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The way their fights were going has changed with their relationship.
Friendship plus or whatever it was they had. Honggi was not eager to give it a name but what he was eager about was Dochul fucking him.
Now, Dochul usually was a very considerate and sweet lover, watching every reaction from Honggi to know if he hurt him. Very likely because their first time was not so soft and Honggi had been complaining about that for a while.

This was nice. However, Honggi got sick of it quickly. Luckily he knew which buttons to push with Dochul and he used that knowledge.
Whenever he needed Dochul to be rough, Honggi provoked him. This time though, he might have gone a little too far.
Not that he regretted it.

A loud clap sounded through their shared one-room apartment, even smaller than the last one and Honggi cried out, clinging onto the sheets underneath him.
His cock twitched against Dochul’s thigh when fingertips softly traced the burn on Honggi’s butt cheek.

“You never going to learn when to shut your big mouth don’t you Honggi?”

“Fuck you.”

Honggi pressed out between clenched teeth and screamed even louder than before, his scream muffled by Dochul’s hand, to not alarm the neighbors when the other hit him on the same spot again.

“You never learn do you?”

Dochul underlined his words with another slap and Honggi whimpered. His asscheeks felt like on fire but there was also a wave of excitement with every hit, that went straight to his cock.

“I would have won that bet.”

Honggi’s words turned into a long moan, a mix of pleasure and pain when Dochul pinched the irritated skin, and he clawed his finger into the sheets, pulling them off the mattress.

“You promised no more gambling. We had to move to a different city because of you.”

“That City was only full of shit anyway.”

Dochul hit him harder than before and Honggi’s words turned into a scream, again muffled by a hand. He jerked his hips against Dochul’s thigh in a fruitless try to move away. Moaning, Honggi rubbed his cock against Dochul’s pants instead, which were already drenched with his precum. He never thought it would turn him on so much to be spanked like this.

„I found a good job here and surprisingly you did too, don’t fuck it up again.“

Honggi gasped for air and kneaded the mattress when Dochul scratched his nails along his deep red skin.

„Fuck, fuck, fuck.“ Honggi cursed and bit into the sheets.

„Say it.“

Dochul pinched his ass cheek again and Honggi groaned, biting into the mattress, mouth full of the sheets. He shook his head in denial.


Dochul warned him and slid his hands between his legs, cupping his balls and squeezing them. Honggi groaned, it hurt but just like the slaps also turned him on even more. A thumb brushed over Honggi’s hole and he instantly moaned and pressed back against it. Before he could get more of the wanted friction, however, Dochul’s hand was gone and he grabbed him to sit him up on his lap instead, his back against Dochul’s chest.
His ass brushed against Dochul’s rough pants and Honggi whimpered with the burn.

He moaned when Dochul spread his legs and by doing so also Honggi’s, the fabric rubbing against his burning skin. Dochul grabbed Honggi’s wrists and held them together behind his back. He put his head on Honggi’s shoulder and met his eyes through the mirror in front of them.

„Promise you stop and won’t do it again.“
Dochul whispered against his ear and bit into Honggi’s neck who instantly started complaining.

„Don’t leave marks, people will get wrong ideas.“

Instead of listening to him Dochul bit down harder and sucked on his skin, ignoring Honggi squirming in his lap and only tightening his hold on his wrists.

„Are they the wrong ideas Honggi? I’m sick of seeing you flirt with others.“

Honggi let out a low whine when Dochul sucked on another spot on his neck, one he was more sensible with. He furrowed his brow while he looked at the big, dark bruise that showed when Dochul leaned back. Their eyes met in the mirror when Dochul licked over it.

„I’m sick of you destroying your life. You’re doing it on purpose because you’re afraid of being happy. Because you think deep inside you don’t deserve it.“
„What are you talking about?“ Honggi breathed out and moaned when Dochul gripped his hard cock.

„I deserve everything.“

„Then stop doing all that shit you had done before too. This is a new start and it’s our life now.“

Honggi shuddered when Dochul went to the other side of his neck, leaving even more dark bruises, while he rubbed his thumb over his head, spreading the precum on his tip.

„You want me to be yours? Then fuck me so good I can’t think of anyone else anymore.“

He gasped surprised when Dochul let go of him and stood up, steadying Honggi with a flat hand on his stomach so he won’t fall on his face. Dochul’s pants rubbed over his ass again and Honggi whined with the feeling, wanting to move away.

„What are you do-.“

Honggi’s question was interrupted by Dochul who pushed him onto the bed, face forward. Leaning over Honggi, Dochul reached for the lube from the nightstand.
When he got it, Dochul grabbed Honggi’s wrists again to hold them together with one hand on his back, pressing him down.

„Making you mine.“

Honggi shuddered with the words and also the cold lube running between his asscheeks. He moaned when Dochul’s fingers followed, and slipped between them and into his hole without much resistance. His cheeks still burned and Dochul’s knuckles brushing against them irritating but also turning him on even more.
Pressing back against Dochul’s finger he moaned into the cushion.

„Gimme your cock Dochul. I need more than your fingers.“

„You’re mouth is always bigger than what you can take Honggi.“

Three fingers thrust into him and Honggi tried to meet them, pushing back against them.

„After the first time, you were whining that you never want to do it again because it hurt, calling me a monster and now you’re begging me to fuck you without preparing you properly.“

„You were just bad back then.“

Honggi’s words turned into a cry when Dochul pushed four fingers inside of him a little rougher.

„Maybe I never was bad but you got used to my cock.“

„No, you were shi-.“

Dochul brushed his fingers over Honggi’s prostate making him moan loudly.

„If you want my cock you will not gamble again. Not even a stupid small bet with a coworker.“

„Why do you think I need your cock so badly I would stop gambling for it. I- FUCK.“

Honggi cursed, crying out again when Dochul rubbed over his prostate but then withdrew his fingers.

„Fine, go to your stupid gambling hall.“

Dochul brushed off the lube on his fingers against Honggi’s burning skin and let go of his wrist, getting up from the bed.
Seems like Honggi had taken it a tad bit too far. It was a thin line he was wandering on anyway. After Honggi almost died due to the consequences of his gambling habit, and Dochul being there just in time to save him, Dochul was very sensitive to that topic.


Honggi started to panic when Dochul not only stopped but got off the bed and walked away. Hurriedly Honggi got up too, almost falling to the floor, and stumbled after him, reaching for Dochul’s wrist.




Honggi slipped between the door and Dochul preventing him from leaving by blocking the way.

That hurt. Really hurt not like the pleasurable pain, Dochul’s hits had caused him.
While it was not the first time Dochul told him he was sick of him, it was different this time.
Honggi felt it. During the last months, since they had fled their old city in a rush and had settled here, their relationship had shifted even more.
Maybe because Honggi was really close to getting killed, Dochul had been holding him more after that and he got easily worried about him.

But it was not the only way their relationship had changed. At first, it was just stress relief between two friends. At least that was what Honggi had been telling himself.
They started with giving each other a handjob, then Honggi developed a habit of blowing Dochul, following the sudden urge to taste his dick and have it down his throat. And how much Honggi loved to feel its weight against his tongue.
He had been almost obsessive with blowing Dochul for a while
Until they ended up fucking.

Despite their first time not being the best for Honggi (they both were not completely sober then, mostly because Honggi had been aching for it but sober-him would have never gathered the courage to ask) he still wanted to do it again.
The second time was better and once Honggi rode Dochul, he was completely gone for his cock instantly.

What they both have ignored all the time, almost a year by now if Honggi remembered right, was that it never was only about sex. Or maybe it was mostly Honggi that ignored that and Dochul just went with it, not wanting to pressure him.

Only that Honggi showed no signs of ever leaving his state of denial, instead it got worse.

Honggi was sure Dochul liked him, he just knew from how he looked at him or by the way he touched him. He also knew that he was acting stupid himself.
Honggi was the one shying away suddenly when Dochul was holding him after they had sex.
The warm feeling that spread through Honggi’s body whenever Dochul caressed his back softly and gave him feather-light kisses on his shoulder while their minds were still hazy from their orgasms, was something that made him panic.
A few times Dochul had tried to kiss him without them having had sex but Honggi could not take it, too afraid of liking the kisses more than the sex and too afraid of what that would mean.

Honggi was the reason they never talked about it, he was the one unable to accept his own feelings even though he was craving Dochul’s smile and his body against his all day when they were separated.

„I’m sick of it Honggi. Your gambling, your flirting. All of that. Let me go. I’m not here to get you off, whenever you are needy for some cock. Find yourself another guy for that.“

„I don’t want another guy.“

„Then ask one of the girls you are constantly flirting with if she is in for fucking you with a toy. I don’t care anymore Honggi.“

As much as Honggi hated talking about it, he really had to open his mouth now.
Dochul wanted to shove him out of the way but Honggi grabbed his arm, holding it with both hands.

„I don’t want any of those girls either. If you have to watch me with them then do it properly, I never went further than kissing with any of them since-“ …we started sleeping with each other.
Dochul tried to get his arm out of his grasp and countered.

„Why should I watch closely what you do with them Honggi? You’re such an asshole. You know how much I hate it when you are with them.“

„I know.“

Honggi shouted right back at him and then repeated more quietly.

„I know, and I’m sorry. I just-.“
„No. Get yourself together Honggi, but as long as you’re too afraid, leave me out of it. I can’t keep up with your shit anymore. We started new here and I will not go back to how it was before. With or without you.“

Just why was it so hard to say those words?

Dochul had been patient for over a year. Had even accepted that Honggi making out with those random girls every now and then when they were out in a club. And Honggi had done it, despite knowing that he hurt Dochul and that his craving for him only grew more after, because none of those girls could make him feel like he could.
Making him end up with Dochul in bed at the end of the day. Sighing relieved like an itch that was finally cured when the other’s cock finally filled him.

Dochul slipped his arm out of Honggi’s now loose grip and shoved him to the side to open the door.
Watching him, Honggi tried to swallow down the lump in his throat that seemed to make it unable to say anything. His thoughts were racing, he had to do something or Dochul was gone for good.

Dochul sighed and opened the door.

„I love you.“

Honggi blurted out, reaching for Dochul’s wrist and stopping him from opening the door.

„It’s not just about me wanting cock, it’s yours I want. Do you think I would let any guy spank me?“

He sighed when Dochul only gave him a look like he considered that Honggi would.

„I’m way too proud for that, dumbass. It’s because I trust you. Because I know you would never actually hurt me.“

„Why do you keep making out with girls then?“

Sighing again, Honggi brushed his hand through his hair.

„Because I can’t deal with my feelings for you. I never felt that before and it’s scary.“

„You’re an idiot Honggi.“

Not what Honggi wanted to hear at all. Luckily Dochul kissed him then because otherwise, Honggi would have not let it slide that easily.
He leaned against the door, taking in a sharp inhale when his still burning ass touched the cool door.

Brushing his hand down to Honggi’s butt, Dochul smirked against his lips and squeezed it. Honggi grabbed his shoulders and moaned.

„You really liked that spanking, didn’t you?“

The fact that his cock was instantly back to hardness was probably answer enough.

„I’m really amazed how a guy that’s so afraid of pain is loving this kind of pain so much.“

He squeezed again and Honggi gasped pressing his cock against Dochul’s thigh.

Wrapping his arm around Honggi’s waist Dochul pulled him flat against his body. Honggi wrapped his arms around his neck to hold onto him. He whimpered when Dochul’s fingers pressed into his skin, while he massaged his burning ass.


He buried his face against the other’s neck, panting against his skin.

„Is that why you’re always such a brat? Because you want to get spanked so badly?“
Confirming his words, Honggi rolled his hips against Dochul’s leg between his.

Dochul slipped his fingers between Honggi’s asscheeks again and rubbed over his hole and whispered into his ear.

„You’re leaking so much, your cum is drenching my pants.“

Shivering, Honggi rolled his hips back when Dochul’s finger slipped inside, trying to get him deeper. He leaned turned his head and looked at Dochul, shuddering underneath his intense gaze.

Dochul cupped his face with one hand and kissed him passionately, taking Honggi’s breath away with the way he ravished his mouth. Honggi was in heaven, trapped between Dochul and the door, being fingered while he thrust against the other’s leg. He could come like this, not even caring how pathetic it was. Unfortunately, Dochul had other plans.

Honggi whined when he withdrew his finger and grabbed his hips to shove him away from his thigh. Taking away the friction, now that Honggi was so close already to coming.


He complained with a very whiny voice, dripping with frustration.

„Will you stop gambling?“

Dochul asked his former question again, this time with less sharpness.

„If that means you finally fuck me, then I will avoid even passing by a gambling place from now on“

Honggi groaned, still trying to get friction back but Dochul held him back against the door.


„Fine, I promise. Now fuck me.“

„And there is my demanding, bratty Honggi again.“

Dochul chuckled and kept Honggi from answering by grabbing his thighs and lifting him up.
Surprised, Honggi wrapped his legs around Dochul's waist and tightened his hold around his neck.

Dochul turned away from the door and blindly stumbled back to the bed, falling onto it with Honggi. He caught himself on his arms but his weight still pressed Honggi into the sheets and their hard cocks rubbed against each other. Both of them moaned and Dochul captured Honggi’s lips again.
They kissed messily while rolling their hips against each other. Until Dochul started kissing down Honggi’s neck, making sure to leave another hickey on his collarbone. He was much sweeter than before and Honggi decided he wanted to change that.

„On the other hand. It’s such an old habit, you know. Gambling I mean.“
Honggi smirked at Dochul, running his fingers along his chest, when the other got up on his arms, looking down at him.

„I think I need a really good lesson to remember once I get the urge to gamble again.“

„You really want me to be rough, don’t you? That’s why you keep provoking me.“

Dochul glanced down at him in disbelief.

„You’re always touching me as if I would break if I don’t“

„You come crying to me when you get a paper cut but then you act like an ass and get on my nerves until I spank you and take you roughly. Your something else Honggi.“

Dochul shook his head and got back on his knees, turning Honggi around on his stomach. He grabbed his hips and pulled them up, crouching down to bite into Honggi’s still deep red ass cheeks, eliciting a very loud cry from Honggi.

„Don’t be so loud, the neighbors will storm our flat.“

Dochul muttered against his right cheek and kissed it, then sucked on the hot skin, teasing it with his teeth even. Honggi tried to jerk away and whimpered, while he muffled the sounds that kept escaping him in the pillow he had grabbed.

Determined, Dochul continued bitting and sucking on Honggi’s burning skin, massaging his ass cheeks and squeezing them slightly or harder in between.
Only when Honggi was trembling and sobbing underneath his ministrations, his legs giving away, Dochul stopped.
Giving Honggi another clasp he got up on his knees quickly he pulled his shirt off and slipped out of his pants.

Dochul grabbed Honggi’s arms again to hold his wrist and him down with one hand, while he used his other to hold his hips up, forcing him to curve his back at a sharp angle.
Without another warning, he pushed into him, and Honggi groaned, biting down into the pillow to keep quiet.

„Your asscheeks feel hot enough to burn my skin.“

Honggi’s answered with a week mewl into the pillow and moaned when Dochul started thrusting into him slow but hard, knowing that the angle was perfect to drive Honggi crazy.

„Faster Dochul.“

Honggi begged when Dochul still had not changed his pace after a few minutes. But instead of following Honggi’s plea, Dochul withdrew and slapped his ass again, making him shudder violently.

„Dochul.“ Honggi’ whined when Dochul let go of his wrist, afraid that he may be still angry and would leave him like this, so close to his orgasm.
Dochul, having no intention of leaving Honggi at all, turned him around, grabbed his legs, and pulled him down on his cock in one swift move, causing Honggi to cry out.

Finally, Honggi got what he wanted, being fucked by Dochul fast and hard. He lifted his arms over his head and grabbed onto the edge of the mattress, his hands hurting with the tight grip.

Honggi was unable to hold out long, he came quickly. Dochul covering his mouth while Honggi threw his head back and cried out his name. He came hard enough to hit his own chin with his cum, moaning into Dochul’s hand he rolled his hips to meet his irregular thrusts, knowing that he was about to cum too.

Dochul let go of his mouth and collected some cum on Honggi’s nipple with his finger, for him to lick it off.
Honggi sucked his finger into his mouth eagerly, looking at Dochul while he felt his cock pulsate inside of him.

Withdrawing his finger Dochul leaned down to kiss him, letting Honggi’s legs slide off his arms and fall heavily to the side. Dochul pressed his face into Honggi’s neck when he came, panting against his skin and placing little kisses on the hickeys he left there.

Honggi kissed Dochul’s temple and wrapped his arms around him, holding him so he could enjoy his weight on him a little longer.

Dochul did not slip out of him but leaned up on his elbows, once his breathing had calmed down and smiled at him.
The happiest smile Honggi had ever seen on him.

„I love you too, Honggi. I have since the first time I saw you smile.“