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Ivory Tones

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FORKS, WASHINGTON isn't a place most people would go to. It isn't a tourist attraction, nor does it show the qualities of a tourist attraction. It's very rare to find people coming to said town and even more rare that they would move in. So expect the reaction of obsession within the boring students of Forks Highschool when the Cullens arrived.

The Cullen family was the newest family to arrive to Forks. The two parents, Doctor Carlisle Cullen and his wife Esme Cullen, adopted six children. All of their children are very attractive people, what people don't know is where the attraction comes from. Their pale skin and flawless faces baffled the student at Forks High, they never expected such beautiful people to move to such a small, simple town.

Word went around fast of the newcomers, what makes them extremely noticeable is their cars they drive to school. Whispers went around, awe struck faces of those who saw the cars. One kid shouted in particular 'Damn they're loaded!', which gave the other students a laugh.

Each Cullen stepped out, out of the first car came two out of six of the adopted family. A large man stepped out, his body contrasting with the playful glint that lingers in his eyes. His appearance consisted of bronze hair, a mix between the colour of maple leaves and the nicest but almost a dark shade of brown. His eyes, a wonderful but enticing colour of yellow, almost cat like but nonetheless intriguing. The man's build was almost that of a body builder, only leaving enough leeway for people to guess his strength.

A woman stalked up closer to the bigger man after stepping out of the passenger's side of the car and slamming the door with much force. The woman had wonderful honey hair, her pale face held a scowl, almost like hating the attention from the basically the entire school looking at her. Her lips were a ruby red, dyed from the lipstick she applied, her eyes the same colour of the first man. She stood next to him and gripped his hand, her height almost reaching the latter, standing nearly at 5'8 or 5'9, but she seemed taller with the platform boots she wore.

Out of the next car came out a boy, his hair the same colour of the woman who was previously seen, the honey colour which would rival the eyes of each Cullen. His jawline was wonderfully sculpted but his eyes held pain, which translated to his expression. Eyebrows furrowed together like he couldn't handle being here, but was forced to anyways.

A girl showed up to his side only for the boy to hold his arm around the shoulders of the girl. Her facial expression was stoic, surveying the kids in the school, waiting for them to make a move, or to see if someone was in pain, much like the boy next to her. She had a soft face, eyebrows arched with an almost angry expression that would be perceived if she scrunched her eyebrows down. Eyes the same colour as the rest of the family, her hair was a lighter shade of brown. The couple had walked up to the previous duo, who are now waiting for the last two Cullens.

And out they came, the final two adopted children of Doctor Carlisle Cullen and his wife. Another boy exited the last vehicle, he wore a stoic expression as well, eyes half lidded and the same amber colour, a neutral frown on his lips. Thick eyebrows rested atop his eyes, his hair a rust like colour, rivaling that of his biggest brother. His body type was that of a semi muscular man but he was relatively skinny. He left the car and walked to the rest of his family.

This left the last Cullen to step out of the car, and with much dramatics, she opened the door to the car very slowly, and stepped out just as slow. Her skin was a pale white, which was just as flawless as beautifully cut marble. Her lips were a bow shaped, with a pale pink lipstick adorning them, the sides of her lips upturned in a smile, only for her teeth to show through the smile. She wore a nice white jacket that would almost match her skin, and leggings that fit her curves gently. Eyes once again, being that of her family. When she walked up to the rest of the family, it was apparent that she was the shortest, standing around 5'3, while the rest of her family towered over the petite girl.

As they stood around the Jeep waiting to go inside the school, the students of the school stood at their respective places just staring at the family. Entranced by their beauty, this sparked jealously through some students, which elicited a small smile on the honey-haired boy's face.

The whispers of the students surrounded the parking lot, every student was just staring at the family, however not every student was there. One student wasn't present in the revealing of the Cullens, she was late on her start to school, but considering the amount of hills Forks has, speeding there won't be much of an issue.

As if on cue, a girl riding on a longboard makes her way into the parking lot. Headphones atop of her head blasting whatever music, which was indecipherable amongst most students. She rode to the back of the parking lot where her friends stayed, her clothes unkempt as she rushed to school.

The only thing she cared about was getting this school year over, she had no time to gawk at the new students, not that she was aware of them in the first place. Since she didn't care much for the new students and didn't bother giving a glance towards them, she was oblivious to the pixie haired girl that was staring intently on the skater.