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Of Libraries, Shitheads and Demons

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The city of Chronos sits in the mortal realm where hell rises high and the heavens drop low. Where the faerie plain sometimes appears with the tide and time eddies idly and rapidly by turns. Major leylines in several dimensions converge to create a place where a lot of things were a great more possible than they should be.

The city, while large, seems normal enough as they approached its east gate. Of course no human city has elves manning its gates.

An hour later finds Ochako and the party she had been guiding checked into The Alliance Tavern and Inn asking the inn keeper if he could point them to the Library of Lethe.

Apparently it is on the edge of town near the west gate in the oldest part of the city. The west end of the city is a patchwork of old shops and old homes for the monied walled from old shops and old homes for the poor.

The library contrasts sharply with both. It is ageless. It's architecture mythical and yet modern, whimsical and yet foreboding. Ochako is amazed at how much magic radiated off the structure. It is like seeing a mountain for the first time after only knowing fucking hills.

The library at its heart is a tall cylindrical tower flanked by smaller spires originating as seemingly impossible angles up its length. It's brickwork shimmers like pearl, but is shot through with veins of gold. The doors to the library stood ten feet tall with solid gold handles the size of her legs.

“Geez, someone’s overcompensating,” she rolls her eyes. “She’s dressed up like a whore looking for a payday.” 

She is a beautiful though. Ochako wishes she had the nerve to be half so bold. 

“Uraraka this library was purportedly made by a god. You should show more respect.” Iida can be so serious.

“The Library of Lethe is mentioned even in legend; no one knows how long it has stood, but some say the stories of the beginning of the world are housed there. Just think what-” Deku starts to explain like the freakish detailed avalanche of information of he is. 

“Leaky? Did you just say leaky? A leaky library? Now she’s a leaky whore?” Ochako chuckles. Ha, funny! “Seems like that’d be bad for ancient scrolls.”

Shouto tilts his princely head at her. His two toned white and crimson hair falls softly to the side, its length winsome. “Uraraka the Library of Lethe is a building and is neither wet nor a whore.”

“Sure. I suppose we’ll just have to see.” Ochako is definitely picking up thirsty vibes from the library. Which she considers to be very progressive for an ancient building. 

The doors are enchanted and open as they approach.

The inside of the library is much bigger than it looked like on the outside. Gold and marble shelves stretch out of sight in all directions filled to the brim with scrolls and the ceiling is not even visible from the ground floor. A maze of staircases and gold brick paths extending in all directions with the occasional fountain or garden for decoration.

She reaches out to touch a scroll when her hand was slapped away by a golden whip. 


Which turns out to be a pointy tail attached a vexed looking demon. Who is hotter than he had any right to be. He is probably a dick.

Ha, dick!

But, still, he's mouthwateringly feast. 

Aside from his tail, he has two gold spikes for horns, his hair is a slightly lighter color but still gleams like gold. His eyes shine like rubies and glow as is common in creatures of hellish origin. 

"Don't touch Roundface."

She wonders how such an edible looking creature can wear so unpleasant an expression. 

"But it's a library." Libraries were about reading and to read some amount of touching is required. Not that she can read, but she stood by the idea that touching is required. 

"Tch. This fucking ain't your average library. There's none of that pansy ass borrowing for free shit. If you want to fucking check-out the library demands an appropriate donation."

Iida clears his throat. "It is of utmost importance that we acquire the knowledge we speak. The fate of all the realms could hang in the balance."

The demon librarian looks far from impressed. "Tch. Like I haven't heard that shit before."

"The nation of Endeavor is already at risk of falling." Shouto adds icily. 

This is met with a shrug. "Nations fucking fail all the damn time."

Izuku just straightens his spine. "What is required for donation?" 

"Fucking depends on what you want to check-out. Follow me Shitheads."

The demon turns and leads them up a wide spiral staircase. Folded up against his back are two golden wings. 

He leads them to a set of scales large enough to stand on. It looks to be entirely made of gold and weigh at least several hundred stones. 

"Amazing! Is this the Scale of Mnemosyne." Deku is such a nerd. Hehe.

"A real bitch I hear. So anyway this shitty thing weighs memories and some other intangible shit. It's a good way to check we're not getting shafted. I'm pretty good at estimating though. What is it you fucksticks want?" 

"I want All Might's memories to learn the Lost Art."

The demon laughs, he's howling really. His laugh lacks poise, but Ochako finds it oddly cute. And even more oddly attractive. 

"You have no memories even approaching that weight." His red eyes flare. "Although your heroic nature would sell well in the gift shop. Could sell it by the drop. But I suppose you need that to ave the fucking world."

"M-my nature?"

"Yeah the library is for memories, but sometimes the bitch will barter for other shit. Your stupid ass kind of brave, and at that fucking intensity, it would be buy you a good hour, maybe two with the scroll."

"The library requires memories and the like as compensation!" How dreadful. She shivers. She had known Musutafu's king had traded his memories necessitating the whole journey, but hadn't realized that was the library's normal way of operating. 

The library is a collector. She had at some point even entrapped the demon in front of them. 

The demon shrugs. "Yeah she's a real bitch."

"The library is alive?" Iida is casting worried looks about him. 

Ochako wonders how he hadn't noticed. The air sings with the chords of the library's feelings. She leans into the song with her energy in greeting and is immediately greeted back. 

Wow! The library is pretty and friendly! 

"Of course she fucking is. The bitch is older than half the gods you mortals wail and moan about."

"How did you conclude that it is a woman?" Shouto asks puzzled. 

A heavy ominous feeling settles around them. "Cool it Prince Bitch. Clearly you have no idea how to talk to a woman."

Ice forms on the shelves. 

Shouto levels a look that screams doubt. 

The demon ignores him, but before he can open his rude mouth Ochako reaches out and caresses an icy shelf. 

"Sorry about Shouto. He's from the country of Endeavor. Everyone knows it's hard to find manners that far north. You are the most beautiful library I have ever seen and you clearly are smart having bound this hellspawn to be your slave. He is gorgeous and apparently smart enough to manage library goers."

The demon growls at the term, but it is correct. There is no denying the nature of his bindings. His magic is intimately interwoven into the giant pool of mana that was the library. 

She wonders what he'd done to get himself so thoroughly entangled. 

"Oi! I could have fucking done that, too!" He shot a smug look at Shouto. "I've been working this bitch for millennia."

Ochako scoffs. "More like she's been training you."

He scowls at her. "Shut up Bitch!" 

"Well, do any of us have anything that would be sufficient payment besides an essential part of Midoriya's character?" Iida looks an odd mix of hopeful and anxious. 

The demon casts a dismissive glance his way. "Well, you don't. Nothing particularly valuable or unique about you. Uptight pricks are a dime a dozen." He turns a speculative eye on Shouto. "His entire life's memories would get you almost 6 hours with the scroll. Him being royalty gives his life some historical weight."

So Shouto is royalty; that checks out.

"And me?" Ochako asks with trepidation. 

He chuckles darkly. "Well, on the face of it you have no valuable memories. And while your filial piety is notable, we have plenty in stock. However, the library likes you. So she is willing to work out a deal where your friends can actually have enough time to learn something from the scroll."

"What does the library want?"

He rolls his eyes. "The bitch wants you as a pet."

"A pet? Like she-" 

"Wants to fucking own you, yeah. She likes how you stack up."

Ochako flushes feeling oddly flattered, but also not a little unnerved. The idea of belonging to a sentient library does not sit comfy. "Oh, um, that's really, uh-" 

"Unacceptable!" Iida finishes decisively.

The demon is unphased. "Well maybe fucking think on it. You lot don't have a lot of options."

Shouto rests his hand on his sword. "What if we try another method."

The demon straightens (she hadn't realized he'd been slouching as he towers over her either way). "Oh, well, those who break library rules are punished accordingly with swift death." His grin is razor sharp. "And all their memories and assets are deemed forfeit."

Shouto doesn't even blink. "You're just a lone demon; I'm pretty sure I could take you alone."

The demon's face drains of humor leaving only flat disdain. "In service of the library, I have spilled the blood of the gods. No mortal could hope to challenge me and win."

Ochako frowns. She can see how he drawing strength directly from the library. A library old even in the oldest of legends from before man walked the earth. 

“Uh, Shouto, maybe we don’t fight ‘im.”

“Y-yeah, Ochako’s r-right,” Deku adds clearly nervous. “Um, thanks for giving us our options; we’re going to go think on our next course of action.”

The demon goes back to slouching and spits at their feet. “Tch. Whatever. Like I care what you fucking losers do.”

She sticks out her tongue. “At least we didn’t get tricked by the first pretty library to show us some scroll.”

He flushes. “That ain’t what happened; get the fuck out of here!”

“Geez, tou-chy!”

He visibly fumes as they walked by him to the front doors.

Twenty minutes later they are sitting around Deku's room planning. Or more like despairing. 

"It seems inexcusable that King Yagi failed to mention the cost of the library."

"He probably had his reasons." Deku grimaces. "Probably."

"Well, I don't really need the first 18 years of my life, but 6 hours doesn't seem long enough."

"Shouto you can't. Maybe I can-" 

"Absolutely not! Your nature is not worth it!" Tenya cuts in vehemently. 

She chuckles as the boys talk themselves in circles. "Hehe, well, I have an idea." She'd given them some time to air out some of their drama and now it is time to act. 

Deku looks at her, his eyes shining with concern, "You're not considering actually-" 

She raises her eyebrows real high. "-becoming a part of the library's collection? 'Course not. We just need to steal the scroll."

Deku swallows visibly. "But w-what about the demon?"

She rolls her eyes. "Just gotta entrap him for a tiny bit. There's traps you can buy for tha'." Hopefully, they have enough money. "Clearly, he can be tricked; the library had to catch him somehow." 

She chuckles. How ever the demon had been impressed into the library's service; she is sure it had been ridiculous. 

He seems so easy to rile up. 

She starts to drool as she imagined him as revved up in a more intimate setting. That moment desire loosened the frown on his face. 


"Huh, what?" She blinks a Deku and tries to wipe her mouth discreetly. 

Deku eyes her warily. "I said do you think you could find a suitable capture device while we plan scenarios for stealing the scroll."

"Sure." And then maybe she'll just steal it on the way back; she can already tell they are going to overcomplicate things. Once the librarian is subdued the library won't have much recourse beyond making the atmosphere very uncomfortable. Beings that were born through accumulated time needed vessels to more directly interact with the living, most of the time. Some carefully prepared protection charms should be enough for that.  

Which she might have done while the boys were busy losing their shit. 

It isn't too hard to get word of the kind of store they needed, a copper or twenty to the inn keep had her bustling over to the north end of town with all the funds her and her companions could spare. 

Almost a gold piece. Which considering the nobility of her companions is kind of underwhelming. They had apparently spent most of their budget securing her services and buying supplies. 

Apparently they hadn't wanted to carry excess funds into Chronos to avoid attention. They had no intention of staying beyond acquiring the scroll. 

The shop seems legit with it's clear armory sign with an odd foreign scrawl which she took to be writing. 

The door chimes merrily as she pushes into the shop. To her right the shop opens into a smithy. To her left are rows of densely packed shelves crammed with merchandise. 

A dark elf with mint green hair and a metal face mask greets her from where he is watering a pink flower positioned at the front counter. 

"Oh hello, Cutie! What can I do you for?" 

She giggles. The man is so cute! "I'm looking for something to incapacitate a demon."

The elf tilts his head. "We don't carry demon snares; they're prohibited by the city council. They have a right to exist."

She waves away his warning and potential condemnation. "Oh, I don't want to kill him." That'd be a waste of a truly tasty looking male specimen. "Just trap him for a little." 

The elf sighs and his shoulders loosen along with his metallic tasting magic. "Oh, I see. Just so you know, I won't cover for you if someone comes looking for you. Law or otherwise."

She rolls her eyes. "Wouldn't expect you to. So what do you got."

"Hm. It'll have to be iron based for a demon. I have an iron bell from the 4th ring of hell. A ring of that would hold him for an hour. It's got about 100 rings left."

100 hrs was better than the 6 Shouto's life would buy. And they'd either have escaped the city or Deku will have learned what he needed. 

"Sounds good! How much?" She figures it might be 200 or 300 silvers. 

"With a cutie discount, 50 gold."

She carefully keeps her shock folded behind her lips. She shudders to know what it would be without a discount. 

"That's a little outside my budget."

Unfortunately, that holds true through each successive proposed item as they become less guaranteed and more tricky. 

The elf huffs out a loud sigh. "Well, that's it for traps." He snaps his fingers. "But I do have an idea. It's not a trap persay, but if you're careful it could do the trick."


"I could furnish you with a philic ring for as little as 30 silver if you don't need it to be too pretty." 

"A philic ring?" Wasn't that another word for dick? She likes the sound of that and at such a nice price. Mmm. 

That demon probably has a positively scrumptious looking dick. 

"Are you familiar with them?" 

"Familiar enough."

How hard could it be to operate a cock ring?

Maybe she should pay attention?

She rolls her eyes. Nah. Only a nerd would do that. 

"The rings can't be removed by the wearer, " the smith warned before tapping his chin. "And, well, don't expose them to sunlight, that makes them permanent. What demon do you need to disable?" 

"It's best you don't know. Show me my options." She is going to make his dick so pretty even if it was only for one night.

She settles on a pair of rose quartz bands with iron cores for 35 silver. 

"How do I ensure it fits?" 

"Don't worry they automatically adjust for size." He quickly takes her money and hands her the rings. 

Perfect! Although she supposes that such a feature is basically a necessity. 

Luckily, the moon is rising by the time she exits the shop and the sun had finished setting. 

She slips one ring onto her pinky because she is going to have him wrapped around her pinky.

Great! Now to incapacitate a demon and get a magical scroll and grab that dick by his balls. 

She decides she will lull him into a false sense of security by acting like she is considering the library's offer to make her a pet.

She shivers at the idea. It is probably more intriguing than it should be. 

The library doors opened just as they had earlier.

The demon is standing just inside the entrance. “Back so soon? You’re an eager bitch.”

She bites her lip to stop her amusement from showing. “I just figure there’s no point in pretending we had another option; it’s not like we can take you in a fight.” She internally snickers as the demon visibly preens at her praise. She isn’t really lying. She doesn’t think they can take him in a direct confrontation.

“That’s for fucking sure!”

“But, uh, I had a question.”

“Just one?”

“Well, lots, but, what does the library need a pet for?”

“No one fucking needs a pet.”


“But as for what she wants to do with you… She recently processed the memories of stupid ass sex cult that got it in their fucking head to rob the library. She has since become curious about sex.”

Ochako cheeks flush and her mouth goes dry. “But she’s a library.”

He just shrugs. “I know right, but that’s pretty much it.”

“But how would having me as a pet help with that.”

He side-eyes her. “Oh, well it would be a fucking team effort. She seems to think I’d like fucking you.” He shrugs. “I do like your roundness. It’s appealing.”

So that’s how it is. She can work with that. “Mmm, okay, but maybe we should, um, check?”

He blinks at her aggressively. “The fuck does that mean?”

She giggles. “Well, it would suck if the library went through all this effort to get you laid, but we don’t have any sexual chemistry.”

“Fuck you Bitch! I know you think I’m attractive; I can smell it.”

And oh boy if that doesn’t make her feel some kind of way! “That is no guarantee; you could be an exceptionally bad lover!” Sure that seems almost impossible, but his temper is the most easily leveraged part of him.

“The hell did you just say!” He grins at her with an alarming amount of teeth. "Oh, how I could make you scream Roundface. I bet I could have your cunt dripping in no time."

“Well, like, prove it then. Be a good little demon librarian and show the library you can be a competent lover.”

The magic of the library shimmers playfully; she is laughing. And there is a flash of something, Ochako opens her mind’s eye just slightly, for a moment and bursts out laughing. 

The demon growls at her, but it is not even half as threatening with the pink crawling up his neck. “Look! Whatever the bitch said-”

“She said you’re a 10 thousand year old virgin!” It is actually impressive in an odd way. But as her mirth evens out, she also realizes it is hot and that she actually wants to claim his dick with her rapidly warming cunt.

Focus Ochako! You’re not actually here to fuck him.

But it won’t hurt to maybe have a little fun. She did have to get the ring on his dick some way after all.

“Oi! That’s not- Don’t you-” His hands are clenched into fists that are smoking while his tail thrashed in irritation.

“Hey, it’s okay. I’ll be real gentle.” 

His face darkens.

“But you don’t want the library to get a pet she can’t even use.”

His scowl remains fierce, but his tail stops thrashing in agitation and slows to more languid flicks. For all he bitched, he clearly had some affinity, possibly affection, for the ancient building. 

It is cute. She totally ships it! But since the dom in the relationship is inviting her to play with them, who is she to deny her.

“Fine! Whatever! Let’s just do this test shit.”

“You would call it a test. I bet a nerd like you gets hard for stuff like that. Ha! A demon nerd.” S'was hilarious.

But her cuts off her laugh by capturing her lips with his. His lips are firm, but warm and oh, it feels good. His hands grip her hips, the tips of his claws pricking her ass. “Oh, mmmmm.”

His thumbs rub soft circles into her dress where it rested on her hips.

She parts her lips to get a little extra air in and he takes it as a sign to slide his tongue into her mouth where it glides along hers sensually. 

From the way her blood is heating she is pretty sure they are compatible, but it can't hurt to be extra extra sure.

He trails open-mouth kisses down her neck and she can feel his sharp teeth drag against her soft skin.

It probably shouldn’t turn her on that he can literally tear her throat out, but it definitely does.

“Why don’t you show me what you’re hiding under that ugly dress.”

She frowns at him. Her clothes are practical. She in’t the daughter of tailor; she doesn’t have time for such frivolities. “I’m not sure if I should bother. Maybe all you have going for you is your pretty face.” She somehow says with a straight face. The demon is only wearing pants and the rest of his delicious body is already on display. His face is in no way false advertising.

Of course, that doesn’t stop him from rising to her bait. He truly is easy to rile. It is so funny.

“Oh you just fucking watch Roundface. You’ll be drooling out both your holes wanting my dick!” 

Mmmmm. Well, if he insists.

Instead of undressing in the normal way, he just snaps and disappears his pants which gives her no time to mentally prepare herself to see his unclothed glory.

And, ho boy is his glory beautiful. It is a shame she isn’t going to really spend years upon years satiating the library’s curiosity, but she supposes the fate of the world is more important than her libido.


“This is fucking sad. Human dicks must be shittier than I thought.”

Ochako blinks and tries to casually clean up the drool dripping from her chin. “Uh, not exactly, but you got muscles in all the right places and your skin shimmers like gold. Can I touch?” she asks a sliver brighter than she needs to.

One, she needs him to lower his guard; Two, she needs to touch him.

Predictably, because the demon librarian is proving far from mysterious, he perks up and all but preens at her admiration.

He is a cute demon virgin. Too bad he is going to be so, so mad.

“Well, I suppose in the interest of being extra fucking sure, you might need to be more hands on and shit.”

Perfect! She would feel him up and get the ring around his dick. Easy as his inflated ego! Ha!

Not bothering to hide her eagerness she wastes no time in pressing her palms to his well defined chest. His muscles are firm, but with a pleasant give. She could probably spend all night there, but duty calls.


She lowers herself to her knees to get a better look at his cock.

It isn’t the largest she’s seen, but it isn’t small. And she find it's shape so beautiful.

She grabs his dick with her free hand and he makes a low sound at her touch that reminded her of a purr. And then she brings the ring from out her sleeve and starts to slide it down his length. It automatically widens and continues on it’s own power once it clears the head of his cock expanding to clear his balls and then contracting to sit at the base. 

It all happens in a second.

“The fuck Roundface!”

She looks up in time to see his face go from slightly playful to thunderous.

“Sorry it’s not personal, but we really need that scroll.”

The storm in his expression lightens to confused amusement. “Oh. How does fucking decorating my damn dick do that?”

“Well that is a philic ring, you see!”

“I know.”

“And it can be used to create bonds between beings.”

“Yes, I fucking know.”

“And now you have to do as I say!”

He snorts. “Yeah, sure. If you’d put it on the right finger.”

“Finger? But it’s a cock ring.”

“But it’s fucking not. An since you have the ring on your pinky that means I can fucking influence your thoughts.”

Oh shit!

This could be a problem.

Oh why hadn’t she listened better to that cute blacksmith?

‘Don’t mope too hard. It was an honest mistake that any cunt could of made.’

That’s true! Wait, what? Holy shit, is that him.

‘Yes, boo.’

“Ah! How are you doing that!?”

He reaches down to cup the bottom of her chin and pull her to her feet. “Human minds aren’t that hard to fucking influence, but I’ll admit it’s easier when they give you a fucking key.”

Ah, fuck. This is bad! Think, Ochako, there has to be a way around this.

‘Or you could just do what your whore body wants to.’

Well, that is a good idea too.

“Hey! Stop that!”

“But it’s like dead easy.”

She growls at him. She can practically feel his smugness.

No, that is his actual smugness. “I can feel your emotions?”

He shrugs. “Maybe the surface ones. I suppose you might be less pitiful than your average human. Most of the time influencing thoughts with these shit rings take your kind decades. Some subtle lameass-ary. Tch.”

Oh so the rings go two ways to a certain degree.

Why hadn’t the blacksmith mentioned this? Although he might have.

Oh, well. Only losers got hung up on the past. She will just have to remain vigilant for potential escape routes from this mess.

It would be easier if she weren't feeling hot and wet and-

“Fuck! Stop! I’m tryna concentrate!”

The hot feeling he is sending her way clouds her thoughts. It reminds her of warm caramel.

“Nah,” he smirks at her and feels a jolt of desire zip through her system.

Damn his thought influence.

‘Ha! That was you!’

“Fuck you!”

“Patience.” How dare he tell her to be patient.

“Gah! Just gimme a second to think.”

His smirk grows sharp and asymmetrical and his right incisor gleamed in the dimly lit library. “Sure. I’ll give you a moment.” He let go of her chin and crosses his arms before his expression flickers accompanied by a wave of arousal.

“What was that!?”

“Nothing ya bitch!”

“Fine don’t tell me!”

“There’s nothing to fucking tell, fuck,” but the last word comes out more as a pant as bolt of hot need shoots through him.

But why would-

Oh my god!

“Now Roundface-”

“Oh! My! God! The cock ring did work!”

“For fuck’s sake, it’s not a cock ring!”

She grins at him haughtily which she can feel sour his mood. “Oh? But it worked, right? It turns you on when you do what I say.”

“That’s fucking stupid.”

“Oh, really? Tell me about it.”

“I’m not telling you shit!”

She shrugs. “Or don’t,” she chirped and laughes as he moans. His desire sang to her. Although it is kind of hard to concentrate.

“Oh my God! It did work yes, yes!”

He growls at her. “Shut up your yapping. It’ll take more than a hard dick to convince me to get you that scroll.”

“You would think that virgin boy.”


"Yes keep being grumpy so that your pretty dick gets nice and hard."

"Fucking Bitch!" 

Ochako despite her somewhat compromised state is feeling pretty good about her chances of getting the scroll. The demon is visibly flustered and she can feel how worked up he is. 

'Or maybe you should stop being a bitch and leave.'

She is being kinda of mean. He's just doing his job. Wait! 

"Stop that!" She frowns at him. 

"I'm not going to fucking let you steal from the library!" 

Huh. She still thinks she can trick him but she can actually feel how protective of the library he is. Devoted. 

He actually loves it. 

But maybe there's another way?

"Look, you meanie, I think we can both acknowledge we're a little fucked up right now, but I really need that scroll. Can I just talk to the library and explain my side."

He rolls his eyes. "The bitch already knows."

She shakes her head. "No! I mean directly. Not through you."

The library is a building. The demon literally acted as her eyes and ears. And filtered all she perceived through his perceptions. To truly converse with her she'd need his help if she wanted to do more than exchange vague impressions. 

Sure the library could feel and think and talk, but it couldn't perceive without aid. 

She feels his emotions flatten. "You want to connect directly with the library?" 


He stares at her long and hard, before he shrugs. "Fine. Follow me."

The end of going down a long spiral staircase. The gold infused marble falls away to more common granite. The air is heavy with an ancient power. 

But oddly she finds the dense aura comforting. The thicker it gets the looser she feels. 

At the bottom of the stairs is a pool of water encased in large golden basin. 

"This is her spirit water that she's been accumulating her whole life. Disrobe and enter to speak with her. Be careful not to make any waves. I can make sure the water stays as you exit."

She feels a little self-conscious getting undressed, but the demon isn't looking at her. He has eyes only for the pool in front of them. It seems to glow despite the dim lighting around them. 

The water is pleasantly warm as she wades in as it laps against her ankles and then her hips as she makes her way to the center. 


She starts at the resonate, but soft voice before smiling. 

greetings, miss library, how would you like me to call you 

you can call me salvation 

that's a nice name 

katsuki named me

She frowns in confusion. 


my demon, the one you decorated, hehe

Oh. So that's his name? Could be useful if she needs to fight him. Demons guard their names for a reason. 

why did he name you that, i thought you tricked him

A wave of amused fondness rolls through her. 

oh, that is just a fiction we tell, it better serves his pride

being tricked does

katsuki was dying when he found my waters, i was able to restore him, but he became bound to me


That explains his devotion. Speaking of that. 

miss salvation, i know you have rules, but my friend really needs that scroll to save the world

yes, i can see that in your heart, that seems a very urgent matter

it is, deku needs to learn to master the lost art

well, i guess he could be allowed the access he needs 



but what about your price, i don't want to be your pet

oh, don't worry about that dear, i no longer desire that of you 

oh, okay, so you'll just let deku read it for free

oh, i wouldn't say that, although how much it is costing him may be up for debate 


little ochako, did you know, i cannot force anyone into my waters

Where is she going with this?

oh, i didn't, how would i know 

indeed, little ochako, what do you know of magic

i guess that speaks to us all differently 

you guide it rather gently

i'd rather make a friend, not an enemy 

oh, is that why you want to get acquainted with katsuki's dick

well, uh, he's really hot

i've always found him compelling, he takes good care of me

you do look lovely, and all the scrolls are arranged real nice

he's always been good at delivering me what I want, little ochako, why did you get a philic ring

to distract katsuki, didn't want to have to fight him

hehe, he is quite fierce, but you don't know how it works

well, apparently, it is not a cockring, although that actually worked

true, magic is odd that way, i think i will enjoy having such peculiar control over him, he has to obey my orders after all

what do you mean

simple, little ochako, you still have to pay your price

my price, but you said you didn't want me as a pet anymore

no, i don't need to settle for that, i imagine it will feel most queer to have a mortal body

wait, you want my body, but where will I be

don't fret, mortal, we can share, we will be one being, i will gain access to a mortal body and you will know power beyond what you can currently comprehend, i find your spirit refreshing, it'd be a waste to discard it

what you're friend wants is quite expensive, by all rights i could demand a better vessel, but katsuki seems to like your shape 

Despite how scared she is or maybe because of it, she giggles. 

oh, salvation, you love katsuki too, i totally ship it

oh, glad you approve, now bear with me for moment, you might feel a pressure 

what are you

Ochako fades away and becomes something quite different. 

Several hours later, Ochako and Katsuki arrive at The Alliance Tavern and Inn. 

Salvation had been quite eager to break in her new body and Katsuki hadn't been in any position to refuse, not that he wanted to. 

Her friends all snap to attention from the table that been sitting at. 

Iida actually jumps to his feet. "Uraraka! There you are! We were worried! Did you get the- Why is the demon with you?"

She tucks her hands behind her back a smiles at them coyly. It's odd to see them as both her silly friends and silly mortals with comically narrow world views, but not unmanageable. "Oh! Well, I can explain."

Deku is staring at her intently. "Does it have something to do with the tattoos suddenly all over your body?" 

"Mmm!" Calling the seals tattoos is a little basic, but whatever. 

Shouto frowns at Kastuki. "Are we going to like this explanation?" 

"Maybe!" She giggles. "The good news is Deku can read the scroll to his heart's content; the weird news is I'm now the library."



" - actual fuck."