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Finding Where I Belong-The Pack

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Bella POV
I can’t believe him!

That asshole really took me out to the woods to beak-up with me. Telling me that he was tired of playing human that I was nothing but a pet. Not only that, but my so called “family” left with him.
I take in my surroundings realizing that I have been out here a good while ranting to myself. I check my cell and see that I have no reception out here. That’s just great, guess I will have to wait until I have to get home to call my brother and yell at him for abandoning me like this.
I slowly find my way home seeing that Charlie isn’t home, guess that he is staying the night with his girlfriend…. Again. The Cullen’s never knew that I was basically living on my own, that Charlie is never here. Since he got this girlfriend I never see or even hear from him anymore.

After James’ attach Jasper and I grew closer, he even gave me his phone number without Edward’s knowing just in case I needed him. We both knew that Edward wouldn’t like it so we kept the fact that we
had gotten so close a secret from everyone. I am sure Alice knew, but she never said anything about it. Sometimes we would meet up just the two of us whenever I found the opportunity to get away from Edward.

I know everything about Jasper, I even know about the Major. He was worried about telling me about his past, especially his time with Maria but nothing Jasper could tell me would’ve ever changed my mind about him. He really is my brother in every way, I would die for him and I know that without a doubt he would do the same for me.
He told me everything Maria made him do. He told me how he sired both Peter and Charlotte during is time in the Newborn Army, and how when Char’s newborn year was up and it was his job to dispose of her that he allowed Peter and Char to run, then a year later they came back for him and showed him that there was another way to live. If I ever meet them I am going to have to thank them because if it wasn’t for them then I wouldn’t have my brother in my life.

I only saw the Major once. Everyone went to hunt one day and Jasper was the one that had to accompany me to school that day, Edward didn’t like it but Jasper was the only one that didn’t need to hunt. That day Mike Newton decided to get a little handsy with me seeing as Edward wasn’t there to do anything about it. The moment Jasper’s whole demeanor changed I knew who it was and I knew that I had to get them out of there before he murdered Mile in front of the whole school.

Jasper was walking me to the cafeteria when I saw Angela waving me over. She looked distraught so I knew right away something was wrong.

“Hey Jas can you get me something to eat while I go talk to Ang really quick?”

“No problem darlin, I will be at our usual table.”

I walk over to Ang, “what’s up Ang, where’s Ben?”

“Hey Bella that’s actually why I waved you over. Ben and I broke up, is there anyway I can stay over at yours tonight?”

“Oh Ang, of course how about after school you meet me at mine and we can rent horrible movies and eat tons of junk food.”

“Thanks Bella you’re an amazing friend.”

As I was making my way back over to Jasper Mike Newton decided that it was smart to slap my ass.

“Damn Bella you’re looking really good in those Jeans. Have you had enough of Cullen yet? I am sure you would enjoy being in my bed a lot more than his.” He then winked at me.

Before I can say anything to him I feel Jasper’s presence next to me, but when I look up at him I can see how tense and ridged he is and when I look into his eyes they’re pitch black. ‘This can’t be good the Major has come out to play’ I think to myself.

“Mike I suggest that if you want to keep your hand so that you can continue to pleasure yourself that you keep it to yourself. Do I make myself clear?” The Major is glaring daggers at Mike. I see Mike gulp and nod his head, before anything else can happen I drag the Major out of the cafeteria and away from the other students.

“Thanks Major I appreciate it, I think you made him pee himself.” I can’t help but laugh thinking about the look on Mike’s face.

The Major smirks at this. “how did you know that I wasn’t Jasper sugar?”

“Your posture is completely different from Jasper.

He smirks at me again, “well sugar I think you are the first person who has ever been able to tell the difference right away without me having to speak, but I think I should let Jasper come back now before I decide to murder that child in front of the whole school.”

“Understood, thank you again Major.”

“Anytime Sugar.”

End Flashback

I can’t help but smile fondly at that memory. That was the day that Jasper realized even the Major saw me as family and as someone that was to be protected. That’s why when Edward told me they were leaving I was taken aback because I was sure at least Jasper would tell me bye. Maybe I should just call him let him know I don’t blame him.

Before I could lose the courage I dial his number, but it goes straight to voicemail. I chose to leave a voicemail so that way I can say what he needed to hear and he could choose whether or not he wanted to call me back.

“Hey big bro….”