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Of Royalty & Dixingian Blood

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No one's p.o.v

The first thing the young Dixing notices is how cold his body is and it's unbearable enough to make his eyes pop right open. When he does he notices that he is in an unknown environment and all alone. He doesn't even have a clue on who he is and where he is suppose to be, but he knows for certain that he needs to get out of the snow which he had been laying face first in. Shivering, he slowly presses his hands down in the snow and forces his body upright while clinging to the tree nearby. When he is finally up he  stands on shaky legs partly stumbling forward, but he doesn't let that stop him however and with that he slowly takes a few steps forward. He rocks roughly side to side as he makes his way from the tree.

As he walks on he looks around the area and takes into detail how the trees are leafless, the ground is covered with snow and how clear the sky is. Unfocused, he accidentally steps too hard and this makes him hiss as pain  suddenly shoots up in his body  making him come to a stop. He starts to inspect his body and is horrified when he sees the torn and black clothing on his body along with the purple bruises on his skin.  He blinks and begins to wonder where he got his bruises and how he got them, however try as he might the boy cannot remember. After standing too long though he begins to move again deciding that he would think about it all later. 

Thankfully it seemed that the forest he had been in hadn't been too large as he is soon enough out of it.  He finds himself standing on top of a hill and he sees a town down in the distance with buildings, a clock tower and a huge building overlooking the town.  He quickly begins to make his way down the hill as he is desperate for contact and needs to be in a warm area. As he walks he kicks away huge blankets of snow as it gets in his way and his body feels extremely tired therefore slowing down his progress.

The moment the boy manages to get down the hill and steps foot into city he is almost ran over by a car. It sends the poor boy into a panic and he stumbles back falling onto a passerby, he hears a hiss and when he looks up he sees a man with fangs and pale yellow eyes.  He quickly scrambles back and the man huffs while walking away, the boy then picks himself up. He walks slowly while keeping to himself and looking around, he sees vendors on the sides, different stores, restaurants and cars driving up and down the road.  He is unsure of where to turn for help as he is only eight years old, the city is too loud and crowdy which quickly makes the poor boy's head hurt. He begins to stumble around again but this time his vision is more disorientated, holding onto the tall poles he decides to go into the first building he sees.

A stoke of luck hits him as he approaches a shop called 'Xi's Bakery' and he pushes the wooden door open then goes inside. As he does the first person he sees is a middle aged woman with long tied up black hair in an apron putting out a few buns in the glass case. His mouth waters at the sight and he begins to rush over forgetting his ill state, this takes a toll on him and he ends up slamming face first into the glass case. The woman lets out a squeak and watches as the boy falls to the ground, from the boy's darkening sight he sees the woman run from around the counter and towards him. By the time she is by his side however he passes out on the spot due to hitting the glass case, the last thing he hears is the woman asking if he is alright. 

When he opens his eyes he finds that he is in a small dark room with the moon luminating from a window, stacks of flour in a corner and a chair to the end of the bed. Then suddenly a door opens, light flows in and followed is a small boy peeking in. He quickly shuts his eyes and waits, then on cue the door shuts and footsteps approach him quickly. A click sounds beside him and he feels the bed dip down a bit at the added weight, he holds still while waiting for the small boy's next action.  He then fills a poke to his cheek and the smaller boy speaks, " Hey are you awake? Please be awake. My mama is worried and says you need food" . Strangely he decides to listen and he opens his eyes, he sees the boy then. The smaller boy has messy black hair, large brown eyes, a skinny figure and slightly chubby cheeks. Seeing them, he feels an urge to pinch the boy's cheeks and without hesitation he does. He pulls at them softly and this causes the smaller boy to blink in surprise, then the smaller boy pouts. " Stop that" the smaller says whining, however the dixing boy doesn't stop. Instead he smiles and starts to use both of hands to pull at both of the smaller boy's cheeks, " If you don't i'm gonna call my mom"! the smaller boy warns.

Again the dixing doesn't listen and the smaller huffs before he begins to pull away and yell, "Mama help! the boy you saved is bullying me"!. Right on cue the door is opened again and the middle age woman he saw earlier comes in with her hands on her hips. The woman pauses and looks at them for a while before she shakes her head in disbelief, she then walks over, smacks the smaller boy on the head and extracts her son from the dixing's hold. " Serves you right Zhao Yunlan! You probably woke him up and he decided to take revenge". The smaller shakes his head at the accusation, " I didn't mama! He was already awake i swear" ! he says. The mother sighs and puts him down then turned to the dixing. " Please forgive my son young man, he tends to be very  mischievous and noisy" she says while stroking her son's head. The dixing nods and the woman continues to speak again, " I'm sure you're extremely hungry judging by what had happened before, so i'll get you some food okay"?. The dixing nods and the woman picks up her son before leaving the room.

At that, the dixing closes his eyes, breathes and thanks whatever beings that has bestowed  such blessings on him.