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A New and Mighty Demon King's Harem

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A New and Mighty Demon King; Tanjiro Kamado

Kimetsu No Yaiba/Demon Slayer

By Azure/For D.M.



Chapter One- Mother and Sister Taken for the King- (Kie Kamado, Nezuko Kamado)


Tanjiro’s POV-

‘It had all happened so fast, I...I never knew nor even expected a Demon of all things to come to our home out of nowhere like that. It was a bloodbath leaving only the three of us as survivors, I was the only one on Death's door when it happened....when I turned into a Demon myself and somehow chased our assailant away before it could kill Nezuko and my mother. It's been three days since then and I still didn't understand what had happened to me exactly, the sun wasn't hurting me like I was led to believe about Demons, I was also not hungry for human flesh in the slightest either.

'Something was different about me after that horrible day happened to our family, I was changed into something beyond a Demon itself, something much stronger and I had a bone to pick with the monster that ruined our lives. I had power unlike anything I've ever felt before, a darker, more cynical outlook on life as well, but most importantly of all, I had a goal. I will kill the Demon responsible no matter what. And I was going to do it too, just as soon as I got ahold of these powers and made sure my mother and Nezuko could safely live in peace someplace else once I was ready.'

'Of course, there was also the ever-increasing need I had for female flesh, not to eat it, but to ravish any who had been nearby like some kind of sexually depraved animal. For some reason, I wasn't bothered in the slightest that my teenage sister Nezuko, and my beautiful mother Kie Kamado, looked just that enticing to me to do wanna do that with. These dark powers would go far, but I was going to need to get used to them first.'

'And that started by embracing my Demon Side completely.'

End of Tanjiro's POV-




Standing in front of the graves of his siblings Takeo, Hanako, Shigeru, and Rokuta, Tanjiro Kamado put his hands together and prayed for their safe passage into the afterlife all while resisting the urge to be brought to tears. His skin was slightly pale, his eyes a darker shade of blood-red color, he was still just a fifteen-year-old boy who had made an earnest living selling coal and providing for the family until the day a mysterious Demon came and attacked everyone, Tanjiro included.

Tanjiro was wearing his usual robe wear of a light-patterned Haori jacket and loose-fitting pants with tabi sandals over his feet. Ever since the day he got turned into a Demon, he's had two large demonic marks branching out over his forehead as well as a series of bone-like bladed tendrils coming out of his back when he wanted to attack something. They would go into his body and come out with no pain at all, nor a change in his physique. They were literally his secret weapons and he could use them to cut through even the thickest of oak trees without any effort at all. Tanjiro considered them to be the swords that he'll use to slaughter any Demon that gets in his way on his road to revenge, but of course, both Nezuko and his mother worried about where that would take him.

Kie Kamado stood next to her son with a hand on his right shoulder, consoling him as they grieved the loss of their family. Nezuko stood by on his left clutching the other hand, doing the same with hers. The beautiful pink-eyed girl worried for her brother's wellbeing now that he's turned into a Demon since the attack. From everything she's read and heard, Demons would only turn into a berserk, nearly mindless monster that would attack any humans on sight in order to feed their primal craving of blood and human flesh. They were monsters through and through, but none more so than Tanjiro, who somehow scared away the attack and resisted the urge to kill both her and her mother. It went against everything that she knew and she hoped she could find a way to change him back. Still, she was glad Tanjiro was still himself, albeit a darker, more revenge-driven version that seemed to be obsessed with his powers.

After a moment of silence had passed, he removed his hands from each other and let out a sigh of relief before turning around.

"I'm going to do some more practicing in the woods, I'll also bring some more money back once I find a stag or a goat to kill and bring back to the town. They've been low on hunters to do the gathering of meat for their stock." He explained, looking to the two most important women in his life and smiling like his old self before making off.

"Tanjiro....! Wait!" Kie called out to him, she was a beautiful woman with a gentle and loving nature, a pair of violet-colored eyes, and wearing a purple and cream checked Kimono underneath her white smock. She kept her signature cloth around her head at all times as though she were a cleaning lady for in-town businesses, but Tanjiro always found her enchanting no matter what.

He rubbed his forehead when those darker urges came back again, telling him to copulate with his beautiful sister and mother. He growled, showing a pair of teeth and rubbing the side of his face with a sigh before turning back to see her looking at him with concern.

"Yes, mother?"

"I...I think you should stay indoors for today, the more you've been practicing those powers of yours the more feral you'll get. You've been growling to yourself whenever you are alone with your thoughts, Nezuko and I have noticed this symptom is getting worse." She voiced her concern, making Tanjiro understand with a nod of his while looking at Nezuko.

The vivacious teenage girl was well-developed in terms of body proportions and womanly physique. She was still petite considering her young age, but she was a demure beauty with a heart as big as her hair is long. She had let it down from her bun after the day of the attack, appearing to be as beautiful as a shrine maiden. She was still wearing her signature pink Kimono with furry pink zori sandals down below. Whenever Nezuko would show a hint of her petite, soft-looking legs Tanjiro would feel that urge swell up again in his body. He wanted to push down these immoral feelings to ravish his mother and sister, but he felt it was getting stronger the more he tried fighting his Demonic instincts to fight.

If he didn't attack something or eviscerate either a tree or an animal, he would feel that sexual urge get stronger every time.

"She's right, just stay with us in the house today, Onii-chan. Please. We...we are worried about what you'll do if  the Demon part of your body gives in and attacks people in the village." Nezuko confessed, shocking Tanjiro and mildly annoying him as he made some of his fingernails turn into long, razor-sharp claws.

Seeing this both frightened and startled both the Kamado women at first, but then, Tanjiro withdrew them and sighed with great relief.

"I am controlling more of it now, you know. Soon, I'll be able to hunt that monster that took away Takeo, Shigeru, Hanako, and Rokuta. The more I wait the further he gets away." He explained, feeling glad that his enhanced Demon physiology made his sense of smell even more powerful than before.

He could tell that Demon was still in this region somewhere further away from the mountain region where he lived. No doubt it was somewhere either in a village or a city where he or she can blend in and hide. Tanjiro only had vague memories of that day, not remembering the appearance of the monster when he transformed and scared it away. He couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman, given that it came at them in nearly blinding speed while wearing a cloak, but he sensed it to be as powerful as he himself was. In order to get revenge for his siblings, he would need to get stronger first.

He hated that mother and Nezuko both wanted him to hide not just out of worry of the Demon Slayers, but also because they couldn't trust his sense of control over his new body.

'Tch, they just don't get it!' He thought, admiring how alluring they appeared to be when looking concerned for him. He hated that with this newfound strength, came invariable degrees of sexual lust for the two Kamado women.

Nezuko walked up to him and placed a hand on his shoulders in order to calm him down, she kept that sympathetic expression on her that  Tanjiro just couldn't help but fall in love with.

"Onii-chan, please...just stay here with us. We'll cook up some dinner and relax while we wait out the rain." She pointed out, noticing that a pair of clouds loomed overhead, giving Tanjiro all the reason he needed to consider being indoors for the time being.

Kie came up next and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling her earnest and hardworking son into a motherly hug. She didn't know what would happen now that caught a whiff of her feminine scent while being pushed into her bosom, Tanjiro started to growl with arousal the longer he was being hugged by his beautiful mother.

'Damn it....! L-let go of me, mother! Let go! Otherwise, I might do something I'll regret!' Tanjiro internally pleaded, thankfully being pulled back from the hug as he nodded to both his family members before going inside.

Together they ate dinner in silence, saying prayers of thanks for being alive as well as wishing for their deceased family members to have found peace and happiness in the afterlife. While Tanjiro could eat human food and not throw up, thankfully without having to need to eat people, he still had to have it be raw meat that was uncooked. He enjoyed the taste of blood on his tongue and fangs, watching as his mother and Nezuko ate their dishes in relative peace.

'Maybe, this isn't so bad. I know they're worried about me turning into a mindless monster, but I can't just let that man go free. What if he does to me what he did to others? I am stronger, much stronger now than I ever was before. Even cutting trees down is as easy as breathing to me, If only....they understand that I might be like this forever. I'll make sure that the monster who ruined our lives won't be though, even if it means they'll be worried sick for me the entire time.' Tanjiro thought to himself, watching as Nezuko bit something sharp, causing her to bleed from her tongue the next second.

"Ah! bone sticking out of this slice of fish." She whimpered cutely and grabbed a napkin from nearby, about to dabble it over her tongue and clean up the drop of blood spilling down her neck.


For some reason, Tanjiro felt the instinctual urge to lunge forward from his seat, wrapping Nezuko's lips in his own and kissing his darling sister in a full-on lip-lock only meant to be shared between those involved in a romance with one other.

"Mmmp!! Mmhgg?! *O-Onii-chan!?*" She mouthed in surprise, letting her eyes bug out of her sockets as she felt her brother's mouth curling open her lips and kiss her with his tongue touching the small scratch left on hers.

Kie covered her mouth into her hands in a gasp of shock and awkward silence, seeing that her son's tongue started sliding down his sister's throat, tasting her languidly in an overly erotic display of affection. Tanjiro, meanwhile, lowered his eyes half-way and began holding onto Nezuko's cheeks, deepening the lip-lock without further understanding why he wanted to do this.

"Mmmhmmm! *Schlupp....schlupp..schlupp..schlupp.. pop!* Hhmhm, Nezuko...!~" He breathed out, feeling his animal-like sexual instincts take over as he made out with Nezuko hungrily, causing her to stumble back onto the floor!

"Mmmmmm!! *Onii-chan!!*" She muffled in protest despite feeling aroused and somewhat enchanted by the fact she was having her first kiss stolen by her brother, and having it done in such an exhilarating way. 'Aahhh....! W-what's gotten into Onii-chan?! H-he's like an animal now! S-stop....!'

"T-Tanjiro! S-stop that right now....!" A red-faced Kie got up and rushed over to pull Tanjiro off of Nezuko by grabbing him by the shoulders, but his body was too strong and sturdy for her to move at all.

Tanjiro, however, felt the familiar presence behind him and son snapped out of his kissing frenzy before sitting up, blinking confusedly as he looked around.

"H-huh...what? What just happened to me? The moment I saw blood I....! Oh my God! Nezuko! I'm so sorry!" Tanjiro apologized, bowing his head until he could feel that vengeful lust come back in full force following his brief dip into lucid humanity. 'Gghhgghh! There it is again! W-what is my body telling me to do?! Make love to Nezuko?!'

Somewhere in the back of his head, another part of him said 'Yes', making his dark nature take over again as he arose to find that both Nezuko and Kie looked at him with strange yet hopeful looks in their eyes. He saw that Nezuko's pink eyes become brighter and glowy with the color inside of them, she didn't look flustered or hateful towards her brother, even after having her breath sucked out by his lips in a kissing frenzy. It was a surprise to Tanjiro that they said nothing, leading him to look at his mother Kie next.

The woman had the same look as her daughter, but with her eyes becoming glowy with the color of purple, looking at her son squeamishly like a maiden bashfully admiring a man she found attractive. This further confused Tanjiro until his enhanced smell picked up the odor of something unfamiliar coming from his very own body. He brought up his arm and sniffed it, smelling something unusual that hadn't been there before at all.

'This smell, it's different from how I usually smell like. Could it have been caused by me seeing blood and k-kissing Nezuko like a starved lover?' Tanjiro wondered, feeling stronger after having ravished his sister in a full-on incestuous frenzy just now.

Kie and Nezuko both looked at him blankly, albeit with subtle gazes of longing while one of them started to clutch the folds of her Kimono with an increasing desire to take it off. It was here that Tanjiro figured out what it might be; that ravishing a woman once his order compelled them to submit to him sexually, made his body become stronger a small bit.

'Is this....similar to how someone draws energy from being fed? I...I have to indulge in this kind of thing in order to be powerful enough to kill that Demon who murdered my siblings? My....stench is making both mother and Nezuko complacent right now if I wanted to...I could......make love to them right here and now.' Tanjiro reiterated in his mind, feeling his sense of reason and morals slip further and further away at the thought of becoming stronger by having sex.

Some of his inhibitions melted away his sense of justice as well, only to be replaced by the animalistic need for sexual intimacy as well as a need for revenge. Those thoughts bubbled further into his mind, blocking out any humility and reasonable discourse to avoid taking such drastic measures to bolster his strength. Tanjiro wasn't the kind of Demon who would kill innocent people, not like the ones that had plagued Japan at the moment. Instead, he would be the one killing them by getting stronger and stronger, taking more brides into his arms, and becoming the next 'King' of Demons once he ascends to the top.

The full awakening of his power had only begun and Tanjiro had gone morally corrupt with it as his humanity slipped further away. He got up and saw his mother Kie staring at him wistfully with a confused look on her face, he eyed her body and admired that she had a rather voluptuous figure underneath her clothing. Thoughts about the morality of committing incest were far from his mind right now, only the instinctual need to breed the woman thoroughly weighed on Tanjiro's mind.

'I knot this is my mother....b-but...I can't help myself! anymore! I..must have it! S-she's just so beautiful and loving, ever since my father passed away she has been lonely. If I must alleviate her pain from losing nearly all of her children to that monster, becoming stronger in the process, I....I'll do it and ignore everything else!' Tanjiro made his decision.

His eyes became redder, glowing brightly as he cleared his throat to speak up and make his first command.

"Mother.....remove your clothing." He issued, feeling embarrassed at having even said it.

"Y-yes, Tanjiro." Kie obeyed, shocking him completely as she undid the white cloth over her head, letting her dark hair spill down elegantly around her shoulders before pulling off her smock.

Kie was only left in her pink and cream checkered kimono now, she undid the sash binding it and peeled open her robe, exposing her naked body before Tanjiro without hesitation!

"Mggnh! M-Mother...!" He grunted, feeling arousal creeping into his body the longer he watched.

Kie had worn a fundoshi underneath, covering her sex, but the rest of her was laid out in the open before his eyes. She had a remarkably voluptuous figure with lump baby-bearing hips and a slender waist to go along with it. Her breasts were additionally plump for being a pair of voluminous D-cup sized breasts that causes Tanjiro's mouth to water considerably.

Nezuko could see that he was now sporting an erection from underneath his pants, feeling a strange feeling of unquenchable desire despite the fact she was lusting for her beloved brother.

'T-this is too unreal! I'm actually seeing my mother naked and s-she's offering herself to me after a simple command. I-I....can't help myself anymore, I need to feed this need for her body.' Tanjiro thought to himself again, watching as the woman slipped off her robe completely, becoming naked in the blink of an eye. "G-get down on the ground, mother, lie on your that I can take care of you."

"Of course, Tanjiro, anything for you, my son.~" Kie responded gently, smiling lovingly at her son as she laid herself down on the ground, letting her legs rise up into the sky and pulling down her 'Panties', exposing her juicy-looking slit in all of its glistening glory.

Tanjiro felt his cock lurch again at the sight of his mother's sex. Kie's pussy was pristine, pink, and looking considerably tight with a juicy texture. She reached down and spread open her legs, sitting up on one hand planted into the ground behind her. The woman's right hand slipped down her smooth, porcelain-skin body and pried open the lips of her pussy with a bashful smile on her face. Nothing else seemed to matter in Tanjiro's eyes right now as she watched his mother offer herself to him, stroking the beast of lust that welled inside of the Soon-to-be Demon King.

"Ggghhh! Mother....!" He grunted again and started hastily removing his clothing completely, becoming naked in a flash and leaving only his pants worn over his body. Tanjiro promptly pulled down along with his undergarments, letting his large manhood spring out into the open in front of Nezuko's and Kie's starstruck eyes.

"O-Onii-chan....~" The sister trailed off, feeling her sexual hunger for her brother increase exponentially once she saw his member come out into the open.

Tanjiro felt a hint of dark pride in his body as he stood exposed with the intent of breeding his mother. Ever since the transformation, he felt his body had undergone significant changes such as those bladed tendrils that would come out of his back at will. Having a gargantuan-sized penis was another unexpected benefit from becoming a Demon. His cock became as large as thirteen or so inches in measurement and several in girth, becoming thicker than even a large bratwurst sausage one could buy down in the market in town.

On top of that, Tanjiro's balls looked as plump and as full as a pair of apples, furthering the incestuous lust inside of both Kamado women the longer they looked at it. He flashed a dangerous smile in Kie's direction, moving forward to get on top of her and drive this instrument of sex deep into the woman's insides without any further delay.

'I'm...I'm really going to have sex with my mom. I...I think she's really beautiful and will make for a perfect woman to have at my side, both Nezuko and her together as my women.' Tanjiro's dark thoughts took precedence now.

Being that when one becomes a Demon, they're destined to become vicious, remorseless killing machines until they can control themselves to a small degree. But Tanjiro was an exception to that rule. He was not only unique but extremely powerful with a few unusual abilities to help him get revenge and climb his way to the top.

"Do it, Tanjiro....please...!~" Kie begged, feeling even further aroused by her son's appendage as he brought it up between her silken folds, ready to breed her right on the spot.

Her naked breasts scraped against his muscular chest, leading to the woman wrapping a hand around the back of his neck, smiling at him with encouragement the entire time.

" you, mother!~" Tanjiro let out, thrusting his penis directly into the sodden folds of Kei's pussy, unleashing a slick squelch of moisture gushing out of it while she felt her insides wrap around her son's cock!


"Uuuggghhh! Aaaaargh! Ohhhh Tanjiro....! Nngghh!~" Kie cried out, tossing back her head and breathing very loudly as she felt what is considered a thick log of flesh pushing through her insides on its way to her cervix!

Nezuko watched her mother's stomach warp as the imprint of Tanjiro's cock appeared from inside her creamy-skinned stomach, making her feel even further aroused as he continued watching. Kie's right leg right up into the air, allowing Tanjiro to catch in his hand as he felt the slickness of her pussy pull him even further inside.

"Ohhhhhh! Aaahhh! M-Mother....! feels very good to be inside of you right now! S-so tight too." He said, enjoying the squishy feel of Kie Kamado's pussy clinging tightly to his penis as he began pushing his waist into her from above, fucking her steadily in gentle back-and-forth ruts of his cock.

The gentle slapping noise of sexual coitus began to ensue with Tanjiro rutting into his mother's mound from above in a bent-missionary position. Each and every squelch of moisture brought on by Kie's pussy clinging so very tightly to him, made the Demon boy buck into her even faster, creating faster sounds of bodies tipping each other in sexual embrace. Soon enough, Kie was moaning loudly in pleasure, holding onto her son's broad shoulders while she squeezed a leg around his hips, basking in the sexual bliss he was giving.

"Uuuhhhh! Tanjiro...! Uughh...! Aahh..aah...ahh..ah....ah..ahh..ahh....ahh..aahh!~" Kie moaned loudly, closing her eyes tight as she was overcome with pleasure. Each and every push of her son's cock stirred her insides nicely, causing them to squeeze him even tighter, making this the most pleasurable experience she's had to date.

Kie's breasts started jostling around in the air to Tanjiro's intensified thrusts, the squelching noises of sex became music to his ears the more h plowed into his mother's pussy with animalistic want.

"Mmnngghh! It f-feels so....good! Aaaggghhh!~" He growled, showing his fangs and glowing red eyes to Kie. He started rowing his pelvis harder, pushing steadily into her sex and feeling her insides respond appropriately by coiling around his stiffening cock. Feeling the slick squelch of the older woman's pussy, Tanjiro became animalistic with lust, spreading out more pheromones into the air and causing his teenage sister Nezuko to begin sliding down her Kimono from off her naked shoulders.

She started breathing faster and running her own soft, dainty hands down the exposed part of her upper body. Once her fingers grabbed themselves onto her pendulous pair of C-cup-sized breasts, she started fondling them strongly with fingers prodding into the areola of her tits to the sight of her brother fucking their mother.

"T-Tanjiro.....! Onii-chan......aahh.....!~" Nezuko breathed out in hot, ragged gasps of air. She was becoming overstimulated by the sight of her Demonic brother's massive cock cleaving through the sodden folds of their mother's flesh.

She watched it closely, practically feeling the penetration herself after seeing nearly all of it disappear into Kie Kamado's womanhood nonstop like an animal. The gentle squelching sounds of flesh colliding with flesh only made Nezuko hotter under the collar as she watched. She saw that Kie's stomach literally warped to the size and shape of Tanjiro's monster-sized cock and it haunted her mind, making her want it the stronger the scent of sex became.

Nezuko's own fingers dipped down underneath her sash, letting it become undone completely as the rest of her Kimono slid off of her body, leaving only her pubis covered up the fundoshi any woman would wear over their sex. Her ripe peach of teenage womanhood felt sensitive and throbbing to the sight of Tanjiro grabbing onto their mother's ankles and lifting her legs up into the air! Kie let out a startled gasp while still feeling the moans leave her lips, she saw her son keep her lower half suspended as he lifted up her ass off the ground, keeping his pelvis hammering away into her pussy like a wild animal wrought with lust! She was feeling the difference immediately since this enabled to hammer into her even faster now!

"Uuuaaggghhhh! T-Tanjirroooooo....! Aaahhh!~" Kie cried out, tossing her head back and rolling it around constantly to the undaunted undulations of her son's pelvis crashing into her slit. She was feeling her walls curdle and throb with impending orgasm, likely to cum around his cock very soon and perhaps take him with her when she did.

"Uugghhh! M-Moootheeerrrr!" He roared with lust, keeping himself planted flat on his feet, enjoying the juicy clutch of his mother's pussy beginning to wring him tight and try milking him of his cum.

He was going at her with a rapid-fire pace of flesh slapping into doughy, porcelain flesh, making Kie approach Nirvana as he saw her toes wiggling tightly while feeling her insides beginning tighten around his cock. She was close and to send her off into the deep end, Tanjiro tumbled over until he was bottoming out of his mother in a mating-press style position. She instantly put her arms around the back of his neck, embracing him fully regardless of this sinful union between mother and child. Tanjiro's bare hips only came down faster upon her waist, hollowing out her pussy several more times before feeling her insides coil tightly in an orgasm!

Tossing her head back and shuddering, Kie Kamada cried out in ecstasy with her eyes closed, trembling with orgasm as she came hard around her son's stiffening member!

"K-Kyaaaggghhhhhhh! Uuuuhhhh! Tanjirooooo!~" She cried out, wanting to squeeze her legs around his backside and keep him locked in, fortunately for her, he wasn't planning on going anywhere. He was going to shoot all of his sperm inside of the darling woman that gave him birth.

"Gghhhnnghhh! Here....! Take it all, mother.....! Aaaahhhh!~" He growled, showing his sharpened teeth and letting his eyes glow bright red as he felt his balls stiffening immensely prior to his ejaculation. With a grunt and a slam of his hips colliding into Kie's waist, Tanjiro felt his member engorge before sending thick ropes of sperm directly into his mother's uterus!

Airing out a growl, he let out everything inside of the beautiful woman, not caring at all if he gets her pregnant, and doing it in front of Nezuko's sparkling pink eyes as she watched the copulation take place.


"Ohhh Tanjiro....! Y-you're shooting so much inside of me! I'm going to get pregnant with your new brother or sister to be sure!~" Kie breathed out, feeling the warmth of his Demon sperm flooding through her depths with ease. Tanjiro was filling his mother out completely and enjoying the mutually-sustained copulation between them as a sinful family.

'It feels so good....soooo good! Nghhh! I...I really came inside of my mom! And it felt great...!' He thought, letting out the last few ropes of sperm into the woman's depths before slowly pulling himself out once she finished cumming around him. Kie's legs spilled down his sides, leaving her breathing raggedly with strands of her dark hair messily clinging to her forehead post-sex.

"Huff..huff..huff..huff..huff...Tanjiro.~" She mewled quietly to herself, letting her breasts heave and jiggle to the undulations of her chest as he stood up to face his sister next, wearing an adventurous smile on his Demonic face.

Nezuko had long since shimmied out of her fundoshi, leaving her sitting on the wooden floor with both hands between her legs stroking her pussy furiously to the sight of incest she had just witnessed. She was breathing heavily in arousal after watching for so long, enjoying how much pleasure she felt when touching herself to the sight of her brother breeding their mom. She could still see his erection standing firm and upright. Despite oozing some cum from the enlarged tip of his penis, Nezuko saw that he was still raring to go and looked at her with a devilish smile before walking over to her.

Kie was left breathing tiredly after such an intense sexual experience, even with her previous husband she had never felt such mind-shattering bliss in her entire life. Nezuko saw that the distant yet deliriously elated smile on her face remained, making her crave it even more herself.

"Come on, Nezuko. Stand up and take everything else off, it's your turn next." Tanjiro commanded softly with his bright eyes staring into the sweet little girl's soul. She may have been born only a year before him, but Nezuko's body was that of a mature-bodied adult despite the given age of being a teenager. She nodded subtly and got up, sliding down her fundoshi and stepping out of her tabi shoes until she was completely barefoot. Nothing remained worn over Nezuko's body and stood with her light patch of fuzzy pubic hair barely appearing above her wet mound.

Tanjiro growled with lustful arousal again and approached his dear sister, putting his hands around her soft cheeks and embracing her completely with nothing but love and lust in his eyes.


Their lips met and once again the siblings made out passionately with Tanjiro exerting dominance, he was stealing the air out of his sister’s lungs and tasting the tangy-sweet taste of her saliva on his lips. Nezuko hummed quietly from within his mouth in pleasure, closing her eyes and allowing him to embrace her by putting his hands around her plump hips.

"Mhmmhmmm! Hhmmmhm.....! *Onii-chan! Aaahhh....! Onii-chan!*" She moaned in a muffled voice, tasting his tongue sliding down her esophagus, calming the entirety of her mouth for his liking as they continued making out passionately for several more minutes.

"Hmmhm....mhmmm! *Schlupp.schlupp..schlupppp!*  Ohh...Nezuko!~" Tanjiro breathed out, leaving his tongue swiveling around the insides of her mouth with a domineering gaze of red coming from his eyes. He pulled back momentarily, seeing the lovestruck pink eyes of his dear sister, falling even more in love and lust with her despite claiming his mother the same way.

It was pure animalistic lust right now, Tanjiro felt his morality slip even further when he thought about how much of this he wanted and with how many women to do this with. His mother and sister were just the start, the Dark Demon King's desire to bring many into the fold had ignited with this sinfully debaucherous passion.

"Nezuko...get down on all fours and turn your ass to me, I want to ravish you from behind so that I can feel these while enjoying the sight of your ass." Tanjiro said darkly, cupping one of her breasts and making her squeal adorably in reaction before sighing wistfully in sensitive pleasure.

"Aahhh....y-yes, Onii-chan! Uuuhh....I want what mother was given too. P-please....mate with me!~" She pleaded with lovestruck eyes and saw Tanjiro nod without hesitation, making a crooked smile as she got down onto her kneecaps in front of him.

Nezuko turned around and raised her ass up high, keeping her legs spread apart and kneecaps firmly pressed into the ground along with her palms. She was at his mercy, completely submissive to his command, and secretly wanting him to breed her raw right there on the floor like he did with their mother. Nezuko's plump and ample heart-shaped ass wriggled around salaciously with her pussy dripping more ounces of moisture from arousal.

"Gnnghh! S-she's so....beautiful and cute. I..must...have her.....! You'll be mine, Nezuko, you and mother both! For as long as I live!" Tanjiro yelled out, dropping onto his kneecaps behind the girl's upright posterior and grabbing ahold of each side of her waist while bringing it closer to his schlong.

His long, overly stiff cock ground the folds of her sex momentarily, grinding the underside of his cock sensually in a way that left Nezuko going crazy with the need of sticking it in. She clutched at the ground with her fingertips like they were clawed nails, hissing with arousal and desperate for Tanjiro's seed.

"O-Onii-chan....! Please.....mate with me! I need it more than anything right now!" She cried out and saw that Tanjiro finally stopped teasing her, initially by putting a finger into her sex and fingering her insides a bit to get her warmed up. "Uuuggghhh! Aaahhh.....!"

A series of gentle squelching noises followed with Tanjiro testing out the squishiness of his sister's pussy with a smile, he found that she was tight and obviously a virgin since most girls around here waited to be married before having sex. But she.....would only be married to him once he had taken her, Tanjiro wasn't going to let go of any of his future harem members, they would belong to him and him alone. Growling with arousal and waiting no longer, he grabbed the stiff of his cock and lined it up with the spread folds of Nezukos' pussy.

Slowly pushing forward the head into the juicy, red cusp of her sex, he shoved himself a few inches into his sister's twat, making her claw at the ground once she felt it go inside of her tiny slot!


"Gggghhhh.....! Aaaggghhh...! Onii-chan! Onii-chan...! Nghhhh!" She growled pleasurably yet still felt pain. He wasn't even a few inches inside of her yet, but he kept on going regardless and had his hands firmly around her waist while doing so. Nezuko clenched her teeth, feeling her insides split apart as he made his way to her cherry and stopped for a brief moment.

She looked back over her right shoulder at her naked brother, noticing he was grinning confidently with a smile before pulling back his hips and slamming everything into her pussy in one hard, swift thrust!


Nezuko's eyes went wide open in surprise and both delight as she felt pain mixed with pleasure, feeling her hymen rip away as she felt her brother's dick smoothing out the insides of her pussy as he went. She let her mouth fall open silently, about to scream loudly in pain until she suddenly felt Tanjiro reaching over her backside, spooning her, as he held onto her face and made her lips seal themselves around his in a surprise kiss.

"MMmngghhhhgn! Mnggghhhhh!! Mhmm.....~" She moaned into his mouth, partially screaming while feeling his tongue rolling around over her own in an eloquent and sensual way.

Tanjiro grooved his pelvis into her ass, carefully keeping them conjoined as he carefully started bringing his pelvis into her sex in a diligent fashion. Before long, he felt her sister buck her ass into his waist, fucking herself on his cock while he made his way inside of her young and fertile teenage womb. Nezuko could feel it alright, she was grabbing onto Tanjiro's neck from below, deepening the kiss as he began fucking her right there on the ground with hips rhythmically slamming into her sex like so.

"! *Pop!* Aaaaahhhh...Onii-chan! Yess! feels wonderful! I love you, Onii-chan!~" Nezuko cried out, closing her eyes tight and letting hot breath after breath escape her lips as he squeezed her pelvis into his hands while fucking her nonstop.

"Gngh..ngh..gnh..nghh..gnh..ngh..nghh! N-Nezuko...! Ahh...., I'm going to make sure you get this every day along with our mother! You're both mine and I'm going to make you happy forever once I kill that Demon that ruined our lives!" Tanjiro let out with passion, slamming his hips voraciously into Neuzko's ass from behind, feeling her soft and squishy insides coil around him as he moved along.

The sounds of sexes colliding together continued throughout the inside of the Kamado home. Nezuko was enjoying Tanjiro's body immensely as he relentlessly rutted into her from behind, making her whimper constantly in pleasure as she felt her entire insides re-shape itself to better fit his magnanimous dick. Each push sent his cock directly through her cervix and into her womb, breeding the girl raw and doing so in such an eloquent passion that Nezuko couldn't help cumming on the spot!

"Guuggghhhhhh! Onii-chaaaannnn!~ Aaahhhh!~'' She came loudly, tossing her head back, shivering while she squeezed his length tightly between her folds. Her body bucked and twitched in spasm, cumming around her brother's cock for a minute or two on end.

Tanjiro growled in pleasure as he felt his sister's pussy tighten all over his length, nearly forcing himself to cum had it not possessed the endurance to withstand the sensation for just a little while longer. He wanted to fuck her more and doing so, he reached over to her tits and gripped each of them into his hands, howling with ecstasy as he began fucking her anew!

Louder slaps of flesh soon followed with Tanjiro rutting relentlessly into his sister from behind, making her creamy buttocks wriggle salaciously as he hammered into her sex with wild abandon. Needless to say, Nezuko liked being treated like a chew toy for her sex maniac of a Demonized brother. She had tossed her head back and formed a wide-open smile, deliriously grinning with happiness as he plowed into her like so.

"Uuuhh...uuh..uh..uuh..uuh..uuhh..aaaahhh...ooaaagghhhh! Yess! Breed me, Onii-chan! Unnnhhh!~" She cried out, making the same face her mother made as they copulated right there on the surface of their living room like animals in heat.

Tanjiro rowed and slammed into his sister's pussy nonstop, feeling her walls beginning to curl eloquently around his length the harder he bottomed out of her cervix. He clenched her tits tightly, careful not to hurt her, yet enjoying the doughy sensation of his sister's ample mounds while he bottomed out of her like there was no tomorrow. The squelching noises of her sex gushing tightly aroud his length continued nonstop for about half an hour tops until Nezuko was feeling ready to cum once again, only this time she would take Tanjiro with her and have him get her pregnant if he wants.

"Ughhh....ughhh.....ooohhhh.....Onii-chan.....ah!~" She cried out, cumming one last time and squeezing every fiber of her vaginal muscles around his length as she pulled him into the back of her womb, moaning with ecstasy!

"Gahhh! Here I come, Neuzko! Take it all....! I will breed you nonstop for as long as you want.....uggghhh!~" He growled, feeling his shaft engorge again as he deposited another abundant load of sperm flowing directly into her womb and drowning out her uterus in the process!


Tanjiro growled clenching his teeth and feeling the joyous relief of executing his lust into his darling sister as he goes. Each pump of his cock sent ropes of thick and potent cum directly into her insides, feeling up the girl's teenage body and breeding her on sight just like he did with his mother. Nezuko mewled constantly in sexual euphoria, grinding herself onto her brother's crotch and enjoying how good it felt to have him cumming inside of her nonstop.

"Ughh.....! Uuuuhhhh! Ohhh it feels so good! I love you! I love you so much....!" She cried out, shuddering constantly in continual orgasm while he seeded her insides fully, leaving her with a bloated stomach full of his sperm until he finally stopped.

With a sigh, Tanjiro finished cumming inside of his sister, finally feeling spent even though he was only a little bit winded from the back-to-back exhilaration of fucking his kin. With a wet 'plop' of moisture and sperm, he pulled out of the girl's gaping twat, leaving her to collapse onto the ground with a delirious smile on her face as he sat back.

Tanjiro looked at what he had done and felt partially horrified that he had actually done it, he had sex and probably impregnated both his sister and his mother, yet he was feeling ready to have more if and look for additional girls to add to his collection.

'I...really did it, didn't I? This is the new me who has the power of a Demon and the capability to be out in sunlight without being damaged or killed. I could maybe use this advantage to find whoever slaughtered my family and finish what I started but until then.....I think I could get used to this kind of thing. I-I don't know why I'm not so horrified by what I had done, but maybe I don't need to be.' Tanjiro said to himself in thought as he got up, taking a look at himself in a nearby vanity mirror and seeing that he was still largely the same except for having a few Demon markings over the brow of his forehead.

He looked worried at first, feeling like he was losing himself into the abyss of becoming a sex-crazy monster out for revenge, but the longer he stared into his reflection, Tanjiro suddenly smiled as he thought up a way to spin this situation into a positive stance.

'I'll, the Demon King, one that doesn't go around killing innocent people, but rather....punishing those that deserve it including Demons like the one that ruined my family. I'll be evil if I have to, but I'll remind myself that I am still myself when doing unspeakable things in the name of justice, starting with.....starting a harem of willing lovers. Because I don't think I can control this part of me just yet, but maybe I don't even want to.' Tanjiro said to himself in thought, looking at the blissfully sleeping forms of his naked mother and sister, both oozing heavy amounts of sperm from their gaping pussies wearing peaceful smiles on their faces.

He stood proudly in the center of the living room, letting a long, bone-like tendril of blades come out from his spine, looking as menacing as possible while he stood with hands clenched and wearing an upbeat expression that spoke of ambition.

"I am going to become the next Demon King, and I'll do it while looking for the monster that ruined my life."


End of Chapter One

To Be Continued.....


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