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Singing Rivals

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Press Start was almost ready to start booking venues for their next tour.

The problem is they didn't have any venues to book.

Hajime Hinata, more popularly known as Player 1, had to restain himself so he wouldn't punch his laptop. Taking a deep breath, the lead vocalist turned to one of his bandmates. "I can't find any open venues for our route." He said, tone laced with irritation.

"Hey hey, we've only been looking for a few days. I'm sure there's at least one place for us to play at, and you know our fanbase. They'll sell it out in an hour. Besides, it's not our fault the venues we planned to rent we're all filled by someone else." This was Chiaki Nanami, or Player 2. She was extremely talented with instruments such as the electric keyboard and electric guitar, and had a soft, low soprano voice that was amazing for when she wasn't playing for an upbeat song.

"But Chiaki, we made offical announcements on going on tour this month. One show isn't a tour."

"One show is better than no tour."

"I-" Hajime let out a grunt of frustration. He platonically loved Chiaki to death, but he always found it irritating that she could make good points.

"We haven't even found an open ve-" Hajime begane, before he saw the drummer stumble her way into the sitting area on their shared tour bus.

Ibuki Mioda, or Player 3, was known to band hop in her early years, jumping from girl bands to heavy medal bands, but she had kept her talent of drumming, singing, mixing, and conducting with Press Start for almost three years, when she tended to leave bands after 2 months.

Ibuki had to catch herself on a table so she wouldn't fall when she came running in. (Hajime had always told her that her clumsiness mixed with running in heels would be her downfall one day.) She almost dropped her laptop, which was losely held under an arm, and she hit the table.

"Oh, hey Ibuki." Chiaki said without glancing up. Regaining her balance, Ibuki stood up straight and saluted.

"Good nom-nom-nommings!" Ibuki said in an upbeat tone. Hajime bit his tounge to prevent him from commenting on the time actually being in the late afternoon

"Why'd you come running in here, Ibuki?" Hajime said, choosing not to make any petty comments.

"Ibuki booked us a venue!"

Both Hajime and Chiaki looked at each other. "You... Got a venue?" Chiaki asked, just to make sure they both heard it right.

"Yup! Ibuki is really proud!" Ibuki replied, a smile plastered across her face. Hajime resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

"Ibuki, may I see your laptop?" Chiaki asked, a glint of excitement in her eyes behind her tired expression. Ibuki handed her the laptop without second thought.

Chiaki had only looked for a few minutes when she smiled. "We're booked for next saturday."

Hajime grinned at this. It'd been so long since he'd felt the rush of adrenaline that came with live performances.

He took a glance at the laptop and saw a booking right before theirs. It was the same band that had booked almost every venue they could find.

"What even is that new band...? Monochrome?" Hajime thought out loud, after reading that the band was, in fact, named Monochrome. I guess basic geometry and common sense are not his strong points.

"Oh! Oh! Ibuki knows!" Ibuki said gleefully. She took her laptop back and quickly typed something up, before pulling up a music video from the band. The song was titled, 'Escape.'

Both Hajime and Chiaki put their full attention on the video. Only two figures were on stage, with both wearing masks so you couldn't see their faces.

Once the video ended, Hajime let out a breath he didn't intend to hold in the form of a sigh, "They're... Okay." He said.

"Well, you'll get to meet them Saturday then, I think. If they stick around, at least."

Hajime made a mental note to stop sighing as much as he did. "Great," he said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "I can't wait to meet these new people obsessed with venue renting."