for Phas keys and walked to the car.





“He is stable now. You can go see him. He is still asleep, we will have to wait 24 hours until I can say 100% that he is out of danger, but he is a young strong man and I’m pretty positive he will be fine. Maybe I’ll talk more about it when he wakes up but maybe you should consider therapy. After you see him I will allow only one person to stay with him during the nights.” The doctor informed them and everybody looked at Kit that was looking and feeling numb



“Okay thank you doctor.” Beam answered and showed Kit the way to get inside the room.



Chapter Text

“Kit, come closer.” Pha whispered showings Kit the empty sit next to the bed


Kits simply looked at Pha and refused nodding “no”


Everyone sighed, Beam standing close to Kit he whispered in his ear

“Do you want us to leave?” Kit looked at him and simply cried

“Yes and no… I want to stay with him and cry but I’m afraid to touch him…what if something happens..” Kit cried and Forth stroked his back

“Hey, we can leave you guys alone, we will be right outside if something happens.” Forth suggested making Kit smile a bit

“Thank you.” He whispered and walked to the chair next to the bed


“We will be outside” Pha confirmed and closed the door be fine him




“Ming…my love…I would never expect to say these words while in a hospital. I thought maybe when we would get engaged, after our wedding night, when we would hold our first kid…not in a hospital while you are laying on the bed. I love you and I wish I had said that earlier… I love you so freaking much that I get embarrassed by it…I’m afraid that when you realize how much I love you, you will get afraid and leave me…please wake up…please be okay…I’ll do anything. Anything you want and desire… don’t leave me alone…” Kit cried holding Mings hand with bandages.



Kit fell asleep while holding Mings hand. When Beam walked in to check on him he smiled and covered Kit with a blanket he found next to him.





A few weeks passed and Ming still hadn’t woken up.


“Ming…I’m back baby.” Kit said when he walked inside the hospital room.


Kit visited him everyday after his class that his friends made him attend.

He would sleep next to Ming and he would study next to him. Always looking out for him






“Hello?” Kit picked up his phone in the model of the class

“Mister Kit…I-I’m calling from the hospital…I’m- I’m afraid…to inform you that Ming…he-he passed away a few minutes ago…we are waiting for you…” The nurse said on the other side of the phone..


Tears were rushing from his eyes, he felt like he was drowning. The world stopped around him, everything went black.


“KIT!” Was the last thing he heard, Beam calling his name





A few years passed after Mings pass and Kit still wasn’t over it.

“Hey, tomorrow, we are meeting for the 5th year anniversary since Mings death…Beam and Forth are coming from Austria…” Pha told him when he entered his office


“Okay. I’ll see you there.” Kit gave him a fake smile and looked back at his screen going through a patience file.


“Hey…maybe…it’s time to move on-“ Pha tried to say but

“Pha. I have a lot of work. Goodbye” He shooed Pha off and sighed






“Hey!” Beam hugged Kit after not seeing him for 3 years

“Hello!” Kit faked a smile.




That night Kit cried and drank, cried and drank, cried and drank. He couldn’t get over Ming and he would never ever do that.


When he finally got enough drunk he fell asleep, with an empty bottle of whiskey next to him.



“Kit… it’s been 5 years… I Love you so much, I’m so happy you still remember me but…I want you to be happy…I searched for so many days and I finally found the perfect person for you…please let them get close to you…I want you to be happy…I’ll always be here for you…but I want you to be happy with out me.” Ming said to Kit when they sat on the grass


“I can’t do that to you…I love you…I can’t be with anyone else…I can’t…” Kit said and cried

“I’ll always be here Kitty… please try…just for me.” Ming whispered and left a kiss on his forehead







“Hey Kit, I know you’ll say no… but we are going for drinks, do you want to come?” Pha asked at his office door


“Okay, I’ll meet you there” Kit smiled leaving Pha stand

“I-okay great!” Pha smiled and walked actually run out the door






Kit walked outside his car and towards the bar

“Oh I’m sorry!” Someone said bumbing in to him

“It’s-it’s okay.” Kit said, he looked at the person in front of him

“You look so beautiful” the person said making Kit blush

“Im-I’m Joong…what’s-what’s your name?”The handsome man said

“I’m-Im Kit…nice to meet you” kit smiled

“Kit…can I buy you a drink?” Joong asked


“I’m- im actually meeting with my friends…but I would love too.” Kit said and smiled


He took his phone out and texted Pha



I won’t come

I met someone



I see that

I’m happy

I’m here if you need anything


“Shall we?” Joong asked

“Yes…” Kit smiled



Ming watching from above smiled

I love you Kit. I’m finally happy that you are happy too!

Chapter Text


“Kit, come closer.” Pha whispered showings Kit the empty sit next to the bed


Kits simply looked at Pha and refused nodding “no”


Everyone sighed, Beam standing close to Kit he whispered in his ear

“Do you want us to leave?” Kit looked at him and simply cried

“Yes and no… I want to stay with him and cry but I’m afraid to touch him…what if something happens..” Kit cried and Forth stroked his back

“Hey, we can leave you guys alone, we will be right outside if something happens.” Forth suggested making Kit smile a bit

“Thank you.” He whispered and walked to the chair next to the bed


“We will be outside” Pha confirmed and closed the door be fine him




“Ming…my love…I would never expect to say these words while in a hospital. I thought maybe when we would get engaged, after our wedding night, when we would hold our first kid…not in a hospital while you are laying on the bed. I love you and I wish I had said that earlier… I love you so freaking much that I get embarrassed by it…I’m afraid that when you realize how much I love you, you will get afraid and leave me…please wake up…please be okay…I’ll do anything. Anything you want and desire… don’t leave me alone…” Kit cried holding Mings hand with bandages.





Two months passed quickly.

Kit visited Ming everyday. He learned how to bathe him, how to take care of him.


The past week he couldn’t visit him for 2days. He had a real important meeting with a hospital for a job interview.

When he finally got the chance he visited him



“Hey baby, I’m-“ Kit began talking as soon as he walked inside the hospital room but soon stoped


“M-Ming?!” He screamed when he looked at the empty bed.

“No no no no…! Please tell me he is okay.” He almost cried until he heard someone entering the room from the bathroom.

“So baby huh…?” Ming was in a wheelchair, smiling looking handsome. Alive

“M-Ming…am I dreaming…? Please tell me I’m not dreaming…” Kit prayed while Ming approached him


“You are not dreaming Kitty…I’m alive, healthy, well with a few broken bones but alive and healthy.” Ming said and held Kits hand

“I missed you.” Kit said and left some tears run on his face

“I missed you too.” Ming said back and kissed his hand


“Help me get on the bed?” He questioned and immediately Kit picked him up and helped him on the bed





A few weeks after and Ming was finally home, he could walk fine but he still had a broken hand and crunches for his bruised foot.


As soon as they entered their shared house. Kit left the bag with Mings clothes on the floor and tiptoed to kiss him


“I can’t believe that you are home….I was afraid this day won’t come..”Kit said and kissed Ming again


“Phi…I love you so much…but can you please help me bathe…I feel so disgusting and I smell so bad…” Ming said quit embarrassed

“Of course come on let’s move to the bathroom.” Kit said and walked quickly






A year passed since the accident and Ming was as good as new.

They were laying on their bed holding each other in their hugs. Kissing here and there.

“Ming, I love you. And I’ll do anything to protect you.” Kit said moments before sleeping

“I love you too Kitty.” Ming kissed the top of his head and soon fell asleep too.




“And now I pronounce you husbands! You may kiss” the priest said and everyone clapped around them family and friends

“Husband…I like that.” Ming smiled an inch away  from kissing Kit

“Kiss me already!” Kit said impatient




“And here is your daughter! She is healthy, she has 10 fingers and 10 toes!” The doctor gave Ming and Kit their new born baby


“Hello princess…this is papa and I’m daddy…welcome to our family” Ming smiled while holding  his husband and daughter in his hug.

Chapter Text

“3…2…1…! Happy new year!!!” Everyone screamed loudly when the year changed


“Happy new year to my amazing boyfriend!” Pat said in Prans ear and pulled him in for a kiss

“Happy new year to My amazing boyfriend!” Pran also said back





“Happy new year…” Korn said to the guy next to him

“Happy new year…” Wai smiled to Korn which surprised him

“Do you-“ both of them spoke at the same time

“You go” again they said together and Korn took the initiative

“Do you wanna maybe…have a New Years kiss..?” Wai smiled and nodded


He pulled the black haired man into a kiss and smiled into it


“Happy new year” Wai whispered again when he pulled back

“Mmmhh…let’s kiss some more” Korn pulled him back into a kiss





“Happy new year P’Ink” Pa hugged the older girl

“Happy new year N’Pa” Ink hugged her back


Ink placed her hand on Pas face and stroked it with her finger. She slowly leaned in and their lips met each other on the way



“Happy new year” Ink said when she pulled away but Pa was quick to pull her back into the kiss






“Did you….did you see that?” Pat asked his boyfriend that was looking shocked at his best friend kissing his boyfriends best friend

“Yeah! What the Fuck Wai with Korn???” Pran looked surprised

“What, no! I know about them, they have a thing going on. Sorry for not telling you…! But! MY sister and Ink?! When?” Pat was ready to walk up to them

“Stop! I know about them. You sister is really happy and so is Ink…let them. Look at the bright side, we won’t have them bother us every time we try to hang out. They have someone to annoy now” Pran pulled his boyfriend back and kissed him deeply


“Hmm…yeah you got a point” Pat said and fell into the kiss


Chapter Text

Leon finally convinced Pob to live with him on his apartment. So it’s been a few months since the two boys are living together.


Living in the same space made them fall harder than they already did, If that’s even possible.


Pob had learned how to ask for what he wanted without being shy anymore and Leon had simply learned how to read his boyfriend. Their coexistence is going amazing.





Leon had his finals coming up whereas Pob had just finished his.

“Leon….I think it’s time to go to sleep. You’ve been studying since morning. Your brain will explode.” Pob massaged his boyfriends shoulders to relax him a bit. The young boy had been studying since he woke up, took no breaks and even ate while studying, not bothering to actually eat in the kitchen

Pob understood, he was like this a week ago, Leon of course took care of him and that’s what he is doing too.


“I wish…but I have to finish this and after that I’ll be done for the next three months. Just a few more hours” Leon smiled and moved his glasses back on to keep studying. Pob kissed the top of his head and looked for a few seconds what Leon was studying


“Okay…I’ll go to sleep then” Pob announced and finally moved to the bed after changing to his pjs







We all know that feeling when you want to fall asleep but you can’t. No reason why…

Well Pob was struggling to sleep right now.


He kept moving around, turning sides, hugging pillows, covering his body with the blanket and uncovering it seconds later



He kept having this wild thoughts about him and Leon. It’s been a long time since they had sex.Both of them had been studying all day the last 2 weeks. No time for sex, just a few quick kisses before falling asleep next to each other late at night.


Pob kept thinking, Leon’s strong arms around him….him on top of Leon…

These thoughts gave him a hard on. He felt like a teenager again.


“Aghh..!” He screamed and pushed himself off of the bed


“What happened?” His boyfriend searched for him when he heard Pobs loud groan

“I can’t sleep…” Pob answered and walked towards Leon.


Leon looked at him and pulled his chair back leaving space for his boyfriend to sit on his lap


“Leonnn…” he moaned in his ear

“Hmm…” Leon answered feeling goosebumps along his spine

“When will you finish…?” Pob whispered in his ear and start leaving small kisses in the back on his neck


Slowly yet with a steady pace Pob moved around, shaking his butt on Leon’s growing wound


“Phi….I have to finish this” Leon found it hard to focus.

“I didn’t do anything” Pob answered innocently still moving slowly making circles with his hips


“Well… it’s hard to focus when I have my gorgeous boyfriend sitting on my lap…moving around…turning me on. How am I suppose to finish my paper now” Leon smiled and helped Pob move more steadily on his hardening dick


“Leon…I want you….I need your attention” Pob whispered

“Cock warming….” He heard Leon whisper back

Pobs eyes glowed and he could feel precum escaping from his hard member

“What is that?” Pob questioned although he could imagine


“You need my attention which I really want to give you but I really do have to finish my paper so…how about you be a good boyfriend and simply sit on my cock…warm me up for when I finish my paper and we can do whatever you want” Leon explained and Pob was ready to take him in


“Take your bottoms off.” Leon instructed him and so Pob did


He lowered his pjs and finally took them off he then reached back and slowly fingered himself for a few seconds

“You are turning me on so hard right now…!” Leon said and he could swear precum were spreading already

Seeing Pob making these faces was a huge turn on


Pob pushed himself down on Leon’s hard cock and moved around for a few seconds until he adjusted.

“Okay now…hmmmm” Leon moaned trying to finish his sentence but his boyfriend moving around stopped him

“Stay still until I finish my paper. It’s only a paragraph”

“Okay” Pob nodded


Facing his boyfriend Pob laid his head on Leon’s shoulder and tried to stay calm and steady, while Leon got back to his work.








Not long after Leon looked ready to burst along with Pob they wanted to move so badly.


Pob kept moving around slowly making both of them live in a torture.


“Leon!” Pob screamed when he felt Leon thrusting inside him

“What are you doing…?” He asked being really confused

“I thought the point was to stay still” The old boy moaned with pleasure

“I finished my paper and I deserve an award” Leon said and moved Pobs hips up and down in his cock.




Pob moaned loudly with the satisfaction after a long time of trying to suppress his need

“Aghhh….!! Finally! Fuck yeah!” Pob was out of control moving his hips, harder than he used to

“Leon! I want to cum!” He told his boyfriend and moved down to leave space to Leon to thrust in him


“Fuck! You are so tight! So good!” Leon moaned and grabbed Pobs face to kiss him violently yet lovingly

The space was small and Leon wanted to move to them bed


He grabbed Pobs legs and walked to the bed while being still in him

“That’s…that’s….” Pob moaned when they finally reached the bed and Leon sat his back touching the head board


Pob picked up the pace and moved harder and faster than he already was



“Leon! Make me cum please!” Some tears run out of Pobs eyes when he was about to reach his climax


“More!” He screamed when he had already released his orgasm on Leon’s tummy

“I’m close too baby!” Leon assured him and kept thrusting up harder than before feeling Pob thrusting himself down to Leon’s dick


“Aggggghhhh!”they both moaned so hard, Leon finally letting his release inside his boyfriend


Being too caught up in the moment both men forgot to wear a condom.

“So-sorry…I didn’t wear a condom” Leon breathed hard

“It’s okay…I liked it” Pob whispered while laying on top of his boyfriend





“Well that was….” Leon whispered


Pob fell off of his boyfriend and let himself be handled by him

“Let me clean you up” Leon moved to get up but was soon interrupted

“Sleep…we need to sleep” Pob whispered and pulled Leon to lay back down using him as a human pillow.



“Goodnight baby” he said to his already sleeping boyfriend

This time Pob found it really easy to fall asleep.


All he needed was just some exercise. Special exercise.








In the morning Pob woke up and feeling more clean than he felt before sleeping.

He was still naked with Leon behind him.


He could feel Leon’s dick behind him touching his back

He felt so horny…


“What are you doing?” Leon’s smirked

“I just thought…waking you up…like this, for a thank you about yesterday” Pob said


“Hmmm….let me” Leon said and pushed himself easily inside his boyfriend





Needless to say their last night activity was repeated many times in the morning too.