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Reboot Restart Relocate

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Her mind is floating. Free. The sound of water hitting a flat surface echoes in my head, but she doesn't have the energy to figure out where the sound it coming from.

Her eyes are closed, but she is fully awake and aware of everything. She can smell the salt in the air and hear the white noise in her ears. When she clench her hands into fists, sand is molded into her palms and sticks underneath her nails.

The white noise in her ears ring out and dampen. She hear an annoyed voice calling out to her.

"Hey... Muku, you dumbass, can you hear me? Are you dead?"

A pathetic noise escapes the back of her throat, as if she's begging to stay on the ground with her eyes closed. Instincts, however, kick in, so she opens her eyes.

Her vision is blurry. She blinks multiple times to be able to make out the figure in front of her. Or, more accurately, above her.


"That was quite a fall, sis. For a soldier, you sure do have some big ass feet, huh?" Junko giggles a little, but the smile doesn't reach her eyes. "I don't blame you, though. I mean... that was some pretty crazy stuff that happened."

"Crazy... stuff?" Mukuro's voice sounds raspy and confused. She swallow the dry lump in her throat to be able to continue. "What...?"

"What kind of memory do you have? Remember that crazy shit from earlier?"

Right. The crazy stuff that happened earlier... Mukuro retreats inside of her mind, thinking from her own perspective...

- - - - -

The day was relatively normal... As normal as it can be with a loudmouth for a little sister and an exceptional school in front of you.

Hope's Peak Academy.

This is no ordinary school. Far from it. It accepts students from all over the world to be enrolled into their school.

There have been many complaints to the school that talents like "The Ultimate Pickpocket" and "The Ultimate Arsonist" shouldn't be considered talents and that they should be in jail.

Some people think that my Ultimate Soldier title shouldn't be one if the forums are up to date.

Right. I guess I haven't introduced myself. My name is Mukuro Ikusaba, and my little sister, Junko Enoshima, is walking ahead of me to get into the school.

She's always loved Hope's Peak Academy, and it's no wonder she was chosen as Ultimate Fashionista. With how successful she has been doing with her magazines, it's hard to think that she'd come here for another talent.

But she could have: Ultimate Analyst. Junko is extremely smart, but Hope's Peak Academy must not have seen her intellect. How could they? Junko has been hiding her smarts so she could be a diva.

I'll always be proud of her no matter what, so I can let that slide. But I won't have her talking down on herself like she usually does when she is bored.

I smile softly as I watch Junko skip towards the school. She's wearing her favorite black blazer that shows off her chest, sleeves rolled up above her elbows, and her red mini skirt. In Junko's pigtailed hair is a bunny clip and a red and white bow. Her boot-heels are black and click against the ground on every step.

"Come on you slow poke," Junko looks back at me with a huff, cheeks puffing out.

I look down at the ground to prepare myself. Am I ready? Do I look ok? I'm wearing a simple black t-shirt and tan camo pants tucked into my black combat boots, brown gloves on my hands to hide my Fenrir tattoo. On one thigh is a gun holster with a M9, and the other thigh has a combat knife.

Junko scoffs and grabs my trembling hands in her steady ones. "Don't worry, sis! If you end up embarrassing yourself in front of the others, I won't laugh too hard!"

That's reassuring.

I nod and take a step forward. I've always wanted to connect with people. I've always wanted to be closer to others. I've always...


What's happening?

Before my very eyes the worlds glitches and black spots appear in my eyes. I squeeze my eyes shut.

It's completely silent.

Opening my eyes, a void surrounds me. Junko is nowhere in sight. As I'm about to cry out for my sister, wondering about her safety, a door appears in front of me. The void begins to swirls and green glitches occupy some of the darkness of the void.

Should I... go through the door? What if there's a threat on the other side? But what if it's Junko? She wasn't happy the last time I thought I heard an enemy and ended up attacking her.

Taking a deep breath, I sigh. This is fine. It's just... maybe I have food poisoning and this is a horrible hallucination.

I walk forward to the brown door, and it slides open to reveal a bright, white light. My eyes burn at the light, but I keep walking forward...

Into a... classroom?

Fifteen pairs of eyes turn my way as soon as I enter. One of them I recognize right away.

"Junko!" I step into the classroom and rush to Junko. She scoffs at my worry.

"What? Did you think I was dead or something?"

"N-No, you just disappeared and--"

"Hold on," A calm voice interrupts from my right. I look over to a very stoic girl with light purple hair and cold lavender eyes. "Who are you?"

I feel my face heat up in embarrassment. "O-Oh, I'm--"

"No need," A very tall blond male sneers from the front of the classroom. "We don't need names right now; we need answers."


Junko laughs, covering her mouth with her hand. "Wait, you think Muku can give you your answers? Pfft! She may look the part, but she doesn't have those book smarts,"

"You two know each other, I presume?" A gothic girl stands neutrally near the back wall. Her drilled hair shakes as she looks away quickly to mutter. "Things are certainly getting curiouser and curiouser."

"Um..." An ordinary boy sitting at one of the desks next to a blue-haired girl clears his throat. "Can I ask a question?"

The blond from earlier smirks and nods. "Ask away. If it has something to do with our predicament, I can allow it to pass,"

The boy blinks. "Oh, uh. Well... weren't we supposed to have some sort of opening ceremony?"

An orange-haired boy stands abruptly from his desk and puts his hands up. "I was never told about some opening ceremony! What the hell even is this?"

A small, fragile looking girl wrings her hands together and looks away with tears in her eyes. "Maybe everyone isn't here yet and they're setting the ceremony up?"

A boy dressed in all white puts his fist up in a commanding way. "That's a perfect observation! The teachers wanted us to have a surprise ceremony!"

"What kinda fucking logic is that?" A boy with a long pompadour haircut rolls his lavender eyes. "If we already know about the damn ceremony, why the hell would they make it a surprise?"

"Watch your language! This is a school environment, and that kind of bad mouth will make me report you to the headmaster!"

"Headmaster shmeadmaster! I want fuckin' answers!"

"Quiet. Now," The blond demands of the two. "I was about to discuss that when everyone arrived."

The strict boy nods his head. "That reminds me!" He dramatically points in my direction and begins to yell. "Your tardiness is absolutely inexcusable! I should report you to the headmaster and take you to detention!"

Junko curls her lip. "Ugh, don't listen to the hardass. He's all talk,"

"This is everyone anyway, so we should move on,"

"How'd you know this is everyone?!" A tan male with wild hair loudly questions. "Do you have some sort of ESP or something?! I thought that was my talent..."

The blond huffs. "This is everyone because there are sixteen desks, and that girl came in last. I think the math should be obvious,"

A large and buff warrior girl nods her head. "I see. Since she's the last to arrive, then the class should be full,"

"Hmph. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out,"

This guy will be the death of me.

"So wh-what do we talk about?" A timid girl spat at us. She shuffles on her feet and wrings her hands together. "Who brought u-us to this cl-classroom?"

"You don't have to sound so mean when you say it," A tan and busty girl pouts from beside the warrior.

"There is one thing I want to ask everyone. And be honest," The purple-haired girl speaks up. My eyes turn to her only to see her staring at me. "Does anyone here remember coming to this classroom?"

I try to think back. I remember walking through the airport and being picked up by Junko in her limousine. I remember standing at the school's front, talking to Junko. Then... nothing.

The girl continues, paying no mind to our shocked faces. "Before I knew what was happening, I woke up here. I find that strange, and I don't think I was the only one,"

"This is not natural," The blond mutters and pushes his glasses up. "Your stupid faces confirm the fact that you all agree with me."

"Hm, yes, I can say that I do agree with you," An obese male agrees with the blond. He pauses before gasping. "What do you mean by 'stupid'?!"

"As soon as I entered the school, I was struck by an inexplicable dizziness. After that, I found myself outside of this very classroom," The blond continues, ignoring the obese male. "I assume everyone else was the same?"

"Well... yes," I feebly answered.

"Wait!" The tan male from earlier exclaims. "It wasn't just me?! I wasn't high?!"

"High...?" A confused noise left my throat. I look to Junko miserably. "Is that one of those 'slang' terms you told me?"

Junko shakes her head and clicks her tongue. "Oh, you poor girl. I'll tell you later,"

"For everyone to suddenly get dizzy at the same time..." The purple-haired girl puts a hand to her chin. "That's not a coincidence."

"There's another issue at hand," The goth hums. Her red eyes look to the door. "It appears that we cannot leave. Some of us have tried the door, but it won't open."

The small girl trembles. "We... We can't leave...?"

The warrior nods. "Yes. I have tried using my raw strength against the door, but alas... it wouldn't open. Even with my strength,"

Junko scoffs. "I doubt it. Muku, open the door,"

I jump at the command, standing tall. I turn and head towards the door. Placing my hand on the knob, I twist and pull... and pull... and pull...

"Ugh, don't look so stupid, dummy! I know you haven't been in contact with the outside world in, like, three years, but come on," Junko sounds annoyed. "Punch the damn thing open."

I raise my fist and drive it forward, but it bounces off of the door. I stumble back and shake my hand at the searing pain that shot through it.

"As I told you," I turn to face the warrior. Her white hair covers her face ominously, leaving a shadow over her eyes. "The door won't open."

"Maybe it just needs a little tool power for it to work," Junko gestures to me again. "Use your gun!"

"Her WHAAAAAAAAAAT?!" The obese male scream in fear and ducks behind the nearest person, who just so happens to be the pompadour male.

"Uh, Junko..." A nervous smile creeps onto my face. "I know I haven't been... up to speed, as you say, but I don't think using a gun to shoot the door is ok."

"At least you have common sense in place of... her," The blond glares at Junko, who's looking at her long, red nails.

I swallow the lump in my throat that begs to be let out. I always try to defend my sister no matter what, but she doesn't want me to do that anymore. She says she can handle herself, so I trust her.

"But why won't it open?" The blue-haired girl finally speaks up. She puts a finger to her chin. "It's... weird."

"It opened when I came into the classroom, but for it to lock as soon as I entered..." The goth hides her mouth behind her hand, but I can hear the smirk in her tone. "It makes you wonder, yes?"

"W-We're locked inside," The depressing girl with braids shuffles further into her seat.

Locked... inside? I want to disprove that theory and rip the door open so we can all escape... but I can't. If I tried to get the door open and I couldn't, then there's no way we can escape.

Anxiety weighs heavy on my shoulders, and despair twists my stomach. What if we die in here?

"Ah!" The obese male points his finger up and grins. "I have an idea! What if... this is a secret exam?"

The strict male shakes his head. "The school never said anything about a secret exam! I would have read about it before I came here!"

That's... the point of it being a secret?

The pompadour male groans. "That's the point of it being secret, dumbass,"

"Ah! That's not it! This isn't an entwance exam!"

Did... Did a mew voice come from nowhere? I look around in bemusement only to see everyone else do the same.

"... What was that just now?" The blond uncrosses his arms to glare at everyone.

"Yo, legs, what the fuck was that baby noise you made?" The orange-haired boy looks away and ruffles his hair.

"Wh--?! Legs?!" The blond seems offended. He makes a low noise in his throat from annoyance. "Nevermind that. That sound didn't come from someone like me."

"Then who was it?" I ask.

"Um, it was meee!" The voice squeaks again. My head tilts to the side and I stare at the podium.

"Uh, I think it's coming from--"

"Behind the podium!" Junko flips her hair and grins. I sigh.

"Behind the podium?" The ordinary boy looks at the podium.

The voice giggles childishly. "Bingo! It seems everyone’s here, so wet's begin!"

The podium began to shake and shimmy, causing the blond to back away from it. Something thumps against the ground then it pops up...

A rabbit?

A pristine white rabbit pops up from behind the podium. It's dressed in a pink, frilly skirt and a matching pink bib. On it's back is a pair of white wings and a pink bow rests on it's right ear. In it's right paw is an elegant looking wand as it sparkles and shines.

"What the...?" The ordinary boy trails off. He stares in disbelief at the rabbit.

"What is th-that thing?" The depressing girl curls in on herself and trembles.

"It's a stuffed animal," The stoic girl curiously takes a step forward.

"...Thaaat's wight. I'm a stuffed doll. I'm made of felt," The rabbit blushes and raises the wand in the air. "My name is 'Magical Girl Miwacle ★ Usami'... but you can just call me Usami!"

Usami... the Magical Girl Miracle? Is this some kind of game? Just as this whole situation couldn't get any weirder...

"I'm your teacher, everyone. Pweased to meet you!"

"Our... teacher?" I ask confused.

That doesn't make any sense... Aren't teachers supposed to be alive? And... human?

"Waaaaaaah!" The tan male drops to his knees and begins to pray, tears pricking the corners of his eyes. "I knew it! An evil spirit possessed this stuffed rabbit!"

The blue-haired girl grabs at the pink bow adorning her schoolgirl outfit. "Am... Am I hallucinating? Is this real?"

"W-We see it, too," The strict male stammers out. His expression is shocked, but quickly returns to one of respect. "I see! Pleased to meet you, Teacher Usami!"

The braided girl glares at the boy. "Don't j-just give in l-like that!"

"Hmph," The blond male crosses his arms and lifts his head snobbishly. "Not that it matters. This is nothing more than a stuffed animal--a remote controlled one, at that."

"While that may be true, that leaves me to wonder," The girl with light purple hair cups her chin with her leather-bound fingers. Her eyes stare into the beaded black dots of Usami. "Who's controlling you?"

The rabbit blushes and looks away. "O-Oh... Well, nobody's contwolling me! In fact, I'm 100% a weal natuwal wabbit!"

My brows furrow. "Wait, but--"

Usami waves her wand in the air, sparkles coming from the end. "Now that intwoductions are out of the way! I'm hewe to supewvise this field twip!"

"A... field trip?" The goth girl tilts her head.

"Preposterous! We're in Hope's Peak Academy, so where exactly are we going for a... 'field trip'?" The blond male steps back a half step, and his face turns slightly red.

"Yeah, you silly rabbit!" Junko laughs and twirls her strawberry blonde hair.

Usami seemingly ignores everyone, twirling around magically. "Let's get going! Your fun field twip starts nooow!"

The wand in Usami's hand sparkles and explodes in a shower of purple and pink gradients. The room begins to tremble, prompting the sitting students to stand from their desks. The walls collapse and disappear, revealing a burning yellow sun above and a sandy beach below.

My eye widen as whatever noise that is stuck in my throat comes out choked. I whip around in a panic, the others doing the same.

"... What?" I could hear the disbelief and the rasp in my throat. "What?"

I couldn't believe my eyes... The Hope's Peak Academy classroom had fallen apart at the seams right before our very eyes. How are we at a beach when we were in a classroom?! It doesn't make sense...

"What the hell is this?!" Junko's shrill voice triumphs over the other students' disbelief. 

"Ah, yes, I seem to understand," The obese male nods as if he understood what was happening. Then horror dawned on his face. "WHAAAAAAT?!"

"This i-is a tr-trick, right?" The braided girl bites her thumb as she trembles on the sand.

"Where are we?!" The tan girl cries out in surprise. She clings to the warrior girl while the latter stands seemingly unaffected, but her eyes had gone wide.

The students continue to freak out, but the lavender haired girl. She simply stands with her arms crossed, looking at Usami with clear inquires in her blank gaze.

"Hey, everyone! Pwease calm down!" Usami waves her stubby arms and jumps to gain everyone's attention. "Pwease! Pwease! There's no need for panic! Take a good look around! It's a beauuutiful sea, isn't it...? Can’t you already feel your soul cleansing? Every bad thing is being waaashed awaaay..."

She makes a waving motion with her arms, symbolizing the ocean waves. I swallow the lump in my throat and ignore the prickly anxiety in my gut.

"W-Wait! We want an explanation for where we are!"

""Where...? It's obvious, isn't it...? Somewhere! Beyond the sea!" Usami twirls around to face the waves gently licking the shore. "Can't you see?!"

The braided girl clenches her hands together then jabs her fingers at the rabbit, face red. "Th-That doesn't explain where we are y-you stupid r-rabbit!"

"You know... if you keep shouting like that your thwoat is going to get sore," The rabbit whimpers. Is... she concerned for out health?

"We were at Hope's Peak Academy mere moments ago, were we not?" The goth girl folds her hands underneath her chin. She smiles sweetly, but her crimson eyes glare at the rabbit. "How do explain the transition from there to here? From a school to a beach?"

Usami waves her paws in a placating manner, a line of sweat dripping down the side of her head. "Pweease west assured, that was just our field twip's beginning!"

The blond male takes a threatening step forward with a stern glare. "What's your endgame? Why bring us to this island?"

"Y-Yes!" The strict male stands ramrod straight, but anyone could see the disturbance on his face.

"Yeah! The prick's right!" The pompadour male cracks his knuckles and steps forward as well. "We were just in Hope's Peak! How the fuck are you gonna just jump over that part?!"

Usami stands neutrally, gazing into every students' eyes. Her beady eyes stop for a moment longer on one student near the back before she answers.

"Oooh. Hope's Peak Academy... I see... You're still wowwied abowt Hope's Peak Academy! In that case..." Usami throws her arms up in a cheer, her cheeks flushing pink. "Pwease forget all abowt it! That's what this field twip is aaall abowt!"

"... Huh?" I feebly ask. My fingers entangle themselves in my black shirt, itching to grab my knife or gun and threaten this rabbit.

The orange-haired male grips his hands into fists and raises them threateningly. "What?! 'Forget all about it'?! What the fuck is that supposed to mean, stupid?!"

"Who are you? What are you scheming?" The blond raises his own fist, but I could tell he wouldn't do anything with it.

Usami flushes pink and shakes her head and arms wildly. "Howawa? I am not scheming anything! I'm doing all of this for you! More than anything, I pway that a biiig 'hope' grows inside your hearts!" She smiles, warmth flooding over my heart at the tenderness. Who was this rabbit?

"That's why this island is fwee of danger! So don't be afwaid, okay?" Usami claps her paws together despite the wand clasped in her paw.

"Hold on," The lavender haired girl folds her arms across her chest and stares down at the rabbit. "Island? We're on an island?"

"Yep! This is a beauuutiful southern island," The rabbit happily skips around in the sand until she is standing at the stoic girl's feet, staring up at her. "There is nothing to be afwaid of here. There aren't even any other people. It's an island made juuust for you."

"A... A desert island?" My vision wavers. I've had bad memories on islands...

Junko gasps, looking as if she's figured something out. My eyes shoot to her for an explanation, and I know that her analyst skills will help us in the end.

"Oh my God... Don't tell me you brought us to this island..." Junko takes a step back, distrust clearly on her face. "to make us kill each other?!"

That's a theory that's certainly out there. My brows furrow at how certain Junko sounds, the disgust and the hatred in her eyes.

"Howawa! K...Kiww eachother?! G...God forbid! Violence, hurting other people, and other such wild activities are forbidden on this island! 'Kiwwing'... even just saying the word out loud... Kyaa! Scawy!"

"Stop avoiding the question!" The blond snaps at the rabbit, frustration getting the better of him. "What's the point of this 'field trip'? Who are you? Where are we?!"

Usami claps. "It's time for my speech! Everyone. Pwease stwengthen your bonds of fwiendship as you enjoy your pweasant stay on this island! This is the rule of this 'Heart-thumping Field Twip'!" She winks and waves her wand in the air.

"H-Heart-thumping... field trip?" The timid girl has tears building in her hazel eyes, borderline crying.

"Pwease waise your hope as you enjoy quiet, peeeaceful days where noothing happens, no one gets hurt and no one suffers..." Usami nods her head, and she smiles warmingly. "This is what this wuvly, wuvly 'Heart-thumping Field Twip' is all about..."

"That's the assignment I'm giving you on this island!"

"What the hell?!" The pompadour male growls.

"Um, and so..." Usami waves her wand once more, the object sparkling pink and purple glitter. "Let our 'Heart-thumping Field Twip' begin!"

My eyes droop, suddenly heavy. I can feel my legs give out from under me, and I crumple to my back on the sand. Multiple cries of alarm sound from around me, but I can't seem to care...

... because everything went dark...