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Of blood and magic

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Persephone is in the attic of Halliwell Manor, her long dark brown hair pulled up into a high ponytail to keep it out of her face as she reads from The Book of Shadows. The family spell book passed down the generations since the Salem witch trials, she is always amazed at how thick the book is, over a foot.

“Ok, the last ingredient is ginger root. Please Grams don’t let it blow up in my face again.” She mumbles to herself, picking up the ingredient. She takes a deep breath and steps back, wary from the last attempt at this particular vanquishing potion. Once a safe distance away she tosses the ingredient into the pot, jumping at the small poof of smoke signaling the potion's completion. She pumps her arm in the air feeling accomplished at successfully brewing a higher-level demon vanquishing potion. Smiling she closes the book with a deep thud and proceeds to bottle the potion up for her three cousins to use. Recently they have been letting her accompany them to vanquish demons, so she bottles an extra vial for herself. No sooner does she cork the fourth bottle than she hears an argument downstairs, she can’t make out much but hears her name.

Persephone’s heart drops, her golden-brown eyes widening in worry trying to figure out what she has done as she slinks downstairs careful to not make a sound as she sits on the stairs, the group of six adults is gathered in the foyer arguing.

“She is not going and that is final, screw The Elders.” Piper, the eldest of her cousins, a mother figure states with finality. The tall beautiful brunet with a scar making her eyebrow a little uneven, her brown eyes narrowed with annoyance, daring anyone to contradict her.  She full-on glares at her husband Leo, who opens his mouth.

“Piper, I don’t want her to go either but the Elders gave the order to Paige. There is a prophecy.” He tries to reason, his green eyes pleading to not argue, running his hands through his short dirty blonde hair.

“No she is 16, and our cousin, hell she is practically your daughter Leo, even calls you dad and Piper mom. Who would even watch over her, protect and train her?” Phoebe jumps in, pushing her wavy light brown hair behind her ear, her eyes betray the worry she feels.

“They said it is someone we know and trust, and assured me that demons would rarely attack her. That’s all they would say.” Paige tells them, rolling her eyes not wanting to send Persephone either. Her chestnut brown ponytail swaying behind her head as she shakes it.

Persephone, still hiding on the stairwell bites her lip and fidgets with the triquetra necklace that future Chris gifted her before he died on his birthday. Thankfully they changed the future, so he technically never came back to change it in the first place. She shakes her head to clear the thoughts of the paradox from her head to focus on the argument before her.

“I mean if that is the case it could be important and good for her. If It is someone you trust, plus the prophecy could be world-ending and she is the one that can stop it, like you guys with the source, twice and with Christie.” Billie, the tall skinny blonde that the sisters took in a few years ago to train voices her opinion.

“Look, I don’t care who it is supposed to be she is not going. End of discussion.” Piper gestures with her hands signifying her seriousness.

“Unless we know for sure who it will be and that we can trust them with her safety and where she is going, no. We don’t even know what this prophecy entails.” Phoebe halfway agrees with Piper and Paige, though knowing full well the consequences of messing up the future.

“Ever the voice of reason.” Persephone thinks to herself.

Coop, Phoebes' husband looks around with a guilty expression on his face. Does not get past anyone, least of all phoebe who glares at him.

“Alright Coop Spill.” She orders.

“I can’t, future consequences.” He shrugs apologetically.

“Ugh” Piper grunts, “ You sound just like Chris did.” She complains though the memory is a fond one remembering how annoying the future version of her youngest son was. Persephone rolls her eyes agreeing with Piper silently.

Leo opens his mouth to respond but is distracted by orbs of white lights coming down from the ceiling. Persephone is confused as to why someone would be orbing in; everyone she knows that can orb is there in the foyer. And since Leo clipped his wings and became mortal it's one person, Paige and she is standing there clear as day. Persephone had already ruled out the two children upstairs as they are napping.

She audibly gasps when she sees who the orbs form to become. She quickly covers her mouth with her hand trying to control herself at seeing future Chris. The last two times she saw him he died and the second time was when he and Wyatt came back from the future again because Billie and Christie stole their powers to kill the Charmed ones. Thankfully that worked out the way it did the second time and not the first when everyone but Piper and Persephone was killed.

“Thankfully the elders granted him the memories from the first time he came back.” Persephone thinks to herself as everyone goes to hug him.

“Mom, Dad, where is seph shouldn’t she be part of this conversation.” He looks at his parents pointedly after giving everyone a hug.

“I take it you are who is supposed to go with her?” Leo clamps his son on the shoulder happy to see him, also relieved at the prospect.

“Yes, until the time comes when I am not needed, then I return to my time again. Preferably without dying because this time it will stick.” He jokes earning a slap to the head from Piper.

“Sorry Mom, couldn’t resist. Now, where is Seph?” He asks, glancing at the stairs like he already knows.

“Oh, she is just eavesdropping on the stairs like normal.” Paige waives off his question.

“Persephone sweety, stop lurking and come down here we know you heard everything, you always do,” Piper commands waving her hands to gesture that the young woman comes down the stairs to join them.

Once Persephone joins the group she throws her arm around Chris.

“I missed you pipsqueak.” He mutters in her hair giving her a tight squeeze.

“I missed you more future boy, it’s not the same without you,” Persephone responds breaking the hug.

“Ok, now we have all hugged future boy, Chris what does the prophecy say. Coop won’t spill.
Phoebe gets straight to the point.

“You know I can’t tell you the prophecy without ruining her future. Just know it is her personal destiny to do this.” Chris assures everyone.

“Look, just because it’s you that is supposed to be with her she still isn’t going. We don’t even know where. She can just have a different destiny. We have done it before.” Piper argues, worry lacing her voice not wanting to lose her daughter.

“Mom, this is very important. There is no other destiny for her trust me you’ve already tried it. It didn’t go well. We will only be in Forks, Washington. The elders have given her a charge to protect and guide.” Chris explains before turning to Persephone before she can argue.

“And yes before you can argue they are aware you are not even part whitelighter. She isn’t a future whitehtlighter either. She is an innocent that needs extra attention and is tied to you somehow. I will be there posing as your older brother in case of complications or demon attacks.” He explains further for the room. Persephone however is pouting.

“But I don’t want to leave here. This is home, family. The elders want to separate me from our family. They have let me start going out to vanquish demons. I am staying.” She whines siding with Piper who throws her hands up in victory.

“There you see.”

Chris lets out a deep sigh, his hands ruffling his scruffy brown hair.

“Mom she has to go, her life and the life of the innocents depend on her being there.” Chris addresses them with finality.

“Look I hate the elders just as much as you but I won’t sit by and let my sister die because you all refused to let her follow her destiny again.” He explains with tears in his eyes. Persephone deflates with his declarations. Not the thought of her dying young, she always knew and accepted it as a possibility, but the fact that if she doesn’t go she breaks the biggest rule they have. To protect the innocent.

“How many would die If I don’t go.” She quietly asks

“Hundreds, starting with your charge.” He answers honestly because this is something he wants to change.

“When do we leave. “ Persephone sighs in defeat, the adults in the room not arguing because they realize Chris is right.

“You start Forks High School Monday. We move in on Sunday. House is already bought and furnished. I also already have a job as a bartender out there in Port Angeles.

“Fine we can’t stop her but there are caveats.” Piper looks pointedly at her adult children (well one adult and one teen).

“Name it mom.” Persephone smiles at her overprotectiveness.

“You orb here for dinner at least once a week. I know how Chris eats and two if there is any injury from a demon vanquishing you come home right away so Paige can heal you. Any serious injuries or you don’t come back for healing and I find out later I will bring you back home future be damned.” She points between the two, tears welling up in her eyes. Worried as ever for them

“That’s a deal Mom.” Persephone agrees giving her a hug. Piper runs her fingers through Persephone's hair. Good, now go pack. I need to chat with Chris before you leave.

“Yes, mom.” Persephone smiles sadly before walking up the stairs to her room and closes the door.