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Just Go With It

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"Honeymoon!" Iruka called happily as he presented their linked hands proudly to the receptionist who shone so brightly. 

“Really? That’s amazing!” She cooed. “When was the wedding?”

“About a month ago. High school sweethearts,” Iruka boasted. “He proposed under the stars at the planetarium. Obviously, we had to be married under the stars and I just love hiking so we went with a small ceremony at a cabin up North.”

And on and on Iruka went and the enamoured hotel receptionist was beyond thrilled with everything she was being told and asked question after question.

Kakashi, on the other hand, was bright pink and trying to not die from embarrassment as his best friend talked and talked on end to the receptionist, charming their way into a better room with a better deal. 

High school sweethearts? Hah.

In reality, they’d been best friends since high school. 

Why the whole charade? Well, that was because Iruka’s ex-boyfriend was standing right behind them in line, shooting daggers at the back of Kakashi’s head even though his girlfriend was right next to him. 

“And here’s your complimentary dinner that you can use at any time during your stay,” The receptionist was saying as she handed over their keys.

“Thank you so much,” Iruka said to her before turning to Kakashi, laying down the most affectionate and public kiss on his cheek. “Come on, babe. Let’s go check out our room.”

Even though he knew that flirtatious tone and wink was for their audience, Kakashi still blushed and stammered to the receptionist before whisking them away, “Oh. Thank you for the dinner.”

Later, in their room, Kakashi gasped for air, demanding, “You could’ve warned me, you know?”

“They were right behind us!” Iruka shrugged as he studied their room, the beautiful view of the ocean just outside their windows and how the glass doors opened onto the lawn. “Besides, we got a good deal, didn’t we?” 

Half off their stay? Sure, at the price of Kakashi’s embarrassment.

“And a free dinner,” Iruka grinned in that way that always had Kakashi’s stomach in knots. 

“What if we see them again?” Kakashi pointed out and Iruka’s grin turned into a pleading smile.

“We fake it until they leave. Just for a little bit. Please?” Iruka pleaded but Kakashi’s frown wasn’t budging. So, he had to admit, “I just… It still kind of hurts, you know? Like, I sometimes feel like I miss him even though I know I don’t so… If we could pretend a bit, then maybe he won’t try to talk to us and maybe I can just relax a bit.”

Which was the whole point they’d come to the island. Kakashi had booked this whole trip as a way to help his best friend chill after overworking himself in an attempt to forget his ex. Which was why he sighed in defeat, “Fine. But we’re only faking it when he’s around.”

Even though Kakashi knew that part of him wouldn’t be faking it.