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[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

minhot: GUESS who was just in the queue in front of me for coffee

handsome: jaehyun?

minhot: jaehyun who?

handsome: idk there’s a lot of jaehyun’s…

handsome: good chance of me being right

minhot: no

chyung: me

minhot: you were in front of me in the queue?

chyung: yes

chyung: i said hello

chyung: you told me not to talk to you in public

jinnie: ha

minhot: that was this morning!

minhot: i said just

minhot: JUST

chyung: chill your beans

minhot: my beans?

chyung: yes, your beans

littleloaf: what are beans?

littleloaf: and why are they cold

dandymin: i have class in five can we just find out who was in this damn queue

handsome: yeah, hyung. it better be someone good

jinnie: like the queen of england

dandymin: why would the queen of england be getting coffee?

jinnie: she could be getting tea

jinnie: or cake

jinnie: i don’t know her order

dandymin: on a university campus?

littleloaf: in korea?

handsome: holiday maybe

minhot: ANYWAY

littleloaf: it was lee felix

minhot: jeonginnnnn

littleloaf: you were taking ages

chyung: really?!

minhot: yep! the legend himself

babybin: who is lee felix?

minhot: changbin?

babybin: yes?

minhot: shit

minhot: have i been in the group chat this entire time?

babybin: yes? everyone has been replying to you…

babybin: where did you think you were…??

handsome: omg hahaha

handsome: i didn’t even notice

chyung: jeongin is in here

littleloaf: hello?

babybin: what is going on?

minhot: nothing, my sweet changbin

minhot: nothing to see here

littleloaf: do you guys have a chat without me? :(

handsome: no?

babybin: who is lee felix?

babybin: guys?

dandymin: i’m going to class. i’m not involved

dandymin: i’ll see you losers later

littleloaf: have a good class, minnie-hyung!


[Chat (5): skz fam]

jinnie: so…

jinnie: felix?

minhot: cute

minhot: i can’t believe channie-hyung is keeping him all to himself

handsome: you’re making it sound like he’s sleeping with him

minhot: he wishes

chyung: i’m not keeping anyone to myself, i just don’t want to freak him out

jinnie: we’ve all seen his videos, hyung. i hardly think this would scare him off

handsome: just think about how good he would look with some better lighting and a decent camera

handsome: some pretty outfits

handsome: think about who he could be

minhot: exactly. we’d be like his fairy godmothers

minhot: but for porn

chyung: i just don’t exactly know how to broach the topic. how do i ask him if he wants to join us without it coming off as creepy??

chyung: oh hey, pretty boy. fancy making a quick buck?

jinnie: yeah, not like that

handsome: and if he does anything with minho, it ain’t gonna be quick

minhot: fuck. he’d look so good being edged

jinnie: hyunggg

jinnie: can you not

jinnie: i’m in the library

chyung: and i’m in class

minhot: naughty ;)

handsome: are we asking him or not?!

handsome: pleaseeee hyung

chyung: we haven’t had anyone new since hyunjin. just let me think about it

minhot: think about this as a business decision

chyung: as opposed to sharing a deeply embarrassing secret with one of my best friends?

minhot: exactly

jinnie: it’s hardly embarrassing if he does the same thing

handsome: until he realises hyung has been watching him get off for the last six months

chyung: thanks

handsome: if it helps, you can tell him i watch too

handsome: every week

jinnie: aww we should make it a group thing! communal viewing

jinnie: that would be fun

chyung: rule 3

minhot: booooo

jinnie: can we call mutual masturbation ‘dating within the company’?

minhot: i can’t believe he calls this a company

chyung: well, it is! kind of

chyung: it’s something

chyung: and we don’t need the drama that would bring

minhot: you say this like i have any interest in dating any of you guys

handsome: hey!

jinnie: nah, he’s right

jinnie: we’re way out his league

chyung: there’s a reason that seungmin keeps muting this chat

handsome: the reason is minho-hyung

chyung: well, i’m still going out of town at the weekend and we still need content for next week, so you guys better be nice to him if you don’t want go back to using a webcam

minhot: i’m out too, hyung. i’m going home for the weekend

handsome: i thought this was next weekend!

handsome: i can do something short, but i have to study

handsome: i’m so behind

chyung: no, i’m not letting you give up study time

chyung: school comes first

handsome: i’ll be fine! i’ll just get seungmin to help and then we can study together after

minhot: you can’t make seungmin film and study all weekend, he’ll quit

jinnie: then i’ll film tomorrow instead

chyung: seungmin has class and i’m leaving at 11

jinnie: i can’t film before 11

minhot: you could

jinnie: not when i plan on sleeping in until at least 3pm

jinnie: i have an assignment due in at midnight tonight, so i‘ll be exhausted

handsome: you’d look pretty in the morning light though

minhot: especially in chan-hyung’s room with those nice white curtains

jinnie: you’re not wrong

chyung: jisung could always help you film on the afternoon

handsome: hahahahaha

jinnie: i’d rather just miss a week

jinnie: i’ll figure something out

jinnie: i could ask innie

chyung: no

jinnie: he’d be so good at it

chyung: nope

handsome: you couldn’t possibly

minhot: no way

jinnie: ugh fine

jinnie: changbin-hyung then

minhot: …

handsome: i mean, it’s not a bad idea…

chyung: he would freak

minhot: it would mean we could stop hiding

minhot: we wouldn’t have to wait for him to leave the apartment to film

handsome: but it does mean that you would have to touch your dick in front of bin-hyung

jinnie: i’ve done worse

chyung: he’s definitely going to freak

chyung: no way he’ll do it

minhot: well, now it sounds like a bet

handsome: blowjob says he’ll do it

jinnie: i’ll bet on that

minhot: so if i lose i have to give you both a blowjob now?

handsome: but if you win, you get one off each of us so i’d say that’s fair

jinnie: what about chan hyung?

chyung: blowjob says he won’t do it

minhot: hyung!! you’re in?

jinnie: what kind of alternate timeline are we living in?!

handsome: your mouth is mine, hyung

chyung: there’s no way he’ll do it


Chan looked up from where he’d been working, a familiar face appearing in the doorway. Felix’s hair was fluffy and his t-shirt definitely too big for him, a bright smile on his face. It had gotten dark at some point without Chan realising, his laptop casting the room in a blue glow.

“I thought I’d find you in here.”

Chan rolled his eyes, watching as Felix dropped into the seat beside him. “Were you practising?”

“Mhm. Do I stink?”

Leaning over, Chan sniffed. “Eh. You’re tolerable.”

“Shut up.” Felix shoved the other boy lightly, before shuffling his chair closer. “What are you working on?”

“Same old,” Chan replied, fighting the urge to pull his laptop protectively closer. He was only working on stuff for school, he wasn’t stupid enough to be doing his other work in such a public place, and everything was password protected, but he was still nervous whenever anyone got too close.

“You need to take a break,” Felix chastised. “It’s late and I bet you haven’t eaten.”

Chan sighed, rubbing his forehead. “I just need to…”

“No, no. C’mon!” Felix stood up, grabbing Chan’s wrist and tugging him. He looked cute, his tongue poking out in concentration as he planted his feet and pulled, a little frown on his face when the wheels of the chair only rolled Chan along.

Chan giggled, raising an eyebrow. “Are you going to wheel me out of here?”

“I’ll wheel you towards the stairs if you carry on being stubborn.”

Laughing, Chan reached forward, grabbing Felix by the hips. Felix fell into his lap, smiling, Chan’s arms wrapping around his waist as he pressed his face into his back with a soft whine.

Felix wiggled in his hold, twisting sidewards to press a finger into the boy’s cheek. “What are you going to do? Sleep here?”

Chan nodded, pouting. “My place is so far away and my roommates are so loud.”

“But, if you hurry we might catch the cafeteria before it closes and they’ll have all the baked goods half off.”

Thinking for a moment, Chan pressed his lips together, a cute frown on his face. “Fine.”

Felix hopped up, happily. “And I’ll even let you walk me home.”

“Oh, you’ll let me?” Chan teased, packing up his things. When he looked up, Felix was stretching, his arms pulled above his head. His t-shirt rode up and Chan’s eyes flicked to the flash of skin above his waistband. Despite what the others seemed to think, he did not watch Felix’s videos. He’d made that decision pretty much as soon as Minho had burst into his room with his phone in his hands. He’d seen one or two, sure. Curiosity was only natural, especially when he’d first found out, but Chan had decided that watching Felix in secret would simply be too weird. Not to mention kind of creepy.

It was times like this, however, with a flash of skin, or watching the way Felix’s body moved as he danced that Chan’s brain promptly reminded him that those videos were out there. That Felix, beautiful, sweet, smiling Felix would go home and set up a camera and spread himself on the sheets for hundreds of people to see.

Swallowing thickly, Chan shook his head, swinging his bag onto his back.

“Got everything?” Felix asked, hovering in the doorway.

“Yeah, let’s go.”


[chat (5): skz fam]

handsome: y’know our chat name kind of freaks me out

chyung: i made the chat name :(

dandymin: the ‘fam’ thing?

handsome: yesss

dandymin: yeah, that’s always been weird to me

chyung: but we are a family

handsome: right, but you also watched me cum twice yesterday soooo

minhot: what about parents

handsome: hang on everyone

handsome: i can figure this out

handsome: …

handsome: no, i’ve got nothing

dandymin: as in parents are family

dandymin: and they have sex

minhot: THANK YOU

minhot: you guys always act like i’m dumb

chyung: no we don’t

chyung: when have we ever called you dumb

handsome: yeah, hyung. hyunjin is the dumb one

dandymin: i’d argue that you’re the dumb one but okay

handsome: i’m not dumb, i just use my brain selectively

dandymin: the handcuff incident

chyung: pretty dumb

handsome: that was ONE time

chyung: the point is that minho is right

handsome: about what? i forgot what we were talking about

jinnie: incest

chyung: no, not incest

minhot: never incest

minhot: btw, hyung. i screenshot that last comment

minhot: i’m gonna put it on my wall

handsome: the incest thing?

minhot: no, the one where he said i’m right

jinnie: that makes more sense

chyung: am i changing the chat name or not?

jinnie: no :( i like it

minhot: and couples are family

handsome: but are sex friends family?

dandymin: i think you mean friends with benefits

handsome: i wouldn’t call this a benefit

chyung: omg just change it

[minhot renamed the chat ‘rated r for…’]

dandymin: for what?

minhot: exactly

minhot: the world is your oyster

minhot: so long as your oysters start with the letter ‘r’

chyung: so… royster then

jinnie: wow

[handsome renamed the chat ‘rated r for... royster’]

minhot: nice

jinnie: i only came here to tell you that changbin is coming over tomorrow at 4

minhot: you did it?!?!

handsome: might stay home to study so i can watch

jinnie: not happening

jinnie: and i haven’t exactly told him what he’s coming for…

chyung: isn’t that a bit questionable?

jinnie: well, i’m not planning on lying there ass naked when he arrives

jinnie: i just thought it would be easier to have the conversation in person

jinnie: and i’ve thought it through. he doesn’t even have to stay. i just need him to help set up and with the lighting. it’ll just be more simplistic this week

handsome: can’t you do that on your own?

jinnie: seungmin won’t let me use his stuff unsupervised

dandymin: last time you pressed a bunch of stuff and everything you filmed came out blue

dandymin: what’s happening anyway?

minhot: hyunjin’s going to tell changbin

dandymin: wow. good luck.

chyung: wait. am i going to have to pay him?

minhot: depends if he wants to stay on, i say

minhot: there has been something of a role to fill since jisung started appearing on camera instead

minhot: chan hyung’s been doing all the editing and no one should stare at hyunjin’s ass for that long

handsome: i can help out once classes slow down

handsome: so long as i’m not in whatever you give me to work on

chyung: no, ji. honestly, it’s fine.

chyung: just don’t tell changbin yet. maybe go with it being a you thing and we’ll see how he takes that

jinnie: so he just thinks i’m the weird one? why do i get thrown under the bus?

minhot: because chan-hyung and i have to live with him

jinnie: fine. but the rest of you guys are coming clean as soon as you’re back

jinnie: i don’t want him thinking what i’m doing is subpar

minhot: you’re right. our apartment and seungmin’s old camera is really top class

handsome: tell that to the views

jinnie: and my bank account

chyung: okay okay. i’ll talk to him as soon as i’m back

minhot: do you think once he knows, he’ll let us film in the kitchen?

minhot: i’m sick of staring at my bedroom wall

chyung: i think there’s zero chance that he’s going to agree to that

minhot: pshhhh

dandymin: btw did you guys know that royster is a real word

dandymin: although it is technically spelled ‘roister’

chyung: the universe just loves to steal my genius

minhot: what does it mean?

dandymin: ‘to act in a swaggering, boisterous, or uproarious manner’

jinnie: so jisung then

minhot: ha!

chyung: seems appropriate for this chat

handsome: i like it

Chapter Text

Hyunjin had been feeling jittery all afternoon. Even as he went through his routine of prepping and grooming himself to film, he hadn’t been able to relax as he usually would. He’d been fine until Jisung had left to go and study at the library, his eyes wide and too sincere as he wished him luck, and now he could barely sit still.

Hyunjin and Changbin were friends. Mostly by chance and circumstance. They’d met through Jisung, his randomly assigned roommate first year, Changbin stopping by the flat to pick the younger boy up, or, as he got more comfortable, hanging out in their shared room to watch a movie or laze about, laughing at random videos on their phones. After a while, Hyunjin had begun to join them, being invited along when they hung out with Chan and Minho. And then, when he’d extended that invitation to Seungmin one day, their little ragtag group had been formed.

So, he wasn’t that bothered about the idea of telling Changbin at first. He’d assumed that Changbin would probably be shocked, maybe a little grossed out, and if anything, that would at least be amusing to watch. He wasn’t embarrassed by what he did, and he didn’t particularly care what people thought, although he didn’t exactly go around broadcasting the information.

But, Changbin was their friend. And what if he did freak out? This wouldn’t just affect him, but all of them. Whatever comments Changbin made today were equally directed at Minho and Jisung and Chan too. Hyunjin sat on the edge of his bed, nibbling his bottom lip between his teeth. He checked his phone again. Five minutes. If Changbin was on time. So, probably fifteen minutes.

With a sigh, Hyunjin got up again, going to check that Seungmin had left everything he would need in the bag he had dropped off that morning. He’d thought about setting it up, so that Changbin would have as little to do as possible, but the thought of the other boy walking into a room with a camera pointed at a bed had made him give up on that plan.

Truthfully, he didn’t need Changbin’s help. He could do it alone and he had in the past. If it came down to it, he could make a decent video using his own hand and a mobile phone, and the others knew that too. But recently, there had been suggestions. Odd comments, or looks as they waited for Changbin to leave or texted back and forth in their seperate chat right under his nose. Not only would it be easier for him to know, but there was a sense of guilt. Like they all had this huge secret and he was the only one on the outside.

And so, now here Hyunjin was playing the sacrificial lamb. He paced across his room, his heart jumping at the sound of a door closing somewhere down the hallway. When no one came to his door he relaxed a little, picking up his phone as it buzzed on his bed.


[Chat (5): rated r for… the reveal]

chyung: is anyone else nervous?

minhot: why?

chyung: changbin...

minhot: oh, right

minhot: hyunjinnie, i expect updates and an in depth retelling as soon as he leaves

minhot: maybe even a live reenactment on monday

jinnie: he’s not even here yet

handsome: typical

chyung: sungie! how’s the studying going?

handsome: wonderfully

handsome: i’m having the time of my life

minhot: how is seungmin studying with you? you don’t even take the same classes

handsome: he gives me this look of sheer disapproval every time i take a break that i find very motivating

handsome: plus jeongin throws me snacks for every page i read

handsome: we have a real carrot and stick thing going on here

dandymin: you’re all distracting him

chyung: he can have a break

handsome: yeahh i can have a break, minnie

dandymin: he just took a break to show jeongin the new song he made up

handsome: jeongin added a dance routine

minhot: was it good?

dandymin: yes

dandymin: but that’s not the point. if i have to spend tomorrow morning looking at your butt, i would like some time to chill out this evening

handsome: what’s wrong with my butt? :’(

minhot: i like it. it’s a good butt

dandymin: it’s a fine butt, but i think you forget how much more enjoyable you find filming than i do

jinnie: aww minnie, are you y‘know...?

dandymin: what?

minhot: frustrated

minhot: pent up

minhot: horny

minhot: desperate to get get dicked down

chyung: okay okay we get it

dandymin: no, i’m fine

minhot: mhm hmm

dandymin: i am!

minhot: when was the last time you got some?

jinnie: there was that guy a few months ago from the barbecue place

chyung: jeongin told me they just made out

dandymin: thanks, hyung

handsome: you can get off while you watch me tomorrow. i don’t mind

dandymin: no thanks

dandymin: there’s plenty of porn out there

handsome: yeah, but that porn won’t offer you a handjob at the end

dandymin: that’s very kind, but i don’t want to make this weird

dandymin: and that would definitely blur some kind of line

chyung: i agree

minhot: boo

handsome: your loss, min

jinnie: okay, changbin is almost here

chyung: good luck, jinnie!

minhot: try to remember the exact shade of red his ears go

dandymin: and if you have any trouble getting it up after, just think about ji giving me that handjob

chyung: seungmin

minhot: did jisung take his phone?

handsome: no…

handsome: he looks so proud

handsome: he’s blushing

jinnie: i can’t believe jisung offered him a handjob over text message while sitting right next to him

handsome: jeongin was in the room, i couldn’t exactly offer out loud

minhot: so are we telling him next?

chyung: one at a time please

jinnie: he’s here, i’m out

handsome: you got this


Jisung looked up as Jeongin paused his game, pushing his laptop away.

“Anyone want a drink?” he offered.

Jisung shook his head.


Seungmin glanced up, his brain seeming to take a moment to catch up. “Oh. Uh… yeah, just water would be good. Thanks.”

Jeongin nodded, climbing over the mass of papers and Jisung’s backpack that was spilling over the floor to get to the door, disappearing down the hallway.

It was quiet for a moment, Jisung looking over at the other boy with a small smirk.


“You said it would make it weird.”


“You didn’t say you didn’t want to.”

Seungmin rolled his eyes, but his cheeks flushed as he looked pointedly back down at the book on his lap, Jisung picking up his highlighter with a satisfied grin.


Trying to seem as breezy as possible, Hyunjin had let Changbin into the building, the other boy raising an eyebrow at his expression.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Changbin asked again as Hyunjin shuffled him into his bedroom and closed the door behind them.

“Yes. I’m fine.”

“Okay. But you’re acting really weird… What do you even need me for?”

Hyunjin paused, watching as Changbin tossed his backpack onto Jisung’s bed and looked at him expectantly.


Changbin seemed to sense his nervousness, his eyes softening as he turned his attention to Hyunjin properly.

“You said a project. Is it for school, or…?”

Hyunjin shook his head. “No, it’s not for school.”

“Is something wrong? Because you can talk to me. I know we might not be as close as you are with the others, but you can. About anything. If this is about you being gay, then I already…”


Changbin paused, confusion settling over his features as Hyunjin’s mouth hung open. For a moment, Hyunjin tried to figure out if he really had just said that out loud. Just blurted the word out of the blue. This really wasn’t how he planned for this to go down.

“Porn? Do you… need help finding it? Or are you telling me you watch it, because we all watch it, Jin.” Changbin laughed nervously, still looking more confused than anything.

“I make it,” Hyunjin clarified. “I… I make adult films. I film myself.”

“You… film yourself?”

Hyunjin nodded, gaining in confidence now that the words were out.

“To send to people? Like people you’re dating?” Changbin cocked his head, like he was trying to make the situation make sense.

“No,” Hyunjin said. “To post online. For strangers?”

Changbin looked up, meeting his eyes and Hyunjin wasn’t sure if he was freaked out or not. Something about his expression was oddly serious, especially for Changbin. “Why?”

“What do you mean?”

“Hyunjin, if you need money… I can help. Or we can find you a job if you don’t want a hand out. You don’t have to do this.”

Hyunjin shook his head, smiling. “It’s not about money… Well, it is a bit. The money is helpful. But, I like it.”

Changbin frowned, a crease forming between his eyebrows. “I don’t understand. Why would you… If… I… Why am I here?”

“Oh.” Hyunjin was moving then, grabbing the bag from the floor, and in retrospect, maybe that was a little too much too soon. At the sight of the camera, Changbin’s ears turned bright red and he took several steps back.


Hyunjin’s eyes widened as he shook his head quickly. “No, no… I’m not asking you to… I just needed your help with the angle. For me. Alone.”

Changbin didn’t look any more reassured, his embarrassment seeming to escalate quickly towards panic.

“You don’t have to see anything,” Hyunjin continued, trying his best to calm the other boy down.

He reached forward, taking Chagbin’s hand gently and something seemed to snap inside of the other boy. Pulling his arm away, Changbin held his hand to his chest, eyes wide.

“It’s not normal, Hyunjin.”


“No. It’s… weird. I don’t… why would you do that to yourself?”

Hyunjin felt his chest clench, the words harsh, but the look on Changbin’s face worse. It was foreign. He’d never seen Changbin genuinely upset before, and definitely not directed at him. But upset or anger he could handle, he could tell that Changbin was shocked and defensive. It was the underlying tone of disgust that made something inside Hyunjin shrivel.

Staring at one another for a moment, Hyunjin could see the rapid rise and fall of Changbin’s chest, his body running on adrenaline as realisation of what he had said settled over him. He watched as Changbin tried to figure out what to say, how to convey whatever he was thinking. As he stood there, shame seemed to melt away a little of the anger, his expression flipping back to confusion.

Seeing the other boy open his mouth to speak again, he couldn’t help it, Hyunjin had tensed, preparing himself for what might come next. Changbin paused, blinking at the way Hyunjin had flinched, whatever he had been about to say dying on his lips. He turned instead, like he couldn’t look at Hyunjin for a second longer, grabbing the door handle a little too aggressively and letting the door slam on his way out.


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

minhot: do you miss me yet?

chyung: i’ve only been gone for six hours

minhot: so?

chyung: how’s home?

minhot: eh. quiet. boring.

minhot: my parents have gone out for dinner with some friends, you’d think they didn’t miss me while i’m away

chyung: you were just home for the holidays

minhot: and? you miss me after just six measly hours

chyung: you’re not wrong

minhot: we’re having family time tomorrow apparently

chyung: sounds fun

minhot: how’s your day been?

chyung: good. i’m staying at a friend’s. we did some shopping and went to this cool cafe

chyung: why do ask?

minhot: what do you mean?

chyung: this conversation is very unlike you

minhot: i figured you could use the distraction

chyung: ah

minhot: bin will be okay, y’know. he’s a good friend and a very accepting person

chyung: i know

minhot: so you’re not worrying?

minhot: you don’t need distracting?

chyung: maybe a little

minhot: good

[minhot sent a photo]

chyung: minho

chyung: what if there were people here?!

minhot: are there?

chyung: no, i’m alone

minhot: good

minhot: now, do you think you can distract yourself or do you need a little help?

chyung: we aren’t supposed to be doing this

minhot: you said that the first time

chyung: it’s true

minhot: it hasn’t stopped you since

chyung: it was a one time thing

minhot: we’re already at three. three and a half technically

minhot: don’t think i didn’t notice the way you walked past my room after your shower

minhot: i bet you were hoping i’d follow you then

minhot: even with changbin down the hallway

chyung: why didn’t you?

minhot: i thought we weren’t supposed to be doing this

chyung: fuck you

minhot: if only you could right now

minhot: it’s been too long

chyung: this doesn’t count, okay? not even a half

minhot: whatever you say, hyung

minhot: you could always pull up one of my videos, if you need a little something extra

chyung: it’s not the same

minhot: no, you like it when i’m there just for you

minhot: moaning your name

minhot: i could send you something right now, but we aren’t doing this… right?

chyung: no don’t. i can’t have that

minhot: too tempting for you?

minhot: are you touching yourself right now?

chyung: yes

minhot: good boy

minhot: you enjoy, hyung. think of me

minhot: i’ll see you monday ❤️

chyung: fuck you, minho. fuck you.

Chapter Text

[Chat (5): rated r for… the big reveal]

chyung: any news, jin?

handsome: it’s been too long

minhot: maybe it went too well ;)

handsome: maybe i should go back to the dorm

chyung: definitely not

dandymin: stop chewing on your pen it’s distracting

handsome: i can’t help it, i am distracted

dandymin: is that my pen?

handsome: not anymore

jinnie: hey

minhot: jinnie!!

handsome: omg what happened??

dandymin: are you okay? it’s been ages

handsome: you told me that didn’t mean anything!

dandymin: i didn’t want you to panic

chyung: did you tell him?

jinnie: yeah

minhot: and?

jinnie: it was fine

chyung: really??

jinnie: yeah. he was surprised, of course. pretty shocked, but it was alright.

minhot: did his ears go red?

jinnie: super red

minhot: ha! i knew it

handsome: but he’s okay with it? did he stay?

handsome: did he help?

jinnie: no, he didn’t help. i think that was a bit much to expect straight away

jinnie: he might need a bit to get his head around it. maybe don’t mention it for a few days

dandymin: i get that. it took me a while too

handsome: yeah, but you walked in on minho three fingers deep, so i think that was a little different

chyung: we can give him some space

chyung: you told him he doesn’t have to be involved, right?

jinnie: yeah. i think he’s just a little embarrassed right now and he doesn’t know about the rest of you guys yet, so let’s let him process this first

minhot: i can’t believe i didn’t get to see his face

handsome: thanks for telling him, jinnie. you really took one for the team

chyung: yeah, jin. you did great.

jinnie: no problem


[Chat (2): dandymin & jinnie]

dandymin: it was bad, huh?

jinnie: not great, min

dandymin: are you okay?

jinnie: he might hate me

dandymin: he does not hate you

jinnie: he thinks i’m disgusting then

dandymin: i don’t believe that

dandymin: whatever he said, i bet he was just in shock

dandymin: why didn’t you tell the others?

jinnie: i didn’t want to upset them

jinnie: especially jisung

dandymin: do you want me to come over?

dandymin: or talk to changbin-hyung?

jinnie: jisung will know something’s up, it’s okay

jinnie: and I think changbin needs time

dandymin: i’m going to pick up some food for our study session

dandymin: and the service might be a little slow...

dandymin: so i’ll see you in five

jinnie: you really don’t have to

dandymin: buzz me in


When Seungmin reached the top of the stairs, Hyunjin’s long hair was hanging in his face, his cardigan hanging off one shoulder and a pitiful smile on his face.

Seungmin was pulling him back towards his room in seconds, tugging him onto the bed and wrapping his arms around him. He wasn’t usually the most tactile or affectionate, and the act made Hyunjin tear up.

“Do you want to come back with me?” Seungmin murmured, tucking the boy’s hair behind his ear for him.

Hyunjin shrugged, chewing on his cheek.

“I’m not really upset. He… he wasn’t mean.”

“He better not have been, or I’ll kick his ass,” Seungmin vowed, smiling.

Hyunjin laughed, wriggling to sit up. “You wouldn’t stand a chance.”

“Probably not, but I’d give it my best shot.”

Smiling fondly, Hyunjin shook his head. “It’s okay. He wasn’t mean, honestly. I’m going to talk to him again, tell him that he doesn’t have to be involved at all. We don’t even have to talk about it ever again.”

Seungmin nodded, watching as Hyunjin picked at his fingers. Reaching forward, he took the boy’s hand into his own, squeezing lightly. “But you know you’re not disgusting, right? And he does not hate you. He’s your friend and he loves you just like the rest of us do.”

“Sap,” Hyunjin teased, nudging him with his foot.

“It’s true though. You’re not disgusting for what you do. Even if it’s not what I choose to do. Even when I thought it was crazy at first. I never thought that about any of you and anyone that does is wrong.”

Hyunjin smiled reluctantly. “Thanks, Min.”

Letting go of his hand, Seungmin tapped on Hyunjin’s leg. “C’mon. Let’s pick up some food and give Jisung a break from studying. We can beat Jeongin at whatever game he’s been playing all afternoon.”

“Fine,” Hyunjin sighed, getting up to find his shoes. “Can we get sushi?”


Seungmin glanced down at the bag on the floor and then back at Hyunjin.

“I assume you didn’t film anything?”

“I wasn’t really in the mood.”

“Does that at least mean my camera is safe?”

Laughing, Hyunjin nodded, grabbing his keys and following Seungmin out the door.


[Chat (2): dandymin & handsome]

dandymin: do i want to know what’s taking you so long in there?

dandymin: jisung?


Seungmin tapped lightly on the door of the bathroom, trying to listen for any sounds coming from the other boy. He really didn’t want to have to kick a door down today, but if Jisung had drowned in the shower or something, he should probably act soon.

“I’m coming,” Jisung mumbled, the lock clicking and his face appearing around the door.

“What’s wrong?”


Seungmin raised an eyebrow, stepping back so that Jisung could pass by. All the stuff had already been there from the day before, and the rest of the room was ready to go, the bedsheets changed, anything personal moved out of the shot, and the camera and lighting set up. They hadn’t used the dorms for a while, their set up growing into a bigger and bigger production that more often than not took place in Chan’s room, which was considerably more spacious.

Taking his place on the bed, Jisung shuffled to get comfortable, adjusting the pillows. He reached over, grabbing the bottle of lube and laying it on the bed beside him where he could reach it easily. He looked up and watched as Seungmin moved to the window, adjusting one of the curtains so that a strip of sunlight fell across his chest. Natural lighting was always the best, and they had checked from every possible angle that you couldn’t see the bed from the window. Hyunjin’s bed at least, effectively delegating his for all filming use.

Jisung wriggled again, one hand coming to his thigh as he tried to get into the zone. The room was too silent, the absence of Hyunjin’s comments or Chan’s gentle compliments making him feel awkward.

“What’s wrong?” Seungmin asked, folding his arms.

“Nothing. I’m fine.”

Seungmin rolled his eyes. “You’re fidgeting and you’re pouting and well…” His eyes flicked to Jisung’s crotch. “You don’t look ready.”

Jisung sighed, running a hand through his hair even though he had just spent ten minutes styling it. “I’ve never done this without Chan-hyung.”

“Okay…” Seungmin said, letting his arms fall to his sides.

Jisung moved to sit on the edge of the bed. “I know that sounds stupid, but it’s weird. Do you not think it’s weird just us two?”

With a small sigh, Seungmin walked over to the other boy, resting his hands on his shoulders. “Jisung, I still think all of this is a little weird. You’re one of my best friends and I’m going to watch you… no, film you masturbating. Weird doesn’t even begin to cover it.”

Jisung giggled and Seungmin shook his head fondly.

“I guess.”

“You don’t have to. No one will care if we post a few days late. We can wait until they’re back. You know Chan-hyung wouldn’t care.”

“No, I know,” Jisung agreed. “But I want to. It makes me feel…”

“Confident?” Seungmin offered and Jisung nodded. “And you can’t feel like that with me?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know.” Jisung looked up, meeting Seungmin’s eyes.

“You’re different when you’re doing this. When I watch you… You’re like a completely different person.”


“Mhm.” Seungmin flushed, but the way Jisung looked up at him gave him a little more confidence to keep talking. “You’re kind of hot. Pretty even. I see the way that Chan-hyung watches you too. Sometimes he looks like he wants to cut the cameras and take you for himself.”

Jisung’s breath hitched as Seungmin’s fingers brushed his cheek. “Are you trying to sound like him right now? Calling me pretty?”

“Maybe. Is it working?” Jisung nodded and Seungmin smiled, moving away from him. “Then get your butt on the bed, I don’t have all day.”

Things felt a little more natural once Jisung went through the usual routine of waiting for Seungmin to fiddle with settings and adjust lighting, even if the other boy’s cheeks were still tinged pink. Jisung didn’t exactly block his face out, but he’d never clearly shown it either. He let his head turn to the side, trusting that Seungmin would angle the shot in a way that he would be comfortable with. Most of his videos showed him from the side, or with his face pressed into the pillow. Sometimes Seungmin would do a close up as he pressed his fingers between his lips, or on the way his eyes squeezed shut in pleasure, but today he just wanted something easy.

He settled back again, letting his fingers run over his chest until his skin started to tingle. He hadn’t bothered with a shirt, there was little point, and his sweatpants wouldn’t last long either.

Minho and Hyunjin often had more of a production, with various outfits and toys, playing up to the camera. Jisung had dabbled, and there was a lot he wanted to try, but he also knew that sometimes their appeal worked just as well like this. Almost as though he didn’t know he was being recorded or watched as he touched himself.

“Do you want to be on your own?” Seungmin offered, once he seemed satisfied with everything. “I don’t mind.”

“No… it’s okay. You can stay.”

Seungmin nodded, checking the camera once more. “You look good.”

“The shot or me?” Jisung questioned, his tone teasing.


Jisung grinned, bringing one of his arms behind his head to look somewhat casual for the start of the video. Although who lay about like they were in a magazine shoot, he didn’t know.



It didn’t take Jisung long to push himself to the edge, his sweatpants and boxers kicked to the ground and a hand wrapped around himself as he let soft moans fill the room. He kept his eyes mostly closed, tipping his head back and rolling his hips more than he would have if he was truly alone, keeping his strokes as slow as he could bear.

Once he felt his orgasm start to build, he let his hand fall away, panting softly as he reached for the lube. He shifted his already splayed legs further apart, one of his hands reaching down to squeeze at the skin of his thigh, and Jisung was so in his own world that it didn’t really register that the soft gasp hadn’t come from him.

Eyes blinking open, his gaze met Seungmin’s, the other boy’s eyes dark as he watched Jisung intently. He wasn’t even sure he was aware of the sound he had made, but his stare sent a shiver of pleasure through Jisung’s body.

He knew it wasn’t great for him to be staring almost directly into the camera, and they would probably have to crop or blur the footage later, but he couldn’t help himself. He kept his eyes on Seungmin as he reached down between his legs, pressing a lube coated finger against his hole.

Seungmin looked transfixed, his cheeks flushed as his gaze moved lower, watching closely as Jisung slowly pushed inside himself, a low moan echoing through the room. Jisung couldn’t take it anymore, letting his eyes close again as he began to move his finger, spending a few moments getting used to the feeling before adding a second.

There wasn’t much resistance with how often he did this, but he spread his fingers a little until he could feel the stretch.

The knowledge that Seungmin was watching was even better than having the camera on him, a pitiful whine pulling from his throat as he arched into the feeling, his free hand coming back to his cock.

He pumped himself slowly, his mind filling with the picture of himself spread there for everyone to see. He wanted to look good, to be pretty for Seungmin, and then for Chan to watch him later.

Keening, Jisung pressed his fingers against his walls, trying to get deeper, to feel fuller. It was more intense than usual, the pleasure rolling over him as he tried to keep his mind grounded, and then his fingers shifted just right and he groaned.

Eyes opening, Jisung saw Seungmin reach down to adjust his jeans, and then his hand was moving faster, stroking himself desperately. His hips bucked, pressing himself against his fist or his fingers no matter which way he moved. He had no idea of how long it had been, if he needed to hold off or last longer, if he had shifted out of the shot even, but Seungmin would have told him if he needed to move or slow down.

His head dropped to the side, watching Seungmin watch him. Watching as the other boy nodded encouragingly, a soft smile on his face. He felt hot all over, the fingers inside himself barely moving, just keeping him feeling full as he felt his cock twitch in his hand.

“So pretty,” Seungmin breathed, barely more than mouthing the words, and Jisung couldn’t hold back any longer. He gasped as his orgasm hit, coming over his own fist as he forced himself to keep his legs spread, his back arching off the bed.

He could feel sweat on the back of neck, as he came back to himself, his hand slowing down as the last ripples of pleasure rippled through his body. Jisung licked his lips, his mouth feeling dry and he realised that it had been hanging open in a silent cry as he’d come.

Breathing heavily, he ease his fingers out of himself, letting his legs stay sprawled open even though it was a terrible angle to get a good view. He thought about asking Seungmin to film him from behind next time, maybe bent over something. That would look nice.

Letting a hand come to his stomach he ran a finger through the cum that had landed there, before pressing his fingers between his lips with a soft sigh. He knew that people liked that, even if it was something he definitely wouldn’t be doing if he was actually alone right now.

Jisung didn’t realise he still had his eyes closed until something landed on his chest. When he looked up Seungmin was smiling and nodding towards the wet flannel that had been tossed towards him.

Something in his gaze made Seungmin pause, moving to grab the flannel himself.

“Did it look okay?” Jisung asked, pushing his hair off his forehead as Seungmin wiped gently over his stomach.

“Great. You looked amazing.”

“Yeah?” Jisung relaxed, letting the other boy look after him as he caught his breath.

“You always do,” Seungmin said, shrugging as his hand hovered. His eyes flicked down, but he seemed to think better of it, standing up again.

“You seemed to enjoy it a little more than usual,” Jisung teased, smirking.

Seungmin dropped the flannel back on Jisung’s chest and moved to start dismantling the equipment.

“You don’t need to be embarrassed, you know. It’s kind of meant to turn you on.”

“It didn’t… I… Shut up. Go and shower. You’re really gross.”

Jisung laughed, standing and grabbing his clothes off the ground, heading for the bathroom. He took it slow, both because his legs were actually a little shaky and maybe because he liked to think Seungmin was watching him go.

“Hey,” he paused in the doorway, turning back and yeah, maybe Seungmin had been staring after him. “That offer still stands by the way. If you ever need a hand…”

Jisung wasn’t sure what Seungmin threw at him in response, closing the door quickly before the object could find it’s target.




Hyunjin spent the next two days avoiding Changbin at all costs. He’d purposely steered clear of the dorm when Jisung had mentioned meeting him for lunch just in case the other boy stopped by. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to fix things, but he wanted to give Changbin his space, and he wasn’t sure that he was ready to see that look in his eye again.

Luckily, he hadn’t seemed to have mentioned anything to Jisung, the other boy returning none the wiser, and Changbin had been acting normal in their group chat, which was somewhat reassuring. He hadn’t gone around telling all of their friends about Hyunjin’s horrifying secret at least.

He’d even stayed out while Jisung and Seungmin had filmed in their room on Saturday, not wanting to think about any of it for a while. He’d messaged Seungmin, complaining that if he had to keep avoiding the other boy, their entire friendship group might be torn apart. And then, he would be so sad, that he’d have to drop out of university and therefore his entire future would be destroyed. Plus, he couldn’t even make a living with his body, because of the traumatic memories. But any of his compassion from the night before seemed to have vanished, because Seungmin had told him to stop being so dramatic and to try actually talking to Changbin before brandishing himself a lost cause.

He narrowed his eyes with a sigh, trying to focus on his laptop and the short piece he had to write for class the next day. He was just about to start typing again when his bedroom door opened forcefully, hitting the doorstop and making whoever had come in gasp as some part of them collided with the wood.

Hyunjin had assumed it was Jisung, he did like to make an entrance after all, but as he turned around, it was a different boy standing in his doorway, rubbing his elbow with a pout. Changbin seemed to notice Hyunjin watching him and clicked into action, tossing his backpack onto the bed. He unzipped it and started pulling out various objects, including what looked like a mini tripod, a pair of earmuffs and… a bottle of lube?

“What are you doing?” Hyunjin asked, standing up.

“I know you have a camera, but I had this lying around and I thought maybe it might come in useful…” He handed Hyunjin the tripod, looking nervous. “And um… well, the lube is flavoured which is fun.”

“And the earmuffs?” Hyunjin asked, raising an eyebrow.

“So that I don’t hear anything while I hide in the bathroom.”

“I don’t understand…”

Changbin sighed, looking up, finally meeting Hyunjin’s eyes properly. “I don’t get it. I don’t… understand. But you said that you needed my help and you confided in me and damn it, Hyunjin… I’m your friend. And I’m a good friend.”

A laugh bubbled past Hyunjin’s lips, looking back at the other boy in disbelief.

“I don’t really want to see anything,” Changbin continued. “But if you need me to set stuff up… or like pass you something. I guess I can close my eyes, or just not… look.”

“You’re willing to help me?”

Changbin nodded, looking confused. “Of course.”

Hyunjin felt his entire body relax as he searched Chagbin’s eyes. There wasn’t an ounce of disgust there, the other boy staring back at him, completely open. If anything, he seemed a little guilty, shifting his weight as he waited for Hyunjin to respond.

When he didn’t, Changbin looked away, wetting his lips. “I’m sorry,” he said after a moment. “For what I said to you.”

“It’s okay.”

“It’s not. It must have been scary for you to share this and I… I’m sorry.”

Hyunjin smiled softly. “I should have told you differently. It was kind of a lot.”

“It was a bit,” Changbin admitted, laughing. “And I don’t want you to think I’m asking this in like… in any sort of judgment, but you do want to do this, right? No one is making you, or asking you to or anything. Because you don’t have to.”

“Changbin, no. I promise. It’s all me,” Hyunjin reassured him. “I have… I have people. Who know. Who help. And I trust them, they keep me safe.”

Changbin looked a little surprised, but nodded.

“And you don’t have to help me, or watch. Or even talk about it,” Hyunjin continued. “Not if it’s weird for you.”

Changbin thought for a moment and then shrugged. “I don’t mind talking about it. I guess I have a lot of questions…”

“Sure,” Hyunjin replied, nodding encouragingly.

“Not for today, but maybe sometime? If you’re comfortable. And I can help, if you ever really need me. But… Um, we don’t need to actually do this right now, do we?”

“No,” Hyunjin said with a smile. “We can just watch a movie or something.”

“Oh, thank god,” Changbin laughed, taking the tripod back from Hyunjin and only looking a little embarrassed as he slipped the rest of the objects back into his bag.

“Hey, binnie-hyung…”

“Mhm?” Changbin glanced up.

“You’re a good friend.”

Changbin smiled, rolling his eyes. “Obviously.”

Hyunjin smiled to himself as he climbed onto his bed and turned his laptop around.

“Wait…” Changbin said, moving his bag to the floor. “When you say watch a ‘movie’…”

Hyunjin grabbed a pillow and threw it at Changbin’s head, the other boy laughing loudly as he caught it against his chest.

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

dandymin: i hate mondays

minhot: they don’t like you either

dandymin: thanks

dandymin: four classes in one day is too many

dandymin: my brain stopped taking in new information hours ago

handsome: just nap instead, i find it a much better use of my time

littleloaf: i hate that he still gets better grades than me

handsome: can’t help being a genius, innie

babybin: does anyone want to come with me to the gym?

minhot: absolutely not

dandymin: nope

chyung: i’ll come, bin

babybin: cool. are you okay meeting there?

chyung: yeah, that’s fine. i’m just finishing up some stuff and i’ll head over

littleloaf: i’ll come too. i’m so bored

babybin: jinnie?

handsome: he’s in the shower, i’ll ask him when he comes out

babybin: okay

handsome: he said he’s good

babybin: no worries


[Chat (5): rated r for… raisins have no place in cookies]

dandymin: are you still avoiding him?

jinnie: no, i just don’t want to go

jinnie: we made up actually

chyung: what do you mean ‘made up’?

jinnie: so maybe he didn’t take things as well as i suggested

jinnie: but he’s fine now

handsome: like he freaked out?

jinnie: kind off, he just needed to get his head around it

chyung: why didn’t you tell us that?

jinnie: because you were away and i didn’t want to ruin your weekend, or worry you

jinnie: he came to me yesterday and he was really good about it. he apologised and we’re fine now

handsome: are you sure?

chyung: maybe the rest of us shouldn’t say anything yet

minhot: don’t you think that will be worse? dragging it out

jinnie: yes and you all said you would tell him

jinnie: he keeps checking up on me. he took me for breakfast this morning

jinnie: i think he thinks it’s some big bonding thing between us. like i’ve trusted him with my greatest secret

dandymin: you kind of have

handsome: yeah and then he finds out we all knew first

chyung: exactly which is why we tell him as soon as possible

handsome: or never?

chyung: ji, it’ll be fine

handsome: talk to me when you come clean to felix, hyung

chyung: that’s completely different

dandymin: oh hey, felix was our place this morning! you just reminded me

dandymin: he and innie went to get breakfast

jinnie: what??!?

minhot: oh yeah, he recognised him the other day. i think they have some mutual friends, or they’re in a society or something. i wasn’t really paying attention

handsome: you weren’t paying attention?

minhot: not really

minhot: he’s really hot up close, okay. it was like meeting a celebrity

chyung: i didn’t know they knew each other

jinnie: this is perfect

jinnie: it gives us a great excuse to all hang out and then we just casually slip it into conversation

chyung: i don’t want him to feel cornered

chyung: and i don’t want him to agree just because he feels like he has to

chyung: maybe he likes what he has going on right now

minhot: yeah, but what if someone else gets there first

chyung: i don’t think the porn industry is going to be desperate to recruit some random guy with a few hundred views

handsome: a few hundred? when’s the last time you looked at his videos, hyung?

jinnie: yeah. try thousands of views

minhot: many many thousands

dandymin: and that’s on his livestreams. you can’t see how many are on his posted videos, but i’d guess it’s a lot more

chyung: well, shit

chyung: are we talking more than we get?

dandymin: we don’t live stream, so it’s hard to compare but i’d guess he’s as popular as jinnie at least

minhot: but not as good as me, right?

dandymin: probably not. you have a few big hits

minhot: nice

handsome: i’m last?!

minhot: you just started. you’ll get there. i bet you could make second place

handsome: i guess

jinnie: wow, thanks

minhot: :)

dandymin: look, hyung. why don’t you contact him from our company email? that way it’s professional and you can see if he’s interested and if he is, then you can tell him who you are and see if that changes things

jinnie: that’s a pretty good idea actually

minhot: hey, well done, seungmin

chyung: it is a good idea. i’ll think about it, okay?

minhot: yay

jinnie: do you think he’d show me where he buys his toys? he always has the best stuff

handsome: i like the outfits

minhot: you could totally wear stuff like that, ji

handsome: you really think so?

jinnie: oh yeah, you’d look good

handsome: thanks guys!

dandymin: what day are we filming this week?

chyung: we’re light on content, but i was thinking of just doing one longer video and maybe film some back up stuff so we’re not always filming as we post

chyung: i was also thinking that we should sit down and throw around some ideas for what we want to do this year now that the break is over

chyung: although, if felix is going to join then maybe we should wait for him

handsome: that all sounds good, hyung!

dandymin: i think working out a schedule would help a lot and bulk filming when we have time off if you guys feel up to it

minhot: fine by me. i have some suggestions i want to try

chyung: that’s great. if any of you have anything you want to put forward, just keep a note or something. seungmin has been doing great with the recording, the views over the last few months have almost doubled so now could really be our time to grab those new people

jinnie: sure thing, hyung

jinnie: did we decide on a day this week?

chyung: how’s thursday?

chyung: whether changbin knows by then or not, i can’t imagine he’ll want to be around straight away judging by what hyunjin said and i know he has classes all afternoon

jinnie: fine by me

dandymin: same

minhot: i’m in

handsome: fine by me. i have stuff for class to do but i can do that while someone else is on

chyung: or you could do it in advance

handsome: we both know that’s not going to happen

handsome: and i like having something to distract me from the sounds minho-hyung makes

minhot: hey!

chyung: we almost sounded professional for a minute there

jinnie: we are professional! we have a logo and everything

handsome: i meant it in a good way, hyung

jinnie: you enjoy listening to him?

handsome: who wouldn’t?

minhot: you could just watch

dandymin: please stop flirting

jinnie: aww no let them

handsome: do you like it when i watch you, hyung?

minhot: i like trying to make you blush

handsome: you should have been there to see minnie the other day

handsome: he really liked watching me

jinnie: oh really

minhot: i’m jealous

handsome: it’s not my fault you refuse to watch me

chyung: okayyyyy

dandymin: i didn’t like it

dandymin: for the record

handsome: you didn’t like it? :(

dandymin: i didn’t not like it

jinnie: so you did like it?

dandymin: i liked it a normal amount

dandymin: i liked it as much as i ever do watching any of you

minhot: oh so you like watching us all?

dandymin: hyung? help

chyung: don’t involve me

handsome: hyung, do you like to watch me?

chyung: look what you’ve done now

handsome: because seungmin said that you do

dandymin: i hate you

chyung: seungmin said what exactly?

dandymin: nothing at all

handsome: someone tell me they like it

jinnie: i like watching you, ji

handsome: thank you HYUNJIN

jinnie: ❤️

handsome: ❤️

dandymin: you’re unbelievable

handsome: thanks!

dandymin: no, not like that…

dandymin: i give up

minhot: bet your lecture is less boring now though

dandymin: true


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

minhot: if we’re light on content i can film something while you two are both out

chyung: you don’t have to, min

minhot: what if i want to?

chyung: then go ahead

chyung: i suppose it’s been a while with the break

minhot: yeah, i’ve missed it

minhot: is that weird?

chyung: not at all

minhot: okay. enjoy your workout

chyung: enjoy your orgasm


[Chat (2): lixie & littleloaf]

lixie: so, i was on my way to practice this morning and i’m walking down the corridor, minding my own business and guess who i see

littleloaf: did you come from the right or left?

lixie: left

littleloaf: so you’re in the corridor with the good vending machines?

lixie: yes?

littleloaf: okay, i’m making a metal picture

littleloaf: continue

lixie: i see chan-hyung walking with this guy

littleloaf: right

lixie: and he’s a porn star

lixie: he was in a video that one of my friends sent me a few weeks ago

littleloaf: one of your friends?

lixie: yes, one of those friends. i really feel like you’re missing the point

littleloaf: what did this guy look like?

lixie: dark hair. kinda long. really hot.

littleloaf: what was long, the man or the hair?

lixie: both?

littleloaf: it was probably hyunjin-hyung

lixie: you know him?

lixie: chan-hyung knows him?!

littleloaf: oh yeah, we’re friends. we hang out all the time

lixie: so you know what he does? chan-hyung knows?

littleloaf: i don’t think i’m supposed to know, but yeah. i saw some stuff i probably wasn’t supposed to once, but i’ve never said anything. it’s not my business, you know? i don’t know if chan-hyung knows

lixie: wow

littleloaf: why are you so surprised? you’re a literal camboy

lixie: i know, i just didn’t expect there to be more of us and so nearby

littleloaf: who is us?

lixie: idk

lixie: me… the community...

lixie: that’s not the point

littleloaf: no, the point is that you should tell chan-hyung so that i can live in peace

lixie: is it really that hard not to accidentally mention it?

littleloaf: no. but it is hard having to work on your website in the middle of the night so that my roommate doesn’t see

littleloaf: and it is hard having to listen to you go on about your feelings

lixie: i don’t have feelings

littleloaf: oh no, you just think that channie-hyung is super hot and sweet and you wish he would rail you

lixie: i have never said that

littleloaf: you don’t have to

littleloaf: i can read it in your eyes, hyung

littleloaf: neither of you are as subtle as you think

lixie: i’m terminating this conversation

littleloaf: just talk to each other! i’m sick of all the secrets! it’s too much knowledge for one young boy

littleloaf: although i do enjoy the power

lixie: i’m getting food, do you want to come?

littleloaf: can’t. i’m working out with the hyungs

lixie: hyunjin?

littleloaf: unfortunately not, just chan-hyung and bin-hyung

lixie: unfortunately?

littleloaf: yeah, because you can’t imagine him all sweaty or something. not for me

lixie: uh huh

littleloaf: chan-hyung is wearing a sleeveless shirt right now, and he’d definitely have no trouble lifting you up and pinning you down :)

lixie: you suck

littleloaf: ❤️



When Chan returned home, the flat was quiet. He wasn’t necessarily disappointed after leaving early, telling Changbin and Jeongin that he was tired and to carry on without him. He’d thought that maybe Minho could use some help. It had been a long time since he’d filmed alone after all. It was to be considerate.

He definitely wasn’t disappointed to find the other boy’s room empty or to hear the distant sound of the shower running.

He was, however, surprised to find the bathroom door ajar, the smooth skin of Minho’s back greeting him as he reached the doorway. He was hunched over, fiddling with his phone on a tripod, the bathroom steamy from the shower, and as Chan’s eyes moved down he found that, yes, Minho was completely naked.

Reaching out, Chan knocked lightly on the door, Minho almost jumping out of skin at the sound. “Need a hand?”

“You can’t scare someone like that. I thought it was Changbin.” Minho’s eyes were wide, a hand pressed to his chest as he tried to calm down.

“What are you doing?” Chan asked, looking around the room with a smile.

“Trying to film a shower scene. What does it look like?”

Chan laughed, shrugging. “Is it going well?”

“Not exactly. Everything’s foggy.”

Chan hummed, moving towards the camera. It should probably have felt weirder to be fully clothed next to the other boy, or for Minho to be standing there naked, but really they were long past that.

“What are you doing here anyway?” Minho asked, raising an eyebrow.

Chan refused to look at him, predicting the smug look Minho would probably be sporting. “I came to help. And I was too tired to work out for long.”

Minho hummed, leaning over Chan’s shoulder to watch him mess with the phone.

“We need to open the door more to stop some of the steam,” he said eventually. “And maybe once you’re wet, we could turn the shower off. It’d be easier to see. The camera is just going to fog otherwise and we have no better equipment here.”

Minho nodded. “It’s just an idea I had, no loss if it doesn’t work.”

Smiling, Chan looked up. “Could be interesting to try properly sometime. I’ll talk to Seungmin.”

Minho pushed the bathroom door open as widely as possible and nodded, seeming satisfied as he moved in front of the camera.

“How do you want me, hyung?”

Chan let his eyes run over him for a moment. Even though it was just a phone on a tripod, having any kind of camera between them immediately helped Chan feel more put together. Something settled between them, as they fell into their natural roles, a little of the heat in the room fading, not only thanks to cooler air flowing from the open door.

“Start off under the spray, cleaning yourself. Maybe let your hands wander… Touch your chest.” Minho nodded, and Chan continued. “Then once you’re hard and you’ve touched yourself a little, we’ll turn it off, so we can really see you.”

“You’ll tell me once we’ve got enough footage before I move on?” Minho asked, grabbing a bottle of waterproof lube from the side of the sink.

“Yeah yeah… Hey, wait.” Chan took the bottle from him, thinking. “Pass me that bottle?”

Minho raised an eyebrow, grabbing the bottle of conditioner from inside the shower, watching as Chan tore the label off.

“If you reach for this, it’s going to look more natural. More like you’re in the heat of the moment.”

“Right,” Minho agreed, returning the bottle to its spot.

“You can rinse off your hand and swap out if you want, I can just cut the swap. It’ll be more comfortable for you.”

Minho smiled sweetly. “Oh, hyung. It’s so kind of you to care.”

“Shut up. Are you…?”

Minho raised an eyebrow at the way he had trailed off, Chan trying to brush off his awkwardness. Minho’s joking comment had thrown him a little, jarring him out of his professional headspace.

“Are you going to finger yourself?” Chan asked, doing his best to keep his voice level.

“I wasn’t planning on it. I didn’t think I’d have the time, but I can.”

“No, that’s fine. I just wanted to know. It might’ve been easier for you to sit and I'd have to move the camera.”

Minho nodded, an amused smirk on his face. He turned away and Chan busied himself pretending to check the phone, even though there wasn’t exactly a lot to alter. He knew Minho took a moment to adjust, to slip into, not a different character exactly, but a different mode.

When he stepped into the shower, his expression had already changed and Chan nodded as he hit record.

He couldn’t deny it, Minho was popular for a reason. He was beautiful for one, but more than that, he was alluring and sensual and near intoxicating when he wanted to be. Even Chan had to admit that with his head tilted back, his hair wet and water running down his skin, Minho was hot.

Usually, he would have more to do, whispering suggestions to Seungmin, or adjusting angles and positions. But right now, he simply had to watch. It was his job after all.

Minho brought his hands up, fingers pushing his hair back as the muscles in his arms tensed. Likely on purpose, Chan thought. He was good.

Eyes closed, one hand came to his chest, his fingers dancing lightly over the damp skin, before pausing to press the pad of his thumb against one of his nipples. Minho’s mouth quirked into a satisfied smile at the feeling, his forefinger coming together to pinch his nipple gently.

With a hum, his hand moved down, his palm splaying over his abs and Chan noticed that he was already half hard. Minho continued like that for a few minutes, running his hands down his body, stopping to tease at various spots for a moment. Every so often his hand would drift lower and Chan could see the way his breath hitched in excitement.

He held off though. Chan knew he wouldn’t last long once he got a hand around himself. It’s why he usually took his time, teasing himself or riding down on his fingers or a toy until he was desperate. His willpower and stamina could be practically evil when he was with someone else, or with an audience, but sometimes he liked it rushed and desperate. Chan had first hand experience of both.

His eyes opened, water clinging to his eyelashes and his gaze met Chan’s, the older boy giving him a quick nod. Minho whimpered, letting his fingers finally brush against his cock, and Chan bit back a smile, Minho’s head dropping forward, water dripping down from his hair.

Reaching out blindly, Minho cut the water off, the room falling quiet as he turned, pressing his back against the tiles. Reaching up to push his hair from his face, he let out a loud moan, wrapping a hand firmly around himself, pumping slowly.

Chan’s eyes were fixed on the screen, he needed the distance, and looking at Minho in the flesh right now might be too much. It was fine before they had started this thing. Before Chan knew how that hand felt on his own skin, or the way Minho’s abs tensed under his fingers as he came.

Shallowly thickly, Chan adjusted his stance. He could tell the other boy’s orgasm was approaching fast. Minho had his free hand pressed flat against the wall, his back arched as he panted softly. His hips squirmed desperately, as though he couldn’t decide if he wanted to pull away from his hand, or give into the feeling.

And Chan knew, he knew what stopping would do to him, and maybe that was why he did it, tapping lightly on the counter to get the boy’s attention. The whine that left Minho’s throat made him glad that he hadn’t stopped the recording, he would have to find a way to keep that in.

Minho’s eyes were glassy when he opened them, his hand falling away and Chan thought he might kill him with the look he received.

“What?” Minho panted. “Do I need to move?”

Chan shook his head, reaching for a towel. “Camera’s getting a little foggy. I didn’t want to miss the important part.”

Minho nodded, taking deep breaths. He was used to having to pause to make adjustments, but not usually quite so last minute. Chan worked quickly, stopping the recording to wipe the lense and adjusting the focus. And maybe he knew that Minho would secretly be glad, that it would make his orgasm all the more worth it. He might have tried it again, if he wasn’t worried about Changbin coming home.

“Okay… You ready?” he checked.


Minho waited for Chan’s nod, gasping as he brought his hand back around himself. After standing out of the water, it was cold, the sensation making his cock twitch in his fist.

Chan fought the urge to zoom in as Minho’s eyebrows creased, his lip bitten between his teeth as his hand moved faster. He tried to mentally will the boy to stop stifling his moans, and somehow it worked, because Minho’s mouth fell open, desperate whines tumbling from his lips as his hips jutted forward.

It was intense and desperate, and Chan noticed that he hadn’t even stopped to use any of the lube options, Minho’s thighs tensing as he swiped his thumb over the head of his cock.

His free hand smacked wetly against the tile, and Chan worried his legs might give out as he moaned loudly, thick ropes of cum hitting his stomach.

Minho stroked himself through it, hunching forward, his wet hair falling into his face and Chan waited for him to be done. He let the recording go for a minute. Minho’s eyes blinking open as he panted, a lazy smile spreading over his face.

“Good?” Minho asked and Chan laughed, nodding as he hit stop.

He checked immediately, making sure that the recording was there and sent himself a copy.

“That was really good,” he complimented. “And it won’t need much editing, so it could go up tomorrow.”

Minho nodded, looking pleased and turned the shower back on, stepping under to rinse himself down. Chan dismantled the tripod and pocketed the lube, just in case Changbin did show up, ready with their fluffiest towel once Minho was done.

“Thanks,” Minho said, stepping into Chan’s arms to have the towel wrapped around himself.

Chan smiled fondly. “Are you okay?” he asked. It was what he always asked. Are you okay? or how are you feeling? and Minho rolled his eyes at the words.

“Yes,” he said, making firm eye contact so that Chan could tell he was being honest.

Chan nodded, looking a little more relaxed, his gaze softening. “Do you want some cereal or something? I didn’t have any dinner yet.”

Chan always felt the need to be close to the other boys after filming. He told himself it was to make sure that they were okay, and it was. But he was also torn. On one hand, he wanted to look after them as though they had just have sex. To give them cuddles and affection, but he also knew that that wasn’t what this was. He knew that within his role, he needed to keep some level of professionalism and he knew how creepy physical contact could come off. And so he offered food and water and warm clothes, and did his best to be whatever each boy needed.

“That’d be great, hyung.”

Chan nodded, smiling brightly. Minho would usually be more brash in front of the others, making comments about how he’d just done or asking for feedback, but with just the two of them, Minho’s hair dripping, and a soft white towel around his shoulders, his fingers clinging to the edge like little pruney raisins, Chan liked this softer side of him.

“Okay, Minnie. I’ll meet you out there.”

Chapter Text

[Chat (5): rated r for… rules are rules]

handsome: oi!

handsome: where’s my blowjob?

minhot: good morning to you too

dandymin: it’s too early for this

handsome: we had a bet

handsome: i want my winnings

chyung: i’d argue that you actually owe us

jinnie: eh it’s a grey area

minhot: no, i’d say hyung is right

minhot: changbin didn’t help and therefore we win

handsome: you bet that he would freak out and he didn’t

chyung: i mean, he kinda did though…

jinnie: not for long! and if anything, now he’s too supportive

jinnie: he keeps offering to get jisung out of our dorm

handsome: hey, i don’t mind. he bought me lunch yesterday

minhot: i still say he panicked enough that it counts

minhot: tell them, seungmin

dandymin: me?

chyung: you are the impartial party

dandymin: it’s not like you’re actually going to do it anyway

handsome: why not??

dandymin: i thought it was against the rules for you guys to mess around

minhot: technically it’s only against the rules for us to actually date

chyung: is it?

jinnie: we could just film it

handsome: and you guys said that jinnie is the dumb one!

jinnie: who said that?!

handsome: nobody…

dandymin: okay, i have reviewed the chat

chyung: and?

handsome: cue the drumroll

minhot: should we hold hands?

jinnie: how are we supposed to hold hands right now?

handsome: you can hold my hand if you want

handsome: i can reach between our beds if i stretch really far, i’ve tested it

jinnie: i know you’ve tested it, you kick me all the time

handsome: only when you ignore me

jinnie: sometimes i can’t hear you!

handsome: and what about the rest of the time?

jinnie: i just don’t want to talk to you

dandymin: omg chan-hyung and minho-hyung win


chyung: told you

handsome: what?! this is a fix!!

jinnie: is this because we were being annoying?

dandymin: no, it’s because they won

dandymin: you said “blowjob says he’ll do it”, referring to whether or not changbin-hyung would help hyunjin

dandymin: and seeing as he did not help, i can only say that they win

dandymin: whether or not he ‘freaked out’ doesn’t seem to be part of the bet

jinnie: but he offered to help!

minhot: ahh but he still didn’t, did he?

handsome: fuck this

handsome: i’ll have him come and help right here, right now

dandymin: yeah, that wouldn’t count

minhot: better get your mouths ready, boys

jinnie: what are the rules on this? one each? am i doing both of you? are we doing it at the same time? because i’m really busy this week, so getting you all together would really help me out

minhot: hyunggg hyunjin is making it sound not fun!

chyung: you don’t have to do it. the rules were unclear

handsome: i can pay my bets!

jinnie: me too

chyung: okay okay, go ahead

minhot: as much as i really want to continue this conversation, i have to go, but i look forward to my reward

handsome: jokes on you. i love having something in my mouth

chyung: we know


[Chat (2): minhot & handsome]

handsome: have a good day! :)

minhot: are you in class?

handsome: not today. why?

minhot: i was going to suggest getting lunch in a bit, if you were on campus but no worries

handsome: we still could if you want? hyunjin wanted me as a buffer for changbin coming over, but he’ll survive

minhot: no, don’t worry about it. i’ll go pester jeongin or seungminnie

handsome: tomorrow?

minhot: okayyy

handsome: :(

minhot: why are you sad?

handsome: tomorrow is a long time

minhot: idiot


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

chyung: did you get the edit i sent you?

minhot: yeah, i haven’t watched it back but i’m sure it’s fine

minhot: i trust you

chyung: so i’m okay to upload it?

minhot: fine by me, baby

chyung: ?

minhot: sorry, i’m texting sungie at the same time

minhot: it was a reflex

chyung: pet names? cute

minhot: don’t start

chyung: i haven't said anything!

minhot: well, don’t or you won’t be getting any action for a month

chyung: seems counterintuitive to your crush on jisung to sleep with me, but alright

minhot: seems counterintuitive to your crush on felix not to have made a move yet, but okay

chyung: this is why i don’t tell you things

minhot: you tell me because i’m the only one who won’t spill your secrets

chyung: yes, but you weaponise them

minhot: only when i need to, hyung

minhot: i suggest you behave

chyung: or what?

minhot: if only my break was enough time to show you


[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

minhot: anyone on campus and want to get lunch?

babybin: are you paying?

minhot: not for you

jinnie: i thought you were coming here? jisung rented a movie

chyung: you’re watching a movie at 2pm on a wednesday?

handsome: why not?

dandymin: i thought hyunjin had a busy week?

jinnie: i do. i’m watching a movie, and then i’m going to take a nap, and then wake up at about 11pm to go over to jeongin’s

jinnie: and i have two classes and a group project due in on friday, so i actually am busy then

jinnie: but i do have an opening tomorrow

dandymin: i don’t think you do

jinnie: yes i do, i have a thing in the morning but that’s it

handsome: pretty sure you said you were busy tomorrow afternoon

jinnie: i am?

minhot: you are

jinnie: ohhhhh

jinnie: yeah, i am

babybin: why do i feel like i’m missing something again

chyung: what are hyunjin and jeongin doing at 11pm? that’s what i want to know

littleloaf: we’re going to play video games and order pizza

littleloaf: we want to live that true student life

handsome: can i come?

littleloaf: no

jinnie: we’re bonding

littleloaf: i can’t go too late though, i’m getting brunch with felix-hyung tomorrow

handsome: since when were the two of you such good friends?

littleloaf: always?

littleloaf: we got closer over the break

littleloaf: i was helping him out with this project thing

handsome: i can’t believe chan-hyung let’s you hang out with him and not us

littleloaf: he doesn’t let me do anything. i just do what i want

jinnie: badass

chyung: you can be friends with whoever you want. it’s not like we hang out without you. i’ve never seen jeongin and felix together

littleloaf: yeah, he thinks you guys don’t like him

handsome: what?!!

dandymin: i spoke to him for at least five minutes the other morning!

jinnie: we like him!

littleloaf: calm down. i’m joking.

littleloaf: he barely knows who you guys are other than being chan-hyung’s friends

babybin: who the hell is felix?

littleloaf: yeah, he definitely has no idea who changbin-hyung is

minhot: he’s chan-hyung’s friend. he was at his birthday party last year

babybin: do you know how many people were at that thing?

jinnie: he was blond. really sweet

babybin: ???

handsome: freckles

jinnie: super cute

jeongin: australian

babybin: ohhhhhhh

babybin: i know who you mean!

babybin: so, what’s the obsession with him?

chyung: nothing. they just think he’s cute

babybin: all of them?

handsome: do you not?

babybin: i don’t really remember him that well. i barely spoke to him

jinnie: you’d think he was cute

jinnie: he’s your type

babybin: i don’t have a type

jinnie: felix is everyone’s type

dandymin: am i invited to this hang out?

littleloaf: you live here, so i guess?

handsome: you should come over min! we can have our own party

dandymin: only if the party is sleeping

handsome: a sleepover?!

dandymin: sure

littleloaf: well, now their thing sounds fun

dandymin: we can go over your notes again from the other day. i could quiz you

littleloaf: never mind

handsome: i retract my invitation

dandymin: too late, jinnie’s bed is way comfier than mine. you guys are in the nice dorms

jinnie: what do the hyung’s have planned for tonight?

babybin: reading for class tomorrow

minhot: sleep

chyung: work

handsome: you guys are really fucking old


[Chat (5): rated r for… rules are rules]

handsome: what is bin-hyung’s type?

chyung: what do you mean?

minhot: why are you asking us?

handsome: has he dated anyone?

jinnie: have you?

handsome: i could date

jinnie: sure

handsome: i’m keeping my options open

jinnie: sure

handsome: come here, i’ll date you right now

minhot: not again

dandymin: why does this feel like foreplay?

chyung: every conversation in this chat feels like foreplay

minhot: do we turn you on, hyung?

chyung: see

minhot: ;)

handsome: well, apparently hyunjin might see the sex god himself tomorrow morning. maybe they’ll invite you to brunch

chyung: omg do not call him that

jinnie: yeah, if anyone around here deserves that title, it’s clearly hyung

chyung: thanks?

minhot: thank you

jinnie: eh either of you work

jinnie: besides, i have a morning meeting so i’ll probably be gone

chyung: but say you do bump into him, you wouldn’t say anything stupid?

minhot: or he could just hang around and tell them both everything

minhot: look how well he handled changbin

jinnie: no way am i doing that again

chyung: i’m going to do it

minhot: sometime this decade?

chyung: oh, yeah. in the next 3, maybe 4 years for sure

minhot: i say we just add them all to this chat and let them figure it out for themselves

dandymin: sent that email yet, hyung?

chyung: not yet

chyung: but i will

handsome: please do. jeongin is already bonding with him. he’s going to be the favourite!

chyung: he’s everyone’s favourite

dandymin: even mine

minhot: he’s not my favourite

handsome: who’s your favourite?

minhot: that would be telling


Changbin groaned, opening his eyes. The room was dim and his neck ached from where he’d fallen asleep with his head tipped back awkwardly. He winced as he raised his head, pressing a hand to his neck and looking around. Something else was now playing on the tv, the movie they had started long over.

Blinking his eyes a few times, he watched as Jisung moved around the room, pulling on a pair of trainers and a hoodie.

“Where you going?” he whispered, his voice croaky from sleep.

Jisung looked up, surprised to see the other boy awake. “Just for coffee. Do you want anything?”

Changbin shook his head, rubbing a hand over his face. “How long have I been asleep?”

“Not long,” Jisung replied, grabbing his wallet from his desk and stuffing it in his pocket. “Tell Jinnie where I’ve gone? I’ll be back soon.”

Changbin hummed, looking down at the boy asleep on his thigh, bringing a hand to gently move his hair from his face. “I’ve got to get home, I’ve got a shit ton of work to do, but I’ll leave a note if you’re not back.”

Jisung nodded in agreement and Changbin returned his attention to the boy on his lap, smiling at the way Hyunjin’s lips pushed out into a little pout as he slept. Smoothing his fingers gently against the boy’s cheek, Changbin winced at the sound of the door closing behind Jisung.

Hyunjin stirred and Changbin held his breath, waiting to see if he’d stay asleep. Hyunjin shifted, one eye opening with a sleepy frown as he looked up. “Wha-..”

“Go back to sleep,” Changbin urged, shifting his leg into a more comfortable position while he had the chance.

Hyunjin pouted, wriggling up until his head rested on Changbin’s chest instead, throwing an arm around his waist and one of his legs over Changbin’s thigh.

“Better?” Changbin asked, smiling.

Hyunjin gave a small nod, his eyes already closed again. Changbin wrapped an arm around him, watching fondly as his features smoothed out once more and his breathing slowed. Maybe he could stay for ten more minutes.



When Jisung arrived, the corridor was quiet and with how surprisingly long the line had been, he was worried he was too late.

The cup in his hand was cold and damp with condensation against his fingers, as he peered through the window in the door of the dance studio, smiling to himself as he saw that there was still one boy in the room. Minho must have stayed behind, the rest of his class long gone as he sat on the floor, stretching one leg out.

“Not working too hard I hope,” Jisung said, slipping into the room and closing the door behind himself.

It had been a while since he’d been in this part of the building. He and Minho had used to meet after classes on Mondays and go for lunch, or study together in the library for a few hours last term, but once their lives got busier, and especially once exams had started, their tradition had become rarer and rarer and now Jisung felt like it had been forever since it was just the two of them. With the winter break, it had probably been at least a month. They’d called and FaceTimed and even met up a few times to film or just catch up, but that had always been as a group with whoever was available.

Minho looked up in surprise, spotting Jisung in the reflection of the mirror. “What are you doing here?”

His face broke into a confused smile as Jisung stepped in front of him, brandishing the coffee in his hand. He held out his arm, shaking the cup so that the ice jangled together, Minho raising his eyebrows in suspicion.

“What do you want?”

“Nothing!” Jisung protested, looking insulted. His arm dropped and a little pout formed on his lips. “We couldn’t meet up for lunch, so I thought I’d surprise you after class.”

Minho shook his head, standing up and taking the cup from him. Jisung watched expectantly until he took a sip of the drink, his face breaking into a grin as Minho smiled reluctantly around the straw. Humming happily, Jisung plucked the cup from his hand and took a sip himself.

“I thought that was mine…”

“It is, but you can share. I’m not made of money.”

Minho huffed out a laugh, pushing his hair back. “So, what happened to Hyunjin and Changbin? Did you abandon them to come and see me?”

“Mhm. They fell asleep halfway through the movie, but they looked cute so I left them to it.”

Going to the corner of the room, Minho grabbed his backpack off the floor and swung in over his shoulder. “I was going to practise a little, but I guess if you’re offering to walk me home, how can I refuse?”

“I offered to walk you home?”

“Well, so far you’ve disrupted my practise and given me one sip of coffee, so there must be some reason you came here.”

Jisung shrugged, his eyes wide as he took one last long drink from the cup and held it out. “I guess you can have the coffee.”

He watched as Minho walked over, about to take the cup from him before he pulled his hand back.


Jisung smirked, holding the cup behind his back. “What will you give me in return?”

Minho seemed hesitant for a moment, surprise flashing in his eyes, although Jisung wasn’t sure why. He acted like this all the time.

Minho shifted, looking down and Jisung might have thought he was nervous if it wasn’t for the tone of his voice. “What would you like?”

Tapping a finger against his lips, Jisung pretended to think for a moment. He knew what he wanted to say. You.

The others joked about the two of them, that they flirted constantly, and it was true, they did. Outrageously so sometimes. But there was always an unspoken line, a tentativeness to Minho responses sometimes, or a wariness when Jisung pushed too far. It wasn’t something he really understood, not with how their relationship was. When they had seen so much of one another, both figuratively and literally, closing that last gap seemed like it should be so simple, and yet they never did. Whether it was Chan’s dumb dating ban, or a consciousness that it really could make certain other aspects of their lives more complicated, the line stuck and Jisung had never been brave enough to take the step across.

So Jisung left the word unspoken. He hummed, cocking his head and smiled as sweetly as possible and instead of a step, he shuffled, just a toe across that line.

“A kiss?”

Minho’s eyes widened a little in surprise as he looked up, smiling in amusement.

“A kiss?”

“Yes,” Jisung confirmed, nodding determinedly.

“Well, do you know what I think?” Minho stepped closer, their toes almost touching.

Jisung cocked his head. “What do you think?”

Reaching forward, Minho’s hands rested on his hips and Jisung really should remember what he did for a living before entering into these games. If anyone knew how to tease, it was Lee Minho.


“That I’m your favourite?” Jisung tried, doing his best to keep his voice level.

“Mhm… Maybe.” Minho’s touch was light, leaning forward until Jisung could feel his breath, his lips brushing his ear as he spoke and despite his bravado, Jisung’s mind short circuited a little. “But I also think that you should remember which one of us already owes the other a certain favour.”

Jisung’s breath hitched, his knees almost buckling with the urge to drop to the ground right then and there. He really might have if it hadn't been for the feel of Minho’s fingers against his own, so much warmer than the iced drink in his hand as he eased it from his grip and walked away with an all to smug smile on his stupidly handsome face.

It took Jisung a moment to click back into action, his brain feeling a little fuzzy as Minho headed for the door.

“Wait… I am your favourite though, right?”

Minho turned to back out of the room with an amused grin, pressing the straw between his lips.


[Chat (3): well hyung]

minhot: i can see you, you know

minhot: you’re not discreet

babybin: i’m not trying to be. it’s cute

chyung: stop texting while he’s talking to you

minhot: then stop spying on me!

babybin: then don’t be cute right outside my window

babybin: you’re watching too, hyung?

chyung: of course. the kitchen window has a great view

babybin: oh my god they’re giggling

chyung: jisung is touching his arm!

babybin: he never walks me home

chyung: me neither

babybin: he probably isn’t hoping to make out with us on the doorstep

chyung: true

chyung: :’(

babybin: he’s fixing his hair!

chyung: c‘mon minho

chyung: he’s clearly making moves!

babybin: i wish i could hear what they’re talking about

chyung: i’ve witnessed their conversations and trust me, you do not

chyung: what is happening???



chyung: aggressively????

chyung: damn jisung is really going for it

babybin: minho has him bent so far back i can barely see

babybin: no no false alarm

babybin: it was fake

babybin: and now they’re looking at us

chyung: are you just staring back?

babybin: yup

babybin: they’re laughing at us

chyung: should we hide?

babybin: definitely

minhot: jisung says he’d kiss either one of you, if you’re brave enough to come down here


“Okay. So. Fuck marry kill…”

Seungmin sighed, pressing his face into the pillow of Hyunjin’s bed. “This isn’t a sleepover.”

“Are we wearing pyjamas?”

Seungmin groaned in lieu of a response.

“Did we watch a movie and eat popcorn?”

Seungmin tried to pull the sides of the pillow over his ears.

“Now we need to talk about boys. So, fuck marry kill... Jeongin, Minho-hyung, Hyunjin? It’s either this or truth or dare.”

Seungmin stayed quiet for long enough that Jisung wondered if he had actually suffocated in his hiding spot, leaning forward to try and get a look at him from the opposite bed.

“Kill Minho-hyung, fuck Hyunjin, marry Jeongin,” he mumbled eventually, and Jisung grinned, wriggling excitedly.

Peeking out of his hiding spot, Seungmin smiled reluctantly. “Fine. Would you rather... Minho-hyung or Chan-hyung?”

“Just sex?” Jisung asked, thinking.

Seungmin nodded, shuffling to sit up, leaning back against the headboard.

“And I can’t say both?”



“How surprising,” Seungmin said, rolling his eyes.

“It was your question! How about you? Same question.”

Humming softly, Seungmin looked down like he was genuinely considering his answer. “Same answer,” he said after a moment.

“Minho-hyung?” Jisung questioned, raising his eyebrows. “I’m not sure you could handle him.”

“You don’t know what I can handle,” Seungmin retorted, making Jisung smirk. “Shut up. It’s your turn.”

Jisung nibbled on his lip, thinking. “Changbin-hyung or… Felix?”


“Really?” Jisung questioned, considering his answer.

“Mhm. He hugged me the other day and he smelled really good.”

“So you want to have sex with him because he smells good?”

Seungmin stared back at him, his eyes narrowing. “Shut up.”

“Hey, I’m not judging,” Jisung shrugged. “Felix is cute. I get it if you have a little crush.”

Seungmin’s frown deepened. “I don’t have a crush.”

Climbing off his own bed, and hoping on top of the other boy, Jisung grinned. “Of course not, Seungminnie.”

Jisung poked his cheek as Seungmin whined, trying to wriggle out of the way.

“You’re so annoying.”

“Ooo you’re blushing…” Jisung teased, pushing his face closer, giggling.

“I’ll tell Minho-hyung you didn’t choose him.”

Jisung gasped, pulling back. “You wouldn’t dare.”

“Try me,” Seungmin teased, quirking an eyebrow.

Jisung looked over him, impressed. “It’s your turn.”

“Are we still doing this?”

“Yes. Go on.”

Seungmin whined, wriggling under the weight of the other boy on top of him. “You’re going to crush me.”

Pouting, Jisung poked his cheek again. “C’mon…”

“Okay okay,” Seungmin complained, batting his hand away. “Jeonginnie or…”

“Or?” Jisung prompted, tickling Seungmin’s waist, the other boy gasping.


“Or who?” Jisung asked, digging his fingers into Seungmin’s sides, making him squirm. Seungmin tried to hold back a laugh, his eyebrows furrowing as he attempted to pull Jisung’s hands away.


“Or who?!”

Seungmin flipped them over, pinning Jisung’s hands either side of his head, his thighs straddling the boy’s hips. “Or me.”

Blinking up at him, Jisung froze, the feeling of Seungmin’s hands around his wrists making something twist in his stomach. Seungmin’s cheeks were flushed, his face hovering above him as they both panted softly.

“You,” Jisung whispered, his eyes dropping to the boy’s mouth.

Surprise flashed over the other boy’s features, his grip on Jisung’s hands loosening, but Jisung pressed forward before he could move away, pressing their lips together.

Seungmin’s mouth was soft, his lips parting to slot with Jisung’s, his hands pushing Jisung’s wrists down firmly. If Jisung had ever imagined kissing Seungmin, it had never been like this. Not with the other boy pinning him down as he licked eagerly into his mouth.

Seungmin’s tongue curled against his, and Jisung’s fingers flexed with the urge to touch the other boy, to pull his hips closer or hold onto his hair.

As the initial urge died down, their movements slowed, Seungmin moving to slide their lips together gently, his hands loosening their grip until Jisung could move one of his hands to cup the side of the boy’s neck.

With his added freedom, Jisung felt a little more in control, humming against Seungmin’s mouth, his thumb stroking gently along the boy’s jaw. Seungmin seemed to melt a little, letting Jisung nudge their noses together and press a kiss to the closed corner of his mouth before pulling back.

Seungmin’s eyes stayed closed for a moment, his lips red and Jisung could feel his pulse racing under his fingers. When his eyes opened, Jisung smiled softly, Seungmin looking a little dazed as he stared back.

His eyes flicked to the side, releasing his grip on Jisung’s other arm as though he had only just realised he still had him pinned there.

Seungmin pulled back a little, sitting up and Jisung moved his hands to his hips. A part of him expected the other boy to freak out, to jump off him in embarrassment, but Seungmin just looked shy.

“So…” Jisung said, watching as Seungmin’s tongue darted out to wet his lips. “I probably shouldn’t have…”

“Don't apologise,” Seungmin interrupted, his cheeks flushed.


“I liked it.”

“Okay,” Jisung repeated, smiling softly. “Do you want to do it again?”

Seungmin bit back a grin. “Okay.”

Surging forward, Jisung tipped the boy on top of him backwards, laying Seungmin back on the bed and capturing his lips with his own. Seungmin hummed against his mouth, bringing a hand up to press against Jisung’s chest, easing him back.

“Are you okay with this?” he asked, his expression adorably serious.

Jisung smiled fondly, nodding. “But if you’re not… We are breaking the rules after all...”

Seungmin grinned mischievously, wrapping his arms around Jisung’s neck. “Fuck the rules.”

Laughing, Jisung ducked back down, pressing their lips back together.

Chapter Text

[Chat (2): handsome & dandymin]

handsome: are you awake?

dandymin: i am now

dandymin: stop staring at me. i’m trying to sleep

handsome: is it weird?

dandymin: is what weird?

handsome: wow

handsome: are my lips that forgettable?

handsome: do you know what people would pay for my mouth?

dandymin: i’m honoured

handsome: but we’re good?

dandymin: yes, jisung

dandymin: there’s no need for anything to be weird

handsome: good. i had a nice time

dandymin: me too

handsome: i hope you haven’t fallen for me

handsome: it can be hard not to

dandymin: i think i’ll manage

dandymin: no matter how lovely your lips are

handsome: you think my lips are lovely?

dandymin: i’d give them at least a 7

handsome: pfftt a 7

handsome: do you want me to keep these lips to myself?

dandymin: you already owe two blowjobs, so i doubt that’s going to happen

handsome: hmm that’s true

dandymin: why are you still texting me? i’m right here

handsome: i’m too tired to speak

handsome: someone exhausted my mouth last night

dandymin: we kissed twice and then you cuddled me and talked nonsense for three hours

handsome: that was a mutual cuddle

dandymin: i’m going to shower. you’ve woken me up now

handsome: :)


dandymin: hey, jisung

handsome: yes?

dandymin: thank you

dandymin: not just for the kissing, even though that was nice

dandymin: i’ve been feeling a bit lonely, especially being away from you all over the break

dandymin: it was really nice just to hang out

handsome: even though you complained the entire time?

dandymin: yes

handsome: thank you too

handsome: i’ve been freaking out a little bit

dandymin: about the stuff with changbin?

handsome: yeah and some other stuff

handsome: the other day too. when we filmed together, you really helped

handsome: you make me feel calm

dandymin: you’re welcome, sungie

handsome: love ya

dandymin: ❤️

handsome: now get your ass in the shower or i’m going first


[Chat (2): lixie & chyung]

lixie: your friends don’t like me?

chyung: of course they do! why would you think that?

lixie: jeongin told me

chyung: well, it’s not true!

chyung: they like you!

chyung: they were just saying so the other day

chyung: jeongin is probably trying to cause trouble

lixie: i don’t know, hyung…

lixie: i guess it makes sense now why we never hang out

chyung: they’d love to hang out with you, lix!

chyung: you’re amazing

chyung: i just never thought you’d want to

chyung: they’re kind of a lot

lixie: jeongin is so sweet and you like them. they can’t be so bad

chyung: don’t get attached to jeongin, i’m about to murder him

lixie: he just wanted me to know the truth



[Chat (2): lixie & littleloaf]

[lixie sent a photo]

lixie: you were right, that was fun! ;D

littleloaf: he’s so easy

littleloaf: and whipped

lixie: i looked at my profile after what you said at brunch btw, and i think you’re right

lixie: i need more of a brand

lixie: i was thinking of making my own website, or would that be crazy?

lixie: the company takes a huge percentage of what i’m making and then i have to pay to have my account, and i have no freedom in any of the tiers or subscription pricing

lixie: i just don’t know if enough people would follow me across if i went it alone

littleloaf: i think you could do it. the last time i checked, you’d almost broken the top 20

littleloaf: maybe if you hold out and really push for some new people over the next few weeks?

littleloaf: i’d need a while to make you something decent anyway

lixie: i’m sure you’d do great, innie! you’ve already helped so much

littleloaf: no worries, hyung. let me know what you’d want included, and how you’d want it to look and i’ll get started

lixie: thanks! i’ll come up with something good for the next stream. pull out all the stops

littleloaf: i’d offer some suggestions, but i wouldn’t know where to start

lixie: just think about what you’d like to see

lixie: imagine someone you like and then picture your wildest fantasies

lixie: how you’d want them to look, or what they’d say to you, or what you want to do to them

lixie: or have them do to you

lixie: that’s usually how i come up with ideas

lixie: but sometimes it’s useful to hear what other people like. i want to appeal to lots of different desires and kinks and all that

littleloaf: so you just imagine what you’d do with someone else, but do it to yourself?

lixie: kind of

lixie: it’s more like i’m doing it with the camera. there are people there talking to me and complimenting me, or asking me to do things

lixie: you’ve seen that

littleloaf: yeah, i just don’t know how you make it seem so realistic

littleloaf: it’s almost like those people are really there, making you feel good

littleloaf: i think that’s why you’re so popular

littleloaf: well, that and the really sexy deep voice thing and the fact that you’re stupidly pretty

lixie: haha thanks

lixie: they do make me feel good though. i’m still enjoying it

littleloaf: it’s just exaggerated?

lixie: right

littleloaf: it’s cool that you’re so confident

littleloaf: i don’t know if i could ever do that

lixie: you’re confident

lixie: and i’m not always feeling as confident as i act, but after a while it becomes normal

lixie: it’s just like when you’re with a real person and you worry what they will think or if you’re doing it right, but then you get to know each other and you feel accepted and more relaxed and you learn what they like

littleloaf: yeah, that makes sense

littleloaf: sorry for asking you all this stuff, i was just curious

lixie: don’t worry about it!

lixie: it’s nice to have someone to talk to about it

littleloaf: are you streaming tomorrow as usual?

lixie: yep! i might stalk the competition a little for ideas

littleloaf: i feel like you’ve just told me that you’re going to watch porn and get off tonight

lixie: huh i guess so

littleloaf: gross

lixie: tell that to the people paying to see it

littleloaf: they’re insane

lixie: yang jeongin, you wound me

littleloaf: you’re almost top 20 now, hyung

littleloaf: gotta keep you grounded



Jisung hopped up onto the kitchen counter, watching as Minho filled up a glass of water. Swinging his legs, he hummed, letting his feet knock against the cupboards beneath him.

“What are you up to?” Minho questioned, looking suspicious as he sipped his water.

“Nothing. I’m just having a good day.”


Jisung hummed. “No reason.”

Setting his glass down, Minho sighed, resting his hands on Jisung’s knees to ease his legs apart, stepping between them. “Go on.”

Shrugging nonchalantly, Jisung bit back a smile, resting his arms on Minho’s shoulders. “I kissed Seungminnie.”

Minho raised an eyebrow. “Oh, did you?”

“Yep,” Jisung boasted, popping the ‘p’.

“How was it?”


Laughing, Minho slid his hands up the boy’s thighs. “Did you give him that hand job you promised?”

Jisung shook his head, pouting. “I didn’t want to scare him off.”

“And I assume you want me to keep this information between the two of us?”


“Good for you,” Minho smiled.

“Could have been you, if you weren’t so difficult,” Jisung mused, sighing dramatically.

“How many boyfriends are you trying to collect?”

“Seungminnie’s not my boyfriend.”


Jisung shook his head, his fingers playing with the hair on the back of Minho’s neck. “Not yet anyway.”

Minho laughed, shaking his head. “You’re incredible.”

“I know,” Jisung grinned. He tilted his head up and pursed his lips, waiting. “C’mon, baby. You want to see what you're missing?”

Minho watched the other boy fondly, waiting until Jisung peeled one eye open, his lips still pushed out, before he ducked down and pressed a quick kiss to his cheek.

“What was that?!” Jisung protested as Minho pulled away, grabbing his glass of water.

“Your kiss.”



[Chat (2): minhot & babybin]

babybin: can you believe they cancelled my class and they only emailed us ten minutes after it was supposed to start?

babybin: if the guy had food poisoning, i’m pretty sure he’s known about it all day

minhot: sucks to be you

babybin: thanks

minhot: wait, are you coming back?

babybin: yeah, i’m stopping at the convenience store if you want anything?

minhot: don’t come back here

minhot: i’m busy

minhot: i have guests

babybin: okay…

babybin: where do you want me to go?

minhot: i don’t know. go hang out with innie

minhot: just for an hour or so

babybin: ugh fine


[Chat (2): babybin & littleloaf]

babybin: you home?

littleloaf: nopeeeee

babybin: you busy?

littleloaf: i’m learning about critical theories of modern theatre

babybin: in class or for fun?

littleloaf: -.-


[Chat (2): babybin & jinnie]

babybin: what you doingggg??

jinnie: nothing

jinnie: just hanging out

babybin: come hang out with me

jinnie: i can’t

babybin: whyyyy

babybin: you just said you weren’t busy

jinnie: well, i am

jinnie: i’m hanging out

jinnie: with a camera

babybin: oh

babybin: right now?

jinnie: well, right now i’m texting you

jinnie: but in a minute

babybin: huh

jinnie: stop thinking about it

babybin: i’m not thinking about it

jinnie: so you’re not picturing anything right now? you’re not going to be weird if i see you later?

babybin: nope

babybin: i am chill

jinnie: okay

babybin: have fun

jinnie: oh, i will

babybin: see, now it’s weird

jinnie: if you don’t want it to be weird, don’t send me links to sex toys

babybin: i’m just trying to be supportive! they had a sale on


Stepping out of the bathroom, Hyunjin knew he looked good. He’d tied some of his hair back with a pale pink ribbon and dabbed a deep red tint onto his lips, just enough that they already looked a little bitten and used.

The shirt he wore was a soft cream, big enough on him that the hem hit just above the middle of his thigh. And really, it was more of a blouse than a shirt, with delicate ruffles along the high neck and puffed sleeves. He looked somewhere between a soft prince and an elegant immortal being, who had somehow lost his trousers, the edge of the blouse brushing against his bare skin as he walked.

If he hadn’t already been pleased with this look, the reactions he revived would have done more than enough to boost his confidence.

Jisung’s eyes were almost comically wide as he entered Chan’s bedroom, his mouth actually popping open. Minho, meanwhile, was unabashedly staring at him, his gaze slowly lowering before returning to his face with a small smirk.

“Are we… Oh.” Chan froze, his eyebrows furrowing as whatever he was about to say faded from his mind.

Seungmin glanced up from where he’d been adjusting the bedding, a small smile on his face. “You look good. Might be your best yet.”

Minho hummed, shaking his head. “I still liked the skirt. You should really wear that again and keep it on. Maybe even get someone to spank you in it.”

Chan seemed to have collected himself a little, rolling his eyes. “Okay. You two out.”

“Me? Why?” Jisung pouted from his chair in the corner. They’d just wrapped up his scene and Hyunjin noticed that he still seemed a little softer than usual, his eyes wide and cheeks flushed, the sleeves of his sweatshirt pulled down over his hands.

“Because you’re distracting and we’re on a time limit,” Seungmin replied, reaching to pull on the boy’s arm.

As soon as Jisung was up, his arms found Minho’s waist, pressing his face into the other boy’s shoulder as he was guided towards the door.

Minho wasn’t usually so tactile while they were in ‘work’ mode, but they didn’t usually film back to back like this, meaning that Chan wasn’t available to look after the younger boy like he usually might have.

There had been times when Hyunjin and Jisung had filmed alone, when schedules didn’t work out, and it was interesting to see the difference. The shifts in dynamics depending on who was present and how Jisung’s demeanour adjusted accordingly. Sometimes Hyunjin wondered if Jisung’s dependence on Chan was as much for the older boy’s sake as it was for his own.

Once the room was a little emptier, and the doors securely closed from prying eyes, he climbed onto the bed. The duvet had been changed, not only for cleanliness, but also so that it didn’t look quite so much like everything had been filmed on the same day, in exactly the same place. Sometimes they swapped the furniture and decorations to fit the style of the video, but today Seungmin had settled for layering several cushions against the fresh white bedding.

Hyunjin shuffled, kneeling with his legs spread, sitting back against his heels. The edge of his underwear peeked out from beneath the hem of the blouse, but he liked the way the fabric pulled tight over the tops of his thighs. Looking up, Seungmin caught his eyes with a smile, shuffling the camera back a little to center Hyunjin in the shot.

Chan looked over Seungmin’s shoulder, the two of them muttering softly to one another, as Hyunjin rolled his shoulders and glanced at the objects that had been laid ready on the bed. A bottle of lube and two dildos. One he used frequently, while the second was a little thicker. Not enough that it would be any kind of a challenge, but it would spread him nicely. It would make for a good show.

When he looked back up, Chan was walking towards the bed. He reached over, hesitating for a moment until Hyunjin smiled, letting him adjust the strands of hair around his face.

“Okay?” he asked as Chan pulled away with a satisfied hum, nodding.

“You look lovely, Jinnie. Do you want me to talk you through it today?”

“Please,” Hyunjin replied, holding out the thinner of the two dildos. “I won’t need it this time.”

“Alright.” Chan raised an eyebrow, but took it from him. “Are you okay taking it slow? We’re hoping for forty-five minutes or so after editing.”

“You’re putting me in the higher subscription tier?” Hyunjin questioned, looking surprised.

“When you look like that?” Chan let out a small laugh, his eyes flicking down. “Yes.”

Hyunjin’s face brightened, looking to Seungmin who only shook his head, rolling his eyes.

“Let’s see what we get first.”

Minho usually ended up doing most of their longer videos, with his ability to tease himself for quite a remarkable length of time. And even though Chan had mentioned filming something short with the other boy a few days before, Minho’s session had taken almost two hours so they must have a fair amount of footage from today, but they wanted to use Hyunjin nonetheless.

He’d never fulfilled the top tier without a lot more planning, several toys and some kind of theme to make the video special. But today, it was just him and he was suddenly glad that Chan had offered to talk him through it. He liked to have that sometimes. To have Chan instructing him and complimenting him as a participant rather than a director. Jisung liked it a lot, asking Chan to help him most of the time, whereas he’d never seen Chan do it with Minho, even when he’d scrolled right back to see the first videos the two had posted together.

“Ready when you are,” Seungmin said and Chan gave his shoulder a quick squeeze before pulling up a chair out of shot, a dimple popping into his cheek as he sent Hyunjin a reassuring smile.

“No pressure, okay? Five minutes of you like this is worth top tier. You look beautiful.”

Hyunjin flushed, nodding.

“And we stop whenever you need to. Don’t push yourself.”

“I know, hyung. It’s only been a few weeks.”

“Sorry.” Chan held up his hands, guiltily.

Seungmin counted down, sending Hyunjin a signal as he eyes found the camera, his tongue darting out to wet his lips.

He started slow, smiling shyly and ducking his head, his fingers trailing along the hem of his blouse. His other hand came up to his chest, brushing over his nipples so that they hardened under the sheer material, his eyes closing at the sensation.

“You look beautiful,” Chan said, his voice deeper, the words sounding completely different to the way they had just moments before. “Are you going to touch yourself for me?”

Hyunjin nodded, his eyes opening and finding the camera as he palmed himself over his underwear, a loud moan filling the room. Hyunjin hadn’t realised how much he’d missed this until he was here, his body sinking into the familiar rhythms as he shivered under his own touch. His skin immediately started to tingle a little, the urge to slide his underwear off and fill himself up already making itself known, but he knew he needed to keep his head clear.

“Does that feel good? Look at you already getting hard for me, and we’ve barely started. Are you really so eager?”

Letting his head tip back, Hyunjin moaned in what hoped sounded like agreement, rolling his hips up against his palm.

“Talk to me,” Chan instructed. “Tell me what you’re going to do to yourself.”

“I… I’m to fuck myself. Spread myself open for you.”

Chan hummed, and Hyunjin let his hand fall to his thigh, already feeling himself getting too wound up too quickly.

“Are you just going to use your fingers, or did I give you something nice to use?”

Grateful for something else to focus on, Hyunjin looked around, locating the dildo he had selected earlier and displaying it for the camera. His fingers ran over the side, biting his lip between his teeth as he caressed the object.

“I think you should get it wet for me. Your lips look so lovely today. It would be a shame to waste them.”

“Yes.” Hyunjin kneeled up, lifting the dildo to his lips and pressing a soft kiss to the top before letting his lips slide over the head. He knew he had a good mouth, his lips were plump and he’d received more than a few compliments on his ability to give head. And while the silicone in his mouth was nowhere near as satisfying as the real thing, he knew exactly what many of their viewers would be imagining.

Looking up, his eyes met Seungmin’s for a moment and he couldn’t help but flush a little at the reminder of the eyes of the other boys on him as he very deliberately found the camera lens and sank his mouth down. He took the dildo deeper, sinking further until his eyes fluttered closed and he felt the tip brush the back of his throat.

Pulling up and off, the dildo was now slick with spit, but Hyunjin tapped it back against his lips, sliding the tip in and out of his mouth shallowly a few times before pushing it all the way back in, his cheeks hollowing as he set up a slow rhythm. He worked his head rather than pushing the dildo in and out with his hand, mimicking the action of actually having a cock in his mouth and this time when he pulled off, he let his lips slide slowly, swirling his tongue over the tip before he opened his eyes again.

“You look so good with your lips stretched around a cock,” Chan complimented, even his voice sounding a little affected by the show.

Hyunjin moaned in repose, blinking up at the camera as he slid a hand over his thigh.

“Do you want to see how hard I am?” he asked, dropping the dildo to pull the edge of his blouse up, the outline of his hard cock clearly visible in his underwear.

“I think you should show me properly,” Chan requested. “But no touching. We can’t have you coming before you’re nice and full, can we?”

Hyunjin shook his head in agreement, slowly leaning back and bringing his legs around until he was sat back against the pillows.

“Go on then,” Chan urged, moaning quietly in satisfaction as Hyunjin slid his boxers down his slim legs and tossed them to the side.

His thighs fell apart, the front of his blouse lying between his legs, the material sheer, but still covering his erection. Looking down, Hyunjin eased the fabric up, a small smile on his face as the soft material dragged with the slightest amount of friction along his length.

Chan stayed quiet, so Hyunjin figured he was doing an okay job, rucking the blouse high enough to expose the soft lines of his toned stomach. He lay like that for a moment, his cock hard, his fingers trailing along the skin of his hips and his parted thighs until he started to leak.

“Do you think you can handle two fingers?” Chan asked, and Hyunjin was reaching behind himself for the lube before he had barely finished the question.

He coated his fingers liberally, knowing he’d need more than two if he was going to take that dildo comfortably, especially now that he’d felt his lips stretched around it. Reaching between his legs, he rubbed two of his fingers over his rim, gasping at the feeling. He’d fingered himself earlier, knowing what he had planned for the day, but that had been routine. Sure, he’d wrapped a hand around himself and come biting down on the neck of his tshirt in the bathroom as he pressed three fingers inside himself, but that had been so quick, he’d barely had a chance to enjoy it.

Now he took a moment to bask in the anticipation, feeling his hole flutter under his fingers before he slowly pushed inside.

“That’s it. Open yourself up for me.”

Hyunjin whimpered, his hips lifting so that he could press his fingers deeper, pushing shallowly in and out. Pleasure rolled through him as his fingers just brushed against his prostate, but he held back, knowing he still had a way to go.

Moaning, he raised his legs, pulling his ankles up to spread himself wider, earning a moan from Chan and Hyunjin wondered if that was for effect, or if the other boy was a least a little turned on.

“You take your fingers so well, I bet you could handle more. I bet you could take my whole fist, if I wanted,” Chan mused, his voice low. “Just desperate to feel as full as possible.”

Hyunjin whimpered, pulling his fingers out to add a third, biting down on his lip at the stretch.

With the way his body reacted to Chan’s words, Hyunjin couldn’t help but think that he really needed to get laid. The line of enjoying this a little bit too much was starting to blur and that was a dangerous road to go down. Whenever he touched himself for the camera, it felt good, yes, but it was work. It was almost like a performance. There was a part of him in it, the act so raw and personal that that couldn’t be helped, but it was an act all the same. It was about angles and movements and expressions and painting a picture of pure unobtainable pleasure. To get lost in that, for the act to slip, and for Hyunjin to be on display would be different. It would leave him too vulnerable.

Opening his eyes, he focused on a spot on the ceiling, working his fingers into himself with purpose. He focussed on looking good, on the motion of his wrist, his free hand reaching down to pull at the skin of his thigh, spreading himself open for the camera, tilting his head to expose the skin of neck.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been rocking down on his own fingers, but his cock was almost painfully hard, his body near writhing in the sheets as he tried not to make himself come.

By the time Chan told him to stop, Hyunjin almost cried in relief, even though pulling his fingers out only left him feeling empty. He could feel the cold air against his hole, slick with lube as he crawled back onto his knees, finding the dildo and coating it in lube.

“Are you ready?” Chan asked and Hyunjin spread his knees wider, nodding eagerly. He held the dildo beneath himself, letting the tip slide against his entrance.

“Want to feel full. I want to come. Please.”

Chan hummed, not saying anything for a moment. Whether he was plotting something, or just teasing him a little longer for the sake of the video, Hyunjin didn’t know or care. He looked up, past the camera to meet Chan’s eyes for the first time, the other boy’s gaze dark. He had his legs crossed and Hyunjin wondered if he was hard, his cock twitching at the thought. He was about to seek out Seungmin, to send pleading eyes at him instead, but Chan spoke up before he had the chance.


It was all Hyunjin needed, sinking down with a low moan, his head dropping forward. The stretch was better than he had hoped, the feel of himself sliding over the toy sending a ripple of pleasure through his body as he adjusted.

“How does it feel?” Chan asked, even though Hyunjun assumed the blissed out expression on his face probably said more than enough.

“So good,” he whined. “It stretches me out so well. I don’t think I can last long.”

Hyunjin shifted, lifting up onto his knees before sinking back down, enjoying the slight burn of his body trying to accommodate the toy. He continued that a few more times, picking up speed until he was almost bouncing on the toy, his body tilting further and further back as he tried to angle the toy just right inside of himself.

Eventually he ended back against the pillows, his hand reaching down between his legs to thrust the dildo in and out of himself. He thought that Chan might’ve said something, likely complimenting him, but Hyunjin could barely focus on anything more than the rush in his ears and the need to come, reaching to stroke his cock a few times, before deciding the sensation was too much.

Pulling his knees up, he angled his hips forward and used his other hand to spread his cheeks apart, making sure there was a clear shot of his hole stretched around the toy. He pushed the dildo deeper, his pace ruthless as his hand released his skin to reach out blindly for something, anything to grab onto. Eventually he settled on sliding his fingers into his hair, grabbing a fistful at the back of his neck as he rolled his hips up, his moans dissolving into desperate gasps and whimpers as he managed to push the toy repeatedly against his prostate.

“Oh, baby. You look so good. Come on… Come for me.”

Hyunjin gasped and he had just enough awareness to pull at the material of his shirt, making sure his cock was exposed as it spurted cum onto his stomach, his orgasm hitting in waves as he weakly continued to push the toy into himself.

By the time he stopped, he could feel sweat gathered on the back of his neck, the material of the blouse sticking to his skin as he panted, easing the dildo out of himself. His hair was probably a mess with the grabbing and the writhing, but he hoped it was in a sexy way, leaning up on one elbow as his eyes found the camera. He smirked, unbuttoning the blouse slowly and easing it down his arms, using the balled up material to wipe over the mess on his stomach before tossing it aside.

He didn’t miss the smirk Seungmin sent him, or the small twitch of his eyebrows. Hyunjin might have even thought he looked a little impressed as he lay back, smiling to himself, naked against the sheets.


[Chat (2): babybin & dandymin]

babybin: i’m coming to yours

babybin: entertain me

dandymin: sorry, i’m out

babybin: out where?

dandymin: i’m with minho-hyung

dandymin: we’re filming a thing

dandymin: for his dance class

babybin: ughhh

dandymin: sorry


[Chat (2): babybin & handsome]

babybin: no one wants to be my friend

babybin: :((

handsome: sad

babybin: i have been banished from my own home

handsome: you can hang out at mine. jinnie & i are out, but you can use the spare key. you know where it is

babybin: you’re with hyunjin?

handsome: yes?

babybin: maybe i should see if chan-hyung is free

handsome: he’s with us

babybin: seungmin?

handsome: here too

babybin: is jeongin there too? he said he was in class!

handsome: jeongin isn’t here

babybin: but you are with hyunjin right now?

handsome: yes?

babybin: and i can’t come hang out with you because….?

handsome: we’re planning a surprise party

babybin: who for?

handsome: you?


[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

babybin: okay. what the hell is going on?

jinnie: well done, jisung

handsome: me??

handsome: you’re the one who told him what we’re doing!

jinnie: why would we be throwing him a party?!

littleloaf: what party?

babybin: wow

babybin: my birthday is in august

chyung: can we not do this here

babybin: and what do you mean ‘what we’re doing’?

babybin: hyunjin didn’t tell me what you guys were doing

littleloaf: what’s happening?

dandymin: someone add him to the other chat my god

babybin: wait

babybin: no

babybin: please do not tell me

littleloaf: what is happeninggggg??



[Chat (5): rated r for… rules are rules]

jinnie: oops?

[handsome renamed the chat ‘rated r for… WELL DONE HYUNJIN]

jinnie: that doesn’t even work!

[minhot added babybin to the chat]

dandymin: oh dear

chyung: this is going well

babybin: where the fuck am i?


[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

littleloaf: is this about skz?

littleloaf: because i already know about the porn thing

littleloaf: guys?

Chapter Text

[Chat (6): rated r for… WELL DONE, HYUNJIN]

minhot: welcome

handsome: hey, hyung

handsome: fancy seeing you here

babybin: what is this?

dandymin: someone explain what’s going on

jinnie: you do it

dandymin: i’m not doing it!

jinnie: it’s not fun, is it? trying having him staring right at you

handsome: jeongin knows?!?!

chyung: how?!

chyung: who told him???

jinnie: not me

handsome: seungmin’s his roommate

dandymin: don’t blame me! i didn't say anything

chyung: let’s all take deep breaths

handsome: i don’t remember how to breathe

handsome: lungs failing

handsome: send help

dandymin: someone give him mouth to mouth

jinnie: hyung?

chyung: do you guys ever stop?

minhot: i’m not falling for that

minhot: wait

minhot: you meant me, right?

jinnie: sure

chyung: he’s not replying

chyung: has he actually passed out?

dandymin: doubtful. he’s reading the messages

minhot: i’m looking at him. he’s fine

handsome: none of you want to help me, really?

handsome: not even my hyungs? :’(

handsome: even changbin-hyung at this point

babybin: my head hurts

dandymin: i give it another five minutes before he quits this chat

minhot: ooo a bet?

chyung: NO

chyung: not again

handsome: i’m too in debt already

handsome: to two guys who expect blowjobs, but won’t even save my life

handsome: i see how it is

dandymin: jisung?

handsome: yep?

dandymin: shhhh

babybin: do you all know about hyunjin? how long have you known? what’s skz?

chyung: yeah, we know

chyung: and apparently so does jeongin

jinnie: so are we adding him too?

handsome: we can’t surely

dandymin: he’s barely younger than me and you expose me to this shit

minhot: hang on a sec

[minhot added littleloaf to the chat]

littleloaf: fucking finally

littleloaf: you’ve had a chat without me all this time? :’(

jinnie: aww man, we made the maknae sad

littleloaf: eh, i’m not that bothered

littleloaf: so what’s going on? why is bin-hyung freaking out?

chyung: what do you know?

littleloaf: you make adult movies, right?

littleloaf: like porn

littleloaf: hyunjin-hyung and minho-hyung

littleloaf: and i assume seungmin helps. it’s his laptop i saw some stuff on

handsome: seungmin!

jinnie: seungmin corrupted the maknae?!

minhot: well, that sounds like something very different...

littleloaf: i didn’t see much. i panicked and closed it as soon as i realised

chyung: when was this?

littleloaf: like three months ago?

dandymin: and you never said anything?

littleloaf: i figured that they would have told me if they had wanted me to know, and then over time i started to put more things together

littleloaf: i wasn’t sure it was all of you until recently, but you’re really not as discreet as you think you are

littleloaf: i assumed changbin-hyung knew too but at least it wasn’t just me

babybin: it’s all of you?

babybin: you don’t just know about it?

babybin: it’s not just hyunjin?

chyung: not exactly

chyung: but, yeah. we’re all involved

chyung: well, not involved

chyung: somebody help

dandymin: i’m not on camera. i just help with filming

minhot: and chan-hyung edits and runs the business side

babybin: and you’re in it? like hyunjin

minhot: yeah

handsome: me too

babybin: jisung is?!

handsome: it’s a newer development

littleloaf: huh, i did not guess that

babybin: and you’ve all been hiding this from me?

chyung: we never meant to, bin

chyung: it wasn’t a conscious decision. it just kind of evolved

jinnie: we wanted to tell you, but we weren’t sure how you’d react

babybin: and you did

babybin: you told me and i treated you like that

babybin: no wonder the rest of you didn’t want me to know

chyung: binnie, no. it wasn’t because of how you reacted. you actually took it way better than any of us expected

minhot: plus, the fact that you panicked actually got me two blowjobs, so nice work

babybin: i’d question that, but i’m not sure i want to know

littleloaf: i have questions

chyung: okay, whatever you want to know. you can both ask anything

chyung: or you can leave. we’re not expecting either of you to be a part of this if you don’t want to

babybin: i think i need a minute

chyung: okay

chyung: how about we all just take tonight and let it settle and then we can talk in the morning and you can ask whatever you want to know?

babybin: yeah, sounds good

littleloaf: cool

littleloaf: i can’t believe jisung-hyung makes porn

handsome: hey! why me?


[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

jinnie: where do we talk about changbin-hyung now?

babybin: i’m right here

jinnie: i know, but you’re also in our other chat now and that’s where we usually talk about you

handsome: it’s true, we do

babybin: how about you do it here and i just won’t look

jinnie: i don’t trust that

littleloaf: do you talk about me?

minhot: sometimes

littleloaf: nice

jinnie: do you think he’s gone?

minhot: i can’t believe it took him this long

minhot: idiot

babybin: HEY

handsome: see

handsome: no privacy anymore


Jisung headed down the corridor to his dorm room, nibbling on his lip. He was a little spaced out, his mind running over what happened that afternoon. Luckily, the panic had seemed to freeze everyone in their places, Minho the only person in the room with him when the chaos had begun. He’d felt the other boy’s eyes on him as he stared at his phone, Minho’s knee pushing firmly into his thigh.

The whole thing was probably for the best, and it had gone better than expected, but even with Chan’s gentle smile and his reassuring words as they’d said goodbye, he still felt on edge. Like he was waiting for something to fall out from beneath him, or for Changbin to suddenly flip.

He hadn’t even waited for Hyunjin to walk back to their apartment together, his feet carrying him along as his mind raced. Unlocking the door to his dorm room, Jisung froze, the thoughts swirling in his head disappearing in an instant.

“You’re still here.”

Changbin looked up, his eyes wide as he moved to climb off Jisung’s bed. “Sorry… I didn’t really think about you guys coming back. I just… I’ll go.”

“You don’t have to,” Jisung offered, hovering awkwardly in front of the doorway.

Changbin looked unsure, his eyes searching Jisung’s face. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

Something about the look in Changbin’s eyes made his breath catch, a lump rising in his throat as he blinked quickly. It was a good question. A fair question. Changbin had every right to be upset and that was on top of the shock of it all, never mind his opinions on the topic.

Pressing his lips together, Jisung shrugged, looking away.

“Did I… Do something?” Changbin asked, moving closer. “Something to make you feel like you couldn’t talk to me?”

Jisung shook his head quickly, looking up with tears in his eyes. “No. Never.”

“Then why?”

“It just happened,” Jisung explained, taking a seat on the edge of his bed. “We all got involved slowly and then it was just you and Jeongin, but it had been so long… How do you just tell someone that? It’s not exactly a normal secret to have.”

Changbin nodded, rubbing the back of his neck.

Sniffling softly, Jisung looked down at his hands, playing with his fingers. He wasn’t even sure why he felt so upset. It was going as well as he could hope, it wasn’t like Changbin was going to welcome this whole thing immediately with open arms, and Jeongin was already seemingly fine with it all. But the tension of the last few days felt like it was finally hitting him. Jisung had never coped well with uncertainty, and he could tell the others had been feeling it too. Other than the other evening with Seungmin, they’d been distant too, and Jisung longed for any kind of reassurance. It was probably why he’d ended up kissing Seungmin, just eager to feel as close as possible to the other boys. To hold on tighter the more he felt them slipping away.

“I was scared,” he said after a moment, not wanting to look up and see Changbin’s reaction. Hyunjin still refused to be too detailed about what exactly had happened when he’d told him, but his insistence on protecting Jisung from that knowledge only ended up worrying him more. Whatever Changbin’s reaction had been, he really didn’t want to see that directed at him.

Hands closed over Jisung’s, easing his fingers away from where he’d started nervously picking at his nails.

“Ji…” Changbin lifted his chin gently and he was smiling. “Why would you be scared? It’s me.”

Jisung’s lip wobbled, the tears threatening to spill over as Changbin slid his hand around his neck, pulling his head into shoulder, hugging him tightly.

“You idiot,” Changbin, chastised.

Jisung let out a small sound, lifting his head. “Don’t call me an idiot.”

“Then don’t act like one. What are you afraid of? That I’d judge you? After all the embarrassing stuff you know about me? So what if you like people watching you have sex. You’re also making some good money from it, I assume. Good for you.”

Laughing, Jisung ducked his head. “You have done some embarrassing stuff.”


“So you’re not mad? Because not telling you…”

Changbin shook his head. “I get it. I’m hurt that none of you told me sooner, but I understand why. We all have stuff that is scary to share… I… I get it.”

“Hyunjin was kind of our tester.”

“I gathered,” Changbin replied, standing up and taking a seat beside the other boy. “And I guess I failed that, huh?”

“Not really. He said you took it well.”

Turning to look at Jisung, Changbin raised an eyebrow. “I panicked. Big time. I don’t even know why… It’s not like I care, or think it’s gross. I was just so shocked and I didn’t know how to react to that. It’s not exactly something you hear every day.”

Jisung nodded, smiling softly. Sometimes he forgot just how weird this was. When he’d found out, it had been so simple. Minho had told him and it had been the most nervous he’d ever seen the other boy, but Jisung had only been curious, peppering the older boy with excited questions until Minho was laughing, his nerves long forgotten as Jisung routed through his stash of outfits and toys with glee.

But Jisung was familiar with the idea at least. He’d watched a few camboys as he’d tried to come to terms with his sexuality. Porn as much as a novelty to just see two boys kissing and touching one another as it was about the sex, and then there was so much more. So many options and kinks that Jisung’s world had been blown wide open.

Not everyone was as accepting. They’d had their fair share of comments, even when Chan did his best to monitor the site, deleting most of the messages before any of the other boys got a chance to see what had been said. And with Jisung's shift in roles, he’d found that those comments hit a little different now that they were directed personally at him.

The fact that Changbin was still sitting there, despite his own reservations, meant more to Jisung than he could convey.

“It’s understandable for you to be shocked. That doesn’t make you a bad person.”

“No,” Changbin allowed, “but I was harsh and then I felt guilty and instead of apologising, I left.”

“Because you were embarrassed?”

“Because I was ashamed.”

Jisung nodded, thinking for a moment. “But you apologised, right?”

“Yes. And everything I said to Hyunjin, I still stand by. Not the bad stuff… I… What I mean is that I’m sorry to all of you. For what I said to him and anything that might’ve made you feel afraid to tell me.”

“It wasn’t you,” Jisung said, knocking their knees together. “I would have been scared to tell anyone. I was when Seungmin found out. I was to tell Innie.”

“But you know you can talk to me? About absolutely anything and I will never judge you.”

“Never?” Jisung questioned, smiling.

“Well, I might judge you sometimes… Like when you wanted to buy one of every flavour of bubble tea and mix them all together? That was weird.”

Laughing, Jisung shoved him lightly, Changbin grinning back.

“Weirder than the porn thing?”

Changbin hummed. “Maybe. Definitely more idiotic. Do you know how expensive that would be? Where are you even going to find a cup big enough?”

“I can’t believe I told you I make porn and we’re back on the bubble tea thing…” Jisung sighed, burying his head in hands.

“It’s an intriguing idea… I can’t say I wouldn’t try it. I just don’t understand the logistics…”

Jisung peeked out, smirking. “Of which one?”

Looking him back dead in the eyes, a mischievous grin spread over Changbin’s face. “I’m going to say both and then, when you tell the others, I will viciously deny it.”

Gasping, Jisung climbed onto his knees, grabbing Changbin by the shoulders. “Hyung…” Jisung begged, but the other boy only cackled.


[Chat (3): well hyung]

babybin: i’ve been thinking

minhot: that’s dangerous

chyung: minho...

minhot: i’m not going to suck up to him just because he might be freaking out

babybin: i kind of appreciate that

babybin: what i was actually going to say is that i wanted to talk to you two before everyone else tomorrow

babybin: i spoke to jisung earlier and i realise how nerve wracking it might have been to tell me

babybin: so i just wanted to say that i’m okay with it or whatever

babybin: not that you need my permission or anything

babybin: but yeah, it’s cool

chyung: thank you

minhot: so where do you stand on the whole thing?

minhot: i can take you back out of that chat if you want

chyung: we’d understand if you'd prefer that. trust me, it can be a lot in there

babybin: i think i want to stay. for now at least

chyung: okay

babybin: hey, does this mean that minsung have been hooking up this entire time??

chyung: ha! maybe if they got their heads out of their asses

minhot: that’s a no

minhot: we haven’t

babybin: you both make porn and you still haven’t fucked? how??

minhot: chan-hyung has a no dating rule! don’t blame me!

chyung: blah blah blah

minhot: what kind of a response is that? you do!

chyung: excuses excuses

babybin: this is going to be fun


[Chat (2): handsome & minhot]

minhot: hey. binnie spoke to me & chan-hyung and he’s alright

minhot: so don’t worry, okay?

handsome: he just left here actually

handsome: we talked

minhot: he said you had. i wanted to make sure you’re okay too

handsome: i think i’d been pushing him away because i didn’t want to lie to him, or i was worried he’d figure it out. is that stupid?

minhot: yes

handsome: oh thanks

minhot: you two are best friends and you built it up in your head into this huge thing

minhot: changbin will always accept you, ji

minhot: but i get why

minhot: i remember when you came out to us

minhot: you were so afraid to tell him then too and he barely batted an eye

handsome: i know

handsome: but i can’t always be that logical about things

minhot: and that’s okay. so long as you trust us and speak to someone when you need to. okay?

handsome: yeah, hyung

handsome: thank you

minhot: would you like me to ask seungminnie to come and give you kisses again? that might cheer you up

handsome: i’m actually feeling pretty relaxed. everyone knows now so there’s not really anything to hide anymore

minhot: yeah

handsome: unless you’re offering cheer up kisses

handsome: then i’m definitely still sad

handsome: distraught

minhot: i already gave you a kiss today, don’t be greedy

handsome: that does not count

handsome: i kiss all your cheeks all the time

handsome: except jeongin, but that’s only because he’s good at dodging

minhot: you don’t kiss mine

handsome: do you want me to?

minhot: i need to keep up my cool guy image

handsome: literally no one thinks you’re cool, hyung

minhot: not even jeonginnie?

handsome: definitely not

minhot: man, i gotta step up my game

handsome: you know what would make you look cool?

minhot: what?

handsome: having a hot piece of ass on your arm

minhot: hmm maybe

minhot: i’ll see if hyunjin’s available

handsome: do you want me to cry?

handsome: because i will

minhot: i’d rather you beg

handsome: kinky

minhot: goodnight, jisung

handsome: it’s only 8pm

handsome: hyung?

minhot: ❤️


Dropping his phone onto the bed beside him, Minho pressed his palms into his eyes. It had been a long day and Jisung’s flirting was too much to handle when he already felt so emotionally exhausted.

While he liked to feel in control, to not let himself be too driven by emotions, sometimes he just wanted to let go. Jisung was the opposite of everything he felt he needed to be. He was unrestrained and unpredictable and he felt every emotion so deeply that Minho wondered how he carried it all. He was both the brightest, most exciting person Minho had ever met, and also the most terrifying.

It was times like this that he would usually go to the gym, or for a run, or to the studio. Dancing was the best way to let out his stress and pent up emotion, but even that didn’t seem appealing right now. Minho wasn’t angry, or sad, he just wanted to not have to think.

Picking up his phone, he scrolled down to Chan’s contact, opening their messages and staring at the screen. The cursor blinked back at him, waiting for instruction and Minho narrowed his eyes. The longer he waited, the faster his heart beat in chest, and the more every sentence he came up with sounded stupid.

Are you in your room?

How are you feeling?

Wow, today was crazy.

Want to have sex?

Fancy a quick blowjob before Changbin gets back? ;)

So… I like Jisung.

So… I like you.

Groaning, Minho locked his phone and tossed it into the duvet, rolling over and pressing his face into his pillows.


[Chat (2): chyung & lixie]

lixie: hey, channie-hyung

chyung: hey! what’s up?

lixie: just wondering how your day has been

lixie: i’ve barely seen you all week

chyung: i know, i’m sorry

chyung: i’ve had a pretty stressful week

lixie: school stuff?

chyung: yeah. friend stuff too

lixie: anything i can help with? you can always talk to me

chyung: i’m okay, but thank you. it’s hopefully sorted now

lixie: i hope you’re not holed up somewhere working away like you usually do when you’re stressed

chyung: i’m not! i’m just cleaning my room a little. doing some laundry

lixie: that’s still working, hyung

lixie: you’ve got to relax

chyung: easier said than done

chyung: but i am going to bed in a minute, i promise. i’m going to chill out and watch a movie or something

lixie: hmm i’ll believe that when i see it


[chyung sent a photo]

lixie: is that supposed to be you in bed?

lixie: you take terrible selfies

chyung: i do not!

[chyung sent a photo]

lixie: that’s better

lixie: i can see your face at least

chyung: nice to know that my photos are better when you can see my face

lixie: you have a cute face

chyung: so do you

chyung: very cute

lixie: now try to get some rest, hyung!

chyung: i will

chyung: and if not, i’ll just text you

lixie: here anytime

lixie: and you don’t have to worry about disturbing my beauty sleep

lixie: apparently i’m already very cute

chyung: where did you hear that?

lixie: just around ;)


As soon as Seungmin walked through the door an arm appeared in front of him, almost knocking him over. Jeongin’s hand smacked against the wall beside his head, his eyes wide and his eyebrows raised in disbelief. He looked mad.

“I can not believe you didn’t tell me!”

“Wha-... I…” Seungmin stuttered, shrinking back.

Jeongin stepped back, shaking his head. “Unbelievable. To put me… me… your roommate… on a level with Changbin-hyung?”

“You’re joking,” Seungmin sighed, rolling his eyes and closing the door behind himself.

Jeongin grinned, hopping back onto his bed, folding his arms behind his head. “Scared you for a second though, didn’t I?”


Throwing his bag onto the ground, Seungmin slipped off his shoes and kicked them into the corner, lying back on his own bed with a long sigh.

They sat in silence for a while, Seungmin staring at a patch flaking paint on the ceiling.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked, rolling his head to look at Jeongin.

“I’m good. I have my questions for tomorrow. It’s not really a shock for me.”

Humming softly, Seungmin turned to look back at the ceiling.

“Although I do have some issues with your website.”

Chapter Text


littleloaf: good morning, liars

dandymin: it’s 12:47pm

handsome: i’d also argue that we are not liars, we simply omitted the truth

minhot: ‘good morning, truth omitters’ doesn’t quite have the same ring to it

littleloaf: well, i was going to say ’good morning, whores’, but i didn’t want to offend

jinnie: good choice

littleloaf: i don’t care about offending you guys. it’s just a sensitive word for y‘know women

handsome: hyunjin doesn’t know women

jinnie: coming from you?

handsome: fair point

handsome: who here would know women tbf

jinnie: chan-hyung

jinnie: maybe changbin-hyung? jeonginnie??

jinnie: i’m unsure on those two, but i won’t pry

jinnie: i started to think my radar was off with seungmin, but the sexual tension between you two the other day was palpable

chyung: okay, you two. let’s not make assumptions about people, or have anyone feel uncomfortable. this is supposed to be doing the opposite

minhot: i don’t think calling jinnie that would have offended him anyway. from what i’ve heard, he might have even enjoyed it

jinnie: thanks

handsome: filing that away for later

littleloaf: he didn’t deny it...

chyung: i can’t believe you’re already turning innie into one of you

dandymin: he’s not innocent! we talk

babybin: is it always like this in here?

chyung: yes

handsome: fun, isn’t it?

littleloaf: so you guys just have secret filthy conversations behind my back?

minhot: pretty much

handsome: should we tone it down?

littleloaf: no way! what else is hyunjin-hyung into??

jinnie: isn’t this supposed to be an educational q&a about the business?

chyung: okay, yeah. is everyone free right now?

babybin: i am

handsome: yep! and so is hyunjin

jinnie: you don’t know my life

handsome: you’re in bed right now

handsome: i am looking at you

jinnie: i wish you weren’t

jinnie: stop it

jinnie: he’s looking at me harder

chyung: how?

jinnie: i don’t know, but he’s doing it

babybin: i know the face he means. it’s kinda cute

handsome: hyunjin made a very crude gesture at me!

minhot: didn’t he have class today?

jinnie: ahhh shit

jinnie: oh well. it’s too late now

littleloaf: i’m hereee

dandymin: i’m just at the library, but i can pay attention

minhot: i’m in class, but i can not pay attention

chyung: jeongin, you said you had questions. i’m happy to answer anything you want to know

chyung: binnie too

littleloaf: how?

handsome: nice and specific

littleloaf: how did you start? how did it happen? how long?

chyung: minho started first on his own and we were roommates, so i found out pretty quickly

chyung: i offered to help him one time and then it just sort of developed from there. back then i really needed the money. plus, it was kind of a bonding thing? it was fun

minhot: ahhh the good old days

handsome: then minho told me and i started doing the editing for them

handsome: i taught chan-hyung everything he knows

chyung: sure

babybin: so you just told jisung? i’ve known you longer than him. we live together!

littleloaf: yeah, but he’s not in love with you

dandymin: …

jinnie: he wouldn’t hurt jeongin, right?

jinnie: he’s so cute

littleloaf: what?

chyung: you’re brave, kid

minhot: it was a long time ago, bin. we weren’t that close yet, and it just happened. jisung had been stressed and we were hanging out and opening up to each other and i just suddenly felt like i wanted to tell him

chyung: and then hyunjin joined and i don’t even really know how that happened

jinnie: i do. jisung told me i’d be good at it

jinnie: i thought it was a joke at first

jinnie: but it made me brave enough to show him that i’d given it a go before and then he told me about you guys

handsome: i was right, wasn’t i? i saw the potential

jinnie: you were also kind of drunk and i’m pretty sure you told changbin the same thing

handsome: yeah, that’s why i don’t drink. clearly messes with my judgement

babybin: hey!

babybin: i do remember that actually

littleloaf: it’s truly incredible that you didn’t figure this out sooner, hyung

babybin: because a tipsy jisung told me i’d make a good porn star?

babybin: he also told me he wanted to nibble on my biceps. am i supposed to take that seriously too?

handsome: yes. i was very serious about that

littleloaf: what about seungmin-hyung? how did he find out?

dandymin: i walked in on minho once. it was… a lot

handsome: he didn’t speak for 37 minutes!

minhot: i don’t know why. i was doing some of my best work

dandymin: once you get over the shock, it becomes surprisingly okay

dandymin: i hate to say it, but i‘ve seen much worse since

littleloaf: so seungmin-hyung does the camerawork?

dandymin: yep and it’s not easy making these guys look decent

littleloaf: woahh i was just going to say that!

jinnie: tell that to the face you made watching me yesterday

handsome: i can’t believe you kicked me out

handsome: hyunjin looked so hot

babybin: so you all just watch each other? or do you…?

littleloaf: OH MY GOD

littleloaf: are you all fucking?

chyung: charming, jeongin

chyung: but no

minhot: not all of us anyway

babybin: but some of you?

minhot: jinnie and i film stuff together sometimes

minhot: and chan-hyung and i have in the past

littleloaf: what’s ‘stuff’?

jinnie: i haven’t had sex with minho-hyung, if that’s what you’re asking

minhot: depends what you’re calling sex

handsome: i assume he’s thinking penetration

handsome: which we haven’t done with each other

handsome: yet

jinnie: yet?

jinnie: you got plans, jisung?

handsome: we have a pitch meeting coming up

handsome: i have some suggestions

chyung: okay, but back to the point

chyung: i try not to have extra people just watching, but if it’s a bigger shoot, sometimes we’re all needed

chyung: it can depend on who or what we’re filming. some people don’t mind an audience. some prefer it quieter.

minhot: some of us don’t care

littleloaf: interesting

littleloaf: so can i watch?

babybin: really??

littleloaf: you’re not curious at all?

babybin: why don’t you just watch the videos?

handsome: have you watched the videos?

babybin: no!

minhot: you can

littleloaf: that’s weirder than just being there

littleloaf: this way, i’m seeing behind the scenes. it’s like a movie set

littleloaf: if i watch the videos, then i’m just watching you guys touch yourselves

littleloaf: and if i wanted to do that, i could just interrupt seungmin-hyung in the bathroom

dandymin: you already do that

littleloaf: not on purpose

minhot: i told you he needs to get dicked down

littleloaf: me?

dandymin: no, he means me

minhot: but now you mention it, your hyungs are here for you too innie ❤️

littleloaf: thanks?

chyung: it’s not really up to me if you guys want to come and see what it’s like. i get that you’re curious, but it would be the decision of whoever is filming

minhot: i don’t mind having you there, so long as no one blames me if jeongin gets flustered

littleloaf: i won’t!

handsome: don’t listen to him. i’ve seen them all get turned on watching each other before

handsome: and changbin’s definitely going to go all red and fidgety

jinnie: well, i don’t mind you watching me either. i’ve already offered bin-hyung the opportunity

littleloaf: and he turned you down?

littleloaf: wait… i thought changbin-hyung didn’t know?

jinnie: i told him about just me a few days ago and he freaked out, but then he was chill, and then he was kinda too chill, but now we’re all good

babybin: and i didn’t turn down your offer. it was just in that exact moment

babybin: but it might be less awkward if we were all there?

chyung: so, you want to come?

babybin: okay

littleloaf: yes

minhot: i better plan something good

dandymin: maybe you should start them on something tame

minhot: boring

handsome: yeah, hyung. let’s leave the whips until next week

littleloaf: like anyone here would be brave enough to whip minho-hyung

dandymin: try me

jinnie: oh my

handsome: i take it back. someone order a whip right now

jinnie: ask changbin-hyung

jinnie: apparently, he knows all the good websites

chyung: he does?

babybin: that was one link! i was trying to help you

minhot: trust me, binnie. we’re well stocked

jinnie: we are now anyway. to be fair to him, they did have a sale on

handsome: what did you get?!

jinnie: you’ll just have to wait and see ;)

chyung: after watching him yesterday, i’m hoping for a bigger dildo

chyung: he took that like it was nothing

babybin: well, there’s an image

jinnie: could be more than an image if you want the footage ;)

littleloaf: how am i so intrigued and so weirded out at the same time?

dandymin: i feel you

chyung: it’s okay, innie. just mute the chat when they start on one

handsome: do not play the nice guy, hyung. you’re just as bad

jinnie: you really are

chyung: me??

babybin: you’ve said some stuff to me, hyung. never mind what you must say in this chat

chyung: that’s different! that’s bros talking about stuff

handsome: so what’s this?

littleloaf: we’re not your bros? :’(

minhot: i’m hurt

dandymin: even i’m hurt

jinnie: wait and see if i let you look at my naked ass again

chyung: you’re right, only bros look at each other naked

handsome: yes. that is correct.

babybin: i have seen almost all of you naked and that’s without the porn thing

littleloaf: you guys are too naked if anything

dandymin: only real bros look at each other’s butts

jinnie: exactly, minnie

minhot: oh yeah, that’s a bro thing. just real… bros.

handsome: does this mean you’ll stop complaining about me not wearing trousers?

jinnie: no

babybin: no

chyung: no

dandymin: and on that note, i have a class to go to


[Chat (2): babybin & chyung]

chyung: hey. you’re okay, right?

babybin: yeah

chyung: and you’re not really upset about me and minho sharing this with the others before you?

babybin: no. i get it and i had a good chat with jisung about it

chyung: okay, because it’s been really hard keeping this from you

babybin: do you know what you’re doing?

chyung: what do you mean?

babybin: don’t take this the wrong way, hyung, but they have always looked up to you. i just don’t want to think you’ve slowly been recruiting everyone into this

chyung: recruiting everyone?

chyung: is that what you think? that i’m like their weird pimp or something? manipulating them into this?

babybin: no, i didn’t mean it like that

chyung: then how, changbin?

babybin: i just mean that you seem to be in charge, and i hope you know what you’re doing with all this

chyung: i’m doing my best

chyung: i didn’t start this. minho and hyunjin got into it without any input from me. i’ve only ever tried to help

babybin: i know

babybin: but jisung?

chyung: jisung has been more confident and happier doing this than i have ever seen him

chyung: i made him wait three months after he first asked me

chyung: we filmed five videos that we never posted to make sure he was comfortable

chyung: after every video anyone films, i wait at least 24 hours to post it, to make sure they’re happy. so they have time to digest whatever happened and ask for changes or cuts or to scrap the whole thing

chyung: only paid subscribers can leave comments on the website, and i monitor that every single day

babybin: i didn’t know that

chyung: i would never do anything to put them at risk

babybin: i know

chyung: do you? or do you think i’m recruiting you next?

babybin: clearly not

chyung: are you jealous?

babybin: that you didn’t think i’m hot enough or whatever to join your porn company?

chyung: yes

babybin: no, hyung. i’m not.

chyung: you are, aren’t you?

chyung: that’s not at all how this happened, or why i didn’t tell you. you surely can’t think that

chyung: changbin, if you wanted to, i’d stick you in front of a camera tomorrow

chyung: you’re hot as fuck

chyung: and quite frankly, you’d fill a demographic we don’t have yet

chyung: you’d be a fantastic business decision

chyung: but you’re also my friend, and i wouldn’t ask you to do that when i thought it would make you uncomfortable

babybin: really?

chyung: yes, really. is that what you want?

babybin: no, but it’s nice to know

babybin: i’m sorry for suggesting you’d ever do anything to hurt them

chyung: i’d do anything for you guys

babybin: i know, hyung. i’m sorry. i trust you more than anyone, you know that. all of this has just been kinda hard to adjust to. i think I’ve experienced every emotion in the last week

chyung: i understand that you’re protective of the others, especially jisung, but you need to remember that this is us, bin. it’s not like they’re being sent off to some strange, creepy place. we’re in our apartment. jisung is cracking dumb jokes in the corner. it’s a business, yeah and i take that very seriously, even when the others might not, but it’s also for fun. the second any one of them no longer wanted to do this then, okay.

chyung: and our friendship comes first. that goes for you and innie too. if either of you wanted nothing to do with it, that’s totally fine

babybin: i don’t think that’s what i want. and that’s just as crazy of a thought for me. i want to see it. i want to be in this with you all. i don’t know how, or what i can offer, but i do. i’ve been intrigued ever since hyunjin told me

chyung: okay

chyung: seungmin actually reacted similarly. it’s interesting, i get it. why do you think i ended up helping minho?

chyung: you’re fine, bin. just take it one step at a time

chyung: do you want me to ask them to calm down in the chat?

babybin: no, i’m kind of enjoying it

babybin: it’s feels very free

chyung: that’s one way to put it

chyung: i’m going to make us lunch

babybin: okay?

chyung: hyung date

chyung: minus minho

babybin: so, just a date then?

chyung: if you play your cards right ;)

babybin: you are a flirt these days

chyung: can’t having you think you’re not hot enough, binnie

chyung: that would be a crime

babybin: i know i’m hot, i just wanted to make sure you knew that too

chyung: we work out together

chyung: i know

babybin: hyung, you’ll make me blush!

chyung: :*


[chat (2): handsome & jinnie]

jinnie: so, how mad are you going to be if i suck your boyfriend's dick?

handsome: depends who you think my boyfriend is

jinnie: minho-hyung? who else?

handsome: will i get to watch?

jinnie: sure

jinnie: and it will be available for you to rewatch whenever you want

handsome: you’re filming it?

jinnie: of course. i know i owe him, but why waste the opportunity? and i thought it would make a nice show for the newbies

handsome: have you done chan-hyung yet?

jinnie: no :’(

jinnie: do you really think he’ll let me?

handsome: i don’t know why he’d want to miss out on those lips

jinnie: ugh now i’m thinking about chan-hyung’s dick

handsome: it is a good one

handsome: but i thought you were thinking about minho-hyung?

jinnie: i can think about both

jinnie: ugh both

handsome: chan-hyung is big, but minho-hyung will have no qualms about holding you down by your hair as he fucks your throat

jinnie: how much have you thought about this?

handsome: you don’t want to know

jinnie: oh, i do

handsome: i just want someone’s dick in my mouth, is that too much to ask?

jinnie: have you tried?

handsome: no

jinnie: there’s no way either of them are coming to you

handsome: i don’t need them to come to me, i just want them to come in me

jinnie: where even are you right now?

handsome: waiting for minho-hyung’s class to finish

handsome: and no, i’m not going to try now

jinnie: then i don’t know what you want from me

jinnie: you can suck me off if you want

handsome: oh, can i?

jinnie: oH CaN i?

jinnie: not anymore

handsome: wait

handsome: i take it back

jinnie: go try begging seungminnie again

handsome: i’ll make it good for you

handsome: just let me hold it in my mouth

handsome: :’(

jinnie: i can’t believe you’re begging for my dick in public right now

jinnie: this is the stuff of minho-hyung’s dreams

jinnie: might send it to him

handsome: all of my friends SUCK

jinnie: and you don’t get to :’(

handsome: wait until i get home


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

chyung: did you really just give me that look?

minhot: just wait until you’re next with felix

minhot: i’ll be there

chyung: i don’t know what you mean

minhot: you were spying on us again

chyung: did he come to walk you home again?

minhot: i had a late class and he was free. we hang out. he brings me coffee. that’s it.

chyung: cute

chyung: i could practically hear you giggling from here

minhot: keep this up and i will come and spy on you and felix. let’s see how hopeless you are around him

minhot: or maybe i’ll just question in the group chat why exactly it is you’re so hesitant to tell him

chyung: would you like to help jisung film next time?

chyung: or… no…?

minhot: that’s a low blow

chyung: really? i can’t think why that would be an issue

chyung: why you wouldn’t want to watch our jisungie…

minhot: it’s very hypocritical of you to be supporting this, hyung

minhot: what happened to this no dating rule, huh? i’m just following orders

chyung: like that would ever stop you

minhot: clearly not. although i didn’t hear you piping up in the group chat earlier, so this rule must mean something to you

minhot: not planning on correcting jeongin on just who’s fucked who?

chyung: the rule was so things didn’t get complicated

chyung: clearly, it hasn’t worked

minhot: then maybe we should get rid of it and you’ll have no issue inviting felix, huh?

chyung: maybe we should

minhot: fine

chyung: fine


Minho looked up, his phone still clutched in his hands where he perched on the edge of his bed. Their eyes met and Chan hovered in the doorway for a moment, waiting.

“I’m sorry,” he said, when it looked like Minho wasn’t going to speak.

Minho looked back down at his phone, staying silent.

“What I said about Jisung… Spying on you guys. That wasn’t fair of me.”

“I shouldn’t push you about Felix.”

Chan shrugged, smiling when Minho met his eyes. “Somebody has to.”

“Yeah, well, at this rate we’ll be graduating and you’ll never have to tell him.”

Chan stiffened. Minho’s words had bite, a genuine annoyance under his usual sarcastic tone, and Chan found himself unable to hold back landing a petty comment of his own.

“At least I admit that my feelings exist,” he said, his tone harsher than he intended. “At this rate, Seungmin will make a move on Jisung before you do.”

Minho’s jaw clenched, a dangerous smile on his face as he shook his head, letting out a small scoff. “You want to talk about making a move? Because some of us have been dropping hints for weeks and you don’t even have the balls to come and fuck me.”

Chan froze, his next retort dying on his lips as they stared back at one another.

Usually Chan was patient, he would tease and flirt until they could no longer hold back, only giving in when they were desperate. And yes, things had been building over the last few weeks, but this was different. Their teasing had started to turn into something ugly, and while the logical thing to do would be to talk about why, Chan wasn’t sure he could have that conversation yet. And so there was only one other way he knew to solve tension when it came to Minho.

Maintaining eye contact, Minho slowly placed his phone down on the bed beside him, and that was all the invitation that Chan needed, clicking the door closed and closing the distance between them before Minho could say another word.

Chan leaned down, knocking Minho backwards as his mouth attached to his neck. He wasn’t wasting any time, immediately sucking harshly at the skin as he straddled Minho’s hips, the younger boy letting out a soft groan.

Chan’s mouth softened, letting his tongue drag against the skin as his fingers slipped under the hem of Minho’s t-shirt. Tipping his head back, Minho’s fingers slid into Chan’s hair, tugging gently as Chan pressed a line of kisses along his jaw.

“I can’t believe you didn’t fuck me in the shower,” Minho whispered.

Pulling back long enough for Minho to catch the smirk on his face, Chan shuffled down. He shifted his weight so that he could push Minho’s t-shirt up his body, hands running over the freshly exposed skin.

“It would have made for a wonderful video,” Chan allowed, hands moving to strip off his own shirt. “Maybe next time.”

Minho whimpered, bucking his hips up to seek any kind of friction and Chan took the hint, slotting one of his thighs between the other boy’s. Minho’s eyes closed as he pressed against him and Chan could feel that he was already half hard as his mouth came back to Minho’s neck. Minho’s skin was always so soft, and smooth, the feel of it addicting whether it was against Chan’s lips or his hands or the rest of his body.

Minho rolled his hips, Chan’s eyes closing as he pressed back against him, the friction sending a tingle of pleasure through his body. They could stay like this, rutting against one another and Chan would come fast enough, but the other boy was already shifting needily, pushing back firmer, his fingers running over every part of Chan that they could reach.

“I want…” Minho gasped.

The fabric of Chan’s shorts rubbed against him, the feeling of Minho growing harder against his thigh making his breath catch in throat.

“Tell me.”

Minho shifted so that he could press his thigh more firmly against Chan’s growing erection, the other boy moaning against his ear.

“Do you want me to touch you?” Chan whispered, his hand sliding between them to palm Minho over his shorts.

Minho nodded, bucking up. “Hurry.”

Lifting his hand, Chan’s fingers came to his waistband, slipping under the fabric, but Minho shook his head.

“Off,” he panted, lifting his hips to push his shorts and underwear down, kicking them off the edge of the bed.

Chan smiled, his eyes widening as Minho pushed him back, straddling his waist and wrestling his t-shirt the rest of the way off. It was different like this, when they were equal, rather than Minho in front of the camera and him behind it, and Chan let his gaze run appreciatively over the other boy’s body, a luxury he wouldn’t usually allow himself.

Having a naked Minho in his lap was not something Chan was used to, and not something he wanted to give up, especially once he ducked down to mouth at his neck. Chan’s hands came up to hold Minho’s hips as his lips moved up to his jaw, then down again. Minho shuffled lower, Chan’s hands sliding up to hold his waist as Minho kissed across his chest.

Eyes closing, Chan felt Minho’s tongue slipping over his nipple and he had to bite down on his lip to stop from moaning, the sensation of Minho’s wet tongue sliding against the bud sending a shot of pleasure straight to his groin.

“Changbin…” Chan warned, squeezing Minho’s side, but he didn’t seem to care, his mouth latching filmy over Chan’s nipple. His hand fell to his side, grabbing a fistful of duvet as tried to keep quiet.

He could do much worse, Chan knew. They’d discussed various kinks over the years, and he watched Minho get himself off often enough that he knew exactly what the other boy liked, but they’d never put that to the test with one another. It seemed safer to always keep these encounters as vanilla as possible, to avoid any unnecessary discussion. Instead, Chan lost himself in the sheer want of it, in the accumulation of weeks of teasing and anticipation. It was more than enough just to finally be able to touch Minho and feel the skin he’d spent so many hours studying under his fingers.

“You wouldn’t like him to hear you?” Minho whispered, looking up innocently, his thumb pressing against the nipple that had just between his lips.

Chan closed his eyes for a moment, his cock twitching as Minho’s mouth moved to the other side, and it was as though Minho could read his mind, his fingers wrapping around him as his tongue flicked over the bud in his mouth.

The temptation to let Minho continue was almost too much. The thought of letting go and leaving Minho to reduce him to a whimpering mess was overwhelmingly appealing, but Minho liked to tease and Chan was loud, and neither of those things were conducive to not alerting Changbin to what was currently going on.

Tugging on Minho’s hair, he pulled the other boy up, flipping them over and pressing him against the mattress. Minho blinked back at him, his lips shining with spit and Chan almost gave in to the urge to duck down and press their mouths together.

He moved back instead, climbing off the bed to strip the rest of his own clothes off and retrieve the bottle of lube from Minho’s drawer. When he turned back, Minho was watching him, propped up on his arms, his cock hard and flushed against his stomach.

“You look like a porn star,” Chan noted and Minho smiled, rolling his eyes as Chan climbed back onto the bed.

“Imagine that.”

Chan laughed, lying down beside him, Minho bringing a hand to his neck and pressing their bodies back together. The angle was a little awkward as Chan shuffled closer, reaching down to grab at the skin of Minho’s thigh and hook it up over his own hip. They were toned, and thick enough that Chan had the urge to dig his fingers or even his teeth into the flesh on a fairly regular basis.

He trailed his fingers down then back up again, feeling Minho’s muscles tense under his touch, before sliding his palm around to squeeze his ass. Minho moaned softly, pressing back against his hand.

Chan leaned back to look at him, one eyebrow raised. “Impatient?”

“We don’t have time for you to be a dick,” Minho warned, keeping his voice low as he lay back, letting his legs fall open.

Moving with him, Chan kissed along his collarbone, Minho’s fingers digging into his shoulder as he nipped at the skin. Trailing his kisses higher, he took a moment to suck at the bruise he had started earlier, before pressing a kiss right behind his ear, Minho’s hair tickling his nose.

“Are you going to stay quiet if I finger you?” Chan murmured, wrapping his hand around Minho’s cock, stroking him up and down slowly. He looked up to catch the way Minho’s eyes darkened, nodding quickly.

Chan took his hand away to find the lube, coating his fingers liberally as Minho tried to grind against him. Reaching between them, he pressed his fingers against Minho’s rim, not bothering to tease him as much as usually might have, but the other boy didn’t seem to mind, already pressing down into his touch.

“You’re not going to hurt me,” Minho mumbled, sliding a hand up Chan’s chest, humming in satisfaction as Chan pushed a finger into his entrance.

“I’m trying to keep you quiet,” Chan said, moving his finger slowly for a moment before sliding it out and pushing it back in with a second.

Minho rolled his eyes, trying to pull Chan closer. “You do know all of that moaning I do is for the camera.”

“Yeah?” Chan smirked, adjusting the angle of his hand and pressing his fingers up firmly.

Minho squeaked, his eyes flashing wide at the sensation. “Uh huh…”

Chan smiled, shaking his head as he pulled his fingers back, starting a steady rhythm of sliding them in and out. Minho pulled his leg up higher, trying to get a better angle. To get Chan deeper.

It must have worked because Minho’s eyes went glassy, the way they only did when he was filled up and Chan wished they had the time and the privacy for him to fuck him properly.

Once Chan added a third finger, Minho moaned, his face pressing into Chan’s neck. “Fuck,” he whimpered, his hips rolling gently in time with Chan’s movements.

The shift in position had Chan’s own cock pressed between them, the friction of Minho’s small movements making him bite back his own moans as he tried to focus on getting Minho off. He was aware of how long they were taking, the likelihood of Changbin coming to find one of them growing by the moment. But, Chan thrived under pressure, the way Minho’s body tensed with waves of pleasure only spurring him on as he searched for that spot again.

When he found it, the sound Minho made made him freeze, the other boy pushing back to feel it again.

“Chan… hyung…” Minho mumbled, wrapping his arms around him until they were pressed flush together. Chan couldn’t move his hand as well with the angle, rocking his fingers deep inside him, but Minho didn’t seem to mind, gasping softly against his jaw as Chan pressed his fingers against the spot over and over again.

“Minho, baby. You’ve got to be quiet,” Chan reminded him. He could tell Minho was close, whimpering softly as he rutted against Chan’s hip, the motion letting him rock back on Chan’s fingers at the same time.

If Chan wasn’t holding himself up with his spare hand, he would have covered the boy’s mouth. He’d done so before as he fucked him over the desk in his bedroom, and Minho had come moaning pathetically into his palm, but for now he’d have to do with letting Minho pant against his neck.

When his cock brushed against Minho’s thigh, Chan gasped, Minho’s fingers clinging onto his back as his head tipped back. His eyebrows furrowed in pleasure, and Chan’s cock twitched at the knowledge that he was making him feel that way.

He was so warm and so slick with lube that Chan could almost feel it, the way Minho would feel as he pushed inside him, the idea of it making him work his fingers faster, imagining the feel of the slide against his cock instead.

“You feel so good… You'd take me so well, wouldn’t you? Been desperate to have me inside you,” Chan whispered. “When I watched you touch yourself, stroking your pretty cock until you came all over yourself. You wanted me to fuck you then, didn’t you? Love to put on a show.”

Minho nodded, his hips twitching. “I knew you liked it. Wanted you to fuck me right there against the tiles. Keep it on camera so you could watch me whenever you want.”

Chan’s eyes closed like he could somehow block out the image, the thought too overwhelming as Minho clenched down on his fingers.

“You’d look so good all wet, hyung.”

Chan tilted his wrist, pressing deeper to push firmly against Minho’s prostate as he stretched him wide, Minho’s movements losing all coordination as he rocked desperately against him.

“Come for me,” Chan whispered and Minho moaned, biting down on Chan’s shoulder to silence himself as he spurted cum between them.

Minho clenched around his fingers, Chan letting him ride it out until he relaxed in his arms, mouthing weakly at the spot on Chan’s shoulder he had bitten into.

Easing his fingers out, Chan was about to look around for tissues, but he was already being pushed back, Minho climbing on top of him.There was sweat along his hairline, his face flushed and his eyes wide as he wrapped a hand around Chan’s cock.

Chan’s eyes widened, Minho smirking as he moved his hand. “Are you going to stay quiet if I touch you?”

Chan huffed out a laugh, shaking his head, but any suggestion of Minho being a tease had vanished, the boy’s hand stroking his length quickly, his thumb swiping over the head of his cock. The sudden sensation of it was almost too much after being practically untouched for so long. Chan stared up at the ceiling, torn between knowing they needed to hurry and wanting the feeling to last longer.

When he looked back down, he knew he didn’t stand a chance. Shuffling down, Minho kept eye contact as he kissed down Chan’s stomach, his tongue pressing into the ridges of his abs. Chan thought that he could probably taste his own cum, but Minho’s face showed no sign of disgust. If anything he looked oddly serene, continuing to stroke Chan firmly.

He smiled against Chan’s skin, increasing the speed of his hand and turning his head to mouth at the head of Chan’s cock. And that was all it took for Chan to come, his hand reaching to grab Minho’s hair as his hips pushed up. Minho stayed firm as Chan came on his tongue, continuing to stroke him through it until Chan whimpered at the overstimulation.

How he had managed to stay silent, he wasn’t sure, most likely due to sharing a dorm for the last three years, but having Minho staring up at him with his cock in his mouth and his cum on his tongue was definitely a bigger challenge than his own fist.

Watching as Minho rolled onto his back, Chan smiled. The boy’s eyes closed and Chan's eyes focused on the rise and fall of his chest as he panted, one hand resting on his stomach.

It would suck later, when Chan had to lie in bed and figure out what the hell this all meant, especially without Minho there wrapped around him. And maybe if they weren’t so gross, and if Changbin wasn’t down the hallway, he might have pulled Minho into his arms and left the complications and the questions for tomorrow.

“Do you think he heard?” Minho murmured, opening his eyes to stare at the ceiling.

“Nah. You were pretty quiet all things considered and I left some music on in my room.”

Minho huffed out a laugh, turning his head to face him. “I better go shower before he comes looking for us.”

Nodding, Chan watched as Minho slipped off the bed, sliding his shorts back on before heading for the door.

“Hey, hyung…”


“I guess that’s four and a half, huh?”

Minho didn’t wait for a response before slipping from the room, Chan throwing his arm over his eyes with a groan.

Chapter Text

[Chat (2): babybin & minhot]

babybin: i need you to be straight with me

minhot: oh boy. i haven’t tried that since i was seventeen, but i can give it a shot

babybin: what?

minhot: what do you need? wingman? or are we talking feminisation?

minhot: because that’s probably more hyunjin’s area, but i can give it a go if that’s what you need

minhot: i’m here for you

babybin: i meant it like i want you to be honest with me, but that’s wonderful to know

babybin: it’s actually kinda of what i wanted to talk about

minhot: well, now i’m intrigued

babybin: it’s just with me watching you guys. i want to know what it’s actually going to be like

babybin: how explicit are we talking?

minhot: it’s porn

babybin: right

minhot: glad i could answer your question

minhot: is there anything else i can help you with?

babybin: ugh this is so embarrassing

minhot: why? because it’s sex?

minhot: i’m going to be naked. i’m going to touch myself, or hyunjin, or both. that’s way more exposing than you just standing there.

babybin: but you’ll all be watching me to see how i react

minhot: i’ll be kind of preoccupied and seungmin and chan-hyung will be busy. i can’t lie to you, jisung will be loving it, but it’s just ji and innie will be there too

babybin: what if i get hard?

minhot: then you get hard…?

minhot: that’s kind of the point of porn. i’d be more insulted if you didn’t get hard

minhot: i think, given the situation, chan-hyung wouldn’t mind you touching yourself, or even one of us helping you

minhot: but if you’re really worried, then just get off before you come. or put a pillow on your lap or something

babybin: what if i helped?

minhot: you want to be in it?

babybin: no. just with the camera or idk props or something

minhot: would you like to pass me the lube?

babybin: you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?

minhot: loving it

babybin: i’ll take any job. just something to occupy me so i’m not just sat there

minhot: chan-hyung would probably prefer that. he’s not keen on just having spectators

babybin: okay

babybin: will you ask him?

minhot: why me?!

babybin: because i don’t want to

minhot: well, neither do i

babybin: hyungggggg

minhot: changbinnnnnnnnnnn

babybin: :(

minhot: how come you can ask me and not him?

babybin: because he’ll make it into a whole thing

minhot: i’m still not doing it

babybin: i’ll ask one of the others

minhot: you’re going to openly tell jisung that you’re afraid of getting too turned on while watching me?

babybin: god no

minhot: seungmin?

babybin: no…

minhot: innie is not going to do your dirty work for you

babybin: fine. i’ll ask chan-hyung myself.

minhot: could ask hyunjin

babybin: ha no way. we’ve had enough awkward conversations to last me a lifetime

minhot: don’t worry. apparently you’ll have died of embarrassment by this time tomorrow anyway :)

babybin: why do you think hyunjin told me?

minhot: about what?

babybin: the porn thing, what else?

minhot: oh, right. idk, we were testing the waters

babybin: i know, but why not you or chan-hyung?

minhot: i don’t know, it just happened.

babybin: did he say anything after? about me?

minhot: that you were kind of a dick? he might’ve mentioned it, but he also said that you apologised and clearly you’ve been forgiven

minhot: you’re still walking around, aren’t you?

babybin: right

minhot: seriously, changbin. try not to stress about this, alright? we’re looking forward to putting on a good show for you

babybin: it’s not really for me

minhot: isn’t it? ;)


Felix let out a soft giggle and Jeongin couldn’t help but peek up from where he’d been motoring the comments flying up the screen. He wasn’t surprised to see the teasing smile on his face, pulling his lip shyly between his teeth as he rolled onto his stomach. And it was even less surprising to see the jewel ended plug between Felix’s cheeks as he looked over his shoulder, eyes trying to follow the wild responses he received as he reached behind himself to tap on the base.

“You’re right,” Felix purred, pushing his ass up and spreading his knees further apart. “I played with myself earlier. I got myself ready for you all.”

Jeongin remembered the comment, a regular who had asked him to wear the plug last week. As he checked the screen, he saw the same username now, telling Felix how good he looked.

“Have I had it in all day?” Felix read aloud, rolling onto his back so that he could watch the screen better. “Of course. I loved feeling so full all morning. Walking around with nobody knowing… but you all did, didn’t you? I promised you I’d wear it, and I bet you’ve been thinking about it all day.”

Jeongin didn’t doubt that he was telling the truth. He certainly hadn’t seen Felix disappear to put the plug in since he’d arrived a few hours earlier. He’d put on his makeup, sat on the floor in front of his mirror as they chatted about school and then slipped into a fluffy oversized cream jumper right there in the middle of the room.

He’d almost told Felix then, as Felix had shared a story about one of his online friends, whose roommate had intercepted a rather embarrassing package. It seemed like a good moment to slip in the fact that, hey… it turns out all of my friends make porn too. Isn’t that insane? But instead, he’d quite literally bitten his tongue, nodding along. Telling Felix wasn’t up to him. He hadn’t spoken to Chan, but he must have a good reason for not having told him, and even though Jeongin didn’t like lying to Felix, he wouldn’t break the trust of the rest of his friends either.

He watched now as Felix blinked up at the camera with wide eyes, one hand lying between his legs as he played with the end of the plug and tried to focus on his job. He zeroed in on one of the comments that was a little too intense and deleted it quickly. It wasn’t necessarily bad, or hurtful, so he didn’t bother blocking the user, but he’d learned his lesson of letting the chat escalate. Things could get out of hand quickly and he didn’t want Felix to get overwhelmed.

Despite this aspect of their arrangement being a fairly fresh development, Jeongin only sitting in for a few of Felix’s streams so far, there was something about Felix that made Jeongin feel relaxed. Sure, it was still a little weird, and he still felt nervous every time they started setting up, but Felix always made sure that he was comfortable, and the way he instantly slipped back to his usual self after the stream ended helped ensure that things never became awkward. Honestly, cam boy Felix, and normal Felix weren’t all that different to begin with.

Even that first time, Felix had seemed so confident in the way he moved and spoke that it just felt natural. It had made sense for Jeongin to help. Felix had wanted to try being tied up for a while, and both practically and for safety reasons, he needed someone else there. When he’d asked, so casually, if Jeongin could do him a favour, if he minded, Jeongin had been extremely grateful that it had been over text message and not in person. At least that way, Felix didn’t have to see the way his face had turned a deep shade of pink.

Fortunately, Felix had been prepared, talking Jeongin through the process and practising several times before they’d gone live, like they were just going over their study notes or something. And it had been worth it, Felix had gained more extra subscribers that week than any yet, and somehow it had only solidified their friendship. If tying your pal up and watching him come writhing against a vibrator wasn’t bonding, then what was?

And so it had become natural for Jeongin to be there, to sit on the spare bed and watch over the stream, or quietly work away on his own things. Sometimes he thought that Felix just liked the company. To have an actual human there for some kind of feedback, or just a reassuring presence. Whenever their eyes met, Jeongin sent him a reassuring smile, or sometimes even a little smirk if he was doing a particularly good job, and if there was sometimes a noticeable bulge in the front of Jeongin’s trousers, Felix never said a word.

He glanced up, drawn to the sound of Felix giggling and watched as he smiled around his own fingers. It was nothing new, but Jeongin found his eyes pausing on the shine of his lips, on the way his fingers dragged as he slowly pulled them out with a shy smile. He knew that it was because of the conversations that happened the day before, the easy jokes playing on his mind more than he would like to admit. As were the images. The thoughts of Minho, or Hyunjin, or Jisung laid back like he’d seen Felix so many times. The unavoidable questions of if they touch one another like that.

It wasn’t that Jeongin was jealous of the idea, but he was a little… curious. Pulling his lip between his teeth, subconsciously mirroring exactly what he was watching Felix doing, Jeongin drew his eyes away, shifting to cross his legs. The Felix on the screen was moving now, easing the plug from inside of him, so that his hole clenched helplessly empty, fingers trailing along his inner thigh.

“What should I play with today?” Felix hummed, dipping his fingers inside himself, before bringing his hand up to slowly stroke his cock.

Sitting up a little, he licked his lips, head tilting as he watched the screen. “You all have so many good ideas,” he murmured, his voice dropping lower.

Jeongin watched the suggestions roll in, and had to bite back a laugh. He could imagine them all, transfixed as they watched on, desperately wishing they could touch him themselves. Felix really had these people wrapped around his little finger, each smile or purr of his deep voice drawing tip after tip to flash on the screen.

By the time he was arching back, pumping a pretty pink dildo into himself, his jumper rucked up under his armpits, Jeongin was pretty sure he’d made enough to cover at least that week’s rent, if not several.

“It’s so nice. Filling me up. Stretching me out so well…” Felix gasped, his hips jumping off the bed with each well aimed thrust. “I’m gonna come… Please can I? Will you come with me?”

Felix bit down on his lip, his eyes scrunching closed as he squirmed under his own touch, and then his cock was twitching, cum leaking onto his stomach as he whined, doing his best to keep pushing the toy into himself.

Letting the dildo slide out, Felix stayed laid back, his eyes drooping as he smiled. “Did you come too? You all made me feel so good… thank you.”

The smile that pulled at his mouth, combined with the low rumble of his voice sent a shiver through Jeongin, leaving him almost a little jealous how unreal Felix looked. How fucked out and beautiful.

“I’ll be thinking about it until next week, so I hope you’ll come back to help me again?” Felix cooed, and Jeongin took his cue, waiting for Felix to give his signature little ending pose before ending the stream.



dandymin: are you two filming together tomorrow?

jinnie: me and minho-hyung? we were thinking about it, why?

dandymin: i just need to know a rough idea of what you’re doing if i’m going to track it

chyung: it might be best to have something of an outline. last time was a little messy

dandymin: they looked like they were fighting

minhot: we were

dandymin: well, i could barely get a half decent shot with you rolling around like that

jinnie: looked hot though

minhot: maybe if hyunjin just lay back and took it like i told him to

handsome: i have that video in my bookmarks

chyung: it did do well

jinnie: which is why we’re making a sequel

littleloaf: do you not have a script or something?

chyung: try making minho follow a script

minhot: i’d follow a good script

chyung: it’s porn, it’s not supposed to be shakespeare

jinnie: but it doesn’t really fit what we’re doing

jinnie: it makes it feel false

babybin: it is fake though

handsome: i’d disagree. it’s exaggerated, but it’s not always fake

chyung: either way, just let min know what you’re doing tomorrow, so he can try and keep up

minhot: blowjobsssssss

dandymin: yes. thank you. that’s so enlightening.

jinnie: how about we get there early and block it a little? and chan-hyung can always stop for us to change things as we go

jinnie: it’s got to have been a while since minho-hyung’s had a mouth around him, i can’t imagine he’ll last long anyway

minhot: do you like being able to talk?

handsome: hot

chyung: can you just try and make out for like five minutes before you start this time? that would be nice

minhot: sure. jinnie has pretty lips

jinnie: i’ll leave my hair down for you to play with. you like that, right?

minhot: yeah

babybin: i just got whiplash

littleloaf: so, do i bring snacks to this thing, or..?

chyung: innie! i was actually thinking that you could help seungmin

chyung: jisung tries, but it never goes well

littleloaf: oh yeah, sure

littleloaf: i don’t really know what i’m doing, but i can try

handsome: i’m a great assistant, what do you mean?

dandymin: you suck ass

dandymin: stop typing right now. that was not an innuendo

handsome: :(

jinnie: rimming lol

handsome: hehehehe

dandymin: i hate you both


[Chat (2): dandymin & jinnie]

jinnie: is this a really bad idea?

dandymin: i don’t know what you’re talking about, but it’s you, so probably

jinnie: whatever the hell this weird orgy is tomorrow

dandymin: it’s definitely not an orgy

dandymin: only two of you are having sex for one

jinnie: watching counts

dandymin: i guess

dandymin: but, no. i don’t think it’s a bad idea. it was always going to happen, and i’d rather get it over and done with

jinnie: yeah

dandymin: wasn’t this what you wanted?

jinnie: it is

dandymin: so, stop worrying

jinnie: make me look good?

dandymin: of course


[Chat (2): jinnie & minhot]

jinnie: we should make a plan

minhot: about how you’re going to suck my dick?

jinnie: yes

minhot: is this your way of getting me to sext you?

jinnie: no, i’m being serious

minhot: so am i

minhot: but, sure. if you want to, we can come up with something

jinnie: you should kiss me. properly.

minhot: i always kiss you properly

jinnie: no, you attack me with your mouth

minhot: kissing

jinnie: -.-

minhot: what else do you want me to do to you?

minhot: you said you wanted me to play with your hair

jinnie: no, i said that you wanted to play with my hair

minhot: i could hold it. use it to guide your head. maybe give it a little pull.

jinnie: yeah

minhot: or would you rather i brushed it back? stroke your hair gently and tell you how nice you look with your mouth around my cock?

jinnie: i told you to be serious!

minhot: i am

minhot: why? are you getting flustered, jinnie?

jinnie: i will bite you tomorrow

minhot: where? my thighs would be nice

jinnie: do you have any useful suggestions?

minhot: these have all been good suggestions!

minhot: but, alright. where do you want to be? on the floor between my legs? on the bed?

jinnie: bed. if we have to keep pausing, my knees are gonna kill

minhot: cool

minhot: you’re really overthinking this, aren’t you?

jinnie: i just want it to go well. if we seem like we know what we’re doing, hopefully everyone else will relax

minhot: i think you need to relax

jinnie: i’ll do that tomorrow, while you tell me how nice i look and play with my hair

minhot: ah, option two then?

jinnie: i like both

minhot: i can switch it up. keep you on your toes

minhot: so long as you behave yourself unlike last time

jinnie: no promises

jinnie: what are you wearing?

minhot: stop trying to sext me!

minhot: but, if you’re curious… nothing ;)

jinnie: i’m talking about tomorrow!

minhot: then still nothing ;)

jinnie: we’re not undressing?

minhot: if we do, then normal clothes are fine

minhot: we’re already giving them both of us, we’ve got to hold some stuff back for the future

minho: like me bending you over in that little skirt

jinnie: do you have some kind of schoolgirl fetish?

minhot: no. but, i do have a putting hyunjin in his place fetish

jinnie: you can try

jinnie: and also, why are you naked?

minhot: i’m not, but it’s more fun to picture

minhot: you’re thinking about it, aren’t you?

jinnie: maybe

minhot: you should touch yourself

jinnie: what??

minhot: to relax

minhot: too far?

jinnie: no

minhot: then do it

minhot: are you hard?

jinnie: a little

jinnie: but jisung is going to back any minute

minhot: better be quick then

jinnie: really?

minhot: really

minhot: rub yourself over your clothes

jinnie: are you touching yourself too?

minhot: can’t. i’m making dinner

jinnie: you’re texting me this while you’re making dinner?

minhot: why not?

minhot: now get your cock out for me

jinnie: fuck, hyung

minho: stroke yourself nice and firm

minho: imagine how good you’re going to feel when i finally touch you tomorrow

minhot: after all that time with my cock in your mouth

minhot: i bet you’ll be leaking everywhere

jinnie: keep talking, please

minhot: i did have an idea...

minhot: if you’re going to be bent over me, taking me down your throat, ass in the air, then you should look pretty for everyone

minhot: i could slip a plug into you before we start

minhot: open you up on my fingers in the bathroom

minhot: wouldn’t that be a nice surprise for everyone?

minhot: do you like the idea of that, jinnie?

jinnie: yes

minhot: what if i chose a special one? kept the remote in my hand

minhot: but, i don’t know if you could handle that…

jinnie: i can

minhot: even if i tease you? turned it up all the way whenever you're doing a good job?

minhot: i think you’ll end up a useless mess

minhot: moaning and dribbling over my cock

minhot: then i would have to hold your hair. fuck up into your mouth, because you can’t do anything other than whine and hold it open for me

minhot: do you think you’d manage not to cum?

minhot: wait until i paint your pretty face?

minhot: jinnie?

jinnie: i’m here

minhot: did you come?

jinnie: yeah, then jisung walked in and i had to wipe my hand on my shorts and run to the bathroom, so thanks for that

minhot: you’re very welcome

jinnie: thank you

jinnie: for the practise run

minhot: see you tomorrow for the real thing

jinnie: bring the plug

minhot: ❤️



Jeongin smiled to himself, looking up from his phone to check on the upload of Felix’s finished stream. Sighing at the slow progress, he sat back, shoving the laptop to the side and pulling his knees up to his chest.

Felix’s page was still up on his phone when he exited the chat, and he was about to swipe away when one of the suggested videos caught his eye. Glancing up to check that, yes, Felix hadn’t suddenly somehow returned from the bathroom without him noticing, he turned his volume all the way down and clicked on the link.

Two boys appeared on the screen. They didn’t look much older than him, sweet smiles on their faces as they looked at one another, the smaller of the two sat in the other’s lap. It wasn’t like Jeongin was planning on getting off or anything, although he was still feeling a little flushed from earlier, it was the thumbnail that had caught his attention. He wasn’t going to watch any further than this, than when the one boy tilted his head up and their lips met.

Jeongin’s fingers tensed around his phone, his eyes transfixed as he watched their mouths slowly brush together, then tongues exploring, one reaching up to tuck the other’s dark hair back and cup his jaw as their heads tilted.

Apparently, Jeongin had been even more invested in the video than he’d realised, Felix’s sudden appearance beside him making him squeak, fumbling not to drop his phone from both the shock and the embarrassment.

“What you watching?” Felix asked, grinning. His hair was roughly towel dried and he’d changed into a pair of sweatpants and a t-shirt, all traces of his delicate makeup wiped from his skin.

“Nothing,” Jeongin mumbled, immediately regretting it when he saw Felix’s eyes light up with curiosity.

“Is it porn?” Felix joked, trying to peek at the screen.

Felix wasn’t even really trying, on some level Jeongin knew that he wouldn’t actually try to look, or force Jeongin to show him, but in his hurry to turn the screen away, the phone slid from his grip, landing flat on his stomach, and there it was. The scene hadn’t progressed too much, but there was a pretty heated make out session still playing, and even though Jeongin hurriedly snatched his phone away, Felix had definitely noticed.

“Oh… It was porn.”

Jeongin groaned, grabbing a cushion to cover his face and he could hear Felix starting to laugh. It was better than him being grossed out, but it was still mortifying, and Jeongin hoped that maybe if he hid long enough, he wouldn’t have to explain himself. Because, although he really hadn’t been watching porn, the truth was just as embarrassing.

Felix reached for his shoulder, squeezing gently as his laughter settled down, trying to tug the pillow away with his other hand. “It’s okay, Innie.”

With a disgruntled whine, Jeongin hung onto the pillow tighter, not ready to part from his hiding spot. “It wasn’t porn,” he mumbled, Felix giving up on trying to get the pillow out of his grip. “It was just kissing.”

“Okay.” Jeongin felt the bed dip, and when he peeked out, Felix was smiling from beside him. “It’s really nothing to be embarrassed about. I can give you some privacy, if you want.”

“It wasn’t like that!” Jeongin protested, his eyes narrowing at the little smirk on Felix’s face. “Shut up.”

“I didn’t say anything!” Felix laughed, lying back on the bed so that his feet rested beside Jeongin’s head. He wrinkled his nose, shoving them further away.

They lay there for a few moments, Felix scrolling on his phone. Every few seconds, Jeongin could feel his eyes flicking across at him. To be fair, Jeongin was just staring aimlessly at the ceiling, letting his eyes blur as his brain worked, hands resting on his stomach, and that probably seemed a little weird.

“How do you handle being friends with Chan?”

The question had floated from Jeongin’s lips without really thinking, he hadn’t even turned to look at the other boy, but Felix’s head lifted and Jeongin knew that he was about to get into something. He wasn’t sure what, or if he was ready to say the words that he needed to, but he was tired of trying to make his own thoughts make sense.

Felix was everything Jeongin wanted to be. So sure of himself, brave and cool and attractive, but sweet and loving and always accepting. He would understand.

Felix’s feet shifted beside his head. “What do you mean?”

“Just…” Jeongin gave a little shrug, eyebrows knitting together as he tried to find the right words. “Being friends. And liking him. Isn’t that hard?”

When he looked across, Felix had put his phone down, humming softly. “I guess. Sometimes. But it’s not like I’m always pining after him. With how we are, it’s enough for me. Does it sometimes feel like my heart might burst out of my chest with the urge to reach over and kiss him? Yeah. But, I wouldn’t give up being his friend just because of those difficult moments.”

Felix’s words made sense. He and Chan were like a couple in every way other than actually telling each other how they felt, and now that Jeongin knew what he did, he understood how that little barrier had formed. He was tempted to say something, even just a little hint so that Felix might figure it out, just to give them that small push, but he wasn’t too worried. He was confident they’d get there in their own time.

What was a bigger realisation to him, was how thin that line could be, between friendship and more. How maybe with the right person, that little extra nudge, a look, or a kiss would be all it took.

While he’d been thinking, Felix had sat up, and although Jeongin was glad that his question hadn’t upset him, the intrigued little glint in Felix’s eye was not what he’d hoped for either. Or maybe he had.

“Why do you want to know anyway?”

“Just curious,” Jeongin lied, doing his best to keep a straight face.

Tilting his head, Felix looked unconvinced, shuffling up to Jeongin’s side. “Is there someone you like, Innie?”

Without an instant reply, Felix’s eyebrows shot up, his smile widening. “There is, isn’t there?”

“No!” Jeongin cut in, his cheeks already turning pink. “There isn’t… it’s not like that.”

“It’s not!” he repeated, when Felix pursed his lips, unconvinced.

Felix sighed, wriggling closer. “You can tell me. I won’t tell anyone. I probably don’t even know them.”

Jeongin’s eyes flicked to Felix’s face, then back up to the ceiling, steeling himself. “It's not a crush. It’s so stupid…” Jeongin tried to remind himself that this was Felix, that if he was going to talk to someone, this was the moment. “I just want to know what it would be like…”

It wasn’t the whole truth, but Felix didn’t need to know that. Baby steps.

“Like when I said I think about kissing Chan-hyung?” Felix questioned.

Jeongin shook his head, frowning. “Everyone has just been talking a lot recently about… stuff. And sometimes I get these thoughts…”

“Innie… I’m going to need a bit more to go on.”

“The video I was watching… I want to try it. That.”

Despite trying to guide the conversation in the general direction, Jeongin also kind of wished the ground would swallow him, his cheeks burning. His fingers wanted to reach for another cushion and hide away, but he forced himself to look over instead, finding Felix’s reassuring smile.

“Kissing?” he asked, with a confused little tilt of his head.

Jeongin nodded firmly. “A boy.”



“I can do that.”

Jeongin’s shuffled to sit up, his eyes widening at Felix’s offer. It wasn’t what he’d been hinting at at all. He didn’t want to kiss Felix. And yet, he didn’t not want to kiss Felix.


Felix’s eyes crinkled as he giggled, watching Jeongin’s reaction. “Only if you want to… if you want to know what it’s like. I don’t mind.”

“You don’t mind?” Jeongin asked tentatively.

“Mhm. I’d like to.”

“I just want to know,” Jeongin clarified. “If there was someone I liked… one day... so, I knew what to do. I’ve kissed people before, but…”

“I get it,” Felix said with a little shrug. “You don’t want to panic, or something. It’s practise.”


Jeongin was very aware of the fact that Felix’s hands had come to rest on his thighs where he’d crossed his legs, thumbs rubbing gentle circles into the tops of his knees.

Felix’s tongue darted out to wet his lips, and this time Jeongin allowed his eyes to follow the movement, doing his best to maintain some level of calm. He wasn’t sure why he was feeling so jittery all of a sudden, he was usually so calm and collected. He’d kissed people before, several, and there was no reason for this to be any different. It was just Felix. If anything, there was less pressure.

“Do you want to?” Felix asked, his voice dropping lower in the way that Jeongin recognised from his streams. From the moments he wanted to draw people in, to seduce them, but there was a little teasing lilt to his tone. Something that told Jeongin that this was okay, that it didn’t have to be a big deal. It was cheeky enough that Jeongin almost felt like Felix actually wanted to do this too.

It wasn’t much of a surprise. Felix liked to touch, to be close and cuddle. He often pressed kisses to Jeongin’s cheek, or into his hair, and he was always especially cuddly after streaming, so this shouldn’t be so different. Right?

He found himself nodding, before he could overthink what was happening, his heart hammering against his chest. “Okay.”

“And you’re sure you don’t want to wait? Have it be with someone special?”

“You are special,” Jeongin said simply, the truth of his words like a sure weight in his stomach, easing the butterflies that had formed there.

The corner of Felix’s mouth lifted, and when he closed the gap, Jeongin’s eyes drifted shut, focussing on the feel of Felix’s palm softly cupping his cheek, guiding him to where he needed to be. And then there were lips against his, just a gentle, barely there press. He could sense Felix’s face hovering in front of his, as though he was giving Jeongin the chance to pull away, but Jeongin wanted to know. He was tired of the wondering and the late night fantasies, so he pressed forward, seeking out Felix’s mouth with more force.

Even though he’d been the one to initiate more, Jeongin had to remind himself to move his lips, to stop thinking so much about the placement of his hands and the tilt of his head and if he’d put on lip balm today, and just feel. Felix’s movements were confident, but gentle, slowly leading Jeongin to deepen the kiss, his mind finally falling into that fuzzy place of sliding lips and tingling skin, and then it was different.

His hands had come to Felix’s waist, clinging to the sides of his t-shirt, while their mouths moved. Some faint part of his mind was registering that Felix’s mouth tasted like the toothpaste he’d borrowed several times before, that his bottom lip was perhaps a little chapped, just like he’d seen him nibbling at it earlier, that he smelled just like Felix, and kissed in a way that was so distinctly Felix, that the differences to anyone Jeongin had ever kissed before were unavoidable. Because, despite the thrum of his heart, and the clamminess of his hands, that told him, hey you’re nervous and excited and everything you should be, he also felt extremely... content.

In many ways, and despite the differences, it was almost concerning how not weird it felt to be kissing Felix, to know how gentle his lips felt against his own, to feel his fingers pressing lightly into the back of his neck. He liked it. A lot. So much so, that when Felix pulled back, he didn’t even care about the small whimper that left his mouth.

Felix nudged their noses together, and Jeongin could feel that he was smiling when their lips met once more, just briefly, before pulling away completely.

“Your heart is beating really fast,” he whispered, his palm resting on Jeongin’s chest.

Eyes blinking open, Jeongin couldn’t help but smile back, letting out a little laugh. “Sorry.”

Felix shook his head, his smile softening into something that made Jeongin want to kiss him again already.

“So…” Felix’s eyes practically sparkled. “Kissing boys?”

“I think I like it.”


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

chyung: do you want any dinner?

minhot: i already ate

chyung: ah, okay

chyung: i’m going to watch a movie with changbin, if you want to join us?

minhot: i need to study, but have fun!

chyung: don’t work too hard

minhot: ha! okay, hyung

minhot: try to distract bin, though. he’s definitely stressing about tomorrow

chyung: i will. he’ll be fine, don’t worry


[Chat (2): littleloaf & minhot]

littleloaf: hey

minhot: what’s up, cutie?

littleloaf: that thing we spoke about. i’m figuring it out

minhot: yeah?

minhot: any progress?

littleloaf: maybe. i think you were right

minhot: you are in love with me?!

littleloaf: ew no

minhot: what do you mean ‘ew’?

minhot: i’ve already got my eye on you after that stunt in the group chat

littleloaf: if you’re going to help me figure things out about myself, i can only return the favour, hyung :)

littleloaf: plus, you have been lying to me for our entire friendship. would you like to have that discussion?

minhot: ❤️

minhot: you know not to listen to them in that chat though, right? they talk a lot of big talk

littleloaf: i know. i don't mind when it’s you guys

minhot: well, if you’re still questioning things, tomorrow will definitely help you figure it out

littleloaf: i plan on keeping my eyes closed

minhot: but then you won’t see my incredible moves

littleloaf: exactly

minhot: :’(

littleloaf: stop crying, it ain’t cute

minhot: you’re not cute

littleloaf: that’s it, i’m telling chan-hyung

minhot: wait until i tell him you’ve been smooching boys or whatever you’ve been up to

littleloaf: wouldn’t you like to know ;)

minhot: did you at least have a good time?

littleloaf: not bad. not bad.

minhot: nice ;)

Chapter Text

- Eighteen Months Earlier -


[Chat (6): your local stray kids]

sungie: who the hell did I just see you with, seungmin?! and why is he so cute?

minnie2: cute, cute?

minnie2: does seungminnie have a secret boyfriend?

sungie: he was cute like a tiny kitten

minnie: i was just showing him around

minnie: he’s part of the new class, but he couldn’t make it to the proper tour. he was nice.

sungie: he was adorableeee

jinnie: i was there and i can confirm, he was pretty damn cute

sungie: can we keep him?

channie: you don’t even know him

sungie: he’s cute. seungmin says he’s nice, what more do you need?

minnie: i did get his number. i said we should hang out when he starts here

binnie: just don’t let him hang out with jisung straight away. poor kid will drop out

channie: what was his name? there’s a society fair next weekend, you should tell him to come

minnie: oh okay, i’ll let him know. his name’s jeongin

sungie: i love him

binnie: you can’t love him, you’ve never met him

jinnie: and i’m right here

sungie: ily 2 bby

jinnie: ❤️

sungie: :*

minnie2: i’ll be at the fair if anyone wants to come and keep me company in the cold

channie: why are you going, min?

minnie2: dance stall

channie: oh, minho

channie: will one of you please change your name, it’s so confusing

minnie: tell him to. i made mine first

minnie2: i was born first

minnie: but people actually call me minnie

minnie2: i don’t know what you want from me

minnie: to change your name!

minnie2: legally???

binnie: why have you started them off again?

jinnie: someone change the subject before seungmin tells him to change his name to ‘hoie’ again

channie: are you guys still coming over later?

sungie: yesss

minnie: yep

binnie: yeah

minnie2: you already live here

binnie: you already live here

minnie2: you’re right, i do

channie: well, whoever is coming, i’m starting the movie at 7, whether you’re here or not

sungie: need an early night, hyung?

minnie2: happens when you get old

minnie: should we schedule bathroom breaks? i don’t want you miss the good bits, hyung

channie: change your chat name right now. you’re morphing into the same person and i don’t like it

minnie2: you say that like it’s a bad thing

sungie: two minho-hyungs would be hot

jinnie: hotter than two seungmins?

sungie: huh. there’s definitely a solid debate there

binnie: this world does not need two minho-hyungs

sungie: they do if they can make out with each other

minnie: i hate this chat


[Chat (3): binnie, channie & sungie]

channie: hey, ji. can you pick up some snacks on the way over? seungmin & minho are already being annoying & i need something to shut them up

sungie: have you tried a gag?

sungie: i have one if you’d prefer i bring that

channie: i think some chips or something would suffice

binnie: do i want to know why you own a gag?

sungie: you never know when you might need to kidnap someone, hyung

channie: oh thank god, i thought it would be a sex thing

channie: although... is this worse?

sungie: well, i actually bought it incase things with hyunjin kept progressing

sungie: the walls are very thin

binnie: will your boyfriend be coming tonight?

sungie: hyung, tell him to be nice!

binnie: i didn’t say anything!

channie: what is your problem with hyunjin exactly?

binnie: i don’t have a problem with hyunjin

sungie: liar

binnie: i just don’t trust him

binnie: you have a poor track record when it comes to dating

sungie: i’ve only dated two people

binnie: and they were both awful

channie: hyunjin seems nice though. i just worry what will happen if you guys break up

channie: you do have to live together

sungie: it’s fine. we have a pact. bros before hoes. except, we are both the figurative bros and hoes in this situation...

sungie: but, it’ll be fine. we pinky swore! friends forever and all that

binnie: i just don’t want to see you get hurt

sungie: if hyunjin hurts me, i give you full permission to kick his ass. okay?

channie: but not physically

channie: unless, he really hurt you. then i would kick his ass

sungie: this is just making me think about hyunjin’s ass

binnie: jisung! gross

sungie: do you think he’ll let me fuck him after our date this weekend?

channie: i thought you were going to get it on after your exam last week to celebrate

sungie: we didn’t make it past handjobs

sungie: hyunjin and i… there’s a lot of electricity between us

sungie: plus, we kept laughing while we were getting undressed, and it took so long that he came as soon as i got a hand around him

binnie: thanks for that

binnie: can’t wait to think about nothing else when i see you both in a minute

sungie: ;)

channie: minho’s screaming, i’m gonna go

channie: get your ass here

sungie: we just got the food! we’re coming

binnie: and apparently they come very fast

sungie: heyyy


Hyunjin swung the bag of snacks at his side as they walked, Jisung frowning and nudging his arm until he traded hands. Hyunjin rolled his eyes, but let him slot their fingers together. It wasn’t too cold, and they didn’t have far to go, but Jisung smiled, squeezing his hand.

“Getting into character?” Hyunjin questioned with a knowing smile.

Jisung only laughed, turning his head up and pouting his lips. “Why? Do you want a kiss before we go in?”

Patting his hand against Jisung’s mouth, Hyunjin wrinkled his nose.

“Speaking of kisses…” Jisung said, his eyes shining with glee. “I walked in on Chan-hyung and that Felix kid earlier, and they seemed awfully close.”

“Do you think they’re into each other?”

“I think it’s Chan-hyung, and he wouldn’t notice someone flirting with him if they dropped to their knees and took his dick in their mouth.”

“Charming,” Hyunjin said, huffing out a little laugh. “Speaking of kisses… you need to calm down in the chat.”


“Yes, Mr I want to watch Minho-hyung make out with himself. How obvious can you be?”

“Who wouldn’t want to watch that?!” Jisung argued, throwing his free hand in the air.

Hyunjin shook his head, smiling. “I thought the whole point of this thing was to make him jealous. I’m not doing this to look like a fool whose boyfriend keeps flirting with someone else right in front of him.”

“I thought you were doing this because it sounded dumb, you got a handjob out of it, and you got to feel like you were in a teen rom-com…?”

“Well, yes.” Hyunjin sighed, pausing when they reached Chan’s building. He turned to face Jisung, squeezing his hand. “I’m just telling you as your friend, and your fake boyfriend… you’ve got to chill out a bit if you want this to work.”

Jisung whined, swinging their arms. “It’s just hard! He’s so hot, Hyunjin.”

“I know, trust me. I know.”

“And don’t call yourself my fake boyfriend. It’s weird.”

Hyunjin let go of his fingers to rest a hand on his shoulder, meeting Jisung’s eyes. “I’m not letting you get any funny ideas that you could date me for real.”

“Hey… I could date you! I am dating you! Get back here!” Jisung called as Hyunjin disappeared inside, not bothering to hold the door for him. “Tomorrow is our three week anniversary. I’ve touched your dick, Hwang Hyunjin. How could you tell me I’m not your boyfriend?!”


[Chat (2): jeongin & minnie]

minnie: hey! it’s seungmin from the tour yesterday. it was really great to meet you, and i hope it was helpful! one of my friends let me know there’s a society fair next weekend, if you’re interested? no worries if you can’t make it, but i’d be happy to go with you so you at least know somebody. let me know! :)

jeongin: hey! thank you for letting me know, and for showing me around. it was really helpful :) it’d be great to come along and get to know the campus better, and meet some more people! if you’re sure you don’t mind?

minnie: of course not! is friday okay? after you’re out of school?

jeongin: sounds great, hyung :D

minnie: cool :) i’ll text you the info in the next few days

jeongin: thanks! i won’t be so nervous next year, having one friend around

minnie: :)


[Chat (2): channie & minnie]

channie: hey! :)

minnie: hi, hyung

channie: you looked cute last night ;)

minnie: thank you?

minnie: you too

channie: are you planning on filming anything later? because i might hang out with felix

minnie: later? i don’t have anything i’m working on right now, it’s all theory at the moment...

channie: right right. i was just going to offer to help you, if you did have anything due soon :)

channie: for class

minnie: i’m okay, but thanks, hyung

minnie: i’ll let you know if i ever need a hand

channie: yeah yeah, totally!!

minnie: enjoy hanging out with felix!


[Chat (2): channie & minnie2]

channie: change your chat name right the fuck now!!!!!

minnie2: why?!?!

[channie sent a screenshot]

minnie2: hahahahHAHAHAHAHA

channie: -.-

minnie2: btw i don’t need your help tonight

minnie2: so do enjoy hanging out with felix ;)


[Chat (2): binnie & minnie]

minnie: please check on chan-hyung. i think he might be drunk.


“There’s no way.”

“I’m telling you,” Hyunjin said, shuffling to sit up straighter. “She came back with them both last night. I saw them!”

“But we’d only seen the blond guy for the last week. I thought she was done with the short one.”

Hyunjin waved his hand, frowning. “You’re not seeing the point here. It was both of them.”

“You think they…” Jisung paused, lifting his hands in an attempt to make some kind of gesture. “Together?”

Shrugging, Hyunjin popped a chip into his mouth. “I think I didn’t hear any of them leave.”

Letting out a long breath, Jisung shook his head. “You get it, random girl from the second floor. Good for you.”

“Good for them all, I reckon,” Hyunjin noted, wiping his hand off on the leg of his sweatpants. “Although, I was hoping we’d get to see them fight when they found out.”

Jisung hummed, uncrossing his legs and searching through his duvet for his phone. “It would have been fun, but this is a good turn of events. There should be more threesomes in the world, y‘know?”

Nodding in agreement, Hyunjin rested his head back against the wall, smiling. “Who would you invite to a threesome with us?” he asked, opening one eye before Jisung could respond. “And you can’t say Minho-hyung.”

“Would be hot though,” Jisung sighed, thinking for a moment as he checked his phone, his eyes suddenly blowing wide. “Shit… Chan-hyung.”

“Mhm. Chan-hyung would make sense. I’d go for that.”

“No, not… well, yes. Probably Chan-hyung, but that’s not…” Jisung looked around, panic in his eyes, before his gaze finally settled on Hyunjin. “Take your shirt off.”


“Take your shirt off,” Jisung repeated, standing up.


“Because Chan-hyung just messaged me to say he’s coming over to grab some stuff he left here last night.”


“So, I told him earlier we were going on a date tonight.” Glancing back down at his phone, Jisung’s panic only seemed to rise. “He said he’ll let himself in, he just wanted to let me know. Hyunjin…”

“Why would you tell him that?” Hyunjin questioned, eyes wide.

“To keep up the rouse!” Jisung explained, throwing his phone onto his bed.

“I still don’t understand why me taking my shirt off will help…”

“Because there’s no way we went on a date with you wearing that!”

They both looked down at Hyunjin’s oversized t-shirt, crinkled and sporting an orange stain on the front from dinner. Hyunjin seemed to consider his options, eyes running over Jisung’s face, and the clear panic in his eyes.

It was a dumb idea, Jisung had known that. This whole thing was, but he was desperate, and it had seemed like fun. Plus, telling Chan they were on a date wasn’t exactly a lie, they were hanging out. He’d been to class that afternoon, and hadn’t got changed, so he at least looked a little more convincing.

Hyunjin sighed, reaching down and pulling his t-shirt over his head in one swift motion. It had barely hit the ground before Jisung had pulled the sheet over his lower half, and crawled up into his lap.

“Kiss me,” he urged, grabbing Hyunjin’s hands and pulling them to his waist.


“Kiss me!”

Their heads turned to the sound of a key in the door, eyes meeting for no more than a second, and then Jisung felt lips on his.

To give him his due, Hyunjin was selling it, one hand sliding down to Jisung’s ass to pull him closer as Jisung clung onto his shoulders. The kiss was uncoordinated, mouths pressing together desperately, tongues just trying to keep up with one another.

Jisung could feel his heart pounding in his chest from the adrenaline.

It would be so embarrassing if Chan found out they’d been lying, that he’d had to resort to asking Hyunjin to pretend to be his boyfriend… The thought of the judging looks made heat flare up in Jisung’s cheeks, pressing forward just a little harder, his fingers coming up to tangle in Hyunjin’s hair.

Hyunjin whimpered into his mouth, Jisung enjoying the sound more than he would like to admit. He wasn’t sure how long it had actually been, no more than a few seconds, but the sound of someone clearing their throat caused them both to spring apart.

Chan stood there, looking more than a little awkward.

“Enjoy your date?” he questioned, the smirk on his face not enough to disguise the embarrassment in his eyes, or the pink tinge to his cheeks.

Jisung laughed nervously, hands hovering for a moment before planting on Hyunjin’s chest, like it was totally normal for him to be feeling up his bare torso.

Despite knowing that Chan had been coming, that this was intentionally for him to see, Jisung couldn’t help but feel embarrassed. The way that Chan’s eyes flicked down to his hands, and then to his lips, really not helping.

It must be weird, Jisung thought. It was one thing for Chan to hear about Jisung’s sex life, and to be aware that it was a thing, and a whole other to actually be faced with it. Even so, a little jolt of arousal flared inside him, a part of him enjoying Chan seeing him like this. It made him lean forward just a little, tongue darting to wet his lips.

“I’m still enjoying it,” Hyunjin purred, fingers coming to Jisung’s thighs. “Fancy joining us, hyung?”

Jisung almost choked, Chan’s eyes widening as he laughed, rubbing the back of his neck.

“No, no, I won’t ruin your fun… I just came by to grab something. I thought you’d still be out.”

“Oh, um…” Jisung glanced down at Hyunjin, smiling shyly. “We got a little impatient. Right?”

“Right,” Hyunjin nodded.

“Well, I’m just gonna…” Chan headed towards Jisung’s desk, tugging his notebook out from under the stuff littered there, arm outstretched as though he didn’t want to get any closer to them than necessary. “Thanks. I’ll be… I’m gonna go then. Sorry again for disturbing you.”

“Just be glad you weren’t five minutes later,” Hyunjin murmured.

Chan averted his eyes, laughing weakly. “Yeah yeah. You two just have fun… use protection and all that!”

“Goodnight, hyung!” Jisung called, looking over his shoulder to watch Chan slip out of the room with a quick wave, the door clicking closed behind him.

“Well… that was awkward,” Hyunjin muttered, Jisung lightly swatting his chest.

“At least he bought it.”

Hyunjin hummed in agreement, squeezing Jisung’s thighs where his hands still rested. Jisung wasn’t sure why he hadn’t moved yet, and he was even more surprised that Hyunjin hadn’t shoved him off, but then he noticed the mischievous little glint in his eye.

“Wanna carry on making out for a bit?”

Jisung raised his eyebrows, looking down at Hyunjin’s bare chest, then up to his plump lips, his hair falling forward where he’d recently started growing it out.

“Alright,” he shrugged.




[Chat (2): minnie2 & sungie]

minnie2: come rescue

minnie2: breath is visible

minnie2: can no longer feel fingers

sungie: you’re typing rn

minnie2: muscle memory

minnie2: where are you??

sungie: in class!

minnie2: grrrr

sungie: did you just growl at me?

minnie2: it’s only friday. i still have two more days of this!

minnie2: no one is even coming over here

minnie2: 4 leaflets i have given out

minnie2: FOUR

sungie: are you okay?

minnie2: NO

sungie: want me to distract you?

minnie2: that’s what you’re already supposed to be doing

sungie: you’re very whiny when you’re cold, hyung

minnie2: who even needs to learn how to dance?

minnie2: there are enough dancers out there

minnie2: it’s a saturated market if anything

sungie: that’s fine, but what about when all the fourth years graduate?

sungie: are you just going to do all the dances on your own?

minnie2: yes

sungie: fair enough. guess you can go home then.

minnie2: okay

sungie: you still standing there?

minnie2: yes

minnie2: seungmin and that jeongin kid came by earlier, at least that killed ten minutes

sungie: omg isn’t he cute?!

minnie2: i have to admit that he is

minnie2: although he did laugh when i told him my fingers were turning blue

minnie2: so i told him he was getting comfortable for someone that doesn’t even know if he got in yet

minnie2: he gave me a solid death glare. 8/10. i’ve decided i like him.

sungie: nice to know you’re welcoming the new kids

minnie2: i try

minnie2: although seungmin did tell me i was acting awfully cocky for someone with only three names on my sign up sheet

sungie: ouch. it was nice knowing him.

minnie2: what happened to respecting your elders, huh??

sungie: if you’re about to say the phrase ‘back in my day’, i’m getting you a room in the retirement home right next to chan-hyung

minnie2: at least it will be warm there

sungie: how long have you still got to stay out there?

minnie2: idk like an hour or two?

sungie: i can come and keep you company in a bit, if you want

minnie2: bring layers

sungie: you’re supposed to tell me you don’t want me to suffer with you

minnie2: but i do

sungie: then i guess i’ll see you soon

sungie: stay strong, hyung! think warm thoughts


minnie2: why did a strange man just run up to me and give me coffee?

minnie2: did this have something to do with you?

sungie: maybe…

sungie: i hope he delivered it nicely. made me pay him enough

minnie2: you’re ridiculous

minnie2: but thank you

sungie: don’t turn into a block of ice before i get there!


It was 5pm on a Friday, and somehow Chan had the place to himself. He was working at the small kitchen table, music playing out loud, and generally enjoying all the perks of having both of his roommates not there. It was nice.

The only problem was the thoughts that kept niggling at him. No matter how hard he tried to focus on the song he was working on, forcing the urge to the back of his mind, the idea would crawl its way back up.

After another thirty minutes of little progress, and increasingly less ability to focus, he gave in. He was alone after all. It would be such a waste not to take the opportunity.

Arousal instantly curled in his stomach, anticipation making his heart beat a little faster now that he’d decided it was happening. Closing his laptop, but bringing it with him, just in case, he retreated to his bedroom, closing the door. He was alone, but he still wasn’t brave enough to risk getting off out in the open.

Resting his laptop on the floor, he climbed up onto his bed, lying back flat.

It had been building over the last few days, but he’d never had a good opportunity. Yesterday morning, Changbin had left earlier than usual, meaning there wasn’t a battle for the bathroom, and he’d wrapped a hand around himself in the shower, stroking quickly as the water hit his back. But then, that particular image had flashed into his mind, and he’d pulled his hand away, turning the water cold like he could freeze away the shame, along with his erection.

Maybe he just needed to get it out of his system. That was it. The more he told himself not to think about it, the harder it got. Literally.

With a shaky breath, Chan lifted his hand, palming himself over his shorts. His breath came out in a little shudder, his hips twitching. He was already half-hard just from the thought of finally getting some release.

Not bothering with teasing himself when Minho could be back any time, he lifted his hips, pushing his shorts and underwear down to his knees, cock springing free. Pressing his lips together, he wrapped a hand around himself, a moan rising in his throat.

Chan’s head lifted, watching his hand move as he stroked himself. It didn’t take long for him to get fully hard, or for pleasure to start building in his stomach. He allowed himself to relax, head falling back against the pillows as he started to actually work his hand in satisfying little twists, or drags over his head, rather than just focusing on speed.

It felt so good that he allowed his mouth to fall open, letting out a small, tentative moan into the quiet of the room. It made him flush, made his breathing come a little quicker.

Recognising that he was doing this, and doing it properly, Chan removed his hand and twisted onto his side, reaching awkwardly into the drawer at the side of his bed. He had to stretch, shoving things out of the way, but his fingers found the little bottle of lube there, coating his palm.

When his hand returned to his cock, the slide made him whimper, tossing the bottle somewhere into his sheets. Biting down on his lip, he bucked up into his fist, eyes fluttering closed.

“Fuck,” he gasped, his legs falling open.

With his eyes shut, it was so easy for the thoughts to come back, the images flashing up in his mind like a filthy slide show. Felix with his freckled skin, and the mouth than Chan hadn’t stopped thinking about kissing since they’d met. That was okay. He had a crush. Okay.

He let his mind wonder, let himself picture Felix here, whining Chan’s name like he did sometimes when they joked around. He imagined Felix's fingers around his cock, the way he’d stroke him, tongue peeking out in concentration, probably smiling every time Chan moaned at the pleasure he was making him feel.

It was Felix kissing him next, maybe in his lap, Chan’s hands sliding under his t-shirt. He knew Felix had a good body, had seen flashes of skin when he danced. Once, Felix had pulled up the edge of his t-shirt to wipe at the sweat on his forehead and Chan had almost fainted on the spot. He could practically feel it under his fingers, feel the lips against his own.

But then, his brain shifted, flashing up some random thought like it so liked to do in these moments, and today it was the exact image he’d been trying to forget. The one that had cut off his orgasm in the shower the day before. Jisung straddling Hyunjin on his bed, their mouths pressed together.

This time, he tried not to pull away, to not panic, letting himself go there. He remembered it so vividly, the sight of Hyunjin’s hands on Jisung’s ass, Jisung’s fingers in his hair. He’d frozen in place, unintentionally giving himself ample time to memorise the scene before they’d noticed him. He still remembered how slick Hyunjin’s lips had looked when they’d pulled apart, how plump and kissable.

He saw the blush on Jisung’s cheeks, how hard he’d been kissing Hyunjin. So eager. It made his cock twitch in his hand.

Chan had had crushes before, plenty of them. That was kind of the problem.

It was normal though, to find several people attractive, or even to like multiple people at once, it happened to everyone. But, what happened when the people you found attractive were also your friends? Friends you loved. How was that supposed to play out?

He liked Felix and that made sense to him. His worry was that even if he was lucky enough to actually date Felix, the urge to want more wouldn’t go away. That when he was around the others, he would still want to curl into them and hold their hands, or know what it was like to kiss their lips, and call them his.

It’d never been like this before. He hadn’t even felt jealous to see Hyunjin and Jisung together. He’d liked it. It’d make him feel warm and happy, and he’d wished more than anything for them to have pulled him onto that tiny bed with them.

His eyes squeezed closed, his breath catching as the ideas flooded his brain. Limbs and lips and gentle touches. The memory of Minho stretched out on his bed was added to the pile. Not even when they’d been filming together, just chatting to Chan from the doorway, fully clothed, but Chan could picture that face hovering over him with a teasing smile.

The way he’d encourage the others, Hyunjin’s mouth around his cock, Felix kissing his neck, Jisung’s moans floating from beside him thanks to whatever Changbin was doing. Seungmin pulling Hyunjin off his cock to kiss him as Chan turned to let someone press their cock against his lips.

And then, his brain was a blur of lips, each so different, of hands on his body, or a body wrapped around his in bed. Shared laughter and fond smiles, his heart swelling with his feelings, so much of it that it hurt, his body feeling like it was going to explode. He’d never let himself do this, to fantasise without shutting himself down, or feeling consumed with guilt and confusion.

All of them. Together. His.

He hadn’t noticed how desperately he’d been stroking himself, his back arching and tears welling in his eyes as his free hand clung desperately to the sheets. When his orgasm hit, it was with a sob, his mind a mess of indulgent fantasies, wave after wave of crashing over him so hard that his muscles clenched and his hips shied away from the onslaught of stimulation.

He didn’t know how long it had been, but at least he hadn’t been disturbed. Letting his hand move to his stomach, he opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling, his chest heaving. A thin layer of sweat coated the back of his neck and the reminder of what he’d just done was splattered over his chest. Hell, there was a little on his chin.

He closed his eyes again and allowed himself one final brief moment. The ghost of lips on his shoulders and neck. Whispered reassurances in familiar voices. Hands gently running through his hair.

Swallowing thickly, he cleared his throat and sat up. Like it was that easy. Like he could brush those thoughts away as simply as he could the dryness in his mouth. But, he pulled them back in and forced them down, along with the tears that had crept their way into the corners of his eyes. Through pleasure, or shame, or just plain loneliness, he wasn’t sure anymore. Not that it mattered, because it wouldn’t be happening again.


[Chat (2): lix & kev]

lix: this is such a bad idea

kev: it was your idea, man

lix: you made it sound easy!

kev: if it was easy, i’d be doing it. but no thank you

lix: how am i supposed to start??

kev: likelihood is nobody will be watching you for a while, so just sit there and get used to being in front of the camera

kev: it’s normal to be nervous

kev: just remember you can turn it off if you don’t like it, no loss. you’re in control

lix: what do your friends do?

kev: say hi? you’re asking me like you haven’t watched them

lix: alright. hi. i can do that.

kev: you don’t have to do this. just apply for a job at the coffee place like everyone else

lix: nopeeee

lix: i can do it

lix: i wanna do it

kev: alright, dude. good luck!!

lix: don’t you dare watch

kev: i would never! <3



By the time they’d made their way up the stairs to his door, Minho was bouncing on his toes, thrusting his keys into Jisung’s palm.

“You can use your fingers! it wasn’t even that cold.”

Minho set him with a glare, Jisung’s eyes widening as he hurried to get the door open. Minho was shoving him inside and heading towards the kitchen before he could even get his shoes off.

“What are you doing now?”

“Sugar. Warmth,” Minho supplied, triumphantly pulling a little sachet of hot chocolate out of the kitchen drawer. “I knew Changbin had this from Christmas.”

Jisung raised an eyebrow, pulling off his jacket and tossing it over a chair. “That’s only going to make one, you know.”


Jisung nodded, huffing out a small laugh. “No no, you’re right, you really need it.”

Minho nodded, the obviously clear on his face as he filled the kettle and flicked it on.

Jisung rested his elbow on the table, turning the familiar notebook on the table towards him.

“Is Channie-hyung home?”

Minho shrugged, not bothering to turn around as he poured his drink. “Maybe. He’s probably got his headphones in.”

Standing up, Jisung moved to peer over Minho’s shoulder, a smile pulling at his lips at the sight of the two half-filled cups.

Minho pushed one towards him silently, rolling his eyes when Jisung beamed back. “I owe you for the coffee, so…”

Humming, Jisung held up a hand, stopping Minho from reaching for his own cup. Having to lean up on his tiptoes, he reached to the top shelf of the cupboard above their heads, snagging the corner of the pink packet with the tips of his fingers.

Minho watched curiously as he added a few handfuls of mini marshmallows to each of the cups, giving a little nod once he was satisfied. And apparently a satisfying ratio to Jisung was pretty much 50:50 hot chocolate to marshmallow, taking full advantage of the extra space in the mugs.

“We deserve it, don’t you think?” he grinned.

Minho tilted his head, sceptically. “I think we’re going to be sick.”

“Nah. They’ll melt right in!”

Picking up his mug, cradling the side with his cold hands, Minho frowned. “That’s what I’m worried about…”

They carried their drinks to Minho’s room, Jisung pausing at the sound of soft music coming from Chan’s room, but Minho tugged him along.

“He’ll be grouchy if you disturb him working.”

Closing the door, Minho set his drink down and toed off his shoes. He pulled his hoodie over his head, and Jisung’s eyes definitely did not hover at the little flash off his skin as his t-shirt rode up, or the flex of his arms as he ruffled his hair back into place.

It wasn’t until Minho had crawled under the duvet, looking over at him expectantly that Jisung realised he was still hovering awkwardly at the end of the bed.

“Well, c’mon…” Minho encouraged, tapping the mattress beside him.

Jisung set his mug beside Minho’s and climbed onto the bed, slipping under the duvet beside him. Apparently Minho hadn’t expected him to snuggle in quite so close, his eyes widening, and Jisung realised that there was probably double the amount of space left on his other side, his cheeks flushing.

“Am I going to have Hyunjin at my door if he finds out about this?” Minho joked, shuffling to give Jisung a little more space to sit comfortably.

Jisung’s blush deepened. “No. He… He wouldn’t care…”

“I’m kidding,” Minho smiled, nudging his arm.

“Right. Obviously.”

Minho nodded, motioning for Jisung to hand him his drink, and turned the conversation back to some of the students he’d spoken to earlier, Jisung grateful for the change of topic.

In the end, Minho had been right about the quantity of marshmallows, the two of them sprawled out on the bed feeling slightly nauseous from the sugar overload. Jisung had somehow ended up with his head by Minho’s feet, letting out a long groan.

“I told you not to finish mine,” Minho hummed, resting a hand on his own stomach.

“You asked me to eat the marshmallow off the top!”

Minho shrugged. “I didn’t ask for marshmallows.”

Jisung lifted his head, pouting. “But they’re delicious.”

Laughing, Minho nudged him with his foot, shaking his head.

There hadn’t been a shortage of conversation before, talking about school and the new choreography Minho was struggling with, Jisung fretting about having his first big assignments due in soon. When Minho reassured him he’d be fine, Jisung scoffed, saying something about Minho not having seen how little he’d done so far, but a small part of him believed him. When Minho said it, it was like it was a fact. An unwavering belief that Jisung could do anything.

Now, however, a comfortable silence had fallen over them, both their heads turned to the ceiling.

Jisung remembered the first time Minho had made him feel that way. Brave. Back when he was eighteen, and he’d just had his heart broken, and the world seemed so scary.

“How long have I known you?” Jisung asked, his words floating into the silence.

Minho didn’t respond right away, probably trying to work it out. “A year…? Year and a half?”

Jisung hummed, sitting up and crossing his legs. “Right. But we never really hung out until a few months ago.”

“Well, yeah. Because, you were too young and bright and boisterous.”

“And now?”

“Well, now you’re a jaded college student like the rest of us.”

Jisung laughed, looking down at his hands.

“You were the first person I ever came out to. Do you remember that?”

“Do I remember?!” Minho laughed, lifting his head. “I said hi, I’m Minho, and you said… I’m gay. Of course I remember that!”

Jisung blushed, immediately regretting reminding him of it. “In my defence, you were this hot college guy. My poor, tiny high school brain couldn’t handle that!”

Smirking, Minho pushed himself to sit up. “You think I’m hot?”

“That’s…” Jisung waved his hand, shrugging. “It’s not even an opinion. It’s like an objective fact.”

Nodding in agreement, Minho pulled one of his knees up to his chest, thinking for a moment. Jisung watched his eyes shift to the side, and he could practically hear his brain working.

“I never understood why you hadn’t told them,” he said eventually. “Chan-hyung and Changbin. You’d all been friends for so long.”

Jisung nibbled on his cheek, shrugging. “It was never that I thought they’d be mean, I just… I don’t know really. It was easier not to say anything. While I was still in high school, it was easier just to blend in.”

“I get that,” Minho hummed, picking at the edge of his trousers. “I suppose I did the same really.”

Jisung smiled softly, eyes flicking up to Minho’s face. “I think that’s why I wanted you there when I told them. Which looking back, was probably a little weird.”

Minho burst out laughing, his eyes crinkling. “Some random high school kid I’d met maybe three times inviting me to their coming out? Yeah, it was a little weird.”

Jisung pouted, shoving his leg. “In my defence, you were like my idol. Seeing that you were so yourself and that Channie-hyung and Bin-hyung didn’t care, that’s what gave me the confidence to tell them.”

“Are you telling me I’m no longer your idol? What happened?” Minho questioned, his eyes shining.

“Got to know you, didn’t I?”

Minho descended then, tackling Jisung backwards, so that his legs flew out from under him. Minho wasn’t really trying to do anything, digging his fingers lightly into Jisung’s sides to make him squirm, both of them laughing.

“Hey! Hey… okay. I’m sorry,” Jisung begged, clinging onto Minho’s t-shirt in an attempt to pull him away.

Leaning up with a hand on either side of Jisung’s face, Minho narrowed his eyes. “Am I still your role model?”

“Yes,” Jisung agreed easily, trying to catch his breath. “You’re my idol. Everything I strive to be.”

Minho hummed, unconvinced, but he didn’t pull away. He stayed there for a moment, Jisung’s heart pounding harder with every passing moment, their faces hovering so close. Jisung would only have to push forward an inch to close the gap. He could feel Minho’s breath, could imagine the sugary sweetness of marshmallow and chocolate on his tongue.

His eyes flicked down, and when he looked back up, he thought Minho might’ve been looking at his mouth too.

Then his body went cold, Minho rolling away with a little laugh. “You better remember that,” he teased, but his voice sounded a little strained.


[Chat (2): binnie & sungie]

binnie: where are you?

sungie: at yours, why?

binnie: you said we were meeting at your place!

binnie: it’s 8pm!

sungie: oh shit

sungie: i totally forgot

binnie: well, come here! it’s so awkward

sungie: i’m with minho-hyung. we just ordered food

binnie: seriously?!

sungie: i’ll tell him i’m leaving as soon as we’ve eaten. i can be there in half an hour

binnie: no, don’t be stupid. you stay there

sungie: i’m so sorry, hyung. i truly just forgot. i’m the worst

sungie: come back here and hang with us?

binnie: it’s okay, i need to work. i’ll just go to the library or something. it’s not far from here

sungie: just stay there, i don’t care

sungie: and isn’t hyunjin there? he can keep you company

binnie: we’re sitting in silence

sungie: hyung!! talk to him!

binnie: what about??

sungie: anything... school... me…

sungie: how much i suck! you could both really bond over that

binnie: fine.

binnie: but, i’m eating your food

sungie: go ahead, there isn’t any

binnie: hyunjin says you’re a dumbass

sungie: see, you’re bonding already!

binnie: you better make this up to me

sungie: <3 <3



“What?” Minho asked, closing the door behind himself, placing the white carrier bag on the centre of the bed.

Jisung was staring at his phone, a little frown pulling at his face.

“I was supposed to hang out with Changbin-hyung tonight.”

“Oh…” Minho tried and failed not to show the disappointment on his face. “That’s okay. Chan-hyung will help me eat this, if you’ve got to go.”

Shaking his head, Jisung pushed his phone back into his pocket. “He told me to stay here, I just feel bad.”

“He’ll be alright, it’s Changbin.” Minho ducked his head as he pulled out the containers of food, biting back a smile. “I’ll save him some food too.”

“Yeah, he’ll like that. I left him with Hyunjin so I don’t know how that’s going to go.”

Minho looked up, eyebrow raised. “That was brave.”

“Eh…” Jisung took the container Minho offered out to him, settling into a more comfortable position. “I actually think they’d get on really well if they’d give each other the chance.”

Climbing up onto the bed, Minho pulled off the lid on his food, resting the box carefully in his lap. “Hyunjin doesn’t like him?”

“Mhm…” Jisung shook his head, talking around the mouth full of food he’d tucked into his cheek. “More like he doesn’t like that Changbin-hyung doesn’t like him.”

“Changbin likes him,” Minho said, pulling his chopsticks apart and mixing his food around a little. “He’s told me that he does, he’s just worried about you.”

“Everyone’s always worried about me,” Jisung sighed. “I don’t know why.”

“Chan-hyung once told me that you make questionable life decisions.”

Jisung gasped, pointing a finger at Minho. “I have never made a poor decision in my life.”

Tilting his head, Minho wrinkled his nose. “You are dating Hyunjin…”

“What the hell is wrong with Hyunjin?!”

Eyes widening, Minho held up a hand, swallowing the bite of food he’d just taken. “It’s not him, he’s great. But the two of you…”

“The two of us, what?”

“Nothing,” Minho replied, unsure of what he was even thinking himself.

“No, go on…” Jisung urged, his eyes daring. “Why shouldn’t I date Hyunjin?”

Why shouldn’t he date Hyunjin? Minho almost laughed out loud. Why would Minho think he shouldn’t date Hyunjin?

Forcing a smile onto his face, Minho shook his head. “You’re right. There’s nothing wrong with it, you both just seemed to argue a lot. But, that’s been better since you got together, so…”

“Mhm,” Jisung looked down at his food. “I’m pretty sure that was just sexual tension or something.”

Minho nodded, chewing quickly, keeping his eyes averted. “Uh huh. Makes sense.”

“Maybe the same could work for you and Seungmin,” he offered, Minho’s head snapping up.

Jisung looked so pleased with himself, that Minho’s glare only intensified. “You’re paying for this now,” he said, gesturing to the food with his chopsticks. “I expect to be reimbursed before you leave.”

“You need to broaden your mind, hyung. Sometimes the right guy is right in front of your face.”

Minho paused, trying to read Jisung’s expression, to understand the purpose of the little smile on his face and the glint in his eye. He could feel his pulse racing, doing his best to keep his expression neutral as he blinked back.

“I do think Changbin’s been looking pretty buff these days…” he said carefully, trying to sound teasing, rather than like he was slightly panicking.

Snorting, Jisung dropped his eyes, going back to his food. “Like he’d have you.”

Minho smiled, feeling himself relax a little. Their eyes met, small smiles on their faces before looking away.

“So, tell me something,” Jisung said, reaching over to steal some of Minho’s food.

Minho let out an affronted little huff, pushing his hand away, but Jisung was already bringing the food to his mouth, wriggling happily.

“What?” Minho asked, still looking annoyed, but he did let Jisung come back for some more, only rolling his eyes.

“A secret. I told you mine back then. It’s only fair.”

“I think fair is you eating your own dinner,” Minho countered.

“I’m serious!”

Minho continued to eat, Jisung staring him down. He pressed his lips together, feeling the words forming on his tongue. He could just say it. Tell Jisung the truth. It wouldn’t have to be a big deal, just a few words. They could laugh it off.

When he looked up, Jisung’s eyes were wide.

It was right there on the tip of his tongue, fingers playing with the edge of the food container.

Minho didn’t know when his feelings had started to grow. It had crept up on him like the tide. Slow and steady while you had your eye on it, but then, all of a sudden, you were trapped against the rocks, waves threatening to lap at your toes.

It left him feeling raw, wanting to open up and give Jisung something back. Minho trusted Jisung. Probably more than he should. Even now, licking sauce from the corner of his mouth, his cheeks round, he looked so open. So accepting.

His heartbeat quickened, mouth going a little dry.

And yet he couldn’t do it. Wouldn't put Jisung in that position, especially when he seemed so genuinely happy.

Blinking slowly, Minho opened his mouth, and it felt like they were both holding their breaths.

“I make porn.”

Jisung’s mouth formed a little circle, hand pausing with his food hallway to his mouth before his brain seemed to catch up, a smile pulling at his lips. “Sure you do...”

“I do,” Minho insisted.

Jisung laughed, looking a little disappointed. “And I’m an undercover spy…. I’m being serious, hyung!”

“So am I!” Minho protested, unsure of why he was arguing. It definitely hadn’t been his plan to tell Jisung that. He didn’t even know where the words had come from, but now they kept coming, and he couldn’t stop them. “I… I do. Really. I make porn.”

Jisung’s eyes narrowed, searching Minho’s face for some hint of the joke there. “There’s no way.”

With a sigh, Minho pulled out his phone, opening up the familiar website and selecting the first video. He probably should have thought this through, chosen one of his best as a first impression, but he just wanted Jisung to believe him. Honestly, he was a little insulted by how ridiculous Jisung seemed to think the idea was.

“Here,” he stated, turning the screen around. It was only the beginning, Minho still fully clothed, but it was his face right there, the website logo clear, the angle of the camera at the bed very insinuating.

Jisung drew his eyes to the phone with a bored look, and choked almost immediately, coughing around the food in his mouth. And if Minho thought he’d seen Jisung’s eyes wide before, they were practically saucers now. Almost comical.

“Oh my fucking god…”

“I told you,” Minho said, trying not to laugh.

Jisung was still frozen in place, mouth moving like he was trying and failing to form words.

“Believe me now?” Minho questioned, looking smug.

Jisung shook his head, abandoning his food to move closer. “I think I need to see that again. Maybe fast forward a little…”

“Not a chance!” Minho laughed, snatching his phone away.

After pouting got him nowhere, Jisung leaned closer, shoving their food out of the way as Minho quickly tried to stop anything from spilling onto his sheets.

“Are you famous?”

“No,” Minho laughed, moving containers to the floor.

“Is it gay porn?”

Minho shrugged, pursuing his lips. “I suppose… But, it’s usually just me.”

“Like…” Jisung tentatively lifted his hand and motioned jerking himself off.

“Right,” Minho said, nose wrinkling as he caught Jisung’s wrist. “Thank you for the demonstration.”

“I can’t believe there’s naked videos of you on the internet…” he sighed, genuinely looking a little dreamy before his eyes found Minho’s, suddenly serious. “Not that I’m going to watch them. That would be really weird. Right?”

“Knock yourself out,” Minho shrugged, willing himself not to blush at the idea.

Before he could get too embarrassed, Jisung was moving even closer, practically crawling into his lap.

“Wait. Do you have a bunch of secret kinky stuff somewhere?”

“Depends what you mean by kinky stuff…”

“You know,” Jisung urged, “toys and outfits and stuff. Are you like a cam boy?”

Minho felt slightly breathless from all the questions, and even more so from the way Jisung was staring at him so intently. He shouldn’t have been surprised though, Jisung overwhelming in his acceptance. Excited even. Eager and beaming like this was the best thing he’d ever heard.

Minho was enjoying it more than he’d like to admit.

“I’m not a cam boy,” he noted, smiling, “but, I might have some stuff…”

“Can I see?!”

“I am not showing you my dildos,” Minho scoffed, shaking his head.

Jisung grinned, cocking his head. “You have dildos?”

“You don’t?” Minho shot back.

Jisung faltered, licking his lips. “That’s not the point. I bet you have other stuff.”


“Please?” Jisung begged, his eyes wide, perched on his knees like he was actually begging.

He leaned forward, fingers finding the leg of Minho’s trousers, giving him a weird little half smile.

Fuck it, Minho thought, slipping off the bed with a sigh. They’d already come this far.

“Fine. But if you tell anyone, I will break into your room and leave something truly filthy there for Chan-hyung to find next time he comes over.”

“How filthy?” Jisung asked, sounding far too excited by the prospect.

Minho glared back and Jisung smiled, miming crossing his heart. “My lips are sealed.”

“That isn’t… you just…” Minho gestured to his lips, and his heart before giving up and shaking his head.

Feeling Jisung’s eyes on him, he opened his closet and crouched down, reaching right to the back to retrieve the box he kept there. He’d considered hiding it better, putting some more stuff on top, but if Changbin was routing through Minho’s room that deeply, he kind of deserved to find his stash of sex toys.

It wasn’t a very extensive collection. He’d only been branching out more since Chan had found out, starting to take this whole thing a lot more seriously, but what he did have, he liked. Things he’d had his eye on for a while.

Placing the box on the bed, he tried not to laugh as Jisung peered in, like it was a box of treasure rather than… well, dildos.

“You are my idol,” Jisung breathed, eyes running over the items before lifting back to Minho’s face.

Minho bit back a smile, trying to act cool, giving Jisung a little shrug.

He watched as Jisung reached in, pulling something from the box with a questioning look.

“You have to try these on for me.”

Minho looked to the pair of brown cat ears in his hand, chosen to perfectly match his hair, and groaned, hiding his face in his palms.

When he peeked out, Jisung was still sitting there, holding them out with a hopeful little grin. “For me?” he asked, tilting his head to the side.

Minho swallowed thickly, deciding that there were definitely worse things in that box for Jisung to ask for a demonstration of. With a little sigh, Minho plucked the headband from Jisung’s fingers, placing it on his head and looking up to meet his eyes.


“Oh yeah,” Jisung beamed, eyes shining. And when Minho looked to his other hand, he noticed the matching fluffy brown tail clutched there.

This had probably been a very bad idea.


[Chat(2): jinnie & sungie]

sungie: we need to fake breakup

jinnie: fakeup?

sungie: yes

jinnie: why?

sungie: i think i’m in love with minho-hyung

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): rated r for… raise your hand if you’re excited for butts]

handsome: who’s excited?!

dandymin: i can’t wait

handsome: there’s no need to be sarcastic

dandymin: i’m not. there’ll be someone there having a worse time than me for once

minhot: i wouldn’t count on that

minhot: i think binnie will have the time of his life

littleloaf: yes, but i will also be there

handsome: well, at least hyunjin is excited

handsome: he’s having his second shower of the day

minhot: tell him i expect a third before i see him

handsome: i would, but i just left

chyung: you coming here?

handsome: yep

dandymin: i just got out of class, do you want to walk over together?

handsome: okay! i’ll meet you by the benches

babybin: do I need to bring anything?

minhot: what would you possibly need to bring?

littleloaf: i’m bringing earplugs, a blindfold and a gag

handsome: sensory play? ;)

littleloaf: no. they’re for me.

littleloaf: except the gag

littleloaf: that’s for minho-hyung

littleloaf: he’s loud enough when he’s not getting his dick sucked

chyung: you do know you don’t have to come

littleloaf: i’m not being left out again!

dandymin: jeongin’s fine. he watches porn

binnie: and you know that how…?

handsome: they’re roommates, obviously they watch it together

binnie: nobody does that

handsome: i’ve watched porn with hyunjin

chyung: you’ve watched porn of hyunjin

jinnie: we’ve done both

littleloaf: i can’t believe you broke the roommate code!

dandymin: would you rather me tell them that you were excited this morning? that you said you’d get there early to help me set up?

littleloaf: clearly not

littleloaf: would you like me to tell them that you like filming with them? that you were flattered when they asked you and you look forward to it, because it’s fun for you and you like spending time with them?

dandymin: jeongin kissed someone and won’t tell me who!

littleloaf: seungmin-hyung once had a sex dream about channie-hyung

jinnie: OMG

dandymin: stop talking

handsome: who hasn’t…?


chyung: about me?

minhot: seungminnie awww

dandymin: i’m throwing all your belongings onto the street

littleloaf: my finger slipped

chyung: what happened in this dream…?

dandymin: i’m not coming today, film on your phones

handsome: the images in my mind are beautiful

babybin: suddenly i am no longer nervous

minhot: hey seungmin, how many sex dreams have you had about me? :)

dandymin: fuck off

littleloaf: he didn’t say none

dandymin: i’m advertising for a new roommate

dandymin: my old one mysteriously vanished


[Chat (2): jinnie & littleloaf]

jinnie: why was that so awkward?

littleloaf: idk

jinnie: was i interrupting something?

littleloaf: with felix?

littleloaf: no, we were just catching up

jinnie: then why was he staring at me like that?

jinnie: and why did you stay behind when i left? you are coming over here, aren’t you?

littleloaf: yessss

littleloaf: and he wasn’t staring at you. he was probably just trying to remember you

jinnie: hmmm

littleloaf: or maybe he thought you were hot

jinnie: maybe

littleloaf: he wasn’t being weird

littleloaf: if anything, you were being weird

jinnie: me?!

littleloaf: yes you

jinnie: i was only weird because you were weird!

littleloaf: weird

jinnie: jeongin!

littleloaf: hyungggg

jinnie: what aren’t you telling me?

littleloaf: nothing

jinnie: what were you two up to?

jinnie: omg does he know???

jinnie: did you tell him??!??

littleloaf: we kissed

jinnie: WHAT

littleloaf: it’s not a big deal, but maybe that’s why he seemed flustered

littleloaf: we were talking about it

jinnie: WHAT

littleloaf: it’s not a big deal

jinnie: WHATTTTTT?!?

littleloaf: will you calm down

jinnie: what the fuck

jinnie: when?!

jinnie: FELIX

jinnie: WHAT

littleloaf: please don’t tell anyone else

jinnie: is this what seungmin was talking about earlier?!

littleloaf: yes, but it’s not a thing okay

jinnie: i can’t believe you got there before chan-hyung

littleloaf: it wasn’t like that, it was just a one time thing

littleloaf: as friends

jinnie: you make out with your friends now?

littleloaf: you make out with jisung-hyung all the time!

jinnie: that’s different

littleloaf: just don’t say anything please

jinnie: i won’t, but you shouldn’t feel like you have to hide it just because of chan-hyung

jinnie: especially if it’s like you say

littleloaf: it’s not that

littleloaf: you know how everyone will react

littleloaf: it’s embarrassing

jinnie: i get you. my lips are sealed

littleloaf: thanks

littleloaf: and i might tell channie-hyung just so it isn’t weird, but not in front of the others

jinnie: can i at least ask how it was?

littleloaf: it was nice

littleloaf: he’s a good kisser

jinnie: i’m so jealous of you

jinnie: i want to kiss felix!

littleloaf: sucks for you

littleloaf: although aren’t you about to receive a blowjob today?

jinnie: incorrect

jinnie: i’m about to suck minho’s dick

littleloaf: and that’s worse?

jinnie: arguably, it’s better

littleloaf: see! we’re all winning

jinnie: except binnie-hyung

jinnie: minho-hyung told me he was stress snacking at 3am this morning

littleloaf: fun

littleloaf: maybe you should offer to suck him off

littleloaf: might calm him down

jinnie: like he’d accept

jinnie: i wish

littleloaf: do you?

jinnie: why not? he’s hot

littleloaf: is there anyone’s dick you wouldn’t suck at this point?

jinnie: in the world? plenty

jinnie: out of our friends? no, i don’t think so

littleloaf: you need higher standards


[Chat (2): littleloaf & lixie]

lixie: well…

lixie: that was awkward

littleloaf: yeah, thanks for that

lixie: i’m sorry

lixie: i just couldn’t not see him naked all of a sudden

littleloaf: i could tell

lixie: do you think he noticed?

littleloaf: i think the entire campus noticed

littleloaf: but i told him we kissed and it seemed to distract him enough

lixie: sorry??

littleloaf: it’s fine

littleloaf: i just didn’t expect you to be so flustered

lixie: it was like meeting a celebrity

littleloaf: he’s not that cool, trust me

lixie: we should hang out properly

littleloaf: not if you’re going to ogle him

lixie: :(

littleloaf: stick to ogling chan-hyung

lixie: i have two eyes for a reason

littleloaf: wow


[Chat (2): dandymin & minhot]

dandymin: why are you being weird?

minhot: who’s being weird?

dandymin: you are

dandymin: and so is chan-hyung

dandymin: and so was hyunjin this morning actually

dandymin: oh god you didn’t all have some weird threesome, did you?

minhot: only in your dreams, minnie ❤️

dandymin: then what’s going on?

minhot: nothing

dandymin: i suggest you figure it out before the others notice

dandymin: don’t roll your eyes at me


“Minho…” Chan grabbed his arm as he headed into the hallway of their apartment. Minho paused, turning back to look at him.

Minho wasn’t upset. It wasn’t like what they had done was anything new, and there was no reason for things to be awkward. And yet, he’d found himself hiding out in his room much more than usual over the last few days. He’d stayed in there all morning, only creeping out once Seungmin and Jisung had arrived. He’d even found himself watching the two of them, trying to figure out if Chan was right and there was something bigger between them than he’d thought.

It wasn’t like he’d have any right to an opinion if there was, and it’s not even that he would be jealous. If anything, it might make things easier, because despite knowing that both he and Chan were single, he couldn’t help but feel guilty.

It was a new emotion. Usually hooking up with Chan left him feeling relaxed and satisfied, but there was something about that night that was different.

“Are you okay?” Chan asked, his eyes searching Minho’s face.

“Why wouldn’t I be?”

Chan frowned, releasing his grip on Minho’s arm. “I just wanted to check on you. The other night…”

“Was great,” Minho interrupted, smiling. “Really good.”

Chan sighed, looking concerned. “The things I said… it was too far. I shouldn’t have used that. I was stressed and I’d had this weird chat with Changbin...”

Frowning, Minho shook his head. “It’s not that. I said shit too. It was stupid, but… I don’t know. It was just an excuse.”

“An excuse?”

“For us to…” Minho sighed. “Flirting wasn’t working.”

Understanding flashed over Chan’s face and he nodded, smiling. “I get it. But if it’s not that, then what? You’ve been avoiding me ever since.”

“I think we should get rid of the dumb dating rule. For real.”

Chan’s eyebrows rose, and Minho could tell he was trying not to panic. “Minho… If this is about you and Jisung…”

Minho clapped a hand over his mouth, looking down the corridor. “Shhh,” he warned. “This isn’t about… that. It’s about all of them. You’re putting off anything happening with Felix, and I don’t know… it feels hypocritical. What we’re doing.”

Chan looked up, like he was trying to figure something out, but Minho wasn’t sure what. He knew better than to push Chan too much on the topic, but there was definitely more to it. More to why he was so adamant that they couldn’t date.

Smiling softly, he let his hand fall away. His hand hovered by his side and he thought about reaching forward for Chan’s fingers, but something about the action seemed too intimate right now. Too much like a couple.

“You’re right.”


“You’re right,” Chan repeated, shrugging. “It’s hypocritical and it’s… it’s not right. It’s not fair for me to come to you like that and ask you to keep it a secret. To talk to you about Felix… I’m sorry.”

“Do you really think that’s what this is about? That I’m jealous? Hyung, I hope you go for it with Felix. I’ve been telling you to for months, and I don’t mind you talking to me about it. We’re friends, right?”

Chan’s eyes softened and Minho was shocked by the emotion that had taken over him, his eyes glistening. Minho’s words seemed to have triggered something inside the other boy, something that Chan seemed to be struggling to hold back.

“Minho, you’re… we’re more than friends. You’re one of my favourite people. I just don’t want to do anything that would risk that.”

“Never,” Minho vowed, reaching for Chan’s hand like he had wanted to earlier. “I just… who are you really trying to protect with these rules, hyung? Because you can talk to me. Or someone. Anyone… about what’s bothering you. If you don’t want Felix to be a part of this, and we’re pushing you...”

“That’s not it.” Chan frowned, Minho squeezing his fingers.

“Okay. You should really think about this ban then, because quite frankly I would really like you to fuck me again.”

Laughing, Chan shook his head and squeezed Minho’s hand in return.

“I’ll think about it.”

“The fucking or…”

Chan narrowed his eyes, doing his best not to smile. “The rule thing.”

“But the sex part… that’s still…?” Minho grinned hopefully, wiggling his eyebrows.

“So long as we don’t have to fight every time to find an excuse.”

Leaning closer, Minho rested a hand on his shoulder, his fingers pressing firmly into the ghost of the bite mark he‘d left a few days earlier.

“Then you really need to learn to take a hint.”

Chan whimpered, the two boys jumping apart as Seungmin appeared around the corner, doing their best to seem casual. Seungmin gave Minho a look, but stayed quiet as he shuffled past them and disappeared into the kitchen.


[Chat (7): rated r for… raise your hand if you’re ready for butts]

chyung: um i might have some bad news

babybin: worse than me having to look at minho-hyung’s naked ass today?

handsome: he’s abandoning us!!!

jinnie: what?! why?!

minhot: i heard it was because of you personally

chyung: no, it’s not. something just came up

babybin: so it’s off…?

jinnie: no way!

littleloaf: today’s the only day we were all free

minhot: my social calendar is packed

littleloaf: you have like two friends

handsome: what about me??

littleloaf: you’re both of his friends

babybin: am i coming or not?

handsome: yes!!! he left me in charge

chyung: what was it i actually said?

handsome: that if i’m going to make the popcorn i brought i have to eat it in the kitchen and not while i watch?

chyung: no

handsome: that going into a period of mourning because hyunjin sucked minho-hyung’s dick before i did would be an overreaction?

chyung: well, yes but that not what i meant

chyung: i left minho in charge

minhot: oh the power

minho: i feel it coursing through my veins

minho: you may each bow to me and kiss my boot

jinnie: i’m already kissing your dick, isn’t that enough?

chyung: i’ve changed my mind

chyung: seungmin’s in charge

dandymin: obviously

chyung: everything’s already set up and ready to go. give everyone a job and make the most of the extra help

chyung: i’ll be as fast as i can

littleloaf: what happened?

chyung: just something for class. i thought i’d downloaded it onto my hard drive to submit but i can’t find it anywhere. it’s on the studio computers though and i should make it if the wifi is on my side

chyung: it’s final year i can’t risk failing

handsome: i can’t believe you’re going to miss this

dandymin: i think i have an assignment due to now you mention it

jinnie: nice try

minhot: yeah, minnie. we all know how much you secretly love filming with us now

babybin: some of us more than others. hey, chan-hyung? ;)

dandymin: he’s dead. i am going to kill him.

littleloaf: who?

dandymin: -.-

chyung: before you inflict whatever you’re planning on innie, i was thinking that if you show him the basics he could watch over the main camera and then you could get some extra shots, min

chyung: i know that we sometimes let them do it themselves but i think it’ll help keep them in the moment if they don’t have to worry about anything other than each other

dandymin: sounds good. i’ll use my phone seeing as you’ve got yours

handsome: your phone sucks

dandymin: well, who has a decent camera?

minhot: jinnie?

jinnie: mine’s still cracked

dandymin: still?! i told you about that place that could fix it before the holidays

jinnie: i just haven’t gotten around to it and it’s not that bad

babybin: you can use mine if you want

dandymin: cool i’ll use it for the second angle and now jeongin is helping i might even be able to do a moving cam too

dandymin: minho-hyung says i can use his phone as well

chyung: okay, just be sure to send everything across to me before you leave and check with minho and hyunjin that they’re okay having those clips on bin’s phone until the video’s done just in case

dandymin: i will do. minho-hyung said it’s fine

handsome: he actually said binnie-hyung should keep it as a commemoration of this beautiful day

jinnie: fine by me

babybin: so what’s my job?

dandymin: how do you feel about being on standby for whatever they need?

babybin: you actually want me to pass the lube?

dandymin: or water or a washcloth…

jinnie: i might call on you to powder me

minhot: so he’s our assistant?

dandymin: i guess

babybin: wonderful

babybin: they’ll never abuse that

handsome: he could always be the fluffer

babybin: what’s that? that sounds nicer! i’ll do that

minhot: nobody tell him please

littleloaf: oh hyung…

babybin: what?

dandymin: i mean… you can do it if you really want to… we’ve never needed one before...

jinnie: everything’s changing. who knows what we might need…

babybin: I TAKE IT BACK

babybin: i searched it and you all suck

babybin: i thought it was a sound thing!

babybin: i hate you all

minhot: incredible

minhot: i bet he’s pouting

jinnie: powdering me isn’t looking so bad now huh

handsome: i’m fucking crying that was brilliant

handsome: but if you are advertising for the role…

dandymin: you’d be terrible!

handsome: why?!

dandymin: you’d get too carried away for one

littleloaf: how does jisung-hyung make videos? i always imagined he’d cum in five minutes flat

handsome: i don’t know if to be offended or focussing on the part where you’ve imagined that

littleloaf: it was a short imagining

handsome: hey!

handsome: hyunjin is the sensitive one!

jinnie: sensitive, yeah but i have great restraint

minhot: speaking of restraints…

littleloaf: can’t wait for the end of this sentence

minhot: ;)

minhot: did anyone see felix’s live from last week??!!

handsome: HELL YES

dandymin: jisung sent me a screenshot

handsome: i tipped him so much

jinnie: there’s something beautiful about you spending the money you make from porn on porn

handsome: gotta pay it forward jinnie

chyung: are you guys actually doing any work?

minhot: yes…

dandymin: minho-hyung is… stretching?

dandymin: jisung is watching him

jinnie: i’m almost there, i just stopped for coffee

dandymin: did you get the rest of us one?

jinnie: why would i?

chyung: will you guys at least keep me updated? i want to know how it’s going

jinnie: finally, a job for jisung

handsome: i am on it!

handsome: expect the highest quality of commentary. full detail!

babybin: remind me to mute the chat when i get there

jinnie: remind me to screenshot the vivid description of me sucking dick

handsome: minho-hyung laughed at his phone

handsome: not like out loud. just that little huff he does

handsome: seungmin has stopped reading his messages because he has gone to the bathroom

handsome: i can not get a decent visual

handsome: after trying to improve my position, seungmin closed the door in my face even though he was only washing his hands

chyung: you don’t have to start yet…

handsome: oh, right

handsome: so you only want to hear about the naked stuff?

jinnie: don’t we all

chyung: just stick to the highlights

handsome: okay!

handsome: binnie-hyung has arrived. will update once bread boy and my ex get here

jinnie: what have i told you about calling me that?

chyung: thanks

chyung: i’m almost done, just uploading everything to submit

chyung: how’s it going there?

handsome: we‘re about to start

handsome: binnie-hyung is doing surprisingly well

handsome: innie suggested them starting by the door like they’ve come back from a date or something. they look cute

chyung: i like that

chyung: remind hyunjin to breathe

handsome: i’m not going to let him suffocate on a dick

chyung: i meant for his nerves

handsome: oh right

handsome: omg it’s happening

chyung: you should breathe too

babybin: jisung is just staring so i thought i’d let you know that he’s okay

handsome: shhhh i’m trying to watch

babybin: i’m being completely silent

handsome: i can see your thumbs moving. it’s distracting.

babybin: well maybe i want to watch too but instead i’m doing your job

chyung: neither of you are telling me anything other than the fact you’re annoying each other

littleloaf: they just started making out

littleloaf: jisung-hyung and binnie-hyung are currently unavailable

jinnie: he laughed!

jinnie: he’s laughing!

babybin: i couldn’t help it!

minhot: what part of that was funny?!

minhot: i’ll come over there and kiss you see if you’re laughing then

babybin: it was just awkward! it was a nervous laugh i’m sorry

babybin: it’s just so fucking weird

handsome: i can’t believe you made them stop

dandymin: how about you all shut up and we carry on??

chyung: i’m almost done. bin, just look away. it’s going to be dark if you don’t get a move on

littleloaf: we’re on it

littleloaf: changbin-hyung is behaving

littleloaf: minho-hyung is glaring but he’ll be distracted soon

chyung: cool


dandy: hyunggggg

chyung: what now?!

littleloaf: minho-hyung got to the point of taking his shirt off and jisung wolfwistled

handsome: it was a reflex

minhot: i do invoke that reaction in people

chyung: just kick him out

handsome: heyyyyy

littleloaf: go eat your popcorn

handsome: i’ll behave!

babybin: i’m being good!

dandy: you are. well done, bin-hyung

babybin: :D

handsome: shut up

dandymin: let’s just take a break and set up to film on the bed, we’ve got enough of them kissing, we can just get them to undress there

minhot: yeah, okay

chyung: i’m leaving now, just try not to kill each other for 10 minutes



[Chat (2): babybin & chyung]

chyung: should i be worried?

babybin: i don’t know. i don’t know how this usually goes

chyung: you okay?

babybin: surprisingly yes

babybin: but then again no one’s been naked yet

chyung: how’s innie?

babybin: almost concerningly okay

babybin: he’s full of ideas

chyung: huh

chyung: still... keep an eye on him for me?

babybin: sure, hyung

babybin: you’ve done a good job here, you know

babybin: it’s almost professional

chyung: oh gee thanks

babybin: <3


When Chan arrived, things were calmer than he’d expected. He’d been sidetracked on his way back, bumping into someone he hadn’t seen for a while, and they were already well into the swing of things by the time he got there. He slipped into the room as quietly as possible, crossing his arms and nodding at Seungmin as he took in the scene.

Minho was down to his underwear, laid out on his front on the bed, his head moving between Hyunjin’s legs. Hyunjin was completely naked, eyes cast up to the ceiling, one of Minho’s hands resting on his thigh and the other holding his cock steady as he bobbed his head.

Chan could see from here that he was doing some of his best work, the sounds almost as lewd as the sight before him. Jisung looked just as transfixed as he’d expected, while Changbin had positioned the box of tissues he was holding suspiciously close to his crotch.

He let them continue, not feeling the need to intervene. Even Jeongin looked surprisingly natural as he crouched down and readjusted the phone angled towards them so that it was a perfect shot of Minho’s tongue swirling over the head of Hyunjin’s cock.

Chan was surprised by how well Hyunjin was holding it together, usually groaning and grinding his hips up at the smallest amount of stimulation. But he held still, his chest rising and falling, his lower lip pulled between his teeth.

Without warning, Minho pulled off, holding up the signal for Seungmin to cut as he crawled up onto his knees. And Chan was already surveying the situation, checking that nothing had happened, that they were okay.

Minho looked up, finding Hyunjin’s eyes, a silent conversation that Chan didn’t understand passing between them.

“Alright?” Seungmin asked, Jeongin moving to stop the other recordings.

Nodding, Minho glanced over at the corner of the room where Changbin and Jisung were standing before looking back to Seungmin, shooting him a smile. “Are we okay to take five?”

Seungmin was nodding in agreement instantly, even if he still looked to Chan for reassurance. And then Hyunjin was slipping from the bed, avoiding Chan’s eyes as he brushed past him and headed out into the hallway.

It made something twist in Chan’s stomach, uneasiness taking over him as he made to follow after Hyunjin, but Minho was quicker, grabbing a robe from Changbin on his way out.


“What’s going on with you?” Minho questioned, cornering Hyunjin in the bathroom.

Hyunjin was running both hands through his hair, looking more stressed than anyone that had just been enjoying a blowjob should be. Except, Minho was fairly sure that he hadn’t been enjoying it. And that was the problem.

“I don’t, I…”

Hyunjin paused, both of their heads turning to the door where Chan had appeared. Minho could immediately tell how much he was worrying, trying to seem calm, an easy smile on his face just so that he wouldn’t overreact.

“Is everything okay?”

Hyunjin looked to Minho, Minho giving him a look back. Then Hyunjin narrowed his eyes, a warning there, but Minho didn’t care, Hyunjin’s embarrassment not worth him getting more and more frustrated.

“He can’t come,” Minho explained. “I’ve… We’ve been… doing stuff. For a while. My jaw actually kind of hurts.”

Hyunjin shoved him gently, frowning. “It hasn’t been that long!”

“Okay,” Minho allowed. “But I can still tell that you’re not into it. You haven’t been all day and I’ve been doing amazing things out there.”

Chan’s eyebrows furrowed, and Minho could tell what he was about to say before he spoke. And apparently so could Hyunjin.

“I don’t want to stop.”

“But, you can,” Chan insisted, closing the door behind himself. “Just because the others are here, that doesn’t need to change anything. We can just call it a day. Nobody’s going to care.”

“But I don’t want to,” Hyunjin said, looking to Minho. “I can do it, I just need a minute, okay?”

Minho paused. He knew Hyunjin well enough to know when he was lying, and he didn’t think he was, but he still took an extra moment, holding out the robe in his hand.

Shaking his head, Hyunjin’s gaze was firm. “I’m okay.”

“Alright,” Minho agreed, letting his arm fall to his side. “But you have to tell me what’s wrong. Is it something I’m doing?”

“No, it’s not you…”

“If you’re about to say it’s me...” Minho warned, a teasing smile pulling at his lips.

Hyunjin let out a little laugh, his eyes crinkling, and Minho was glad to feel a little of the tension in the room dissipate.

“No, it’s just… I think it’s the pressure. I’m overthinking everything.”

Minho nodded, watching as Chan moved towards them. He lifted his hand like he was about to touch Hyunjin’s arm, but thought better of it, shifting awkwardly. So Minho did it instead, playing a firm hand on his shoulder.

“I know you are. Why do you think I started touching you? I was hoping it’d help you relax.”

With a groan, Hyunjin hid his face in his hands, sinking to the ground, his knees pulled up to his chest. “I know and I was supposed to be the one… I owe you a blowjob!”

Laughing, Minho shook his head. “And I’ll make sure I get one eventually, but let’s just see how things go. Forget all the plans and the angles.”

“Yeah,” Chan added. “Seungmin’s good at working on the fly, it’s what he’s used to. And I hate to admit it, but it worked well for the two of you last time.”

Hyunjin hummed, looking up at them. “Okay.”

“And if you really want,” Minho offered, “I can suck you off and you can just fake coming in my mouth.”

Rolling his eyes, Hyunjin shook his head. “I’m not going to fake it. I just need to relax.”

“So take ten. I’ll tell the others you two are just working back up to it or preparing or something…” Chan said with a reassuring smile.

Minho nodded along with his words, eyes catching the way Hyunjin was still picking at his fingers. “And I can stay. I can help you... relax.”

His words were seductive without the over the top wiggling of his eyebrows, and Hyunjin snorted like he was joking. But Minho crouched down, handing the robe off to Chan and rested one hand on Hyunjin’s knee with a little smile. Reaching out, he tucked Hyunjin’s hair behind his ear.

“What are you doing?”

“Helping you to relax,” Minho explained, his head tilting. The hand that had touched his hair trailed slowly down his neck.

Minho noticed the small shiver that went through Hyunjin’s body as his fingers carried on, trailing down his arm, the way his tongue darted out to wet his lips and the surprise that flashed in his eyes.

“Why are you being weird?”

Minho pouted a little. “I’m not. I’m trying to be kind.”


After shooting him a glare, Minho forced himself to smile again, hoping it was more sincere and less creepy than his smiles sometimes came off.

“I just thought it might help if we got into it a bit without everyone else watching.” His fingers came up to Hyunjin’s cheek, his touch gentle. “Can I?”

Receiving a quick nod, Minho shuffled onto his knees. He hadn’t really thought about Chan being there until Hyunjin looked up, his eyes fixed. But he didn’t hear any sounds of protest so he gently eased down Hyunjin’s legs, crawling forward until his knees were either side of Hyunjin’s lap. Hyunjin’s eyes returned to his, already leaning a little closer.

Minho tilted his head, hand coming up to cradle Hyunjin’s neck and now they were only inches apart, but he tilted his chin and brought his lips to his jaw instead.

“Better keep the tension for the camera,” Minho murmured, lips brushing against his skin and tasting the thin layer of sweat that had built in Hyunjin’s frustration.

It spurred him on, kissing slowly along his jaw until he found that spot that made Hyunjin’s breath catch, smiling against his skin.

Minho noticed Chan wavering in his peripheral. He could sense him about to move, maybe thinking about slipping from the room while they were distracted, but Hyunjin must have felt it too, because his hand reached for Chan’s arm and Minho felt him swallow where his lips were on his neck.

“Don’t go?”

Head lifting, Chan’s eyes met his, Minho hoping he his own held the message that it was okay. That he could stay. But Chan was shaking his head, easing his wrist from Hyunjin’s grip.

“I- I’m sorry. I’ll go and tell the others what’s going on. I…”

Chan was stammering all the way out the room, eyes purposely avoiding them both, adding yet another layer to Minho’s growing concern that there was something bothering him. But Hyunjin shifted and his attention was drawn back.

“You know how he is,” Minho said, his tone light. “Channie-hyung and his rules.”

“Right,” Hyunjin agreed and Minho was glad that he looked convinced, because Minho certainly wasn’t.

“Anyway, we were relaxing…”

“Mhm?” Hyunjin’s hands came to Minho’s hips and Minho let himself rest some of his weight on Hyunjin’s legs.

“So are you going to tell me what’s up?”

Hyunjin wrinkled his nose, looking away. “There’s nothing wrong. I’m just too in my own head.”

“Because everyone is watching?” Minho asked, stilling Hyunjin’s nervous fingers by taking his hand in his.

“Maybe. I’m aware that they’re there. That…”


Hyunjin looked up and shrugged.

“He wouldn’t have come if he didn’t want to,” Minho said, squeezing his fingers with a little sigh. “And none of that even matters. It’s not up to you to convince him of anything. You love this, and I hate to say it, but you’re really damn good at it.”

“Better than you?” Hyunjin questioned, a smile in his eyes.

“Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.”

Laughing, Hyunjin removed his hand to tuck his hair back. “I just need to turn my brain off.”

“Well, that’s easy,” Minho hummed, shifting closer. “All you have to think about is me.”

Their eyes met and Hyunjin nodded, resting a hand on Minho’s thigh.

“Do you think you can do that, Jinnie?” Minho’s words were barely more than a whisper, tilting Hyunjin’s chin with a single finger. He leaned forward slowly enough for Hyunjin to pull away if he wanted to, nudging their noses together softly before their lips met.

“What was that?” Hyunjin murmured, his eyes fluttering open.

Minho’s voice was a whisper, their faces still hovering close together. “A kiss. I’m sure you’ve received one before.”

He felt the little puff of air Hyunjin let out at that, felt his smile where his hand was on his cheek.

“But there aren’t any cameras…”

With a wink that they were probably too close for Hyunjin to even see, Minho’s hand slid down to his jaw.


When Minho kissed him again it was deeper, the easy meeting of mouths that knew each other well enough to be in sync, but with a layer of something else. With the knowledge that, although there was still a pretence, this was ultimately just for them.

And when they returned to the room, Hyunjin’s hand in his and their cheeks a little flushed, Chan nodded and motioned for Seungmin to get into place, doing his best to avoid Minho’s eyes.

“We’re starting again,” Minho announced, Seungmin’s eyes blowing wide in horror.

Even Jeongin looked mildly offended, swinging his feet out of Jisung’s lap to stand up. “What? Why?!”

“Because it was shit,” Hyunjin said simply, Minho squeezing his hand in support. “Which is my fault, sorry.”

“It was great!” Jisung balked, throwing a hand in the air and Changbin was nodding at his side.

“It was. I don’t know what you usually do, but that was definitely not shit.”

Minho looked to Hyunjin, not missing the way he was clearly trying to hold back a smile and sighed. “Just trust us, okay?”

And despite the protests, Chan did, gesturing for everyone to get back into place. Their protests didn’t last long, even as they waited for the two of them to redress, something different already in the air. When action was called and Hyunjin, reached for Minho’s fingers, tugging his forward so that Minho had to catch himself with a hand on Hyunjin’s chest, the change was clear.

It hadn’t been bad before, not even close, but it could have been said that it was a little bland. Now, however, with Hyunjin suitably relaxed and more likely extremely turned on, Minho having slipped his hand between them in the bathroom, his palm sliding slowly against Hyunjin’s cock until he was hard and breathless, and whimpering for Minho to stop quickly before he was pushed too close to the edge, there was a new electricity between them. A push and pull to their teasing smiles and desperately wandering hands.

Now, Hyunjin was tugging him closer by his hips, eyes dark and a smirk on his face that made even Minho swoon a little. Minho retaliated by grabbing a handful of his ass, kneading the skin through his trousers. And then there were fingers at the buttons of his shirt, necks craning to try and keep their mouths together as his chest was exposed. Minho paused, just in case, but nobody said a word.

The room was so quiet around them, that Minho had almost forgotten that anyone else was there. Until he caught the occasional glance of Seungmin or Chan moving around, of Jeongin with his eyes narrowed in concentration behind the camera or Changbin’s eye as he’d tilted his head back for Hyunjin to suck a mark onto his throat.

And perhaps Minho had kept his eyes closed more than necessary. Perhaps he’d needed it to be like this, to be utterly consumed by Hyunjin and the moment, so that he wouldn’t be tempted. So that his gaze wouldn’t slip to the last figure in the room, no matter how curious he might be of that particular reaction.

It was in between needy kisses, Minho fingers knotted in his hair, that Hyunjin nosed at his jaw, voice low enough for only the two of them to hear.

“Let’s give them a show.”

Minho grinned at that, the two of them stumbling towards the bed, leaving a trail of clothes as they went.


Hyunjin was exhausted enough that he’d already decided to sleep on Chan’s sofa, even if he hadn’t exactly asked him yet. He knew it would be fine anyway. He watched as the time on the oven ticked over, blinking green in the dim light of the room, Changbin’s leg resting against his.

Somehow it had ended up just the two of them sat on the kitchen floor, long abandoned pizza boxes at their feet and the sound of laughter coming from the living room. The conversation had been easy, even if they’d both carefully avoided the topic of the events of the day.

They’d already joked about it enough that it couldn’t be awkward, Changbin teasing Jisung endlessly about how flustered he’d been once Minho had gotten naked, literally pointing and laughing each time anyone brought up the way Jisung had squeaked when Hyunjin had slowly pulled down Minho’s underwear.

And they’d all complimented Jeongin until his ears had turned red, both Seungmin and Chan apparently in awe of how much of a natural he was. But now, there was just Changbin, cradling a beer in his hands, his head tipped back against the kitchen cupboards and a comfortable silence had settled over them.

“Well, you’ve seen me naked now so that’s something,” Hyunjin noted, hoping that he was selling the totally casual facade he was attempting to hold up.

Changbin nodded, the tops of his ears only a little pink when Hyunjin found the courage to glance over at him.

“So, what did you think?”

“Well, I mean… it’s you,” Changbin replied with a shrug. He sat up, pulling one of his knees up to his chest and met Hyunjin’s gaze. “You’re like the seventh wonder of the world on a normal day.”

Raising an eyebrow, Hyunjin smiled. “You do know there’s already seven.”

Changbin laughed, ducking his head as though not looking at Hyunjin could grant him a little more confidence and a lot less embarrassment. “After what I just saw, I’m sure you could beat at least half of them.”

Hyunjin didn’t let himself dwell on the warm feeling that flooded through his stomach at those words, focussing on the profile of Changbin’s face instead. On the way his lips had pulled up into that sideward little half-smile he did that made Hyunjin kind of want to punch him a little bit, even if it was insanely attractive.

And when Changbin turned his head, Hyunjin huffed out a laugh, shaking his head and plucking his drink from his hands to bring to his own lips.




[Chat (2): lixie & wooyoungie]

lixie: hey, hyung!

wooyoungie: lix!

lixie: how’s your day going?

wooyoungie: pretty boring

wooyoungie: this class is slowly killing me

lixie: :(

lixie: at least it’s almost over

wooyoungie: 23 minutes and counting

wooyoungie: how about you? are you having a good week? i caught the end of your stream the other night!

lixie: oh, yeah? ;)

wooyoungie: i noticed your viewers too

wooyoungie: very impressive

lixie: what can i say? i learned from the best

wooyoungie: you’re too cute

wooyoungie: but you also surpassed me months ago, so i think you could teach me a thing or two

lixie: speaking off, do you remember that video you sent me a while back?

wooyoungie: what of?

lixie: the guy with the hair

lixie: and the skirt

wooyoungie: oh yeah, i definitely remember that

lixie: do you have the link still?

lixie: for research purposes

wooyoungie: research, huh?

lixie: yesssss

lixie: ;)

lixie: i was hoping there might be more

wooyoungie: oh, there’s more and it’s fantastic

wooyoungie: you might have to pay though

wooyoungie: i’ll look it up for you as soon as i’m out of class

lixie: thank you!!!!

lixie: <3 <3

wooyoungie: <3 enjoy

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): rated r for… raise your hand if you’re excited for butts]

handsome: y’know what sucks?

littleloaf: what?

handsome: when you get up and you go to class and do work and then you just have to do it again the next day

babybin: i agree

minhot: i think every alternating day should be a weekend

dandymin: but then it wouldn’t be a ‘weekend’

minhot: your week is going to end if you’re not careful

dandymin: it’s true though

chyung: good luck for when you have to actually get a job

handsome: i already have a job!

jinnie: you work one day a week

jinnie: and your work is masturbation

handsome: i love my job

littleloaf: are you guys going to carry on after graduation?

dandymin: god no

jinnie: maybe

minhot: i’ll probably be unemployed so yes

handsome: depends how famous i get

handsome: i hope at least one person asks for my autograph

babybin: how are they going to recognise you?

chyung: yeah, you’ve never shown your face

handsome: there are other things to be recognised

littleloaf: does he mean his dick?

jinnie: how is someone going to recognise your dick?!

babybin: you want to be hooking up with someone and have them recognise you by your dick? from porn?

handsome: yeah! wouldn’t that be cool?!

jinnie: i’ve seen his dick so many times and i couldn’t pick it out of a lineup

handsome: get out of this room right now

dandymin: no, i think i’d recognise it

chyung: it’s a good dick

handsome: it’s a GREAT dick

handsome: fameworthy

handsome: maybe i’ll have to get my dick insured

littleloaf: i’ve read the word dick too many times for it to only be 8am

dandymin: i think i could recognise you all by your dicks

minhot: been paying close attention, minnie?

dandymin: in your dreams

minhot: no, in yours apparently

littleloaf: why would you bring that up? WHY

littleloaf: he just stopped being mad at me

minhot: because it makes chan-hyung all flustered

babybin: can confirm his cheeks are pink

jinnie: don’t be embarrassed, min. we’ve all been there.

babybin: have we?

handsome: i had a crush on chan-hyung when we met

littleloaf: you had a crush on everyone when you met them

littleloaf: even me

handsome: i never told you that!

littleloaf: you tried to kiss me the week i moved in

jinnie: you were very cute

littleloaf: what do you mean ‘were’?!

chyung: you’re still cute innie

minhot: you just got hot too

dandymin: i still like to pinch his cheeks

babybin: which ones?

handsome: eyyyyyyy

littleloaf: hands off my cheeks

littleloaf: seungmin-hyung, you get one pinch if it means we’re equal

chyung: … which ones?

littleloaf: whichever he wants

handsome: i’m mad at you too!

jinnie: me three!

minhot: i’ve never been more mad

babybin: if i make him mad do i get to be pinched?

minhot: i’ll squeeze your ass c’mere

babybin: no! not you! get away

chyung: it’s too early for them to be screaming

handsome: it’s too early for anything

handsome: and i actually have to focus today instead of just sleeping

dandymin: you think you have problems?

dandymin: my lecturer says i need to explain my process more for my project but i can’t exactly say oh yeah, i got the idea for that shot while filming hyunjin’s bare ass now can i???

jinnie: i am inspirational

dandymin: like yeah the strip of light and the curtains looks really pretty and why would i set the lighting like that? so surprisingly bright for the concept of the shot, but it looks nice. ethereal. as though i’m focussing on a figure that isn’t there blah blah blah

dandymin: but what does he want me to say? oh yeah, i shoot porn on the side and my friend’s cock looks really pretty like that?

dandymin: how could i use that shot? what’s the story? ermmm I don’t know. just sex. dick in butt sex, sir.

minhot: uh huh uh huh

dandymin: shut up

minhot: no, no, go on...

[minhot renamed the chat ‘rated r for… riveting’]

dandymin: i hate you

minhot: no, i think that sounds like a reasonable response

minhot: put that in your report

dandymin: i’m making you look so ugly next time

minhot: good luck with that

jinnie: we’ve never even filmed dick in butt sex

dandymin: really not the point

handsome: yeah, about that…

chyung: not now please

chyung: save it for the meeting

jinnie: you want to sex me, sungie?

handsome: not when you say it like that i don’t


[Chat (2): handsome & minhot]

handsome: coffee later?

minhot: i might stay late after class today

handsome: that’s alright, i should study

minhot: if you’re studying on campus i can text you when i’m done?

handsome: cool

minhot: we could get dinner

handsome: like a date?

minhot: like dinner

handsome: so a date

minhot: it’s not a date

handsome: i’ll bring you flowers

minhot: it’s not a date

handsome: ❤️


[Chat(2): dandymin & jinnie]

jinnie: is it normal for one of your friends to compare your naked body to one of the wonders of the world?

dandymin: that depends

dandymin: was it a compliment?

dandymin: was it jisung?

dandymin: was it like that time jeongin showed us his birthmark that kind of looks like a dinosaur?

jinnie: i’d hope it was the first one. it wasn’t jisung.

dandymin: huh. i think i need more context.

jinnie: it doesn’t matter. it was just a comment.

dandymin: don’t overthink things, jinnie

dandymin: you’re hot. if you think they’re into you, you’re probably right.

jinnie: thanks

dandymin: was it minho-hyung?

jinnie: no way. you think he’d say that?

dandymin: with the way you two came back all over each other, he said something

jinnie: it’s more what he did

dandymin: ah

dandymin: he’s that good?

jinnie: if you’re curious, you should test it for yourself

dandymin: ha ha

jinnie: <33



Jeongin had seen Minho dance a few times. He'd watched one of his performances only a few weeks ago, and he fooled around enough for Jeongin to know that he could move. But he'd never seen him like this. Standing in the doorway, not yet noticed, Jeongin found he couldn't take his eyes away.

It had somehow become a routine for Minho and Jeongin to hang out on their breaks. Their classes were nearby, as were the good vending machines, and Minho didn't bug him about buying energy drinks at 11am. He also didn't feel the need to talk too much which was nice. Especially after spending the morning around theatre people. Sometimes Jeongin needed a break, and the one morning he'd gone to meet up with Hyunjin and Jisung, he’d only ended up more exhausted when he returned to class than when he'd left.

So today, when Minho hadn't been waiting for him in the corridor, Jeongin had ventured down to the dance studio, sincerely hoping he wouldn't bump into Felix and have to deal with another awkward encounter. He'd found Minho alone, class over, his t-shirt sticking to the muscle of his back as he moved. It was the same few moves repeated over and over again, simple enough that Jeongin's muscles twitched with the urge to try and copy him. He had one dance class a week himself, but he doubted it was comparable.

But the next time he repeated the moves, Minho hadn't stopped. Jeongin's gaze followed the line of his arms, the slow roll of his body, the damp tips of his hair on the back of his neck. He thought he might be improvising, although there was no hesitation in his steps. And when he looked up, his expression held nothing but determination, not performing for anyone other than his own standards.

Their eyes met then, Minho’s face lightening to a soft smile, hunching over with his hands on his knees.

“Break time already?”

Minho was panting, Jeongin clicking into action before either of them could linger on the fact that he’d been standing there gawping.

“It has been for ten minutes."

Minho's eyebrows shot up, sending Jeongin an apologetic smile. "Sorry for abandoning you."

With a point of his finger, Jeongin narrowed his eyes. "Just know that you'll be buying the drinks tomorrow."

"Sounds fair," Minho agreed, pushing his hair back and blowing air up against his own face.

Jeongin held himself back from smiling at the way his bottom lip pouted out. "I'll let you off if you show me how to do that."

"Do what?"

"The rolly thing," Jeongin prompted, giving a pathetic attempt at copying the move.

Minho was smirking, eyes dropping down to the thrust of Jeongin's hips then back to his eyes, an amused smile pulling at his lips. "Well, for one you're just thrusting. Not that you're bad at that though..."

Growling softly, Jeongin swatted at his arm, going to turn away. "I don't want your help anymore."

"No, no, come on..." Minho encouraged, pulling him back by his arm. "It's easy."

"Maybe for you, Mr Porn Star. We're not all so nimble with our hips."

Setting him with a glare, Minho sighed, turning Jeongin's body to face the mirror. "All you have to do is put one foot out a little and then imagine the ripple passing through your body like a wave."

Jeongin attempted to follow his words, eyebrows raised skeptically. "This isn't it..."

"No, it's not,” Minho agreed, grabbing onto Jeongin's hips before he could give up and walk away. "Just try to imagine something pushing down your body and wherever it passes can roll over it. Like you're being rolled with a rolling pin..."

Purposefully not thinking about the feeling of Minho guiding his hips, and willing his body not to overreact to the situation, Jeongin met his eyes in the mirror. "Just because I am bread, does not mean I can be rolled."

Minho laughed at that, resting his forehead on Jeongin’s shoulder for just a moment. “Okay okay. Just go slower. That’s better…”

“Is it?” Jeongin questioned, gradually speeding up the roll of his body until it became something close to flailing and they both burst out laughing.

“Kind of…” Minho allowed between laughs, waving his hand. He flopped to the ground, Jeongin joining him to lie by his side, spreading his limbs like a starfish.

“I think it’s because I’m wearing jeans.”

Minho hummed. “That’s definitely it.”

They lay quietly for a moment, Minho wafting his t-shirt to let the cool air hit his skin before Jeongin rolled his head to look at him.

“You were good by the way. The other day.”


Jeongin nodded, looking back up at the ceiling.

“How are you doing with everything?” Minho asked. Jeongin could hear the attempt at nonchalance in his voice.

“I’m fine. It’s not that big of a deal to me.”

Lifting his arms up to cross behind his head, Jeongin felt Minho’s eyes on him. He turned to give him a little smile, Minho smiling back.

“And your love life… have you been kissing anyone else yet?”

Jeongin frowned, stretching out to nudge Minho with his foot. “Shut up.”

“I’m just asking!” Minho protested, lifting his legs out of the way.

“How about you? Have you made a move on Jisung yet?”

“I…” Minho started, mouth opening and closing before he frowned, shaking his head. “I don’t know what you mean.”

Jeongin huffed out a laugh at that, pushing himself up onto his elbows. “Please. Your crush is just as obvious as Chan and Felix or Hyunjin and…”

As he paused, Minho sat up, eyebrows raised. “Hyunjin and…”

“Nobody. I… I just noticed that… no. Stop trying to change the subject.”

Smiling sweetly, Minho blinked back, cocking his head. “Me?”

“Yes, you!”

Minho cackled, his laughter turning into a shriek as Jeongin tackled him backwards, the two of them a muddled heap of limbs on the ground.



[Chat (2): babybin & littleloaf]

babybin: hey, baguette!

littleloaf: what do you want?

babybin: is that any way to speak to your loving hyung?

littleloaf: yes?

babybin: how are you feeling after the big day?

littleloaf: not you too

littleloaf: channie-hyung already checked up on me

babybin: but we’re in the same boat with this whole thing

littleloaf: so how are you? seeing the world in a whole new light?

babybin: a little

babybin: but it was okay, right? not that weird

littleloaf: not that weird

babybin: interesting

littleloaf: i suppose

babybin: they were better than i expected

babybin: it wasn’t really cheesy

littleloaf: they have good chemistry

babybin: yeah. it felt very real.

babybin: have you braved watching the other videos?

littleloaf: not yet i’m scared it’ll be weird

littleloaf: and i suppose we’ll see more in the future anyway

littleloaf: although i am tempted to watch minho-hyung with chan-hyung

babybin: they have videos?

littleloaf: i think so

babybin: huh

littleloaf: hyunjin-hyung told me to say hi

babybin: you’re hanging out without me?

littleloaf: no?

babybin: liar

babybin: tell him i said hi back

littleloaf: he said he has a link for a good leeris video if you want recommendations

babybin: leeris?

littleloaf: apparently they have fans. people like them together

littleloaf: he’s says that kinnies are on the rise though

babybin: i’m so confused

littleloaf: me too but i don’t care enough to ask

babybin: wait you’re telling hyunjin what we’re saying?

littleloaf: only some of it

babybin: well, tell him thanks for the recommendation but i think i’m okay for now

littleloaf: our food is here so i’ll see you later, hyung!

babybin: you went to lunch without me?!!


[Chat: rated r for… riveting]

babybin: what the hell is a kinnie?

dandymin: oh god who let him on the forums?!

handsome: LEERIS!!!!

minhot: ah the great debate

chyung: not this again

jinnie: this might be my fault

littleloaf: do i want to know?

chyung: no

handsome: YES

dandymin: there’s a divide between those that like minho-hyung with chan-hyung and those that like him with hyunjinnie

dandymin: it was a thing a few months ago but it’s calmed down. although this new video might set them off again

handsome: i proudly support them both. all the minho-hyung loving

babybin: and leeris is…?

jinnie: kitt lee and chris

littleloaf: the fuck is chris?

dandymin: channie-hyung

chyung: we don’t really use names out loud unless we have to, but they’re there to say who is in the video and it was safer to not use our exact names

chyung: i’m chris, minho is kitt, hyunjin is hyunnie or honey

babybin: what about jisung?

chyung: he doesn’t have one yet. we weren’t sure if he would be a regular.

handsome: seungmin is sky but his voice has only been heard once and you can sometimes see his hands. still, he has some loyal fans out there

jinnie: i think they like the mystery

babybin: so what about hyunris? chunnie?

handsome: rising in popularity but they’re newer. i don’t think they have an official name yet

littleloaf: this is so dumb i might cry

minhot: chris and sky? now there’s a rare pair

jinnie: CHRYERS

littleloaf: i always thought jisung-hyung would be a cryer. different kind though.

jinnie: nice

handsome: i have never cried during sex!

handsome: but if anyone wants to try…

littleloaf: i don’t think my methods are what you have in mind

jinnie: minho-hyung could definitely do it

chyung: he’d barely have to try

dandymin: it would be a hit for sure

babybin: you might have a new most popular duo

babybin: minsungers

littleloaf: they sound terrifying


Seungmin was about to turn down the next corridor when he spotted Changbin leaning on the wall a few doors down. He’d just finished his final class for the day and figured they could walk home part of the way together. Maybe he’d even invite him in for a bit and Seungmin could see how he was doing. It wasn’t like Jeongin would talk to him about it.

It was only when he’d shuffled past a little crowd of people leaving one of the classrooms that he noticed Changbin was staring off into space. Seungmin smiled to himself, slowly creeping closer as he followed Changbin’s gaze. He was watching the small group of girls sitting on the ground by the stairwell, his eyes following the movement of one in particular as she slowly worked a braid into her auburn hair, laughing at her friend.

Seungmin retracted the hand he’d reached out and pressed his face as close as he dared instead, his mouth just behind Changbin’s ear when he spoke.

“What you staring at?”

Changbin’s reaction was instantaneous, startling out of his daze and scrambling away.

“Fuck, Seungmin!” He glared, swatting at Seungmin’s arm, who only cackled in response. “What do you want?”

“It’s nice to see you too.”

Hiking his bag up on his shoulder, Changbin sighed. “How about you don’t scare me half to death and maybe then I’d be happier to see you?”

“You’re always happy to see me,” Seungmin replied dryly, starting down the corridor.

Jogging to catch up, Changbin smiled sweetly, linking their arms together. “Of course I am. Binnie is always so happy to see you.”

“Please don’t refer to yourself in the third person.”

“But, Binnie is. He’s so so happy to see you,” Changbin replied in his cutest voice, rubbing his cheek on Seungmin’s shoulder. Seungmin belatedly realised that this was probably to distract from the fact that he’d skirted Seungmin’s question, but he let it go.

“You do realise the cute thing only works on Channie-hyung and Jisung.”

With a pout, Changbin clung onto his arm tighter. “That’s not true at all. It works on Minho-hyung too. Now buy me ice cream.”

Seungmin set him with an unimpressed look, glare only getting harder as Changbin batted his eyelashes. With a sigh, Seungmin shoved him away, Changbin continuing to pout, arms folded as he trailed behind. Seungmin wondered how long he’d keep it up before realising they’d changed course to the ice cream shop anyway.


[Chat (2): chyung & dandymin]

chyung: hey

dandymin: hi

chyung: i hope you don’t think things are awkward between us

dandymin: why would they be?

chyung: because of what jeongin said…

chyung: i just don’t want you to feel embarrassed

dandymin: ah

chyung: also minho might’ve mentioned you noticing that things were weird between us

dandymin: have you two fixed whatever was going on?

chyung: i think so

dandymin: then it’s none of my business unless you want to talk about it

chyung: i think i’m okay

chyung: but we're alright?

chyung: because i know you were just trying to annoy each other

chyung: min?

chyung: i know it doesn’t mean anything like the others said, everyone has these dreams and thoughts

chyung: even i do about you guys sometimes

chyung: we’re all young and attractive and y‘know

chyung: close

chyung: seungmin?

chyung: if it was something more then we can talk about that too

chyung: if there’s feelings

chyung: not that i’m saying there is

chyung: it’s just me

chyung: not just me but that it’s just me, chan, and you can talk to me

chyung: oh god i’m so bad at this. i’m sorry. my cheeks are super red right now.

chyung: minnie?

dandymin: hey, hyung! sorry, i was getting changbin-hyung ice cream and he had to taste like all the flavours

chyung: oh

dandymin: oh um… that’s a lot of messages

chyung: sorry don’t read them let’s just ignore all of that

dandymin: okay?

dandymin: i guess i’ll talk to you tomorrow about how we don’t have to be awkward about this too?

chyung: haha yeah

dandymin: don’t worry, hyung. there’s no need to be embarrassed. it’s just me ;)


Slipping his phone back into his pocket with a smile, Seungmin brought his attention back to Changbin who had already worked his way through half of his ice cream, the little plastic spoon sticking out of his mouth.

He watched Seungmin, nodding towards his pocket as he pulled the spoon slowly past his lips. “Who was that?”

“Just Channie-hyung.”

Nodding, Changbin shuffled on his stool. They’d managed to get two of the last chairs just as a couple had left, the first sunny day of the year drawing a surprising number of people for the chill still lingering in the air.

“Work stuff?”

Seungmin shook his head, picking up his cup. “Although I should talk to Jisung actually. We need to film something soon.”

“I can help. If you need someone?” Seungmin raised his eyebrows, pausing with his spoon halfway to his mouth, but Changbin just gave him a little shrug. “I’m just offering.”

“I can talk to Chan-hyung about paying you?”

“No… no. It’s just a favour. You don’t need to pay me. Not yet anyway.”

Humming, Seungmin popped the spoon into his mouth, sucking softly so the ice cream melted on his tongue. After a few moments of silent eating, he looked over, his words tentative when he spoke.

“Hyunjin told me what happened when he told you. He was more upset about it than he let on.”

Changbin held his gaze for longer than Seungmin had expected, and Seungmin could see the flicker of something there before he looked down.

“I’m trying to show him that I’m sorry. I… I didn’t mean to hurt him.”

Seungmin shifted over just enough for their knees to touch, a small smile on his lips. “I know. And for what it’s worth, I get it. I understand that it’s a weird thing to hear or… see.”

With a little laugh, Changbin nodded, peeking up. “I guess I had it easy compared to you.”

“I don’t know… at least I had an excuse to literally stand there and scream.”


Laughing, Seungmin stirred his ice cream around until it started to form a paste, and quiet settled between them again.

“Things are still kind of awkward with us, I think,” Changbin said eventually, and Seungmin was careful to keep his face neutral, nodding to show he was listening. “They always have been. When we met, he was with Jisung and we didn’t like each other very much. I don’t even know why.”

“Because you were protective of Ji?”

Changbin shrugged, prodding his spoon into his ice cream with a little more force than was necessary. “Maybe. They broke up and I expected him to sort of fade away… but you were all friends by then and he never did, but it was just… there was already this weird barrier with us. We were friends, but we were never as close as the rest of you. We wouldn’t hang out just the two of us. So when he came to me to tell me… I feel like that was our chance and I failed him.”

“You didn’t.”

With a sigh, Changbin set his cup on the table, looking up. “I know. I’ve apologised and we’ve hung out since. In a way, we do feel closer. I just…”

“You just what?” Seungmin tried not to make eye contact, to keep the conversation feeling as easy as possible. Casual. But Changbin shook his head anyway, forcing a smile.

“Nothing. I just hope he does trust me, is all. I’m trying to show him that he can.”

Seungmin’s gaze softened, reaching out to squeeze Changbin’s knee. “Bin-hyung… None of us trust you. You’re almost as bad as Jeongin when it comes to spilling secrets.”

“Hey!” Changbin pouted, but Seungmin could see that he was trying not to laugh. “We’re the best secret keepers in the group. Jisung is the blabbermouth.”

“Fair point,” Seungmin agreed, lifting his spoon to pat a dab of ice cream onto the tip of Changbin’s nose. “How about school? Is that going well?”

Groaning, Changbin pulled down the sleeve of his jacket to rub at his nose, frowning. “Ugh, don’t even ask. I mean, what the hell am I going to do with a creative writing degree?”

“Hey, don’t ask me,” Seungmin replied, holding his hand up. “Film is hardly a secure career choice.”

“At least you have…” Changbin glanced around and lowered his voice. “The porn option.”

Scoffing, Seungmin nudged his stool with his foot, spinning him away. “No at this rate. The others all have these big plans, so it’s just going to end up as me and Jisung and that sounds like… less fun.”

Changbin swivelled himself back, pulling himself around with a hand on Seungmin’s arm. “At least you have a year left to figure it all out! My future is…”

“Looming?” Seungmin offered, lifting up his spoon with the last bite.

Smiling, Changbin leaned forward to suck it from his spoon. “Exactly.”



Felix wasn’t really sure what his plan was. He’d eyed the bottle of lube on his nightstand before climbing into bed, but thought better of it. That wasn’t what this was about. No. This was… research.

Wooyoung had sent him the link the day before, but he’d been so exhausted by the time he’d finished class and grabbed dinner with Chan, that it had slipped his mind. After talking to Jeongin today, however, he was reminded of his friend with the long legs and the pretty smile and suddenly his phone had felt heavy in his pocket.

Glad that he didn’t have a roommate to contend with, Felix shuffled to get comfortable and forwarded the link to himself, opening his laptop. The thumbnail alone was familiar. He remembered the bedding and the exact pattern of the skirt, a dark navy and green check. Not to mention the boy wearing it.

It had been long enough that Felix had allowed himself to doubt at first if it could possibly be him. And now, even with Jeongin’s confirmation, it was still a surprise when he hit play and found the same eyes he’d spoken to only a few days earlier staring back at him.

Hyunjin was on his stomach on the bed, legs lifted and crossed in the air, feigning an innocence that starkly contrasted the alluring smirk on his face. He was good, Felix remembered that clearly too. He remembered the way Hyunjin, or ‘Honey’ as the video was titled, shyly ducked his head. It was a move Felix had repeated himself on several occasions since and it had definitely had the desired effect.

The video continued, Hyunjin tuning around with the soft pleats hitting the back of his thighs as he arched his back. And then he was looking over his shoulder, a playful giggle echoing in Felix’s headphones as he teased pulling up the hem with one finger.

Scrolling down quickly, Felix checked the length of the video. Just over six minutes. He smiled at that. They were clever. He figured it must be one of the few free videos on the site, the perfect length to draw you in and leave you needy, desperately typing in your payment information to get to more.

By the time he clicked the video to full screen, Hyunjin’s skirt had been flipped up, revealing the delicate underwear he wore beneath. And Felix almost blushed. He’d watched a lot of porn in his time, but seeing someone he knew there on the bed was a little different. He couldn’t decide if he was more turned on or intrigued. Both probably.

For every inch of skin Hyunjin revealed, Felix found himself more and more captivated. His eyes were drawn to the muscle of his thighs, more toned and thicker than he would have guessed. Then to the way his hair fell forward, covering half of his face so only the edge of his smile was visible. The way the sheer lace underwear dug into his skin a little. Felix wondered if it would leave a mark behind, and how those ridges would feel under his fingertips.

The camera moved closer, zooming in as Hyunjin reached back to pull the underwear down, and then it cut, Felix almost groaning in frustration. There must be a full version somewhere, probably behind a paywall. But he couldn’t be upset for long, the camera now on the other side of the bed, Hyunjin’s head turned and his cheek pressed into the mattress as he grinded down. There was something inside him, and Felix was upset that he’d missed how they’d got here, but from the way Hyunjin’s hips shifted, he assumed it probably vibrated.

Felix shifted then, adjusted his laptop and bit down on his lip. His fingers twitched, the idea of pushing a hand into his underwear so tempting. Hyunjin’s movements were getting faster, rubbing himself against the sheets and Felix could imagine it. Not only the friction against his cock and the vibrating pressure of something inside him, but the feeling of lying there too. Of being spread out for a camera, of performing, of all those eyes watching. It made him shiver and his cock twitch, a whispered “fuck it” passing from his lips as he unbuttoned his jeans.

He was annoyed at himself for wearing them now, too restricting. But he’d hoped they’d be a barrier. An extra moment of thought to keep himself in check. But this was what porn was for, right? And it wasn’t like he and Hyunjin were friends. He barely knew the guy. And ultimately… How would anyone know?

Scrambling to shove his trousers down his thighs so he could get the screen back in front of him, Felix sighed, taking a deep breath before he braved looking again. He was drawn to the sound of Hyunjin moaning and wondered if there’d been another cut. He’d moved back onto his knees, maybe needing a break, the camera panning slowly down his back and then to his ass.

Whoever was behind the camera reached out, landing a harsh slap on his right cheek and as he walked away, Felix caught the amused look on Hyunjin’s face, followed by a pouting frown. He thought he might’ve even heard the cameraman let out a little laugh. Hyunjin was wiggling then, basically begging for another hit, but it never came. Or if it had, it had been cut out.

Felix watched, breath catching as Hyunjin rolled onto his back, his cock tenting the skirt obscenely, legs spread. He could see the rise and fall of his chest, the way his eyes closed as his body stretched, reaching under the pleats to slowly stroke himself. Felix couldn’t help himself then, following suit as he freed his cock, teasing his thumb over the head before circling his fist.

The slick sound of Hyunjin’s hand and his low moans might have been enough to push Felix to the edge. He was surprised. He remembered Hyunjin to be whinier. And then there it was, a hand coming into shot to turn up the toy inside him, Hyunjin’s hips bucking up instantly. Felix whimpered with him, stroking himself faster as he watched Hyunjin twist on the bed, like he was trying to escape the feeling.

Felix glanced down to the corner of the screen. One minute, thirty-seven seconds. It felt like a countdown, both him and Hyunjin increasing the speed of their hands, Felix letting his own moans fill the room as pleasure built in his stomach.

And it was there, just one more whine or Hyunjin’s face coming into shot would have been enough. One more shot of his hand working under the skirt or the flush of his chest. But then he was gone and Felix let out a small sob, the seconds continuing to count down as the image of the company's logo flashed on the screen.

Feeling his orgasm slip from his grasp, Felix panted, hurriedly reaching for his laptop. He closed the video, fingers shaking as he drew the mouse to the list of suggested videos, recognising Hyunjin in the top one. It was only a preview, this one a mere two minutes and fourteen seconds, but it would be enough.

He clicked and brought his hand back to his cock, instantly returning to his hurried pace, trying to bring himself back to the edge. It wasn’t difficult, the image of Hyunjin’s little smile as he tucked his hair behind his ear doing more than it should. His hair was longer now, closer to the Hyunjin he’d spoken to a few days ago and he was working himself up and down on a blue dildo suctioned to the floor.

Felix closed his eyes, letting the sounds urge him closer. He imagined Hyunjin’s lips right at his ear as he gasped, how his thighs would flex under Felix’s fingers.

And then there was another voice, firm and commanding. “Good.”

Hyunjin whimpered at the reassurance, a shiver shooting through Felix’s own body.

“Keep going,” the voice urged. And Felix gasped then, letting himself follow the words, the voice calm and familiar. Familiar.

His brain stuttered to catch up, too close to the edge to finish any of the thoughts exploding in his head. His hand moved faster, his hips twitching and his moans turning to broken whines as he sought his release.

But he knew it instinctively. Would have known him anywhere, his eyes squeezed closed.

“You look so good, honey. Touching yourself. Such a pretty boy.”

And then Felix was coming. So hard that it hit his chin, hunching forward with the intensity of it. His hand kept moving, the pleasure rolling through his body. The video must have ended, the room eerily quiet when his hand fell away, chest heaving. His laptop was on its side where it had toppled off his legs, but he didn’t care, staring up at the ceiling as he tried to process the last two minutes. Process whatever the fuck had just happened.

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): rated r for… riveting]

chyung: well, my class is cancelled.

minhot: snap

jinnie: mine too

babybin: i think they all are, it’s coming down too hard

handsome: it was sunny like three days ago

handsome: i was sat out on the lawn

minhot: that’s global warming for you

minhot: recycle, reduce, reuse everyone

chyung: it’s already getting deep, i wouldn’t want to brave going out there anyway

chyung: is everyone okay for supplies?

dandymin: hyung, it’s a moderate amount of snow

dandymin: i don’t think we’re going to starve

babybin: speak for yourself

jinnie: wait. does that mean i’m stuck in here with…

handsome: hey, baby

babybin: i’d rather starve here than be stuck with jisung

handsome: that is incredibly mean

dandymin: how are you going to starve? you have minho-hyung

minhot: and i went shopping two days ago

babybin: for food i can eat?

minhot: what other food is there?

babybin: food i have to cook

babybin: also the weird shit chan-hyung eats

minhot: i got eggs

handsome: binnie-hyung can’t make eggs

minhot: who can’t make eggs?!

babybin: look, we all have our strengths

dandymin: and yours are?

babybin: i’m cute

minhot: …

handsome: :/

jinnie: you should’ve gone with hot

chyung: you have a good body

babybin: i’m cute

dandymin: you’re pretty smart

handsome: good listener

chyung: strong

babybin: i’m cute!

jinnie: you have a nice singing voice

minhot: nice eyes

handsome: and you’re funny. sometimes.


dandymin: speaking of cute… has anyone seen innie?

chyung: he’s not with you in your room?

dandymin: no, he left early this morning

chyung: and he didn’t say where he was going?

dandymin: to practise for an audition i think. he wanted to get one of the rehearsal rooms to himself.

chyung: i’ll message him and make sure he’s okay

jinnie: omg he’s been taken by the snow

babybin: not the little bagel

minhot: well, it was nice knowing him


jinnie: he was so young

littleloaf: i’m fucking fine

handsome: innie!!!!!

handsome: oh boy, we thought you were done for

littleloaf: it took you all 37 minutes to notice i was missing

minhot: that’s not true. it took seungmin 37 minutes to notice you were missing.

dandymin: in my defence, he’s very quiet

chyung: are you okay?

littleloaf: yeah, they’ve closed campus

littleloaf: i’m just walking home now

chyung: do you have a coat?

littleloaf: yes

dandymin: do you want me to come meet you?

littleloaf: it’s a five minute walk

jinnie: if he doesn’t make it back, let me know so that i can have his bed

handsome: u love me


“Where the hell have you been?” Chan’s eyes were wide, helping Minho through the door. His cheeks were pink, as were the tips of his ears and nose, a scarf bundled around his neck and over his chin.

“It’s freezing out there,” Minho grumbled, putting his bags down to rub his hands together, Chan locking the door again behind him.

“Well, yeah. There’s frozen water falling from the sky, what did you expect?”

Blowing warm breath over his palms, Minho narrowed his eyes. “I was thinking that being stuck here with a hungry Changbin is worse than my fingers freezing off.”

Chan laughed, nodding. “Okay, that might be true.”

Without giving himself a chance to overthink it, he took Minho’s hands between his own palms, letting the warmth of his own skin help to thaw him out.

Minho froze, like he really had been cold enough to turn to ice, surprise in his eyes. But Chan didn’t let himself look, ducking down to press a soft kiss to Minho’s red fingertips where they poked out of his grasp. They were cold against his lips, but he smiled, rubbing his thumb against them as he pulled away.

“That was a nice thing to do,” he said softly, meeting Minho’s eyes.

“Um… Y-yeah,” Minho stammered, his voice a little hoarse. He coughed to clear his throat before he spoke again. “Yeah. Like I said, it was for purely selfish reasons.”

A smile pulled at Chan’s lips, eyebrows raised. “Of course.”

Minho nodded, a stubbornly defiant look on his face that made Chan’s smile turn into a huffed little laugh.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone.”

Releasing Minho’s fingers, Chan reached up to unwind his scarf. He could feel Minho’s eyes boring into him, searching Chan’s face. He could hear the intent under his words.

“Quite good at secrets, aren’t we?”

Chan looked up to meet his eyes. He could feel his heart pick up, thumping away in his chest no matter how hard he tried to ignore it. His fingers had come to cling to the material of Minho’s scarf where it hung either side of his neck, and the voice in his head whispered how easy it would be for him to pull him down. Gentle. Leading. That Minho’s eyes held some of the same anticipation that swirled in his stomach.

“Maybe not for much longer,” Chan mumbled, inching just a little closer. The question on Minho’s face made him smile. “You were right. About the stupid ban…”

And then the words were out. He hadn’t let himself think about it, even though he’d told Minho he would. But there it was, like his mouth had decided for him. Perhaps some part of him had known it was the right decision, that he couldn’t keep being selfish. And maybe if he said it out loud, it would simply be too difficult to take back.

“You’re going to get rid of it?” Minho’s voice rose in surprise. He looked like he wanted to ask more. Chan knew he’d want him to talk about his reasons, about what had changed his mind. About what had been up with him recently. But, now wasn’t the time. Not in the hallway with Changbin in the next room and shopping bags at their feet, so he kept it simple, nodding a yes.

And even though that stupid rule had never really existed between them. Even though Chan knew it was for someone else that Minho had wanted him to make this decision, he felt something shift between them. Maybe it was the feeling of Minho’s hand on his waist, or the teasing little smile on his lips at the confirmation, but Chan let his eyes slowly drop down. He wondered if Minho’s lips would still be cold.

“What are you two doing down here? Did you get food?!”

Changbin’s voice practically boomed, Minho stepping away fast enough that his scarf slipped from around his neck, left dangling in Chan’s fist. He watched Changbin reach down for the bags, Minho snatching them away with a glare.

“Not for you, I didn’t.”

Changbin was pouting then, Minho shoving past him to put the groceries away and as he stood in the doorway, Chan noticed the ingredients for Changbin’s favourite warm broth that Minho had used to make back in their first year, along with Chan’s favourite flavour of ramen.

Taking a seat back at the table where he’d been working, Chan let his pen roll between his fingers, despite having no intention of trying to focus again. His pulse was still too irregular for that, eyes too easily drawn to their faces as they bickered back and forth.

Minho had begun preparing them a meal, chopping vegetables while Changbin sat up on the kitchen counter beside him, babbling away and Chan couldn’t help but smile. He couldn’t even bring himself to be upset at whatever had been interrupted out in the hallway, the sight of them together only causing something warm to bloom in his stomach.

Minho swatted a hand at Changbin as he stole a slice of raw carrot, sticking his tongue out before he hopped down, and Chan laughed.

They made eye contact then, Minho sending him a small smile as Changbin came to drape his arms over Chan’s shoulders to look at what he was working on, and Chan found that he couldn’t regret his decision. That taking a chance, and this step forward, might not be as scary as he’d always feared. Because, in the end, it was still just them.


[Chat (7): rated r for… roommate goals]

chyung: hey, have you guys all eaten?

jinnie: lunch?

jinnie: not yet

littleloaf: no, why?

littleloaf: were you thinking of going for lunch? maybe we could get a nice salad or something given the glorious weather

chyung: ha ha ha

chyung: minho made soup but i guess your room won’t be wanting any then

dandymin: well done, jeongin

minhot: that’s a real shame too. you know what goes really nice with soup…

babybin: bread. it’s bread.

chyung: that’s the third time i’ve heard this joke now

jinnie: and it’s yet to land

minhot: no soup for any of you

handsome: what have i done?!

dandymin: me too!

handsome: he never likes you

minhot: that’s not true

minhot: i’ve told seungmin we can be friends on thursday afternoons between 3pm and 3:15pm

babybin: precise

dandymin: huh, i’ve gone up. i only had 10 minutes last week

minhot: good behaviour

jinnie: ANYWAY who tf named the chat

littleloaf: it says chan-hyung and it’s just about out of touch enough that it makes sense

chyung: hey!

chyung: minho took my phone

handsome: am i getting soup or what?

babybin: it’s more of a broth

handsome: did minho-hyung make it?

babybin: yes?

handsome: then i want it inside me

littleloaf: ew

handsome: yang jeongin, you have a filthy mind

jinnie: we all know that’s exactly how you meant it

jinnie: but actually, if he sleeps with you, do we get food?

handsome: i’ll do it

minhot: no, but at least then one of you would be satisfied

chyung: i’ll deliver to you all in 15 minutes or so

littleloaf: nice!

handsome: good, i need a break. i’ve been catching up on my reading all morning so jinnie and i can hang out later

dandymin: oh, cute. a date.

babybin: not again

chyung: oh please no, i’m not dealing with that break up again

jinnie: what break up?! it was barely a thing!

chyung: jisung cried for almost three straight hours

handsome: hey! that was because the movie we watched was really sad…

jinnie: you cried?

handsome: you didn’t?!

jinnie: we dated for like a month!

jinnie: and i still saw you everyday after we broke up

littleloaf: why would you ever let them date?

littleloaf: so weird

chyung: at least we got hyunjinnie out of it

jinnie: <3

handsome: anyway, we’re not having a date. but we might make out.

dandymin: what’s new

jinnie: you guys should try it. it’s great roommate bonding

chyung: i’m sure it is

babybin: i don’t know how you two mess around and then live together. you’re asking for trouble

handsome: you just need good communication

littleloaf: so you just kiss for fun?

handsome: i like kisses. sometimes you just want a kiss

jinnie: and i feel sorry for him

handsome: bro?!

jinnie: okay, he’s a decent kisser and yes, it’s nice

dandymin: can confirm

jinnie: i already kiss minho-hyung all the time so really, what's the difference?

dandymin: maybe the part where you get paid

handsome: you remember that everyone, he kisses me for free

babybin: wait can we rewind a second?

chyung: yeah, how does seungminnie know your kissing abilities??

handsome: um…

dandymin: we made out no big deal

dandymin: he just couldn’t resist me

jinnie: you could’ve at least let us watch!

littleloaf: is there anyone jisung-hyung hasn’t kissed?!

dandymin: minho-hyung?

chyung: ouch

handsome: look, anyone that wants to know what they’re missing is free to come find out...

handsome: c’mon, baby. my lips are waiting

minhot: you heard him, get over there binnie

babybin: oh, if only we weren’t snowed in

jinnie: and technically changbin wouldn’t be breaking any rules seeing as he’s not actually in the company

handsome: a loophole!

dandymin: like those rules have stopped any of you

chyung: actually, i’ve been thinking about the rule and maybe we don’t need it

chyung: you’re all sensible

chyung: ish

jinnie: wait, what?

handsome: WHAT

handsome: we’re free?!

dandymin: oh wow i guess you two really can have that date

jinnie: i don’t know, my options have be blown wide open

minhot: wide open?

chyung: to me and minho?

babybin: don’t forget seungminnnie too

jinnie: okay, then maybe the door to my options is ajar. how about that?

littleloaf: i’m taking bets for the first one of you guys to hook up

babybin: i’ll put my money on seungmin

minhot: with who?!

babybin: could be anyone. he’s a dark horse.

chyung: i get that this might seem out of the blue, but yeah… no more stupid bans.

chyung: it was never really my place to dictate your private lives anyway. just don’t go wild, alright?

chyung: let’s not have anything getting complicated


Felix was surprised to hear the knock at his door, assuming it must be one of his neighbours, although they rarely spoke. When he opened it and found Chan in the hallway, bundled up with a bright smile on his face, cheeks pink from the cold wind outside, he had to consciously remove the panic from his eyes.

“Channie-hyung…” He still sounded surprised, although it thankfully passed as a pleasant shock, Chan giggling in response as he held out his hands. He brandished a small plastic tub, gesturing for Felix to take it from him.

“Soup,” he supplied. “My roommate made a bunch and I… I thought maybe you might like some?”

“Oh.” Felix removed his hand from the door where he’d still been clinging to the wood and pushed a smile onto his face, taking the tupperware from him. “Thanks?”

“It’s good,” Chan said with a shrug, shuffling where he stood as the awkwardness between them grew harder to ignore. He could see the softness in Chan eyes, exploring his face, probably trying to figure out why he was acting so strange. Or more likely, just checking that he was okay.

Felix’s mind flicked to the laptop that was still open on his bed, and the website that was still on his screen. Over the last few days, Felix had been through a fair range of emotions; shock, confusion, hurt, betrayal, amazement.

He hadn’t been able to look at first, hot shame swirling in his gut at what had happened. But then he’d grown bitter, and not to mention curious. He’d opened a new tab and spent countless hours trawling through video after video.

He hadn’t dreamed it. For a moment, he thought maybe… but, no. Not just Hyunjin, but Minho too in video after video. He’d had to scroll back a fair way to find Chan’s familiar face in a thumbnail, unable to bring himself to click play before shoving his laptop away and drawing his knees up to his chest.

Did he know? There was no way. If Chan had known about what he did, there would be no reason for him to hide this. But, even so, he hadn’t felt comfortable enough to share this with him. And neither had Felix. Perhaps they had the same reasons. Felix pushed that thought down and tipped his head back against the wall.

He couldn’t be upset when he had secrets of his own, it wouldn’t be fair. And yet, he was jealous. The way Chan had spoken to Hyunjin echoed in his ears, a tone he’d never heard before. The inclination of his words made Felix shiver from the memory alone. The image of that thumbnail; Minho laid stretched out against Chan’s bare, toned chest, head tipped back and Chan’s hand disappearing down, just out of shot.

And now here he stood, Felix’s cheeks burning as he tried to shove the thoughts from his head. Tried to reconcile them with the man staring in his doorway, blinking back at him.

They both had their secrets, Felix’s own admittances on his tongue. Only, he wasn’t sure which one he wanted to say.

“Do you want to come in?” he asked instead, holding the door open wider.

Chan smiled, but shook his head, holding up the shopping bag in his hand. “I still have deliveries to make.”

“Ah,” Felix nodded, hoping he looked calmer than he felt.

“But you’re okay, right? You have everything you need?”

“Yeah, I’m okay,” Felix reassured him.

Chan’s gaze softened, worry melting from his features as he reached forward to squeeze Felix’s shoulder. “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Tomorrow,” Felix agreed, watching as he turned, raising his hand in a little wave as he headed back down the hallway.

He wasn’t sure what he’d have said if Chan had come in. If he’d tell him the truth, question why he hadn’t trusted him, ask just some of the hundred questions rattling through his brain. Maybe he’d have made his own confession instead. Maybe an “I like you”. Maybe even an “I have an all encompassing, heart-fluttering, butterflies in the stomach crush on you”.

Maybe Felix would have backed him up against the door and tugged his beanie off his head so that he could thread his fingers into his hair and kiss his lips warm.


Chan paused, one hand on the door to the stairwell as he looked back over his shoulder. “Yeah?”

Felix shuffled, toes curling against the carpet. “Thank you. For the soup.”

He couldn’t read Chan’s eyes from that far away, but he saw him nod, giving one final wave and a smile before he disappeared down the stairs.


[Chat: babybin & jinnie]

babybin: how’s your date going?

jinnie: it is not a date

babybin: does jisung know that?

jinnie: well, he’s fallen asleep on top of his notes so i can’t say he was that excited either way

babybin: i was actually wondering if you wanted to maybe hang out tomorrow? if classes are still cancelled

babybin: we could make snowmen or something?

babybin: ask ji if he wants to come too maybe?

jinnie: yeah, that sounds fun

jinnie: although i’m not sure he deserves inviting after standing me up like this

babybin: i thought it wasn’t a date?

jinnie: friend-date

babybin: right

jinnie: we’re having one tomorrow, aren’t we?

babybin: i don’t think friend-dates usually involve making out

jinnie: so i shouldn’t kiss you before i leave tomorrow?

babybin: ha ha

babybin: i wouldn’t want to mess with what you two have. it seems very special.

jinnie: i like to think i have something special with you all

babybin: you have fooled around with half of us

jinnie: oh, hey… you’re right!

jinnie: 3 down 3 to go

babybin: that’s not a bad ratio

babybin: although you have hit all the easy targets

jinnie: so you’re saying i should challenge myself?

babybin: minho-hyung is close on your tail

jinnie: firstly, minho-hyung is the one that wears a tail

jinnie: and secondly, i hear you’ve been making some moves of your own

babybin: with who?!

jinnie: i’ve heard things about a cute ice cream date

babybin: that was not me making any moves

babybin: it wasn’t even a friend-date. just ice cream

jinnie: being made soup...

babybin: you all got soup!

jinnie: selfies curled on on the sofa nice and cozy

babybin: chan-hyung and i were just watching a movie!

jinnie: lunch with the jeonginnie

babybin: he owed me!

babybin: none of that counts

jinnie: plans to seduce me in the snow…

jinnie: my my you’re not so innocent are you, hyung?

jinnie: before the dating ban was even over

jinnie: do the others know how many of us you have on the go?

babybin: i’m not talking to you anymore

babybin: you’re worse than minho

jinnie: i’ll tell jisung to watch out

jinnie: it seems he’s next

jinnie: or were you hoping to get us together?

babybin: i’m not hanging out with either of you

jinnie: a threesome?

jinnie: jisung will be excited

babybin: goodbye

jinnie: see you tomorrow, binnie-hyung <33


Hyunjin had decided to watch a movie, grabbing the pile of their collective dirty clothes from Jisung’s desk chair and dumping them unceremoniously onto the end of Jisung’s bed. Propping his laptop on the chair and wheeling it to face the bed, Hyunjin paused, his gaze lingering on Jisung, mouth hanging open and his cheek pushed into his textbook.

He was still asleep, his pen limp between his fingers. Hyunjin extracted it carefully, along with his textbook and notepad, smiling to himself as Jisung hummed in his sleep and settled again. He still looked quite uncomfortable, but Hyunjin decided to let him sleep for a little longer, fingers gently brushing his hair off his forehead.

After a moment’s thought, he bent down and pressed a soft kiss there too.

Hyunjin gave him fifteen more minutes, pausing his movie once he’d deemed it had been long enough. And maybe it wasn’t as fun without Jisung’s incessant questions anyway. He leaned down, plucking a balled up pair of socks off the ground and hurled them in the sleeping boy’s direction, readying his unamused expression for when they collided perfectly with Jisung’s cheek.


[Chat (2): chyung & dandymin]

dandymin: quite the bombshell you dropped

chyung: i know

chyung: they didn’t freak out as much as i expected though

dandymin: i think they’re stunned into silence

dandymin: i expect minho-hyung is panicking, he was oddly quiet

chyung: minho? why?

dandymin: well… what’s his excuse for not making a move on ji now?

chyung: i guess

chyung: do you think i held them back?

dandymin: no

dandymin: i think you gave them an excuse

dandymin: yourself too

chyung: me?

dandymin: interesting timing, hyung

dandymin: emailed felix yet?


“What are you doing?” Minho asked, voice obnoxiously loud as he slammed Changbin’s bedroom door open.

He grinned as Changbin startled, dropping his phone to grab one of the pillows at his side, flinging it in Minho’s direction. Minho flinched, ducking out of the way, even though the pillow had barely made it to the end of the bed.

“Will you ever learn to knock?” Changbin complained, frowning. He pushed himself up from the edge of the bed just as Minho threw himself onto the sheets, spreading out on his stomach.

“I’m boreddddd,” he whined, lips pushed out into a pout as he made a feeble attempt to reach for Changbin.

“I’m going to the gym,” Changbin replied, and Minho noticed now that he was dressed for it, wearing a pair of loose sweatpants and a vest. “You’re welcome to come?”

Minho’s lip curled, nose wrinkling. “No, thank you. Will it even be open?”

“Yep. I checked the website, and hopefully it’ll be nice and quiet.”

Propping his head on his folded forearms, Minho watched him shove another t-shirt and a bottle of water into his bag. He pulled a sweatshirt emblazoned with the university logo over his head and ruffled his hair, leaning down to squirm his fingers under Minho’s body.

“Will you budge? You’re on my phone.”

“No.” Minho’s pout returned, his body going slack as Changbin attempted to root beneath him.

With a sigh, Changbin resorted to using both hands, Minho feeling them slide under his stomach before he was being flipped over. He raised an eyebrow, a little flare of arousal flashing in his stomach as he laughed.

“You could stay here and throw me around if you like?” Minho teased, lifting his leg where he lay on his side.

With a scoff, Changbin retrieved his phone and used it to swat at Minho’s thigh. “You wish.” His expression was cool, but his voice was just a little too high, his cheeks pink. “Why don’t you go and annoy Channie-hyung instead?”

Minho groaned, flopping onto his back. “He’ll make me work or something.”

“Imagine that…” Changbin murmured, swinging his bag onto his back. “I’m leaving. Don’t do anything gross in my bed.”

After shooting him a glare, Minho sat up, propping his arms on the bed behind him, his expression turning sweet. He smiled and turned his face up, patting his cheek.

“Goodbye,” Changbin said, pausing as he noticed what Minho was doing. Minho watched him hesitate, his own smile widening until he couldn’t hold it in any longer and a laugh bubbled past his lips.

With a sigh, Changbin ducked down and kissed his cheek before pushing him back down against the mattress.

“I’ll be back in an hour or two and I’m taking your coat,” he called as he disappeared down the hallway, Minho’s laughter fading into a soft smile as he stared at the ceiling.


[Chat (2): littleloaf & lixie]

littleloaf: hey!

littleloaf: you okay? the snow is crazy

lixie: i know it wasn’t that bad earlier, but it’s really started coming down now!

lixie: it’s pretty though

littleloaf: do you need anything?

littleloaf: you could come stay here if class is cancelled for the rest of the week

lixie: maybe

lixie: i’m okay for tonight though. chan-hyung brought me some soup and i should still try and practise

littleloaf: well, let me know! don’t work too hard, hyung!

lixie: i won’t <33


Returning from ferrying their dirty dishes to the kitchen, Seungmin plonked himself down on Jeongin’s bed, wriggling close to get a peek at whatever he was doing on his laptop. He didn’t really care, but he knew it would make him whine and squirm and those were things Seungmin enjoyed watching immensely.

“Are you doing school work?” he asked eagerly.

As expected, Jeongin grumbled, pulling his arm free so he could continue typing. “No. Why… What are you trying to do?”

Seungmin had been burrowing closer, a shiver going through his body. “I’m cold. It’s freezing in here,” he complained, trying to stuff his sock-clad feet under Jeongin’s calves.

With a reluctant sigh, Jeongin let him, shuffling over enough to give Seungmin room to sit comfortably on the bed.

“You have a perfectly good bed of your own,” Jeongin pointed out, lifting his head to nod towards the other side of the room where he noticed the stacks of leaflets Seungmin had been sorting into piles earlier. “What are all of those even for anyway?”

Shuffling to sit up a little, Seungmin sighed. “Just some stuff I picked up from the careers office for Bin-hyung.”

“For Changbin-hyung?” Jeongin raised his eyebrows.

“Yes. And maybe I might’ve looked through them a little…”

“And the piles?” Jeongin questioned.

“Possibilities,” Seungmin said with a shrug, pulling the sleeves of his hoodie down over his hands. “Yes pile, no pile, maybies…”

Jeongin hummed, nodding, but when he turned back to Seungmin, his gaze was unimpressed. “Are you doubting yourself?”

“No… I-...”

“Uh huh?” Jeongin folded his arms, eyes stern.

“I’m not!” Seungmin protested.

“Then why can I sense you panicking? Not only do you already have a career path you’re passionate about, but you have a pretty decent backup plan too. That’s a whole lot more than the rest of us!”

Seungmin scoffed, trying not to smile. “If you’re referring to me making porn as a backup plan…”

“I actually meant our plan to open that old-fashioned cinema together, but the porn thing works too.” Seungmin let his smile break through, giving Jeongin a light shove until he was squished against the wall, laughing.

“It’s true! What are my options?” Jeongin questioned, something a lot more genuine in his tone. “Say you all go off and hit the big time, it’s just going to be me and Bin-hyung left behind and he’ll probably just marry Hyunjinnie and live as his pretty trophy wife.”

Surprised, Seungmin quirked an eyebrow. “Hyunjin?”

“Well yeah…” Waving his hand, Jeongin furrowed his eyebrows. “They… that’s not my point.”

“No?” Seungmin questioned, his tone amused. He could see Jeongin growing flustered and couldn’t resist teasing him just a little more, especially if it took the heat off him and his problems. “Because you sound a little jealous.”

“I do not want to marry Changbin-hyung,” Jeongin stated firmly, pushing himself to sit up.

“That’s not what I’m suggesting,” Seungmin challenged, smirking.

Jeongin’s eyes narrowed, his lips pursing. “You know, I used to like you. I thought it was the others that were deeply annoying, but I was wrong.”

Seungmin held his hands up in defence, Jeongin holding his glare for a few moments longer before he looked away again.

“You shouldn’t be embarrassed, you’d make a pretty trophy wife to-ooo... Ahhh!”

Seungmin squealed, Jeongin wrestling him down with much more force than Seungmin remembered him possessing. He squirmed, Jeongin’s fists tight around his wrists as he rolled him over and pinned him against the mattress.

“I-I’m sorry! Ah-... I take it back!” Seungmin gasped, wriggling, something he assumed to be Jeongin’s discarded laptop digging into his thigh.

His fingers flexed, Jeongin letting out a low growl as they tussled, his knee slipping on the duvet so that they landed flush together. They ended up chest to chest, Seungmin’s heart hammering from the exertion, the remnants of his laughter still on his lips.

When he opened his eyes, however, that faded away. He shifted his leg just a little and Jeongin froze, their gazes meeting for a few long seconds, neither of them daring to move.

Seungmin could feel him, the bulge of Jeongin’s crotch hard against thigh. But by the time he’d registered it, Jeongin’s eyes had already blown wide, his cheeks turning a deep crimson in an instant as he sprang away.

“Innie!” Seungmin pushed himself up, scrambling to untangle himself from the duvet as Jeongin shot off the bed, pointedly not looking in Seungmin’s direction.


He swore under his breath, finally managing to shove the rest of the sheets out of the way, but Jeongin had already closed the bathroom door behind him, the lock sliding shut.

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): rated r for… roommate applications open]

jinnie: how desperate are we for content?

chyung: we are running a little dry

chyung: but i was thinking of maybe asking minho to film something solo tomorrow while we’re stuck in

minhot: sure!

jinnie: do you need anything from me?

jinnie: i only have ji to help me… but i don’t think it’ll be that bad...

handsome: hear me out

handsome: outdoor shoot

babybin: that is a terrible idea

handsome: why?!

handsome: in the snow… keeping warm… hyunjin’s long, dark hair against all that white…

jinnie: you want me to lie in the snow?!

babybin: his ass will fall off

minhot: his dick will fall off

jinnie: and i need my dick!

handsome: i was thinking he could jerk me off? maybe a blowjob?

minhot: then your dick will fall off

handsome: thank you for your concern

chyung: nobody is filming in public or in the snow

jinnie: his heavy breathing would look cool in the cold air

jinnie: his flushed little pink cheeks

handsome: are you getting turned on?

jinnie: he said we can’t film it, he didn’t say we can’t do it…

handsome: this is why you’re my best friend

babybin: yeah, because you’re both idiots

chyung: i’m not taking you to the emergency room when hyunjin get his tongue stuck to your dick like a dog on a frozen lamppost

jinnie: booo

minhot: plus, if jisung loses his dick having snow sex, we’ll never hear the end of it

babybin: he will be annoying

handsome: baby, so much concern for me keeping my dick intact…

handsome: i’m touched <3

minhot: is he talking to me?

babybin: despite my name, he only calls one of us baby

jinnie: so should i film solo or not?

chyung: indoors, sure. do you have something planned?

jinnie: my new toy haul came in

minhot: ooo

minhot: send me photos!

jinnie: some of them are a surprise

minhot: for me?

jinnie: for all of you

handsome: presents?!

jinnie: i guess

chyung: you should have used the company card for work stuff

jinnie: most of it was using the vouchers that ji gave me for christmas

handsome: i’m a fantastic gift giver

babybin: you got me conditioner

minhot: he got sex vouchers and i got a scarf?!

handsome: that conditioner was specifically personalised for your hair type!

handsome: and they were not sex vouchers, they were sex toy vouchers. that’s very different.

handsome: but you don’t need a voucher if you want sex with me, baby

[minhot sent a photo]

handsome: is that you glaring at me?

minhot: yes

babybin: cute

minhot: thank you

chyung: i liked my gift

handsome: at least one of you is grateful!

jinnie: well yeah, he got you a coffee machine

babybin: only because he wanted one

minhot: shhh we use that all the time

handsome: see! a gift for everyone!

handsome: and now my vouchers will be a gift for everyone too!

jinnie: especially when you see how pretty my new dildo is

chyung: is it the one you showed me?

jinnie: yeah!

chyung: oh my

minhot: c’mon! one photo!

handsome: he’s taking his pants off…

jinnie: he wants a photo!

handsome: with what you’re planning, he won’t even be able to see it!

minhot: i’m not complaining

babybin: this chat is a nightmare without seungmin around


“Jeongin…” Seungmin called, gently tapping on the bathroom door once again. When he received only silence, as he had the last three times, he ran a hand through his hair, turning to rest his back against the wood.

His eyes ran over the room, thoughts straying momentarily to the odd items of clothing abandoned mostly on Jeongin’s side that he should pick up, and how badly the floor could use a vacuum as he scuffed his toe against a random line of white thread that clung to the carpet.

He counted another three seconds of silence, just in case, before speaking again. “It’s okay, you know. Totally normal. We don’t even have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”

This time he heard a slightly strangled sound of horror that Seungmin took as progress. His distracted toe-scuffing came to a pause, head turning to the side as he focussed his attention back on luring Jeongin out. “Please just open the door. I promise I won’t be weird.”

Jeongin whimpered, the sound muffled as though his face was pressed into his hands and Seungmin sighed. “You don’t have to be embarrassed, this kind of thing happens to everyone. Plus, it’s just me! I don’t care.”

“It’s still embarrassing.”

“Okay, maybe it is,” Seungmin allowed, checking a mental victory that at least he’d gotten him to speak, “but we’ve all been there. This can’t be your first awkward boner.”

“No,” Jeongin mumbled, and Seungmin thought that if he could see him, his ears would probably be burning. “But you’re… we’re friends. Roommates.”

“And all of our friends know I had a sex dream about Channie-hyung,” Seungmin countered.

“That’s different!” Jeongin protested, his voice properly clear for the first time. “This was… real.”

“Okay then,” Seungmin paused, closing his eyes against his own embarrassment as he spoke. “That sleepover last year where we all slept on the floor? I-… When I woke up in the middle of the night… Minho-hyung’s leg was kind of… pressing. I had to get up and go to the bathroom.”


The amusement in Jeongin’s voice made Seungmin smile, letting out a shaky breath.

“Seriously. And I know for a fact that I have felt Jisung’s dick at least twice when we’ve cuddled.”

Jeongin laughed at that, a bubbled giggle of relief and Seungmin thought that he might’ve heard a little sniff between his laughter.

Back to silence, he waited a moment before changing tactics. “I’ll practise your lines with you?” he offered, “and I’ll even play the wife.”

The quiet lasted long enough that Seungmin almost reached to test the door handle again.

“And you’ll do it properly? With voices?” Jeongin questioned tentatively.

“Yes,” Seungmin vowed, smiling to himself. “I’ll do the voices.”

The pause was shorter this time, but Jeongin’s voice still sounded a little strained, and Seungmin could hear him shuffling on the other side of the door.

“Can I have a few more minutes?”

Fingers brushing the wood, Seungmin spoke before he could let himself think. “Or you could let me in? And I-... I could help you?”

Seungmin physically cringed, pressing his forehead against the door as he squeezed his eyes closed. With every passing second, he wished a little harder for the ground to swallow him, his mind rushing with a thousand questions of what the hell he was thinking and where that had even come from. But then the wood was moving beneath him, the door opening slowly enough that he managed to stand straight and level his expression by the time he met Jeongin’s wide eyes.

“Were you joking?”

Jeongin had a confident front, his shoulders squared, and his eyes unblinking, despite the redness along his waterline. And Seungmin knew that this was an easy out, that maybe a part of him actually had been joking, but just as the offer had come from seemingly nowhere, a “no” slipped from his lips.

He took a step forward then, and so did Jeongin, a little of the tension breaking as they both laughed awkwardly, Jeongin shuffling back again.


“It’s okay,” Seungmin reassured him, moving towards him slower this time. He knew that Jeongin had asked for more time, but Seungmin was still surprised by the clear bulge in his shorts when he glanced down.

He hoped he’d been subtle, but Jeongin’s cheeks turned pink and he shuffled on the spot. “I-… I panicked and tried to… but, I couldn’t and you were talking to me, so I hoped it would just…go away. If I waited. But I think I made it worse. And you… So…”

“Jeongin?” Seungmin cut him off, Jeongin’s hands freezing where they’d been animatedly trying to convey his words, before falling to his sides.


With a shy smile and a steadiness to his words that contrasted the butterflies fluttering in his stomach, Seungmin met his eyes.

“Can I kiss you?”

Jeongin’s response was a firm nod of the head and a breathless “okay”, and then Seungmin was there. They stood toe to toe, Seungmin feeling like he was back in high school as he slowly reached for Jeongin’s hand, giving him every opportunity to back out. Slotting their fingers together, Seungmin’s other hand came up to cup Jeongin’s cheek, the two of them sharing a goofy smile before their lips came together.

Despite how gentle that first kiss was, the next few escalated quickly. Maybe Minho had been right, maybe Seungmin was a little pent up, but Jeongin was a surprisingly good kisser. Compared to his embarrassment just moments before, he worked Seungmin’s mouth with ease, the first to slip in his tongue and the last to pull away, Seungmin the one left flushed and panting.

“O-okay…” he breathed, the end of the word tailing into a shaky laugh.

Jeongin still looked cautious, eyes flitting over Seungmin’s face like he hadn’t just left his head spinning. It was incredibly cute.

Finding Jeongin cute wasn’t exactly a new feeling for Seungmin. Nor was thinking about how handsome he was, or liking when he let Seungmin climb into his bed, the two of them elbowing one another until Jeongin gave in and let Seungmin cuddle into his side.

But Seungmin had to admit that he was already feeling a shift, his tongue running over his bottom lip, already missing the feeling of Jeongin’s mouth against his.

“Okay?” Jeongin questioned, his head tilting slowly, the lips Seungmin’s eyes still lingered on breaking into an awkward smile.

“Very okay.”

Jeongin’s mouth popped open in a silent ‘oh’, but before he had the chance to make a sound, Seungmin tugged him closer with a hand fisted in the front of his t-shirt. For as many questions kissing Jeongin raised, just for now, the feeling of his lips left Seungmin’s mind blissfully fuzzy.

The gentle press of their mouths slipped deeper, Seungmin focusing on the feeling of Jeongin’s hands on his hips, slowly backing him up until his back hit the edge of the sink.

He gasped softly, fingers finding the hair on the nape of Jeongin’s neck as his lips grew more insistent. His hand was sliding down then, over the sleeve of Jeongin’s t-shirt, to the bare skin of his arm, before dipping between them to fumble with the waistband of his shorts.

He was grateful for the elastic, not having to overthink battling with a button as he nudged the edge of Jeongin’s shirt out of the way, his knuckles brushing the soft skin of his stomach.

“Still okay?” Seungmin whispered, his words mumbled against Jeongin’s lips. He received an affirmative hum and the quick nod of Jeongin’s head before his hand slipped inside.

Jeongin’s head tilted down, wide eyes watching the stretch of his waistband. His cheeks were pink, his chest rising and falling as though he’d just run a quick marathon, so Seungmin distracted him with a kiss against his jaw as he palmed over his underwear.

He was pleased with the way Jeongin tipped his head back, releasing a shaky groan. It helped to calm Seungmin’s nerves enough to slowly move his hand. Jeongin was only half-hard by now, but his eyelashes fluttered against his cheek, and Seungmin suddenly wanted nothing more than to watch him fall apart.

“U-uh huh…”

“Uh huh?” Seungmin teased, Jeongin shooting him a weak glare in response.

“Shut up.”

He licked his lips, pressing forwards to connect their mouths again. Seungmin’s hand was squished between them, but Jeongin didn’t seem to care, grinding up against his palm.

Apparently, he was keen on this being a two-way deal, tugging Seungmin’s hoodie up and over his head, not even sparing a moment to laugh at the way it ruffled up his hair, before his lips were back, a soft moan muffled between them as the awkward sound of their slick kisses filled the room.

Seungmin returned his hand to the front of Jeongin’s shorts, feeling him hardening beneath his touch. He could feel his heart hammering in his chest, and wondered if Jeongin could hear it, their lips just holding, pressed together for a lingering moment.

The whirring of the fan and the gentle drip of the tap felt like too mundane of setting for what was happening. Too familiar for the foreignness of the feeling of his palm fitting against the outline of Jeongin’s cock. But Jeongin’s hands were clawing at his sides, pulling at Seungmin’s t-shirt to untuck it from his sweatpants, and then Seungmin had to take his hand away, because Jeongin was lifting him up.

Seungmin would have liked the squeak he let out to have been a more attractive sound, but it made them both laugh, so he didn’t really mind. There wasn’t much of a difference in height as Jeongin propped him against the edge of the sink, but it meant that Jeongin could move between his legs, his fingers snaking beneath Seungmin’s t-shirt.

“I want to… Can… Can I touch you?” Jeongin finally managed, his eyes flicking down.

“You already are.”

With the unimpressed roll of his eyes, one of Jeongin’s hands moved to hook beneath Seungmin’s thigh.

Seungmin knew that he was nervous. More than nervous. He knew Jeongin didn’t have that much experience, but Seungmin couldn’t help the small biting comments. It felt too easy. And when Jeongin’s mouth pushed into a disgruntled straight line, it felt too right for Seungmin to poke his finger into the dimple on his cheek.

“I hate you.”

Seungmin raised his eyebrows, taunting Jeongin with a smirk.

On any other occasion, Jeongin might’ve told him to be quiet, would’ve given him a playful shove, or reiterated just how annoying his roommate was. But apparently, Jeongin had found a new tactic, wiping the look off Seungmin’s face by grabbing a firm handful of his ass.

He leaned forward then, his thigh pressing perfectly against Seungmin’s crotch as he lowered his voice.

“Are you going to help me or not?”

Seungmin felt the skin on his arms and the back of his neck tingle, unable to disguise the hitch of his breath as he looked up with a dumb nod.

This time, their kiss was hurried, Seungmin already rocking forward against Jeongin’s leg. And he wasn’t sure when he got like this, when he became the desperate one, but Jeongin didn’t seem to be doing any better. There were hands on his hips, then up his sides, then down, dipping under his sweatpants to feel the swell of his ass where it smushed against the ceramic.

Jeongin kissed like he was trying to map out Seungmin’s mouth, a little messy now that his own neediness was urging him forward. But Seungmin didn’t really care. His hand cupped the sharp line of Jeongin’s jaw, steadying himself with his other hand curled around his bicep, and there was something mesmerising about feeling the shift of muscle under his grip.

It was strange how much Seungmin could feel that it was him, even with his eyes squeezed shut. The broken skin of Jeongin’s bottom lip that he’d been stealing Seungmin’s lip balm to battle all winter. The hands that usually playfully shoved him away, sliding along the backs of his thighs, lifting his legs up higher, urging them around Jeongin’s waist.

And then Seungmin’s stomach swooped, his eyes blowing wide as his fingers slipped helplessly along Jeongin’s sleeve.

“Shit… Oh, fuck. I’m sorry.”

Stunned at the position he’d somehow found himself in, Seungmin blinked in bewilderment. His ass felt wet, his thighs pressed against his chest and his legs hanging quite comically over the edge of the sink where he’d ended up almost folded in half.

“A-are you okay?”

There was clear panic in Jeongin’s eyes as he reached out, his hands hovering nervously like he was afraid that touching Seungmin might somehow make it worse. Eventually, he settled on taking Seungmin’s hand to help pull him forward.

“It’s okay,” Seungmin reassured him with a nervous chuckle, the sound ending up in a wince as he went to move that only seemed to make Jeongin’s horrified expression worse.

“I’m so sorry, I just got carried away and I-...”

“Jeongin,” Seungmin cut him off, squeezing his fingers, before planting his hands on Jeongin’s forearms to help pull himself out. He registered a stinging pain in his back, but held back a grimace, forcing a shrug and a smile instead. “I’m fine. I guess this is why you don’t try to give a handjob on a sink, huh?”

Nodding, Jeongin’s laugh was just a bit too manic, his hand coming up to scratch the back of his neck. “Right. At least not for the first time.”

“Yeah…” Seungmin shuffled, unsure of if he should make a bigger deal of that little piece of information, or if Jeongin had suffered enough embarrassment already. “At least it will be a cool story.”

“Do-... Should-... Do we…?”

“I mean… if you want…” Seungmin offered, reaching around to rub at the niggling pain in his back.

Jeongin inched forward, hands drifting towards Seungmin’s hips before falling back to his sides again.

“I don’t-... I’m kinda…”

Following Jeongin’s quick glance down, Seungmin understood. “Oh, um… yeah… me too. I guess hitting your back on a tap isn’t all that of a turn on.”

The way Jeongin’s ears deepened to a dark maroon made Seungmin regret his words.

“I really didn’t think you’d fall,” Jeongin tried to defend himself, a reluctant smile on his face as Seungmin rolled his eyes.

“No, you’re just clumsy.”

“I’m not clumsy!”

“You just dropped me in a sink!” Seungmin countered, wriggling as Jeongin reached for the hem of his t-shirt.

“I toppled you… Now, let me make sure you’re not bruised.”

“Jeongin…” Seungmin sighed, but he let Jeongin move behind him, the sting in his back more evident now that he was focussing on it again.

“You’re bleeding!” Jeongin declared, shoving Seungmin’s t-shirt up more insistently now.

“Jeongin, I’m fine.”

“You’re scratched. All up your spine… Fuck. Let me get the first aid kit.”

“I do not need a first aid kit,” Seungmin argued, shoving his t-shirt back down as Jeongin headed for the cabinet on the wall. “Do we even have one?”

“Of course we have one! I packed one.”

Holding up his hands, Seungmin laughed. “Alright, but I really don’t need it.”

“Bed,” Jeongin ordered, the kit cradled to his chest.

Ready to argue, Seungmin gawped, his gaze pausing on Jeongin’s face and the genuine embarrassment still in his eyes. They pushed wider, his pupils dilating until they practically shone; it was his pleading face.

“Fine,” Seungmin conceded, dragging his feet back out to their room where he perched on Jeongin’s bed.

He felt the dip of the mattress beside him, focussing himself on creating the perfect disgruntled glare, rather than the feeling of Jeongin easing his shirt over his head.

Clutching the material in his hands, Seungmin kept his eyes on the floor as he heard Jeongin tear open the paper packet, and then the gentle feeling of his warm fingers on his skin. It felt so different to just moments ago, so careful and gentle, easing even further when Seungmin twitched away from the sting of antiseptic on his cut.

“I kinda ruined the mood, huh?”

Keeping his gaze down, Seungmin bit back a smile. Of course Jeongin’s distraction technique would be to somehow make the situation even more awkward.

“It’s alright.”

“Guess you don't have a pain kink.”

Seungmin had to press his lips together to stop the strangled laughter threatening to break through.

“Guess not.”

He deserved an award for how level he kept his voice, his expression impressively serious for the turn their conversation had taken.

“Although it could be the embarrassment…” Jeongin mused. “Maybe you just don’t like humiliation.”

Head turning, Seungmin met Jeongin’s eyes, the steady wiping of his spine coming to a stop as they stared back at one another. It was slow, the break of a smirk on Jeongin’s face, but then they were both laughing. The crinkle of Jeongin’s eyes felt like a relief, Seungmin shoving his knee lightly as he set up straight.

“Where are you even getting that from?!”

“Jisung gave me a list!” Jeongin chuckled, his smile proud.

“Of what?!”

“Kinks! For exploration.”

Kneading his temples, Seungmin closed his eyes.

“I did have to look up a few…” Jeongin continued, Seungmin only groaning in response. “And I asked Channie-hyung about one, but then he started using personal examples and that got a little too real…”

“I hate all of you.” Seungmin’s words were betrayed by the smile on his face, Jeongin grinning back when he opened his eyes. “Do not let them corrupt you, please.”

“I only remember one of you trying to touch my dick,” Jeongin countered, the sparkle in his eyes a little too proud.

“Hey! I was doing you a favour!”

“You seemed to be enjoying it…”

Jeongin tossed his wipe into the bin with a smirk, zipping the first aid kit on his lap and setting it on the bedside table.

Seungmin could only gawp as he watched him lean back on his hands, eyebrow raised.

“You dropped me in a sink.”

“Your lust for me was so strong that you fell in a sink.”

“Liar!” Seungmin declared, tossing his balled up t-shirt at Jeongin’s chest.

Shrugging, Jeongin lay back against the pillows, smiling up at the ceiling. “That’s the story I’m telling.”

“Yang Jeongin…” Seungmin warned, crawling forward over Jeongin’s legs to poke his chest.


Seungmin hadn’t quite realised their position until he’d got there, hovering over Jeongin’s body, his knees bracketing Jeongin’s hips. And it would have felt so natural to dig an elbow into his ribs, or flatten him with his body weight, relishing in Jeongin’s wailed screaming and breathless giggles until one of them ended up kicked to the floor.

“Are we okay?”

Jeongin’s expression flickered with something unreadable, his eyebrows pushing up, before his entire face softened.


“Not weird?”

“You’re always weird.”

A cheeky dimple popped into Jeongin’s cheek, Seungmin letting out a huffed laugh as he pulled away. But then he paused, hesitating for just a second before darting down to kiss Jeongin’s cheek, his lips catching the corner of his mouth.


[Chat (7): rated r for… roommate applications open]

chyung: who changed the chat name?

jinnie: me, why?

babybin: what happened to your date?

handsome: he threw socks at me!

jinnie: he was asleep!

handsome: you ate half my soup!

jinnie: it was good soup!

jinnie: you wouldn’t even let me kiss you!

handsome: i was watching the movie!

jinnie: we were supposed to be getting it on!

handsome: getting it on?

jinnie: yes. getting it on.

handsome: i told you you could suck me off, but i just didn’t want your giant head in the way of the screen!

jinnie: like that’s a fair deal!

handsome: sounds fair to me.

jinnie: stop glaring at me!

handsome: i’m not! this is just my face!

jinnie: i will leave

handsome: i’ll come over there and kiss you right now

handsome: see if you want to leave then

jinnie: fine!

handsome: fine?

jinnie: fine!

handsome: fine.

chyung: i shouldn’t have asked.


Changbin was taking a drink of water, headphones pushed in his ears, when the door opened, making him jump. His heart was still racing from his workout, but now it had picked up even more, his own startled expression finding another as he tugged out his headphones and looked up.

“Oh-... I… Sorry. I didn’t think anyone would be in here,” the boy stammered. He still had one hand on the door as though he hadn’t decided if he was actually going to come in.

Changbin smoothed out his features and smiled instead, shaking his head. “Don’t worry about it. Neither did I to be honest.”

They both laughed a little awkwardly, and Changbin noticed the way the boy’s eyes crinkled as he looked away, hiking his gym bag up his shoulder.

“I can go…” the boy offered, his tone sincere. “If you want. I don’t mind.”

“No… no!” Changbin lifted his hands and beckoned the boy inside with what he hoped was a welcoming smile.

He was glad to see the boy’s shoulders ease as he finally let the door go, fluffy blond hair bobbing around his head as he nodded gratefully. He was pretty, Changbin realised now that his surprise had eased. Very very pretty.

Changbin liked to think that it wasn’t like him to get flustered, but he could feel his palms getting sweatier already as the boy focussed his gaze back on him.

“The whole campus is closed and I still wanted to rehearse,” the boy explained, dropping his bag down beside Changbin’s. As their eyes met, Changbin felt a pang of familiarity in his gut, and he noticed the boy’s gaze lingering on him too.

“Rehearse?” Changbin questioned, screwing the lid back on his bottle and dropping it into his open bag.

The boy nodded, his eyes still curious. “Dance,” he explained. “So don’t worry, I just need the mirror.”

“Right,” Changbin laughed. He was about to say something else when the boy cocked his head, his smile widening.

“Changbin… right?”

Changbin nodded slowly in response, his own brain taking a few more moments to catch up before he clapped his hands together.

“Felix? Channie-hyung’s friend?”

Felix nodded back at him, giggling. “I knew I recognised you. From the…”

“Party?” Changbin finished.

“Right! Right… yeah. Channie-hyung’s birthday.”

Changbin’s laughter petered off as they smiled back at one another. He liked Felix’s smile. He remembered liking it that night too. It lit up his whole face, so pure and genuine that a familiar warmth spread through Changbin’s stomach just from the crinkle of his eyes.

He’d heard Chan talk about him since, and he’d remembered the boy with the deep voice and handsome face, but he hadn’t really put the two together until he was standing there in front of him.

They made simple small talk, mostly about the weather, as Felix removed his hoodie and fiddled with his phone, presumably to set up his music. And maybe it was from his time on the treadmill, but Changbin’s heart was still going just a little too fast as Felix crouched down to re-tie his shoes, Changbin struggling to keep his eyes on him for an acceptable amount of time. He knew that if any of the others had been here, they’d be teasing him for drooling.

Even as he moved to one of the other machines and Felix began to stretch, they shared a smile whenever their eyes met, Changbin doing his best to make the exercise seem like light work.

The room wasn’t very big, and as Felix’s music started, Changbin noticed him hesitating. He watched as Felix went through part of what he assumed to be his routine, halfheartedly moving his arms to mimic the basic movements. After the third time noticing his eyes flicking behind him in the mirror, Changbin cleared his throat and as casually as possible moved to do a different machine that would keep his back turned.

It was nice like that for a little while, even the repetition of the same small part of the song somehow not too grating as Changbin let his mind blur. He focussed on his breathing and the best of the music that he knew easily by now, setting his movement to it. He liked how strong it made him feel to push himself, how it cleared his mind of all the niggling thoughts that had been growing there over the past few days.

Once he’d completed his next set of reps, Changbin finally gave in, breathing heavily. He could feel the sweat dripping along his hair, and as he wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, he noticed the music had changed.

Felix sent him a smile as he turned around, his own cheeks a little flushed now too.

“Thanks,” Felix said, ruffling his own hair back into place.

Changbin thought about feigning innocence, asking what for, but he didn’t feel any need to make Felix feel embarrassed, so he simply shrugged.

“I imagine performing for one person is much harder than a crowd.”

With a laugh, Felix nodded, leaning over to stretch out his calves as Changbin approached.

“It’s more awkward for sure and I’m nowhere near performance ready on this.”

“Well, from what I did see, you seemed great,” Changbin offered, taking a seat on the floor. “Not that I know anything about dancing.”

“Thanks.” Felix’s blush deepened a little as he sat down, but there was an easy confidence in his eyes as he let them trail down, his gaze unabashedly running over Changbin’s chest. “So… you’re pretty strong.”

Changbin laughed, glancing down to tug his t-shirt away from where it had stuck to his chest with sweat. “I’m no bodybuilder.”

“Still…” Felix considered, a teasing smirk on his lips. “If I need anyone to help me with lifts, I’ll keep you in mind.”

Changbin watched as Felix spread one of his legs out, leaning down over it in another stretch. He copied the move, the corner of his mouth lifting as he looked down at the mat.

“I’m sure I could throw you around.” The words held just enough humour for Changbin not to blush too hard, peeking up when he heard Felix’s laugh.

“Is that what brought you here in the middle of a snow storm? That’s a lot of commitment.”

Shrugging, Changbin switched legs. “Not really. Things were just getting a little claustrophobic… I thought the walk would be nice and being here while it was quiet.”

“Mhm. Me too. I mean… I don’t have any roommates, but the change of scenery,” Felix said with a nod, offering out his hands. Changbin took them, letting Felix stretch him forwards, their sweaty palms pressed together.

Wincing as Felix pulled him a little too far, Changbin sat back up with a pout. “We’re not all that flexible,” he complained, struggling not to smile back at the tinkling amusement in Felix’s eyes.

“Then you should practise. You could be doing the splits in a few weeks!” Felix nodded encouragingly and Changbin couldn’t quite tell if he was joking.

Scoffing, he shook his head, wiping his palms on the sides of his sweatpants. “I’d need a lot of teaching.”

“And I’d be a willing teacher,” Felix reassured him. “Besides, I could use the distraction.”

“Is that why you wanted to dance?” Changbin asked, keeping his tone light.

With a hum, Felix shuffled to rest his back against the wall. “It’s a good way to not think. Or to concentrate on something else at least.”

“I get that,” Changbin agreed, crossing his legs. “Is there anything… Is it… Like, if you want to talk about it…?”

Changbin forced himself to stop playing with his fingers, smiling gently when Felix’s head rolled to the side, meeting his eyes. Something lingered there for a moment, a desire to open up that Changbin understood. But, it disappeared quickly, Felix pressing his lips together before he spoke.

“It's just the usual stuff. School. How about you?”

“Yeah,” Changbin agreed, holding Felix’s gaze with a soft smile. “Just… school.”

By the time they pushed open the main doors, it’d gone dark, thick flakes still floating from the sky. And although the top of stairs they stood at only led down to a car park, Changbin paused.

He took in the soft blanket of white, totally pristine and untouched with not a tire track or footprint in sight, and breathed in the cold air. He’d be the first to complain about the ugly brown sludge left in the next few days, and how many times he’d almost slipped on the ice. But for just a moment, he allowed himself to appreciate the beauty of it. To pretend he was inside a photograph or some magical land.

“Pretty,” Felix breathed, his eyes cast up to the sky.


Felix nudged Changbin’s arm, smiling through his unimpressed expression. “The sky,” he clarified, “It’s like being inside a snow globe.”

After watching the sky for a moment, Changbin glanced over at Felix, watching his wide eyes go from awe to crinkled joy as a snowflake landed on his tongue, and he decided then that walking the long way back might be worth getting frostbite, especially seeing as he’d already lent Felix his gloves.


[Chat (2): chyung & jinnie]

jinnie: yo, chris!

chyung: what have i told you about calling me that?

jinnie: yo, chris-hyung!

chyung: better, i guess

chyung: what do you want?

jinnie: i’ve been thinking about you and that incredibly sexy body of yours

chyung: i know that minho is here and yet i feel the need to question if he has somehow stolen your phone?

jinnie: he thinks about your incredibly sexy body a lot?

chyung: no!

chyung: he just likes to be weird

jinnie: that’s called sexting, hyung

chyung: i know what that is

jinnie: oh you do, do you?

chyung: are you flirting with me?

jinnie: hyung, word of advice...

jinnie: don’t ask that

chyung: what if i can’t tell?

jinnie: you look like that, just always assume the answer is yes

jinnie: that’s what i do

chyung: you assume that everyone is flirting with you?

jinnie: everyone is flirting with me

chyung: you have a point

chyung: but you’ve also called me hot at least three times, so what do you want?

jinnie: how do you feel about some extra videos?

chyung: you’re never going to get seungmin on camera, i've told you

jinnie: first of all, i will

chyung: you’re convinced he has a really pretty dick, we know

jinnie: it’s a given

jinnie: look at him

jinnie: but that’s not what i meant

jinnie: i meant me

chyung: you want to do more videos?

jinnie: yeah!

jinnie: i could film a few on my phone so it’s not extra work for anyone, or maybe even try with jisung?

chyung: is this his idea? he’s never filmed with anyone else

jinnie: i haven’t asked him yet, but i know he wants to

jinnie: i’m surprised he hasn’t asked you yet

chyung: there’s a gap next week if you want to do something solo

jinnie: yeah? that would be great

jinnie: and i can do a few and you can keep them for whenever you need

chyung: i suppose, but i need to break it up with the others too

chyung: jisung’s starting to get a few requests and it’s been a while since he’s been posted. i was thinking of making him official before anyone else might come

jinnie: like felix?

chyung: maybe

chyung: we’ll see

chyung: but if you’re up to it, i do think we could manage an extra video a month

jinnie: i could do something with minho each month? that seems to do well

chyung: really well

chyung: and if ji does want to give it a try, you can mix things up. although i expect, it’ll be you no matter what…

jinnie: ah

jinnie: yeah, i don’t mind

chyung: i’ll talk to minho and if he’s cool with it, we can do that

chyung: i’d rather pay you a little more if we do too. it only feels fair

chyung: and for any extra videos you do, of course. the usual amount

jinnie: oh yeah, thanks

jinnie: no rush though

chyung: we’re supposed to be having a meeting soon, so we can figure out a plan then

chyung: just be careful if you film anything

chyung: any of us would be happy to help you

jinnie: thanks, hyung!



“You do realise today was a snow day, right?”

Minho was leant against the doorway, pointedly letting his eyes flick down to the laptop Chan had been intently staring at. He’d been pulling at his bottom lip in thought as Minho had passed, running a hand through his hair with a sigh before he started typing again.

Now his gaze lifted, a weak smile on his face. “I’m trying to write this email.”

“Ah.” Minho pushed off the doorway to stand up straight. “To Felix?”

“Mhm. Not that it’s going well.”

“Can I help?” Minho offered, taking a step forward at the relief in Chan’s eyes and his quick nod. He closed the door behind himself. A reflex.

As Minho approached, Chan pushed his chair back from his desk and turned his laptop screen. “I’ve rewritten it about a hundred times now, but it always sounds off.”

“Off how?”

Chan shrugged and Minho let his eyes fall to the screen, reading over the short paragraph.

“Too stuffy or too friendly or… I don’t know. Creepy. Like am I offering him a job? Do I compliment him or is that weird?”

“Of course you need to compliment him,” Minho said, glancing up. “You’re trying to win him over, you just have to not seem slimey about it.”

Groaning, Chan got up from his chair and turned, flopping backwards onto his bed, legs hanging over the edge. “I can’t do this.”

“You’ve already done it,” Minho pointed out, “it just needs tweaking.”

When Chan only groaned again, Minho sat down beside him with a sigh, patting his thigh. “I’d offer to do it for you, but I don’t think you’d like my approach.”

Chan snorted at that, peeking open one of his eyes. “How about we make Changbin do it?”

All it took was a slowly raised eyebrow for Chan to sit up, nodding. “No, no, you’re right… That’s a terrible idea. Pass it here.”

Handing over the laptop, Minho settled on the bed beside him, crossing his legs as they both watched the cursor blink. After typing the first few words, Minho winced, Chan shooting him a glare so he zipped his mouth shut.

He could see the tension in Chan’s shoulders, hunched up as he typed and deleted a few words at a time, making slow but gradual progress. Minho read over his shoulder, not daring, but also not really needing to make any suggestions. Chan not only knew Felix better than him, but it was also his place to choose how he approached this.

Chan paused after a few minutes, rubbing at the back of his neck like he always did when he was stressed or nervous. Minho had been staring out the bedroom window until the movement distracted him, the words almost an afterthought of the memory that had bloomed in his own head.

“Do you remember the last snow day?”

Minho did. The sight of the thick flakes drifting past the window had sparked something inside him. He remembered so clearly standing by the widow of their dorm, with everything coated in white. It looked magical. And there had been a blurred figure, bundled up and pausing at the door to their building to look up, finding Minho’s face in the window four floors above with a mitten-clad wave.

“Second year,” Chan said, the sound of his voice drawing Minho’s gaze to his face. He was smiling to himself, shuffling to shift his leg from beneath him. “I got to leave class after lunch. And we all walked down to the shop together to get dinner.”

“You, me and Changbin,” Minho agreed. “Changbin had to go home that weekend and we had to lug his bags to the bus station.”

Chan laughed at that, nodding. “Oh wow, yeah. The next morning? I remember. And there were-...”

“Those kids!” Minho interjected, both of them grinning back at one another at the memory. “They attacked us out of nowhere!”

“And you wanted to fight back,” Chan noted, eyebrows raised.

“It was just snowballs…”

“And they were third-years,” Chan reminded him. “And there were a lot of them.”

Minho’s grin widened at that, a glint in his eye. “And I hit that one right in the face.”

“I know you did, because then we had to run all the way back to the dorm.”

Chuckling, Minho looked down at his hands. He could almost feel the soft wool of his gloves, Chan’s palm clinging tight to his as the cold air sucked into his lungs. They’d laughed all the way back, stumbling to get inside even though none of the kids had bothered to actually chase them.

“You were soaked through,” Chan added, his voice softer at the memory. “After you fell… your poor hat was dripping wet.”

At some point they’d both shifted closer, Chan’s hand lingering awkwardly on his knee from where he’d squeezed it during their laughter.

“We were both freezing,” Minho said, with a weak chuckle. “And you’d lost a glove.”

“I never found that glove,” Chan hummed, a quiet falling over them. And then Chan’s eyes lifted, holding Minho’s stare as he blinked back at him. “That was the night we…”

“I know,” Minho murmured, his voice barely more than a whisper.

The hand on Minho’s knee had shifted, Chan’s fingers playing with the loose material of the seam of his sweatpants. So Minho reached out, stilling his fingers.

“Changbin’s out.”

Minho watched Chan’s eyes draw slowly up to his face and the small smirk that pulled at his features.

“Like that’s ever stopped us.”

“Does mean that I can make you moan though,” Minho challenged, his eyebrows twitching upwards.

Chan’s fingers flattened, before closing to squeeze his thigh. Then he was moving forward, his laptop slid to the slide, Minho leaning back with him as though he wasn’t desperate for every inch of their bodies to touch.

Chan’s voice was low, deep, but not the whisper that Minho was used to. Nor the soft encouraging tone he’d heard him use with Hyunjin. It was dark, and just teasing enough for Minho’s skin to prickle.

“Don’t make promises you can’t keep, Minho.”

Minho’s eyes flicked up, more affected by Chan using his name in this context than he’d care to admit.

It wasn’t usually allowed, not while they filmed, and when they were like this, they were both usually too hurried to speak much, the occasional “Min” perhaps groaned into his ear. There was the occasional dirty talk, or a jibe, just to make sure that the silence never grew too intimate.

Minho got it. To say Chan’s name felt too much like an admittance of what was happening. That it was Chan’s fingers digging into his hips, and Chan’s soft chest against his back. But it had happened the last time, those few moments of tenderness that had changed everything already.

He saw it in the hesitance of Chan’s face hovering above his, the question morphing his features into something strangled. Minho wanted to reach up and cup his cheek. Maybe stroke the lines away with the pad of his thumb.

Nothing should be different with the removal of the ban. And yet Minho’s stomach twisted and there was a pleading in Chan’s eyes, either for Minho’s permission or to stop this, he wasn’t sure.

Minho leaned up just an inch, Chan edging away like they were two magnets with matching poles; a wobbling force that kept them at a steady distance.

Blinking up, Minho took in Chan’s features. The press of a dimple in his cheek, his sharp jaw and wide lips. The feeling of his arms bracketing Minho’s body, his own starting to shake where he supported himself on his elbows.

“I always keep my promises,” Minho vowed.

His words granted a permission that he wasn’t sure Chan wanted, the conflict still clouding his expression. It was still teasing enough for this to be light. For it to not have to mean anything. And for now, Minho was okay with that.

The next time they moved was in tandem again, Minho shifting forward as Chan eased back, like some sexually charged game of chicken. Only, something seemed to give in Chan’s eyes, Minho watching them flick down once, twice, to his mouth before the tension eased from between his eyebrows.

It was then that Minho realised he was smiling, Chan’s own lips echoing his own smirk back at him as a hand found his hip. Chan’s palm skirted upwards, catching the fabric of Minho’s sweatshirt with it, so that his fingers brushed against Minho’s bare skin.

“What would this make it?” Chan questioned, his voice low even though they were alone. “Five? Five and a half?”

“I would have thought you’d be keeping count.”

Minho let his elbows sink, laying flat against the mattress as Chan inched closer.

“Well, I definitely remember there being a half somewhere along the way. Although I’m not sure why that was…”

“You don’t remember?” Minho teased, his head cocked to the side. “In the kitchen. With the cereal.”

The way Chan’s pupils dilated and his mouth popped open told Minho that he definitely remembered.

“Right.” Chan’s laugh was strained, his head tilting to nervously itch his chin against his shoulder. “Yeah. Just a handjob, so… I guess that makes sense. Doesn’t really count.”

“It didn’t really count because you came in under a minute.”

“At least five,” Chan countered, his memory of the incident evidently quite clear.

Minho lifted his leg, bending it so that his knee rested against Chan’s hip. “I thought you didn’t remember?”

“It’s coming back to me.”

“You sure? Because I could refresh your memory.”

Minho watched the bob of Chan’s Adam’s apple as he swallowed. “You caught me by surprise.”

“Don’t pretend you hadn’t been staring at me. You could barely pour the milk with those shaky fingers.”

Chan’s fingers flexed against his side now, curling in the fabric of Minho’s sweatshirt like he wanted to tear it off. Minho wished he would.

“You look cute in the mornings. Reminds me of how you look after I’ve finished fucking you.”

Minho’s breath caught at that, his next retort getting lost on his tongue. There was something about the grougher tone of Chan’s voice and the edge of possessiveness that made Minho’s whole body feel warmer.

It was usually him pushing Chan, nudging him until he realised what Minho wanted. But perhaps the last time had changed more than Minho realised. Maybe Chan had grown more confident in wanting this too, or maybe he just wanted to keep them in a place that was familiar. Teasing. Pushing. Easy.

Either way, Chan was trying to rile him up, and it was working.

“I bet that’s what you think about, isn’t it? Me spread out on the sheets, panting. Covered in sweat… cum. You’ve seen it so many times. But you aren’t allowed to enjoy it then, are you? Always keeping yourself in check like a good hyung. But don’t you want to touch me? Don’t you think about all the times I was like that because of you? My lips wrapped around you. Your cum on my thighs. Hair messy from your fingers. How do you not remember that when you see me?”

Chan’s lips had pressed so firmly together they’d gone white, and Minho knew that he was in dangerous territory, but all he wanted right now was for Chan to touch him.

He could feel Felix’s impending arrival like a shadow crawling over his skin. A stopwatch ticking down on his chances for whatever this was. Between that, the memory of their last time together and the knowledge of what might be currently happening in another room across campus, Minho needed it.

Otherwise, he feared he might end up doing something even more foolish like crawling into Changbin’s bed in the middle of the night. And whether he managed to win a cuddle, or was kicked out for trying something, that could only end in embarrassment.

He waited for Chan’s eyes to narrow, for a teasing comment, or for Chan to back away, Minho having gone too far. But, neither came. Chan stayed hovering above him, Minho blinking back as they both waited for something.

For a moment Minho wondered if they’d stay frozen like this until the sound of Changbin’s return shocked them out of their compromising position.

But Minho didn’t want to wait. Chan was one of the slowest decision makers he knew, and one of the greatest overthinkers. And after being friends for so long, Minho had learned that the best way was simply not to give him the chance.

“Touch me.”

Chan’s expression finally changed, surprise flashing over his features as Minho blinked back at him.


“I want you to touch me. Please.”

Surprise gave way to a moment of confusion, before Chan was smiling. “How polite.”

“Don’t say I can’t ask nicely,” Minho shrugged, reaching down to move Chan’s hand back to his hip. He smiled as he felt a small squeeze, and then the edge of his sweatshirt being lifted.

“How about a pretty please?” Chan teased. His hips had sunk lower, their crotches almost pressed together. Minho was tempted to grind up, to finally feel some relief, but the two of them rutting desperately together wasn’t what he wanted. Not today anyway.

“I’m not going to beg.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure.”

With Minho’s sweatshirt shoved up to expose his stomach, he felt it as Chan’s hand dipped between them, the feeling of a firm palm over his shorts making his eyes flutter closed. But he didn’t need to see to know the smug look on Chan’s face, especially at his small whimper as the contact was taken away.

Minho didn’t get the chance to complain, because Chan was nudging him up, finally pulling his sweatshirt up and over his head, and then his warm hands were back on Minho’s skin.

With eager fingers, the rest of their clothes quickly followed suit, the two of them stripped down to their boxers as Minho rolled them over, a thigh slotted between Chan’s legs.

It was satisfying to hear him groan, Minho giving a small moan in response, just to remind him that he could. That they could make as much noise as they want.

His fingers curled around Chan’s thigh, hiking his leg up so that they could grind together, Chan’s hands spreading up and over his chest, to his shoulders, before one settled on his neck.

It made Minho wonder if he really did think about touching him, if he fantasised about these moments as much as Minho did.

“We should hurry,” Minho murmured, rolling his hips forwards as he met Chan’s eyes, receiving a quick nod, Chan’s fingers dipping beneath his waistband to ease one side down.

“Then you should stop.”

Grabbing a handful of Minho’s ass to prove his point, Chan pushed up firmly against Minho’s thigh.

“Or I could make you get off like this?” Minho offered, his smile too sweet.

Chan’s answering growl caught him off guard, a laugh pushed out of him as Chan tipped him over, pinning him down with the weight of his body.

The waistband of Minho’s underwear dug uncomfortably into his skin, but that didn’t matter, because Chan was shuffling back to pull them down.

As soon as his ankles were free, Minho’s legs fell apart, welcoming the lowering of Chan’s head with a hand in his hair. And even though he was only spared one lingering trail of Chan’s tongue up his length, it made his stomach clench and his toes twitch, the fingers in Chan’s hair curling.

“Ouch,” Chan warned with a smile, leaving a kiss on Minho’s soft tummy as he propped himself up. With his free hand, he slowly stroked Minho, who apologetically released his grip in exchange for pushing his own hair off his forehead instead.

“Do you have stuff...?”

Chuckling, Chan swiped his thumb over the head of Minho’s cock, drawing his eyes up to his face with a look of disbelief.

“I own a porn company.”

“Joint owner,” Minho countered, trying to keep his frown steady as Chan twisted his wrist.

“Joint owner,” Chan agreed, “but we both know you know where everything is.”

“I don’t know your sex life. You could’ve burned through your stash by now,” Minho argued, smirking obnoxiously as Chan released him, crawling back up his body.

“And if I had?”

Minho blinked. “Good for you.”

“Good for me?”

“Good for you,” Minho repeated.

He could feel his own expression turning hazy, eyes glossing over the way they always did when he was uncomfortable. Not that having Chan staring at him so intently would make him feel like that. No.

The silence hung between them for a drawn out moment before Chan shifted again, leaning back.

“In the top drawer.”

Minho knew that without being told, Chan was right, retrieving what they needed with his upper body hanging off the edge of the bed. He could sense Chan shifting, but he didn’t expect to feel his firm hands on his hips, steadying him as he rolled back onto the bed, or his lips on the back of Minho’s shoulder.

He left a trail towards the top of Minho’s spine, biting lightly at his ear for better access, and Minho was so stunned that he gave it. Tilting his head, Minho could feel the moan rising in his throat as Chan’s lips brushed the skin beneath his jaw.

Letting his body relax, Minho allowed Chan to ease the bottle of lube he’d retrieved from his grip, his skin tingling at the sound of the cap opening with a soft pop.

“Want me to open you up?” Chan whispered, his lips still so close to Minho’s ear where he lay behind him.

Nodding, Minho remembered the first time, how they’d relied on what they knew, Chan’s eyes wide as Minho had worked himself open on three fingers. Chan had barely dared to touch him then, biting back the urge to direct Minho into a better position until Minho had drawn him closer and climbed into his lap.

His hair had still been wet, droplets of icy water crawling down his spine as he’d sank down, Chan’s skin so pink with the sudden change in temperature. At least, Minho had thought so. Now, he knew that Chan flushed every time.

A palm was pressed firmly to his hip, then down to his ass, pulling Minho from his thoughts as he felt a slick finger at his hole. He raised his leg, bringing it up to give Chan more room, feeling Chan’s soft hum of amusement as he added a second.

“Were you already enjoying your snow day without me?”

Minho wet his lips, his own laugh a little breathless. “I was bored.”

“So you came to find me?” Chan whispered, crooking his fingers.

Biting back a moan, Minho pushed back into the feeling, a twist of pleasure building in his stomach.

“You came here just to get fucked,” Chan teased, bending his wrist to get even deeper, the pads of his fingers working insistently. “The least you could do is let me hear you.”

Minho released his lip on command, a low moan escaping his lips as he blindly reached back for some part of Chan to hold onto.

“If that’s the deal, then you better hurry up and fulfil your end.”

He felt Chan’s fingers easing from him, apparently satisfied with his work, rubbing the lube on his fingers over Minho’s rim before lading soft tap on his cheek.

“Did you get a condom?”

“Of course I did,” Minho replied, fumbling for a moment to find where it had gone in the sheets.

He waited for Chan to prepare himself, rolling onto his back to admire the chiselled lines of Chan’s chest while he waited. And as he lay there, Chan ambling clumsily between his legs with dark eyes and a dumb grin, Minho felt something warm bloom in his chest. A familiarity, and a safety of being here. A desire to stay.

He blinked it away, smirking as Chan tugged him down the bed with a hand around his ankle, letting him push his legs open and up so that he could shuffle inbetween.

It was slow when he pushed inside, it always was. Careful. But Minho wasn’t used to Chan watching him while he did it.

Trying to keep his face bare, Minho focussed on the wrinkle between Chan’s eyebrows and the slight stretch of their bodies joining. It felt good, something he wanted more of, nudging his hips up to spur Chan on.

“Be patient,” Chan urged, a fondness in his eyes that didn’t help the thumping in Minho’s chest.

“We don’t have time for patience,” he countered, even though he had no idea of how long they’d been doing this, or even how long it had been since Changbin had left.

But Chan seemed alarmed enough by the reminder that he set his hands on Minho’s knees to push his legs up, starting a steady rhythm that already had Minho turning his face into his pillow.

Only it wasn’t his pillow, it was Chan’s, and it smelled just like him. Just like that first time when Chan had tugged his sheets over their cold, spent bodies, their limbs tangled together. They’d never done that since.

“Fuck, Min,” Chan groaned, having to readjust himself as he dropped one of Minho’s legs.

Minho whimpered, forcing his eyes back to Chan’s face, the sight of his parted lips and the upturn of his eyebrows making another surge of pleasure surge through his body. He centered himself on it, on the heat building in his gut as he dug a heel into Chan’s back, forcing him closer.

“More,” he urged. “C’mon, hyung. I want you to fuck me.”

Chan had never been bad in bed, Minho had come crawling back enough times to prove that, but as Minho gripped the side of his neck, pulling Chan forward over his body, his arms braced on either side of Minho’s head, something switched in his eyes.

His hips snapped forward, rocking Minho’s body with the force of his thrusts, Minho’s breaths coming out in shaky moans and needy whines. The hand on Chan’s neck slid up so that his fingers met the short hairs on the back of his head, Chan looking like he was struggling to keep his eyes open, but forcing himself to do so anyway.

Minho was close enough that he could have reached down and pushed himself over the edge with a few quick tugs, but he held back, almost mesmerised by their proximity.

And then he couldn’t have, even if he’d wanted to, Chan grabbing one of his wrists and pinning it above his head. His fingers slid up, holding Minho in place with a palm folded over his.

“C-chan… Hyung…” The words were small, Minho pleading for something as his eyes widened, and he wasn’t sure who closed the gap, but then Chan was there, their foreheads pressed together as Chan rocked inside him.

And Minho didn’t care that the angle wasn’t perfect, that he could feel his building orgasm fading just a little, or that he was nearly folded in half, because Chan’s lips met his.

It was messy and heated, more heavy breathing than any coordinated kissing, but Minho could feel the drag of his lips and their fumbled attempts at the slide of tongue, and he felt a little like he was floating.

Slowly, they found a rhythm, and for a while their kisses were more important than Chan chasing his climax, Minho letting himself memorise the soft plush of Chan’s lips, and the way he smiled each time they broke apart. Not that it was for long. Not that Minho really cared for breathing right now.

And then Chan’s hand was between them, wrapping around Minho’s cock as he leaned up to keep them connected, the feeling of being full, and that new warmth flooding through his body, pushing him over the edge, spilling over Chan’s fist with a whimper that was muffled into his mouth.

“Minho…” Chan’s voice was soft, his eyes questioning, although Minho wasn’t sure what the question was. Minho nodded anyway, feeling Chan peck his lips and then his cheek before moving again.

Minho was sensitive, but Chan was careful, his thrusts slow and shallow, picking up just a little as his fists curled in the sheets at Minho’s sides. Minho was tempted to roll him over or somehow reassure him that he could take more, but he still felt a little dazed, his hand finding Chan’s bicep like he needed to ground himself on something.

When Chan came it was with a relieved gasp, Minho’s legs finally going slack as he let them drop against the mattress, both of their chests heaving. Minho watched the splotchy flush on Chan’s neck start to fade, the tension in his shoulders easing as his eyes came back into focus.

Their gazes met, the stunned silence feeling too thick for either of them to break, Minho already trying to reassure himself that nothing had changed.


[Chat (7): rated r for… roommate applications open]

handsome: campus is back open :’(

jinnie: but there’s still snow!

chyung: they’ve gritted the main roads and it’s pretty clear

dandymin: are you only just finding this out?

dandymin: it’s 4pm

babybin: did you not go to any of your classes today?

handsome: you guys did?

littleloaf: i’m in class right now

handsome: i didn’t think they’d bother opening for one day! it’s a friday!

chyung: they emailed

handsome: i don’t read those!

minhot: me neither

babybin: you boycott them because there was one unflattering photo of you in second year

babybin: jisung just wants to fail

handsome: i do not!

handsome: if i open the emails then i can’t argue that i didn’t know

dandymin: there aren’t read receipts

chyung: it’s also on the website and they tweeted it

jinnie: you follow them on twitter?

littleloaf: school?

minhot: hyung, you gotta get a life

chyung: i like to stay informed!

chyung: if i didn’t follow them then who would have told you about the discounted cookies last week?

babybin: we did like the cookies

handsome: i’m more of a cupcake guy

littleloaf: i can’t believe you two didn’t go to class and you didn’t tell me

handsome: sorry, innie

handsome: i was still busy relishing my newfound, post dating ban freedom

babybin: gross

babybin: no wonder you convinced hyunjin to skip

jinnie: i didn’t even have class today

jinnie: and i also did not participate in whatever he’s talking about

minhot: then who is he… ‘relishing’ with?

handsome: why so curious?

handsome: jealous, hyung?

minhot: i’m just surprised someone would brave freezing to death in order to touch your dick

babybin: he could’ve gone to them

minhot: mhm that does sound more likely

handsome: hey!

handsome: i was just thinking deeply about all my possibilities now

minhot: please don’t share your masturbation habits in the group chat

handsome: why?

handsome: does it turn you on?

minhot: can i block him?

littleloaf: i do

handsome: channie-hyung!

babybin: don’t bother, he’s not here. he’s gone to study

dandymin: anyone else think the timing of this ban ending is a little suspicious?

jinnie: i’m sure it has nothing to do with a certain freckled boy possibly joining us

handsome: oh, hey! that is suspicious!

dandymin: if he ever sends the email that is

babybin: who’s coming?

jinnie: felix, hyung. do try to keep up

littleloaf: you’re asking felix to join?

dandymin: maybe

littleloaf: oh...

babybin: oh no

minhot: what did you do?

handsome: if that’s one dick too many for you to deal with, that’s okay. you can tell us. we’ll still accept you.

littleloaf: no, i just thought of something is all

littleloaf: minnie-hyung and i were talking last night

minhot: ;) ;) ;)

jinnie: cute!

littleloaf: about felix-hyung!

minhot: ;) ;) ;)

handsome: i knew seungmin had a thing for him!

littleloaf: no

littleloaf: or maybe... i don’t know his life, but that’s not he point

dandymin: what is it, innie?

littleloaf: well, you said that chan-hyung was going to email him right? about joining you guys?

dandymin: right

babybin: he is?

jinnie: yeah, he’s too scared of his reaction or forcing him into anything so he wanted it to be anonymous while felix made his decision

babybin: right. makes sense i guess

littleloaf: except that if he emails him, won’t he just look up the website?

handsome: sure

littleloaf: and see you all…

minhot: chan’s videos are all way back and most of them are in the top payment tier. other than that, he only knows seungmin and you can’t see him in anything

jinnie: oh no

handsome: why does that sound like a bad oh no?

dandymin: there’s ever a good ‘oh no’?

littleloaf: he definitely knows who hyunjin-hyung is

handsome: what?!

littleloaf: and he might already know that he does porn

jinnie: WHAT?!

littleloaf: it’s not my fault! he recognised you!

minhot: he recognised HIM?!

dandymin: let’s not deal with your fragile ego right now

babybin: it’s still fine though, right? just tell him not to send it

handsome: someone better text him though, because he told me that he finally wrote it last night

minhot: yeah, he did

minhot: and he sent it this morning

jinnie: WHATTTTT?!!!

dandymin: oh no

handsome: oh no’s really are always bad

littleloaf: somebody better warn him

minhot: i’ve tried calling him, but he’s not picking up

babybin: he won’t, he told me he was silencing his phone to concentrate while he studied

dandymin: great

babybin: with felix

jinnie: oh

handsome: no

Chapter Text

- 3 Months Earlier -


[Chat (7): your local stray kids]

littleloaf: come grab a crumb one and all!

littleloaf: i am officially a free bread!

dandymin: but your roommate isn’t so can you stop bouncing around?

chyung: congratulations, innie! first year down!

littleloaf: so long as i’ve passed…

dandymin: and with the amount of studying i saw him doing, that’s doubtful

jinnie: don’t be mean! he’s cute

minhot: woop woop, yang jeongin!

minhot: welcome to the cool gang of merriment and no deadlines

chyung: until next year

babybin: flunked my poetry exam this morning. two more to go.

chyung: stop moping around! you always tell us you’ve failed

handsome: and last semester you got better grades than me

handsome: and i’m the smartest one here

dandymin: i hate that he isn’t wrong

babybin: i need to mope

babybin: it’s part of my process

babybin: i’m an artist

jinnie: i’m literally an artist, and i’m not even this bad

minhot: all your complaining kept me up last night

jinnie: is that what we’re calling it now? ;)

babybin: that wasn’t even about exams

babybin: but while we’re here

babybin: why the fuck are there plants everywhere?!

chyung: yeah, i don’t know. they just appeared

minhot: don’t look at me

littleloaf: plants make me itchy

jinnie: the green shit? it’s here too

handsome: it’s not green shit, it’s mistletoe!

handsome: i mean…

handsome: i have no idea

handsome: where has this come from? ahahaha

babybin: jisung!

chyung: why have you ‘toed our apartment?

dandymin: ‘toed?

chyung: i stand by it

handsome: why? have you guys had some run-ins…?

minhot: no. i thought changbin was trying a pinterest thing again

handsome: oh

babybin: by the way, i hope you’re all looking forward to your handmade christmas gifts this year

littleloaf: i thought we were doing secret santa?

babybin: we are but i didn’t want anyone to be jealous

littleloaf: yipee.

chyung: anyway… is there a reason for the foliage?

handsome: i’m covering my bases

minhot: i told you, a kiss is not an acceptable christmas gift

minhot: and i’m not even your secret santa

handsome: sure you’re not

handsome: but i’m not picky, my lips are open to all

littleloaf: the festive season really keeps on giving this year

dandymin: i know there’s a spending limit on the secret santa, but is there a minimum?

chyung: no, i don’t think so

dandymin: cool

jinnie: somebody has minho-hyung

littleloaf: stop guessing! you’re ruining it!

chyung: free gifts can be great

handsome: yeah, like a kiss

minhot: or one of those slave for a day vouchers

minhot: there’s an idea for you, seungmin

chyung: i was thinking like a little collection of fond memories or nice messages

littleloaf: you guys really need to re-evaluate your perception of a ‘gift’



[Chat (5): rated r for… rudolph is coming to town]

handsome: are we having a company christmas party?

chyung: there’s only five of us

chyung: that’s hardly a party

jinnie: more like a small gathering

handsome: okay

handsome: are we having a company christmas gathering?

minhot: we should do something to celebrate the end of exams before we all leave

minhot: then we can at least invite jeongin

chyung: and changbin

minhot: sure

dandymin: jin, did you still want to shoot something before we go home?

jinnie: yes! the outfit came

chyung: i thought we already had content to cover the break?

jinnie: yes, but this is festive

jinnie: and it’s a treat for my secret santa

handsome: you know what we should do?

handsome: snowballs

minhot: jisung

handsome: what?! it’s delicious

dandymin: you’re a very interesting person

jinnie: idk it’s kinda fun and it’s not like i haven’t done it before

handsome: it’s cheap too

handsome: even seungmin will like it!

dandymin: that’s not going anywhere near my mouth

handsome: why not?! it’s not that strong and it’s nice and creamy

chyung: it’s the middle of the afternoon

chyung: but it’s still too early for this

minhot: we don’t need seungmin, hyunjin can just work it into his video as a bonus treat

handsome: i thought this was for our party?

dandymin: with the others?!

handsome: they don’t have to have any!

handsome: i can probably make it by myself, it’s like two ingredients

chyung: okay, what are we talking about?

handsome: cocktails

minhot: cum

chyung: ah, i see what’s happened here

handsome: advocat and lemonade…

handsome: a snowball?

jinnie: that does sound quite nice actually

dandymin: i’d rather have that in my mouth

handsome: you guys are disgusting

handsome: you see! you always say it’s me!

jinnie: it is always you

minhot: you said snowball, what else would we assume from you?

handsome: a delicious, alcoholic, festive beverage

jinnie: so no cum?

chyung: no

handsome: maybe a little cum...

chyung: just a few more days, chan. you can do it. then two months of peace.

handsome: c‘mon, i’m already not getting my one christmas wish

chyung: you can’t kiss minho so you want to watch hyunjin feed him his own cum?

handsome: yeah!

dandymin: it would sell


dandymin: it would!

dandymin: doesn’t mean i’d do it

minhot: so you don’t want to pass hyunjin’s cum mouth to mouth?

dandymin: not today, thanks

dandymin: maybe yours

minhot: mine?

dandymin: you eat better than he does

dandymin: and it would be fun to make you swallow your own cum

dandymin: how you’d get all flustered and dark eyed

dandymin: cute

handsome: i have never gripped my phone this tightly

chyung: he’s getting too brave

jinnie: i’m hard. anyone else hard?

minhot: filming here at 3pm. changbin has an exam.

dandymin: nothing else to say?

minhot: nope

handsome: bring your lips everyone!

dandymin: they’re attached to my face


Jeongin was staring. He knew he was staring. He wasn’t sure how he was supposed to stop staring. And Hyunjin was staring back.

They were two gaping mouths, stunned lips popped open like a pair of fish in the doorway.

“I-...” Jeongin’s voice cracked on the beginning of a sentence he had no idea how to end.

At least Hyunjin looked embarrassed too, the surprise clear in his eyes when he’d opened the door, taking a noticeable step back at the sight of Jeongin standing before him.

Jeongin wasn’t sure what his face had looked like after that, he was a bit preoccupied with the very shiny, and very gold, and very very skin tight shorts hugging Hyunjin’s hips and thighs. And other… areas.

Pulling his gaze up and trying to remove the initial horror from his face, Jeongin clung so tightly to the gift in his hands, that the wrapping paper started to tear beneath his fingertips.

“Changbin-hyung,” he blurted. “This. It’s-... I came to give this to Changbin-hyung.”

That’s where he was after all, whose door he’d knocked on, proud that he’d actually remembered to buy something in the first place. He’d been excited to see the pleased grin on Changbin’s face and the way he wiggled his hips when he was happy and spoiled.

What Jeongin hadn’t expected was the expanse of bare skin before him, Hyunjin’s chest completely bare, even with the threat of snow in the air outside. He felt overdressed in his thick coat and gloves.

“Oh! Yeah, of course…” Hyunjin finally released his hold on the door to offer out a hand. “I can give that to him. If you want. Or you can come in? I mean-... he isn’t here, but…”

“No!” Jeongin blurted, laughing in an attempt to soften his reaction. “I can’t stay… I have… stuff. Class. Or no, not class but… I’m meeting someone. From class.”

“Right!” Hyunjin nodded, his smile a little less strained now as he shifted his weight to one side.

Perhaps Jeongin had been a little too obvious in his attempt to escape. It wasn’t like he couldn’t guess why Hyunjin might be dressed like Santa Claus, if Santa Claus had a side job as a stripper, or perhaps more accurately, a porn star, but now there was a glinting curiosity in Hyunjin’s gaze, as though he was prodding at something he’d found in Jeongin’s reaction.

Jeongin cleared his throat, managing to pretend to survey Hyunjin’s look without actually dropping his eyes lower than his collar bones.

“You look… festive.”

“What?” Hyunjin glanced down and then laughed, as though he’d momentarily forgotten his state of dress. “Oh. Right… yeah. It’s for uh-... Jisung. Secret Santa gift.”

Hyunjin nodded, his lips pressed together, and Jeongin wondered how he could stand there so brazenly. Almost proudly.

Scratching at the back of his neck, Jeongin smiled, his head ducking from the heat of Hyunjin’s stare, studying him as though to test how well he’d bought his story. Only now Jeongin was met with the soft lines of Hyunjin’s stomach and the gentle dip down towards the distinct outline of Hyunjin’s dick, practically glittering back at him.

“Well, he’ll like it,” he managed, blinking a few times before he could focus again.

“You think? I got it posted here so he wouldn’t see it. Wanted to make sure it fits. There’s suspenders too…”

“Oh?” Jeongin cut him off, fighting the urge to whip off his gloves and wipe his suddenly sweaty palms on the side of his jeans.

He had no idea why he was still standing there, dumbstruck. Why he didn’t just seize this opportunity to drop that he knew exactly why Hyunjin might have such an outfit. Jeongin would usually have relished in the surprised terror in his eyes, he would have thrived on it.

Now, he wasn’t thriving. In fact, he felt a little like he was drowning.

“I should go,” he said, glancing over this shoulder as he took a step back. “I have to start packing and I still have wrapping to do and I need to-... To get some milk. From the store. For Seungmin-hyung.”

“And meet your friend,” Hyunjin added, amusement alight in his eyes, the dumb pom-pom on the end of his Santa hat bouncing as he tilted his head. “From class.”

“Right!” Jeongin agreed, forcing the gift into Hyunjin’s hands. “I’ll leave you to prepare for Jisung and your gross kissing and stuff.”

“Disgusting,” Hyunjin agreed with a grin. “I mostly just want to see his eyes go all wide and have him spluttering like a fool.”

Jeongin’s laugh was strained. It seemed embarrassingly so, even to his own ears as he struggled to find the words to escape the horror of both this situation and that look on Hyunjin’s face.

“Y-yeah. Yeah. You look… amazing. So… Who wouldn’t like it? Not me! I mean, not me. But you-... This is really distracting.”

The admittance felt like a lifted weight, Jeongin’s laughter softening into something genuine and sigh-like.

“Sorry,” Hyunjin chuckled, tucking his hair back behind his ear and folding his arms over his chest. “It's cold too. You go. I’ll see you tomorrow for the party?”

“Not if you’re dressed like that!” Jeongin grimaced, already taking a grateful step back. “Your dick is hurting my eyes.”

He pretended to shield his eyes as he turned away, and Hyunjin’s laughter was bright and unrestrained, the sound of his voice carrying down the hallway.

“Hey! People would pay for this!”

“I’m paying for this! I’ll have nightmares!” Jeongin called in response.

Pushing open the door to the stairwell, he paused, the air already feeling clearer despite the pounding in his chest. His hand gripped the top of the bannister as he took a few steadying breaths.

He needed to get this useless crush under control.


[Chat (2): jinnie & dandymin]

jinnie: you!!!!

dandymin: me?

dandymin: what now?

jinnie: you’re late!

dandymin: by like fifteen minutes

jinnie: i just answered the door thinking it would be you

jinnie: except it wasn’t, it was jeongin.

dandymin: and?

jinnie: and i was wearing the outfit!

dandymin: oh

jinnie: oh exactly

dandymin: do you think he noticed?

jinnie: you can see the outline of my balls

dandymin: lucky him

jinnie: i did not need this

jinnie: where are you?

dandymin: on my way and i’d be faster if i didn’t have to type and walk

jinnie: hurry! i think chan-hyung is getting suspicious

dandymin: why?

jinnie: i banished him to his bedroom so he wouldn’t see me

jinnie: i think minho-hyung is distracting him

jinnie: and i already owe him for all the hours of lessons

dandymin: i told you, you don’t need choreography to be sexy

jinnie: but i wanted to sell it, this is his whole gift

jinnie: he deserves something worth every penny

dandymin: you just want to make him squirm

jinnie: that too



Jeongin was staring.


Mouth dry and hand frozen on the door handle, he shook his head slowly, eyes wide.

“What?” Felix questioned, looking down at himself.

“First Santa, and now Mrs Claus...”

Wiping a hand over his face, Jeongin pushed the door shut behind him. Felix was still looking down, adjusting the frilly Christmas apron that covered his front. And by the looks of it, that was all there was.

“Don’t you like it? Is it too much?”

“No, no,” Jeongin reassured, adjusting his face to show his support. “You look beautiful, Felix.”

He did. Now that Jeongin was recovering from the onslaught of the adult edition of the Claus family, and the realisation that he might never look at a Santa in the same way again, he noticed the little, red bow added to Felix’s hair and the gold glitter stars over his nose and cheeks.

“Thanks.” Felix’s expression practically sparkled at the compliment. “I know we don’t have much time today so I was thinking maybe decorating cookies? I wanted to do something festive seeing as I won’t be able to stream while I’m home, and I figured I could make it nice and flirty…”

“Definitely. That sounds great.”

Tossing his bag onto the spare bed, Jeongin moved towards the desk that Felix had pulled away from the wall and covered in an assortment of sweet treats.

“There’s a lot of opportunity for getting messy and doing stuff with my hands and mouth, so I think it’ll work, and by then I can probably just do a bit of bending over or teasing up the apron and leave them wanting more. Keep it short.”

Jeongin was nodding along, reaching for a m&m to pop into his mouth, a blue one, but Felix chose that moment to turn around and reach back towards his bed for his phone, and okay, Jeongin had been wrong. Felix was not naked, but sporting a pair of lace, red underwear that Jeongin had never even pictured, let alone seen on a man before.

They were almost see-through between the dainty, floral pattern, Felix’s skin showing pale and delicate in the gaps.

Blinking rapidly, Jeongin just about managed to coolly toss his chocolate into his mouth by the time Felix turned back, the pink flush crawling up his neck hopefully not too noticeable.

He wasn’t sure how he’d ended up here, his life taking a sharp one-eighty over the last few weeks. But despite the absurdity and the way the image of Felix playing up the camera still made his palms damp, Jeongin was starting to get it.

His time with Felix felt special. It was exhilarating and he enjoyed the little bubble of it being just the two of them. Felix had trusted him like nobody else had. He’d opened up and remained so firmly inviting, that Jeongin never felt any need to pretend, or to create a pretence.

His outward persona was never fake, Jeongin was confident in himself. He liked himself, but there were still those tiny insecurities. A goofiness of inexperience and the muddle of still finding exactly who he might be. And with Felix, he could just be.

Jeongin had other friends, incredible friends, but sometimes, he still felt like the new kid. Just a few steps closer to the outside.

So above the strange thrill of helping Felix and the opportunity for Jeongin to explore some of his own curiosities, he was simply glad to have found him. And despite the weight of the secrets that were building around him, he wasn’t quite ready to share.

“Alright,” Felix said, reaching to hold up the large bag of white piping icing he’d prepared. “What do you think is sexier? If the icing accidentally spurts out? Maybe accidentally hitting me in the face… Or more of a slow squeeze? A gentle drizzle out the tip that I could lick up?”

“Uh.” Jeongin laughed nervously, busying himself with retrieving his laptop. “Both?”

Grinning, Felix pointed a finger at him. “See. I knew you’d be a natural.”



Chan had been in his own little world, still trying desperately to come up with an idea for a present. Now that he looked up at Hyunjin’s face, his eyes narrowed, thumb bitten between his teeth as he tried to stare the answer of what he might like out of him.

“I said, are you ready?”

“Me? Yeah. Sure. Go ahead.”

“Well, I need you.” Hyunjin’s head tilted, the look on his face finally capturing Chan’s full attention. Suddenly, he could feel the rest of the eyes in the room staring at him too.


“Yes, you.” Hyunjin wet his lips and visibly swallowed, his robe untied and dropped from his shoulders to reveal the tiny, gold shorts beneath. His Santa hat suddenly made a lot more sense.

“Merry Christmas, hyung.”

Chan turned towards Seungmin who was sporting an equally mischievous grin, Hyunjin seeming to have gained more confidence from his reaction by the time he looked back.

A hand was planted on his shoulder, pushing him down into the chair that somehow appeared behind him, Hyunjin’s bare chest now level with his eye line.


“Say the word and I’ll do my dance for Minho-hyung instead. I won’t be insulted.”

“There’s a dance?” Chan squeaked, blinking quickly as Hyunjin smoothed his hand up his neck with a grin.

“Oh, there’s a dance.”

Seemingly from nowhere, a length of red ribbon appeared in Hyunjin’s hands and Chan watched him pull it taut, swallowing with the implication.

“What do you say, hyung? Do you fancy a show from your… Secret Santa?” Moving forward so that Chan’s legs were bracketed by his thighs, Hyunjin wrapped the ribbon around the back of his neck, letting go of one end as soon as it started to apply pressure. “But I’ll have to make sure you behave.”

He let it trail down, Chan’s breathing increasing as his hands were moved to the arms of the chair, Hyunjin holding them in place with a tight grip that he expected would soon be exchanged for a silky, red replacement.

He knew that it wouldn’t happen until he gave the word. Knew that Seungmin wouldn’t hit record without confirmation that this was okay. But he also knew that his body was already taking interest, and that Hyunjin looked like he should have an entire bank’s worth of notes stuffed into the waistband of that tiny underwear.

He also knew that there was no way he could admit that he was already half-hard and fairly horny from a mistletoe induced, heated make out session with Minho in his bedroom not five minutes before.

Instead, he felt heat rise in his cheeks from the small whimper that escaped when Hyunjin lowered into his lap, receiving a raised eyebrow.

Chan would let him take the compliment, he deserved it.

He deserved it ten times over when Chan gave the whispered, “I’ll be good,” and Hyunjin practically beamed.

And with the sight of him swivelling his hips to pre-cued, copyright free Christmas music, lip bitten and Santa hat twirled above his head, then tossed in Chan’s direction, Chan found himself in stunned awe. Torn between his own laughter and unfiltered adoration for this foolish man in front of him, and the increasing tightness of his trousers.

Wrists tied with a bow, and hands gripping the arms of the chair, Chan watched as Hyunjin thrusted, the outline of his cock drawing Chan’s eyes like a magnet. It had to fight with the soft lines of his stomach and the curve of his ass as he bent over. With Hyunjin’s plush lips wrapped around his own fingers and the sight of long fingers pushing his hair back, exposing the subtle strength in his biceps. And each time Hyunjin touched him, it felt like lightning.

With Minho letting out a long wolf whistle, Chan had to close his eyes, his heart thumping aggressively against his ribcage as Hyunjin slinked behind him. His hands rested on Chan’s shoulders, then slid down over his chest until lips brushed his ear.

“Just relax. Let me take care of you.”

Turning his face, Chan caught his eyes, tilting his chin until Hyunjin got the message and brushed their lips together.

Kissing Hyunjin was just as he’d imagined; two pairs of plump lips, so soft, and teasingly lingering. Hyunjin had the kind of mouth you could kiss for hours, and Chan already longed for more. But he savoured that short moment instead, running his tongue over his lip as they parted, as though to pull the taste of Hyunjin into his mouth.

Somehow it was easier with Hyunjin taking the lead, while being quite literally at his mercy. With the excuse of Christmas and the faintest barrier of that camera pointed towards them, shifting them just enough from reality.

And when Hyunjin reappeared in front of him, and those sparkly, gold shorts came off, Chan wondered how he was ever supposed to come up with a gift that would top this.



[Chat (2): babybin & chyung]

babybin: hey!

babybin: jisung mentioned us all hanging out tomorrow?

chyung: yeah, around 4 i think

chyung: after your exam

babybin: sounds good

babybin: tell jeongin not to bring monopoly

chyung: or you could just not be a sore loser

chyung: does your family like chocolate?

babybin: who doesn’t like chocolate?

babybin: but stop buying them things

chyung: i’m not showing up empty handed

chyung: are you sure it’s still okay for me to stay with you?

babybin: yes

babybin: my grandmother loves you

chyung: she just stared at me last year

babybin: she stares because she thinks we’re a couple

chyung: why?!

babybin: the more times i try clarify with “my friend chan”, the more it starts to sound like “my secret boyfriend chan”

babybin: i can’t help it, there’s no win

chyung: but now she must think i’m so rude

chyung: i didn’t even get her a gift last year or gush to her about what a wonderful grandson she has

chyung: i should have fetched her tea

chyung: does she like tea?

chyung: i could offer to rub her feet

babybin: you’re not actually my boyfriend, you do realise that?

chyung: if your family thinks i am, i want them to at least think i’m a good one

babybin: even as a fake boyfriend, you still have to suck up

chyung: yes

babybin: they think you’re polite and handsome, you’re fine

chyung: but you’re sure it’s okay for me to come?

babybin: if you ask again, you’re uninvited

chyung: fine

chyung: thank you, bin

babybin: you can give me the chocolate <3



[Chat (2): dandymin & littleloaf]

dandymin: so

littleloaf: no

dandymin: what?!

littleloaf: i’m not helping you shop for your secret santa

dandymin: it’s not that!

littleloaf: lalalalalalalalalalala

littleloaf: i’m not listening!

dandymin: jeongin

littleloaf: i don’t want to know who you’ve got! you’re ruining the magic of christmas!

dandymin: do you want to be my roommate next year?

littleloaf: is that a threat?

dandymin: no, i’m asking

littleloaf: me?

dandymin: well, my roommate is moving in with his girlfriend

dandymin: and jisung and hyunjin have schmoozed the accommodation staff to let them keep the same room they’ve had since first year because jisung hates packing

dandymin: so…

littleloaf: can i have first pick of the bed?

dandymin: sure

littleloaf: okay

littleloaf: you’re tolerable

dandymin: cool



Gathering up his towel and clothes, Changbin was hoping to sneak in for a quick shower before the others arrived. Jisung had appeared an hour early and was babbling excitedly about making some kind of drink that he’d already made Minho taste test at least twice before Changbin had extracted himself from the kitchen.

As much as he loved the two of them, sometimes playing the third made him feel suspiciously sour.

But he was on a high today, the weight of exams finally lifted, and the pressure of every fact that Changbin had crammed into his brain over the last few weeks starting to trickle out like air from a balloon. He was planning on washing them, and his worries, straight down the drain.

That was until he turned into the hallway, and the bathroom door opened with a positively theatrical gush of steam. Chan paused for a moment, clearly surprised to see anyone there, but smiling all the same, a fluffy, grey towel wrapped around his waist.

It hung just a bit too dangerously low on his hips, Changbin’s eyes flicking quickly back up to his face, and then higher. His eyes caught the sprig of mistletoe above Chan’s head, Chan’s gaze following his.

When their eyes met again, they both looked stunned.

“I’m gonna…” Chan retraced his steps slowly, retreating back into the bathroom.

“Yeah,” Changbin agreed, giving himself a quick sniff. “I think I’m good. I’m going to help in the kitchen!”

“Cool,” Chan nodded, clearing his throat.




[Chat (5): rated r for… rudolph is coming to town]

jinnie: thanks for the christmas card, hyung!

chyung: you’re welcome :)

handsome: mine too!

handsome: and for the penis lollipop! nice touch.

chyung: i thought you might like that

chyung: it was just a little something from the boss

chyung: we’ve had a good year

dandymin: i already ate mine, it was delicious


Leaning down to collect the Christmas card lying on the doormat, Changbin hummed, tucking it under his arm to flick the latch on the front door. He was surprised to see Seungmin there, his scarf bundled up over his mouth, and a green gift bag clutched in his hand.

“I didn’t even notice you’d gone,” Changbin noted, ducking into Chan’s room to set the card addressed to him on his desk.

“Someone mentioned Minho-hyung was leaving tomorrow and I’m his Secret Santa so…”

He was hanging up his coat when Changbin returned to the hallway, the bag awkwardly tucked between his knees as he reached up to add to the small mountain of jackets piled on the hooks.


“Yeah, and you know we’ll never hear the end of it if he thinks I forgot. Here…”

Changbin took the handles of the bag offered out to him, parting them to take a glance at what was inside. The gift was wrapped in white tissue paper with small, silver snowflakes over it, perfectly rectangular, finished with silver ribbon, and entirely unguessable.

“Don’t you want to give it to him?” Changbin questioned.

Seungmin’s laughter was sharp. “I’m good. Let him keep guessing.”

“Alright,” Changbin chuckled. “Well, Chan-hyung still thinks the award show they’re watching is an interactive karaoke event, and Jisung is still claiming that every winner is a fix. Jeongin wants to play Monopoly, Hyunjin is on his third drink giggling phase where he actually thinks Chan-hyung is funny, and I thought Minho-hyung was with you so…”

“So I haven’t missed anything?”

“Not at all,” Changbin laughed.

“I thought Jeongin wasn’t allowed to bring Monopoly?” Seungmin questioned, pushing up the sleeves of his jumper.

Changbin sighed, shaking his head. “Jisung got him a special edition as his Secret Santa gift. That and some flirtatious Christmas pyjamas that say ‘let’s get toasty’.”

Laughing, Seungmin’s eyes widened. “Jeongin opened his gift? He told us we weren’t allowed!”

“Apparently the wrapping was already peeling.”

“Of course it was,” Seungmin agreed, a fondness in the dismayed shake of his head.

“He’s a little hypocrite and now he’s trying to convince us he won’t buy so many hotels this time,” Changbin said, suddenly reaching to grab Seungmin’s wrist. “But that does remind me!”


Changbin shushed him as he tugged him through the living room, Seungmin receiving a glare as they hopped over the carefully organised piles of money Jeongin had divided in the middle of the floor. It seemed he’d managed to rope the rest of the room into a game and Changbin expected that tears were imminent.

He left Seungmin hovering at the doorway to his bedroom as he crouched to route through the piles of clothes in his bottom drawer, fingers making contact with the glossy silver wrapping paper he’d stolen from Chan.

Gift in hand, he turned slowly. “Now, promise me you won’t open it early.”

Seungmin sighed, shifting his weight.

“Promise me!” Changbin insisted, holding the gift protectively against his chest.

“Why?” Seungmin challenged. “Is it that good?”

“No, it’s awful. That’s why I don’t want to be here when you open it.”

Grinning, Seungmin plucked the gift from his arms, giving it a little shake. “Hmm. Suspiciously quiet.”

Unsure of why he suddenly felt so nervous, Changbin reached for what he’d snuck into his back pocket, slowly unfurling his fingers to reveal the keychain that lay in his palm.

“There’s uh-... this too.”

“Did you make that?” Seungmin’s eyes were bright, his hand already reaching out to touch the row of beads before turning over the little chain on the end. It was a small, silver camera that Changbin had spotted in a store a few months ago, along with the paint palette he had picked out for Hyunjin, and the octopus that for some reason had reminded him of Jisung.

Focussed on Seungmin’s face, Changbin didn’t miss the little pull of his lips, and the tiniest hint of a smile.

“Are you laughing?”

“No!” Seungmin defended, frowning when Changbin moved his hand away. “I’m not! It’s pretty.”

“I don’t think you deserve it,” Changbin pouted.

“I like it! Love it in fact. It’s cute!” Seungmin reached forward, Changbin quickly moving his hand behind his back, receiving a sigh. “C’mon! I want to see it properly.”



Changbin stretched his arm, reaching as high as he could, not that it was of much success with the added inches Seungmin had on him. But he managed to keep the dangling charm just out of Seungmin’s reach, swinging his fist from side to side as Seungmin pressed up against his front.

“Stop being difficult,” Seungmin complained, his fingers scrambling up Changbin’s arm in an attempt to tug it closer.

They were both teetering on their tiptoes, Changbin’s head tipped back and his laughter morphing into loud cries of distress.

“I thought you didn’t want it!”

Seungmin huffed, giving a little jump that only pressed Changbin further back against the doorway.

“You said it was ugly!” Changbin protested again, Seungmin’s hand planting on his waist in an attempt to hold him in place.

“What?! I never said that!”

“Your eyes did.”

Changbin tried to wriggle away, his hand brushing against something that made him flinch, wiping his arm away with a surprised squeak.

His reaction caused Seungmin to look up, Changbin’s eyes still fixed on the small bundle of green tacked above his door. He felt himself flush, warmth flooding his cheeks as the turn of their heads moved in tandem, their bewildered expressions meeting.

It felt like a silent conversation, the small glint of a question in Changbin’s eyes, the tiniest raise of an eyebrow, and the answering horror in Seungmin’s. But then it shifted, a flicker of consideration, before Seungmin’s features morphed into an eerie blankness.

Changbin wasn’t sure when his smirk had faded, or why he couldn’t quite muster a joke, but his stomach gave the tiniest of somersaults as Seungmin’s head tilted barely a degree. He didn't even want to breathe. He wasn’t entirely sure that he could.

The voices in the next room felt far too loud for this frozen moment, Changbin unable to fathom that any time was passing at all. His thoughts fired a mile a minute, the idea to press a quick kiss to Seungmin’s cheek, the thought of how soft the skin looked and how he’d never noticed the way his lips naturally just so slightly parted.

He was filled with the desire to do something. To make Seungmin smile. To steal a moment of tenderness that he could cloud with the claim that this was Jisung’s fault. Just a little festive fun.

Faces far too close and his pulse quickening, Changbin finally found it; a smile ready to break the tension, the ability to move his limbs returning.

But as his fingers twitched, and a decision was made—a quick kiss on the nose that Seungmin could scrunch and wipe away, Seungmin seemed to find his own burst of courage, darting forward to press their lips together.

It was little more than a peck, firm with nervous pluck, Changbin having just enough time for his eyes to instinctively flutter closed and to feel Seungmin’s bottom lip catch his before he pulled away.

Blinking, Changbin’s gaze rested on Seungmin’s mouth, lips disappeared with how hard he was pressing his mouth closed, head dipping with the surprise of what he had done.

Changbin assumed that he was shy, and perhaps he was, but Seungmin was already slipping the keyring from his fingers, dangling the charm in the air as he backed away. And then he beamed as Changbin gawped.

“I’m going to put this on my backpack!” Seungmin proclaimed, wearing his fullest, goofiest smile.

With a huffed sound of amusement, Changbin stayed stuck to the spot, watching Seungmin send him a quick wink before he disappeared around the corner, feeling ever so slightly bamboozled.



“Is it finished?” Minho questioned, drying his hands off on a tea towel.

Jisung had made an immediate beeline for the fridge, bouncing on his heels as his head disappeared behind the door.

They’d all been roped into watching some glitzy award show that felt to Minho like it was in its seventh hour already, even the pretty faces and the dances growing tiring by now.

Assembling as soon as Changbin’s final exam had finished, it was still a little early for things to get too raucous, and Minho was content to just lie with the secure weight of Hyunjin in his lap as he watched Jeongin and Jisung gossip about the celebrities on screen.

But when he’d felt his eyes start to lull, he’d ducked out, occupying himself with washing the few dishes that had collected in the sink to wake himself up a little, contemplating if he should suggest more alcohol.

Minho had left early that morning, stealing one more hour in the practice room to relish in dancing just to dance. Not to be watched, or tested, or to be perfect. Not to repeat the same set of moves fifty times in a row, or be pestered by Hyunjin to go over his body rolls again. But now, after weeks of rehearsals and the nerves of performances, there was a heavy ache starting to set deep into his muscles.

“Nope. It’s just an ad break.” Leaning back, Jisung pushed the door closed. “Are we getting food?”

With a shrug, Minho reached out to pop one of the glacé cherries Jisung had brought for his drinks into his mouth. He could hear music starting to filter from the next room, accompanied by the soft sound of Chan’s voice, smiling to himself as he savoured the sweetness on his tongue.

“Maybe, but I don't know where Seungmin’s gone.”

“Yeah, he ducked out when Changbin started joining in with the dancing,” Jisung said, making a face. “Said he’d be back though.”

Minho hummed, offering the bowl of cherries out to Jisung who happily popped one in his own mouth. There’d only been enough of Jisung’s mixture for them to get half a glass each, but it had been sweet and warming, and Minho felt a little calmer, especially when combined with the freedom of winter break stretching ahead of him.

Little gingerbread fairy lights were tacked along the wall; a set that Minho remembered buying in an attempt to feel more festive in his first year away from home. Now they cast the room in a warm, orange glow, and Minho wondered when the connotation of ‘home’ in his head had started to shift.

Looking up, his eyes found Jisung’s, a small smile shared between them.

“Are you leaving early tomorrow?”

Minho nodded. “My train is at eight so I should go well before then.”

“I’ll miss you, you know.” Jisung looked smug, even through his feigned shyness, peeking up through his eyelashes.

“I know,” Minho replied. His response was abrupt, accompanied with a firm step forward and an outstretched palm. “Dance with me?”

“What?” Jisung laughed.

“Dance with me.” Running his hands down Jisung’s arms, Minho’s fingers found his wrists, starting to slowly wiggle Jisung’s body in time to the music that had started on the TV. “C’mon. I love this song.”

Minho could already see the delight in Jisung’s eyes, the feeling of it bouncing back to flood his own chest, but Jisung rolled his eyes, faking reluctance.

“We’re in the kitchen.”


“It’s a ballad.”

“Perfect for dancing,” Minho insisted, turning his palms to hold Jisung’s hands. “And it’s Christmas. It’s my wish.”

Guiding gently, he brought Jisung’s arms around his own waist, shuffling a little closer. His hands rested on Jisung’s shoulders, rocking them both slowly.

“I already got you a gift,” Jisung countered, and Minho could feel the slight flex of his muscles, holding Minho in place no matter how much he pretended to not want to comply.

“You’re my Secret Santa?”

“No,” Jisung hummed.

They’d shifted closer, Minho’s hand daring to slide a little higher, resting lightly at the side of Jisung’s neck. Moving his fingers, he could feel the soft hairs ticking his skin and the idea flitted through his head to push in further, threading his fingers into the locks to tug. He wondered if Jisung’s eyes would flutter closed. If he’d pout or moan.

“Then why did you get me a gift?”

Jisung shrugged, Minho using the movement to make firmer contact, his thumb sliding back and forth.

“I got my first payout from Chan-hyung and it was more than I expected. I guess I just wanted to treat you all.”

Nodding, Minho stilled his fingers and glanced down. They were still swaying, their weight shifting from side to side in tandem and Minho found the movement kind of soothing.

It helped to lull him. To relax into the dimly lit moment on this abnormal day, excitement and that hint of specialness in the air. Feeling Jisung’s hands slip a little lower, he let himself have it. Quiet and calm.

It was how he so often felt with Jisung, despite both of their usual personas. Together, they mellowed into the rhythmic wave of water upon the shore. And tonight, Minho was tempted once again by the urge to get his toes wet.

“So I’m not special?” Minho’s tone was teasing, but his words were soft. For ears that were only a breath away.

Jisung’s eyes dropped down, not for the first time in the last few minutes, but this time Minho let his own go with them.

“You’re not the only one with a Christmas wish.”

Jisung’s eyebrow raised just a fraction. Then Minho was moving, reaching for Jisung’s hand to spin him a quick circle, his body twirling with the slide of socked feet on tiled floor. And then he was caught, Minho’s arm around his waist as he dipped him back, Jisung’s eyes wide in the short moments he was held there, completely at Minho’s mercy.

When he was lifted back to his feet, they were even closer, palms crushed between the rise and fall of their chests. Minho blinked, and Jisung stared.

He was taller, less innocence in his round eyes, and a dusting of stubble on the edge of his jaw. His body was firm and steady in Minho’s arms, even if he could still manhandle him just as easily as before. It was in his stance more than his weight. In the way he held steady, daring Minho to decide the next move.

There was less of that shining awe in his eyes, something that Minho didn’t want to admit that he missed a little, but made this all feel a bit too real. They were equals now, hearts beating equally fast, palms equally as damp where their fingers clung together.

And Minho still wanted this equally as much as he had the first time he’d thought about kissing Jisung, and he was sure it was equally just as much of a bad idea.

“There’s a present for you.” Minho’s voice cracked slightly, breaking the heaviness of the moment the second he spoke.


Releasing his hand, Minho nodded. “It appeared on the table earlier. It has your name on it.”

Jisung’s grin bloomed slowly, but he was already moving on from whatever has passed between them, as though he never really believed Minho would go through with it in the first place. The thought formed a ball in Minho’s throat that sank heavily until it settled in his gut.

“Who is it from?!”

“I don’t know. You’ll have to go and look for yourself.”

He was off then, Minho watching Jisung practically bound down the hallway, following just soon enough to watch him come to a skidding halt in front of the table. The gift was snatched and clutched between his eager palms as he took a running jump for one of the few empty spots left on the sofa.

“You can’t open that now,” Jeongin noted, swivelling around from his spot on the floor.

“You opened yours!”

“I told you! The paper was peeling.”

“If he wants to have no presents to open on Christmas…” Chan lectured, giving a little sigh as Minho sank to the floor at Jeongin’s side.

“I’m okay with it,” Jisung said, already tearing open the paper to reveal a cardboard shoebox.

Minho kept his expression blank, casually hooking his chin over Jeongin’s shoulder as he watched him lift the lid.

“Are we opening presents?” Seungmin asked, appearing from the hallway to perch on the arm of the sofa.

Minho could feel Jeongin’s shoulders tense beneath him. “No.”

“Jisung has no patience,” Hyunjin added.

“What’s new there?” Changbin questioned, appearing in the doorway. His hand brushed over Seungmin’s shoulder as he passed, a look passing between them like a shared joke that Minho didn’t understand.

Before Minho could focus on that however, Jisung’s head was snapping up, tissue paper held limply in his fist.

“Okay. Who thinks they’re fucking funny?”

Minho watched Chan lean over, then snort, Jisung’s head whipping around the room, accusation burning in his eyes.

“What is-...” Changbin cut off his own question as he pulled the box towards himself, laughter erupting out of him.

“What?” Jeongin asked, leaning up onto his knees. “What did he get?”

“Chocolate kisses,” Jisung stated, pulling the box back to hold up each item. “A photograph of the band ’Kiss’. A liptint… in the shade ‘berry kiss’. And whatever the fuck this is.”

He held up a finger, the small, silver cup stuck on the end.

“A thimble,” Seungmin noted, his smirk fading at the glare he received. “Don’t look at me! It wasn’t from me. S’funny though.”

“A thimble?! Well it wasn’t Hyunjin, because he doesn’t read.”

“I don’t get it,” Hyunjin mused, chin propped on his hand.

“Exactly.” Jisung pouted, folding his arms as Chan continued to laugh at his side. “You’re all mean! This isn’t fair!”

Pushing to his feet, Jisung stomped over to the doorway, hopping up to pluck the bundle of mistletoe from the doorway.

“Somebody kiss me.”

When Seungmin only snorted, his pout depended, eyes scanning the room.

“Somebody kiss me. It’s Christmas. Kiss me. Kiss me. Kiss me.”

His words became a chant, mistletoe held above his own head, and Minho was about to open his mouth to tell him to shut up. Maybe stand and clamp a hand straight over his mouth, but Jeongin was standing first.

He closed the gap between them in a few long strides, hands planting on each of Jisung’s cheeks before smushing their lips together.

The room fell quiet, Jisung’s eyes so wide that Minho was afraid they might fall right out of his head, but Jeongin was already climbing back to his seat, only seeming to notice the stares once he’d settled back down.

“What? I want to order dinner and he wasn’t going to stop.”



The evening had ended up surprisingly mellow. With another round of drinks and Jeongin’s head in his lap, Minho had enjoyed the soft atmosphere of easy conversation, each of them relaying stories from the last month. With exams, they’d all struggled to hang out as a group and Minho hadn’t realised how much he’d missed just being together and doing nothing.

As tiredness set in, Minho had disappeared to pack somewhere in the heat of a discussion of who would be sleeping where. Hyunjin had already claimed Chan’s bed that he’d been far too happy to give up, but Minho’s own was currently spread with gifts for his family and a stack of clothes he somehow needed to cram into one small duffle bag.

About to collapse onto the mattress, Minho managed to catch himself just in time, noticing the card and gift bag left on his bed.

Usually he would have waited, never one bothered enough to try and peek at his presents, but the familiar handwriting on the front of the card piqued his interest. Fingers twitching, Minho smiled to himself as he perched on the edge of the bed and pulled the bag closer.

It was only small, a shiny festive green, the white snowflake patterned tissue paper inside thoughtfully matched in a way that Minho could have deduced the list down to about three even without the card and penis-shaped lollipop at its side.

He rolled his eyes at that, lifting it to twizzle the stick between his fingers with a huffed laugh, before returning to his gift.

The silver ribbon fell apart with a gentle tug, Minho threading the silky material between his fingers before dropping it into his lap. Unfolding the tissue paper, he revealed a brown envelope, pausing for just a beat before reaching inside.

In his hand were photographs. Small, square-shaped prints on glossy paper. And they were all of him.

They were from various days, but Minho remembered each one. Times they’d all come over to film, mostly in Chan’s room, and most of the photographs with him in the centre of the bed. He lay them out now, fanning them against the tangle of ribbon and scrunched paper on his thighs.

They were carefully chosen, never showing more than the bare skin of his shoulder or back. In the first he was sitting up, hair mused and laughing at something someone had said. In another, his head was turned away, the shot capturing his side profile as shadows fell across his cheek and chest.

In the last, he was lying down. It was the widest shot, Minho on his front between a nest of blankets, his head turned coyly over his shoulder as though flirting with the lens.

Each photo was black and white and faintly grainy, intentionally made to seem artistic, but somehow still tender and candid, and Minho couldn’t help but think that they were beautiful.

Sifting through them slowly once more, he pressed his lips together, a prickling behind his eyes that had to be blinked away.

He looked amazing, that was a fact, the pictures chosen and captured with more than care. With the suggestion that whoever had made them saw him like this and thought of him as beautiful too. An inescapable rawness captured through their eyes for just these small moments.

They made him feel seen and understood. They made him feel loved.

It was his favourite gift Minho had ever received.



[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

minhot: thank you for the gift

minot: i opened it a little early

chyung: you’re very welcome

chyung: it was just a little something to show my appreciation

minhot: well, i loved it

minhot: a lot

minhot: you didn’t have to go to all that trouble

chyung: it was nothing!

chyung: merry christmas, minho

minhot: merry christmas, hyung



Still feeling just a little tight chested, Minho was on his way to hunt for any of the leftovers from dinner, the apartment now cast in darkness except for the light of the tv.

Jeongin and Seungmin we’re curled up together in a mass of blankets on the floor, Changbin’s feet dangling close enough to Seungmin’s face from where he was sprawled over the armchair that Minho was tempted to take a photo. Unfortunately, he’d left his phone in his bedroom, so he settled on a smile and a glance across at the last boy in their living room.

They’d all offered up their beds, Minho insisting until Jeongin had confessed that he enjoyed sleeping on the floor, feeling like he was cast back to childhood sleepovers. Minho kind of understood. He’d probably have joined them if he hadn’t been side-tracked, an empty spot at the other end of Jisung’s sofa.

But now Jisung was already asleep, mouth slack and light snores drifting past his lips. Biting back a grin, Minho watched him for a moment before reaching down to draw the blanket from the back of the sofa over his body, tucking it right under his chin.

He was about to turn away when he noticed the sprig of mistletoe now discarded on the coffee table, his hesitation gone in the absence of any scrutiny or implications for his actions. His touch light, he brushed Jisung’s hair to the side, clearing a patch of forehead, just enough for him to lean down and press his lips to.

His words were a whisper, fingers trailing soft enough that they barely made contact over his cheek.

“Merry Christmas, Jisung.”

Chapter Text

[Chat (7): rated r for… CHAN ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!]

jinnie: has anyone heard from him yet?

dandymin: still nothing

handsome: well, we’ve got to do something!

babybin: thank you, jisung

babybin: for stating the obvious

minhot: do we though...?

minhot: i don’t see the problem. felix needs to know at some point

dandymin: you know that’s not what he wanted

minhot: entertaining though

littleloaf: do you not even know where he is?

babybin: no!

babybin: he could be at felix’s, the library, literally any free study room on campus…

minhot: he’s not here

dandymin: oh ‘here’. my favourite specific location.

minhot: you seem stressed

dandymin: i’m going to come over there and throw your phone out of the window

minhot: i thought you didn’t know where ‘here’ was?

jinnie: you know, minho, you might be right, he does need to get some

minhot: don’t you think it would help mellow him out?

dandymin: me having sex is not going to make me want to strangle you less

handsome: kinky

minhot: not my thing, but you could try hyunjin

handsome: noted

jinnie: me?

babybin: what’s happening?

handsome: how do you feel about choking?

babybin: is this relevant?

handsome: you’re my best friend and i don’t even know what you’re into

babybin: is that something friends know?

handsome: of course

handsome: i gave innie a checklist, would you like me to print one for you? or i can do email?

babybin: i think i’m good

littleloaf: aren’t we in the middle of a time-sensitive crisis?

jinnie: right

jinnie: can’t we track his phone or something?

dandymin: this isn’t a spy movie

handsome: or is it?

littleloaf: no

minhot: i say we just let seungmin check every room on campus

babybin: why seungmin?

minhot: because he has the best eyesight

dandymin: if you can’t see a fully grown man, i think we have bigger problems

minhot: are we sure he’s fully grown?

babybin: i meant why just him? it’ll be faster if you all look

handsome: sounds kinda tiring

dandymin: and still an impossible task, it’ll take hours

minhot: well, we tried

babybin: i’d love to help, but i already have plans with hyunjin this afternoon

minhot: plans?

handsome: what are you two doing?

littleloaf: are you touching butts?

babybin: no, we are not touching butts

babybin: jeongin, what have they done to you?

handsome: improved him

dandymin: he was always like this

littleloaf: iconic. flawless.

minhot: modest

jinnie: we were only going to hang out, it’s not a big deal

minhot: here?

jinnie: where?

dandymin: exactly. unspecific.

jinnie: we were going to go out

babybin: don’t say it

littleloaf: say what?

jinnie: why?

babybin: because someone will want to tag along

handsome: who?

jinnie: to make snowmen?

handsome: SNOWMEN?!?!?

babybin: there it is

handsome: i don’t want to come…

jinnie: it doesn’t matter anyway, all the fresh snow will be walked over by now and we have a channie to find

babybin: yeah, there’s no point now

littleloaf: my class is almost done, so i’ll try calling felix covertly

littleloaf: see if he mentions where he is

dandymin: i’ll come with you if he does

jinnie: i can be a distraction, i heard he’s quite distracted by me

minhot: cockiness doesn’t work for you

babybin: i don’t know, he wears it well

handsome: yeah, it’s hot

handsome: so is minho’s jealousy

minhot: do you want me to shut you up?

handsome: yes

handsome: it is my greatest desire

dandymin: min, if you’re home, try his laptop. he might be logged in to find my phone or something

minhot: on it

handsome: i can take the website down for maintenance if we need

handsome: or just blow the system

babybin: that might be a little drastic

handsome: last resort, i hear you

littleloaf: no answer from felix

littleloaf: i think his phone is off or dead

handsome: should i blow it up now?

babybin: no!

jinnie: do you think they’re secretly hooking up?

dandymin: chan???

littleloaf: it’s taken him all this time to send an email, there’s no way he’s touched dick yet

babybin: and he’s a terrible liar. there’s no way chan would be secretly sleeping with anyone

handsome: he does get all giddy as soon as he even gets a crush

minhot: isn’t there a way to delete the email?

handsome: we could hack him

jinnie: yeah, let’s hack him!

dandymin: that seems morally questionable

littleloaf: is it hacking if i just guess his security questions? because i think i could totally do that

babybin: yes

handsome: we’re hacking chan’s laptop

dandymin: that’s different

handsome: why?

dandymin: because i say so

dandymin: everyone be prepared to dispatch if minho can track him

babybin: what’s my job?

minhot: look pretty

babybin: well, i’m already nailing that

jinnie: guys…

jinnie: are we about to pull a heist?

dandymin: it’s not a heist

babybin: i think we are

minhot: we’re going to try

minhot: but i think chan might have his laptop with him

jinnie: shit

dandymin: you know what this means...

littleloaf: cool outfits?

babybin: gadgets?

jinnie: a slow mo scene?

handsome: explosions?

minhot: lowering jeongin from the ceiling while avoiding a series of complicated laser beams?

dandymin: no

dandymin: someone is actually going to have to check every study room on campus to try and find them

jinnie: ohh

littleloaf: yeah, not for me

handsome: i don’t really believe in stairs

minhot: changbin?

jinnie: yeah!

littleloaf: changbin would be good

handsome: perfect

handsome: made for it really

babybin: fuck you all


[Chat (2): chyung & littleloaf]

littleloaf: hey

littleloaf: HEY

littleloaf: channie!

littleloaf: chan

littleloaf: bang chan

littleloaf: CHAN

littleloaf: CHRIS


littleloaf: i kissed felix


[Chat (7): rated r for… CHAN ANSWER YOUR PHONE!!!]

littleloaf: yeah, he’s definitely not looking at his phone

dandymin: well, we knew that

littleloaf: right, but now i’ve tried

handsome: and that would be different because?

minhot: jeongin is his favourite

jinnie: jeongin is everyone’s favourite

babybin: i should be more bitter about him coming along and taking my spot

handsome: …

dandymin: let him believe that, he needs it

minhot: you were my favourite

babybin: really??? :D

minhot: oh no, i was talking to seungmin

littleloaf: did the world just shift?

littleloaf: did the sky fall down?

littleloaf: are pigs flying?

minhot: i like seungmin

dandymin: what do you want?

minhot: can’t i just be nice?

minhot: i’m nice

minhot: :)

jinnie: has he been possessed?

handsome: i’m scared

handsome: is anyone else scared?

dandymin: yes

minhot: <33

jinnie: anyway…

jinnie: jeongin failed and he was our last hope

dandymin: not necessarily

handsome: hold on, boys

handsome: seungmin is hatching a plan

dandymin: i was just going to suggest that jeongin and i go over to felix’s to see if they’re there...

handsome: and…

dandymin: and that was it

minhot: good plan

babybin: it’s better than anything else we’ve got

minhot: i know. i said it was good.

dandymin: stop

handsome: this heist is really falling apart

dandymin: IT’S NOT A HEIST

jinnie: what if

minhot: no

jinnie: i haven’t even spoken

minhot: you’re about to say something stupid, i can feel it

jinnie: so me seducing felix as a distraction while one of you breaks out of the package i carried in and deletes the email is stupid?

babybin: it’s very ambitious

handsome: i like it

handsome: i can use my walkie talkies

jinnie: why is me seducing felix ambitious?!

babybin: oh no, that part you could do

littleloaf: apparently you’ve watched enough of his streams to know just what he likes

jinnie: don’t judge my porn habits

jinnie: jisung has watched way more than i have

handsome: no comment

dandymin: can i ask why jisung owns walkie talkies?

handsome: i don’t

handsome: they’re currently in transit

handsome: one hour, same day delivery

handsome: although, chan and i did used to have a set, but i accidentally lay on it while jerking off once and he took them away

handsome: either because of that or the creepy ghost voice we would hear at 2 am

littleloaf: you’ve ordered walkie talkies?

handsome: yes

handsome: for the heist

dandymin: -.-

babybin: the heist would be over before they even get here!

jinnie: we’re doing the heist??!!!

dandymin: NO

minhot: where’s chan? you guys are being very annoying

babybin: his absence is the whole point

minhot: oh, right

littleloaf: let’s just go with min’s idea and see if they’re at felix’s

minhot: thank you, it was a great idea

dandymin: i hate u

littleloaf: and while we’re there, the rest of you can check campus

jinnie: but i don’t want to

jinnie: i liked the spy thing

littleloaf: then do the spy thing, just do it at the library

dandymin: you have to be quiet there, it’ll really be like you’re undercover

minhot: can we have code names?

handsome: please!!!!!!!

handsome: i want to be falcon

jinnie: i want to be captain hot lips

minhot: i’ll be seungmin

handsome: that’s not a code name!

minhot: why not?

minhot: is it my name?

babybin: he’s got you there

handsome: seungmin, tell him! he’s ruining it!!!!

minhot: this is seungmin. i’m reading you, falcon. copy.

dandymin: if he admires me so much that he wants to be me…

dandymin: after already being so nice today

dandymin: i was his favourite after all

dandymin: dare i say, he must… love me

jinnie: hahahaha! look how many times he’s started typing!

jinnie: i can just imagine his angry little thumbs

minhot: have you ever counted how many floors high that library is, hwang hyunjin?

babybin: as the current oldest person here, i feel the need to step in

minhot: i’m older than you

babybin: but my birthday is in august

minhot: and i took a gap year

babybin: well, shit

babybin: i’m not even the second oldest?!

minhot: you call me hyung

babybin: well, yeah. i thought you were born in july, i was being polite

dandymin: is that why you told me to throw you a joint party last year?

babybin: when you were like “why would i throw minho a party that early? and why would i throw you a party?”

babybin: ... maybe

minhot: my birthday is in october

babybin: hey, i’m improving!

babybin: i used to think you were born in march

babybin: i even got your gift in the christmas sale but then it was so early that i lost it

minhot: you thought i was a pisces?!

handsome: can jeongin be called yeast?

jinnie: yeast?

handsome: for his code name

littleloaf: yeast?

handsome: don’t you get it?

handsome: it’s a raising agent

handsome: bread

handsome: get it?

babybin: bagsy not going with jisung

minhot: double bagsy

jinnie: fucking god dammit!!!! i was trying to find my scarf

handsome: you know, i’d be hurt if i didn’t have such brilliant self confidence in my own wit

handsome: and i’m wearing your scarf, hyunjin

babybin: if no one finds him, we’ll meet back by the old chimer at 3pm

littleloaf: i hate it when he calls it that

littleloaf: just say clock tower




Jeongin had completed his walk home faster than he ever had in the year and two months he’d been there. His cheeks felt warm, burning now that he was out of the cold too, each stair on his way to his dorm making his breathing come even faster.

“Oh, thank god you’re here!”

Seungmin’s head perked up from where he’d been scrolling on his phone, legs pulling up just in time for Jeongin to collapse on the foot of his bed.

“Have you been running?”

Jeongin shook his head, pulling at the scarf wrapped tightly around his neck as he tried to catch his breath. “Just walking really fast. I need to talk to you.”


Jeongin was busy flapping the gloves off the end of his fingers, but he didn’t miss the way Seungmin shifted slightly, his expression faltering.

“Is it about last ni-...”

“It’s about Felix.”

Their words overlapped, both going quiet for a moment, apart from Jeongin’s heavy breathing. He was glad for his flush now, glad that it would hide any other reason for the pinkening of his cheeks.

“Did-... Do-... Should we talk about last night?” he asked, resisting the urge to take off his stifling jacket so that he could give Seungmin his full attention.

He didn’t want to put him off, or make him think that Jeongin didn’t want to talk about… that. In fact, Jeongin did want him to talk. He hoped that Seungmin would say something that would help things make sense. That would help Jeongin understand what you’re supposed to do when you almost receive a handjob from your roommate, but instead cause them mild injury.

“No, no, I just assumed…” Seungmin shuffled, crossing his legs where he sat on the bed, tugging the sleeves of his jumper down over his hands.

He looked anxious and Jeongin wanted to say something, maybe reiterate that they were okay. That he was more than okay with what had happened. But Seungmin caught his hesitation before Jeongin could quieten the rumbling thoughts in his brain, leaning forward a little to catch the blankness of his stare.

“Jeongin.” Seungmin waved a sweater-clad paw in front of his face. “Felix? Time sensitive crisis?”

Clearing his throat, Jeongin nodded, clicking quickly back into action. He wasn’t sure when he’d managed to collect so many problems, or how his relationships had become so much more complicated, and wondered if he should miss the simplicity of his life a few months earlier. He wasn’t sure that he did.

“Right. Yeah.”

“So I should grab my shoes? If we’re heading over there.”

Seungmin barely had the chance to move before Jeongin was shaking his head, setting him in place with the slightly frazzled look in his eyes.

“We don’t need to find him, we just need to delete the email.”

“Okay…” Seungmin tilted his head, leaning out of the way as Jeongin hurriedly freed himself of his coat and ducked forward to tug his laptop out of his bag.

The change from the cold outside to a room where Seungmin had evidently boosted the radiators all the way up had started to make the tips of Jeongin’s fingers tingle. And by the time he was perched at Seungmin’s side, the screen coming to life in front of them as he rubbed his hands against his jeans, Seungmin looked suitably confused.

“We’re deleting the email?”

“Mhm,” Jeongin nodded, distracted by typing out his password.

“And how are we going to do that exactly?”

Jeongin smirked now, trying to enjoy the adrenaline pumping through his body, rather than give into the worry of what he would have to share. It might be worth it, Jeongin liked the idea of coming to rescue. As though he could finally prove himself to the rest of the group where he still felt just a little too much like the newcomer.

“Well, we can’t get into Felix’s personal emails, but that doesn’t matter. Chan isn’t stupid.”

“Debatable…” Seungmin murmured, making Jeongin laugh as he continued.

“How would some random guy know Felix’s personal email anyway? That would just look strange.”

Seungmin nodded slowly, as though he was trying to guess where this was going. “Right…”

“So Chan would probably have found the business email address listed on his page.”

“Right,” Seungmin repeated.

“And that we can get into.”

Rather than echoing Jeongin’s excitement, Seungmin’s eyes narrowed. “We can?”

“Yeah…” Pausing, Jeongin sat up, scratching at the back of his neck. “I know the password.”

“And you’re just mentioning that now?!”

Seungmin’s eyes widened in alarm, but Jeongin simply shrugged in response, a shy flush crawling up his neck. Carefully, he filled in the email and password, hitting enter with a flourish and an audible click.


He chuckled sheepishly as Seungmin stared back, his mouth opening and closing a few times.

“How…? Why…?”

“I uh-... help him out sometimes,” Jeongin explained, already trying to brush the words away as a casual thing. He watched the cogs turn in Seungmin’s head, and when his expression soured, Jeongin’s stomach sank.

“You work with Felix?”

“For Felix,” Jeongin corrected. “Kinda. It’s more of a favour.”

The confusion had faded from Seungmin’s face, hurt flicking hot in his eyes. It surprised Jeongin. He’d expected shock or disbelief, maybe an annoying amount of teasing, but not this.

Seungmin had never been the easiest to read, not like Chan or Jisung, but even if Jeongin hadn’t learned his tells by now, it would be clear. He looked betrayed.

“So yesterday, last night-... That was a lie? Fumbling around, not knowing what you’re doing… freaking out? That was an act?”

“No!” Jeongin’s hands flew up, holding them in front of himself as though it would somehow prove he had nothing to hide. “No. That wasn’t-... Seungmin, no. I wouldn’t.”

Seungmin twisted his neck as though trying to stretch out a crick that had pulled tight from his discomfort.

“I don’t understand. Why wouldn’t you tell me?”

“I don’t help him. Not at all. Never. I just check the comments, update his page. I-... I still don’t know what I’m doing. This is all still new! But I don’t… I haven’t… ever.”

The blaze in Seungmin's eyes had simmered down into something molten and conflicted, and once he had given a short nod and blinked, even that had gone.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to accuse you.”

Mattress shifting, Jeongin sat back on his heels, not even realising when he’d risen up onto his knees.

“No. I didn’t even think that you would… well, think that. And I should have told you anyway. I wanted to, when he asked me. But how could I with all this shit with Chan? I never meant to pick a side.”

Shaking his head quickly, Seungmin set a hand on his knee, Jeongin’s body relaxing a little instinctively under the touch. “I get it, Innie. Of course I do. I did the same thing, didn’t I? Keeping all this from you. I guess we’re a little more alike than we knew.”

Jeongin’s laugh felt like all the breath in his lungs had rushed out with it, wrapping his hand over Seungmin’s fingers where they squeezed his knee.

“How the hell did we end up like this?”

“Two secret pornstars?” Seungmin questioned, Jeongin snorting softly in response. “I have absolutely no idea.”

“I wouldn’t say stars.”

“Speak for yourself, I put more work into those videos that Minho does just jerking himself off. Where is my orgasm, huh?”

Jeongin felt a little dizzy with relief, chuckling back at Seungmin’s beaming grin. He was unabashed and adorable, tilting his head from side to side, hands held out in a disbelieving, questioning shrug.

“You’re an idiot.”

“Hey, do you want me to be mad?”

“Yeah, you looked funny.”

Jeongin raised his eyebrows, intentionally provoking.

“Says you. Your hair is sticking up all over the place.”

Seungmin poked his cheek and smiled harder when Jeongin’s dimples popped into place.

Whimpering, Jeongin reached up to try and pat down his hair. “I had a hat on, it’s cold.”

Shaking his head in dismay, Seungmin reached forward to fix the offending strands, his fingers gentle. That was until he smiled wickedly and gave a quick tug.


Jeongin’s hand flew up, frowning. He was about to pout or pretend to cry, rubbing the tender spot on his scalp, but Seungmin’s eyes had creased happily at his expression.

“I guess hair pulling isn’t your kink then?”

It was hard not to smile at the reminder of the night before, Jeongin rolling his eyes. “I hate you.”

“Shut up.”

A peck was pressed quickly to Jeongin’s lips before he could quite register what was happening, the contact chasing away the very last traces of the cold on his skin.

By the time Jeongin caught up, Seungmin had already turned back to the laptop in front of them, leading Jeongin’s bewildered expression with the point of his finger.

“C’mon. Aren’t we supposed to be on a mission?”

“I thought this wasn’t a heist?” Jeongin teased, unable to keep the smile from his voice. He pressed his lips together as he snuck another glance across.

“It isn’t. Thieves and spies are completely different.”

Seungmin was biting down on his lip, as though to stop his own grin, the sight of it making Jeongin’s stomach flip.

Refocusing his attention however, his expression paled.


Shaking his head, Jeongin’s frown deepened, reaching forward to move the mouse across the screen.

“Isn’t it the top one? We can just delete it.”

“No,” Jeongin murmured, turning to meet Seungmin’s wide-eyed confusion. “We can’t. The email’s already been opened.”


[Chat (2): babybin & minhot]

minhot: will you get a move on?

minhot: it’s fucking freezing

babybin: have you taken my shoes?

minhot: would i ever?

babybin: you have your own shoes!

minhot: i needed something to take the bins out last night and they were convenient

babybin: we aren’t even the same size

babybin: i swear, if you’ve trodden the heels down again

minhot: can you stop whinging and just get out here?

minhot: i wouldn’t have come down if i’d known you’d take this long

minhot: two minutes you said

minhot: two

babybin: it’s been five minutes

minhot: six and a half

minhot: seven now

minhot: seven minutes and fifteen seconds

babybin: you’re annoying

minhot: and you’ve been pouty all day. you are ruining my good mood.

minhot: is this because you didn’t get to build your snowmen?

babybin: i’m trying to tie my laces

minhot: is it really? is that why??

babybin: shut up

minhot: is there something going on with you and hyunjin?

minhot: c’mon, you can tell me

minhot: actually, wait until you’re here so i can see the look on your face

minhot: you’re cute when you’re flushed

babybin: there’s nothing going on

babybin: i just wanted to spend some time together

babybin: build bridges

minhot: ah. because you were so cold heartedly cruel to him?

babybin: thanks.

babybin: but yeah, kind of

minhot: you feel guilty?

babybin: a bit, but it’s more than that

babybin: even you knew it was weird for us to hang out alone. i just wanted to try and fix that.

babybin: sometimes it feels like we’re only friends because we’re both friends with the rest of you

babybin: and the one time he did come to me, i pushed him away

babybin: i don’t want him to think that i don’t like him

minhot: have you told him that?

babybin: i apologised for what i said

minhot: but have you said “hyunjin, i don’t hate you even if i was an ass and also kind of a dick when we first met. i hope we can become bffs, so i offer you this friendship bracelet as a symbol of my love. and also, you’re really pretty.”

babybin: really pretty?

minhot: i think he’d appreciate the compliment

babybin: who said you were good to go to for advice…?

minhot: everyone wants to hear that they’re pretty

babybin: you’re so pretty

minhot: thank you

minhot: but my point is… talk to him

babybin: i was going to today! i’ve been making an effort

minhot: alright then, let’s get you back on track

minhot: get your ass here

babybin: what are you up to?

babybin: minho?


Jisung had been casually browsing the Mills and Boon section of the library when a hand caught his arm. He did that on occasion, for a break from studying, or just to escape. He only ever read the back covers, preferring to conjure up the rest of the stories in his head as a sordid little daydream while he chewed on the end of his pen.

Sometimes he even liked to add the occasional idea to the fast growing list in his notes app; the office rivals, the single mother and the plumber, the rich man’s daughter and the stable boy. Sure, some might need a little tweaking, and the sets could be a challenge, but they all had potential.

He’d been sliding one of the tattier paperbacks back into its place when the sudden attack had caused him to let out a squeak, a hand clapped over his mouth just in time to catch it.

“You’re coming with me.”

“Minho?” Jisung mumbled as best as he could against the feeling of a warm palm.

Minho released him, wiping his hand off on Jisung’s sleeve with a frown before grabbing on to tug him back the way he’d come.

“Ow! Ouch! You’ve got skin!” Jisung protested as he stumbled after his abductor. “Where are we going?”

“You’d make a terrible spy, you’re so loud. We are in a library.”

Jisung did shrink down at that, casting an apologetic smile at the poor girl he’d just about managed to avoid knocking into.

“Hyunjin’s up checking the study rooms,” Jisung hissed, finally righting his steps to keep pace at Minho’s side.

”I’ve sent Changbin up to help. We’re switching partners.”


Glancing across, Minho’s eyes ran over him before blinking quickly. It was a part of his thinking face and Jisung wondered if he was trying to decide what to say, or come up with a lie.

He settled on reaching out for Jisung’s arm again, his fingers sliding into a circle around Jisung’s wrist.

“Because I wanted to.”

It was such a Minho thing to say, never explaining his actions or the strange turns his thoughts took, even when Jisung’s own brain swam against an ever-twisting tide to try and decipher what it all meant.

To his ears now, it had almost sounded like the ‘to’ at the end of his sentence had been a ‘you’, likely just a trick of his hushed tone, but maybe the implication was still the same. And who was Jisung to argue with that?

By the time Jisung was on his sixth flight of stairs, however, that sentiment had waned just a little.

His pulse thumped in his brain with every forced step, his thighs aching as he contemplated how many days workouts he could skip after this torture.

“Why is this building so tall?” Jisung gasped, slumped over the banister for support, using his grip to round the halfway point to the next floor. He’d been sure that the arts building was only three or four floors at most, but the endless zigzag of stairs felt as though it had been going on forever.

Overtaking, Minho made it up to the landing first, despite Jisung forcing him to go check the rooms on the fifth floor alone while he caught his breath.

It had been something like that anyway, Minho giving him a look before groaning and setting off, Jisung shooting him a thumbs up and a shaky “yeah, I’ll meet you back here,” as he hunched over his knees.

“We could have saved two flights if you didn’t insist on coming in through the west entrance,” Minho pointed out.

“But the basement has-...”

“The good vending machines,” Minho cut him off, nodding. “And isn’t it funny that you just didn’t happen to have any money.”

“You offered!” Jisung beamed, or as best as he could manage right now, panting with a hand held against his chest. “Because you love me.”

Laughing loudly, Minho patted his shoulder. “Because you wouldn’t shut up about it. And you’ll be paying me back.”

“And how would you like that payment?” Jisung smirked, suddenly recovered enough that he could draw a slow finger up Minho’s chest.

Rolling his eyes, Minho forced him down with a hand on his shoulder, sitting Jisung on the bottom of the next flight of stairs. “Rest. The lack of oxygen is clearly affecting you again.”


Ignoring his question, Minho checked the time on his phone. “I don’t even think they’re going to be up here, maybe we should just start back.”

The thought of spiralling all the way back down the building made Jisung’s body sag, even if going down the stairs would be a marked improvement. He’d only been in this building a handful of times, when his classes had been moved around, and for that he was very grateful.

Jisung had eyed the lift longingly on their way in, sensing Minho hesitate for a moment at his side. But Jisung didn't even have to look across to know that Minho was about to offer that they use it, despite his own discomfort, so Jisung had grabbed his arm and headed with purpose towards the stairs.

Perhaps that had been why Minho had not only stopped at the vending machines, but had pressed two bars of chocolate into Jisung’s palm when he’d been unable to decide.

“Why are you in such a good mood today?”

“Mhm?” Minho looked up from his phone, eyebrows furrowed.

“You’re very perky. Not even complaining about the stairs.” It had been an absent minded question at first, but as Jisung spoke, his own points started to stack into something curious in his brain. “You haven’t even whined once. Usually you would be the one throwing a strop.”

“I do not strop.”

“Oh yes, you do,” Jisung said with a smile.

Minho’s was glaring, but there was also that slight absence to his expression. The void of emotion that he activated whenever he was embarrassed or caught out. It was there, swimming like guilt in his eyes, his frown not quite sincere enough.

“I have strong thighs,” Minho stated simply. Jisung’s gaze slid down to the subtle curve of muscle still just about evident beneath Minho’s loose jeans. And yeah, okay. Maybe that was a valid point. “Can’t I just be in a good mood?”

“A good enough mood that you’re nice to Seungmin?” Jisung questioned with a small laugh. “No.”

Jisung hadn't expected him to break so easily, but Minho snorted at that, pocketing his phone and dropping down onto the step beside him.

“Fair point.”

Nudging an elbow into Minho’s side that earned him a scowl, Jisung looked up expectantly. “So fess up.”

They were cramped there on the stairwell, everything feeling a little too quiet with the way each shuffle echoed around the space. But Jisung slid his legs open, pushing his knee into Minho’s thigh as he continued to stare at the soft curve of his eyelashes and the sharp cut of his jaw.

It was his own staring that promoted Jisung to swallow, relaxing the tension in his shoulders that had built instinctively from the excitement of their proximity.

Sometimes Jisung got too easily carried away. It was always easy with Minho, easy to not have to worry. To slip into their back and forth that always held just that bit too much weight on his end. But he’d always trusted Minho to tell him if he’d gone too far. And not to break his heart.

Now, as he watched Minho hesitate in his response, Jisung worried that they’d lost too much of themselves somewhere along the way. Somewhere between the blurry lines of the joke and the tension of remaining so carefully on that line.

They walked a tightrope, always looking out for one another from a distance, as though anything too real might make the rest of it too real too, but Jisung still wanted Minho to know that he was standing there on the ground, arms open should he ever fall.

“You know you can actually talk to me, right? I know we do this thing… I flirt, and you cut me down, but I am still your friend.” His words were lightly teasing, head tilting until he managed to catch Minho’s eye and the reluctant smile on his face. “Joking aside. Even if you never want to kiss me, I’ll still be here. In love with you.”

Minho snorted at that, meeting the innocent blink of Jisung’s eyes. “That’s right. You keep pining.”

“I’m not joking!” Jisung protested, both of his hands falling to squeeze Minho’s thigh, just above his knee. He pushed his eyes wide, head tilted, a comedic level of sincerity to his tone. “Seriously. I love you, dude.”

He watched Minho’s eyes draw down as though calculating something in Jisung’s expression. Jisung wasn’t sure what he wanted him to find, so he kept carefully still, only the faintest, strained laugher bubbling past his lips.

It ebbed away into tenderness, the tension of the moment feeling tight between them. But Jisung had always struggled not to be honest when it came to Minho. He’d never needed not to be.

Eventually, Minho shifted his hand so that just his little finger brushed over Jisung’s knuckles where he still clung to his thigh. His voice was soft, a fondness flashing warm in his eyes that made Jisung’s stomach twist.

”I love you too, Jisung.” The words hung, calm and meant, Minho’s little finger curling around Jisung’s for a brief moment before he sighed and pushed to his feet. “Now c’mon, if we leave Changbin out in the cold too long, he might make me warm his feet again.”

Grimacing, Jisung tucked his knees tighter to his chest. “And what does that entail exactly?”

“You’ll find out if you don’t budge, because you’ll be doing it. Get up. We may as well do this last floor.”

“I don’t wanna.”

Jisung was whining, pouting on full blast as he peered over his shoulder.

“Think of it as a great workout. How good you’ll look on camera!” Minho encouraged. “Stairs are really good for the lower body.”

He seemed to give up when Jisung only whined again, legs thrown out in front of him in dismay. But Jisung figured that Minho would have to come back this way anyway. He could hardly abandon him. So he watched him start up the next flight, eyes slipping down as he considered Minho’s words.



Minho didn’t even bother to look back as he climbed up the last few stairs. “Stop staring at my ass.”


Chan felt his phone buzz against his thigh yet again. He resisted the urge to shuffle or pull it from his pocket, just in case Felix was able to catch a glimpse of the flurry of messages completely covering his home screen.

He’d managed to peek enough snippets of their fast moving conversation to understand what was going on, trying not to let the horror flood through him into sheer, uncontainable panic. He figured that Felix might notice that.

“And so when I got there, there was somebody else already there. Which, annoying right? Who goes to the gym in the middle of a snowstorm? Other than me… clearly… But guess who it was?!”

The story Felix was telling filtered into white noise as Chan’s eyes flicked over to Felix’s laptop, the light of the screen feeling as though it was staring him down, taunting him with what lay behind the few, simple clicks of a button.

It made his palms feel damp, wiping them off on the leg of his sweatpants before tugging at the material to adjust himself, as though lessening the restriction of his clothes might make him feel a little more able to breathe.

He imagined Felix’s face as his mouse moved, as though in slow motion, highlighting then clicking through to that blue link he’d pasted at the bottom of the email. He pictured the slow loading screen, the familiar banner, then his own face, beaming back, chest bare, achingly hard dick in hand, comically sized, continuing to grow and grow until it filled up almost the entirety of the page. His face twisted with pleasure, then a smile.

“Hi Felix! Won’t you join us?”

Chan shuddered, a little whimpered sound passing his lips as he blinked the room back into reality.


Felix looked concerned, as he should be. Chan could feel the hot shame crawling over his skin.

But, no. He wasn’t horrified, only amused. His smile soft as ever, eyes just as bright, sparkling away under the harsh lights.

“You okay?”

Felix reached forward to nudge his arm, the touch finally jolting Chan out of his escalating spiral.

That hazy happiness that had settled in his limbs and warmed his chest this morning was now long gone, as was any surety of what the body that had slipped out of his room with a tender kiss the night before was supposed to mean. And once that had faded, the confusion and the stress of the last few weeks had nestled firmly back in its place.

“Yeah,” Chan managed, his voice weak even to his own ears. But he found a smile, a decent one, and the small squeeze to his knee he earned in response eased a little of his tension.

“You keep spacing out,” Felix said, clearly trying to keep the worry from his tone. “Have you been sleeping properly?”

“Yeah.” No. “I have, I swear!”

Felix scoffed, but turned back to the notebook in front of him, darkening the lines of a doodle on the corner of the page.

“You’re a terrible liar, you know that?” Glancing up, Felix had one eyebrow raised. “Your ears go pink.”

Chan reached up, self-consciously pulling at the edge of his right lobe, his grin lopsided. “I guess I’m not so subtle. Especially not when you know me so well.”

Felix continued with his doodling, starting a new sketch that looked to Chan like it might be a house.

“Do you want to talk about it? Because you’ve been acting weird since Christmas.”

The temptation for Chan to spill was there, and yet he couldn’t find any of the words. They slipped away each time he tried to move his tongue, replaced with the picture of Felix’s discomfort. The awkwardness of his still so sweet rejection. Or worse, a forced smile. An empty agreement, just to be polite.

Selfishly, Chan was afraid of any change. He was terrified that bringing Felix in might alter things. That he might see Chan as some kind of boss figure, cold and calculated in selecting Felix from the start. As much as he’d understood Changbin’s original reservations and had accepted his apologies, those stinging allegations still lingered.

He’d let himself get tangled up in a thousand tiny lies that held him tight now, struggling and confused in their web. And he knew the truth would be his only escape, that Felix was his friend and deserved his honesty. But just as the lies had built and swarmed, so would the truth, each bit he revealed, cascading to open up so much more. Chan wished that he was ready.

“It’s just school.”

Disappointment settled over Felix’s face, but that went unnoticed, the expression hidden with the bow of his head and a short nod.

“It’s your final year. Time for big decisions.”

“Right,” Chan agreed, his voice brighter now that Felix was following his diversion of the conversation. “I think I need to relax more. Start going to the gym again or something.”

“Which was what I’d been talking about!” Felix mock sighed, lightly poking Chan’s arm with his pen. “If you hadn’t been ignoring me.”

“I wasn’t ignoring you!”

“No, you just weren’t listening.” Felix held his eyes, stern in his unyielding gaze until they both broke into a laugh.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” Chan relented, shuffling his chair to face Felix properly, folding his hands on the table. “I’m paying attention.”

“Well, now you’re just staring.”

Felix’s smirk made Chan chuckle, relaxing his posture a little more, before giving in entirely and throwing his legs up into Felix’s lap. He was met with an oomph, but Felix grinned, patting the leather of Chan’s shoes.

Chan liked this new position, the weight of his legs acting as a safety barrier should Felix make any sudden lunges for his laptop.

“You better not be getting mud on my jeans, they’re new.”

“So I can get mud on your old jeans?” Chan challenged, reaching to pop one of the little round chocolates that had spilled onto the desk during their study session into his mouth.

“You’re being petulant.”

“Am not.” Chan’s nose wrinkled as he chewed. “Are these old? They taste a little stale.”

“They’re from Christmas,” Felix replied, watching him in amusement. “I had a few bags left over.”

“I prefer the crispy M&M’s,” Chan noted, carefully surveying the green chocolate between his fingers, before popping it into his mouth, even if they definitely did taste a little bland.

Felix’s jaw clenched, his tongue poking into his cheek with faux annoyance. “Well next time, get your own snacks.”

Well next time, get your own snacks,” Chan echoed childishly.

It made Felix huff, but he still seemed to be enjoying Chan’s little performance, or maybe he just liked seeing him fool around again. Chan was simply happy to do anything that made him smile.

“You always get like this when you’ve been working too hard. You tire yourself out and you get bored and then, you’re annoying.”

Chan gasped. “Annoying?”

“Mhm,” Felix hummed, looking smug. “I’m not sure I should invite you to my workout sessions, I wouldn’t want to be stuck with you.”

“Oi!” Laughing, Chan pulled him closer by the arm of his chair, dragging them together so that he could poke a bony finger into Felix’s ribs. “Remember who you’re talking to.”

“The moody Chan that has been avoiding me for two weeks or the multi talented music producer that should stop fretting and believe in himself?”

Felix had caught Chan’s wrist, Chan pausing his attack at the words. In the end, he could do little but sigh. He’d been an idiot to expect that Felix wouldn’t have noticed something was up.

“I’m sorry.”

“Worrying about next year is normal. It’s a big change. It’s scary.” Felix added.

“Yeah. No. You’re right,” Chan sighed, planting his feet back on the ground. Truthfully, he'd barely had the chance to start worrying about that yet, but the future was there. Looming. “I was looking into some post-grad programs before the holidays, but they’re all so expensive, or far away, or impossible to get onto.”

Felix perked up at that, his back straightening in excitement. “Oh! There’s actually this course that’s accepting applications. I don’t know about music, a friend sent it to me for dance, but it seems to be a general arts thing. I was actually going to tell you about it for Jeongin. It’s in London but… I mean, it’s worth trying.”

“In London?” Chan questioned, skeptically.

“Yeah. They run these programs throughout the year, usually for students to study abroad, but they have a hands-on, work experience one too, over the summer. Their connections are great and it seems like a fair few students end up with an internship out of it.”

“Wow,” Chan breathed, Felix's excited rambling making him feel a little dazed. He’d been so focussed on passing and getting decent grades, that he hadn’t really contemplated what would come after. Where he would go. What he might have to leave behind. “I mean… yeah. That sounds fantastic. I should at least show it to Jeongin, and maybe Seungmin too, if there’s anything for film. Minho maybe.”

“They’d snap Minho up in a heartbeat,” Felix chuckled. “Although, I doubt he’d go.”

“Why not?”

“Weeks away from his boyfriend? They barely last an afternoon apart. Do you know how often I see him hanging around the practice rooms?”

Chan smiled, picturing Jisung there, coffee in hand as he bounced impatiently for Minho to be done.

“Jisung? You might have a point.”

Eyes crinkling, Felix giggled. “They’re the cutest couple, I’m sure it’s a nightmare being around them.”

“They’re not a couple,” Chan laughed. “Although they are irritating.”

“What?!” Felix had stood up, slapping a hand down on the arm of the chair.

“They’re not a couple!” Chan insisted.

“But they’re so cute… I actually feel nauseous when I see them, they're completely smitten! It’s almost as bad as when Jeongin talks about-...”

Felix abruptly cut himself off, but it was too late, Chan’s eyes widening. “About?”

“Nobody. Nothing. Nobody.”

Chan rose from his chair slowly, head cocked. “Oh no. Spill. I knew that kid had been up to something. Who are they?”

“Why? Are you going to kick his ass?” Felix taunted, eyebrows raised. “So protective of you.”

His tone had turned teasing, almost seductively so and Chan couldn’t help but shift closer.

“Not unless this stranger breaks his heart.”

“Like he’d dare with you around.”

Chan didn’t miss the way Felix’s eyes swept down, smug and appreciative, as though he could see right through the thick material of Chan’s hoodie. It was a jarring reminder of the sides of Felix that he usually kept hidden. At least from Chan. The things they didn’t share, but could.

He forgot sometimes that Felix knew just how to play a man, that he made his business as a temptress. But with his eyes heavy and lidded, tongue darting out, Chan saw it now, the thrill of it shooting up his spine.

Felix wasn’t fragile, and wasn’t naive. He had his own mind and his own body, and even if Chan wanted to bundle him up and keep him safe, maybe he didn’t need to. At least not from himself.

“So it’s a he then?”

Felix’s lips pursed at that, annoyed at having let something slip.

“Maybe. Maybe I was just throwing you off.”

“Sure,” Chan dismissed. “I just don’t want to see Jeongin get hurt.”

Felix swallowed, eyes flicking down before he spoke, his intensity easing just a little into a look of understanding. “Romance… Love. It doesn’t have to be something scary. Besides, it’s just a crush, I think he’s safe.”

Chan smiled, glancing down at where Felix had reached out to touch his arm. “That’s not what I heard. I was told there’d been kissing.”

Gasping in mock horror, Felix smiled back teasingly. “Kissing?! He truly has been corrupted. I better not tell you that I’ve kissed him too, huh?”


“What?” Felix repeated back, his face full of innocence.

“You kissed Jeongin?”

Chan couldn’t help the surprise from showing all over his face, hoping dearly that he managed just to sound shocked, and not something embarrassing, like jealous.

“You know… I think I had a flyer for that London thing somewhere…”

Felix started to move, ducking past Chan’s arm to reach for his bag.


“No, you know. I think it might’ve been an email actually.”

The world seemed to move in slow motion then, Felix’s direction correcting back towards the table as he leant over to pull his laptop towards himself. But Chan was moving too, quick with alarm as he flung himself in front of the object just as Felix’s fingers made contact with the keys.


They were so closely pressed together, chests flush, Chan’s hand completely eloping Felix’s where he propped himself against the table as though he was afraid that one might move too. He could feel the wide horror in his eyes, but that was nothing compared to Felix’s own, his mouth gaping in confusion.

And now Chan was staring at his mouth. That pretty mouth, littered with freckles across the skin of his upper lip.

Chan had wanted to kiss Felix so many times, but the potential of it had never felt this real.


“No,” Chan repeated, the word barely a breath before he was leaning forward, closing that final inch to bring their lips together.


[Chat (2): chyung & minhot]

minhot: hey

minhot: do you want to go for dinner sometime?

Chapter Text

[Chat (2): babybin & jinnie]

babybin: where are you?

jinnie: by a window

jinnie: shelves

jinnie: some books

babybin: we’re in a library

jinnie: i’m on the second floor

jinnie: oh, hey! i can see you!

babybin: where?

jinnie: look up!

babybin: i am!

jinnie: i’m waving

jinnie: stop reading and look up!

jinnie: no, wait

jinnie: that’s not you

babybin: if i was reading, how could i be texting you???

jinnie: in my defence, you and the librarian own the same shirt

babybin: this shirt was a gift

jinnie: it’s a nice shirt. she wears it well

babybin: just get down here, will you?!



“Did you find them?” Changbin asked, pocketing his phone as Hyunjin rounded the corner towards him.

He’d searched as many of the tables dotted throughout the shelves as possible, but had no luck finding Felix or Chan.

“Yes. Felix is right here. He’s simply turned invisible.”

Changbin glared, the two of them making a face back at one another. It was petty, but the edges of Hyunjin’s mouth held the hint of a smile.

Something had shifted over the last few days, ever since that night on the kitchen floor. Changbin supposed it might have something to do with the fact that he’d watched Hyunjin cum down Minho’s throat. Or perhaps it was just that he hadn’t run a mile after he had, but things felt a little easier. They were still tender and awkward, but Changbin wanted to make an effort. He just wasn’t entirely sure why.

They were friends. He had Hyunjin’s number in his phone and they walked to class together. They knew the same people and the same inside jokes, and Hyunjin would sometimes turn his face into Changbin’s shoulder as he laughed, or rested a tired head on his shoulder. But there was always a look after, an awkward smile and subtle shuffling away, as though they were surprised to find themselves there.

Changbin knew Hyunjin’s coffee order and his birthday and what cologne to buy him at Christmas, but he didn’t know if it was okay to ask about his family or throw a leg over his waist while they watched a movie like he would with anyone else. He knew that Hyunjin studied art, but had no idea why.

The cold skepticism that bloomed into stubborn dislike for those first few months that they’d known one another still stood unaddressed, now stacked a little higher thanks to Changbin’s reaction when Hyunjin had opened up.

But there was a chip too, slowly splitting into a crack in the wall between them, thanks to Changbin coming back, apologising, giving him a chance. The knowledge that Hyunjin had even come to him in the first place. The memory of a sleepy boy in his lap and cautious jokes.

Reaching out, Changbin nudged Hyunjin’s arm, receiving a light push back. He stumbled far more than necessary, bringing a protective hand to his shoulder.

“Don’t be dramatic,” Hyunjin said, rolling his eyes.

“Me? What if I'd gone over the railing?”

Hyunjin slowly raised an eyebrow. “It’s at least thirty feet away.”

Tutting, Changbin brushed himself down and held out his palm.

“Give me your ID. We still need to check the study rooms.”

It was the last spot to look and probably the most likely place they would find them, that was if they’d actually gone to study. Changbin was holding onto the scrap of hope that he’d find the two of them in there, blissfully unaware, even just for the reason that it would be nice to see Felix again.

“Use your own,” Hyunjin frowned, walking off without him so that his chest brushed past Changbin’s extended arm. “I was promised wintertime fun today, not traipsing around after Chan.”

With a little sigh, Changbin headed down the aisle after him, towards the row of doors at the back of the room. They were each locked, needing to be scanned with a student ID like many of the rooms on campus.

Even so, he tested the first door handle with a little jiggle before turning to look at Hyunjin.

“You’ll have to use yours, I gave mine to Jisung last week to pick us up coffee.”

“You need ID for coffee?”

“You need ID for student prices,” Changbin countered, Hyunjin tilting his head in allowance. “So, gimme.”

Hyunjin glanced down at Changbin’s outstretched palm and shrugged.


Changbin watched as Hyunjin shifted his weight, eyes running from the pop of his hip, up his torso, to the set of his shoulders, Hyunjin very clearly standing his ground.

“Say please.”

Pursuing his lips, Changbin weighed up the option of giving Hyunjin what he wanted versus playing up to his teasing. They bickered, this was nothing new, they’d learned the lines not to cross a long time ago, and it was easy. Never too complicated or too deep. But Changbin had told Minho he wanted to make an effort.

“Pretty please,” Changbin tried, smiling sweetly.

Hyunjin snorted softly. “With a cherry on top?”

“With a cherry on top,” Changbin echoed, his tone cute, head tilted and lips ending in a pout.

It was a natural response, how he might act with Seungmin or Minho, but it made Hyunjin’s eyes crinkle into a surprised smile.

“What are you doing?“

Changbin added a little flutter of his eyelashes to his performance, ignoring the burn of his own cheeks. “Begging?”

Poking his tongue into the corner of his mouth, Hyunjin ducked his head and Changbin thought he might’ve heard him mutter something about him being an idiot.

“So… Can I have it?”

Changbin slowly reached forward for Hyunjin’s pocket, remembering easily where he usually pulled his wallet from, but his hand was caught, Hyunjin’s fingers circling his wrist.

“Why do you want to find them so bad?”

“What do you mean?”

He felt Hyunjin’s fingers flex, pausing before releasing him from his grip and it took Changbin a moment to remember to drop his arm back to his side.

“Felix… I know it’ll be awkward, but-… I don’t know. You seem to really care about stopping it.”

The conversation had taken a turn, Hyunjin’s tone not accusatory or suspicious, only curious, tentative in even asking. His eyes had narrowed slightly, brow furrowed as though trying to solve a puzzle somewhere in Changbin’s eyes, but Changbin could only look away.

“Yeah, well… Finding this stuff out isn’t easy. Feeling lied to. Chan should be the one to tell him.”


“I don’t-… I didn’t-…” Changbin stammered, lifting his head to reassure Hyunjin that he really hadn’t meant anything by it. They’d managed five minutes together and he’d already put his foot in it yet again.

“No. It’s okay.” Hyunjin nodded. “You’re right.”

“I don’t mean it like that.” Changbin tried to gesture aimlessly with his hands, hoping Hyunjin would understand. “You did tell me. I just think that if it had been an accident, it might’ve felt… worse.”

“Like we didn’t want you to know?”

“Yeah,” Changbin sighed.

It was the truth. No matter how much there had been that twinge of hurt at being kept in the dark, knowing they’d actually wanted him to know had helped.

He wasn’t lying when he said that he was okay with it, because he was. Or at least he wanted to be, and that was just as good. He understood how it had happened, and maybe this thing was a part of it. He wanted to open up to Hyunjin now, because he was simply afraid that they didn’t trust him.

It was a silly thought, he knew that. He, Chan and Jisung went way back. Even Minho now. But Changbin knew that he was a little guilty too. They hadn’t been the only ones holding back or putting on an act for a very long time, and he was starting to grow tired.

“We did though, you know. Or… they did.” Hyunjin frowned, but not like he was sad, like he was just thinking. As though they were both trying a little too carefully to choose their words. “Chan really wanted to tell you from the start. Jisung too. I think he was nervous, but he wanted to.”

“And you?”

“You didn’t like me very much.”

Changbin raised an eyebrow. “You didn’t like me much either.”

“I guess that’s true.” Hyunjin laughed, bowing his head. When he looked up, Changbin made sure he was smiling too.

”I didn’t not like you. I just didn’t trust you.”

“You didn’t know me,” Hyunjin noted.

“I know.”

Their voices were low, even for the library—whispered admittances to both their mistakes. Changbin was prideful and stubborn and it had been far too easy and hypocritical for him to dislike Hyunjin for being the same. Looking at him now, Changbin didn’t find those qualities annoying or cocky like he first had, he found them distinctly Hyunjin and he found them beautiful.

“And you love Jisung a lot. I didn’t want you to find out about this and…” Hyunjin looked up, open and vulnerable in a way Changbin had been starting to see a lot more of recently. “Give you another reason to not like me.”


Changbin’s hand found Hyunjin’s elbow before he’d registered what he was doing, but once it was there, he tried not to overthink it, giving the bone a squeeze through the thick layers of Hyunjin’s jacket.

“In case you thought it was my fault or that I’m a bad influence or something.”

“But he was doing it first. Right? If anything, he influenced you.”

Hyunjin laughed, a sound that was almost a scoff, looking up at the ceiling, but he didn’t push Changbin away. “I wasn’t so sure that the old you would have believed that.”


“No. It’s okay. I’m not saying this to make you feel bad and I don’t think it anymore, I just want you to understand.”

It was hard for Changbin to know what to say next, his mouth opening, then closing to press his lips together. His hand hadn’t left Hyunjin’s arm and now Hyunjin’s palm settled over his grip.

Hearing what Hyunjin had said made sense, it wasn’t new information that Changbin had been in the wrong too. Hearing that he was right, and Hyunjin had been afraid of his reaction was hard, but it made him curl his fingers a little tighter, his head rushing.

“You asked why it was me who told you. I suppose it would just be easier for you to hate me than them.”

“Like a worst case scenario?” Changbin questioned, head tilting up.

“Or best. Less of a betrayal… it’s not exactly like we share.”

“No, I don’t suppose we do,” Changbin agreed.

Taking a step back, his back met the door, sliding down until he met the ground. Changbin registered Hyunjin stepping forward and taking a seat beside him, the quiet sitting for a moment.

“I like you now,” Hyunjin offered. Changbin kept his eyes on the carpet ahead, following the line of the navy pattern. “What you did when you came to apologise to me, it meant a lot.”

When Changbin only hummed, he carried on. “And how protective you are of your friends… Jisung. That’s not a bad thing. I admire it. They’re lucky.”

“You’re lucky.” Changbin couldn’t help but smirk as he looked up, checking the confusion on Hyunjin’s face. “To have me as a friend.”

“Yeah,” Hyunjin agreed, ”I guess I am.”

Holding Hyunjin’s gaze and their shared smile, Changbin let out a long sigh. “I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to do after graduation.”


“A job… life… I don’t have a clue.”

If Hyunjin was shocked by his abrupt change of direction, he didn’t show it. He’d said that they didn’t share, so Changbin was… sharing.

“What about your course?”

“Creative writing?” Changbin grimaced. “I suck at it.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Well, I suck at having to do it.”

Hyunjin nodded at that, letting his legs relax so that their feet knocked together. “Mhm. Creativity and grades don’t really mesh well.”

“You’re telling me.”

“So quit.”

“I can’t do that.”

“Why not?” Hyunjin insisted, turning towards him.

Changbin tried not to focus on his scrutiny, watching another student fumble while trying to pick up the pen that they’d dropped beneath their chair a few tables away.

It was strange the way Hyunjin said things, as though they were so obviously simple.

“Because it’s my final year.”

“So take extra classes or go to night school or just drop out and start again.”

“Oh, sure. My parents would kill me.”

Changbin had finally turned to face him, a familiar challenge back in both their eyes as they studied one another.

“My parents think I study business,” Hyunjin stated.


“Mhm. I told my Mum I just got an A on my economics paper.”


The student Changbin had been watching before lifted his head with a glare, Hyunjin smiling sheepishly as he shushed Changbin.


“You like to lie, huh?” Changbin quirked an eyebrow, his lips pulling up.

“Omit the truth,” Hyunjin corrected, pointing a finger. “It’s my scholarship anyway. My money paying for the rest.”

“I didn’t know that.”

Hyunjin shrugged, turning away to rest his head back. “You should have asked.”

It felt easier now for Changbin to reach out and poke his cheek, relishing in the sight of Hyunjin’s smug little smile.

“Shut up.”

“You never asked about the porn thing either.” Hyunjin mused, tilting his feet in and out playfully. “Your questions. You’ve been silent since you saw it all basically.”


“Go on.” Hyunjin encouraged, nudging their shoulders together when Changbin made a little whine of disagreement. “Changbin. You must be wondering about something. C’mon… You don’t even like me, so ask something. Embarrass me.”

“Stop saying that.”

Changbin frowned and Hyunjin sighed, relaxing.


The longer Changbin waited, the harder Hyunjin seemed to manage to stare. He had questions, quite a few, some more… technical than others and yet right now, with Hyunjin staring back with his stupid long hair and stupid pretty lips and all the honesty of this little moment they were sharing, nothing seemed to want to come to mind.

“Why-… How-…”


“You’re just so…” Changbin’s eyebrows furrowed, sliding his palm over his hand like a plane taking off. “Smooth.”



Hyunjin giggled, pulling at his hair to hide his face in disbelief, where Changbin was sure, in his position, he would have been in complete horror.

“Out of everything, you go for that?”

“I’m just… intrigued.”

“I knew you were staring at my ass.”

“I was not.”

“Did you count my moles?”

“I’m not doing this anymore… I’m not asking you anything…”

“No. No.” Hyunjin pulled Changbin back down by his arm where he’d started to clamber onto his feet, rolling his eyes at the exaggerated groan Changbin made as he landed back down. “Minho and I get waxed.”

He’d caught Changbin’s attention with that.


“Minho and I get waxed,” Hyunjin repeated, “and if you tell anyone, I swear to god, I’ll kill you and he will kill me.”


“Yes. We go once a month on our free day and then we go for coffee at this secret cafe that has these huge pieces of cake and Minho gets raspberry, lemon drizzle and I get chocolate and we sit and talk for like three hours.”

“You go together?”


Changbin leaned back. He could feel his eyes pushing impossibly wider, partly due to his own bewilderment, and partly because he liked how much Hyunjin seemed to be enjoying this.

“Like a date?”

“No, not like a date. Who goes on a date to get their balls waxed?”


“Nobody said you had to do it!”

Changbin receded a little at that, forcibly pushing back down the images that had flooded his mind, until one in particular piqued his curiosity.

“Does Chan do it?”

“Huh. I don’t know. I mean… he must do something, y’know?”

“No, I don’t know! Why would I know?!”

“Oh c’mon. Every single one of us has seen Chan’s dick.”

“But I don’t look!” Hyunjin narrowed his eyes, Changbin crumbling near instantly. “So maybe I peek… Does Jisung go?”

Barking out a laugh, Hyunjin clapped his hands, shaking his head. “Jisung would scream bloody murder.”

“Hmm. That’s true.” Changbin looked down at his palms, then pressed them to his thighs, wondering at what point in the conversation they’d become so damp.

“Does it hurt?”

“A little at first.”

Changbin hummed, then let the quiet hang between them for a moment, still feeling Hyunjin shake a little with the remnants of laughter beside him, his head eventually tipping back to rest against the door behind them.

It was nice, their arms pressed together where they usually would have maintained a safe barrier of space. The rustling of paper and quiet, distant chatter filling just enough of a background hum to stop Changbin’s thoughts straying too far.

When Changbin glanced up, he was met with the long line of Hyunjin’s neck, his hair curling slightly at the ends against his jaw. He turned his attention back ahead, clasping his hands around his knees as he folded them up towards his chest.

“It’s not like I don’t do anything… It’s not like…”

“If you say the word ‘jungle’ right now,” Hyunjin murmured, “I’m leaving.”



[Chat (7): rated r for… remember we need milk]

littleloaf: anyone found him?

minhot: nope

minhot: trying the last floor now

littleloaf: he’s not at felix’s, i just got here and there’s no answer

babybin: i don’t think he’s at the library

dandymin: you don’t think?

babybin: from what i saw

dandymin: did you check the study rooms?

babybin: they seemed empty

dandymin: seemed?

jinnie: changbin and i left to get coffee

littleloaf: big help

handsome: yeah guys, not cool

minhot: have you stood up yet?

handsome: i’m working on it

babybin: hey, you

babybin: i want my id back

handsome: what do i get in return?

babybin: nothing

handsome: then, no

handsome: i like pretending to be a senior

babybin: i want it tomorrow

babybin: i got stuck outside your building earlier and people kept looking at me like i was about to break in

handsome: ha! you should have

jinnie: the side door is faulty, you can get in there

jinnie: jeongin broke it

littleloaf: i didn’t touch shit

jinnie: you hit the sensor with a giant prop spear!

littleloaf: it was a prop!

littleloaf: and it was your fault

jinnie: mine?!

littleloaf: “race you back to the dorms”

jinnie: you shouldn’t be so competitive

jinnie: who are you trying to impress?

littleloaf: shut up

minhot: will you two stop bickering and tell jisung to get his ass here and help?

babybin: jisung

handsome: you’re getting coffee!

babybin: jisung

handsome: see if i give it your id back now. i’m going to be seo changbin forever.

dandymin: i thought you were "falcon"

[‘minhot’ changed their display name to ‘“seungmin”’]

“seungmin”: yeah, we can’t have two changbins, that would be confusing

littleloaf: and a living nightmare

babybin: hey!

littleloaf: sorry. did i say that out loud?

handsome: who do you think would be the most likely to fuck themselves?

dandymin: jisung

handsome: it was just a question!

dandymin: i know. i’m answering you

handsome: oh

“seungmin”: i’d do it

handsome: oh

“seungmin”: if only you were here to listen to me explain it in great detail

“seungmin”: the things two of me could do

dandymin: i hate his new name

jinnie: if jisung doesn’t go, i will

babybin: i think i’d just watch if there were two of me. see how i look in action, y’know?

jinnie: we’ll that’s a waste

jinnie: you could just film yourself to see that

babybin: says the pornstar

littleloaf: yeah, this is a once in a lifetime chance

littleloaf: you’d learn more actually trying yourself out

dandymin: i think i’d rather choose two of someone else than have two of me

“seungmin”: like a sandwich?

handsome: and seungmin is the meat

babybin: well, we already have some bread

jinnie: a whole loaf

“seungmin”: mhm to be pressed between two yang jeongins…

jinnie: i’d bite

handsome: press me like a panini

littleloaf: never



A peck was all that Chan had managed, a panicked smudge of lips with his fingers pressed to the edge of Felix’s jaw. They lingered now, his palm resting on the side of Felix’s neck as they both blinked.

Chan felt stunned, as though he hadn’t been the one to lunge forward. Not just because of the kiss, but because Felix didn’t seem stunned. He wasn’t pulling away or laughing, and his eyes weren’t wide with alarm. He was smirking.

Felix’s bottom lip was pulled slightly into his mouth, his expression somewhere between bashful and cocky and it made Chan’s stomach squirm.

His own lips were still slightly parted, as though he couldn’t quite suck in enough air.

One of them needed to move or to speak. Chan wondered briefly if he should do it again, Felix certainly looked as though he wanted it, and that was as strange a realisation as anything else.

Then the door started to open and they definitely were moving, springing apart like they’d been found doing something much worse. The door caught at first, clattering against Chan’s chair that had been pushed away in his haste to get to Felix, but with another push, a head appeared, accompanied by a grumble as whoever it was battled their way inside.

Chan found just enough time to stand upright and press a guilty hand to the side of his neck where his pulse still thrummed far too fast.

“Chan?” Jisung staggered his way around the door, hopping as he almost collided with the toppled over chair that now lay on the floor. “Chan! Oh, thank fuck.”

“What are you doing?” Chan reached forward to pull the furniture out of Jisung’s way.

He felt Felix shoot him a look, Chan shaking his own head in confusion in response. Jisung looked mildly crazed, his eyes wide as he caught his breath.

“Looking for you! We’ve been looking everywhere! Where the hell were you?”

Chan turned the Chair back on its feet. “Here?”

“Right, right…” Jisung agreed. “Oh, hi Felix.”

“Hi?” Felix offered, giving Jisung a little wave that he seemed to instantly regret, pulling his hand awkwardly back down to his side.

He looked just as sheepish as Chan felt, and Chan was glad that he wasn’t the only one that apparently had a reluctance to share what might’ve been going on. Not that Chan particularly understood if there even was anything going on.

But he could guess why Jisung was here, and why he was currently leaning back into the hallway to yell Minho’s name, drawing another addition to the complicated tangle of four people who only knew a fraction of the story.

Minho entrance was more subdued, peering over Jisung’s shoulder to survey the room. His eyes widened for a split second, quick enough that Chan could have missed it and the way they quickly flashed around the room, studying the scene in the time it might’ve taken Chan to blink.

He caught Chan’s gaze, and Chan tried not to look guilty. He didn’t even know if he should look guilty, he hadn’t even considered it when Felix’s mouth had been right there. But Minho’s eyes shifted away and his features smoothed, calm and unreadable.

“Is everything okay?” Felix asked, sounding perfectly innocent and sincere. It made Chan feel worse.


Jisung’s head perked up as though he’d already forgotten they were having a conversation.

“You were looking for Chan?”

“Oh? Yeah! Yes. I was-…”

“We were,” Minho agreed.


Minho tilted his head as though mulling over Chan’s question, his eyebrows pulling together. “I-…”

“Jeongin got stuck in a fridge.”


“Where? Is he okay?”

Jisung paled at the horror on Chan’s face, his eyes flicking between his and Felix’s questions before hastily shaking his hands.

“Oh yeah, he’s fine. The fridge was off.”

“I was cleaning it,” Minho interjected, Chan not missing the glare he sent Jisung’s way.

Jisung only chuckled weakly. “Changbin bet him that he wouldn’t fit.”

“Of course he did,” Chan murmured, rubbing his temple. “What have I told you about bets? Why was he even there?”


Jisung blinked, turning his head towards Minho with an expression that quite clearly read ‘save me’. It was around this point that Chan became sure that they were both lying, and poorly.

“Why is he in our fridge?” Chan repeated expectantly.


If the look Minho sent Jisung next could have killed, Chan feared that Jisung might’ve dropped dread on the spot.

“Cupcakes?” Felix questioned, excitedly.

“Yes,” Minho agreed, teeth gritted. “Jeongin came over to borrow my mixer. To make cupcakes.”

“Jeongin was baking?” Chan was openly smiling now, arms folded.

“He was helping Seungmin. For Hyunjin. He was… making some for Hyunjin. You know how he’s been so up and down lately.”

Jisung’s words grew higher in pitch as though he was running out of breath and Chan almost wanted to take pity on him.

“Jeongin was helping Seungmin make cupcakes for Hyunjin, so he came over to ask Minho if he could borrow his mixer, where Changbin bet him he couldn’t fit into the fridge Minho was cleaning and he got stuck?”

“Mhm mm.”

Minho sighed as Jisung nodded beside him like a toy dog in the back window of a car.

Chan shifted his weight, pointing a finger at Jisung. “Why were you there?”

“Taste testing?” Jisung squeaked.

Giving in, Chan shook his head, letting his arms fall to his sides. “Is Jeongin out of the fridge?”

Minho nodded, shooting Jisung another glare before he could open his mouth again.

“Then why do you need me?”

Blinking, Minho looked caught, his mouth opening as though in slow motion.

“Big mess,” he breathed. “Huge… big mess.”

“In the kitchen,” Jisung added. “Cupcake batter… wow. Just everywhere.”

“Yeah, it’s total chaos.”

“Like an explosion really… Eggs and flour and… other cupcake things… all over the walls, the ceiling, like a crime scene, but it’s cake and…” Jisung grunted as Minho squished his toe very indiscreetly with the edge of his shoe.

“Yeah, you should really get over there,” Minho said. “I heard they were going to try another batch and honestly, I fear for our landlord.”

Chan narrowed his eyes in their direction, ready to tell them both that they’d be fine, hoping that it would convey that he’d read straight through their lie. He even reached for his phone, hoping the gesture might help them to realise he was caught up on their messages.

He was halfway through a silent conversation with Minho when Felix decided to pipe up.

“Was it too wet?”


“The batter,” Felix clarified, looking between Chan and the pair in the doorway. “That might be why it went everywhere. Or too dry. If the butter was too cold and your speed was too high, when you try to cream it with the sugar, it just…” Felix petered off as the rest of the room stared back at him, his ears turning pink.

“You can bake?” Minho questioned.

Felix nodded as Jisung grinned and Chan’s stomach promptly sank.

“Then you have to come help!”


“Oh, c’mon…” Jisung reached for Felix’s wrist, already tugging him towards the door. He looked up, sending Chan a meaningful look. “We need you! Chan can get your things. Can’t you?”

To give Jisung his due, Chan was impressed, Felix already stumbling his way after him with a bewildered smile.


“You bring. his. things.” Jisung winked, actually winked as Chan sought Minho for any help, but he seemed too distracted, barely registering the chaos ensuing around him.

Then he was trailing after Jisung, sending Chan a tight, apologetic smile.

“We’ll see you back at ours!” Jisung called. “Don’t be long!”

Chan stood frozen even as the door swung shut, dazed by the last ten minutes as though he’d just been sent through a carwash without the car.

Slowly, he managed to draw his eyes back towards Felix’s laptop, still open in the middle of the table. For a moment, Chan considered doing nothing. He considered packing it up and handing it back to Felix with a smile and the truth; that he’d done something dumb and embarrassing and that he had to own up. He wouldn’t go rooting through his stuff.

Maybe Felix would laugh. Maybe his nose would scrunch and he’d look at Chan in that gentle way he could, when Chan was a fool, but perhaps his fool. And maybe Chan would kiss him again, for more than two seconds this time.

Chan moved a hand to the side of the screen, fingers flexing to close the lid when the search bar caught his eye. It was there, where Felix’s fingers had managed to hit the first key in their tussle, the top autofill on the recently visited websites list, the light blue letters making Chan’s blood run cold.



[Chat (2): littleloaf & lixie]

littleloaf: you know?

lixie: chan makes porn?

littleloaf: yup

lixie: and he knows i’m a camboy?

littleloaf: yup

lixie: did you tell him?

littleloaf: no

littleloaf: of course not

littleloaf: i swear

lixie: it’s okay, i just wondered

lixie: but you knew about him? and the others?

littleloaf: only recently

littleloaf: around when you recognised hyunjin

lixie: oh

littleloaf: you’ve got to tell him

lixie: i know

lixie: i almost did today

lixie: then he kissed me

littleloaf: WHAT

littleloaf: FELIX!!!

littleloaf: you open with that!!!

littleloaf: how?! when?! where?!

lixie: where?

lixie: while we were studying

littleloaf: no, on your body, you idiot! mouth? cheek?

lixie: mouth

lixie: but it was sort of just a peck

littleloaf: sort of?

lixie: a long peck

lixie: a lingering peck

littleloaf: so not like a friendly thing?

lixie: friends kiss on the lips?

littleloaf: you aren’t friends with jisung

lixie: no, i think it was more than friends. not because of the kiss but just how he looked at me. it was nice

littleloaf: nice like you might be something more now?

lixie: i don’t know, i don’t think so

lixie: he’s not really looking at me

littleloaf: probably because you’re on your phone

littleloaf: go flirt with him!

lixie: now?

littleloaf: yes.

littleloaf: smile, you look cute when you smile

lixie: i don’t know, it’s too awkward right now. minho and jisung are here

lixie: i should be better at this

littleloaf: you’re better than me

littleloaf: and you’re a good kisser, there’s no way he didn’t like it

lixie: i didn’t really do anything

littleloaf: eh

littleloaf: but it means something, right? if a friend suddenly kisses you

littleloaf: don’t you think that means something?

lixie: i hope so

littleloaf: me too

lixie: i just want to talk all this through first, before anything else

lixie: we’ve both been keeping all these secrets

littleloaf: because you’re idiots

lixie: probably

lixie: i need to decide what to do

littleloaf: he wants you to join them

lixie: i know

lixie: and it’s a good offer. i’d even heard of the name around before i knew

lixie: they’re blowing up

littleloaf: but?

lixie: no but. i’d love to do it

littleloaf: really??

lixie: yeah

lixie: it’ll be nice not being so alone

littleloaf: thanks

lixie: i didn’t mean you!

littleloaf: i know, i’m teasing you

littleloaf: plus, you might get to touch minho’s dick

lixie: hmm that is a draw

lixie: maybe someone else’s too…

littleloaf: sure

lixie: you’re so easy

littleloaf: actually i don’t want you here

lixie: oh innieeeee why???

lixie: am i all yours?

littleloaf: get lost

lixie: do you want another kiss?

littleloaf: you wish

lixie: sighhh i do

lixie: if only innie would look my way again

lixie: instead of being distracted by other pretty men…

littleloaf: not a word

lixie: my lips could be sealed

littleloaf: go kiss chan

lixie: working on it



[Chat (7): rated r for… remember we need milk]

“seungmin”: can someone throw some eggs at our wall?

dandymin: context?

“seungmin”: jisung said something stupid

handsome: you’re welcome

handsome: oh and jeongin needs to look a little roughed up

jinnie: like he was beat up?

handsome: like he was forcefully pulled from a fridge

babybin: like he was pulled from a fridge?

“seungmin”: exactly like he was pulled from a fridge

littleloaf: on it

jinnie: i’ll squeeze him

dandymin: they don’t even question it

“seungmin”: and changbin needs to take off his shirt

babybin: fuck off

“seungmin”: worth a try



Chan had to admit it, he had good friends. When he’d arrived home to find Jeongin and Seungmin already in his kitchen, arguing over a bowl of cake batter, he was glad they hadn’t actually gone so far as to trash the place. They seemed to have settled on a few broken egg shells, a good ruffling of Jeongin’s hair, and a heavy dusting of flour over Seungmin’s left cheek.

By the time Changbin returned, the place had been cleaned up and Felix, Jeongin and Seungmin had left to deliver their cupcakes, and half a batch sat iced and topped with sprinkles on the kitchen counter.

They were more than a little wonky and Jisung had already eaten the pink frosting off the top of one with his fingers, but they passed as edible and even if it had started as a ruse, Chan figured Hyunjin would still like them.

“Cake?” Chan offered, peaking a head around Minho’s door.

Minho lifted his head from where he’d been stretching on the floor, pulling his leg back in. “Maybe later.”

Nodding, Chan hovered, picking at a sprinkle and letting it dissolve on his tongue.

“I got your text.”



Minho pushed his hair back with one hand, then scratched at the top of his shoulder where his t-shirt had slid to expose the skin. “I realised how it might’ve seemed after. I just thought we should talk.”


Chan wondered if that was really the truth, but Minho met his eyes as though daring him to doubt it.

He wondered too what he might’ve said if this afternoon had gone differently. Would he have said yes? Could he imagine he and Minho sitting at either side of some booth, with a candle between them, feeding each other bites of food between conversations?

Maybe, yes.

“I don’t think we should keep doing this.” The words felt heavy and sticky on Chan’s tongue, the bits of frosting he’d stolen from the bowl earlier suddenly turning too sweet in his stomach.

Minho’s lip twitched, but otherwise his face didn’t change.



Humming, Minho moved to stretch his other leg. “It’s what I was going to say at dinner.”

“Okay.” Chan shifted, pushing off from where he’d been leaning against the doorframe. “If you think so too…”

“I do,” Minho said, looking up from his stretch to send Chan a smile. “It was just fun. You shouldn’t risk whatever is happening with Felix. There was something going on today, right? The two of you looked pretty flustered.”

“I don’t know… maybe. Probably not. Not yet anyway. It’s not the right time.”

Sitting up straight, Minho frowned. “There’s never a right time, Chan.”

Chan managed a weak smile and a quick nod, leaning forward to set the cupcake on Minho’s desk.

There was more he could have said; that he wasn’t saying no to Minho, that no matter how much he liked Felix, it didn’t dampen whatever had been blooming between them. That Chan, even now, struggled not to let his eyes fall to the stretch of Minho’s thighs and the pull of his lips as he smirked.

He would have loved nothing more than to swap the awkward tension in the air for tackling Minho backwards, and hearing him laugh.

He didn’t want stolen moments and hurried hands, but to slide his palm over Minho’s thigh while they sat in some cafe, or to listen to him rant about the way Changbin puts the dishes back wrong as Chan just hummed, half asleep but content with the feeling of him in his arms. He wanted simplicity and familiarity.

He wanted to tell him that whatever had changed a few nights ago might’ve changed a long time ago for Chan. That he didn’t want to stop, but simply didn’t think he could be that close and keep on pretending.

Minho was right, he couldn’t risk ruining things with Felix and he wouldn’t do that with Minho either.

Smoothing his fingers along the ridges of the cupcake wrapper, Chan swallowed down the words he could have said and turned back once more before leaving.

“It was never just fun, Minho.”



[Chat (2): dandymin & “seungmin”]

“seungmin”: are you free tomorrow?

dandymin: why?

“seungmin”: i want to film something

dandymin: we have stuff for next week

dandymin: and i have morning classes

“seungmin”: i need to let off some steam and dancing isn’t cutting it

dandymin: i’ll meet you at 4

“seungmin”: thanks

“seungmin”: your place is best

dandymin: alright

dandymin: but you can tell jeongin