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EbonySlasher Reaction Collection

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S/o asking slashers to help them with their braids/braiding their hair


Bo Sinclair

“Well damn, whatchu want me to do? I ain’t done no damn hair before!”

“Just help me!”😭

He really tries but can’t grasp it. Literally. His fingers are kinda thick so it’s hard to get a good grasp on small strands

He ends up frustrated and wanting to give up cause he really doesn’t know what to do

Which turns into an argument on what he should try to do.

He ends up helping you part your hair mostly. Thankfully the braids will be taken a loose in the morning to turn into a wavy style

He makes it up by massaging your arms afterwards. 


He’s a sweetie so he will jump to help when you ask. Even if he has no idea what to do

He watches you do some by yourself. You go slowly so that he can visually get the hang of it

He gets really good at the braiding technique, whether it’s cornrows, regular braids, or weave

If you decided to install braids in, he’s great at mixing/blending the hair colors together (If you bought different ones). 

It pays to have an artist as a boyfriend, he’s naturally good with his hands and pays attention to detail. 

He will be one of the only ones that will re-do a braid if it’s off (the other being daniel lamb)


Triple team that shit and it’ll be done in no time. You don’t have to worry about spending all night tryna get it done

They don’t know how to part for shit, so you have to do all the parting. God forbid you not good at it either. Or else your hair gonna look rough lol

Miraculously, Billy can start the braid off no problem. You compliment him and he gets all smug about it. Stu tries to show him up by learning how to do the braiding fast. 

Stu gets good at that but tends to make mistakes

Overall, not bad. Your arms will have plenty of time to rest honey. Don’t you worry 


Depending on his mood, he may or may not help you

He won’t help if he’s tired, just come from a killing spree (bloody hands ew), hasn’t been on a spree in a while, or feeling agitated for some off reason

He will help if he’s in a good mood (is that possible?), very curious, or you promise him something in return (basically manipulation)

Michael can’t………can’t braid for shit. It’ll be best if you just do a ‘twist’ braiding style (like Senegalese) 

He can help with parting and twisting down. But you will have to start it off. He refuses, mostly cause his fingers are a little thick for it. 

He’s pretty slow at it. He will take his time and you will accept it. You fuss at him and he will go slower or just stop 

When Michael gets obsessed with something, he will go hard until it’s conquered. So if that happens, you’re in the bag!

He feels just as accomplished as you when it’s finished. Both of your arms are aching though. You suggest soaking in the tub to help and he jumps up to go run the water (baths are his weakness)

Jennifer Check

Braid Party Time!!!! WOO🎉

She gets snacks, drinks, blankets, and puts on a show series for y’all to binge on Hulu

In terms of doing braids: If you decide to use weave, you’ll have to teach her how to start it off. 

Other than that, Jennifer knows how to braid down and knows how to cornrow

I hc that she’s in cosmetology school/class, so she knows how to do hair. It’s another way for you two to bond

You two have so much fun the whole time. Bouncing between laughing, gossiping, eating, and working on the braids

It takes a good while for y’all to be done. But, it was worth it for all the quality time both of you had. 

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Slashers react to their male s/o with a cool ass durag collection



He likes looking at your collection. The different designs and colors really grasp his attention

He leans towards the ones that have cartoon characters on them. He feels a bit smug when he can recognize who the characters are

Warning, he’ll steal some that you’ve worn a couple of times just to smell it. He thinks your hair smells good

Also, his weird self stuffs it with the underwear he’s stolen from you too. If it appears again….just know to wash it first

It’s also easier to identify who and where you are if you wear it outside. You’re the only person really wearing one and no one else has a collection like you 


They think you’re the fucking coolest person around. They love your collection

When they first saw it, they looked at it with awe. Lowkey jealous.

I mean….they can’t really wear them. But if you let them try them on, they will be so excited

Goes crazy when they see the dragon ball one

“Babe……you got a DBZ one?! Hoolyy Shitttttttttttt that’s fucking awesome. I knew you were the one for us.”

You’re the best and most stylish boyfriend ever

They’ll take pictures of you with each durag on, so that you’ll have a photo album dedicated to them


Mans’ is a rich bitch, so he helps you add more to your collection

He will build a section of the closet to be dedicated just for your du-rags

He will get you the top of the line designer ones. You want gucci? Louis Vuitton? Name it, he will get it custom made for you

He respects your collection and your dedication to expanding it 

He likes Deathstroke (DC) so you may get one with him on it lol

Rubs on the du-rags when you aren’t looking. He likes the smooth and silky feeling between his fingers. Even the stitched parts are soft……


Is into any collection you may have

He has a collection too! Even if his collection is…..realll different. But hey! Collection boyfriends forever!

For him, this is another way to bond. You two can chat about them and what you’ll add next

He won’t really recognize any cool cartoon/anime ones that you have unless you’ve made him watch the series

He appreciates any of them with insects on them…you may see some added to your collection that appeared out of nowhere

He thinks you have good taste though!

Whenever you get a new one, he wants you to model it for him

“Let me see how it looks on you…..very nice y/n. You should get more like that.”

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Slashers going to a family cookout with their s/o


He always rolls in style so y’all pulled up inna Black 2020 Aston Martin Vanquish. Stuntin’ on everybody.


Your dad and uncles are posing and taking pictures by it lmaoooo; he doesn’t mind

Also coming extra late lol. Shit started at 2 pm and you two came at 5 pm. Thankfully black people operate on cp time so there was plenty of food left

Goes to pile up his plate with jerk chicken, ribs, yams, cabbage, etc. He wants to eat everything

The fam knows about his…..”accident” so they don’t give him a hard time about eating in a separate room

Also they lowkey scared of him sooooooo

He goes into one room where there’s a random baby sleep

Like who’s child is this????🤔🤔

He just goes into another one, which is thankfully empty. He was hungry as hell. 

Also got a cup of henny to sip on 

Tears that jerk chicken up! 1 minute and that shit was gone lol it was good as hell. Loud as hell smacking on that shit too

Ends up spending the night cause y’all both drunk and full by the end of the night. Real slizzardddd🥴

Bo Sinclair

He hasn’t been to a cookout inna minute. Mostly cause everybody is made of wax except his brothers

He’s another one who knows how to tear some shit up. He don’t play about his food.

Honestly vibes well with your folks. He’s pretty respectful to everybody. He doesn’t feel out of place with them

Y’all be roasting each other at home so he knows how to hold his own when your cousins try him lol

Acts sweet with you grandma, mostly cause he wants her to slide him an extra piece of red velvet cake. 🙄Deceitful ass nigga lol

Oh he’s playing cards with the main crew. Bo is good at it too, has a perfect poker face

“BAM! Y’all ain’t got nothin’ on me!”

“Awww nigga shut up, you ain’t win. Musta cheated yo ass off!”

“Hellll Naw, I just got skills unlike you.”

When I say he goes to town on the food, he goes in. His eating style is literally chomping down on shit. We aren’t in a food competition sir



Been to a million and 1 cookouts back in the day

But since the hood is scared of him, he hasn’t gone to one for a very long time.

Thankfully, being with you has calmed people down (somewhat), so he gets to go to your folks’ get together. They side eye the hell outta him when he gets there tho

He’s the one who always dancing and sayin “Whatchu know about this song youngin’?!”


Um everything, old ass man. We been hearing the same shit since we was kids. Don’t play😂😂😂😂

He jokes around with everybody. You can hear that ugly uncle ass laugh miles away. Like ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol. That’s your baby tho

He doesn’t go heavy on the food like you would expect. 

That’s cause he made himself some to go plates and hid them while no body was looking 

He’s a natural at cookouts lol that shit is engrained into his DNA


He really don’t like being around a bunch of people😐

But, there’s food involved so he can tolerate it

Ya moms, aunts, and cousins think he’s cute 

“Where you get him from? Ooooo I like him.” 

Umm he’s not for YOU. That’s my nigga, back off.”


If they try to come up and flirt with him he’s like nah bih

He’s there on a mission. For the food and food only

He’s staring at the dessert table, ready to attack it and devour all of them. You lead him away before he tries

Sees the random baby sleeping on the bed when he does his mandatory snoop around the house. He wishes he could do that

All the kids want to hang off his arms since he’s so tall. You have to save him from them cause his face said this ain’t it and never will be

He gets one of every dish. Except anything that looks too green cause fuck veggies

He has a food baby by the end of it. He’s so satisfied that he’s moving even slower than usual

Your aunts all slide him an extra piece of their pie(s) that they saved for their favorites. Gladly takes them all. 

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Bo Sinclair

He was already calling you sweetie, darling, etc from the get go. It’s just something that came natural for a southern guy like him. 

You were pretty skeptical of him from the get go. Even though you thought he was fine, he was a bit shady

As you get to know him more and start dating him, that’s when you start pulling out the petnames.

“Hey honey!”

He’s a little taken aback, never hearing you call him that before. He blushes a little. 

“Oh so it’s honey now! Since when’d you start doing that?”

“Oh my god, shut upppppaaaaa!”

He starts teasing you about it, covering the warm feeling that washed over him afterwards. He’s feeling real special.

You didn’t know it, but you unlocked a new relationship level with him lol. He starts acting slightly different. He throws around  compliments and touching on you more. He’s even caught himself caressing you a few times. 


He doesn’t show a reaction to you calling him any names, but at first he’s kinda confused.

“You ok, boo?”

Why are you calling him that? He didn’t know the social construct behind nicknames, so he has no idea that you’re being romantic. He just furrows his eyebrows and continues on

He starts getting used to it as you add more names for him. Michael still doesn’t know what’s going on but he’ll go with the flow. Your tone never seems mad, scared, or disappointed when you say them. 

He decides to ask you one day, writing on a piece of paper that says,’Why do you call me names?’

“Like when I call you boo?”


“That’s just me showing you my affection if that makes sense. I think you’re cute, even though you’re deadly. I just… you a lot. You my baby~”

You weren’t best as explaining something that seems so natural for you to do. But he seems to get the gist of it. 

He watches more romantic shows and movies, observing how they talk to each other and the names they use. He starts to mentally give you nicknames, thinking it whenever you’re being cute…which is all the time but I digress.

He mostly uses babygirl, my girl, or cutie for you and you don’t even know it.


When you call him baby, he starts smiling and his cheeks get a lil hot.

He replies with calling you sweetie in that cute, nerdy voice that you fell in love with. 

He’s pretty giddy for the rest of the day, still smiling to himself when the moment replays in his mind. 

He holds on to the memory and replays it even when he’s on the run. You keep him pretty sane in the moments where he’s killed about 5 men in the span of an hour.

Whenever he sneaks back to see you, you get excited and call him Danny-boo after giving him a big embrace.

“I missed you sweetie.”

If Leo takes over, he just calls you doll or missy. The tone is always sensual with a hint of gruffness. You use the same nicknames with him, even though you have a bad feeling about him. 


“Can you come help me, babyboy?”

“Yes m’am I can~”

You calling him that gives this man his entire lifeforce. He can’t get enough of hearing your sweet voice say those words.

He’ll act like he’s dying if you haven’t called him dear, honey, etc for a while. He will start to think you stopped loving him a little bit.


It’s a childish way of thinking but it’s still so sweet

The nicknames are another way for you to get him to act right or do something you need him to do.

He tends to call you love, beautiful, or sexy. 


Basically just throw a whole book of cute petnames at him (not literally). Any type of compliment is what this man deserves.

Whenever you use those names, it’s instant heart eyes. It’s the best way to get a special place in his heart.

He feels those names with his whole chest. He wants to use his voice to call you gorgeous, beautiful, baby, etc so bad.  Like he would shout it out to the heavens for every living thing to hear. 


He’ll have to just deal with signing it to you. 

You’re everything to me, my dear.”

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Slasher seeing you twerk what cha momma gave ya


Billy Lenz

He saw you jiggling that ass standing up while listening to music and wanted to put his head through the wall to get a closer look.

Is hooked immediately, he’s never seen a better dance in his life

Becomes frantically horny. He starts shaking and licking his lips, repeating “Billy wants, Billy WANTS, BILLY WANTS!!”

Shaking so much he could phase through the wall like the Flash

He calls you, and you hear hyperventilation on the other end. 

“Billy….Billy saw you. Shaking that ass. s-So juicyyyyyyyyyyyy, I want to eat it. Lemme stick my tongue up there! Beautiful ass!”


You didn’t know who this crackhead was on the other end, but you hung up before he could continue

If you two have already met and got together, he just begs for you to do it for him. You oblige and he thinks he can die a happy man.


You: *Starts twerking*



He isn’t gonna miss any of that, fuck everything else going on

Isn’t new to seeing people twerk, since a lot of easy kills come from the club scene, but he hasn’t seen you do that before.

And you’re throwing it back like no tomorrow, he’s enjoying every second. Definitely keeping this for his personal video collection.

If you throw it back on him, he gone catch that ass. He’s moving with you like water, showing you he can handle ALL that. 

If y’all are at the club, he’s also the type to start pumping his arms up and down and point to random people when you twerk on him lolll. 


This boy is so fun. He twerks right along with you.


His reaction to you twerking is him standing there with his mouth open and eyes wide, followed by a “HOLY SHIT BABE!”

Impressed. Very impressed. He’s practiced twerking in the mirror many times to try to do it right. No amount of practice would get it near your level. Of course, he doesn’t have much ass back there like you do. 

He’s your personal hype man. Once you start, he’s in the back cheering you on or letting you throw it back on him.

He’s similar to Jesse in that he starts pumping his arms and pointing. However, he will whoop and say hell yeah.

He throws it back on you too, doesn’t matter who is or isn’t there. Perfect couple goals


No Hands was playing in the background, instantly getting you activated to drop that tonka truck you got

Michael was just relaxing when you started dancing. He turns to look and witnessed the most blessed image he’s ever seen. What did he do to deserve this?

Your ass is MOVING, his eyes is STUCK, his face is HEATED, dick on HARD BITCH. 

If his mask is off, he has the most expressive reaction you’ve seen to date. Obviously bewitched. Y’all know this man is obsessed with ass. It’s on his list of favorite things (besides you). 

He comes up behind you and you stop dancing, asking what’s wrong.

In the lightest whisper, he says “Keep going….” straight into your ear


“…….do it on me…”

You got this man so messed up, he started talking. Damn. 

You continue, twerking on him. His eyes roll to the back on his head and he bites down his bottom lip

“You like this fat ass don’t you?” He nods quickly and starts smacking your ass.

Just know to prepare for a long night. 

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Billy Lenz: 

She did what? What happened? Who said that?


“Billy wants to know too!”

All in yo phone lol. He wants to hear the tea too, let him hear. He lives for the gossip.

You have to keep the phone away from him though, or else he’ll start saying weird shit. God forbid if it’s sexual.


He hears all sorts of “mhmms” throughout the conversation you’re having with your cousin

Thought it would get on his nerves? Actually he loves hearing you say that, he thinks it’s cute.

If you say that to him while y’all are having a conversation, he feels pretty proud of himself. That means he was having a good ass conversation with you

No, he doesn’t know Evelyn or her daughter but he will gladly listen! Honestly lives for your stories


Are you talking to the wall? oh, you’re on the phone. Nevermind

Now you’re picking up random stuff in the kitchen, still talking

… you just gonna start walking on top the couch like that?

He’s amused by the journey you take while talking on the phone. 

It makes him chuckle when you start roasting somebody on the phone

“He’s always out the house, in the street, sliding in somebodies sheets….Dr. Seuss got nothing on me, anyway girl, that mans a hoe-”

Cracks him up every single time. He records your conversations just to have a good laugh later


Doesn’t care and usually doesn’t listen to anything you say while on the phone, just leaves you to enjoy the convo

He only tunes in if you say something threatening or if someone has been bothering you

“White bitch down the street tried calling the cops on me cause she thinks I don’t live here and that I was gonna break into her house….Ion want her raggedy ass shit, wish I coulda clocked her ass”

Oh word? He’ll do that for you no problem. Just tell him which house it was and he will gladly make sure her time is up, promptly. No one messes with his babygirl. 

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Michael Myers: 


and that’s it really. 

Like I’ve said before, he hasn’t really seen much black people in his life. So, when he sees how the light hits your skin, he’s like whoa. The glow is nothing he’s ever experienced before. He’s putty in your hands after that. 

He thinks you’re pretty damn perfect in that moment, but he keeps that to himself

Jason Voorhees:

He thinks you’re so pretty; like a living doll. He’s memorized the whole camp, knowing how everything looks like. However, whenever he sees you in any part of the camp, it’s like he’s seeing everything for the first time again. He thinks that your skin makes the light change, you’re magical to him

Brahms Heelshire:

 when the light from the window hits you just right


Like damn, you’re a masterpiece. Serotonin released immediately upon the sight of you. Your melanin is a drug that he’s addicted to, respectfully. He likes to just sit and stare.

Daniel Lamb:

The moment the sun/moon rays kiss your skin, he mentally checks out for a few seconds. Especially when you look at them with those pretty eyes. You talk, but he doesn’t hear a thing.

“Huh? Oh sorry…I didn’t catch that.”

He puffs out a breathe, shoulders slack and gets this lovesick look on his face. You also make him blush (when don’t you).  The light kissed you so beautifully and he wanted to do the same. 

Vincent Sinclair: 

It’s like he’s seeing the world’s first human color palette in action, how do you do that?

Whatever you wear always accentuates your skin color, as the light bounces off of it and onto your skin, mesmerizing him right in that moment. Your skin has always been beautiful to him; you’ve caught him staring at you countless times, just taking in your natural beauty 

Asa Emory: 

A goddess on earth, he’s sure of it. 

He, scientifically, knows the properties of melanin in skin and that it’s a complex, multiple genetic complex filled with expression of thousands of proteins and the production of melanocytes.

All that knowledge flies out the window when he experiences you. It’s like his mind goes blank. Which does not happen and no he would never admit that. What he will admit is that he thinks you’re so pretty and your skin is so so elegant. 

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It's not a secret that Michael is possessive, especially over anything that he obsesses over or hold dear

But damn, does it really come out when he's jealous

Thankfully he doesn't get jealous too often. He's normally a pretty chill guy.

However, it's well known that serial killers act on their urges. And whenever someone hit on you, it really pops out

Each person that hits on you gets out on his kill now list.

If he can, he will just go ahead and delete their existence from earth 🌎

If not, he will pick yo ass up and walk away

He will be rough with you cause he's angry. Nothing full out abusive but you will have some bruising and tender spots from his strong ass grip

Once he's home, he'll calm down a bit. But you won't be leaving the house for a few days. Fuck you thought? He was gonna let you roam after that? You won't leave until he feels secure...and he won't tell you when

If he's stalking you in Haddonfield, then he'll sit back and watch.

Mostly because Loomis and the police are always on his ass, but also out of curiosity. He wants to see what you do.

He feels proud when you ignore or brush them off with a sly comment

On a more realistic note, he gets paranoid about stuff like that. Even if y'all have been together for a while enough to trust that you wouldn't turn him in.

With all that control and power he consistently looms over your head, you're actually the one who hold the most power. Financially, socially, and mentally.

He's afraid of you going off with someone who was better for you in those subjects than he was. He even gets disgusted thinking about you with someone else. Makes his stomach turn. Ironic since dude used to eat rats.

Just know that you're very important to him

His childish attitude is an everyday occurrence. This we all know

However, the combo of his childish ways + true anger is something you've never seen before. Until he gets jealous

Oooo real jealous too. He has a good bit of hard hitting insecurities that come from his face, how he acts, what he feels he can't do for you, and his social skills.

Basically he feels like he's a hindrance for you relationship wise. 😓

Since he doesn't get to be around people in public, he targets the grocery boy and people on social media

When he gets in that mean green mood, he's always repeating to you that "you're mine!" And that no one else should matter

He esp hates the grocery boy, watching him blush when he sees you makes him almost black out

“If it wasn't for the fact that the pink faced cunt delivered our groceries, I would've stuck a knife up his shitty bum. Wanker.”


Brahms does get a bit scary and intense. He'll destroy anything he can get his hands on

He wouldn't raise his hands at you, but he will restrain you against the wall so that you have to hear what he has to say.

Tracks your likes and activities on every social media handle you have. He hated it when IG took away that feature where you could see people's likes.

God forbid he's looking in your phone and sees any def not getting any sleep that night

Brahms will DM and reply to people hatefully if they are flirting with you under your post/photos

“ So sexy~ ❤️❤️you should come to Paris where I could show you a good time”

“Just because you see a peng person on the internet doesn’t mean you gotta fuck them and comment those BITCH hearts. They’re mine, you FRENCH PIG”

Honestly, his comments are embarrassing. You’ve told him to cool it multiple times, since he’s the only one you want.

Usually calms down after hearing that and wants to cuddle with you

Ghostface Dbd

[Ghostface did not like that]

Danny is livid. Jealousy makes him so angry that he just snaps mentally. You’re usually the one who gets yelled later 

If he sees some rando flirting with you, he will just stop and watch. Might whisk you away when his temper starts getting to a boiling point 

He’ll put on a façade😐 like he’s unbothered until y’all are then, it’s a whole different story

Danny will lash out at you if you didn’t give the ‘correct’ response to the flirting. 

As if someone flirting with you was your fault in the first place

“I don't know why you’re so upset! I ignored them and walked off!’

“You’re supposed to tell them that you’re taken and would never be interested, genius. GOD! I can’t leave you alone for one second!”

This keeps going on.....and on.....and on until he tires himself out. 

Might call you names like bitch, idiot, etc. Just disrespectful shit flying out of his mouth. 

If you start crying, he will stop and try to comfort you. He’ll apologize for everything he’s said. Deny him and things won’t end pretty

If you start cussing his ass out, he will stop. Mostly because he’s stunned. Depending on how much you go in, he’ll argue back or just shut up. 

And to the individual that flirted with you- Danny has memorized what they look like. Will use his skills to find out their identity, schedule, where they live, etc. 

Stalks and torments them for a day or two before he strikes.

Records himself stabbing them to death and cutting out their tongue. He has a great time doing it since he’s snickering the whole time.

He keeps the video to himself- it’s in a file that’s dedicated to anyone that’s every flirted with you

Babyface Killer (The Hills Run Red) 

*Never seen the movie and wasn’t too much about his personality but I tried by best*

Not much of a talker- due to his face being horribly disfigured. But his actions will let you know when he’s displeased about something

He saw some rednecks come across you while you were on a walk. They kept hounding you - saying slick sexual comments and trying to get you to come home with them.

You kept saying no, trying to go back the way you came. 

Babyface sees one trying to grab at you and he just springs into action

His movements are sharp and stiff when he comes up and butchers him. Slices and dices like he’s on a cooking show

Once he’s done, he sharply looks at you and picks you up

He won’t let you leave the land for a few days, heavily monitoring you the whole time. 

If you’re allowed to go outside, he will be there right beside you while you’re doing stuff. 

Although he’s glad that you didn’t give into their flirting, he’s still upset that it happened. He knows he isn’t the best partner for you. He’s afraid you’ll run off with someone, leaving him behind with a shed full of curing dead bodies. 

Cause if you try to leave and he finds out....he won’t hesitate to sacrifice you. Especially if it can impress his father. 

Chapter Text


  • He’s not really into it at first
  • His type usually is the thin, brunette/blonde you see walking around. Almost stereotypical model type
  • But, when you meet more people that you end up liking, your type can definitely change
  • And that exactly happened with him
  • He really liked you. You were super cool and really pretty
  • He got used to your body over time. The first time you had sex, he definitely saw what some people were talking about
  • He really enjoyed your body and started seeing it differently after that
  • Now he loves it. He takes secret pictures of you when you’re doing something
  • Esp when you’re bending over
  • You were definitely a model in his eyes
  • He starts complimenting you. His favorite thing to do is come up behind you and wrap his arms around you
  • He feels like he’s melting into you in the best way. He sighs every time



  • Doesn’t care. Doesn’t have a preference
  • At first
  • He recognizes that he is attracted to you. That isn’t new to him.
  • As time goes on, he slowly gets obsessed with your chubbiness
  • He always watched you but he would zero in on different features. Chubby face. Cute hanging tummy. The way your rolls show and move.
  • Then he starts touching. And that’s when shit goes down
  • The softness. How are you this soft? And jiggly too. He thinks it’s really cute
  • And sexy as hell
  • He lays on your stomach every chance he gets. He falls asleep every time.
  • Please model clothes for him. He won’t react (he does, but it’s behind his mask) but he enjoys it all the same
  • If you do Youtube videos doing clothing hauls, he’s always the first one to watch your video


+1 Vincent Sinclair


  • A work of art darling
  • Chubby is definitely his preference. He thinks you’re extremely beautiful. He can’t take his eyes off of you
  • Definitely has a few sculptures of you from the times he asked you to model
  • He’s not super verbal but he will write lovey dovey notes for you
  • When he’s feeling a bit assertive, he gives you a full body massage.
  • Mostly because you enjoy it. Secretly he gets turned on by doing it
  • He will rub, caress, and knead everything that’s in sight
  • And I mean everything sis 🥴
  • Kitty cat on 💦 each time
  • Wants to ask you if he can watch you shower, but too shy to

Chapter Text





  • He’s surprised but excited
  • For a while, you were saying how you didn’t really care for having long hair
  • And he saw how tired you were from styling it every night, just to take it a loose the next day
  • You had been liking a lot of posts of girls who did the big chop for a while too
  • So when you met up with him at a nearby local cafe with your new do, he was speechless
  • He thought you looked amazing and told you just that
  • You start smiling and hiding your face, which he finds adorable
  • Y'all sit down and enjoy your date when he gets a great idea
  • “Hey, y/n? How about I get a design shaved in my hair and you get the same one?”
  • Hell the Fuck Yes
  • The next day, he drags you to a barbershop he heard you mention that would do it well
  • You two leave with a knife shaped design on y'all’s left side



  • He’s in awe for a bit when he first sees that you cut your hair off.
  • He wonders how you can stay so beautiful no matter how you change your appearance.
  • He stares at you with a lovey dovey look while he’s trying to form words
  • He does miss your long hair, but he really does like this new look
  • If you kinda go alternative with the look, he’s gonna lose it on sight
  • He asks why you did it and you explain that you really like how free your head feels without that hair
  • A few years before you met Billy, you did the same thing. And you loved the look
  • But your mom was super mad at what you did, and since you were underaged and still lived in her house, she forced you to give her control over your hair
  • Now that you’re in college, you can do what you want!
  • He won’t shave his hair to match with you, but he will hype you up and take pictures ♥️♥️
  • Rubs your head for good luck lol 



  • He’s super cool with it
  • He thinks you look beautiful all the time
  • His mom had short hair, so he wouldn’t mind you cutting your hair at all
  • You actually ask him to help you one day after he gets back to renewing his traps
  • He isn’t sure how he can really help, but he will try!!
  • It wasn’t much to cut off since you had medium length hair
  • You couldn’t really order too many hair products bc you were worried about someone having to come to the camp and getting killed
  • And the area only had one beauty supply store that was a ways away. You didn’t think it was worth traveling to a shop where the workers would try to follow you to see if you would steal
  • Doesn’t make sense to own and store and be racist against your own customers 🙄
  • But anyway, all types of nature gets twisted up into your hair too
  • And the fucking bugs…’re just tired of it
  • He sits beside you and helps cut sections that you can’t really reach
  • It comes out great and he’s glad
  • He even claps at the end and gives you a thumbs up😂



  • He’s gonna be the only one to give a negative reaction, but he will come around to it
  • He doesn’t like it when he sees it
  • “Why’ve you done that, y/n? Where’s your beautiful hair?”
  • You explain to him that you just wanted a change
  • You saw and did the same thing almost everyday in that house. You wanted something different to look at and something different in your routine
  • So you decided to get the big chop
  • He gets on your nerves by going on and on about your hair and how he misses your longer hair
  • You just roll your eyes and ignore him
  • He gets used to it after a while. He does think it looks good. The chop was very well done
  • He just likes your longer hair better


  • He likes it, he thinks you look cute
  • As always😘
  • He touches the back of your neck and rubs across the back of your kitchen
  • He steps back a gives you a nod of approval
  • He also thinks you’re very interesting
  • He saw how you were into making wigs
  • You ran a small and growing wig making business. You really loved playing with hair and doing different styles
  • Wigs were great in that if you messed up, you could make another or just do trial and error to fix it. You can’t really do that with someone’s actual hair; too much liability.
  • You had mannequin heads to help make the wigs, but you couldn’t really see how it would look on a person
  • So you usually tried them on. Braiding your hair down and putting the wig cap on. Your hair didn’t really get to breathe because you were working so often
  • He watched all of this and briefly wondered how you put up with all of that. Then he would just forget about it and wander off
  • You came to the conclusion of just chopping your hair. He didn’t think you would do that, so your decision was interesting to him

Chapter Text


His outfit is pretty basic, but great for changing up to make it look chic asf

Doesn’t really care about clothes, generally

Only thinks about it when they are on you. Esp if it’s form fitting or colorful

You just look super good everyday 

When you turn up with a stylish version of his outfit, he’s amused by how cute you are

Gives you a thumbs up 👍 👍

You buy him outfits to match when y’all travel

Doesn’t really care, so he’ll put on anything

Does like that it’s another way to show that you belong to him and dating him

Thinks your nail art is cool. Watches you work on them sometimes

Will help if something isn’t going on right, like if you’re adding any gems or rings

Loves any design with a blood/horror aesthetic 🩸 🔪

Flattered if you do one’s inspired by him, with his mask painted on one of your fingernails

Loves it, it strokes his ‘non-existent’ ego

Has no drip whatsoever

He dresses like the typical middle class white inspiration there

I mean he looks cute...but it ain’t cuttin it all the time lol. Definitely need your touch

Daniel adores your sense of style. You always look perfect

He sees the matching outfits you get and his heart flutters

He’s never done that before, it’s so cute to him

Now y’all look like a bonafide couple when y’all step out

And Danny looks exxxxxxxxxxxxtra fine with that fit on

It inspires you to flirt with him by telling him how goodt he looks

“You look so damn good baby, a whole meal 😘 ”

It  makes him so flustered, he can’t take it 😖 😖

Really likes how talented you are at doing nail art

Tells you that you should open a nail bar 💅

Hm might be a good idea

Gravitates to liking the beach themed nails that you do the most, but he really likes anything that looks intricate


Mr. Robitaille already knows how to dress 

Problem is...he wears the same shit all the time

You get on him about it, just teasing him

“You can’t get new clothes or something? Those jeans probably had grandkids by now 💀 ”

“Well darling....I have a washing machine and my clothes stay clean. What’s the issue?


 He gathered you quite nicely lmaoo. You lowkey stopped messing with him after that

You two start going shopping often after that, so getting matching outfits came naturally

He enjoys matching with you and looks forward to doing it. Absolutely loves it when you show up with a coat that matches his famous one

Mostly match on your date nights or at family get togethers

Y’all look cute or whatevaa 🤭

Compliments you on your nail art whenever you do something new

Will suggest certain themes, usually elegant and geometric

Absolutely adored them when you did this:



He’s the expensive version of everyone lol

He has style- but it’s lowkey. He’s the one who’s ordinary t-shirt is like $500 dollars 

He wears a lot of black. It makes it easier for you to match up with him

Y’all brand match too on top of the outfits; Louis Vuitton, Ivy Park, etc


Pretty much the couples you see on IG stuntin on everybody #couplegoals 💯

Can’t deny the drip + swag combo he has already

Try to match whenever y’all are traveling, esp if people will be around to see 

Gotta stunt on these hoes with your girl 💘

Jesse’s the one telling you what kind of nail art to do or try next

Often sends pictures of what he’s trying to describe 

Tries to get you to incorporate your nails to match the outfits as well

You pulled up in a suit like his and he was so smug about it. Big ego boost



Chapter Text





You treat the boys with a surprise trip, taking them down to Texas for a week. When you all first get out of the airport, you decide to try out a place that you saw people talk about on twitter

The portions are huge when you get food. Billy and Stu are a bit intimidated but they know how to eat. They know how to throw down

It’s expensive but they try a variety of meats like brisket, beef tips, pulled pork, and baby back ribs.

They blow through everything, ending up with baby bellies in the end. They slump over, satisfied and sleepy

You didn’t go in as hard as then but you definitely got the itis

Stu’s favorite is the baby back ribs in the texas style bbq sauce. The meat is fall off the bone tender, melting in your mouth like butter. The sweet vinegar based sauce brings out the smokey flavor more.

Billy enjoyed the pulled pork the most; making himself a sandwich with the meat after you told him to try it. He uses the soft, buttery rolls to pack the meat into, drizzling that same barbecue sauce on top. with a butter knife, he swipes the top of the makeshift bun with a spread of mayonnaise and adds some onions.


You bring in some bbq that you got to go from a local mom and pop style restaurant

Daniel is always up for trying anything new!

He looks at the spread of food that you ordered, salivating at the different aromas that were caressing his nose

Both of you sit and dig in, ready to supply your tummies with delicious food

He adores everything. He tries all the meats alone first to get its natural and seasoned flavor. Then, he tries them in each of the sauces

He gravitates towards the brisket more, liking it’s crispy outside and soft inside texture. The seasonings and juiciness of the meat lay on his tongue, as if it’s relaxing on a bed.

Out of all the sauces, he enjoys the alabama white sauce. The horseradish based bbq was rare to find. The burn goes down his throat and comes back up his nose, which pairs well with the brisket that’s been cooked for a few days.


Michael was waiting for you to come home, since you went to a cookout at your friends house.

One of your friends that grew up in South Carolina brought up some bbq sauces for everyone to try

You brought plenty of food and some of those sauces home, wanting Michael to try them

He’s pretty hungry, so he devours the food. He does take a few pauses to taste the flavor, since it was something new

He likes the mustard based bbq sauce. It’s slightly sweet and tangy, hitting the sides of his tongue as it enters his mouth. It brings out the seasonings of the meat that the cook used, weather it was creole, garlic powder, or anything else

He focused on the hot links. Sure they were pretty small compared to the other meats, but it had a spice that went well with the mustard sauce he liked.

Even after he ate all that food, he always has room for dessert.

Chapter Text



“Imma need Batman to just kill these niggas, he already sending them to the hospital.”

You and Michael were watching Justice League Unlimited; a show that you used to watch religiously when you were little. This show started your mini-obsession in superheroes, and your loyalty to DC animated universe (we don’t take about the live action stuff). A few episodes from the first season go by, when you remembered what used to get on your nerves about the animation.

…….Why they all leaning like they about to fall?” You ask, obviously not looking for an answer.

Michael doesn’t react to your question and keep watching the show. Another 2 episodes go by, the stances starting to bother you as time  goes by.

Why did they all stand like that? Why did every guy have the same pose? Granted, the women stood like that too. But, it wasn’t as apparent at the male superheroes. It looked so weird to you, they all looked like they were on permanent lean. You couldn’t watch the show without ignoring that.

You stand up, stretching your arms up into the air and then grabbing your phone from the arm of the couch.

“I’m gonna take a break from watching. I’m gettin’ tired at looking at those weird ass standing poses. Get’s on my nerves.” You go on to tell him he can keep watching as you leave.

Michael watches as you disappear from the doorway and slowly looks back at the tv screen. After you pointed it out, he does notice the standing pose of the superheroes. It did look weird, no human really stood like that completely still. As he watches on, he gets an idea that puts a smirk on his face.

He hasn’t messed with you in the past week, decompressing from his intense spree that lasted the week previous. The pose gives him the perfect way to get on your nerves. He pauses the episode and turns the tv off; he wants to begin practicing immediately.

Throughout the night, he goes into a clearing a bit behind the house and tries to perfect the stance. It wasn’t easy, but he found a way to balance with the tilt. Chest puffed up and out, transferring most of his weight to the bottoms of his feet while keeping his back straight.

Perfect . And it was all for you.

The morning after, he commits to doing the pose whenever he wasn’t moving. Even if you weren’t watching.

You notice the odd stance immediately. Seeing him looking into the refrigerator like that started to freak you out. Scrunching up your eyebrows in response, you walk past him to get a cup from the cabinet.

Michael is still standing there….not even looking into the open fridge. He’s staring at the closed freezer door. Unbeknownst to you, he was watching your reaction.

A bit worried, you ask, “ Michael….you good?”

He nods, closes the fridge door, and swiftly leaves you in the kitchen; confused as hell.


‘Man, what the fuck is goin’ on?!,’ You thought as you saw Michael do that scary ass pose for the 10th time today. It was driving you crazy; he was acting like everything was normal and that he always stood like that. No the hell he did not.

After the 11th time was when you finally figured out what the pose was. And it was from that fuckin Justice League show. He did that just to piss you off, and it worked.

It was time to go off.

I know….you are not…with that wanna be smooth criminal ass lean…tryna copy that shit.”

Michael knew it was going down once you said ‘I know’ and was waiting with anticipation on seeing what type of stuff would come out of your mouth this time.

“Why??You’re built so much better than those niggas in the show!! Come on now! They built like fridges’ - is that why you was starin at the fridge all weird earlier. You think looking like a box is cute??”

You start pacing back and forth, trying to calm yourself down from really going in. He tilts his head, and that’s all it takes for you to


You pull up a picture of superman in that pose just to show him what he looks like.


“You wanna look like this? Like you went to Dr. Miami to get cinderblocks put in yo chest? That’s why that lean like that-shit is pulling them down. It’s a miracle they can even stand up, that stomach don’t match- where’s the organs sir? These government cheese ass shoulders-I could sit on top one one side and eat a meal on the other, on some table ass shit. And don’t! Get me started! on these bowling pin legs! Ya real enemy is a bowling ball-got you tremblin’ with those “between a rock and a hard place” knees. Tragic. How ya knees got a waist trainer? And the audacity of those flipper ass feet- I can’t.”

If Michael was a weaker man, he would have been on the floor with tears in his eyes; trying to catch his breath from scream laughing. But he isn’t so he just looks at you with wide eyes, lips trembling from smiling too hard.

He had a macabre sense of humor but he had to admit, you were hilarious. He drops the pose after that, leaving you to recover from your rant.

This man was gonna stress you the fuck out.

Chapter Text


Jesse Cromeans

While on a mini vacation, you spotted a place that had an all you can eat crab leg special going on for the next two days

You really wanted some crab legs, been craving it for a good while. Good thing you also brought some old bay seasoning with you, just in case lol

Jesse heard you talking about it and how hungry you were, so he took you there. 

Unfortunately, the place didn’t have a private room available for you two, so he skipped out on eating there. He would just take something to go

So he just sat and talked with you…up until the first set of crab legs came.🦀

No mo time for talking, it’s time to tear this bitch up

And bitch………you tore up around 10 plates of them. BY YOURSELF. 

Cracking skills were on 💯, you’d been doing this shit since birth. Each part of the leg you cracked, the meat came out clean and whole. How you do that????

Jesse is just watching…..with nothing to say. He doesn’t want to interrupt your flow. He’s impressed by how much you can eat

Although, he’s glad he’s getting his moneys worth with you 😆😆

Asa Emory (The Collector)

Asa’s daily schedule includes his work, his….“hobby”, and research. He really doesn’t have time to sit down and eat a full meal. He just eats small plates here and there during his breaks

You, however, like to eat a full meal and clean tf out yo plate. And if the food is poppin’?! You definitely getting a second plate.

Like why waste good food?🤷🏿‍♀️

When he eats with you for the first time at your place, he was taken aback by how hard you went in

He did more watching than eating lol just sitting there bug eyed

He goes to google and ask ‘my gf eats a lot more than me??’ to just understand what the fuck he witnessed🧐

He mostly sees a bunch of fatphobic shit that he ends up ignoring. Most of the other answers don’t help him either

Asa ends up asking you about it and you just say that you don’t like wasting good food

“……….Fair point…..”

He doesn’t have much of an opinion past that, just mentally notes that he’ll have to learn to buy more groceries when you move in

Michael Myers

This man is an absolute unit, so he can tear some food up

What he doesn’t know is that you can too. You mostly ate out when he first knew watched you, so he never saw your eating habits

Michael finally gets to see you when y’all get together (gotta stay home so the police won’t start coming around) and girl………..


It’s like you attacking it like y’all got straight beef, deleting it’s whole existence with your mouth lol. You got some amazing oxtails. All he could hear was you smacking and slurping it up

He lowkey gets turned on by it-

He peeps the food baby it leaves you with, he thinks your full tummy is cute lol😘

Ever since then, you two tag team different restaurants while taking trips. Full on terrorizing and just creating chaos by eating.

You’ve both been banned from a couple of buffets😭😭

Chapter Text

Me and my team over in the private facebook group I run decided to change the name from Xblackreader to Black Fanfiction Connection. We thought it would be an accurate title for everything shared and talked about.

So this group is not only for x black reader stories only. This is fanfiction in general. Any fanfiction written for or by black people is going to be the forefront. This is not only for writers, but for people who read or draw as well. Below is the description:

This group is for black people who like reading fanfiction that is for us, by us. Black readers, writers, artist, etc are all welcome. This is a community where we can all support one another. Join if you'd like to share and discover content black readers and writers for any fandoms including anime/video games/books/comics/movies/tv shows/etc!

This will connect the black fanfiction community, one that is often overlooked on most fanfiction sites.

Share to spread the word and join our community! It's a completely safe space and it's comfortable!

Here's the link below:

Chapter Text

Michael Myers

You were upstairs in the bedroom going through your bookshelf. You had a bunch of papers sticking out and books just out of alphabetical order and you needed it to be organized.

While you were mindlessly doing that, you turned on your speakers and connected your phone to play some music. You chose Good Days by SZA, one of your favorites.

Once the song starts, you start swaying and humming.

Michael was walking around just surveying the house, like usual. He stops at the room you're in, watching. He's never seen you do that before.

By the time Michael settles at the door frame, you started singing. And with your whole chest. Girl, you were really getting into it.

"Gotta hold my own, my cross to bear alone, I~ ooh, paid a deal, way to kill the mood.."

Michael was entranced by your singing. Your voice was extremely beautiful-strong and soothing. He loves it.

You, unaware of Michael's presence, still kept singing. You stopped organizing at this point, putting your energy into the song.

Once it was over, Michael stood extra still (is that possible?), hoping to hear you sing another song.

But, you didn't care for the song that came next, so you turned to go get your phone and spotted Michael out your peripheral

"..........have you been there the whole time?"

"......." Michael nods and you just.....bust out laughing.

"You like my singing?"


"Want me to sing you something?"

*nods vigorously*

Lady Dimitrescu

You would think that it'd be impossible to listen to music using a speaker out at the castle but it was doable. Plus, Lady D got internet out there.....somehow.

Not the strangest thing, with all the monsters and powers going on, but still makes you pause. Anyway, ever since then, you and your stepdaughters would dance together to the music.

It was quite sweet, seeing them free and enjoying something new. Dancing was also a way for you four to bond.

But, when the girls were busy and you were by yourself, you would sing.

And not no soft stuff either. You were sanging your heart out. But, you'd play the music super loud to mask your voice. Or so you thought.

Apparently, your voice was powerful enough to be heard above the music. Lady Dimitrescu heard you several times and loved what she heard. However, she couldn't fully hear you above that dreadfully loud music. Hmph.

Ballerina by Raheem Devaughn was playing while you were in the master bedroom by yourself. And obviously, you were going in on that track.

But, while you were singing, Lady D snuck in and turned down the volume on the speakers.

"... moaning loud as a opera singer. Earthquake and legs shakin', whisper deeper..."

The song was lewd and my, did it really do something for her to hear your amazing voice sing something like that.

Also, your voice really carried. Even into the hallways. Lady D was impressed.

You kept going until you heard, " Oh my, what an astounding voice you have my love 💕!"

You whipped around so fast- you almost have yourself whiplash.

Lady Dimitrescu sits down in her chair and simply says, "Please continue."

Vincent Sinclair

Vincent had heard you sing before. It was always small snippets or single words; nothing that you put much effort into.

He adores your voice so far, silently wishing you would sing more often. It was angelic and hypnotic. He always paused what he was doing to listen.

Vincent will also replay your voice in his head when he's down of getting yelled at by Bo. Lightens his mood right up.

One day, you were just in a singing mood. I mean, you spent most of the day singing random stuff. You were cleaning and listening to music through your 🎧.

Vincent was pleased- lucky him! What he didn't expect was for you to sing a song from beginning to end.

It was 'She needs My love' by The Dream. You loved that song and you decided to sing it straight to Vinny, lowkey playing around.

"He needs my love, he said I'm like the air and without me, he'll die.."

Whoa. Vinny was stunned. He'd never heard you sing with so much soul before. It was like you were performing for him.

He blushed at the lyrics, mostly because it was right on the mark on how he felt about you. He didn't want to seem dramatic though lol.

At the end, he didn't know what to do but hug you. You and your voice....both super beautiful.

Chapter Text

Jennifer Check

en is staring at you constantly, she realllllyyyyy likes this new cut/style you got going on

When y'all go to school, she makes sure everyone sees you two are together.

Everytime you look at her -boom- instant bedroom eyes

The demon 😈(succubus) likes you too so she won't eat you. But she's gonna go crazy with trying to get you in another way 😜

Jen will take pictures- get ready for a photoshoot. The picture she likes the most will be her phone background.

And she'll change her background everytime you get a new style/cut

Lady Dimitrescu

" You look extremely handsome"

First of all, how did you find a barber/hairdresser out there? Well however you did, they did a great job

You were feelin just as fresh and icy 🥶 as the snow outside.

On top of that, Lady D loves that crisp and sharp look of the style.

If you get a unique hairstyle, she'll be entranced by it and want to take a closer look.

So she'll put her hand under your chin softly and have you look up at her (like always) so that she can get a full view of your beautiful self 💕.

She smiles at you more often than usual when you get your hair done. Especially if it's something new.

Mileena (Mortal Kombat)

She's already flirty as is. Seeing you with a new hairstyle/cut just amplifies it to another level- which you thought wasn't possible!

Mileena thinks you look awesome 😎. And she loved every second of looking at you 😉

"Now who is this.....fine specimen of a man to bless my grounds today"

This girl better stop 🛑 before she get herself in some trouble in front of all these folks 🤣

Comments like that will be heard all day cause you really got her feenin' for you

And talk about bedroom eyes! As far as you know, she already gotchu in the damn bed 🛌

That look is powerful

She feels like you can wear any cut/style well, your face is the perfect shape.

She might rub her thumb at the edges of your hair as she looks at you. That's her sign that she's ready to go

Ororo Munroe

"So you think you can walk around looking like that and not get my rain 🌧️ started?"

Ororo is loving the look and is all over you the moment she sees it.

She touches on you a lot more than usual

Thinks you're the finest man alive 😍

Storm will walk around and make sly comments that'll take you a minute to get.

Not only is she the goddess of weather but she's also the goddess of double entendres too

You'll catch her glancing at you a lot and she's not ashamed of it

She tries to act calm but you can tell she's excited by the little clouds that start to form whenever you walk by


Chapter Text

Michael Myers

Type: Segmental, covers your arms, legs, stomach, and face

intense starrreeeeee

Spots you and stops in his tracks

Starts stalking you immediately

He’s never seen anyone like you

He notices that you always have your head up high, esp when you talk to rude ass ppl. You just stare are them like this:

Comments never affect you

Once he’s with you, sees how secure you are with yourself: He’s proud

You always wear something that shows off your vitiligo, whether it’s your legs, arms, or stomach.

He rubs and traces the patterns when he gets a little stressed, which makes him feel better

He supports you babygirl~

He thinks you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever seen

Whenever someone stares at you weird, you just say that they are jealous

He agrees, why wouldn’t they? You’re a goddess

Thinks that you’re the queen of Haddonfield

And you were when you first stepped onto the scene


Jason Voorhees

Type: Segmental, mainly on your face and hands

Oh he’s smitten at first sight

He was gonna kill you and your friends at the cabin y’all were staying at

But didn’t when he saw you. He gets a bit of deja vu, since he was born with a condition that affected his appearance

The biggest difference was that he noticed how supportive your friends are

Because of that, he decided to keep everyone alive

He hears them give you hella compliments

“You are givingggggg it to the girls”

Aren’t I always”

Jason didn’t understand what exactly you were giving but it sure was making his heart pound

Admires how confident you are, he wishes he had someone like you as a friend growing up


Brahms Heelshire

Type: Non-segmental, starts right at the middle of your head and goes straight down. Often changes every few years

Whoa 😳

You are definitely different, wayyy different

He’s into it and wonders what other parts of your body has it spread to

Perverted mode activated

He actually asks you that, with his creepy ass (which is something you shouldn’t do)

“Boy mind your business before I smack you into next week!!”

He notices that you have a lot of pictures of yourself hanging in your bedroom

He takes one or two of his favorites for himself

Honestly loves your skin and thinks your confidence is super sexy

Like he wishes he could have half the confidence you have

When you flaunt in front of him, he gets into simp mode

“Yes, you’re absolutely amazing my dear. Let me rub on you y/n”


Billy Loomis + Stu Matcher

Type: Non-segmental, mainly only on the right side of your body. May move to the left from time to time

You grabbed everyone’s attention when you stepped into school, including Billy and Stu

Stu said ‘oh this the one fa me’  and made a beeline for you to introduce himself, Billy right behind him

They loved your cool ass vibe, when you walked it was like an aura came off of you and dissipated through the hallways

They take you out shopping just so they can see you model in different clothes

“Wait get this one! No, no..get that one!”

There was one time at school where some girl who suggested you put on a little bit of makeup to cover the spots

You said: 

“Nah, I don’t need to put on no makeup!”

Made sure everyone heard while staring her in the face

She’s embarrassed while you’re just sitting there glowing

Stu and Billy both adore you for that, that was the turning point for them to start falling in love with you

You take a shit ton of selfies and post them to ig,

They are always the first ones to like them

Don’t know how they do that since you get hundreds of likes on each post

You get a lot of comments saying that you look like a cow, online and from people at school

It pissed them off

But you just posted up part of the Moo video by Doja Cat and captioned it “You heifers got nothin’ on me💅🏿✨"

They absolutely loved you for that

Chapter Text

Michael Myers

Michael is disappointed and confused by any self-deprecating comments you make about your appearance

He scrunches his face up whenever he hears it, He really doesn’t like hearing you say stuff like that

He will usually shake his head at you or use his finger to cover your mouth to get you to stop speaking

If you go on a tangent about your insecurities, he will sit and listen. He does understand that ranting can help, even if he thinks you're wrong about the stuff you say

Although he acts like he doesn’t care about appearances, but he does

It was your appearance that drew you to him. He hasn’t really seen black girls around the town. and when he saw you, he was stunned that much beauty could exist in one person. You were his favorite to look at, he could never get tired of you.

He doesn’t really talk much, but he will write you notes to make you feel better


He rubs all the spots and places that he heard you criticize, paying special attention to them

He takes his mask off for this so that you could see how he looks at you, his eyes sparkling the whole time.

He also drools, literally, when he sees you naked. He usually hides that behind his mask, but he will allow you to see it 

Eats you out like crazy while rubbing on you

Whispers to you the whole time, usually things like: “Mine”, “You’re beautiful y/n”, “Love that cute face your making”, “Pretty y/n”


Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)

Oh, he really doesn’t like it. Never really accepts the comments that fly out of your mouth

You can’t see his face but you can feel the stern look he gives you

Even though he doesn’t like it, he will hear you out. He’s insecure about his face, so he understands. You two talk about your insecurities and compliment each other afterwards

He makes you go on a “scavenger hunt” around the mansion. The prizes include compliments he wrote on slips of paper for you to find. 

It ends with you facing a mirror, with a paper that says “The prettiest of them all” taped to it.

It made you bawl like lil baby


Takes you to a hotel honeymoon suite that has a mirror on the ceiling 

Gives you some lingerie to wear just to rip it off as soon as he sees you 

Caresses you and fingers you to get you ready

Fucks you slowly while making you watch yourself in the mirror

“See how pretty you look? Keep your eyes open for daddy.”


Stu Matcher

Y’all know those stupid ass videos of black boys asking other boys at the school/mall if they would date black girls? 

Stu sees you watching one of them on Youtube. He hears all the negative responses and is disgusted by them.

He also knew it was affecting you, since you had a sad look to you. You’ve made all sorts of negative comments about yourself in the past, and this was not helping. 

“They’re so fucking stupid. What do they think they’re doing by posting this shit? Turn that off babe. You don’t need to determine your worth based off of what boys say anyway.”

Makes sure to tell you how beautiful you are and gives you a big hug. 

They don’t know what they’re missing out on”


Makes a sex tape of you two (with your consent of course)

Makes deep and mad love to you

Stu chooses positions where the camera would only really capture you

You both watch it after. Stu makes comments about how you look and how lucky he is to be with you

“Look at you. All that beautifulness just coming through the screen. This is my favorite position too. I get to see all your nice ass tiger marks”


Daniel Lamb

“I don’t even look right in anything I put on…this was a waste of money”

Daniel hears you say that while you were trying on some new clothes you bought online. 

“These looked better on the girls on the website, at least they were pretty.”

Well, hold up now. He don’t like that. 

He thinks you look great???? He’s confused by those comments. What girls were you talking about? 

It makes him feel sad that you think lowly of yourself. You’re so beautiful that he couldn’t stand it

“Y/n, what are you talking about? You look great as always. Don’t you see?”

He tells you to model the clothes for him. If you seem hesitant, he kisses your forehead

“I want to see what else you got.”

He fully enjoys the modeling session, telling you how lovely and gorgeous you look in everything you put on. He told you that no matter what you have on, you were always beautiful


It also didn’t matter if you had nothing on at all too. 

He comes up to hug you, which inspires wandering hands to grab your ass. You two start making out; the mood getting heavier as times goes on

“I know this won’t solve anything…but I want to make you feel good”

Next thing you know, he’s undressing you. He tells you to model for him. Daniel watches you pose naked, his dick jumping every few seconds

He lavishes you in front of the mirror that you were looking at earlier, making sure you could see yourself enjoy him catering to you


Vincent Sinclair

He’s also pretty saddened by the comments. He doesn’t want to hear them but he understands that taking the time to listen to someone who’s hurting is important

It’s what you did for him when he got abused by his brother. After he learned ASL, he just dumped all of his feelings about everything on you. He appreciates you a lot

So, Vincent listens. He hears you. He doesn’t even try to interject until the end. He just simply says, “Let me show you my favorite wax. I think it’s a masterpiece”

Even before the comments started rolling through, this man was making a wax sculpture of your body. It took him a lot of time and effort to make this, getting the details exact. He would look and carefully observe your body to try to memorize the shapes

He includes all the stretch marks, cellulite, and even paints the small discolorations on your skin.

Once he shows you what he did, you start crying. He was the sweetest man you’ve ever met

All he wants to do is comfort you, so you cuddle and rub each other until you stop crying


He wants to draw you naked. Like the titanic scene lol

He gets hard the moment you undress. Pre-cum leaks from his dick the whole time, the tip is red and swollen. He feels tight and a bit uncomfortable by how rock hard he is but this was worth it

He finishes the drawing and starts to pick up the paint when he gets an idea

He wants to paint you while inside you. 

You two start putting paint on each other during sex, drunk off of the passion mixing with the various colors y’all use

It’s messy and is a bitch to clean up afterwards, but it’s the best sex y’all have ever had


Chapter Text

Bo Sinclair

Was just another day where bo was luring in more victims into the wax town

You saw him bring two people to the house, one guy and one girl.

He invited them into the kitchen to sit and wait while he “looked” for the car part they needed

You greeted them, to which they kinda ignored you and went to looking in their phones

…okay…so you gonna come into somebody's house and not speak.

You let it slide, asking them if they would like something to drink.

And again they don’t really answer your question, looking annoyed that you’re even talking to them

“So y'all gone answer me or just sit there looking at nothing?”

“We don’t care, just leave us alone”

Huh??? And you were just trying to be nice too.

“y'all are in my house telling me to leave y'all the fuck alone? First, you come in and don’t speak, no manners. And now you being extra disrespectful. Who raised y'all?”

“Our momma did bitch”

“Well obviously she did a bad job.”

The girl stood up out her seat like she was about to do something. That was a threat in your book

“Sit cho $1 ass down before I make change. Bitch.”

All of the sudden you hear hollering from bo, who heard the whole thing

Y'all end up double tag-teaming those two assholes, teaching them a lesson


Stu Matcher

It was second period, history class, with the professor everyone liked

They just let y'all do whatever after their short lecture, waiting for the bell to ring. Just as long as everyone was quiet, they didn’t care

It was the only class where it was just you and stu

You two were joking with each other when this one annoying ass girl told y'all to be quiet cause she was studying

“Girl we ain’t even talking loud. Stay over there”

Stu started giggling and was going to go back to telling his story when miss annoying got bold

“I can’t stay over here when I can hear your loud mouth from other there, girl”

Oh, so she wanna be starting something? Well let’s end it right now

“Why you talking to me like that wit that long ass neck. Keep playing before I shit down yo giraffe ass throat”

She immediately turned red tried to hide her face as everyone started laughing

Stu started cracking tf up. Tears were to roll down his eyes.

You were surprised the teacher didn’t say anything but you saw that he was hiding his face, obviously laughing too

After class when you two saw billy in the hallway, Stu runs up to him

“Dude, you’re not gonna believe what y/n said in class!!!”


Jesse Cromeans

ou two were out and about just exploring like y'all always do

It’s a favorite pastime for you two

And Jesse got hella 💵💵💵, so yeah you gonna help yourself to spend that

Ended up going to a Luis Vuitton store just to look

You’re walking through and looking at the clothes when you hear some annoying high pitched giggle from the other side of the store

You turn to see some blonde heffer with her little paws on your man

Oh hell no

You swiftly go over to him and slip your arm around him and asking Jesse who that bitch was

“Oh, I’m Denise…who are you? It’s kind of weird for a worker to ask that?”

You looked around, confused. Who was this worker she was talking about? Cause it can’t be you

“Excuse me?”

“Don’t you work here? Anyway… here’s my number if you wanna go on a date ”

She just decided to ignore you huh…..alright then

Before chromeskull could check this trick you stepped in

“I don’t know what you’re on but this is my man. And even if he wasn’t…..why would he pass up all this filet mignon for a hamburger helper? Baloney sandwich that ass away.”

Jesse started laughing, he’s never heard anything like this. He’s also impressed how you flamed this bitch

She scoffs and tries to make a scene as you both walk off, with Jesse grabbing your ass so she could see

Brahms Heelshire

You were mildly popular on twitter. Every once in a while your jokes would go viral

Decided to post a selfie cause you were looking extra fine that day

Of course, you get some loving and supportive comments. The girls were eating your pic up

But then…like clockwork, there was some hatin ass dude saying shit

“Don’t know why y'all hyping her up, this female look regular as hell💯”

Oh really??

You go look at his pfp and see his ugly ass up close. His beard was scraggly and was struggling to connect. Lips crusty, face dusty.

The audacity of niggas🙄

You decided to reply to his little comment

“Looking like all my life I had to fight. All that time and you still ain’t learn nothing. Get with the winning team ho”

Brahms saw the whole interaction right as he was about to send dude death threats.

He started laughing his ass off. 😂😂😂 You were the funniest person alive.

“You better fucking tell him y/n!”


Michael Myers

Y'all were at a cafe shop that you dragged Michael to

You were cooped up and needed to get tf out the house

Naturally, Michael came with you. Although he wished he was in his mask and in the shadows

Anyway, y'all are sitting down when this random dude walks in

Off rip, this man is rude. Going off on the baristas every chance he gets. Steadily getting louder

Was seriously ruining the calm vibe 😠

You were getting heated by the second. At one point you just tell him to leave them workers alone and tone it down.

He turns around and looks at you all crazy. Then he has the audacity to call you out your name.

“Who the fuck you think you talking to, bitch?”

Michael was getting ready to stand up and get to working on his ass until you started cussing him out

“Bitch??? I’ll dogwalk you down the street and make you gargle a niggas balls and we’ll see who the bitch is then.”

Everyone started ooooing and laughing at his ass after that

Michael absolutely loves your comeback, he really wants to see that in action



Chapter Text

Michael Myers

Tries to listen to the lyrics but a lot of the idioms and wordplay goes over his head. He recognizes some of the more straight up lyrics though

“NBA playoffs that ass it’s a bubble” Like🤔??????? What in the hell is an NBA? Does it stand for no bitches allowed???

“Choke me, spank me, look at me, thank me” Ok he understands that one. He can do all that for you😘

He likes it when you listen to songs like that, cause you always end up shaking dat ass

It’s his ultimate weakness. This nigga is Ass obsessed 

If you do the dance esp on him, listen,,,,,,,,,,,, he will do whatever you desire. This is the only time he’ll get submissive, so take advantage

You go “Real hot girl shit” at the end 

he automatically thinks ‘Yeah you a real hot girl cutie…keep dancing😈’


Jason Voorhees

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH he would cover his ears and shake his head at this song😨

The lyrics……….good lord spare his soul. For he has not sinned under his grace🙏🏻

If you start dancing during his mental prayer, he’ll stop and take a peek at you

“I do not hear it, but I will see it”

He always enjoys watching you dance and have fun! He just wishes it was to another song…a much cleaner song lol

He will probably ask you to switch songs if he hears you playing it out loud too much

Otherwise, he doesn’t mind the type of dancing you’re doing either. If you’re being flirty towards him while doing it, he won’t hesitate to sling you over his shoulder and take you to bed


Stu Matcher

Megan thee stallion stan💅🏼

He lovvesssss herrrr

Listened to her whole album Good News with you when it dropped

Out of all the songs, crybaby was his fav. He was dancing right beside you when y'all listened.

That repeat button steady-going round and round cause y'all can’t get enough

His favorite part is when meg says, “ Moaning like a bitch when he hit this pussy

Damn, he probably wanna wear my hoodie “

Oh he can relate cause your pussy girl……has him yelling like

He can’t fit into your hoodies tho 😢

Goes crazy over the challenge. Convinces you to do one while he records

Have to do it fifty leven times cause this boy shaking the camera all the time🙄

He can’t help it y/n, he loves seeing you make that ass rumble. Gets him hype


Jesse Cromeans/ Chromeskull

Jesse’s the type of guy who doesn’t care about the type of music you play

He don’t trip over little shit like that

But he will definitely come and watch if the song sounds sexual

And we all know crybaby is sexy as hell

I mean it’s Megan…. she’s the embodiment of cute, smart and sexy🤷🏿‍♀️

Once he comes and sees you dancing, it’s recording time

Catching you in 4K lmaoooooooo

He doesn’t care about the lyrics, just wants to see that gorgeous body move

You also act a bit bratty with songs like this (sexually aggressive tone), which the daddy dom in him lovesss

He loves when you do that 👅 shit. Keep going Kitten

Keep acting like that and y'all might have to make a home movie👀


Daniel Lamb

You like to sing and dance to your favorite songs whenever they come on, even in the car while driving

Daniel’s used to you doing that, he always enjoys you having fun

You tend to sing to him when the songs are romantic or sexual

He just sits there awkwardly and watches you, blushing like always

He gets tired of blushing all the time like damn can his face take a fucking break for once😤

You love it tho, it’s adorable as hell🥺😘

Crybaby comes on and you start going in

Perfect opportunity to make him hot and bothered. You on your demon time

The lyrics have him like 😵

Whoa…wait hold on…wait

When the part where megan list names and his comes up, you give him a smoldering look

Combined with you licking your lips, winking, and saying it out loud in that sexy voice of yours makes him wanna NUT

He wants you to pull over and fuck him in the car right now.

Listen, he’s pretty quiet and shy but…them be the freakiest ones


Chapter Text

Michael Myers

Oh those look nice

Mainly likes the different colors, they look cool on you y/n

Really won't think much about them. Unless you're wearing something revealing or nearly nothing at all. Then he'll think about them a lot

Honestly into them and likes how the colors match up to your brown/dark skin. 

It makes the beads prettier to him (he loves your skin tone)💘💘


Billy Lenz

Thinks they're hot. Also thinks you're very hot- so whatever you wear he's into

“Sitting there with those pretty beads. Let me lick that pussy while you wear them.”

Likes watching you walk, looks so good with the sway of your hips

Wants to fuck you with the beads on, would be music to his ears

And if you do any'll make him go crazy 🥵


Danny Johnson

Takes tons of pics of your stomach/waist with the beads on

Those are his favorite pictures to look at so he tries to take them as close as possible

Sometimes you'll catch him trying to take a picture behind some trees

Once he’s comfortable with you, he will ask to take an up-close picture

If in dbd trial, Danny will take pics if he kills you, then steals one of them as a memento

Has a really bad fixation on these waist beads

You can feel him staring at them- it gets on your nerves sometimes



Will buy you as many beads as you wish

Loves the aesthetic, one of his top fave looks from you❤️

Will want you to flaunt it when you two go out; it’ll boost his ego seeing everyone around drool over you - but they can never have you

It's very sexy to see

Will want you to pair them up with lingerie- actually just clothes in general. He just likes it when things match and spruce up an outfit

Not the first time seeing them.. been to several countries in Africa and saw many women wearing them. Knows waist beads have some cultural history, but overheard from several ladies that it's mostly fashion now


Jennifer Check

Super into them, really wants to wear them herself

Jennifer will check with you to see if that would be okay. She'll do whatever you are comfortable with.

“Y/N, you’re the MOMENT with those on!"

Thinks you're hella fashionable and so hot


Carrie White

"Oh wow these are so pretty!"

She likes jewelry, so she will love your waistbeads

A little shy to wear them herself but really loves the look on you. She'll just live through you lol

Thinks you're rocking the look

Your skin tone and color of beans are an awesome combo. Can't take her eyes off you

Jason Voorhees

How pretty! Thinks they are cute

If they made sounds as you move, he appreciates it cause he can find you if you wander

Mostly looks and stares at them. Will be too shy to touch

Supportive of whatever you want to wear


Brahms Heelshire

Oooo what's this y/n?

He'll watch you walk and do chores through the walls, eyes trained onto those waist beads

He loves them, there's like an extra wave of feminity that comes off from you when you wear them

Really into reallyyyyyy into it

Will play with them if you're near, mostly stretching them and rubbing the beads against your skin.


Daniel Lamb

Too busy being paranoid about being hunted so he doesn't really notice them at first

Once he feels safe with you, then he'll start to look at them

Y/N looks really good with those on

It's a little hypnotizing looking at you walk with them on. He can't take his eyes off you

And if you sway your hips...he might start drooling. You may actually hypnotized him

When you hug, his hands will go right to them and play with them for a bit

Chapter Text

Jason Voorhees

Whenever you do your skin care routine, he sits there and watches

Your skin is so smooth. He wishes his skin was like that

However, he doesn’t really pay attention to the beauty products his victims leave. He just throws them away

If he’s comfortable enough around you to take his mask off, then he will let you do your routine on him

His skin feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom

Keeps running his fingers across his face 

If he learns one thing from your routine for himself, it’s to wear sunscreen! Especially since he’s outside all day

He’s probably used to getting sunburnt, doesn’t really bother him at all. 

Now, after he kills his victims, he brings their bags of products for you to sort through


Billy Loomis

King of skin care

Already had his routine down pact. He’s gotta look ensure that he looks good

You’re impressed that he moisturizes his skin. Ashy doesn’t show up on white people, but it does happen.

Not to him tho 🤣

He said I’m just built different lmaooo

You both have days where you lay on a couch with aloe gel face masks on, cucumbers on ya eyelids just living life


Tiffany Valentine

This girl can’t look that fine without some skin time😎

She has a whole skin routine too

She either has days dedicated to (1) going to the spa or (2) a home spa day

A home spa day always coincides with your hair wash day, how sweet

She’s heavy into using skin kits. She has a step by step routine that she abides by, never diverting from it unless they stop working for her

Which has happened to her. It's annoying (definitely happened to me a few times..ugh)


Jesse Cromeans (Chromeskull)

He doesn’t really take care of his skin after what happened to him

He feels like it would be a waste of time. His skin is messed up for life anyway

He doesn’t feel beautiful in his own skin

However, he thinks yours is magnificent. He buys you the top of the line products

Like the shit celebrities and millionaires get

Send you to a black dermatologist to make sure everything is right for your melanated skin

One day, after several ‘no’s’, you convince him to try a mask

He hesitates but keeps on with it. During you tell him how beautiful he is and that he’s gonna feel great

He appreciates the compliments. He won’t think that he’s handsome right away, still uncomfortable in his own skin. But it’s a step for a better direction, mentally

Chapter Text

Michael Myers

So out of all the times he had to hide, get shot at, punched tf out, and reveal his face because of his mask, now it's acceptable and he can run free? Because of a stupid pandemic?

He's feeling a little petty over it but he'll get past it pretty quickly

Michael really doesn't fully grasp the concept of a pandemic (most people didn't when it started lol) but he gets to hide his face and go out no problem now

Comfortable. He finally feels comfortable going out to places with you without being on edge

He'll wear his original mask sometimes. Most people don't even blink an eye at it- as long as he doesn't wear the jumpsuit.

What he doesn't like is that he has to pay extra attention to his victims' features. Which means, Michael will have to change how he stalks

Overall, it doesn't bother him. He likes the masks actually. If he sees someone who's not wearing a mask, it makes them an easy target 🎯


Jason Voorhees

He has no connection to the outside world 🌍 so the only way he finds out that there's a pandemic is through you.

"Everyone has to wear masks can actually come with me to places!!!"

He can?......but does he want to?

No offense to you, y/n, but he's skeptical. He thinks people will still have a negative reaction to his mask

But, in reality, most don't care. Actually, some have even complimented his mask

They were more affected by his height more than anything.

"Damn that dude's tall."

Freedom. Jason is quite enjoying it since he can travel judge-free. He wouldn't want to stay away from home too long.

His favorite type of masks to see are the cute animal ones- he wants a few too!


Chromeskull (Jesse Cromeans)

He was already comfortable wearing a mask, pandemic or not.

It is jarring for him to see the transition from people wearing no mask to a whole bunch. It's just so new that it's weird to go outside and see a whole bunch of masks

Interested in seeing the different fashion designs people are making but mainly paying attention to yours

Only thing he'll be annoyed with is -to him- it'll dampen the visual appeal of killing

Jesse loves seeing the fear and despair on people's faces as they die( as well as any facial gore). The masks will dampen that view.

Also, it seems unprofessional to kill someone that has a doge meme mask on. He takes his job seriously.

Overall, no bad feelings towards it. He just doesn't like the mask while killing


Chapter Text


Billy Loomis

We’ve all seen what Billy looks like….he is fine fine fine 😍! Y’all know he would be an e-boy himself

When he finds out that his s/o is an e-girl, he’s super into it

He made a tiktok and started following them immediately

Thinks the ahegao face they make is cute as hell. He thinks he looks stupid trying to do it himself😂, but he actually looks hot as hell

Secretly likes the outfits they pick for their videos, especially if they go the pastel goth type route

Eventually, he will want to become an e-boy; so he does just that. Him and his s/o takes Tiktok by storm as the top e-couple~, uwu

When his s/o admits to him that they are a werewolf, he doesn’t believe them.

Just thinks it’s some type of odd cosplay persona they got going on :/…..he can’t keep up with them lol

She decides to show him by transforming one night and he is shooketh to helleth (╥︣﹏᷅╥᷅)

Has no words, literally can’t speak. Tries to play it cool 😎but he’s scared asf😰

It’s obvious that his girl can still recognize him so he relaxes a bit. She tells him that she can tear up bodies and help him kill people. 

He’s fucking with it by that point (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👌

Calls her whenever there’s a dead body that needs to be torn apart and hidden. He will also lure victims to them so they can get some kills in

It’s absolutely amazing to see his cute gf just tear into someone’s neck. He’s falling in love as he watches😍

Her howl gives him goosebumps, in more ways than one🤤


Jennifer Check

Although she would make a great e-girl herself, Jennifer isn’t really into that type of scene 

Jen needs to have the face to face seduction interaction with people so that she can ‘feed’, so internet stuff seems like a waste to her

So she won’t join her s/o but she definitely likes watching them

Their gf is super cute🥺🥰- esp when they have the afro puffs and they do those cute little dance moves

Wants to suck on their tongue whenever they stick it out👅

Jen enjoys her gfs e-girl content because….it’s them. She wouldn’t really follow anyone else doing the same. 

Once she learns that her s/o is a werewolf, she’s so excited!!

“OMG Twinsies!!??Almost??!!!”

She has a demon and their gf has a werewolf…..basically cut from the same cloth, just in a different pattern

This was unexpected for Jen. However, this is the ultimate relationship fantasy that she always wanted

Now Jen and her gf can do death dates! Just eating and killing people together as a dynamic duo 💪 (`▿´) 👊

Both just go to clubs where random men are lured and eaten

The image of Jen and her girl, beautiful and covered in blood is so amazing

She never wants this to end