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Ginny and Mike together from the start

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Chapter 6: Ginny getting called up

8 years later....

(Claire is doing great in school she's in 2nd grade now. She plays baseball.)

Ginny is in Sacramento for practice, and Mike was away in New York for a game.

Ginny getting the good news.

Ginny come here for a second. Luke said
Yeah coach. Ginny said
Your starting with the San Diego Padres next game. Luke said
As in the team that my husband is on? Ginny asked
Yes. Luke said
Holy shit. Ginny said
I'm proud of you Ginny. Luke said
Thanks. Ginny said

Ginny in shock from the news she heads home.

Arriving home....

Evelyn was watching Clarie for Ginny and Mike.

Evelyn could tell something was going on when Ginny walked through the front door.

Hey what's up? Evelyn asked
I got called up. Ginny said
With who? Evelyn asked
The Padres. Ginny said
As in with Mike and Blip? Evelyn asked
Yeah. Ginny said
Holy crap. Ginny that's amazing. Evelyn said
It is. I worked so hard for this. Its finally coming true. Ginny said
Yes it is. In so proud of you. Evelyn said
Thanks. Ginny said

Clarie comes running to her mom.

MOMMY! Clarie yelled
Hey little one. I missed you. Ginny said
I missed you too mommy. Clarie said
They hugged

Were you good for auntie? Ginny asked
I was so good mommy. I played with Gabriel and Marcus. Clarie said
That's good. Ginny said
How was practice mommy? Clarie asked
It was great. Guess what? Ginny said
What? Clarie asked
I get to be on the same team as daddy and uncle Blip now. Ginny said
Seriously your a Padre now? Clarie asked
Yep. I am. Ginny said
I'm so happy for you mommy. Does daddy know yet? Clarie said
Not yet. Ginny said
Can I help you tell him? Clarie asked
Yeah you can. We will tell him when he comes home in a few days. Okay? Ginny said
Okay. Clarie said

Mike calls that night

Phone call
G. Hello
M. Hey
G. How was the game?
M. It was good

Clarie got on the phone

C. Hi daddy
M. Hi baby girl
C. I miss you daddy
M. I miss you too baby girl
C. I love you daddy
M. I love you too baby girl

G. I love you and I miss you
M. I love you too and I miss you too
They hang up

Next day...

Ginny heads to the Petco stadium to meet with Oscar to get her new Jersey.

Hello Mrs. Lawson. Oscar said
Hello Oscar. Ginny said

So you'll be Ginny Lawson number 43. Oscar said
Okay. Ginny said
I'll see you in a few days for your first game. Oscar said
Okay. Ginny said

Ginny headed home

Mike coming home

Ginny was wearing her new jersey and Clarie was wearing a Padres t-shirt.

Mike walked through the front door.
Clarie ran to her dad.

DADDY! Clarie yelled jumping into his arms and hugging him.

Hi baby girl. I missed you. Mike said
I missed you too daddy. Clarie said

Mike looked at his wife.
Ginny walked over to her husband.

God did I miss you. Ginny said
I missed you too. Mike said

Hey daddy. Claire said
Yeah baby girl? Mike asked
Look at mommy's jersey. Clarie said
Ginny turns around and shows Mike her jerse.

Ginny what does Lawson 43 mean? Mike asked
It means that I got signed on to be the new pitcher for the San Diego Padres. I start next game. Ginny said
As I with me? Mike asked
That's what mommy's saying daddy. She's now a Padre. Clarie said
Wow. I'm so proud of you Ginny. Mike said

Mike and Ginny kissed

I love you Ginny Lawson. Mike said
I love you too Mike Lawson. Ginny said
What about me? Valarie said
We love you so very much Claire Lawson. Mike and Ginny said together
I love you mommy and daddy. Claire said

The game...

Claire is sitting in the dugout with them watching the game with her grandpa Al. (Ginny and Mike coach)

The game went beautifully and they won the game.



12 years later......

Ginny and Mike retired from playing baseball.

Clarie Morgan Lawson (age 20) joined the San Diego Padres as a pitcher and a catcher.

Her parents became the head coaches for the San Diego Padres.

8 years later.....

Clarie Lawson (age 28) and Gabriel Sanders (age 30)

Clarie Morgan Lawson became Clarie Morgan Lawson-Sanders.

She married Gabriel Sanders (Blip and Evelyn son) he plays 1st base for the San Diego Padres.

They have 4 kids

Lilian Evelyn Lawson-Sanders age 5
(Aka Lil)

Geneva Grace Lawson-Sanders age 4 (aka Eva, or Grace)

Michael Blip Lawson-Sanders age 2 (aka Mikey)

William Alexander Lawson-Sanders age 1 (aka will, Alex, or Xander)

Grandparents names that their grandchildren call them....

Ginny- Gigi
Mike- Pops
Evelyn- Geema
Blip- Geepa

Then their is uncle Marcus (Gabriel's brother)


The end