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Case File: Eve

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Case file code name: EVE
Access restricted to: Doujima Yurika, Karasuma Miho, Lee Michael, Sakaki Haruto
Last accessed: 23/04/2006
Last updated: 05/04/2006

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Date: 05/04/2006
File type: internal police memo
Uploaded by: SH

Police Case #568201
Trail has gone cold regarding person of interest, teenage girl, possible male companion. STN-J repeatedly insists location and activities of persons of interest have no bearing on this case. Fire had no detectable accelerant and appears to have been spontaneous. Please advise as to the next appropriate course of action as LMNP Conglomerate would like case resolved as soon as possible.

Date: 01/04/2006
File type: email
Uploaded by: KM

date 01.04.2006

from Father Juliano Colegui <>
to Director Shintaro Kosaka <>

subject pasta recipe

Hello Shintaro!

I trust this missive finds you well. It is a beautiful spring day and I should be outside enjoying the weather, but I wanted to send you the recipe I promised you in my last email. Making pasta is much easier with a pasta machine! I hope you can find one.

238 grams 100% semolina flour
1 tsp salt
2-3 eggs (I usually use 2)
1 tsp olive oil

Our mutual friends arrived safely and are settling in.


Date: 16/03/2006
File type: scanned image
Uploaded by: DY

Flight #RO640

Date: 20/2/2006
File type: recording with attached transcript
Uploaded by: LM


Transcribed from Police Case #568201

“Okay, calm down. Tell me what happened again. This time from the beginning.”

“There was this girl, right? She was just a little girl but there was, like, fire shooting from her fingertips. It was wicked, man.”

“And this girl saved you from [name redacted]?”

“I dunno, man. I passed out.”

Date: 18/11/2005
File type: memo
Uploaded by: KM

LMNP Conglomerate Subsidiaries (partial list)
Tasty Foods, Inc., headquarters Sendai
Sakkai Overseas, headquarters Osaka
Monster Toys Co., headquarters Sendai
Softbank, headquarters Tokyo
CSK Holdings, headquarters Nagoya

Date: 17/11/2005
File type: Police Warrant, person of interest
Uploaded by: LM

Police Case #568201

Date: 16/11/2005
File type: newspaper clipping
Uploaded by: DY [Michael, can you please get us a copy of the Warrant? I'll take care of this bullshit. DY]

Article in Tokyo Daily, Monday, 15 November 2005


Early this morning, two children believed to have perished in the blaze that destroyed their family's home in Sendai were found in front of the Izumi Ward Police Station. Although the children were physically unharmed, they seemed confused, and could not tell investigators how they came to be there, our sources say.

“The children are convinced that a young woman used magic to start the fire,” a police spokesperson said in a press conference. “Of course they have been through a very traumatic time and have distorted their memories of the event into something that makes sense to them, in their childish fairytale imaginations. As they work through this trauma with a trained professional, new details may emerge.”

“The home was fully ablaze when fire services arrived,” said Sendai Fire Services Captain Sato Hiroshi. It was declared a total loss and the entire family was believed to have been present in the house at the time of the fire. A children's services advocate has taken custody of the two children until their relatives can be located. If no relatives can be found, the children will still be well taken care of, promises LMNP Conglomerate, where their father was on the Board of Directors. “A trust fund has already been set up in both their names,” the Financial Director told us over the phone.

Authorities have not yet confirmed the cause of the blaze, but according to preliminary reports, it seems likely that a ruling of arson will be put forward. It is uncertain whether the investigation will focus on the young woman mentioned in the children's interview, but it seems likely, as a warrant for questioning with a physical description of the girl went out to all officers nationwide as this paper was going to press.

Date: 30/08/2005
File type: security feed still
Uploaded by: LM [They're in Sendai! LM]

Tasty Foods, Inc. back entrance, Sendai

Date: 07/05/2005
File type: phone transcript
Uploaded by: KM

Phone Log #32064

KM: Yes, what is it?
A: I have some information for you.
KM: Regarding what, please?
A: That guy and that girl Nagira-san said to watch out for. My friend in Nagano said they went north.
KM: How far north? Do you know the city?
A: That's all I got.

Date: 25/03/2005
File type: scanned image
Uploaded by: SH

Enoshima (Tokyo) – Osaka Train

Date: 20/02/2005
File Type: newspaper clipping
Uploaded by: SH

Article in Osaka Sun Times, Wednesday, 14 February, 2005


A warehouse fire early yesterday evening has destroyed stock from three different companies, the fire services report. The warehouse burned to the ground, though fire services responded and valiantly tried to gain control over the inferno.

“The cause of the fire was most likely artificial,” said a spokesperson from the Fire Marshall's office this morning. “An investigation is underway.”

Due to privacy agreements, the companies' names have not been released, though our research indicates the building itself is owned by Sakkai Overseas, a subsidiary of the Osaka branch of the LMNP Conglomerate.

Date: 10/01/2005
File type: email
Uploaded by: DY

date 10.01.2005

from Nagira Shunji <>
to Doujima Yujiko <>

subject little brother

of course


On 10.01.2005, <> wrote
>Let me know if you hear anything about your little brother and his girl. He owes me money!
>On 01.01.2005, <> wrote
>>Happy New Year!
>>On 30.12.2004, <> wrote
>>>Next time I pick the place asshole.
>>>On 30.12.2004, <> wrote
>>>>Good to see you again. Sorry about the waiter.

Date: 05/01/2005
File type: video
Uploaded by: LM


Date: 05/01/2005
File type: memo
Uploaded by: LM

TO: Doujima Yurika, Karasuma Miho, Sakaki Haruto

Hey everyone, I've set up a file for all our research on Robin and Amon's whereabouts. I know we all want to keep track of them and make sure they are doing all right. Let's work together! I'm sure our new Director won't mind us using company time to keep tabs on our friends, but I think it's in everyone's best interest if we keep it under wraps right now.

I'll start with a security video I found from the toll bridge heading to Osaka.