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Aesoup Carlbell

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Norton knocked on Aesop's door before opening it.
"Good, you're not busy," he said.
"Actually, Norton," Aeeop said with a glare as he paused his work of painting his entire face black and white, "I am busy."
Norton blinked once.
Before shrugging.
"You don't have to make yourself into more of a clown then you already are, come down to dinner."
Aesop gasped. "You worm! You maggot that dares walk on the same ground as I! Flee from my presence before I destroy you!"
Aesop coughed loudly and a small Edgar came out.
"Dang it, not Edgar disease again."
Norton raised his eyebrows before putting them back on.
"I'll get you some soup so you feel more like a normal emo."
Aesop nodded before putting them small Edgar into a cage with the others so he can put them with the others later.
Norton left the room, taking an extra Edgar with him.
Aesop went back to destroying his face with emo makeup.
A few minutes later, Norton burst back into the room.
"I have Campbell's soup. And your soup as well."
Aesop gasped and put down his makeup brush. "Soup? F-for me?"
Norton shook his head. "No. For Campbell and you. Campbell wants soup too."
Aesop nodded, blushing so hard you could see it through the layers of white makeup.
Norton nodded, picking up his soup bowl and pouring it all into his mouth at once.
Arsop gasped. "What skill! What expertise! Amazing!"
He then coughed up another Edgar.
"Norton is the best at soup eating," Norton replied. "Why do you think they named it after him?"
"Because you're so strong and handsome," Aeeop responded, fluttering his makeup covered eyelashes.
"No! Because he's good at eating soup!" Norton yelled, flexing his muscles so hard that Aesop coughed up another Edgar from surprise.
"I'd believe it!" Aesop shouted back, nose bleeding from how impressive Norton is.
Norton nodded. "Open mouth!" Norton commanded.
Aesop complied and Norton poured the soup down his throat.
All of Aesop's makeup came streaming off except for his perfect lipstick.
"Thank you, Norton!" Aesop said with a wink.
Aesop leaned over and gently kissed Norton on the cheek.
Norton's face flushed before all the blood drained form it.
The Edgar disease immediately took control of Norton and he lost all his manly strength.
His hair grew rapidly and his clothing shifted.
The Once-Norton Edgar blinked.
He wiped the kizs off his cheek and looked around the room.
"Wow. Everything here is trash," he said before stealing all of Aesop's makeup brushes and leaving.
Tears and tiny Edgars poured down Aesop's cheeks as he cried for his lost love.
Oh, and Norton too I guess.

It's said that to this day, Aesop still sobs in his room, his only comfort the tiny versions of the one who stole his precious brushes and the man who brought him soup.
The End.