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It's Me, It's You

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Every tawdry novel Nie Mingjue had ever read, or found in his chambers by someone’s doing, had told him that he was supposed to tear Jiang Yanli’s veil away the second he came to stand in front of her, but now, when it’s time for him to do it, all he can do is kneel down in front of her and fold it back gently.

“There you are.” He says softly, one hand resting on her leg while he stays on his knees in front of her.

“Here I am,” Jiang Yanli answers, red, painted lips smiling down at him softly as she places a hand onto his cheek, “I missed you.”

Nie Mingjue doesn’t hesitate in pressing a kiss to the hand at his cheek, his free hand curling around her arm. He’d tried to get away as quickly as he could, but every time he’d gotten close, he’d been cut off at the pass by one drunk sect leader or another, or some sect leader’s wife wanting to bless the marriage.

In the end, he’d had to ask his brother to create a distraction.

“It would have been impolite to kick my guests out just to see you, Nie Furen.” Nie Mingjue teases and tests Jiang Yanli’s new title on his tongue, though it all falls apart when they both snort and she leans forward to press her forehead against his. It takes all the strength and patience in his body not to pull her down into his lap. “You didn’t get bored waiting for me, did you?”

It had felt criminal watching someone else lead her away to their wedding chamber while he’d had to stay and keep the guests entertained. He hadn’t even gotten to look at her during the ceremony, the veil had been in the way.

Looking at her now, though, Nie Mingjue knows he would have been too distracted to pay attention. Jiang Yanli is a beauty when she’s dressed in regular clothes, but the red and gold makes her look ethereal.

Taking her hand off his cheek, Nie Mingjue brushes kisses over it, knuckle by knuckle, finger by finger.

“Only a little,” Jiang Yanli answers, her lips brushing over his temple, “mostly I was just…”

Nie Mingjue feels her smile shrink before he sees it, and it makes his heart and stomach clench in a way that’s too unfamiliar. “Mostly you were just what?” He keeps his voice quiet, gentle just for her as his hand slides up her leg and onto her hip, “You can tell me, I won’t be upset, Yanli.”

Slowly, Nie Mingjue rises from his place in front of her and sits beside her on the bed, both of his hands holding one of hers. He hopes it’s a good thing when she wraps her other hand around his.

“Mostly I was just nervous, that’s all, we’ve- I’ve never done anything before, and I didn’t want-” Jiang Yanli stops herself again, and even in the dim candlelight and underneath her makeup, Nie Mingjue can see the blush creeping down her neck.

She’d told him once that she’d never been kissed until him.

Had he forgotten to tell her that he hadn’t had much more experience than she had?

“A-Li,” He calls her name gently, allowing himself to be the one to lift his hand to her cheek, his thumb stroking back and forth. He wants to pull her against him and keep her there until she’s ready to look at him again, but he doesn’t, instead, he tucks her head underneath his chin before he speaks again, “A-Li, we don’t have to do anything you aren’t ready for, we can just sleep if that’s what you want.”

He wouldn’t take anything she wasn’t prepared to give, he’d already made that decision long ago.

“No.” Jiang Yanli says quickly, shaking her head, but still blushing, “I want this… I want you, I just don’t want this to be bad for you.” That feeling wrapped around his heart and filling his stomach subsides almost immediately, a smile spreading across his face before he can think to stop it.

“It won’t be bad, not for me, and hopefully not for you.” Nie Mingjue says, leaving no room for argument as he tilts her chin up to look at him, his thumb smudging her lip stain.

Jiang Yanli’s hand wraps around his wrist now, though she doesn’t lean into his touch yet, “How can you be so sure?”

“Because it’s you, because it’s me.” Nie Mingjue says, his grin turning confident as the smile comes back to Jiang Yanli’s face.

“Because it’s us.” Jiang Yanli finishes, finally leaning into Nie Mingjue’s hand. Nie Mingjue doesn’t stop himself from kissing her properly now, his hands finding her waist while hers cling to his shoulders. He lets her move when she wants to, taking his hands away only to drop them back to where they’d been when she settles into his lap, heat flooding his stomach.

He wants to warn her, to pull away and tell her what she’s already doing to him, but when he tries, her teeth catch his bottom lip and pull a noise out of him that he’s never heard before. “You’re sure you want this?” Nie Mingjue asks breathlessly when he finally does manage to pull away just far enough to look up into her eyes. How had he not noticed how dark they’d gotten?

Jiang Yanli leans forward and presses a kiss to his nose now, her hands leaving his shoulders and combing through his hair, it’s a battle to keep his eyes open through it. “I’m sure.” Jiang Yanli says, her fingers deft in the way they free his hair from the ornaments and braids keeping it in place. She makes to set them down gently, but Nie Mingjue takes them and tosses them off to the side before he reaches up to do the same for her.

“Have you been practicing?” He teases, fussing with the guan that seemed to be woven into her hair by someone with something against him. She reaches up to help him, but he bats her hands away.

“I like you with your hair down, is that so bad?” Jiang Yanli chuckles and Nie Mingjue feels a shiver go down his back as he pulls the guan and then a hairpin loose, her laughter is beautiful, a soft sound that he’d only allowed to stop his heart for just a handful of moments before she’d been his. If she liked him with his hair down, he would let her see it as often as she wanted.

Her own hair falls down one shoulder like a dark curtain once he’s finished, his lips parting as he looks up at her. “Will you let me braid it for you tomorrow morning?” He asks before he can stop himself. Color spreads across his cheeks, but Jiang Yanli only smiles and nods before she kisses him again, quicker this time than any time before.

If she let him have his way, he would braid it for her every morning.

Slowly, reverently, Nie Mingjue combs his fingers through Jiang Yanli’s hair, up and up until he can set his hand on the back of her neck and nudge her down for another kiss. That same heat from before fills his belly again as he runs his tongue over her bottom lip, undoubtedly smearing her lip stain even more than he already had. “Yanli,” Nie Mingjue says, letting his hand slide over the belt tying her robes together, all it would take was a single pull, but Nie Mingjue wants to take his time with it, “stand up, alright?”

For a second, Jiang Yanli only blinks at him, confusion passing over her face even as she stands, her hair falling down her back now, instead of over her shoulders. He stands with her, crowding in close and brushing one last kiss to her forehead before he pushes the sheer over robe down her shoulders and then onto the floor. When he looks at Jiang Yanli again, he sees understanding replace the confusion as her blush returns.

“If you don’t want it, or you change your mind at all while we’re doing this, tell me and I’ll stop.” Nie Mingjue says, his hand resting on the knot at her belt, but not pulling. He won’t untie it until he knows she understands.

“I will.” Jiang Yanli promises, and then she’s grabbing his hand and guiding it to pull the knot free. She’s still blushing, Nie Mingjue can’t help but think of it as cute, even as he undresses her slowly, layer by layer, until she’s standing naked before him. The under robe and the trousers she’d been wearing are still hanging in his hands while he stares at her, eyes dragging up and down.

If Jiang Yanli is a beauty in the clothes she wore every day, and ethereal in her wedding clothes, then she may as well have all the beauty of a goddess when she wears nothing at all.

“A-Li,” Nie Mingjue breathes, letting the last of her clothes fall out of his hands, “I’ve never seen anyone as beautiful as you.” It’s the truth, he wouldn’t tell her anything but the truth, now or ever. She doesn’t look away from him until he says that, her mouth opening and closing, before she covers her face with her hands, leaving every other inch of herself in his view.

“Mingjue,” Jiang Yanli sighs, her voice muffled by her hands, “you can’t possibly say things like that and expect that I’ll still be able to look into your eyes.”

“Can’t I?” Nie Mingjue asks, wrapping one arm around her to pull her against him, her skin soft underneath his rough hand. The other hand reaches up and pulls not very hard at one of her wrists, wanting nothing more than for her to allow herself to be seen by him.

“Not while you’re still dressed.” Jiang Yanli says, finally allowing him to pull her hands away from her face. It isn’t until he glances down at himself that he even notices that he’s still dressed in his wedding clothes, but he doesn’t miss the ghost of a grin on Jiang Yanli’s face.

“Should I help Sect Leader Nie undress? He was so kind to help me.” Jiang Yanli says finally, when he only manages to gawk at her face instead of doing something useful.

“My wife is already so good to me.” Nie Mingjue finally says, taking his hands off of her reluctantly.

Jiang Yanli undresses him just the same he’d done for her, but she interrupts herself by littering kisses over his chest and shoulders with each layer, stopping completely whenever he leans down to ask for another kiss at his lips. All too suddenly, there’s not a stitch of clothing left between them, and they’re left pressed against each other, with Jiang Yanli’s hands pressing against the few scars on his chest and with his hands framing Jiang Yanli’s face while they kiss, softly and urgently all at once. Her tongue sweeps across his bottom lip and he opens readily to welcome her into his mouth.

“Mingjue,” Jiang Yanli calls quietly, her fingers curling possessively over his shoulders, “won’t you take me to bed?” Nie Mingjue wants those fingers scratching lines down his back.

“Anything my wife asks me for, she’ll have.” Nie Mingjue answers seriously before he picks her up easily, he wouldn’t let Jiang Yanli walk to their wedding bed tonight.

He waits until she’s comfortable and still underneath him to wave a hand to put all the candles out at once, but she stops him, reaching up and catching his arm. “Please don’t, A-Jue, I want to see you.”

Hearing it nearly stops his heart, his eyes growing owlishly wide. He’d wanted to see her, too, he’d wanted to see the glow of her skin underneath him while he tried his hardest to make her feel good. Knowing that she’d wanted to see him just as badly soothed some ruffled part of him down. “A-Li,” Nie Mingjue smiles, and his heart aches for her, even as he leans forward and kisses her, pressing their bodies together once again.

It only lasts for a moment, and then he’s kissing down her chin, her throat, over her breasts and down her stomach, until he feels those soft, dark curls brushing against his skin. “Tell me whether or not you like this,” Nie Mingjue says almost too seriously.

Jiang Yanli’s thighs are soft in his hands as Nie Mingjue situates them over his shoulders and settles himself on his belly between them, those dark curls already brushing against his lips. It was something he’d only read about, but the girls in the books, even the purely instructional ones, had seemed to enjoy this, and he wanted Jiang Yanli to enjoy herself with him.

His first lick is entirely exploratory, the tip of his tongue bumping against Jiang Yanli’s clit almost clumsily a few more times, but her legs twitch at his shoulders and he looks up at her quickly. “Good? Bad?” There were other things they could try if she didn’t like it, there would always be other things.

Jiang Yanli doesn’t answer right away, she seems to be weighing the words before they even come out, though her hand stretches out and finds Nie Mingjue’s hair, “It’s different,” She finally says, beginning to card her fingers through his hair, “but it isn’t bad.”

“Do you want me to keep going, or do you want me to stop?” Nie Mingjue asks, not even bothering to stop himself from leaning into her hand.

Smiling, Jiang Yanli runs her thumb over Nie Mingjue’s cheek, “I’d like it if you kept going, but you don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

Nie Mingjue doesn’t answer, not verbally, instead he turns his face against her palm and kisses it quickly before he sinks down between Jiang Yanli’s legs again, his tongue licking over her with more purpose now.

Her hand in his hair goes from stroking gently to gripping him tighter and tighter and even pulling the longer he has his mouth on her. At one point, Jiang Yanli had tried to pull her hand away apologetically, but Nie Mingjue had stopped her, pulling her back and sucking harder on her clit.

That had pulled noises out of Jiang Yanli’s throat that Nie Mingjue could only chase after now, his cock hard and aching between his legs. How many times had he wrapped his hand around himself and thought about this without having any idea how she’d taste on his tongue? How many times had he thought of her and turned bright red with embarrassment and shame right after?

He wouldn’t burn with shame after this, though, never with her.

He must make some sort of noise because she stops him, both of her hands finding him. “Mingjue,” Jiang Yanli gasps, her eyes only half open, and she looks beautiful, “Mingjue, let me make you feel good too.” She sits up as she says it, pulling his hand off his cock and using it to try and pull him on top of herself again. He goes like a man in a trance.

He can’t help the pained noise that climbs out of his throat as he’s taken into her hand, her thumb stroking over the head of his cock while the rest of her fingers brush over him experimentally, as if she were trying to see what kind of noises he might make for her. “Yanli, I’m not going to- I won’t last if you do that.” Getting the words out to stop her is a challenge that he’s never known before, his cock twitching and aching in her hand. “Please,” He begs her for mercy, his eyes closing and his forehead coming to rest against hers.

Jiang Yanli kisses him chastely as she guides him inside of herself, a noise escaping the both of them at the same time. “You feel so nice.” Jiang Yanli gasps as Nie Mingjue sinks deeper inside of her still, her legs tighten around his hips and her nails are digging into his shoulders now.

“I want you to feel good, A-Li.” Nie Mingjue groans, the heat of her distracting enough to keep him from moving for a burning few seconds. He only starts to move when he thinks they can both handle it, noises still pouring out of them while he does it.

“But do you feel good, A-Jue?” Jiang Yanli asks, interrupting herself twice with moans that bubble to the surface faster than she can stop them.

She clenches around him, either intentionally or unintentionally, and makes Nie Mingjue’s brain short circuit, his eyes squeezing shut as he buries his face into her shoulder. “Fuck, yes.” He groans, his thrusts getting rougher. “Jiang Yanli, you make me feel so good.” Nie Mingjue pants and snaps his hips hard into hers, making her cry out, her legs tightening around him.

Jiang Yanli clenches around him, coming and clinging tighter and tighter to him while her nails rake down his back, taking Nie Mingjue right along with her.

Nie Mingjue is still buried deep inside of her as he comes, his grip tightening and then loosening. He doesn’t want to bruise her.

He rolls off of her to keep himself from crushing her as he pulls out, but gathers her into his arms and holds her against his chest just as quickly. She comes willingly, wrapping her arms around his neck and hiding her face in his chest.

They need to clean up, Nie Mingjue knows that, but the thought of moving, the thought of letting go of her for even a moment, are the worst thoughts he thinks he’s ever had.

“Are you alright?” He asks instead, stroking her hair back even though he can’t see her face.

It takes a long few moments for Jiang Yanli to answer, her eyes looking hazy when she comes away from where she’d hidden her face against him, her hand fumbling to find his. “No one told me how nice it would feel.” Jiang Yanli says, brushing away Nie Mingjue’s worry before it had had time to fully take root, a half sighed laugh leaving him.

Bringing the back of her hand to his lips, Nie Mingjue doesn’t try to hide his smile, “I want you to feel that good, or better, every time we do that, A-Li.” He feels heat spread across his own face as he says it, but he won’t take it back, he meant it.

“My husband is too kind to me.” Jiang Yanli says, leaning forward and brushing a kiss over his fingertips.

“Your husband wants his wife to be happy with him.”

“She is.” Jiang Yanli says confidently, leaning the whole of her weight against him, “Your wife is happier than her husband will ever know.”

Nie Mingjue swears he sees stars in her eyes, but he’s helpless to do anything but stare into them until Jiang Yanli falls asleep against his chest.

He doesn’t let go of her, even as he pulls the blankets over them and lies flat underneath her.