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Dear Embalmer

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 The world around him went black for a moment and then came back , and from sitting in a chair , as he opened his eyes he was now in The Red Church , a small hum of satisfaction left his lips , this was a decent map to start another day of hunting his prey on. He was currently inside of the church itself.

Well , no time to waste

Walking towards the nearest camera he begun his hunt.

The camera world went up and he walked around the map with an eye out , being pesky as per usual , the survivors had learned to hide to make his time finding them harder , but luckily he came across the crouching photo image of the perfumer hiding in between some pallets



With two slashes her image was down , holding out a polaroid and with little time she was sucked into it , her image now present on the photo , and now to a chair he went , placing her there just a moment before the camera world collapsed.....not the best early game with only finding one person but he'll make it do.

Walking around the map with heavy footsteps , aha! , from afar he saw the perfumer crouching near the edge of the map , but to his dismay she had gotten up before he could get any closer , ah , and another unfamiliar face was with her , that must have been the one who helped her heal so quickly.

The two survivors took off quickly upon seeing him approach , he sighed to himself , chasing that perfumer girl felt tiresome , she knew her tricks with those perfumes...

The man next to her however...he hasn't seen him before , maybe he'd be an easier catch.

 Walking forward , the chase finally began.

With heartbeat still slowly getting quicker after pinging 'get out of here!' to Miss Vera as she ran in an opposite direction , it appeared that he'd be first chase for this match. All he had to do was run for long enough right? , then his teammates could decode these cipher things and they could get out , couldn't be to hard right?...he hoped this hunter wasn't to fast , yesterday he went against the soul weaver and he couldn't tell if she was really fast or if he was just to slow.

Speaking of which , who was this hunter?...he healed Vera and ran off as soon as his heart began to beat , aside from the cameras who seemed to be there for the hunters use , he hasn't seen them yet , taking a brief moment to look behind him , his eyes opened a bit widely

The hunters appearance was something indeed

His silhouette was human unlike some of the other hunters , but he almost looked like a cracked black and white statue , he found it uncanny yet beautiful in a way.

Ah..but anyways he should be focused on kiting

The photographer didn't miss the way that the survivor started at him for a moment with an unreadable expression......was his appearance really that jarring? , he tried not to think about it to much , but he was getting closer to his prey and was ready to swing. He saw the survivor running to a window and jumped to vault it , he swung his sword



Ah that trick always works , he felt a bit bad as the man hit the floor but he didn't seem that...fearful of him and once again he did not miss how , for the second time , the other was staring at him with an unreadable expression , the mask he wore making it even harder to tell what exactly he was feeling or thinking

Silently taking out the polaroid , he picked up the grey haired survivor and headed to a chair.




What was happening? 

Upon placing the oddly unphased survivor on a chair a black...liquid? started engulfing him and a bit far away from him there was something highlighted and he couldn't make out what it was , feeling both confused and curious he walked over to it , luckily it wasn't to far away. 

When reaching it , he paused in awe

An open coffin sat by a wall , around it were many yellow roses , they almost looked like they were glowing from how bright they were...or mabye they were actually glowing a bit , they wrapped up and around the coffin aswell , and inside with his arms crossed and head held down sat the grey haired survivor , Joseph thought he looked ethereal. He wished he could've taken a picture of the moment but it didn't last for long as the man slowly opened his eyes and stepped out of the coffin , it then going back into the ground like it was never there in the first place.

They stared at eachother for what felt like minutes

"What's your name?"

"..Aesop Carl...the embalmer , and you might be?" was he supposed to be talking to hunters like this inside of games? , he wasn't sure

" Joseph Desaulnier....the photographer as your side calls me , how did you do that might I ask"

" It is just what this game allows me to do just as it does with everyone else " 

Ah , his to rebirth himself from chair to the coffin , dead to alive?

How nice

The surv- Aesop looked at the ground while talking but clearly showed no fear with talking almost casually to a hunter , which left Joseph mildly surprised 

A strange yet interesting individual this survivor was indeed

"The cameras around here..are they yours? , Iv'e never seen them around before"

"yes , yes they are"

The sound of ciphers popping were in the background were heard

Ah , he had gotten caught up with mingling and completely forgot about what he was supposed to be doing , but now he didn't want to continue

" You can run along now , i'm sure your teammates are waiting for you "

" Thank you for letting me go then , Mr.Joseph " The embalmer nodded 

"May we meet again then Carl" He gave a small bow


The hunter has surrendered , you will return to the manor shortly