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things better left unsaid (or maybe said)

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“Yeah, but you're not really soulmates, are you?"

Jungkook was obviously in an argumentative mood, sometimes he just woke up like that. It reminds Jimin of his little brother a bit; sometimes the youngest would just wake up that day, sit themselves down for breakfast with a contemplative look in their eyes that translates too: "I think I want to cause problems on purpose" and then would proceed to fling cereal at him with no reason or goal. Just because.

Jungkook seems to be doing the verbal version of that; as he insists on antagonising Jimin and Taehyung as they go over their harmonies; squashed up together in the corner of the practice room. Jungkook sits across from them, noisily eating an apple with way more slurping than necessarily as he jabs at their lyrics. His run through of Jamais Vu finished a few minutes ago and he even turned down Seokjin and Hoseok's offer to go and get meat in favour of sitting here and poking the two of them.

So, that's how much of a brat he seems to want to be today.

Jimin folds over his lyrics and scowls, kicks out his leg and purposefully aims for Jungkook's knee. "Go away, we don't need you here."

"Avoidance tactics." Jungkook snorts, "don't want to come to terms with reality."

"Obviously we are soulmates." Taehyung clicks his tongue, he wraps his arms around Jimin and stuffs his chin over the top of his head. "Just look at us ."

"Yeah, you're just mad because you had to do the sad emo song, and you don't get to do the fun, homoerotic, friendship song." Jimin huffs. He sticks his tongue out and Taehyung brings his hand to Jimin's mouth so his tongue pokes out between the "V" sign. Jimin crumples into hysterical giggling whilst Taehyung barks out a laugh. Jungkook looks disgusted.

"Please, Namjoon-hyung and Yoongi-hyung got the homoerotic song." Jungkook snorts. Jimin can't really argue with that, as his eyes follow Jungkook's to the back of the room where Yoongi and Namjoon still practice their routine in front of the mirrors. They can't seem to go more than 5 minutes without collapsing into laughter, at the moment Yoongi is jumping left to right with his ass stuck out as Namjoon is in hysterics on the floor.

"What even is their song really about again?" Jimin asks.

"Irrelevant." Taehyung replies, "Does anyone have their phone on them? I wanna record the way Yoongi's ass wiggles and make it into a gif."

Jungkook gives Taehyung another weird look and then turns back to Jimin, apparently still set on executing his tirade. "So you admit it?"

"Admit what Jungkook-ssi?"

"That you and Taehyung-"

"Taehyung- hyung -"

"- Aren't soulmates?"

"I literally never said that."

"But you're not," Jungkook sticks his finger and waves it around, "because if you were you'd be able to hear each other’s thoughts."

" Please ," Jimin snorts, "that whole telepathic soulmate thing is an old wives tale, you don't need to be telepathic to be able to be soulmates ."

"Besides," Taehyung butts back in, "if me and Jimin practiced more I'm sure we could be telepathic- if we're not already telepathic but just don't know it!"

"For all me and Taehyungie know, we could be telepathic but our thoughts are so similar that maybe we just don't notice it". Jimin sticks his nose in the ear, Jungkook grins because he knows he's won. He's got what he was after: a reaction.

Sometimes, Jimin knowingly falls for it. Jungkook's teasing. It sounds a bit weird to purposefully feed into Jungkook's bratty moods, or when it's obvious he's just poking because he wants a reaction and so he gives him one. Jimin's not really sure what triggers Jungkook's moods, if he really does just wake up in one of those moods where his neediness is played off as brattiness, where he wants to try and channel his desire to be noticed into being annoying.

Sometimes, Jimin wonders if Jungkook is jealous.

It seems silly because it's not like Jungkook has ever been excluded from anything, he is literally the pivoting point of all of their axes, the little, middle star that has every single one of his hyung's orbiting around. But sometimes it doesn't matter who's willing to give him attention, if it's not the person he wants then he won't take it. Like right now, as he takes another too big a bite of his apple and the clear juices run over his plush lips and down the corners of his mouth, Jimin wonders what this is all about.

So sometimes Jimin will purposefully play into Jungkook's hand. Because he's curious, wants to see how far Jungkook is willing to push it. But mainly because he wants to see how long it takes him to divert Jungkook's control back to him, like he's sitting behind Jungkook and slowly taking ahold of his arms, until their hands intertwine and Jimin's back to directing exactly which way Jungkook's delicate, tattooed fingers move. How long it takes to get Jungkook back sitting into Jimin's metaphorical lap.

So he purses his lips and purposefully tips his head back into Taehyung's chest, "Alright then, I bet you I know what Taehyungie is thinking about right now, " he follows Taehyung's gaze to the back of the room, "he's thinking about Yoongi-hyung's ass."

" Please, " Jungkook scoffs, "that's cheating! Obviously that's what he's thinking about."

"Who wouldn't be." Taehyung smacks his lips, Jimin whacks him.

"No, that doesn't count." Jungkook insists.

"Okay, I can guess what Jimin-ah's thinking about." Taehyung ponders.

"I'm thinking about what a brat you are, you don't need to be a mind reader to know that either-" Jimin huffs, reaching out with the intention to wrestle Jungkook to the ground.

Taehyung's arm sneaks around his waist, keeping him firm in his lap. "No, I got it. You're thinking about Jungkook's lips."

Jimin tenses, Jungkook's eyebrows shoot up in surprise.

"Am I wrong?" Taehyung asks.

Jimin scowls, because that was a slight dick move. Because, yeah, okay, technically that is what he was thinking about. But if he says yes then he's admitting to thinking about Jungkook and in that tone Taehyung's voice insinuates something else, which will probably result in teasing. If he says no then it's more teasing because he actively admitted to not being able to read each other’s minds.

Jimin huffs. "Only because he looks like he's trying to eat out that apple and getting slobber everywhere."

" Mmmm, juicy." Jungkook grins and crawls over on his hands and knees, purposefully slopping it up. Jimin pushes him away, mutters " yah! Get the fuck away-- hyungs!! Yoongi hyung!!! Tell Jungkook-ah to stop!"

Their run through of the Friends performance doesn't take much longer, after Namjoon had half heartedly wrestled Jungkook away from Jimin, pulling him away like a dead weight. As one of the least confident dancers, Namjoon's routine seems to be the most complicated.

Once Taehyung's happy with their final harmonies he waves off Jimin's invitation to join him back at the dorm.

"No, no. I'm going to stay here and help Namjoonie-hyung and Yoongi-hyung with their choreography."

Jimin frowns. "Have you ever even choreographed something before, Tae-ah?"

"Irrelevant. Okay! So hyungs, have you guys considered having an impromptu proposal in the middle of your performance, or even better, a make out session? Like, what if Namjoon-hyung, you take Yoongi-hyung into your big, beefy, arms and- okay, okay! Now I know that that's a little out of the box but hear me out---"

So Jimin leaves him to it and instead turns to Jungkook. "You're giving me a lift then."

Jungkook frowns, "You're so polite Jimin hyung, really."

" Please, you don't need to be polite when you're as cute as me. Especially not to you of all people. Now c'mon, drive your hyung home."

Jungkook rolls his eyes but still steps aside to open the car door for Jimin and slips into the driver’s seat next to him.

At first they ride in silence, the radio playing some Ariana Grande song that Jungkook hums along to softly. Jimin joins in, breathy and meeting the high notes that Jungkook doesn't hit so they harmonise.

Jungkook makes eye contact with him through the rearview mirror, smiling a little shyly.

And Jimin smiles to himself, because he knows what he's going to say maybe even before Jungkook knows.

"Hyung," Jungkook begins, chewing on the bottom of his lip. It's a bad habit so Jimin reaches across and slaps his thigh to get him to stop.

"Don't bite your lips! You'll ruin them!"

He lets his lip go, rolls his eyes, but then settles back down into pliancy. Like that's how he's supposed to be with Jimin, when they're alone. And the distractions that higheten his brattiness are gone and just leave-- whatever that look is in its wake. "Hyung, did I- did I genuinely upset you, back at the studio?"

"Jungkookie," Jimin grins, exasperated sounding to still get the message across. " No, but I do wish you'd stop trying to poke and just ask for what it is you want."

"I didn't want anything," Jungkook's eyebrows scrunch together, "Hyung, what is it you think I want?"

Jimin just hums to himself and breaks eye contact, instead picking at his nails.

"Hyung?" Jungkook urges again but Jimin ignores him, goes back to humming the song.

For all his bratiness, Jungkook is so easily wound up back.

Jungkook huffs out a frustrated sound and scrunches his face into a pout. He's adorable, Jimin thinks privately to himself. He thinks he's less adorable when he purposefully hits the breaks harder than necessary just to jolt Jimin forward, which earns him another slap.

Jimin doesn't really think much about the events of the day, because they're pretty much the same as usual.

Nothing out of the ordinary happens; Seokjin and Hoseok come home with takeout KFC, Jungkook whines about why they didn't save him any chicken and they remind him very clearly that he was invited along; Hoseok still forfeits his leftover chicken and milkshake to him anyways.

Eventually Namjoon, Yoongi and Taehyung return, with the hyung's looking particularly traumatised and Taehyung looking particularly accomplished. So, just a usual day.

Jungkook seems a bit quieter than usual, which is weird. His bratty moods have a record time of lasting over a 48-hour period, with at least a shelf life of into the evening, when he'd normally get the rest of that energy out by playing games with Seokjin or held up in his room doing god knows what.

But not today. And that's weird.

Instead he flops himself down next to Jimin and then stays glued to his side pretty much for the rest of the evening. Which in itself isn't that weird, it's not a secret that Jimin is clingy and so is Jungkook, but there's something about him that seems off.

It's like his somber, pilant mood from the car has followed him out. He stays at Jimin's side but his stance is hesitant, insecure. He doesn't insist on climbing all over him, or sprawling across his lap, instead he takes Jimin's hand in his and interwinds their fingers. He delicately plucks a fallen eyelash that sits on the bridge of his nose, runs his pretty little fingers up and down his forearm.

Normally Jimin would be ecstatic he doesn't have to waste the rest of his energy wrestling Jungkook into submission. But this all feels, a little odd? It's a bit like Jungkook's fog is infectious, because as the evening draws on Jimin can't help but feel the same.

He has this weird desire to stick by Jungkook's side, too. He shifts next to him on the sofa, struggling to feel comfortable. It sort of feels like his entire body is a burn, not as much that he's on fire, just that his entire existence is like when you've freshly burned yourself doing something silly, and he needs something to cool the pain. That's Jungkook, pressed against him like pressure on a wound, or water to a burn. It settles him.

The weird feeling goes when they have to part for bed.

"Hyung," Jungkook tries again, sounding nervous and needy like in the car. "Can we..."

"What?" Jimin prods, but Jungkook shakes his head.

This is what Jimin feels most frustrated about. Jungkook never asks, he just expects everyone around him to be a mind reader and when they fail he acts out. Like if he keeps making more of a fuss, dancing around what he really wants then it might somehow be obvious.

"Jungkook-ah," Jimin huffs, "what do you want? Hyung really can't help if you don't tell me. Okay?"


Jimin startles. Whips his head around.

Jungkook looks at him in alarm. "Hyung? You okay?"

The whisper is gone, the chill it sent down his spine leaves a cold feeling in its wake. And Jimin almost misses the burning sensation.

That was... weird.

"I'm... fine." Jimin says slowly, "Did you hear that?"

"Hear what?" Jungkook asks, blinking at him. He seems totally unaffected.

"Forget it..." Jimin grumbles, still looking up and down the corridor cautiously.

"Anyways. I'm just-- going to go to bed. Goodnight, hyung." Jimin opens his mouth to scold him for his abruptness but Jungkook has already walked past, clicking his bedroom door shut softly.

Jimin gapes after him for a second, still scouring his surroundings cautiously. He absolutely heard something, he's sure of it.

He thinks about it lying in bed, the unsettling feeling sits over him like a second blanket.

Hoseok sleeps soundly next to him, totally unaffected by the weird vibe that Jimin is sure he's not imagining.

Eventually he begins to feel the pull of sleep on his eyelids, the deep sinking sensation just before he knocks out cold.

But sleep doesn't offer any kind of rest from the weirdness. If anything, everything gets even weirder.

It starts like this: Jimin is back in the practice room. Or, well, sort of.

He is there, but he's not him. If that makes sense? It doesn't, none of this makes sense, as Jimin begins to realise very quickly.

He's an observer of sorts, neither in his own body or anyone else's, but he is very much connected to the other person in the dream. That other person being: Jungkook.

In the studio Jimin and Jungkook are up against the mirrors where Namjoon and Yoongi had been practicing. Except they're not practicing this time, they're still wrestling. Similar to how they were before Namjoon begrudgingly separated them.

Except this time Jimin is on top, with Jungkook's arms sprawled out behind him and his hair fanning a pool of soft blonde, like a halo, around his head. Jimin has Jungkook's arms pinned out and his knee wedged between Jungkook's thighs.

He's scowling down at him, eyebrow quirked, as if Dream-Jimin is trying to fake annoyance, but his lips tug into a grin. Jimin looks kinda mean, and real Jimin has a tiny existential crisis where he wonders if this is how Jungkook always sees him.

Well, he presumes this is Jungkook's dream. That assumption seems to be pretty accurate, however, as when Jimin crawls forward and presses his knee up against Jungkook's crotch the real Jimin feels a pang of something shoot up at the contact. He feels hot, flushed, unsure if the movement was meant to make him feel like that but it does.

Jungkook whimpers, eyes screwed shut and lips bitten raw again. Real Jimin tuts as he does it, and then Dream-Jimin acts on it.

He clicks his tongue and shakes his head, momentarily letting go of one of Jungkook's arms so he dips his thumb in between Jungkook's lips, prying them open until he's got it hooked on the inside of his cheek. "Now, Kook-ah ," Dream-Jimin purrs, like he's disappointed but not particularly interested, "don't bite your lips, you'll ruin them." He scolds.

Jungkook huffs, but still sucks down on the thumb obediently. His hips move upwards and at first it sort of looks like he's trying to push Jimin off of him, but he realises very quickly that's not what he's really trying to do.

It's an act. Instead Jungkook's real aim is to try and grind his erection down on Jimin's inner thigh, whining when Jimin removes his thumb from his mouth and instead yanks Jungkook's hair back, pulling him down.

" Hyung ." Jungkook wines, " Jimin-ah ."

"I never said you could do that, did I?" Dream-Jimin seems to have very good control over Jungkook, in tune with what he needs. He presses his leg forward again, relieving the pressure on Jungkook's straining dick momentarily before he backs away entirely.

And Jungkook is so wound up he actually cries out, pouting and miserable with crocodile tears forming in the corners of his eyes. " Hyung, let me up. "

"Look at you," Jimin sighs, rolls his eyes. "I haven't even done anything yet and you're already a mess. What am I to do with you, hm?"

"Whatever- whatever you want. " Jungkook hiccups out, "I wanna be good."

"Good?" Jimin coos, hands coming up to cup Jungkook's cheeks. "How can you be good, hm? You don't even tell Hyung what you want. How can I help such a silly little thing like you if you can't use your words?"

Something deep inside Jimin aches for release. He feels wound up, pulled to his limits as he watches the dream version of himself continue to coo in fake sympathy at the Jungkook withering underneath him. Desperate, crying and wrapped around Jimin's little finger.

"I have to punish you anyways, baby." Jimin continues, "for being so bratty through practice. Somebody has to put you in your place, after all."

" Yes" Jungkook gasps, " okay. "

Jimin turns Jungkook around, pulls down the sweatpants Jungkook's wearing and wastes no time in kneading his naked ass cheeks.

Jungkook cries again, voice high and whiny and he looks so pretty that the real Jimin feels a weird sense of pride that Dream-Jimin is so poised and unaffected.

Jungkook keeps trying to grind down into his lap, still blubbering and needy. Dream-Jimin pays him no mind and plants a firm smack again his ass, the kind that echoes through the empty practice studio.

Jungkook gasps happily, " Hyung, hyung. "

"This is all you wanted, isn't it?" Jimin sighs, shakes his head. "So silly, aren't you kook-ah? You just can't be honest with hyung. You wouldn't have to get so messy if you were just honest . Now, tell hyung what you want?"

"C-can't," Jungkook pants, "S'embarassing."

Jimin smacks him again, the vibration sends something up the real Jimin that makes him think he might topple over the edge of, of something. That every passing second he's trapped in this weird dream like state he hurdles closer to the edge.

"Say it, Kook-ah. Or I'll just stop. Come on baby, you can do it. Tell hyung what it is, and he'll let you take what you need."

Jungkook sobs again, Jimin hits and the words break free from his throat, like they've forced their way out of Jungkook's lips.

" You, hyung. I need you. "

Jimin wakes up with a trembling sensation in his limbs and I gasp pushing past his lips.

He keeps gasping, sitting up in his bed and kneading his chest like he's physically trying to slow the beating of his heart. Pleasure thrums through his body, keeps rolling through the wave until he collapses back down into his bed. Still gasping for breath.

The comedown fucking sucks, and as he peers under his sheets he growns.

Ew, gross.

Jimin shoots back up. Squints desperately in the dark.

Who -what- He takes another deep breath. He's disoriented. He just had a wet dream for the first time in like, what, maybe months? And now he's hearing things. Mistaking his own thoughts for someone else.

He momentarily panics that this might be Hoseok waking up, but he's still a dead weight in the bed next to him. He checks his digital clock, and it's already 5 am. So he might as well get up and deal with this... mess.

And what it all means afterwards.

He tries to strip his bed as quietly as possible, focuses on breathing through his nose and not out of his mouth. He's still trembling, feels totally knocked off balance from the dream.

Fuck, there's so much. Ew, ew.

Jimin's head snaps around. He recognises that voice.

"Jungkook?" he whispers into the darkness of his room, clutching his sheets close to his chest in an attempt to protect his dignity.


Jimin continues to slowly bundle the sheet together, pulls on a fresh pj set and then creeps out into the corridor.

Man, why did I come so much?? This is like, a weird amount. Should I go to a doctor? Nah, that's weird. I'll just google it.

" Jungkook??" Jimin hisses down the corridor, "what are you doing ?"

But nobody is there. But Jimin can hear him, and his-- incredibly private debate.

He takes a deep breath. Maybe he's still dreaming. Or, like, he's half awake. So maybe he's just hearing things, disorientated. He doesn't have his glasses on and although hearing and sight aren't linked maybe that has something to do with it.

Sure, whatever.

He makes his way back through the living space and towards their little laundry room, stuffs his sheets into the washing machine and sits down in front of it. He feels too on edge to try and sleep again so instead he sits and watches as the machine slowly comes to life. There's a little light over the top of the cabinets, but other than that he's sitting in darkness.

Dark, dark, dark. It's so fucking dark.

Jimin's head whips back around because, fucking hell, that's Jungkook. Where the hell is he ?

God, this is so cringe. Please tell me nobody else is awake. Oh god, what if Yoongi-hyung never went to sleep??? He might still be in the living room, please Yoongi-hyung don't be up or I'll cry. He caught me last time I don't need that shit again- ok, no, it's fine. Nobody in the living room. Sick.

Jimin stares blankly ahead. What the fuck is going on?

Andddd we have arrived, all good. Nobody awake, just gotta get this shit loaded and then I can go back to--

"Jimin!" Jungkook hisses in surprise, almost jumping back into the ironing board propped against the wall as he staggers back in shock.

Jimin isn't shocked, because he'd heard the entire commentary. He raises an eyebrow in greeting and looks Jungkook up and down.

Jungkook quickly stuffs his sheets behind his back, flush present even in the dim light. Even in the dim light of the room he still looks--

So beautiful.

Jimin flinches in surprise. That- that definitely wasn't his own voice.

So beautiful, even at ass o'clock in the morning. God, why is he so pretty?

Jimin just stares.

Shit, he's not saying anything. Fuck, dude, he's gonna work it out quick say something dumbass-

"W-what brings you here?" Jungkook stammers, hands still stuffed behind his back.

"What brings me to the laundry room?" Jimin quirks an eyebrow, and then he tilts his head towards the washing machine.

God, he's hot when he's condescending--

"I'm not being condescending."

"Hm?" Jungkook blinks at him.

Jimin can't work it out, or like he can, but it surely can't be right. It seems like he can hear what Jungkook's thinking, which just can't be right. Because that would mean that he can read minds or--


Like they were talking about earlier... shit... there's no way that's right.

Is there?

"I'm washing my sheets," Jimin answers, diverting the topic back. "I knocked the coffee I'd had before bed over my sheets."

"Oh, I see." Jungkook nods tightly. "Same."

Same??? Same?? What kind of lie is that, dumbass. God, he's going to work it out. SaMe. Oh look at me I'm Jeon Jungkook, professional liar. God, might as well tell him i nutted in my sleep over the idea of him spanking me, whilst I'm at it--

Jimin chokes on his own breath.

"Hyung?" Jungkook drops his sheets behind him so he can come and scoot up next to him, "Are you okay? Did you swallow something?"

Jimin sputters and waves him off, eyes blown wide and desperately trying not to panic. Holy shit, that was Jungkook's dream. Shit, shit, shit.

There's really only one logical explanation. Jimin can, very clearly, hear what Jungkook is thinking. As far as he can tell, Jungkook can't do the same. Just to test it, he tries thinking very loudly IF YOU CAN HEAR ME TAP YOUR NOSE TWICE.

Jungkook just keeps looking worried and confused, rubbing Jimin's back gently.

Shit, okay. What the hell is going on.

He's so pretty up close, Jungkook continues to think, blissfully unaware that his privacy has totally been intruded on, the light casts shadows so his eyelashes look even prettier followed by man i'd love to shove my dick in his mou--

"Jungkook, I'm fine." Jimin hisses, "just- it's fine."

He rubs his hands over his face to try and hide his blush. Deep breaths.

So. Jungkook is horny over him. Okay. Or Maybe Jungkook is just horny in general? It's not a stretch. Jimin doesn't really want to have to think about the implications of anything else.

He's always carried his feelings for Jungkook around like a deadweight in his arms, cargo he should of ditched a long time ago but just can't . He doesn't want to think about the fact that he's maybe had a crush on Jungkook since he first saw him, a sucker for bambi eyes and the stupid "head first into the deepend" attitude he never grew out of.

So, hearing about Jungkook fantasizing about him is a little too much for Jimin's brain. He doesn't want false hope where there isn't any. Jimin knows he's attractive-- well, he's an idol so he can't be that bad looking- so maybe Jungkook is just another bisexual working through their attraction.

"Do you want me to add your sheets to the load?" He finally gets out, "I've only just put it on."

"Oh." Jungkook gathers his sheets again, looking very bashful. "Uh, yeah. That's a good idea."

Don't let him see the sheets, don't let him see the sheets--

Jimin presses the stop button and then scoots away from the washer so Jungkook can crawl in front and stuff them in. Saving him from any more internal suffering.

"Thanks, hyung." Jungkook whispers, "you always know what to do."

Jimin looks at him, but doesn't say anything. The words seem a little out of place, but--

You always take care of me, Jungkook thinks, he doesn't even know what I think, and he still takes care of me. I feel dirty. Should I tell him? Would that stop him? If he knew?

Jimin's brow creases and a nauseous feeling washes over him. Whatever Jungkook thinks, feels, Jimin never wants him to ever feel like that again.

So instead Jimin wraps an arm around him and lets Jungkook nuzzle into his side, his face eventually sliding down till his cheek rests in Jimin's lap.

"I will always take care of you, Kook-ah." Jimin sighs out and pushes Jungkook's head back down gently as he tries to ask what Jimin means. "No matter what you do, or think. I will always take care of you."

Jungkook just hums, and then he goes quiet. When Jimin looks down, he seems to have fallen back to sleep in his lap.

Jimin swallows.

He's so fucked.

He eventually manages to convince Jungkook that he should go back to bed for an hour or so, because he obviously needs the sleep. He hums in consideration of Jimin's words and then stumbles off, leaving Jimin alone with his thoughts.

And now, Jungkook's as well.

Thankfully Jungkook's dreams don't seem to be as strong when Jimin's awake, more like flashing images in the back of his mind. A bit like a song you can't get out of your head.

Instead Jimin sits and watches the sheets go around and around and around until it's 1 hour long spin comes to an end.

Hoseok finds him there, switches the main light on and stands over him so he can massage his shoulders.

" Woah, Jimin-ah." Hoseok greets, "you look like you've seen a ghost."

Jimin just sighs and throws his head back. "Something like that."

He lets Hoseok take care of his sore muscles as he gently scolds Jimin about his posture, which then leads him onto a conversation about some youtube video he'd seen the other day. Jimin just nods along, hums in the right places and thinks.

He's got a problem, and that problem is called Jeon Jungkook.

He doesn't know how he's going to even begin to approach the topic with Jungkook; or work out why the hell this is a one way thing. He thinks depressingly that maybe it's because Jungkook is his soulmate, but he's not Jungkook's. Or maybe it's a feeling thing; it's unrequited. Jimin will be tortured to hear and watch Jungkook fall in love with someone else, driven mad by the voices until he eventually becomes a victim to his own love.

Or something super dramatic like that.

Although, a week alone in Jungkook's head is enough for Jimin to realise that, actually, his unrequited feelings might not be unrequited at all.

Jungkook thinks about Jimin. A lot.

He thinks about Jimin almost all the time, actually. And this revelation is both confusing and staggering since Jungkook is normally so-- nonchalant, chill. He doesn't ever really seem to be bothered about anything.

But he seems very bothered by Jimin.

His thoughts are an entire spectrum of Jimin related problems.

For instance, he's at the kiosk down the road and he's wondering about what snack Jimin might like. He thinks about whether Jimin has eaten that day, what he remembers him having for lunch so he doesn't get him something similar, whether Jimin would appreciate something salty or sweet.

Jimin just sits on the sofa at home, staring blankly ahead and stressed like he's listening to a very alarming radio. Which, he sort of is.

And when Jungkook comes back, lobs the snack at Jimin's head, he's waiting for it. Able to catch it with ease because, of course he is-- he literally heard it coming.

"Nice catch," Jungkook snorts, "got you this at the shop, they said it was about to go out of date and I decided to be nice and buy it. But now I don't want it so it's yours."

Which translates in Jungkook's mind as: I hope Jimin does like this flavour, ahh i spent so long looking. I'm so lame he probably thinks I'm desperate for approval.

Which, goodness, there's already so much to unpack there.

Jimin begins to realise very quickly that Jungkook never says how he feels, he shows. Every little action is carefully planned and executed to cover up a different emotion. He gets overly giggly when he's embarrassed, he purposely goes to poke Seokjin when he thinks he looks too sad, he delicately plays with Taehyung's hair when he thinks he's getting tired, and he goes to Jimin whenever he needs comfort.

Jungkook always gravitates to him. And Jimin's irritated with himself that it took a genuine mind reader for him to see: Jungkook doesn't say, he does.

And another thing Jimin learns rather quickly is something he already knew: Jungkook is the jealous type.

And he's jealous of Taehyung.

Being inside Jungkook's head helps contextualize a lot of things. For instance why he enjoys tormenting the two of them so much. It's because he's jealous, or at least he wants to have something close to what Taehyung and Jimin have. He spends his time poking them when he's not joining in because he aches for the same and god, Jimin feels like a bit of an idiot.

How did he not see it before? And, on top of that, Jungkook hasn't even got the right end of the stick. He seems to be convinced they're secretly harbouring romantic feelings for one another.

And that alone makes Jimin realise another crucial thing: he wants to be with Jungkook. Bond or not. And it's time he does something about it.

This decision leads him outside Taehtung's door.

"Taehyhung-ah," Jimin takes a deep breath, "you're not my soulmate."

Taehyung peers over the top of his comic book. "Are you breaking up with me?"

"It's not funny, I'm being serious." Jimin collapses down beside him, screws his eyes shut. "Jungkookie is my soulmate."

Taehyung hums, shrugs his shoulders and seems to easily accept the fact. "Oh dear. How do you know?"

"I can hear his thoughts," Jimin frowns, "he's very annoying."

"Ah, then he must be your soulmate. You only tolerate annoying people if you love them." He says wisely, "How can I help?"

"Well for a start, he's jealous of you." Jimin sighs, "or he's not jealous, he keeps thinking about the fact that he could never make me as happy as you can... and that makes me feel guilty and sad."

"Hm, that's unfortunate. If only he knew how easy you are to entertain, all I have to do is let you get your dick wet in my ass and you're pretty easy to manage."

"We're going to have to stop doing that as well, I want to pursue him romantically." Jimin grumbles.

"That all makes a lot of sense, and I understand. I will still occasionally jack off to the memory of that one time you got me off in the back of the van to the airport, though."

"That's fair," Jimin lies down and rests his head on Taehyung's ass where he lies on his front. "You're taking all of this rather well, I thought you'd be more upset about the fact that we can't hook up anymore."

"Eh, Jimin-ah please. I'm your soulmate, of course I knew Jungkookie was yours." He rolls his eyes and turns the next page in his comic book. "This is old news to everyone except the two of you. I can't believe you had to read each other's minds to figure that one out."

"Uh, rude. " Jimin hisses and pinches the flesh of Taehyung's ass, who just kicks him. "And Jungkookie can't hear me back, it's very frustrating. I don't know why... or okay, I think I do."

Taehyung hums, "Go on."

"I think... he's so in his own head he literally can't hear me." Jimin explains hesitantly. "Like his mind just runs a mile a minute and every time I try and break through I just can't . I think he's so in his head he just can't let anyone else in."

"Well, Jimin-ah, you'll just have to do what you always do best."

Jimin rises on to his elbows to look at Taehyung. "Which is?"

"Barge your way in anyways."

Jimin lasts another two days when he realises enough is enough. He's going insane. He got scolded at the breakfast table because he'd spent to long staring at Jungkook as he shoved coco pops in his mouth, because he was desperately trying to scream at him I CAN HEAR THAT YOU'RE TRYING TO FIGURE OUT IF YOU CAN RUB ONE OUT IN THE BATHROOM BEFORE WE LEAVE AND THE ANSWER IS NO, HELLO??? JUNGKOOK!!! JUNGKOOK-SSI

But he just gave himself a headache. Because that's the point: Jungkook is so inside his own head he can't hear Jimin.

He spends his life tittering on the edge of caution and reason, to the point Jimin thinks he blurs the two. So Jimin tries to be bolder, be like Jungkook and use actions instead of words. But it doesn't work.

"Of course it's not working." Taehyung rolls his eyes. Jimin has him cornered in dress rehearsals for their performance. Taehyung tries to swat him away because he's watching very intensely the videoed performance of the Respect stage, but finally stops resisting. "You're not acting any differently."

"What do you mean, I'm all over him." Jimin pouts.

"Exactly, now you're catching on." Taehyung snorts and rewinds the video to the bit where Namjoon gets down on his knees in front of Yoongi.

Jimin groans and shuts his eyes. Jungkook is going off again about him.

Jimin always goes to Taehyung when he's sad, Jungkook is thinking, stressed out, I just- i wish I could be there for him more. He's always there for me, fuck. Why doesn't he trust me with these things? Do I over share? Maybe I need to tone it down, stop wearing my heart on my sleeve.

No, Jimin thinks back, groaning out loud, it's the complete opposite, you dip shit.

Jimin is so pretty, he works so hard. Jungkook keeps thinking, I hope he knows that. I hope he finds love with Taehyung if that's what he wants. It doesn't have to be me, but god I wish it was. Oh hey someone dropped a lollipop.

Jeon Jungkook, don't you dare pick up food off the floor--

It's unopened, saving that for later. Score!

Jimin smacks his head back against the wall.

It's that evening that Jimin finally cracks.

Jungkook is alone in his room, and he's spiralling, and it makes Jimin feel like someone is digging out his chest with a spoon. It aches, because it always aches when Jungkook is sad. He can't bear it under normal circumstances but now it's unbearable.

I'm not jealous. Jungkook is grumbling to himself, I just... want to be enough. For someone. It doesn't matter if it's not who I want, just as long as I could be enough. Maybe that would be enough for me.

And Jimin's had enough. He's done playing the nice guy, and trying to telepathically tear down the walls Jungkook has constructed to be so high.

It's exhausting and ineffective. So instead he bursts through Jungkook's bedroom door, without knocking.

" Jimin-ah!" Jungkook yelps. He's only in his pants so he quickly throws his blanket over himself. As if it isn't anything Jimin's seen before.

Shit, shit, shit, shit--

"Jungkook-ah." Jimin huffs, arms crossed. "We need to talk."


" Now. " He shuts the door behind him and sits down on the edge of the bed. 

Oh, he's even hot when he's angry. Why is he hot when he's angry? Stupid horny brain, he's mad don't start sexualising him. Poor hyung, he doesn't even know I think all this dirty shit about him--

Jimin rolls his eyes, flings himself onto the bed and pushes Jungkook down into the mattress, who falls back with a soft and surprised little huff.

" Jungkook-ah ," Jimin stresses, "what am I going to do with you?"

Kiss me.

"Get off me."

"No, we need to talk. And you're such a brat that you're hard to pin down." Jimin pushes on his shoulders for emphasis, giggles at his own joke. "Well, not physically."

" Hyung."

"We need to talk," Jimin repeats, "About us."


Shit, he knows.

"I do know." Jimin confirms.

Jungkook's eyes widen. "I didn't say anything."

"No but you thought it." Jimin sighs. "Kook-ah there's no easy way to say this but-- we're soulmates."

Jungkook tenses.

Is... hyung teasing me? This seems cruel...

"I'm not teasing you." Jimin answers, "I can hear everything you're thinking."

"That's stupid." Jungkook huffs, "what am I thinking right now?"

Hyung can't hear my thoughts. Is this revenge for something? Did I upset him and Tae-ah? Maybe- hey his butt looks so perky at this angle--

" You're thinking about my ass."

Jungkook rolls his eyes. "Lucky guess-"

"You're also wondering if I upset you, or if this is revenge for something silly. And now you're zoning out and wondering if you left the PS4 on-"

"Hey!" Jungkook's cheeks flush and struggles underneath Jimin. "Hyung, this isn't funny let me go -"

"No, not until you hear what I have to say!" Jimin hisses. He takes a deep breath. "Jungkook, I have feelings for you. And it's okay if you don't return them, I will understand. But I need you to know that we are soulmates, I can hear everything you're thinking and you can't hear me because you're so in your head, Kook-ah. And I need you to hear me too, even if you don't want me back, because it's so frustrating and i just, I just--" Jimin rubs his face in frustration and resists the urge to scream. Because he wants Jungkook to know how deep Jimin's "I love you's" go, how much he means it when he squeezes Jungkook's hand under the table and tells him he hopes he gets everything he wants and more, how he wants to be what Jungkook wants, about how his smile is Jimin's favourite smile ever, how he fucking is in love with him--

You're in love with me?

Jimin lowers his hands down his face so his eyes can peak through his fingers. Jungkook is staring at him, his hands reaching hesitantly to circle Jimin's wrists. His eyes are shining with the beginning of tears.


Jimin smiles, blinking back his own tears. "Hey, Kook-ah."

Holy shit. Jungkook thinks. "Holy shit." He says.

Jimin barks out a laugh, throwing his head forward so it crashes into the crook of Jungkook's neck.

Jungkook-ah, he thinks, my stupid Jungkook-ah .

A shared sense of relief washes through the both of them, like two rivers meeting suddenly Jimin's senses are filled with Jungkook; in turn he can feel himself leaking into Jungkook. Moulding, coming together, like maybe they always should have been.

" Hyung ," Jungkook gasps, Jimin, he thinks. "I- I, that is you right?"

Jimin lowers his hands so he can touch Jungkook's face, laughing despite himself. "Yes, you dork. It's what I've been trying to tell you."

"Holy fuck." Jungkook looks between Jimin's hands and his eyes. "And you- me-"

"Yeah, Kook-ah." Jimin nods, "I feel it too."

You love me--

"So much," Jimin says, "I love you so much, I'm so glad you finally let me in so I could tell you that."

"Hyung, hyung, Jimin. "

Kiss me.

Jimin brings Jungkook's face closer to his and dips his thumb down onto his bottom lip. Like in the dream, and thinks can I?

Jungkook nods and then he's crawling upwards, like he's trying to climb into Jimin's lap, and their mouths meet in a messy kiss.

Jungkook kisses just as wet and desperately as Jimin imagined he would, whimpering into his mouth and pecking Jimin's plush lips with as many tiny kisses he can fit in between the open mouth ones. It's intoxicating and Jimin drinks it all down like the sounds are honey down his throat and his lips are sugar.

He kisses exactly how he kisses in the dream in the studio and Jimin hesitantly moves his knee down--

"You saw that?!?" Jungkook hisses, scrambling back from the kiss with massively wide eyes.


"I'm sorry," Jimin cringes, "it was a joint dream, it wasn't just yours. Fuck, I'm so sorry this is probably so weird for you. Oh god, did you not want me to see? Jungkook-ah, I didn't mean to cross any boundaries--"

" No, no. Nothing like that." Jungkook groans, "I'm just-- embarrassed."

Jimin gives a small smile. "Yeah, I know."

"I can't believe you saw that." Then more dread washes over him. "Oh my god you've- everything-- you've, oh god- "

"Only for a week," Jimin insists, "please don't be embarrassed, I've- I've," he takes another deep breath. "I thought it was cute."

Hot. He thinks.

Jungkook stops squirming when he hears Jimin's thoughts, eyes blown even wider. "Oh." He says softly.

Score. He thinks.

Jimin rolls his eyes and then takes a hold of shoulders. "Now, do you wanna show each other how much we love one another, hm? I was enjoying the kissing."

Jungkook nods shyly but Jimin can hear his mind going fucking get it lets goooo , so he rolls his eyes and cups his jaw. Brings their faces back down together.

Jungkook's heart is beating so hard Jimin can feel it throbbing in his temple, the hesitant dance of his fingers underneath Jimin's shirt leaves a forest fire in their wake. He feels consumed by Jungkook, wondering how they were ever not one to begin with.

He keeps kissing into Jungkook's mouth as he pulls Jungkook down a little further underneath him.

Do you want this? Jimin thinks at him; realises how handy this whole "soulmate" thing is in terms of being able to kiss and talk. For sure has its upsides.

Jungkook whines in answer, thinks a muddle of yes, and god, more, more, more Jimin-ah, more.

Jimin wedges his thigh forward, just like he'd done in the dream and nudges it gently against Jungkook's crotch. He feels how hard he is already, and smirks to himself.

Although nothing is to himself anymore, he never has to feel alone again.

The combination of Jimin's cockiness and his sentimental moment seem to edge Jungkook on even more, if the little whimper and the sudden spark in his pleasure is anything to go by. Jimin remembers then, Jungkook was enjoying his mean side, or at least his play-pretend mean side.

"Jungkook-ah", he begins but Jungkook is already gasping "yes".

"Yes hyung, I like it. " He whimpers out, "I'm-I'm trying to be honest, open up. I, I like it when you're... when you're-"

"Mean? But hyung is never mean," Jimin frowns in mock confusion, "hyung is only ever fair, he only gets stern when little maknaes act out and don't behave. " He moves his thigh down harder against Jungkook's crotch who pants and hisses, head thrown back and lips kiss swollen.

"Hyung, hyung ."

"Tell me what you want," Jimin says cooly, "and tell me, Jungkook-ah. I don't want you to think it, I want to hear you say it."

"But that's so embarrassing," Jungkook whines and it's so adorable and so Jungkook that it knocks an unexpected laughter out of Jimin. "Hyung can read minds and he's still demanding i speak."

"Maybe I like hearing my baby babble, maybe I like hearing what he's got to say." And oh, that does something too Jungkook. Being called baby.

He seems to confirm Jimin's suspicions with more heated kisses that he presses deeper into Jimin's mouth.

Fuck me, Jimin-hyung, fuck me.

Jimin pulls back, "Kook-ah..."

"Please," Jungkook whimpers, "I want it-- so bad--"

"But, have you ever--"

And then Jimin's question seems to be answered by pictures flashing through Jungkook's mind. Of Jungkook. Nobody else, just him alone, working himself open with his lovely, pretty fingers. Moving silicone in and out of himself, the first person perspective of Jungkook's legs trembling as something vibrates deep inside him. All seconds, all only glimpses of what Jungkook has spent so long doing on his own.

And now he doesn't have to, because Jimin can take care of him.

"Oh, baby " Jimin coos, mouths into the junction of Jungkook's neck as he keeps grinding his thigh down on his hard on. "You've played with yourself a lot, hm?"

"I've- haaa- I've had time." Jungkook whines and Jimin smiles into his neck. "Stop thinking about it, that's so humiliating."

"You like it." Jimin states because he obviously does. Jimin keeps thinking about it, and Jungkook gets more embarrassed and in turn grows more desperate underneath him. 

“Don’t worry baby, I’ve got you.” Jimin then leans up so he can drag his thin t-shirt over his head. Jungkook gasps as he does, wide-eyed and scrambling for the hem of his own top. 

Ding, ding ding! Fucking jackpot.

Jimin scoffs at Jungkook and whacks him with his t-shirt. “You’ve seen it all before!”

“M’sorry you’re hot, Jimin-ah,” Jungkook rolls his eyes, “I’m sorry for thinking you’re attractive, sorry for being human .”

Jimin rolls his eyes and rises properly onto his knees so he can yank Jungkook trousers and pants down in one go. Jungkook flinches slightly at being exposed, goes to dart his hands down but Jimin swats them away. 

“Such a brat, even now.” Jimin tuts, “Now lean back and let your hyung do what he knows best.”

Jungkook looks like he’s going to try and talk back, Jimin can hear him thinking about it, so without warning he takes Jungkook straight into his mouth. Jungkook almost shouts at the sensation, stuffing a pillow over his face.

Jimin smirks around his length, licks a hot stripe from base to tip before going back down. Jungkook’s legs are already trembling, so sensitive and pliant like Jimin always thought he would be.

Jimin keeps bobbing his head up and down. It’s weird, he can feel the phantom of Jungkook’s pleasure in the pit of his own stomach, like the teasing aftershocks of an orgasm. It drives him to take him even deeper, to work his tongue harder around the underside where he’s particularly sensitive.

Jungkook moans so prettily that Jimin thinks someone should stick him on an album; like his voice really was fine tuned by angels. 

So pretty, Jungkook keeps chanting in his mind, so, so pretty and there’s something about the unbashful praise that drives Jimin even wilder. 

He pops off and works him with his hand, begins to bite deep into the firm flesh of Jungkook’s monster thighs. 

“I wanna, wanna do something,” Jimin pants out and he doesn’t need to say it, because Jungkook can see it in Jimin’s mind. The joint picture of exactly where Jimin wants to work his tongue. 

“Holy shit, holy shit, ” Jungkook’s skin turns bright pink, from the tips of his ears down to his toes in a full body flush. “Hyung .”

“Is that a no?”

“I just, fuck -I- I’m embarressed, y-you don’t have to do it just because I want it -”

“It makes me want it more,” Jimin says honestly, “I want it so bad.”

Jungkook gulps but nods, collapses back down onto his elbows. “M’kay.”

And that’s all Jimin needs. He takes ahold of Jungkook’s thighs, draws them apart wider and then bites into the flesh of his ass. Jungkook hisses in satisfaction, body vibrating as he tries and works out if he wants to wiggle further into Jimin’s mouth or out of his grip. 

He hooks one of Jungkook’s legs over his shoulder, and then licks a wet stripe down his crack.

Jungkook sobs. 

It drives Jimin mad, the phantom feeling in his own stomach and the reaction of Jungkook, their shared headspace throbbing with pleasure. He finds Jungkook’s hole and gives it an open mouth kiss. Keeps kissing it until Jungkook sounds like he’s genuinely crying, babbling to himself and his head equally as hazy. 

Then Jimin works him open slowly with his tongue. He wants this to last as long as possible, so doesn’t pay any mind to Jungkook’s crocodile tears and his bratty whining, instead focuses on the sensation deep in his core. It’s a deep-rooted kind of pleasure. 

Once he thinks Jungkook’s wet enough he slides a finger in alongside his tongue and Jungkook his hiccuping, keeps working the finger in and out. 

“Lube, Kook-ah,” he calls up. “I need lube.”

Jungkook huffs and bashfully dives his hand underneath one of his pillows and lobs the lube at him.

Don’t say anything.” Jungkook hisses.

“I wasn’t going to-”

“You were thinking it.”

Jimin smirks because, yeah okay he was. Thinking about how often Jungkook must play with himself to have lube right under the pillow. 

Then he gets to work scissoring Jungkook open. It doesn’t take long to hit his prostate again and when he does, Jungkook is up on his elbows in a shot to crunch into the pleasure.

Jimin has never felt this powerful. Sure, fooling around with Taehyung had been really fun, but the emotional connection with Jungkook is something else entirely--

“Please stop thinking about him when you’re fucking me.” Jungkook pouts and Jimin grins.

“So jealous.” He teases and then slips in a third finger, curls them upwards and Jungkook is so into it that the sensation sends him into overdrive.

He doesn’t come, but he does blackout for a second and it has Jimin pulling out and jumping forward as their connection goes dead.


“I’m fine!” Jungkook gasps, blinking through the haze, “all good, all peachy!”

“Did you, did you just black out-”

“You’re really hot,” he whines, “I just.. Overwhelmed, that’s all. I was overwhelmed, please don’t stop.

“Jesus Christ, you’re a menace. You know that?” Jimin grumbles, but dutifully starts to bring his fingers back to teasing his rim. 

“Hyung, no. ” Jungkook whines, “Please, want you inside.”

Jimin stalls, “Kook-ah, I don’t know… if this is your first time-”

“I won’t break.” Jungkook huffs. “You won’t break me.”

But I want you too.

Jimin licks his lips, takes a controlled breath. “Dude, you’re so horny.”

“I grew up around 6 incredibly attractive men and had to sit in the apartment as they fucked other attractive men or each other ” - Taehyung- he thinks, “so exccusseee me for having a sex drive.”

“Yeah, yeah. Alright. I’ll stick my dick in you.”

“Hyung sure is considerate!”

“But if it hurts, I’ll feel it too. So no taking more than you can handle, alright?”

Jungkook actually claps in excitement and nods eagerly. And god, he’s a dumbass, but he’s also cute. So Jimin supposes he can forgive him. 

Jimin shimmies himself out of his own sweatpants and gives his red, neglected dick a quick tug.

Dick in my mouth, dick in my mouth. 

Jimin slaps his thigh, forgets that Jungkook likes that a lot, and scowls. “No, dick in your mouth or your butt. Make a choice, I won’t last long enough for both.”

“I suppose the butt.” Jungkook sighs.

Weak. He thinks playfully and Jimin rolls his eyes.

He sinks down onto his knees, keeps stroking himself slowly to take the edge off. “Promise me you’ll say if it hurts?”

“Eye, eye. Jimin-hyung!”

Jimin giggles despite himself, leans forward so he can kiss him again and sinks inside as he does. 

Jungkook is tight around him, hot and wet from the lube and Jimin feels so much at once. He can feel Jungkook’s pleasure frum between them as well as his own. The knowledge that he’s making Jungkook feel this good is almost enough to send him over the edge.

Hyung, ” Jungkook cries, real tears spilling past his eyes. “ Hyung .”

“I know, I know.” Jimin hushes, wiping the tears away with his thumb. It’s so overwhelming. He’s never felt this close with someone before, connected on so many levels. Jungkook feels so good and Jimin hopes he can make him feel good for ever. 

“Move, please move.” Jungkook pants out. It’s all the encouragement Jimin needs, as he surges his hips forward. 

He keeps the pace slow to begin with, content to watch Jungkook underneath him as his body slides up and down the bed, the way little noises are fucked out of him. His mind is hardly coherent anymore, just a fog of pleasure with tiny sparks of intense emotion acting like fog lights in the dark.

Jimin is at mercy to Jungkook’s emotions, wants nothing more to please and make this as good as possible. He begins to speed up and tries to hit as deep as possible each time, until Jungkook is back up on his elbows so he can tug Jimin closer, scraping his fingernails down his back as he tries to seek balance.

“That’s it, baby.” Jimin coos, “this is what you needed, isn’t it? Just needed me to take the lead. I’m sorry it took me this-- fuckkk,- this long to work, to work it out. But I’m here now, Jimin’s here now.”

“Jimin. ” Jungkook sobs, “right there, again, please hyung, again .”

Jimin shushes him with kisses and grinds his hips upwards, keeps focussing on hitting that same spot. He doesn’t need to chase his own pleasure because it’s laced with Jungkook’s. 

He can feel Jungkook getting close with every frust, he gets tighter and that surging heat seems to crawl down to the tips of his toes and fingers. Jimin tilts his head back so he can deepen the kiss and reaches down to start jacking Jungkook off, helping him reach his climax.

Yes, yes, Jimin-hyung, I’m- I’m--” 

“I know baby, let it out. Come for your hyung, you’ve been so good, so good, let me feel you.”

And that’s enough for him to topple over the edge, coming with a gasp that Jimin swallows down. He keeps thrusting upwards, his own orgasm at the tip and bursting when Jungkook’s mouth bites down into his neck. 

It’ll leave a mark, Jimin thinks to himself.

Fucking good. Jungkook thinks back. 

He keeps thrusting upwards in small, grinding movements until he feels both of them begin to get over sensitive. 

Jimin kisses Jungkook lazily in the haze of their comedown, brushes his hands through his sweaty hair. 

Man, that was so hot. Jungkook thinks as he smiles dopely. I can’t wait to jack off to that tomorrow morning. 

“Tomorrow morning?” Jimin hisses, pulling away. “You just came.”

“I’m excited,” Jungkook whinges, “I just got my ass fucked by the Park Jimin. Man, your tongue has been inside my butt. I’m gonna tell Seokjin that tomorrow and then lick his face to gross him out.” 

“Seokjin- hyung .” Jimin scolds and flicks him on the nose. What a dork.

But I’m your dork. Jungkook quips back, waggling his eyebrows.

Jimin sighs and cups Jungkook’s jaw, runs his thumb back over his lips. “Yeah, I guess you are. Loser.” And then crashes their lips together.

The I love you goes unsaid. Because it doesn’t need to be.