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Saving Love

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Erend looked up from his position, wrists chained to the top of the tiny 3x4 cell, forced into a sitting position. He was unconscious up until now, he could hardly remember what put him here, the pain his wrists were intense and the soreness that crept throughout the rest of this body couldn’t be ignored either. What happened? His mouth was gagged, his wrists bound above his head, and he felt woozy as though he had been drugged.

He looked around and saw chained in an identical cage to his side, was one of his fellow Vangaurds, Varic. The man was several years older than Erend and in Erends mind a much better suited person to take over for his sister Ersa, but because the family line dictated it so, he was next in line to take over. Ersa said so, she thought he was ready, he didn’t think he was. Varic was a much better choice. Him and Ersa were friends growing up with Erend always trailing behind them like any little brother. Ersa patronized him when he found interesting things, Varic praised him when he completed simple tasks. They babied him his whole life, they didn’t expect Ersa to die so young, to leave a slightly inexperienced and immature Erend to take over in a position he wasn’t nearly prepared for. But that’s why he needed Varic, that’s why of all his soldiers he was glad it was Varic alongside him here in this prison. He hated that he his was here, but he was so glad he wasn’t alone.

Erend tried to speak to his friend, but the ball gag prevented anything but a desperate murmur. He tried harder, he needed to make contact, he was getting scared. The last thing he remembered was leading a convoy back from a neighboring settlement containing medicine and food. What happened?

He thrashed again in the chains that held him. Getting no response from his companion.

“Well, well..”

Erend turned his attention to the new voice.

“Awake are we? Feeling ok?” The man asked bending down to Erends level. “Cause too much trouble and I’ll make sure you can’t move to cause anymore. Do I make myself clear?”

Erend replied with an angry growl behind the gag, saliva dripping through it and down his chin as he continued to fight the bonds that contained him. If Erend was anything, it was intimidating, but the man only laughed.

“Feisty one are you? We can fix that.”

Before he knew what was happening The cage door opened and a rag was compressed to his nose, he was unable to breathe through his mouth, so if he wanted to breathe, he had to inhale the toxic fumes through the rag.

The world began to blur, he tried to fight, then suddenly he was hit in the face, in the stomach, somewhere else... he wasn’t sure. The world went black after that.