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In a world where people have DNA merged with the DNA of different animals, it wasn't uncommon for the animal instincts to guide some of their behaviors and choices.

Kongpob's favorite feature of having wolf blood was that they tend to have a lifelong companion.

His parents, for example, as soon as they saw -smelled- each other they recognized each other as mates, and they have never been apart since then. And the same thing happened to his sisters, and to the rest of the family. Even his two friends, Aim and Tew, have already found their mates. May, Aim's mate, was a beautiful she-wolf. While Tew's mate was a little petulant hare.

He couldn't wait to start his own romantic story.

He grew up believing he would one day smell a special scent, and he would somehow recognize it as the scent of his mate.

He had always had a hard time believing it. How could he recognize a scent he has never smelled? What if he didn't recognize his mate? What if he has already met his mate and he didn't recognize it?

Then, in a moment, the doubts had faded.

His friends were waiting for him in the company cafeteria, and as Kongpob came up to it, the sweetest scent he had ever smelt seemed to issue out of the cafeteria. It was a spicy aromatic smell, and he stopped and snuffed up that inebriating scent.

He looked around drunkenly until he finally found the source of the fragrance. The scent that was making him throb with teeth jarring need, belonged to the boy who was ordering at the counter.

That was... surprising.

What surprised him wasn't the fact that he was man. He could accept it without blinking, without reservation; that was his nature. No. What surprised him was that his supposed mate was a lynx.

He was the most handsome man he had ever seen. But still he was a lynx.

Everyone knew that wolves and lynxes couldn't stand each other.


Arthit dragged himself wearily to the beverage stand to take a break from work and relax a bit.

It had been an exhausting day, and having a pack of wolves in the cafeteria wasn't exactly the best way to continue the day.

While he was waiting for his NomYen to arrive he scanned the people milling around. At the front entrance there was a group of nosy boys. And among them a creepy man stood there, staring at him. If he wasn't wrong, he was the guy who had just been hired.

Arthit returned his gaze with a defiant look. Then suddenly the other's eyes changed color showing his inner self.

A wolf.

And a wolf never had the courage to face you alone. They were always in a pack.

The lynx inside him began to paw.

Trying to ignore both his instinct and the gaze's boy, he turned back to the bartender. Nervously he shifted his weight from foot to foot. Trying to be subtle, he looked back and yeah, the creepy wolf was still staring at him.

He turned again to the bartender and waited for his drink.

Suddenly he felt a presence behind him. Before he could react, a nose pressed against neck, inhaling deeply.
The hair of his flesh stood up.

He couldn't explain why he didn't immediately push him away, but soon he regained his senses and growled "Get off me!"

When he turned around, he wasn't surprised to find the wolf who was staring at him and his friends.

"What the heck do you think you're doing?" Arthit asked, jittery.

"There's something strange about you"

He scoffed, incredulous. "Me? I'm not the freak who goes around smelling people."

The creepy wolf and his friends -obviously they were moving in group- looked at each other, then at him, not knowing what to say.

Dumb stupid big dogs

"I'm Kongpob"

"Good for you"

Arthit paid for the NomYen and took the glass the bartender handed him with a nod of thanks. Giving them one last glance, he started to make his way back to his office, but that Kongpob guy stopped him with a hand on his wrist.

"Wait, your name?"

Arthit began to feel really uncomfortable, his eyes were beginning to lose his human color as the lynx tried to push herself out. It was just what he needed now, to climb a tree.

He yanked his hand free, leaving the other startled. "Keep your hands to yourself"

He had met strange people who followed their instincts, but it had never happened to him that a wolf tried to hunt him so openly

What the hell did he have to look at like that?


Kongpob remained standing even after his supposed mate figure had gone from view.

Why had he reacted like that?

Had he just been rejected by his mate?

Tew, his friend at his side, looked puzzled. "Maybe you got it wrong...?"

Aim puts a hand on his shoulder. "Maybe it's for the best. Half-lynxes only create problems. Their way of thinking is weird."

"You're right." Aim nodded first, agreeing with Kongpob "I'll win him over" And then he shook his head.

"No wait, that's not what I said"

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Kongpob spent the next two days searching for the pale skinned lynx, but never found him. Every now and then his inner wolf smelled him and knew that he stayed there, but Arthit was never there when he showed up.

Right. The good news was that he had managed to find out his name. Luckily, the bartender was a gossiper and his elusive mate was a regular customer.


He literally had a sun as a mate.
Well, he didn't have it yet. That was the problem. Aim had told him that it was typical for felines to get off on people chasing them. Play hard to get. But Kongpob was genuinely starting to suspect that something didn't seem right.

Maybe approaching him with his friends wasn't such a good idea. And maybe the elevator idea wasn't such a good idea, either. At least considering the speed of the lynx's escape.

Ok. It was time for plan B.


Arthit groaned exhausted from another entire morning of working and running around.

Now not only did he have to worry about getting that damned project done, but he also had to avoid that Kongpob. And besides, not only that big dog but his whole pack too. Didn't wolves ever want some quality alone time?

With a heavy sigh he slumped into the chair in the meeting room. So far that morning he had managed to avoid them. He just needed to be careful. Then he will not be caught off guard.

The door opened and... no.

He jumped out of his chair and backed away a few, stumbling against the chair.
The boy behind P'Danai, his boss, took a step forward to help him but his gaze froze him to the spot.

"Arthit, what are you doing on the ground?" His boss asked him, lookimg at him puzzically.

The man sprawled on the floor bit his lip; he couldn't give his direct superior a sarcastic answer.

He continued to glare at his personal nightmare as he sat back in his seat.

"Arthit you and Kongpob are more or less the same age, how about you help him settle in?"

Arthit remained motionless, continuing to glare at the boy who was smiling happily at him.

"I can do it!" One of his colleague trilled excited, raising her hand enthusiastically.

"Som-O maybe it's better if you focus on finishing your work"

John another of her colleagues teased her.

"But Arthit is always sulking. Nong Kongpob what do you think? Wouldn't you much rather spend your work hours with a cheerfull single lady?"

"I like his pout"

An embarrassed silence fell upon the group.

"Anyway, Kongpob needs efficient guidance, not a nice one" P-Danai reprimanded her good-naturedly, trying to redirect the situation.

When the meeting was over, Arthit made his way back to his workstation.

"Why are you here?" He asked disconsolately to the boy behind him.

"I had the impression that you were ignoring me"

"And the best thing that came to your mind was to get transferred here?"

He nodded happily. "Yes. I realized that for felines, being approached by a pack could be stressful. So I thought that getting to know you in your habitat might make you feel more comfortable."


"Yeah, whatever" he had no time to waste trying to understand what he was saying. "Just... how did you do it?"

He shrugged looking curiously around "I called in a couple of favors."

The older one walked over to his desk and reached for his cup before the nosy junior could grab it.

"You're a bit scattershot"

He snatched Krist, his little potted plant, from Kongpb's hands and replaced it with a stack of papers.


Kongpob eyed the package, looking confused

"I need you to photocopy this"

"Oh, ok. Where's the copier?"

"Take the elevator down and go right. The copiers are next to the vending machines."

"Isn't there one on this floor?"

He looked him dead in the eye and said "Yes, there is"

It would only take five minutes to go downstairs. But even five minutes were better than nothing. He need as much time as possible to finish compiling the file and to send it to the client. After that he could focus on the boy.

Kongpob looked at him a little stunned, then said, "Do you want me to get you something from the vending machine?

"No, thanks. Only the photocopies."

The tanned boy nodded his head in understandment, he began to walk away when the older called after him.

"Yes, P'Arthit?" He asked, hopeful, grinning from ear to ear.

"Take your time. I have some work I have to finish up here." He told him, then turned his attention back to his computer.

Arthit immersed himself in his task, cutting himself completely off the surrounding world. When almost an hour later he finished filling out his papers he remembered about the new guy.

Had he lost the boy?

No matter how creepy he found him, he had been entrusted with his formation.

Arthit stand up, ready to go looking for the newbie, when he saw him staring at him from Som-O chair, the bundles of photocopied documents in his arms.

"How long have you been here?"

"Around forty minutes?" He replied as he looked at the clock on the wall.

As he glanced around, Arthit noticed that his colleagues seemed to have disappeared. Before he could even ask, Kongpob anticipated his question "P'Earth had to go and inspect another company, P'Tod followed her. Som-o went to the cafeteria. And P'John went home"

Arthit nodded, then sighed wearily. "All right." His hand went to the back of his neck to massage aching muscles tiredly. "If you have a little time before the break, I'll show you the ropes"

Kongpob nodded enthusiastically. Arthit could swear he saw Kongpob's imaginary tail wagging.

What the hell was he so happy about?

The canids were weird as hell.


"And these are for-" Arhit sighed "Kongpob you're invading my personal space... again"

"Oh... sorry" The wolf took a step back, but definitely not big enough.

"Kongpob..." he sighed, half angry, half tired.

The wolf pouted but took another little step back.

"As I was saying, after this, you have to enter one of the values in columns C or D to get a -" He turned to pin him with an irritated grimace. "What don't you understand about the concept of personal space?"

"Oh, sorry. Your odor subconsciously attracts me"

"You are a man, not a dog. Learn to control yourself"

Kongpob's imaginary tail dropped, a sad look came to his eyes.

"Yes, but you know how it is when there's a scent that attracts you..." He said sheepishly, taking a little step closer.

Arthit looked him dead in the eye, and before he could stop himself, complete honesty spilled out over his tongue. "No, I don't"

And it was true. He didn't understand this whole story of scents. He couldn't understand it. And that kid seemed to be doing everything he could to remind him of it.

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"May I know what's wrong with you?"

"P'Arthiiiiiiiit" Kongob drunkenly mumbled, hiding his face on his folded arms

Praepelin, who had just arrived at the bar, turned to flick a raised eyebrow at Aim, who seemed sober enough tobe sensible.

"His supposed mate" Aim explained, briefly.

"Did you find your mate?" The white she-wolf asked excitedly.

She knew Kongpob was waiting for that moment since forever. But the boy in question, instead of answering happily, emitted more sounds of despair.

She sighed. She could already smell trouble.

"Ok. Let's talk. What have you done?"

"We may have taken the wrong approach" Aim said tentatively, trying to derail the conversation.

"Speak. I don't have all night." She demanded sternly.

In turn Tew and Aim began to give their story. None of them wanted to be the one to make her angry.

"We went to introduce ourselves..."

"But then he ran away..."


"This is why we have decided to present ourselves in a more... limited place?"

Praepelin's brows drew dangerously close and the hazel color in her eyes changed to the green of her Inner Wolf.

"Guys..." she called them in a grave voice her patients now wearing thin with those games.

"They surrounded him in the elevator" Oak promptly intervened, enjoying his friends' disgrace.


"Oh yes" he continued amused "They waited for him, and then they practically dragged him inside"

"Please no...." Praepelin murmured, with a look that was half horror and half incredulity still in his stricken eyes.

"But that's not all, 'cause they surrounded him and stopped the lift. I think they caused a panic attack principle "

Praepelin slapped the smaller guy upside the head.

"Ouch! Why me? I wasn't even there"

"I can recognize your stupid ideas among a million "

Oak tried to talk back but her death glare made him give up.
Massaging the affected area, he grumbled under his breath "I was just kidding. I didn't think they would really do it"

"I just wanted to show him that we are a close-knit group, and that we would be able to protect him" Kong muttered drunkenly to himself.

Praepelin rubbed her temples, exhausted. How they'd been able to create such a mess in the couple days that they hadn't met, Praepelin would never know.

"Okay, he's a wolf too. He'll surely understand your intentions."

Dead silence fell over the group. None of them had the courage to look her in the eye.

"Because he's a wolf... isn't he?"

She shook her head, and murmured, for the umpteenth time, "No..."

"Well..." Tew started but didn't finish the sentence.

None of the boys seemed eager to be the one to break the news to her.

"Kongpob" she turned to the only one she knew who would have the courage to answer her.

He raised his head from his arms and looked at her with watery eyes. "He's a lynx. A really grumpy one."

"Hey guys" Maprang and May, two other girls of the pack, greeted them as they entered the bar. The latter, sitting next to Aim, kissed him.

"What's happening?" The other one asked, noticing the heavy atmosphere.

"Kongpob has found his mate"

"But it's wonderful!" Maprang's tone thrilled, excited.

"He's a lynx"

"Ah... well. They are.... cute...I suppose?"

"They persecuted him and hunted him down in pack!" Praepelin finally snapped.

"Oh, Kongpob..." May's voice carried the same disapproving tone Praepelin had used earlier.

"I know, I screwed it all up." His disheartened tone became proud of himself "That's why I got myself transferred to his office"

"I... and why would you do that?" Praepelin asked, the exasperation in her voice evident to her own ears.

"I thought he would feel a lot more comfortable to know me in his space"

"This says lynxes live solitary life and are very territorial." Maprang read aloud from her mobile phone. "Are you sure he appreciated your intrusion?"

As if he was waking from a sleep, Kongpob stopped, blinked his eyes, dropped his head on the table, and started muttering "He hates me, I know he hates me"

"Kong, allow me to be brutally honest. He's not a wolf; maybe he doesn't even feel the bond" Praepelin spoke once more.

"But Tew said that Dae..."

"Mating pairs do not remain together pre - or post - copulation and both sexes will have multiple partners" Maprang kept reading, ignoring the bustle around her.

"Your P'Arthit is probably a hoe." Oak teased, laughing.

A low growling made him freeze. Slowly, carefully, he turned his head—and came eye to eye with Kongpob's amber angry eyes, Oak immediately lowered his head in submission.

"Or maybe not" he quickly corrected himself.

Kongpob gave him another dirty look, then turned his attention back to the girls.

"What should I do?"

"First," Praepelin began, raising a finger, "Stop courting him like he's a wolf. And for God's sake, stop following him in packs."

"Why don't you try to find out more about him?" May diplomatically interceded.

"The most important thing is that you stop following the advice of those three" Maprang concluded without taking her eyes off the phone.

"But Tew managed to date a hare"

"Do you really followed the advice of someone who grabbed that poor boy and dragged him around?"

"Wait," Kongpob turned accusingly to his friend "Was this your infallible technique?" He said holding up his hands and making the quotation mark sign with his hands when he said the words infallible technique.

"Don't look at me like that." Tew answered, shrugging with a feigned innocence "You asked me how I was able to take him on dates. Not if he agreed"

"I wouldn't recommend doing the same." Maprang still scrolling through her phone, added, "Typically, a fight with a lynx end with the death of the lone wolf. It's written right here."

Kongpob groaned, and banged his head against the table for the umpteenth time that night.

He was screwed.


Kongpob arrived at the office early the next day, ready to proceed with his plan.
The chat with the girls had helped him. He should have asked for their help from the beginning.
Absently, he shifted the strap of his backpack to the other shoulder, feeling the weight of too many books, paper, and pencils. Among all the books in his bag there was also his latest purchase - probably the best buy he had ever made.
Now, he was ready to win over the heart of his soon-to-be mate.

In the office there still wasn't a soul to be found, so he calmly walked to Arthit's desk. His sweet fragrance was everywhere; the wolf couldn't help but took in a deep, heady breath. His scent lingered everywhere there, though the passage of time. Fists clenched, Kongpob studied the desk. It could be any messy desk anywhere in the world, and yet his awareness of the grumpy lyinx sharpened.
Not giving himself anytime to think about it, he began to rearrange objects on his desk.

It was much more functional like that.


Arthit tumbled into the elevator and leaned on the wall, half-awake.

Why did he have to go to work so early?

The elevator stops on the third floor allowing Kongpob to get on it. Out of instincts, Arthit lightly leans on the wall to the left of the younger, in a defensive position. His body face the newcomer.

"Good morning P'Arthit" he greeted him with a big smile.

"Mornings can't be good" the older greeted back, swallowing yet another yawn.

"Oh" he frowned but didn't add anything, just kept smiling.

"What were you doing on the second floor?"

"P'Durian wanted to talk to me about my transfer"

"Are you going back to the production department?" Arthit asked, somewhat hopeful.

"Why should I?" Kongpob asked, seeming confused.

Arthit scoffed dejectedly.

He entered the office and greeted his colleagues. Kongpob, behind him, greeted them too, but a bit more jovially than him.
Arthit grimaced, annoyed by his jovial tone. Early risers can't be trust.

When he got to his desk a vein started pulsating at his temple.
Someone had been going through his things. And that someone had left a souvenir. Arthit picked it up and looked around suspiciously.

"Som-Oh, do you know who left this?"

She shrugged. "I thought you had decided to cut sugar out of your diet."

The boy gave her a pointed look, then returned to focus his attention on the plain milk bottle.
Probably it was just another one of John's jokes. It would be better if, instead of playing pranks, he concentrated himself upon his work.


"Oh P'Earth" he greeted her smiling and leaving the bottle on P'John's desk.

"What is it?" She asked, pointing subtly to the bottle.


"Pink Milk?" She offered him the drink with a smile.

He thanked her gratefully, picked up the glass, and started drinking happily.

"Mmmh?" The woman tilted her head looking confused.


"Your desk's smell..."


"Nothing" She shrugged "Probably just a feeling, though."

Setting the speech aside, Arthit nodded. Then he went over to Kongpob's desk.
The boy was strangely silent. A gloomy, depressed aura around.

Arthit frowned, confused. What was wrong with him now?


"Yes P'Arthit?"

"What happened to your forehead?" Asked looking intently at the bruised spot.

"Nothing, just..." He whimpered, dropping his head on the desk. "Why are you doing this to me?"

Arthit winced at the thud.

There was no question at all, he had definitely lost his mind.

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Arthit was living what he considered the best period of all his work life.

It'd been a whole week since the beginning of the milk apparition. Luckily, the first day's plain milk had been replaced by Pink Milk. Stock of fresh, delicious and sweet Pink Milk.
The day before he had even received a whopping of five glasses. For a normal human being that would be too much to drink in a row. But Arthit was no ordinary human being. So, he drank them. And then felt sick. But it had been worthwhile. 

But now everything had changed.

Arthit stared skeptically at the salmon salad waiting for him on his desk.

What happened to his Pink Milk?

"Good morning, P'Arthit"

"Morning." Replied the senior, not looking up, but continuing the search for his daily supply of sugar. He searched carefully everywhere, behind the computer, under the salad and even in Bonus' fishbowl, but he didn't find anything.  

Maybe the stall had run out of the beverage and P'Earth had thought of replacing it... with a salad.
A disappointed pout appeared in his face and he looked at her sideways, but the woman didn't even cast him a single glance. 
They had the kind of relationship where they kept buying pink milk for each other, but this?


But not as weird as Kongpob's friends behavior change; from persecuting and cornering him, they were now ignoring him. Or rather, as soon as they saw him, they ran away in the opposite direction. Or, if it was too late to escape, they lowered their heads and greeted him. And then ran away.
Well, what could he expect from Kongpob's friends?
The same Kongpob who hadn't looked him in the eye for more than thirty seconds all week. And even those few seconds were odd, because the younger kept blinking spasmodically at him. Just like he was doing now.

"Kongpob, may I know what's got into you lately?"

"Oh, nothing." He said smiling, while continuing to blink his eyes.

Arthit put a hand on his forehead, but he didn't seem to be hotter than usual.
In the past few days, he had checked on the junior several times. The last thing he needed was for the younger to catch a fever under his watch.
When he realized that he wouldn't get any useful answers from him, he returned to his seat. Maybe the wolf was just being his weird self.

"What's wrong with him?" P'Earth asked him as he sat down at his desk.

"I don't know"

"Perhaps he felt the pressure of the new job...?"


He opened the desk drawer, then closed it immediately.

"Ok, that's enough!" The fair-skinned man stood up angrily and stared at his colleagues -P'John-  "Who did it?"

"Arthit?" P'Earth called him confused.

"I can accept you rifling through my personal things -even if, what kind of freak arrange other people's desks?- but who is the one rifling in my drawer of sweets?"

There was a moment of shocked silence, then P'John -or as everyone called him P' the infamous John- burst out laughing pointing at him.

"He has a drawer of sweets!"

Arthit felt the lynx inside him snap ready to hurt him, but luckily P'Earth stopped him in time.


It had been a disaster.

Kongpob didn't think someone would really like living in chaos. He thought Arthit'd be happy to work in a neat and perfectly organized space. Or that he would appreciate the added treats. Even if they were wheat products with less sugar... and even if he had hidden Arthit's unhealthy ones, which was practically all of them.
Maybe that was the reason why he was angry.
But Kongpob couldn't keep giving him food sugar-filled; he didn't want to see him get sick again, and especially not because of him.
So, given his mate's evident incapacity to eat healthy food, the wolf had decided to take responsibility for his senior's health into his own hands.
That's why that dat he brought him a salad. A salmon salad. The book said he would love it. And Kongpob trusted the book. Since he had started to follow the tips suggested in there, Arthit had begun to spend most of his work time with him, and a couple of times he'd even stroked his hair off his forehead.

Baby steps.


He  was ready to be scolded, but his senior didn't look annoyed anymore. And that was that. The tanned man sighed internally, relief washing over him.

"Yes P'Arthit?"

He stared at his grumpy senior; begging him with his eyes like a beaten puppy dog. The man wouldn't ask him to stop taking care of him, right?

"Would you like to eat with me and-?"

"Yes!" He began to blink again, then he remembered he should play it cool. "I mean, I'd love to." He said lovingly and gave him his best smile.

Mission completed.

His plan was working. Not as he expected it would, but whatever. Small steps were better than no steps.


Kongpob slumped on his seat. Som-Oh immediately rushed to his side and sat next to him. Well, at least on his other side there was Art- John.

He grumbled. 

What he initially mistook for a date turned out to be a work dinner. And they weren't even alone.

His colleagues were chatting animatedly, but he wasn't listening. All his attention was on his favorite P'. The handsome man was bickering with P'John, who was sitting in front of him. Kongpob could see Arthit was getting nervous, so as a good future boyfriend and husband - would Arthit be on board with the wedding? – he tried to distract him by putting some freshly grilled meat on his plate.

Arthit frowned a little but thanked him anyway.

When P'John started talking about Arthit's not-aymore-secret drawer, his inner wolf demanded for drastic action against the hyena, but his human part managed to keep control. Leaning across the table toward his favorite senior, he put a piece of meat under his nose.

"Do you smell how good this meat is?" Kongpob asked, trying to reduce the tension, but rather it grew worse. All eyes focused on him. John's laughter broke the silence.

Kongpob frowned confused.


He looked toward Arthit, but his senior glared angrily at him.


"So now it's you, too?"

The wolf's eyes widened in confusion as he struggled to understand what was happening.

"Sorry it's getting late for me. I'll be leaving first. See you tomorrow."

And then Arthit left without looking back.


Kongpob took one last, long drag from his cigarette before flicking it into the trash can nearby. The memories of the evening were still vivid, especially the disappointed and angry look on his senior's face.

If P'Earth hadn't explained Arthit's well known situation, he would have kept stumbling around in the dark.

The lynx's nose didn't work... and he'd spent nearly a month clamoring at him with incessant questions about scents and smells. And to top it off, he had said those unfortunate words in the very wrong moment. Arthit must have felt so angry and humiliated. And despite all of this, his lovely senior had paid for him too.

He had been so stupid. He should have known there was something strange about some of their interaction. Instead, he just ignored all the signs. He was so absorbed in the execution of his plan, he failed to notice the obvious: Arthit wasn't "being difficult", he really hadn't noticed Kongpob's scent on his things.

He sighed, slumping against the roof railings. Then suddenly, his mate's scent invaded his nostrils. His head snapped up to look at the newcomer. For a long moment they stood staring at each other, then the older man sighed, walked over to him, and leaned his back against the railing beside him.


"I'm sorry about yesterday. I shouldn't have taken my irritation out on you"

"P' I didn't know, otherwise I never would-"

"I know." He put his hands into his pockets and raised his eyes towards the sky. "I'm so used to everyone at work knowing about my... condition, that I didn't stop to think about it."

Silence enveloped them and Kongpob relaxed enough to say "I thought you were ignoring me"

Arthit lowered his gaze to stare at him questioningly. Then a glimmer of understanding passed through his brown's eyes.

"This morning I had a meeting with clients. I'd have taken you with me, but it was a sudden thing; I had to replace P'John"

Kongpob nodded, and silence fell between them. He felt so comfortable there, next to his P', that he really didn't want the moment to end just yet. He pulled out the packet of cigarettes and handed it to him. Arthit looked first at his eyes, then at the package, while a look of disgust formed on his face. Kongpob quickly retracted his hand, hiding it back in his pocket.

"Don't... don't you like smoking?" He cringed at his own question.

"No" Arthit paused, probably deciding whether to answer or not. "Smoke inhibits my sense of smell" He smirked ironically. "Even more."

Kongpob watched at him with the utmost attention, he didn't want to miss a single word. Arthit sighed, seeing the seriousness on his junior's face, and gave him the answers he wanted.

"It's not that I can't smell anything. For example, I can sense that your friends are wolves. But I wouldn't be able to tell them apart from their smell"

He explained, trying to be as complete as possible.

"What about me?" The tanned man asked, almost imploringly.

Arthit glanced to his face with a slightly bewildered frown and shook his head.

"Just a smell of smoke"

Kongpob's shoulders dropped visibly.

"Well, I have to go. I have to do a summary report of the meeting." The senior said while he tapped the railing. "I'll wait for you, and I show you how to do it."

Kongpob nodded and just stood there watching him walk away. He continued to stare at the terrace door for several beats after it had closed behind his supposed mate. His mind whirled trying to absorb all the new information flooding it. And then suddenly it all goes quiet.

Screw it.

"P'Arthit wait for me!" He screamed, hoping the other would hear him, as he ran to reach the older man.

"You finished your smoke break?" The senior asked as he approached him.

"I quit."

Arthit looked at him with raised eyebrows, skeptical.

"I'm serious." And saying so, he dropped the package into the bin next to them. "It's not healthy anyway"

Kongpob smiled, but seeing no reaction from his senior he frowned lightly.


"Kongpob... were you flirting with me?"

Chapter Text

Arthit's morning had been tiring enough, and the day before hadn't been all that good either, and now Kongpob was nowhere to be found. That boy spent most of his workday with him, following him around like a puppy, always at his side, except when Arthit had to talk to him.

After the previous night disastrous dinner, a night's sleep had calmed his nerves, and the lynx had begun to feel a little bit guilty about how he had treated his junior. It didn't matter how tired he was from working all day, or how irritated he was about the disappearance of his snacks and John's teasing. Those weren't good excuses for lashing out on the boy anyway.

Wearily he drank the Pink Milk he had found on his desk. It must have been there since that early morning because the ice had melted, and it wasn't cold anymore.

That was strange. P'Earth knew he wouldn't have been there until lunchtime.

Just then, the woman walked into the office.

"Ohi, Arthit, you're back. How did it go?"

"Good. The new contract should arrive by tonight or tomorrow morning at the latest." He smiled, showing her the beverage in his hand. "Thanks for this."

She gazed at him doubtfully. "What do you mean?"

Arthit tilted his head confused. "The Pink Milk...?"

"It wasn't from me, Arthit."

"And then who...?"

"Nong Kongpob"


"How do you-?"

She just tapped her nose twice with the tip of her index finger.

Right, obviously.

"Even the salad?" He asked, pointing to the salad placed on his desk.


"Oh..." He remained a little lost in thought with his gaze lost on his desk. So that was why it was all so strange. "The whole week?"

"The whole week." She confirmed.

"Do you know if he's the one who... you know..." He said, pointing discretely to his former secret snack hiding place.

P'Earth pursed her lips thoughtfully, then said slowly. "Probably. I'm not sure. His smell is everywhere on your desk."

Everywhere? What was that supposed to mean?

Before he could ask, the woman diverted her attention toward her work. Arthit stared at his friend for a while, and then decided he should go search for his junior.

"He's probably on the rooftop." The woman said, never diverting her gaze from the monitor.

He turned questioningly towards her. P'Earth just tapped her nose again, a slight smile hidden behind her other hand.

Following the tiger suggestion, Arthit made his way up toward the rooftop stairwell. He already felt guilty about what had happened the day before, and now that he had found out about all the Pink Milks he had been drinking at Kongpob's expense, he felt even worse.


When Arthit had decided to talk to his junior, he didn't know the direction their conversation was heading to, but certainly hadn't expect to ask him that.

"Are you flirting with me?"

Kongpob stood there without saying a word, and just stared at him.

After several endless seconds of tension, Arthit laughed softly to himself.

"Sorry, stupid question. I was just kidding." He said and turned to leave, but in that instant, his junior grabbed his wrist, restraining him.

"What if I was?"

"That would be absurd. You don't know me."

"What if you were my mate?"

Arthit laughed harder, incredulous for the words he was hearing.

"Come on Kongpob, this would be even more absurd." The hint of a playful smile still curving his lips. But seeing the other's serious look his smile faltered, replaced by a look of bewilderment. "Kongpob?"

"So what if it does? What if you really are my mate?"

"Kongpob" He sighed "Even if I was your mate, you wouldn't be mine. Lynxes don't have a mate."

"Okay." Kongpob nodded, perhaps understanding, perhaps just acknowledging that he had heard. "Then I'll make you my wife."

Evidently it was the second case.


"Ok, no wife. I get it." He paused, lost in thoughts. "Husband?"

"Kong, look-"

"Can I court you?"

"You're a free man. You can do whatever you like." The senior sighed and answered without much thought. "What matters is that you give me back my snacks." He said without much thought.

Kongpob couldn't be serious. And even if he were, Arthit thought he'd lose interest in time.

Well, apparently not so soon.

Hence it was that for almost two weeks he found himself having lunch with his junior. At first he had tried to make him give up, but Kongpob'd never faltered. His attempts have been only a giant and futile effort, so he just gave up. He just had to wait until Kongpob would get tired.

Usually patience paid off. In that specific case, he wasn't so sure about it anymore.

Kongpob was still stuck on his absurd idea of courting him. Or at least Arthit thought he was. he couldn't be completely sure, because the younger boy had his own way of doing things.

Like that moment, for example.

It was the third time in ten minutes that he narrowed his eyes at him, closed his eyes for a couple of seconds, then reopen them and looked at him hopefully.

Arthit looked puzzled at him, then shrugged and turned his attention back to his salad.

To be precise the salad Kongpob'd provided him.

He'd tried to tell him he didn't need to spend all that money on his nutrition. But, again, the younger man kept doing what he wanted.

The older man put another forkful of salad into his mouth and chewed it slowly.

"At least you could get me something less green."

"It's healthy."

"Strawberries are too."

"Not really. Especially not in desserts."

Arthit pouted again, stabbed a forkful of salad and looked at it distastefully. If he hadn't eaten it, Kongpob would have put it in the shared fridge. Everyone knew the food left unattended in the fridge was eaten by P'John. And Arthit'd be damned if he would ever leave something for that evil hyena.

Without looking away from a stabbed piece of tomato, he asked "What do you like about me?"

Kongpob looked up at him questioningly. With bated breath, Arthit watched stealthily at his junior as the latter leaned back in his chair and scratched his chin thoughtfully.

"Your pout...?"

The lynx blinked in disbelief, his mouth open, his eyelid twitched nervously.

"You want to start a relationship with me just because you like... my pout?"

"Obviously not, you're also-"

"Don't." He took a deep breath. "Tell me another reason other than the fact that your nose tells you that I am your mate."

"I've never thought about it..."

"You don't say!" He exclaimed exasperated.

Wolves were hellishly strange. It was surprising that they had not yet become extinct.

Arthit turned his attention back to his salad, placing a forkful of endive in his mouth to signal the end of the conversation. At least as far he was concerned.

"We should go on a date."

Arthit was choking on his food now and began to cough violently as the sharp intake of breath caused the food to block his throat. Kongpob was immediately kneeling beside him, handing him the water and rubbing his back until he began to breath normally again.

"Are you busy this weekend?" Arthit stared at him as if he were mad. The big dog had noticed that he had almost died, right? It had happened just a few seconds ago. "To get to know each other better. We should go on a date." Kongpob added, explaining himself better.

Maybe Arthit needed to revise his plan; Kongpob didn't seem to want to give up, at least not in the foreseeable future.


"Kongpob do you have the estimates I asked you?"

"They are in the middle drawer of my desk."

Kongpob answered and returned his attention to P'Earth's monitor when suddenly he remembered what else was in his drawer.

"P'Arthit wait, I'll take it fo-"



Now he could say goodbye to his date, right?


Chapter Text

Kongpob was sitting with his eyes cast down and his imaginary ears lowered.

In front of him, his P' was scarier than ever. With a stern look on his face, and with a loud, clear, steady voice, was reading his book and notes. And the more he read, the more Kongpob realized the mess he had gotten himself into.

"'Try narrowing your eyes at them as you would in a smile, then close your eyes for a couple of seconds. If they respond in the same way themselves, you'll be able to start a sort of conversation.' Really Kongpob? Really?"


"I haven't finished yet!"

"'Tasty treats once in a while are just what your companion needs to feel rewarded and loved. Foods and treats can help cement bonding between you and your cat.' You even write a note. 'Don't overdo it. Too many Pink Milks may cause an upset stomach.'" Arthit looked up at him. Kongpob froze. "Is this why you filled me with food?"

"In reality, the salads are because you ate too many sweets."

The senior gave him a dirty look before looking back down at his book. He started reading again and the wolf braced himself for more words that he really didn't want to hear.

"'If you can't avoid looking at your cat, blink repeatedly so that they don't perceive you as a threat'. And again 'All cats have a favorite petting spot'. You gotta be fucking kidding me." Arthit snapped, exasperated. "You even write a note with 'Not his hears'. What the hell would you know about my ears?"

"Do you remember when-"

"It was a rhetorical question!"

"Oh. Yeah. Obviously." The boy muttered, looking down and seeming guilty and ashamed.

As he should have.


And that was how he lost the chance for their date. Apparently Arthit hadn't appreciated the cat care book Kongpob jealously kept in his desk. Okay, maybe it wasn't the book per se but rather his notes that irritated him. Oh, and then there was the fact that his notes coincided with what his P' defined his "strange psychopathic behavior".

Kongpob spent the next few days pining over his senior's picture. Obviously, he hadn't taken secret photos of him; that would have been creepy -May words-. Hence, he had taken a picture of his badge -May hadn't commented about that, but she didn't seem to approve-.

He had even tried to reach him over the weekend, but each call and message had been ignored. Then Oak took his phone and sent him some kitten stickers. A lot of stickers. At that point, Arthit blocked his number.

With this background he was not particularly surprised when on Monday Arthit just greeted him politely and then ignored him. His grumpy -but still cute- senior ignored even all the Pink Milks Kongpob had left on his desk. He simply moved them to P'Earth's place.

After the fifth ignored Pink Milk, and the umpteenth dirty look, Kongpob decided to give the lynx his space.

Or at least he had tried. But after almost a week, he had reached his limit. It was eating at him day in and day out being close to his mate, but not even being able to talk to him.

Therefore, on the fourth day, taking advantage of the absence of his other colleagues, he approached his still sulking senior.

"P', I'm really sorry about the cat book." He added under his breath. "In my defense, there were no books on lynxes."

Arthit finally took his eyes off the computer and looked up at him.

"I'm sorry." He corrected himself immediately, twisting uneasily under his piercing gaze.

Still without a word the man, slowly, diverted his gaze, ripped a sheet of paper from his notebook, rolled it into a ball, and then he threw it on the other side of the room.

Kongpob bewildered, but automatically picking it off the floor, he brought it back to him. Arthit's right hand, palm upward, was stretched out toward him and Kongpob hesitantly put the ball of paper in his hand. Arthit threw the paper in the bin, then he smiled wryly, patted his head, and told him he was a good dog before leaving.

In a dazed way he stroked his hair, where Arthit had touched him. His P' had caressed him.

Wait a moment.

Had he just been treated like a dog?

Kongpop couldn't help but laugh. He knew he should feel offended, but his mate was just too cute to take it to heart.

And he had to admit that maybe he deserved it.

"P'Arthit wait for me."

Kongoob was a wolf and like any other wolf, he had a fairly high ego. But Arthit was his sun. So he just swallowed his pride and decided to keep pursuing his mate.

The next day Arthit picked up the green object Kongoob had left by the pink beverage, and looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"For our next date. 'Cause I'm more of a frisbee guy myself."He explained, flashing his best smile.

Arthit groaned, but Kongpob was pretty sure he saw the ghost of a smile flit on his face.


"What now?" He asked, pretending to be busy working.

"I'm sorry. I realize now that following you around, and using the guide 'A paw with your furry friend' on you like I did, probably wasn't the best way of handling things."

"It wasn't, you say?"

Kongpob glanced back at him with a look half-embarrassed, half-ashamed.

"I asked the boss to find me another mentor."

"What? Why?" Arthit looked at him with eyes wide in surprise.

"I can't change department again, but at least I can do this to respect your space."

"My space?" The senior repeated dazedly. "Right yes. Bravo, it was about time." Arthit said nodding to himself.

Kongpob looked at him a little confused. That obviously wasn't quite the response he'd expected.

"P'? "

"You should go back to work."

Kongpob nodded and turned, ready to go back to his desk.


"Yes P'?"

"Um... who is your new mentor?"

"P'John..." Arthit didn't say anything, but for some reason Kongpob felt compelled to justify himself. "He was the only free one."



"Arthit?" P'Earth called his name for the umpteenth time.

The man turned to her, blinking in confusion. "Yes?"

"Are you listening to me?"

"Yes, sure. I put the indexes- "

"No, Arthit, I was asking you if you had already fed Bonus."

"Ah... Sure... I mean, no. I'll do it immediately."

P'Earth raised her eyebrows and stared at him. "Ok, what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing..." He said, looking at Kongpob's desk absently, then suddenly snapped annoyed. "But does it feel right to you? He's practically exploiting him!" He blurted out in a low voice.

It took Earth a moment to figure out what he was talking about. Then her eyes followed his gaze and saw Kongpob doing all of John's work. John was nowhere to be seen.

"And what is it that bothers you so much, Arthit? When he did it with Nai you didn't say anything."

"Who is Nai?"

"What do you mean 'who is Nai'?'" The woman snorted incredulously. "He worked here for a month last April..." Arthit continued to stare at her puzzled. "The one who brought you coffee every day..."

"Oh! You mean the delivery guy?"

"Arthit, he was doing an internship."

"Ah. I suppose that explains why he didn't know how to make coffee."

"Wow. You really are something." P'Earth commented, not at all impressed with his head in the clouds.


"Is everything okay, 'Thit? "

The lynx lifted his glass, and the rest of his beer ran down his his throat. He wiped his mouth and answered. "Great."

"You know, it would be better if you were still sober when Prem arrived." Knot told him as he stole the empty glass from his hand.

"I'm going out," Arthit said. "I need a breath of fresh air."

His friend nodded. And he headed out of the bar.

That night the old hazer team was reunited at Bright's bar. Prem wanted to introduce his best friends to his partner.

Honestly, Arthit didn't understand the reason for all this pompous thing. They had never done this for any of the other partners, but apparently it was important to Prem's boyfriend and his friends, so they just adapted.

"P'? "

"Kongpob?" Arthit' stared at his junior incredulously. "What are you doing here? "


"I thought you said you were going to give me my space."

"What? Wait a moment P', I'm not here- "

"Kong, you coming?"

Behind his junior appeared Aim, one the boy who had stalked him with Kongpob weeks ago.

"Oh, please tell me it's not true!" Arthit exclaimed, with evident exasperation.

"P', I swear I didn't know Prem was one of your friends."

"'Thit, they have arrived." Knot called him, but stopped himself when he saw Arthit wasn't alone. "Wad's friends?" He asked greeting the newcomers.

"Apparently." Arthit replied for them. "I need my beer back." He added sternly, leaving no room for discussion, and re-entered the bar again.

The lynx now understood why Prem hadn't told him much about his boyfriend. His wolf boyfriend.

One of Kongpob's pack, on top of it all.


Prem sat down next to his light skin friend while his gaze continued to watch his group of friends interact with Wad's one.

"What you thinking?" He asked giving him a friendly nudge to exhort him. "You think I'm crazy?"

"No. If this is what you really want, then it's okay" replied the lynx, in a slow, thoughtful tone. "But... I mean, why a wolf? You know they are..."

"Sticky? Exaggerated?"

"Yes!" Arthit exclaimed in a loud voice which attracted universal attention, so he muffled it quickly with a fake cough, then tried to appear neutral and stoic again as everyone darted glances their way, wondering what they were talking about.

"They're not like the ones that-"

"I know."

He interrupted him immediately, and sensing he didn't want to talk about it, Prem changed the topic.

"Is that Kongpob the creepy junior you were telling us about?"

"What makes you think so?"

"You mean besides the fact that he keeps staring at you?" Prem didn't wait for an answer but kept right on talking. "There were times when you smelled like him."

Arthit stared at him a little surprised and then, without thought, he sniffed his shirt.

"Not now. Actually it's been a while since you have smelled like him... and it's also been a while since you complained about him..." Arthit shrugged. Prem sighed. "Ok, I'll be blunt. What's going on?"

Arthit shrugged again. "It's not important, it's your night."

Prem put his arm around the lynx's shoulders and leant against him, getting a stern look from two particular wolves. Hence he immediately pulled away and laughed nervously, embarrassed.

"Anyway, there are some very good things about wolves."

"Like what?"

"They..." Prem began, his glass swirling in his hand as he tried to think of a good answer. But none came. "I can't think of one at the moment."

Arthit narrowed his eyes. "That's what I thought."

At that moment Wad stood up, attracting everyone's attention. "Kong, you want a smoke break?"

"Oh, I quit."

Wad looked at him suspiciously. " were serious?"

"I'm very serious." He said, looking straight into Arthit's eyes. And then he blinked, slowly.

And if it had been someone else it would have meant nothing, but that was his annoying junior. The junior that first had used a cat book to relate with him, and who had been ignoring him since the frisbee chat.

Well, at least he still had the good sense to bring him his Pink Milk.

Arthit was annoyed. And he was annoyed to be annoyed. And he was even more annoyed because that was Prem's night.

Annoyed to the Nth degree, he got up and headed for the restroom. He wasn't even surprised when after a few minutes the door reopened and Kongpob entered.

"P'? Can I come in?"

"It's a public bathroom. You don't have to ask me for permission."

Arthit looked up at the mirror on the sink, his eyes locking on the tall figure standing behind his reflection.

Kongpob did not say a word, just stood there staring at him.

Arthit sighed. "Tell me."

"Are you still angry?"

"No." Arthit turned and found him much closer than he'd expected. "Kong, personal space."

Kongpob didn't answer, just took another step forward. The lynx instinctively put his left arm on his chest to keep him away.

"P'Arthit?" The wolf quiet, husky voice broke through the brief silence, his amber eyes sparkling far too close to him. "Can I hug you?"

"What? Kongpob! I'm your senior!"

He looked at his junior with bewilderment, not anticipating his silent pleading. Sighing in defeat, he knew Kongpob wouldn't budge, so once again, he gave up. "Ok, make it quick."

The junior put his arms around him, tentatively at first, and then tightly.

"Are you scenting me?" He asked, after a moment's silence.

"... no...?" The junior answered, sounding uncertain.


"Just a bit. My wolf was going crazy seeing you being touchy with everyone except me."

"I wasn't being touchy!" Arthit exclaimed immediately, and then added after a pause. "You're the one who's been ignoring me for, what, days?"

"I thought that's what you wanted."

"You always go from one extreme to another. I just wanted you to stop acting so creepy."

"I'm sorry." The wolf mumbled into his neck, inhaling his scent.

The tanned man was so close, his warm breath feathered his fair white skin, setting off a clamoring inside him that ended in a visible shiver. Arthit's hands went automatically to his shoulders. His eyes changed colour revealing his inner lynx.

Feeling the change in the air, Kongoob drew back a little, with his arms still around him.

The wolf's amber eyes now meeting his lynx's hazel ones.

Arthit held his breath, only one thought in his mind.

What were those feelings?



Chapter Text

Hot. Arthit felt hot.

He felt hands sliding everywhere over his body, feeling every inch of him and pushing him against the sink. The touch was both full of affection and lust. His mouth was taken with hungry force, his lips were parted with his tongue.

Moaning softly into the other’s mouth, Arthit’s tongue warm and wet on his, he pushed his fingers through his hair.

Though, he never wanted the kiss to end, the need for air started to dominate. The wolf unlocked his lips from his and Arthit’s breath got stuck in his throat. The look in his junior’s eyes was not simple passion. It was like something more animalistic took over, something that he usually kept hidden.

In a swift movement, the wolf’s head mowed lower, his lips began to kiss their way down his front, starting at his neck and exploring every inch of his skin down his firm body. 

A soft gasp escaped past the lynx when the other cupped his ass, pulled him closer, slightly pushing his groin against his. One of Kongpob’s hand moved to the front, slipped into his pants and touched, rubbed at his cock and… oh fuck!

Arthit woke up with a start, panting and perspiring from his dream.

Groggily he looked down and saw that he was clutching Kongpob's jacket, the one his junior had forgotten at Bright's bar.

He blinked dazedly, then suddenly screamed and threw it on the ground.
Disconsolately he looked down again and found his underpants all gummy. He stripped them off in horror, thrown them into the dirty laundry, changed them, then grabbed the jacket off the ground, and went back to bed.

He didn't know what to think, what it all meant. What he knew, was that he had just had a wet dream about a colleague of his. About a junior of his, to be precise.

The situation was getting out of hand.

What the hell was that dream supposed to mean?

That was definitely not what had happened. Maybe it might have happened, if only he hadn't brought up John's story in that ridiculous way...

No wait, luckily, he had done it. Getting blown in Bright's bar, while both their groups of friends was there, wouldn't be the best. Not that he thought Kongoob would do it. Maybe if he would had asked him… wait.

Why the hell was he thinking those sorts of things?

He threw the jacket back on the floor. It was all Kongpob's jacket fault.

After tossing about in bed for awhile he grabbed the garment back. He held it to his nose, and took a deep breath.

So, this was his supposedly mate scent?
Actually, he didn't feel anything special, or rather, it was good, but it didn't feel like the mate bond Kongpob’d described.

That night, Arthit had been leaving the bar when he happened past his jacket lying on a chair. Normally he would have ignored it, but Kongpob was his coworker, so he took it with the intention of returning it to the true owner on Monday.

However, its scent had caught his attention as soon as he’d entered his apartment, stirring something hidden deep inside, some primal instinct that he’d never felt.

In his house the air was purified so his nose worked better. It was not at the level of a normal lynx, but it was better than that of a simple man.

And then he had that wet dream.

Arthit spent the whole following day moping around. After the first dream, he hadn’t been able to fall asleep again. Or better, he hadn’t been able until he’d clutched Kongpob's jacket.

At that point, however, he had another wet dream, woke again with a start, and so on. The vicious circle kept repeating itself until Arthit got so nervous that he got up and went to watch TV.

Sure enough the garment gave off an almost calming aura, turning and pressing his face closer every couple of minutes to get a better smell, then feeling a flash of guilt, before assuring himself once again that he would return the item as soon as possible.
Stupid Kongpob.

He was so immersed in his thoughts, that he was quite startled when the doorbell rang and the next moment Tutah and Bright called his name beyond the door.
Hurriedly he hid the jacket under one of the sofa cushions and opened the door.

"You look awful." The Cheetah greeted him.

"Thanks, Bright. I'm happy to see you too. Bye Bright, see you around." Arthit greeted him monotonously and was ready to close the door when his friend put his foot between the door and the jamb, then pushed the door open and entered the house followed by Tutah.

"Make yourself at home." Arthit grunted sarcastically.

"Thank you.” They answered jovially, totally ignoring his sarcasm tone.

“How much time do you need?"

"For what?"

"To get ready. We’re going out with the boys..."

"I put my shoes on and I’m ready."

"Good. Wad’s friends will be happy to see you again.”

He stopped in his track. "Mmh, that could be a problem. I may have lost all my shoes…”


“In fact now that I think about it, I'm sure of it."

“Arthit. "


"Come on, it'll be fun. Bright even took a day off."

“Yeah... no.” Then he added, acting exaggerated remorseful. “I don't want to ruin your and Prem’s evening."

"Don’t worry about that. You and Kongpob are always a great conversation piece. We have even started betting on you two."

Arthit stared at them in disbelief, then groaned.

"About this, could you keep Kongpob waiting a few more weeks? I bet a lot on you." Bright said cheekily, wriggling his eyebrows.

Why he was friend with them, again?



"Where's Arthit?"

"At the counter, waiting for our drinks." Bright answered Prem cheekily as he flashed him a toothy grin.

"What if he sneaked out?"

"He could do that, but we took away his house key."

A grinning Bright slapped high fives with Tutah.

"Sending Frick and Frack for me was a low blow." Arthit growled in Prem's ear as he joined them at their table.

"I couldn't risk you not showing up."

Arthit put his and Tutah’s beers on the table, then he passed Bright his Shirley Temple complete with two tiny colorful umbrellas.

"I found this one, by the way." The lynx said as he shifted his body to the right, so that it was no longer shielding the the shorter boy behind him.

Kongpob took a little longer than the others to smell the fear mixed with embarrass emanated from Oak.

It didn't take a genius to figure out what the others were thinking; a grumpy lynx and a frightened wolf? There weren't many alternatives. And under any other circumstances he would have been the first one to defend his friend. But that was Arthit, his mate. Across the table he felt Wad was facing the same dilemma.

The black wolf was a hothead. But he knew that if he reacted in his usual angry manner, Prem would get angry too. As a matter of fact Wad's mate had instinctively leaned protectively towards his -cute- friend.

And in the middle of all this Arthit kept stealing fries off Prem’s plate, seeming not to notice the tension that had suddenly filled the space between his friends and the wolf pack seated across the table.

"What did you do to him?" Aim eventually snapped, and Kongpob grimaced.

This night was turning ugly.

"Pardon?" Arthit blinked confused, then looked around until his gaze fell on Oak. "I didn't do anything to him."

"Messing with the smallest when he’s alone. Is this typical of felines or is it a characteristic of lynxes?” Aim asked, standing up and slamming his hand on the table in an angry manner.

Kongpob could actually feel the atmosphere change. Arthit's gaze suddenly hardened, and Kongpob could swear he heard the lynx growling.

“Ehi!” Tutah and Bright exclaimed, outraged.

"If you-" Arthit began to answer, but Prem called his name, his voice sounding almost imploring.

Arthit shifted his gaze from the wolves before them to his friend. They exchanged a long look. Then he sighed.

Kongpob saw his mate take a deep breath, releasing all of the tension as he breathed out.

"Okay, I think it's time for me to go. Sorry for ruining your night.” The lynx said, putting a hand on Prem’s shoulder, and left.

Knot and Tutah followed him without hesitation. Before leaving, Tutah had even look down upon them a little disdain in his eyes.

“I haven't even tasted my drink." Bright whined; but nevertheless he got up and followed his friends.

The last one of Arthit’s friend sighed, rubbing his face. Then he got up ready to leave.

“Prem.” Wad grabbed his wrist, looking up at him with a pleading look in his eyes.

“These are your friends. But those are mine.”

When they were left alone, they turned their attention to Oak, who now looked even more embarrassed than before.

What the hell had happened in those five minutes they'd left him alone?

P’ where are you?

Did you get home?

P', I'm sorry

Goodnight P'

P’, you got a moment right now?

I'm outside your place. I need to talk to you.

I don't want to invade your space or anything. But I really need to talk to you.

Just a moment

P’ can you answer your phone?


Arthit locked his phone and threw it on the other side of the bed.

It had been since he had slipped away the night before that Kongpob had pestered him with texts. But he'd never replied.

He made an attempt to distract himself by reading his book and, without realizing, he fell asleep.

Yawning, he stretched out his arm to pick up his phone and checked the time.


And immediately below the numbers indicating the time, there was an icon notifying an unread message. Only one.

Ok. I'll wait here for you.

The message was sent at 14.53, approximately three hours earlier.

He wasn't still waiting… right?

It had been hours...

Not that he cared.

He got up and went into the kitchen to see what he could make for dinner. 

Mmh, he’d run out of milk… and eggs… and noodles. In short, he really had to go shopping.

It's not like he was worried about his junior. He just needed -really, really, reeeally needed- to refill his fridge.

He ran -very calmly- toward the elevators and decided he did not want to wait for the elevator to come back up, so he ran down the stairs, taking two or three steps at a time. All the time he was going downstairs, he was thinking, was the wolf serious?

Breathless he entered the deserted building lobby. His junior was not there. Obviously.

What was he expecting? That he’d have spent his Sunday waiting for him?

Lost in thought, he headed towards the 7eleven nearby.


Arthit turned around and to his surprise he saw none other than his junior and his two friends. 

"Kongpob? What are you doing here?" He couldn't help but ask.

"Oh. Haven't you received the messages?" He replied completely without irony or sarcasm.

"I... why are they here too?" The older man asked, pointing subtly at Aim and Oak.

"Right." Kongpob said smiling. "They want to apologize for the — er, misunderstanding yesterday."

He looked back at them, eyeing them suspiciously. The two wolves were simply standing behind Kongpob; their eyes downcast. It was quite obvious that neither of them wanted to be there.

But nevertheless, they did apologize, and he accepted it.

"It's fine. You shouldn't have bothered."



"I was serious. There was no need for you to force them to apologize. You're Wad's friends; I would have bottled it up.” Arthit said, as soon as he was left alone with his junior.

“We were wrong. We owe you an apology."

“Why are you apologizing too? The one time you didn't do anything."

"That’s the problem. I should have protected you."

“Ok, let's clear something up. Mate or no mate, I don't need to be protected."

Kongpob smiled softly at him. “Oh, I know. Oak told us how you stuck up for him. Thanks for what you've done."

Arthit grunted at the thought of what had happened the night before.

When he and the other two felines had arrived to the bar, he headed immediately to the counter. After the dreams he'd had all night, he couldn't hold Kongpob's gaze without the help of alcohol. While waiting for their orders he saw a group of boys confront a smaller one and insist that he had to fight one of them.

They were certainly wolves. The lynx didn’t need to smell them to recognize their inner animals. Bullies.

When the stuttering boy turned his head a little Arthit recognized him immediately.
A nightmare. That day was a nightmare. He wanted to pretend he didn’t see anything, but his sense of duty prevailed. And then he had almost fight with two different packs. Everything a lynx could aspire to.



"Why are you following me?"

Kongpob blinked in confusion and looked around. For a moment he paused, perhaps realizing that he’d followed him in a 7eleven. Actually, until that moment not even Arthit had paid much attention to it. Everything just felt… natural.

“Right, sorry. Then I… go.”

Arthit grabbed his shirt front in time to stop him leaving.

"Do you have any plans for dinner?"


“Ok… well, they've opened a new Noodles House nearby... Would you like to go there? With me?” Seeing Kongpob big grin he immediately felt compelled to add. “I just want to make it up to you for making you wait all afternoon, you know."

"I’d be waiting all life my for you."


Arthit rolled his eyes dramatically but smile.

So cheesy.

Chapter Text

"Kongpob, are you done?"

The wolf looked away from the computer and turned to his P' with a huge smile. But then he remembered his impending work and his smile disappeared.

"I'm sorry P'. I can't have lunch with you right now. I have to finish this before this afternoon's meeting."

"What do you mean? Haven't you finish this yet?"

Being curious, Arthit craned his neck and had a look at what his junior was doing.

"Obviously" was the lynx's only comment; but there was a shade of annoyance on his face.

The lynx patted him on the shoulder and walked off toward the cafeteria. Kongpob shook his head sadly as he watched him go. Well, it was lunchtime. It was normal for Arthit to go eat, with or without him.

They had had lunch together several times -practically always- over an almost two-week period, but that didn't mean they had to eat together every single times.

Besides they'd had their first date. Well, Arthit had insisted it wasn't a date but that was just a little detail. All that matters was that his cute mate had invited him out for dinner of his own free will.

Kongpob slumped over his desk, shoulders hunched, cheek pressed against the wooden desk.

Who did he think he was kidding?

It was already a week and a half after their date and nothing much changed. Or rather, they went on a couple of other little non-dates, but they hadn't kissed or held hands or done any of the things associated with romance. Maybe Arthit wasn't impressed by him.

Ok, now was not the time to get distracted by his thoughts or lost in the memory of how wonderful the too platonic dates were. He had to sort out those files before the meeting. Turning his attention to the file John had forgotten to fix, he tried hard to concentrate on them.

He suddenly felt a sensation of wet and cold against his cheek. Startled, he turned around and saw Arthit holding an iced coffee in one hand and a takeout bag in the other.

"I got you the bland omelette you like so much." He said dragging Tod's chair to his junior's desk and sitting next to him. Without deigning so much as another glance, he started eating while checking his work.

"If we do it together, we'll finish sooner." He explained without looking at him. 

The man seemed completely calm and if it weren't for the tips of his red ears Kongpob would have fallen for it.


Kongpob was standing at one side of his senior's desk waiting for him to give him attention.

"What are you so smiley about?" Arthit finally asked, turning around and looking up at the younger man.

"I just talked to P' Danai."


"He said I have very much improved and that I don't need to be followed by one of you anymore."

"Good." Arthit nodded, giving him a genuine smile—small, but real.

Kongpob's heart thudded in his chest. Adorable.

The older man wriggled under his gaze. After a lengthy pause, he asked "What?"

He put one of his arms on his desk and the other on the back of his chair, and leaned toward his senior, watching him intently.

"Thanks P'." Arthit looked at him questioningly, so he added. "P' Danai told me you put a good word for me."

"He just asked me my opinion, and I gave it to him, nothing more." Then he looked away, turning back to the computer and typing something in very fast.

"That's weird. He told me you were the one who insisted..."

The sitting man almost choked on his saliva, he stared at him for a moment, and then said, trying to sound neutral. "You have nothing to thank me for; you've worked your tail off. You deserve it."

He said trying to hide his smile, but for Kongpob's trained eyes it was easy to see.



"Now that I'm a full-fledged colleague of yours, with a full-fledged salary, would you come on a date with me? A real one?"

Arthit put down the Pink Milk he was sipping and turned to him, giving him his full attention.

"Have you thought about what I asked you the first time you asked me out?"

"Yup. I like you because you shine."

"I... shine?"

"You're shining like your name. I have no other way to explain it to you. Can you accept it?"

Arthit shrugged. "I just wanted to know if you had thought about it."

"Phiiiiiiiii" Kongpob whimpered in a very unmanly manner.

"Saturday at 8pm at the shopping center near my house. Bring a Pink Milk."

Then he returned his attention to the words scrolling down the desktop screen, without adding anything else. Arthit seemed indifferent, but his cheeks were burning red. Kongpob smiled tenderly. He was too cute for his poor heart.

Before leaving, he decided to fluster his blushing Cutie a little bit more. "Anyway P', I still find that your pout is the most cutest thing ever."


Kongpob had dressed neatly, but not too elegantly. He wanted to be nice for his date. So even though he knew his P' would've  focused more on the drink, rather than on his appearance, he tried his best to look his best.

He grinned to himself, staring at the extra-large cup of Pink Milk in his hand as he thought of the happiness that would fill his Sunshine at the sight of it. Lost in thought, he didn't hear or smell the approaching presence and jumped in shock as he felt a tap on his shoulder.

"Sorry Kongpob, have you been waiting long?"

Without turning around, he sniffed the air he noticed that his mate's scent was almost completely masked by someone else's scent. A cougar scent.

His eyes turned bright amber indicating that he was having difficulty controlling his wolf. He let out a loud growl and turned around to face the startled senior, gazing at him accusingly.

"Kongpob?" The lynx called him, sounding uncertain.

"Take it off."

"Pardon?" Arthit raised both eyebrows in surprise.

The wolf squeezed his eyes shut, clenched his fists and took in a long deep breath. But this only worsened the situation. He glanced around with a nervous glance, grabbed Arthit's wrist and dragged him to the shopping mall toilet.

The pheromones his body had begun to give off were so strong that the people fled away, leaving them alone in the restroom.

"What has gotten into you?" Arthit exclaimed, exasperated taking a step toward him.

Kongpob stepped backwards, bloodboiling sensation coursing through his veins. The smell of someone else mixed with his mate was repulsive to him.

"Your shirt. Is this your way to reject me?"

Arthit glanced down at himself, not seeing the problem. 

"Kongpob, what are you talking about?"

And then realization hit Kongpob like a slap. Everyone in there had been able to smell his angry pheromones. Everyone except Arthit.

Forcing himself to calm down, he tried to explain himself. "The shirt you're wearing, it's scented. I know this may be normal for felines but-"

"All right, hold on. It's not what you think. I promise." The senior calmly attempted to explain, raising his hands and stepping forward towards the wolf, but the latter stopped him. 

"P' please don't come any closer. My wolf is going crazy breathing someone else's scent on you."

"Ok, sorry. Bright spilled beer on my shirt, so he lent me one of his. Why are you so worked up? You know him."

"P', that's not Bright smell. That's a cougar smell and it's really strong... " And added almost inaudibly. "As if you're marked."

"Wait. Wait a moment. Marked? Cougar?" The lynx repeated questioningly but without really expecting an answer. 

Then everything happened really quickly. Arthit's eyes widened and he hastily stripped off that damned shirt and threw it as far away as possible from them.

Kongpob saw the flash of anger in the lynx's eyes. It was a visible spark of rage that changed his eyes colour.

"Fucking Bright!" Arthit swore under his breath typing a message, completely ignoring the poor man in front of him. After less than a minute he put away his phone and looked at him fondly. He took a step towards him but Kongpob instinctively backed away.

"P', you're still smelling like him."

"Would you please stop reminding me that I walked around with Bone's scent on?"

"So you know him? Is him... was him your lover?"

"No!" Arthit looked to him with a sickened expression on his face. "He's just our friend. I think that Bright just wanted to take revenge for what happened last Saturday. You know, with Aim and Oak..."

"So, you're free, right? Or you... you know...?"

"What? Kongpob, just come straight out with it."

"I read that lynxes have numerous partners and-" Kongpob stopped mid-sentence, realizing he had given himself away. "I mean..."

"Well, at least this time you did research on the right animal." He said jokingly. Kongpob gave him a wan little smile and Arthit sighed, then turned serious. "My nose doesn't work."

"Oh..." The wolf blinked, trying to understand what he meant. "So...?"

"So, nothing. I won't tell you anything more about it. You can interpret it however you like."

"I understand..." No, he didn't.

They smiled timidly at each other until Arthit glanced away and pouted.

"You spilled my Pink Milk."

Looking down, Kongpob for the first time noticed the squashed cup in his fist. All the pink drink was gone.

"I'm sorry. I'm going to get you another one."

"Kongpob!" As he left, the lynx called him back. "Can you get me a shirt too?"

"Oh..." For a moment, the wolf's breathing ceased at the sight of his mate's shirtless form. Earlier he had been too caught up in the moment to really look at him. "You can have mine." He proposed after a moment, instantly taking off his pullover.

"Is it scented?" He asked tentatively, but took it anyway.

"Don't worry. It just smells like me, but it's nothing excessive."

Arthit looked almost disappointed but said nothing. He thanked him and put on the garment.

"P'... My wolf... I believe in your words, but... may I...?"

The lynx just nodded, without looking at him, but Kongpob knew that the senior understood what he'd meant.

Once he was certain his wolf wouldn't snap, he got closer. He needed to check for himself that what his senior said was true.

Tentatively, he began sniffing the lynx, he started from his hair to his neck then down to his chest. When he tried to go lower Arthit stopped him. Kongpob straightened up and buried his face in his neck. He stood there, hugging him, as he sniffed his mate's unique scent until it had almost completely overtaken his senses.

Once both he and his wolf were reassured, he pulled slightly away, still keeping his arm around him. His eyes finally back to normal.

"I'm sorry, I ruined our date."

Arthit gently moved his hair away from his face and gazed into his eyes. "It's still early. We could... start over?"

Kongpob's bright eyes seemed to look him through. "Really?"

The older man looked around, embarrassed by those big eyes. "Yeah well... I know my sense of smell sucks. While you're a wolf with all the flaws that this entails." The tanned man laughed softly not at all offended by his joking remark. "If you promise me you won't ask me again to undress in the middle of a shopping center, I suppose I can accept you... and your wolf."

"I won't! I swear." Kongpob promised happily. 

And his happiness increased when during the film he felt the other's head against his shoulder. Little did he know the man had simply fallen asleep.



Chapter Text

"'Thit is everything okay? You have awful dark circles under your eyes."

"Mmh." He mumbled, drinking his beer.

Memories came back to him from that very morning. Kongpob had asked him a similar question. Apparently the dark circles under his eyes seemed to speak.

"P' how have you been sleeping lately? You seem tired."

"Just strange dreams."


"It depends on the perspective."

'Cause how could he tell Kongpob he kept having wet dreams about him? And that these only started after he smelled him?

How did people with a functioning sense of smell do it? It was exhausting.

Arthit sighed and rested his head on his one only trusted friend's shoulder. The only one who hadn't tried to sabotage his very complex -yet simultaneously non-existent- love life. Because yes, Prem getting involved with one of Kongpob's group counted as sabotage.

"Do you find me attractive?" Arthit mumbled, following his inner trail of thoughts.

"You're cute... I suppose. I don't know much about it." The grizzly answered slowly, trying to figure out where Arthit was going with that.

"But... would you bed me?"

Knot was immediately seized with a fit of coughing, which almost choked him.

"Ooook, I'll take this." He said, snatching the beer out of his hand. "You have drunk enough today."

Arthit snorted. "Come on! I'm serious."

"'Thit, you know I have a girlfriend that I very much like, right?"

Arthit groaned, mumbling something about how useless he was at the moment.

"Things are not going well with your junior?"

"No. Everything is great, wonderful. It's really amazing and not at all alarming that after he was so eager to go out with me, have a date and all that crap we haven't..." He murmured, his tone lowering. "You know..."

"Maybe he wants to take it slowly..."

"We haven't kissed yet." He said under his breath, not sure he wanted to be heard by his friend. Probably alcohol had lowered his inhibitions because his sober self -and not stressed self- would have never said all of that.

"Well, that's fine. How many times have you gone out? One? Two?"

"Five officially, plus the others."

Knot was silent for a moment, then nodded thoughtfully. "Well... maybe he wants to take it really slowly..."

"He has stopped invading my personal spaces..."

"Isn't it good?"

"Do I stink?"

"I don't think so...? It's your usual smell."

Arthit slumped more deeply into his chair. "Then I'm the problem."

"Ok, that's enough." Knot said, exasperated by his drunken slumber. "Prem!"

"No, wait!" Arthit tried to stop him, but Knot had already attracted the attention of all his friends.

"We need your experience!"

Apparently he couldn't trust Knot either.

Bright and Tutah were the first ones to reach them, curious about the new drama. Drunk Arthit always provided them funny moments.

"Is this about the dog?"

"Kongpob is not a dog." He muttered, surrendering to the inevitable. He was too tired to argue with his gossiping friends.

"Now, what'd he do this time?" Prem asked, feigning exasperation. The asshole was enjoying himself. Arthit could see it in his face.

He tried again to stop Knot from speaking, but his bigger friend ignored him.

"The problem is what he doesn't do."

And immediately his friends understood what he'd meant. Screams and shouts filled his ears and Arthit wanted the ground to swallow him up. What had he done to deserve this?

"'Thit, don't worry. Your bestie will help you to stir him up." Bright trilled, not at all ashamed of what he had done last time.

"You stay out of this."

"'Thit, trust me. I have dogproof plan."


The conversation with the boys had depressed him somewhat.

Knowing that Wad was a passionate lover -apparently that was a wolves' characteristic- wasn't helpful, at all. He didn't care about other wolves, ha cared about Kongpob. And about his stupid wet dreams that hadn't let him sleep for the past few weeks.


Arthit looked up and saw that they had arrived at his apartment.

That day he'd used all the techniques he knew to get kissed.
In case you were wondering if the techniques shown in the dramas worked, the answer was no.

"P'?" Kongpob called him again. "Is everything okay? Today you were a bit... strange."

The famous mustache with cream? His pants ended up dirty. Too much cream and no kiss.

The fake fall to get caught? He ended up nudging Kongpob in the gut.

And so on. One wretched event had followed another.

He pouted, annoyed.

And then he felt his junior's lips against his, as full and warm as he had imagined they'd be. Kongpob pulled back almost immediately and Arthit opened his eyes, looking up from his mouth to his eyes.

That's it?

"What's that?" He asked, seeming almost annoyed, like the wolf had done something wrong.

Kongpob blushed. "Sorry P', I thought..." He shook his head, looking apologetic. "I'm sorry. Pretend it didn't hap-"

Unwilling to listen to any more of his junior's babbling, Arthit grabbed his shirt, yanking him closer and pressed his lips against his harder. After only a moment's hesitation Kongpob grabbed his whole head with both hands, fingers locked behind his neck, and kissed him harder, opening and closing his mouth to the rhythm of his breathing.

Though there was already no space between them, Arthit pulled the man harder against him, deepening the kiss, the heat flared through every point in his body, building a blazing fire within him.

Arthit had a sudden moment of lucidity, and though his brain had gone into meltdown and he couldn't grasp a single coherent thought, he shoved away, breaking the kiss and staggering back to put some distance between them.

They were still in the middle of the street!

He stared at the wolf, and Kongpob returned his wary gaze, his breathing erratic.

"Want to come up?"


In the lift, they kissed again, quite naturally. Then they continued kissing and fondling their way down the hall, mouths tasting, hands roaming.

But then, just before entering Arthit's apartment, his junior stopped suddenly, which caused Arthit to get his feet twisted around each other making him trip and almost fall flat on his face.

"What's gotten into you now?" He asked a bit annoyed. Things were going so smoothly.

"This is your house." Kongpob said slowly as if he were talking to a child.

"Yes, I know." He answered just as slowly, not understanding what his point was.

"No, I mean... if I came in, I'd leave my scent."


"You'd be able to smell me... Prem told Wad you can't stand wolves' scent and-"

"Kongpob." He called his name, stopping his flow of words. "It's fine. I'm inviting you in."

The wolf still seemed a little uncertain but agreed anyway and followed him in.

This talk... it's kind of ruined the moment.

"Come on, have a seat. I'll get you something to drink. What you want? You want some hot chocolate, or tea?"

"I'll take some tea please..." He said softly fidgeting with his cuffs.

Kongpob heard his senior's retreating steps, but did not look round. His eyes were fixed on his feet.

His P' didn't say anything about his smell. He didn't like it? He like it? He still couldn't smell him?

The wolf took a deep breath then sighed. Maybe lynxes didn't care. Smells were very important to wolves, especially their mate's smells, perhaps for the lynxes it wasn't.

Wait. He took another deep breath.

That smell shouldn't have been there.


It was sudden. The wolf's smell intensified, making him shudder.

"Kongpob?" He called him looking outside from the kitchen.

Where was he hiding?

He turned off the kettle and followed the smell to his bedroom. Kongpob was there, with his back to him, holding something in his hand.

The wolf's intense smell was permeating the air and Arthit had to suppress his lynxes' instinct to run away.

"What are you doing?"

When his junior turned around Arthit went white.

Oh... crap.

"Kongpob, it ain't what you think.... I was going to give it back to you as soon as I... I mean, I..."

"Have you slept with this all along?" His voice was low, his eyes amber as they'd never been.

Arthit denied weakly, looking guilty.

"P', you know I can smell it, right?" Kongpob brought the jacket to his nose and inhaled his scent. Arthit's heartbeat quickened.

"Please stop." He begged. He tried to take the damned jacket back as his face flushed red. His lynx's instinct to defend itself supplanted by shame and embarrassment. "I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry! I couldn't help it!"

Kongpob blinked. "Wait P'. Why are you apologizing?"

"You're angry, aren't you? Your pheromones are... overwhelming."

Kongpob scoffed softly, looking fondly at him.

"You really aren't used to smells, are you?"

"I don't often invite strangers home, and there aren't many places with purified air in Bangkok... why?" He muttered, somewhat offended.

"I'm not angry." Kongpob took a step towards him and tilted his head to the side, offering his neck in submission to his mate. "P', please, try again."

Tentatively, Arthit buried his nose in the corner of his neck and inhaled deeply. Kongpob's scent was so strong there, that it made his knees wobbles. The heat from his side seared into his, and his wolf scent tantalized.

Such a strong smell was usually produced by strong emotions, and the first on the list was anger. There were others but...

Arthit looked down and ok. This was obviously a different case from anger.

He blushed even more "I thought you didn't want to go any further."

"I was afraid you might not like my scent but... you slept with my jacket for the past three weeks." He took a step towards him and Arthit backed away. "Is that why you couldn't sleep?" Kongpob took another step forward. Arthit tried to take another step back, away from the wolf, but found he couldn't.
Pressing his palms to the wall, Kongpob trapped him between his arms and the barrier of his chest. His shoulder muscles rippling with constraint, he looked too good. "My scent affects you?"

"Don't be ridiculous."

The younger man moved even closer, placed a hand at his waist, and tugged his body against his.

"Because your scent affects me, a lot." Kongpob whispered only a few inches from his mouth.

The second their lips met, Arthit's mouth opened instantly, a moan slipping from his lips. Wrapping his arms around the lynx, Kongpob deepened the kiss and it quickly grew hungry and insistent. Not that his junior needed to insist on anything, because even before he'd reached for him, Arthit had been hoping -deep down- that they were going to resume their kissing session.

"Can we postpone the tea?" The wolf whined, when they tore their lips apart.

Arthit scoffed, incredulous. He yanked his junior against him, closing the last small distance between them and capturing his mouth in a punishing kiss. His hands gripped his shoulders, his nails –now claws- digging through his shirt into his skin, and Kongpob kissed him back just as fiercely.

That, was going to be a long night.


Kongpob fluttered his eyes open. His beautiful mate was still sleeping in his arms, his nose buried in his neck.

Last night had been amazing -more than amazing-, but there was a deep, unsettled feeling in his stomach. The wolf couldn't help but be concerned about what Maprang had told him months ago.

It wasn't just a night for the lynx, right?

Damn, he knew he should have taken things slower. But smelling Arthit's pheromones on his jacket had made him lose control.

Kongpob felt the other stir awake and squeezed him closer.

"Good morning, P'~" He said, trying to sound cheerful.

But his senior seemed to sense that something was wrong. He lifted his head, looking straight and deep into his eyes, his expression impassive.

"What's that look on your face for?" Arthit asked, inquisitive.

"I... what does this mean for us?" The younger man asked back, sitting up and propping himself on one elbow to gaze down at his mate while his other hand stroked his hair away from his temples, his fingertips lightly brushed the outline of his brow. "I mean, are we a thing, or... or was that just a one-off?"

"I thought we were already a couple. We're no-?"

"Yes! Yes we are!" He said at once.

He held his senior in his arms passionately, hungrily, kissing him as devoutly as he would have spoken had he been addressing someone who held his salvation in his hands. The last thing he needed was for his P' to change his mind.

"Kongpob stop." Arthit pressed his hands against his chest "I haven't brushed my teeth yet."

"Teeth... right. I'll get your toothbrush." He started ramblings, jumping up.

His –apparently long-time- boyfriend, looked at him as if he had gone mad, and perhaps he was right. But, who cared? He had a boyfriend now.

"Oh shit, Kongpob your back!" Arthit exclaimed alarmed when he passed him.

Turning around to check his back in the mirror, Kongpob saw scratches. A lot of scratches. Apparently his little lynx hadn't been able to control his claws.

"It's okay, they'll heal up pretty quickly." He shrugged it off.

Arthit kept looking at him worried and apologetic.

Kongpob smiled mischievously. "Can I show them to my friends?"

"What? No!" The man blushed, pouting his exquisite lips.

"Can I at least tell them?"



When he stepped into the office the following Monday, Arthit was ready to deal with the embarrassment. If what he had read was true, now his and Kongpob's scent were mingled, and everyone would have found out about their relationship. Except that no one did.

Okay, what wasn't he getting?

The world of people with a functioning sense of smell was really tiring. Or maybe the real problems were the wolves. Them and all their stupid traditions.

Ok, it was evident he had to talk with Prem. Again.

Something wasn't going according to plan, and Arthit was distressed. And here he was hoping that Kongpob's new smell would have discouraged girls' advances. Yes. He was thinking specifically about Som-Oh.

Sitting down at his desk, he glared at the girl who was having Kongpob double-check her work. His junior. Their junior. The newest guy. There was no limit to her audacity.

He scoffed and went back to his work.

When he and Kongpob reached the cafeteria hours later, a large heavy body crashed into him, hugging him and rocking him.


Arthit cringed at the old nickname but he didn't have the time to say anything that the newcomer dragged him away, "Don't worry. Bright told me everything. We're going to work him up."

Stupid Bright.

Kongpob watched with a set jaw and sharp eyes his boyfriend being dragged away by a cougar. And not just any cougar, but the very one who indirectly ruined their first official date.
But the situation had changed since then. They were an item now –even though no one knew about them yet-. Plus, Arthit'd told him the cougar was just a friend. So, in conclusion, he couldn't allow his wolf to act possessive. Arthit was his mate, but he was also a lynx and Kongpob didn't want to scare him away.

With his eyes set down, he waited in line for their food. He stealthily glanced towards the table where his mate and that Bone guy were sitting. The supposed friend met his eyes and grinned, giving him a wink.

An ugly, guttural snarl escaped him; it was the only noise he was capable of making at the moment. His eyes changed color and his claws came out. He turned to look in front of him again, trying not to throw himself at the cougar.


"It took you some time."

"Sorry, there was a line. Where is your friend?" He asked, seeing there was no longer any trace of the cougar.

"He had to leave." His senior replied, seemingly disinterested yet clearly enjoying the absurd farce.


"Yup?" Looking up with a feignedly innocent air, he took his plate from his hands. "Kong!" He suddenly exclaimed in alarm, taking his hands in his. "You're bleeding!"

Kongpob blinked and looked down at his hands.


Apparently he hadn't been able to control his claws and they'd sunk into his flesh.

"It's nothing, it'll pass." He said quietly but, neverthless, enjoying all the attention of his mate.

"Is it for Bone?" Asked Arthit, attending his cuts.

The wolf downcasted his eyes apologetically. "I don't want to be oppressive but..."

"He was just provoking you."

Kongpob looked up in surprise.

"Bright's plan." His senior explained, shortly.

"Is he still angry about-?"

"No, no. He's... it doesn't matter. You don't worry, I unleashed Third against him." His evil smile returned.


"Bright's boyfriend and my beloved cousin. He'll deal with that busy-body."

Kongpob looked at his mate with big, admiring eyes. At that moment, his beloved senior had a really frightening aura, and he was really adorable.

"Are you still of the opinion that we shouldn't kiss in public?"


Well, at least he tried.



Chapter Text

"Where are we going?"

"I'm not telling you."

His cute mate pouted adorably. "At least tell me how much farther until we're there."

"All I'll say is... nope."

Arthit grumpily mumbled, keep changing channels and stations on the car radio. Kongpob pulled his busy hand off the button and brought it to his lips, kissing his knuckles.

"Why don't you get some sleep? You've worked hard today." He proposed, gently caressing the back of his lover's hand with his thumb. "I wake you up when we arrive."

For the past few days, they had been working late to finish all their work so they could take a week off. Week they would spend together in a place of Kongpob's choice.

"You'd get bored alone."

"I won't fall asleep at the wheel. I promise."

"We could have taken public transport, you know."

"But that way, you wouldn't have been able to see how cool your boyfriend is while driving."

"Stop repeating you're my boyfriend. I know."

"I like to say it."

Arthit rolled his eyes and then yawned.

"Seriously P'. You should sleep a bit. There is still an hour left before the flight."

He grinned mischievously at him. "Oh?"

"I won't say anything else."

Arthit pouted again but nevertheless closed his eyes, leaning his head against the window frame as the car hurried along through the lighted street.

"P', wake up. We have arrived."

There was no flutter of his eyelids even.

Kongpob laid his lips against his cheek, and then cupped his other cheek softly. His lips were close to his ear now.

"P'Arthit!" He whispered softly, "P'Arthit! My beloved Kitten." There was a quiver of the eyelids now, a faint hesitating sigh. He kissed his ear and spoke his name again. A faint smile flickered over Kongpob's features as he saw his cute boyfriend scrunched up his nose.

At last he opened his eyes, with a bewildered, wondering gaze. The sleepy dear smile broke forth. "Kong? Are we there yet?"

"Not yet." He whispered softly. "But we should get off. Please wake up."

He saw his senior's head dip forward as if he slept, then he jerked awake. "I wasn't sleeping!"

The younger man only looked at him, amused, his mate's eyebrows raised as if he was a child caught with his hand in the jam-jar.

Kongpob chuckled softly at his boyfriend's cuteness. Had he already said he was his boyfriend? And that he was cute?

The cute man tried to look out the plane window, but Kongpob blocked his view with his body.

"First the car, than a private airplane. What's next? A boat?"

Actually it was a speed boat, but still.

Kongpob had decided that to celebrate their six months together he wanted to do something special. And the fact that they had just completed an important project had given them a week off. A week they would spend in an extremely luxurious and eco-friendly resort on the beautiful and unspoiled island of Koh Kood. Surrounded by the tropical rainforest that was perhaps the least polluted place in Thailand.

The wolf just hoped that there his adorable lynx would be able to smell his scent. He really loved Arthit and he didn't care if the man couldn't understand his mood swings from his smell, but he'd like him to be able to smell him -really smell him- even outside his house, just once.


"Will you please put this on?" He asked, showing him his tie and gesturing him what he meant.

Arthit pouted, but nevertheless leaned forward to be blindfolded. Kongpob beamed internally, yet external appearance showed no signs of emotion. His lovely boyfriend had trusted him immediately.

With greatest care he guided him out of the plane and helped him down the stairs. Then, on their way to the dock, Arthit stopped abruptly raising his head slightly and sniffing the air.



"Where are we?"

"Can you smell me any better?" Kongpob pressed himself harder against the lynx, holding him in place.

"Kongpob! We are... in public...?" He finished uncertainly, turning to the sound of the resort employees' voices.

"It's okay, you can't see them." His fingers slid into his black hair, cradling his head as he tilted his face up and kissed him slowly. His tongue darted out for a taste, but Arthit pulled back.

"That's not the point." He hissed at him, flushed with rosy anger, wiping his lips with both hands. "And it doesn't even make sense."

He chuckled.

"We have to take a speed boat now. Can you keep the blindfold?"

"A speed boat? Kongpob, what the hell have you done?"

"Do you trust me?"

Arthit paused a moment, then sighed. "I warn you. With all this mystery you're rising my expectations very high."

Kongpob chuckled amused. Silently he helped him on the boat and hugged him sideways.

"Are you all right P'?" He asked when Arthit yelped, squeezing tightly his hand.

"Y-yes, it's just that without seeing it's a bit..."

"Do you want to remove the blindfold?" He asked worriedly. He wanted to surprise him, but he didn't want his P' to get seasick.

"No, it's fine." He leaned his back against his chest. But the calm did not last long because suddenly Arthit jerked up his head. "Wait, did you call me Kitten earlier?"

"I don't know what you're talking about. You must've dreamt it."

Kongpob was sure the other was giving him the stinky eye, but, oh well, the blindfold was covering it.

He sighed, he'd really thought he'd made it.

"Are you ready?" He asked him when they arrived over in front of the hotel.

The palms of his hands were sweating, and he rubbed them dry on his pants. He was starting to feel agitated. What if Arthit wouldn't like it?

"What the hell?!"

"Welcome to Soneva Kiri!" The hotel employee greeted them.

Arthit smiled awkwardly at them, then looked back at him with shock-wide eyes. "Kongpob?"

"Surprise!" He exclaimed, smiling uncertain.

"What the... Kongpob this is too-"




Closing his eyes, Arthit let the breeze wash over him, shuddering at the difference in temperature, before diving to the deeper side of the pool swim a lap to warm himself up to the water's temperature.

In the past few days they had gone for a boat ride, snorkeling and a ride through the mangroves, not to mention the time spent on the various beaches.

That day, for example, they'd gone to Ya Ki Waterfall and he was now relaxing in their suite's private pool. They had a private pool in their suite. Suite. More than a suite it was a real cottage. A beautiful cottage settled on a hill in the middle of the forest. For more privacy, he'd said.

Sneaky bastard.

When Kongpob had told him he wanted to organise them a small holiday, he'd thought he would've take him camping or something. Not... this. This was just too much.

And Kongpob still hadn't told him how much he'd pay. How could they share if he didn't know how much he'd spent?

Lost in his thoughts, he yelped a bit surprised when he felt Kongpob sliding in next to him, circling his arms around him as he kissed his neck with his soft lips. The younger's bare chest pressed against his back, grunting as Arthit pushed his hands against the wet tiles, a warm feeling forming in his gut.

"Why are you wearing these?" The sneaky man murmured against his ear, nibbling softly on the lobe. His hands tugging at his Bermuda shorts.

Holding on to the edge of the pool, Arthit tilted his head to the side, giving him more room. "What should I wear?" He hummed distractedly.

He couldn't help but feel chills of excitement coursed through him at his playful bites.

"Nothing? One of the reasons I chose this place was the privacy."

"Did you choose this to watch me swim naked?"

"Mmh, I must admit, I'd love watch you skinny dipping." He kissed softly his left shoulder. "But I want you to be able to smell me outside your house."

"Such a devoted man you are."


"You smell like wet dog." He replied, trying and failing to sound deadpan.

Kongpob attempted to hide his amusement, too, and exclaimed, outraged. "P'!"

Arthit turned in his arms and wrapped his arms around his neck, anchoring his legs to his waist.

"I'm tired." He ignored his junior's pout while leeching onto him.

Kongpob shook his head and moved him so their chests were touching and his senior's pelvis was against his. He wrapped his legs around the tanned man and the latter held him up by his ass.

"I like you being tired." He laughed kneading his ass cheeks in his hands.


"What? You weren't so inhibited last night... or the night before, or-"

Arthit immediately threw water at his face, looking daggers at him but the junior didn't seem to take his temper seriously.

He didn't reply though. The cheeky boy was right.

Kongpob just smiled as he wiped the water on his muscular torso with his hands, a gesture that made the fair skinned man automatically glance in awe at his perfect body.

"So..." Regaining his composure, he coughed and asked. "What's on the agenda tonight?"

Surely he'd recognized his attempt to change the subject. But for his sake, he answered anyway. "Treepod dinner."

Arthit couldn't help but tense up.

Stay on a tree? With a wolf?

Was that a joke?


"It's not important."


Arthit sighed. "It's just... do you remember how I tried to stay away from you and your group?"

"Mmh. It was because we are wolves... and we surrounded and followed you around a little, right?"

"A little?" He asked, much amused by his guilty expression. "Well, it's not just that anyway. Or rather, yes, but I'm not wary of wolves just because they are wolves. It's-" He sighed, frustrated. "Uhm..."

He tried halfheartedly to pull away from the comforting embrace of Kongpob's arms. The latter tightened his hold on him. Arthit gave a small reassuring smile, and stroked his hair.

"When I was around eleven a pack of mini annoying wolves of my school surrounded me before class. At the time I was still unable control my lynx's instincts so..."

"Did you start a fight?" The wolf asked jokingly.

"Worse." He chuckled. "Behind the school there was a grove and I... I climbed a tree."

"Oh, P'..." He sounded apologetic, but the corner of his mouth tugged upwards. Arthit couldn't help but smile back as he tugged his hair in reprimand.

"The problem is that I didn't know how to get off. When I understood no one would come to help me -the teachers didn't know I was there- I tried to get down by myself..."

"P'..." He interrupted him again, this time serious and worried. "I'm so sorry."

Arthit just smiled a bit sadly. "I woke up two days later in the hospital and... my lynx was no longer able to smell like before." He added, lowering his voice almost to a whisper, but then shrugged. "Apparently as I was trying to get off, I slipped, fell and hit my head."

"Now I feel even more of an asshole."

"As you should be." He was amused, but noting the other's distraught appearance he turned serious. "I'm kidding Kong. It's fine." Kongpob still looked sad, so he added. "I'm serious. It's fine. Not having a superfine sense of smell also has advantages. Take the metro trips at rush hour, for example."

"I'm sorry."

"That's okay. I even found myself a rich man who takes me in the middle of nature just because he wanted to be smelled."

"Yes but-"

The lynx internally rolled his eyes. He didn't want to ruin their good mood.

"Kong, wouldn't you prefer to deepen our previous discussion?" He pressed his hard length against him, and his right hand began traveling down his tanned chest, his left one still grasping his neck.

Kongpob inhaled sharply. "P', what do you take me for? Trying to distract me with sex is-"

Arthit rolled his eyes -this time not internally- and kissed him. Determinedly, he tugged at the other's bottom lip, making his junior moan into the kiss and allow his tongue to explore his mouth. He moved a hand up to his hair, weaving his fingers through the wet, fiery strands, and deepening the kiss even further.

"... amazing."

Arthit chuckled satisfied. He loved the fact he had such a power over his junior.


"Please!" The younger exclaimed, eagerly, and kissed him again.

Once they reached the bedroom, instead of tumbling down onto the bed in a tangle of limbs and expensive bedding, Kongpob took a towel to dry him off.

"Kong..." He sighed exasperated.

"Just a moment P'. The temperature is dropping."

"Kongpob, c'mmon. I'm not a kid." His pout contradicted his own words.

"Sorry P', I have no wish to deal with your sick version again." He said, as kept drying his hair, ignoring their erections. "I mean, you're even more lovely grumpy, but I don't like seeing you sick."

What a fuss he was making. It'd happened just once.

Automatically it seemed, his hand moved upward until his knuckles lightly grazed the smooth line of his jaw.

Even after all this months, the contrast between the wolf and the human side of his boyfriend amazed him. Moreover Kongpob was not a simple wolf; he was an alpha, and even if he denied it, he was the leader of his pack. Yet he'd never doing anything to asset his wolf nature in their relationship. Always loving and submissive. And Arthit loved it, but Arthit didn't want to keep him from being the strong wolf he was born to be. Not anymore.


"Nope. First you have to dry yourself."

"No. I mean... Kong, I want you to claim me."

Because now Arthit knew the reason why nobody had noticed their relationship back then. He knew that his junior had been restraining himself from claiming him for months now, and he loved the man's respect for him, but now he wanted more. He wanted their scents to mix.


Chapter Text

"I want you to claim me."

The tanned man jerked his head up to look at him, nearly choking on his saliva. "Uh? P'?"

"You heard me. I won't repeat it."

"Have you decided to accept me as your mate?"

"Lynxes don't have a mate." He said for the umpteenth time, but seeing the other dejected expression, he added. "This means that I've decided to live the present to the fullest." He kissed his junior, then whispered faintly. "This means that I have decided to believe in you, in us."

Under his keen gaze Arthit felt his pose growing stiff and awkward, and himself becoming redder and redder.

With no reaction from the younger, he tried again.

"Should I... present myself?" He asked completely red. The boys had told him that was the correct terminology, but he couldn't help but feel uncomfortable talking like that.

"You don't need to. Omega present themselves. You're not an omega."

"Oh..." Arthit couldn't help but take a breath of relief. "Good, then... what should I do? Should I-"

"P' stop." He said, gently grabbing his arm. "What are you doing? Do you know what it would mean for you if you persisted in this?"

Arthit knew it. Getting marked and claimed as a wolf's mate was the biggest commitment for them, significantly bigger than any other human commitment.

"I know you're an alpha."

"That's not important."

"It is!" He lowered his voice. "That's what you are. I don't want you to feel like you can't express yourself. The wolf... the alpha is part of you, and I said I'd accept everything about you so..."

"P', if I claim you our scents will mix; there won't be any turning back. Maybe you won't smell it but if... if we..."

"You think we'll break up?"

"No, that's... no! It's just that... are you sure?"

"And you?"

"I am from the moment I saw you." Arthit opened his mouth ready to argue, but Kongpob didn't let him. "And I am even surer so now, after I get to know you." The slightly taller man curled his fingers around his hips and pulled him closer. "Even if wolves didn't have a mate, I'd have fallen for you, I'd have wooed until you'd accept to go out with me. And then-"

Blushing the senior kissed him.

He could've just said yes. Such a nuisance.

Kongpob broke away a moment and then claimed his lips again, harder.

They stumbled to their queen size bed, and they both fell onto it. As they continued feverishly to stroke and kiss, the wolf's presence became more and more intense. it was so intense that Arthit had to remember himself he wasn't a wolf. And most of all, he wasn't an omega.
To think, until only a few months ago he had considered wolves to be arrogant classists -they were known for their stupid division-, and now there he was. Under a wolf, ready to be claimed.

"P'." Kongpob managed to compose himself a little. "I'm asking you for the last time are you sure? Mating someone means leaving the wolf free. Are you sure it wouldn't scare you?"

Arthit understood Kongpob's concerns. He had some too. Even though the wolf wasn't completely in his alpha mood yet, the lynx was already starting to get nervous, his instinct demanding him not to be overwhelmed. The fact that now he could smell him didn't help either. But he wasn't going to do it any other way, he wanted to smell him. And he wanted everyone else to smell his scent on Kongpob, to know that the beautiful man was his.

He took a deep a breath and tried to relax. He trusted Kongpob. And he was ready. Now he was so ready for the commitment he was once so afraid of.

"Do it."

Kongpob kissed him more passionately then before, the hand on his hip tightened and Arthit could feel his nails dig deep into his skin, sure to leave crescent indents as he growled impatiently.

His junior lifted his head, and his fevered gaze drilled into his. Kongpob's warm and soft dark eyes were replaced by the wolf's hungry ones.

Kongpob slid his hand to his throat, lowered his head, and then his lips were on Arthit's, insistent, igniting, hot. His kiss was as rough and potent as an alpha should be, sending fierce jolts of pleasure jumping along his nerves. He didn't tease, didn't coax, he simply took, claiming him with his mouth, his tongue, demanding he respond.

Exactly as he'd asked him to.

Arthit clung to him, lost in the delirious intensity, the fury of need he unleashed. And the lynx roused to his taste, his scent, to the perfect feel of his lips on his, the raw urgency of his touch. Kongpob broke the kiss, his strong body braced above his.

Suddenly he heard a growl, and a ripping sound, and before he knew it, his bermuda shorts were torn in a corner of the bed.

Oh, those were his favorite shorts.

The tanned man rose to his knees, stripped off his own swimsuit then paused. And for an endless moment he just looked at him, his gaze devouring every intimate inch of his skin, his eyes rapt, intent.

The muscles deep in Arthit's stomach throbbed in response.

"I want to feel your hands on me."

"My claws... I don't want to hurt you..." After their first time, Arthit'd been more careful, but he wasn't sure he'd be able to control them that day. He knew he'd committing himself to him, but he'd never had anything like this before. It was too intense. Too passionate. Too... everything. He was practically sure he wouldn't have been able to control his claws.

"P', please." He shivered at his whimper, that was Kongpob, not the wolf, not the alpha.

Reluctantly, he complied and put his hand on his shoulder, then he traced his sexy abs, trailed his fingertips over his jaw, plunged his hands through his thick hair. But then the wolf slanted his mouth over his, and he forgot to breathe.

The lynx thrilled at the wolf's scent at the warm, the heat emitted from his skin, the weight of his strong body on his. He stroked his hands down his back, felt the other's muscles flex under his palms, his heart-beating hard against his own.

Kongpob's warm hands roamed everywhere, blazing fire along tightly muscled thighs, his stomach, the curve of his buttocks. He gave his ass cheeks a hard squeeze, making him gasp against his mouth.

He arched against the man on top of him and moaned. The wolf made a low, rough sound of approval. And then he leant in, but instead of pressing his lips to his, he sniffed at his throat, scenting him for readiness to mate like his animal urges told him to.

"Turn around." He growled against his mouth, a deep, masculine sound that sent chills over Arthit's skin.

He froze, his heart hammering in his chest. Maybe he had underestimate this.

"Lynx." He growled at his sudden unwillingness, trying to contain himself.


Kongpob screw his eyes shut, inhaling sharply and exhaling for a long time as he gritted out his name.

"It's okay, I want this. I want you, Kong."

In one swift motion, the wolf flipped him to his stomach and growled at the opening for him to back down.

Arthit obeyed, placing his face into the pillows while dipping his back to press his hips out more, presenting himself like an omega.

The wolf crawled on top of him and relished in his warmth and scent, nuzzling into his skin and groaning possessively in his ear sinful words. His bulge pressed against his ass, revealing urgency and desire.

Arthit stiffened and a shiver crawled down his spine. In this state Kongpob remembered he couldn't simply take him, right?

He opened his eyes and stared along the bed spread just in time to see the other's hand slide under the pillow and extract a tube of lube.

Oh, thank godness.

"Relax." He felt canines graze shoulder, across ribs, before he kissed up his spine. Arthit shuddered and moaned. "Let your mate take care of you."

A hand teased claw marks down his spine, before switching to fingers when he found his hole, prepping him. The slicked fingers push against a bundle inside of him, and he bit down on the pillow in front of him as he purred, fingers clenching as the other continued to massage and assault the nerves.

He tried to spread his legs more, but the other's knees rested on the bed just outside his. He was trapped, unable to offer himself to his lover the way he desperately wanted to. He whimpered his frustration into the sheet as Kongpob kissed his neck, sucking and tasting at his skin. He wriggled beneath the wolf, but there was nothing he could do, nowhere he could go. All he could do was accept whatever his lover chose to give him.

"Ko-ng plea-ah! Ple-"

He tried to say anything coherent, but the pads of the wolf's fingers continued to flex and press right against that nerve, making his thighs quake and his core tighten.

"K-ngh... pl. Ah, shit."

"You'll have to be clearer. I can't understand you like this."


The wolf draped himself over his back, fingers still plunging into his clenching hole as his lips claimed whatever skin they could reach.

"Ah. Oh. Damn it! Claim me!" Kongpob stilled, and finally Arthit could breath. "Please. Pl-please, claim me... it hurts..."

A second later, the wolf removed his fingers from him. His body trembled from the loss. He needed Kongpob to finish what he'd started, to relieve all that pressure he'd built up inside him. The younger man pulled back from him and his hands lifted his hips up. Then he put one hand on the small of his back pressing him down into the mattress which lifted his ass even more into the air.

Arthit felt his cheeks bloom with deep, fiery red. But there was no need to be embarrassed about having his arse up in the air in offering. He was arranged the way his lover wanted, and there was nothing that could have felt more natural to him than that.

"Please?" He whispered, wiggling his butt eagerly.

The dominant male growled and thrusted in hard, bottoming out with one roll of his body, groaning at his walls clenching around his throbbing, pulsing shaft. The sudden sensation of fullness and twinge of pain drew a sharp yelp from Arthit, though the pillow muffled it somewhat.

"My mate." Kongpob growled in his ear, unable to control himself as he snapped his hips into him over and over again, a vice grip on his hips. There would be bruises there tomorrow, but something about that made it all the more appealing to him. "You take me so well. So perfect."

It was too much. He mewled, tears forming in the corners of his eyes as the pain of being stretched mingled with incredible pleasure until just a feeling of fullness had replaced all twinges of discomfort.


"You're meant to be my mate, you see it now?"

"Ungh... ah!"

Instinct bucked him back into the wolf, had him panting in time, as he moved faster, harder. Arthit felt the wolf's sheath contract violently right before he lowered his head and sank fangs into his shoulder, marking him. A pleased and possessive noise reverberates against his shoulder while a tongue lapped at the sting of his bite.

Arthit's jaw hung open with bliss, and he vaguely felt drool build up on the corner of his mouth. He couldn't find an ounce of energy to care, only focusing on the feel of him, inside him, around him. Everywhere.

The coil in his stomach became unbearable, his whole body was buzzing with the need to release. He shut his eyes, gritting his teeth as the wolf moved ruthlessly against him, craving a place deep inside of him.

Kongpob was truly an alpha and he was claiming him, his mate, in the most primal of ways.


Warm lips brushed against his forehead, his eyelids and his cheeks before they finally came to rest on his mouth. Those lips teased his with feather-light kisses, exploring and savoring until he groaned. A hand softly caressed Arthit's hair, and he smiled at its warmth.

"Ngh." Arthit grunted hearing a soft voice calling him in his sleep. His eyelids fluttered; he was apparently shaking off the heaviness of slumber. "It's time for dinner?"

"It's past midnight P'."

"What?" He jerked up, but then flinched at the brutal throbbing soreness.

"I'm sorry." The man beside him looked at him with guilty eyes. That was the first time his wolf had been in control while they had sex and now Kongpob was afraid he had gone too far. "Does it hurt much?"

"No. It really doesn't hurt."

He flinched again.

Kongpob smiled weakly. "Do not lie to me."

"It's okay. Honestly."

"It's not. I don't remember much but I think... I think my instinct took over."

"You bite me..." He mumbled, placing a hand on his bitten shoulder.

"Yeah... I'm sorry about that too..."

Closing his eyes, Arthit laid back down and tucked his head against his chest. His junior combed his hand through his hair, letting it slide through his fingers.

"Will it last?" He asked, still touching the mark on his shoulder.

"No, you're not a wolf. I'm sorry I treat you as one."

"It's fine. Everything is fine. Just... I don't remember falling asleep."

"You passed out." He tight a bit his grip around him. "You scared me to death."

The lynx just hummed. He was foolishly of him to presume it wouldn't have been all that different from their usual love sessions. It had been a lot more. In every way possible.

"But... you... you did it... right?"


"Our scents are.... You know..."

Kongpob chuckled. He pulled him up to him and tilted his head to give him better access, letting him buring his nose in the crook of his neck and, yes. Their scents were definitely mixed.

He encircled the other's neck with one arm and buried his face better in his neck. Kongpob's new scent was addicting. Again he tried to get closer but his body protested. Ached everywhere. Every muscle. Every cell. But it was a good kind of ache, sated. Satisfied.


"I'm fine. Stop acting guilty. I don't like it." He said, snuggling comfortably against him. "I'm hungry." He grumbled, trying to distract the worried man.

"Would you like-"

"No. Food. I want food and you away from my ass."

Kongpob laughed. "Ok, ok. Just kidding. I'll order room service. You in the mood for anything?"

"Pink Milk."

"Something more substantial?"



"Just... not a salad."

Kongpob laughed again. "All right. Get some sleep, I'll wake you up as soon as it arrives."

"You haven't told me yet how did you pay for all of this..." Arthit implicitly asked as he nibbled at his cake.

Kongpob was still curled around him. He had only let him go to collect the room service; he would never allow anyone to see his mate -his mate- in a moment of weakness.

"Dad help me, as a present for my employment."

Arthit stirred. "But... what about the car?"

Kongpob shrugged. "That was because mom thinks that riding a bike is very dangerous."

He looked at him in shock. He knew Kongpob's family was rich, but he obviously hadn't understood how much. "Are you for real?"

The boy shrugged again. "Well, they also wanted to celebrate the fact I found my mate. You know, for wolves it's important."

The cake fell from his hand for wonder and surprise. "Your parents know about me?"

Kongpob regarded at him worriedly. "Yes? I told them as soon as I met you."

His skin turned even more pale, and he noticeably began to breathe heavily.

Ok, maybe he was exaggerating. He had to calm down. It was fine. Also because now that their scents were mixed up everyone would have noticed anyway -Som-Oh should get the hint now-.

"P'..." He caressed his naked back, trying to comfort his best he knew how. "Ehi P', you don't have to worry. My dad likes you. "

Arthit turned in slowly to look at his future ex-boyfriend, and things turned almost creepily quiet-well, for a couple of minutes. "... pardon?"

He could clearly see the cold sweat break out in beads on his junior's temples. "No, nothing. I must have got a bit confused."

"Kongpob." He said, sternly.

"I thought you knew!"

"'I knew' what?"

"P'... " He pleaded, but Arthit's gaze didn't waver. Kongpob sighed defeatedly. "My dad is Kerkkrai Suthiluck."

"Kerkkrai... Kerkkai as..." Don't say it. Please, tell I'm wrong.

"... as the CEO of Siam Polymer Group. Yes."

Holy shit.

"And you're just telling me now? I had meetings with him!"

"Well, you were barely speaking to me back then... it didn't seem like the right moment."

"Ok, you're right. It doesn't matter, we weren't even together yet so..." The other's guilty look caused him to stop midsentence. "Kongpob, what are you not telling me?"

"P'... at the time, I didn't know you can't smell... I thought we were flirting... I thought you knew and you were ok with it..."

"Flirting? Ok with... it?" Arthit repeated startled, and then he understood the implication of his words. "Kongpob!"

"I'm sorry!"

"Tell me you're kidding..."

"... I love you...?"

"Did I... did I really go talk to your father... with your scent on me?"

"I mean..."


"I didn't know you had a meeting with him."

"That's why your father acted so weird..."


He stared blankly at the bedsheets, trying to make sense of it all.

"If it helps, I can guarantee you that he really likes you."

Arthit opened his eyes wide in surprise as he turned to him. Then suddenly he punched him in the shoulder.

"P'..." He whimpered. The younger man let him complain another bit then spoke again. "Uhm... well, since you now know... would you like to meet my family? Like, officially?"


"I'm sure they'll love you. Well, I know it, actually."

Incapable of thinking straight, he could do nothing but repeat his name for the umpteenth time.

"I love you P'."

"You're exhausting."

"But you love me, right?"

"Yeah, whatever."

"I love you P'."

He glared at him, he knew he'd insisted until he gave in. "I love you." He mumbled, munching the chocolate cake. Kongpob beamed and opened his mouth to make some smart comeback, but before he could say anything he shoved a slice of cake in his mouth. "Eat, don't ruin the moment."

Kongpob just laughed, wholeheartedly. And in that moment Arthit felt happy, content, sated.

Damn. He'd really fallen in love with a cheesy annoying wolfball.