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A Dinner Party but Dr. Jekyll is Still a Whore (Sequel to "Confrontation but Dr. Jekyll is a Whore")

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Jekyll was at his desk once again, writing up in his journal about the last time Hyde and he interacted. He remembered the intimacy and passion, even albeit quite rough, he had a taste for it. It had almost been a week since that incident happened. 


A strange sense in the air surrounded Jekyll as he moved his pencil across the paper. He gasped lightly and placed his pencil down, arching his back as he sunk into the sensations coursing through his body. He needed an escape from this devilish feeling, so he flipped to a new page and started writing something different from journaling. A story. It had Hyde and himself as the characters, describing what could be only stated as sinful. He detailed the emotions, the actions, the dialogue, anything he could think of. 


He harshly bit his lip when he could get to the real smutty details. He pressed his legs together, a shiver going up his spine as he wrote.


Soon enough, the story was done. He leaned back in his seat, panting softly to the sound of the wind outside his window. He got up to get his dinner downstairs the maids made. It was convenient the time he finished writing clicked well with his meal times. Pushing his chair in, he left to eat.

The tarp covering the mirror he held in his room had slipped off once again, and the figure of Hyde loomed in it, slowly stepping out to read the journal. He loomed over it and scanned it quickly, a grin appearing on him as he read it more. So, this is what his dear creator thought of him? 


How wonderful.


He made a set plan, returning to his place in the mirror before Jekyll could see him.

"Henry, there's this dinner party tomorrow." Lanyon said, having visited Jekyll during his dinner hours.


"Oh, is there so?" Jekyll pressed his hand up against his cheek, taking the fork out of his mouth and twirling it on the plate.


"Yes, I'd fully expect you to be present. Stride's been dying to see you." He spoke in a sarcastic tone, rolling his eyes. 


"Oh, who gives a rat's ass about what he thinks?"


"You. You do, Henry."


"...You know me too well, it's concerning...."


"I've known you for years, Henry."


"Now, now, no need to bicker, I'll be at that dinner party." 


"Good. I'll see you tomorrow, Henry."


"You too, Robert."

The next day, Jekyll was at the party Lanyon invited him to. He didn't want to go, but it was the only thing on his schedule that wasn't something he did nearly every day. He held a wine glass in his hand and blocked out anything Stride was speaking to him about that wasn't important. He would have bailed the conversation with Lanyon a few minutes ago, but got distracted when Lanyon was sneaking away. He sighed mentally. 


"Jekyllll, notice me." Hyde huffed, looking down at him. 


"Just a few more minutes—"


"No! Now!" He yelled overzealously, Jekyll excusing himself to go 'powder his nose' and getting away from Stride.


"What do you even want now?" Jekyll groaned.


"Go to that isolated hallway. I want you to close the hallway doors and sit on the loveseat." 


"..You bring me many wonders, Hyde.." He mumbled, following what he wanted begrudgingly. He placed his wine glass on the floor and crossed his arms. Only for his wrists to be grabbed and he himself pinned against the loveseat.


"H-Hyde!" He yelped, knowing it was dark, but yet he could tell it was his counterpart.


"You think I didn't read what you wrote, Henry?" 


"I— But—"


"Shhh. Relax, my dear. Let me make you what you are, little Harlot." Hyde taunted, burying his face into Jekyll's neck, nipping at it with his teeth. 


"O-Oh..." Jekyll gasped, tilting his head upwards, his throat starting to be littered with small kisses from Hyde. He lifted his arms up and cupped the other's face in his hands, gasping in surprise when his throat was licked up by Hyde.


" Hnnnn... oh, God , don't stop.." He whined to him, his back arching for his chest to press against Hyde's own. The sensation was overwhelming, with Hyde licking at his neck like a cat, he moved his hands to hold onto the sides of his head, one hand grasping onto his hair.


Hyde grinned as he saw the way Jekyll bent to his force, sucking and licking a hickey in the middle of Jekyll's throat. His hands grabbed onto the bottom of Jekyll's thighs and raised his legs up, pulling him close in the process. Jekyll let out a shaky whine as he felt Hyde's crotch press against his own. Hyde bent down to lay on him and moved his hips to create friction against Jekyll.


"You like that, you whore?"


"I— Fuuuuuckk... O-Oh lord.."


"Good boy," Hyde praised, grinding their hips together faster, savouring every noise emitting from Jekyll's mouth. He was going off of Jekyll's little fantasy, the one he wrote yesterday. Jekyll wouldn't have done this in such a public place if it weren't for Hyde seducing him. 


" Please, Hyde," He pleaded, yanking at Hyde's clothing. 


Hyde let everything but his undershirt melt off into smoke, already erect and pressing against Jekyll's thigh as he attempted to unbutton the clothing in his way to seeing Jekyll's body.


"I wish these stupid outfits weren't so tight, I want to see you moan and writhe in my arms already." 


"Hyde, do you think someone will see us?" 


"I don't give a fuck if they do, you're all mine." He was able to open Jekyll's undershirt to see his chest, and quickly yanked down everything below the belt except for his cute little garters he used to hold up his socks. 


He leaned over Jekyll more, prodding at his ass until he was able to push himself in. Jekyll tried to squirm and adjust, Hyde pulling him into a caste kiss. 


He looked a bit uncomfortable, the feeling not being the most pleasant, though he was beginning to get used to it now, subconsciously raising his legs in the air a bit, letting out a few breathy moans as he felt Hyde prod around inside of him.


"I-I do have to say, Hyde, I didn’t... oh Stars ....didn’t think I’d be do ing this here..! " He moaned out, throwing his head back gently as Hyde started to move in and out at a reasonable pace. He bit his lip and quietly threw his arms around Hyde, the pace being picked up gradually.


Such sinful events started to make Jekyll gasp, legs twitching as Hyde thrusted, moans letting themselves get more waifish and curses into garbled pleasured nonsense, maybe a bit louder than intended, because soon enough Hyde thrusted deep into Jekyll and covered his mouth, leaning down to be unseen by an innocent bypasser who opened the hallway doors due to noises. Jekyll twitched and jerked as Hyde covered his moans, still slowly thrusting inside of him as if he weren't to care all that much. 


Once the bypasser had left, he started pumping in and out at a fast pace, Jekyll holding onto him for support as one of his legs slung over a loveseat armrest. He didn't hold back on his noises, more feminine and a few octaves higher than usual. He felt the shivers and trembles as he was able to hit into a vulnerable spot. 


"Oh god! Oh god! Don't stop!" Jekyll begged, grip tightening as he was close to his orgasm. Hyde panted like a depraved dog over him, movement getting sloppier the closer to his own climax he was. 


Jekyll let out a loud, pleasured whine as he came over his own chest, Hyde orgasming deep inside him, filling him fully before he pulled out and admired the fucked out look on Jekyll's face, the slight sweat on his chest, and his messy hair. 


"Good boy." 


"H-Hyy yydee..