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Her little Babe

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The soft glow of the Teddy bear night lamp is the only light that illuminates the pale pink walls of the room she finds herself standing in. She didnt know why she was here in what was glaringly obviously a child's nursery room.

The white oak crib stood proudly in the far right corner as she crept closer, covered in a white princess drape that hund down from the ceiling above.

There were several children's characters adorning the walls, half painted and drawn by an unpractical hand and Victoria wondered who had done such a half hearted job. If it wouldn't alert the human asleep down the hall that someone had entered her home and her child's room she would have finished the pictures herself. Such a shoddy job should really not suffice for an innocent babe.

The smell of baby powder and milk filled the air and the red head couldn't help but breathe in deeply. Something about the smell reminding her of her happier human days before she was forced to grow up too soon and sell herself to feed her family. It was the smell of innocence and childhood glee, of a time where a babes only worry was feeding and sleeping. A time that Victoria knew she would never experience with a child of her own, her body long since frozen in immortality.

Oak shelfs lined the wall above a white oak changing station, filled with baby powders and soft whipes. A shame that the room was half finished, it had the potential to be a room fit for a princess if only the human woman that calls herself a mother would take the time to finish or the time to pay attention to her little girl.

Victoria had noticed the woman seemed a little erratic, completely unfocused on her little babe. Only seeing too and meeting the little girls most basic needs. She had watched this house for days. Not knowing why she felt the need to do so in the first place.

She had passed the house on her way through the Pheonix suburbs three nights ago when she felt the need to stop. To get closer. Closer to what she did not know. Yet she had been unable to move away. Hidding in the sunlight hours in the wooded area out back, only to return to the window of this very nursery each night after the sun had dipped.

She wondered how long she would need to hang around here, she had her friends to meet. She was meant to have met them by now and she knew it wouldn't be long before the pair came looking for her. What they would make of her need to be close to this particular house she did not know.

Finally gathering the courage she had lacked in previous nights for fear she may feel the urge to harm the little babe who smelt so tantalisingly sweet, Victoria held her breathe and moved to stand right beside the crib that held the little bundle she had as of yet not allowed herself to truly look at.

Their lying amist a bundle of muddled up pink amd blue blankets was a girl, barely a year old Victoria would guess, eyes screwed shut in what she portrayed as frustration as the girls tiny fists and feet kicked and squirmed in an effort to to get more comfortable.

"I too would squirm little babe, if my blankets were all bunched up like so" she whispered as she carefully reached into the crib and began adjusting the blankets. Straightening them out and tucking the little girl in properly, hoping to make her more comfortable.

As she just about had the last blanket aced appropriately Victoria froze as light brown eyes blinked open, tiny eyelids fluttering softly as the vimpiresses eyes locked with the infant laying below her.

"You are the reason" she whispered in awe as she finally felt the bond she had sought all 549 years of her undead life settle into place. Like a switch to right all wrongs and offer purpose being flicked on.

"I found you, though you are but a babe little mate" she murmured, amazed that the little beauty below her merely continued to look at her. Sleepy brown eyes filled with wonder amd such innocence it was almost painful to gaze upon for the hardened woman who had seen to much of this world's cruelties. A little fist reaching up to grasp a cold pale finger. Clutching weakly.

"You must grow my little mate, grow to be strong and wise before I can come for you for you are much to small to face our world by my side. But I shall never be far little beauty. I shall never be far" the vampire promised as she stroked a finger so very gently down the infants cheek and watched lovingly as the little babe slipped of to a world she hoped was filled with all the joys and delights of childhood innocence.

"I hope the Teddy bears dance for you my love and the horses run fast. I hope the place you go to as you lay here to sleep is filled with the sort of love your heart is sure to keep"

She listened intently as a little heart beat slowed in sleep and the girls breathing deepened. Signalling her arrival in the land of dreams. A land long denied to the red head who's finger was still being held by a little hand.

"Until forever little mate, I shan't be far" she promised again as she pressed a kiss to the tufts of brown that were beginning to grow down a tiny head before removing her hand as slowly and as gently as she could manage. Leaving the nursery and the house that held the one thing in this world more precious to Victoria than all the riches one could posses.

The house where a little brown eyed beauty lay sleeping completely unaware of the future yet to come, still shrouded in the innocence of youth and the carefree world of the young. The vampire hoped her little mate could remain apart of that innocence for as long as she possibly could.

Unknown to both, her youthful bliss and carefree heart was destined not to last and soon the little beauty would be thrust into a world she would be unprepared for and a future that would be fought with heartbreak and loss before it would ever be filled with peace again.