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enlightened dreams

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A mysterious haze penetrates Jimin’s vision. He blinks wearily, slowly waking up — or rather, waking up as much as possible. 


This isn’t real, he reminds himself. 


It’s nothing more than a dream. 


And yet this dream is so familiar that he doesn’t fear it. The mysterious haze, a complete confusion and yet he doesn’t press for answers. 


“Don’t go,” a voice whispers. It’s a feathery touch on Jimin’s cheek and he shivers, eyes filling with confusion as he looks around. “Tomorrow, don’t leave the castle. It’s not safe.” 


“It’s my duty.” Jimin replies. 


What looks like magic begins forming beside him. It takes the shape of an unrecognizable man. The form it always takes, one without a face. Jimin has grown accustomed to the owner’s voice. He’s heard it multiple times in his dreams, but he’s never met the owner. Doesn’t have a name or anything. 


All Jimin knows is that whoever this man is has saved him on multiple occasions. He’s crawled into Jimin’s dreams before, warning him about something and then it occurred the day after. It always amazes Jimin. Leaves him curious about who’s in his dream and how this is even happening. 


Magic doesn’t exist. 


“Don’t go,” the voice repeats. 


A thin line tugs at Jimin’s lips. He shakes his head. 


“I’m sorry my friend. I can’t follow your warning this time.” 



“You’re leaving today?” Namjoon calls. He enters the room upon knocking on Jimin’s door but he doesn’t bother waiting for an answer. The guard has been a part of Jimin’s life for the last decade, they’re closer than an apple and a tree. 


Jimin closes his suitcase. He’s been packing the last few days. This is different from any other trip he’s ever taken. He’ll be traveling to the next kingdom over, getting married , and most likely settling down there for a little bit. He’ll be gone for months . He definitely wants to pack things of importance for this. He won’t leave it up to those in the castle to guess and put together a suitcase. 


He’s definitely nervous. Ever since the marriage contract was signed at the beginning of the year, it’s been on Jimin’s mind. Everyday he was wondering if this would be the last time he’d see the castle. Would he be leaving this week? Maybe next week? What if he was supposed to leave already and didn’t get the memo. 


Yet, now it’s October. A week after Jimin’s twenty-first birthday and he’s being shipped off. Well, he supposes he can’t say that. He agreed to this marriage. Knows the alliance would be good for those around him. The Kingdom would rejoice knowing they had another ally, especially with wars raging. The thought of traveling though is what worries Jimin. 


And then there’s his dream last night. 


He purses his lips, clips his suitcase shut and leaves it resting on his bed. He’s definitely going to miss it. 


As if sensing his dismay, Namjoon says, “Something troubles you, Your Highness.” 


Jimin sighs. Leave it to Namjoon to figure out something is running wild inside of Jimin’s head. He’s always been good at that. That’s why Jimin declared him his official confidant. If anything was bothering him, if he needed any advice or anything, he went to Namjoon. 


“I just…” Jimin runs a hand through his blond hair, lets it fall back in front of his face and bites at his lip. “I had a dream last night.” 


Namjoon steps forward immediately. Only he knows of the dreams that haunt Jimin’s sleep. Only he knows of the truth that lingers within them. It worries Jimin to even say this now. “A dream? What occurred?”


“I was told not to go today. They said it wasn’t safe. That something would happen.” Namjoon’s lips pull into a frown. Jimin knows Namjoon will try to prevent him from going. Knows that it’s his duty as a guard to protect him. 


“We should inform the King and Queen.” He says immediately. Jimin lunges forward to stop him from leaving the room, “Your Highness, they’ll have to accept you can’t leave today. If there are dangers out there then we can’t—“ 


“We can’t risk it,” Jimin finishes for him. He nods his head and punches the bridge of his nose. “Trust me, I know. But I have a duty to my people, to this contract. I’m sorry but I have to go. I just...if I don’t make it to the Kingdom, come find me?” 


“What are the chances I’d find you though? What if they kill you? Take your prisoner? What if it’s not even people? Who knows the reasoning you were told not to go.” Namjoon huffs. “I can’t believe I’m not allowed to go. I’ve been guarding you since we were just learning to walk . This is so unfair.” 


“It’s because of that that you can’t go.” Jimin smiles reassuringly, “If you can protect me for over ten years, you’ll easily be able to protect my father and mother. They need you here. Besides, Seokjin chose some of the best guards to protect me during the journey.” 


Hey.” Namjoon whines. 


“I said ‘ some’. ” Jimin laughs, “You know no one could ever take your place as the best guard in the castle.” 


“Well, besides Seokjin-Hyung. That’s why he’s the captain after all, but I appreciate you making me feel better.” Namjoon clicks his tongue and leans against the doorframe. The sound of people scurrying, running, calling out for people and things to be delivered echoes down the hall. 


They’re all preparing for the departure of Jimin. Their future King, setting into stone an alliance for the generations to come. It’s an honor. It should be anyways. But the dream keeps clouding any sense of duty. 


He isn’t nervous. (Okay, maybe a little.) But he knows what to do. He can wield a sword, he can fight and he can run. Running isn’t always the best choice but if it comes down to it he can. He’s not defenseless. He’s not helpless. His men won’t die without him fighting by their side. They shouldn’t die at all. 


Namjoon looks towards the clock that hangs over Jimin’s bed and sighs. “We should go.” He says. Jimin grabs a hold of the suitcase and hoists it up but a moment later, Namjoon snatches it from him. “I’ll get scolded if they see you carrying this.” 


“I know.” Jimin lets out a soft hum. Scans the room to see if he’s missing anything. Did he forget anything? If he did he’ll remember on the road when turning around isn’t an option. Maybe he should have made a list. Who knows. 


He walks up to Namjoon, places a hand on his shoulder and smiles. “Thank you. For always guarding me, keeping me safe and being my friend. I’ll be back soon. I promise.” 


He can only hope he lives to keep that. 



Carriage rides were never Jimin’s favourite thing. He much rather prefers sitting on a horse himself, leading the small little army that trails with him to his destination. The King insisted that Jimin be escorted this way and Jimin was never one to refuse an order from his father. 


He can’t help but sigh as he relaxes in the carriage. The one good thing about staying in the carriage is the extra leg room, the ability to do other things to keep him busy and the chance to take a nap if his eyes grew too tired to stay awake any longer. He can only pray that doesn’t occur though. He wants to stay on high alert. 


With that dream still clogging up his mind, Jimin hardly can do anything. 


He’s holding a book in his hand. One bound tightly together by string despite the fact he's had it for years. That’s one thing he’s always cherished though. Books were something that if Jimin could get his hands on, he’d protect it with his entire life. They were almost like his lifeline. 


Every year on his birthday, Namjoon always bought him a new one from the small savings that he had accumulated over the last year. Jimin always was thankful for the gifts. They were his favourite. 


Despite how much Jimin actually loves reading though, he’s struggling to get into the story. His mind is half in, half out. Almost like a portal of sorts that’s supposed to be dragging his body to another realm but something in his normal realm has trapped him there. 


He sighs. 


Surely nothing would occur, right? 


Maybe Dreamy was just trying to scare him from leaving the palace. He had doubts originally. Questioned multiple times whether this marriage really was a decent idea and yet here he is. Traveling three days in order to marry the neighboring Prince on Friday. 


He hardly has time to settle in before everything goes astray.


The thought alone of that leaves his mind racing more than he would enjoy and against his better judgement, Jimin shuts the book, adjusts his position and lays down. He needs to shut off from the ever-moving world right now. Even if just for a few hours. 


No one would dare do anything on Jimin’s territory. They wouldn’t be so stupid. He knows that. They’ll be fine. 


Besides, if something occurs, the guards will inform him immediately. 


But nothing will, because Dreamy wasn’t lying. 


They had to be. 



“Your Highness!” A voice cries Jimin awake. 


He jumps, head hitting the top of the carriage as he stumbles to draw his sword from the hilt. He raises his left hand up to his head and rubs at the top of it where he bumped it into the top of the carriage. He groans. 


“What is it?” Jimin questions. “What’s wrong?” 


Jimin’s heartbeat begins beating rapidly when he realizes that the carriage has stopped. There’s no movement going on anymore and it’s eerily silent outside. It leaves him worried. Confused. Scared. 


What’s going on?


“Hello!” Jimin calls. “Guards? Where are you? Why have you left my side?” 


“They’re dead.” A low voice whispers. A voice so familiar. So so so familiar that it leaves Jimin shivering. It isn’t one of the guards. He knows all of their voices—well, almost all of them—but this wasn’t any of them. So who was it? Why did he recognize it? “I’m sorry. I tried to save them in time but I couldn’t.” 


Jimin’s eyebrows pinch together. There’s a curtain that blocks his sight of whoever is standing out there. He isn’t sure who’s out there and yet he feels compelled to step out. It’s almost as if he knows who this person is. As if he’s had multiple conversations with them. 


Despite not being able to see them, Jimin feels he can trust them. 


“You can come out, Prince Jimin.” The voice hums. Jimin watches as a shadow appears in the curtain and a hand brushes up to it. Jimin inhales a sharp breath. “I promise I won’t hurt you.” 


And Jimin...he believes that. 


He takes a step forward as the person outside of the carriage pushes back the curtain. Jimin’s eyes blow wide when they land on who’s standing outside. 


Love had been something Jimin always feared. That’s why he agreed to an arranged marriage. It was supposed to be simple. 


Jimin feels he wouldn’t fear love if it came to this stranger. 


Was that weird to think? 


Bright blonde hair stares back at him, dark chocolate brown eyes bore into his soul. A dark outfit fits around their torso and legs. A sword is held in their right hand. It’s stained red and while Jimin’s seen his fair share of blood, he looks away. Was that from his people? Or someone else? 


“Who are you?” Jimin asks timidly, once he regains himself. He takes a step forward but doesn’t leave the carriage. Not yet. Not until he gets some answers. “Why...why do you seem so familiar? I’ve never met you before.” 


The strange yet familiar person shakes their head. “You’ve met me on more than one occasion, Your Highness.” They say. “My name is Yoongi. I’m the God of Dreams and Future.” 


God? Dreams? Future? 




He couldn’t be...


Was he?


“My dreams.” Jimin whispers more to himself than Yoongi, but he nods nonetheless. “You’re the one who’s been supplying me with information. Keeping me safe. Protecting me. You’ve been in my dreams for years now.” 


Yoongi nods his head, “That I have.” He smiles warmly, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Highness. I’ve looked forward to this moment.” 


If Jimin thought his mind was racing earlier because of everything going on, it’s even worse now. He can’t think straight. There’s so many questions going through his head and he can’t even begin to think about the fact that his people lay dead beside his very feet. He can’t even look at them right now. 


“How did you...? Why are you here? Who did this? Did you do this? Are you trying to kidnap me? If you’re a God, shouldn’t I be bowing at your feet right now?” 


Yoongi holds his hands out and shakes his head. “One at a time, please.” He says immediately after. Jimin inhales a breath, runs a hand through his hair and nods. “No, I didn’t do this. Someone else did. A small army of people came and attacked. I merely intervened because your men were on the losing side. Losing you, isn’t an option.” 


Losing you, isn’t an option. What did that mean? And why did it sound so genuine? So protected? 


“Do you recognize the uniform on these men?” Yoongi questions. Jimin turns his head towards scattered bodies across the battlefield. 


Their uniforms are red. Much different than Jimin’s blue and grey coloured uniforms that match the castle and everything they represent. 


Like the enemies’ uniforms, Jimin’s vision turns red. 


He recognizes it. 


He would never forget. 


These colours were what were supposed to become his. Symbols of the neighboring kingdom where he was supposed to be married into. 


The Prince sent someone to kill him. 


This was an act of war. 


It had to be.


“Our enemy.” Jimin states. His hand clenches into a fist. “I was supposed to marry into this Kingdom on Friday. Now the wedding has been called off.”


“My thoughts exactly.” Yoongi bites at his lip. He turns towards the carriage. “We’re too far away from your Kingdom. It’d take nearly two days to return. If you’re comfortable, Your Highness, I have a cabin nearby I can bring you to.” 


Jimin glances in the God’s direction. He tilts his head to the side. “What do you want in return? For helping me? Surely you’re not doing this out of the kindness of your heart, are you?”


Yoongi glances at him like he’s crazy. Like the answer should be obvious. Shouldn't you know why I’m here, his look says. Jimin still hasn’t a clue what his answer would be. A look alone doesn’t give him what he wants. 


“I can see the future, Your Highness.” Yoongi reminds. Jimin nods slowly. He’s heard that already. He knows that Yoongi can but what does that have to do with it? “I know the outcome of multiple things. I knew the outcome of what would happen if I didn’t intervene. I wouldn’t make it. That being said though…” Yoongi crosses his arms over his chest and huffs, “You ignored my warning. Why?” 


“I…” Jimin mimicks Yoongi and crosses his arms over his chest as well. He straightens his posture up. Lifts his chin and meets the God’s eyes. “I have a duty to my people. An alliance was necessary. I thought I was doing the right thing.”


“You could have been killed. ” Yoongi hisses. 


“But I wasn’t,” Jimin reminds. “You saved me. So...thank you for that.” 


The God sighs and runs a hand through his hair. “I don’t send out warnings just because I want to, Your Highness. They’re life and death matters. Please don’t take them lightly.” 


“About that.” Jimin muses. Yoongi cocks his head to the side in curiosity. “Do you only help me? Or do you visit the dreams of others in the world? Why me anyways?” 


“Quite the curious Prince, aren’t you?” Yoongi clicks his tongue. He looks around, eyes darting left and right amongst the trees as if expecting more to ambush them. Jimin nibbles on the bottom of his lip. “I promise I’ll answer any of your questions, but can we please head to my cabin? It’s not safe for you.” 


There’s a small part of Jimin that says he shouldn’t be trusting a stranger’s invitation mere minutes after meeting them. Another part of Jimin says that because this man—this God —has saved him multiple times throughout his life, saved him now, that he can trust him. Part of Jimin wants to trust him. Part of him feels as if he’s known Yoongi all his life. 


And maybe that’s true. 


Just like Namjoon, Yoongi has been a part of his life for over a decade now. It’s just two different ways in life. 


“Let me grab something from inside the carriage,” Jimin begins and without waiting steps inside and grabs ahold of the book that he had been reading before the attack. He steps out a moment later and feels the breeze that passes through. Jimin shivers. 


The longer they stay there the less he likes it. 


“We can go now.” Jimin says. He shows the book towards Yoongi quickly before tucking it away inside of his jacket. It adds a bulkiness to it but no one would be paying attention to it for him to mind. He would rather keep his hands free if anything happened and it isn’t bothering him too much. 


With a nod of his head, Yoongi steps back and motions towards the left where Jimin guesses he appeared from previously. How far was this cabin exactly? Was it closer to enemy territory or his? How would he even get back to the Kingdom at this rate? Does Yoongi have a horse? Does he even know the way to the Castle? Would it be worth asking? 


Yoongi said he’d answer as many questions as possible. Maybe Jimin could do that. Maybe. 


There’s more important questions lingering in his mind though. 



“So?” Are the first words out of Jimin’s mouth once he’s received a blanket, a change of clothing and a cup of hot tea. It’s relaxing and appreciated as Jimin makes himself as comfortable as possible on the small couch in Yoongi’s living room. 


The space itself isn’t that big. Actually, it’s quite stuffed in here and yet it’s cozy. It’s home. Jimin finds that he enjoys it here already. 


The walls are painted a cream colour while gold and blue furniture lines everything else in the living room. Jimin can’t help but wonder if the inspiration was his Kingdom. That would explain all the matching colours. 


Was Yoongi a part of his Kingdom? From their location Jimin can only assume that he’s on the border of both Kingdoms. 


“I can help anyone.” Yoongi begins knowing exactly which question Jimin wanted to know about first. Did he see that too? What all could he see? How? “My visions come and go. I don’t always get the chance to choose but you... I choose to see.” 


Jimin tilts his head. He chooses to see him? “Why? Why watch over me?” 


“You’re a Prince. My Prince,” Yoongi answers. That answers that then. “You’re important to your friends, your family, your people. Me. If I can see the future and keep you safe so you’ll reign happily, I will.” 


“Do you help other people? Not just me?” 


Yoongi nods, “I’ve visited the dreams of countless people in my lifetime, and trust me...that’s quite long.” He smiles to himself, happy about the fact that he’s helped so many people. Saved so many lives. It makes Jimin more trusting in him. Like he could rest his life in Yoongi’s hands and he’d treat with the utmost respect and care. He doubts he’d even get sick in Yoongi’s care. 


“I see.” Jimin purses his lips. He taps at the cup of tea in his hands, blows at the liquid to cool it down before he takes a sip of it. He’s already been almost killed today, he doesn’t want to scald his tongue in addition. “Well, it’s reassuring to see you’re not a bad person.” 


Yoongi stares at him in surprise, “I’m amazed you're so quick to accept this. I thought I’d have to do something to compel you possibly.” 


“What’s there not to believe?” Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “You’ve been in my dreams the last ten years of my life. I’ve trusted you ever since then. Now I just have a face and a name finally. There’s nothing to not believe.” 


“Then will you believe me when I say that we need to make haste and return you back to the castle?” Yoongi questions. He scoots to the edge of his seat, bounces his leg up and down as his eyes narrow in on Jimin. The Prince squirms under his gaze. 


“So quickly?” Jimin frowns. He was just beginning to enjoy himself. He felt the comfort of Yoongi. The relief that he brings. The happy sensations. 


Yoongi feels like what the sun does on a cold day. Warm and safe. 


He nibbles at his lips. 


Maybe there are underlying feelings that Jimin felt towards Dreamy that he never realized until now. Maybe like Yoongi, Jimin is having a vision. A vision of what the future could look like. 


A vision of—


“War is brewing.” Yoongi interrupts his daydream. His vision. Jimin blinks, fear settling into his stomach as the words register inside of his head. “That attack on you was just the first step. The alliance was just a ploy to get you killed.” 


“Wait, but—“ Jimin begins. 


“I don’t know how it’d go if you made it there. I never saw you getting there. I saw the attack and I saw you gone. That was it.” Yoongi slugs back against the chair and sighs. Jimin’s lips pull into a frown. 


He was never going to get married. He was never supposed to make it regardless. No matter what, it was futile. He’s barely even alive right now. It’s all thanks to Yoongi that he’s made it this far. 


“So we need to get back to the castle, right?” Jimin asks, wondering if he’s gotten it right so far. Yoongi nods his head. “How will we get there? What am I supposed to do when we get there? A war? Would they believe me?” 


The tea in front of Jimin is cool enough for him to finally take a sip of it and when he does he lets out a long drawn out sigh. He definitely needed something to warm him up, to calm him down. Something that he could focus on. 


“I have horses.” Yoongi answers. Jimin opens his mouth to say he didn’t see any when Yoongi continues, “They’re nearby. I have more than one property, Your Highness. The cabin and a stable where I have a few horses. We can take two of them.” 


Just how much property did a God have? How much did Yoongi have? How old was he anyways? Would that be rude to ask? Something tells him no but he doesn’t bother to bring it up. It’s none of his business. From what Yoongi said beforehand, Jimin can imagine that he’s at least a couple hundred years old. 


“What about when we get there? What do I tell them? What about you? Will you leave? Return here after escorting me back?” 


Yoongi shakes his head, “Inform them of the news. When they see you’ve returned without all your men, they should know something is wrong.” He says. “I need to discuss something with the King. I know he’ll see me. So to answer your question, I won’t leave. I can’t. You’ll need me there. Plus…” 


Jimin cocks his head to the side, “Plus what?” He wonders. 


Yoongi shakes his head and stands up from the chair. He smiles warmly and picks up a few blankets from behind him. “Nothing.” He replies instead of giving an answer like Jimin wished. “Finish off your tea and head to bed. We’ll leave early in the morning.” 


“Are you sure you’re okay with me taking the bed? I don’t mind sleeping here.” He’ll feel bad taking his bed. He could very well take the couch. Just because he’s a Prince doesn’t mean he needs special treatment. He huffs. “I’ll sleep on the couch. You take the bed.” 


“I refuse.” Yoongi shakes his head immediately. “I’m sorry, but I cannot allow you to lay on the couch. It’s the least comfortable furniture in the house.” 


A sigh escapes Jimin then and he clicks his tongue. Standing up, he finishes off the rest of his tea and places a hand on his hip. He grins. “Very well then. Let’s both sleep in your bed. How’s that?” 


Jimin knows Yoongi wasn’t expecting that. 


The God’s face flushed immediately, cheeks turning a bright red as his mouth opens and closes. Checkmate. Jimin feels accomplished. “I-I...okay then. If you...insist.” 


“I do insist.” Jimin walks over to the kitchen then. Quickly washes the cup before Yoongi can scold him for doing that as well and then turns to look back at Yoongi once more. He smiles sweetly, “Off to bed we go then, yes? We have a busy day tomorrow.” 


Yoongi inhales a deep breath. Then exhales a shaky breath. He nods. “We do.” He replies. He points to the left where a dark hallway greets them. “The bedroom is this way. Let’s go.” 


Jimin doesn’t miss a beat heading down there. He didn’t realize how tired he was until the thought of actually sleeping hit him. 


The bed, Jimin realizes soon after, is definitely more comfortable than the couch. 



The morning breeze seeps into the clothing that Yoongi had given him and Jimin shivers. He regrets not packing clothes for colder occasions. Winter in other Kingdom’s surely would have been different, but then again Namjoon had told him multiple times that he most likely didn’t need to bring anything to begin with. They were supposed to supply him with everything he needed, a new wardrobe, a comfortable bedroom, food, everything he’d need. 


Yet now, he’s nothing but a Prince in scraps on the run trying to get back to his castle before someone finds them. 


Yoongi’s vision of them making it back safely is what holds Jimin grounded. It’s what helps him stay calm as he climbs onto horse Yoongi named Dante after Dante’s Inferno. He pets Dante’s mane and lets out a shaky breath as he turns towards Yoongi. 


As the sun begins to rise, it casts a golden hue on Yoongi that makes him look more breathtaking. More ethereal. For a moment, Jimin has to remind himself that he’s no longer dreaming. This is reality. And Yoongi is standing in front of him. 


Yoongi’s lips curl up, “You’re staring at me.” He points out. 


Jimin’s cheeks flare but he doesn’t look away. If anything, he continues to stare. “Admiring the view.” He says nonchalantly. 


“I hope it’s worth admiring.” 


I could admire you until the moon began to rise and the stars came to play , is what crosses Jimin’s mind. But he chooses against saying that. 


He smiles instead. “So, are we ready?” He questions. “I know we have food and both Dante and Eclipse have sleeping bags equipped in case we need to sleep. Is there anything else you need? You’re leaving home after all.” 


Yoongi shakes his head. “I haven’t experienced the meaning of home in a long time.” He replies. That response alone leaves Jimin’s heart aching. What did that mean? “Us Gods used to live together. My best friends Jeongguk, Taehyung and Hoseok used to ride these horses.” His lips curl up as he looks towards Dante. “Jeongguk used to ride Dante all the time.” The smile fades. 


Jimin wants to tell Yoongi he doesn’t have to explain anything to him. Wants to say that some things are better left unexplained, but he doesn’t. Something tells him Yoongi needs to get this off his chest. Something screams this is a weight that has rested on his shoulders for a long time now. 


“They had to leave eventually. Duty called and since the three of them are together, they’d never leave one behind.” Yoongi lets out a quiet hum as he flicks the reins and Eclipse begins trotting through the forest. Jimin follows closely beside him. “I chose to stay here. I’ve been watching the horses ever since.” 


“Are they—“


“Dead?” Yoongi shakes his head, “They’re not. But the business turned into more, so I don’t see them returning for quite a long time. One day though, I know they will.” 


“They were your home?” 


“Home is an umbrella term, I think.” Yoongi says. He clicks his tongue and turns to look at Jimin. “While the cabin I live in could be considered home, it isn’t to me. It’s when I’m with certain people. When I feel safe and comfortable. Where I know everything will be okay.” 


Jimin hums quietly. He knows the feeling. The castle is his home in a sense. But when he really feels that way is when he, Seokjin, and Namjoon are hiding away, spending time together instead of them doing their business with the guards. It’s when Seokjin and Namjoon cuddle on their bed and Jimin takes the spare sofa and watches a movie late into the night. 


It’s being with his friends and forgetting about the rest of the world. 


He can’t help but wonder if Yoongi will ever find that home again. 


“Do you miss having a home?” 


“I do. I won’t lie about not missing that feeling. It’s quite lonely at the cabin when your only set of visitors is four horses saying they’re hungry.” As if on cue, Eclipse neighs. Yoongi deadpans. “Dreams were almost a coping method. I could save you and talk to you at the same time. We made a...well, I don’t know if I can say friendship—“ 


“You can.” Jimin interrupts. “I’ve always thought of you as a guardian angel of sorts. But I like the idea of friends better.” 


“Okay then, we made a friendship and I always looked forward to our conversations together. Our little moments, even if they didn’t last that long.” 


“I’m hurt that after ten years of being friends, you still never told me your name.” 


“Most Gods never reveal them. We stay away from humans most of the time and stay in packs.” 


The Prince tilts his head to the side as he pulls on the reins slightly to avoid running into a tree. Dante grunts in response as if saying he knows where to go and what he’s doing. “Why did you reveal yourself to me? Why tell me your name?” 


The God’s lips curl and instead of looking at Jimin to answer, he focuses on where they’re going. “Because I know our future. I know I can trust you.”


Our future , Jimin repeats inside of his head. He can’t help but wonder what that meant. What future did the two of them have in store? What type of things would they face together? 


Jimin hasn’t a clue. All he knows is that by the sounds of that, Yoongi won’t be leaving his side anytime soon. And Jimin...


He loves the sound of that.



It’s dark when they return to the castle. So late, that Jimin’s eyes threaten to fall asleep on him as they trot through the main gates and ascend the stairs. The guards stare at them in a frenzy, confusion and surprise surfacing as they run around. Words quickly exchange from them, screaming to get the King, to summon Seokjin and Namjoon. 


It wakes Jimin up and part of him is a little bit grateful that now all of the adrenaline has finally come. He can’t bring himself to sleep right now, not with the news that he and Yoongi bring with them. Not with the fact that he’s returned a day before the night of his wedding. 


Well, what was supposed to be his wedding anyways. That isn’t happening anymore. 


Yoongi swoops his legs off of Eclipse, lands on the marble flooring and rushes to Jimin’s side to help him down as well. A flash of heat, warmth swarms through Jimin as he sets his hand in the God’s and his cheeks flare up. But now isn’t the time to swoon. There’s other business to attend to. 


“Thank you,” Jimin murmurs as Dante and Eclipse walk towards each other. It shows just how close they are, how long they’ve been together. Even three feet apart they’re still yearning for one another. It reminds Jimin of…


“Jimin, you’re back!” Namjoon exclaims as he exits the castle doors, Seokjin follows close behind him. Jimin nods his head immediately. Namjoon rushes forward, half bowing, half checking to see if there’s any injuries on him. Anything to worry about. His eyes narrow in on Yoongi before he focuses on the Prince once more, “Why have you returned? Has something occurred?” 


“Jimin’s carriage was under attack,” Yoongi answers. Namjoon and Seokjin both give him their undying attention. Namjoon nibbles on his lower lip as the King emerges from the staircase leading towards the bedroom chambers. “Your men didn’t make it, but I managed to save Jimin before any harm could come to him.” 


“Who are you?” Namjoon questions. “Who are the men you speak of that attacked Jimin? How do we know it wasn’t you who planned the attack?” 


Jimin gasps. 


Namjoon .” The King’s voice booms. The four of them turn around to face him, all bow low in respect to him. “He wouldn’t lie to us. Not him.” 


“Father?” Jimin says surprised. How does he know so quickly they can trust Yoongi? Wouldn’t he want to question his intentions? See if there’s a reward he wishes for in return for bringing the Prince back safely. 


“Your Majesty,” Yoongi greets. He smiles sweetly. It only furthers Jimin’s confusion. “It’s a pleasure to see you again. I see you’ve been handling yourself well, and raising a fine son.” 


Jimin blinks. His eyes dart back and forth between the two of them. “ Again ?” He asks. Now he’s definitely not tired anymore. “What does that mean?” 


“Yoongi used to serve me well.” The King begins. “I’m sure you’ve all heard the Legend of the God of Dreams and Future. This is him in the flesh.” Yoongi used to help Jimin’s father too? Did he also help his grandparents? His mother? Others of royalty throughout the entirety of their lives? How many royals has he seen? How many has he lost? “I should have guessed you’d help Jimin out next.” 


“It’s an honor to help out once again.” Yoongi says. “Jimin and I...we have a different bond than you and I did. It’s more treasuring. Our future is very bright together.” 


Whether the King is phased by Yoongi’s words or not, he doesn’t say anything. Jimin wonders what his father would say about their relationship. About the feelings that linger. Is it weird to hold feelings to someone he’s really only seen the face and learned the name of for a day? Or is it not because he’s spoken to Yoongi for over ten years? Because he’s saved him on more than one occasion? 


Are there any true rules when it comes to love? 


“I suspect you’re aware of who ordered the attack on Jimin,” the King continues instead. Both Jimin and Yoongi nod their heads. “Please enlighten me.” 


“Your enemy is the very person who your son was supposed to marry.” Yoongi informs. “They’ve created a war. The whole reason for the marriage was to kill Jimin. An alliance was never in their sights. I...warned Jimin of the dangers of going and he still went.” 


Those words catch the King by surprise. “You went even though you knew the dangers? Why?” 


“I have a duty, Father. An alliance is what we needed and I thought it was the right thing.”


“Your safety is also important, Jimin. You’re the heir to the throne. Without you, we are nothing.” 




“But nothing.” The King shakes his head. He motions for them all to come inside and as they do, the guards who were posted outside close the doors behind them. The King holds his hands behind his back. Even in his waking up state he’s still Kingly. He’s still prepared to lead. 


Jimin wants to be that type of leader one day. 


“Namjoon. Seokjin.” The two guards turn to face the King immediately, hands straight and rigid. They’re ready at every beck and call. “We’ve got much to prepare for. If this is indeed true, and I believe every word they’ve said, we’ll be heading to war. An act of treason was cast upon my son and I won’t let it be pardoned.” He glances between Jimin and Yoongi for a moment before looking back. “Prepare your men. As soon as we’re ready, you’re heading to the battlefield. And Yoongi, you’ll be joining them. You’re our main hope of victory with your ability.” 


Jimin takes a step forward. He understands they’re going to war, he knows that means people will be busy but he doesn’t like not getting an order himself. What is he supposed to do? How can he help them prepare? Why isn’t he going on the battlefield? Shouldn’t he lead? 


“Father, what about—“ 


“You’ll stay here, Jimin.” His father answers without letting him finish. It’s as if he already knew what Jimin wanted to say. It frustrates him a little bit. “I won’t risk that chance of losing you.” 


“But father, I can—“


“He’s right, Jimin.” Yoongi speaks up. All eyes fall on him and for a moment Jimin feels betrayed. How could he agree with the King that staying was the best option? He should be helping. That’s his duty as a King. “I know you don’t want to hear this but if you go...the outcome changes. Our chances are harder, different. I promise it’s safer that you stay.” 


“And what of you?” Jimin places his hands on his hips, stomps his foot on the ground like a child and flares. He doesn’t care how silly or foolish he looks. He just wants answers. He wants to understand. “Will you make it? Will Seokjin and Namjoon make it? What of my people? Will they suffer losses? While I sit here reading books and stuffing my face?” 


“Yes.” Answers Yoongi. Jimin lets out a shocked noise. He honestly wasn’t expecting that answer. “No matter what...every war comes with losses. It’s how a war works. But we’ll return. All three of us. Maybe a little broken and bruised but we’ll come back. I promise.” 


Yoongi lets out a soft sigh and walks up to Jimin. He takes ahold of his hands and gives them a light squeeze. “I know it isn’t what you want to hear but I assure you we’ll come back. We’ll do our part and you’ll do yours. Staying alive. Helping your father lead our country. That’s your job, okay? Accept us and nurture us with open arms when we come back.” 


“You pinky promise you’ll come back?” Jimin asks. He holds out his pinky. Yoongi looks down at it and laughs, “Don’t laugh! You’re leaving my pinky hanging. How am I supposed to know you mean your promise?” 


“I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” He holds his hands up in surrender and interlocks his pinky with Jimin’s. “I pinky promise I’ll come back. As will Seokjin and Namjoon. You don’t have to worry, okay?” 


Jimin purses his lips feeling somewhat successful. He glances towards Namjoon, Seokjin and his Father who smile warmly towards the two of them as if knowing there’s something more between them. Or that there will be. 


“I can guess you haven’t slept in a while,” the King speaks up. “I’ll let you return to your chambers and rest. Things will be hectic for everyone. Enjoy your sleep while you can. The fight begins now even if we aren’t on a battlefield.” 


With that, Jimin watches as his father escorts himself back up the staircase towards his bedroom. He wonders if his mother is awake wide with worry or if she’s sleeping peacefully because the King didn’t want to disturb her. In any case, he’ll see her tomorrow. 


Namjoon and Seokjin soon make their leave as well. After reassuring Jimin that they’ll be fine and they’re glad that he’s home, he watches as they depart and head towards their own sleeping quarters. 


Then it just leaves him and Yoongi. Shrouded in darkness except for the moon that breaks through the windows and illuminates the room a little better. Yoongi still hasn’t let go of Jimin‘s hand, and something tells Jimin that he won’t. Not for a while anyways. 


“You’ll have to escort me to my room.” Yoongi says. “It’s been so long that I don’t remember the layout of this place.” 


Jimin nibbles on his lip, inhales and exhales a breath and hums as he leads the way. He doesn’t respond. Instead he makes it seem as if he’s actually leading Yoongi to a room but when he reaches the top of the staircase he goes to the left where his room is rather than the right where the guest bedrooms are. 


If Yoongi notices he doesn’t say anything. 


“This is my room,” Jimin murmurs as he pushes the door open and flicks on the lights. Yoongi shields his eyes for a moment, allows them to get adjusted and then turns to look at Jimin confused. “Oh, come now. You didn’t expect me to actually take you to a room did you?” 


“I didn’t want to intrude on your room so I thought…” He fades off and shakes his head. “Nevermind. It’s bigger than I imagined. I think my entire cabin could fit in here.” 


“Maybe.” Jimin shrugs as he walks over to his closet and pulls out a change of clothes for both him and Yoongi. “I hope these aren’t too fancy for you. I know they’re super comfortable though so you should easily fall asleep in them.” 


Yoongi laughs as Jimin walks into the bathroom to change. “I already sleep comfortably with you.” 


“You’ve slept in the same bed as me once . How can you—“ Then Jimin remembers the dreams and his voice trails off. “Anyways, we’ll most likely be able to rest until at least lunch then we’ll have to get up. You’ll be with Seokjin and Namjoon most of the day so I hope you’re okay with that.” 


“That’s fine.” Yoongi nods. “I’ve seen them in your future. I know I can trust them. I just hope they share that trust eventually.” 


“They will.” Jimin throws his dirty clothes into the hamper beside his shower and walks out of the room. He pulls the blanket on his bed down for the two of them to get into and makes himself comfortable. “Everyone will trust you soon enough. They’ll love you.” 


“I hope so,” Yoongi whispers. After setting his own clothes to the side he climbs into the bed and stares up at the ceiling. For a moment, there’s a comfortable silence that falls between them. 


For a moment. 


Then Jimin remembers something. 


“Hey Yoongi?” 


The God hums. 


“When you talked about our future. What did you see? What were we? Who were we? Can I know?” 


Silence follows the question once again. A silence that Jimin wonders is a good thing or bad thing. Maybe he shouldn’t have asked it. Maybe Yoongi wouldn’t want to share. But...if it’s his future as well, can’t he know? 


A second later, Yoongi flips onto his side and faces Jimin. “We were together.” He begins. His breathing is shallow and faint. Calm and reassured. Jimin flips to face him too. “Us as a couple. The King rejoiced in it. He was glad you were with someone who would treat you right. Namjoon and Seokjin were there too.” 


Yoongi pursues his lips together. Lets his fingers play with the blanket and sighs. “The war isn’t over in the future I see, but we’re okay. We’re stronger together. Everyone loves you and you’re taking the throne soon. You want me by your side, I want you by mine.”


“I see you being a wonderful King. Powerful and well-respected. But you keep the kindness and fondness about yourself. You stay the man I fell in love with.” 


“I see—“ 


Jimin reaches out and presses a finger to Yoongi’s lips, cutting him off. The God stares at him confused. “I think I’m having a vision right now.” Jimin says. “I see you kissing me.” 


Yoongi hums, “Then I see one too.” He leans closer. Close enough that their foreheads are touching and their breaths are tickling each other’s noses. “You’re kissing me back.” 


And he does. Jimin kisses back as soon as Yoongi lips are against his. He reaches a hand up and cups Yoongi’s cheek, makes a grab for his hand that he never wants to let go. 


This kiss tastes like a dream. 


One Jimin never wants to let go of. 


And when they fall asleep that night with worries about how the war really will go down and the people that will be lost, Jimin reminds himself that everything will be okay. Because Yoongi promised he’d come back, he promised everything would be fine. 


And no matter what, Jimin believes him.