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Louis tomlinson was chilling in his room with his boyfriend Harry when suddenly Louis VXI and Louis the vampire suddenly appeared.
“What” Harry explained, falling off his chair?
“Why are they louiseses in my room?” Louis said.
“I am Louis XVI the king of France. Idk why I’m here I think I was supposed to be on my way to be beheaded so I’m glad for the distraction.”
“Oh funky,” Louis said.
“I’m a vampire and I heard about Louises being here so I thought I’d join the party.”
“Harry and I were having an entirely ungay night tonight, at least according to Simon Cow.”
“Ooh I wonder if Lestat will fall from the ceiling.”
“Does he do that often?” Louis XVI asked
“No but I think he would.”
Louis kissed Harry
All the Loiseux and harry exited the room persued by a bear. The bear spontaneously combusted and the fire alarm went off.
“WTF happened in here???” the fire guy said angrily
“A bear spontaneously combusted oui oui.” Louis said.
“Man what are you wearing?”
“I’ll have you know that this is the height of fasion.”
“Maybe in the 1700s or whatever.”
“Is it not the 1700s?”
“Nah brah it’s 2021,” some weird skater boi sailed past.
“Do you want to go have a date Harry and I are going to.”
“Yeah sure I’ll date the other Louis.”
“I ship it,” the fireguy said and left.
“As you know, we were going to have dinner.”
“I didn’t know that but ok,” Louis replied.
The Louisessssssssss cartwheeled down the road. Harry skated alongside them on the skateboard he had stolen from the skaterboy.
“Edwin Cullen?” Louis exclaimed angrily.
“It’s Edward you degenerate. What are you doing on my lawn.”
“We’re on a road,” Harry said confusedly.
“Not question the Twilight king.”
“You didn’t deserve Bella, I bet she broke up with you.” Louis said
Edward looked angey and jumped at Louis so harry uprooted a pole and tried to stab him to defend his boi.
Eddy dodged.
“I’ll be back for you meddlesome kids,” he said while shaking his fist.
“You do realise that I’m older than you, sparkly,” Louis the vampire said.
Eddy got in his car and started speeding.