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you and only you

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Nothing frustrates Megumi more than the fact that he can’t claim Yuuji like he wants to. He can bite Yuuji all he wants, but his bite claim won’t take, won’t remain a permanent reminder to others that Yuuji is his . As a beta, Yuuji lacks the gland that allows his mating bite to take and Megumi hates that biology has made it so.


Yuuji is his regardless of the fact he’s a beta and Megumi will fight anyone who suggests that he should just find a good omega instead. Fuck them and their traditional views on alpha/omega pairings.


The only one Megumi wants is Yuuji and he’ll continue to remind everyone of that, including Yuuji when he starts to doubt his place with Megumi.


“Megumi are you really okay with me being your mate?” Yuuji stands in front of him, eyes averted with one hand nervously ruffling the fine hair at the back of his head. He chews nervously on his bottom lip, turning it a swollen red color. 


“Of course I’m fine with you as my mate. I’m more than fine actually.” Megumi can’t help himself as he practically growls out that last part as he takes in the sight of Yuuji in front of him. Yuuji really needs to stop biting his bottom lip like that, Megumi could only take so much. Everything about Yuuji makes him want to devour Yuuji whole, to fuck him senseless, to draw delicious moans and keens from those red-bitten lips. 


Yuuji whole face flushes red hearing Megumi’s voice take on that rumbling undertone. He just knows that if he looks at Megumi’s face right now he’ll see hooded jade green eyes directed at him. And seeing those eyes would make him drop to his knees so fast, they’ll bruise. But Yuuji can’t let himself get distracted. This was important . Megumi was such a good alpha and he deserved an equally as good omega as his mate—not a measly beta like Yuuji. There was a reason why alphas and omegas were compatible with each other. “Wouldn’t being with an omega be better for you Megumi?”


Megumi furrows his brows. “Do you want me to be with an omega?”


“NO!” Yuuji vehemently denies, the force of it bringing him closer to Megumi as he tries to prevent this possible misunderstanding. “You know I love you Megumi, but wouldn’t an omega be more compatible?” Despite asking that, Yuuji draws up into himself as though preparing himself for the worst, averting his eyes from Megumi again.


Megumi makes a noncommittal hum. “If that omega isn’t you, then I don’t really care.”




“And if we’re talking about compatibility, I think we’re more than compatible. You take my knot just fine don’t you Yuuji?” Megumi practically purrs as he closes the distance between them until they’re only a hair's breadth away from each other.


“I- that is—“ Yuuji stutters.


Megumi brings his face close to Yuuji’s ear and whispers, “Hmm I think it’s time for me to remind you just how well you take my knot.”



And that’s how they’ve ended up in their current situation with Yuuji on his back, legs spread as Megumi finger fucks his hole. The only sounds that could be heard were Yuuji’s moans and the squelching from the copious amount of lube Megumi coated his fingers with as he preps Yuuji.


Yuuji’s red and swollen hole was already stuffed with four of Megumi’s fingers. It shouldn’t surprise Megumi anymore but seeing how well Yuuji’s hole easily opens to take in his four fingers and seems to suck them in as if they’re not enough makes something hot and heavy stir in the pit of his belly.


“Look at how well you’re taking my fingers.” He scissors his fingers apart as he shoves them in deeper. “I bet you can take my whole fist, can’t you Yuuji?” Yuuji lets out a loud moan hearing that. “You would look so pretty fucked open on my fist. Your hole would be gaping, just waiting to be stuffed with my cock.” Yuuji involuntarily clenches down around the fingers inside him at the imagery of Megumi’s words. Megumi rewards Yuuji for being so pliant by grazing his fingers against that bundle of nerves inside him and Yuuji’s back arches off the bed, trying to shove those fingers against his prostate again. 


“A-ah. Megumi, please, please—right there.”


“Hmm, like this?” He moves his fingers against Yuuji’s velvety walls, caressing them before curling them just right so they rub firmly against his prostate again.


Yuuji screams as his walls spasm around the fingers filling him up so well. He’s so close to cumming, so close, just a little more—.


Just when he feels like he’s about to fall over the edge, Megumi’s fingers stop. Yuuji lets out a wail, he was so close . “Me-Megumi please let me cum,” he cries out.


“You’re not coming until I stuff you full with my cum and have you plugged up on my knot.” 


Megumi removes his fingers from Yuuji’s hole and watches as it remains gaping open from how far it was stretched around his four fingers. The rim was slightly red and swollen and Megumi couldn’t resist rubbing his thumb along the edges, further spreading the lube dripping out of it. Yuuji whines at the loss of Megumi’s fingers but those whines quickly turn into a loud moan as Megumi replaces those fingers with his cock.


His fingers scramble against the bedsheets as he tries to cling onto them. Compared to his fingers, Megumi was so much bigger . As soon as his cock is enveloped by Yuuji’s tight and velvety walls, Megumi has to resist immediately fucking again and again into that heat. He’s barely holding himself back until Yuuji bucks his hips slightly trying to get Megumi deeper inside of him.


Taking that as permission, Megumi tightens his grip on Yuuji’s hips as he begins thrusting in earnest, fucking as deep inside Yuuji as he could reach. On each thrust, he pulls all the way out until only the tip of his cock is inside Yuuji before he quickly snaps his hips forward. 


With each powerful and deep thrust, Yuuji can do nothing but let out loud moans. He can barely keep up with the amount of pleasure he’s feeling. It was like Megumi was reaching so deep within him, he wouldn’t be surprised if he could feel the tip of Megumi’s cock through his stomach. At that thought, Yuuji brings his hand to his stomach and presses down right as Megumi thrusts back into him. Feeling a bulge against his hand, Yuuji’s mind goes blank. Fuck that’s hot. His already hard dick grows even harder until it hurts . When Megumi moves his hips just slightly so that his cock hits Yuuji’s prostate with each thrust, Yuuji makes a high keening noise as both his hands scramble for purchase on the bed sheets again. “A-ah Megumi right there, right there ."


And how can Megumi possibly refuse when Yuuji looks like that? Laying on Megumi’s bed with the most debauched look on his face, drool trailing out the side of his mouth and a blush extending from his cheeks down to his chest. Yuuji was a beauty and all his


Megumi looks down at where his cock is thrusting in and out of Yuuji and groans at the sight. Yuuji’s red rim was molded around his cock and grasping his dick so tightly. “If only you could see how you look Yuuji, at how your hole is stretched around my cock.”


Yuuji whines at Megumi’s words. “I wonder if I should take a picture next time just to show you.” More moans escape Yuuji at the image those words conjure up. “Or maybe I should take a video of me fucking you, would you like that Yuuji?” And Yuuji can only nod in agreement. He wants that so badly. “Hmm next time then.” Megumi grunts out as his knot starts to grow, making it harder and harder to thrust his cock inside Yuuji as the knot starts catching on the rim. With one final deep thrust, Megumi snaps his hips flush to Yuuji’s ass as his knot inflates fully, locking him inside Yuuji. Megumi continues to grind his cock against Yuuji’s prostate until Yuuji is coming untouched with a soundless scream, his cock spurting ropes of come all over his abs.


As Yuuji’s walls spasm and squeeze around his knot, Megumi feels his balls tighten as he finally cums with one final small thrust inside Yuuji. He paints the inside of Yuuji’s walls with ropes of cum as his cock spurts more and more of it. By the end of it, Yuuji is left feeling bloated from the amount of cum inside him along with the knot keeping it from leaking out. 


They’re both panting and out of breath at the end of it all. Megumi can’t help himself from trailing his fingers over Yuuji’s rim, red and puffy around his knot. Yuuji groans at the overstimulation, his walls fluttering around Megumi’s knot. “You take my knot so nicely Yuuji.” Megumi comments. Yuuji flushes a pretty pink at the praise. “You were made to take my knot, omega or not. This knot only belongs to you Yuuji, understood?” Megumi makes sure to lock his eyes with Yuuji’s as he awaits Yuuji’s answer. “Y-yes alpha.” Yuuji manages to stutter out.


Megumi lets out a pleased growl at Yuuji’s answer. “That’s right, such a good boy, my beta.” And somehow Yuuji flushes an even deeper red.


With careful maneuvering, Megumi lowers himself to give Yuuji a deep kiss, making sure to lick and explore Yuuji’s mouth thoroughly. They continue to share more open mouthed kisses, taking turns to explore each other’s mouths. On one particular kiss, Megumi slightly thrusts his hips, causing both to break the kiss as they moan.


Yuuji clenches down on the cock still locked inside him and realizes with a start that Megumi is still hard. “M-Megumi?”




“You’re still hard?”


“We’re going another round once my knot goes down.” Megumi punctuates it by giving another shallow thrust. Yuuji lets out a small moan. Looks like he’s in for a long night. And based on the smirk Megumi is trying to hide by burying his face in the crook of Yuuji’s neck, Yuuji isn’t going to be walking tomorrow.