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And Now Your Role Is Mine To Play

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How can something break more than once?

 That was the very question Penelope had been asking herself for years, ever since that rainy day when her hat had blinded Colin and had him falling on his face. She had been so worried, both at the idea of causing someone pain and at the thought of her mother’s scolding should she have heard about it. Instead, the drenched boy had laughed at the puddle he found himself in, looking up with green eyes full of glee as he held out the cap to her

He didn’t know he had picked up her heart at the same time.

Yet over the years, she didn’t know how much she would grow to hate that meeting.
She would never change it should she had the choice; it was because of Colin that she met Eloise, the girl who was more of a sister then the ones who shared her name, and through them the entire Bridgerton family.

 For the first time in her life, she had felt like she finally belonged somewhere.

She couldn’t help but cycle through the endless moments her mind contained

 Violet asking her about her schooling while making snacks for her and Eloise to munch on. Telling her how proud she was whenever Penelope showed her an aced exam or A graded paper.

Daphne asking her to go on a girl’s day with her, needing to talk to someone who she knew would give her the truth without sugar coating it. She was worried about her and Simon, about how scared she was about falling so hard so fast for a man who was known for his distaste to commitment.

She had watched the girl ramble, talking about the upcoming date she was going on, worried because despite dating for a few short months she feared that maybe there was something about her that would change his mind

Instead of saying anything Penelope had handed her a dress she found, a deep blue that shimmered and sparked like stars flying through the night.

“if you think that way, she had said, handing her a pair of heels she thought would pair well with the dress” “then you will be that way, and considering that you have been together four months and he has met your family “she now pushed the girl into the dressing room. “I would say he quite likes you the way you are”.

When she came out, Penelope gently led her to the floor length mirror that was awaiting outside the dressing room. “Besides” she said, smoothing out the wrinkles before meeting her eyes in their reflection. “If he was willing to sit through that joint Bridgerton- Feathertington party where Prudence insisted upon showing her vocal talents then he is absolutely, assuredly in love with you”.

She smiled brightly when the older girl answered her with a loud snort that had a few other customers looking over, and Penelope couldn’t help but snort with her.

She thought about Benedict deciding that it was time for her and Eloise to have “the talk” and Anthony had bludgeoned him with the throw pillows, yelling to not say such vulgar things
who then unfortunately gave the very talk himself after the probing from both girls, who were treated to the much more PG version that Benedict had been elaborating on.

She still laughs when she remembers the pantomiming he did behind Anthony. Her cheeks sore by the time she went home, having had to keep in the laughter to spare Benedict’s life (and Anthony’s sanity)

Yet her fondest memories all revolved around the third eldest brother.

Colin who had taken her and Eloise to their very first concert, beaming when he returned from the vendor with a shirt just for her (I gotta make sure you always remember this day he had said, gently placing the shirt in her shell-shocked hands (thankfully Eloise gave her the time to recoup as she bemoaned about the betrayal by her own kin).

When he threw the shirt at her after coming back the second time, she was well enough to offer him back a shy mile. Cheeks aflame that she swore was a result of the crowd around them.

Colin who had taken her hand and led her to the dancefloor at Daphne’s wedding, swaying lightly as he questioned how much trouble he would be in if he were to swipe some frosting from the cake a few meters away

(quite a bit in fact, as the swipe turned into a piece that he shared with her after the scolding. She watched intently as he swiped at the bit of frosting on his lip excusing herself to the bathroom, hoping that the water would wash away all fantasies that had flashed through her mind.

It was Colin who had taught her to drive when her mother waved of her request to be taught. Tutting as she declared “Where do you need to go? Your only friend is across the street”

When she had made her way over to that very friends’ house, Colin was the one who opened the door, smile dropping when he saw her dower demeanor, asking what was wrong.

After she had calmed him down, insisting while laughing that “No you do not need to go over to give her a piece of your mind” and pleas for him to not in fact, key her mother’s car. He declared that he would teach her

She had gawked at him at first, heart thumping in both joy and dread at the thought of spending all that time with him. Yet her head was shaking yes before she could even weigh the pros and cons.

When she had showed up after her test, grinning widely as she held up the newly acquired ID he had nearly tackled her in excitement. Shouting praise as he picked her up and swung her in a hug that nearly knocked over the approaching Eloise. When he placed her back on the ground at the request (or rather demand) of Eloise who yelled about him hogging her best friend,  his hands were still clasped tightly around her waist, eyes soft and smile gentle.

She wondered what would it be like now had she kissed him in that moment.

Yet for every moment that Colin Bridgerton made her heart soar, there was always one where he shattered it to pieces

Like the time she and Eloise had one of their sleepovers. Colin had been out most of the day, getting drinks with some friends at a nearby club. When he came home, minutes short of the clock striking 12 he walked through the door. Like some drunken Cinderella. grin sly and hair rumpled. She could see the shades of red that danced along his neck, the impressions that had smeared onto the collar of his shirt.

Or the time he left her waiting by the curb, promising her he would pick her up for a movie the two were both excited for She had waited nearly an hour, shivering in the cool autumn weather before making her way back to her house.

She got a call 2 hours later, Colin apologizing profusely as to how he had lost track of time, about how the new barista at the café by his work was gorgeous and flirty and god pen she was bloody amazing. When he told her, he would take her to the late showing she feigned a cough, and that it was okay and they could just see it another day.

She hung up before he even uttered a single vowel of her name.

Time and time again he held her heart in his hands, time and time again he crushed it without even knowing it, and yet with the same unawareness he had of breaking it, he would do something, say something, that began the reconstruction all over again.

Today, on the day of her 18th birthday, was the day where she knew that it was now beyond repair.

Her birthdays were always a day she would rather forget, a day that growing up was treated like any other day by her mother and sisters. After meeting Eloise and becoming an unofficial Bridgerton herself, she finally believed that it was a day worth celebrating.

Every year since the household would throw a party for her. An entirely to elaborate affair that at first, she was vehemently opposed to, telling them she wasn’t worth the effort.

After the resounding sound of 8 (now 9 with Daphne’s marriage to Simon, who developed a surprising close friendship with Penelope) voices yelling that she in fact, was worth it, did she concede to the celebrations.

She now looked forward to the day more than anything.

Except today

The party was the same as it was every year, loud and exciting. Her favorite food sprawled about the table, streamers and balloons in her favorite colors dancing along the walls and doorways. A massive cake that remained hidden until it was time to bring it out (Violet no longer trusted Colin with them out) and a pile of presents rested near the couch.

It was the same as always and it was beautiful, except for one thing

Except for the fact that during that summer, some long distinct cousin of her fathers was sent to spend the days at the Featherington house. The girl, Marina, was an absolute burden in her mother’s eyes.

To Penelope she was wonderful

Which is exactly why she had asked her to come to the party too.

Things had gone so well at first, as she made her way around the house, introducing her forgotten family to her found one. Everyone seemed to like Marina, and Marina liked them

It was perfect

Until it wasn’t

Until she made it to Colin

As she was making introductions, she heard her words start to fade as she looked at the two. Both were staring, mouths slightly agape before jumping into shy grins as Penelope stopped talking.

Her heart didn’t break in that moment, it barely cracked.

Yet the hours went on, games were played, films were watched and food was devoured.

And through each of them Penelope watched as the boy she loved for most of her life mooned over a girl he had just met.

Every laugh, every smile, every playful slap and exclamation of “Colin!” Chipped away at it bit by bit.

It wasn’t until Violet had pulled out the cake and Penelope decided to take a moment outside to get some air that it became nothing but dust

Right there, under the soles of Colin’s shoes as he pressed Marina into the wall, one hand tangled in his hair while the other pulled at his shirt

She couldn’t stop the gasp that was ripped from her as the two jumped apart. She could only stare blankly at the two flushed people before her, eyes glossy and panting.

It looked like nobody was going to say anything, not even the birds in the trees or the crickets in the lawn thought it best to interfere in what was the worst moment of Penelope’s life.

The standoff continued a moment longer, before Penelope, surprising herself, spoke up first.

“If you’re quite finished snogging the life out of each other, we’re about to do the cake” she had said, her voice dull and faded before she turned about to leave.


“Pen, wait I”

She heard the chorus of her name behind her but she didn’t look back, the tears already threatening to fall lest she turn around. Instead, she marched her way into the room with the others, the candles on the cake now aglow.

“Penelope where have you been? “Eloise asked as she made her way towards her, looping her arm through hers and guiding her to the table.

She took a breath before steeling herself, a smile forced upon her lips that she hoped was concealed by the dim lighting.

Just needed some air, it’s a bit too hot with all of us in it.

“Ah yes, my presence does have that effect” she heard Benedict say, her eyes drawn to his voice, lest so by the words and more to ignore the two figures that now entered the room.

She didn’t turn to look at them, focusing her attention on Benedict, but she could see them a bit from the corner of her eye.

Marina looked frazzled; eyes cast downwards with her hands clamped together. She looked regretful

She wondered if she now realized that Colin was the Bridgerton brother she has mentioned on one of her first days in the house. If she recalled the way Penelope had swooned about the brother of her best friend who was just so wonderful

Her heart was still in pieces outside, but the hollow that was left did ache at the girl’s forlorn expression. She was not a bad person, not in the slightest. She couldn’t fault the girl for being wooed by Colin’s charm, after all, she had been under his spell for years now.

At the thought of his name, her eyes flickered to the boy.

Marina had looked shaken, but Colin, for some reason looked distraught. His eyes lasered in on Penelope, so much so that she swore she could feel the heat of his gaze. For a brief moment, she had hope, hope that the look meant something. But he had given her lots of looks throughout the years, and they amounted to nothing more than broken dreams and trash bins full of tissues

No, he was probably embarrassed, or ashamed that he was caught necking his dear friend’s cousin, A violation of some bro code he had in his mind.

As Violet gently guided her to the cake, as the sounds of “Happy Birthday” began she decided then and there that instead of a wish, she would make a promise.
A promise to move on from Colin Bridgerton, to find a man who would love her like her friends said she deserved to be loved. Someone who looked at her like she hung the very moon and stars, for their eyes only.

Someone who looked at her the way she would no longer look at Colin

For the first time since he entered the room, Penelope looked up at him, Blue Steel meeting Forest Green. As if to let him know exactly what she had resolved herself to do.

And she blew