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I can take it

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Katsuki shivered violently as a small sound slipped out around the ball wedged in his teeth. The ropes pulled taut as he flexed his biceps uselessly; his arms tied expertly behind his back. His toes curled as he fought against the delicious sensation rippling through his body.

Cool metal dug into his cock, and he would never admit that the damned thing had held off his orgasm at least four times in the past fifteen minutes.

He was on his knees, cheek pressed into the bed, covered in sweat and trembling and nothing had touched him but the fucking bullet vibes strapped to his cock and perineum. 

A whine filtered out when a big hand stroked his lower back. “You’re doing so good Kat. Ready for the next step?” Katsuki grunted and wiggled slightly in lieu of being able to talk. 

“Do you remember how to tell me if it’s too much?” Katsuki wiggled his bound hands at Eijirou, showing he still had a hold of the pink princess wand. All he had to do was drop it, and Eijirou would stop and untie him. 

Good boy .” Eijirou purred, and god damn if Katsuki didn’t like the way that made him feel. Katsuki heard the pop of the lube’s lid and jerked when the cold liquid dribbled onto his ass, dripping slowly down his taint and balls. 

Eijirou’s finger quickly ran through it and teased Katsuki’s fluttering hole. Every hair on his body rose as Eijirou’s finger edged inside. “ Breathe Kat.” Katsuki’s breath whooshed out, before sucking back in greedily. 

“Make sure to keep breathing yeah? I don’t want you to pass out before we get to the main event.”

Katsuki growled, but it tapered off into a whimper when Eijirou slipped a second finger in to start scissoring him open. “Fuck Kat, you’re so tight! Have you ever even fingered yourself before?” 

Katsuki huffed and growled. Of course he hadn’t. He’d barely even touched his cock. Never really much had the urge to, but fuck ! If he’d ever been able to make himself feel half as good as this, he’d have done it more often. 

Eijirou curled his fingers, seemingly intent on something, when he hit something

Katsuki jolted, nearly dropping the wand, a wrecked moan garbling out, as what felt like a jolt of electricity zapped up his spine and his vision sparkled. “ There it is.” Eijirou murmured as he hit the spot ruthlessly. 

Katsuki’s fingers clenched so hard on the wand, he thought it might snap. The sounds ripped from Katsuki’s gut sounded more animal than human, “God, fuck Kat, you’re so fuckin hot !” 

Katsuki whimpered as his cock twitched, but he didn’t cum...again. It fucking hurt like hell, but he wasn’t about to tap out. He said he could take whatever Eijirou threw at him, and fuck if he was going back on his word now

Katsuki hadn’t noticed that Eijirou had worked his way up to four fingers until he pulled out. Katsuki whined pathetically and Eijirou chuckled, “I know baby, hang on.” 

Katsuki shuddered as Eijirou slipped two vibrating eggs into Katsuki’s ass before lining up his freshly lubed cock and starting to slide in. “Oh god-oh fuck-Kat you’re so goddamned tight !” 

The vibrating eggs, combined with the cock that was definitely bigger than the four fingers that had just been in there, had him clenching his ass out of instinct. The sinful moan that was ripped from Eijirou, made Katsuki’s eyes roll. 

Eijirou started pressing in slowly, shivering as the eggs were shoved deeper at the tip of his cock. Eijirou’s fingers gripped Katsuki’s hips so hard, there were sure to be bruises later. 

Katsuki could feel the burning stretch of Eijirou’s cock splitting him open, and he growled. 

His cheek was sticky and wet, from lying in his own drool that dribbled unchecked from his mouth. The ball gag chafed the corners of his lips, and his jaw ached from being held open for so long. 

His arms were beginning to go numb from the angle they were tied in, but he loved every single sensation that Eijirou was wringing from him.

He gripped the pink wand tighter, worried he would drop it, between the numbness and the new sensation of Eijirou’s monster cock spearing him. Eijirou finally bottomed out and he paused, trying to catch his breath, while Katsuki shifted restlessly below him. 

“F-fuck Katsuki! I don’t know how long I’m gonna last. You’re so fuckin tight !” He groans and adds with a whimper, “And hot ! Fuck I didn’t think you’d be so hot inside.” Eijirou ruts into him harshly a few times and keens .

He suddenly yanks Katsuki up by the throat, gagging him momentarily, and running his other hand low on Katsuki’s abdomen. “Fuck Kat, look how deep I am.” Katsuki looks down as Eijirou rubs the distended bump of his cock through Katsuki’s belly. 

Katsuki moans as his neglect cock bobs, tip an angry purple. Eijirou starts fucking him again as the hand palming the bulge slips down to start stoking Katsuki’s cock. Katsuki drops his head back, whining as his cock twitches pathetically in Eijirou’s large hand. 

Katsuki wasn’t sure how Eijirou would know if Katsuki dropped the wand at this angle, but hoped like hell he would just keep fucking him. 

Every time Eijirou’s cock slammed home, he tortured himself with the eggs against the tip of his dick, and the bullet at Katsuki’s perineum, pressing against his balls. Eijirou was getting close, his hips began to lose rhythm, and he started whimpering. 

He was ruthlessly jacking Katsuki's cock, until he whimpered, "Gonna cum!" Without warning, Eijirou yanked off Katsuki's cock ring and bit down on his shoulder. 

Katsuki screamed .

His vision went white and sparkly as agonizing fire ripped through his spine. His entire body clenched and shook with the force of his orgasm. 

Eijirou gasped, and shivered as Katsuki's body milked him dry. Katsuki moaned as his belly swelled and then went boneless. 

Eijirou lowered Katsuki back down and slowly pulled out, earning a moan from the both of them. He only watched for a moment as Katsuki's ass dribbled cum while trying to squeeze down on nothing. 

Katsuki was still twitching and moaning from the vibrators, and Eijirou chuckled before gently tugging on the string for the eggs. Katsuki growled at the sensation, and then sighed in relief when the bullets were finally turned off and removed as well.

Eijirou gathered a warm towel and started cleaning up the mess on Katsuki, and helping him lie down straight on his stomach, before chuckling and rubbing the fingers still clenched on the stupid pink wand.

Katsuki grunted as Eijirou gently peeled open his fingers and set aside the wand, before untying his arms. 

Eijirou frowned and rubbed gently at the marks before helping him rotate his shoulders into a comfortable position. 

Finally he removed the gag and wiped his face with a, now cool, clean wet cloth. "I'm sorry if the ropes were too tight. Did your arms get numb?" Katsuki grunted, "S'fine."

Eijirou rolled his eyes, " No Kat. It's not fine. If the ropes are too tight for too long, it can cause permanent damage." Katsuki grumbled, "Liked it." Eijirou tilted his head, "Liked what exactly?" 

Katsuki frowned as his mushy brain tried to form a coherent sentence. "Liked...not bein' in control. with you." Eijirou grinned, "I'm glad."

He turned thoughtful, "Though maybe next time we can do it without the cock ring and gag. I kinda wanna see how many times I can make you cum before you start crying." 

Katsuki growled and shoved at Eijirou's face halfheartedly, "Tch! Ain't gonna cry." Eijirou chuckled darkly, "We'll see about that."