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Harry couldn’t stop staring at Draco Malfoy’s crotch.

“Are you alright, mate? You’re looking a bit flushed,” Ron asked quietly, nudging him in the side.

“‘M fine,” Harry croaked out, willing himself to pay attention to Draco’s intel on the potion smuggling gang.

It had been hard--in more than one way--to focus on his Auror duties since the incident last week.

He and Draco had tracked down a suspect to a Muggle farmyard, and in the ensuing fight had ended up covered in some rather unpleasant materials. Harry had been happy with a Cleaning Charm to keep him going until he could get home for a shower, but Draco had insisted on getting a change of clothing the second they got back to the Ministry.

Harry had gone to fill Robards in on what had happened, and grabbed a quick chat with Ron at the water cooler, before returning to the office he shared with Draco, comfortably under the impression that he had given Draco plenty of time to get changed.

Instead, Harry had opened the office door to a fully nude Draco Malfoy, save for the shirt he was pulling over his head which thankfully blocked Harry from his view. Harry had backed out of the office and closed the door behind him quicker than he knew was possible, but it had been more than enough time for Harry to be able to take him everything.

Draco’s face was too harsh and sharp to be considered conventionally attractive--though Harry thought that Draco carried the pointiness rather well--but his body was like that of the gods. His chest was chiseled, and his abs had a well defined six-pack. Draco’s thighs were lean but well-muscled, and hanging between them was the most magnificent cock that Harry had ever seen. Even soft it was long and thick, and Harry hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it since.

He was a self-confessed size queen, and quite frankly, didn’t think there was anything better than a huge cock pounding him in the arse. Harry couldn’t be sure as sadly he hadn’t seen Draco’s cock hard, but he imagined it would be the bigger than any other cock he’d taken.

Thus Harry had found himself staring at Draco’s crotch whenever he got the chance, both impressed and annoyed that Draco’s trousers were able to hide the beast that lay within them.

It probably didn’t matter anyway; they had a good working relationship that occasionally turned playfully flirtatious, but Harry didn’t think it would go down too well if he asked Draco if he wouldn’t mind spearing him open on his cock.

Still, he could dream.


“I’ve got something big for you.”

Harry lifted his head from its slumped position on his arms, not sure if he’d heard Draco correctly or if his fantasy of Draco screwing him senseless underneath the stands at the Quidditch World Cup had seeped into reality.

“Huh?” Harry’s gaze instinctively jumped to Draco’s crotch, before he remembered his manners and forced his eyes to meet Dracos’ steely grey ones.

“Great Auror instincts,” Draco said dryly. “If I wanted to kill you, you’d be dead already.”

Harry’s lips went dry, and he darted his tongue out to wet them. “What do you want to do to me, then?”

“Well, Harry,” Draco purred, dragging out Harry’s name deliciously. He crossed the small space of their office and perched at the end of Harry’s desk, his long legs stretched out in front of him. “I said I had something big for you.”

Harry was so fixated on the hungry look in Draco’s eyes that he jumped when something heavy hit his desk with a thud. He looked down, finding a bulging file with bits of parchment haphazardly sticking out of the sides.

“Remember that potions smuggler we brought in?” Draco said. “His lawyer is claiming we mishandled evidence, so Robards needs us to go to every little detail of the file to prove that we didn’t.”

There was a lot to love about Auror work, like the thrill of the chase, exhilarating battles, and bringing criminals to justice. There was also a lot to hate about it, namely obnoxious lawyers and the mountains of paperwork.

Harry sighed. “I’ll get us some coffee.”

Draco grinned darkly. “Better make it a big flask.”


Harry had so many questions he longed to ask about Draco’s body. How did he get so ripped? Did he have to get custom-made underwear to fit his prick in comfortably? Did he use a spell to hide the bulging outline? Did he get used to having such a monstrous weight dangling between his legs?

Okay, so most of his questions for Draco were penis-based. And though Harry was known for being a little bit reckless and being unafraid to speak his mind, he knew that asking a colleague about their huge prick was likely to get him slapped with a warning for sexual harassment in the workplace.

He was so desperate to get just another glimpse of Draco’s cock though, just to see if it was really as big as he remembered. Even just the outline of it through his trousers would be enough to satisfy Harry, and as a result he couldn’t stop looking at Draco’s crotch whenever he got the opportunity to do so. He was pretty sure Draco had noticed, but Harry had been able to play it off as him being lost in a daydream. He wasn’t nearly as spacey as Draco liked to tease him about being, but it sure helped him in not getting called out as a pervert.

“Why do you keep staring at my crotch?”

Harry’s luck was up, it seemed.

“What?” Harry said, his voice too strangled and high-pitched to sound normal. “I don’t keep staring at your, er…” he trailed off as Draco stretched his arms above his head, making Harry’s gaze drift downwards on instinct.

“I thought maybe my flies were open the first couple of times, but you’re definitely perving on me,” Draco said dryly, raising an eyebrow. “Stealth really isn’t your forte.”

“But I haven’t been staring at your, uh, your pen...your crotch. I just, uh-”

“It’s alright, Harry,” Draco cut in, flashing him a wicked smirk. “I’m flattered, actually. And I’m quite taken with your arse, which is a lot easier to perv on without being caught.”

Harry’s mouth went dry, not sure he had heard Draco correctly. He opened his mouth to speak, and only a squeak came out. Draco’s smirk deepened.

Harry cleared his throat and tried again. “You keep looking at my arse?”

“Yes, it’s rather nice,” Draco answered, nodding. “I never thought to proposition you because I thought you were a little bit of a prude, but it seems that you’re just as pervy as I am. How long have you been picturing what my dick looks like?”

“I saw it!” Harry blurted out. “The day we fought that potions smuggler on the farm. I accidentally walked in here while you were still getting changed and well, uh, you’re huge.”

Draco preened, looking far too pleased with what was happening. “Oh? And did you like that?”

Harry’s face flushed, and he was still half-convinced he was in a very realistic dream. He pinched his arm to make sure, and winced at the pain.

“I love big cocks,” Harry said loudly, without thinking, and resisted the urge to bury his now flaming face in his hands. “The bigger the better, honestly, and yours is the biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“So you couldn’t stop thinking about my massive cock, hmm?” Draco purred delightedly. Harry should have known that this would stoke Draco’s already inflated ego. “What’s the biggest one you’ve ever had?”

“Nine inches,” Harry answered, his own prick twitching at the memory of that night. The bloke who’d gifted him with that experience turned out to have an even bigger dick in his personality, but it had been the best sex of his life.

Draco looked even more pleased at this news. “Well, Harry,” he said, his voice low and husky in a way Harry had never heard him speak before, and which his knees feel like jelly. “I can get you into double digits, if you’d like.”

A number of different thoughts rushed into Harry’s head at once. What would this mean for them? Was it a one-off or did Draco want more? Would it ruin their now quite friendly relationship? How many double figures was Draco actually talking about? Was he just mocking him?

“Yes, I’d like that,” Harry said instead, because nothing else mattered.

He was rock hard, his prick throbbing with need, and he was being offered what he hadn’t been able to stop thinking about for weeks. Besides, it had been so long that he’d been fucked into oblivion, and he desperately wanted Draco to do that to him.

“How big are you?”

“Just under 11 inches,” Draco said, pride all too evident in his voice, but Harry was too busy salivating at the thought to care about his ego. He ran his hand across his crotch, pressing down hard enough that--finally--Harry was able to see the thick, bulging outline through the material of his trousers. “I wonder if I’ll be able to fit it all inside you. Do you want me to try?”

“Fuck yes,” Harry breathed out. “Shall we go back to my place or-?”

Draco shook his head, waving his wand over their office door to lock it. “I’ve fantasised about having you bent over my desk so many times, I can’t resist the opportunity to have that now. Fuck, I’ve come to the thought of your sweet arse so many fucking times.”

It was Harry’s turn to preen, glad to hear that Draco had been driven as equally crazy by him. “My arse is all yours, Draco.”

“In that case, I think we’re wearing far too many clothes.”

Harry grinned at Draco, trying to shake away the low level of nervousness he felt at finally getting the thing he’d been fantasising about for so long. Despite Draco trying to act cool and suave, Harry could see by the way he was nibbling on his lower lip that he was just as nervous and excited as Harry was.

Draco’s hands reached for his buttons, but before he could undo them Harry surged forwards and captured Draco’s lips with his own. Draco melted into him, sighing contentedly before he pushed up hard to take control of the kiss. His hands caught Harry’s wrists and pinned them against his sides, his body ushering Harry backwards until he felt his hips hit the desk.

They broke apart for air, both panting slightly from the urgency of the kiss. Draco’s pupils were blown wide, and his lips were bruised red. Harry had never seen anybody look so gorgeous and utterly beautiful.

Both of them shucked off their clothes urgently, leaving them in a crumpled heap on the floor. Finally, the only fabric that remained on either of them was Draco’s boxers, which were tented with a promise of the huge erection inside it.

Harry sank to his knees, teasing his fingers along the edge of Draco’s boxers as he looked up at him pleadingly.

“May I?”

“Fuck yes,” Draco ground out breathlessly, his eyes falling shut momentarily as Harry lowered the final barrier between them.

Draco’s cock was more beautiful than Harry could have ever imagined. It was easily at least 10 inches long, and tantalisingly thick. The head of it was a hot pink shade, the slit already shining with pearly fluid. Harry’s tongue darted out to lick at the wetness, savouring the salty taste.

He wrapped his hand around the base, relishing the way his fingers had to stretch to fit around Draco’s prick comfortably. Harry was quite adept at deep-throating when it came to average sized cocks, but he didn’t think he’d be able to fit all of Draco in his mouth and that thought alone made his own erection twitch with excitement.

Draco wrapped his hands in Harry’s hair as Harry lowered his head ever-so-slightly, wrapping his lips softly around the head of the delicious prick in front of him, alternating between soft laps of his tongue and the gentlest of sucking motions.

When Draco let out a loud moan, Harry moved his mouth further down the long length, allowing the heavy weight of it to settle on his tongue. His cheeks burned at the stretch and that made Harry just want to devour Draco’s cock further.

Harry worked the lower end of Draco’s erection with his hand, moving his fingers in gentle circling motions while his mouth bobbed up and down the top half. His lips weren’t even touching his fingers, a true testament to Draco’s size. He resisted the urge to palm at his own cock, not wanting to even consider coming until he had Draco fully inside of him.

Draco, it seemed, had similar ideas, as he pulled at Harry’s hair with a reluctant groan.

“Your mouth is exquisite, but I want to come in your arse. Bend over my desk for me, Harry; I’m going to open you up, and get you wet and ready for my cock.”

Harry eagerly complied, pushing parchment pieces and quills to the floor with a clatter as he settled himself over the wood, spreading his legs so that his hole was on display for Draco. He jumped when Draco’s palms landed hot and hard on his cheeks, where they spread Harry even further open.

He felt his face flush as he imagined Draco staring right at his most intimate part, but the embarrassment fell away and gave way to pleasure instead as a warm tongue swiped over his entrance. Draco’s hands kept Harry’s arse open as he mouthed at his hole, switching between licking slow, torturous laps across his rim, and hard, jabbing thrusts inside of him.

Harry found himself helplessly bucking against the desk, his prick desperate for attention despite Harry’s best efforts to ignore it.

He whined when Draco’s tongue left him, his forehead dropping to the cool wood of the desk when he felt a slick finger pressing against him. The rimming had left Harry nice and relaxed, and Draco easily pushed the first finger into him, quickly followed by another. Draco’s fingers were long and slender, and somehow Draco knew just the right way to crook them so that they stroked Harry’s prostate, drawing a long moan from him.

With more lube added, Draco worked in a third finger. Harry felt even more full now, and he pushed back against Draco desperate for more. This was what he loved, being spread open and stuffed full.

“You’re so desperate for this, aren’t you?” Draco purred, pressing the tip of a fourth finger against Harry’s rim. “Can you take one more, do you think?”

“Yes!” Harry cried. “Please!”

His hole burned pleasantly as Draco slowly worked in his fourth finger, the lube dripping down Harry’s cheeks and thighs as Draco moved into him, opening him up for Draco’s cock. Harry’s own prick was achingly hard, throbbing with need, and he desperately needed Draco in him so that he could finally touch himself.

“I’m ready. Draco, I need you in me,” Harry urged, writhing against the desk. “I need you to fill me with your massive cock.”

“I can do that,” Draco said, and Harry could almost hear the smirk in his voice. “One second.”

Harry heard him mutter a spell, and then the wall in front of them was transformed into a mirror. Harry could easily see his utterly ravished looking reflection, his hair sticking up in directions that shouldn’t even exist, his cheeks flushed bright pink and his pupils blown. Draco stood behind him, his prick standing proudly out in front of him.

Draco pulled his fingers from Harry’s hole and leaned down over him, his mouth just over Harry’s ear. “I want to see your face as I spread your arse around my cock.” Harry groaned loudly, almost coming at the
words alone. “You ready?”

“More than ever,” Harry said pleadingly. “Fuck me, Draco.”

Draco pulled back, standing tall, and positioned himself at Harry’s hole. His gaze met Harry’s in the mirror as he pushed forwards, the head of his cock squeezing past Harry’s rim.

Even with all the fingering, Harry still felt the pleasant burn as Draco pushed into him, and he eyes fell shut as pleasure coursed through him at the sensation of feeling utterly full.

“Fuck, your arse is perfect,” Draco ground out, and Harry opened his eyes to see Draco’s reflection looking hungrily down at his cock disappearing inside Harry. “You’re taking me in so wonderfully, Fuck, I bet I could get every inch inside of you before we’re done.”

“Push me, Draco, I can take it,” Harry pleaded. “I need you so badly.”

He let out another loud whimper as the head of Draco’s cock hit his prostate, and Draco smirked in satisfaction. He grasped Harry’s hips, using them for leverage as he began to build up his pace. He slowed down every so often, edging even more of himself inside Harry until finally his balls were resting against Harry’s arse.

Harry was a babbling mess as Draco’s entire length pounding hard and slow inside of him, his prick hot and aching against the desk. He was so full and it left him feeling entirely blissed out, like he was floating on waves of electric pleasure as Draco continued to grind against his prostate. He knew he was close to release, even without touching his cock, and he knew that the second he did he would come almost instantly.

“I’m close,” Draco ground out, his face in the mirror hot red and his hair plastered to his forehead. The white of his hair glowed in the yellow lighting of their office, making him look like the most deliciously devilish angel that Harry had ever had the pleasure of being fucked by. “Come for me, Harry, come around my cock.”

Harry finally reached for his neglected cock, his orgasm tearing through and over him almost at once. He cried out Draco’s name as his body seized up before it melted bonelessly against the desk, shuddering as waves of pleasures continued to wash over him as Draco rode out his own orgasm. His hands gripped Harry’s hips tightly, a strangled cry falling from his lips as he released inside Harry.

The room fell silent but for the sound of their panting as they caught their breath. Harry winced slightly as Draco carefully pulled out of him, his arse still sensitive.

“That was-” Draco began.

“Wow,” Harry finished, turning around slowly. He felt too empty now, and despite having just come, he was eager to know when--or even if--they could do this again.

“Definitely,” Draco agreed, his hand clutching his still panting chest. “Do you want to come to mine for dinner tonight? I was thinking you could eat some of my food, then I could eat you.”

Harry grinned. “That sounds a fair trade.”