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The Girl In The Crimson Dress

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16:17 p.m., Sunday, January 23, 2005, The Cullen House at the end of David Mansfield Road, Forks, Washington

Alice Cullen was sitting on the soft cedar floor, leaning her back against one of the leather sofas in the living room, doing her and Jasper’s (who was lying on said sofa behind her and reading ‘The Personal Memoirs of Ulysses S. Grant’) Chemistry, Physics, Biology, English, Spanish, French, History and Algebra homework for tomorrow.

Rosalie and Emmett were currently busily sucking face on the kitchen island… in the kitchen.

Carlisle was in his study, reading January’s edition of ‘The British Medical Journal’.

Esme was in her studio in the attic, sketching.

Edward had not yet returned from Alaska, but he should be back at 4:19 a.m. tomorrow morning. More than enough time to make it to the first lesson and repair the damage he had done by smoothing things over with Bella Swan.

Alice had seen the new girl, the Police Chief Swan’s daughter, becoming a vampire. Just a flash of her as a newborn, red-eyed and stunningly beautiful.

However, Alice had not been able to see how or when the new girl would become a vampire. Nevertheless, Alice was quite certain that Bella Swan would become a vampire. Even if there were plenty of visions of Edward killing Bella. Or Bella dying in various kinds of accidents. It was a little strange though. Her visions of Bella being a vampire showed her as she was right now. Bella had not aged at all. Alice speculated that if Bella will indeed become a vampire it will happen in less than two years time.

Bella Swan.

Alice wondered about what the girl was up to right now… was she doing her homework as well? Alice looked-

Bella Swan was walking into a Dolce & Gabbana store in Seattle (Alice would recognise it anytime).
She was wearing her black alpinist jacket, black jeans and pink winter boots.
Her hair falling in lazy curls down to the middle of her back,
five paper shopping bags in her hands.


Bella was… SHOPPING?!

Alice’s fingers started to itch and her pen clattered to the low table in front of her and after rolling back and forth for a few seconds, stilled on her Algebra worksheet. Alice felt the sickly sweet compulsion to buy something (ANYTHING) awaken from its brief nap the monotonous homework had lulled it into ten minutes ago.

Alice tried looking further (the visions of Bella were always very short. Never more than ten seconds long. Usually less. Sometimes she could not get a vision of the Chief’s daughter for hours as hard as she tried before getting three in a row. It was a little peculiar, but nothing unprecedented) -

Bella was standing in front of a slightly elevated mannequin which displayed a red lace dress
(definitely not Alice’s style, but she had to admit the dress was very beautiful),
her head slightly tilted back as she looked up at it. (Alice could not see her face,
she saw it as if standing behind Bella).

“It would look fabulous on you.” A clear, melodious, slightly accented voice commented out of nowhere,
having the effect of prompting Bella to turn her head and look behind her right shoulder at the speaker.
The last thing Alice saw before the vision cut off was the slight widening of Bella’s chocolate eyes.


Alice knew that voice.

Not personally, no, but she has had a handful of visions in which that voice had featured.

Her initial shock was swiftly overtaken by dread.

“Darlin’? What did you see?”

Alice turned around to look at Jasper who had closed his book, and gazed up into her soulmate’s loving honey eyes.

“Bella Swan. She is currently shopping in Seattle. Alone.” Alice answered. She was absolutely sure the vision had already taken place. Seconds ago. Alice had seen the two visions mere seconds before they had happened.


“Jazz… she was looking at a dress when suddenly a voice behind Bella was telling her that it would look ‘fabulous on her’.” Alice whispered and tried to see more, but there was nothing new she could see of the girl.


“Why are you so upset, darlin’?” Jasper asked. He had taken her hands in his and was sending calming waves her way.

“That voice belonged to Aro Volturi.”

A second later Carlisle, clearly having paid attention to their conversation, or at least superficially, sat down on the opposite sofa to Alice and Jasper’s.

“Alice, are you certain?” Carlisle asked too quickly. And too seriously. Carlisle was nervous. Why would Carlisle be this nervous?

“Yes. I recognised it from a few other visions I’ve had of the Volturi. I’m positive it was him.”

“When will it happen?” Carlisle asked even faster.

“Carlisle. It has already happened.” Alice compassionately informed. “I saw the vision moments before it happened. It was practically real time.”

Carlisle appeared to be deeply perturbed.

“Has he… Do you… Have you seen… more?” Carlisle asked desperately. Alice knew he had taken a liking to Charlie Swan in the brief time they have been living here in Forks.

Alice shook her head. “I’m sorry. I tried looking, but I’ve got nothing new yet.”

“Why the long faces, folks?” Emmett cheerfully asked as he and Rose entered the living room from their make out session the kitchen.

“Bella Swan was shopping in Seattle and ran into Aro Volturi.” Jasper succinctly summarised.

“You’re shitting me.” Emmett gaped at them in the deadly silent room. “The Baddest Baddie of them Volturi vamps bumped into Tasty Swan?”

“And what happened then? Is she… Did he…” Rose could not even finish the question.

“I don’t know. I’m trying to see more, but there's still nothing else…”

Esme quietly sat down next to Carlisle, clearly having heard their conversation as well, and placed her head on his shoulder.

“Aro will know we are here.” Carlisle quietly said after several sobering minutes had gone by, peering at his hands in front of him. “He might decide to visit. …After.”

Alice got a brief flash of-

Aro Volturi and Carlisle sitting in what looked like Carlisle’s office at the hospital and laughing.


“What did you see?” Rosalie impatiently asked her.

“Aro will visit you tomorrow at the hospital.” Alice said and closely looked at Carlisle’s face when his head shot up. “You were both laughing about something in your office.” Alice reluctantly added. All that hard work of Edward and Alice. Gone. But she should not be so surprised, it was going to happen eventually. There had never been any doubt about if it will happen, but rather the when it will happen. Alice supposed they had delayed Aro and Carlisle reconnecting for as long as it had been in their power.

A pained expression crossed Carlisle’s face before resigned acceptance and understanding replaced it.

“I see.”

“It should be a good sign, honey, shouldn’t it?” Esme asked. Carlisle let out a bitter laugh, but it turned light in the end.

“With Aro?” Carlisle vaguely smiled, “You can never know anything when it comes to Aro.”

“You love him.” Jasper said in startled surprise and all of their heads whipped to the annoyed unhappy expression on Carlisle’s face.

“I do. He is a dear friend.” Carlisle admitted in a far too chilly voice. Cold.

“And you feel guilt towards him.” Jasper cautiously continued but irresistible curiosity could still be heard in his words, “Why is that?”

For a moment, Carlisle looked as if he wanted to throttle Jasper, before his anger washed away and he leaned his head in his hands.

“I did not tell him about the shifters here. He doesn’t know. But it looks like he will find out soon enough.”

“Why would it matter-”

“His wife was bitten by a werewolf. Clearly you can see why.” Carlisle talked over Jasper.


Suddenly Alice was swept into another vision-

A bedroom. Somewhere very high up. A large bed. And on it were Bella Swan and Aro Volturi.
 And... and... and... they were having sex. Aro’s lips tracing her neck, biting her, drinking her blood.
Bella screaming in pain.


Alice’s breath caught in her throat as the vision ended.

How... how could he? Alice shuddered.

With a human? Alice shuddered again.

“Alice?” Carlisle asked. Alice looked around to the expectant faces of her family.

“They were in what looked like a hotel bedroom.” Alice looked to the still expectant but unsuspecting faces of her family. Unsuspecting. Still unsuspecting. Lucky ones. But not for long-

“They were having sex.” Alice whispered.

The silence in the living room was deafening. Until-

“WHAT?!” Rosalie shouted. Esme, Emmett and Jazz looked stupefied.

Carlisle looked as if he was in pain again.

“…And then he started feeding on her.” Alice quietly finished.

“While he was still fucking-” Emmett asked, flabbergasted.

Yes! Jesus, Emmett. Yes…” Alice exclaimed. What a night…

All of her family looked shell-shocked.

Carlisle had stopped breathing and his eyes had become shiny with venom.

Finally Jasper voiced what they were all thinking to themselves.

“Aro Volturi killed Bella Swan.”